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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 257890 times)

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« Reply #1040 on: August 02, 2015, 03:43:58 AM »
Hey Anzai-san!! YOU ARE BACK!! YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!! I AM SO HAPPY! :cry: :cry:

I thought you are dead.....  :cry:

So anyway, again, I am happy that you are back with season 2!  :D

Hope this season 2 will have more action scenes, very much epic plot, and introduce new characters! :D /
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« Reply #1041 on: August 02, 2015, 04:06:40 AM »
Anzai-san!!! I can't believe you're back I thought we lost you!! Welcome back and please continue updating your fanfics!! I look forward to seeing more of your updates and stories!!!  :cathappy: :deco:

 :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

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« Reply #1042 on: August 02, 2015, 05:41:14 AM »
Wow Anzai-san, you really came back!!! I have just finished reading this fic and then I saw the new season! It's so good. I love it! Can't wait to see more about AtsuMina and the others <3 Please update soon!!!

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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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« Reply #1044 on: August 02, 2015, 06:03:09 AM »
Welcome back! More than excited to read your fic.
SNSD has some special appearance here.
Haruna and Acchan living together.
Can't wait for the possible new characters.
Thank you for continuing this fic.  :rock:  :panic:  :cow:
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Yatta!!!!! Season 2!!!!  :hip smile:

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wooow this epic legend fic.... finally season 2 is here!!!!
u know what.. i can't even remember how many times i re-read this aweeesoome fic  again n over again :) thankss lookin forward for ur update ofcourse ;)

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« Reply #1047 on: August 02, 2015, 01:21:10 PM »
Wow. I've a long time.
Your fic is great. I just join this forum not too long so glad to read it so much. :) hope you will continue it because its really interesting
Look forward ss2 ^^
WMatsui in my heart <3
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« Reply #1048 on: August 02, 2015, 04:19:22 PM »
OMG, anzai san! I can't believe you're back! My favorite fic got a second season! I wonder how big the flat is with so many people living in there now! And AKB has changed so much since last season too! I wonder who the new villain for this arc will be, and also any other pairings to enter this fic! Anyway, what's TomoTomo hiding? I'm curious! As usual, the chapter was fantastic and it's great that you gave some "flashback" scenes to remind us of what happened in S1. Please continue to update, ganbaree!!!

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« Reply #1049 on: August 04, 2015, 07:55:28 AM »
TomoTomo are still hiding...

Rena and Jurina are trying to find a powerful lord...

Are there even powerful Vampires apart from them?

Haruna and Atsuko are going to have troubles living together

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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« Reply #1050 on: August 04, 2015, 05:52:24 PM »
this is..miracle!! WOW YOU BACK!
GO! GO!  :cow: :cow: :cow:

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*comes back after one week and two days of vacation*

*akb48 fanfics opens up as a homepage on laptop*

*Saku-chan spots an unusual sight*

 :dunno: :on study: :stoned: :farofflook: :nya:

basically I rubbed mah eyes and reread the update twice cuz this legendary update cannot be happening and yet, OH WOW... I will not leave a proper comment, I'll stay a silent reader for a while because I am too busy to even finish comments for Kevin's fic or catch up on any other writers' works, but I just had to read yours!!!! (and still waiting for seigus-san's update T^T )


you know my faves in this one, right? *spazzes*  :wub: :wub: :wub:

gonna wait for your next update o/

*flees back to shadows in ULTIMATUM universe forest*
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« Reply #1052 on: August 05, 2015, 04:50:33 AM »
It must be a dream

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« Reply #1053 on: August 11, 2015, 01:48:09 PM »
I want to spaz and be happy, but I'll cut the spazzing out cuz I'm still in the middle of reading, but I'm definitely gonna be happy. :v Ahahaa, though I really need to reread the story since it's run out of my head except for stuff like: Airin is an unlucky bae. Whew, glad to see you back?


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« Reply #1054 on: August 19, 2015, 07:46:38 AM »
Ruka Kikuchi: Actually, I was planning to make Saeyaka in Season 1. As you see, Sae's already dead now. But I will find a way to make Saeyaka here. Please wait patiently.

bunny_rabbit: Yeah, I feel nostalgic too  :lol: . Your expectation will be fulfilled, Sir.

korin48: I'm still alive, yes. Just been a little bit busy. And yes, more action scene, more epic plot, and new characters.

miyumi: Yes I'm back!! Thank you! And stay tune!

tong99826: Atsumina will appear in next Chapter 4.


phoenix0i: When I was MIA from this forum, I try to make SNSD fic, but failed  :lol: . So I just make reference to them here.

