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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 257667 times)

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu, TomoTomo
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I love this fic
update soon~~

“Well, I don’t care! I’m a princess myself.” said Takamina.
(Taka: That’s right, at least my mother think I’m a princess.)

I'm not a pervert ,I just like skinship >///>


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Re: [Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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Yeah, I'm updating....!!!
This time it's no's a drama.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

So please read this, if you can stomach this......



“AAAGGHHHH………..AWWWWWW…………UGHHH……….!!! Stop it....!!!”

It’s Mayu’s voice.
“LET ME GOOOO….!!!!” she screamed.

“What happen?” asked Yuko. She just entered the door.

Sasshi chuckled and whispered: “Yuki is spanking Mayu, in her butt….”

“Whaaat..!!?? Where…!!??? So damn funny! I wanna see it. The cyborg got spanked!! It’s precious…”
Yuko got excited.

They both then crouching their way to Yuki’s room. The door is opened by just an inch.

[Reader, I forgot to tell you that Yuki has moved to their apartment after several days as she joined the gang.]

There, they see the cute cyborg is being held down in Yuki’s lap.

And Yuki’s spanking her butt.

“Apologize now…!! And promise you will never do that again…!!! Or I’ll spank you harder, say, 50 or more? You want it? Little brat…!!” Yuki scold Mayu.

Mayu grumble: “You will have to kill me to stop me.”

Yuki: “Okay. You asked for this.”

Yuki continued spanking Mayu, while Mayu screamed the hell out of her pain.

The sound of the spanking was terrifying.

“Ooucchh…...That must be really hurt…..Poor cyborg..!! I’m pitying her butt….”
Yuko giggle. She barely able to control her laugh.

“We must take a picture of this,” said Sasshi. She slided her cellphone and hit the camera button.

“Sasshi, you just wait for your turn. Yuki’s punch will coming for you and the Midget too.” Yuko giggle.

“That would never happen…!!! I’m her most trusted side-kick…She’ll never punch me.” Sasshi pulled a face.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s what I was thinking too, before she punched me.” said Yuko.

The spanking continue for several minutes.

Mayu yelled: “I hate you, Yuki!!! Just get gone..!! I hate you!!! I hate you!!! I hate you!!!”
She rubbed her butt. Her face seem so much in pain.

Yuki stand up and walked out the door.

(Uuuhhh…My butt…..It hurts…Damn, she spanked me so hard…..Now I won’t be able to sit on my butt, maybe for a month……)

(How am I gonna sit in the classroom then? What should I do? Skipping school?)
(But I’ve done that too many times before……..The principal’s gonna kill me if I skip again now…..)

(Crap!! It’s all Yuki’s fault!!)

Mayu lied on her stomach, while burying her head under the pillows.

(I can't believe she actually spanked me.)


Meanwhile, in Takahashi resident.

Takamina was lying in her bedroom.
She closed her eyes and put her finger on her lips.

In her mind, she’s rerunning the scene of her passionate kiss with the bitchy-vampire.


What a kiss.
I never had a kiss like that before.
Uh wait, I never had a kiss at all before.

So, it means, that was my first kiss………AAAAGGGHHHHH…………NOOOOOOOOOOO………..!!!

How can I forget to find any boyfriend while in highschool?

(Taka’s thinking about her friends who has been kissing with boys since they are in highschool.
But she couldn’t find any boy that attracted her back then.)

And back to the kiss.

My first kiss is with a vampire…..!!!???
And I am a vampire hunter….!!
I’m doomed…..!!!

But….but…..but the kiss was so hot….!!!
It’s feel like I’m burning when I kissed her.

Yeah, her.
That bitchy vampire.

I never met such a fine, gorgeous vampire like her.

I know I should've dusted her right after I chained her in the gate.
She’s my enemy.
And I had my chance to dust her.
But I can’t.

And for several hours ahead, Takamina’s spending her nights waking up, trying desperately to get the vampire out of her mind.



Revenge, I want revenge.

She must pay for what she’s done, embarrassing me.

What should I do?

Stalk her and bite her right away?

No. I won’t make it so easy.

Death is too good for her.

I want her to suffer.

I want her to regret what she’s done to me.

What should I do?

She’s smart. Physical attack won’t work with her. I had to make a smart plan too.

Oh, right. She has friends.

I can start it with her friends.

I’ll be watching her friends, find out all things about them.

Then I’ll crush them.

That’s right. I’ll crush her friends first.

Then after she has nobody left, I will crush her.

I will crush the midget.


Next day.

“Hey Mayu-chan, are you okay?”
“You seem uneasy. Is there something on your chair?”

Mayu's friends asked while they were in the classroom.

 “Err…No! I’m just bored of sitting here.”
(CRAP..!!!! My butt really hurts…)

Mayu tried to suit herself in her chair and sit nicely.
But after some moments……….

Enough!!! I can’t stand it anymore...!!!
Mayu stand up and walked out from the class.

She decided to skip class and try her luck in the market (pickpocketing, as usual).

“Mayu-chan, where are you going?” her friends called her but she ignored them.

While she's walking pass the school hall, someone comes closer from behind her, and poked her butt.

Mayu screamed out of pain. She leaned her arms to the wall.
And looked around to see who poked her.


Rabutan stared at Mayu.
“What happened to you?”

Mayu seem so much in suffer.

“A crocodile bite my butt last night,” Mayu answered pouting.

“A CROCODILE..!!???” Rabutan burst out laugh. “You gotta be kidding….”

“Where are you going? Can I come with you?” Rabutan following Mayu.


“Okay then,” said Rabutan. But she still followed Mayu around.

Rabutan has become a good friend of Mayu after the failed swindling incident that happened between them the other day.

They arrived at the school gate. The gate is locked during the class hour.

Mayu tried to climb the gate.
Usually she can climb it up very easy.
But now, her raw butt making it harder than usual.
Indeed, it’s really hard to climb any gate without a fine, healthy butt.

Mayu glanced at Rabutan.
“Okay, if you help me climb this gate, you can come with me.”

“Yaaaayy……” Rabutan cheers happy.

Then the two loli join forces to tame the tall gate.

They didn't notice, in the shadow behind a building, someone’s watching them.
The figure was wearing a black long coat, a veil covering her head, and a sun glasses.
As if he/she wanted to avoid the sunlight.


Several hours later. In the market.

“We’re lucky this day, Rabutan. Look how much we got today.” said Mayu to Rabutan.

“Yaaay…..can we having fun now? I want to buy clothes…” Rabutan cheered.

Poor Rabutan. She’s so naïve, and Mayu has just influenced and using Rabutan as her troop in the swindling activities.

Still, they didn’t notice, someone was stalking them, and taking pictures of them while they did it all (pickpocketing, stealing, swindling).


Somewhere in the alley.

“Here. This is the picture of the girl who has outsmarted you all,” a fashionable girl talking to a bunch of yankees who are surrounding her.

“She’s cheating on you, taking your money, stealing from you.”

“I just want to help you, making it clear for you, who is the culprit.”

“So, what are you gonna do about it, now?”

The yankees around her staring at the picture. They look very angry.

“We’re gonna chase this little brat….!!!!!! Teach her a lesson…!!!!!”

