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comment time!!!!

Lol at Mayu's reasoning, not sure if Yuki will see it quite the same way Mayu has, but then I suppose at the end of the day Mayu will always be Mayu!  :nervous

Man Yuki and Geki's battle moving into the epic category now! Still it's odd in a way the way that Geki is enjoying it, sure, this is Geki, I get that she loves to fight and stuff, and have a challenge but maybe with Yuki there is also something else? Possibly because she is the strongest human Geki has faced or that, as I have said before, she does sort of like Yuki in her own way but it seems as though this is like the fight Rena had with Acchan.......

But then she attacks Yuki's boobs?!?  :panic: man hat a weakness for poor Yuki to have, well at least Jurina finds it funny, but what it leads too......

Man Mayu was pretty strong, holding up against Jurina attacks about her brother and Yuki and Ume, I suppose it shows how Mayu has matured, but also that she has that much trust in her and Yuki's love, the trust that Yuki now has Mayu in her heart, and whilst Sae will also be there, Mayu is the girl who Yuki is now fully committed to and loves, that can give Mayu the strength she shows here.

But what she say back to Jurina, man after reading the part about the past I think we can say that Mayu pretty much bang on hit the weak point in Jurina's defence like no-one else has ever done before and it really has effected Jurina too, that part of her life that hurts like no other and boy does it get Jurina angry and Mayu is definatly scared alright though the way she got Jurina reacting I think anyone would be scared, however it's when Jurina lets her go that interesting, when Mayu is thinking that her words must of really hurt Jurina, I just think it's shows that Maybe Mayu was a litlle sorry for what she said to Jurina....

Back to Yuki and Geki...... wait what?!?! Yuki though Geki was cute  :O where did that come from (well Rena is cute, but, well you know.....) and she has to repeat to herself that Geki, isnt cute, hmm interesting......

But man, when Geki truly snaps here at the end it's pretty darn frigtening, she even punched through a wall!!!
but just when it seems as though Yuki is in real throuble.......

Geki feels déjà vu.

She has done something like this before, a long time ago.

Beating up a person close to her, a girl that she loves.

She's remembered Airi, Oh lord, this may well change everything (and not just for her too but also for Jurina!) but it's interesting to see this happen with Yuki, I wonder how much of Rena's memories have come back, and indeed if Rena might well think their is a connection with these memories and Yuki! (now that would be interesting) but the way this is phrased, that she has beaten up someone she was close to before, surely she is not so close to Yuki? But then maybe......  :wub:

When Jurina sees Geki's state we perhaps see something very telling about how she feels now about Geki, that she rushes to her side to care for her as the moment she most wanted to happen does happen we see Jurina caring for, instead of getting revenge on, Rena..


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I made MaYuki win against WMatsui in the latest fight.
But next time I will make WMatsui win and kick MaYuki's ass.
I have decided WMatsui will have a happy ending.
And they will have the biggest laugh, and biggest victory against their enemies.
For WMatsui shipper, please keep on reading, because it will be a long journey until WMatsui become the winner and get a happy ending.

And I'm sorry about the chestbutt.
That is indeed crazy, and kinda sick too.  XD

@ miyumi:
    What? You were betting on this fic?  :w00t: I never thought there would be an actual betting because of this fic.... :lol:
    I'm sorry I made you lost your bet :(. But don't worry, WMatsui will win at the end.
@ blackstar:
    Rena will get her memories back, in the most awful and horrible way.  :twisted:

@ masokun:
    Oh, I see, win-win solution for love life.
    Actually I've been thinking of that too.
    Let's make our hunters' love life got twisted sometimes in the future, while the vampire's love life getting better for once.
    And yes, we see Jurina and Mayu's battle is settled with this kind of war (mind games, word war).
    I see you're an Airin oshi, and also RenaAirin shipper.  :inlove:

@ epiclulz:
    WMatsui passionate kissing scene (with tounge) still has yet to come.  :wub:
    I don't want to bring out my heavy weapons all at once.
    Congratulation for you 100th post and thank you for posting here.  :heart:

@ kurogumi:'s the spanking scene you've been waiting so long.  XD

@ bunny_rabbit:
    I'm happy you can read my mind, bunny-san!!  :D
    If Yuki leave Mayu for Rena, the pairing would be YukiRena and MayuJurina..... XD
    Yeah, Jurina still has to learn how to cool herself.
    But...but.....tearing Cyborg's heart out LITERALLY?   Bwahahaha......that's scary.  XD

@ magicoflove:
    Idol smoking is cool, trololol  :lol:.....Just kidding.  :P

@ mo-chan:
    Knowing me, you might have guessed that I will make Jurina actually fight Mayu, in a real physical fight, someday in the future.  :roll:

@ ChuuuPuffss:
    Hello new reader  :). Here come Mayuki spanking scene.... XD

@ msst28:
    Yup, oddball's comment gave me the idea of MaYuki winning by DQ.

@ Pwety:
    This time Yuki win, but next time I'll make Geki beat Yuki again.  :twisted:

@ LeNosferatu:
    Ah, you don't have to envy me, Eru-san. We both are dumb authors. A dumb author doesn't envy another dumb author.  :lol:
    Yep, that's how I want Julio's character to develop: being skeptic in love. She's hurt and she wants everyone to hurts like her.
    I miss SasshiRabu and KojiYuu too :cry: . As soon as I finish with this arc, I'll try to write something about them.
    Hey, it was because you spamming me with RenaAirin's pics earlier, you've turned me into RenaAirin shipper! And now I want Airin to come back to live.  :panic:
    Yea, Yuki in motorbike would be so cool. Be patient okay? Yuki will have to learn how to ride it first.  :lol:
    That chestbutt, only Geki would be crazy enough to do that to her wife.  XD
    Geki can't feel the pleasure of making love? Let's see if more of this will come up in the future.
    And there, you keep bombing me with RenaAirin virus.  XD