Pokotan: Thank you for reread this!

vickystar: Thank you! And enjoy the Season 2!

saeyu: Honestly I don't know how much AKB has changed now. I haven't caught up with AKBfandom lately. I don't know who is still in the group and who has graduated. And I'm afraid to know XD . I bet you won't be able to guess who the new villain is. And here I'll give you more "flashback" in this Chapter 2.

cisda83: Yes there are more powerful vampires. Even more powerful than Shinoda.

chiqinna: I'm back!!!

sakura_drop_: I had to dig into several pages, only to found my thread get buried in page 10 or so.  :lol: . Thank you for being my loyal (silent) reader. Yes, of course, Yuko-sama will have more dominant role in Season 2 (compared with Season 1).

gek geki: Hey, wake up! *pinching*

Shinoki: Yes, you need to reread the story. Airin.... Her story is tragic. What am I gonna do with her?

mo-chan, Ricchan_Sawa, Elo, cmze, chocoyuki, 48matama, AcchanLeo: Thank you for reading.
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« Reply #1055 on: August 19, 2015, 10:37:23 AM »
This update is just a filler chapter. The goal here is to warm up our brains with the plots left from Season 1, in case you have forgotten the plot. This chapter will provide many flashbacks and references to the past, and it will give you nostalgic moments, especially JuriMayu moments.

I still recommend you to read Season 1 again. But if you don’t have enough time to re-read it (due to it’s being incredibly lengthy), I hope this chapter will fill you in.

Honestly, I myself have forgotten a few of important details in Season 1. I had to re-read this fic before I start writing the Season 2. And when I re-read it, I found that my writing is indeed very bad and full of mistakes (including the structure, grammar, vocabulary).

I know my fic has become the longest thread in this forum. I’m proud of that. I’m just not proud of my English skill. I apologize for the lack of grammar and structure, and also for the repetition of vocabulary. It’s been 4 years since I started this fic in 2011, and I feel that my English has still not improved. It’s not that I don’t want to improve. I just don’t have enough time to do that, really.

And where is oddball? I need my director for Season 2!!
Somebody summon oddball, please!!!  XD
And where are my producer, my cameraman, and my fighting-coreographer?
If they don’t show up, I’m gonna find a new director and recruit new crews for this season!

I think I have lost some of my readers here.
But hey, I also got many new readers, so I am happy.

Without further ado, here I present a Doctor Watanabe.
It's just another Mayu monologue.



“Are you sure this is the place?”

Two girls, dressing in brown long coats and high-knee boots, were standing in front of a building. The taller girl wore sunglasses, a pair of gloves, and a cowboy-hat that covering most of her face. Not even an inch of this girl’s skin was exposed to the sun which was shining brightly in that moment. As for the other girl, the shorter one, she was a bit more revealing without those sunglasses or gloves or cowboy-hat. Her pretty face can be seen clearly, radiating under the sunshine.

“Yeah, Johnny wrote it in his diary,” the shorter girl replied to the question, while still keeping her eyes on the building.

“But of course we cannot guarantee whether he’s telling the truth or not. You killed him before we get the chance to tug the information out of him,” she turned her gaze to the taller girl.

“I……I’m sorry Tomochin…….You know I did that to save you. He almost killed you that night!! He had a gun aimed at you, dammit!! How am I suppose to do back then?” the taller girl snapped back and raised her hand quickly to the shorter girl. But she stopped and shrieked in pain when a bit of her skin was exposed to the sunlight due to her sudden movement.

Letting out a sigh, Tomochin reverted her gaze back to the building.

“But Tomo~mi, you do know Johnny had information about my mother’s whereabout, right? You know I need that information to find my mother.”

Tomomi could not reply any further.

“Right. I’m sorry. It’s my fault………… But you know, I did that because I love you, because I didn’t want you to die. When I saw him pointing that gun at you, I couldn’t think of anything else. I just thought that I have to find a way to save you from him, and to save you from death.”

Tomomi approached Tomochin and held the girl’s hands close to her chest.

“Are you angry at me? Tomochin, please don’t…….”

Tomomi stared into the girl’s eyes, asking for forgiveness.

Tomochin let out another sigh, “No, I’m not angry. You saved my life, anyway. If it wasn’t because of you, I would’ve been dead that night. And I wouldn’t be here searching for my mother. Thank you, Tomo~mi.”

That words brought a smile of relieve on Tomomi’s lips.

“You know I will always be by your side. I will do anything at my power to help you find your mother. I promise you, Tomochin.”

Tomochin nodded smiled back at the taller girl.

