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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 266721 times)

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Hi Author-san! :gmon hi:
I'm a new reader and still reading the first season, Chapter 10 to be exact. Just want to say that don't stop updating this fic. I really like it. Ganbatte Author-san  :gmon bang:
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =


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Yaaay comments!  :deco:

@ Ruka Kikuchi: I find it funny to picture Geki as a mugger who threaten people for money.  :lol:  And school is a perfect environment to make new-gen members appear in this fic.  :thumbsup
@ MatsuiLee: So you're still at 1x10? Well, all I can say is, welcome to the longest ride you'll ever have in this board.  :)
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Part 7


At the front yard of a huge mansion, a lonely girl was sitting in a wheel chair, holding a watering can. She poured the water over the plants and flowers while moving her wheelchair around the garden. The wheelchair itself looked technologically advanced, being equipped with multiple buttons, sensors, lights; enabling the girl to move around easily without much effort. Her black, wavy hair ran down her shoulder, contrasting with her white shirt and reddish lips.

A buttler came and informed that dinner was ready. The girl nodded and handed the watering can to the buttler before going inside her mansion.

The dining room was revealed to be very huge, with a long table and many chairs as if it was prepared to serve many family members. However, the girl ate her meal alone, no friends, no family. She was only accompanied by servants and buttlers who were standing quietly across the room. The silence was a bit uncomforting, but the girl didn’t seem to be fazed at all as she continued finishing her dinner. It was a complete meal, and delicious one. Turkey, smoked beef, bacon, eggs, bread, soup, vegetables, salads, fruits, etc.

The girl ate slowly until she finished it. She then asked a servant to come closer.

“Where is Togasaki-san? Tell him to meet me at my working room tonight,” the girl said.

“He’s still in the office. I will inform him as soon as he get home,” the servant replied with a bow.

The girl then moved her wheelchair and got inside an elevator (yes, her mansion was so big it even had an elevator inside). At the second floor, she went to her working room which was just as big as the dining room. Inside the working room there were several bookshelves with many books in it. The girl stopped behind her desk and opened a laptop. She spent an hour reading and studying a few documents including business proposals, project plannings, and financial report of her companies. After that, she spent another hour reading and analyzing economic and market news from the Internet.

When she was about to close her notebook, she heard a knock on her door.

“Come in, Togasaki-san.”

The door opened, revealing a middle-aged man wearing a suit and holding a briefcase. He sat on the chair in front of the girl’s desk and opened his own laptop.

The man began to speak, “I have gathered all information you need about Akimoto Yasushi, his family, his friends, his business activities, and so on. He is currently living in Tokyo, but his three sons live in Nagoya. The oldest son, Nakanishi Yutaka, 23 years old, is managing one of their family business there. The second son, Yagami Takumi, 18 years old, is currently a third year student in Sakae Highschool. The youngest son, Yamauchi Suzuru, 15 years old, is still in his first year in the same highschool. But we still don’t know whether they are pure-blood vampires or dhampirs,” the man said. [A/N: Pure-blood vampire is the offspring of two vampires, while dhampir is the offspring of a vampire and a human].

The wheel-chaired girl stayed silent and kept on listening.

“It seems that Akimoto has some friends inside the parliament, government, and law enforcement authorities. There is possibility about he bribing them but there is no evidence yet. However, based on information I obtained, many of his prominent business rivals were eliminated mostly by accidents, legal suit, or merely losing their market share. It is obvious that he is now expanding his power in many business areas, and he’s going to do whatever he can to beat his rivals.”

“……..Just like what he did to my parents. That bast*rd,” the girl muttered.

“And he can hide his identity very well, I am sure he has developed an antidote to neutralize the effect of sunlight on vampires. Any information about that yet?”

“No. Not yet. But one of our men is currently being recruited by a research team who works under Akimoto Corporation. Hopefully we will get around to it soon. Let’s be patient, Yokoyama-san. Don’t be in such a rush.”

“I know, don’t worry. I will wait and work patiently. No matter how long it will take, I’ll get my revenge on him. I will take back everything that was rightfully mine. His wealth, his power, his family, all will be crushed before his eyes,” the girl, Yokoyama Yui, continued with rage filling up her eyes. “I remember my father always spoke of him as a true friend, but look what he did to him. He betrayed, murdered, and stole from his own kind. And now he’s building his kingdom on top of my parents’ grave. I cannot allow myself to rest, not until I see the justice is served,” she said gritting her teeth.

Togasaki just looked at the young girl with eyes full of empathy. As a loyal assistant/companion for Yokoyama Family, Togasaki knew that this young girl had suffered a lot after her parents were betrayed and murdered by Akimoto Yasushi ten years ago. Akimoto Yasushi was a close friend of Yokoyama Koji, both were vampires. Fifteen years ago, the two of them met and began to work together, building business that will draw a huge profit. However, five years later, Akimoto decided to take over the business for himself. He then schemed a car accident for Mr. and Mrs. Yokoyama. Their only daughter, Yui was only ten years old back then. Their car crashed and fell into a cliff, and then exploded. The Yokoyamas couple died that night, and Yui was the only survivor but she had to lose her both legs in order to prevent infection and gangrene.

After the accident, Yokoyama Yui was taken care under the custody of Togasaki. She grew up bringing so much hatred and fury in her heart, willing to take her revenge on Akimoto Yasushi. Yui was a very smart kid, she started taking lesson about business and finance while still in high school. Before she graduated, she already had several start-up companies. In such a young age, she had gained a huge wealth and fortune, although not as huge as Akimoto’s. And her wealth is still growing even without much effort from her side. One can say, she is a genious, a child prodigy; a kid with maturity and wisdom far beyond her age.

Only few people knew that Yui’s biological parents were both vampires. Therefore, Yui was a pure-blood vampire. The kind who was born as a full-fledged vampire, not being sired by any other. This kind of vampires were known to be stronger than any normal vampire (who was sired by other vampire). Pure-blood vampires were able to walk in the daylight within a short of time, and if the ray is not so intense, such as in the morning or near sunset time. They also developed a higher resistence against holy water and silver weapon. This stronger nature alone was probably the reason why Yui, unlike her parents, could survive from the accident. And now, Yokoyama Yui was ready to began her journey, down the path of revenge and justice.



Yagami Takumi and his cousin, Kizaki Yuria, were having a fun time in the karaoke club. They both like singing and dancing, and they knew a lot of popular songs in Japanese, Korean, and Western language. Amongst his brothers, Takumi was known to be the most talented in arts and musical. He took saxophone and piano lesson, and was a member of the musical club in his school. And this karaoke club was one of his most favourite place to go in his free time.

Red: Yagami
Green: Kizaki
Purple: both

Anta nya mottainai
Jibun de iu kurai
TADA ja nai! Ja nai?

Atsukerya samaseba ii
Dare ni mo wakaranai
Renai tte itsu hi ga tsuku no ka

Donna ni fukeiki datte
Konna ni yasashiku sarecha midara

Akarui mirai ni shuushoku kibou da wa

Nippon no mirai wa (Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Sekai ga urayamu (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Koi wo shiyou ja nai ka! (Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Dance! Dancing all of the night

Nandaka monotarinai
Doko ni itatte aishitete hoshii wa
Jibun de tsutaeru no
Hazukashii ja nai!

Risou no futari da wa
Dare shi mo kizuitenai
Renai tte yume no otoshiana

Sonna no fushizen datte
Sore demo jouzu ni sarecha ara wa

Shiawase kuru hi mo KYANSERU machi na no?

Anta no egao wa (Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Sekai ga urayamu (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Yume ga arun ja nai ka! (Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Dance! Dancing all of the night

“Wooaahh!! I feel so good!!”

“Yeah, I’ll never get bored singing this song!”

Takumi and Yuria slumped down on the sofa, feeling tired after singing and dancing to a lot of songs in a row, including that old hits from the most popular girls band formed in 1997.

They both grabbed their water bottle and quickly poured the water into their dry throat. After that, Yuria began to select more songs on the display machine and she was ready for the another round of singing. They sat and sang a couple more songs, until Yuria finally realized that she was actually singing alone.

“Tak-kun!” Yuria said and glanced, only to see the boy was already sleeping soundly on the sofa.

“Takumi-kun….” she whispered and came closer to him.

Now that Yuria was sitting close to Takumi, she could see his sleeping face which looked so calm and peaceful. Caressing his cheek, Yuria began to think about him and his family. One day, Takumi and his brothers would take over and replace their father’s position. But to Yuria, Takumi was too much different from his father and brothers, and that might bring some troubles for him. Akimoto was ruthless when it comes to business and power, while Takumi lacked the ambition in such thing. He didn’t have interest in studying business, and often refused his father advice to choose business major for his bachelor degree next year. Out of the three brothers, Takumi was probably the most romantic and sensitive one, while Nishishi was the strongest and most ikemen, and Suzuru was the cutest one. Nishishi had shown a great talent in business and leadership, and sometimes he could be as ruthless as his father; not to mention he was also a highly skilled fighter. Suzuru had also shown seriousness in his study, although it was still too early to make a judgement about his talent and skill. And again, compared to his brothers, Takumi’s personality was too much different and he didn’t give the vibe of a son of a powerful vampire leader. Takumi was too playful and carefree, and that made Yuria become worried for him.

Yuria lied her body on the sofa next to his cousin, and continued watching the innocent young man sleeping soundly like a baby. Luckily they always had enough money to spend inside this karaoke club, eventhough it was only for sleeping and doing nothing.

After an hour, Takumi stirred and opened his eyes, and found Yuria reading book beside him.

“Aaaah, Yuria, I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

“No it’s okay.” Yuria smiled.

“It’s getting late. Should we go home now?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

They got up and walked out from the karaoke club. Near the bus stop, Takami stopped as he realized he had forgotten something.

“Oh crap! I left my wallet. Wait here, Yuria!” he then rushed back to the karaoke club, while his cousin waited for him near the bus stop.


Standing in front of a bus stop in Nagoya, Jurina checked her watch to make sure she’s not late for her appointment. It’s been a few weeks since she started visiting this city in a regular basis using shuttle bus. And it’s in the time like this Jurina regretted her decision about selling her car a few months ago. Things had become worse recently to the point that Jurina and Rena had no money left to pay for their apartment rent, and so Jurina had to sell their luxurious car, which was given to her by Shinoda years ago. And now she had no choice other than using public transportation for her mobility.

As for tonight, Jurina had an appointment with a girl who wanted to use her service in a compensated dating. After her first encounter with Kitagawa Ryouha who had mistaken her for conducting some enjo kosai act, Jurina decided to take this job seriously. Well, she got the look so there she goes. Within a short time Jurina already got several clients. Most of them were usually lonely girls who just want to have a company so that they wouldn’t look so pathetic and lonely in front of their friends. One of the girls asked Jurina to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to get away from the forced engagement arranged by the girl’s parent. Other girls simply asked Jurina’s service just to make their partners jealous.

While this job wasn’t really appreciated by most people, Jurina thought it was okay doing this as long as she got money. And luckily for Jurina, her clients never asked anything more than just a normal dating. Her services only involved talking, having dinner together, shopping, watching movies, going to amusement park, attending birthday party and marriage ceremomy, spending times at their apartments, etc. Sometimes Jurina would give additional service such as kisses and skinships, but it never went further beyond that. No sleeping together, no having s*x, no drugs. Jurina was smart enough to know that she should play it safe and never to cross the line. However, this job also brought its own risk. There are times when she almost got beaten up by their real boyfriends or girlfriends, or times when her identity as a vampire was almost revealed to her clients. But there is a saying, with a high risk comes high reward. And Jurina was always the one who takes the risk.

Jurina fished out her pocket book and checked out the name of her customer tonight, making sure to memorize it so that she wouldn’t make a stupid mistake by calling her with other girl’s name.

“Mizuhara Akane…..” Jurina’s face trailed off as she uttered the name. The first name was all too familiar and it brought nostalgic feelings into her.

There are so many people today living with that name, but still I cannot find someone like you, Takayanagi Akane.

You’re the only person that I have made a promise to.
I promised you that we would settle down together and live a good life here in Nagoya.
I promised you that someday I will become a rich and powerful lord, so that I can give you anything you want.
I promised you everything.
I promised you the world, and the moon.

But look at me now, Akane.
Doing this kind of job, dating people just to get some money to make ends meet.
I’m pathetic, aren’t I, for selling myself like this?
The prince charming Matsui Jurina had long gone.

The moon is now too far for me to reach.
I probably would never be the powerful lord I’ve dreamt of.

I know my dream is over.
But my heart just can't let go.
It's too late for waking up now.

Akane, all the time you stood by me, I never said I love you.
Yeah, I kept it deep down in my soul.
And all the while I've been a fool.
I didn’t know what I've got, till you were gone.
I was so wrapped up in myself, dreaming to become a lord, overtime, night and day.
I was too busy flirting with other girls, I didn’t have time to talk to you about my feeling.
And now I have to do it again, flirting with people, only this time I’m doing it for money.
How ironic huh?

It’s been a long time, more than a hundred years.
I should’ve erased you from my memories.
There’s no use to continue keeping you in my mind.

But, Akane, you’re too good to be forgotten.
You’re too good to be true.

And before my world is torn apart, once again, let me promise you the moon.
Akane, I promise you, I will never let go of my dream.
I will never give up.
I will finish what I have started.
One day, I will become a lord, just as I promised you a long time ago.

Do you hear me Akane?
Are you watching me from up there?
Are you smiling down at me now?)

Jurina sighed as she snapped out from her own contemplation.
She then continued reading the description of her next client.

Mizuhara Akane. A highschool girl. 17 years old. Height 155 cm. Black hair. Wearing seifuku.

The ikemen girl looked around and examined her surrounding. There were many pedestrians out there passing by. And there, a few meters away, she found a girl who looked exactly just like the description of her client.

Jurina then walked towards the girl.

“Mizuhara-san? I’m Matsui Jurina. I’ve been waiting for you. We’ve talked in online chat before.” Jurina spoke to the girl.

The girl looked dazed. “I’m sorry but, I think you mistake me for someone else,” she said while staring at Jurina.

“Oh really? You are not Mizuhara Akane? Forgive me then,” the ikemen girl bowed slightly.

“Daijobu. No problem.”

Jurina stole a glance to the girl and realized how pretty the girl was. She then changed quickly into a flirting mode.

“Thanks, you’re so kind. And now that I think of it, why won’t we introduce ourselves to each other? I have given you my name, so to make it fair, you should at least tell me your name. And oh, I am a girl, by the way,” Jurina flashes her charming smile and hold her hand out for a hand shake. As she was now in a crossdressing mode, she was sure that she’d be mistaken as a boy, and she decided to be honest from the beginning.

The girl was stunned but smiled anyway seeing Jurina’s antic. She was holding out her hand to have a handshake with Jurina, when suddenly a boy came running to their direction.

“Hey, Yuria, sorry for the wait. I had to search my wallet for a while, and I found it in the toilet room,” the boy said, only to find the said girl was staring at a stranger.

“Yuria, who is this guy? Is he your friend?” asked him.

“No, we just met. He just mistook me for someone else,” the girl said.

“Yeah, my bad. I apologize. Please forgive me,” Jurina said.

“Uhh…okay. Let’s go home now, Yuria!” said the boy.

The girl and the boy left, leaving Jurina alone in her spot.

Somehow Jurina felt she would be seeing that boy and girl again very soon. She had a hunch that those two people were not just an ordinary teenagers since they emitted a different aura compared to people around them. Jurina had a guess which she knew she was right: that boy and girl were vampires. And Jurina rarely met teen vampires around her age who could wander around the street freely like them. So that must be something.

After that, Jurina got to meet her client named Mizuhara Akane, who obviously had no resemblance with Takayanagi Akane, and neither was she a descendant of the eyepatch-girl Jurina had always loved in her past life.


It was almost midnight when Jurina returned to her apartment. She saw the light was still on, so she knew her partner was still staying up.

Jurina entered their room, and found Rena was sitting on the side of the bed.

“Rena-chan, I told you not to stay up and wait for me.”

Rena didn’t answer. She just opened the drawer and took a huge amount of money from inside it.

Jurina was caught by surprise. “Whose money is that? Where did you get that money from? Did you steal it?”

“No, I didn’t. People just gave it to me.” Rena simply replied.

“They gave it to you? Why?” asked Jurina curious.

“I think they’re afraid of me.”

Jurina was stupefied for a moment. “Yes….Yes Rena, of course they’re afraid of you. You’re the Lord of War, remember? But they never gave you money before. Why suddenly they’re giving it to you now?”

“Errr…..I don’t know.”

Jurina thought for a moment and frowned. “Rena, did you just…rob someone?”

“No, I didn’t! They gave it to me! Why are you keep questioning me, Jurina? Don’t you believe me?”

“I’m sorry, Rena, I didn’t mean like that. I’m just surprised to see this.”

Jurina then sat beside Rena and started counting the money.

(Oh my God! This is a lot! I can’t believe Rena can obtain this much money just in one night. Even I can’t do this.)

“Rena-chan, you’re doing a great job.”


“Yeah. This is really great,” Jurina smiled and hugged Rena, causing the older girl to blush heavily and fly to the cloud nine.

They broke the hug and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Whatever things you did, just be careful okay? Don’t attract too much attention.” Jurina said and got a nod from Rena.

“I also have a good news for us,” Jurina continued.

“What is it?” asked Rena.

“I think we’re going to find a new master soon, in Nagoya.”

“New master? Who?”

“I don’t know yet. But I sense strong evidence of vampires activities there. There must be a very powerful lord staying in that city.”

“When are we going to move there?” asked Rena again, feeling much excited.

“Soon, Rena, soon. I must prepare everything first before we move out to Nagoya. Just wait patienty.”

“Okay,” Rena nodded obediently.

“Come on, let’s go sleep now. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us.” Jurina said as she laid down on the bed.

The two vampires then slept in each other’s arms, feeling happy and satisfied with what they earned today.



Another filler chapter. Not so much going on. Slow build up. Slow development.
I think I’m kinda dragging the story so far.
But this fic was never meant to be a fic in the first place.
Instead, this was meant to be a long TV-series adaptation, so it should be draggy like this.
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Sooo Yui is now introduced as the enemy of Takumi's family who all apparently have different surnames?

And then would Jurina (and Rena) join in the fight, seeing as she wants Akimoto Yasushi to become her master?

Thanks for the update and carry on with the awesome work  :on GJ:

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Thanks for the update


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Daily update, yeay!
I’m really spoiling you guys!

@ Bakamina_Oshi: I have no idea why I made them with different surnames :lol: . And yes, obviously Jurina and Rena will join the vampiric SKE clan in Nagoya.
    More SKE members will come up next (eventhough most of them had already graduated).

@ purnamazaki: Here's another update. I'm fast, aren't I?


Part 8

Another night, another day. Geki went into muggery again.

In an underground parking lot, a married couple (young man and young woman) were walking toward their car when suddenly three big guys appeared out of nowhere. One of them was holding a gun, while the other held bat and knife.

The husband knew right away that these big guys had a bad intention. He quickly embraced his wife in order to protect her.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Money. Give me your wallet. Both of you,” answered the man with a gun. They circled the victim, intimidating them.

The young man hesitated, seemed objected to give out his wallet.

“Just do what he said!” said the other mugger as he dashed and swung his bat at the young man, knocking him on the head.

The young man fell to the floor while his wife shrieked in fear. Pouring kicks came after, causing the victim to cower in pain. The woman quickly came in between, she hugged his husband and begged them to stop beating him.

“Stop, please stop, we’ll give what you want,” the woman said while crying tears. She took out her wallet and her husband’s wallet, and then handed them to those bad guys. One of them emptied the wallets, taking all the money.

“Hey, you, stand up,” the mugger said to the husband, and gave him back his wallet.

“Now go to the cash machine and make a withdrawal for us. My friend will go with you. And we’ll be keeping your wife here as a hostage. If you dare to call the police or do something suspicious, I will kill your wife,” he said as he grabbed hold of the woman. He wrapped his arm around her neck, and pointed his gun right to her head.

The husband could do nothing but comply. “How much do you need?” he asked.

“One million yen.”

“I only have half a million. Your friend can check it himself and prove that I’m not lying.”

“Fine. I’ll give you thirty minutes to go to the nearest ATM. Now go! Quick!” he said and tightened his lock on the captived woman.

“Please, don’t hurt her.” The poor husband pleaded. He was pushed by one of the mugger, and then they left the basement, heading to the upperground.

After a while, the husband returned and handed the money to them. The three muggers then walked away and left without a word.

There was nobody in the street and the muggers continued to walk as if nothing happened.

A few minutes later, they heard footsteps and creepy giggle behind them. As they looked over, they saw a girl staring at them with such a menacing eyes. This girl was known to be Matsui Rena, the Lord of War who had killed countless enemies in her past life. But of course, these muggers had no idea about the girl standing in front of them right now, and how dangerous this girl could be.

“Hello, good evening. Are you alone?”

“You need a company? Come here, join us, Miss.”

The girl didn’t say anything, only bite her nails and started giggling. “Hehe--hee”.

She had now turned into Gekikara at her spiciest mode.

For a moment, Geki just stood there, staring and giggling at her prey. The muggers didn’t know what to do so they just stared back at her.

And suddenly her face become dark and she stopped giggling. She then came closer and punched one of them in the face.

“B*tch, what do you think you’re --------Urkkk!!” the man cursed angrily but he was immediately shut up with a straight punch to his gut. The sheer force of the punch was unexpectedly brutal, and the pain was too much for him to handle. He collapsed to the ground, and one could see saliva drooling out from his mouth. The man muttered some incoherent words before passing out completely.

His friends was in a real shock. One men took out his knife and came to attack Geki. She got a few cuts on her skin, but then she retaliated by giving him a hard punch on his head. The punch was so powerful it made an imaginary circling birdies began to appear in his vision. Not satisfied with just one punch, Geki continued launching a series of heavy punch on him. Each punch was as powerful as Thor’s hammer hit. After taking all the blows, the poor guy was knocked out cold and fell to the ground unconsciously.

The last man trembled in fear as he saw the huge damage inflicted upon his friends. He took out his gun and aimed it directly at Gekikara. Geki didn’t seem to be fazed at all as she kept on moving forward, closing the distance between them. It made the man become more panick and he fired his gun at her.


He shot several times, most of them missed because he was panicking and his hand was shaking. However, a bullet found its way to get into Geki’s chest, ripping the flesh out.

Gekikara stumbled back due to the impact, but her face showed no emotion. No pain. No fear.

“I can’t feel anything,” she said frowning at herself. She then put her fingers into her wound. The next scene was quite a stomach-churning, as the girl digged into her flesh and took out the bullet from her open wound. Smell of copper invading everyone’s noses. Blood’s dripping and littering to the ground.

(What is she? A zombie?)
The man fired once again. This time he managed to plant a bullet into Geki’s shoulder.

“Grrrrrhhh……” she groaned and did the same thing again, removing the bullet from her shoulder.

“You know what, not being able to feel pain sometimes can be so much distressing. What is pain? What is ache? What is agony? I have no idea what is that, and how is that feel,” Geki said as she licked the blood (her own blood) from her fingers.


Another gun fire was heard, but it was only a few shots. The man quickly realized that the bullets inside his gun were all used up. He took a few steps back in order to maintain a safe distance from the girl, and began to refill his magazine with bullets.

“Just stop it already. This bullet can’t hurt me, much less kill me. Only silver bullet can do.” Geki said, looking bored as she cracked her neck a little.

The man suddenly felt shiver down his spine, “You’re a vampire,” he muttered in fear.

“Bingo!” Geki let out a cheerful smile.

“Please, please, don’t kill me…..” the man said, finally realized that his gun was useless if to fight against a vampire. “You can suck their blood, but please spare mine.” He pointed to his two friends who were lying unconsciously on the ground.

“What? Aren’t they your friends? You’re a disgusting, filthy coward!” Geki cursed him.

“Please….please….Let me go….I’m a good man…..” the man begged, almost cried.

“You’re lying, you mugger!”

The man was stupefied. How did this girl know they were a mugger?

“Never mind. I didn’t plan to kill someone tonight.” Geki huffed, “Just give me your money,” she said.


“I said give me your money. Do I have to repeat it again? Give me your money, and I’ll let you go. Besides, you’re a mugger so the money was never yours to begin with!”

*PLAK*….*PLAK*….*PLAK*   Geki gave him several hard slaps on the face, like a mother punishing her badly-behaved son.

“………O---okay,” the man succumbed.

He gave his money to Geki.

Geki then left the place, with a big grin plastered on her face.



Black’s vision was clouded with black spots the moment bare knuckles made contact with the side of her face. She stumbled back, feeling dizzy from the hit. The hit was indeed powerful, as expected from her opponent who was a big guy with 200 pounds of muscle and 6’5” height.

For a moment, Black could not see anything as she was still reeling from the blow, and was barely able to dodge the incoming kick. Luckily she was fast enough to raise her arms to deflect the kick.

Her opponent this time was no joke. Bearing the name ‘Tornado’, his appearance looked like a Hulk, or a sumo wrestler but with pure muscle and no fat. Black herself was quite tall for a girl, but still her size and height was nothing compared to this giant. It was like a battle between David (in female clothes) and Goliath. And to the spectator’s eyes, it was obvious that Black is going to get a beatdown from his opponent. Or so they thought.

The truth is, Black actually had planned to lose her fight tonight. After discussing it with Akira and Toru, and based on their advice, Black decided to lose this match. She had to lose this match, because if she didn’t, people would get suspicious. Tornado was very popular and everybody acknowledged him as the strongest fighter in this fight club. Any fight against this man can be considered as a fight over the crown of the strongest fighter. Therefore, if Black defeats him, it will make her become the #1. And being on the top is never good, because it will draw too much attention from people.

So Black must stick to her plan. She must lose this fight in order to secure her victory in another fights without getting people suspect her. But she needed to do that in such a way so that she wouldn’t hurt herself too much. She’s already taken enough beating (previously in Season 1), so why would she take one more? Sure she likes fighting as a sport and competition, but the idea of having her body getting pummeled and treated like a sand-bag without any logical reason was probably the most stupid thing she could ever think of.

Oh wait, does money count as logical reason? Black had no idea at all. But to hell with that. This was easy money. And at this moment, Black would just do anything for money.

The fight between Black and Tornado continued. The roar from the audience was getting louder. Most of them were chanting Tornado’s name, claiming the victory to be theirs for sure. The fight itself appeared to be one-sided. Black was getting pummeled over and over again without being able to fight back. But everytime she got punched and knocked down, she’s always trying to get up and stand on her feet again.

“Oh God, I can’t stand seeing her getting beaten like that.” Akira said as he put his hands on his face.

Toru, his loyal companion, just frowned at that. “Wasn’t it you who ordered us to beat her up last year?”

“When did I do that? I don’t remember! How could I beat her, a pretty girl like that? I wouldn’t have a heart to do that!”

“Bleeehh…..You’re disgusting.”

A loud thud was heard and they grimaced as they saw Black getting slammed to the ground.

“Ouuch! White Flag! White Flag! Tell her to stop and give up now.” Akira said.

Toru gave a signal to Black who was now lying on ground. Black saw it and raised her hand as a sign to surrender.

Akira and Toru quickly came over to help Black get up.

“Black-san….I mean, Yuki-san….Can you stand? Come, let us tend to your wound first.”

Black, now is back to Yuki persona, got up and wiped the blood from her lips.

“No, there’s no need to. I’m going to go home now.”

“But, you're injured a lot!”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I had worse than this before.” Yuki said as she walked away rather limpingly.

“Yuki-san……” Akira’s voice trailed off as he saw the love of his life left and disappeared into the night. "Yuki-san, I love you....." he whispered to the wind.