@ kahem:
    Jurina will love Rena, eventhough it'll take a long time before she realize it.
    I'm a WMatsui shipper, of course I will make a happy ending for them.
    So, you still want to fight with me? Okay then....I will serve you right, kahem.  :twisted:
    ** busy fighting with kahem-san **

@ oddball:
    Yes, Mayu will always be Mayu. Yuki will always be Yuki. Jurina will always be Jurina, etc etc.... It's running in their blood already.  XD
    There will be several fights more of Yuki vs Geki before they finally hug each other.
    You see, that's the reason why I need to put JuriChuri's last meeting on the special mini-chapter before I write Mayu/Jurina battle in the present time.
    So that we can imagine how Jurina's feeling when Mayu attacked her with harsh words.
    I thought even in Gekikara mode she's always been so cute.
    Now oddy, who do you think is the strongest between Yuki vs Geki?

And here I present the hot spanking scene.  XD
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@ mo-chan:
    Knowing me, you might have guessed that I will make Jurina actually fight Mayu, in a real physical fight, someday in the future.  :roll:
I never saw a physical fight of Mayu/Jurina I wonder who will win if they make it  :dunno:
@ Pwety:
    This time Yuki win, but next time I'll make Geki beat Yuki again.  :twisted:
I can't wait for it  :kekeke:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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@ mo-chan:
    Mayu/Jurina physical fight will be interesting..... :roll:
    And no, I'm not referring to their fight in Majisuka 2.



Part 5. MaYuki Spanking Scene

It was already late at night when Jurina arrived at the mansion.
She was carrying Geki on her back, since the older vampire was still in a heavy turmoil and unable to walk by herself.

Jurina was half running on their way home.
Having an athletic body and always been the sporty type, she doesn’t have any problem running while carrying someone on her back.
She’s even a bit surprised to realize just how light and fragile Geki’s body had become.
It’s as if Geki suddenly lost her weight after her fight with the raven, or to be exact, after the brief déjà vu that caused the fight to end.

Geki’s condition herself was quite bloody and battered.
Not that it’s unusual sight of her, because she often comes home like that, with blood covering her body, whether it’s her enemies’ blood or her own blood.

But now is different as she was also half conscious, leaning herself on Jurina’s back.
Usually she would come home still alive and kicking, no matter how bloody and battered she is.

Entering the mansion, several underlings stared at them with a curious look.
They offered their help, but Jurina refused, saying she alone was enough to take care of Geki.

Jurina and Geki met Shinoda on the stairway.

“What happened with Geki?” asked Shinoda, obviously he was pretty shocked to see Geki in that condition.

Gekikara was Shinoda’s most favourite girl.
She’s the strongest one, and also the most faithful to Shinoda.
If something happen to her, Shinoda would worry the most.

“Jurina, what happened with her?” Shinoda asked again, following the girls to their room.

“Nothing. Just having a fight as usual,” answered Jurina as she put Gekikara on her bed.

“But she never got beaten up like this before.” Shinoda stared at Jurina, asking for explanation.

“Well, apparently, this is the first time she got beaten.” Jurina simply answered.

Jurina’s eyes and Shinoda’s eyes met each other.

(Jurina POV: Your control over Rena is getting weaker now, Shinoda. Her memories is getting back at her. I wonder if you have realized this already or not. And if you have, what are you going to do, Shinoda?)

“Geki won’t let herself get knocked out. Unless she loses her focus or something,” said Shinoda, now with a worried look in his eyes.

“Well, she snapped for a second, if that’s what you mean,” answered Jurina.

“Snapped? Can you tell me more clearly, why and how did she snapped?” Shinoda become more worried.

“I don’t know, Shinoda. She just snapped, as if she was trying to remember something. I don’t know what it is.” Jurina lied.

“Okay,” Shinoda nodded, hoping Jurina was telling the truth.
“But still, no one has ever knocked Gekikara before. Whom did she fight?”

“She fought Yuki.”

Shinoda’s face changed into a serious mode when Yuki’s name being mentioned.

“That girl again,” he rubbed his chin. “Is she that strong? How could she beat Gekikara?”

“No, she's not that strong, Shinoda. If only Gekikara didn’t snapped, I’m sure we would have won this fight.”

“I see,” said Shinoda.

Shinoda was relieved to know that Gekikara did not actually lose to Yuki. She just lost to Yuki because she snapped in their fight.
But Shinoda also worried about Gekikara having snapped. It means his control over Geki has weakened.

“I’m gonna take care of her wound,” Jurina said, looking at Geki who’s still sleeping on her bed.

“Okay.” Shinoda said and left the room.

Jurina took a wet towel and started cleaning up Geki’s wound while the later was still sleeping soundly.

Seeing Geki’s covered in blood, however, has made Jurina feel pity.
What a waste, a cute face like that to be covered with blood, bruises, and other wounds.

Sometimes, only sometimes, Jurina would find Geki in her cutest form.
Having her memories stolen away from her, Geki didn’t know anything about her sins in the past, thus she didn’t feel any regret.
All Geki know was just happiness.
Her life with Shinoda was nothing but paradise.

Shinoda had given her paradise and sanctuary.
Indeed, what Shinoda has been doing all this time is protecting Rena from herself.

And how Jurina was so angry about that.
All Jurina wanted was for Rena to remember all the sins she had done, so that Rena would live her life in a deep remorse.
Jurina wanted Rena to realize just how pathetic she was.

Matsui Rena should be punished, because she had killed so many people and done so many bad things in her past life.
It was just so unfair to have Rena forgot about those things, and continue to live happily.