“Okay, just wait here, I’m gonna go inside,” said Tomochin as she removed her hands from Tomo~mi’s grips.

Tomochin took a moment to kiss the ring she wore in her pinky finger. That ‘ring’. The ring that had connected Tomochin and Tomomi in a deeper relationship. The ring had become a prove of their faith on each other. They had shared this secret, and they had promised to kept this secret together, for as long as they could.

After kissing the ring and gave a meaningful stare at Tomo~mi, Tomochin stepped and disappeared into the building.

It’s been two weeks since they started their quest in searching for Tomochin’s mother. They had tracked down Johnny’s belonging that was left after he died: his notes, his diaries, the messages in his cellphone, etc., in order to collect any clues about Tomochin’s mother’s whereabout. They had been wandering around to several towns, tracking down Johnny’s friends and conducting some private investigation. They did not tell their friends (our hunter-girls) about their current situation. The only one who was very suspicious about TomoTomo, was their psychic gacaphin-friend a.k.a. Minegishi Minami.

And for the past few weeks, Tomo~mi had let Tomochin borrow her ‘ring’. That ring. The ring that had made her able to walk under the sunlight without getting burnt, thus allowing her to keep her vampirity as a secret. Indeed, no one else except Tomochin knows about Tomomi’s secret. And only Tomomi knows about Tomochin’s secret too of being vampire herself. Only three people who knew about the incident that night when Tomomi sired Tomochin. And that night, the third person, Johnny, was killed by Tomomi.

Tomomi kept standing there, waiting for Tomochin. She glanced at her watch to check the time. Suddenly her phone’s vibrating and she quickly checked her inbox. It was a message from Ryuji, the boy who had been friends with her since childhood. Unbeknownst to Tomomi, Ryuji had been her secret admirer for a long time. And thus Ryuji had a bad relationship with Tomochin.

From  : Ryuji
To       : Tomomi
Mesg  : Tomo~mi, where are you? I haven’t seen you for weeks. Your parents said you’re on vacation with Tomochin. Is that true? Is there something happen to you?

Tomomi’s thinking for a while before she typed a reply.

From  : Tomomi
To       : Ryuji
Mesg  : Yes, Ryuji, I’m on vacation with her. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. Thanks for worrying me.

She pressed the SEND button.

After fifteen minutes, Tomochin came out looking disappointed. Tomomi could tell it from the look in Tomochin’s eyes and the way her duck-lips curved into a pout.

“Do you find her?” she asked, although she could already guess the answer.

“No. The flat owner said that the woman living in this address already moved out several months ago.”

“Did they tell you where she had probably moved to? Any information? New address?” Tomomi asked again.


Tomochin could not hide her disappointment as she bit her lips as if she was holding a cry inside. It was a sight that Tomomi could not bear to watch. All Tomomi wanted to do right now is to pull the girl into her embrace and hold her tight, telling her that everything’s gonnabe okay.

“Don’t worry, Tomochin. We will find your mom.”

“How!!?? We don’t have the clues to lead us to her……”

“We will…..we will find a way…..” Tomomi said and sighed, as she herself was not sure about it.

They walked away from the building, headed straight to the subway station.



It’s a festival day in my school. Another busy day for me this year.
I am in changing room, staring at my own reflection in the mirror, and feeling satisfied with my costume.

“Mayu-senpai!! Omoooo……You’re so handsome…!!”  I heard someone squealing at me when I was walking down the stair in my school building.

I turned my head to see a girl, my junior, walking towards me, bouquet in hand. She seemed very ecstatic upon seeing me, she was hardly able to breath eventhough she was not running (or maybe she was?).

Who is this girl again? I don’t remember her name.
Not my fault. I have too many admirers, boys and girls.

I smiled at the girl, and I took the bouquet she gave me, and I pet her head.
She squealed again and jumped at me, kissing my cheek and hugging me like I was her boyfriend.

Am I really that handsome?
Boy, I can’t wait until Yuki come and watch my performance. She had promised me she would come today.

Last year, at this same place and the same time, it was Yuki who was doing danso in my body, when we had to go through the awful body swap incident. There was so much going on that day. Yuki told me she had planned to bring a little damage to me while she was in my body. She tried to be a bad girl back then, using my body. She wanted to see me getting punished later. She tried to cheat on my exam. But she backed down, because she couldn’t bring herself to ruin my future. She tried to ruin my drawings, but again she backed down and failed, because she didn’t have a heart to see me cry. She even poked Erepyon’s butt and got slapped for that. She thought by doing so, she could ruin my image and humiliate me in front of my friends, by putting a ‘butt-fetish’ sign on my forehead. But she didn’t know that I already wear that sign since a long time ago. When I was still in primary school, I was already famous for being a butt-fetish and my friends didn’t seem to mind it.

