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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 233327 times)


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Hi! I’m a new member here.
This is my first time posting here, so I’m a bit nervous.
Please be gentle to me.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Oh scratch that! You all know me (well, at least, most of you). I’m the dumb, evil author. I came back from the dead. And with a new username. LOL

And why I come back, you ask.

Well, this is what happen. I had an accident around 10 years ago when I was still in high school, back in my country. My knee muscle was torn up, but I ignored it and never take action to fix it. Now it’s taking a toll on me and I had to undergo a knee surgery few days ago. I will be hospitalized for weeks, or months, and going through long rehabilitation phase. Now I can’t do anything other than lying on my bed. I can’t move my legs much because it gives me pain everytime I move it. I am now using wheelchair to move around inside the hospital. One thing I like about Japan is, their insurance system is very good so I won’t have to worry about how much it cost.

And luckily my brain is still functioning. I just feel bored and sad, because I left my laptop and paper works in campus.

So I decided to write one chapter for this series again, just to entertain myself. But I can only use my smartphone to type this, so forgive me if it has a lot of typos. And please don’t expect my vocabulary and imagery skill to have improved since my last update. I barely read any fanfic since last year. And you see I am just an amateur, and still an amateur in fanfic world. Heck  I never write a fiction even in my native language before, let alone in English.

I know I should’ve moved on from this series, and write another story or oneshot. But just like I said before, I’m not good at writing oneshot. Because writing a oneshot is similar like working on a (2 hour length) box-office movie. While writing a long, multi-chaptered stories is similar like working on a long TV series (or manga/anime series) with many episodes and seasons, which I love more because it gives almost unlimited space for plot development and character development. But if you work on a oneshot (a box office movie), you have to be able to conceive everything in a very limited space, and still have to make it interesting for the readers. That, I cannot do.

And also, I think that this HvsV fic has become no longer about the “48G fandom”. It’s been years and I have been off from the fandom for quite long time. I barely know anything about them (except for Kawaei Rina, because she appeared in some cool movies such as Ajin and Death Note). So what I mean is, this story is not about those idols anymore. Which means, we can still picture our idols in the groups as the characters in this story. Or we can picture anyone (original characters) outside the groups to act as the characters in this story.

And I must warn you, this will be boring. I feel bored too. I only have a limited Internet bandwidth in my smartphone. I cannot browse anything much, no Youtube, no games. I only use a note app in my phone and upload this all at once.



Tokyo. March 2013.

Akimoto Yasushi, the elite vampire and business magnate who was currently owning and managing several companies in Japan, was sitting behind his desk, working as usual. His office was designed minimalist but elegant, and it had a lot of high-tech business equipment such as a display to conduct a video call and online meetings with all his business partners from around the world.

Akimoto was wearing expensive Armani suit. His appearance was around 50 years old, and he has some fat on his stomach (in contrast to Shinoda who was slim and always looked young). It was such a mystery, for a vampire to be aging like a normal human being. Akimoto was sired when he was still in high school (who had sired him, it would be another story to tell). Vampires in the exterior shouldn’t age like normal people, and yet he was able to age normally. Why, you ask. Well, it was one of his big secrets. He had Eguchi Aimi, the scientist prodigy,  developing a technique that can make his appearance seems like aging, although physically his fitness level is still the same as high schooler vampire boy. By changing his appearance to make it looks older, people won’t get suspicious of him. Akimoto has planned everything carefully, on how he would be living his eternal life as a vampire. Then, if it is necessary, every 100 years he would undergo a face-off surgery and change his identity. And he will keep doing that until the vampire race manages to rule the world, and then he won’t have to do that anymore.

After an hour working on his laptop, Akimoto turned on the large display and made a video call to his son.

The display showed a face of a young ikemen.

“Hi, Otousan. I was about to call you this morning. I have already finished the preparation for our Shizuoka branch.”

“Good, give me the brief.”

“I have choose two construction companies to rebuild Shinoda Mansion to be our next new office and retail stores in Shizuoka. The mansion was already half-ruined so it must be destroyed first before we build a new one. I’ve talked to the Matsuis and they agreed to sell their land and mansion to us. The construction project will start next month.”

“Oh that’s good. Well done, Son.”

“And for the time being, I am preparing to move some of our employees to Shizuoka. You want me to stay there for a year or two, right?”

“Yes, Nishishi. You will be the Vice President of Shizuoka branch, and you will act on my behalf. I need you to handle everything there until it is established. After that, we can assign Takumi to replace you. He must start learning how to manage a company.”

“Okay. I’ll tell Takumi to prepare himself.”

“And please send me all the reports and legal documents today.”

“I have emailed it to you this morning, Tousan. Have you checked it yet?”

“No I haven’t. I’ll check it soon. Thanks, Nishishi.”

On the large screen, Nishishi’s face showed a frown.

“Otousan, you haven’t told me the reason of why you choose Shizuoka. I thought Kyoto, Osaka, or Fukuoka will be a better choice. Do you have particular reason that I don’t know? Is there something I need to know?”

“I’ve told you, Nishishi. It’s my personal reason. Nothing more. And our conversation is finished now.”

Nishishi looked disappointed, but he tried to understand his father’s decision.

(Otousan, as your successor, I need you to teach me and tell me everything behind your decisions.) Nishishi thought in disappointment.

“Personal reason, I see. It is very unlike you….”

“Yes. So, just do what I said and don’t ask me that question again!”


“Now, are we finished?” asked Akimoto.

“Oh, there’s one more thing. About Shinoda’s killers.”

The older man furrowed his brows, waiting to hear more.

“Jurina has given me information about Shinoda’s killers. They’re a group of amateur hunters, led by young woman named Takahashi Minami. I will send you an email about the detail of their group members.”

“Wait! Did you say Takahashi?”

“Yes. Do you know her?”


“Well, according to Jurina, the person who actually killed Shinoda was not Takahashi, but other two members in the group. But Takahashi was the leader and mastermind behind their attack on Shinoda.”

“Hmm...Interesting. Just send me the email quick.”

“Okay then. I think that’s all. Bye, Otousan.”

After finishing their video call, Akimoto went back to his works. First, he checked the email from Nishishi about the preparation of the opening of their new branch retail store in Shizuoka. His son was doing a very good job on that, and Akimoto could find no mistake in Nishishi’s work.

As Akimoto continued reading, he couldn’t help but thinking about his first love who is currently living in the said city.

Not long after, he received another email from Nishishi, with an attached document containing details information about a group of amateur hunters who had assassinated Lord Shinoda last year. As he opened and read the attached document carefully, his heart skipped a beat.

Takahashi Minami (age 21). Works as a public civil servant. Currently living with her mother, Takahashi Kaede (45), and her little sister, Takahashi Erena (18).

Takahashi Kaede!!!

It was the name of the woman whom he had loved for a longest time.

And now, it was revealed that Kaede’s daughter was the leader of the hunters group who had assassinated the first and most powerful vampire in Japan, Lord Shinoda.

That was quite a surprise for Akimoto Yasushi.

(Oh my. What a coincidence. Kaede’s daughter is Shinoda’s killer. Now what should I do next? I have to be more careful and revise my plan after knowing this fact.) He thought while continued reading the document.

And once again his mind wandered to that woman, the one behind his decision to open a new branch office in Shizuoka. Fujii Kaede, who later will be known as Takahashi Kaede after her marriage, was Akimoto Yasushi’s classmate in highschool, and the young lad has set his eyes on her ever since they first met. In their sophomore years, Yasushi asked Kaede to go out on a date, and they become couple after that. But few months before graduation, Yasushi was sired by a vampire, and he disappeared from school. A year later, Yasushi showed up again, only to find Kaede already engaged with another man whose name was Takahashi Goro. Yasushi ended up broken hearted, holding a grudge against Goro, and swore he would take Kaede back. However, after several years, Yasushi was already occupies with his start-up business, and he slowly forgot about Kaede. But he never completely erased her from his memories, even after they both had built their own family. Now Yasushi had three sons: Nishishi, Takumi, and Suzuru. While Kaede had two daughters: Minami and Erena. What fate will be waiting for them. Who will live and who will die. No one knows.


Meanwhile in Shizuoka.

Yuki and Mayu had just finished moving Mayu’s furniture and stuff inside Yuki’s room. They will share the room starting from today. Just like what Yuko had suggested earlier, it was indeed a good idea to save money.

“Yeah! Finished!” Mayu shouted as she dropped her last cardboard box onto the floor near the wall.

“God, just how many stuff you have in those boxes, Cyborg?” Yuki asked in disbelief as she stared at a huge pile of cardboard boxes inside her room.

“Well, as you see, I’m an otaku, so I have a lot of stuff. And not to mention, I’m also a busy student.” the Cyborg answered proudly.

“Yeah, sure.” Yuki just shrugged. As far as she remembered, she never had this much of stuff back in her high school days. Yuki was quite a minimalist person. Plus, she didn’t have enough money to buy a lot of stuff.

But of course, Mayu was different from her. Their personalities were already very different to begin with. Mayu was outspoken and busy/active person, while Yuki was calm and laid back. Mayu had so many hobbies which is very diverse. She likes drawing, watching animes, reading mangas, collecting stuff, doing cosplay, stealing money, etc. While Yuki, what is her hobby? Fighting? Practising martial arts? Is that considered a hobby? Well no. Yuki didn’t do it out of hobby, she just did it for self-defense. And now that Yuki thought about it, she realized she actually never had a hobby. Her whole life was filled with fear and tension, running away from place to place, that she forgot to find a real hobby and enjoy her life.

“Aaaahh….. I’m so tired.” Mayu plopped herself on their shared bed, which was made up from two single beds being aligned together.

Lying on the bed with her eyes closed and her arms spread wide, Mayu let out a smile. Imagining sleeping together with Yuki every night from now on, surely had driven her mind a little….wild. Of course, living together with Yuki in the same room, sharing their bed together, it will be like a party in the house every night for our little Cyborg.

