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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 266717 times)

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Please keep continue your story...
Your story is my medicine for ....(how do i write this? ACCHAAAAN!!! T.T)
acchan grad is really make me down....

And for Your Mayuki and Wmatsui...what can I say?its always the best!!!

Anzai-san Fighting!!!


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 19. LOVE SPELL - Part 4 & 5 (MaYuki)
« Reply #421 on: March 26, 2012, 04:23:47 AM »
Hello Anzai-san  :cathappy:

Finally i have sometime to spill my guts and blahs here  :grin: though it takes forever  :doh:

for now im commenting the Mayuki Love Spell for part 4 and 5 kay? later i'll read and comment your latest update  XD

and im so sad too Acchan graduates  :cry: AKB without Acchan is the same as Human VS Vampire without Anzai-san  :cry: and also im a bit pissed off with aki-p for transferring (though temporary) Jurina to team K, i mean she's already so drained out and...(okay now is the time to comment this awesome story, self)

you maybe want to read this anzai-san!

By the way, Happy 18th Birthday Watanabe Mayu!
My 2nd ultimate oshi  XD

and also, dont stop writing this!!!  :smhid WARNING: THIS FIC IS TOO SEXY TO BE STOPPED

no, i mean even Acchan is graduated, she wont graduate from your heart and this fic right?  :cry: :cry:

ahh yes i like True Blood, Nightshade and Wolfsbane too. Theyre trilogy right if im not mistaken?  XD i only have the Nightshade book...the other i borrow lols

btw for the ending scene i want atsumina to have kids first...then acchan sire her! so the kid will be the new deadly and strongest species among vampires...imagine that...daywalker! though the kid's blood would be impure and the vampire clan itself hating him... :twisted:

my playlist during reading is mostly French Kiss (skip this if you find  this unimportant  :grin:)

- Tomotomo scene (i havent turned on my iTunes yet lols)
-YukiRena fight Scene (Kakko Warui I Love You - FK)
- Both Mayu and Yuki struggled with her own feelings and scene under the rain (Zutto Mae Kara - FK)
- Yuki being so lovestruck with Mayu (Mae Wo Mukai Teru Kimi - FK and If - FK)
- MaYuki bedroom scene (i decided to play other song, Boys Like Girls - Someone Like You and back to FK - Chinmoku in part five - end) (note: if you dont like bands, i recommend you to hear this, its such a sweet song  :heart:)

Now attacking you with comments  :twisted:

1. Such an immature kid that Ryuji  :tama-mad: there'll be no salary-cutting and childish brawling  inside the cafe if he just shut up and leave tomotomo alone. get your butt off and grow up, kid!

2. Im impressed tomochin is able to hold her hunger towards blood when saw Ryuji's blood  :yep:

3. Ah! Taming The Shrew! ever heard of that   :)   

4. Ah Yuki youre such a tough fighter!  :( introducted to fists and blood at such young age huh...tough.

5. Umechan, please back to kindergarten. No, i mean youre so effin childish running around making everyone and everything your plaything :wth

6. "Like an octopus, the rage is crawling inside her brain, her mind, and her body." - wait anzai-san, do octopusses raging?

7. Lol why do I feel Geki use her teeth to Yuki huh...i mean its not even fighting, its violence  :nervous

8. The salary-cutting  :catglare: poor tomomi! also why she has to get salary being cut for yuki huh??? even theyre friends but tomo doesnt have to be THAT responsible for that  :doh:

lolol i mean  :( :( :( yuki...i could imagine how beaten up are you and Gekikara is unforgiving fighter type...

but im loling at these " Lucky for her, the Psycho Vampire backed down before finishing the blow job."  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: why do i think the sentence is so funny and also the same time...naughty? (nah its only my thnking)

10. MaYuki scenes! ufufuffu they make me go  :wub: :wub: :wub: and  :( :( :( :( sometimes  :angry: :angry: :angry: but sometimes  :cry: :cry: :cry: but in the end i'll be  :wub: :wub: :wub: again... ah you stir my feelings anzai-san

11. about carrying her in bridal style...awww so sweet!!! you guys get a room already! (eh sounds so  wrong)  i mean get married already  XD XD

12. Yuki is Yuki. keep make the little cyborg's heart goes doki doki eventho her face is bloody bloody  :wub:

13. The rain scene!!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: so sweeet Yuki lend her jacket to Mayu  :heart: :heart:

14. Anyway what hormone making her go deredere like that? Yuki? are you on your period or something?  :?

15. Broken heart is never good. and twice broken heart means half suicide  :( i hope MaYuki will always be together!

16. Hahahahaha  XD dont worry Yuki! Mayu is legal for you now since she is 18 now (but still in japan under 20 is considered underage, she would go to jail eventually  :P)

17. Is Mayu's butt that mesmerizing?

18. Umm im predicting SasshiRabu had a good night,  you know what i mean  :twisted:

19. GYAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA MEETAN GYAAHHAHAHHAHA FEEL THAT LOVESTRUCK COMING TO YOU!!!  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: NEVER BEEN HARASSED HUH? HOW IS IT???  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and eww...Maachan uses her teeth everytime she's in love? its kinda...sick (or rabies?)

20. THIS SCENE! BED ROOM SCENE! (capslock is broken)  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

"Yuki shrugged her shoulder.
Yuki   : “It’s because you’re a cyborg. A cold-blooded cyborg.”

Yuki continued taking her shirt off.
Now she’s wearing only her bra and her jeans."

lol why do i feel Yuki is being enjoy with her nudity in front of the cyborg  :grin: i mean she's not ashamed or something...

"Yuki   : “Don’t worry, Mayu, I’m just going to kiss you tonight. I’m not gonna ask for more………….well, for now.”

- let's see if anzai-san decides to make Yuki ASKING for more...i'll wait for that scene  :twisted:

21. Eh...why is it Mayu still hesitating her own feelings?  :(

22. ahh i feel like someone tickling my heart with feather...its so fluffy knowing Yuki's words about she'll always protect her cyborg :wub: :wub:


They’re still smooching and caressing each other, until they’re tired and lack of breath.

They’ve been in a very long, passionate moment tonight.

And they both were tired now."

RLY OMG you guys...thats so long...TOO LONG! but its okay since im your loyal shipper  :twisted: :twisted: i demand more of MaYuki wet wrong...i mean bed scene  XD and was only Yuki who half-naked all the time?

24. HA YUKI!!! WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU MAKES YOU ASHAMED!!! (any resemblance of quoting the song lyric is just pure coincidence)

"Since the beginning until the end, there’s no spell at all.
No potion.
No trick.
No prank.

It’s just Yuki and her hormonal problem.
And her delusional, aggressive behaviour."

Come on mayu! while she doing that,  why dont you just um...join her sleeping on the floor, hugging her from the back...mmh that'd be so effin sweet! and yuki'd be falling asleep with an unstoppable dokidoki  :heart:

25. I'm glad Yuki finally get over Miyazawa. I'm imagining the scene shot with a background song Katy Perry - The One That Got Away but instead im listening to Chinmoku  :nervous but Chinmoku is more suitable for this scene...awh... :heart:


too long?  :? sorry!  :nervous

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 19. LOVE SPELL - Part 3 (MaYuki, TomoTomo)
« Reply #422 on: March 26, 2012, 03:50:37 PM »

[whisper] To be honest, the first Mayuki fic that made my mind go haywire is the LeNosferatu-san's fic. I think I've learned from the best. XD.
And I'm curious about your idea...Please use it.....  [/whisper] XD

And I love your BlackGeki/YukiRena too, Sieka-san.... :heart: :heart: :heart: (But not finish reading them yet, so I haven't comment.  :nervous )
When I start writing this fic, I didn't even knew there is a BlackGeki/YukiRena pairing  XD, but now I'm liking your fics a lot.

Akira the yankees also had too much of Yuki: the fierce-Yuki, and then the naughty/seducer-Yuki (DAY 1),
and then the geek/hetare-Yuki (DAY 2), and then the pervert-Yuki (DAY 3), and then back to the tough/fierce-Yuki.

But then again, too much Yuki is still not enough for me...XD

Ah, that MaYuki fic in tumblr? That got my mind go out of control, but the first ecchi fic I read for AKB is from ShibuyaDokiDoki. Ah...please don't be curious of my idea, its rather.....erm....
Thank you for liking my fics, its encouraging to know that, because I sometimes can't help but think that people might not like them, but this really is encouraging, and especially right now, it helps a lot.

Well, I still want to see what kind of Yukis will see in the future, hope it'll be some dere dere Yuki.

Dear Sieka-san and anzai-san if you read this, lets make some smexy co-written fics later bwahahhaha  :wahaha:

lets make some bloody tsunami~~~  :hiakhiakhiak:

The offer's tempting LeNosferatu-san....the offer's really tempting, but not now at the very least. I don't feel up to par with doing it.

I hope you continue this fic anzai-san until the very end, I don't want this fic to stop all of a sudden without any conclusions, its rather discouraging right now, with all the surprises, the biggest of them being Acchan's, I feel sad about Acchan and all, its rather discouraging, which I can feel right now, but knowing that if the other writers don't give up AtsuMina, it'll surely give the readers encouragement, and other future writers.

To be honest, a part of the burden on my shoulders are lifted off after reading this update, although I can't laugh on some parts, it made me smile.

I'm happy for MaYuki, looks like their relationship is moving forward, I hope it turns for the best, for real. Mayu sure did a smart idea, though I think wasting 200 papers is a bit too much, she should save papers, to be economical. Its hard to cut more trees and just waste all those papers....

AtsuMina, oh AtsuMina, its like eating hot-and-spicy chicken wings without throat is parched and its painful to read this, but it still leaves a smile, we gotta be positive, being negative is just.....a bit bad for the health right? I'm already sick to be honest, don't want to get even more worse. AtsuMina's was entertaining though it left a bitter taste to the side of my mouth, I'm happy to see Acchan like that...but I'm running out of words for this pair, it makes me teary-eyed even, still having a hard time adjusting, sorry.

Yuko is really sweet to stay beside Haruna, even though she turned into her werewolf form, I hope that their relationship goes stronger and that no matter what happens, they'll always be together.

TomoTomo, it leaves me smiling and feeling fluffy inside, it really lightens the mood. Hope Tomochin and Chiyuu's relationship goes stronger, and I hope Tomochin can explain this situation soon with her parents....

WMatsui, I've come across with mixed emotions...its saddening to know that they don't know what their future is, or what's waiting for them, I see the uncertainty, and I hope it clears up, for both of them at the very least. I hope they can find whatever role they should have in the future.

Thanks for this update. I happy you did, it really eases a bit of that gloominess.
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Hey anzai, sorry my post is a bit late, I er, didn't really feel up to it honestly, I'm afraid I don't really have it in me to go to my usual legths for your awesome fic but I'm still not really in the mood, still I reckon I owed you at least some sort of comment, even if it is a load of rubbish....

And please carry on with this fic, I know it's not going to be easy for you but I will keep on commenting if you keep posting my friend, think of this as your way of sending her off in style....

I mkust say though Your Mayuki at the start of this chapter did make me smile despite the situation, they way Yuki has changed because she has come to accept how much Mayu truly meant to her after so many battles with herself over her feeling for the Cyborg is great to see, sure there was no potion but in a way it did it's job, something that Yuki is happy (if still slightly embarrassed) to admit.

And Mayu and the drawings!  :wub: For Mayu it is such a wonderful way to say things, to say the things that she cannot say perhpas to Yuki in person however much she may want to, It's sweet to see her faith hereto, knowing that one would reach Yuki, who herself knew it was Mayu who had draw it, I love the realisation that Yuki goes through too, that she finally figures what Mayu had been drwaing all those timesand that she knows, it's because Mayu loves her and thier txt messages, yet again they sort of skipped over their main feelings and stuff but that is oddly ok, because they both know so really, it dosn't need to be said!

Man it's kinda sad that Acchan got her dinner with Takamina and family now.... well there you go I suppose, still, never would of thought Takamin's Mom would of dated a vampire once, guess some things are genetic after all!  XD Aww they are so cute her though as the go through Minami's boy like room it nice how Acchan just sort of accepts this part of Takamina!

It's nice to see a little more of Yuko and Haruna's story, especially a little bit of where Yuko came from and stuff, it's sad that her parents and then grandmother passed away, goes along way to describe a little bit what Yuko is like I think, but then it is Haruna who knows the true Yuko, the one who so often missed her parent's, the one who was so often not the peverted Squirrel but not qiute all the time and that is why Yuko will never give up on Haruna, even if their is no cure she will stay by her girls side, because to Yuko, that is the love she has for Haruna!

Ahh TomoTomo, perhpas now, after all thier aguments, after all the times Tomochin has got mad, maybe now she sees finally the feelings that Tomomi has for her and perhpas, more importantly, the feelings she has for Tomomi herself, she knows now that there is someone out there willing to spend an eternity with her and, in the end, someone she is willing to spend one with aswell, perhpas tomochin now sees eternity as something that perhpas she can mamage......

speaking of eternity we have W Matsui, there more I see of Jurina the more I think that alot of her anger and, well destuctiveness comes from not being able to 'sire' someone, she wants to do that with someone as perhpas it is what she sees as the ultimate bond, it's why see didlikes what Acchan is doing with Takamina, that they have thier bond but that Acchan does not need to sire takamina for it as Jurina want's what Acchan has in Takamina, but to complete that bond, in her eyes at least by 'sireing'

Geki still remains a really interesting character to me, so voilent and crazy on one side, yet so caring in her own way on another, they way she misses Acchan and is angry at the 'gang' for taken someone she cared about away for one thing but it seems as though Yuki not fighting her has got to Geki, mainly because she cannot understand quite why Yuki did what she did, it seems as though Geki has these quesations aout someone close, in a way she want's to do those things for someone almost it feels but to Geki, she questions if that is actually love....