That’s what Jurina was thinking about Rena when for the first time she realized why the other Matsui didn’t seem to remember her.
Jurina hated Rena so much.
But with Shinoda taking care of them, Jurina decided to hide and put her hatred aside.

Shinoda didn’t know about Jurina’s relationship and personal hatred against Rena.
For all this time, Jurina has been acting in front of Shinoda, pretending that she loves Rena.
It was just a make-believe.
But they all believed it.

Jurina had been acting for a long time.
Too long, that she herself often gets carried away by her own acting, and she would forget that she was only pretending.
She pulled her act very well that sometimes she herself was not sure whether she’s just pretending or not.

And after pretending over a century, Jurina knew that she had become the best actress in this world already.
Practice makes perfect, they said.
And she’s been practicing for 160 years.
She’s a perfect player now.
She can play any kind of game, whenever she wants.
She can play anything, be anyone, and get everything she wants.

* back to Matsui scene *

Jurina finished cleaning up Geki’s wound.
She stared at the sleeping princess whose eyes were still closed, lying on the bed.

Jurina put the wet towel on the table next to the bed.
She saw a knife and a fork on that table, which were used for peeling and eating fruits.

Slowly, Jurina took the knife and hold it with her right hand.
She flipped the knife several times, spinned it around her fingers.

And she couldn’t help but thinking, how easy it was to stab Gekikara when the later was sleeping, unaware of her surrounding.

There’s a voice inside Jurina head, telling her to stab the sleeping psycho vamp.
(Stab her…..Kill her now…..)

Jurina kept holding the knife, ready to stab it right into Gekikara’s chest.
Now it’s just a few inches away before that knife makes its way into the vampire’s flesh.

But then Jurina halted.
(No, I can’t kill her…..Not right now…..)

Jurina had been in situation like this a thousand times before, alone in this room with Gekikara sleeping beside her.
If Jurina wanted to stab and dust Gekikara with knife/sword, she would have done that since a long time ago, when there’s nobody around except the two of them.

But no.
Killing Geki is the last thing Jurina would want to do.
She just wanted Geki to get her memories back, thus turning Geki's life into a living hell.

Jurina wanted Geki to realize just how miserable and pathetic her life was, and how bad she was as a person.

Jurina wanted Geki to realize that she was a monster, a serial killer whose sins cannot be forgiven.
She wanted Geki to live and suffer.

So, realizing that she couldn’t kill Geki right now, Jurina put the knife back on the table.
And then she stared at the cute sleeping face.
Geki’s face was indeed very cute, with or without blood covering her face.

Jurina continued cleaning up Rena, putting some bandage on her.

And once again, Mayu’s harsh words come into her mind.

(Damn that Cyborg!!!
How dare she said those things to me…!!!
I hate to admit it, but she’s right.
I will never grow old.
I will stay forever 15.

As much as I hate Rena for stealing me away from Akane, I also hate her for making me a vampire way too early.
She should’ve waited until I reach 20 before asking Shinoda to sire me.
Being forever 20 is much more fun than being forever 15.

And now after she ruined my adult life, she’s living her life without burden at all.
This is so unfair...!!!
She just makes me forever a jailbait.
And she can’t feel pain too.
For all those sex and love-making she’s had with me, she still can’t feel anything.
Someday I will introduce her to pain.
I’ll teach her how to feel pain…..

And that Cyborg too……
Damn….she’s smarter than I thought.
She’s weak but has a sharp mind and sharp tounge.
She thinks by having Yuki with her, she has all the love in the world.
She thinks she’s lucky.
She thinks their love is the greatest thing.

No, Cyborg……
Love is misery.
Love means pain and tragedy.
Love hurts….much.
Maybe I should teach you that too…….

This time I let you win.
But next time you’ll be the loser.)

Jurina kept drowning in her own monologue.

After 160 years living her (un)life, Jurina had lost her faith in love.
She did not believe in love anymore.

Now she just lives to reach her dream: to take Shinoda’s position after he dies.
She knew Shinoda was looking for a successor.
And she was sure that she’s the best candidate to hold the candle of Shinoda clan.

When Jurina ever gets that throne, she will have the ultimate power.
Even then, Lord Matsui Rena will have to obey her with an absolute loyalty.

And the interesting part will begin right from there.
She will have a full control of Rena.
She will make Rena as her slave.
She will make Rena’s life miserable.

And now, with the memories slowly getting back at Rena, Jurina knew she’s already close to her goals.
Those memories will make Rena suffer.
And then Jurina will come to Rena, saying that she loves her, and then breaking her in the end.

But sometimes Jurina wonder, what is the difference between love and hate.
Because after years passed by, her hate towards Rena had turned into some kind of addiction.
And Jurina was afraid, that maybe addiction can sometimes turn into love.

Jurina hated to admit it, but maybe Cyborg was right.
Maybe she should start learning how to love Geki, because maybe Geki was the only thing she can get for her pathetic life.

Why, oh why, a vampire’s love life has to be this pathetic?



It was already late at night when Mayu and Yuki arrived at their apartment.
They had to spend an hour to clean up the mess at Mayu’s school before they went home.
But still there are some things that they could not repair: broken windows, broken chairs, etc.

Yuki   : “Mayu, I’m sorry for causing such a mess in your school. Let’s see what I can do to make it up for you tomorrow, okay?”

Mayu : “It’s okay, Yuki. We’re both tired now, so let’s just worry about it later.”

Actually, Mayu didn’t really care about the mess, because right now she’s feeling happy after she won 25000 yen from her bet with Jurina.

They entered Yuki’s room.

Mayu : “Let me clean up your wound first, Yuki. It was a bloody fight you had with her just now.”

Mayu took Yuki’s hand and examined it.
And looking at the bruises on Yuki’s knuckles, Mayu couldn’t imagine how much damage Yuki had caused on Geki after punching the vampire’s face so fiercely and repeatedly.