(Yuko was right after all. I should thank her later for planting this idea to Yuki’s mind.) Mayu made a note to herself.

For a moment, Mayu kept closing her eyes, resting herself on the bed. She heard a sound from the bathroom. The older girl was probably taking a bath now after spending the whole day to clean up her room and help Mayu moving in.

After a while, Mayu then decided to open her old photo albums. She opened a box and managed to find it. And then she leaned her back on a pillow while opening her album.

Not long after, Yuki came out from the bathroom with towel on her hair.

“Is that your parents?” Yuki asked showing interest, as she saw Mayu looking at the album.

“Ah, yes. It’s my parents, and this is me and Sae-chan.” Mayu pointed to a picture. “Wanna take a look?”

Yuki then sat beside her on the bed, leaning her back on a pillow. This was the first time for Yuki to see a picture of Mayu’s family.

“Look, Yuki. I was cute, right?” Mayu pointed to a picture of a twin-tailed little girl who was standing beside her brother and their parents. Everyone was smiling happily in that picture.

“Ooohh….Kawaaii~~~” Yuki smiled upon seeing the picture. Mayu was probably only 10 when the photo was taken, while Sae was 14 (and already as handsome as he would ever be).

Yuki put her left hand to caress the picture, while enveloping her right arm on Mayu’s waist, pulling the younger girl closer to her. Her attention then diverted to Mayu’s parents. It seemed that Mayu inherited most of physical traits and facial features from her mother, while Sae inherited his handsomeness from his father.

“You do look a lot like your mother.” Yuki said as she stared at Mayu’s mother on the picture.

Yuki's smile then changed into a frown as a flash of memories from a few years ago came into her mind. She was in the police station in Hiroshima, getting a slap from a stranger, an elder woman who turned out to be Sae and Mayu’s mother.

It made Yuki’s heart ached again. The meeting with Sae and Mayu’s parents was unexpected, short, and ended bitterly.

Still staring at the picture, Yuki was hesitating whether she should tell Mayu about that brief encounter with her parents. But then she decided to just bury it and never tell Mayu about it. Funny thing is, unbeknownst to Yuki, Mayu was also there at the police station. They just never got the chance to meet, back then.

Letting out a sigh, Yuki then hugged Mayu tighter for a moment, and then smiled again. She knew she would be forever haunted by her past, Mayu’s past, and Sae’s past, because they were linked to each other. But now, after being together with Mayu for more than one year, Yuki had learned a thing or two on how to let her past go. She had learned not to let those past bother her anymore.

“Yuki, do you have a photo album?”


“Can I see it? I want to see it!! Take it out, Yuki!” Mayu said, excited.

Yuki did as Mayu asked. She took a small album from her drawer. And now both were staring on Yuki’s old family photos.

“Wait, is that you, Yuki? You wore glasses? Awww! You looked like a nerd! Hahaha!” Mayu exclaimed in surprise and laughed after seeing a picture of little Yuki in elementary-school uniform.

“Yeah, I was a bit short-sighted back then. But I’m normal now. And even then, I was only wearing glasses when I’m in school.”

“And why were you short-sighted? You don’t seem like the type who likes to read a lot anyway.”

“Oh, you didn’t know me. I like reading too. But only novel, not manga.”

“How about your hobby? What do you like to do when you were kid? I mean, of course, other than kungfu fighting and the such.”

“.....Hmm....Well, I like to make origami.”

“What club did you join at school?”

“Wind instrument club. I played trombone.”

“What subject do you like the most?”

“Japanese….Hey what is this? A ‘100 Questions’ for me?”

“Haha….No Yuki, I just want to know you better.” Mayu smiled reassuringly.

“Right. Now go get a shower. You’re all sweat and stink.”

“Hai! Aye aye Captain!” Mayu got up, made a playful salute, and then dashed into the bathroom.

Yuki then put her old album back into the drawer. And lying alone on her bed, she couldn’t help but wonder about several things that she still unable to speak to Mayu. Her fear. Her worry. Her insecurities. Their financial problem. Their future. Their dream (and Mayu’s dream to become a doctor, a police officer, or whatever she wants). And last but not least, their old enemies who might come back anytime soon.

They were not safe.

Jurina. Rena. Umeda. They must have a grudge because Yuki had killed their patron. They would come back again sooner or later. Yuki could feel it. And this time she knew she would have to fight harder than before, in order to protect the ones she loved and kept them from any danger.

And especially from Matsui Rena a.k.a Gekikara.

Another flash of images came crossing into Yuki’s mind. The image of bloody massacre. A massacre that was conducted by Matsui Rena. She was a killer, a murderer, a warrior, a lord of war. She killed people, hundreds of people, man and woman, young and old, even children. And Yuki saw those visions, she saw the massacre, from the eyes of the murderer. The memories of Matsui Rena now was trapped inside Yuki’s sword, after Yuki killed Shinoda with that sword. It was Shinoda who had lobotomized Rena and put Rena’s memories inside a pandora box. And after Shinoda perished, everything inside that pandora box was transferred into Yuki’s sword.

Yuki felt a shiver down her spine, just to think about it.

Matsui Rena was probably much more dangerous than Shinoda. She was already dangerous in her lobotomized state. How much more dangerous could she be when she finally retrieve her memories?

Yuki could only hoped she would never cross path with Rena again. She hoped Rena would never come back again. But she knew it was just a sense of false hope. Rena would come back again someday, Yuki was sure of that.

And now Yuki must prepare herself for whatever will come in the future. A bloody battle between her and Matsui Rena. A fight to the death. And Yuki knew this time she should not hope for Acchan to help her again this time. Acchan loved her sisters so much, especially Rena.

This time, Yuki would have to fight her battle alone. And Yuki also aware that this time, her situation was very different. This time, Rena only had vengeance in her mind and would fight with all her might, as she had nothing to lose.

But Yuki now, she had so many things that she was afraid to lose.


Next morning.
At the Akimoto Research Center Facilities. Sakae, Nagoya.

Jurina and Rena was walking along a busy hallway, accompanied by Iriyama Anna. Today they were going to have their body checked and get the sunlight antidote injected into their body.

And while walking, Jurina looked around and observed her surrounding. The rooms inside this building was mainly separated by transparent walls made from a very thick glass. Jurina could see everything outside and inside every rooms. People were walking in and out, wearing white lab coat. There were a lot of devices, tubes, and other equipments that Jurina didn’t know what was that and what for. It was all futuristic and highly developed, as if it was coming from the future. Shinoda never had anything like this before.

In one room, Jurina saw several workers fixing something that looked like a bionic hand into a body of patient.

(Oh! A vampire with a bionic hand! Superb!) Jurina thought amazed.

Not long after, they reached the main room, and was welcomed by the lead scientist herself, Dr. Eguchi Aimi. She looked young and stunningly beautiful in that white coat. No one would have guessed that she was the lead-scientist, the crazy evil genius behind all works in this laboratories.

“Good morning, and welcome to our facilities.” Eguchi said with a smile.

“Good morning, Eguchi-sensei.” replied the duo Matsuis.

“Naaaah….Don’t call me sensei. Just Eguchi-san is fine. And you are Matsui Rena and Matsui Jurina right? I’ve read your files. You were Shinoda Mario’s daughter. I never met him, but I heard a lot about him. Don’t worry. You two will be safe here. And I believe Annin has already briefed you about this research facility, and that you are prohibited to talk about it to other people outside.”

“Yes, of course, Eguchi san.” Jurina nodded.

Iriyama handed Eguchi a folder. “Here is the report of Jurina and Rena's medical checkup that we conducted yesterday.”

“Thank you, Annin.” said Eguchi as she opened the document and scanned it quickly.

“Hm, you're normal, for a vampire. I think there won’t be any problem. But I have to make a final test to make sure there is no complication when you use this antidote.”

Jurina and Rena sat and leaned on the hydraulic chairs, while Eguchi prepared some syringe and filled it with a substance.

“First I’m going to inject you with this. If you don’t feel anything wrong inside your body, then we can continue with daily injection. And after a week, if everything is going well, I can start giving you the pills. You can carry them everywhere you go.” Eguchi smiled again.

The scientist then injected the syringe into Jurina’s body. Unfortunately, Eguchi was a scientist, not a medical doctor, and the way she carried out the injection was quite rough. Jurina was wincing during the process. And for a minute after that, the young vampire felt a little nausea and was starting to bit worry.

Eguchi gave her a glass of water. “Don’t worry. It’s a common reaction for a first-timer. Let’s wait for five minutes.”

Jurina nodded. She then leaned back and waited patiently.

After that, Eguchi asked Jurina to enter a full-body sized tube that looked like an MRI machine.

“It’s an artificial sunlight emitter. You get in there, and let’s see if the antidote is working or not.”

Jurina did as she’s told. She tried to stay calm, but inside she was actually quite anxious.

After she was inside, Eguchi turned on the machine. And Jurina’s eyes were immediately blinded by a flashing light. She felt tickle on her skin, but there was no pain. And after a minute or so, the tickle disappeared and she felt nothing.

Eguchi turned off the machine and let Jurina get out.

“How is it?” Jurina asked nervously.

“Good! You’re very good! No problem at all. We can repeat the injection again tomorrow.” said Eguchi, still with a smile.

“And now your turn, Rena.” Eguchi turned her attention to the older Matsui.

Rena only nodded and waited obediently while Eguchi prepared another syringe.

Jurina, feeling relieved, she then went quietly and stood beside Annin, watching Eguchi conducting the next test.

“How are you feeling?” asked Annin.

“Great,” answered Jurina.

Annin let out a smirk.

“You never walk under the sunlight before, right?”

“Yes…..I mean...No…. I never walked under the sunlight before.” Jurina lied. In fact, she had walked under the sunlight once, wearing that ‘ring’ borrowed from Shinoda.

“You’ll be excited.”

“Of course, Annin. I am very, very excited.” replied Jurina. Her lips formed a mischievous grin. She was already imagining making a comeback and meet those hunter girls again, in a broad daylight. They would be in for a nasty shock.