Ganbare Anzai!


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 19. LOVE SPELL - Part 4 & 5 (MaYuki)
« Reply #424 on: March 27, 2012, 08:32:47 AM »
I'm so happy to see your comments.
Really, it help me gaining back my spirit....... Arigatou minna-san....:kneelbow:
I'll reply to your comments later.  :grin:

Dear Sieka-san and anzai-san if you read this, lets make some smexy co-written fics later bwahahhaha  :wahaha:
lets make some bloody tsunami~~~  :hiakhiakhiak:

The offer's tempting LeNosferatu-san....the offer's really tempting, but not now at the very least. I don't feel up to par with doing it.

Yeah, it's really really tempting, eru-san.
And thank you for offering us the opportunity to learn more under your guidance......... XD
So when we start our collaboration project, eru-san?
I still don't have enough self-confident to work with you, though....... :nervous :panic:

And oh yeah, happy birthday Mayuyu...... :heart:
Wish you all the best this year..... :heart:
I'm curious if she can be the new ace?
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Thank you, everyone, for your comments  :)

RFC 20 (REPLY FOR COMMENTS of Chapter 20):

@ kahem, xxx220:
    You’re welcome….

@ Megumi:
    I won’t stop writing. But I’m afraid the next updates will be slower than I usually did. Please bear with me.
    And thank you. Your words has really giving me spirit. Thank you very much.... :)
@ kurogumi:
     Thank you. You’re really motivating me, kurogumi-san. Keep fighting, too!!

@ haru9210:
     Yes it is. I even thought it’s like a nightmare this year.
     But then again, it’s the worst year but also the best year for Acchan, I believe.

@ everyone:
     Why I said it’s the best year?
     Because this year is a start for Acchan to step into the new world.
     And I want to see Acchan spread her wings even more, and flying higher, with her own strength.
     In soccer paradigm, the right timing for a player to retire is when he’s on the peak success, not when he’s moving on a downward spiral.
     Because then he’ll be forever remembered as a legend.
     So that’s what I think Acchan’s doing right now. (Although I don't know whether that soccer paradigm is true or false).
     She graduated when she's on the very peak of her success inside AKB, to pursue a bigger success outside AKB.
     She'll be remembered for a very, very long time, like forever, inside our heart.
     Oh well, really I’m just forcing myself to see it from a brighter side.

@ Sieka:
   Ah, I'm getting more curious of your idea....hmmm....
   Hmm....dere-dere Yuki, okay, I'll try to find a story for that later. :roll:
   I've written down a comment for your Chinmoku, I will post it there soon.
   Thank you for your warming support. I won't give up Atsumina.
   I'm glad the recent chapter made you smile.  :)
   Aaaahh....I love how you're hoping for the best of each pairings there, Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu, TomoTomo, WMatsui.  :heart:
@ oddball:
   As always, your comment made me happy. It's not rubbish, you know. Just as I know now, that my story is not dumb. XD
   You know oddball, no matter what, I can't stop this fic now. We still have a great Yuki/Geki showdown in the future. A real showdown, with Yuki fighting back.
   And also, there's still two (or more) chapters of Yuki vs Acchan fights. A showdown too.  :roll:
   So, I'll update a mini chapter for Atsumina first here.
   And then I'll post a special chapter (Special Chapter A. Dream Away), by the end of this week.
   I hope it will be a little surprise for you. Can you guess what is that chapter going to be about?  :roll:
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@ Eru-san:
     Hello there, Eru-san!!!
     What are you doing, hijacking this thread with your incredibly long comment. :w00t:
     Your comment is the best, just the best, along with oddy. :heart:
     Especially because you gave that wonderful comment for my most favourite arc of Mayuki.
     And thanks for the link. So that’s what AkiP thought about Acchan.
     Mayu is your 2nd oshi. I’m more than sure to say your 1st oshi must be Yukirin.
     Quote: “WARNING: THIS FIC IS TOO SEXY TO BE STOPPED”… Okay, Boss!!! I won’t stop, don’t worry.
     Oh, I'm checking out your playlist right now. Nice FK choice.... :twothumbs
     There's also this FK song I love so much, Candle no Shin.
I listened to it while writing Chapter 5 Sanctuary, when Yuki got beaten up by the yankees, and then Mayu watched Yuki sleeping next to her.
     I need to find the English translation of Candle no Shin (and Last Train). Do you have it?

     About this.....
7. Lol why do I feel Geki use her teeth to Yuki huh...i mean its not even fighting, its violence  :nervous
     Let me answer that with this.....
Black      : Why don’t you hurry find a new job?
Gekikara   : I don’t know what else I’ m good at except fighting…
Black      : Aha! Try entering a tournament like Choukoku?
Gekikara   : Choukoku is a martial artist. And me…just like fighting. *giggle*
Black      : You don’t like fighting. You just like violence.

lolol i mean  :( :( :( yuki...i could imagine how beaten up are you and Gekikara is unforgiving fighter type...
but im loling at these " Lucky for her, the Psycho Vampire backed down before finishing the blow job."  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: why do i think the sentence is so funny and also the same time...naughty? (nah its only my thnking)     
     Ahahaha... :nervous.
     That was also what's aruka-san commented on Chapter 14. Opportunity for Eternity (Atsumina)
     And what I meant with the blow job here only involves punching and kicking, not 'THAT' blow job. Or whatever you think... :smhid
17. Is Mayu's butt that mesmerizing?
      It becomes mesmerizing, after I first read your Oh,Shit............(btw, when will you update that bodyswap? It's been a month..... :( )

"Yuki   : “Don’t worry, Mayu, I’m just going to kiss you tonight. I’m not gonna ask for more………….well, for now.”
- let's see if anzai-san decides to make Yuki ASKING for more...i'll wait for that scene
      I dunno if I can write that scene, well, for now..... :nervous
     [whisper]You see my speciality is fighting scene, not 'that' scene...[/whisper] XD was only Yuki who half-naked all the time?
      Ooowww....I forgot to make Yuki take Cyborg's shirt off.......... :nervous
      Well, let's just hope Yuki won't catch a cold in the morning, after being half-naked all that time.....

Come on mayu! while she doing that,  why dont you just um...join her sleeping on the floor, hugging her from the back...mmh that'd be so effin sweet! and yuki'd be falling asleep with an unstoppable dokidoki...
      All Yuki want to do at that moment was to hide her blushing face, and melt  in the dark (like Black usually do).
      Unfortunately, in this fic she's not Black so she doesn't have that ability.
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HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping
« Reply #427 on: March 28, 2012, 07:53:09 PM »
This is the first Atsumina chapter that I wrote after the Ace's graduation.
So, I'm a bit nervous here....... :mon whimper:  :frustrated:

Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping


After the family dinner, Minami and Acchan went to Minami’s room.

They make out for a while.
A bit rough at first, but then they go gentle toward each other, caressing each other.
Good thing is, they didn’t ruin the house while they’re making out this time.

After a long and passionate moment, Minami fell asleep.
It’s almost midnight, and she’s sleepy and tired after spending a lot of energy, making sure her wife is happy.

The house is so quiet now.
Erepyon and mother were already sleeping too.

Acchan’s lying on the bed.
But she’s not sleeping, because vampires don’t usually sleep at night.

Acchan’s lying aside, facing to the left, using her elbow’s to support her head.
She stared at the sleeping girl.
She can hear Minami’s breathing steadily while sleeping.

Acchan couldn’t take her eyes away from Minami.

The sleeping Minami looks so much younger than the awake one.
She looks like a sleeping child.
So peaceful.
So pure.
So innocent.
As if the burdens on Minami’s shoulder were all lifted up.
As if all the troubles had gone away, while she’s sleeping.

Acchan stared at the sleeping girl.
Her hand moved closer, and touched Minami’s skin.

Minami, lying next to you, feeling your heart’s beating.
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming now.
Wondering if it's me you're seeing in your dream.

Acchan moved closer and closer, and planted a kiss on Minami’s closed eyes.

Minami, let me kiss your eyes.
And I thank God we're together.

Minami’s eye lids moved a bit as Acchan kissed her gently.
But the sleeping girl didn’t awake.

Acchan back to her position, and stared again at the sleeping girl.

I just wanna stay with you.
Just wanna stay in this moment forever.
Staring at you, while you’re sleeping.

The Vampire stroke the hair of the sleeping girl.

I just wanna be with you.
Right here with you, just like this.
I don’t want anything else.

I just wanna hold you close.
Feel your heart so close to mine.
And stay here in this moment.
For all the rest of time.

The time is ticking.
Minute by minute.
Hour by hour.

And Acchan keep staring at the sleeping girl, for she-don’t-know-how-long.



It’s almost dawn.
Minami woke up, feeling a cold morning air on her skin.

Minami was about to get up from her bed.
But then she found a beautiful girl, sleeping next to her.

Minami didn’t want to get up.
The sight of an exquisite beauty in front of her has kept her there in bed.

Minami wanted to stare at that sleeping beauty, for a minute more.
But after a minute passed, she still wants to watch her girl for another minute more, and then a minute more, and then another minute more.

Oh, this is bad.
The Vampire’s face had become a morphin for Minami.
It’s addicting.

Minami keep staring at the sleeping vampire in her bed.

I could lie awake all day, just to hear you breathing.
Watch you smile while you are sleeping.
And you're far away dreaming.

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender.
And I’ll just stay here, lost in this moment forever.

Well, every moment I spent with you.
Is a moment I treasure.

Minami gently took the Vampire’s hand, and take it closer to her lips.

She kissed Acchan’s hand.
It’s soft.
A bit cold, because it’s the skin of a vampire.
But not that cold.

The Vampire’s still sleeping soundly, while her hand’s being kissed by the other girl.

I don't wanna get up.
I don't wanna leave this room.
Because I don't wanna miss a thing.
I don’t want to miss a single moment with you, Atsuko.
'Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do.

When morning awakes me, I don’t want to be alone.
I want to see your face every morning before I get to work.
I want to see you sleep next to me, each and every morning.

And when I back home, it’s your face that I want to see.

Cause in this world where sincerity has lost its meaning, you fill my world with so much hope.
And there are so many things that we should discover.

We were strangers, starting out on a journey.
And I never dreamt what we'd have to go through.
I almost lose you that night.
We almost lose each other.

But here we are now.
And I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you.

No one told me I was going to find you.
Unexpected, what you did to my heart.
And when I lost hope, you were there to remind me.
This is the start.

We were strangers on a crazy adventure.
Never dreaming how our dreams would come true.

Now here we stand, unafraid of the future.
At the beginning with you.
Starting out on a journey.

Life is a road, and I wanna keep going.
Love is a river, I wanna keep flowing.
Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey.

I'll be there when the world stops turning.
I'll be there when the storm is through.
In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you.

I've been waiting so long, for someone like you.
And you came to me, like a light in the dark.
Now I know that dreams will live on.
Nothing's gonna tear us apart.


The sun is rising.

And the time is ticking.
Minute by minute.
Hour by hour.

The sun is sliding up high.

And Minami keep staring at the sleeping girl, for she-don’t-know-how-long.

Luckily it’s Sunday, so she didn’t have to go to work.
And she can stare at her wifey for as long as she wants.


(Not really sleeping though)



Atsumina... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Great, now I'm imagining 6.5 years ago, when Acchan and Minami were still a kid, standing at the beginning of their wonderful journey...........

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
« Reply #428 on: March 28, 2012, 08:40:17 PM »
Thanks for update a story of AtsuMina..   :cry:

Waiting for your another story of AtsuMina..    :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
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Since Aachan announced her graduation...I haven't read any fanfics... :on cloudeye:

But now that I recover :on woohoo: ....You updated 2 chapters already  :on blackhole:

I really like that you updated all of the pairings and a mini chapter about AtsuMina !!  :nya:

Hope that you still update this fanfic!! :cool1:

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
« Reply #430 on: March 29, 2012, 06:31:35 AM »
Acchan's graduation was a real shock...
I was filled with so many complex feelings..
This short Atsumina is so sweet~!
I hope Atsumina will continue on forever~

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
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good fic.. and dont be sad.. this is the wonderful things about fic.. we can make whatever that we want so...
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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
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Yayay atsumina moment , i dont care Acchan going to gradute or not ,she's still my idol and Takamina's wife ,what if Takamina going to graduate sooner or later  ? They r still meet each other ,so just keep ship on them, they might not did something on public ! Lol But who knew what they  did in secret ? XD

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
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 :lol:very good fic
I hope you continue writing atsumina even though acchan is already graduating...

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
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Getting curious over my ideas is a no no anzai-san. If you know what I'm thinking, its like like taking a peek into dangerous things, I have a lot of dangerous thoughts in mind, so please don't be curious. :lol:

I always hope for the best in every couple, because authors are trolls that flips back tables and turns everything sad after a few happy chapters are in.....well, that's based on the experience I've had from being a reader, as an author myself, I like giving patterns when things will be happy or sad. :lol:

Don't troll us and make things sad all of a sudden anzai-san, I'll be the first person to hunt you down~ :heart: XD :lol:

This mini chapter is a sure treat.
I love how it just focuses on AtsuMina without any other pairing to capture our attentions, glad you made it this way because it doesn't wreck the feeling of wholeness from this two. I also like how you focused on both of their perspectives, it gives us an insight on what their thoughts and feelings are, it makes it more clear to us readers that there is love, a wholesome love that will last for forever.