“Snap out of it, Akira! Forget about her, she’s way out of your league!” Toru said.

“No, Toru. I will always love her, eventhough I know she will never love me back,” said Akira.

“Hueeekk……..You’re disgusting. Are you a yankee or not? Where’s your yankee soul? Now look at you. You’re just a love bird, blinded by love.”

“Someday when you fall in love, you will understand how I feel, Toru.”

“……..Akira, you---- Tck…Never mind. Now let’s get our bet. We won a lot tonight right?”


“No? What do you mean no?”

“Toru, we didn’t win the bet. We lost it because I had put our money on Yuki-san, not Tornado, and she lost.”

Toru frowned, “Wait, Akira, you do know that she was going to lose this match right? We planned it together.”

“Yeah, but how could I take the advantage while she’s up there suffering from the beating?”

“You're so stupid, Akira…..You really really are disgusting! I’m done talking to you!” Toru walked away, pretty much upset at the yankee leader.



Tomomi Itano sat on a stool, drinking a glass beer, and it was a big one. Her eyes shot dagger at everyone who dared to make an eye contact with her. She spoke harsh and loud everytime she ordered for another bottle of beer. And the bartenders knew well enough that he shouldn’t mess with this girl or get on her bad side, so they gave her anything she wants as long as she can pay.

“Okaasan……..where are you…..I miss you….” she said muttering to herself.

She was already on her tenth round but still wanting to continue drinking and ordering for more.

A foreigner approached her and sat next to her.

“You seem to like drinking a lot. Want a company? It’s more fun if we do it together.”

“What?” Tomochin frowned and gave a cold glanced at him.

“Let’s get wasted together,” the man smiled.

“Sorry…..but I’m finished,” Tomochin smirked as she got up and paid the drinks she had ordered.

She headed to the rest room, but was fully awared of the foreigner stalking her and keeping his eyes all the way on her.

In a dimmed corridor, she stopped and turned around to face her stalker.

“What do you want?” she coldly asked.

“Just a little talk, and probably spend one night with you.”

“I’m not interested. Go find someone else to f*ck.” Tomochin answered. She then turned and walked away, staggering a bit cause the effect of the alcohol were starting to kick in.

The man paced up his steps and grabbed the girl’s arm and forcefully trying to kiss her.

Tomochin now was locked in his strong embrace.

“You’re so persistent huh?”

“I am.”

“Alright then. Come with me,” Tomochin dragged him to a corner in order to get a more privacy.
After making sure noone was watching them, the man started to roamed his hand around the girl’s slim body.

“I don’t know your name. But babe, you're a sexy machine, you're like a Hollywood dream. And you got the perfect look, just like those homecoming queens, back in my school days,” the man stared at Tomochin as if he wanted to eat her alive.

Tomochin smirked and put her hands on the man’s chest, slowly caressing him. Their lips getting closer and they teased each other for a moment. And soon the tension was broke into a wild kiss.

The sound of music was so loud that it outweighed the moaning and giggling of the two people who was too busy kissing each other on the dark.

(Perfect…..Now I can drink his blood without getting noticed by other people). Tomochin smirked.

Without hesitating, she vamped out, showing her sharp fangs. The man was too late to realize it, as the fangs were immediately buried in his neck. He struggled at first, but then he succumbed to the pain, feeling his body getting weaker as the blood was drained out of his body.

Tomochin kept on sucking his blood. Her mouth was full with red liquid. The sensation was too much for her, the blood tasted sweeter and warmer with every sip she had. She didn’t know how long and how much blood she had sucked from this man, and she was caught in this trance.

That was until someone snatched the man out from her hold.

“Grrrrrhhh…….Chiyuu…..” Tomochin cursed under her breath.

Tomo~mi held the poor man and then let him fall to the floor unconsciously.

“Stop it, Tomochin. You’re killing him,” she said.

The duck-lip girl crossed her arms and muttered, “You stalked me. I can’t believe you’re actually stalking me.”

“I know something like this will happen. You still can’t control your blood lust.” said Chiyuu.

Tomochin shrugged and was about to walk away, but Chiyuu stopped her.

The deredere girl suddenly grabbed the other girl forcefully, holding her tightly in her arms.

“Chiyuuu……” the tsundere girl was stunned.

“You don’t know how I feel, standing in the shadow, watching other people lay their dirty hands on you.” Chiyuu hissed.

“Everytime I look at you, all I wanna do is just disappear. I am craving for you, Tomochin. I want you all to myself. And nobody else, yeah. You don't need other lover. We can keep it undercover.”

Chiyuu continued, “Let’s get out of here. Let's drop out of this crowd. Somewhere no one's allowed. I wanna find a place where we can be alone in the dark. And you can navigate me like a map that you know by heart. I want you, Tomochin.”

“Please, Tomochin, I can’t live without you. I will follow you and stalk you whereever you go. You can always find me in the shadows, watching over you. And we’ll put the shades down until tomorrow, and make sure that nobody follows.”

Chiyuu stared at the older girl, her eyes were asking for forgiveness.

“Tomochin, I am sorry, for everything I’ve done to you. I just wanted to see you alive and happy. I'm sorry if I am the one who makes you sad. I'm sorry if I made your life miserable.”

Tomochin saw the tears started brimming on the younger girl’s eyes. “No, Chiyuu. You didn’t. You didn’t make my life miserable. I'm sorry I snapped and said those hurtful words to you. I didn’t mean it. I am sorry, Chiyuu. Please don’t cry anymore.”

Tomochin then stared at her partner, silently begged for permission before she claimed Chiyuu’s lips with her own, it was soft at first but later it turned into a deep, wild kiss. Their tongues were battling for dominance, until they were forced to break the kiss due to lack of breath.

“Let’s get out of here. To a more private place.” Tomochin said.

“To a more private place,” Chiyuu let out a wide grin, feeling happy and relieved this time.



Yuki woke up in her bed, feeling a sting on her face. She checked herself in the mirror and groaned as she found a big bruise around her left eye. The fight last night was pretty intense, and her opponent was merciless. She had planned it with Akira and agreed to lose the match last night. It was her first defeat in the fight club, and she did a great job taking the beating without whimpering.

After taking a quick shower, Yuki took her make-up kit and used it to try to cover her bruises. She then went to the kitchen and had a breakfast alone. Sasshi was already out running errands, while the other girls were still sleeping or getting their chores done in the morning. Yuki had decided to wake up very early and leave earlier than usual to her workplace at Katayama Restaurant, so that she wouldn’t have to meet her friends in the morning with that bruises on her face. Her friends would ask her many questions and she wasn’t sure she could get out of their suspicion.

Yuki took the usual route using bus to the restaurant, not forgetting to send a text message to Mayu on her way. Within fifteen minutes, she arrived at the restaurant and found her boss, Katayama Haruka, had already there. It was still eight o’clock in the morning. The restaurant usually open at 10 AM. But Haachan was a diligent boss, she always get there three hours earlier, and started her day by doing experiments in the kitchen, looking for a new variation for her cooking.

The raven girl entered through the backdoor which connected directly to the kitchen. She then grabbed a broom and began to sweep the floor. After that, she collected all the garbage and put it in the dump site. She spent the next hours by cleaning up the whole room and wiping all the tables clean. When she still had free time, she decided to check the toilets and clean it. Other workers and staffs had also arrived and started doing their job in the restaurant.

Hours passed by, and it’s time to open the restaurant. Customers came one by one for breakfast and early lunch.

Yuki wore her apron and started taking orders from those customers. She then went to Haachan with a tray in hand and began to take the newly-cooked meal from the chef. It was at that moment Haachan saw something abnormal on the girl’s face.

“Yuki, wait. Let me see your face.”

The raven girl suddenly realized her situation. After doing all chores since morning, her make-up was surely wiped away with her sweat, revealing her bruises and black-eye.

“I…Ummm….I have to go now. The customers are waiting.” Yuki quickly took the meal back while kept hiding her face.

“Hey, Yuki, you took the wrong meal. What’s wrong with you?” Haachan came at her and the raven had no time to escape.

Yuki pursed her lips and sighed. Now they were standing close to each other. Haachan then looked up to see Yuki’s face. Being four inches shorter than Yuki, Haachan could see Yuki’s face clearly even if Yuki tried to hide it. The bruises and the black-eye on her face were now revealed to the other girl to see.

“What happened to you?” Haachan asked worriedly, somehow panicking.

“Nothing. I just fell from the stair.”

“How did you fall? Such bruises can’t be merely resulted from falling off stair. Yuki, who did this to you? Is it your boyfriend?” Haachan shot more questions.

“Nnn---no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Then who is it?”

“Errrr....Unnnn…..” Yuki hesitated to answer. She should've just said it's a thief or mugger, but her mind just went blank all in a sudden.

“Yuki, if there’s a domestic violence happen to you, you must report it to the authorites, okay? I’m worried about you. People can be so cruel and violent even to their beloved ones,” said Haachan.

Yuki didn’t know what to say.

“Now go home. Take a rest. I’ll give you a day leave again today.”

“What!? No, Haachan, I want to work today! I don’t need a leave!”

“I can’t let you work with your condition right now. Just go home.”

“But I can still work…. I’m in a good health….I’m not sick….”

“Yuki, just go home, okay? I don’t want you to scare off our customers with your face looking like that. Just go home, Yuki.”

Yuki couldn’t say anything anymore. She reluctantly took her belonging and walked out from the restaurant, heading back to her apartment.

From the beginning, Yuki was aware that getting herself involved in an underground fight club could bring this much trouble to her. Little did she knew, her real trouble was still yet to come.



Kahem, where are you? I gave you a hot/sweet TomoTomo scene in this chapter.
I know TomoToto both have graduated, as well as AtsuMina, KojiYuu, Rena, SaeYaka, Kuumin, Nishishi, Airin, etc.
And I don’t know why I am still writing this fic eventhough most of my favorite members had already graduated.
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been stacking the chapters--my new habit from reading some translated chinese novel :on lol: --and just read it now...

glad to see the girls start solving their financial problem--though some still conflicted about their chosen way...

brothers with different family name :dunno: could it be they taking their mother's family name which makes them a dhampir :dunno:

finally my Hime is in :farofflook: Yui as a prodigy on wheelchair reminds me of a certain bald professor from Marvel :on lol:

from the looks of it this will lead into a battle between Yokoyama vs Akimoto with the girls taking on Yui's side and Shinoda's remnants on Yasusu's side--would be nice if the girls can be split and fight each other :kekeke: and if Yui took her base into Osaka it will bring the old rivalry Osaka vs Nagoya :kekeke:

anyway, don't worry with the lack of comments, just keep continuing this story...

*off to translating&reading some chinese LN/WN* :byebye:


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This fic has reached over 150000+ views!!!
I now announced that this fic has become the most viewed fic not only in this AKB48 Fanfics Thread, but also in the H!P Fanfics Thread. Other fics that are cutting close are this and this. I know being most viewed thread doesn’t mean it to be the best or the most favourite, because there are still a lot of fanfics which are far better than mine. Being the most viewed only means quantity (size), not quality. But let me enjoy this ecstatic feeling for a while now.

@ bunny_rabbit:
Yes, they’re taking their mother's family name which makes them a dhampir.
And I didn’t just steal that idea from you. That was really my idea from the beginning. :lol: 
I love Marvel and DC a lot. I grew up reading/watching them.
Splitting the girls? Do you mean split the hunter team and let them fight each other? Well I have to find a good reason for that to happen though.
Of course Yui will build army in Osaka.
About the lack of comment, don’t worry I already past those. With this fic reaching 150000+ views, I think we already know how many silent readers we got here. :)

This is the final part of the ‘Money Tight’ arc.
It’s a very long one, more than 15000 words.



Part 9


Acchan was alone in her room, wearing some cute dress and fixing herself in the mirror. Dresses and clothes were scattered on her bed and carpeted floor. Every ten seconds she changed her clothes to another, feeling unsatisfied with her appearance.

Today she’s going to have a lunch with Minami, and probably some shopping because this month she had successfully made an income for herself. Opening a laundromat actually wasn't a bad idea, as it proved to bring a good amount of money from her customers. This was the first time for Acchan to get money with her own effort, not relying on other people, and she was really proud of it. If Shinoda was still alive, he must have been really proud too. His usually spoiled daughter now is able to support herself.

“Huuuuufff……What should I wear this time? My clothes are all outdated….” she puffed her cheek and took off her blouse she’s currently wearing.

She sat on her bed for a moment, thinking and staring at her scattered clothes.

And suddenly an idea popped in her mind. A wicked idea, but smart.

She went to her laundroid machine in their kitchen, and opened the tall, huge drawer. There were a lot of clothes inside there, neatly folded, ready to be packed and delivered back to the customers.

Acchan bit her lips and hesitated for a moment.

(Can I use these clothes? It’s only for a few hours. Nobody will know. Besides, I’m just borrowing, not stealing.)

She thought for a moment, and then grabbed a few folded clothes.

Returning back to her room, she then put on one of the borrowed clothes. She swirled around in front of her mirror and find herself adoring her own appearance.

I’m so pretty…!

Look at me…..I’m beautiful, sexy and sweet.
I’m making my own money.
And soon I will be able to buy myself a four-wheel drive.

Now, I don't need a man in my life trying to tie me down.
I don't want a player who got the kids all over town.
I can't stand a man who thinks he looks better than me.

No, I don’t need a man, I already have Minami in my life.
She’s the only gentleman who knows how to please me.

Now I’m ready to go out with her.
And I’ll sing this song together with her.

Ooh Minami, look at me, do I look good to you?
Minami, you’re so lucky to have me.
Me. Me. Me. Atsuko Maeda. The beautiful, sexy, and sweet vampire princess. Tehehe…..)

Acchan continued swirling her body like a little girl in front of her mirror, staring and admiring her own reflection.
And she couldn’t wait to see Minami today and showed how cute she was, wearing this cute dress.



Haruna had just arrived at the studio when the manager called her to come to his room.

“Kojima-san, today you will have a photoshoot session in bikini. Which one do you like to wear?” the manager showed her some papers containing pictures of bikini of any style and color.

“Unnnnnnn………Aaaaaaahh…..This one is so cute….” Haruna said while looking at those papers.

“You can choose up to four bikinis. The rest is for the photographer to choose,” he said.

“Hai.” Haruna nodded and gave the manager her selection.

She then went to the rest room to change her dress into bikini. When she entered the studio room, she saw Yuko was busy preparing the lighting device and camera equipment.

“Yuuchan, how do I look?” she called and asked the squirrel girl.

There was no reply from Yuko as she was in a moment of stun, seeing Haruna wearing a sexy bikini. Haruna swore she could see Yuko having a mssive nosebleed right now.

“Yuuchan, stop staring at me like that!” Haruna smacked the squirrel on the back of her head.

“I can’t help it, Nyannyan, you’re so sexy. I wish you could have a session like this every day.”

“Yeah, that is what you want. But I’m actually a bit nervous about this, you know, I’m….I’m afraid…How if…”

“Right, about that, don’t worry nothing bad will happen to you, Nyannyan.”

“It’s easy for you to say that,” Haruna whispered, “It’s not your body that is being exposed like this. And certainly it’s not you who can suddenly undergo a transformation even without a full moon.” Haruna said, looking nervous.

“Relax, Nyannyan, I’m here for you. I’ll keep my eyes on you and I’ll protect you if anything happen.”

“Thanks, Yuuchan. Just keep watching my back okay? My tail sometimes come out from my behind, without me being aware of it.”

“Hai….Hai….Don’t worry.”

Two cameramen entered the room and greeted the two girls.

“Ohayou, Kojima-san, Oshima-san.”


“Let’s get the session started.”

“Hai.” Yuko and Haruna nodded.



“Thanks for the delicious lunch, Acchan. It’s first time for you treating me to some meal.” Takamina said smiling wide at her girlfriend as they walked in the sidewalk.

“Don’t mention it, Minami.” Acchan said, gesturing with her hand.

“I assume your business is doing well, right, Acchan?”

“Yes. And now I have enough money to do shopping.”

“Hmm….That’s good. But I think you must still watch your budget. Don’t overestimate yourself just because you have an income now. And I see you wearing a new dress. Did you just buy it?”

“No. Actually this dress belongs to my customer. It has the same size with me, so I think I can borrow it for a day.”

“What? Acchan, you can’t do that. You can’t take other people’s belonging! It’s stealing.”

“Oh would you just chill, Minami? I’m just borrowing it, not stealing it!”

“But still, it’s not right to use someone’s belonging without their permission.”

“Okay, okay. I won’t do that again.”

They continued walking.

“Hey, isn’t that Chiyuu?” asked Acchan.

Minami squinted her eyes to the person coming from a far to their direction.

“Oh yes, that’s her.”

“Hi Takamina! Hi Acchan! What are you doing out here?”

“Hi Chiyuu. We’re just having a lunch. Have you had yours?” replied Acchan.

“No I haven’t. I wanted to but I’m already too late for work. So I’ll probably just grab some hotdog or sandwich on my way there.”

“You’re late? What time did you wake up today? How can you be this late?” asked Takamina.

Tomomi scratched her head, “Actually…I’m….I’ve been busy last night….Ahaha...”
(Damn it Tomochin. This is what happen when you borrow my ring and return home late. My friends will notice and they’ll get curious.)

“Been busy at night eh!? Where’s Tomochin?” asked Acchan teasingly.

Blushing, Tomomi replied, “She’s at home.”

“What is she doing? Sleeping?” asked Acchan again.


“Wow, you must’ve made her so tired last night, eh?” Acchan teased again.

Tomomi avoided the question by looking at her watch and spoke, “I’m already late. I should go now. Bye!”

“Hehe…..Bye Chiyuu!” said Acchan still grinning mischievously.

They parted ways. Tomomi headed to the café where she worked, while Acchan and Minami headed back to Minami’s office.

“Acchan,” Minami said as they stood in front of her building,”Do you think something is suspicious about Chiyuu and Tomochin?”

“Hm? No. What’s that?”

“Miichan told me a few months ago, she said she never recall seeing Chiyuu and Tomochin together in a daylight. I thought it was only her imagination, since she’s a psychic and she’s an author with a wicked mind and wild imagination. But now that I think of it, she must be right. If my memories aren’t wrong, I never seen them together in a daylight ever since we met Tomochin a year ago. Have you, Acchan, even just for once, seen them together in a daylight?”

“Err….No. Is that important?”

“Probably. Who knows. I’m just curious why they act like that. I think it’s pretty weird of them, actually.”

“Hmm……..But I think you and your hunter girls are way weirder…Hehehe….” Acchan spoke jokingly. It seemed today she’s in a good mood that she went on teasing everyone.

“Acchan, I’m serious.” Minami said. She seemed to be thinking of something for a moment.

“Acchan, about your ring. How many of it exist in this world? Do you know someone else who owns the similar ring like yours?”

“Mmmm…..Shinoda told me there are several rings like this exist in this world. But I don’t know who else has it.”

“Acchan, let’s play detective. What do you have in mind to explain Chiyuu and Tomochin’s behaviour?”

“Errr……I don’t know…..” Acchan tilted her head to the side as she was thinking hard.

“Well, I have a theory, a very wild theory about Chiyuu and Tomochin. The keyword is ‘daylight’. Does it ring a bell for you?”

“What? Do you think……maybe….one of them is a vampire?”

“No. The two of them, are vampires.” Minami said with a smirk.

“Eeeeeeeeeehhh…….!!!???” Acchan shrieked as she was in too much shock.

“You’re kidding me right?”

“Well, that’s just my wild guess.”

“Explain your deduction.”

“You see. Chiyuu and Tomochin were never seen together in a daylight. They acted like Castor and Pollux. You know, in the old Roman Mythology, Castor and Pollux are god-like twin brothers who were cursed to be separated for eternity.”

“Tell me about it.”

“The myth said only one of them was granted immortality, while the other was a mortal. When Castor, the mortal one, died, he went to the underworld ruled by Hades. While Pollux, the immortal one, went to heaven. But Pollux didn’t want his brother to suffer alone, so he offered to share his immortality. Every half a year they would exchange their position. So Pollux would stay in heaven for six month while at the same time Castor stayed in hell. And then they switched position for the next six month. And that goes on forever, which mean, they never get to see each other again. They were cursed to be separated for eternity.”


“Acchan, why are you crying?”

“That’s a sad story….Itsk….Itsk….” Acchan sobbed.

“Acchaaann~~~ Stop it. I’m serious.”

“Okay.” Acchan wiped her imaginary tears.

“So,” Minami continued, “About Chiyuu and Tomochin. We never seen together in a daylight. And they seemed to not taking a fulltime job, only parttime job. I once asked them separately, Chiyuu said she only worked from Monday to Wednesday, while Tomochin only worked on Thursday and Friday. Why is that? So then I think that probably they are sharing something. One theory I have in mind is that, when Tomochin came to this city a year ago, something happen to them, they became vampires but they only have one ring that is similar to yours, and they must share the ring.”

“Chiyuu used to be a normal girl before she met Tomochin. She always hang around with us anytime, 24x7. She used to go out everyday on a daylight with us. But that stopped until Tomochin came. So my next guess is, Tomochin was originally a vampire, and she came and sired Chiyuu.”

Acchan was speechless.

“Wow….Minami…..Sugoooiii……You sound like a Sherlock Holmes….You’re really a….genius!”

“Well, they don’t choose me as a leader for nothing.” Minami grinned. That’s right. Minami was known for her extraordinary ability in making deduction, reasoning, and logical thinking. Only when it comes to a love life, her brain betrayed her and failed her every time.

Acchan was still staring at Minami. Eyes full of admiration.

Minami continued, “But then again, this is just my wild imagination. We don’t have evidence yet. So don’t tell anyone about this. TomoTomo will get mad at me if they know I’m accusing them for being a vampire.”

“Okay. I won’t tell anyone.”

“I have to get back to my work. See you later, Acchan.”

“See you too, Minami.”


The school hours was over and Rabutan had nothing to do and nowhere to go. She usually hang out with Mayu, but today Mayu had to stay late in school due to a group assignment.

Rabutan then decided to visit Sasshi at her workplace, the car repair shop which located near the river valley. To reach the site, Rabutan had to take a bus ride or use a bicycle. Rabutan chose the bicycle.

After half an hour cycling on her bike, Rabutan arrived at the shop. It was indeed one of the best mechanic shop in town. And Rabutan could see that it had a lot of customers today. Almost a dozen cars were parked inside the large building. Most of the cars had its hood opened and the cabin was unloaded. Several mechanics were busy working on it. Sasshi must be also there amongst them, working her a** off. Sasshi is a diligent girl after all. Yes she is a wota, yes she is a hetare (coward), yes she is clumsy, yes she is weak when it comes to sports and fighting. She can’t run, she can’t swim, she can’t jump. And yes she’s the kind of students who always get bullied in school.

Sasshi has so many weaknesses. But now she is the most successful amongst the hunter-girls. She has the real job, a well-paid one, and probably the most stable job which rely a lot on skill and talent. Not so many girls were interested to become a mechanic or engineer. So it was really cool to have a girl like her choose this job for her career. Someday, Sasshi is going to open her own mechanic shop and make even more money in the future. Sasshi has been thinking about this for so long, and she’s been saving up money in order to reach her dream, starting her own business in automobile and mechanical related stuff.

One thing that only few people knew about Sasshi is that this girl is very smart and wise at managing money. She knew how to plan her monthly budget. She knew how to make a decision about buying something or not buying something. She knew how to differentiate between ‘needing’ and ‘wanting’. She only buy what she needs, not what she wants. She rarely bought fancy clothes. She only had jerseys in her wardrobe. But she had a huge amount of deposit in her bank account. She just doesn’t show it much often. Not to Mayu and Yuki, and not even to her girlfriend Rabutan. Rabutan only recently knew about Sasshi’s huge deposit when she accidentally saw Sasshi’s cash book and took a peek into it. And that made Rabutan fell in love even more with Sasshi. Rabutan admired how Sasshi was so hardworking, independent, and reliable. All the success Sasshi had achieved now was a result of her own hard work, not relying to her parents or friends. Four years ago, Sashihara Rino, a poor country girl from Oita, braved herself and came to this city with only a little money in her pocket. She built everything from scratch using those little money she had. She started from nothing. Zero. But look at her now, she has become a successful person in term of wealth and career. Her parents must be very proud of her.

Rabutan’s eyes wandered around inside the large shop, searching for a certain wota girl. And there she found Sasshi, lying on her back, right under a big car which was being lifted up by a hydraulic.

“Hi Sasshi!”

“Hi Rabutan! What are you doing here?” Sasshi crawled out from under the car. Her uniform looked dirty, tainted with oil and dust, and she had beads of sweat running down her face. She was holding a screwdriver in one hand, and a high pressure tire gauge in the other.

“My bicycle needs a repairing. I can’t switch the geer smoothly.”

“Is that so? But Rabutan, this is a car repair shop, not a bicycle shop. You should go somewhere else to fix it.”

“But----but…..Sasshi, I want you to fix it.”

“Huffff…..Okay. Just wait here, okay. Let me finish this car first, and then I’ll take a look at your bicycle.”

“Yaaay….Thanks, Sasshi! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, give me a hug and a kiss, Rabutan!”

Rabutan then hugged Sasshi and kissed her on the cheek, which made Sasshi grinned happily.



Mayu was busy scribbling something on her papers. She was inside a class room, having a discussion with her group to finish an assignment that was due tomorrow.

Suddenly her phone rang and she saw a message from Yuki.

Date       : Thursday, 26/March/2013, 15:00
From      : Yuki
Message :  Cyborg, do you like your birthday gift? I put it in your room this morning.

Mayu smiled upon reading the message, and she quickly texted a reply.

Date       : Thursday, 26/March/2013, 15:01
From      : Cyborg
Message :  Yes I like it Yuki! Glad you remember my bday this year, unlike last year. Lets have a dinner date tonight. My treat, no, I mean, your treat. Haha!

A minute later, her phone rang again.

Mayu smiled upon reading the message.

Date       : Thursday, 26/March/2013, 15:02
From      : Yuki
Message :  Haha! You’re funny. But I have an important task tonight, sorry. How about tomorrow night?

Mayu frowned, but then she smiled again.

Date       : Thursday, 26/March/2013, 15:03
From      : Cyborg
Message :  What task? Is it related to the job you talk about earlier? What job is it?

A reply came soon.

Date       : Thursday, 26/March/2013, 15:04
From      : Yuki
Message :  It’s a secret. If I tell you then I will have to kill you.

Mayu broke out a chuckle in amusement, earning glares from her friends. She typed a quick reply.

Date       : Thursday, 26/March/2013, 15:05
From      : Cyborg
Message :  I'm getting a little tired of your riddle game, Yuki. But I’ll let it slide because I trust you. Btw, thanks for the gift.

(And thanks for working so hard for me too, Yuki.)
The Cyborg closed her phone and smiled. She felt so happy. Her relationship with Yuki had been restored and it’s just getting better and better each days.



Haruna was still having photoshoot session with the bikini.

The photographer made her doing many poses at many places, indoor and outdoor, on the chair, on the bed, at the bathtub, at the swimming pool, etc.

Yuko was just happily grinning and following everywhere they go. She wasn’t the main cameraman for this session, but she’s doing a good job by helping them with the equipment and stuff.

Yuko couldn’t help but feeling proud of Haruna. The girl had become a new star in the magazine. A lot of people love her facial expression and body figure.

The session took quite a long time, and Haruna was began to feel tired and cold. Wearing only a bikini, she got nothing to protect herself from the cold air and harsh wind. She occasionally shivering and sneezing at the process.

She took a sigh of relief as soon as the photoshoot is over, and quickly changed her clothes back into a normal, fully-cloth one. There were already several girls in the room, waiting for their next turn to have a photoshoot session.