Now, Eguchi was ready to inject Rena with the syringe.

“Hold still,” she said as she took Rena’s right arm and rubbed it with an alcohol-wetted cutton.

Again, Rena nodded obediently.

“Good girl.” Eguchi said and prepared the injection.

Different from Jurina, Rena didn’t feel anything, not even pain when the scientist injected the syringe into her arm. Rena was, a stranger to pain.

“Do you feel nausea?” asked Eguchi.

“Errr…...No….” Rena shook her head.

“Hm? You’re the strong one, aren’t you?” Eguchi said, pretty much amazed at Rena’s reaction.

She then walked to the tube. “Maybe you can get in here now. Or we can wait first for 5 minutes, if you feel nausea.”

But then, something strange happened.

Rena suddenly screamed as if she was in pain.


Jurina was quickly alarmed and come rushing at Rena’s side. While Eguchi and Annin only stood there, looking shock and confused.

Rena continued screaming.

“Rena, what happen?” asked Jurina worried.

“Aaaaagghhh….. It hurts…..It hurts, Jurina… Help me…..Aaarrgggh…” Rena rubbed her arm violently.

“W---What? You’re hurt?” Jurina could do nothing other than hugging the older girl, trying to soothe her.

At that moment, Eguchi already recovered from her shock and now she was standing next to Rena’s chair.

“Okay, calm down, Rena. Tell me where are you hurt?” asked Eguchi, while checking onto Rena’s arm, on the part where she had injected the syringe.

“It hurts, my arm…..Aaaaarggggghhh…. It hurts so much….I can’t….I can’t stand it…..Aaarrggghh….”

Rena started moving uncontrollably, even Jurina was unable to hold her still on that chair.

Rena finally got off from the chair and fell onto the floor. Her body curled up and she was writhing in agony.

“Aaaaarrgggghhhh…. Take it out!!! Please, get this thing out of me….. It hurts!!! Please!!! Aaaarrgghhh!!” Rena continued screaming.

For a moment, Jurina was bedazzled. This was the first time she saw Rena suffered a physical pain like this. For all she knew, Rena was a stranger to pain. Rena had never experienced feeling a physical pain before. The closest one was probably when Rena was having a nightmare at night or when she was having a flash of her memories coming up from the back of her brain. And even then, it was more like emotional pain, not physical pain, for Rena.

So Jurina absolutely had no idea about what was happening right now.

“She looks very hurt. Can we do something?” asked Annin, not knowing what to do.

The three of them were kneeling on the floor around Rena’s body which is still convulsing uncontrollably.

“She has a complication.” Jurina heard Eguchi speaking.

“This is the first time I see a case like this. I will conduct further examination for her.” Eguchi said in a calm and firm tone. Her bright smile disappeared, her face become serious and tensed. Now her aura as a genius scientist had come out into the surface. This was the true Eguchi Aimi, the crazy, evil scientist who had invented a lot of things for Akimoto’s behalf.

“We have an emergency patient! I need four people here! And bring a stretcher and straight jacket. Hurry up!” Eguchi spoke through an intercom on her desk.

Not long after, several people come with a stretcher and straight jacket. They quickly handled Rena and put her in the stretcher.

“Bring her to the isolation room.” Eguchi ordered the men.

“And Jurina, please come at my office again tomorrow. I need you to tell me everything about Rena. Her physical and mental condition, her experience, her habits, her disease, allergies, trauma, everything.”

“Uuhh...Okay…” Jurina replied, still feeling confused. “....And...what about Rena?”

Eguchi stared at Jurina with her now cold eyes.

“She will be confined in this facilities, under my supervision, for indefinite length of time. Akimoto has given me the right to do what I need to do, in a particular situation like this.”

“...........Okay.” Jurina didn’t have a choice but to accept.

“Now please go home.”

Jurina and Annin then bowed politely. “Hai. Please excuse us.”

After they exited the room, Annin made Jurina faced her, and spoke seriously to her new companion:

“Jurina, you better tell Eguchi everything about your sister. Just as she said, everything.”

“Sure, I will.” replied Jurina. But not everything.

After that, Jurina returned to her apartment alone. And she was trying hard to figure out what is happening to Rena. Why Rena suddenly was able to feel pain, a physical pain, and an enormous one at that. Jurina always thought Rena didn’t have any physical weakness, and therefore it will put them on the advantage, everytime they fought their enemies. But after what  happened today, it might as well turn the table for the two Matsuis.

And that scientist too, she was quite scary. Jurina thought she should not trust her too much.


Several days later, in Shizuoka.

“So, let’s begin with your boyfriend. Please feel free to tell us everything about him,” said Takamina.

She was sitting behind a table beside Atsuko in one of their apartment rooms, which had been modified into a small office room. In front of them, sat a young girl in her seifuku uniform.

There was a big sign board on the wall behind them, written in a large capital alphabet: SAKURA PETAL INC., PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR AGENCY.

“His name is Yamato Kenji. I lost contact with him since last week. I sent message to his little sister and asked if he was alright, and she said his brother was doing fine, like normally. But he didn’t reply my message at all. He didn’t want to talk to me either. I am afraid something had happened to him,” the high-school girl talked in a very cautious manner.

“Something like what?” Atsuko asked with a deep interest, sitting on the edge of her seat. She felt so excited with this whole detective-agency stuff.

“Uuhh….Something like...supernatural thing?” the school girl said with a frightened tone.

“Why do you suspect it’s supernatural?” asked Takamina.

“Errr....because everytime I tried to stalk him, he always managed to get away from me. It was as if he has a sixth sense or supernatural power to sense my presence and to hide himself away from me.”

Takamina frowned. “Well, that’s not quite sufficient to prove anything of supernatural. Maybe you’re just bad at stalking.”

“No, really. I am very good at that. I never lost him before. Here. Look. I managed to catch some pictures while I was stalking him,” the girl took a folder inside her bag and showed the photos to our two detectives.

“I don’t know what is happening to him. He looks nervous, as if he was scared.of something. This all started to happen suddenly a week ago.”

“A week ago. It’s still too early to conclude anything. Why don’t we just wait for a few more days?” said Takamina.

“I can’t wait anymore. Please. I can’t live without him. He is my true love. I don’t want to lose him. I will pay whatever the cost. Just help me to get him back, please,” the high-school girl begged.

(Geez… School kids these days. What do they know about true love?) Takamina thought incredulously. However, she managed to let out a smile and reassuring the school girl. “Okay. We will help you. Don’t worry.”

“Oh thank you, thank you very much, Takahashi san, Maeda san,” the school girl said happily. After that she excused herself.

“So, what’s the plan, Sherlock? How are we going to solve this? When will we start to move?” asked Atsuko impatiently.

“Tonight. You can ask Yuko, or Yuki, or Miichan, to go with you.” Takamina replied in a bored tone.

“Eh? You’re not coming with me?”

“No. There’s no need to. This case is very simple. That boyfriend is cheating on her. There’s nothing supernatural about this,” Takamina explained.

“Eh!? How do you know?”

Takamina pointed her finger at the pictures. “Look at these. Look at his gestures. It’s quite obvious. He’s cheating on her. All we need to find is, who is the other girl. That’s all. Problem solved. Oh wait, not yet. We still have to figure out how to break this bad news to the school girl. She’ll be brokenhearted, much.”

“Oh, alright.” Atsuko said, trying to understand Takamina’s logic, but she couldn’t.

The short leader then leaned on her chair, and crossed her hands behind her head.

(Aaah….This is so boring. I need something more challenging than this.) Takamina thought.


That evening, Atsuko asked Miichan to come with her on their first mission: spying on a certain high school boy.

Meanwhile, the other girls were also going out for hunting. This was their first time doing it again after a year of recess. And they were quite excited. Everyone was coming: Yuko, Haruna, Yuki, Mayu, Sasshi, and Rabutan.

While Takamina was in her apartment alone,doing paper works and selecting potential cases to solve next.

And this time, their roles are a bit different as they agreed to add some variety in their hunting scheme.

Sasshi and Rabutan was assigned to stay in the car. The other couple (MaYuki and KojiYuu) would be dropped at two different locations for their hunting tonight. While Sasshi and Rabutan would be wandering around the town, using the car. If there is something bad happened, or there’s an emergency situation, then the others would call Sasshi to come and pick them up quick.

At the public cemetery, Yuki and Mayu were patrolling together. And if you think they were going along well, then you’re probably wrong, readers. In fact, they were arguing over the little things.

“Mayu, bring this. And this.” Yuki said as she handed her raincoat and her bag, which contained stakes, knifes, holy water, etc.

“Eh!? Why should I bring them? Bring it yourself, Yuki.”

“Cyborg, we are patrolling now. And I’ll be the one doing all the fighting here. So you bring them for me.”

The Cyborg tried to lift the bag. It was heavy.

“No way! This is f*cking heavy! I don’t want to carry it. You do it yourself, Yuki.”

“But I’ll be busy fighting!”

“And I’ll be busy too!”

“Ha! Busy what? Drawing?”

“No! Running!”

“Tck, running my ass. Come on Cyborg, help me out here. You know, Sasshi never complain like you.”

“Well, I’m not Sasshi. And I’m not your sidekick.” Mayu shrugged and left the dumbfounded Yuki alone with her heavy bag.

And it was at a moment like this when Yuki realized just how much she needed her beloved, loyal sidekick besides her.

Meanwhile the Kojiyuu couple, in the city park….

“Yuu-chan, I’m sorry.”


“You lost your job too, because of me.” Haruna spoke in guilty.

“It’s okay Nyannyan. That man is a jerk anyway. He was trying to rape you.”

“But he shouldn’t fire you. You didn’t do anything. It was me.”

“Well I was the one who brought you there, and he knew it. But don’t worry about it. I can find another job. And besides, I don’t want to work for him anymore. I think I’ve found something more interesting.”

“What is it?”

“Investment. I’ve been studying Nikkei for a while and I think I can make a good fortune from it. I will put my money on it.”

“Oh…..I never thought you were interested in something like that.”