Now if only time were on their sides then maybe they can have the whole bed for the whole week and I wouldn't be bothered by whatever activities or massages their trying on each other. :roll: Hahaha, that was meant as a joke though, though I wouldn't mind if you did wrote a snippet, even from behind our backs and from our eyesight.... :lol: XD

Thank you for the update, that's quite fast you know, I'm surprised you updated, but still, I'm grateful because its AtsuMina.
Please continue on updating and writing! Thank you for the wonderful update again! :cathappy:
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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping (Atsumina)
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Thanks everyone for reading, thanks-ing, and commenting.
For new readers, I made an index in the first post.
I will update the index, every time I post a new chapter.

@ hara, smarty0821, Yagami.Rai, Chikane Himemiya: Thank you....Atsumina forever.
@ Haruko: Thanks for encouraging. You right. The pain/sadness will go away, eventually.
@ okiedokie: Oh, I wonder too, what Atsumina did in their secret life?  :)
@ Sieka: Well, I like dangerous thing.... :roll:. And what you said had just made me even more curious.....
    Thanks for your nice comment for the mini-chapter Atsumina. Writing a long chapter of Atsumina sure will be getting harder from now on. *sigh*
    And yeah, I realized I update this fic very fast, it's like 40 updates until now (for 20 chapters), only within 4 months.
    So it means I updated 10 posts each month. Quite very productive, I am.
    But next month, I'm going back to what we call 'life', so I can't promise to update on a regular basis.

Now, here I'll update again.
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« Reply #436 on: March 30, 2012, 04:38:37 AM »
Three months ago, someone PM me and asked me to write something special.

And honestly, long before he/she requested it, I already developed this chapter in my mind.
But I’m always a bit strict about the sequences and storyline, so I must make him/her wait for 3 months, before I finally grant the request.

So, without further ado, I present this chapter.
This will be a very long chapter, and I didn’t break it into parts.
I hope this isn’t boring.



It was a beautiful Sunday.
The sun is shining so bright.
Our girls were spending their time outside the apartment.

Yuki was alone in the apartment.

She’s sleeping.

She’s sleeping peacefully.
So quiet. Not even a single, slightest move.

Her breath is steady and quiet.
Her eyes were closed and didn’t even move a blink.
Her face doesn’t show any expression.
Yuki’s sleeping soundly like a baby, or like a princess, maybe.

A sleeping beauty.

And her mind’s drifting away to the past.

She’s dreaming away.
Going back to her old times, two and half years ago, when she first met that wonderful boy. The love of her life.

Yuki’s dreaming of a beach in her old town, where she usually go there with Sae.

She still remember the sand, the rocks, the waves, the high tides, the seagulls.
A beach, where she had buried a million of memories.
Memories that can never be brought back.

Yuki’s soaring, drifting away, and flying high with her dream.
Drowned in the ocean of emotions.
Slumbering in an endless dream.   

Her spirit flies away, dragged by the burning love.

Soaring, drifting away, and flying high with her dream.
A never ending dream.



It was a  morning breeze.
Morning dew was there, on every flower, every branch, every leaf, every rock and stone.
Morning dew on the pavement.
Morning dew everywhere.

Yuki’s walking alone to her school.
She’s still a bit sleepy, after staying up late last night, spending time with her cousin as usual.

The air was so fresh.
Yuki inhales deeply and exhale out, feeling the morning air.

On her way, she met several peoples she knew.
They greeted them, and she greeted them back.

She arrived early at her school.

She sit on her chair, placing her forehead on the table, and closed her eyes for a while.

She had not enough sleep last night.
Still wanting to sleep more.

Several minutes later, a girl come approaching from behind.
Her eyes were full of cruel intention to give a nasty prank to the sleeping raven.

That girl poked Yuki’s back.


Yuki woke up abruptly and fell down from her chair.

“Mocchi..…..!!! Don’t do that!!” Yuki yelled mad at her bestfriend, and rubbed her butt and her dizzy head.

“Why do you always sleep in the morning, even before the class get started?” asked Mochi.

Yuki didn’t answer. She get up and sit back on her chair.

Mochi  : “Were you hanging out with your cousin again last night?”
Yuki    : “Unn….”
Mochi  : “Yuki, you always hang out with her, almost every night. What are you doing together anyway?”
Yuki    : “Just the usual routine, walking around the town.”
She put her head back on the table.
Mochi  : “But Yuki, this is our first day as a senior. You must get enough sleep so that you can rise and shine in the morning.”

Yuki glimpsed at her best friend, who looks very excited over being a senior student this year.
And then she continued her sleep, until the teacher come and get the lesson started.


The class is over now.
Yuki get up, yawning, and walked out the classroom’s door.

(Yuki POV:
Mocchi’s right. I should get enough sleep. But the fight last night took a longer time than usual.
I wonder how Naachan is doing right now. She did most of the fights. She must be very tired.

Mocchi approached Yuki.
She looks happy, and blushing herself.

“Yuki, I met someone yesterday. A university student. Freshmen.” Mocchi whispered.

“Who?” Yuki’s eyes bugged out.
It’s always interesting to see who is Mocchi’s new crush every time.

Mocchi has a soft spot for handsome boys.
Not that she’s a player or what.
She’s just the kind of girl who often fall in love easily with boys.
She’s an easy-lover. The amount of her crush is already uncountable.

But unfortunately, Mocchi often ended up with bad boys who likes to flirt with another girls.
Poor Mocchi. She’s really a nice girl, though.
But it’s her weakness, to always fall in love easily with handsome boys.
She even fell in love with a wrestler once.

Mocchi : “He’s new in town. And he’s smart, and very handsome. Oh My God…..”
Mocchi shrieked and blushed herself.

Yuki     : “And you asked him out?”
Mocchi : “Not yet. I still don’t know if he likes me or not.”

Yuki furrowed her eyes. “But Mocchi, you always ask the boys out whether they will like you or not.”

Mocchi : “Oh, but he’s different. Only this time, I want to be sure he likes me before I confess to him.”

Yuki gave a funny look at her bestfriend.

Mocchi : “And what’s better, I’m planning to make him fall in love with me. And then he’ll be the one to confess to me.
               I will meet him again this weeked. Wish me luck, okay?”

Yuki’s staring at the happy Mocchi.
(This boy must be very special. Even Mocchi get serious about him.)

“Yuki, let’s go out for a walk!! It’s our first day as a senior. Let’s celebrate it….” Mocchi dragged Yuki with her.

Yuki’s still a bit sleepy and was planning to go home early to take a nap.
But she didn’t want to make Mocchi disappointed.
So they go walking around, spending their day together, like any high school girls usually do.



It’s been two weeks since Yuki started her days as a senior at her school.
And she’s still doing her usual routine with her cousin, Hirajima Natsumi.

Tonight, they were hunting vampires on the north side of the town.

“I dusted three vampires. How many did you dust, Yuki?” asked Nacchan.
“Two.” Yuki answered.

“YOOSSHH!!! I win again tonight!!” Naachan shouted happy, throwing her fist up in the air.

“Congratz, Nacchan!” Yuki said, taking no concern at all.

Nacchan’s always excited when it comes to hunting vampires.
And she’s a good fighter too.

Yuki and Nacchan often spend their time hunting together and practising martial-art together in the dojo.

The dojo belongs to Nacchan’s parents.
Yuki lives with them.

Yuki’s mother and Nacchan’s father are siblings.
After Yuki’s parents died, Nacchan’s father come and took Yuki under his supervision, and acted as her legal guardian.

Nacchan is still a sophomore, one year younger than Yuki.
She’s not as strong as Yuki, but she’s very good at fighting.
Sometimes she proves that she’s a better fighter than Yuki.
Sometimes Yuki will beat Nacchan in a match, but sometimes Nacchan beat Yuki.

While Yuki is always plain and straightforward in a fight, Nacchan is more tactical.
If Yuki is a samurai, then Nacchan more like a ninja.
While Yuki likes to attack frontally, Nacchan likes to crouch her way and launch a sudden attack to her enemies.

And no, Nacchan is not Yuki’s sidekick.
They are partners.
Nacchan can hold her own and fight her own battle without Yuki’s help.

Both were good fighters.
And they always take good care of each other, and watch each other’s back.

Like now, when Nacchan is screaming, trying to warn Yuki.


Yuki freezed for a second.

She turned around.


She got knocked down by a vampire who suddenly appeared behind her back.

The vampire punched Yuki square on her face.

Yuki fell down to the ground.

“Oooppss…Sorry for the late warning, Yuki…”
Nacchan stared at Yuki with a funny look.

(Nacchan POV:
Ouchh…Yuki, that must be hurt. I almost felt that blow!!
I know I should’ve warned you earlier before that vampire knocked you down.
But I just find it’s funny to see your reaction like that.

Yuki pouted at Nacchan.
She get up mad, return the punch to the vampire, and then quickly dust the vampire.

Yuki    : “THREE…!!! Now it’s a tie, Nacchan.”

Yuki smiled at Nacchan.

With this, Yuki had dusted three vampires, and so did Nacchan.
They always compete about who can dust more vampires every night.

Yuki    : “Nacchan, let’s go home now. I need to put an ice on my eye.”



Three school girls and four boys were sitting in a café.
It’s a match-making date.

The school girls were still wearing seifuku.
While the three boys looks a bit older.

“So, have you visited the interesting places in town?” asked Mocchi to the boy who sit in front of her.

“Uhhuh. The central city district, the theatre, and the beach. It has a really beautiful scenery.” the boy answered smiling.

Mocchi feels her heart skipped when she see that boy smiling at her.
She tried to hide her blushing face. But it seem too hard to do.

“Miyazawa-san, there’s a famous shrine in the north district. People usually go there every weekend. How about we all go there together?” Mocchi asked blushingly.

“Oh, okay.” the boy answered and glanced to his friends.

“How about you guys? You want to come to that shrine?”

“Sure!! Sure!! Let’s go there!” the boys answered in choir.

So, them seven young people went to the shrine together.

The three school girls were Mocchi, Kana, and Moeno.
The four university students were Miyazawa, Yagira, Hongo, and Arioka.
These boys came from different provinces, and they took different major in the biggest university in this city.

And as a freshmen in college, they wanted to explore this city and to get to know about the city girls.



The four college boys were walking the three school girls home.
And luckily for Mocchi, Miyazawa happened to walk her home.

Mocchi and Miyazawa walked together in the pavement.

Mocchi    : “Miyazawa, do you have any sibling?”
Miyazawa : “ I have one little sister. How about you?”
Mocchi    : “No, I have none.”

They silent again. An awkward silence.

Mocchi facepalming herself mentally, unable to make a good conversation with her new crush.
She’s too busy blushing, and her heart started pounding like crazy.

(Mocchi POV: Come on Mocchi, say something....Say something good.....)

Miyazawa noticed the sheepish Mocchi. So then he tried to break the ice.

Miyazawa : “Asuka-san, you’re a nice girl. I really enjoyed your presence with us, and your friends too.
                    Thank you for coming with us tonight.”
Mocchi    : “Aaaa…..Sure, Miyazawa-san……..Your welcome……………”

Mocchi keep blushing.

Miyazawa noticed it, and he smiled at Mocchi.

Miyazawa POV:
(Aayyyy….This girl is crazy in love with me. She’s totally head over heels. I made a girl fall in love with me in my first week!! I’m really something, am I?
Thank you Otousan. Thank you for giving me your superior gene and a handsome face.)

Miyazawa tried hard to hide his smug, grinning face.


After Miyazawa walked Mocchi home, he headed to his apartment.

There, he’s welcomed by his college mates.

Arioka     : “Man, you scored!! That school girl is blushing at you all the time….. You’re the man, Miyazawa!!”
Miyazawa: “Oh really? I thought you’re having fun with the other girls too?”
Hongo     : “Uh-huh. But Kuramochi-san is the one who most lovey-dovey.”
Yagira     : “You’re so lucky. We’re just here for two weeks, and you already got two admirers.”
Miyazawa: “Two?”
Yagira     : “Yes. Or are you already forgot about our very first match-making date? There’s also a girl who seem to likes you. Akicha something. I forget her name.”
Miyazawa: “Oh, Takajo Aki. The tall, pretty girl. Yeah, I remember her.”

Aki was the first girl Miyazawa met at their match-making date, right after he and other boys moved to this town.
And then at their second match-making date, they met another girls, one of them is Mocchi.
And now they already go in the third match-making date, with Mocchi and her friends again.

Judging by the seifuku, Miyazawa could guess Aki and Mocchi were attending the same school.
Miyazawa wondered if the two girls know each other.

Hongo     : “So, which one do you like the most, Miyazawa? Akicha or Mochi?”

Miyazawa raised his eyebrows.

Miyazawa: “I don’t know. Haven’t decided it yet. Can I have them both?”

His friends shouted in choir, and playfully punches Miyazawa.

“Miyazawa, you player…!!! You have to choose only one. And leave the rest for us!!”

Miyazawa laughed. “Haha…It’s not my fault I’m so handsome that they both fall into my charm…!!”



Yuki walked slowly to her classroom.
She tilted her head, arranged her bangs on her forehead, covering her left-eye.
She’s trying to hide her black-eye behind her bangs.

(Shoot!!  My eye….The vampire has got me really wound up!!
I wonder if it’s actually Nacchan’s intention to give me the late warning….
I bet she already saw that vampire creeping behind my back, but she just didn’t warn me..….)