Luckily this time Yuki didn’t get too many bruises on another parts of her body, thanks to Geki snapped and backed down in that fight.
If Geki didn’t snapped, Yuki’s condition would’ve been worse than this.

Mayu carefully put bandages on Yuki’s hands, and was smiling while she’s doing that.

Yuki  : “Why are you smiling, Mayu-chan?”
Mayu : “What? Err….No, I’m just glad to see you win this fight.”

Yuki   : “I thought you don’t like fights.”
Mayu : “You’re right, I don’t. But I like it when you win.”

Of course there’s another reason why Mayu liked it.
But Yuki didn’t know it.

After finished working with the bandage, Mayu stared at another part on Yuki’s body.

Mayu: “Yuki, does your b**bs still hurts?”
Yuki  : “No.”
Mayu: “Are you sure, Yuki? Let me check-----“        * extend her hand, willing to touch Yuki’s boobs *
Yuki  : “I SAID NO.”                                              * glared, slapping Mayu’s hand *
Mayu: “Yuki, I just want to help.”
Yuki  : “No, you just want to have skinship with me. And I won't give you that tonight.”
Mayu: *nudge, nudge*      “Come on Yuki, let me do it. I’m good at massaging. You’ll enjoy it, I promise you.”
Yuki  : “I said no, Cyborg. Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

(Yuki POV:
Oh damn, it still hurts much!!
That Psycho has really got me wound up.
Just remind me to wear an armour and chest protector whenever I get into a fight with Geki again.

[Anzai POV: Hmm….hmm……Imagining Yuki with an armour and chest protector and motorbike….. :roll:…..]

Yuki   : “I’m okay. You can leave now. Thanks for the bandage.”

Yuki gestured Mayu to get out.

(Mayu POV: Yuki, did you just reject me? Why are you being so cold to me?)

Mayu get up and walked out the door.
She couldn’t help but wonder, maybe what Jurina said is true.

Slowly and slowly, Jurina’s words penetrating into her mind.

(Yuki, if it was my brother asking you, would you reject him too? Or did you always give him what he wants?
 Was he really good in bed? Can I do the same thing like he did to you?
 Yuki, what do you think of me?

It's funny that both Mayu and Jurina were pretty much affected by each other’s words, even without they knowing it.



Rena opened her eyes slowly, finding herself lying in Jurina’s arms.

“Rena-chan, you’re awake.”

Rena didn’t answer. Her eyes still seemed distance and looking at the far away.

“Rena-chan, are you feeling okay now? Are you still in pain?” Jurina asked worriedly.

“My head hurts.” Rena touched her head which now feels like it’s gonna explode.

Jurina put her hand on Rena’s head, and gave a gentle massage at it.

“It’s okay. Here, drink this.” Jurina gave Rena a glass of water.

Jurina waited patiently until Rena finished drinking.

“Rena-chan, tell me what happened. Why did you snapped?”

Rena shook her head, feeling hesitate to tell Jurina.

“Come on, Rena, just tell me.”

Jurina put her arms around Rena, willing to make her warm and secure.

“I saw a dungeon,” Rena finally said, with a sad voice and a blank face.

“And I saw that girl again. Her name is Airi.” Rena continued.

Jurina sighed.
(I know. That must be her.)

“She was tortured……..She’s dying……..” Rena started panting, her heart’s also beating faster, and her body was shaking uncontrollably.

“They’re going to kill her……..Jurina, we must save her. Save her now, please, Jurina……” Rena’s crying like a frightened little girl now.

Jurina kept hugging Rena tightly.
It always amazed her, how Rena can changed her mode so fast.

Just an hour ago, Rena was fighting like a crazy, maniac, psychotic fighter, in her Gekikara mode.
But now Rena's crying like a baby.

“It’s okay, Rena-chan. You were just dreaming.” said Jurina.

“No, Jurina. I’m not. I know she’s real…..You must believe me…..We must save her…..”

“Okay, okay, Rena-chan.…….Don’t worry, we’ll save her…….She’ll be fine…..”

They hugged each other for another long minutes, until Rena stopped crying and she can pull herself together again.



“That girl……Is she already dead? Did I kill her? What have I done to her?” Rena asked, seemed confused and drowning in turmoil.

Jurina could only silent, unable to answer that question.

Rena only remembered the girl’s face and name, but she failed to remember other things including their master-servant relationship, her cruel father, and the massacre that had killed Airin.



Yuki got a phone call from Mayu’s school.

“Hello, can I talk to Ms. Kashiwagi Yuki?”

“Yes, this is her.”

“Ms. Kashiwagi, this is from XXX High School. I’m Principal Koizumi. Can you meet us today at my office? We have something important to discuss about Watanabe Mayu.”

Yuki knew it must be about the fight she had at Mayu’s school last night.

“Okay. I will come this afternoon.” Yuki hanged up the call.


In the afternoon, Yuki arrived at Mayu’s school.
She headed directly to Principal Koizumi’s office.

“Ms. Kashiwagi-san, please come on in.”

Yuki saw Mayu’s already there, sitting on a chair in the principal’s office room.

The Principal welcomed Yuki and asked her to sit.

Yuki glanced at Mayu.
They both knew what’s this going to be about.

“Good morning, Ms. Kashiwagi. I’m sorry for this sudden call. Our student here, Watanabe Mayu, had caused a trouble last night. We knew she’s been living alone without her family. But today Watanabe-san informed me that she’s currently living with a family who’s now taking responsibility of her. And she gave me your number, Ms. Kashiwagi-san. So, what’s your relationship with Watanabe? Surely you’re not her mother because you’re still look too young to be her mother,” said the principal.

“I’m her cousin. We’re not closely related, but we’re family. And yes, she is under my responsibility right now.” Yuki answered.