Yuko still had to finish some photo-editing for the magazine, and Haruna must wait for another hour before they can go home together.

“Kojima-san,” a voice called her.

Haruna turned and saw the son of the magazine company’s owner, Kawano Naoki.

“Hai, Kawano-san,” she said with a smile, trying her best to be polite.

“Congratulation! You got more photoshoot session. And I’m sure it will raise our magazine’s circulation by a significant amount.”

“Thank you,” Haruna said politely.

“I have something to discuss with you about your career option. If you interested, you can come to my office room tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, I will come.”

“Great.” Kawano said and left.

Yuko saw Haruna talking with that man. And after the man left, Yuko came and asked her, “What is he saying?”

“He just asked me to come to his room tomorrow. Maybe has something to offer. A new project maybe.”

“That sounds great.” Yuko said.

“Yeah. Let’s just wait and see.”

“Ready to go home now?” asked Yuko.

“Sure. Come on.”

They then went to parking lot and went home, riding on Yuko’s big motorcycle.


Hours passed by and now it’s evening in Nagoya.

Jurina stepped out from the shuttle bus and looked around. Tonight she didn’t have any client and appointment to attend. But she decided to go here to explore this city. She planned to visit several places to see if she could meet some vampires in town and make friends with them.

She had drawn a list of the places, such as night clubs, pubs, bars, pachinko slots, etc. Vampires love to go those places, playing and hanging out with their own kind. Being immortal, they like to spend their times doing unimportant things. Of course in order to be able to enter those places, Jurina had prepared and disguised herself to look older, and she had also made a fake identity card containing fake name and fake age.

Jurina opened her smartphone and searched through her GPS, any local pub that is nearest to her area. She then took afew minutes walking and entered the pub without any trouble. Her looks did look older and deceiving. She took a seat on the stool at the counter and ordered for a drink.

Her eyes wandered around to catch any sign of existence of supernatural being. Being a vampire herself, Jurina knew well enough that this place was perfect for a vampire to hunt and lure their victims, what with so many people (human) getting drunk there. So Jurina would like to see if there’s any vampire actually doing that in this place.

Jurina spent a while, watching and waiting, but nothing happened. She then turned and saw some people played gambling on the corner. She approached and took a closer look at the game they’re playing. They played several games using dice and cards.

Jurina asked to join them, which they let her. She took some money from her pocket and put it on the table as her bet. Gambling is her game. She was sure she’s going to win this game easily.


While Jurina was playing her favourite game, at the same time her partner was also playing her own game.

In an abandoned area, Matsui Rena waited in the dark and watched as a dozen of yankees entered a building. The building had become a yankee’s lair where they gathered before and after they conducting crimes and delinquent acts.

Rena then made an ambush into the building, surprising the yankees.

“You again….How did you….How did you know this place!?” their leader asked mad. He recognized this girl as someone who had robbed their money last week.

“Easy. I stalk you.” Rena said and switched into Gekikara mode.

“Okay, okay, stop! No fighting. I don’t want to fight you. How much do you want?” the leader asked. He was smart enough to learn not to get into a fight against Gekikara, a full-time psycho vampire, part-time mugger.

“It depends on… much do you have?”

“Tck….Fine, I’ll give it all to you. F*ck!! D*mmit!” the leader cursed in defeat. He was a brave man before, and had never back down from a fight against anyone. But only if it’s Gekikara, he would prefer to surrender even before the fight begin.

The yankees gathered the money and gave it to Geki.

Gekikara just laughed and giggled as she received the money and left afterwards.


Yuki entered the building where the underground fight club was located. Tonight she was in a good condition, being physically fit and healthy. And this time she’s not going to let herself getting beaten again. She’s going the secure her victory (and her money) in her fight this time.

As Yuki came a bit earlier than her schedule, she had to wait and watch other fighters having their match in the ring. After several weeks joining this street fight, Yuki had got to recognize and learn more about those fighters. Most of the fighters were usually yankees, yakuzas, bandits, thugs, and other low-life people. But some of them were unexpectedly normal people just like her. Sometimes she would accidentally bumped into them on the streets, in the market, around the hospital, or other public spaces. Outside they looked like normal people. Yuki thought they must have their own reason to fight, which most probably was money. But how and why they need the money, it will be a different story. As for Yuki, she needs the money to support someone she loves, and also to secure their future. Other people probably need the money because one of their family member is sick or suffering a bad disease. While others probably need the money to pay their debt.

Everybody got their own problems. That’s for sure. What is life without problem? Life itself means suffering and trouble. Everyone just have to deal with it.

Now that Yuki realized the meaning of life, she decided not take it seriously. She decided to just get along with it. Like a river  flowing to the ocean. Life has its own way to show what is best for her.

Yuki used to be very strict on herself, very righteous. She has really strong morals and values, and she expects everybody to live up to them the way that she does. She always wants to do the right thing, and would rather get beaten to death than conduct something against her moral norms.

But now she had changed her mind. She decided she had to be a bit more flexible in life. It was okay to be a bad girl once in a while and do wrong things. In her childhood, people told her that she should always be a good girl. She believed them. But now she realized she can’t always be a good girl. It is a stupid thing she’s doing, joining this illegal street-fighting. If her parents were still alive and saw her doing this, they would be very disappointed of her. They would tell her to stop and stay away from this things. But now she would just answer, ‘Maybe I will, some other day.’

Someday she will change her mind and back to being a good girl. But not today. Because now she feels right, and it feels good not always doing what she should. Just this once, she wants to feel like she can do what she wants, and not worrying whether it’s wrong or right.

She doesn’t want to do right, she just wants to do what makes her happy. And she knows what makes her happy, it is to see the smile on Mayu’s face. And she would do anything to make Mayu smile everyday. She wants to see Mayu become a doctor someday, and not just only in their dream.

So Yuki thought, sometimes she just had to take a leap of faith. She’ll learn her lessons, and she'll make mistakes. And if she get burned, it'll be her heart to break. It isn't easy. But her life was never easy to begin with. And now she had made up her mind. She will be a bad girl for a while, and will save her best behavior for a little later. Because now she’s only 21. She still got much time to grow up and to learn how to face responsibility. All she has to do now is just living in the moment and keeping her heart open, while she’s only 21.

Anyone who has ever been in love has got to know what it means to have a dream. And no one can say anything. One can only feels it.

Yuki kept on thinking while watching those fighters battled in the ring.
A moment later her stage-name, ‘Black’, was called.
She then stepped up into the ring, ready to face her opponent.



Mayu was sitting on her chair, but her head’s drooping onto the desk. Her eyes closed, and her mouth drooling saliva. Her desk was full with papers and opened textbooks.

The Cyborg girl stirred a bit, opening her eyes slowly, and then she shot awake.

“Aaaah, I fell asleep…” she said and rubbed her eyes.

(I cannot fall asleep.
I must not fall asleep.
I have to study all night, and get those bloody straight ‘A’ for my exams next week.
This is the only way for me to get a scholarship.
Yuki’s been working so hard for me, even taking a night shift job.
I can’t let her down.
I must do my best.)

Mayu got up and went to the toilet to wash her face.

She then got back to her chair and began studying again.



Jurina was still busy playing her game, gambling in the pub. She had won many rounds, and the amount of her money had folded three times than what she had before she came to this pub. She’s totally beating everyone in this game. Jurina always loves playing a mind-game, a psychological game like this. It gave her the thrill, the satisfaction everytime she saw the confused and shocked expression plastered on her opponent’s face when they learned that they had lost their bet. And it was at those moments Jurina would flashes her victorious smile as she takes all the money for herself. Jurina was addicted to this kind of game.

“Hey, Kiddo, you’re cheating right?” one of her opponent spoke uneasy.

“No, I’m not.” answered Jurina calmly.

“Oh you’re cheating, that’s for sure. You never lost even one round. You must be using some tricks to cheat on us. You think you’re smart, huh?” he said and got up, slamming his hands on the table in front of Jurina’s face.

“No, I’m not cheating. Calm yourself and sit down, buddy. The game isn’t over.” Jurina said.

“The h*ll….This game isn’t fair anymore!”

“Hey, if you broke or want to quit, you can just say it honestly, but don’t go blaming it on me.” Jurina retorted.

The man glared at Jurina, his eyes were red and burning. He then grabbed Jurina by the collar and was about to punch her. But then he retreated and stormed out angrily.

After that, they continued the game for several more rounds, until all the player (except one) broke and had no money left to play.



Yuki and her opponent circled each other, doing warming ups and cracking their knuckles. Her opponent this time was a young man, more like a boy. He looked fit, albeit shorter and looked younger than her. Yuki read his face, trying to figure out what kind of person he is. He didn’t look like a bad guy. And Yuki was hesitating at first. She was not sure she would have a heart to beat this innocent young man to his defeat.

Yuki then tried to project all the bad things in this world into this young man, so that she wouldn’t feel so guilty when she beat him.

(Beat him, Yuki. Punch him. Kick him. Make him scream in agony.) Yuki said to herself.

So when the man charged at her and launched his first attack, Yuki just smirked and dodged. When he came again with a full fist trying to land a hit on her, Yuki slid out of the way and punched him back on the face. The man stumbled back, and Yuki couldn’t help but feeling amused to see his pained expression. The raven girl decided to tease him a bit by sticking out her middle finger at him. They heard the audiences laughed, which drove the young man mad because he didn’t like to be teased by a girl who thinks she’s stronger than him.

The man came again and charged at Yuki with a full throttle, in which Yuki dodged very swiftly without much effort. She proceeded by punching him in the face again, making his nose bleeding profusely. At that moment Yuki felt getting excited. And it’s weird. She never felt so excited like this before, punching people on their faces. And moreover, innocent people.

Adrenaline started rushing into her vein, and Yuki decided to take off her jacket, leaving herself only with a white sleeveless shirt and a dark blue jeans which accentuated her body line and her ‘asset’. It made the audience goes “Ooooohhh!!” because of the hotness and the rising tension in the air, which made them suddenly feels hot. Sure Yuki had no muscle like all those male fighters, but her overall body figure was really something to die for.

Yuki continued to land a few more hits on the young man, and tried to suppress her guilty feeling. She knew it’s wrong to beat innocent people. She was supposed to beat only the bad guys, not these innocent people. That was the rules that she had set for herself since a long time ago.

But now, f*ck the rules, she’s going to beat the shit out of him in the next few minutes.

Life is a brutal fight, between the good and the bad. Between the heroes and the villains. And most of the time, the heroes had to suffer first before they win the battle. Most of the time, it was the villains who beat the heroes up into a pulp. Innocent people also got beaten sometime, in the middle of the war between good and evil. Everybody has their own share of beating.

Yuki then reminisced all those bloody fights in her past. The fights she had against vampires, yankees, and bad guys. She recalled the moments when she got beaten up by Akira and his troops. She recalled the moment when she had to let Gekikara beat the shit out of her and she couldn’t fight back. Those were painful moments. She remembered the pain, the anger, and the resignation, when she had to let herself getting beaten by her enemies. And now that she thinks about it, she realized that out of all people, it was always her who ended up taking the worst in every fights. Amongst her friends, it was her who often took the biggest share of beating. And it’s not fair.

Yuki kept thinking about it while landing punches on the poor young man without mercy. Her shirt was began to tainted with blood. And it wasn’t hers. But Yuki didn’t stop. She kept on punching him while her mind kept on wandering.

Her last battle against Lord Shinoda, it was the most painful moment in her life. She remembered being beaten almost to death by Lord Shinoda. She remembered having broken bones, broken ribs, punctured lung, dislocated shoulder, not to mentioned the bruises and the cuts all over her body. She remembered being punched in the face by the powerful lord. She remembered getting kicked in the stomach and flew high in the air, spinning because of the kicks. She remembered hallucinating, almost dying, and having an out of body experience after taking all those countless blows from the lord, and the blows were powerful enough to destroy a boulder. Remembering all those things and all those pain now had made Yuki beyond angry, although it was just a memories.

Now she realized, she had taken one too many beating for herself. She gets beaten a lot by other people. So why wouldn’t she do the same thing to them, beating them up just like the way she was beaten before?

Her enemies had shown no mercy to her. So why would she show any now? Why would she give any?

The young man fell onto the ground while Yuki looked down upon him. The image of herself being kicked and chased around by the vampire lord were played repeatedly in her mind like a movie montage. That made her angry. And so now she does the same thing to this young man, chasing him and kicking him while he’s still on the ground.

It’s so ironic that even after he died, Shinoda was still able to make Yuki angry and frustrated. He had left a huge impact on Yuki, in a very bad way. He had changed her even without her knowing. He had made the beast out of Yuki, making Yuki become a monster just like him. A monster who beats down an innocent people without mercy.

Yuki heard the audiences chanting her stage name, ‘Black’, and she smirked. No, it’s not ‘Black’ who is fighting right now. It’s Yuki Kashiwagi. A girl who was angered by her past.

Yuki was in a mind fuck. All those scene of herself getting beaten by her enemies in the past were now being played again in her mind. Yuki could do nothing to stop and suppress the beast within her that was about to emerging. The anger and frustation was too much to handle.

The poor young man was still on the ground, writhing in pain and struggling to get up. Yuki came over and pushed him down. She then sat on his stomach, and began to rain down powerful punches onto his face. As she was beating him, she swore she could of heard a sound of broken bone, probably coming from the nose, and the sounds of his grunting and crying in pain. But she kept on punching him until her hands was covered by blood.

At this moment, Yuki couldn’t feel the love and compassion she used to feel before. Only fury, energy, and dark passion waiting to be channeled out. All she wanted to do is to vent her anger, and to release all the shit that has made up her past.

She felt herself like a fallen angel with a broken wing. A lost flower that is flowing in the wind. She had let the darkness taking over her conscience, and she don’t know where it will lead her. She just stepped off from her high status as the good warrior, and now she’s going down fast, turning herself into this dark, evil warrior.

Yuki continued beating the daylight out of the poor young man, who now looked like a bloody mess sprawling on the floor.

She was so occupied, more like possessed, that she didn’t hear the long sirens and the shouts from the police squad when they barged in to the building. And neither did she hear Akira screaming at her telling her to run and hide from the police.


Jurina left the pub with a big grin plastered on her face. And her grin couldn’t be any wider as she just managed to bring the game house down. She managed to multiply her money until ten-folded. This was her greatest success to date.

(Wooahh…..I’m going to be rich….I can’t believe I can make this much amount of money, and with Rena making a good job too, collecting money, I think we’re going to be able to build our army sooner and get our revenge on those hunter-girls.)

Jurina continued walking to the bus stop, feeling happy for her own achievement. She was too occupied with her own thought, she didn’t realize a few people stalking her from behind.

It was only when she was reaching near the bus stop, those stalkers showed up themselves and she suddenly was surrounded by a dozen of people.

Jurina smelled bad intention from these people, but she chose to brush it off by kept on walking through the blockade.

A man grabbed her quite harshly and pushed her back into the ‘circle’, and they all circled her like a prey.

Jurina raised her guard up. She had a hunch that these men were sent by someone who was mad after she’s taking their money in the gambling game.

“Hey….hey….what’s going on here? Leave me alone,” said Jurina.

“Tckk……Not after the trouble you caused us,” said one man.

“Yes Kiddo. You really know how to looking for trouble,” other man spoke.

“Do I seem to you like I’m looking for trouble?” Jurina retorted.

“GUYS…..GET HER!!! DON’T LET HER ESCAPE…!!!” someone shouted and they all charged at Jurina at the same time.

Being a vampire herself, Jurina was quite strong (although not as strong as Geki and Acchan) and she knew how to defend herself. However it was revealed that her enemies this time were very strong, abnormally strong. The only explanation that Jurina had in her mind was, these people are vampires. Jurina’s strength was proven to be above normal people (human), but if compared to other vampires, her power was only moderate.

Jurina had no choice other than vamping out her fangs (which means showing up her identities), in order to leverage her strength.

And just as Jurina expected, these people also showed up their fangs. They were indeed vampires.

They taunted each other with their fangs for a while, and a bloody fight followed after.

Jurina tried her best to fight back and defend herself. However, those vampires were stronger and bigger, and Jurina was outnumbered.

(If only Rena was here with me now, she would have saved me and beaten up these guys easily.) Jurina thought.

Soon Jurina fell to the ground, bleeding on her face and body. One man then roamed onto her body, searching for something, and Jurina knew he was looking for her wallet. Once he found it, he opened the wallet and took all the money that Jurina had won that night. Jurina was too weak to do anything against that, and she knew begging wouldn’t work much either. All she could do was just letting out a silent protest which was obviously ignored.

Those people then dragged Jurina back to the pub.

They threw her to a room where a few other people already waiting for her.

Jurina was lying on the floor, all bruised and battered up. In her weakened state, Jurina managed to take a peek on her capturer’s face.

In the middle of the room, she saw a teenage girl sitting in a chair. She wore a seifuku uniform. She has such a pretty eyes and an exquisite beauty. She also looked too young to be their leader, but Jurina decided to wait until the fact revealed itself.

“Hold her up and get her here. I want to see her face,” said the young girl. Jurina was right, she’s indeed their leader, and most likely a vampire too. Other guess, she’s also the pub owner.

Two men grabbed Jurina’s arms and forced her to stand eventhough Jurina was already too weak to stand on her own feet.

The young girl got up from her chair and stood on the eye-level with Jurina. She then took Jurina by her chin, forcing the captived girl to meet her in the eye.

“You must be new to this town. I’ve never seen you around. First time visiting my pub?” Indeed this girl is the pub owner, which is strange for a young girl like her to be owning and managing a pub.

“Yeah.” Jurina nodded weakly.

“My clients told me you’re cheating on them,” the girl said.

“No….That’s not true….Please, believe me.” Jurina begged as she denied.

The girl drove her knee onto Jurina’s stomach, and Jurina fell to the floor again, groaning in pain.

“You see, I don’t like getting complained by my customers because someone’s cheating on them. Moreover by a newcomer. Now tell me, how did you cheat? What trick did you use?”


“Answer her!” one of her man kicked Jurina who was still on the floor, causing her to yelp.

“I really….didn’t cheat.” Jurina spoke.

“Tcckk….. Either you cheat or you’re just pushing your luck too far. Which one?”

“Luck. I have it quite a lot.”

“You’re not going to admit it, aren’t you? Guys, get her out of here. Make sure she will never come back to our pub again.”

“Haik. Iriyama-san, should we kill her?” one of her men asked.
“No, just leave her on the street. She’ll learn her lesson. And there’s no need to report this to Akimoto. If he knows about this, then this little culprit will be in so much danger.”

“Haik, Iriyama-san.”

Those men then dragged Jurina out and gave her several more beatings before leaving her lying on the street with her limbs sprawled out.


Yuki couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Everything around her seemed like a chaos. She saw people running, shouting and screaming in panick. Gunfire was heard all around her.

Yuki didn’t know what to do. She tried to locate her yankee friends, but they were nowhere to be found. She wanted to run but the situation has become too chaotic with people running from/to all directions, that she couldn’t figure out where the exit door was.

“FREEZE…..!!! FREEZE……!!!”


The sounds of gunfire was heard again, along with sirens from outside the building. Smoke was seen everywhere.
Yuki began to register this situation slowly into her brain. Police. Raid.


Crap. Yuki thought.

Yuki could do nothing but comply to the order. She gets down to the floor, lying on her stomach and put her hands on the back of her head.

At such a moment like that, Yuki regretted her decision to ever join this fight-club from the beginning. But regrets always came late. Yuki was sure she’ll be sent to jail tonight. For a second time of her life, she’ll be spending night in a police station.

Still kissing the floor, Yuki felt someone get on top of her, putting his whole weight onto her back in order to prevent her from getting up and running away, not like Yuki would try it anyway. She knew better than running away from the police.

Her arms was then put behind her back and she could feel the handcuff was being locked on her wrists.

After that, she was pulled to stand back up again, and was pushed around by that police officer (whom she couldn’t see the face because he was holding her from behind).

Next thing she knew, she was already in the police car, which was then heading immediately to the police station.


Jurina stumbled her way every now and then, and even fell to the ground for several times before she could reach the bus stop. When she got on the bus, she received those stares from the bus driver and other passengers, it was full of concern and curiousity as to why her face and body was covered with cuts and bruises. They asked her questions and offered to bring her to nearest hospital, but Jurina rejected them, saying she was fine by herself.

Jurina finally arrived at her apartment building after having a very troublesome time to carry her body home. Rena who was still awake that night (and feeling happy after taking money from the yankees) was totally shocked seeing Jurina’s condition. Rena had never seen Jurina in this state before and she knew Jurina was never fond of fighting, so it was really shocking to see Jurina getting into a fight and ended getting beaten like this.

Rena asked many questions, but Jurina said she would tell her everything tomorrow, first thing in the morning. And right now Jurina was only wanting to sleep. Rena then took a first-aid kid and started nursing Jurina.

After that, they both went to sleep together, with Rena having so many question in her mind about what happened to Jurina that night.



Yuki was put in a cell as well as other criminals, yankees, yakuzas, thieves, robbers, drug-dealers, street-fighters, etc.

Sitting on a bench in the corner of the cell, Yuki wondered if her situation could get any worse than this. She started to ask herself, why the world keeps turning against her? Why things have never been right for her? Why is it so hard for her to make everything right? Is there any chance for someone like her to have a taste of happiness and quality life? She could only repent herself as she looked back and think about her past and present life. She was so desperate that she began to think, that Anzai God must’ve hate her so much.

Yuki never imagined she will be spending in jail, for the second time. Yes, this was the second time Yuki got arrested and sent to jail. First time was three years ago, when Sae disappeared (he was abducted by Shinoda) and the police suspected Yuki had murdered her boyfriend. Back then, Yuki was also sent to jail and spent several nights there. She was only 18 at that time. And now she had to experience it again, spending her night behind bars.

It was almost midnight and Yuki felt her body shivering. Her thin, white shirt did nothing to protect her from the cold air and harsh wind, and it didn’t help that it was also sleeveless. And it was at that moment, Yuki regretted her decision for taking off her jacket in the middle of her fight that night. What the hell was she thinking, taking off her jacket and exposing her body like that? It was a stupid decision and now she had to take the consequence, spending the whole night suffering in cold air.

She looked around and observed her surrounding. It was a pretty big room with several cells. Each cells was occupied by 3 or 4 prisoners. Hers was only 1, no other cellmate because she was the only girl in that room. She then observed all other prisoners were wearing their jackets, and she couldn’t help but envy them. In a normal situation, Yuki was sure there will be a lot of man who will stand in a line wanting to lend their jackets to her. But here in this jail, everybody would only care for himself.

Talking about someone whom she cares, and who cares about her.

(Mayu must be worried about me right now.)

The officers had taken her cellphone before putting her inside this jail. Therefore Yuki could not check or read any messages in her phone. She remembered she had turned it off before, so that she could fight without any distraction. And now Yuki was sure if she check her phone now, she would see a hundred missed calls as well as a hundred text messages from Mayu. Yuki didn’t have to read those messages to know what the content is.

Yuki let out a long sigh, feeling frustrated. She had so many problems now. She would have to make up a good reason to explain this incident to her Little Cyborg. But Yuki decided to worry about this later. First thing first, she had to figure out how to get out of this place ASAP.

Feeling sleepy, Yuki sighed and closed her eyes, trying to get to sleep in a sitting position eventhough it was totally uncomfortable.



“Sasshi, did you get a message from Yuki?” asked a certain cyborg as she stuffed a biscuit into her mouth.

“No. Why?”

“She didn’t come home last night. I was stayed up all night for studying. If she were to came home last night, I should’ve known it.”

“Have you tried to call her?”

“I have but it’s mailbox. And she didn’t reply my messages either. I’m a bit worried now. Did she talk to you recently? Maybe about her job or something?”

“No, she didn’t. You’re her girlfriend, why you’d asked me?”

“Well, she said she had an important task. Must be her new job.”

“What job?”

“I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me. She said it’s a secret, and if she tells me then she will have to kill me. Gooosshh…..I should’ve noticed this coming…….Sasshi….What if she’s in danger right now? What if she’s working as a spy or undercover agent, and she got captured by her enemy……Sasshi….What must save her….Now!!” Mayu began to panick.

Sasshi chuckled, “You and your wild imagination Cyborg. Don’t be too panicking like that. Yuki is strong and smart. She knows how to take care of herself.”

“Hmm….Right…” Mayu continued munching her breakfast.

“Let’s just wait until she comes home. If she’s not showing up tonight, we will go searching for her, you know, like in the Search And Rescue mission.” Sasshi said calmly.

Mayu then packed her stuff into her bag, ready to go to school. Sasshi was also preparing herself to leave for work.


“Jurina, tell me what’s going on. Who did this to you?” Rena asked as she helped Jurina wake up and sat on her bed.

Rena then gave Jurina a glass of water.

“Vampires,” answered Jurina.

“Vampires? But who are they? Where did you meet them?”

“I don’t know they are yet. But they’re powerful. I met them at a pub in Nagoya. Their leader is a very young girl who owns pub. I think we can make friends with them and build our army, Rena.”

“Okay. Just tell me what I should do to help you. You’re my master so you can ask me anything. Your word is my command, Jurina.” Rena said, being the loyal servant she is to Jurina.

Jurina couldn’t help but smile. Rena’s loyality was probably the best thing Jurina can have in this world.

“Here’s my plan. I will go to the pub again in a couple of days and make contact with them, and I need you to go with me. We will make friends with them. But before we do that, you must fight them first, Rena. You must make them pay for what they did to me.” Jurina smirked. And of course, Jurina didn’t tell Rena everything. She only told Rena a little part of her plan. As for the rest of her plan, Jurina decided that Rena doesn’t need to know.



Yuki huffed and sighed as she looked throughout the bars in her cell room. She felt like an idiot standing there. An idiot criminal who was caught in their first act of crime.

She was still choosing between making a phone call to Mayu, or not making a phone call. The officers had offered her if she wanted to call someone to ask for help. Usually if people got arrested, they will call someone they knew (mostly their family) and ask for a help to get them out from the jail by paying fine or ransom.

Yuki was hesitating to make that phone call because she wasn’t ready to face Mayu’s wrath, or most likely, Mayu’s mocks. She could picture Mayu trolling and laughing at her face, once she knew about Yuki being arrested by the police. Yuki wasn’t prepared for the embarassment. Not yet. But she knew she will have to face it sooner or later.

Hours passed by and she just sat there doing nothing, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about her pathetic life.



Haruna knocked on the door and heard the person welcome her from inside the room.

“Come on in, Kojima-san.”

As Haruna entered the room, she saw Naoki sat on his chair behind his desk. The furniture in his office room were very elegant, with Victorian style and all.

“Sit down, please,” Naoki said.

“Thank you.” Haruna sat and tried to make herself comfortable.

“I want to offer you something for your career, Haruna…..Umm….Can I call you Haruna?”

Haruna flinched a bit but she nodded. Seeing this man dropping off their formality is a bit annoying for her. It’s not like they’re a good friends yet.

“So here’s my offer. Are you interested to be a professional model and performer, Haruna?”

“S--sure. I am interested. I will be very happy to take your offer.”

“Oh good. I can make a debut for you. I have a talent agency in Tokyo, and we can train you to be an actress or singer. Are you prepared for that?”

“Oh yes sure. I’ll be ready anytime. When it will start?”

“Next month.”

“Thank you, Kawano-san.”

“Your welcome.” Naoki said as he kept staring at Haruna.

“Ummm…..Is there anything else you want to discuss with me?”

Naoki didn’t answer, on clicking his jaw.

“Well then, I’ll take my leave now.” Haruna was about to stood but Naoki stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

 “Let’s talk about the other thing now.” Naoki said. His expression changed.