Yuki arranged her bangs again, and winced a little as she accidentally touched the bruise on her left eye.

She continued walking to her classroom, while keep trying to hide her black eye.

There are times like this when Yuki ended up getting bruises after her fights.
And then she will have to hide her bruises and her black eye during the school hours.

One of these days she could get hurt easily.

“Ohayou, Yuki-san…….What happen to you? Walking with a face down like that…”

A boy greeted Yuki, and shouting from a distance.

Yuki didn’t answer.
She keep tilting her head.

The Boy  : “Don’t fall asleep now, Yuki!! You haven’t even reached your classroom yet!! Hahaha…….”

Yuki glimpsed at the boy.
Yuki        : “Yeah, right…..Keep mocking me…..Laugh at me…..”

(Maybe I should wear an eyepatch tomorrow. But I hate eyepatch. It makes me look like a pirate.)

She continued walking.

There are some boys talking behind Yuki.

****** Wow…Yuki is hot… ****** talking indistinctively**** I want to ask her out…******But she’s a bit scary, isn’t she?*****
 ***** Do you see her eyes? Strange eyes *******  talking indistinctively **** Do you think she’ll like me?? *****

Yuki keep walking.

And yes, Yuki’s very aware of what the boys were thinking about her.
She’s hot, beautiful, and smart.
She’s a bright student too, eventhough she mostly spend her times sleeping on her desk during the lesson.

If only Yuki wasn’t so peculiar, loner, dark, mysterious, and sociopath, she would have been dating with the most popular guy at school.



“Freshmen, please introduce yourselves to us!!!”

All the freshmen, sitting on the chair in a room, they stand up and do their introduction, until it’s Miyazawa’s turn.

“Hi all, I’m Miyazawa Sae. Please take care of me, minna-san.”

****** Hey, CinDy, look at that freshmen… ****** talking indistinctively**** He’s handsome…******
***** He’s looking at me now, CinDy. ****** No, Serina, he’s looking at me….****** talking indistinctively****
****** What major he’s taking? Engineering? ***** talking indistinctively **** Is he living in a dorm or apartment? *****

Miyazawa paused himself in between his introduction.
He glanced to the two senior girls who’s standing in the corner of the room.

He knows it.
He knows that those girls were talking about him.

He finished his introduction.
And before he sit back to his seat, he throws his charming smile to those senior girls.

He always knows what to do.
He always knows how to handle girls.



Yuki arrived at her seat, and sit down.

Mocchi come approaching her.

“Yuki, I met him again last night.”
“And then?”
“He walked me home.”
“Yuki, he’s so gentle to me. He makes my heart skipped. And I was so nervous, that I couldn't say anything to him.
  I totally forgot what I’ve planned to say to him.”

“Just ask him out, Mocchi…..That’s what you do.”
“What do you mean with That’s-What-I-Do? You think I’m an easy lover? A player or something?”

Yuki could only stared at her best friend. She didn’t have a heart to say ‘Yes-You-Are-An-Easy-Lover-Mocchi’.

Mocchi fall in love too easily with any random guy she met, as long as those guys are handsome.
Yuki wondered who will eventually be Mocchi’s husband in the end.

“I’m not an easy lover, Yuki. I know this time is different. Miyazawa is special.”
“So his name is Miyazawa?”
“Yes. And I fall in love with him. This is love at the first sight, once in a lifetime”

(Yuki POV:
The first-sight part is right. You always fall in love at the first sight.
But that’s not a once-in-a-lifetime for you, Mocchi. It’s a hundred times in a lifetime.
I’m sure you can fall in love to 300 different persons in your lifetime.

“But Mocchi, what about Nakajima Hiroyuki? And Kobashi the Wrestler?”
“No, Yuki. I’m not in love with them. It was just a crush. I never really loved them anyway.”
“And now, you in love with this Miyazawa?”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course, Yuki….”

Yuki sighed.
(I’m sure I didn’t hear you wrong when you said you fell in love with Nakajima, and then with Kobashi. Mocchi, you’re so helpless.)

“Yuki, don’t you believe me? Aahhh…You’re no fun!! Support, remember? You must support your best friends in their love life.”
“Okay, okay, Mocchi. I’m with you. I’ll support you.”
“Ah, thanks Yuki…..You’re really my best friend.”
“I am. And your welcome.”

Mocchi hugged Yuki tight, out of excitement.
Well, a bit too tight, though.

Yuki winced and jerked back as Mocchi accidentally touched her bruises.

Mocchi released her hug, and stared confused at Yuki.

Yuki’s bangs now become a bit messy, and it revealed her black eye.

“Oh My God……..Yuki, what happen to your eye?”

“Errr……Uhhh……….I got knocked down by Nacchan yesterday in the dojo.” Yuki managed to come out with a false but reasonable answer.

Yuki’s still mad at Nacchan after Nacchan give a very late warning last night, so that Yuki got knocked down by a vampire.

“Damn…That’s pretty nasty….I can’t believe Nacchan is able to do this to you. You’re stronger than her, Yuki. Don’t let her beat you again.”
Mocchi stared at Yuki’s black-eye.

(Yuki POV: Yeah, sure. And I will cold-shoulder Nacchan later, for this.)

Mocchi sighed, deeply concerned about Yuki’s black-eye.

“Actually Yuki, I was planning to bring you to our match-making date tomorrow night. But with that eye, you won’t be able to flirt with anyone for a while.”

“As if I usually do flirt with anyone.” Yuki said pouting.

“See? You said it yourself. That’s why you never have a date. Dating always needs flirting. You need to start learning how to flirt with boys.” said Mocchi.



The Raven’s still sleeping alone in her room.

She’s still not moving.
So quiet and peaceful. Not even a single, slightest move.

A smile curved on her lips, while her eyes still shut.

She’s drifting away, flying away with her endless dream.
Drifting to the night when she first met that wonderful boy. The love of her life.

The love that can never be brought back.



Yuki was hunting alone.
Her black-eye is already healed.

Nacchan didn’t join the hunting tonight, because she had exam tomorrow morning so she had to study all night.

It's late at night.
And Yuki feels bored.
There are couples standing on the street, sharing summer kisses and silly sounds.

Yuki stepped on, and keeps on walking.
She searched for something to occupy her mind.

But her brain feels numb.
She can barely think of anything.

Yuki watched as those couples passing before her.

Deep inside, she wants to have a boyfriend too.
She wants someone who can understand her, taking care of her.

But thanks to her dark aura, the boys around her often end up leaving her alone, although they all curious how it feels to date a raven.

Besides, Yuki’s too busy with her practise and hunting activities.
She doesn’t have time for those lovey-dovey story as a normal teenager.

At this point of time, vampires’ existence is still not known worldwide.
People still don’t aware that there exist such bloodsuckers named vampires, walking on the Earth.
If someone missing mysteriously, than the police will declared it as a homicide, and then the case is closed.

Most likely, the government already knows about this vampires’ existence.
But they haven’t made any legal policy or acknowledgement about it.
Maybe they just don’t want to cause panick riot amongst the civilians.

But as soon as the vampires getting bigger in number, people all around the world started to become aware of its existence.
And the job as ‘Vampire-Hunter’ will not be considered as a secret holy duty anymore.
Just like a bounty-hunter, vampire hunter will be recognized as a legal job.


Yuki keep walking until she found a nest inside an abandoned house.
A nest full of vampires.

Yuki’s sneaking, approaching the house.

She saw a dozen vampires there.
There are two human bodies lying there, lifeless.

Looks like those vampires were having a feast, drinking blood from their victims.

Yuki’s thinking for a while.
She never fight against too many vampires at once before.
She can fight them one by one.
But what if they all come attacking her at the same time?

And worse, Nacchan is not with her now.

Yuki alone must fight all those vampires now.

Well, there’s another option though.
She can run.

Those vampires haven’t notice her yet.
She can run and go home. Safe.

But Yuki is a proud girl.
She doesn’t want to run.
She wants to know whether she’s brave enough to face those vampires.

Moreover, Yuki saw this as an opportunity to win the competition against her cousin.

So, Yuki keep lurking, sneaking and spying those vampires from behind a window.

She had a neat plan.

She took a stone from the grass yard near her.
And then she throw that stone to the window, making it broken in pieces.

All those vampires were startled, as they saw a girl throwing stones at their window.

They become angry.
They get up and rushed out from the house.

But the girl already running away.
And while running, the girl keep throwing stones, breaking the window.

The vampires got more angry.
This girl is really got on their nerves.

They chased after the girl.

The girl run fast.

The game becomes Run-And-Hide-And-Seek-And-Dust game.

Yuki run fast, chased by many vampires behind her.
Those vampires had different speed of running. Some can catch up with Yuki, some can’t.
Yuki hides behind a fence, a box, a trailer, or anything she could find.
A vampire will come and seek Yuki.
And then Yuki will appear behind that vampire, and then dust the vampire in the end.

And then another vampire come.
Yuki hide again.
And then she will launch a sudden attack on that vampire.

So Yuki managed to dust those vampires one by one.

Now she had dusted four vampires.

But the fifth vampire she was about to stake is stronger.
Yuki must fight a little longer than usual.
And while she’s fighting him, five vampires come arrived at the alley.

Yuki’s surrounded.
The vampires were blocking the alley at both end, so that Yuki could’t runaway.

Yuki clenched her fist and set her fighting stance.
She raised her guard more, as she realized beating six vampires at a time would be a very hard thing to do.


Miyazawa Sae’s walking alone in the city.
On his back was his ransel, filled with books and stuff.
On his right hand was a video/camera recorder.

He was just attending his meeting in the Photography & Film Making Club.
This meeting was held after the last introduction for the freshmen.
Now, the senior started giving them all the basic interesting stuff about writing scripts, making film., etc.
Just a basic stuff.
And next month they will start with making a mini-documentary film.

Miyazawa Sae loves photography.
It’s his hobby. His passion.
He likes to enjoy a beautiful scenery and to capture them with his camera.
He also wants to learn about film-making, because he think it will be fun.

He keep walking, heading to his apartment.

And that was when he heard a noisy sound behind a building, somewhere in an alley.

He crawled his way, curious for what’s happening there.
He leaned his body against a wall to anticipate any danger (never left your back open if you don’t want to be attacked from behind).

And then he stepped closer, sneaking quietly to see what’s behind the wall.

He heard sound of blows, punches, screams, and also something hitting the grounds.
Miyazawa Sae was sure there is a fight happening there in that alley.

And while he’s crawling…………..


A body got thrown flying several meters in the air, and landed on the ground near him.

He startled for a second.
And then he took a quick look at the scene behind the wall.

But what he saw is something he didn’t expect to see.

A tall, beautiful, raven girl surrounded by her enemies.

Miyazawa startled again.
(What? This big guy got thrown flying like that? By a girl? By that girl? It can’t be…..)

The big guy in front of her quickly stand up, and back to the fights in the alley.

Miyazawa’s heart started beating faster.
He heard another sound of punching, kicking, and smashing.

And then, another body, different body, got thrown flying again and landed hard on the ground.


Miyazawa stared in awe to the big guy who had just got thrown flying.
(How can that girl throw him like that? Is she a cop or something? But she’s still look very young.)

Unable to repress his curiousity, Miyazawa Sae slowly come out from his hiding place
He suddenly got his courage to get closer to the brutal battle.

And he saw another body got thrown flying again.
But now it’s that girl who got thrown flying.

That girl got thrown flying toward Sae, bringing Sae down to the ground with her.

Sae felt his back’s smashing hard against the ground as they fall.

Miyazawa Sae is lying flat on his back.
And that girl landed on top of him.
The Raven girl found herself sitting on his stomach.
Her both hands were on his chest.
And she looks confused.

That girl blushing a bit, realizing how awkward their position is.

She quickly get up, still blushing.

Miyazawa Sae also get up.
“Hey, are you o--.…” he was about to ask the girl if she’s okay.

But the girl cut his words. “Get outta here. Run!!”

Sae was stupefied.
He didn’t want to run.
He wanted to help this girl.

The Raven girl quickly rushed back to the alley to continue her fight, leaving the Genki boy behind her.

The Genki-boy startled.
His brain’s still trying to digest what just happened.
Apparently, this girl doesn’t need his help.
She can fight on her own.

Miyazawa Sae feels a bit relieved.
He really hopes that this girl can defeat all those bad guys.

As far as he can see, this girl is more than capable to defend herself against her enemies.

Miyazawa kneeled down and hide behind several huge boxes in the alley to watch the fight.

The next fighting scene was pretty brutal, but awesome.

The raven girl is sliding, jumping, kicking, punching, and dodging.

Miyazawa Sae stared in awe and watched.
His heart started pounding like crazy.
And he could barely breathe.

He couldn’t take his eyes off that raven girl.

The raven girl is jumping very high, sliding up and down.
She slides like a river on a rescue fountain.
And she keep jumping, kicking, punching, and dodging.

Sae’s brain spinning fast.
He quickly reached his camera recorder, arranged some setting, and then start recording.

From behind the camera lens, he saw the girl got knocked down several times.
But everytime she’s knocked down, she quickly get up, and return the punch back to her enemies.

Now all of the bad guys were surrounding that girl.
They jumped at her at the same time.

Sae started to punicked.
Now that girl is being buried under six big guys.

For a minute, that girl was unseen, due to being buried under those big guys.

Sae looking around, searching for a weapon, stick and stones, to armed himself before he jump to save the raven girl.

But before Sae made a move, those six bodies got thrown flying in the air.

The girl had thrown all those big guys off from her body.

Miyazawa Sae was shocked and freezed.
He couldn’t believe what he saw.