“Why not? It doesn’t require full-time working. And I don’t have to go out and work for somebody else. So it will be fun for me.”

“Oh Yuu-chan….Why are you so smart? I love you so much….” Haruna smiled happily and hugged her beloved squirrel. Her guilty feeling now has been washed away.

Suddenly, Yuko’s phone were ringing.

“Oi, Sasshi, what’s up?”

[Yuko, I saw some suspects going near your area. There were three people, dragging a victim. But I think the victim is still alive, because I heard ruckus.]

“Huh? Okay, I will take a look.”

[Be careful, Yuko. They may be dangerous. I will call Yuki to come and help you.]

“Alright. Understood.” Yuko then hang up the call.

“What happen?” asked Haruna.

“Sasshi said someone is coming near at us.“

“Where? Oh wait, I’m hearing something.” Haruna stopped and concentrated to listen to her surrounding.

“There. Do you hear it?” Haruna pointed to a bushes quite far away from them.

“Nyannyan, you can hear a sound from this distance?”


“Awesome. Let me check it.” Yuko walked closer to the bush, while preparing her knife and nunchaku.

“Careful, Yuko,” Haruna said worriedly, following close behind Yuko.

“Don’t worry Nyannyan, I will protect you.” Yuko said as she’s advancing further.

They came closer to the bushes until it revealed three vampire feasting on their victim’s blood.

Yuko was about to make an attack at those vampires.

But Haruna stopped her and whispered, “Yuko, I think we better wait for Yuki.”

“No. Look. That poor girl is losing so much blood. She might be already dead by the time Yuki arrives here. We need to buy some time and distract them from her.”

Yuko continued advancing closer to her targets.

And then she jumped at them, giving them a surprise attack.

“Hey! Who are---”


“Ouch!!! What the hell!?”

“Get off me!!”

The four people were brawling on the ground  while Haruna watched in anxiety. Haruna was hesitating whether she should transform herself and helped Yuko. But she still hasn’t learned how to control her power when she was in werewolf form. Last time she did it was in the battle against Shinoda, and she did it with the help from Miichan.

Yuko then was thrown off a few feet away. She quickly got up again, willing to attack.

But one of the vampires took something out from his jacket.

It was a gun.

The vampire pointed his gun at Yuko, who was frozen immediately upon seeing the deadly weapon.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot you!”

Yuko gulped, and put her hands up. “Alright! Don’t shoot!! Don’t shoot!!”

Haruna felt so much in shock when she watched Yuko being threatened with a gun pointed at her. Sure they had faced all kinds of danger before: vampires, werewolves, monsters. But vampire with a gun is definitely way more dangerous than what they have faced before.

Never had they encountered a situation like this before, facing a vampire with a gun.

“Yukooo…!” Haruna called out worriedly.

Yuko took a little step towards Haruna, but the vampire mistook it as a sign from Yuko to attack again, and therefore he released a gunshot into the air, just right above Yuko’s head.


“Oh noooo….Yuko….Yuko….!” Haruna screamed in horror, panicking like crazy. She was about to run to hold Yuko.

“Haruna, it's okay…. I’m okay. Just stay there.” Yuko said, trying to make herself as calm as she could. But actually she was trembling and it felt like her heart had stopped beating, after being shot so close to her head. Cold sweat were forming at the back of her neck.

“If you move again, I’ll shoot you for real!” the vampire threatened again.

(Crap! What should I do?) Yuko thought. She regretted it now for not waiting Yuki to arrive first before attacking these vampires.

And while Yuko and Haruna was frozen under the gun threat, the other two vampires returned to their previous victim. Then they continued feeding on her blood.

Yuko and Haruna could only watched as the vampires sucking and draining the poor girl’s blood, right before their eyes.

Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Yuki had just received a phone call from Sasshi (the raven girl finally managed to buy herself a new phone), telling her to come to Yuko’s aid.

Yuki and Mayu were already on their way, when suddenly they heard a loud gunshot.

Yuki felt her anxiety rising up, and she ran as fast as she could to the source of that gunshot.

“Yuki, wait!!” Mayu tried hard to catch up with Yuki. Luckily she wasn’t the one carrying the heavy bags, because even without it, she was already a slow runner.

Finally Yuki arrived at the scene with Mayu trailing behind, only to find a foreign situation.

There they saw Yuko and Haruna frozen still, with a vampire pointing a gun at Yuko’s head, and a poor young woman lying unconsciously on the ground, with two vampires feeding on her blood.

"Yuko?" Yuki muttered in confusion while staring at Yuko and the vampires. What is going on here?

Yuko did not answered, only gesturing Yuki to stop moving closer.

“What is this? Your friends?” asked the vampire with a gun.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!!” He clicked his gun then pointed it at Haruna, and then at Yuki, and then back at Yuko.

Sensing danger, Yuki reflexively put Mayu behind her.

The air was thick with tension, and neither of the girls know what to do. They could only stood there, frozen, and watched nervously as the vampires drinking and draining their victim’s blood until the last drop.

“Are you done yet? Hurry up!” said the vampire who was holding the gun.

“Wait! Just a bit more!” replied one of his friends.

After a few minutes, the vampires stopped drinking.

“Okay, let’s go!”

And then they run away from that place, leaving our hunter girls stunned at their spot.

Yuko was the first to recover from her shock. She then went closer to the victim. She knelt down and checked the vital pulse on the girl’s body. That body already turned white as snow, and cold as ice.

“She’s dead.” Yuko said bitterly. "It's too late. She's dead."

Yuko felt pain in her chest. Never had before she been forced to watch someone being killed slowly in front of her eyes. It hurts so much. Yuko felt hopeless and desperate. Slowly, she put her hands on the victim's eyes, closing them.

The victim was still so young. A very young girl. Yuko didn't even know her name. She's just a stranger. But one thing Yuko knew for sure, this stranger was still somebody's child. And somewhere out there, somebody is mourning for the loss of this young girl.

It was such a shame, to know that people's life can become so cheap, probably even cheaper than a bowl of rice.

Yuki, Mayu, and Haruna could only stared at each other, feeling utterly shocked and depressed at this situation.

Sasshi and Rabutan arrived later and asked them what happened. And Yuko explained about their clash with vampires with a gun.

And soon the girls returned to their apartment with their heads low and their tails between their legs, feeling pretty much depressed at what happened that night.

It seemed now our hunter girls must level up their game. The stake, knife, holy water, nunchaku, bow and arrow, even sword; those were nothing compare to the lethalness coming from a gun and firearm.



Wow! I can’t believe I’m typing all of this using my smartphone. 6500 words! My fingers are cramping now!

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Now don’t expect too much from me. I’ll be updating this only until I am released from this hospital. After that, I’ll be back to my coffin again! LOL

Now enjoy this fast update from me.
And don't forget to comment.



Kyoto. March 2013.

At the suburban area in Kyoto, far from the busy area, there was a huge mansion surrounded by high walls on the four directions.

The mansion was built around 1920 by some European traders who managed to persuade and make friends with the Japanese authorities at that time. After the first owner left the country, the ownership of the mansion has moved from one person to another, at least five times. Until recently a mysterious young girl bought it in an auction with a quite high price.

The day was still young when a limousine and several SUVs arrives at the said mansion. A lot of young girls coming out from those vehicles, and gathered to enter the mansion. Most of them were wearing sporty, army-style outfits. They acted and moved with such agility and freedom, that makes you think they were not just those typical city girls. Instead, they looked like a group of yankees, or army.

After they entered the house, they were welcomed by several guards and butlers.

“Welcome at our place. Which one of you is Yamamoto Sayaka?” a guard asked to the two girls who were standing at the front line of the group.

“I’m Yamamoto Sayaka from Osaka. And this is Kodama Haruka from Fukuoka,” the older girl answered.

The guard nodded politely and bowed to them.

“Please, come in. Our master is waiting for you.”

He opened a door to the meeting room.

Yokoyama Yui, their master, was spotted sitting on a wheelchair behind a large, round table.

The girls then sat on the chairs around the table. The room also had a large display and projector.

“Welcome to my house. I’m Yokoyama Yui. I’m pleased to see you here. Now I’m going to introduce myself to you, and after that it will be your turn. Our introduction now will be brief, as we can do more for that later.”

The whole audience were silent as they were listening with full attention.

“I’m a pure blood vampire, which means both my parents were vampires. I was born here in Kyoto, 20 years ago. You already know my story through the letters I sent to you. The person who murdered my parents was Akimoto Yasushi.” Yui said as she showed a photo of Akimoto on the large display screen.

“He was initially a close friend of my parents. They were business partners. But 10 years ago, he betrayed them and set up an accident. He sabotaged the brake on my parents’ car, and they ended up falling from a cliff. I was in that car too. I managed to get out alive, but my wound was so severe, my legs had to be amputated after that. While my parents, they both died in the accident. And not only that, Akimoto also stole all my parents’ money.”

Yokoyama Yui stopped for a while as rage began to consumed her again. Every time she reminiscent about the accident, her heart become clouded with anger and revenge.

“For a few years, I lived in poverty and was drown in despair. But I managed to pull myself together. I studied science, engineering and business. I developed popular games on Internet, and I started a game-developer company five years ago. I designed and programmed all those games by myself. Those are very popular games, but I bet none of you know about it, am I right? Anyway, all I want to tell you here is, I made a lot of fortune from that.”

“And now, after hiding for ten years, I’m willing to take down this Akimoto Yasushi. Not only for revenge, but also for justice. That’s why I’m glad you’re all willing to come and join my cause. As a person who asks you to come here, I will be responsible to provide all your needs, foods, cloths, everything.”

“That’s my introduction for now. Now I would like each of you to introduce yourself. I can’t remember your names and faces quickly, but I assure you I am a very friendly person. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. After this session, we will have lunch together, and then you can spend this afternoon to take a rest in your rooms. Tomorrow, I will show you all the artillery and discuss our plans in detail. Thank you.”

Yokoyama finished her introduction.