(AUTHOR NOTE: To get a full nostalgia about Mayuki, please re-read CHAPTER 17 BODY SWAP, click here)

Those were what happened last year.
I smiled as I reminisced all those crazy things that had happened to me and Yuki, and Sasshi too.

I continued walking to the school’s auditorium, and I heard students screaming and chanting my name as I entered the hall room and revealed myself in front of them.


Here I come.
The great, handsome Doctor Watanabe in action.

I remember last year, Yuki was also doing danso as Doctor Watanabe (as she was in my body). And this year, I decide to play the same character again, but I did some improvements on my makeup and put on a blond wig instead of black one. The ‘last-year-Doctor-Watanabe’ was cute and flawless. But ‘this-year-Doctor-Watanabe’ is handsome, more mature, manly, and cool.

Will Yuki fall in love with me again this year in this danso festival? I’m sure she will.
Nobody can resist me. I’m irresistable.

I stepped up to the stage and continued my acting as Doctor Watanabe, accompanied by my classmate who acted as my patient.

The chanting didn’t stop until I finished my act.
The audience were really went in frenzy.

I throw a kiss and shoot my finger at the audience.

And they chanted even more.
Their screams gets louder and louder, almost bring this house down.

I smiled wide at them.

Wait, where is she? Where is Yuki?
Is she here? Is she watching me now?

I turned my head around, searching for a certain raven girl.

And there I see her.
Standing in the middle of the hall room (because there’s no more seat left as this room was already very crowded).

She’s smiling at me, and I smiled back at her.
She couldn’t take her eyes off me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her either.
If only I were as crazy as Tomo~mi, I would have jumped on Yuki and kissed her right here, right now, in front of everyone, in this auditorium.

(AUTHOR NOTE: For more nostalgic moment about Tomo~mi jumping and kissing Tomochin in public, in a café, in front of everyone, please re-read the epic CHAPTER 19: LOVE SPELL, click here).

Okay, forget about TomoTomo. They’re crazy, dangerous, wild, mysterious, and all. But me and Yuki are not as crazy as them. Me and Yuki are tender, gentle, sweet, but sometimes we can be smexy under a certain circumstance. What kind of circumstance? Well, let’s see. First, there was a love-potion, which actually only exist in Yuki’s imagination, because in the end we realized there’s no potion at all. Next, me and Yuki had a hot, passionate moment after I spanked her with belt, after she got into a fight with Geki in my school, and their fight caused a huge damages and I had to take the punishment from the principal for Yuki.

(AUTHOR NOTE: About Yuki-Geki fight in Mayu’s school, please read CHAPTER 21: BACK TO THE PRESENT (from Part 1 until Part 5).


I changed back into my school uniform, and went out to find Yuki.
She’s waiting for me at my locker.

“Hey, Handsome…..” she said, smirking at me.

“Hey, Beautiful…….” I replied, smirking back at her.

We’re flirting at each other, just like teenage girls.

I opened the locker, put my custom into the locker, and took my school-bag.

“Do you want to go home now? Or grab our lunch first?” asked Yuki.

“I’m hungry.” I replied.

“Okay. Let’s lunch then.” Yuki said.

We both walked down the hallway.
And as we passed near my classroom, I can’t help but feeling nostalgic.

Here in this hallway, about a year ago, a long, brutal fight between Yuki and Geki took place.
That was a very epic, memorable but awful fight: with those punchings, kickings, throwings and flying scene, not forgetting the chest-butt and all (ouuuucchhh…….I feel sorry for Yuki's boobs!).

It was chaotic. And the aftermath was awful. Broken windows, broken chairs, broken table. That fight caused a lot of damages in my school.

And while Yuki and Geki were talking with their fists, me and Jurina also had our ‘battle’.

I can’t help smiling at myself, as I remember the mind-games between me and Jurina.
I can still picture that jailbait, standing here beside me while we watch the Yuki/Geki fight.
I can still picture her clearly in my mind, she’s talking to me and smoking like a boss, with that smug look on her face.

A memory came flashing in my mind.