A girl throw a big guy flying in the air is already hard to believe.
And a girl throw six big guys flying in the air. Now that’s what we called ‘impossible’.

The raven girl noticed Sae still standing near the boxes, watching the fight.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I TOLD YOU TO RUN..!!!” she shouted panickly at Sae.

Apparently, this girl is also a bit panick after being surrounded by six big guys like that.
And she’s been fighting so hard to defend herself against them.

When an animal being surrounded and cornered, it will crawl, bite, and fight back, tooth and nails.
Maybe that’s what happen to this girl so that she become fierce like that.

Sae-boy didn’t run. He kneel down and quickly set his camera again.

The raven girl startled at Sae-boy.
(What is he doing? He’s taking pictures of me? Is he nut or what?)

She’s upset, but she has no time to scold the boy, because those bad guys now are ready to attack her again.

A guy’s jumping at that girl.
The girl dodge and catch that guy, and then swing that guy in the air.

“DUCK..!!!!” The girl shouted at Sae-boy, as she throw that guy to the boxes where Sae’s hiding himself.

Sae duck quickly, and shielding his camera from any collision.
He stumbled upon his feet, and crouched behind another huge boxes.
His hand were a bit shaking, out of excitement, but he managed to set his camera and started recording again.

The girl continued her fight until she finally get the upper hand.
Six bodies lying on the ground.

The girl reached inside her jacket, looking for something.
(I’m sure I brought two stakes, but now where is it? I must’ve dropped it somewhere.)

That girl’s looking around and saw her stake on the ground.
She must’ve dropped it during her fights.

The girl picked the stake, and dusted the vampires.
And then she walked away, leaving Sae-boy stupefied, bewitched, bewildered, and bedazzled.

Sae-boy, still drowing in his bewilderment, he saw another stake laying on the ground.
It belong to that girl.

Sae took the stake and walked home.



Miyazawa Sae walked up abruptly after her mother gave him a call in the morning.
His mother never tired to tell him again and again, to eat his breakfast and always eat healthy foods.

He run all along his way to the university.
This professor won’t allow the students to come late to his lecture.

“Hai, Okasan! No, I have no time to eat my breakfast today.”
“……………….” (listening to the line)

“Okay, okay, I’ll wake up early tomorrow.”

“Eehh? Is it you, Mayuyu? Haha….Yeah I miss you too, Little Sis….”

“Yeah, sure..…..What? Do I get a girlfriend here? Haha…Not yet…But soon….”
“……………….” (listening to the line again)

“Really? I want to see your drawing!! Scan your pictures and email it to me okay? Bye, Mayuyu!!”

He hang up, and continued running to a study hall, and sit there before the professor entered the study hall.

He cheered while jumping to his seat.

And for an hour, he tried to listen to a professor who’s busy drawing diagrams and stuff on the blackboard.

But Sae-boy is not listening to the lecture.
He can’t focus.

That girl…..
The raven girl.
Who is that girl?

I gotta find her.

When I saw her last night, I could barely breathe.

Oh man, I'm knocked out.

She looks so good to me.
She’s got everything I want.
She's got everything I need.

She slides like a river on a rescue fountain.
She’s jumping, slide up and down.
Jumping, kicking, punching.

And nothing else matters, as I hear my heart pounding.

She looks so good to me.
She’s got everything I want.
She's got everything I need.

I want her….
All I want is her…..

I want to see her lying asleep in my arms, and then I’ll listen to her breathe while she’s sleeping.
I want to kiss her lips, saying that she’s mine.

I want to hold her in my arms.
And I’ll make her mine.

I gotta find that girl.
But I don’t even know her name.
All I know is that she’s fighting against those vampires.

Okay, I know vampires do exist. Otousan told me so.
But I never thought there will be someone who actually fight those vampires.

I really need to find that girl.
Where can I find her?



Yuki went to a café.
She’s been working there since two weeks ago.

She wants to start supporting herself financially, although Nacchan’s parent said they will take care of her until she graduate.

Yuki’s thinking whether she would go out for hunting again tonight.

Nacchan had an accident during her sport session at school.
She sprained her knee-joint bad enough, that the doctor asked her to take a rest for a few weeks.
She’s still able to go to school and walk from here to there.
But of course she won’t be able to do her usual routine: hunting.

So Yuki will have to go hunting alone for several weeks.

And she hates going hunting alone.

Well, Yuki doesn’t have any problem to go hunting and fighting alone on her own.
She can handle the vampires quite well without Nacchan’s help.
Yuki doesn’t need any help if it comes to fighting.

No, it’s not that.
It’s just that Yuki often get bored walking alone and wandering around by herself.

Moreover, she often forget to bring her weapons, stakes, holywater, umbrella, raincoat, and stuff like that.
She often left those stuff somewhere.

And the kind-hearted Nacchan will help Yuki by taking care of those little things for her.

But again, no, Nacchan is not Yuki’s sidekick.
Because Nacchan can fight, and sometimes she can beat Yuki when they’re practising martial art in the Dojo.
But yeah, Nacchan can organize herself very well, better than Yuki.

Nacchan is kind enough to help Yuki taking care those little things.

So, what’s Yuki gonna do without her cousin?
Yuki hates going out hunting alone.

Yuki’s still thinking about her plan tonight.
And suddenly Yuki saw Mocchi come entering the café.

(That boy!!!)
Yuki thought as she saw the boy who's coming with Mocchi.

Yuki didn’t expect she will meet this boy again so soon.
Moreover, Yuki afraid this boy can’t keep her secret.

“YUKI-CHAN…!!!” Mocchi shouted, calling out her name.

Yuki waved, and then come approaching their seat.

“Miyazawa, this is my classmate, Kashiwagi Yuki. Yuki, this is Miyazawa Sae, the freshmen university student, first year.”
Mocchi introduced Yuki to the boy.

The Boy : “Hi, Yuki, still remember me? I can’t believe we meet again in this town.


The boy smiled at Yuki. It was a very charming smile.

Yuki stared at the boy.

And she feels a sudden blow’s striking right into her chest.
This boy is handsome.
Like very, very handsome.
Totally handsome.
Overly handsome.

Yuki’s blushing and turned her face away from Miyazawa.
(Geezz…I don’t know he’s actually very handsome. Last night was so dark and I was busy fighting, that I couldn’t see his face clearly.)

Miyazawa : “Yuki, we meet again, finally. It’s been a long time since we last met.”

Yuki startled.
(Ehh?? What did he say? We just met last night, right?)

Yuki stared confused at Miyazawa, while Miyazawa keep smiling at Yuki.

Miyazawa : “Yeah, Yuki, I thought I will never see you again. But the destiny call us. We met again in this town.”

Yuki         : “……Ehhh!!??”

Mocchi     : “Miyazawa, you know her? You two know each other? Have you met each other before?”

Miyazawa : “Yes, me and Yuki go way back. We’ve met, a long long time ago. We’re old friends. And we’re very close. Like ……this close.”

Miyazawa put his both hands five inches in front of his chest, to show how close he was with Yuki.
He’s not lying though. They were actually that close when Yuki fall and sit on top of Miyazawa’s chest last night.

Mocchi    : “Oh, that’s pretty close.”
Miyazawa : “Yeah, we were that close. But then, unfortunately, we’re separated.”

Miyazawa smiled and keep staring at Yuki.

Miyazawa : “And last time I met her, it was a very weird situation. A life and death situation, if you believe me, Mocchi-san. But we both survived.”

Miyazawa continued babbling like an idiot.

Miyazawa : “But that happened so long time ago. Then there was our estrangement where we both grew up as people, but now here we are, like old times.
                  We meet each other again after a very long time. I’m quite moved.”

Miyazawa finished his babbling: “What a coincidence, eh, Yuki-chan? The world sure is small.”

Miyazawa throw a funny smile at the raven, teasing her.

Yuki startled.
She blinked several times.
She was stupefied, bewildered, and bedazzled at this weird boy, that she forgot to pull her reaction face.
She can’t believe at what Miyazawa just said.

(Yuki POV:
 What did he say? We just met last night. And now he talks like we’re a childhood friends or whatsoever. What is he thinking?
 And he called me Yuki-chan? He’s so cheeky….. What’s wrong with him?

Sae-boy keep smiling at the dumbfounded Reaction-Queen.
And he still has other thing up his sleeve.

Miyazawa : “So, Yuki, you still do that?”
Yuki         : “What?”
Miyazawa : “THAT. Dusting vampires. Last time we met, you still do it a lot quite often. You still do that now?”

Yuki's still dumbfounded, and stared at Miyazawa.
She can't believe this boy's just blurting out like that.

Fortunately, Mocchi sometimes has troubles with her ear, so she couldn’t hear Miyazawa’s words clearly.

Mocchi     : “What? Yuki, you’re whatting a what?

Miyazawa startled for a second.

Miyazawa : “She’s casting….Casting errr…..Casting players…..”

Miyazawa quickly find a fake answer to cover his stupid blurt-out mistakes.

And then Miyazawa took something out from his jacket.
It’s a stake.
Yuki’s stake.

Miyazawa handed the stake to Yuki.

Miyazawa : “Yuki, I just want to return this stake to you. I remember when we’re still kids. We’re playing together in the beach.
                  We used to built a little house with a really little fence, using this little stake.”

Yuki’s dumbfounded again.
What a weird guy.
Yuki can’t figure out what’s going on in Miyazawa’s mind.



The Raven’s still sleeping alone in her room.

A smile curved on her lips, and her eyes still shut.

She’s drifting away, flying away with her endless dream.

She’s dreaming about the first night she met Miyazawa.
Back then, she was busy fighting vampires.

And that boy was just there, kneeling behind boxes, busy taking Yuki’s pictures, recording the scene with his camera.
And the next day they met, he acted like they were a child-hood friends.

What a weird boy.

Back then Yuki didn’t know that this boy would be the love of her life.
A long time lover.



Yuki was walking home, alone.
She encountered Miyazawa.

Yuki quickly grabbed Miyazawa by his collar and pushed him to the wall.

She whispered at Sae’s ear: “Look, if you tell anyone about what you saw last night, I swear I will haunt you down.”

Miyazawa : “Hey, easy, easy. Why don’t we talk about that first?”
Yuki         : “We’re talking now.”
Miyazawa : “I mean, let’s talk in some nicer place. How about a cup of tea or coffee?”
Yuki         : “I don’t have time for that.”
Miyazawa : “Why? You already have a plan? Hunting vampires again?”
Yuki         : “Ssshhh….Don’t say that aloud..!!!”
Miyazawa : “Okay, okay. So now could you please put me down? I think I got a cramp here.”

Yuki realized she just hold Sae-boy up on the wall a little bit too long.
She released her grip on that boy, and walked away.

The boy followed her, trying to catch up with her.

Miyazawa : “Hey, Yuki, can I walk you home? I’m going to the shrine near your house. Let’s walk together. It’s better than walking alone, right?”
Yuki         : “I like walking alone.”
Miyazawa : “But, Yuki. I’m new in this town. Why don’t you show me some interesting places here? Where’s your courtesy and hospitality?”

Yuki sighed.

Yuki         : “Okay, you can walk with me. But I must tell you: I don’t like to talk.”
Miyazawa : “Perfect! Cause I don’t like to listen.”

Miyazawa glanced and smiled mischievously at Yuki.

They both walked home together.

And along their way home, Miyazawa can’t keep his mouth shut.

He keep talking about himself: what foods he likes, what foods he hates, his hobbies, what sport he likes to do, what kind of movies he likes to watch, what kind of books he likes to reads, what kind of girl he likes to date, and all small stuff like that.

(Yuki POV:
He’s so annoying. I never met such annoying boy like him before. He talks too much. And I can’t understand a single bit of what he’s talking about.)

Yuki relieved when she finally arrived at her home.

That boy waved Yuki a goodbye and smiled cheerfully at her before he walked away, heading to his apartment.



Mocchi come to Yuki who’s still burying her head on her arms, trying to sleep as usual.

Yuki noticed her bestfriend sitting next to her.
She raised her head and greeted her friend.

Yuki     : “Hey, Mocchi…..”
Mocchi : “Hey, Yuki. I want to ask you something. About Miyazawa. He’s your childhood friends, right?”
Yuki     : “No. He was just joking. I didn’t know him.”
Mocchi : “Oh, really?”
Yuki     : “Yes. I’m pretty sure I never met him before. Unless I have a severe concussion in my brain.”
Mocchi : “I see. He must have a very weird sense of humor then.”
Yuki     : “Yeah, I think he is.”

Mocchi moved closer and whispered to Yuki.

Mocchi : “So, how do you think? About me and Miyazawa….You think I can have a chance with him?”
Yuki     : “Uh-huh. I think so.”

Yuki doesn’t have a heart to tell Mocchi about Miyazawa’s walking her home last night.
She’s afraid it will hurt Mocchi.

But one thing Yuki knows for sure, she must keep her distance away from Miyazawa, and at the same time, keep an eye on that boy.
Miyazawa knows Yuki’s secret about hunting vampires.
And Yuki wants to make sure Miyazawa will keep his mouth shut.



Yuki was walking in a pathway.
She’s hunting alone, because Nacchan is still not recovered from her knee sprain.

After several minutes of walking, she felt something weird.
Everytime she walks, she will hear another footstep behind her.
And when she stop walking, the footstep will also stopped.

Yuki’s sure someone is stalking her now.
Yuki’s thinking for a while, and then suddenly she jumped and disappear into the dark.

Hiding on a branch of a tall tree, Yuki watched in silent as a figure come out from behind the alley.
The figure seem confused, and looking around to find where Yuki go.
It seems he just lost the object of his stalking activity.