Haruna saw a creepy grin on Naoki’ face and she began to feel anxious.

“Do something for me first.”


“Take off your clothes. All of it, including the underwear.”


“Yes, take off your clothes. Let me see your body.” Naoki said calmly.

“But…but what is that for?”

“Haruna, I’m doing a private audition right now. I need to check you out, personally.”

“No…Please no….Do we need to do this?” Haruna started panicking.

“Yes. This is an audition.”

“Oh yeah? Then I’ll reject your offer. I’m not interested anymore. You pervert son of a b***h!” Haruna got up mad and started to walk out from the room.

But Naoki took a remote control and pointed it to the door, it then locked automatically.

Haruna could only turn back and face Naoki. She was now feeling very nervous.

“Open the door, now!” Haruna said mad.

“Uh—uhh…No.” Naoki shooked his head.

Haruna rolled her eyes and looked up to the ceiling, thinking and searching of a way out.

“Haruna, you should not reject me, you know. All other girls would be standing in a line wanting to take my offer. But you just reject me. Don’t you think it’s stupid?”

“Well, I’m not those girls.” retorted Haruna.

Suddenly Naoki stood up and walked up to her. “Haruna, this is why I love you so much. You’re the kind of woman that always plays hard to get. I like it.” He said and hugged her forcefully.

“What the--!! Get your hands off me!!!” screamed Haruna.

But Naoki didn’t stop. He kept on hugging Haruna tied.

Haruna become more panicked. “HEEEELLPP….!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME, PLEEEEASE!!” she began to scream as loud as she can.

“It’s no use Haruna. This room is soundproof. Noone can hear us from outside.”

“What?” Haruna panicked even more.

She tried to break free from Naoki’s hold, but Naoki was stronger. He even tried to kiss Haruna forcefully. Anxiety began to fill her mind, and she was worried if something bad will happen to her. Something bad, which is either getting raped, or undergoing a transformation into a werewolf.

Haruna didn’t want any of those to happen. Having herself transforming in a public space like, in an office building with so many people, it will be very embarassing for her. She still wants to keep her secret for a little more time.

Naoki kept holding her tightly. He was now trying to rip the button on Haruna’s clothes. While Haruna kept struggling to escape. Tears began to flow down her cheek as she was now feeling extremely scared.

In the midst of their struggle, Haruna began to feel adrenaline running through her vein, and in abnormal way since she also felt her body temperature raising rapidly and heart beating uncontrollably beyond a normal human’s rate. And that was a bad sign. She was about to transform into a werewolf.

Haruna couldn’t be more panicked than this. She used her both hands to punch Naoki repeatedly to make him go away. It was just a weak punches at first, because Haruna never got into a physical fight in human form before. And she never trained in a martial arts before, so she basically knew nothing about fighting.

At first, Naoki was able to endure all those punches. But then Haruna’s punches getting harder and harder, and she was already crying a river now.

And suddenly, Haruna threw a punch that unintentionally knocked him out cold.

Naoki’s body fell to the floor. His eyes closed tight. And there’s a big bruise on the side of his face.

Haruna stood there, trembling and shaking like a leaf. She can’t believe she had the strength to knock this man out.

Limping, she then took the remote control and opened the door. The buttons on her clothes were ripped apart, showing her breast and abdomen. She tried to cover herself but it didn’t help much because her clothes was in such a mess.

Haruna was crying when she’s running along the corridor, while everyone stared at her confusedly.

In the staff room, Haruna found Yuko who was still busy working on her laptop. When Yuko turned and saw Haruna, she was shocked to see Haruna’s condition. The girl was shaking terribly and her clothes ripped apart. Yuko knew something was not right.

“Nyannyan! What happen!?”

Haruna didn’t answer. She kept on crying on Yuko’s shoulder. Yuko hold the older girl tighty, trying to make her calm.

“It’s okay Nyannyan. I’m with you…I’m with you now.”

“Let’s go home now, Yuuchan. Hiks….I don't want to work here anymore…Hiks….” Haruna said while crying.

Yuko quickly packed her belongings, and soon they left the office without saying goodbye to other staffs.



Yuki touched her growling stomach for the N-th times today. She hadn’t eaten anything since last night. The officer gave her a bread, but Yuki had no appetite to eat it.

A police officer came with a boy and he put him inside Yuki’s cell. “The other cells are full, so I put him here with you. It’s just a temporary,” he said and left.

Yuki recognized the boy as her opponent whom she had beaten up last night, only now he was wearing a glasses. The boy seemed to be also recognizing Yuki, as he glared at her with a fiery, angry eyes. Yuki could see his badly bruised face that was caused by her, and she felt guilty about it.

They didn’t say anything. The boy just stood near the bars, keeping his distance from Yuki.

After a moment of silence, Yuki decided to talk to him.

“Hey,” Yuki called, and the boy turned his head to her. “I’m sorry for beating you up last night.”

The boy just looked at her angrily.

“Are you alright? I hope I didn’t break any bone.” Yuki said.

Still not getting any answer, Yuki stood up and approached the boy.

“I just did it for money. No hard feeling okay?” Yuki spoke as she was now standing face-to-face with him.

“Tckk….And did you get your money?” the boy asked.

“Unfortunately no.” Yuki said. If only there were no raid last night, Yuki would’ve received her money by now.

The boy turned his eyes away from Yuki and began silent again.

Yuki knew this boy still hated her, and she decided to do something to make him forgive her. The guilting feeling has stricken into her and it was quite heavy for her to deal with. It felt as if she owed someone a huge debt, and she had to pay it back no matter what.
“Look, I know you’re angry at me. You can hit me now if you want.” Yuki said.

“What?” the boy asked.

“You weren’t able to hit me last night, not even once. You can do it now. Hit me. I won’t dodge.”

The boy’s eyes blinked as he stared at Yuki. Is she serious?

“You’re angry at me right? Come on, hit me!”

The boy was hesitated, but he slowly turned to face her. He couldn’t deny, he was angry at ‘Black’, like, really really angry. Because ‘Black’ has beaten him up and embarassed him in front of so many people (their audience).

He then removed his glasses and stood right in front of Yuki, curling his fist into a ball.


He punched Yuki square on her face.

Yuki staggered a bit but she quickly regained her composure and faced him again. She looked into his eyes and she knew those eyes were still emitting the same hatred, fury and anger. So she decided to continue her act.

“Can’t you hit properly? Are you a fighter or not?” Yuki mocked.

But the boy just stared at her, hesitating again. The other prisoners who hear the ruckus were starting to put attention and watching them from other cells.

Yuki mocked again. “Is that it? I thought you’re really, really angry me. Come on, hit me again!!”

“………” the boy was still staring at her, unmoving.

Yuki continued, “Do you see this blood on my shirt? It’s your blood from our fight last night. How do you feel, seeing your own blood on other people’s shirt? Don't you feel mad about it?”

The boy was getting mad now because of those previous mocking.

He raised his both fists, and stepped around a bit, changing the weight of his body from one foot to another. He was now trying to find a weak spot ond Yuki’s body where he could inflict more pain and damage.

Yuki watched him getting warmed up. She braced herself for the incoming hit, clenching her jaw tight.

The next punch was launched and it was more powerful than the first one. It made Yuki hit the wall behind her.

Yuki was startled. She was quite surprised to see this young boy could actually pack a punch!

Wiping the blood from her lips, Yuki stood up.

“Good. Now we’re even,” she said. And she thought it was over now.

However, she didn’t expect the boy to came at her again, pushing her back to the wall, and landing several more punches across Yuki’s face until it was slightly bruised.

The boy then finished his series of assaults by punching Yuki hard on her stomach, causing Yuki to fall on her knees, coughing, panting and wincing in pain. Having an empty stomach surely had made Yuki become more vulnerable to pain, especially when she got punched right on the stomach.

Yuki looked up to see the boy’s face, and she was glad because now the light in his eyes had changed. No more hatred, anger, and fury. He looked just like a normal boy now. He must have felt a little better after he returned the beating to Yuki.

Yuki took a deep breath and stood back up. “Are we cool now?”

“Yeah, we’re cool,” the boy said and put on his glasses again. A smile escaped from his lips, and that was all Yuki needs to see to have her guilty feeling washed away.

At least now one of her problem was resolved.

“By the way, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. You can call me Yuki. What’s your name?”

“Rin. Ikoma Rin.”

“Rin-kun. How old are you now?”


(Oh, still so young, even younger than Mayu. How could I be so cruel, beating up someone so young and innocent like this?) Yuki was struck by guilt once again.

“Rin-kun, you’re still young. Why do you join the fight club? Is it for money? Because you see, that is my reason to join the club.”

“……..No……Mine is not money.”

“What is it then? May I know?”

“………” Rin hesitated at first, “It’s my father. He often beats me and my mother a lot, ever since I was a kid. I want to be stronger so that I can protect myself and my mother from him,” he explained.

Yuki looked at him with empathy.
(His life is tough, even tougher than mine. I was only being beaten by my enemies, but he was beaten by his parent, and it was surely far more painful than mine. Not only physically, but emotionally painful too. I can’t imagine how it feels, being beaten by our parents and family members. Parents are supposed to protect their children, not beating them.)

“I hope you can become stronger Rin-kun. You already have the strength. You just need to practice more and learn the techniques.”

“How about you? You’re so strong. I can’t even land a hit on you last night. How did you learn fighting like that?”

“My parents and my uncle taught me. We had a dojo some years ago.”


“Yeah……Oh I have an idea, let’s practising now! We have a lot of time to spend here, and I’m also kinda bored. So I will teach you some moves. How do you think?” said Yuki.

“Good idea!” the boy agreed.

“We’re only practising so don’t hit me too hard okay? And don’t hit my stomach again. I haven’t eaten anything since last night. So it’s kinda painful here.” Yuki said rubbing her stomach.

“Didn’t they give you bread?”

“The bread? Oh come on, it’s inedible!” said Yuki.

The boy laughed.

Yuki then spent her time training the boy how to fight, having sparing with him inside the cell.



Yuko was sitting beside the bed, stroking Haruna’s hair while the older girl was lying on her bed, crying.

“It’s okay, Nyannyan, it’s okay now. Nothing bad happen. He didn’t do anything to you. And you did not transform. So everything’s alright.”

“I was afraid, Yuuchan. I was so afraid…..Hiks…..” Haruna continued crying for a while.

After she felt a bit better, she stopped crying and began to talk to Yuko.

“Yuu-chan, I don’t want to work there anymore….”

“Okay. Let’s find you another job.” Yuko smiled.

“I don’t want to work anymore….I just want to stay at home… It’s dangerous out there…”

Yuko chuckled, “Oh come on, don’t say that, Nyannyan. You stlll need to have a job and go to work. How are you going to get money if you don’t work?”

“Mmmm……..let’s get married then….I will be your wife…. And I will work as a housewife. I’ll stay at home all day, and I’ll do the chores, clean the house, wash your laundry, and cook the meals for you….” Haruna said.

“Hahahahaha!” Yuko laughed. “That’s a good idea. But it’s not going to happen anytime soon.”

“Why!? Why…!!!??? Yuuchan, why? Don’t you love me?” Haruna asked mad.

“Of course I do. But we still have many things to do. You’ve just graduated from college, and you need to have some experience in works first before we get married. Please wait patiently, Nyannyan.” Yuko said.

“Fine then, I’ll wait. But don’t make me wait too long, Yuu.” Haruna complied.



“Yes Rena?”

“I think we should start searching for Umechan. I am worried about her. We must find her, Ju.”

“Hmm….yeah you’re right.” Jurina began to think. “She’s our sister anyway……And where should we start searching her?”

“I have no idea. It’s your job to think. My job is fighting.” Rena said nonchallantly.

“Ahahaha! You’re right, Rena. You’re just so damn right.” Jurina laughed.

Jurina scrubbed her head, “Now, think, Brain, think!”

But after a moment.

“Hmm…..I don’t have any idea right now. As far as I remember, she escaped with that baba-witch using a flying broom.” Jurina said.

“Oh yeah, that witch, Ohori Megumi, and also Oku Minami, her little vampire companion.” Rena nodded.

“Let’s look up their names on the Internet first. Maybe we’ll get some clues.” Jurina said.

Jurina then opened her laptop.

“Umechan doesn’t fancy technology, so I think she will not put her personal information on the Internet. On the other hand, Ohori Megumi is a modern witch. I think we can find her data on the Internet.” Jurina said.

She typed ‘Ohori Megumi’ in the search bar and clicked Enter.

The result showed up only within 0.0000001 seconds.

“Well, well……I guess we can start from here.” Jurina said.

They then spend their time in the bed, searching for information about the baba-witch.


“Ikoma Rin, your parents are here. They had paid for your ransom, so you can leave now,” a police officer came and opened the cell.

Yuki and Rin-kun stopped their sparring session. Rin’s face turned bright. He then walked out from the cell.

“Goodbye, Yuki,” the boy waved.

“Goodbye, Rin-kun. No. See you later, Rin-kun.”

“Right. See you later, Yuki,” the boy smiled.

“And, oh, Yuki, I promise I will get stronger. And next time we meet, we will have a real fight, and I’m gonna kick your ass.” Rin said.

Yuki smiled upon hearing that, “Of course, I’m looking forward to that, Rin-kun.”

And then Rin left, leaving Yuki alone again in her cell.

Yuki didn’t know what time it was, since they had taken her watch and her smartphone. Judging by the light from the window, Yuki guessed it was already way past afternoon.

Having nothing to do and noone to talk, Yuki sat back on the bench and tried to take a nap in a sitting position again, while leaning her back onto the wall.

She felt a sharp pain shot up through her back-muscles. It must be her body screaming for bed. And a good warm bath, and a nice complete meals. It would be a pure torture for her if she had to spend one more night inside this jail.

Call. Not call. Call. Not call. Call. Not call. Call.

Yuki was torn between two options.


Mayu was already returned from her school. Sasshi had also finished her work and she rushed home as soon as she can, wanting to help Mayu handling this situation.

Mayu looked at the clock on the wall. “It’s already 5 PM and she’s not coming home yet. No phone call. No message. Sssshi, I’m starting to get really worried now.”

Sasshi sighed, “I know. It’s very unusual of Yuki to do this thing to us. She used to be the one who always worried for us. She used to be the one who always being around. I mean, she’s like our protector, right?”

“Yeah.” Mayu nodded and turned away. There was a hint of sadness shown on her face.

“Mayu, did you recently do something that made her mad? I mean, you two had a fight last week, right? Maybe Yuki was mad and decided to leave us.”

“Yes, we had a fight last week but we already resolved it. And it was only about money. Not so important. Yuki wouldn’t have left and disappeared just because of that. My guess is, she was captured by someone who really hates her. She has made a lot of enemies for herself. Do you remember how Umechan caused us a lot of troubles last year with that body swap incident? She did it because she hated Yuki. And what if--------what if-----”

Suddenly Mayu’s face become pale white, as if she was thinking of something scary.

“What if what?”

“What if now it is Gekikara…..” Mayu stopped at that as she felt frightened to continue.

(What if Gekikara kidnap Yuki and torture her? Even worse, what if she kills her? Aaaaahhh….Noooooo!!!!!) Mayu thought in panic.

“Calm down, Cyborg. I’m sure it’s not Gekikara. Those vampires are not here right now. If they were to return in this town, Acchan would’ve given warning to us.”

Suddenly, Sasshi’s phone rang. She opened it and scanned the caller’s number. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Yuki’s, and she didn’t recognize the number.

However, Sasshi picked up the phone and spoke, “Hello, this is Sashihara Rino. Who is this?”

[“Sasshi, it’s me, Yuki. I’m in trouble.”]

Sasshi heard Yuki’s voice on the other of the line. And she was quite shocked to hear the tone in Yuki’s voice. It seemed like Yuki was being in a big trouble.

[“Sasshi, are you alone now?”]

“…..Yes, I am alone. Yuki, where are you now?” Sasshi lowered her voice and waved a signal to Mayu, asking her to be quiet.

[“I’m in jail. Can you come here?”]

“Okay, give me the address.” Sasshi spoke and then scribbled something onto her notes.

“Yuki, tell me what happen. Why are you in jail?” she asked again.

* scene switched fast to the police station *

Yuki was in a phone box in a police station, speaking to the phone. A police officer was standing just a meter away, guarding her.

[“Yuki, tell me what happen. Why are you in jail?”]

“It’s a long story. Sasshi, just come here quick. Bring some money to pay my ransom.” Yuki said.

[“Alright, Yuki, anything else?”]

Yuki waited for a moment. “Errr….I think that’s all……..And please, don’t tell Mayu-“


The voice just now was very loud, almost sounded like a thunder, and Yuki quickly realized the owner of the voice, it was Mayu. The impact of its loudness was so defeaning to Yuki’s ear that she had to pull the handset ten inches away from her ear.

(Geez….Sasshi, you said you were alone.) Yuki cursed inwardly.

She sighed and then put the handset slowly back to her ears.

Here comes the Cyborg’s wrath.

Yuki could do nothing other than bracing herself for whatever coming at her next, including that Cyborg’s wrath.


It didn’t take a long time for Sasshi and Mayu to arrive at the police station. They talked to the officers, and were quite shocked when the police told them about Yuki getting arrested at an illegal street-fights activity. They then gave their testimony and paid the ransom. After things were settled and done, Yuki was soon released, and the first thing she saw the moment she got out from the jail was a certain little Cyborg glaring at her with an ‘I’m-So-Gonna-Spank-You-Tonight’ glare.

The three of them then walked home in silent, until they reached the public cemetery (place where they used to hang out and hunt vampires in many occasion before).

“Sasshi, can you go home first? I need some time alone with Yuki.” Mayu said.

“Sure. See you at home later.” Sasshi said and looked at Yuki before she left.

Yuki’s appearance was totally a mess, and Sasshi began to feel pity towards the raven girl. However, Sasshi didn’t say anything, no scolding, no preaching, no criticizing, knowing that Yuki’s day was already bad enough and she had taken her punishment by spending a night in jail.

Sasshi stroke Yuki’s shoulder gently and threw a meaningful glare at her. “She’s really mad now.” Sasshi whispered at Yuki, and then she left.

Mayu waited until Sasshi’s gone far enough and disappeared from their sight.

She then turned to face Yuki. Her face darkened as she stared at Yuki with her piercing black eyes.

“Yuki, you’re stupid. Stupid. Idiot. Moron. Silly. Dull. Dumb. Foolish. Futile. Ill-advised. Irrelevant…..”

“Hey, stop it.” Yuki frowned, feeling annoyed.

But Mayu didn’t stop.

“……..Ridiculous. Absurd. Laughable. Short-sighted. Dummy. Slow-minded. Dense………..”

“Mayu…..Please stop it. You don’t have to say those words to me.”

Yuki was starting to get angry. While Mayu kept on throwing those hurtful words and icy-glares.

“……..Brainless. Unintelligent. Useless. Mindless. Non-sensical. Illogical. Irrational. ……….”

Mayu could go on and on all day, as if she was reciting a thesaurus. Mayu’s tounge was really sharp and she did have a vast vocabulary.

“…….Gullible. Half-witted. Idiotic. Imbecilic. Sluggish. Thick-headed. Witless. Unthinking……”

“MAYU, STOP!!!” Yuki pushed Mayu to the wall rather harshly.

Yuki leaned in and put her arms around Mayu, effectively locking her.

They exchanged glares for a moment.

“Why did you do that Yuki? Were you doing that for me?”

Yuki was silent.

“Why are you so stupid, Yuki? Oh my God, I can’t believe you can be this stupid. You’re probably the most stupid person I have ever met.”

“Stop calling me stupid! You don’t know how it feels to----”

“What? Feel what!?” Mayu prompted her to continue.

Yuki stared deep into Mayu’s eyes.

“……..You don’t know how it feels, to be stricken by this guilty feeling every day….To think that it was my fault that you’re now alone in this world….To think that you’re supposed to have a normal life, normal family, normal boyfriend, but I came and destroyed it.….To think that it was my fault that your brother had died…..He died protecting me…..If only…if only I never met him in the first place….If only I never fell in love with him, then he wouldn’t have to die for me…. He would’ve been alive today….He would’ve made a successful engineer with a high salary….And he would be able to support you to reach your dream, and go to college degree, and become a doctor…….And your life wouldn’t be like this….If only Sae-----“


Yuki was startled the moment she felt a slap landed on her cheek and her face was turned aside.

She turned her gaze slowly back to the person who had just slapped her.

When she looked into Mayu’s eyes, all she could see was angst and sorrow inside those dark eyes.

Mayu was hurt. And it’s because of her.

“How could you say something like that to me? I thought we already past those!” Mayu’s voice were shaking as if she was about to cry.

“I’m sor---“

“If you dare apologize to me, I’m going to slap you again.”

Yuki bit her lips, unable to say more words.

“Why are you still thinking about him, Yuki? Stop thinking about Sae! He is dead and noone can change that! He’s dead but I’m still alive, Yuki. I’m alive and healthy, and I’m not going to die anytime soon!!” Mayu said with tears brimming in her eyes.

Yuki looked away as she couldn’t bring herself to look at Mayu right now.

“Yuki, look at me! Look at me when I’m talking to you! Look me in the eyes, Yuki!” Mayu grabbed Yuki, forcing her to face her.

“If you think that my world would be better off without you, you’re wrong. Yuki, please don’t ever say such things again. I can’t imagine my life without you!”

Tears had began to fall, running down Mayu’s cheek like a diamond.
“Just stop your nonsense, Yuki. Get rid of your guilty feeling. You shouldn’t be the one who’s responsible for everything that happen to me. I’m taking the responsibility for myself. So don’t say something stupid like that again, Yuki.”

Yuki nodded weakly. She realized she had hurt Mayu so much by saying those things. Yuki felt her chest was hurting as well, as if it was being beaten by a hammer, but she couldn’t find the source of the pain. There wasn’t any wound or physical injury to tend to.

Mayu then wiped her tears using the back of her hand. “Let’s not talk about this again okay? I’m not mad anymore,” she said.

She then came closer at Yuki and looked at her, and realized how messed up Yuki was. Mayu noticed the slight bruise on the taller girl’s face. The front side of Yuki’s shirt was also tainted with blood. Upon seeing this, Mayu’s heart become softened. Mayu knew Yuki had gone through a lot, and even if it’s a crime she’s doing, she was doing it for Mayu’s sake.

Mayu decided not to punish or treat Yuki so hard like before. She decided to be gentle this time.

“Yuki, is that your blood?” Mayu asked.

“No, it’s not my blood.”

“But you’re injured.” Mayu said as looked closer at Yuki’s face.

“You know I’m injured, my face’s bruised, and yet you slapped me,” Yuki said mad, or pretending to be mad.

Mayu chuckled. “Well, sorry for that, but you’re the one who’s asking for it.”

Yuki could only pouted, much to Mayu’s amusement.

The wind was blowing, and Mayu could see Yuki shivering as she was only wearing a sleeveless shirt.

“Where is your jacket?”

“I left it in the club.”

Mayu frowned. Imagining Yuki spending her night in jail without a jacket and shivering all night, had made Mayu feel a bit pity towards the older girl.

Mayu then took off her jacket and gave it to Yuki. “Wear this.”

“What about you?”

“You need this more than I do.”

“Thanks.” Yuki said as she took the jacket. A smile escaped from her lips.

Mayu continued, “Besides, I don’t want people staring at you in our way home. Your bloody shirt, it makes you look like a serial killer or something.”

At that moment Yuki began to wander, since when Mayu had changed into a caring person like this? Mayu seemed to be way more mature than she was last year.

“It’s getting dark now. Let’s go home now.” Mayu said, and they began to walk to their apartment.

They walked slowly as if they didn’t want to reach their apartment so soon, and so that they could enjoy each other’s company a little longer.



“I still can’t believe it, all those time I’ve been trying to be a good girl and acting by the rule, at the same time you’re doing the opposite, breaking your own rule, even conducting a crime. Yuki, you’re older than me. You’re supposed to be wiser and smarter than me. But look at you, making a petty mistake like this. That was so unbelievable. You are really amusing, you know that? Yuki, when you tried to be a chef, you’re bad. When you tried to be a liar, you’re bad. When you tried to bluff, you’re also bad. But when you tried to be bad, you suck. Pffffttt.....” May muffled a laugh.

Yuki was blushing heavily, feeling embarassed.

“Is this your first time doing crime, Yuki?”


“Your first time doing crime, and you got caught. You really are not fit to be a criminal. No wonder you got caught easily, Yuki. Hahaha…..Hehehe…..If only you were being honest to me from the start, then you wouldn’t have got caught like this……..”

“What do you mean, Cyborg?”

“You see Yuki, you’re still a beginner in this crime-related worlds. While I have done so many crimes before, I steal, I pickpocket, I hijack, I indulge in cybercrime, I blackmail people, I cheat in gambling. And I never get caught by the authorities. If only you told me everything from the start, maybe I would’ve agreed to help you joining that fight club. I can watch your back and warn you before the police came for a raid.”

“So how does it feel, Yuki, spending a night in jail?”

“Oh you don’t wanna know how it feels.”

“Too bad I didn’t get to see your expression inside the jail. You must look so good behind bars, Yuki. I should’ve taken a picture of you while you were looking like that…..Hahaha. That must be priceless…..Hahaha…..”

“Shut up, Cyborg.”

It was already evening when Yuki and Mayu arrived at their apartment. The hunter-girls asked them questions, and Yuki had no choice but to tell them the truth, about her being arrested and sent to jail. Their reaction was almost the same as Mayu before. They were shock at first but then they laughed out loud, even rolling on the floor, imagining Yuki standing behind bars and looking stupid. But Yuki wasn’t the only one who has the story of the day. The hunter-girls also learned about the incident that happened to Haruna that day. Haruna was almost raped and abused by her boss. Luckily she managed to escape by herself, using her own strength. Yuko said she’s glad to see Haruna now was able to defend herself, without help from anyone. While Takamina made a remark about Yuki and Haruna having something in common. Both of them had this ‘job’ which had given them a lot of money before, and today both of them had also lost that said ‘job’. Yuki must return back to her old job which only had a low salary. While Haruna must return back to the square one, being a job hunter, just like before.



A teenage girl wearing seifuku was seen in orphanage, sitting in the middle of the room, reading books aloud to the children. The children seemed to be very happy around her, because everytime she tried to stop and close her book, those little kids would roared in protest and asked her to continue. The girl couldn’t do anything other than fulfilling their request.

An elderly woman entered the room, bringing cakes and syrup.

“Paruru, you should go home now, it’s already dark. It’s not really safe for a girl to be still wandering outside at night. I watched a news today, there is a serial killer still on the loose. I don’t mean to scare you, but we have to be careful, right?”

Shimazaki Haruka a.k.a Paruru just nodded, “Hai. I’m going home now.”

The kids were disappointed at first, but Paruru promised them she would come to play with them again tomorrow.

Paruru then waved them goodbye and walked out to the parking lot. She took her bicycle and began to ride. Her home wasn’t too far away, it only needed less than an hour to go with bycycle.

Although it was already dark, Paruru decided to take some shortcuts. She wasn’t known to be the bravest girl around, but she really wanted to arrive at her home faster. She had some assignments and homeworks for tomorrow and she hadn’t even started with them yet. But eventhough she knew she had a lot of works to do, she just had to go and visit the orphanage on her way home. And once she’s there, those little kids just wouldn’t let her leave and go home.

Paruru loved to visit that orphanage almost everyday. She had lived there ever since she was only 3 months old. She was raised there until 4 years ago when a rich couple who had no children visited the orphanage and decided to adopt her. Paruru didn’t know why they chose her, why not younger kids, why not those infants. But she never asked that question to her foster parent. Her foster parents raised her with love. They gave Paruru everything she needs. They put Paruru in the best school they could afford. That was more than enough for Paruru, and she could not ask for more.