The fashionable girl smirked, as usual, her devilish, mischievous smile.


At night. In another alley.

Mayu is walking home alone after she separated from Rabutan.
They had been having fun together using the money they got that day.

Suddenly she stopped.
A dozen of yankees appeared out of the blue, surrounding her from all directions.
They’re swinging batter stick, chain, and other weapon.

“Akira, is this the girl?” a boy asked.

“Yes. This is the culprit. She took our money….she stole from us…..” Akira, the yankee’s leader said.

(What the hell……..Why do they know it? Who told them about me?)

Mayu looked away.
At the top of the gate near them, she saw the bitchy vampire sitting there, watching her with a devilish smile.
Then the vampire jumped down and walked away, seems satisfied that her evil-scheme did work out.
“GET HER…..!!!!”” Akira shouted giving order.


Mayu is running in terror.
Her fear had make her able to run so fast, and make her able to forget the pain in her butt.

She’s starting to lose hope.
But suddenly she saw Yuki standing in the other side of the alley.

“Yuki, help me…!!!” she run towards Yuki.

(Oh God, I’m so relieve Yuki is here.)

“You and your problem, Mayu-chan! I’m not going to help you this time. Settle it yourself.” Yuki said and walked away.

Mayu panicked.

“Wait, Yuki. Please, don’t leave me.”

“I’m busy patrolling now. I don’t have time for you.” Yuki answered.


Their conversation was interrupted, as the yankees appeared around them.

Yuki was a bit surprised to see so many bad guys were chasing Mayu this time.
Among them were also some yankees that Yuki has beaten up the other day.

Akira: “Unbelievable. We found both of you here.”
Akira stared at Mayu and Yuki, “You, little girl, have outsmarted us too often. And you also, had beaten up my troops, too often,” he said angrily.

“But as for tonight, my business is only with that little culprit. You may leave her with us.” Akira said to Yuki.
Despite of his fury at Yuki, Akira is afraid because he knows Yuki is a tough fighter.

Mayu’s trembling. She's clinging onto Yuki’s arm.

Yuki thinks for a moment.
She’s imagining Mayu got beaten up by the yankees.
And even though Yuki knows that it is Mayu who caused all the troubles herself, Yuki just can’t bear the thought of a cute little girl getting beaten up.
It's too cruel.

And most importantly, Mayu is not just another cute little girl for Yuki.
Yuki knows that Mayu had something relate with Yuki’s past.
Yuki knows it, right after she saw Mayu’s necklace on the first day they met.

Yuki thinks for a moment more.
(If I beat this guys now, they probably will still come after Mayu when I’m not around her.
I can’t always be around to protect her.
Besides, Mayu won't stop making troubles for herself.
I have to find a way to settle this problem, once and for all.
I have to make Mayu stop making troubles like this.)

“Do you really want to beat this little culprit?” Yuki asked.

“Yes. We’ll teach her a lesson, so she won’t mess with us again.” answered Akira angrily.

Yuki understood. These yankees just want to release their tantrum on Mayu, nothing else.
Mayu and Rabutan already spent all the money they had stolen from them (buying clothes, delicious food, etc).
There's no way they can ask for their money back.
The only way to make the cyborg pay for what she did, is beating her up.

“Akira, I want to talk to you. Just you and me.” Yuki put Mayu aside, and she moved closer to Akira.

They talked serious about something.

Mayu watched, as she couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

Then Akira shout: "Okay, we'll do what you want. We won't touch that little thief."

Akira stepped back and talked to his troops, giving order, whatever it was.

Mayu winced.
Is that it? They are not gonna beat me up? How can Akira just let me get away like this?
It seem this time, Yuki can settle things without putting a fight, as she usually did with her fist.
Yuki is doing a great job now.

Akira said to Yuki: "Get yourself ready."

Yuki: "Mayu-chan, don't look."

"What? Why?" Mayu asked.

Yuki didn't answer.
Akira glanced at Mayu: "Because this will be bloody. And violence is not for kids."
"I don't know why she's doing this for you. You're just a damn lucky kid."

(What? Is Yuki still gonna beat them up?)

Akira suddenly punched Yuki hard on her face.

Mayu was shocked.
(What the hell was that, Yuki? Why didn't you dodge?)

Yuki was thrown backward because of that punch. But the other yankees catch her body.
Two boys quickly hold Yuki's arms behind her back.

Akira then punched Yuki's stomach, leaving her without air.
She almost fell down to the floor.

"Hold her up." said Akira to the two boys who are holding Yuki's arm.

Again, he landed his fist on Yuki's stomach.

"You hit like a girl…" Yuki coughed and mocked.

"Oh really? How about this?" Akira punched her stomach again. This time much harder.

Yuki fell down on her knees and her elbows.
She winced as she feels pain in her stomach.

Akira kicked Yuki’s stomach, making the pain hurts more.
"Get up! We're still not finished yet."

Yuki bite her lips, and get up slowly.
(I have to do this. This pain is nothing compared to what he had sacrifice for me.
This is how I can pay him back. Come on Yuki, be strong. You can do this.
She said to herself.)

Yuki stand up and wait for the next blows.

Akira landed several left and right cross on Yuki’s face.
Yuki tottered back but she still managed to stand still.

The other yankees make a circle around Yuki.
And they coming one by one, each of them gave Yuki a blow, a punch, a kick, a knee on her stomach, an elbow on her back.

Yuki tried hard to keep her feet on the ground.
She pulled out all the energy that is left in her body, just to keep herself standing.
Blood already flowing out from her mouth, and dropped to the ground.
There's a cut on her left eye, and bruises on her face and her body.

“Look at you now. You're bleeding like a boy.” Akira said mockingly.

Akira come again with an uppercut to the jaw.
This was deadly. Yuki's body was thrown flying to the other side of the alley.

Mayu screamed, "What happen, Yuki?? Why don't you fight back!????"
She couldn't believe what she saw.


Yuki moved closer and talked to Akira.

"Here's the deal," Yuki said.
"If you really want to beat her so bad, just do it to me."

"What? What do you mean?"

"You heard me. Beat me instead. I won't fight back. You hate me too, right? Let's call it even." Yuki said.

"If you don't agree with this deal, well, I'd just have to beat you up, then." Yuki closed her deal.

Akira thinks for a moment. He has grudge at Yuki, because Yuki has beat him up often earlier.
And now Yuki's giving him a chance to get his revenge.

"But you must promise, not to touch Mayu again. And I'll make sure she stop messing with you." Yuki said.

So that was their conversation, which Mayu couldn't hear.


Yuki was lying on the floor.
A yankee girl stepped forward. Her eyes are full of hatred.
She sit on Yuki's stomach, and start punching Yuki's face fiercely.

"This is for sending my friends to the hospital the other day….!!!" the girl shouted angrily.

Yuki didn't even raise her hand to block those punches.
Nor she protecting her face from the punches.
She just received the punches and waited until that girl stop.

That girl finally stopped after she’s tired of punching, and then stood up.
Mayu's terrified as she saw blood covering that girl's hand.

Yuki turned her body and also tried to get up, but that girl kicked her on the stomach, making Yuki's attempt fail, and she's down on the floor again.