And suddenly, Yuki jumped and landed upon him.

The figure fell down.
Yuki stepped her foot on his chest.
And she realized that figure was Miyazawa.

Yuki become upset again.

Yuki         : “Why are you stalking me?”
Miyazawa : “Stalking you? No I…I wasn’t……”
Yuki         : “You know what? Poker is not your game. Now, answer me. Why.Are.You.Stalking.Me!!??”

Yuki pressed down her foot harder on Sae’s chest.

Miyazawa : “Aaahh….Aaahhhh……...Can you--- can you get off me first? Please....?”

Yuki sighed.

Miyazawa : “Well, my apartment also in the same direction with your house. Is it wrong if I want to walk home together with you?”
He smiled mischievously at Yuki.

Yuki         : “I’m not going home now. You go ahead.”

Yuki walked to other direction.
But Miyazawa followed her.

Yuki glanced angrily at the boy.

Yuki         : “Don’t you have an elsewhere to be? Stop stalking me!!”
Miyazawa : “I’m not stalking you. I’m stalking the vampires.”

Yuki keep walking.
Miyazawa keep following.

Miyazawa : “So, Yuki, you are a vampire hunter, an heirest of a family who is …..”
Yuki         : “……Pledging an endless war to vampires and demons. Blah blah blah. And that is a secret. So I have to kill you, now that you know too much.”
Miyazawa : “Heyyy…..easy. I can keep a secret. I know vampires do exist. But not so many people knows about it.”

[At this point of time, vampires existence is not widely known.]

Miyazawa : “So, can I join your hunting tonight?”
Yuki         : “No.”
Miyazawa : “Oh come on, Yuki. Your secret is on me now. There is a price for keeping my mouth shut.”

Yuki stopped walking, and stared angrily at Miyazawa.

Yuki         : “Are you blackmailing me?”
Miyazawa : “Sort of.”

Miyazawa stepped in front of Yuki, leaned his arm on a fence, blocked Yuki’s way, and gazed deeply into her eyes.


Yuki got very mad.
She clenched her fist, ready to pummel the Genki-boy.

Miyazawa : " you again! Yuki, do you always use your fist to settle things?
                  Let's just see if you are fast enough to stop me from uploading your video to Youtube, like, right now."

He quickly took his iPhone, ready to press the button.

Yuki dumbfounded.

"Actually, I don't mind if I have to rub your fist with my face. But, think again, Yuki. Are you sure you want to ruin this pretty face of mine?"
Miyazawa said smiling, enjoying his moment.

Yuki sighed.
She feel desperate.
She can't do anything.

She doesn’t know how to handle a boy, especially when the boy is very handsome like this.

Indeed, Yuki can’t deny that Miyazawa is handsome.
Like, very very handsome.
Totally handsome.
Overly handsome.

Plus, this boy is keeping Yuki’s secret now.
And Yuki can’t do anything about it.
Yuki must do everything to make sure this boy is keeping his mouth shut.

Miyazawa : “If you want me to keep your secret, then let me join your hunting.”

Yuki sighed desperately and frowned at the boy.

Yuki         : Okay, okay. You can join me. But you must prepare to defend yourself. Bring any weapon?”
Miyazawa : “Weapon? Stuff like stakes, holy water, arrow, and garlic?”
Yuki         : “Yes. That will do.”

(Yuki POV: Good, he knows stuff like that. Maybe he can be useful and help me bringing those weapons.)

Miyazawa : “So, weapon. Of course, Yuki…….. I don’t bring them.”

Miyazawa smiled sheepishly at Yuki.
Yuki facepalmed herself.

(Yuki POV: This guy is helpless. He can’t be serious. If he doesn't bring any weapon, how can he protect himself then?)

Yuki keep staring at the boy, with a huge disbelief in her eyes.
And then Miyazawa took something inside his bag.

Miyazawa : “But I bring this, Yuki.”

He showed his camera video.
Yuki’s shocked and stupefied.

Miyazawa : “I can record your fighting scene. It would be awesome.”

Yuki facepalmed herself again.

(Yuki POV: Ouuwhh….My head is gonna explode now. How did I got stuck with him, in the first place?)

Yuki stared at Miyazawa with her death-glare eyes.

Yuki         : “Give me the batteries. You’re not going to record me.”
Miyazawa : “The batteries? No…Yuki….”
Yuki         : “I said, give me the batteries!!!  Or I’ll smash your camera to the ground!!!”
Miyazawa : “Geezz…..Why are you so feisty? Okay, okay, here’s the batteries.”

Miyazawa opened the batteries lid on his vidcam, and reluctantly give the batteries to Yuki.

Poor Sae-boy.
He can’t record Yuki’s fighting scene tonight.
But he’s happy enough to see the raven girl in a live action again.



Yuki’s working at the café.
She saw Miyazawa entering the café, with an older girl.

“Hey, Yuki…!!!” Miyazawa waved and called Yuki, asking her to come closer.

Yuki come closer.

“Ahh…Serina, this is my friend. Actually, a friend of my friend. She’s working here. Yuki, Serina. Serina, Yuki.”
Miyazawa introduced the girls to each other.

“Serina is my senior at campus.” Miyazawa said to Yuki.

“Well. Hi there. May I take your order now?” Yuki said coldly, and staring at Miyazawa and the older girl.

Miyazawa : “Well….. Serina, what do you want to eat?”
The older girl smiled teasingly at Miyazawa, and chose a menu.
Miyazawa : “Okay, I’ll order the same.”

Miyazawa smiled at Yuki while Yuki’s taking their order.

Yuki walked back to the counter, thinking just how annoying this boy is.
He’s already dating a senior at his campus.

Yuki should tell Mocchi about this.
She can’t just stand there doing nothing as her bestfriends fighting for this boy’s love.
This boy is a player. He doesn’t deserve Mocchi’s love.
Plus, this boy is a stalker too.
This boy is only good for nothing.



Yuki’s walking to her class, and was planning to talk to Mocchi about Miyazawa.
But when she arrived at her class, she saw an unexpected scene.

Mocchi was having a quarrel with Takajo Aki, a girl from another class.
Mocchi and Aki yelling at each other.

Yuki heard a name being mentioned in the middle of the girls’ arguments.
It’s Miyazawa’s name.

Aki       : “Leave Miyazawa alone, Mocchi!! I date him first, before you had your match-making date with him!!!”
Mocchi : “He’s still not dating anyone yet!! Who said he’s yours?”

Aki pushed Mocchi.
Mocchi landed on her desk.
She get mad and pushed Aki back.

The girls in that class screamed.
They’re afraid this will be a girlfight in their classroom.

Nito Moeno, the class president, quickly get up and hold Aki’s arms.
While Yuki rushed and hold Mocchi.

Apparently, these girls were fighting over a boy named Miyazawa Sae.
If only they know that boy is a player.



Mocchi : “Yuki, are you sure he’s a player?”
Yuki     : “Yes, I’m sorry I have to tell you this, Mocchi. But I saw it with my own eyes. He came here with an older girl.”
Mocchi : “Maybe it’s his sister. Elder sister.”
Yuki     : “They didn’t act like a brother and sister.”
Mocchi : “I don’t know, Yuki. But he’s been very nice to me.”
Yuki     : “He’s nice to everyone, Mocchi.”

Mocchi silent for a while.

Mocchi : “What should I do then, Yuki?”
Yuki     : “Forget him. He’s not worth for your love. He don’t deserve you.”

Mocchi : “But, Yuki………”
Yuki     : “It’s up to you, Mocchi. I’m telling you this because I care about you. I don’t want to see you being used by a player like him.”

Mocchi : “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, Yuki….”

Mocchi seems so down. She just lost her love of a lifetime.

Yuki hugged her bestfriend, trying to comfort her.




Yuki’s flying and landed hard with her back smashing against wooden boxes, making the boxes broken into pieces.

Yuki struggled to get up, and rubbing her sprained back.

Nacchan  : “Yuki, are you okay?”

Nacchan come closer and helped Yuki get up.

Yuki       : “I’m okay……Just sprained my back a little…..”
Nacchan : “I’ll watch your back.”

Now they’re standing back-to-back, facing several vampires who’s surrounding them.

They continued their fight.

Fortunately, Nacchan’s knee is already healed, and now she’s back to join the hunting.

After the fight is over, Nacchan saw someone’s creeping behind a shadow.
Nacchan grabbed the person, pushed him to the ground, and then raised her stake, ready to dust him.

Yuki saw the person and shouted: “Nacchan, stop…!!! He’s a human…!”

Nacchan  : “You know him, Yuki?”
Yuki        : “Yes. He’s a friend of my friend’s.”

Nacchan put down her stakes, and let the boy go.
The boy get up sheepishly, holding his camera tight.

Miyazawa : “Heyyy….Yuki…….Great fight, eh? And you have a sidekick too!! Nice…!!”

Nacchan get mad.
Nacchan   : “I’m not her sidekick!! Yuki, can I pummel him now?”

Yuki shrugged her shoulder, showing she doesn’t care at all.


Nacchan knocked Sae-boy.

Miyazawa : “OWWHHH……What a punch you got there, little girl!! Never saw it coming from you….”

He rubbed the bump on his head, and smiled at Nacchan.

Nacchan   : “You like it, huh? You want more? There’s plenty more where that come from....”

Nacchan clenched her fist, ready to pummel Sae-boy again.

Miyazawa : “Hey, hey….Easy there, little girl….”
Miyazawa raised his hand to protect his head from the incoming blows.

Yuki saw the camera recorder.

Yuki         : “You’re recording me again!!!??”
She stared angrily at Sae-boy.

Miyazawa : “Yeah, well, I thought you’d be upset if you know I’m following you. So……”
Yuki          : “You’re not wrong. I’m upset. Give me your camera.”

Miyazawa gave Yuki the batteries.

Yuki         : “No. Not the batteries. Give me the camera. I’m going to smash it to the ground now.”

Miyazawa : “Eeehhh…..? No, you can’t, Yuki.”

Yuki moved closer to Miyazawa, willing to grab the camera.

Miyazawa start panicking.
He loves his camera very much.

He stepped away from Yuki, and then runaway, leaving Yuki and Nacchan’s stupefied and stared angrily at him.

Yuki was very angry at Miyazawa.
This guy had caused a fight between her two schoolmates (Mocchi and Aki).

And now he started stalking Yuki at night.
There’s no way Yuki didn’t get angry at this guy.



Yuki was walking home after the school’s over.
She passed in front of the city park.

There were a lot of kids playing around in the field at the city park.

And then, unexpectedly, she saw Miyazawa sitting on a bench at the central city park.

And the scene was quite beautiful.
There’s a pond in that park. Some gooses were swimming on the water surface.
Birds were flying from a tree to another trees.
The sun is shining brightly, but not so hot. It’s just warm.

Yuki saw Miyazawa staring at the sky, as if he was searching for something up there.
As if he wants to fly to where his dreams are hiding somewhere in the sky.

As if he wants to know what’s behind the sky above.

And for just a moment, Yuki looked at Miyazawa as if he’s a different person.

Not a player. Not a stalker.
But just a boy.
An ordinary boy who’s been hanging his hopes and dreams very high, up in the sky.

And next thing Yuki saw, Miyazawa was busy taking pictures with his camera.

He took pictures of the sky, the ponds, the gooses, the grasses, the birds, the trees.

He also took pictures of those kids playing around in the field.

Yuki walked home, with more questions inside her head.
She wondered what kind of man Miyazawa really is.


But then again, Yuki’s question is left hanging in the air.
Because every week after that day, Sae-boy will keep coming at night, stalking Yuki when she’s going out hunting vampires.

He’s being the stalker again.
He’s being the player like he used to be.

He keep trying to steal Yuki’s attention for several months.
And Yuki keep ditching him and told him to stay away, while making sure this boy has his mouth shut, and keep Yuki’s secret safe.
Yuki tried to push him away.

But this boy is very persistent.
He keep trying and trying again, to steal Yuki’s attention.

There are times, when Sae is being nice to Yuki during the hunting session.
Once he gave Yuki his umbrella when a heavy rain pouring down the city, and Yuki forgot to bring her umbrella.
Other night, he would bring some drinks and foods for Yuki, and they would eat together in the bench, when they’re taking a break in the middle of hunting.
He’s really trying hard to steal Yuki’s heart.
Finally, slowly and slowly, Yuki started being friendly with Sae.
Yuki thought maybe Sae has a good heart, and that maybe he’s not just a stalker or a player like he seem to be.

And there are times too, when Sae proves himself can be useful for Yuki.
The first time Yuki feels grateful to this boy was one of these nights, when Sae saved Yuki’s life.
Sae saved Yuki, at a cost of his camera being smashed by the vampires.

Back then, Yuki was fighting some vampires in the cemetery.
A vampire grabbed Yuki from behind and put his arms around Yuki’s neck, trying to suffocate her.
Sae-boy panicked and confused about what he should do to save Yuki.
Then he rushed to Yuki, willing to save her.
But he got smacked on the back of his head, and he fell down.
And while he’s down on the ground, the vampires gave him a random beating and kicking.
Sae-boy was barely able to defend himself.
He crouched and bent on the ground, trying to protect his head, his camera, and the vital part of his body, from those beatings.
And then he saw Yuki managed to free herself from the vampire who’s been holding her from behind.
Yuki run toward Miyazawa, and she throw the vampires away from the poor boy.
The poor Sae-boy lying on the floor, with his dizzy-head and blurry-eyes.
Sae looked up to see Yuki, and smiled sheepishly at her: “Yuki, I was just going to help you and save you from that vampire.”
Yuki : “Yeah, yeah, you’re helping me much, Miyazawa. Now, up you go.”
Yuki gave her hand to pull Miyazawa up.
And then Miyazawa say thanks to Yuki for saving his life.