(This dialogue was taken from CHAPTER 21. BACK TO THE PRESENT Part 3 ).
Jurina : “Mayu-chan, you’re a thief right?”
Mayu  : “Yes, but not anymore. Why?”
Jurina : “Actually, I was a thief too. Once, when I was still human. I was a thief, a robber, a mugger, a criminal. And I was very good at it. I’ve never been caught by the authorities. I was like a Prince of Thieves back then, except that I’m not good with arrow. But, I have a friend who was really good at it. She only had one eye and wearing a lovely eyepatch, but she had never missed her targets. Once she shot an apple on my head. To be honest, I was scared back then, but I trusted her. And she managed to do it without killing me. We both had a very good time, and made a very good team. But that was a long time ago. She's not here anymore. So, Mayu-chan, you see we both have something in common. We both are smart. And we both love money. Maybe we should rob a bank together. I’m sure we can make a great team.”


Robbing a bank together with you? Sure, Jurina, I’d love to. That would be so much win.
The idea of me and Jurina robbing a bank caused me to grin wider.
I and Jurina indeed have something in common.
We both love easy money, that was for sure.
We love gambling, swindling, stealing, and such.

Back then, in this place, we even bet on who would win the fight between Yuki and Geki.
At first I didn’t want to play the game. But she lured me, and I was tempted.
So I bet 4000 yen, while she bet 25000 yen.

Mayu  : “You see, Yuki is winning. There’s no way she could lose to your psycho girl.”
Jurina : “Don’t be so sure about that. As I said, it’s just a warming up.”
Mayu  : “The warming up took very long. It’s too long, you know. She might have been knocked out by the time she finished warming herself up. Tell her to fight back now.”
Jurina : “You seemed very excited with this fight, Mayu-chan. Why don’t we put a bet?”
Mayu  : “A bet?”
Jurina : “Yes. A bet. With real money, like a professional gambler. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?”
Mayu  : “No, I’m not playing this game anymore, Jurina.”
Jurina : “Oh, come on, Cyborg. I know you’re not a coward. Look, I have more than 25000 yen. Cash. And I’m going to put all of it in this bet. Are you interested?”
Mayu  : “Uhhh…..I just have….err…..4000 yen……”
Jurina : “That’s fine. You put your bet on Yuki, for 4000 yen. And I put my bet on Rena, 25000 yen. Let’s see who will win this fight. Your girl, or my girl. If you believe Yuki is stronger than Rena, then you won’t hesitate to put your bet on her.”

Jurina : “Mayu-chan, do you believe Yuki is stronger than Rena, or not?”
Mayu  : “Of course I do.”
Jurina : “Then why the hesitation?”
Mayu  : “Okay, Jurina. I’m taking your offer. Let’s play.”
Jurina : "Good. Let's play, Mayu-chan."


Honestly I was afraid to play the bet with Jurina back then.
I was afraid Yuki would find out about me betting on her fight.
I was afraid she would get angry at me and spank me afterwards.

And I was just lucky, I won that bet.
Although from what I saw, Yuki didn’t really defeat Geki.
It seemed that Geki was distracted back then.
I don’t know why.
Maybe Geki has some secret too in her past.

Vampires really are mysterious.

Jurina said she was once a mugger, a thief. And she told me about her friend in the past, a young girl with eye-patch, who was so good in arrows (archery) eventhough she only had one healthy eye. Jurina didn’t tell me any further about that girl, but from the look in her eyes when she’s telling the story, I know this eye-patch girl must be very special to her.

I wonder if this eye-patch girl was Jurina’s first love.

While Jurina’s love for Geki is still remain a mystery for me.

Jurina, why are you so intriguing to me?
Am I ever gonna meet you again someday?
I wish you’re doing fine, whereever you are now.
Because, Jurina, as evil as you are, I know deep inside your heart, you still carry a good side in you.

You’ve tried to hurt me with your words, saying that Yuki must’ve been so much in love with my brother.

And I hurt you back, by saying that you will be forever jailbait, trapped in that 15-years-old body, and that you will never grow up. I hurt you by saying that you’ll be forever trapped in eternity, in loneliness. I hurt you by saying that you will never grow old with someone you love in the past.

Jurina : “Mayu-chan, you’re smart. You have a bright future for you. You can go to college. You can have a peaceful and wealthy life. So tell me, why don’t you find yourself a perfect boyfriend, or girlfriend, in your case?”
Mayu  : “What do you mean, Jurina? I already have a girlfriend!!”