After that, all the members of Namba Clan and Hakata Clan began to introduce themselves one by one.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Tokyo, there was a secret meeting being held in a small, closed room. There were ten people there, nine males and one female, all of them wearing formal attires. Most of them were around 40-50 years old. They were discussing something very highly classified.

The first person who spoke was none other than Akimoto Yasushi, a.k.a. the big bad villain in this fic.

“Ladies and gentlemen, these are our latest products. The sunlight antidote, version 1.13. I’m giving you a discount this time because you’re all have become my loyal customers. And we have made several improvements that can make you able to stay longer under the sunlight.”

Akimoto opened a suitcase, containing several jars of pills. He handed those jars to everyone inside the room.

“Thank you, Akimoto. This invention has been, very helpful for our race. I hope you can make more of this. Do you need more investment? I’m willing to support you, Akimoto.”

“Sure, if you’re interested in the investment, I will send you my business plan. We’ll talk about this later alright?”

“Alright,” the person nodded as he continued, “Now I’m going to present you the detail of our blue-print scenario.”

The person then opened his laptop and connected it to the projector.

“This is our blue print for the next 100 years. I’ve devided into 5 stages, each of them is 20 years in range. First stage is initiation. Second stage is collaboration. Third stage is infiltration. Fourth stage is usurpation. And the final stage is cleansing and stabilization.”

The person continued speaking while showing slides from his presentation.

“Now we are in the first stage. In this stage, we initiate secret meetings of our kind, and we organize and delegate the task amongst us. In this stage we also made a classified list of highly selected people who is potential to be sired and joined our organization. These people will be sorted accordingly by their physical health, intelligence, social status, family wealth and inheritance, political power, and other measurements. Most of the rich and powerful people will be sired. Those with outstanding physique will also be sired. We must spread our race and get those selected people come into our circle. But we must do it in a very subtle way.”

“And what happen to the rest of them? What will happen to the weak and poor human?”

“They will be annihilated, but not in this stage. Just like Darwin said, it's the 'survival of the fittest'. It's a natural selection. The riches and strong ones, like us, will survive. The weaks and the poors will be eliminated and become our preys. We need their blood to survive. But in this first stage, we must limit our killing. We don’t want the world to be publicly alarmed by our action. In this stage, I want all the killing to be carefully planned. We must maintain the balance between the predator and the preys. There should not be too many predators because then the numbers of preys will be reduced and the predators will have nothing to eat or drink blood. That is how food chains system works in our ecosystem. I will make a long list of which human can be killed, and which cannot be killed. This list will cover the names and identities of all the citizens in Japan, around 130 million people.”

“Hold on, Mr. General Attorney, are we playing God now? Do we have a license to kill? Who is going to make that list? It sounds like a ‘death note’ to me. And whoever is going to make this list, he should be trusted enough by all of us here,” another person interrupted.

“I am going to make a draft of that list. And we will make a committee to maintain that list. But don’t worry, if you have any suggestion about the list, we will consider it.”

The person who is referred to as General Attorney then continued his explanation until he was finished.


Back to Kyoto.

Yamamoto Sayaka, or Sayanee as her friends used to call her, was resting inside her room alone. Her little sister, Kanon, was already wandering around, exploring the mansion with their friends, Fuuko and Miru. Their rooms were located on the second floor. Sayanee’s room, as well as the others’ room, only had a bed, a drawer, cupboard, and a table. Although it is not much, but it is already more than enough for Sayanee. She used to live in a much smaller room, in much smaller house, together with all the members of her pack, back in Namba. And Sayanee was the leader of this pack, a werewolves pack.

Namba Clan has been around for several centuries, although not as long as Shinoda Clan. And they managed to hide their existence and live peacefully in the mountainous area in Namba, Osaka. They managed to hide their existence because, different from vampire, they did not feed on human. They only hunted wild animals for their meals. And they also tried to limit their contact with human beings. They don’t hate human, nor they considered them as prey. They only had one enemy: vampires.

And that was the reason why Sayanee decided to take Yui’s offer and join her cause. There were several occasions, where Sayanee and her troops went into a clash against some unnamed vampire groups in the past. And Sayanee knew for sure, that creatures meant harm to her race, if not to the world. If the vampires managed to rule the world, then all the werewolves would be cleansed and annihilated.

So, after learning the history of Yokoyama Yui, Sayanee decided this will be a perfect opportunity to secure their future. The future of her werewolves clan. Although deep inside, she still didn’t know how much she could trust Yui. But her instinct told her that she must help Yui. And she always believed in her instinct.

After resting for a while, Sayanee decided to go out and explore the mansion. She took the map inside her drawer. The map was given to her by Yui, to make Sayanee become quickly familiar with their environment.

The mansion was so big that it even had a lift/elevator inside it (or it is probably because the owner was a handicapped person). The first floor was for the meeting rooms, dining room, kitchen, warehouse rooms, etc. The second floor was for the guest rooms, in which Sayanee and her werewolf pack will spend the night to sleep. There were so many guest rooms there, each has number on their doors, just like a barrack or dormitory. The third floor is for the library and working rooms, in which Yui spent most of her days doing her works, designing and programming some cool computer programs, or developing a new weapon and devices.

After walking around the first floor, Sayanee decided to go to the third floor. There she saw Yui working in one of her rooms.

The said girl saw Sayanee, and she asked her to come in.

“Get enough rest today?”

“Yes, thank you,” answered Sayanee as she came in closer.

“It’s a great house, by the way. You built it?”

“No, I bought it on an auction, and I renovated it.”

“You sure have a lot of money, huh? What were you doing again? I mean, what is your job?”

“I’m a developer. An inventor. Computer games, and other programs, viruses, antiviruses.”

“Oh. That’s cool,” said Sayanee. “May I see your works, Yui? Mmm…Can I call you Yui? Just Yui?”

“Sure, Sayaka. We’re friends now. Just call me Yui.”

“And call me Sayanee. That’s what others call me.”

“Sure, Sayanee.”

“Here, I’ll show you what I do. Try playing these games and see if you can beat the highest score.” Yui said as she moved her wheelchair a bit, making s space for Sayanee.

Sayanee took a seat and began to study the games that is being displayed on Yui’s laptop.

After a while, she gave up.

“I don’t understand. You can make a lot of money from this kind of thing?”

“Oh you have no idea, Sayanee. People loves those games! My idea of the gameplay is original, and people are addicted to it.”

“Mmmm…..I don’t really like playing computer games.”

“Yes, I know that. You and your friends are more of outdoor types. Oh wait, how about this one? It’s a game about monsters, werewolves, and vampires. Maybe you’ll like it.” Yui said as she opened another program.

“You can choose your role: human/hunter, werewolf, vampire, sorcerer, or other roles. The rule is simple, kill your enemies as much as you can.”

“Sounds interesting,” Sayanee rolled her eyes, while Yui just laughed.

It seemed these two people the princess and the rocker-girl had already become a close friends just in one day.

Thirty minutes later……

“Sayanee, are you done playing?”

“No, no. Not yet! Let me kill this monster first!”

And two hours later…..

“Sayanee, we’ll have dinner in a few minutes.”

“Wait, wait…..I’m sure I can kill this monster! Just give me more time!”



Back in Shizuoka. Several days later.

Our hunter girls were gathering inside their apartment. They seemed to be discussing something serious.

“I knew something like this would happen to us, sooner or later.” Takamina said, “And that’s why I decided to buy these…..”

The short leader opened a briefcase on the table in front of them.

As it revealed to them, inside the briefcase were guns. There were five guns in total.

“Takamina, it’s…….” Yuko’s voice trailed off upon looking at those weapons.

“Yes, it’s a gun. Five guns,” Takamina said

“Are those yours?” asked Miichan.


“What for?” asked Haruna.

“Of course, it’s for us.”

“You mean, you want us to bring them in our hunting?” Yuko asked, furrowing her brows.

While Yuki, Sasshi, and Mayu didn’t say anything, only staring confusedly at Takamina and those guns on the table.

“Yes. It’s for our protection. After what happened to you that night, we need something more to protect ourselves,” Takamina exclaimed.

Haruna shook her head, “No, Takamina, this will only bring more danger. I’m telling you. This is dangerous. I don’t agree with this.”

“We have to, Haruna. Look, after what happened to Yuko—“

“Takamina!! Yuko almost got killed that night!! Do you want that to happen again? Things are getting dangerous now! Why don’t we just stop all of this? Stop hunting!! All of these are nonsense!!” shouted Haruna.

“Okay, now we’re back to that question. Let me ask everyone here. Do you want to stop hunting, or continue hunting? If you want to continue, raise your hands!” Takamina said.

Yuko slowly raised her hands. Atsuko and Yuki also raised their hands.

“YUKO!!!” Haruna yelled angrily.

“I’m sorry, Nyannyan. But I’m with Takamina this time.” Yuko said with a guilty tone.

Haruna just shook her head and then stood up.

“Takamina, I’m sorry to say this but, your obsession has gone way too far now. Ever since your father was killed, all you can think about is hunting and killing vampires. You’re obsessed, Takamina!! Please stop it!! Even if you manage to kill hundreds of vampires, you will never know who has killed your father! So, please, just stop this now!”

Takamina also got up from her seat, raising her voice as she talked back to Haruna.

“I.Am.Not.Obsessed. Haruna, I’m doing this because this is the right thing to do. I want to protect people. I don’t want anyone else to experience the same thing with me. I don't want other people losing their parents like me. I want to keep this world safe for us. This isn’t an obsession.”

“But you’re endangering your friends, Takamina! Bringing guns will only bring more danger to us! Are you willing to take responsibility for that? Will you be responsible if some of us really get killed one day?” Haruna kept yelling at Takamina.

Miichan stood up and crossed her arms. “Well, Haruna, for someone who has lied to her friends, causing one of them in a grave danger after being trapped in a werewolf body and hunted by the horde, then you’re not the one to say that.”

Haruna snapped at Miichan, “Oh, you’re still mad about that, huh, Miichan?”