[WRITER POV: Oh no…. Wrong scene. Let’s read this one. Another one.]

Yuki was fighting some vampires in the cemetery.
A vampire grabbed Yuki from behind and put his arms around Yuki’s neck, trying to suffocate her.
Sae-boy rushed to Yuki, willing to save her.
He jumped and raised his stake.
The vampire dodge while still holding Yuki tight.
Sae-boy slipped and ended up falling upon Yuki and the vampire.
The vampire and Yuki landed on the ground, and then Sae-boy landed on top of them.
The three of them have a brawl for several minutes.
And then, Sae-boy accidentally stake the vampires in the heart.
The vampires vanished into dust.
Yuki was lying flat with her back on the ground.
And because that vampire vanished so suddenly, Sae-boy fall on top of Yuki.
Their lips on each other lips.

Ooopss…Wrong scene again. I’m really sorry for this.
I’m pretty sure there was this scene where Sae saved Yuki once, but I’m just too lazy to write it down.
Back then, Yuki was surrounded by some vampires.
Sae tried to distract the vampires by throwing himself upon the vampires.
The vampires get mad and smashed Sae’s camera to the ground.
Sae-boy ended up losing his camera. He was quite sad because of this.
And then Yuki said thanks to Sae, and Yuki also felt sorry for Sae’s lost. The camera is quite expensive though.

But let’s just forget about the incident with the camera, and continue with the last scene.
That last scene is more interesting: Sae falling on top of Yuki, and then they accidentally kissed each other on the lips.]

*********** CONTINUED FROM THE LAST SCENE ***********

Sae-boy fall on top of Yuki. Their lips on each other lips.
Yuki was blushing so hard.
A while ago, there’s a vampire lying between Yuki and Sae.
But now the vampire was gone, and vanished into dust because Sae-boy accidentally stake the vampire.
So, without the vampire in the middle, Sae-boy fall on top of Yuki.
Their lips on each other lips.
Sae’s chest on Yuki’s breast.
Yuki can feel Sae’s weight upon her body.

And all they could hear was just their heartbeat, both beating fast and pounding like crazy.

For several minutes, they couldn't move nor get up.
Their lips on each other lips.

It was Yuki’s first kiss.
And Sae-boy accidentally stole it.

Yuki’s blushing so hard.
She never been that close to any boy.
She never let a boy come any closer less than 1 meter.
She never stared at a boy’s face so close like this.
And she never been kissed before.



After the night of SaeYuki’s accidental kiss, Yuki and Nacchan’s practising martial arts together.

Yuki was about to get the upper hand over Nacchan.
She managed to smash Nacchan to the floor.

Nacchan quickly get up, and set her fighting stance.
Nacchan knows that Yuki is stronger than her.
But Nacchan is smaller, more agile, and she can move faster.

Nacchan throw her punches, targetting Yuki’s face and stomach.
Yuki blocked those punches nicely.

Nacchan keep trying to attack Yuki.
But it’s difficult because Yuki’s defense is almost perfect.

Nacchan throws some hard punches again.

Suddenly, Yuki’s spacing out for a second, and she’s blushing herself.
Inside her mind, she’s recurring the incident of her first kiss with Miyazawa.
The accidental kiss in the cemetery.

Yuki keep spacing out for a minute, unaware that Nacchan’s fist is heading on its way, straight to Yuki’s face.

Nacchan didn’t expect Yuki to space out.
She thought Yuki will dodge her punch.
But Yuki just standing there doing nothing to dodge or block the punch.


Nacchan tried to stop her fist from hitting Yuki, and tried to warn Yuki to dodge the punch.

But it’s too late.

Yuki’s startled for a while.
And then she’s back into reality, only to find her face being punched by her cousin.


Nacchan accidentally landed a hard punch on Yuki’s face.

Nacchan can punch really hard if she’s in serious mode.

Yuki fell down to the floor.

Nacchan rushed at Yuki, looking worried as she see Yuki’s nose is bleeding swiftly.
Nacchan : “OMG…Yuki…What were you thinking? Don’t space out like that in the middle of training!!”

Nacchan kneeled down beside Yuki.

Nacchan : “Look at you, your nose is bleeding!! Come on, we must stop the bleeding.”
Nacchan gave her hand to Yuki, pulling Yuki up and then helped her walk.

Yuki sit on a bench, leaned her head with nose facing upwards, and pressing her nose so that the blood stop flowing out from the nose.

Nacchan goes for a minutes, and back with a wet towel and some ice.
She gently put the towel on Yuki’s nose.
The towel become red because of the blood.

Yuki pouted at Nacchan.
Yuki       : “Geez, Nacchan, you almost broke my nose.”

Nacchan looked at Yuki with a guilty feeling.
Nacchan herself can’t quite believe that she can throw a punch like that.
And she can’t believe that Yuki actually will spaced out like that, not dodging the punch.

Nacchan : “It wasn’t my fault. I thought you would dodge it. You saw it coming and you have your time to dodge it, but you just didn’t dodge. You’re not concentrating, Yuki.”

Nacchan continued cleaning up Yuki’s bleeding nose, while keep scolding her for not concentrating in the middle of training.



Miyazawa come to the café where Yuki’s working.
He saw band-aid on Yuki’s nose.

Miyazawa : “Oh My God, Yuki, what happen to your nose? Got knocked down by a vampire again?”
Yuki          : “Shut up. And just give me your order now.”

(Yuki POV:
I can’t believe I got a nosebleed because of him.
What am I thinking? Spacing out like that in the middle of training session, and getting punched by Nacchan.
Stop thinking about that kiss, Yuki!!
It was just an accident.

But it was my first kiss, and he stole it!!!
Damn it….I should stop thinking of him. He’s a player, and stalker.
Besides, Mocchi likes him. I can’t fall in love with this boy, can I?



Yuki’s practising alone at the Dojo.
She should go out hunting tonight.
But she didn’t, for a particular reason.

Sae showed up at her gate.
He entered the Dojo, and started talking to Yuki.

Sae    : “Yuki, why are you avoiding me?”
Yuki    : “I’m not.”
Sae    : “Am too.”
Yuki    : “I’m not.”
Sae    : “Am too. You're avoiding me since our accidental kiss last time at the cemetery.
             And where were you lately? I was waiting for you at the cemetery every weekend…..”

Yuki    : “I didn’t say I’ll be there every weekend.”
Sae    : “But you always go there. Now you go there only at night during workdays, because you know I won’t be there.
             And you didn’t go there on weekend, because you want to avoid me.”

Yuki couldn’t answer.
Indeed, Yuki knows Sae only have time to stalk her and join her hunting on the weekend.
While during workdays, Sae must occupy himself with homeworks, lab works, papers, and stuff.
Being a freshmen at university is always full of excitement, and far more busier than being a high school student.

But, despite his busy days, Sae keep trying to catch up with Yuki every weekend, when Yuki go out hunting vampires.
Even when Sae have a mid exam week, he will keep coming.
While Yuki’s fighting the vampires, Sae will sit on the bench, reading his textbooks and papers, and taking a few pictures of Yuki.

Sae keep walking after Yuki.
He managed to grab Yuki’s arm.
Yuki’s trying hard to refrain herself from punching this guy.

Yuki    : “Why do you come here? Don’t you have an elsewhere to be?”
Sae    : “Yuki, listen to me.”

Sae pulled Yuki closer to her.

Sae    : “Yuki, I know you feel it. The chemistry. Between us.”
Yuki    : “What do you mean ‘us’? There’s no us.”
Sae    : “The kiss. We kissed that night. I know we both enjoyed it.”
Yuki    : “It was just an accident.”
Sae    : “We can do it again. And it won’t be accident this time.”

Sae’s trying to hug Yuki. Yuki’s trying to resist.

Yuki   : “Stop!!! What are you doing?”
Sae    : “Yuki, please. Be true to your heart.”
Yuki   : “I’m………”
Sae    : “Yuki, I adore you.”
Yuki   : “…….……”
Sae    : “Would you be my girl?”
Yuki   : “…….……”

Yuki’s desperate. She’s so afraid she would fall into this boy’s charm.
Yuki knows this boy is no good for her. He’s a player.

Sae asked again. “Would you be my girl, Yuki?”
Yuki    : “How could you say that? You’re dating your senior.”
Sae    : “Ah, you’re jealous.”
Yuki    : “No, I’m not.”
Sae    : “Yuki, she’s just a friend of mine. She likes me, but I don’t feel the same for her.”
Yuki    : “You liar.”
Sae    : “You don’t believe me? Fine. Now let’s meet her. And I’ll say it again in front of her.”
Yuki    : “……………………..”
Sae    : “I love you. And I’ll say it in front of all those girls.”
Yuki    : “……………………No, you can’t.”
Sae    : “Why? Oh, I see. Your schoolmate. She likes me too. And she’s your bestfriend.”
Yuki    : “………….”
Sae    : “You worry about her. You don’t want to hurt her feeling.”

Yuki sighed and turned her face, looking other way.

Sae    : “Yuki, I never feel like this before. I’m head over heels for you. You think I will give you up just like that?”
Yuki    : “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel----”
Sae    : “Don’t lie to me. Don’t say you don’t feel the same thing for me.”

Yuki tried to push Sae away.

Yuki    : “Please just go!!”    (Just go away, before I fall in love with you. Just go before the waters is too deep.)

Yuki accidentally pushed Sae too hard, and Sae was thrown to the wall.

Sae get up slowly and looking sad.
Yuki feels a bit guilty after pushing Sae to the wall.

Sae come closer.
Sae    : “You’re strong. But you’re foolish, and coward. You’re weak at heart. And you’re too coward to face yourself and your own fear.”
Yuki    : “What---?”

Yuki startled for a minute. Her hands were clenched tightly on her both side.

Sae    : “Come on, Yuki, just free your mind. And let your heart speak for you. You can’t lie to your heart.”

Sae come even closer, trying to hug Yuki.
Yuki’s inching.

Yuki    : “Stop. Don’t get any closer.”
Sae    : “What? Are you afraid of me? You’re not afraid of vampires, but you’re afraid of me?”
Yuki    : “Stop!! Or I…..”

Sae stared deeply at Yuki. He couldn’t help it anymore. This raven girl is just too stubborn and foolish.
He then grabbed Yuki, pushed her against the wall, and then kissed her forcefully.


The Raven’s still sleeping alone in her room.
She still looks quiet and peaceful.
But then she looks uneasy.
Her eyes were still shut, but her hands were clenched tightly on her both side.
Her breath become short and quick.
Her lips is moving, as if she’s resisting something.


Sae grabbed Yuki, pushed her against the wall, and then kissed her forcefully.

Yuki    : “Mmmpphhh……….Stop it….”
Yuki tried to push Sae away.

But she was too shocked by Sae’s ambush, so that she couldn’t free her lips from Sae’s lips.
Yuki’s heart is pounding like crazy.
She’s barely able to catch her breath.
She couldn’t control her body.

Yuki wants to hit this boy, but she can’t.
She just feels so weak, being this close to Sae.

Yuki    : “Sae, let go----”

Yuki raised her hand, trying to push Sae away.
But Sae caught Yuki’s hand and hold it on the wall, so that Yuki won’t resist again.

Sae     : “No, don’t resist this, Yuki. I know you want this more than I do.”

Sae continued devouring Yuki’s mouth with his.
First it was like a kiss fight: Sae attack, and Yuki defense.

Yuki tried to resist the kiss.
But Sae didn’t let go.
He keep holding the raven girl and forcing his kiss on her.

And then, suddenly, Yuki felt a strange, new sensation.
She never felt like this before.
A warm feeling. A passion.
And the weird thing is, she feels secure now.

Sae feels the girl in his embrace stop resisting, and slowly give in to his kiss.
His lips curved a smile while continue kissing the girl.

The kiss become soft and gentle, now that Yuki’s not resisting anymore.

Sae placed his left arm behind Yuki’s back, letting Yuki leans fully on his strong arm.
He can hear the raven’s heart pounding like crazy as he hold her tight and kiss her.

The kiss continued.
It was so passionate. And burning.
They were on fire.

They started to enjoy their kiss.

[Writer POV: Yes, Yuki, you better enjoy this kiss now. Because you’ll be missing his kisses for the next two years after this.]

Deep inside her heart, Yuki wanted to cry.
She doesn’t know what to do.
She’s clueless, and helpless.
She doesn’t know why she can’t resist Sae’s kiss.

Yuki loves him. But she hates him.
Yuki wants him. But she doesn’t want him.
Yuki wants to be with him. But she’s scared of him.

She wants to believe in everything that he say, because it sounds so good.
But everytime he come too close, she wants to move away.

She wants to runaway and hide from him.
But all she really wants is to hold him tight, and treat him right.
Be with him, days and night.

Maybe all Yuki needs is time.


Fortunately, Sae is generous enough to give Yuki time.
He waited patiently until Yuki realized her true feeling. Until Yuki get enough courage to be true to her heart.

And then he brought Yuki to a beach, and he asked Yuki to be his girlfriend.
Yuki said yes, and they officially become lover.

It’s been four months since Yuki first met Sae.
And since the first time they met, Sae had promised to himself, that he will never stop until Yuki surrender to him.

And now, Sae-boy got his reward.
It’s a sweet reward, after a long trials and long attempts to steal a raven’s heart.