Yuki spit out the blood from her mouth.
She's reaching a fence to help her stand up.

It was not finished yet.
Another boy come closer with a batter stick.
And he hits Yuki's back with it several times.

Yuki's clinging to the fence while receiving all those beating.
She clenched her jaw as she endure the pain in her back.

Mayu was shocked as she see Yuki still doesn't fight back until the end.
Mayu is starting to feel dizzy.
Her smart brain just can’t figure out any reason, of why Yuki would willing to do this.

"Yuki, why don’t you fight back!????" she screamed.
"What are you doing, Yuki? Fight them back…!!!!!!"
Mayu run towards Yuki, willing to shield her from the beating. But a yankee caught her and hold her down.

"Please stop it Akira..!!! You're killing her..!!!!" Mayu started to cry. "I beg you, please..!!! Stop it…..."
"Please....This is my fault.... Beat me, not her..!! Please, Akira..!!" she screamed desperately.

The beating still continue.
Yuki's vision slowly become blurry.
She can hear Mayu’s crying and begging, but the voice is like from a far distance.

A boy's face came crossing in Yuki’s mind.
(This little thief, she's your little sister, right? I don't know why she acts like this, looking for troubles.
But I guess it's my fault anyway. Because if you were still here, then she won't end up like this.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything.
Now don't worry, I will protect your sister and keep my eyes on her.
And if I have to go this far to protect her, then I will.)

Yuki closed her eyes and remembering all the happy things that had happened to her.
Her childhood, her parents, her schooldays, and the day when she met that wonderful boy.
The pain still hurts, and she still feel the blows they're giving her right now.
But it doesn't matter anymore.
She can ignore all the pain now.

"Enough, Toru. I'll finish her." said Akira.
Toru, the boy who is hitting Yuki with a batter stick, stopped and step back.

Yuki turned her back and facing her enemies.

“Is that it? I was just starting to enjoy myself here. Why stop now? Are you tired already?” Yuki said mockingly.
She still act tough, although she’s just got beaten up real bad.

Akira gave the final, ultimate blow. A high, spinning kick to the face.
Yuki's body was thrown flying again, and she's spurting blood out of her mouth.

She landed hard on a fence, bringing the fence down with her.

Mayu feel a pain, somewhere deep inside her heart.
She barely able to stomach the cruelness which just happened before her eyes.

"Okay, that's enough. We don't want to kill somebody tonight. Let's go." Akira ordered.

And they all left.

Yuki was on the floor. She feels the pain all over her body.
For a minute, she's lying there, closing her eyes, resting herself, waiting for the pain to alleviate.

Then she awake, and tried to reach some grip to pull herself up.
She walked to a water fountain near her, and washed her bloody mouth there.

Yuki then walked towards Mayu.
"Come on, we're going home now. It's over." she said to the disfunctional, frozen-shocked cyborg.

Yuki take Mayu's hand.
They're walking home in silence.

After walking for a while, Mayu cried indistinctively.

Yuki stopped and looking at Mayu.
Mayu's face was full of tears.

"You're actually crying for me, Mayu-chan? I didn't know a cyborg can cry."
"I am sorry, Yuki. I'm really sorry."
"Apology accepted."
"I will not steal again, I'll stop cheating and swindling. I will do anything you say, Yuki."
"You will?"
"Yes, I swear. I will obey you. I won't rebel again. I'll be good girl. I promise." Mayu cries harder.

Yuki smiled.
She knew it right from the start, that Mayu will eventually fall for this sudden plan.
She let herself got beaten up by yankees, but it's worth it.

Yuki put herself in front of Mayu. Then she took Mayu by the face.
"Just promise me one thing. Keep yourself away from troubles, will you?" Yuki asked.

"Okay, I promise, Yuki." Mayu answered and wiped her tears.

“I believe you.”
Yuki smiled again and pat Mayu's head.

"Hey…. you just look cute when you're crying."

Mayu cries more, and hugged Yuki.

"Ouwww… Not so tight..!! I'm still hurt...!"
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Yuki."
Mayu released the hug, smiled nervously to Yuki, and then helped Yuki walk.


The rest of the gang were very, very shocked to see Yuki's condition.
Bloody and battered.

Takamina said worried: "Who did this to you? Is it that vampire?"
Taka hopes it's not Acchan, bcoz deep inside her heart, she doesn't want to believe Acchan can be so fierce and mean.

"No…it's just a little accident with the yankees." Yuki answered.
In fact, Yuki didn't know that it was the vampire's doing who schemed the accident.

Takamina seem relieved, and asked: "Mayu-chan, are you hurt, too?"

"No, thanks to Yuki." said Mayu.

Yuki put off her jacket and entered Mayu's room.

Takamina quietly asked Mayu, "I don't believe any yankee can do such huge damage to Yuki. Is that bitchy-vampire had something to do with this?"
Mayu, "Sort of. But not in direct way. Mainly it's my fault. Yuki was just protecting me."

Mayu entered her room and helped Yuki lying in her bed.
She examined Yuki's wound.
There were so many bruises on Yuki's face and body.
Mayu feels like her heart have been ripped apart.
It was breaking Mayu’s heart, to see Yuki like that.

"This is bad, Yuki. I am going to call a doctor."
"No. Don't worry. I didn't break a bone or teeth or anything. I just need some rest." Yuki said.
“Besides, pain is nothing. It will go away, eventually.”

Mayu unbutton Yuki's shirt. That shirt already turned red because of the blood.
Mayu then cleaned up Yuki’s wounds and putting some bandages on her.

When Mayu finished, Yuki already fallen asleep.
Mayu put a blanket on her, then she's kneeling next to Yuki.

Mayu had a flashback about her brother, who used to protect her like that.
Suddenly she got a strange warm feeling. She really missed her brother so much.
It’s been so long, and Mayu can barely remember when is the last time she feels protected like that.

She looks at Yuki while Yuki's sleeping in front of her.
Mayu touched Yuki's face.

(This face is gonna be black and blue tomorrow. Mayu's thinking).
(Why Yuki, why would you took all those beating for me? Do you care about me? Why? Who am I to you?)

Mayu can't seem to find the answer.
She can't seem to see the forest for the trees.
This world turned out to be much more complicated than she thought.

Then, quietly, Mayu moved her head closer to Yuki.
She took a closer look at Yuki's face.

Even in a bad shape, Yuki’s face still looks so damn beautiful.
And suddenly Mayu cannot restraint herself from a sudden urge.

Mayu move closer and closer, until her lips is just an inch away from Yuki’s lip.
Then she stopped.

Mayu's startled by her own movement.
Her face’s blushing so red.

Mayu's listening to her own heartbeat.

Mayu hesitated.
She tilted her head.
But then she moved her lips away and planted a kiss on Yuki’s cheek instead.

That kiss was quiet and tender, as if she didn't want to wake Yuki up from sleep.
Mayu then closed her eyes, hold Yuki's hand, and sleep next to Yuki.

Meanwhile, Yuki opened her eyes (also quietly), and glanced to the sleeping Mayu.
Yuki smiled.
Mayu didn't notice it, as she already closed her eyes.