A sound of alarm ringing before her, and she stopped her bicycle at the railway crossing. The metal barrier went down, and she waited for a moment until the train finally passing by.

She was alone in that intersection until a black SUV car stopped near her.

Paruru was about to pedal her bike again, but in a very short moment she felt something was shot from somewhere and penetrated into her neck. She felt a sharp pain and her hand automatically went up to her neck to find the source of the pain. It was an object which looked like a syringe arrow. Paruru had no idea where it came from and who had shot it. She had a little to no time to think, as she soon felt her body getting weaker and her eye-lids become heavier. She lost her balance and fell from her bicycle.

Lying on the ground, Paruru tried to kept herself awake but her consciousness was starting to drift away. Before the darkness engulfed her entirely, she managed to catch a glimpse of four people in a black suit, getting out from the SUV car and rushed to her. While she was still half-unconscious, she felt her body being dragged into the car, and she had no strength left to struggle against them. She didn’t even have the strength to scream for help. Everything around her turned to black and she couldn’t feel anything anymore.

The black SUV car then speeded to another direction, leaving the girl’s bicycle lying around on the streets.


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Part 1


At the heart of the capital city of South Korea, there was a river flowing through. The Han River, of 500 kilometers length and 1 kilometer width, had gained more recognition during the period of upsurge movement of the state. The movement was called as “Miracle of Han River”, generally refer to the period between 1961 and 1996, in which South Korean people took massive action in boosting their economic growth and rising their living standards through a rapid industrialization, technological achievement, education boom, rapid urbanization, skyscraper boom, modernization, democratization, and globalization. South Korea had transformed from a destructed country after Korean War, to a wealthy and developed country with a globally influential economy and prominent multinational conglomerates. Also during the World War II, the Korean Peninsula was occupied by Japanese army and many Korean people were forced into labour, including military service and “comfort women” (read: prostitute). And now, seventy years after the world-war ended, Korea is turning into one of the most advanced countries in the Asia, and stands in the frontline as a formidable competitor against Japan. All thanks to the “Miracle of Han River”.

In one fine evening, inside a skycraper building near the river, a beautiful, blond-haired woman was standing alone at the glass door, watching the beautiful scenery of Han River and the Hangang Railway Bridge crossing over it. Wearing blazer and suit pant, the woman looked elegant and classy. Her dyed-blond, wavy hair fell and flew nicely upon her shoulder. She had a tiny, slim figure with an average height, an a porcelain-like skin. Her nose was small, almost too small, and she had a V-shaped chin which gave her the ideal appearance yearned by a lot of Korean young girls.

An elderly man entered the room, and the girl immediately turned to face him.

“Mr. Lee,” said the girl, slightly nodded at the man.

The man, Lee Soo Man, sat down on the sofa, and the young female followed suit. He then cleared his throat and spoke.

“Jessica-shi, I’m calling you here to discuss two important things with you.”
“I’m listening,” the woman said as she nodded to the elder man.

“First, we’re sorry about our management’s decision to make you quit the group. We hope you understand that we have no choice. The public only know the reason you’ve been kicked out from the group is because you’re too busy with your startup business. So let’s keep it that way and go along with the rumor. Do not make any statement from your side. If the truth come out, it will surely be a shocking news for your fans. From now on, please put yourself in the shadow and stay away from media and paparazzi.”

Jessica nodded again and kept on listening to Mr. Lee’s words.

“And secondly, I want you to go to Japan to meet my friend and stay there for a while.”

Jessica frowned at this. “Why? What will I do there? And for how long?”

“Listen, Jessica, this country is not safe for you anymore. You’re very popular and you know it. The media will never stop making news about you. You’ve become an icon for K-pop culture and entertainment industry. After you quit So Nyuh Shi Dae, the public will be more curious about what you’re going do to for solo career. They want you to continue performing as a soloist, which is impossible because you can’t perform in a daylight anymore. And if you only perform at night, people will only get more curious. Your secret is not safe here, Jessica. So we must make this scenario. You must leave the group and move to Japan to avoid suspicion. You already opened a Blanc ‘N Eclare branch in Tokyo, right? I suggest you to stay there for three or four years.”

“Why Japan? Why not US?”

Lee Soo Man seemed to be already prepared for this question. “I have a friend there, Akimoto Yasushi, a successful businessman who also owns a large research company. His teamwork is currently doing research in which the result will be important for our kind. This research is highly classified and only the higher-up knows about this,” explained him.

“What research?” Jessica asked curiously.

“They are producing antidote that can enhance our resistance against sunlight. And I heard they had also made an attempt to create artificial vampire using DNA manipulation. They also had a team of doctors specialized for our kind. To put it briefly, they’re conducting all kind of research related to vampire race.”

Jessica frowned and tilted her head in amazement. She never imagined someone would actually think about doing that kind of research. Japanese scientists were already well-known for their novelty and their out-of-the-box ideas, which had successfully turned their country into one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. And Japanese vampire-scientists can be even more crazier.

“That’s why I suggest you to go there. This is your flight ticket to Tokyo tomorrow night. Akimoto will send someone to pick you up at the airport,” Mr. Lee said and gave her a ticket.

“And don’t worry about your family and friends. We will figure something to cover you up and explain about your leave to them.”

“Okay,” Jessica nodded and got up from her seat.

“Jessica, you’ve been joining my company for a very long time. You’re like my daughter. You and Krystal. And now that you know about our secret organization, you had become more important for me than ever before. But you’re still new in this, you need help from us to survive through this, and to reach our goals together. We’re friends for eternity now.”

“I know. Thank you, Mr. Lee.”

The two persons shook hands and hugged before they parted. They knew it was a farewell for them.

Jessica Jung, the former member of the most popular girl band in South Korea, had been working under Lee Soo Man’s talent agency company for 14 years, 7 years being a trainee and 7 years being a member of the group. Several months ago, one of her senior (a former member of the once very popular boyband group) asked for a date. Little did Jessica know that her senior was actually a vampire. They spent some time together, and that was when he sired Jessica and turned her into a vampire. Later, Jessica revealed the shocking truth about vampires and the secret organization behind them. Mr. Lee then decided to make Jessica quit the group because obviously, she wouldn’t be able to perform in public anymore, especially in daylight.

And now, Jessica Jung was forced to leave her family and her friends, and hide herself in Japan for a few years to find a resolution for this drastic change of life, and also to join a secret organization led by Akimoto Yasushi, a new rising vampire lord in this new world order.



Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena stopped in front of a certain pub near a bus station.

“Is this the place, Ju?” asked Rena.


“Can I attack now?”

“Sure you can.” Jurina said, “Feel free to beat them up, Rena. Think about me. Think about how they beat me up so badly before. Make sure they suffer twice than I did.”

“Okay.” Rena said as she cracked her neck and knuckles, turning into Gekikara mode.

Together, they went inside the pub which was full with people at that moment. They walked fast, shoving random people who got in their way. Those people yelled angrily at them but they ignored them.

They headed straight to the pub owner’s room. There were a dozen of men guarding the room. Jurina recognized them instantly as the ones who had beaten her the other day. She gave a signal to Geki, and the loyal warrior then burst into action. She threw her punches here and there, knocking her enemies out.

The pub owner, along with other people, hurrily came out from the room because of the ruckus.

“You again!” the pub owner said mad.

“Yes, it’s me again,” Jurina said. “Guess I’m back for a revenge, fufufu…. I’m a vampire. You are a vampire too, aren't you? And these guys, they’re also vampires. That’s why they can beat me. Because in normal condition, there’s no way I will lose to a mere human.”

The pub owner just smirked. “Well, it’s nice to see a vampire like you around.” She then clicked a button in her smartphone and not long after, more guards were coming in from all directions.

“Let’s see, can you beat my men now?”

“Sure, my sister here will do the job for me.” Jurina smiled. “But, let’s take the fight outside. I don’t want your office got ruined after this.”


They all went outside. Those two dozen people were surrounding Gekikara, ready to attack her. All of them were vampires.

“Now let’s make a deal first,” said Jurina, “If you win, I and my friend will leave this town for good. But if I win, then you must allow me to join your team.”

The pub owner frowned, “What? You want to work for me?”

Letting out a smirk, Jurina said. “No, not for you, but for your master.”

“My master?” the pub owner frowned more. “Do you know who my master is?”

“No, but I know your master is powerful. You’re still too young to work alone and manage this place on your own. I know you work for someone who is stronger than you. There’s no way you can have strong underlings like them, unless you have a powerful master. So if I win, you’ll have to take me to your master. I want to serve him.”

“Why? Why do you want to serve him?”

“Because my master had been killed, so now I’m looking for a new master.”

“Alright. But first I want to see if you’re worth it. Show me that you’re good enough to serve my master.”

“Sure. Gekikara, attack now!”

A brutal fight then broke out. Gekikara was so hyped up and excited. Her enemies this time were vampires so they could take Geki’s punishment better than the other. The psycho vamp just laughed like crazy, everytime she punched or got punched by someone.

Soon the ground was covered with red liquid. Gekikara herself was bathing in blood, either its her blood or her enemies’ blood. Her condition wasn’t pretty good, she had cuts and bruises on her body, but her enemies were much worse. Most of them were lying on the ground, some were writhing in pain, others were fully unconscious.

The pub owner watched in anxiety. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her enemy this time is way stronger than her. She still couldn’t believe it, just one crazy vampire was able to take out most of her troops.

“You see, my sister here is very strong. And I have a smart brain, as shown in my ability to cheat in the gambling the other days. I am sure your master will be happy to have us as his servants.” Jurina spoke with a grin on her face. “Now tell your master that I, Matsui Jurina, want to serve under his wing. I and my sister here, Matsui Rena, were serving under Shinoda Mario before he died. If your master is a powerful lord, then he should already know who Shinoda Mario is, or was.”

Sighing, the pub owner spoke, “Alright, now I can see that you’re serious about this. I will take you to meet my master. Tomorrow he will come from Tokyo, and I will inform him about you. If he’s not busy, you can meet him soon.”

“Thank you,” Jurina said.

“I’m Iriyama Anna by the way. And I’m glad you admit that you’re cheating. Now let’s have a talk inside, and you can tell me what trick you used to cheat. I am curious about that,” the pub owner said smirking.

“As you wish, Iriyama-san, I will tell you everything,” Jurina smirked back as they locked their eyes and exchanged meaningful glare to each other.



Officer Akimoto Sayaka (not related to Akimoto Yasushi) was still working on her laptop. She had asked for a help from her colleagues who work at other cities to give her information she needed, in order to narrow down her search about Watanabe Mayu, the girl whom she suspected to be Miyazawa Sae’s little sister. And being a police officer, it wasn’t too hard for her to find information about this person. There are only a few people named Watanabe Mayu, born on 1994, and is living alone without any guardian (either biological parents or foster parents).

Sayaka continued examining each details and photos. She still remembered how the Cyborg girl looked like, so it would be easy to find her.

“Any progress about Mayu?” asked Masuda Yuka.

“Yeah, I think this is her.” Sayaka said and showed a photo in her monitor.

“Oh you found her so fast.” Yuka furrowed her brows, looking at the picture. “Watanabe Mayu. That kid. She doesn’t change a bit. So Cyborg-like. Where does she live?”



Sayaka nodded. “She lives in a shared apartment and attends a high school there,” said her.

“When are you going to visit her?” asked Yuka.

The officer took her notes and checked her schedule. “I’ll take a day off to visit her next week.”

“I will come with you, Sayaka.”

“No, you don’t have to----“

“Sae and Mayu had been my neighbour for a long time. So, if anything happen to them, I should know. And besides, I am worried about you, Sayaka. You do know that his case was already closed. He had been missing for years, and we are left without clues. Even if we manage to find Mayu, I doubt she can lead us to him.”

Sayaka was silent for a while.

“Yuttan, I am fully aware of any possibility that might happened to Sae. He’s probably already dead. But if that is what really happened, I want to know how and when he died, and who killed him. And besides, I want to make sure her little sister is still alive and doing well.”

“Fine, if that’s want you want, I won’t get in your way. Just tell me whenever you need help.” Yuka said.

“Yeah, thanks.”

A loud growl was then heard from their stomachs.

“Oh, let’s go home now and grab a dinner. It’s already late. I’m starving.” Yuka said.

The two officers then packed their stuff and walked out from their office.

They bought take-overs from the fast food restaurant, and parted ways, heading to their own apartment.



A beautiful, royal vampire was walking alone in the sidewalk. She felt so hungry, and thirsty. It’s been months since the last time she drank a fresh human blood. She had regularly bought a pack of blood from the blood bank at the nearest hospital, but still, the taste wasn’t the same with fresh blood.

She was still craving for a fresh blood, fresh from human’s body. Therefore tonight she decided to go out for a hunting. She rarely go out hunting before. For all her life, she always had someone (their underlings) to do the hunting for her. She was the only one, out of the four sisters, who never liked hunting by herself. Her sisters each had different style in hunting victim. Atsuko liked to choose cute-ikemen-boyish girls to be her victim, Rena liked to use violence while hunting, and Jurina liked to use her charm to seduce her victims (most usually pretty girls) before draining their blood.

But Umeda Ayaka never liked to hunt. She always thought it was a low task and since she was a royal, she preferred to have their underlings to do the hunting and serve the fresh blood for her in a cup and teapot.

However tonight she didn’t have a choice. She had to use her “power” to get her own meal.

Walking silently, Umeda looked around to locate a human being who was suitable to be her victim. Her victim must be weak enough so that she wouldn’t have to get into unnecessary fight with her prey.

There were several people walking in the sidewalk. Across the sidewalk, Umeda spotted a man walking by himself. He didn’t look strong so Umeda decided to take him as her prey. She then began to stalk him and waited for a perfect moment to strike.

Finally they reached a dark, empty street. Umeda fastened her steps, and after their distance was close enough, she grabbed hold of that man and stared into his eyes. Soon his eyes turned blank and he was completely under Umeda’s control. He stood there, freezing in front of the psychic vampire. Umeda was hesitating whether she should go for a “mind-attack” (inflicting virtual pain) first before she drinks his blood, or she should just go straight to drinking part. But if she go for mind-attack, the man would scream and it would draw some attention.

The vampire then decided to just drink his blood right away. Breaking their eye contact, she vamped out and pulled the man closer. She then planted her fangs in a fast motion into the man’s neck. She wanted to drink his blood soon, but it was a bit difficult because now she lost their eye contact, and the man was freed from her control. The victim started to regain his conscious, and he quickly realized he was being assaulted by a young woman.

The man struggled and they both fell to the ground. Umeda kept trying to plant her fangs on his neck, while the man kept trying to break free from Umeda’s hold.

For several minutes, they brawled on the street, struggling for dominance. Umeda now was having a hard time fighting against this man. She had to fight so hard to get her meals. If it were Atsuko, Rena, or Jurina, they would have won this fight easily since they were more experienced in physical fight.
The royal vampire was lying with her back on the ground, while the man was on top of her. The man was able to land several hits on her, but she kept holding him and managed to bury her fangs into his neck again.

She was about to suck the man’s blood when suddenly someone grabbed the man away from her. And then, with a strength of a gorilla, that person threw the man flying across the street. Umeda looked up and spotted a tall, young female in a leather jacket standing near her. Muttering a silent curse, Umeda then hid her fangs and wiped the blood on her mouth to avoid any suspicion. Fortunately, it was dark and the woman was already backfacing her, ready to confront the man.

The man was on the floor, his expression mixed between shock and grateful. He was saved, yes, but he didn’t know whether the person who had saved him was a friend or foe. However, he soon realized it was his chance to escape now. He got up quickly and scuttled away, fleeing to save his life.

The tall figure turned around and bent down at the vampire.

“Are you okay, Ma’am?” she said and extended a hand at Umeda.

The vampire retracted, ignoring the helping hand.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am, I’m a cop. I won’t hurt you,” the tall female said and showed her badge. “Officer Akimoto Sayaka from Kobe City Police Department, at your service.”

“T--thank you,” Umeda said and stood up by herself.

“It’s no longer safe for citizens to walk around alone in the middle of the night. Thieves, robbers, rapists, they are everywhere, and they won’t hesitate to hurt or even kill their victims nowadays. People should be more careful,” the officer said.

“Yeah,” Umeda agreed. Great, now she thinks I’m the victim.

“Do you live around here?”

“Yes, I live in-----uhh….I’m a bit lost, actually. I’m still new here,” Umeda lied.

“Where are you from?”


“Shizuoka? Hmm….” the female officer seemed to be thinking of something. At that moment, a paper suddenly fell out from inside her jacket and got carried away by the wind. The paper then landed on the vampire’s feet.

Umeda picked the paper and was about to return it to the officer, but then she saw a picture on it and she almost let out a shocked yelp. It was a photo of someone familiar, whom she had loved so dearly, and who was once her fiancee.

The officer noticed the sudden change on her face. “Do you know him?” she asked.

“…….No,” was the only word Umeda could uttered. Her mind was full of questions. Why does this cop have Miyazawa Sae’s picture? What is their relationship? Hasn't she learn that Sae was already dead?

“Hmm…It’s a coincidence though. You said you’re from Shizuoka. This person has a younger sister who is currently living in Shizuoka. So maybe he had lived there too,” said Sayaka.

“Are you.....are you looking for this person?” asked Umeda cautiously.

Sayaka nodded. “Yes. He’s been missing for three years. His case was already closed. I guess I’m the only one who’s still searching for him now.”


“So if you have any information about him, or if you remember seeing him somewhere in the past, please don’t hesitate to call me,” Sayaka gave Umeda her name card. And then she turned and walked a way.

The vampire stared at her from behind, and seemed to be in a deep thought.

“Wait,” she said. “I know him.”

Sayaka stopped at her track.

“I know him. And I know who murdered him.”

Upon hearing the word ‘murder’, Sayaka’s ears twitched and she turned around. “What did you say?”

“I know who murdered Miyazawa Sae.”



The officer came closer.

“I need to hear this. Come with me."



I open my eyes slowly and blinded by the lights upon me.
My head hurts so much as if it has been hit by a hammer.

Where am I?

I realize I was lying on a bed, or is this a stretcher?
Everything around me is white and there are many lights inside this room.
Am I in the hospital now?

I try to move my arms but I can’t.
Fear struck me as I find myself being restrained on the stretcher.
My arms and legs were bound very tightly, and I am still too weak to struggle against it.

I try to figure out what is happening to me.
I remember last night I was on my way home after visiting the orphanage.
What happened after that?

And then I remember getting shot by small arrow or needle, and then I passed out.
It must have contained a drug or something that caused me to pass out.
I also remember being dragged into a car before I passed out.

Oh no, I am being kidnapped.
These people has kidnapped me.

Who are these people?
Why did they kidnap me?
What do they want from me?

I try to speak or scream, but there’s no sound coming out from my throat.
I’ve lost my ability to speak.
What is happening to me?

Please somebody help me!

I see four people coming into this room.
They’re moving me and my stretcher out from the room.
They move me so fast, through a place that has more lights.

The quick movement causes my head spinning.
Dizziness is taking over me.
I can do nothing but close me eyes, trying hard to keep myself from vomitting.

I can feel my rapid breathing.
My heart’s pounding in an insane rate inside my chest.

They put me inside a……tub?
A tub!!???
Oh God, what are they going to do to me?

I feel a sharp pain on my wrists.
They’re putting some tubes on me.
The color of the liquid on it is kinda strange.
It’s a dark green.

I look around the tub, and I grow more terrified as I see a lot more tubes and needles inside the tub.
Another pain shot through my neck, my chest, my ankle.
They’re putting more tubes on every parts of my body.
I want to resist and struggle against them, but I have no strength to do so.

I can feel the green liquid start flowing into my vessel.
My consciousness begin to drift away again.

I see a woman in a white lab coat entering the room.
And the last thing I see before I pass out, is a creepy, devilish grin formed on her face.
She looks down upon me, staring at me with her merciless eyes.
God only knows what she will do to me.

Help me….
Somebody please help me…..


Dr. Eguchi Aimi walked in a steady pace, heading to a tall building with a sign board “Sakae Scientific Research Center”. The building had a multi-layered security checks on each entrance gates and doors. On the very first entrance, there were guards checking for ID cards. All researchers who worked here had this ID card. Guests were also welcomed and given a special guest card which allow them to enter the auditorium or meeting rooms inside the building. Going a level further, one must pass fingerprint check and retinal scan to gain access to each room. Only authorized people can enter the laboratories and research fasilities in this building. From the outside, it looked like a normal research center, just like any other research centers in Japan and other countries. The scientists and researchers who worked there published their works regularly on prestigious journals and conference all around the world.

Sakae Scientific Research Center was founded five years ago by only one man, that is Akimoto Yasushi. And this research center had a dark secret that was hidden from the public. It conducted several classified experimental researches related to vampires. And the lead researcher was none other than Eguchi Aimi, the scientist prodigy who had been working for Akimoto for five years. Indeed, it was Eguchi who created this new field of study: vampirology. And now, under the influence of Dr. Eguchi, Akimoto hired more scientists and researchers to work for him, focusing in the field of vampirology and its branches such as vampiro-medical study, vampiro-psychology, vampiro-genetical engineering, etc. Eguchi Aimi was one of a few human who shared the same vision with Akimoto, that is to create a new powerful race in order to reign the world. Though Eguchi’s reason to stay human was still unknown. Most probably, she had a plan for herself, a different plan, just like any other mad scientist would have done in movies or TV series.

Eguchi walked faster to her lab without greeting people in her way. Her laboratory was located at the furthest basement, far below the ground level, due to its highly classified researches. Inside her lab, Eguchi saw several folders piled up on her desk. She began to open the folder one by one. Every folders contained a progress report of each research conducted under her supervision. Since last year, Eguchi had been busy supervising several top and high-funded researches. To name a few, there was research on developing antidote that could improve vampire’s resistance against the sun light, and thus enabled them to walk on a daylight. This research was still ongoing and until now they had sacrificed a great number of newly-born vampires to be used as their guinea pig. These newly-born vampires were just ordinary human who were kidnapped, sired, injected with the said antidote, and were then put under the sun light to see how the result was. In the initial stage of the research, most of them were burned into ashes. Some researchers who worked under Akimoto condemned this research to be immoral, but then again, vampires obliged to no such thing. They had no moral codes.

And early in the morning, Eguchi received a text message from her assistant, informing her that they had found a new object for her next experiment. It was a risky and dangerous experiment, even Eguchi herself must admit it. A year ago, she made a proposal that shocked many of her colleagues. They called her insane and told her it was nearly impossible to put her idea into a real experiment. Eguchi’s idea was to create an artificial vampire through a genetic manipulation. It was indeed a very dangerous idea and no scientist had ever thought about this before. But Eguchi ignored all the protests and kept on persuading Akimoto to provide funding for her research, which she finally got.

Eguchi’s eyes landed on the last folder. She opened the folder and read the documents inside it.

“Shimazaki Haruka, 18 years old, blood type A, rhesus negative……” Eguchi mumbled as she continued reading. “Oh, I can’t wait to see this.”

She then put on her white coat lab and walked out from her room.

Still in the same floor, she entered another room which was almost as big as an auditorium or sports hall. Her assistant was there along with other researchers, ready to take commands from her.

“The object had been put inside that tub. She’s in a good condition now. Next week she will be ready to enter the first phase of our experiment,” her assistant said.

“Good,” Eguchi said and quickly went to the tub. There was a girl inside it, her eyes barely opened. Green liquid were injected into her body through several tubes on her wrists, ankles, and other parts of her body.

“What code name do you want to give her?” asked the assistant.

“…..Let me think….” Eguchi said and examined the object’s face.

“She has a salty expression on her face. Just name her Salt,” the lead researcher said.

“Okay. Project number 48. Code name, Salt.” the assistant said and scribbled something on her notes.

“Salt.” Eguchi murmured as she leaned closer to the tub, eyes locked on the figure lying motionless inside that tub. "You'll be the first artificial vampire ever created in this world."



@ phoenix0i: There I made a special appearance from SNSD again. I can't make all 9 members appear because it will be too much for me to handle. And if I have to choose, it will be Jessica Jung. She is my favourite because she has this cold demeanour (ice princess) which reminds me of a certain snow princess we know in AKB. There is something in Yukirin and Jessica that I find really interesting, that is, their "black" personality. When I first found out about SNSD, I picked Kwon Yuri as my favourite because she has the nickname "black pearl" and I thought she has the black personality as well. Turn out Yuri is more like Jurina, they both have outgoing personality, and they're both pimp LOL. And then I discovered it was Jessica who has the closest trait with Yukirin, and so I began to like her more. Oh well, sorry for rambling. This is just my personal opinion.

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SICCA!!! I love her~ >w<

So she is a vampire here. Woooow!

So Jurina and Rena are now part of a new clan with Annin...

Sayaka found Umechan and she's going to learn what happened to Sae!

And Paru, oh God, what has Akimoto done to Paru?! >_<

Please update soon! :bow:

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Oh no, I’m updating fast again.
Too fast.
This isn’t good for my health, and my social life.

@ Ruka Kikuchi: Yeah I love Sica so much! Her voice is so amazing (IMHO, Jessica's vocal is 2nd best after Taeyeon, while Tiffany is the 3rd best). And I’m a JeTi, YulSic, and YulTi shipper by the way (love triangle  XD). Oops…Sorry for rambling again. Annin is actually serving under Akimoto Clan so Jurina and Rena will be under Akimoto too. Paruru will be the first artificial vampire ever created by Eguchi Aimi. As for Sayaka, I think she will have a fight with Yuki once she knew it was Yuki who killed Sae. It won’t be as big as YukiRena fight in the future, but still, a fight between Sayaka and Yuki will be quite interesting to see, especially when Sae-boy comes in the middle  :roll:. Am I the only one here who is starting to think that Yuki is really a player? I mean, she has MaYuki, SaeYuki, and RenaYuki; and each of these pairings are quite a big ship too. I can only say, a Yuki harem  :lol:.

Enough rambling.
Now onto the story.



Part 2


A girl was sitting on her wheel-chair behind a desk.
On her right hand was a pen, and a paper on her left hand.

She took a moment to think, then took a deep breath and started writing.

Dear my friends,

I am Yokoyama Yui. I am a pure-blood vampire whose parents had been unfairly murdered by other vampire. This vampire had killed my parents and stole my wealth, and now he is still out there, conducting crimes and injustice acts. He had also killed and murdered a lot of people, whether it is human, vampires, and werewolves. He is someone who would go as far as killing his own kind. There’s no doubt that he also means harm and danger to humanity. He is immoral, sinful, depraved, and beyond saved.

It is my duty to seek revenge on this person. I had vowed to myself that I would never rest until I see the downfall of this person. I will do anything in my power to serve justice and to put everything back to its right place. However, I cannot do it alone. I need help from you, my friends.

So here I am, with all this humility of mine, I am humbly asking you to join my cause in order to bring this evil man down to his fall. And I shall vow to be your loyal sister, and I’ll offer you my greatest loyalty for our sisterhood. And I promise you, with every single drop of my blood, that I will always watch your back, and I will never betray you. And I would like you to do the same for me. Let’s make a blood oath. An oath that is stronger than any blood bond we ever know.

Please come and visit me. The sooner the better. We have no time left. Our enemy is getting stronger every day.


Yokoyama Yui

The girl put down her pen and re-read her letter.
She smiled, feeling satisfied with her writing.

She took a small knife, and cut her own finger until it’s bleeding.
She then put her bloody finger on the bottom of her letter and pushed it down hard, making a seal with her bloody fingerprint. It was a blood seal, and it looked pretty darn scary.

The girl then put the letter inside an envelope, and write “To: Yamamoto Sayaka” on the envelope.