Jurina : “That raven girl? Do you really think she is good enough for you? Look at her. She’s so hot-blooded and easily got into a fight, and she has so many enemies. I know you think she’s beautiful and hot. But she’s just an average people with average job. Are you sure you love that girl, Mayu-chan? She's just a village girl. Do you want to live with her for the rest of your life? For a smart girl like you, you can easily get a rich boyfriend, and get married with a billionaire.”
Mayu  : “You said my girlfriend is not good enough for me? Then what about you? You’re hanging out with a Psycho, you freak!!”
Jurina : “Yeah, but I don’t love her. I was just playing around with her."
Mayu  : “You’re lying. You love her. And you’re lying to me just now.”
Jurina : “You’re still very young Mayu-chan. Too young to know which one is pure love, which one is fake. You think you love someone, but then you realize you don't. Someday, you will think that Yuki is not your real love. You will realize that she only brings danger to you, and you will find someone else who’s better than her. And then you will leave her, for the sake of your life.”
Jurina : “Tell me, Mayu-chan…..What do you see in Yuki, that makes you love her so much?”
Mayu  : “Oh, you won’t understand.”
Jurina : “Of course I do. I’m a 160 years old vampire, remember? And……Love….Love…Love……That’s the most funniest thing I ever found in this world. Acchan loves Midget and she almost died for that. Umechan said she loves Miyazawa too---- Eh, wait, he's your brother, right?”

Jurina : “Geeezz….This is complicated. A love rectangle. Let’s see…..Umechan loves Miyazawa. Miyazawa loves Yuki, and you loves Yuki too. I’m really interested what is it with Miyazawa and Yuki that they’re so lovable. I mean, Umechan and Yuki were fighting over this guy. And, you, Mayu-chan, you just fell in love with your brother’s ex girlfriend………Ahahaha….Human can be so funny, really…..Human. They always make mistakes, and never learn from it.”

Jurina : “You know Cyborg, Umechan loves and adore your brother so much. She talked about him a lot. They kissed every minute, every day. And oh….Ume said he was so good in bed…….If he was so good in bed, I wonder how he’s been doing with the girl he truly loves. I mean, I know he doesn’t love Umechan, yet he handled her pretty well. I can’t imagine just how good he could be when he’s doing Yuki, I mean, doing it with Yuki.......You know, when a boy and a girl love each other, they will…..”


Mayu  : “My brother was just that awesome. Yuki was lucky to be with him once. And I’m lucky too, now that I have Yuki with me.”

Mayu  : “You know Jurina, I thought you’re old enough to understand. But unfortunately, you don’t. You said you’re 160. But technically you’re just a 15-years-old kid who can’t understand those kind of things. Being a vampire at the age of 15, it made your body stop growing physically. You’re trapped forever in that body of a 15 years old kid. You will never grow up. Isn’t that pathetic? I felt sorry for you, Jurina……”

Mayu  : “As for me, I will grow up as a beautiful, mature woman.I will reach my 18, 19, 20, 30, and on, and on. And I’ll become more mature, with every years that will pass me by. Yuki will be proud of me. Me and Yuki will grow old together.”

Mayu  : “Jurina, you know, human was destined to spend the rest of their life, with someone they love. They will grow old together, and then die peacefully. And I, Jurina, I will spend the rest of my life with Yuki. I might die a peaceful death on my bed as a happy old woman, having no regrets with my life.”

Mayu  : “So, how about you, Jurina? What are you going to do with your life? Living it forever as in ‘FOREVER’? Sounds boring to me…….If you don’t love Geki, then I suggest you to start learning how to love her. Because, well, she’s the only thing you can get for your pathetic life.  I hope you and Geki will die together, not as a happy old woman, and maybe not in a peaceful death, but------”

Jurina jumped and shoved Mayu to the wall quite harshly.
Her face became dark and furious, with the fangs and all, as she whispered on Mayu’s face, with a cold, angry voice.

Jurina : “You don’t know anything about death…….And who are you to talk like that about my life…!!??  You’re a pathetic human….”


So that was the word war between me and Jurina.
I had insulted Jurina in any way that I can.
Me and my stupid mouth.
I don’t know what had gotten into me, that made me saying those harsh words to Jurina.
When she vamped out and jumped at me after I said those words, I thought she was gonna kill me.
I can see in her eyes, she was hurting inside.

Jurina, I’m sorry for saying those hurtful words to you.
I had no idea that my words would hurt you that much.

Sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

But Jurina, all those mind-games, those word-wars between us, it was good times.
Will we ever meet each other again, Jurina?



“What are you thinking of? Why are you smiling like that, Cyborg?”

Yuki’s question brought me out from my little shell of fantasy.

“Mmmm….. I was just……..I was thinking about my danso skit, last year. Well, I mean, your danso skit, Yuki.”

Yuki chuckled, “Aaah…..That….Don’t remind me again. That was horrible. I mean the rape thing, not the danso. Let’s not mention about this again.”

I nodded, “Okay.”