Yuki relieved because she managed to settle Mayu's problem, once and for all.
And she knows for sure, that Mayu will be a good girl after that.

Everything's gonna be fine.
From now on, Yuki will always be there to protect Mayu.
She will give what Mayu needs the most: a sanctuary.
Nothing to be worried anymore.

That night Yuki and Mayu sleeping together, holding each other's hands.
That night was one of the best moment for them, as they feel the bond between them become stronger.



So, how do you like my MaYuki?

Somebody want to kill me for writing such a cruel, bloody scene for Yuki?  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

I just want to show how far she will go to protect Mayu.
Besides, I'm a bit sado myself..... :bleed eyes: I watched too many bloody vampire series... :panic:
But after this, I will try to write romantic scene for MaYuki.

And I’m sorry for making Acchan to be a spoiled and an evil-vampire like that.
But she will change for good, as she realize her love for Takamina.
I’m already imagining a human-vampire lovey dovey scene.

And last, I’m sorry I can’t make TomoTomo and Kojiyuu appear in this chapter.
I find it hard to share my focus for all the pairings now.
I hope I can write about them in next chapter.

Update for next chapters will have to wait a little longer, because I'm preparing my final project.... XD
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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good chapter! BUT im waiting for atsumina scene gomen ne U_U
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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oh Yuki oh Yuki! how dare you hurt her like that?  :angry:

those bitches want to kill them!  :angry: :angry:

but well i guess if for the sake of Mayuki!  :smhi

Acchan a spoil bitch vampire...i don't like it..I LOVE IT!  :inlove:

Kojiyuu and Tomomo? mmm I can live without them!  XD

Thank you very much!! :thumbsup

please update soon!! :cow:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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OMG Yukirin!!!! She is so brave!
I love your Mayuki!!!

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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My feeling mixed when I read this Yuki being beated up but she's doing it for Mayu's sake. The gallant and tender side of Yuki, only for Mayu.

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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Wow....Wow... WOOOOW!!!!!! Great Chapter AnZai!  :inlove: :inlove: I love your MaYuki  :luvluv1:
But HOW DARE THEY TOUCH YUKIRIN!!  :mon woo: That must be hurt  :on beatup
Grrhhh I will beat them up !!  :scolding:
Yesh! Finally Mayu will obey Yuki  :gmon sing: Yuki hurts Mayu's oshiri!!  :gmon bang: That's nice n funny!  :gmon heartu:
Yeah Anzai, no need to hurry to write all pairs at once.   :pig cute: Write it slowly but sure. I will wait patiently for my lovely AtsuMina n TomoTomo :gmon twirl: It doesn't mean I don't like the other pairings though :mon noprob: I hope I can read your next chapter soon!  :mon kissy: and Thanks for updating this!  :mon lovelaff:
I LOVE YOU ANZAI!!  :mon star:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
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Good job for protecting Mayuyu~ YUKI!

But please don't hurt yourself too much~


Please update soon~ & THANK YOU!

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, Chapter 5 - a bloody scene] Mayuki, Atsumina
« Reply #48 on: November 29, 2011, 12:19:50 PM »
Man poor Yuki taking such a beating from the Yanki's for Mayu  :cry:

But what are Yuki's motives behind it, a need to protect Mayu, perhaops in part, she cannot stant to see Mayu being bad and definatly not getting hurt though perhpas she isn't totally sure why, it is for the necklace and 'him' or at least that is what got her through the beating but maybe, just maybe Yuki's feelings for Mayu are strong also and maybe the protection comes from her love for Mayu as well as her decition to protect her because of how she is releated to the necklace and 'him'

And as for that boy, the boy that Yuki new, the boy who Yuki needs to pay back, the boy who perhpas Yuki loved and they boy who may well of been Mayu's brother!  :shocked I wonder what it was this brother did for Yuki to make her grateful enough to take that beating, to make his memories strong enough for Yuki to get through it and I wonder how Mayu will react to it when she, like Yuki finds out about this connection between them....

And poor Takamina, smitten with a vampire and unable to get Acchan out of her mind  :doh: seems as though maybe Acchan was not the only one effected after all, and Is it Acchan thinking of revenge? It may well be though perhpas it is someone else with a grudge against them, maybe Acchan in truth is not as bad as she seems, If it does turn out to be Acchan I wonder if perhpas, when she meets up with said midget if her plan may change.....


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[ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #49 on: December 09, 2011, 05:01:43 PM »
For all of you who had been reading, thanks-ing, and commenting on my fic, thank you very much. I really love all your comment.  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Actually, with the whole vampire-theme, it’s easy for you to guess what is gonna happen next, or what kind of complication will arise here.
Human fighting vampire, forbidden love, blablabla. No mystery. No twist. You know it all.

And also, I still can’t write romantic lovey-dovey scene…..
My fingers start itching and I’m blushing myself everytime I try to write that scene…….
So, I mostly ended up making fighting scenes over and over again.
I’m good at physical/fighting scene, but not good in drama/romantic lovey-dovey scene. Gomen ne…….

But, I’ll keep doing my best.

Also, I have to admit that when I'm writing this fic, I got lots of inspiration from many sources: TV series, movies, songs, books, and other fanfics.
So, one of these scenes might remind you of something you have known/read/watched before.

Once again, thank you minna san.



“We’re going to hunt that bitchy vampire down. She must pay for what she did to Yuki..!” Takamina said angry.

“Yeah, she must pay for what she did to me too.” Yuko said with her high-spirit.

Her friends staring at her, having no idea of what she meant.
Yuko: “Uhhh…..I mean, Yuki punched me because of her, right? That bitch owe me big time.”

“Ohhh…..Hear, hear….” her two friends nodded several times, showing their understanding and empathy to the squirrel.

Yuko: “So, what’s our plan?”

As usual, Takamina give her detailed plans, involving some traps and tricks: how do they prepare the traps, what kind of weapons they must use, etc.

The Magnificent Four (minus Mayu) discussing the plan seriously.
At that time, Mayu is staying at their apartment, taking care of Yuki’s wound.
Yuki must stay in her recovery state for a week, so she can’t join the gang’s hunting vampires for now.

“Oke…… your…position….set...!!” Takamina yelled, after she finished giving order.
“What position? We’re not going to dance.” Sasshi asked confused.

Yuko: “And, Takamina, do you know where we can find this bitch?”
Taka: “I know where she live. In the old, vacant building near the cemetery.”


At the same time, Acchan was being grounded by Shinoda for always running away from their foreign guest.

When kids (human kids) being grounded, they usually got locked in their room.
They won’t get their weekly allowance, they are not allowed to watch TV nor to hang out with their friends.

When vampire kids being grounded, it’s almost the same.
They can’t go out at night, they can’t hunt for preys, they won’t get any fresh blood and meat, they will be left hungry for the whole night.

Acchan had been grounded several times, for disobeying Shinoda, or breaking his rules.

While Acchan is in her room, rubbing her stomach and starving herself, she heard a bang on her windows, and a sound of broken glass.
As she look at the window, she saw a stone flying and the window is already broken into small pieces.

“Holy sh*t….? What’s that…?”