“I see. It’s good to see someone watching her. We’re pretty much concern about Watanabe. She really needs someone to guide her. Someone whom she can look up to. And I’m sure you can set good examples for her, Ms.Kashiwagi-san,” the Principal smiled at Yuki.

Yuki nodded and smiled back.

Meanwhile, Mayu seemed bored, not paying much attention about her current situation.
She’s been used to this, spending her days listening to Principal’s lectures about punishment and reward.
Before Mayu met Yuki, she was a rebellious student, despite having a smart brain.
Everyone in this school knew Mayu was a swindler, thief, liar, gambler, pickpocketer, class-skipper, otaku, pervert, etc.

Cyborg’s already been used to any kind of punishment: detention, suspension (from school), even the horrible spanking (from Yuki).
Nothing can scare her anymore.

Principal Koizumi cleared his throat and continued.

“Watanabe had been causing a lot of troubles in this school. We have a record of her delinquent acts including her punishment, from two years ago since she entered this school.”

Yuki took the paper and read it.
It was a long record.
A long history of Cyborg’s criminal records and delinquent behavior.

Yuki glanced and stared frowning at Mayu.
(Mayu-chan….I can’t believe you had caused this much troubles before.)

Yuki remembered the first time she met Mayu, she almost got her purse stolen by this little thief.
This Cyborg is really a trouble maker.

Principal: “That is the history. Lately she’s been doing good, and well-behaved. But…….”

Of course, readers, there will always be a BUT.

Principal: “But, last night there was a big fight in this school, causing a pretty huge damage. And we believe Watanabe was involved in this fight, because our security guard had spotted her staying very late in school last night. He spotted Watanabe-san walking around in between 7 PM and 9 PM, along with the damages in the classroom, hallway, and our schoolyard.”

Yuki was dumbfounded.
(Oh God……I knew this would turn out like this…..)

Mayu was also dumbfounded.
Apparently, the security guard had spotted her here last night, but fortunately he failed to spot Yuki.

Principal: “We knew Watanabe had got involved with some yankees since a year ago, doing delinquent acts and such. Therefore, judging by this fact and evidence, we conclude Watanabe must know something about this fight, or worse, she might get involved in this. The damage was pretty severe. And we are determined to get into the bottom of this.”

Mayu and Yuki were still dumbfounded, unable to react.

Principal: “So, Watanabe, please tell us everything you know about what happen last night.”

Mayu stuttered: “I saw…….a fight……….”

Principal: “It’s a fight, indeed. But who was fighting last night?”

Mayu     : “It’s a vampire……..and uhh…….”
Principal: “Okay, vampire….and?”
Mayu     : “Me. I was fighting vampires last night.”
Principal: “Well, Watanabe-san, when you accidentally ruined our school’s property last year, you also said it was vampires’ doing.
                It’s hard for us to take your words without evidence this time. If you want us to believe you, then you will have to provide us the proof.”

Mayu bit her lips.
How the hell she can prove it?
There were no vampire’s dusts left here in this school last night, because they didn’t dust any.

Principal: “Besides, the damages were too huge. It’s impossible for you to cause this mess alone. Were you getting help from some yankee friends to fight another yankees? I need their names, Watanabe-san, so that I can ask the police to arrest them, and then we can talk about your punishment.”

Mayu kept silent.
Principal: “Give me their names, Watanabe. If they’re yankees and outsiders, I will sue them and have them arrested.”

Mayu stared at Yuki.
(Yuki, I can’t tell him that it was you who’s fighting here last night, can I?
I can’t imagine you being sued for this. The damage was too huge.
I know you don’t have that much money to pay for the loss, Yuki.)

After thinking for a minute, Mayu decided she’ll be taking the blame, in order to protect Yuki’s image and reputation as a good citizen.

“I don’t know their names…….” said Mayu.

Yuki stared at Mayu.
(Cyborg, what are you doing? Are you trying to protect me?)

Mayu stared back at Yuki.
(Yuki, don’t worry. I’ll handle this for you. Don’t say anything, and just play along with me.)

The principal seemed to lose his patience now.
He raised his voice.

“Watanabe-san, I’m serious. Please be cooperative. If you keep playing around, then I will have to do a further investigation until I can get to the bottom of this. This is no small case. I will make everyone whoever involved in this fight, to pay for this horrible loss. If you won’t cooperate, I’ll make sure you get full suspension for a month, and your scholarship will be canceled,” the Principal threaten Mayu.

Yuki felt worried now.
(Oh no, I just caused my Cyborg in a big trouble.
I can’t just sit here doing nothing while she’s getting punished for something that she didn’t do.
It wasn’t her fault…….It’s my fault.)

Yuki could not hold it anymore.
She opened her mouth, ready to spill the truth.
But then she felt Mayu’s foot stepping hard on her foot, giving her a signal to halt.

(Yuki, let me handle this. Everything will be fine.)
Mayu gave a meaningful stare at Yuki again.

Mayu     : “It was me alone with the yankees. Now give me my punishment. I will take it, as long as you don’t sue me or throw me to jail.”

Yuki stared amazed at the brave Cyborg.

“Mayu-chan…..” Yuki murmured.

She wanted to defend Mayu.
She knew it was her fault for fighting in Mayu’s school last night.

Yuki wouldn’t mind to pay for this loss, no matter how huge it was.
The only problem for Yuki is about her reputation.
She had declared herself to be Mayu’s guardian.
She had taken Mayu under her responsibility.
She should set a good example for Mayu, instead of fighting in school with some cute psycho vampire.

How are they supposed to tell the Principal, that it’s Yuki who was fighting here last night?
What will the Principal think, if he knew Yuki was the one who caused trouble for Mayu?
It will ruin Yuki’s reputation.
Nobody will ever trust her again, to be Mayu’s guardian.