After that, she proceed to write several more letters similar like the first one.
Each will be delivered to the leaders of different packs, groups, or clans. Most of them were werewolf packs.

She spent several minutes to write all the letters, and when she finished, her personal assistant came entering her room.

“Togasaki-san, I have finished writing the letters. Please deliver these letters. But I need it to be delivered by yourself. I need you to hand this directly to them. Wait there and ask them to reply back with a letter, stating their answer whether it is a yes or no. Noone other than their leaders should be allowed to read my letters. And noone other than me should be allowed to read their answering letters.”

Togasaki nodded and then left to carry out his master’s wishes.



Jurina and Rena walked fast to their destination, Akimoto Corporation’s building which is located at the busiest area in the city. After taking a shuttle bus, they proceeded using subway, and then walked by foot. Iriyama had told Jurina that they can meet Akimoto Yasushi today in the evening at his office.

At the lobby on the first floor, the Matsuis were welcomed by Iriyama Anna. They took them to the upper floor to meet Akimoto in his room. Iriyama entered his room first to inform him about the visitation.

“Akimoto-san, Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena is waiting outside,” said Iriyama.

Akimoto put the documents he was reading and replied to his loyal underling, “Okay, let them in now.”

Iriyama went outside and returned to the room with the two Matsuis.

“I’ll be outside if you need something,” Iriyama said and then left the room.

“Thank you, Annin,” said Akimoto.

He then gestured his two guests to take seat.

“So, you two are the youngest children of the late Shinoda Mario. I heard a lot about him. Well, who doesn’t? He’s the first vampire in Japan. He’s a legend, I would say. And I am very sorry to hear about his death. Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss.” Akimoto said.

“Thank you,” replied Jurina.

“Are you Matsui Jurina?” Akimoto asked.

“Yes, I am Matsui Jurina. And this is my sister, Matsui Rena. Please take us under your wing, Sir. We will serve you and offer you our ultimate loyalty. I guarantee you, you will never regret for taking us. I have a pretty good skills in strategic and tactical planning. While my sister here is very strong. She can defeat a hundred men alone. We’ll be very useful for you.”

“Hm.” Akimoto put his hand under his chin. “Of course, I won’t doubt your quality, being Shinoda’s children. Shinoda must have taught you a lot of things. But as for loyalty, let me decide about it.”

“Then try us. Give us a test if you want. We will do our best to accomplish whatever task you give us.”

“Hm. I can’t think of anything for now. I’m not going to give you a test. However, I agree to take you in. So you can prove your loyalty to me starting from now. But remember, I will keep my eyes on you. And my underlings will be watching you too. So don’t ever dare to act against my order. I want you to obey me all the time. Can you do it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. How about your other sister?”

“We have two older sister. Umeda Ayaka, the oldest, had left with her friend at the night when Shinoda died. We don’t know where she is now. And about Atsuko Maeda, the second oldest, I’m afraid to tell you that she is taking side with human. The worse thing is, she helped them killing Shinoda.”

“Oh, what a shame. A vampire taking side with human. You must tell me later about these human who had defeated Shinoda. I’m so curious why such a powerful lord like him can be killed by a mere human.”

“Haik. I will tell you everything, Sir.” Jurina answered politely. She was the one who’s doing all the talking and answering Akimoto’s questions, while Rena was remained silent the whole time.

“I think that’s all for today. Now do you have somewhere to live here in Nagoya?”

“No, Sir.”

“Hm. I will ask Annin to arrange the accomodation for you then. And stop calling me Sir. Just Akimoto-san is alright.”

“Haik, Akimoto-san.”

Akimoto then called Iriyama and asked her to prepare an apartment for the Matsuis.

“Thank you very much, Akimoto-san.”

“You’re welcome. And oh, we will have a party on tomorrow evening. It’s a Saturday night party. I’m inviting my friends and colleagues to attend it. You two must come too.”

“Haik, Akimoto-san.” Jurina said obediently.

A few hours later, the two Matsuis found themselves in a big apartment located not very far from Akimoto’s Company building. And it wasn’t an apartment, really, it was a penthouse. A luxurious penthouse. Full furnished.

Jurina and Rena couldn’t help but staring amazed at their new house. They spent an hour admiring the interior design and exploring the facilities in the penthouse.

“Hey, what is this?” Jurina noticed something on the table. It’s a key. She then took it and observed it.

“It’s a car key! Wow, I can’t believe it! He gives us a car! Rena-chan, we’re so lucky!” Jurina shouted happily. She’s jumping and bouncing on their bed like a little kid.

Rena just smiled upon seeing Jurina’s antic. She sat on the side of the bed, watching Jurina jumping and bouncing. And then Jurina stopped and stared at Rena. They stared and smiled at each other.

“Rena-chan, I love you,” Jurina said as she came closer and hugged the older girl.

“I love you too, Jurina.” This answer made Jurina smiled even wider.

Jurina gently push Rena lying on the bed. She then got on top of her, and began to kiss her. The kiss was so tender, and so passionate, it made Rena wondered. Is this how it feels when Romeo kissed Juliet?

Staring up to Jurina’s face, Rena could swear she never saw Jurina being in a more handsome state than this. And Rena had always loved it when Jurina treated her like a princess. Deep inside her, underneath that violence demeanor, Rena had always longed for a prince charming to come and rescue her. And all this time that she’s been waiting, now she doesn’t have to wait no more. Jurina loves her, and Rena believes that. And Rena wil do anything for Jurina. She will give Jurina her heart, and her loyalty. She will be all that Jurina needs.

And starting from now everything will be different. Money won’t be a problem for them anymore as now they had found a rich, powerful lord to serve.

And soon, they will get their revenge on those hunter girls. Rena couldn’t wait to get back at Yuki and make her pay for what she did to them. A great fight will break out between Yuki and Rena, and it will surely be way more bloody and more epic than the last battle against Shinoda.

While Jurina also couldn’t wait to visit Mayu again, and play with her and beat her in their own favourite games, the “mind game”. The word war, betting game, wager, psychological game. It was their things. Oh how much they loved playing those games.

The grand final battle is coming. Put your bet on now, readers.



The hunter girls were gathering in their common room. It’s Friday night and they have nothing to do. For the past few weeks, they had gone through a hard time. Almost all the girls experienced money problem or being a jobless person. Some of them, like Acchan, managed to find a solution as she’s now opening a laundromat and she’s gaining more than enough money from that. But some other girls, like Yuki and Haruna, found no solution and must return to status quo, being a jobless person and a low-salary employee. But all in all, the girls were still feeling grateful because their problems actually was not that serious. They still had foods to eat, they still had a place called home to return and sleep at night, they still had friends to talk to and care for each other. They knew they were the lucky ones, and they really had no reason to feel sad or ungrateful.

So here they are now, sitting with their partners doing nothing, only enjoying each other’s company.

“Aaahh….Minami….I’m bored….” Acchan spoke as she rest her head on Takamina’s shoulder.

“Yeah, me too~~~” Yuko said, burying her face on Haruna’s chest.

“Well, I’m not.” Mayu said with her Cyborg tone. She was lying on the sofa, resting her head on Yuki’s lap, while Yuki was playing with Mayus’s hair and giving a gentle massage on the younger girl.

Sasshi and Miichan were busy munching snacks and chips.

“Mmm….what should we do? Any idea?” asked Sasshi.

“Oh I know, how about hunting vampires again!?” Yuko said loudly.

“Yeah, that would be a good idea,” Takamina said, ”I heard from Kimura-san yesterday, that vampires are getting back to this town again---“

“Sorry, who is Kimura-san?” asked Miichan.

“He’s my neighbour, and a police officer,” answered Takamina.

The Midget then continued her explanation. “So, according to the police, a number of vampires were spotted around the cemetery and city park on the recent weeks. I think we should get back to our old routines, patroling and hunting vampires. Kimura-san said, several packs of werewolves were also spotted wandering around the forest just outside the town. The number of vampires and werewolves are increasing, not only in this town but also in other cities. I think this will be the right time for us to go hunting vampires and werewolves again.”

“You’re right, Takamina! Let’s do that again! It’s been a long time and I’m itching to kill some vampires and werewolves again.” Yuko said, feeling excited.

Of course, by talking about vampires and werewolves to kill, they meant the bad guys from each races, the kind of vampires and werewolves who don’t have a soul and always go out for a killing and draining human’s blood. Meanwhile, a good vampire like Acchan and a good werewolf like Haruna are able to control and restrain themselves from killing human, supressing their hunger and thirst.

“Okay, let’s start next week. Sasshi, don’t forget to prepare our equipments, weapons, and artillery.”

“Aye aye Captain!” Sasshi shouted, also feeling excited.

“And let’s ask Tomochin and Chiyuu to join us too. They had been a big help for us at our battle against Shinoda. I think they’re also a pretty good fighter,” said Acchan.

“I agree with you, Acchan.” Takamina said smiling at her partner.

Takamina then turned at Yuki. “Yuki, how about you? Are you ready to join us again?”

“Sure, Captain. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” answered the raven girl.

“Great.” Takamina smiled widely. “And oh, I have one more idea, guys! It’s a pretty cool one. Would you want to hear it?”

“Sure! Sure! What is it Takamina?” asked her friends in choir.

The Captain Midget smirked smuggishly and said, “I’m thinking to open a private investigator agency.”

“Private investigator agency? What is that? What are we going to do?” asked Haruna.

“Well, to put it simply, we will help people solving their problems and also help the police dealing with criminals. We can give help to everyone who needs it. We’re saving people. Isn’t it cool?”

Her friends just stared at her, dumbfounded.

“You mean, like a superhero?” asked Acchan.

“Yeah, like a superhero. Or detective. Or vigilante. Something like that.” Minami said.

“Wooah! Sugoi! Yeah, let’s do that!” Yuko said, feeling even more excited.

“Wait a sec, do we get money from that? I mean, do we got money from helping and saving people?” asked Mayu.

Takamina turned at Mayu. “Of course, Cyborg. We’ll get money from that. What are you thinking, us going around and helping people for free? Of course not. No one will help people for free nowadays. Doctors save lives, and they got paid. Cops fight criminals, and they got paid. Fireman do their jobs and save people, and the got paid too. So why don't we start making money from this too?” she said.

“Oh, you’re so right, Takamina.” Mayu was staring amazed at Takamina, “But hey, was that my line? I think I just said that a while ago. The heck, Takamina, you stole my line!”

“What line, Cyborg?”

“Whatever. Forget it,” said Mayu. She then turned to Yuki and spoke in a low voice so that only Yuki could hear her.

“You see, Yuki? I’m not the only person who thinks that we should get money from saving people. And you’re probably the only person left in this world who’s still wanting to help and save people for free. You think it’s the only right thing to do. But the world doesn’t work that way anymore, Yuki. You should know by now that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Everybody has to pay for every single thing todays.”

“Yeah, yeah, Mayu. You’re right, and I’m wrong. Are you happy now?” Yuki reluctantly admitted her defeat.

Mayu then smirked smuggishly, while Yuki just shrugged.

“Okay, is there any more question? No?” asked Takamina.

Seeing noone ask, she closed their discussion. “Then it’s all clear. I will arrange our preparation and take care all the legal matters. Miichan, Haruna, I am going to need your help this time.”

“Sure, Takamina, anytime,” said the psychic and the werewolf.

After that, everybody went inside their rooms, or their partner’s room, to continue their private session and spend the night together with their beloved ones.


Akimoto Sayaka decided to bring the woman she had just met to her apartment. Once inside, they sat on the sofa and took a rest for a moment. Sayaka took two bottles of drink from her fridge and offered one to her guest.

“I’m going to ask you several questions.” Sayaka said as she clicked a recorder application in her smartphone and began to record their conversation. She also took a pen and notes to scribble down some information.

First thing she asked was the woman’s name.

“Umeda Ayaka,” the woman answered.

“Where did you live before coming to this city?”


“How long did you stay there?”

“Five years.” And there goes the lies, made up by Umeda the royal vampire.

“When did you first meet Miyazawa Sae?”

“Two and a half year ago. Around August, 2010.”

Sayaka furrowed her eyebrows as she was now trying to connect all the dots. Scribbling on her notes, Sayaka wrote down the timeline. Today is February 2013. Sae was missing almost three years ago, March 2010. Then Umeda met Sae on August 2010. Meanwhile, Sae’s parents were died six month after Sae went missing (September 2010). And then, a year later (July 2011), Sayaka met Sae again, in which Sayaka found Sae’s condition to be much different from the person he used to be.

“Okay. How did you meet him?” Sayaka asked the next question.

“I was….I was helping him. I saved him.”

“Saving him from what?”

“He was running and hiding from someone. He seemed frightened. He said that someone was after him and wanted to kill him.  I think it was his girlfriend who was after him.“

“His girlfriend?”

“Yy---yeah,” Umeda stuttered.

“Have you ever seen them fighting?”

“Yes, a few times.”

“Why were they fighting?”

“I don’t really know. But I think his girlfriend was very angry at him. She was very violence at him and often beat him up back then.”

“But he’s a man. How can a woman beat up a man?” Sayaka asked curiously. She knew Sae was weak when it comes to fighting, but surely not that weak to be beaten up by a girl.

“Errr…..From what I see, his girlfriend is very strong. She mastered some martial arts. That’s why she can beat Sae.” Umeda answered.

“Who is this girlfriend’s name?”

“Kashiwagi Yuki. That is his girlfriend’s name.”

“And when was the last time you saw him?”

“I think it’s more than a year ago. Or fifteen months ago. Around November 2011.”


“In front of his apartment.”

“And then what happened?”

“I saw Kashiwagi entered the building. An hour later, she came out with blood on her clothes. And after that, I never see Sae came out from his apartment again.”

“Where were you all those time?”

“I am in my apartment which is located in front of Sae’s apartment building. I’m watching them behind my curtain.”

“How about Sae’s little sister? Do you anything about her?”

“Not much. But I think Kashiwagi had also turned his little sister against him. Maybe she had brainwashed her or something, and tricked her into hating her own brother.”

Sayaka stopped and thought for a moment. What she had learned today about Sae and Mayu was really beyond her prediction. It never occurred to her before, that Sae would be killed by his girlfriend and his own little sister. A lot of things were still unclear, and at this time Sayaka made a promise to herself that she would get to the bottom of this, no matter what.

“Can I ask you something?” Umeda suddenly asked.

“What is it?”

“I don’t want my identity to be revealed. I am afraid Kashiwagi will hunt me down if she know I’m telling this to the police,” said Umeda.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be put under our Witness Protection Program. I will protect you and keep you safe from any harm, since you are now an important witness for this case.”

“Thank you.” Umeda said in relief.

The interrogation then continued for a few more hours, with Sayaka asking more questions to Umeda, fully unaware that the person in front of her was actually a vampire.



Oh wow, what am I writing here?
I am so sorry for making Umechan as the bad/evil guy here.
I swear I didn’t plan to make her evilness as far as this when I started writing this fic (the Season 1).
When I picked her to be a vampire in this fic, it was only because I think she is very pretty with her crooked teeth.
I have always thought that girls with crooked teeth are really pretty, and that they’ll make a very cute vampire.

And besides, I always love evil character.
I love developing bad guy character and twisted character like them.
It’s far more interesting than developing good guy character.

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I just finished reading this story within 3 days, and now i was craving for more.
I love MaYuki relationship here, they are so cute.

Please update and thank you for your story.
Usually a silent reader.

Sorry for my broken english, english is not my first language.

Kami-oshi: Kashiwagi Yuki

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Good job anzai-san  :twothumbs


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Now this will be the last update for me.
You wish I’m trolling again, but unfortunately, I’m not.
You’ll read my official announcement after this last chapter update.

@ yocelin17: 3 days? That’s fast! I’m happy you enjoy this fic.
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Part 3

It was Saturday evening. Yuki initially wanted to go to a cinema or a planetarium for a date, but then Mayu said they should go somewhere else which is cheaper so that they could keep the money instead. So here they are now, sitting side by side at the rooftop on their apartment, leaning their backs on the railing, munching some snacks, and staring at the night sky.

The sky was clear and they could see the moon, the stars, and the Milky Way. It was beautiful.

And while enjoying the night sky, Mayu kept on talking and babbling. She talked about everything, her school activity, her friends, the gossip and talks around her school, the food she ate today, even the current episodes in her favourite mangas/animes. And as always, Yuki listened to her, or pretending to listen, until Mayu was tiring herself and had nothing else to talk about. Yuki had become used to listening to Mayu’s voice, that she wouldn’t mind listening to it for the whole night and day, eventhough she didn’t really pay attention to the words or the meaning behind it.

“Yuki, I think that----- hey, are you still listening?”

“Hm? Yes, of course, Mayu. What is it?”

“……..Errr…..I think that, I don’t want to be a doctor anymore.”

“Huh!? Why!?” Yuki suddenly woke up from her trance and turned to Mayu.

“I don’t feel like it anymore.”

Yuki started panicking. “Wait, Mayu, don’t give up so easily like that. I know we don’t have the money for you to go to college, but we’ll manage it, don’t worry. So please, don’t give up!” Yuki begged.

However, Mayu just let out a chuckle. “No, don’t be misunderstood, Yuki. I’m not giving up. There’s no word ‘surrender’ in my dictionary. What I want to say is, I want to become someone else. I want to pursue another career, not related to medical. I am not giving up my dream, I’m just switching it.”

Yuki frowned, still a bit confused about it. “Okay, but why? Why do you switch your dream?”

“Well, it’s because,” Mayu smiled, “because I found something more interesting.”

“What is it?”

“I want to be a cop.”

“Haaaa!!!??” Yuki’s eyes were almost popped out from its socket due to the shock.

“Seriously, Cyborg, a cop?”

Mayu nodded. Her face was so dead-panned serious. “Yes, Yuki, a cop.”

Yuki burst out laughed. She couldn’t imagine someone as weak as Mayu to be a cop. Mayu had always lacked in physical department, just like Sasshi, or even worse.

“Mayu, why do you want to be a cop? I know it’s cool, to fight criminals and all that. I sometimes do that to, helping the police. But why do you suddenly want it? And besides, don’t you think it’s a bit…errr....dangerous for you to take that kind of job?”

The younger girl rolled her eyes. “Said the one who almost died a couple times before. Yuki, I know what you think. You think I’m weak and not suitable to be a cop. I can’t run, I can’t fight, I am bad at sport and physical activity, but…..”

“But?” asked Yuki.

“But, working in police department does not always require physical skill. There are many kind of tasks being assigned to police officers. There are officers who work on the field, chasing bad guys and engaging in the physical fights and gunfires. But there are also officers who work behind the desk. They provide non-physical skills such as collecting data and information. They’re doing research, profiling the bad guys, and tracing them in the cyberworld. I think that task is suitable for me. I will work on the research department. I’ve been living a life as a delinquent for years. I am good at hacking stuff. I know how the criminals’ mind works. I can profile them. So it will be easy for me to chase them.”

Yuki blinked in daze.

“I’m going to enter a police academy when I graduate high school this year.Yosh! Ganbarro!” Mayu said while raising her fist up in the air.

Yuki sighed. “Okay, if that’s what you want. But Mayu, I just don’t want you to give up your dream and switch so easily like that.”

“Oh, to be honest, Yuki, I never wanted to become a doctor.”

“Really? But you always do crossdressing as doctor. I thought you really want to be a doctor.”

“Yeah. I thought I wanted it too. But now I realize it was never my passion in the first place. I just want to be a doctor because they say it’s one of the highest paid jobs amongst others, and I wanted to get rich quick. But now it doesn’t important anymore. Now I am just going to do what I want to do, not caring what other people say,” Mayu said smiling.

“Mmm.” Yuki nodded and smiled too.

And at that time, Yuki couldn’t help but think how Mayu had grown up so much since they first met last year. Mayu wasn’t a little girl anymore. The Cyborg had turned into a mature, young woman who knew exactly what she wanted to do in her life. While Yuki never had a real passion for ideal job or dream job whatsoever, the case was different for Mayu. The younger girl was smart, talented, and ambitious. In the future, Mayu will become much more reliable for Yuki. But for now, Mayu needed Yuki to support her and take care of her, although not financially.

They turned their eyes to the sky again and continued staring at the stars.

I see this life like a swinging vine.
Swing my heart across the line.
In my face is flashing signs.
Seek it out and ye shall find.



“Have you ever tried to count the stars in the sky?”

“No. Why would I? It’s wasting time.”

“Well, people like to count something. Money, stars, sheeps. Which one do you like to count?”

“Probably money. Eventhough I don’t have much.” Yuki let out a chuckle.

“Do you think money is important?”

Yuki thought for a while. “For me it’s not important. But for you maybe.”

Mayu smiled, “No, you’re wrong, Yuki. For me money is not important either.”

“Oh really? I don’t believe you, you money digger, little swindler. Knowing you, no one will believe you if you say you don’t love money.”

“Well, let me prove it then.” Mayu said as she fished out a 1000-yen from her pocket and hold it in front of the older girl.

“Yuki, you see what I’m holding right now?”

“It’s a money.” Yuki rolled her eyes.

“Right. And now watch me,” Mayu said again as she took another thing from her pocket. It’s a lighter.

Yuki watched in anxiety, trying to guess what Mayu was going to do with the paper money in her left hand and lighter in her right hand.

Mayu then flicked the lighter and placed it near to the money she was holding. Slowly, she brought the lighter closer to the paper money, ready to burn it.

“Oii what are you doing, Cyborg!!?? Stop it!! You’re going to get the money burned!!” Yuki started to get panic. She tried to reach the money to save it from being burned, but Mayu quickly moved her hand away from Yuki’s reach.

“Watch me, Yuki. I am going to show you and prove you that, contrary to your belief, money is not important for me either.” Mayu said.

“Okay, okay, I believe you, Cyborg. You don't have to prove anything. I believe you. Just stop it before----“

It was too late. The flame has now reached the paper money and it quickly spread and burned the money.

Yuki’s eyes widened and her mouth agaped as she witnessed the 1000-yen paper was engulfed by the flame. And she could do nothing other than watching the money slowly turned into ashes right before her.

I feel her love.
And I feel it burn down this river every time.
Hope is our four-letter word, make that money, watch it burn.
Oh, take that money, and watch it burn.
Sing in the river the lessons we learned.

“You see, Yuki? Money is just a paper. It’s not real. It’s just a tool. It’nothing compared to our love, and to our hope,” said Mayu. Her eyes were locked to the scene of the burning flame.

And then Mayu turned to face Yuki. “Yuki, I would rather live a life with you even without money…..”

Yuki bit her lips. Now they’re getting into sensitive topic, and Yuki was always weak when it comes to this.

“…..So please, Yuki, don’t do anything stupid just because you think I need money so much. Don’t lose your common sense. Don’t beat and hurt people just because you want to prove your love to me. I don’t need it. I don’t want it. All I want is….you, Yuki. Just you.”

And while Yuki was still stunned, Mayu made her advance, taking Yuki by her chin. She put her lips on Yuki’s, and started kissing her gently and tenderly. Yuki responded and kissed her back. They were kissing under the stars, the moon, and the night sky. And the kiss was so passionate, as if it was their first time kissing someone in their lifetime. The kiss then turned into a deep one, but still gentle and tender, not a wild one.

After a moment, they broke the kiss and stared at each other, smiling.

“Okay, Cyborg,” Yuki said, “I know you love me, but you too don’t have to go that far to prove it. What were you thinking, burning money like that!?”

“Well, I just want a dramatic effect while I’m doing it.”

“But still, you’re overdoing it, Cyborg.”

Mayu just laughed. Turning her eyes to the sky once again, she began to contemplate.

Yuki, lately I've been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be.
And I've been praying hard for us.
I pray to God that one day, we’ll be counting money no more.
Instead, we'll be counting stars.
Yeah, Yuki, we'll be counting stars every night.

We’re old, but we’re not that old.
And we’re young but we’re not that bold.
We’re just doing what we're told.

Sometimes, we feel something so right by doing the wrong thing.
Other times, we feel something so wrong by doing the right thing.
We make mistakes, but that’s okay, cause we learn from it.

Everything that kills us makes us feel alive.
Everything that drowns us makes us wanna fly.
And in the end, nothing can break us apart.

Yuki, you have given all your love to me, until there’s nothing left to give to the others.
You’ve been protecting me and saving me in so many ways before.
You have fought so bravefully and risked your life for me.
You have fought and won your battle, and now it’s my turn.

So from now on, Yuki, you don’t need to do anything anymore.
Just leave it to me, I will make our life better in the future.
This, I promise you, Yuki, and I won’t rest until I make that dream come true.
It will take time, of course, and I need you to stay by my side while I’m doing it.

Because we are still so young now.
We are chasing the moon, just running wild and free.
We are following through every dream and every need.
And we’re doing it together.
Always together.

Suddenly, Yuki nudged the Cyborg, breaking the girl’s shell of fantasy as a result.

“Mayu, I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“How about you moving into my room? It will be cheaper for us, anyway.”

Mayu stared at Yuki. “Are you serious about this?”

“Yes.” Yuki said with a stern face. And the Cyborg kept staring at her.

“Listen, I only propose this in order to cut our expenses, nothing more, nothing less,” Yuki said, rolling her eyes.

The Cyborg grinned. “Are you sure you don’t want nothing more?” she teased the older girl.

“You perverted little Cyborg. Of course, I……do…want more.”

“Oh, Yuki, I love you~~”

“I love you too~~”

And once again, they kissed each other on the lips, so passionately like it was their first kiss, or probably their last kiss, or the only kiss they had in their entire life.

After a minute, they broke their kiss and hugged each other in their arms, feeling happy and grateful for each other’s presence.

Mayu: “Errr….by the way, Yuki, I want to tell something. But promise me first, you won’t get mad.”
Yuki  : “Okay, I promise. Tell me.”
Mayu: “The money I burned just now, it’s your money.”
Yuki  : “What!?”
Mayu: “It’s your money. I stole it from your pocket before, when we were staring at the star, and you were hugging me like this.”
Yuki  : “Cyborg---You…you…How could you!!?“
Mayu: “You promised, Yuki.”
Yuki  : “Okay, I am not mad at you. But I am still going to spank you tonight! And every night after you move into my room.”



Yagami Takumi stirred in his sleep as he felt his body being shaken repeatedly by someone, along with the voice calling him to wake up. He forced his eyes to open, only to see his little brother, Yamauchi Suzuru, smiling at him. Pulling his blanket over the head, Takumi then turned his body, facing the wall.

“Suu-chan, please, let me sleep for a few more hours,” the older boy grumbled and closed his eyes again.

“No Taku-nii, wake up now. We have to prepare for the party tonight.”

“Huh? Party? Oh, I forgot about that!” Takumi shot awake. He got up from his bed and went inside the bathroom.

A tall, young man appeared at the door. Just like his youngest brother, he was already in his formal attire, a black suit and tuxedo.

“Has he waken up? Geez. Took him long enough,” said Nakanishi Yutaka, a.k.a Nishishi. “Sleeping at night, is he a vampire or not?” he said while shaking his head in disbelief. “Come on, let’s help others prepare for tonight.”

Suzuru nodded and followed his brother downstair.

“Jurina, are you sure this is the place?” asked Rena.

“Uh-huh,” replied Jurina as she stopped their car in front of a huge mansion.

They waited until the guards open the gate. Jurina showed them her ID card and then continued driving in.

After parking their car, they went inside the mansion.

A butler came and welcomed them. “Hello. Good evening, ladies. Please leave your coats here,” he said.

Jurina and Rena did as they’re told. They walked into a huge party room. There were already a lot of guests inside the room, which is more like a ball room but with a dim light. Vampires sure like to stay in darkness rather than light.