Of course, about this, Yuki will have to tell the truth to her bestfriend.
Mocchi will be upset at first.
She will thought Yuki was betraying her.
But in the end, they will understand each other again.
They are bestfriend, after all.


After they’re officially lover, Yuki and Sae can spend their time together more often.
They go out hunting together more often at night.
They go out dating more often during the days.

And sometimes Yuki will stare at Sae, thinking why she fell in love with him in the first place.
This guy is helpless. He can’t fight. He can’t even defend himself.
He’s a stalker. And a player.

Yuki still can’t believe why she’s drawn to this boy.
But it happened just like that, and Yuki still don’t know why.

Most of the times, he’s just a foolish, stupid person.
But there are times when he become romantic, and he will kiss Yuki so passionately, until Yuki lose her mind and feels like she’s going crazy.

And every little thing he does is magic.
He can turn everything bad into good, just with his jokes, humour, and laughter.

He enchanted Yuki with his cheerful, free-spirited personality.
He turned Yuki’s life inside out, and upside down.

He made Yuki fell in love with him. Over and over again.
Everyday they met each other, Yuki will fell in love again with Sae.

He has come into Yuki’s life, and saved her in the nick of time.
He had stole Yuki’s heart, and he won’t give it back to her.

Everyday is a happy day.
Everynight is a happy night.
With Sae, Yuki becomes relax and enjoy her hunting activities.
With Sae, Yuki feel peaceful at her heart.

Sometimes, Yuki would imagine the world without Sae.
But most times, she’s just so happy that she ever found him.

It’s a complicated web, that Sae weaved inside her head.
So much pleasure with such pain.
And Yuki hopes they can always, always stay the same.

They’ve been riding the highs, and digging the lows.
They’re living a life like a rollercoaster.

Yuki had never faced so many emotional days before.
But now her life is so good, after she found him.
She’s feeling him.
She’s breathing him everywhere she goes.

And we don’t need to question how Sae’s feeling about Yuki.
He adore Yuki so much.
He was happy. And Yuki was that beautiful.

Everytime Yuki walk on by, he feels light, he feels love, he feels butterflies.
Everytime he’s with Yuki, he can barely breath.
Yuki go, and then he can finally breathe in.
But he know, in the end Yuki will never leave him.

Well, they were rarely ever sane when they’re together.
Yuki drives Sae crazy, and Sae will do the same to Yuki.

It feels like a rollercoaster when they were together.

Their fire fills their soul.
And it warms them up like no one knows.

And yeah, they are the lucky ones.
They are the luckiest person, for having found each other of all people in the world.



There are three vampires rising from their coffin.
As soon as they wake up, a raven girl welcomed them with punches and kicks.

The vampires tried to fight back. But the raven was too strong for them.
They tried to runaway. But again, the raven was too fast for them.

They had no choice, other than surrender and let the raven dust them with her stake.

After a quick dusting, the raven walked happily to a bench, where a boy is sitting there.

“Nice move!!” said the boy, smiling at the girl who sit beside him.
“Three vampires. Dusted in only two minutes. You get better everytime, Yuki.” he looked at his watch.

“You finished your reading?” asked the girl.
“Not yet. You know, Yuki, reading is more difficult than hunting.” answered the boy.
“But at least you won’t get knocked out by a book.”
“Oh you have no idea, I always knock myself out everytime, with these books.”
“You liar. I know you like girls more than books. You only read books if the exam week is coming up.”
“Ahahaha….You got that right!!”
“But seriously, Sae, this is your exam week. You have to study. You shouldn’t come to see me hunting.”
“Well, I study best at cemetery.”

Yuki rolled her eyes.

Sae closed his book.
A paper’s flying out from that book, carried by the wind, and landed on the ground beneath them.

Yuki took the paper, and saw a nice drawing on that paper.

Yuki   : “Hey, this is great. I didn’t know you can draw something as good as this.”
Sae    : “No, it wasn’t mine. It was my little sister’s. She likes to draw.”
Yuki   : “She must be very talented.”
Sae    : “Yeah. She’s a little brat. Smart, naughty, and she often pulled a pranks on me. You’ll be amazed by how fast her brain’s spinning around.
              Sometimes I think she will grow up as a swindler, because she’s really good at tricking people.”
Yuki   : “Is she a stalker too?”
Sae   : “No, she’s not a stalker. But she’s a bit……errr…….pervert. She has a butt fetish.”
Yuki   : “Butt fetish? What a pervert!! A stalker and a pervert. You two really are sibling.”

Sae laughs.

Sae   : “Soon I will take you to my town, meet my parent and my little sister. I’m sure they will like you.”

Sae grabbed Yuki’s head and planted a kiss.
He smelled Yuki’s hair. It smells nice.

His hand travelled Yuki’s cheek, chin, and then down to Yuki’s shoulder and bone-collar, feeling Yuki’s smooth skin.

He stared at the raven’s face.

And suddenly he has this irresistable urge.
He couldn’t refrain himself anymore.

Sae   : “Why, Kashiwagi Yuki, you’re so beautiful.”

Yuki   : “…………………………” ( *** blushing and dokidoki ***)

Sae reached Yuki’s face, and caressed Yuki’s lips with his.
Yuki return Sae’s kiss, while thinking the same about Sae.

(And you’re so handsome, Miyazawa Sae. I can spend the whole night staying up, staring at your face.)

Sae broke their kiss.

Sae   : "I know what you're thinking, Yuki. You think I'm handsome. And you want to stare at my face for the whole night."
Yuki   : "Uhhh......No....."     *blushing*
Sae   : "Poker is not your game, Yuki. Just say it, I'm handsome. And you adore me very much."

Sae winced and smiled teasingly.
He  grabbed the raven again, and continued their kiss.

Yuki placed her hand on Sae’s chest, holding his shirt tight while they were kissing.

Again, the kiss is a passionate one.
They both feel like this world only consist of the two of them.

There’s noone else around.
The cemetery was so quite and still.
Nothing else matters, as they hear their hearts pounding together in rhythm.

No sound around them.
It’s almost dark.
Only a little light from the streetlights.
And the moonlight above.

They don’t know how long they kissed.

And while they’re kissing, Yuki’s eyes landed on a necklace Sae’s wearing.
The necklace has a beautiful pattern, carved with Sae’s name on it.

Yuki was about to ask Sae about the necklace.
But soon their kiss become hot, burning, and passionate.
So Yuki decided to save the question about that necklace for a little later.

So there, they continued their kiss, under the moonlight, the starlight, and under the lovers’ sky.

Sae is such a great kisser.                        [Maybe because he’s been practising a lot with many girls]
He teaches Yuki how to kiss.
He teaches Yuki how to feel.
He teaches Yuki how to fall in love.

And every time they kiss, Yuki willl fly to heaven.
It’s like a magical feeling that Yuki never feel before.
She’s lost in the rhythm.
And it just feels so right.

Yuki still remembered, it was only several weeks ago when she tried to resist Sae’s kiss, and tried to hide from his kiss.
Yuki thought she won’t fall into Sae’s kiss.
But she’s wrong.

Now that the sun goes down, and noone is around, Yuki and Sae shared their kiss like it was entirely a world consisting of both of them only.

Those kisses steal Yuki’s heart every night.

And now Yuki knows that she must not resist it anymore.
She knows that she can't fight the moonlight like this.
She can’t fight it. And she doesn’t have to fight it.
She just need to surrender.

So then, deep in the dark, Yuki surrenders her heart.
She knows, there's no escape from Sae’s love.

Once a gentle breeze, weaves it's spell upon her heart.
No matter how far she run, she always ended up in Sae’s arms.

So Yuki stop resisting, because she knows she’s never gonna win against Sae.

This boy steal her heart, and he just won’t give it back to her.

And there, in a quiet place in the darkness, Sae and Yuki kissed each other, caressing each other.


The Raven’s still sleeping alone in her room.
She still looks quiet and peaceful.

A curved was formed in her lips.
She’s smiling as she feels an imaginary kiss with the boy in her dream.

She’s soaring, drifting away, and flying high with her dream.
Drowned in the ocean of emotions.
Slumbering in an endless dream.   

Her spirit flies away, dragged by the burning love.

Soaring, drifting away, and flying high with her dream.
A never ending dream.


A week after Yuki’s graduation, Sae bought her a ring.
An engagement ring.

Sae was kneeling down before the raven, asking her if she wants to marry him.

And Yuki said yes.
She was so happy.

But of course, they’re still too young to get married at that time.
Yuki had just graduated from high school, and Sae was only a sophomore at the university.
So, they must waited until Sae get a job and ready to support his wife.

Yuki was willing to wait patiently until that day come and she becomes Sae's bride.

But unfortunately, that day never came.
Because a few months later, a nightmare happen.
The worst nightmare.

One night, Yuki walked home with a knife buried in her stomach.
She was badly injured, bleeding heavily and losing so much blood, and she’s being stalked by vampires.
It was a very powerful vampire: the Count Shinodacula.

At that time, Yuki was still very young.
She didn’t have the power to fight Shinoda back then.
Shinoda was way stronger than her.

Sae found Yuki lying on the ground in an alley, bleeding and almost fainting.
Sae then took Yuki to his apartment.
He took Yuki to his bed, and tended to Yuki’s wound.

The vampires stalked Yuki and they arrived at Sae’s place.

Sae managed to hide Yuki in a safe place, but then the vampires took him away as a replacement for the raven girl.
Shinoda forced Sae to tell him where Yuki’s hiding.
But Sae kept his mouth shut.

Not long after, Shinoda sired him.
And he never come back to his apartment again after that.

The police couldn’t find Sae’s body. They declared the case as a homicidal.

Yuki’s drowning in sorrow, wandering around the town, searching for Sae.
But she never found him.
Not until she met Sae’s little sister in a town, far away from here.

Six month later, Sae’s parents got killed by another vampires, leaving Sae’s little sister alone in this wild, wild world.
With a few money left, Sae’s little sister decided to move to another city, and she’s making friends with some weird hunter-girls
(a midget, a pervert-squirrel, and a geek) who likes to call themselves Three Musketeers.
Later, the four of them will become The Magnificent Four, the most fierce hunters in town.

Meanwhile, for two years, Yuki’s wandering around from one city to another city, trying to find a cure for her broken heart.

And then, when Yuki’s walking by a town, she met a cute teenage school girl who was trying to steal her purse.
The attempt failed, and Yuki almost throw the little thief to the jail.

But it was just the beginning of our lovely Mayuki story.

Because then Yuki saw that little thief is wearing the same necklace as Sae’s, and then Yuki decided to stay with that girl, watching her, and taking care of her.

And then they both will meet Sae once again, in his inhuman form.

And so the story goes, between Yuki and the little thief/swindler.



The Raven’s still sleeping soundly in her room.
So quiet and peaceful. Not even a single, slightest move.

A smile curved on her lips, while her eyes still shut.
She’s dreaming of that boy, for the last time.

Dream away.
Dream away.
What a pleasant dream she has.

And now, in her dream, she’s saying goodbye to that boy.


And then she opened her eyes.
She felt something soft pressing her lips.

Mayu   : “Yuki-chan, wake up. You’ve been sleeping too long.”

The Cyborg kissed Yuki’s lips gently.

Yuki smiled, and hold the Cyborg’s head, and return the kiss.

Yuki    : “I miss you, Mayu.”
Mayu  : “Well, just dream of me whenever you miss me.”
Yuki    : “Okay, I’ll dream of you, starting from tonight.”

Mayu fall upon Yuki on her bed, and they continued their passionate kiss.


(Goodbye, Miyazawa Sae.
I guess I’ll never see you again, not even in my dream.
This would be the last time I saw you.
And thank you, Sae, for being a part of my life, eventhough it’s just for a short of time.

Goodbye my old love.
And welcome my new love.)



I did write this chapter several weeks ago.
But for some reasons, I can’t post this SaeYuki chapter before finishing MaYuki story-arc & hot-scene in Love Spell.
I guess a spiral, nonlinear timeline would be better for this chapter.

I know most of us here still feel sad and depressed.
But I hope this chapter can be a little joy to lighten up the mood.

@ oddball: I hope you like this little surprise. We can't bring Sae back to life in this fic. So hence the special chapter (a flashback).
@ someone who request this: I hope you like our SaeYuki here.
@ All readers: Thanks for reading, and thanks for encouraging me to continue this fic.

And don’t worry, Atsumina Kai/Atsuko special chapter will be coming up next.
It will be a history (flashback) about Shinoda, Acchan, and her mother (Maimai); when Acchan was still a human, and how Shinoda sired Acchan.

But it will be a hard chapter for me to write.
So, I guess I’ll see you several weeks from now.
Gotta back to what we call ‘life’, labs, and paperworks now.
I'm afraid I can't update this fic on a regular basis anymore.

Please comment, eventhough I know we're not in the mood right now..... :kneelbow:

*merge back into shadow *

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
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Gosh i still have a lot to read!  XD

i like the body swapt (i don't think is well written but whatever..!) :grin:

i also miss get in my way!  :D

hey is going great..keep up the good work!  :thumbsup


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Gosh i still have a lot to read!  XD

i like the body swapt (i don't think is well written but whatever..!) :grin:
i also miss get in my way!  :D
hey is going great..keep up the good work!  :thumbsup

Hey........Boss, you're alive!!
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Glad you like the BODY-SWAP..... :grin:
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Thank you for your support....... :bow:
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wow amazing story.. behind of that was a love story aww saeboy...

I think you should use this photo for introduce him :D

im waiting forever for kojiyuu and atsumins :D
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