I know it was horrible for her. For us. But still, I smiled as I imagine the whole things again, the body-swap things: Yuki’s soul inside my body. I wonder what she’s thinking about me, and my body, back then. Did she think I'm handsome? Did she notice my perfect, round butt? I can't help but chuckled at that thought.

“Mayu, last year it was Doctor Watanabe, and so this year. You really like danso in medical-theme, do you?” Yuki changed the conversation.

“Mm-hm. I want to become a doctor, Yuki. I want to attend medical school after I graduate next year.”

“I see,” Yuki smiled and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. “I would love to see you become a real doctor someday, Mayu-chan,” said Yuki, kissing me on my ear.

I felt my heart's warming upon Yuki's sincere words.

We kept walking along the corridor.

And suddenly, me and Yuki spotted a rather familiar face from a far, walking towards our direction.

Speak of the devil!!

It’s Kusanagi Sensei. The teacher who almost raped ‘me-and-Yuki’ last year.

I glanced at Yuki, and I saw her become tensed up upon seeing Kusanagi.

“Yuki………….” I called her.

Yuki’s eyes narrowed, and I can feel the rage inside her.

“It’s him, Mayu.” Yuki said gritting her teeth.

"Yeah, it's him. Yuki. So?"

"I need to pummel him again."

"No, Yuki, don't do that."

Walking down the corridor, we’re only a few meters away from Kusanagi Sensei.
There’s no way for us to turn back or change our direction now.

I grabbed Yuki’s arm, preventing her from doing anything stupid.

“Calm down, Yuki.” I whispered, while still keeping my eyes on Kusanagi Sensei.

I can see the hatred in Kusanagi’s eyes. He must have held the grudge at Yuki, after she beat him up last year.
For all I know, he didn’t regret his attempt to rape me. He only regret he failed it.

As we got closer, my grip on Yuki become tighter.
I can feel Yuki’s intention-to-kill is hanging in the air.
She was about to jump and pummel that man.

“Yuki, don’t….”

And there, me and Yuki, we crossed our path with Kusanagi.
We’re trading a death-glare with him.
It took place only 5 seconds, but it was so intense that I feel like it happened longer than that.

After Kusanagi disappeared from our sight, I accelerated my steps, dragging the tiger, I mean Yuki, with me.

“Damn it, Mayu, why did you stop me? I need to beat him some more,” she demanded.

I frowned at her.

“No, Yuki. Remember the last time you fought in my school? Your fight with Gekikara? I had to take your punishment. I had to take the blame, just to cover you.”

Yuki was silent at the mentioning of that psycho’s name.
We had never mentioned about Geki since last year.
Maybe because we both were afraid of her.
We’re afraid of what Geki would do to us, if she was still alive.

“Yuki, if you ever cause me trouble again, if you fight in my school again, I swear I’m going to spank you again, with belt.”

I heard Yuki chuckled.

“Haaa!! In your dream, Cyborg!! I won’t let you spank me again. That would be the last time you ever spank me.”

“Oh yeah? You seem so sure about it.”

“Of course. I won’t make any mistake again. And I won’t give you any reason to spank me again. Never.”

I let out a silent laugh.
(Just you wait, Yuki. Just you wait. You’ll make mistakes again. You always do.)

“Yeah, whatever you say, Yuki. Come on, let’s get out of here. I’m starving.” I said while still dragging her.

And I found this pretty funny. Yuki used to be the S-type, while I’m the M-type.
But now it become the other way around, thanks to that epic spanking incident after the epic Yuki-Geki fight in my school.

Sometimes I wonder how Yuki feels about Geki.

Yuki hates her, of course.
But does she feels other things for Geki?

I mean, I do hate Jurina for all the things she had done to us.
She was Shinoda’s underling. She tortured Acchan at Shinoda’s order (CHAPTER 14).  She tricked Erepyon and Myao, and she destroyed Takamina’s house (CHAPTER 18).

I hate Jurina.
But I also feels a bit of sympathy for her.
I guess her life must be miserable and lonely.
It seemed that she had a tragic past life, before she was sired.

And Gekikara.
How does Yuki feels about her, other than hatred?

Acchan said Gekikara was Shinoda’s strongest and most loyal warrior.
If Geki’s still alive, someday she will come to get Yuki to avenge Shinoda.

And it's at this point that I refuse to imagine the scenario any further.
I’m afraid to think of the possibility, that Geki might kill Yuki for revenge.

On the other hand, I was also wondering about Acchan's relationship with Geki now. Even before Yuki killed Shinoda, Acchan had asked Yuki not to hurt Geki. I still remember it very clearly, the dialogue between me, Yuki, and Acchan, right after the incident of Yuki-Geki fights in my school.