Acchan looking down throughout the window.
There, just few meters beneath the window, she saw the Midget and her troops, like a Three Musketeers they holding their weapons and point them right to Acchan.

Yuko shouted: “Hey…..bitch..!! Get down here..!!! We gotta talk.”

Taka whispered: “Yuko. No talk. Just fight.”

“Oooooo…kay,” Yuko said. She shouted again to Acchan, “The talk is done! Now, we gotta fight…!!!!”

Acchan was intimidated and feel so challenged. She was about to jump down from her window.
But she hesitated. Shinoda will get more mad to her if she runaway while being grounded.

“What are you waiting for? Are you afraid of us? Woohohooo….chicken…..chicken….!!!” Yuko mocked her.

Acchan’s pouting. She can’t stand being mocked.
And now, her empty stomach had lower down her boiling point. She’s become more easily intimidated and challenged.

Two options were taken into her consideration:
1. Staying in her room all night with an empty stomach.
2. Having fun out there, and if she lucky she will get three corpses of fresh blood and meat. But then she might receive more punishment from Shinoda later.

(The hell. I’m so starving now. I’ll deal with Shinoda later.)

Then she climbed out the window and jumped down, landed nicely on the ground.
But before Acchan manage to cover the situation, the Three Musketeers already running their ass off.

“Heyyyyy………..!!! Why are you running...!!!??? Who’s afraid now? You’re the chicken….!!”

Acchan chased them. Luckily, the vampire in this alternate universe has no such enhanced abilities involve with running fast.
If a vampire can run so fast, it only because of her/his natural-human running ability that he/she possessed as a living human, before they turned into a vampire.

The Magnificent Three run fast and ended up in the cemetery.
Acchan still chasing them, and she stopped when she see her preys stop.

She stared at Takamina and circling her.
(So, the Midget is the gang’s leader. Interesting. Let’s see what more she can do, other than chaining me up.)

Acchan: “You really have a gut, bring yourself all to me. So generous. How did you know that I’m hungry at this moment?”

Takamina: “You’re hungry? Good…..Why don’t you come at us?”

Acchan jump to Takamina. Takamina was standing near a tomb.
Just a blink before Acchan get her, Taka managed to dodge and jump away.
Acchan ended up fell to the tomb.

Surprisingly for her, it was a trap.
The tomb is a big hole covered with a veil, grasses and else.
There is no corpse or case inside it.
It was only an empty hole beneath it.

So, Acchan’s falling down to the big hole.

Sasshi and Yuko shouted: “YEAAAHH…..BITCH…!! WE GOT YA….!!!”

Taka moved closer to the hole and glanced down: “How is it down there, sweetheart?”
The hole was about 10 feets under.
There she saw Acchan fell on her knees, all dirty, filthy, messy.

Yuko, and Sasshi started to dig some soil and throw it to bury the hole.

Takamina also kick some soil from the bank near the hole.
Soil coming down more into the hole.
Acchan raised her hand to protect her face from the soil.
She looks so mad now.

Then Acchan lowered her body and bent her knees, and suddenly jumped out from the tomb hole.

The Three Musketeers was surprised: “WOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHH………..”
And they running back and gather themselves together, keeping their distance from Acchan.

Acchan smirked and threatened them: “You don’t know just whom you’re messing with…….”

The Three Musketeers should be afraid now, if they are normal girls.
But they aren’t.
They are still brave (or nut, or stupid), even without Yuki beside them.

Acchan keep her eyes staring at Takamina with her devilish smile.
(I got one of your friend, Midget. That little swindler. She must be in a bad shape right now after the yankees catch her.
And that was just the beginning. Watch me while I am crushing all your friends, one by one.)

Takamina run forward and punched Acchan. Acchan wasn’t prepared to dodge it. Or she’s letting Takamina to hit her.

Taka shouted: “That was for Yuki…!!”

“Yuki…?? I didn’t do anything to her.”


Acchan confused.
(Are the yankees also managed to beat Yuki up? It’s impossible. Yuki is strong. The only one who can beat her, is me.)

“Whatever.” Acchan sighed and rubbed her cheek where Taka punched her.

“As I said, I didn’t do anything to Yuki. But I did something though, to the swindler. How is she doing right now?”

“So you did something. Whether to Yuki or Mayu, they are my friends. If you harm them, I’ll deal with you.”

“Oh really? Then deal with this..!!”

Acchan moved forward and punched Takamina hard on her face.

Takamina fell.
But she quickly get up.

Taka smirked and spit blood: “Nice punch you got there, bitch!!!”
Then Takamina clenched her fist, and set her defence stance.

Yuko and Sasshi’s watching the fight.
Yuko   : “This fight won’t be interesting like the last one.”
Sasshi : “Why?”
Yuko   : “Because, if this time the vampire play dirty again and rip one’s shirt, we won’t get any delightful scene. It’s Takamina, For God Sake..!!!
              What do you expect, seeing her naked?”
Sasshi chuckled: “Yeah, I’m not tempted either. She’s a guy after all.”

Our Captain didn’t hear their conversation.
She shouted: “This is my fight…!!! You two, just watch there, while I pummel this bitch…!!!”

Yuko: “Okay, Midget. She’s all yours…”

Taka stepped back and scold Yuko in a low voice: “Wait, Yuko, I’m just bluffing her. Do you think I’m stupid enough to fight her all by my own?
I need you both to be ready to back me up, anytime if you see I’m losing this fight.”

Yuko smiled playfully, and put her hand upon Taka’s shoulder: “Right….we’re here for you.”

Acchan glanced at Yuko and Sasshi who were standing behind Takamina.
“I thought you were gonna fight me all at once. You are friends, right?”

Takamina: “Yes, they are. But me alone is enough to kick your ass.”

 “Your friends… I can do anything to your friends….” Acchan stared coldly.

 “Over my dead body…!!!” Takamina shouted. She run toward Acchan to attack her.

Acchan dodged Taka’s punch easily.
“You know, you’re no match for me. Don’t sweat yourself by doing stupid thing like this.”

The Midget didn’t listen. She keeps attacking.

Acchan dodge again. She jumped over a tall gate, and staring down at Takamina.

“Hey, Midget!! You want a piece of me? Come up here….” Acchan teasing.

Takamina tried to jump too, but the gate’s height is too much for her.

“You chicken vampire b*tch!!! You come down here, and fight me…!!! Chicken..!!!” Taka shouted.
“Don’t call me chicken, you jerk!!!” Acchan shouted back.

“Don’t call me jerk, jerk!!! ….I should’ve dusted you when I had that chance…!!!”

“Yeah, and why didn’t you dust me, huh? I was chained, but still, you have no gut to dust me. You just too coward and weak.
You have to trick me and chain me up to dust me. You’re afraid to have a fair fight with me. Admit it...! Coward…!!!”


“Stupid Midget!!! Liliput!!!”

Taka can’t find a word to attack back. The ‘Liliput’ word really got her good, like a knife stabbing straight into her pride.

“Jerk…jerk…!!!!” Acchan yelled again.

“Bitch….slut….brat….!!!” Taka reply yelling.
Yuko was watching lazily.
(Are they gonna fight, or just do this war-talk? It’s look like a husband-and-wife quarrel. Boring.)