“Of course. I’m still mad! You almost killed Takamina too, don’t you remember? And that’s because you didn’t tell us the truth. You didn’t trust us enough to be your friends.” Miichan glared at Haruna.

“Miichan, please, now we’re talking about the guns! Don’t change the subject!” Haruna glared back angrily at Miichan.

Takamina quickly interrupted, “Haruna, Miichan! Look, I know what I’m doing. Trust me! I’m not going to endanger our friends with this! We will practise how to use these guns, and no one is going to get killed! Just trust me!”

Meanwhile, Atsuko, Yuko, and the others could only watched the heated argument between those three girls.

Everyone knew those three people were close friends ever since childhood. The friendship between Takamina, Haruna, and Miichan had become so personal and unique, that whenever the three got into a fight or argument, no one dares to interrupt or come between them.

“Alright, do what you want, Takamina! I’m done with you!” Haruna then stormed off into her room.

Sighing, Takamina shifted her attention back to her friends.

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her later. Now let’s return to our discussion. You know, three months ago, our parliament (the Japan Parliament) has come to a decision to allow the ownerships of guns and firearms. That is why I decided to buy these guns. There will be more people out there, citizens like us, normal people, carrying guns and firearms like this. We have to be prepared. Honestly, I believe that without this, one of us is going to end up just like the victim you failed to save that night.”

The whole room were silent. Obviously, Takamina’s reasoning was right and no one was able to deny that.

“But remember, you all must be careful. Having this gun doesn't mean you also have the license to kill. Only use it for the emergency. Now, I would like us to take these guns. I’ll take one for me.” Takamina said and took one of the guns. “Now, Yuko. Come and take one.”

Yuko stood up and walked towards to the table. She carefully touched all the four guns, examining them.

“You don't need to choose. It’s all the same model.” Takamina said.

“Oh, alright then.” Yuko took one and then went back to her seat.

“Atsuko.” Takamina called.

“Okay, baby. I’m coming~” answered the vampire. She took one gun as well.

“Now, Yuki. Your turn.” Takamina said, eyeing the raven girl who has been silent the whole time.

The raven girl seemed to be hesitating. She never liked guns. She mostly preferred to fight empty-handed, or use knife or sword.

“Yuki, take it. You have no choice.” Takamina insisted.

Yuki finally took one, though still hesitating.

Now, there’s only one gun on the table.

“Miichan?” Takamina offered.

“No, thanks, Takamina. I think I’ll pass. I am not disagreeing with you, but as for me, I cannot use that.”

Takamina nodded. “Sasshi?”

“Errr….No, Takamina….I’m a hetare, remember? I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally kill myself with that…Haha~” Sasshi laughed nervously.

“Okay,” Takamina was about to put the last gun back to the briefcase.

“Wait, Takamina! Can I have it?” asked Mayu.

The Cyborg received nothing but a glare from the leader.

“No! You’re still underage, Cyborg! It’s illegal for you!”

The Cyborg made a pout, but she knew it already, even before Takamina rejected her.

“Okay guys! Tomorrow we can start practising with the guns! Sasshi, please help me prepare the training room and equipment. We need full-body targets, bullets, etc.”

“Haik!” said Sasshi.

“I’m going to offer this last gun for TomoTomo. Where are they anyway? Aren’t they gonna come to our meeting?”

“They said they’ll come. Probably just late as usual.” Yuko told Takamina.

“Hmm…Those two….” Takamina sighed. And she couldn’t help but thinking about how suspicious and peculiar those two people were. Tomomi and Tomochin never showed up together under the sunlight. Takamina already had a wild guess about them: those two are vampires. But at this point, Takamina didn’t have  evidence to prove it, and therefore she hasn’t talked to anyone except Atsuko about this. Of course it was just a wild guess, and even Takamina herself didn’t want to believe in her own assumption.

(Maybe I’m just thinking too much. Maybe Tomomi and Tomochin are just human, not vampires. Maybe there is just another thing about them that I still yet to know.) Takamina thought.

“Yuki, can I take a look?” Mayu asked eagerly, wanting to examine the gun.


“What!? Why not? You know I’m going to be a police officer someday. I have to get myself used to it sooner or later.”

“Still no!”

“Oh, Yuki~~Please~~ Just one minute. Let me touch it!”


The other girls laughed upon hearing Mayu and Yuki’s conversation.

“Shiriri-chan, are you seriously wanting to be a police officer?” asked Yuko.


“Oh my God, Shiriri-chan….You’re making me proud….NOT!” Yuko said rolling her eyes, “You’re not going to pass the entrance exam to the academy. Don’t waste your time. Find some other job to dream of.”

"Oshiriko-chan, why do you say that to me? Don't you believe in me?" Mayu said with a dreamy eyes.

Everyone just continued to laugh.

Not long after, TomoTomo arrived at their apartment.

“Finally you two came. The meeting is almost over.” Takamina said impatiently.

“Sorry. So, what is it about?” Chiyuu asked.

Takamina showed them the gun, and explained what they have discussed previously.

Just like Yuki, Tomomi also seemed to be hesitating to accept the gun.

“Takamina, you know I really want to help you, but----“

Just then, the duck-lips girl suddenly stepped up and interrupted. “I’ll take this.” Tomochin took that last gun without hesitation.

“Tomochin….” Tomomi could only stared at her girlfriend.

“We need this, Chiyuu. Takamina is right. It’s more dangerous out there without this. And you said you want to help them right? I’ll help too. I’m going to help Takamina and her friends here, hunting the vampires. I’m your friend now, right, Takamina?” asked Tomochin.

“Sure, Tomochin.” Takamina answered with a not-so-obvious smile, “Welcome to the club.”



Leave your comment please.
I’m sorry I cannot make other members (Paruru, Sakura, Miyuki, Akane, Airin, Sayaka, Umechan, SaeGhost, etc) appear anytime soon.
I’m a slow writer. And the plots in this season will be developed in a very, very slow pace.

P.S.: I kinda forget which one is Shihiri-chan, and which is Oshiriko-chan between Yuko and Mayu? Can somebody remind me?
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Mayu was thrown several feet away, after a certain raven girl suddenly punched her out of the blue.

"Ouuchhh!!!! Yuki....!?"

The Cyborg now was on the floor, bleeding profusely from her nose.

Yuki smirked as she looked down at the Cyborg.

"Get up!"

"Yuki, why did you punch me? Did I do something wrong?" shouted Mayu, angered, in pain, but clueless.

"Yes, you did. Now get up!"

Mayu stared at the raven girl who was standing tall in front of her.

Sighing, she wiped the blood from her nose, and tried to get up.

But just then, Yuki kicked her right on her stomach, making her rolling on the floor.

"Ugghhh!!" Mayu groaned in pain, clutching onto her stomach.

"Get up, Watanabe!" Yuki said coldly. "Get up and fight me!"


0_0  Cyborg got beaten up by Yuki. I feel excited LOL.
Why did Yuki beat up Mayu? What happened?
Can anyone guess?
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Thanks for update anzai-san,
So there will be paruru :? ?,
Look like there will be a war soon, will yui and takamina's team meet?

And if im not wrong oshiriko is yuko and shiriri is mayu,
Nice update anzai-san, looking forward for next chap  :cow:  :cow:

Lastly, sorrt for my bad english  :nervous

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yeey new chapter thankyou  :otomerika: :otomerika:
yeah yuko is oshiriko, and mayuyu is shiriri-chan :hip smile:
i kinda miss no3b here  :ptam-wub:
and I wonder what happened to mayuki? :grr:
waiting more anzai-san :on cigar: :on cigar:

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They are only practising right? I guess Yuki feels worry about mayu's safety so she have to train her lovely cyborg... hardly..

As long as i remember yuko is oshiriko and mayu is shiririchan so you right,

Ahh thank you for your update honestly i'm happy that you have a time to write again, good luck for your recovery phase ganbatte!

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@ everyone: Thanks for reminding me about the Oshiri sisters.
@ blakwhite: Yes there will be Paruru. With the popular pairing such as YuiParu and SayaMilky. The war is still far away, so you can relax for now.
@ arfi: I miss No3b too! I miss Mendol!
@ Pokotan: They’re only practising? Well, sort of.  And you’re happy over me getting a surgery LOL…..



Pairings: TomoTomo, No3b, Mayuki

Tomochin and Tomomi arrived at their own apartment (different from the other girls’ apartment).

Tomomi sighed as she plopped herself to the sofa.

“Tomochin, why did you accept Takamina’s offer? What the hell were you thinking? You want us to join their hunting? Are you crazy?”

“Well, I just think it’ll be fun.” Tomochin shrugged as she plopped herself as well to the sofa.

“Oh, where’s the fun in it? WE ARE VAMPIRES, for God sake!”

“There’s nothing forbidden for a vampire hunting or killing another vampire, right? We helped them last year, battling out Shinoda. We can do it again now.”

“Last year it was necessary. But now it’s not. The battle last year was only a one-time battle. It was fierce fight, but not complicated. But hunting, on the other hand, is a regular thing and we don’t know what will happen and what we’re facing. Tomochin, we can’t just go out and join their hunting every night! It’s complicated, and dangerous!”

“Why? Because we’re vampires? Don’t worry too much about it, Tomomi. And besides, there is also one in their group.”

“You mean Acchan? She’s different, Tomochin. They already know Acchan is a vampire. She doesn’t have to hide her identity from anyone. Not like us. That’s the difference!”

“Oh come on, Tomomi. They already suspect us. I can feel it. Do you think how much longer can we keep this secret from them? They will find out about us, one way or another. Soon we won’t be aging anymore, and they will know.”

“I know! I know! I just need more time. I want to be in a good terms with them as long as I can. Things will be more complicated if we join their hunting.”

“Okay, you said you need more time, but how much longer!? You have to set yourself a deadline, Tomomi.”


Tomomi was silent for a moment.

“I know. I just….I just want to enjoy my ‘normal’ relationship with them for a little longer. I just want to enjoy this ‘normal’ life for a little while.”