Unable to provide any better solution, Yuki finally decided to play along with Mayu.

Yuki bowed deep in front of the Principal, apologizing from the bottom of her heart.

Yuki   : “We’re truly sorry, Mr. Koizumi-san. I’ll make sure this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.”

Yuki said as she promised to herself not to have a fight in Mayu’s school again.

The Principal, however, he showed mercy and decided not to cancel Mayu’s scholarship, and decreased Mayu’s punishment from full month suspension into detention only.

Long story short, Mayu had to do a public service duty at an orphanage and shrine, as her punishment.
She must serve one hour working in orphanage every day, for two weeks.
And then another two weeks working in a shrine, one hour every day.


Mayu and Yuki walked home together, feeling depressed after the punishment Mayu got from the Principal.

They arrived at their apartment, still feeling depressed and messed up.

Mayu entered her room.
Yuki followed her.

Yuki   : “Mayu, I’m sorry…….”

Yuki stared at the Cyborg with eyes full of regret, asking for forgiveness.

Mayu didn’t say anything.
She kept silent and maintained her blank face.

“Mayu-chan……” Yuki murmured, calling the Cyborg again.

Mayu turned herself, backfacing Yuki.

“Yuki……” Mayu said in a serious tone. “You almost got me suspended from school.”

“I know, Mayu…..I’m really, really sorry, okay?”

Mayu didn’t answer.

Yuki started to feel worried.
She’s worried if Mayu’s not willing to forgive her.

“Mayu-chan, I’m sorry…..” Yuki apologized again, feeling desperate.

Mayu turned her back, and now she’s staring deep into Yuki’s eyes.

“You know Yuki, everytime I break your rules, I always say sorry and apologize to you, but you still punish me anyway.”

“What? What do you mean, Mayu-chan?” Yuki startled.

“It’s not fair, Yuki.” Mayu said with a cold voice.


“You always punish me everytime I break your rules. You’ve spanked my butt so many times before.
 But now you break your own rules. And you just apologize to me? You think that’s enough, Yuki?”

Yuki was muted and dumbfounded.
She looked into Cyborg’s eyes, trying to find a sign that this Cyborg was just joking right now.

But no.
Cyborg was not joking.

Yuki sighed, biting her lips.

“So, you want to punish me or something?”

“I don’t know, Yuki. I just think you’re being unfair with me. You break your own rules and you think you can get away with it, with only a simple apology. That’s not fair, Yuki. I always ended up getting spanked, no matter how many times I apologized and begged you not to punish me. I asked for your compassion and forgiveness, but you still spank me in the end.”

Yuki smirked.
She knew what Cyborg wants.

“You’re right, Cyborg. I should be punished too.”

Yuki walked closer to Mayu.
Now she's standing right before the Cyborg.

“So how do you want to punish me?” Yuki asked.

“With our usual method, of course.” Mayu shrugged, turning her face, staring at the ceiling.

Yuki almost burst out laugh.
(What is this, Cyborg? You want to spank me? Are you serious?
You've spanked me once when I was in your body. And now you want to spank me again?)

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: For a continuation, please read Chapter 17. Body Swap]

Yuki was never a bad girl.
She has a clean record since primary school until high school.
She never got any detention and suspension from school.

She's never been grounded.
She never crossed the line, thus never gave her parents and her uncle a reason to spank her.

And now, the image of herself being spanked by a cute, little Cyborg is just hilarious.

Yuki stared at Mayu, hoping that Mayu will burst out laugh and say she’s just joking all the way.

But no.
Cyborg was not joking.
She seemed so damn serious, staring at Yuki with her blank face and void of emotion.

(Oh my…..This Cyborg is really serious. She really wants to spank me.
 I know it’s my fault and I owe her an apology. But a spanking? This is ridiculous.)

Yuki     : “Mayu, can we find another method for this punishment?”

Mayu   : “No, Yuki, we’ll use our usual method.”

Yuki feels hopeless.
She can’t do anything against this cold, cruel, revengeful, little Cyborg.

Indeed, Yuki has spanked Mayu’s butt so many times before.
And now it’s time for Mayu to get her revenge on Yuki.

Well, well, Cyborg’s going to enjoy this so much.

“Fine, spank me then……” said Yuki, sighing.

(Damn, last night my b**bs got attacked, and now my butt will get spanked by this irritating, little Cyborg…….)
Yuki thought in despair, cursing her poor self and poor luck.

Poor Yuki.
Poor her b**bs, and poor her b*tt.

Those two things were really Yuki’s weaknesses.

Yuki smirked.
She took off her jacket, leaving herself with only a shirt and jeans.
She also removed her belt.

“Use this,” she said as she gave that belt to the Cyborg.

And then Yuki moved closer to the wall.
She placed her both hands on the wall, as if she was pushing the wall.

She lowered her body, while keep backfacing Mayu.

“Okay, Cyborg, I’m ready!!” said Yuki, inviting Mayu to spank her using that belt.

Meanwhile Mayu, with Yuki backfacing her, she couldn’t help but trolling and grinning.
She’s been trying hard to hold her laughter all this time.
She just wanted to tease Yuki.
And she didn't expect Yuki to surrender this easily, giving her butt to be spanked by this Cyborg.

For a minute Mayu was standing there, staring at Yuki’s back and b*tt.
She raised that belt, ready to give Yuki her first spank.

Yuki was still facing and pushing the wall, waiting for the spank to come.

And she was shocked by the first strike which landed nicely on her back.
At first, it felt like burning, and she was jolted everytime she got hit by that belt.

But then she felt something cold on her back, giving her a strange sensation.
She felt as if she was electrocuted with a low voltage.

(Does spanking supposed to feels like this? Is it electrocuting?)
Yuki thought and wondered.