Takamina finally stopped shouting and started looking for an idea to bring the vampire down.
She then asked for an arrow to Sasshi.

She tried to shoot Acchan with an arrow.
Failed attempt.
Acchan can dodge and catch the arrow quite nicely.

Taka’s thinking again for a while, and talked to Sasshi.
Sasshi walked to behind the trees, and seem to prepare something.
Then after a minute Sasshi appeared, bringing some balloons of water.
[Oh I'm sorry I made a goof here. It's not actually a balloon. It's just small plastic bags which can be filled by water.]

Taka throw the balloons to Acchan.
Acchan punched the balloons, making the balloons exploded and the water splashed on her.

Surprisingly for her again, it was the water which vampires usually afraid of.
It was the holy water.
[For the reader who doesn’t know about holy water, it’s a special water that can burn any vampires. This water only cause effect on vampire.
Every religion usually had their own kind of holy water.
And as for Japanese, we can get the holy water from some holy shrine, or from a fountain located in a holy mountain, etc.]

“OOOOOUUGGHHHHH……………………” Acchan screamed in pain.
The water is wetting her skin, her hand. And it made a horrible sizzling sound.
Her smooth skin was burned and turned ugly.
“OHHH…F*CK …!!!!” she scold, and tried to dry her wet hand.

Takamina throw another balloons, one by one, in a fast and steady speed.
Her accuracy is quite good. Most of them hit the target.
And Sasshi keep providing her with new balloons.

Acchan started to panick, she couldn’t dodge or catch the balloons.
Even when she manage to catch them, the ballons were just splashed upon her.
The holy water sprayed out and burning her skin, making a sizzling sound.

“Ouuuuchhhh………my skin..!!! My pure skin…!! My smooth skin…!!” Acchan panickedly scolding.
She didn’t expect to be attacked with this kind of weapon.

She tried to stand up on the wall, avoiding the attack.
But she’s losing her balance. Then she fell down to the ground, still being attacked by the holy-water balloon.

On the ground, Taka chased her with a pistol gun.
The pistol was not filled with ordinary bullets. Instead it is a water-squirting pistol, also filled with holy water.
Actually, it is their new weapon. Sasshi assembled the weapon herself.
The hit range is quite far in distance, and the precision is also good.

“ARRGGGHHHH… …!!” Acchan screamed again as Taka managed to shot her in her bare shoulder.
There is the sizzling sound again, come from the reaction of her skin and the holy water.

Acchan put her hand on the burned skin-shoulder of hers.

(Damn. This is ugly.)
(I must retreat. These hunters are equipped and well-armed. And…geeezz…..what kind of weapon they had. What a geek.)

Acchan retreat to hide and recover her smooth and beautiful skin.


At night, several days later.


I had finished my works, and I’m a bit tired.
It almost midnight. The café is already closed. There’s only few worker still working in this café until midnight.
And Ryuji’s not coming to pick me up tonight. So I had to walk home alone.

I was about to go home, when I heard a noise from the room behind the stage.
I heard two voices, male and female, shouting at each other. Guess they are fighting.
I moved closer to steal a look at what happen there.
The door’s not closed.

There, I saw that girl.
What the hell is she doing here?
She’s not performing tonight. Why is she here?

Then I heard another voices, a male’s voice. I couldn't see his face.

“I told you to perform..!!!!”
“I don’t want to….”
“You will do what I order you to. Tomorrow, you will perform.”
“No. You can’t control me, Johnny….!!!”

So this girl’s been forced to perform. Who is this Johnny? I feel curious.
They continued arguing. I couldn’t hear it clearly.

Then I heard a sound of a hard slap.
He’s slapping the girl.
I’m freezed. I saw her falling to the floor.
I thought she’s going to cry after receiving that slap.
But she get up and punched the guy.

Woooaaa…..I shocked more.
She’s a small girl, shorter than me. But she got guts.

Then I saw a brawl for another minute.
At the end, she managed to free herself and knocked the guy down. This girl is bad-ass.

The guy's spitting blood out of his mouth.
“Just don’t forget, Tomochin, I have the thing you’re looking for. Do you think you can get rid of me? You can’t keep ditching me like this.”

That girl, Tomochin, stepped back, looking down. She’s not resisting anymore.
The guy stood up and kissed Tomochin’s lips.

Tomochin kissed him back.
But I can see it in her eyes. She doesn’t want to kiss him.
She’s desperate and hopeless.

“Okay, J….Tomorrow, I will perform.” said Tomochin.

“Good girl. Now, let me walk you home.”
“No, just leave me here. I need a space. Please.”

The guy lift his shoulder, then he walked out from the room.

I was hurry hiding myself in the next room.
Then after the guy left the café, I slowly lurking again.

This Tomochin girl stayed a while in the room.
Then she walked out the door, leaving the café.

I feel worried about her, so I decided to follow her.

Take me, I'm alive.
I never was a girl with a wicked mind.
But everything looks better, when the sun goes down.
I had everything: opportunities for eternity, and I could belong to the night.
Your eyes, your eyes.
I can see…in your eyes, your eyes.

She’s walking down the night. Luckily, her direction is the same with me. I’m starting to think maybe she’s just moved next to my apartment.

I followed her, and manage to keep her unaware of me stalking her.

She passed in front of a bunch of guys.
They talked, and one of the guys take her to a nearest alley.

I feel more worried.

I lurked them in the alley.
They are kissing each other passionately.

Taste me, drink my soul.
Show me all the things that I shouldn't know.
When there's a new moon on the rise.
I had everything: opportunities for eternity, and I could belong to the night.
Your eyes, your eyes.
I can see… in your eyes, your eyes.
Everything…in your eyes, your eyes.

They’re still kissing. The guys is travelling her neck right now.
Then I realize something.
OH MY GOD……!!!
That guy is a vampire. He vamps out and showed his fangs. Ready to plant her teeth on the girl’s neck.
This is bad. I had to save the girl.
I reach my weapon which I put behind my jacket.
In the time like this, every girl now must bring a weapon to defense herself from bad guys and vampires.

I dusted the guy, while they were kissing.
The girl look shocked.

“Are…..are you okay?” I asked her. I am a bit trembling.

She didn’t answer me.
And surprisingly, she doesn’t show any sign of gratitude after I saved her.

I looked around and see the other guys coming to us.
All of them are vampires.

I grabbed her hand, and run fast.
She rejected at first, but I’m not letting her go. I forced her to run with me.

Why did she refused my help? I wonder.

After spending time running, we arrive at my apartment.
I grabbed my key and opened my door quickly.
I forced the girl to enter my room.

“That was so close….!!” I relieved.

Tomochin freed her arm from me.
“I didn’t ask for your help…….” she said.

I stared at her.
I wasn’t expecting a simple, nice ‘thank-you’ from her.
But her reaction is really confusing me.

What’s wrong with her?

“I was about to get my freedom. But you’re getting in the way,” she said coldly.

Wait…..WHAT??? What did she just say?

You make me wanna die.
I'll never be good enough.
You make me wanna die.
And everything you love, will burn up in the light.
Every time I look inside your eyes.
(I'm burning in the light).
You make me wanna die.