“Tcckk…..You know there’s not much options for us in the future.” Tomochin smirked, “We have to either live our life eternally, or, we let someone kill us on the way. We are not normal, Tomomi. We’ll never be normal again.”

“That’s right! We’re not normal! So why won’t we try to live normally, while we can?”

“We can’t Tomomi. And I’m telling you, they had already suspected us! Yesterday, when you were at work, Acchan came here and almost dragged me out to go shopping with her, in a broad daylight!! I suspect Takamina must have asked her to do that. She’s very keen, just like that psychic Miichan. And you said Miichan almost dragged you out once, right? Did you ever think about it? That’s our problem now, I mean, YOUR problem, because you’re the one who wants to hide this secret from them. So, what is your solution for this, Tomomi? Do you have any?”

Tomomi couldn’t answer it, and only silent.

“You see, Tomomi. You will never have a normal life, unless you play along with them.  If we join their hunting, it will distract them from their suspicion for a while. All we have to do is be very careful during the hunting. And to make it easier for us, let’s just tell them that we cannot join their hunting very often, maybe only once or twice a week. And we can use my mother as an excuse. We can say that we’re busy searching for my mother, and that’s why can’t spend much time with them.”

“So what I meant to say is, don’t be afraid to get closer to your enemy if you want to outsmart them. Not that I consider them as our enemy, of course. If you keep on avoiding them, they will be more suspicious. You must blend with them, and get along with them.”

Tomomi was startled to hear Tomochin’s statement at that moment. She didn’t expect her girlfriend to be quite a schemer, to be able to think of something like that.

“Now….how about that? Isn’t it a good idea?” asked Tomochin with a smug smile on her face, making her duck lips looks so goddamn sexy and attractive.

“...........Errr…. Yeah….I think so…” muttered Tomomi, still in a moment of startle.



“Haruna, may I come in?”



The door was opened before Takamina, revealing the tall girl in pajama.

“Come on in.”

Takamina then made her way inside the shared room of KojiYuu couple, and sat on a chair. While Haruna sat on her bed.

“Look, Haruna. I am sorry for last night. It was my fault. I shouldn’t make you worried for bringing danger to our friends.”

Good old Takamina, always be the first one to apologize whenever she had a fight with any of her close friends, especially her childhood friends.

Haruna just nodded. The expression on her face didn’t change.

“Do you remember our first camping trip in middle school?” asked the leader suddenly.

Haruna frowned. She didn’t have the slightest idea on what Takamina was planning to bring in their conversation.

“You know, when we were catching some fishes on the river, and then I almost got drowned after I insist to go further to the water by myself?”

Haruna opened her lips and formed a little smile.

“You were the one who went and dived right away to save me. And I say you’re idiot because you actually can’t swim! And after that, we both had to be rescued by our teachers because we both got stuck on the rocks in the middle of the river. Hahahahaa~~~~~!!!” Takamina laughed wholeheartedly.

That act melt the frozen ice between them, as Haruna also began to laugh upon reminiscing their childhood memories.

“You’re the idiot one, Takamina! I told you not to go further! You idiot, stubborn midget!! Hahaha!!!” laughed Haruna.

“Yeah, and you remember, the day before our camping trip, Miichan said she had a bad dream about us? She even wanted to cancel our camping trip!!! That psychic gachapin!! Hahaha!!!”

“Yeah, I remember too. Wait, was that like, the first time for Miichan to have a premonition about us, right? I mean, after that, she gets more and more premonition like that, and more often….”

“Yes, you’re right, Haruna. At that time, we didn’t believe Miichan has a psychic ability. Only after she’s getting more and more premonition, that we started to believe she’s a psychic.”

Takamina paused for a moment before she continued.

“Miichan even had a premonition before the day of my father’s death. I remember she asked me to talk to my father so that he would change his route trip back then………. If only I believed in her……..” Takamina’s voice trailed off.

The room now were silent as these two childhood friends were wandering back to the tragedy in their past.

“Takamina….I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things to you. I know you’re not obsessed. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Haruna.”

Haruna nodded, smiling emphatically.

Takamina moved to the bed and sat besides Haruna. “Anyway, my father was a victim. The girl you failed to save that night, she was also a victim. Our friends and anyone who had died around us, most of them are victims. And I don’t wanna be like them. I don’t wanna be a victim. I wannabe…..”

“What? A hero?”

Takamina chuckled. “No. No. Not a hero, Haruna, you’re wrong. Even my hero, Luffy, doesn’t want to be a hero. I want to be….”

“A pirate then?”

“Close, haha! You almost got that right, Haruna! One Piece FTW, haha! Well, the truth is, I wannabe…..a survivor. Just a survivor.”

Haruna frowned.

“Haruna, just like what Luffy said about heroes, and I’ll quote: I love heroes, but I don't want to be one. Do you even know what a hero is!? For example, you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat, but the hero will distribute it among the people! I want to eat the meat!! So that’s why I don’t want to be the hero!! Haruna, I just want to survive in this world ‘till the very end so that I can eat as much as meat for myself. But I also want to eat that meat together with my friends and family.” Takamina’s words flowing out from her mouth, giving warmth to anyone who’s listening.

“Haruna, you’ve helped us in our last battle against Shinoda last year, because you want to protect me and Miichan right? You were doing that not because you wanted to be a hero.”

“It’s the same with Yuki and everyone there. Yuki gave her all in the battle and did everything she could to kill Shinoda, not because she wanted to be a hero and save the world. No. She did it because she wanted to survive, so that she can continue to live her life with that Cyborg. Acchan also helped Yuki in their fight, because she wanted to live a life with me.”

“Haruna, we don’t need to be a hero. We just need to survive. And looking back, we all have cheated death so often. It’s a miracle we have survived as long as we have. We just have to hold on a little a bit longer. Believe me, it’s not that hard, Haruna. As long as we stand together.”

Haruna sighed. “You’re right, Takamina.”

They smiled and hugged each other.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, a certain psychic gachapin was standing close outside their door, listening to their conversation. And she also, let out a wide smile, upon knowing her two childhood friends finally managed to resolve their conflict. Thanks to Takamina’s ability to, err… friends and influence people. Takamina really knows how to do that, even long before she read that famous, classic 80-years-old book.


In Eguchi’s room, Jurina was sitting uncomfortably.

Eguchi Aimi, the scientist, was quietly checking her files and scribbling on her notes.

“Now let’s start from beginning. Who are you and what is your relationship with Matsui Rena?”

“I’m Matsui Jurina, I was sired by Shinoda Mario around the time after she sired Matsui Rena. Although we have same family name I have no relationship with Rena. Before I was sired, I lived in a village with my parents. They were farmers. While Matsui Rena was a daughter of a samurai family, a land lord. After Shinoda sired us, he took us under his wing. He protected us and took care of us.”

“Why did Shinoda sire you? I mean, why didn’t he just….kill you? I can understand Shinoda’s decision to sire Rena, because Rena was the daughter of a land lord. But you, you’re just nobody, why did he sire you?” asked Eguchi blatantly.

Jurina was quite taken aback not only by Eguchi’s question but also by her straightforwardness. Jurina had prepared to answer any question, except for this. And this was only beginning of their interview. Jurina was starting to feel worried. Just what kind of person is Eguchi Aimi?

Obviously, Eguchi Aimi was a pure scientist, and a very ambitious one. She was also a blunt and straightforward person who never afraid to speak up her mind without bothering to take other people’s feeling into her consideration.

“I…..I don’t know….Maybe he mistook me as someone from Rena’s family. We have the same family name, remember?” Jurina lied while giving her best effort to put her poker face.

Eguchi didn’t say anything, and Jurina could not tell whether Eguchi buy her lie or not.

“Okay. Can you explain the circumstances when you two were sired?”

“I was on my way home when I saw a group of samurais riding horses near my village. They were attacked by another group of horse-riders. And then someone grabbed me and put me inside a carriage. After that I was taken to what it seemed to be Matsui’s castle, but before we reached that place, Shinoda came and sired me. I don’t know much about Rena because she was already sired before me.”

Eguchi nodded while continued scribbling in her notes. The interview was  recorded, but Eguchi made a note for herself.

“Now what about your life after you were sired? Anything extraordinary happened before Shinoda died?”

“Err….No. We moved abroad several times, Europe, America, China, and eventually moved back to Japan. Shinoda-san was a trader, so we moved quite often. Shinoda also had an eternal enemy, the Kashiwagi Clan, but that was all we know, he did not tell us much about them.”

“Is there any family history of a specific disease?”

“No. No specific disease. Just, you know, sometimes we had a light fever and crooked fangs. Shinoda had a private doctor and dentist working for us. Whenever we fell sick, Shinoda would call him and he would to come to our place. But yes, there is something quite unusual about Rena. Well, I don’t know if this is a disease or not…..” Jurina paused.

“Go on. I’m listening.”

“.......Errr…...It seems to us that Rena is unable to feel physical pain. When she got beaten or hurt in a fight, she never scream or cry. We know she’s very strong as a person and as a vampire. But that doesn’t explain why she never cry when she was hurt. There were several times, Shinoda had tested Rena’s ability to endure pain. He stabbed her with a silver knife, burnt her skin a little, broke her bone a little. And there were times when Rena actually fainted during those tests, but she never screams. Maybe there’s something wrong in her nerve system or inside her brain.”

Obviously, this piece of information had perked up the interest from the scientist, because she then put her pen down and leaned forward on her seat, paying more attention to Jurina.

“That is interesting. I will conduct experiments to learn more about her condition. Thank you for your cooperation, Jurina.”

Jurina just nodded. Of course, there were still a lot more things about Rena that she decided to keep hidden from the scientist. After all, most of those secrets probably would never get to see the daylight, now that Shinoda had died.

They continued their interview for several minutes, in which Jurina managed to answer the questions successfully. And after that, Jurina returned home to her apartment.

And while she’s alone, she couldn’t help but feeling worried about her initial plan of revenge. She never expected the scientist to take Rena into her laboratories, and confined her there for indefinite length of time.