Yuki turned her face around, and she saw the Cyborg standing close behind her.

The Cyborg had stopped spanking, and now she’s slowly sneaking and placing her hands under Yuki’s shirt, touching Yuki’s smooth back.
And that’s when and how Yuki feels the strange sensation on her back.

“Mayu, what are you d--------?”

“Ssshhh……Don’t move, Yuki. You’re still being punished,” said the Cyborg coldly.

Yuki felt like shivering.
She couldn’t see what Cyborg was doing behind her, touching and groping her.
But she felt the sensation everytime Cyborg’s cold hands were making contact with her skin.

Yuki was frozen.
She couldn’t move.
She couldn’t breath.

She never thought her punishment would be this thrilling and exciting.
And she was surprised, to realize that she might actually enjoyed it.

Cyborg’s hands keep making its way, moving from down to top.

Sneaking her hands under Yuki’s shirt, Cyborg made sure she touched every inches of Yuki’s skin.
She started with Yuki’s waist and lower back, making Yuki jolted in shock due to her hand being cold.
And then the hand’s travelling up, feeling and caressing every muscle and backbone on Yuki’s back, giving it a gentle massage.

(What a smooth, perfect back.)
Cyborg perverted mind was taking over as her hands keep moving.

Now, her right hand moved to the front, making contact with Yuki’s bare stomach.
While her left hand was still busy travelling on the taller girl’s smooth back.

With Yuki backfacing her, she couldn’t see the frontside of Yuki’s body, but she can feel the flat, toned abs under that shirt, below those awesome b**bs.

Cyborg had always been admiring Yuki’s body since they first met.

She was fascinated with Yuki’s tall figure, long torso and long legs, slim waist, smooth skin, the flat toned abs which almost looked like a six-pack, perfect shoulder and collarbone, well-formed cleavage and b**bs, perfect amount of muscle in that body, and perfect of everything.

That’s how Mayu would give her definition about Yuki.

Next, Mayu detached the button on Yuki’s shirt, stripping Yuki off her shirt.
She grabbed Yuki and made her turn around to face her.

Once they face each other, Mayu buried her face on the crook of Yuki’s neck.

“You know, Yuki.” Mayu whispered to Yuki’s ear. “We always used an excuse everytime we kissed. I stole a kiss from you using CPR, and you stole a kiss from me while I was sleeping at the planetarium. And the love spell, Yuki, it was the worst excuse you ever used on me. You wanted to kiss me but you held back from doing so, until you think you’re under a love spell. Yuki, you’re really amusing, you know that?”

Yuki was blushing so mad, now that Mayu reminded her about their kissing incident in planetarium, and the hilarious incident with the “fake” love spell.

Mayu whispered again:
“But I want a real kiss now, Yuki. No CPR, no body swap, no love potion. No tricks, no magic, no pranks. No excuse. Just the two of us.”

“No excuse. I get it.” Yuki smiled.

"Come on, let's do it, Mayu-chan."

She lifted Mayu up, letting the younger girl clinging on her, wrapping arms around her neck and legs around her hips.

Still carrying Mayu, Yuki locked the door, and then moved to the bed.

She put Mayu on the bed.

Then she gets on top of Mayu and started removing Mayu’s clothes.

Mayu stared at Yuki.

(Yuki, I don’t care what you’ve been through together with Sae before.
I don’t care how good he had treated you in bed, or how many kisses you have shared with him, or how many nights you have spent with him.
You’re mine now, Yuki.
I can do much better than what my brother had done to you.
And I will love you more than he did.
This, I promise you, Yuki.)

Yuki and Mayu smiled at each other.
They continued their passionate kisses, smooching and embracing each other for the whole night long.

And this time, they’re doing it for real.
No trick.
No prank.
No spell.
No potion.

It's just Yuki and Mayu, and their hot, passionate, legendary spanking moment. XD



What the h*ll was that!!??
Mayu spanking Yuki??  :shocked
Well....I never said it will be Yuki spanking Mayu though....  XD

more importantly: WHEN YUKI AND MAYU GONNA SWAPPING BODIES?? <<<< broken capslock  :lol:
i kinda like the idea mayu spanking yuki  :shakeit: (i hope they do it once they get back in the real body lololol)

Congratulation, Eru-san, I just granted your wish…..XD

@ everyone:
     Feel free to make your wish and put it in your comments.
     And maybe, after a long time, I would be kind enough to grant your wishes….. :P
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Thank you!! Thank forever!! For make wmatsui happy ending!!! Finally!!

Ahhh im about to cry...

Jurina will love rena? So that mean rena the first one who love jurina,so jurina plan is succes..making rena fall for her (the real rena of course)


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make hot scene for wmatsui but... you cannot post here.. haha

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What was that?
What on earth that I just read?

omaiiga, Anzai-san.... SUPERB!!

[Anzai POV:
Hmm….hmm……Imagining Yuki with an armour and chest protector and motorbike…..Trololol…..]

Then Sasshi said, "Hey, stuffs and machine is my part okay, Yuki..stay away from that motorbike!!"

“She was tortured……..She’s dying……..” Rena started panting, her heart’s also beating faster, and her body was shaking uncontrollably.

AMAKUCHI??   :shock:
Ok, so the idea is making Gekikara to handle the fight and Amakuchi to handle Rena's story  :on kimbo:

Jurina hated to admit it, but maybe Cyborg was right.
Maybe she should start learning how to love Geki, because maybe Geki was the only thing she can get for her pathetic life.
yess..yess a lil bit more...come on..moree..moreeeee!!  :kekeke:

Please don't forget about other 2 vamp will ya..
please at least once make them happy  :cry:

Overall..I love this chapter
Not to mention Mayuyu spanking scene...  :oops:

Yes I'm renairin shipper... but wmatsui is okay.. as long as rena happy (?)