At the same time, different place.

Takamina just arrived at her house, after hunting down some vampires.
She entered her room, and was about to change her clothes, when she heard a noise outside her window.
She took a stake, moved closer and opened the window to look outside.


Takamina shouted shock, as someone grabbed her out of the window, and throw her body on the grass yard surrounding the house.

Acchan get on top of Takamina, and sit on her stomach.
She started to pummel Takamina’s face.
After receiving some punches, Taka managed to push Acchan away.
She get up quickly, reaching her weapon.

There they are standing. Looking at each other with eyes full of hatred and killer-instinct.
The hunter and the hunted.
Hate each other to the bone.
This is a fight to death.

This time, Acchan is well-prepared.
She wear a leather rain-coat to shield her skin from holy-water attack.
Her head was also covered with leather veil.

Both are shouting and running toward each other with full fist.


“What did you say?”
I couldn’t believe what I just hear.

“I was asking them to do it to me.”

“You asked them… suck your blood?”

Tomochin nodded and stood up.
“Thanks anyway. I’m going home now.”

“Noooo…..!!! Stay here. It’s dangerous walking out there alone.”

I know I’m not letting this girl walk out my door tonight.
I won’t let her.

I looked into her eyes. Trying to find an answer, of why she want to throw her life away.

When your blood is being sucked by a vampire, there are two possibilities you could end up with.
1. If the vampire suck your blood until you’re drained, then you’re dead.
2. If the vampire not only suck your blood but also feed his blood to you, then you’ll become infected.
    Or simply said, the vampire had sired you to become his underling. You’ll become a vampire, just like them.

Either way, your life is over. In the first case, you'll be dead literally. While in the second case, you'll be the undead.

So, I was trying to find which possibility this girl want for herself.
A suicidal? Or her becoming a vampire?

There, I looked into her eyes. There’s no light in her eyes.
I only see: Darkness. Desperate. Hopeless. Insecurity. And Danger.

I'll die for you, my love, my love.
I'll lie for you, my love, my love.
(Make me wanna die)
I'll steal for you, my love, my love.
(You make me wanna die)
I'll die for you, my love, my love.....................

We'll burn up in the light.
Every time I look inside your eyes.
(I'm burning in the light).
Look inside your eyes.
(I'm burning in the light).
Look inside your eyes.
You make me wanna die.



A hard punch. Square on Takamina’s face.
Takamina’s down.
And she get up slowly.

Takamina’s tottering back. She seem unbalanced.
She got bruises on her face. Acchan also got few.
But Takamina’s damage was the worst.


Acchan punched Takamina again.
And she’s down again.

[Uhh….ohhh…..Looks like our Captain is losing her fight. Come on Taka-boy..!!! Fight-o…!!!!]

She’s ignoring the pain, and get up again.

Acchan stood and watch the Midget.
(What the hell…!!! Why does she always get up everytime I knock her down?)

“Stay down…!!!” Acchan said and throw her punch again.

Takamina blocked it with her arm.
But she didn’t see another punch coming to her stomach.

Takamina fall down on her knees, holding her stomach tight, having a hard time to breath.

(Acchan thinks: There. You’re finished now, Midget.)

But, the Midget still trying to get up.

Acchan stood in awe.
(What is this? No matter how many time I knock her down, she keeps getting up and standing on her feet.)

Acchan punched Takamina, again. And again.
But there, Takamina was just keep falling down and getting up again, everytime.
Her mouth was bleeding.

Acchan punched the Midget again, this time harder.
The Midget falling, face down on dirt.

Acchan: “JUST STAY DOWN….MIDGET….!!!! Or I am gonna knock you out…..I’m serious.”

Takamina breathing hard: “....I’m serious too....”

She almost had no energy left to stand up.
She knows she is no match for Acchan.
Acchan was way stronger, as expected from a noble, high class vampire.
The only one who can fight Acchan is Yuki, but she’s still in bed rest to heal her wound.

Takamina can only depend on herself now.
And she decided to put up a good fight against Acchan until the end.
She get up, slowly.
She’s standing there in front of Acchan.
And she’s smiling like a winner, even though she’s been defeated.

Acchan get mad and pushed Takamina to the wall.

Taka: “You may have defeated me. But if you hurt my friends again, I’ll kill you.”

“Friends? I don’t know who you called friends. Is that the swindler, or the hot-blooded girl, the pervert squirrel, or…. the good-for-nothing geek girl?
They are useless anyway......”


Takamina: “Don’t say things that you don’t know. And don’t ever talk bad about my friends!!”

Acchan’s face was tossed aside. She startled.
This was the first time she got bitch-slapped by a human.

“How dare you slap me...!!”
Acchan can receive any punch. But a bitch-slap? No...It’s just so…..b*tchy….
Acchan get angry, she clenched her fist and ready to punch Taka’s face.

Takamina:  “Go on…..Punch me….Bite me….Suck my blood…...I’m not afraid of you…”

“Why should I afraid of a pathetic vampire like you? You know nothing about love and friendship.
You don’t even know what the world is. You’re just a spoiled, little vampire brat. YOU ARE PATHETIC…!!! I pity you.”

Acchan’s frozen shock, upon hearing those words.

Takamina: “And FYI, I never slap a girl before. You’re the first. And you know why? Because you’re so bitchy that you don’t even worth my fist.
That’s why I only slapped you.”

Takamina walked away, leaving Acchan behind.
“So annoying…” she murmured.

After some steps, Taka turned around to look at Acchan.
Surprisingly for her, Acchan was kneeling down and seem depressed.
Takamina stopped, she felt curious.
(What happen with this evil vampire? Why beeing all gloomy?)

Taka turn back and stepped closer to Acchan.
She shocked as she see Acchan crying.
(Why is she crying? Did I slap her too hard? No way. Just a slap can’t hurt her. She’s strong.)

Indeed, Acchan wasn’t crying because of the slap. She didn’t feel any physical pain. Only the pain in her heart.
Acchan was hurt because of what Takamina had said to her.

“Hey…….Atsuko…..” Taka don’t know what to do.
“Go away…!!! Leave me alone…!!! I’m a pathetic….!! I’m a loser…!!! Just leave me alone….!”
“Eh..hey….I didn't mean it…..I’m sorry.”

Acchan’s crying and walking away.
Taka followed her. She’s not ready to leave Acchan alone in that condition.
Taka feel guilty for making a girl cry.
(What did I do? OMG….I can’t believe it. I just made a vampire cry..!! What am I..? A player?)

[Yeah, Taka-boy. You just made spoiled-Acchan cry.]

Taka walked beside Acchan: “I’ll walk you home.”

Then they walked together, back to the cemetery.

They were walking pass a central city park.
Acchan, still crying, walked to a couch near them and sit.
Taka also sit there and gave Acchan her handkerchief.
After several minutes, she stopped crying.

Takamina: “I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

Acchan stay quiet.
Deep inside her heart, she’s been feeling lonely.
And Takamina had just made her realize it, by saying those words.

Acchan: “I …. I envy you and your friends…..”
Taka   : “Really? Yeah, I’m so lucky to have friends like them.”
Acchan: “And they are lucky, to have you.”