The two Matsuis then walked around, grabbing food and drinks that are offered to them by the maids and butlers.

Wow, instead of cocktail, they serve fresh blood in a cup. Jurina stared amazed at a table that was full of beverages.

Jurina continued to observe her surrounding, and she found familiar faces amongst the guests. Some of them were actually quite popular persons since Jurina recognized them from the TV. There were politicians, businessman, actors and actresses, singers, models, etc. Jurina had no idea that these people were actually vampires.

“Hello, Matsuis,” a girl came and greeted them. “Enjoying the party?”

“Oh, hi, Iriyama-san. The party is great. And I am kinda surprised to see who the guests are.”

“Just call me Annin. And yes, this party is limited for very important persons only, so you can consider yourself lucky. Now come with me, I will show you around and introduce you to our friends,” said Iriyama.

They went to the other side of the room which had more people.

“First I want to introduce you to Akimoto’s sons. But, they’re still busy now, so let’s come back and talk to them later.” Annin said as she pointed to three young men in suit, talking with few people. The tallest one, had a black hair and looked the most ikemen. He was probably the oldest amongst his brothers. The next one was a red haired, he was handsome and had a dreamy eyes. The youngest one had a blond hair and looked very cute.

Jurina immediately recognized the red-haired boy as the one he had encountered near the bus stop several days ago before she met Annin.

“Annin, is this the Matsui sisters you’ve been talking about?” another girl came at them. “Hello---oh, it’s you….”

There’s a hint of surprise on the girl’s face as she saw Jurina.

“You two know each other?” asked Annin.

“Actually no,” replied Jurina. “But we’ve met before.”

The girl folded her arms and let out a smile, “Yeah, I think we’ve met before. Matsui Jurina isn’t it?”

“Aha! You remember my name!” Jurina grinned widely.

“Well, you introduced yourself to me earlier. You’re quite…bold, I would say,” the girl said.

“Yeah, I admit that. But you haven’t told me your name. Yuri? Or Yuria?”

“It’s Yuria. Kizaki Yuria. I am Akimoto’s niece. Nice to meet you again,” the girl said and smiled genuinely.

“Nice to meet you again.” Jurina smiled back, “And just as I thought, you are a vampire. You and that boy who was with you.”

“You mean Takumi-kun? Well, he’s my cousin. We’re a vampire family.”

“I see. And oh, this is my sister, Matsui Rena.”

“Nice to meet you, Rena-san,” said Yuria.

The older vampire just bowed politely without saying a word. She had been silent ever since they entered this mansion.

Annin clapped, “Great! Now, let’s continue introducing you to the whole members of this clan.”

They started walking around again.

“Each of Akimoto’s sons has a group of personal assistants, or bodyguards, or underlings. And I’m going to introduce you to them one by one. The oldest son, Nakanishi Yutaka, his right-hand man who also leads his group of underlings is Hirata Rikako. The second son is Yagami Takumi, his underlings is led by Kuwabara Mizuki. The youngest son is Yamauchi Suzuru, and his underlings is led by Furuhata Nao.” Iriyama explained.

They approached a group of vampires who were standing near the podium.

“Rikako-san,” Annin called the group leader.

“Oh hi Annin. Who are these people? New members?” the group leader greeted and smiled at them.

“Yeah, they’re new members. This is Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena, former members of Shinoda Clan.”

“Shinoda Clan? Oh yeah, I’ve heard a lot about him. Glad to see some of his descendants are still alive. Nice to meet you, Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena.”

“Nice to meet you too, Rikako-san,” Jurina nodded while Rena, again, just bowed.

“I am Nakanishi’s personal guardian. And these are my troops, Deguchi Aki, Hata Sawako, Masana Ooya, Suda Akari, and Sato Seira. I hope we can be friends,” Rikako said as she introduced the Matsuis to her troops one by one.

The troops greeted Jurina and Rena who also did the same.

The next introduction was to Yagami’s underlings, which is led by Kuwabara Mizuki who also attended the same high school with Yagami. Her troops included Kinoshita Yukiko, Ogiso Shiori, Yakata Miki, Saito Makiko, and Shibata Aya. While Yamauchi’s underlings consisted of Furuhata Nao as the leader, Ishida Anna, Mukaida Manatsu, Ogino Risa, Yamashita Yukari, and Azuma Rion.

“Those are the underlings, or personal guardians to each of Akimoto’s sons that you must know and work with. And other than them, there are a lot of people who work for Akimoto, or serve under him.” Iriyama continued her explanation.

“The man standing right there is Yuasa Hiroshi. He is Akimoto’s personal advisor, and he is very loyal to him. He was sired by Akimoto himself. And he has been working for Akimoto for eight years, ever since Akimoto started building his entire business kingdom. Yuasa is also in charge for this house.”

“And the woman who stands beside him is Eguchi Aimi. She is the lead researcher in Akimoto’s research center. She’s only 26 now but already earns the title as a scientist prodigy. I heard she finished her PhD in USA when she was 18, and worked in the NSF. She then quitted and was hired by Akimoto. She’s the one who takes all the credit for the antidote that we use everyday. Oh sorry, I haven’t told you about the antidote, have I?”

“No. What is that?” Jurina asked curiously.

“Eguchi developes an antidote that can enhance our resistance against the sunlight, therefore we are able to walk under the sunlight for a few hours. This antidote is initially used by Akimoto Clan’s member only, and thus helping us to hide our secret very well from the public. Akimoto is a busy man. He has to attend a lot of agenda and meetings in a broad daylight. And thanks to this antidote, he can do that without any problem. People never suspect Akimoto being a vampire because of this antidote.”

“Oh, I never thought someone can invent something like that before. Very interesting,” said Jurina, furrowing her eye-brows.

“Yeah, that’s why Akimoto likes Eguchi very much. Now most of our clan members use the antidote. And just recently, we sell it to other clans too, mostly to Akimoto’s friends and business partners.”

“Wow.” Jurina and Rena’s mouth agaped. They couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Letting out a chuckle, Iriyama said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get one too, but we need to get your bodies checked before you use the antidote, just to make sure it won’t have a side-effect on you. I will ask Eguchi-san to check up you up later.”

(Wow…This antidote is very useful. Surely I can make a good use of it. I can’t wait to go and meet those huntergirls again. They’ll be surprised when they see me walking up to them on a broad daylight, without wearing that ‘ring’. It’s gonnabe so much fun. Fufufu…) Jurina smirked devilishly.

“Enough about Eguchi. Now, you see those people there?” using her eyes, Iriyama pointed to other direction in the room.

“Sata, Kiyoto, Matsuya, and Takigawa. They are Akimoto’s hitman. They’re highly skilled in guns and weapons. They do dirty jobs for Akimoto, such as killing, threatening, kidnapping, and beating up people. Those who stands against Akimoto will have to face them. I have seen them fighting before. They were merciless. It was as if they were born to kill. My advice is, stay away from them.”

“Okay,” Jurina and Rena nodded.

“Akimoto has a lot of friends amongst Yakuza. He has a good relationship with the biggest Yakuza family, Yamaguchi-gumi from Kobe. You see that person standing over there? He is Domyoji Tsukasa, the son of their current leader, Shinobu Tsukasa.”

“And last, you must be curious about me. Who am I and how did I end up in this place? Wouldn’t you wanna know?” asked Iriyama, smirking at Jurina.

“Of course, I’ve been wondering about you since we first met.” Jurina said, also with a smirk.

“Well, this is my story. Me and my friends, Kawaei and Kato, we were children of yakuza families. Years ago, our parents died in a gang war, and the three of us started living on the streets as yankees. We had no home to stay, so we just moved from one place to another. One day, we were beaten by our enemies and were left to die on the streets. Then Akimoto found us. He sired us and took us  in. And then he trained us to become his underling. We help him running his business. I am in charge of running the pubs. Kato is in charge of helping Akimoto at his office. While Kawaei’s job is mostly dealing with the local yankees in this city.”

Jurina was speechless for a moment.

“Tough life, isn’t it?” Iriyama said.

Jurina nodded. “Yeah. But Akimoto saved you. I’m a bit surprised to learn that he actually has compassion towards people.”

“Compassion? You think he saved us out of compassion? No, you’re wrong, Jurina.”

The younger Matsui winced.

“He saved us because he planned to use us. From the beginning, he’s just using us.” Iriyama said.

“If you think he’s just using you, why didn’t you leave him? Why are you still here and serving him?” asked Jurina.

“I have no choice. This is much better than being left to die on the streets.” A faint smile formed on Iriyama’s face. “Now this is my family. Most of us were coming from orphanage, or just living on the streets, and were taken in by Akimoto. Ah, there they are! Let’s go, I’ll introduce you to my best friends.”

They walked towards two young girls who were busy eating and chatting.

“Hey girls!”

“Hey Annin, we’ve been looking for you. How’s the pub?” asked one of the girls.

“Good. Oh actually, I had a little problem but now it’s solved,” replied Iriyama. “And this little problem is now become our new members. Girls, this is Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena.”

The girls stared at the two Matsuis with interest.

“Hi, I’m Kato Rena.”

“I’m Kawaei Rina.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Iriyama then talked to Kato and Kawaei for a few minutes before she took the two Matsuis wandering around again.

“Wow, so many members. Akimoto is such a powerful lord, eh? How can he gather so many people to work for him?” said Jurina, being totally amazed. “And all of them are vampires, right?”

“Actually no. There are also human who work for Akimoto.”

“Oh really?”

“You’ll be surprise if I tell you that Eguchi Aimi is a human.”

“Eh? But she—“

“Yes, she invented the antidote that brings a huge benefit for vampire race. But she herself is a human,” Iriyama said.

This fact intrigued Jurina. “But why would she join this clan? Why would she work for Akimoto?”

“Maybe because she’s a crazy scientist and noone else other than Akimoto is willing to hire her.” Iriyama shrugged. “I guess everybody has her own reason. And Eguchi is not the only human who’s currently working for Akimoto. That girl over there. She’s also human.” Iriyama pointed secretly to a girl who was standing alone near the window.

Jurina diverted her eyes to the said girl. “What’s her name?”

“Mano Erina. I don’t really know her. She just joined us recently. From what I heard, she’s an ex-agent who once worked for the Nacho*, but then she conducted a big mistake and now she’s being chased by the authorities. And just like the most of us, she finds shelter here in Akimoto Clan.”

“Yeah, of course, she does.” Jurina said while observing that girl from a far.

(Interesting. I like this Akimoto guy already. He knows how to gather the best people for his army. Very different from Shinoda. And he doesn’t hesitate to use every means to secure his power. Making friends with the Yakuza, it’s something that Shinoda would never do. Shinoda is just too old-fashioned, but this Akimoto is different. I guess I’m not wrong for choosing him as my new master.)

Jurina then continued asking several questions about Akimoto. And the more she knew about him, the more she felt interested to this new lord.


Togasaki Tomonobu had been searching them for weeks, trailing the werewolves clan and other shapeshifters to whom the letters were addressed to. The first one being Namba Clan, the next one being Hakata Clan, and the last one being Niigata Clan. Each of those clans were originating from different regions. Mostly they chose to live near the rivers or rocky mountains so that they could hunt animals to fulfil their blood lust. Different from vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters generally do not craving for human’s blood. There are some evidences of their attack on human, but it was usually conducted by newborn being who could not control their lust.

In order to be able to locate these shapeshifters packs, Togasaki had to use all of his resources. He ordered his men to spread across the country in order to gather more clues and catch any signs of shapeshifters’ activities in each regions. Togasaki himself was a vampire, therefore he could only wander out at nights. Luckily he had a powerful companion beside him, a werewolf who was once a human before she got bitten by one of those creatures. This werewolf friend, Fukumoto Aina, had a very sensitive nose and can trail the scent of her own kinds eventhough it was left from several days before. Werewolves were known to have this ability to conduct telepathy amongst them, speaking toward each other and transferring information without using normal medium such us human sensory channels or physical interaction. Fukumoto was tasked to use her senses to locate the current position of the werewolves packs, and to do telepathy with them once they were found.

One morning, Togasaki and Fukumoto arrived at a beach located on the west-southern area of Osaka Prefecture. There they met the first werewolves pack on their list, the Namba Clan. Most of this clan member were still at young age, around 20 or even less. Just like vampires, werewolves do not age, or aging very slowly. When Togasaki arrived at their place, they were busy doing outdoor activities such running, jumping, climbing trees, swimming across the river, fighting and sparing, and practising how to transform smoothly between their two forms (human form and werewolf form). They were energetic and possessed great strength and stamina. The leader of this clan was Yamamoto Sayaka, a young girl with a strong built body, a pair of sharp eyes, and a wide chin. As soon as Togasaki handed the letter to her, Yamamoto opened it in front of her packs and read it out aloud. She then asked Togasaki to give her some time to discuss with her companions. It seemed to Togasaki that Yamamoto was a very democratic leader as she didn’t take the decision by herself, and chose to give each of her companions an equally fair chance to voice out their opinion and listen to them with full consideration. And after spending some time debating, they decided to join Yokoyama’s cause and to fight by her side. Togasaki immediately sent this good news to Yokoyama. He then asked Yamamoto to mobilize her troops and move to Kyoto soon. Yokoyama would be responsible for all their accomodation and basic needs during their future war. Yamamoto happily agreed to this.

The next clan was Hakata Clan, a group of shapeshifters located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Island. Their leader was Anai Chihiro. This clan was a bit younger than Namba Clan in term of their lineage history. Without thinking twice, Anai immediately agreed to join Yokoyama, but due to her responsibility to take care of the elderly members in her village, she wasn’t able to move in to Kyoto. Instead, she would send a group of her army to go to Kyoto and help Yokoyama in the future war. This group was led by Anai’s second in command, a very young shapeshifter named Kodama Haruka.

However, in his visit to Niigata Clan, Togasaki didn’t succeed in persuading them to join their cause. It seemed that Niigata Clan was a type of peaceful persons, and they didn’t like fighting and war. Their leader, Ogino Yuka, wrote a letter as a reply, stating that they refused to be involved in the war, however, they genuinely wished for Yokoyama’s success in winning the war.

The allied forces now had been established. Togasaki and Fukumoto returned back to their headquarter in Kyoto, and reported the progress to their master. The war between vampires and werewolves/shapeshifters would be coming soon and it was unavoidable. And human, poor them, they would get dragged and entangled in the middle of this war, and cut between the two sides.



Kashiwagi Yuki sat on the side of her bed. She had just finished rearranging her furnitures, sorting out her stuffs and throwing out some unused stuff. Bead of sweats were trickling down her forehead and she wiped it with her hand. And she smiled alone, thinking of a certain Cyborg girl who will become her room-mate soon.

Starting from next week, Watanabe Mayu would be moving in to Yuki’s room. They would be sharing this room together. They would be able to spend more time together, day and night. No interruption. No disturbance. Just the two of them, together in this room.

Starting from next week, Yuki’s days would be brighter and more colorful than before. For someone who used to live alone in sorrow, this was like a dream come true, to live together under the same roof with her beloved one. Now that she had a hand to hold, and a reason to believe. Now that she had someone who’s worth living for, someone who had put the happiness back in her heart.

Yuki’s life had been in a darkness, but ever since Mayu came and shined the light, all of that was history. It was Mayu who put the blue back in the sky in Yuki’s world. It was Mayu who put the rainbow in her eyes, and the silver lining in her prayers. It was Mayu who put the red back in the rose. And now there's colour everywhere in Yuki’s world. Just when she needed it the most, Mayu came along to show she cared. Now Yuki had left those hazy days behind her, and never to return again. Now they're just a faded memory. And it's all so clear for her to see the beauty that was waiting for her in the future.

Still smiling, Yuki then looked around across her room. She remembered she still have to move a few remaining stuff in order to make enough space for Mayu when she moves in next week.

There was a wooden box lied on the corner of her room. It was where Yuki kept her sword. This sword meant so much for her. She had used it previously to kill her biggest enemy, Lord Shinoda.

Yuki then stood up and opened the box. The sword looked normal just like it was before. After their last battle, Yuki had never used nor touched the sword again, as if touching the sword would bring a bad memory to her.

Slowly and carefully, Yuki took her sword out from the box. Now she was holding the sword with her right hand. She raised it up and felt its weight on her hand. Still holding her breath, she touched the blade using her left hand, trailing the sharp object with her fingers.

Suddenly, her hand slipped and she felt a sharp pain. She had just accidentally cut her fingers. She saw the red liquid trickled down the blade. And within that very short time, an image of something terrifying came flashing into her mind. In a blurry vision, Yuki saw a bloody image of a massacre. People were slayed brutally and drowned in their own blood.

A shocked gasp escaped Yuki’s lips and she immediately dropped her sword. And those flashing images suddenly vanished.

Yuki was taken aback. What was that? Am I imagining something?

Her eyes fell upon her sword that was lying on the floor. She then knelt down, her hands were shivering. Holding her breath for a moment, Yuki slowly lift up her sword again. She felt a bit nervous, but she continued.

For a moment, there was nothing happened, no flashing images, and Yuki wandered why was that. And then an idea came upon her.

Maybe the blood. Maybe I must touch the blade and let my blood make contact with it.

She then put her fingers, which was still bleeding, upon the blade.

She closed her eyes, and saw those flashing images came upon her again.

It was a nightmare, a bloody massacre. And she was seeing through someone’s eyes. Someone who was wielding a sword to slay and murder those innocent people right in front of her. The scene was too frightening for Yuki, mostly because she was in the position of the murderer. Yuki could see through this murderer's eyes, those people who were running away hopelessly, screaming for help and begging for their life to be spared, but this person ignored them. This person kept on swinging her sword, slaying them mercilessly.

What is happening? Who is she? Who is this murderer? Yuki’s head was full of question.

Those images came flashing into Yuki’s mind, one after another.

And suddenly the image switched into something different. It wasn’t a massacre. It was a dungeon. There was a girl in the dungeon, tied up and beaten. Her clothes were torn in several parts. Cuts and bruises covered her whole body. It seemed as if this girl had been through a lot of torture. The girl then stared deep into this person. And as much as Yuki wanted to look away, she couldn’t. Somehow she could only stared back at the tortured girl.

The girl then opened her lips, and began to speak through her cracked lips. Rena….Rena-sama….Please forgive me, Rena-sama…..I never betrayed you…..Matsui Rena-sama…..

Just then, Yuki’s eyes shot open, and her sword was dropped to the floor once again with a loud thud.

Rena? Matsui Rena? Gekikara?

And who is that girl? The girl in the dungeon. Who is she?

Dear God, what is happening just now? Am I seeing Geki’s dreams?


* Nacho: Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office (Japanese intelligence agency, equivalent to the American CIA)


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Hello readers, I would like to inform you a good news and bad news. The good news is, I just received a scholarship to continue my graduate study in Japan. It’s like a dream come true for me, to be living in Japan for 3-4 years. Though I regret it a bit, of why I didn’t get this scholarship sooner when our 1st-2nd-3rd gen members were still in the groups. I’m talking about Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Mariko, Tomochin, Sayaka, Kasai, Mocchi, Rena, Kuumin, Airin, Nishishi, etc. I was hoping I could go to Japan and watch their performance alive. Now they were already graduated and I will never get the chance to watch them on stage. I have always been, and will always be a huge fan of them. However, I also believe that the younger gens will continue to hold the candle for the group.

Now for the bad news. My holiday is over. I should focus to my study. And after I finish my study, I will get even busier than now. I must retire from this fic and from this forum. This is my first fic, my only fic, and will always be my only fic. I have said to myself that I will never start writing another fic, because I know that once I start, I won’t be able to stop, and it will be long, long, long, just like this fic. And it is ruining me from the inside.

However, I really want to see this fic to continue running. I still have many ideas, many plot bunnies jumping around in my head. And I have promised to all of you, that I will finish this fic. So, I decide to ask for your help. I open this fic for collaboration. I am looking for co-authors.

To all of you who still wants to see this fic continue running, please help me and send me a PM, be the co-authors for this fic. We will collaborate, and here how it’s work:
  • I won’t write anything for the next chapters updates, instead I will wait until someone PM me and offer their help to me. So if any of you are willing to help me with the writing, don’t hesitate to PM me, so we can discuss the plot for the incoming chapters. The process of our collaboration is very flexible. I will try to take part in developing the plot, but you can also take part in it. And we can discuss which plot is better. I’m a very democratic person so I will give you freedom on how to develop the next plot.
  • If you already finish the incoming chapter, please send it to me first so that I can read it before you post. And I will let you post the updates in this thread using your account/username. If it’s your work then I won’t take the credit from you. However, before you write and post anything to this thread, please contact me first and inform me about your intention. This way, we can avoid several people doing the writing for the same chapters. We must avoid interleaving and redundancy.
  • Anyone can help me. You don’t have to be very good in grammar and style. We can work together to improve it. Chance is, your grammar and vocabulary might be actually better than me. Well, my English is suck, you all know that.
  • Before you write, please read the new character biographies below and the trailers for incoming chapters. That’s all the clues for you to guess what’s inside my mind and how we will develop the plot and the characters. Of course, you can add more characters. You can also enrich and develop the characters and plots even further, but please don’t make it distorted too much from the description in the character bios and anti-pairings that I have made. You can make a twist plot and twist personality. But in general you can’t suddenly change the personality of the characters. Jurina is evil and cold-hearted. You can’t change her personality into a nice, warm-hearted person, unless she’s just pretending.

So please, somebody PM me.
If there’s noone helping me, then I will just ask our moderator to put this fic in the Library (Completed Section), and it will never be updated again, ever.

For all my readers, especially my dear friend oddball, I am sorry I break my promise to you. But I have to “end” this fic so soon like this, I hope you all understand and can forgive me.

As you see in this Season 2, I haven’t developed any actual plot yet until the last chapter update. The story hasn’t even begin yet. The war hasn’t even started. We have 20 updates (8 chapters + 9 parts + 3 parts), and no actual plot yet!!! All of it is just introductions and filler chapters. Wow, this fic is really slow and draggy, yeah? But then again, this fic is never meant to be a fic. This is meant to be a very long TV series adaptation (live action).

Also, there are some things that I would like to discuss with the readers:
- I’m still doubting whether I should make Nishishi, Kumi, Suzuran, and Ikoma as boys, or as girls? If most readers want them as girls, maybe I will make some changes in the previous chapters and change their gender back to girl again.
- About the girls name, I used to have a doubt of how to call these AKB girls. Tomo~mi or Chiyuu or Kasai? Itano or Tomochin? Rena or Geki? Takamina or Minami? Atsuko or Acchan? Haruna or Nyannyan? Umeda or Umechan? Erena or Erepyon? Iriyama or Anna or Annin? This has troubled me since the first chapter. Some of those nicknames were too girly and idolish, while others are too formal. Previously, I often used both Rena and Geki for the same character. I wrote her as ‘Geki’ when she has a fight scene or when she is in a scene with Yuki, but I wrote her as ‘Rena’ when she has a scene with Jurina. Does it make me inconsistent?

Actually I'm hoping for more than one person to help me.
Each upcoming chapters can be written by different persons (different authors), and that won't be a problem.
The more the merrier.

And for anyone who is interested to help, don't worry/bother about having to finish this fic for me.
Don't ever think to try to finish this fic, because it is a very hard task, even for me.
You don't have to take this fic so seriously.
Let's just write one chapter after another, and have fun while writing it.

Also, if it's necessary, I will create an account (Gmail/Facebook/Twitter/etc) so that you can talk to me in a more convenient way while we're discussing the plots.

And here I present you a Character Biography and Trailers for Season 2.

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The list below will be updated occasionally in the future, based on the plot development.
We can also add more characters if you want.


The Hunters (Regulars)

Headquarter: Shizuoka

1. TAKAHASHI MINAMI (Takamina, 21): The leader of the hunter girls group. Akimoto Yasushi hates her because she is the daughter of a person who has stolen his first love. At first Takamina thinks it was Akimoto who killed her father, but Akimoto denies it and swears he didn’t kill him. This makes Takamina unable to hold a grudge to Akimoto, because she has no evidence against Akimoto. However, Akimoto keeps trying to make Takamina’s life turn into hell. He then plots a trap, causing Takamina to be sentenced seven years in prison.

2. OSHIMA YUKO (Squirrel, 21): Takamina’s best friend and second-in-command in the group. After Takamina was sent to prison, Yuko takes charge and become the leader of the hunters group. Most of her friends doubt her ability to be a leader, due to her perverted behaviour. However, she proves later that she can be as good as Takamina in term of leadership.

3. MAEDA ATSUKO (Acchan, 240): Takamina’s girlfriend. A vampire who helped the hunters to defeat and kill Shinoda (her own foster father). Very strong, but prefers to take an easier way (read: dirty ways aka cheating) to win a fight. Also a bit lazy, wanting to earn a lot of money without working too hard. Has a ‘ring’ that enables her to walk under the sunlight without getting burned.

4. KASHIWAGI YUKI (21): The hot and cool vampire hunter, used to be a lone-fighter but now she has friends and family. Hot blooded, a bit rebel, has some anger management issue, but she's a decent fighter and never cheats in fights. Mostly kicks people's asses, but sometimes gets her ass kicked too, especially by a certain psycho vampire. She managed to defeat her arch-enemy (Lord Shinoda) in an epic, bloody battle that almost took her life. Now she’s living a happy life with her little Cyborg, although struggling with financial issues.

5. WATANABE MAYU (Cyborg, 18): Yuki’s girlfriend. A third year student in Shizuoka High School. Has a smart brain and good with computer and hacking stuff. Wanting to be a police officer.

6. SASHIHARA RINO (Sasshi, 20): Yuki’s sidekick. Being a hetare, she’s weak when it comes to fighting. But she is a diligent worker and can obtain a lot of money more than any of her friends do.

7. KOJIMA HARUNA (Kojiharu, 22): Takamina’s best friend. Also Yuko’s girlfriend. A werewolf.

8. MINEGISHI MINAMI (Miichan, 21): Takamina’s best friend. A psychic.

9. ITANO TOMOMI (Tomochin, 21): Half Japanese half Russian. A singer/performer who often sings in cafes and clubs. Was sired by Tomo~mi and later become her girlfriend. Currently searching for her mother. Also hiding her secret identity as a vampire.

10. KASAI TOMOMI (Tomo~mi, 21): A friend of the hunters group. Also Tomochin’s girlfriend. Currently hiding her secret identity as a vampire. Has a ‘ring’ that she shares with her girlfriend.

11. OTA AIKA (Rabutan, 17): Mayu’s friend/junior at school. Also Sasshi’s girlfriend. Very rich, lives in a mansion.

12. SHIMAZAKI HARUKA (Paruru or Salt, 18): A girl who was turned into a vampire by using artificial means (genetic mutation). She manages to escape from Akimoto’s research laboratory, only to be found and saved later by the hunter girls. She will become Acchan’s student/apprentice (and AtsuMina’s daughter). And later she will develop romantic relationship with Yokoyama Yui and join her army in the battle against Akimoto Yasushi.

13. MIYAWAKI SAKURA (15): Yuki’s junior from Kagoshima. She runs away from her town and moves in to stay with the hunter girls. She will become Yuki’s student/apprentice (and MaYuki’s daughter).

14. IKOMA RIN (17): A boy who later join the hunters group. Later he will develop a feeling for Mayu and become her suitor.


The Human Family/Friends (Supporting Roles)

1. ONO ERENA (Erepyon, 18): Takamina’s little sister. Also Mayu’s classmate at school.

2. MIYAZAKI MIHO (Myao, 18): Erepyon’s best friend. Has a sharp tounge.

3. KOJIMA MAKO (Kojimako, 15): Haruna’s little sister. A first year student in Shizuoka High School. Sharing Haruna’s secret about being a werewolf with her best friend Naanya, and later will cause troubles because of it.