Acchan : “Seriously, Yuki, don’t you have something else to do, other than fighting? Aren’t you tired of that?”
Yuki      : “It wasn’t just an ordinary fight.”
Acchan : “Don’t tell me it’s my sisters you were fighting …….Was it Geki?”
Mayu    : “Yes, it’s Geki. And Jurina.”
Acchan : “Oh God……Did they-----did they attack you?”
Yuki      : “No. Actually, we attacked them. I attacked Geki.”
Acchan : “And Jurina?”
Mayu    : “No. Jurina and I were just watching the fight and making a bet on Yuki/Geki fight.”
Acchan : “How is Geki? Is she hurt?”
Yuki      : “No, don’t worry, I think she’s fine.” (But my boobs hurts!! Dammit!!)

Acchan : “Yuki, don’t hurt them, okay? They are my sisters. If they need putting down, I'll be the one to do it, not you.”
Yuki      : “Tck….Say please, Acchan.”
Acchan : “Please, Yuki.”


That was our conversation. And after Shinoda’s death, Acchan never talked to Yuki about Geki anymore.
I wonder if she still want Yuki to not hurt Geki, which I think is impossible.

I mean, if Geki came to get her revenge on Yuki, how will Yuki defend herself if she’s not allowed to hurt Geki?

Yuki must kill Geki, or else, she will get killed by Geki.

Yuki and Geki. They are bound to fight each other, and kill each other.




Just as I said, it's just a filler chapter.
I'm still busy (and lazy) so I can't update very soon.
Only expect monthly updates from me.

And for readers who have forgotten about TomoTomo arc in Season 1, please re-read these links:

If you don’t want to reread those chapters again, here is a quick summary of TomoTomo arc from Season 1:
Tomochin was a half-foreigner (Japanese-Russian) who came to Japan in a quest to search for her long lost mother. One day she was almost killed by Johnny (her friend/manager). Tomo~mi came and saved Tomochin’s life (by siring her) and killed Johnny. Tomo~mi, on the other hand, had also been keeping secret from her friends. Her secrets includes her being a vampire, and her ‘ring’. The ring has the same power as Acchan’s ring. Any vampire who wears this ring will be able to walk under the sunlight without getting burnt. Thanks to the ring, nobody suspicious about Tomo~mi being a vampire. As we all know, Kojiyuu’s secret already been revealed in Season 1, when Kojiharu swapped body with Takamina (in Chapter 17 Body Swap Part 3), but TomoTomo’s secret is still hidden in the dark. Our hunter girls still didn’t know about TomoTomo being vampires. Even Tomomi’s parents did not know about their daughter’s secret. In Season 2, TomoTomo arc will be revolved around their secret and that ring.
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Oh... wonderful flashbacks about Yuki and Mayu with the others

Ah.... another danso...

Ehm... would Tomochin find her mother?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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*saves spot


Yuko and Haruna decided to go to their bed (now that they’re sharing Yuko’s bed),
to have a brief smooching session.


Not long after, the door opened again, Acchan and Takamina entered the living room.
Acchan was wearing a sun-glasses.
While Takamina was having a hard time carrying Acchan’s shopping bags.

LOL....poor taka

Gekikara : “Jurina, why did you kill these people? You said we’re going to serve this man, and that he’ll be our new master.”

Jurina: “No, Geki, I conclude they were just thugs and drug dealers. Besides, they are only human. What we need is to find a very powerful vampire lord.”

Jurina threw the suitcase away, and took Gekikara’s hand.

why they need to find..????

I turned my head around, searching for a certain raven girl.

And there I see her.
Standing in the middle of the hall room (because there’s no more seat left as this room was already very crowded).

She’s smiling at me, and I smiled back at her.
She couldn’t take her eyes off me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her either.
If only I were as crazy as Tomo~mi, I would have jumped on Yuki and kissed her right here, right now, in front of everyone, in this auditorium.

LOL.....just jump and kiss her~~~

I mean, if Geki came to get her revenge on Yuki, how will Yuki defend herself if she’s not allowed to hurt Geki?

Yuki must kill Geki, or else, she will get killed by Geki.

Yuki and Geki. They are bound to fight each other, and kill each other.

 :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:

Thankssss anzai san~  :kneelbow: :on gay::on drink: :on drink: :on drink:
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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

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Oh. I see. I was kinda hoping for some SNSD and AKB collab fic.  :grin:
Mayuki and WMatsui is kinda funny. Especially the bet part.
Keep up the good work. Thank you for the update!  :cathappy:
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Nice update there, anzai-san! It makes me want to reread the whole thing again!

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