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Another amazing chapter as always anzai-san!  :luvluv1:

Ahh I want to know what happened to Geki!  :OMG:

But I also want to know what happens to Yuki.  :tantrum:

Ahh please update soon!  :pleeease:


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Guys, I'm sorry I accidentally erased the spanking scene.
The text I type was being cut/trimmed when I hit the Save button.
Fortunately, I always type it to MS Word first before putting it here, so I still have back up.

Please check the latest chapter again.
To make sure you read it right, I always mark the end of my chapter with a "TO BE CONTINUED...."

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  • Juritan! \(*ω*)/
when I read Jurina's POV it confuse me  :frustrated:
it's like she love and hate Rena at the same time how should I feel happy  :nya: or sad  :badluck:
when you said you will put a hot spanking scene of Mayuki I didn't think of Mayu spanking Yuki  :hiakhiakhiak:
I loved the spanking scene  :shy2:
 you're the best anzai-san  :on GJ:
Rena's memory are vague she doesn't remember all she seems even didn't remember Jurina  :dunno:
Jurina what are you going to do now  :stoned: :OMG:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Ano anzai-san
About jurina and rena kissing scene with tongue...i think you already write about that
If im not mistaken...(Im to lazy to check on previous chapter) it on the chapter when jurina and rena first introduce
Its happen when jurina luring the school girl and she meet rena and then juriboy kiss rena with tongue scene,its a little scene but still its kissing scene with tongue..LOL



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@ kurogumi:
   Yes, WMatsui happy ending. But you must be patient because it's still long way to go.
   In the meantime, I will make them suffer the most, before they reach their happy ending.

@ msst28:
    Should we wait until Jurina reach legal age first, before we wrote WMatsui hot scene?  XD

@ masokun:
    Ahahaha...I miss Yuki/Sasshi.  :lol:
    Yes, that's pretty much the idea of Rena/Gekikara/Amakuchi.
    The other 2 vamps? You mean TomoTomo?

@ miyumi:
    We're almost reaching Yuki/Geki climax. Keep on reading miyumi-san!  :D

@ mo-chan:
   Jurina is a very complicated & intriguing character.  :roll:
   I enjoyed writing about her so much.
   About Mayu spanking Yuki, I got that idea from Eru-san comment in Body-Swap chapter.
   Yup, Rena didn't remember anything about Jurina. She didn't even know why she asked Shinoda to sire Jurina. She just wanted Jurina to be with her.

@ kurogumi again:
    Thanks for reminding me.
    WMatsui first kiss was in Chapter 18. Party in the House - Part 1, but the kiss was too brief.  XD
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@ msst28:
    Should we wait until Jurina reach legal age first, before we wrote WMatsui hot scene?  XD

LOL 3 years to wait..   :shocked: :shocked:
just write somewhere else like LeNosferatu

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  • Pwety desu~ And my OTP: Mayuyukirin

Jurina you, you .... I don't know what to say. Why you want hurt Rena?  :banghead:*huhuhuhuhuhuhu* :fainted:

Rena's memory will be back soon :). What happens when it come back? :?

uhmmm the Speaking scene is just perfect! :wub: :inlove:

Mayu really speaking Yuki with a belt? wouooo This couple is really S :onionwhip:

Update Soon Please :peace:
Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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Wouhou!!! Spanking ftw!!!

Is not that I want to fight you but it's better than kissing and hugging xD

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save spot for comment
me read your mind? just being an empath, that's all :glasses:

anyway...this spanking chapter really a twist huh :hehehe:

and again I already guess this will happen...belive it or not, you give me a hint on the last part of previous chapter...

but, no matter how many times I re-read this spanking chapter I can't stop imagining rena is the one who did that to yuki...and for me it :on bleed:

She will have a full control of Rena.
She will make Rena as her slave.
She will make Rena’s life miserable.
yeah...rite, like you will able to do that jurina :bigdeal:

And now, with the memories slowly getting back at Rena, Jurina knew she’s already close to her goals.
Those memories will make Rena suffer.
And then Jurina will come to Rena, saying that she loves her, and then breaking her in the end.
do that,and she'll be the one who will break in the end,her plan will backfire on her... :kekeke:
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Oh god

My nose is bleeding. Can I sue you plz?

Omg you're gonna give wmatsui happy ending... I'm so happy...

Jurina, there's nothing wrong with being forever jailbait... It makes it all the more interesting. Ufufufufufu.

Rena doesn't feel anything during secks????!! Jurina, this proves to say that you're not good enough LOL

Mayuki scene is just so... S and M. Anzai-san, are you into S and M? With the Renairin scene and all that XD

Buttspanking with belt???!!! That must hurt...

So hawt.

Im going haywire now...

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I see what you did there, have caused a chaos in comments..  :lol: :lol:

Wait.. I've forgot about TomoTomo  :banghead: where are they?

The 2 vamp that I mention before, I mean it for Shinoda n Ume-chan..
but since Shinoda is a man, I don't have big expectation..
I'm curious about ume-chan.. you've successfully made her an antagonist. I can understand her anger, she's been through hardship, then in present time, she has to lost her love wonder she kept her hatred inside.
I see a similarity in her with Jurina..
Please work lil bit more for her will ya?  :cathappy:

*look twice*
wow, I've made a serious comment  :O

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yay you updated new chapter. I read it last night but i'm was spleepy so I can't comment.
ye, Mayu and Jurina were affected by each other's words. What will happen with Wmatsui when Rena's memories back?
About spanking scene..... I loveeeee it. so coolllll. They are really S, aren't they keke?
Looking forward for new chapter

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Wow... nice update here. I really want to know what will happen to Jurina and Rena after Rena got her memory back.

Mayuki finally get their action time :D