Acchan: “So……Can I…… be your...friend, then?”

Takamina startled for a minute…..”Ehh..!!?….Sure…Why not?”
(Me, making friends with a vampire? Am I crazy? No. This vampire, she’s the one who is crazy).

“Thanks….And I’m sorry about the face.” Acchan looks at Taka’s bruised face.
Taka   : “Well….yeah. Your fist had made a great impression on my face. But don’t worry about it.”

Acchan: “You could hit me back now. I’ll let you.”

Taka glanced: “Err…No!!! You once said that cute girls like us shouldn’t be punching each other. We should be ….”

Acchan eyes become wider: “……..kissing?”

Takamina looked to Acchan and moved her head closer.
She stared at Acchan’s face.
(Oh God.........look at her..! She’s so pretty..!! Can’t take my eyes of her.)

Acchan turned her face away, and pouted: “A kiss......But you’re not gonna chain me up again this time, are you?”

Takamina laughed: “Ahahahaaa......No… more tricks!!! I promise. And this is just a friendly kiss.”

Takamina moved closer again and kissed Acchan’s lips.

Taka whispered: “I wasn’t lying when I said our kiss was great. I want to do it again.”
Acchan: “Yeah me too…..Let’s just…”

Acchan’s words are interrupted, as Takamina grabbed her and kissed her more passionately.

Now, they’re doing it for real. No more tricks, no handcuff, no hate, no fury. It was only passion and desire.
They knew there is something between them since they first met, but they hold it down and supress their feelings.
Unfortunately, the circumstance is also not good for them, and they just happened to start hating each other.
But now, all the hate was gone. It was only passion and desire.


TO BE CONTINUED.......................

Please.....leave your comment........... :bow:
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #50 on: December 09, 2011, 05:53:54 PM »
iyesh an update!!  :inlove: :inlove: pass by to leave comments! hehehe thank you for updating this, Anzai. The story is getting more interesting!!  :thumbsup
WHO THAT JERK? HOW DARE HE SLAPS MY TOMOCHIN!!!  :banghead: You better add the romantic scene of TomoTomo immediately :panic: :panic:
Ukyaaaaa~~~~ Finally Acchan and Taka are........  :inlove: :inlove: I demand more!!! Update this update this!!!!!  :panic: :panic: I hope this fic will end before my final project, so that I can finish reading it  :panic:
Looking forward for the dangerous relationship between Human n Vampire! Please update asap!

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #51 on: December 09, 2011, 06:05:24 PM »
Fight for love XD XD XD

Thx for update. pls update soon~  :cow:

**Postpone:: Atsumina Birthday fic,, I'm really busy.. gomen ne..

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #52 on: December 09, 2011, 10:15:22 PM »
Yes! Update!   :on thumbb:

Actually, with the whole vampire-theme, it’s easy for you to guess what is gonna happen next, or what kind of complication will arise here.
Human fighting vampire, forbidden love, blablabla. No mystery. No twist. You know it all.

And also, I still can’t write romantic lovey-dovey scene…..
My fingers start itching and I’m blushing myself everytime I try to write that scene…….
So, I mostly ended up making fighting scenes over and over again.
I’m good at physical/fighting scene, but not good in drama/romantic lovey-dovey scene. Gomen ne…….

I think that you kinda doing it very good no need for super lovely-dovey scene because I think that you really did great and this update as the other was as always fun and romantic to read.

“Oke…… your…position….!!” Takamina said, after she finished giving order.
“What position? We’re not going to dance.” Sasshi asked confused.

Hahaha hilarious! And the fight between "the midget,the perv,the geek and the b*tch was  :mon lol:

Yuko and Sasshi’s watching the fight.
Yuko: “This fight won’t be interesting like the last one.”
Sasshi: “Why?”
Yuko: “Because, if this time the vampire play dirty again and rip one’s shirt, we won’t get any delightful scene. It’s Takamina, For God Sake..!!!
What do you expect, seeing her naked?”
Sasshi chuckled: “Yeah, I’m not tempted either. She’s a guy after all.”
  :rofl: Pffffbwahahahah! I LoLed so hard...
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #53 on: December 09, 2011, 11:17:59 PM »

But no MaYuki huh~

Still~ please update soon~

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #54 on: December 10, 2011, 01:19:21 AM »
uououououoo taka n acchan...  :shocked :shocked yeeeaaaaay they finally be friend :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

but i wonder if after that kiss they will be still a friend or could be they will be more than a friend~  XD XD XD

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #55 on: December 10, 2011, 02:32:06 AM »
Funny moment when takamina called acchan "chicken" and acchan called takamina "jerk". Btw, love the end scene. They kissing each other. Does it mean they start to love/like each other.

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #56 on: December 10, 2011, 03:03:47 AM »
Omg this was so cuteeeeeee!  :inlove:
Atsumina!  :wub:

thank for the update i love it!  :cathappy:

please update soon!  :cow:  :thumbsup

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #57 on: December 10, 2011, 01:55:05 PM »
that's very noble of Takamina, not dusting Acchan when she's vulnerable, instead she soothes her suppose-to-be-enemy with a ... :oops:
or she's just being too kind to her enemy? :P

either way, Takamina's always the hero for everyone.. :thumbsup though not being delightful to be looked at, just like Yuko said. :lol:
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #58 on: December 11, 2011, 01:52:57 PM »
 :lol: mana whole chapter dedicated to an Acchan/Takamina confession nice that they sort of got to er, sortout all thier problems before they came friends!  :lol:


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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #59 on: December 11, 2011, 10:34:31 PM »
but i wonder if after that kiss they will be still a friend or could be they will be more than a friend~  XD XD XD

Acchan: "Minami, don't you wanna be more than friend? Coz I can't pretend........" 
:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

:lol: man a whole chapter dedicated to an Acchan/Takamina confession nice that they sort of got to er, sortout all thier problems before they came friends!  :lol:

Yup, after I dedicated the last chapter to Mayuki, I decided to dedicate this one to Atsumina.
I love Mayuki and Atsumina so much.... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

But, instead of Atsumina, I chose the TomoTomo-theme song to be the title of Chapter 6....... :roll:
Why? Because the lyrics fit nicely with TomoTomo storyline.........

@ moekare: I hope I can finish it before your project. And btw, good luck with your final project..!!  :thumbup
@ Kiiz & SydneyW: It's a love-fight. Atsumina-theme will be more like 'love-and-hate'... :roll:
@ Megumi: Thank you for your wonderful comments. That’s encouraging me… :)
@ oddball: We still have an unfinished business involving the necklace and ‘him’. Keep guessing, oddball…!!  :)
@ RenaChii and cmze: You both love Yukirin and Mayuki so much, don’t you? Be patient, ‘kay.
    Sorry, I can’t make Mayuki appear in Chapter 6. They already stole the spotlight in the previous chapter, anyway. :roll:
@ Sok: Thank you. I also enjoyed your fic very much, but not finished reading it yet, so I haven't leave comment in your thread. But I will.... :)
@ aruka: Acchan is Taka’s favourite enemy.  :)

Thank you for all your comments.
I'm already halfway writing next chapter.
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