4. OWADA NANA (Naanya, 15): Mako’s best friend.

5. MINEGISHI KUU (13): Miichan’s younger brother. The elder of the twin.

6. MINEGISHI RYO (13): Miichan’s younger brother. The younger of the twin.

7. KITAHARA RIE (Kitarie, 20): Used to bully Sasshi when they were in high school. Later she will join the hunter girls and help them (especially Sasshi) in fighting their enemies.

8. SHIZUKA OYA (20): Kitarie’s underling. Later will join the hunter girls.

9. KOMORI MIKA (20): Kitarie’s underling. Later will join the hunter girls.

10. HIRAJIMA NATSUMI (Nacchan, 20): Yuki’s cousin. Lives in Hiroshima. Will occasionally come and join the hunter girls.

11. KURAMOCHI ASUKA (21): Yuki’s friend in high school. Lives in Hiroshima.

12. TAKAJO AKI (21): Yuki’s friend in high school. Lives in Hiroshima.

13. NITO MOENO (21): Yuki’s friend in high school. Lives in Hiroshima.

14. YAGINAKATA AKANE (22): A person in the present time who resembles Takayanagi Akane from the past. Working as a dentist. Will meet Matsui Jurina, but of course she’s not the same person as Akane before.

15. WAKAFURU AIRI (22): A person in the present time who resembles Furukawa Airi. Working as a s*****er. Will meet Matsui Rena, but of course she’s not the same person as Airi before.

15. KATAYAMA HARUKA (Haachan, 22): Owner of the restaurant where Yuki works as a waitress.


The Original Vampire Family (From Season 1)

1. SHINODA MARIO (age: 907, status: dead): The first vampire in Japan. At the end of Season 1, he was killed by Yuki. Before he died, he transferred Geki’s memories from inside his head into Yuki’s sword, but noone knows about this. Those memories will be opened entirely if the sword was drowned in Yuki’s blood (which means, if the sword is used to kill its owner). But fortunately, noone knows about this so Yuki is safe for a while.

2. UMEDA AYAKA (Umechan, 400): The eldest sister amongst Shinoda’s daughters. Has a psychic ability and mind-attack (inflicting virtual pain to her enemies). After the last battle, she escapes and lives with her friends, Ohori Megumi and Oku Manami. She holds a grudge against the hunter girls but doesn’t know how to get her revenge on them since she’s pretty weak in physical fighting. Later she meets Akimoto Sayaka and her troops, and make friends with them.

3. MATSUI RENA (Gekikara, 160): The third eldest sister. Originally a warlord who had killed hundreds or even thousands of people in her past life. Currently serving under Akimoto Yasushi, together with Jurina. Her memories were still trapped in Yuki’s sword, because it is the sword that had killed Shinoda. Rena can retrieve her memories back if Yuki is killed by the same sword. But noone knows about this, so Rena remains unattached to her memories. And once she retrieves her memories, she will go rampage, destroy everything and kill everyone around her.

4. MATSUI JURINA (154): The youngest sister. Wish to be a powerful lord someday and to conquer the world. Currently serving under Akimoto Yasushi. A very mysterious character. Noone knows what’s inside her mind. Noone knows whether she really loves Rena or she’s just pretending. Her good looks can be very deceiving.

5. MIYAZAWA SAE (22, status dead): Yuki’s first love and first boyfriend. Was killed by none other than Yuki herself. Later, Sae is denied to enter the Heaven, and he will come back as a ghost who needs to find the person who is truly and sincerely loving him (obviously that person is not Yuki, since Yuki already get over him). If he can find that person, he can return back to Heaven. That person is turned out to be Akimoto Sayaka.

6. OHORI MEGUMI (Meetan, 29): A baba witch. Umeda’s best friend. In the Season 1, she saved Umeda and helped her flee from their last battle.

7. OKU MANAMI (Maachan, 17): A teenage vampire who was accidentally turned into a black cat by the baba witch.


The New Vampire Family: Akimoto Clan

Headquarter: Nagoya

1. AKIMOTO YASUSHI (47): A new, rising vampire lord. Very smart and rich, has a huge business network, even makes friends with the Yakuza. A very important person in the ‘Vampires Secret Organization’.

2. NAKANISHI YUTAKA (Nishishi, 23): The eldest son of Akimoto. The most ikemen and chivalrous, a prince in shining armour. Very protective of his little brothers. Highly skilled in combat (either using weapon or empty-handed). Also has a great ability in strategic and tactical planning in a battle. Is a very good leader and respected by his troops. A lot of member favors him to be the next successor of Lord Akimoto Yasushi, which is reasonable because he’s the eldest son. He is loyal to Akimoto, but in the end he will be killed on his father’s order, due to some conspiracy behind him which makes Akimoto thinks his son is betraying him. There will be a dramatic scene where Nishishi will be killed right before his father’s eyes.

3. YAGAMI TAKUMI (18): The second son of Akimoto. The sweet/romantic prince, also the most handsome. His nature is calm and relax. His father wants him to help running their family business company, but actually he doesn’t have interest in it. He’s only interested in dance, music, and arts in general.

4. YAMAUCHI SUZURU (15): The youngest son of Akimoto. The cute, little prince. He is always considered as “little brother” and always being protected by his elder brothers. He loves his brothers so much, and is the one who feels most devastated after Nishishi died.

5. WATANABE MIYUKI (Milky, 18): Akimoto’s niece. The evil cousin. Currently studying in the USA, but will return to Japan soon. Is a schemer and will make a conspiracy with Jurina against Nishishi. Will develop a relationship with Sayanee but it seems she’s just playing around with Sayanee.

6. KIZAKI YURIA (17): Akimoto’s niece. The good cousin. Has a close relationship with Yagami, and always worried about him.

7. EGUCHI AIMI (26): A human, and a scientist prodigy who develops an antidote that can enhance vampire’s resistance against sunlight. She’s also conducting experiment in creating artificial vampire. Has been working for Akimoto for five years.

8. HIRATA RIKAKO (23): Nishishi’s personal underling/guardian.

9. KUWABARA MIZUKI (20): Yagami’s personal underling/guardian.

10. FURUHATA NAO (16): Yamauchi’s personal underling/guardian.

11. IRIYAMA ANNA (Annin, 17): Akimoto’s underling.

12. KAWAEI RINA (17): Akimoto’s underling.

13. KATO RENA (18): Akimoto’s underling.

14. YUASA HIROSHI (40): Akimoto’s advisor. He favors Nishishi a lot and often argues against Akimoto. He knows that Jurina and Milky is a schemer and that they’re the culprit behind the conspiracy against Nishishi.

15. MANO ERINA (21): A human. A former rookie agent who is now working for Akimoto.

16. JUNG SOO YEON aka JESSICA (23): An ex member of a popular Korean girl group. Was bit and sired by her senior, and moves to Japan to hide her vampire identity and join the secret organization led by Akimoto Yasushi.

17. SATA (30): Akimoto’s hitman.

18. KIYOTO (29): Akimoto’s hitman.

19. MATSUYA ONOE (27): Akimoto’s hitman. Will become Acchan’s suitor.

20. TAKIGAWA HANAKO (Rei, 23): Akimoto’s hitman. Will become Takamina’s suitor.

**insert SKE48 members here**

New member :

21. OKADA NANA (15): The first human who got sired by Matsui Rena. Will become WMatsui's student/apprentice (or daughter).


The Allied Forces

Headquarter: Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka

1. YOKOYAMA YUI (20): The leader of Allied Forces. A pure blood vampire. Wants to avenge Akimoto for killing her parents. Is a wheel-chaired prodigy and is very rich.

2. YAMAMOTO SAYAKA (Sayanee, 19): The leader of Namba Clan. Has a spirit of a warrior. A black-furred werewolf.

3. TOGASAKI TOMONOBU (45): Yui’s advisor and personal assistant.

4. YAMADA NANA (22): A medical and research scientist who works for Yui.

5. FUKUMOTO AINA (20): A werewolf who works for Yui. Close friend of Yamada.

6. KIMOTO KANON (15): Sayanee’s little sister. A cute, little werewolf. Will meet and fall in love with Yagami Takumi.

7. JONISHI KEI (18): Sayanee’s right-hand man.

8. OGASAWARA MAYU(18): Sayanee’s close friend.

9. KODAMA HARUKA (Haruppi, 15): A shape-shifter. Anai’s right-hand man who is sent to Kyoto to help Yui. Her shape-shifting form is an eagle.

10. ANAI CHIHIRO (15): A shape-shifter. The leader of Hakata Clan. Her shapeshifting form is a lion.

11. NAGISA SHIBUYA (16): Sayanee’s troop. She's not a werewolf but she has a very special ability, she can transform herself into any living thing if she bites them.

12. YAGURA FUUKO (15): Sayanee's troop/apprentice. A brown-furred werewolf.

13. SHIROMA MIRU (15): Sayanee's troop/apprentice. A white-furred werewolf.

**insert NMB48 and HKT48 members here**


The Cops

Headquarter: Kobe

1. AKIMOTO SAYAKA (23): An officer who is searching for Miyazawa Sae. After she learns that Sae has been murdered, she’s chasing the murderer.

2. MASUDA YUKA (Yuttan, 21): Sayaka’s close friend.

3. KOBAYASAHI KANA (21): A rookie officer.

4. NATSUKI SATO (22): A rookie officer.

5. MATSUBARA NATSUMI (22): A rookie officer.

6. NORO KAYO (Nontii, 29): Captain. Leader of their team.


The Civilian (Human)

1. KITAGAWA RYOUHA (15): A student in Sakae High School. Has a mutual attraction with Nagisa Shibuya.


The Hybrid: Nogizaka Clan

Headquarter: none/unknown

1. SAKURAI REIKA (19): The leader of Nogizaka Clan.

2. WAKATSUKI YUMI (19): Reika’s protector/guardian. Has a “gentleman” characteristic. And definitely not a player since she is very loyal to Sakurai.

3. SHIRAISHI MAI (20): A hybrid who gives her soul to the Dark Force. She later becomes an Evil Goddess, and is basically immortal.

**insert Nogizaka46 members here**

The Nogizaka46 characters will be introduced later as hybrid race. A hybrid is an off-spring of vampire and werewolf. They possess great strength and have a natural resistance against the sun light. In most cases, they even stronger than vampires, because they have power/advantages from being both vampire and werewolf. However, they are usually not welcomed by the both parties due to them being different. Because of this, they like to move around very often, living like a nomadic people, in order to avoid conflict with other races.
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The New Pairings

- YuiParu: Yokoyama Yui / Shimazaki Haruka
- SayaMilky: Yamamoto Sayaka / Watanabe Miyuki
- SayakaUme: Akimoto Sayaka / Umeda Ayaka
- NishishiAkarin: Nakanishi Yuka / Suda Akari
- KumiYuriNon: Yagami Kumi / Kizaki Yuria / Kimoto Kanon (love triangle)
- SakuRuppi: Miyawaki Sakura / Kodama Haruka
- NagiUha: Shibuya Nagisa / Kitagawa Ryouha
- FuuMiru: Yagura Fuuko / Shiroma Miru
- FuruMarion: Furuhata Nao / Azuma Rion
- WakaRei: Wakatsuki Yumi / Sakurai Reika


The New Anti-Pairings

Aside from the anti-pairings that we already have in Season 1, these are the new anti-pairings for the upcoming fight scenes in Season 2. We can add more later.

- Acchan / Matsuya              : a vampire and her suitor  (type of fight: love fight)
- Takamina / Rei                  : a human and her suitor  (type of fight: love fight)
- Yuko-Haruna / Sata-Kiyoto : inspired by those epic AKBingo moments  (type of fight: comedic fight)
- Yuki / Mano Erina              : they’re both human so their fight will be interesting   (type of fight: martial artist fight)
- Tomochin / Jessica             : both are fashionable and very popular (being public figures) in their respective countriy  (type of fight: girly fight)
- Yokoyama-Takamina / AkiP : isn’t it obvious?
- Sayanee / Nishishi             : they both have warrior side      (type of fight: warrior fight)
- FuruMarion / FuuMiru         : underling vs underling
- Wakatsuki / Ikuta              :  *will figure out later*
- Reika / Maiyan                  :  *will figure out later*
- Everyone / Eguchi Aimi      : Eguchi is an epitome of all Kami7 (excludes Yuki), so it’s only natural to imagine all the Kami7 fighting against her

As for the upcoming fight scenes, I’m imagining those kind of fights that happen in public spaces (on a cafe, on the streets, subway station, market, hospital, ward office, etc), with random people and civilians watching the fights and running for cover. Like those ones in Marvel and DC….XD
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Here are some trailers, though it’s not the real/actual plots as probably expected by some readers.
More trailers can be added later.


Yuki     : Sakura, what are you doing here? Where’s your father? Why didn't he send me message before coming to this town?
Sakura : He---he’s not with me.
Yuki     : *frown*   Do you come here alone?
Sakura : *nods*
Yuki     : Does your father know about this?
Sakura : *shakes head*
Yuki     : Sakura, are you running away from home?
Sakura : *nods*
Yuki     : Tck…Why are you doing this, Sakura? You’re going to give your father a heart-attack! Now come with me, Sakura, and I’ll call your father right away so that he can come and pick you up soon!
Sakura : No, please, Yuki-senpai, please, don’t do that. Don’t call him. I don’t want to return to Kagoshima again.
Yuki     : What? What do you mean?
Sakura : I want to stay here. I want to stay with you, and your friends.
Yuki     : But, Sakura, that’s impossible. You must return to Kagoshima.
Sakura : No! I don’t want to!
Yuki     : *grabs Sakura’s arm and drags her*  Don’t be stubborn, Sakura!
Sakura : *pushes Yuki*  Let me stay!


Jurina : Hello Cyborg, I’m back….Surprise!!!
Mayu  : J---Jurina….  *scared and try to runaway*
Jurina : It’s been a year. Do you miss me?
Mayu  : No! Not a single day!
Jurina : Oh, so mean! *get closer and grab Mayu*


In their secret hideout, Jurina, Rena, and Umeda were looking upon Mayu and Takamina who are gagged and tied on the chairs.
Rena    : What are we going to do with this human?
Umeda : I say kill them both.
Jurina  : No, I have a better idea. Do you still remember Acchan’s ring?
Rena    : Sure. What’s your plan, Ju?
Jurina  : Tell them to give the ring to us. One ring for one live.
Umeda : But Jurina, there’s only one ring.
Jurina  : Exactly. *smirks devilishly*


Yuki and Acchan were fighting over the ‘ring’.
Yuki     : Gimme that ring, Acchan!
Acchan : No, Yuki, wait! This is a trap! Jurina made this trap to make us fight each other.
Yuki     : I know. But do you have a solution for this?
Acchan : Errr… No.
Yuki     : Alright then, let’s fight. *punch Acchan*
Acchan : What the hell, Yuki! *punch Yuki back, and they start fighting*
Yuki     : I’m sorry Acchan, but I can’t let Mayu die.
Acchan : Oh yeah? How about Minami? I can’t let her die too!
Yuki     : You see? There’s no other way. We must fight. And whoever wins this fight will get the ring and save one of them.
Yuki and Acchan continue fighting until they’re both tired.


Sasshi  : So, Sakura, you want to be strong like Yuki?
Sakura : Yes.
Sasshi  : And that’s why you like to beat up people, huh? To prove that you are strong?
Sakura : Yes. Well, I beat them because, I don’t want myself to get beaten by them. I have to win all my fights.
Sasshi  : Sakura, what is your definition of strong? What is the definition of a strong person?
Sakura : Errr….Of course, someone who is never beaten in the fights.
Sasshi  : So, you think Yuki is strong because of that? Because she never loses her fight? No, you’re wrong, Sakura. Yuki has not always win her fights. Sometimes she gets beaten too.
Sakura : You lie. It’s impossible for someone as strong as Yuki-senpai to ever lose her fight.
Sasshi  : You don’t believe me? Sakura, if someone ask you to take one punch from Gekikara, would you do that?
Sakura : No!!! That’s crazy! I won’t do that. It’s suicidal.
Sasshi  : But how if you have no choice, and you have to do that in order to protect the one you love?
Sakura : Errr…..I don’t know. I have yet to meet someone that I love. So I don’t know.
Sasshi  : Well, that’s the difference between you and Yuki. You wouldn’t want to take a beating from Gekikara, would you? But Yuki did it.
Sakura : How?
Sasshi  : Let me tell you a story. The story of our lovely MaYuki. Once upon a time, a long time ago, there’s a vampire who had a psychic power. She held Mayu hostage, and then she told Yuki to take a beating from Geki. And Yuki complied to it. She could’ve dodged Geki’s punches, but she didn’t. She just took it all, without complaining. I never saw someone who’s willing to take such a beating like that before. Yuki withstood a hundred punches from Geki that day.       *at this point, Sasshi starts exaggerating the story*
Sakura : A hundred?
Sasshi  : Yeah, a hundred, probably more.
Sakura : No way. Impossible. No one will survive that. Geki’s punch is terrible. Just a single punch is able to kill a human.
Sasshi  : Yeah, but Yuki survived. Everyone will think she’s crazy to take Geki’s beating. But she did it for Mayu. I think it’s the power of love. She just loves the Cyborg that much.
Sakura : Oh, that was so….
Sasshi  : Yeah, that was their story. Yuki and Mayu. Their love is so strong, uh-huh?
Sakura : Now, I don’t think I can be strong like Yuki-senpai.
Sasshi  : Sakura, you can be strong like Yuki. You just have to find something or someone that you want to protect with all your heart.


Yuki     : Now Sakura, it’s time to test your skill. I want to see how capable you are in fighting vampires.
Sakura : Hai, Yuki-senpai! I’m ready for the test. Who should I fight?
Yuki     : Well, since you are a rookie hunter, why don’t you fight the rookie vampire right there?
Sakura : Okay, I’ll fight her.  *ready to attack*
Yuki     : And Sakura, remember what I thought you earlier? *smirks devilishly*
Sakura : *nodded*  Yes, Senpai. Should I use it on her?
Yuki     : Yeah, I think you should.
Sakura : Haik!  *suddenly jumps at Paruru and starts attacking her*
From a far distance, Acchan sees the two apprentices fighting on the ground, and she quickly comes to them.
Acchan : Sakura, Paruru, stop!
Yuki     : No, Acchan, let them be. They’re just practicing.
Acchan : Practicing, huh?
Yuki     : Yeah. Why don’t we take a seat back and relax, and enjoy the show?
Acchan : Okay. But you know what, now I feel like to practice with you too. Come on Yuki, it’s been a long while since we fought each other.  *raises her fists and challenges Yuki to fight*
Yuki     : *flinches one eye*   No. We’re already too old for that now, don’t you think? I’d rather let our apprentices do that for us?
Acchan : What do you mean? Oh I get it. Your student versus my student. Okay.  *suddenly turns and yells to Paruru*    Paruuu!!!! Fight-ooo-oh! Don’t let that annoying kid beats you! You’re stronger than her! Go go Paruruu!!
Yuki     : ……….....


SaeGhost : Yuki, can you help------ *witness Mayuki kissing*
Yuki         : *quickly breaks the kiss* (Oh, no. I forgot Sae is a ghost, he can walk through the wall.)
Mayu       : Yuki, what happen?  *Mayu's confused because she cannot see SaeGhost*
Yuki         : Wait here, Mayu. I need to do something. *walks out the door*
Yuki         : Sae, look, I am sorry you have to find out that way. I was going to tell you but…..
SaeGhost : I can’t believe it. Yuki, you’re kissing my little sister! Are you two together now? Geez….Yuki, how can you be so unfaithful!?
Yuki         : Sae.....I....
SaeGhost : Yuki, before you dusted me, I was praying so that you can find someone else to replace me. Someone who can give you happiness and make you forget about me. But…but….not my little sister, Yuki! When I told you to take care of her, I mean as your little sister, not your lover!! *freaks out and ruffles his hair *


Sae enters Yuki’s room, penetrating through the wall.
Yuki         : Sae!!    *quicky cover her naked body*
SaeGhost : Oh, now you’re making out with my little sister!
Yuki         : Get out!
SaeGhost : No.
Yuki         : Sae, please, get out!!
SaeGhost : No. I don’t want to. Besides, I need to make sure you’re not hurting my little sister. We both know you can be…wild sometimes, in bed, Yuki.
Yuki         : ////////////   *blush*


Sae (in Yuki’s body) approaches Mayu. While Yuki (in a spirit form) watches them from a distance.
Yuki[Sae] : Mayu, it’s me. I’m your brother.
Mayu       : Sae-nii? Is that really you?
Yuki[Sae] : Yes, Mayu. It’s me. Remember when you used to sabotage my dates? I never told anyone about that. You even asked Masuda to pretend to be pregnant with me.
Mayu       : Oh my God, Yuki, you knew? Sae told you that?
Yuki[Sae] : I’m not Yuki. I’m Sae, your dearest brother.
Mayu       : *suddenly kicks Yuki’s shin*
Yuki[Sae] : *shrieking in a girl’s voice*  Ouch! Why did you kick me!? You little rascal! How dare you kick your own brother!
Mayu       : *starts beating Yuki using a book*  Sae-nii!! Why are coming back to earth? Why don’t you just stay on heaven, or hell, or wherever the place you were?  *continues beating Yuki*
Yuki[Sae] : Ow! Ow! Stop it, Mayuyu!


Acchan : Minami, let’s escape and runaway together. I’ll help you break out from this prison.
Minami : No, Acchan. You can’t do that. I have received my sentence. I can’t run away from this place. The police will be looking for me if I escape.
Acchan : D*mn that Akimoto! I’m going to kill him for you, Minami.
Minami : It won’t be easy. He has army.
Acchan : What should I do?
Minami : Join Yokoyama. She has army so you won’t fight alone against Akimoto. Also, you need to look for evidence in order to prove my innocence.
Acchan : Okay Minami, I’ll do that. Don’t worry. I will get you out of here, I promise.
Minami : I know I can count on you.
Acchan : Yeah. Bye Minami. I will come and visit you again next week. I love you.
Minami : l love you too.


Yuko    : Okay, everybody, listen up. Now that Takamina is imprisoned, I will take charge and be your leader for an indefinite moment, or until Takamina is released from the prison. Anyone disagree with me?
Yuki     : Wait, why should you be the leader?
Yuko    : Because Takamina chooses me to be her substitute. That, and I have leadership quality.
Yuki     : Leadership quality? Oh come on, you gotta be kidding me right?
Yuko    : What? Are you doubting me? How about you? Do you want to be our leader?
Yuki     : …….. *speechless*
Yuko    : Anyone? Acchan, do you want to be our leader?
Acchan : Err….No, I’m not interested. I’m not a leader material.
Yuko    : Okay, how about you Miichan? Tomochin? Sasshi? Anyone wants to be a leader?
*Everyone is silent*
Yuko    : How about taking a vote? You’re all free to choose your next leader.
*Everyone is still silent*
Yuko    : You see, Yuki, we don’t have time to argue. We must choose a leader right now, and it’s not based on a popularity contest, which I’m still gonna win by the way. I’ll be the captain replacing Takamina, and if you has a problem with that, then you’re free to quit this group. So Yuki, if you still want to stay in this group, then you must obey me, all the way.
Yuki     : Tck….Fine. I’ll stay.


Haruna : Oh my God, I’m pregnant….Oh noooo!!! Yuuchan, I’m pregnant….
Yuko     : Calm down Haruna. Are you sure you’re pregnant?
Haruna : Y—yes!! Look at this test-pack, Yuuchan! I’m pregnant! What should I do?
Yuko     : First thing first. Who’s the father? It’s not me, so who?
Haruna : I don’t know!
Yuko     : What do you mean you don’t know?
Haruna : I don’t remember having s*xual intercourse with someone other than you! Oooh, this is bad, Yuuchan!


BRAAAAKK…..Someone breaks into Kasai’s room.
Tomomi   : *gasp*  Otousan! Oniichan!
Mr. Kasai : Tomomi!!   *aims a rifle at Tomomi*
Tomomi   : *shocked*  O--Otousan…W-why!?
Mr. Kasai : You’re not my daughter anymore.
Tomomi   : What? Why?
Mr. Kasai : You’ve become one of them! Vampires! I have to kill you now, Tomomi! I will kill you with my own hands. *aims the rifle closer, it has silver bullets inside it*
Tomoya   : Kill her, Otousan!
Tomomi   : No, please, listen to me. I’m-----
Mr. Kasai : Shut up! I’ve seen the proof. You can’t deny it. I saw you attacked people and drank their blood. So that’s what you do now. Killing people, huh?
Tomomi   : No, I never killed them, I swear!
Tomoya   : You’re lying.
Tomomi   : Oniichan….I’m not lying, please believe me. Please, Otousan, I’m your daughter. Okaasan will----
Mr. Kasai : Don’t you dare calling her your mother again! We’re not your parents anymore.   *pulls the triggers*
Tomomi   : No…..No…..  *starts crying*
Just then, someone appears and jumps at Mr. Kasai, causing him to drop the rifle, and the two of them starts brawling on the floor.


Yuki and Sasshi were captured, and both were chained up to the ceiling.
Yuki    : Sasshi, no matter what they’re gonna do to us, don’t talk. Don’t tell them anything.
Sasshi : I’m scared. Yuki, what are they gonna do to us?
Yuki    : I don’t know. Most probably, they’re going to torture us.
Sasshi : WHAAAT!!?? Noooo…..I don’t want torture, that must be hurt!!! Yuki do something, get us out of here, quick!
Yuki    : I can’t, Sasshi. I’m tied up too. See?
Sasshi : But you’re strong. You should be able to break this chain with your superhuman strength, right?
Yuki    : What are you talking about? I don’t have superhuman strength. There’s nothing we can do. Let’s just prepare ourselves for the torture.
Sasshi : Yuki, please, don’t mention the torture again. I am shivering just by the thought of it.
Yuki    : Sasshi, listen to me, don’t tell them anything even if they beat you to death. If you’re not speaking a word, they will eventually release you. Just follow my advice. Feel free to scream, it’ll help to lessen the pain. And if you feel the pain become unbearable, just pass out.
Sasshi : Pass out? Okay…. *Sasshi closed her eyes, pretending to pass out*
Yuki    : Not now, you moroon! The torture hasn’t even started yet! You must take some torture first, and then you can pass out.
Sasshi : Oh God….Help me…..Eh, I think I wet my pants.  *looking down at her pants*

When the bad guys came in.
Sasshi   : Please, don’t beat me, please. Beat her, she’s the strong one. I’m weak. I can’t take any torture. I'll be dead if you torture me. Please, release me.
Bad Guy: Who said anything about torture? But hey, you gave me idea.  *takes out some torture devices*
Sasshi   : No, please don’t! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!
Yuki      : *sigh*  (Just as expected from my hetare sidekick.)


Yuki and Rena were hanging on a cliff after having a bloody, epic fight.
Rena : “Yuki, let go off my hand.”
Yuki  : “No.”
Rena : “Let go off my hand, Yuki. I’m bringing you down. We both will fall down. Unless, you let go off my hand. Let me die here, so you can get out of this alive.”
Yuki  : “No, I won’t.”
Rena : “I don’t understand. We’re enemies. Why are you helping me?”
Yuki  : “Why am I helping you? You wanna know the reason why I’m helping you?”
Rena : “Yeah. Tell me.”
Yuki  : *frustrated*  “Isn’t it obvious? You’ve punched me and kicked me so many times before. You think I can let you get away with that? You owe me, Rena. You owe me a lot of beatings. I can’t let you die this fast. Not until I get my payback at you.”
Yuki is struggling with her grips. She uses her right hand to hold Rena, preventing her from falling down, while her left hand is holding tightly on some rocks on the cliff.

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