(Sh*t! This is gonna disturb my whole plan. I can’t carry out my plan without having Rena on my side.)


It was still early in the morning when Mayu heard someone making sounds inside her room. The alarm clock showed it was only 5 AM. Mayu half-opened her eyes and saw Yuki was already doing her things in the morning. Exercising.

The older girl was on the floor, only wearing tanktop and short pants, doing a sit-up.


Mayu heard Yuki counting in a whispering voice that is barely audible. And as much as she wanted to get back to her sleep, she couldn’t keep her curiosity in. Thus she decided to fully open her eyes and arised herself on her bed, taking a full view of her girlfriend.

“Nnnnggg….Yuki…..Do you always do that every day?”


“Oh. Sugee.” Mayu said as she shifted back to her sleeping position.

(No wonder she is so fit.) Mayu thought.

After sharing the room for quite some time with the older girl, Mayu had learned several things about Yuki’s habit, and also how much they were different from each other.

For one, Yuki was a morning person; Mayu wasn’t. Yuki liked to sleep early (if she’s not working extra shift at night). Mayu liked to stay up late, drawing, reading mangas, watching animes, etc.

Mayu had a lot of stuff and she tend to let them scattered everywhere, inside the drawer, on the table, on the floor; and still able to remember where she had put that stuff. While Yuki had only few stuff but often still had difficulty in memorizing and finding her stuff (and that’s why she needed a sidekick like Sasshi to manage her stuff while they were out hunting).

Mayu liked to eat her meals while also doing other things. Yuki liked to eat without doing anything else. Mayu liked to eat on her bed. Yuki didn’t.

Yuki liked to exercise. Mayu didn’t.

Yuki liked to sleep with the lights off. Mayu liked to sleep with the lights on.

And many other differences between them that Mayu found out later.

Mayu felt like they were a newly married couple who had just started living together, and learning to adapt at each other.

Mayu tried to continue her interrupted sleep but couldn’t as she was now fully awake. She removed her blanket and fully rose herself only to find she was alone in their room.

Taking a deep breath, Mayu stretched a little, and snapped her head lazily to the left and right. And by doing that she considered herself as doing exercise.

She watched their room, which was all messy like in a plane crash.

(I’ll tidy and clean this up tomorrow before Yuki gets angry.)

Mayu then approached Yuki’s desk and quietly opened a drawer, and took something out from the drawer.

The gun.

Mayu had never touched a real gun before. It made her feel excited.

She then carefully hold it with her both hands and doing a play-pretend, imagining herself as a cop.

“Bang. Bang. Everyone put your hands up. I’m Inspector Watanabe. You are under arrest,” she said with a soft, playful tone. Her gun was pointed at some imaginary enemies in front of her.

Just then, Yuki exited the bathroom and saw Mayu.

“Mayu, what are you doing!!? Put that back!” Yuki shouted and came closer toward the playful girl.

“Sorry,” Mayu said and put the gun onto the table, and retreated from Yuki’s desk, back to her bed.

“And please, don't touch the gun without my permission.” Yuki said as she carefully returned it into her drawer.

Mayu mumbled an ‘okay’.

The two didn’t say anything more as the morning progressed. Mayu watched as Yuki changed her outfit and put a light makeup, getting ready for work.

After that, Yuki left for early shift work, leaving Mayu alone in their room.

It was still 6.30 AM. Mayu’s school started at 8.30 AM. She still had much time.

I probably just start cleaning this room now. Mayu thought.

She then quietly examined her stuff on the floor, and sorted them out before putting it back into her cupboard and drawers.

It only took an hour until Mayu finished tidying and cleaning. And Mayu had to admitted that it’s actually easy to tidy and clean the room, and yet she often found herself lazy to do that. Hopefully it might changed now that she lived together with Yuki.

A paper fell from her table onto the floor, and Mayu went to pick it up. It was a form that she had not filled in yet, and must be submitted next week.

A flashback came into Mayu’s mind, about the discussion she had with her home-room teacher yesterday.

Teacher : “Mayu, why haven’t you submitted the form? It is due next week.”
Mayu  : “I’m sorry, Sensei. I will submit it soon.”
Teacher : “You haven’t decided it yet, have you? What major you’re going to choose and which college.”
Mayu  : “......”
Teacher  : “You’re good at anything, Mayu, except sports. I believe you can excel in whatever major you choose next. But you have to find which interests you most. You have to find your calling, Mayu. If you’re worried about the college’s tuition fee, you can apply for scholarship. I will write you a recommendation letter.”
Mayu  : //nodded slowly//  “Thank you, Sensei.”

Letting out a sigh, Mayu sat on her chair, looking onto the form, and putting it inside her bag without filling it.


Next day in the morning, in the girls’ apartment. It was Saturday so everyone was free, and they decided to practise using their guns.

Sasshi had prepared the bullets, half-body targets, full-body targets, moving targets, garbage bottles (to be used as targets), and some noise-cancelling ear muffs to protect their ears from the deafening sound of the gunshots.

And whose money was spent to buy all of those practising stuff and equipments? Well, it was from their revenue of the private investigator agency’s recent activity. Within only a few weeks, they had solved several cases ranging from easiest to the most difficult, such as helping people to find their lost pets and other belonging, helping to stalk a cheating partner, finding out the culprits who has stolen some antique/artistic materials from some rich people, etc.

The name of their agency was Sakura Petal Inc. It was Atsuko’s idea, since she had a latent habit to eat sakura petals whenever she felt bored. Surprisingly, everyone liked that name.

Everyone tried to contribute equally for the agency. But the two persons who was contributing the most was Takamina and Yuko.

Takamina, the self-proclaimed leader, took care all their cases and sorting them out, and delegating the task amongst them. Mostly she was the one doing the hardest work, e.g. analyzing and making deduction from the facts. Other than having a brilliant mind, she also had a very good intuition and skill in reading people’s behaviour.

And Yuko, being the self-proclaimed subleader, she was the most all-rounder amongst them. She had some of Takamina’s leadership, some of Yuki’s fighting skill, some of Sasshi's geeky's skill, and some of Mayu’s criminal intelligent mind, plus she can do all the field-works which Takamina couldn’t. Yuko can fight, can stalk people, can do some research/investigation, can go in disguise mission (undercover), can do breaking and entering, can be a bait (since she has a cute face), and so on.

While others were also equally contributing enough, though not as much as Takamina and Yuko.

Mayu, being a genius otaku, she often had some good (sometimes random) ideas to make their job easier. She proposed the girls to use nicknames while they’re out on mission. Each girls choose their own nickname. Takamina’s nickname was Spidey. Yuko was Triplet. Acchan was Tenkousei. Yuki was Black. Sasshi was Wota. Mayu was Nezumi. Haruna was Torigoya. Miichan was NoSleeve. Tomomi was Ookabuki. And Tomochin was Shibuya.

Today, everyone (except Tomochin) was already gathering in the training room.

The five members who had a gun, then began to practise shooting, while others were watching anxiously.

All the girls were initially clueless on this stuff, but some of them managed to learn how do that eventually.

Takamina who had an experience using bow and arrows, demonstrated a moderately good performance, being able to shoot the targets most of the times.

Yuko and Acchan even started to compete, as who was going to get the highest score by shooting on the targets accurately in the middle (the ‘heart’).

Yuki was still quite nervous as she missed her shots few times.

While Tomomi, she was clearly far behind them as she was the least experienced in a battle, be it empty-handed or armed. And she was known as the sweet, peace-loving girl amongst them.

“You’re doing good, Tomomi.” Takamina said as she glanced at Tomochin besides her.

Tomochin smiled shyly.

“By the way, where’s Tomochin? She’s not coming?”

“Oh, she’s busy doing her family stuff.”

“Wait, she has a family here in Japan? She never speak about it.”

“She probably thinks it’s too private. But don’t worry she will talk to you soon.”

“Okay.” Takamina nodded as she silently stole a glance at Tomomi’s finger, searching for a particular accessories.

She spotted a ring on Tomomi’s ring finger, but it was quite different from Acchan’s ring.

“That is a beautiful ring you have. I noticed you’ve been wearing them since graduation.”

“Oh yes, thanks. It’s from my mother.”

Just then, Tomomi stopped to take a break. Takamina continued practising, but still stalking the girl with her eyes.

Tomomi rested herself on a chair besides Sasshi. Takamina saw Tomomi handing a small amount of cash to Sasshi, and she figured it was for the “monthly payment”.

The girls know that Tomomi had been paying some money to Sasshi regularly, saying it was for her “occasionally spending nights” at the girls’ flat. Sasshi of course rejected it at first, but Tomomi insisted, saying they could use it to buy equipments for their hunting activity. And  this small but important act had made TomoTomo become one of owner (half-owner) of the big flat, thus making them able to enter the flat without being explicitly invited. Sasshi even gave Tomomi a spare key to their flat. That was how much they trusted Tomomi in their circle of friends.

Meanwhile, Yuki had also taken a break due to her sweating hands. While she had a ton of experiences in fights and battleship, she never had experience using a firearm. And the thought of being capable to kill someone in an instant, it made Yuki cringe in fear and disgust. She could use a knife, stick, bat, even sword, masterfully. But gun, no.

Yuki put her gun on the table, along with other girls’ stuff, and then went to the toilet.

A certain little mouse silently approached the table and took the gun.

The mouse then put on an ear-muffs, and positioned herself on the shooting line. She fired her first shot, second shot, third shot, and continued shooting. It was as if she was in her own little world of fantasy, battling a monster in a fierce gunshot fight.

Sasshi cheered upon the mouse.

“Woooahhh!!! Mayu!! Awesome!! Shoot them, girl!!”

Other girls started noticing Mayu and instead of amazed, they were amused upon seeing her act.

And just then, Yuki entered the room and suddenly the room was filled with a heavy, dark aura.

Yuki took the gun from Mayu’s hand.

“I’ve told you to not touch my belonging without my permission,” she said coldly.

Mayu was startled.

“I’m sorry, Yuki. That won’t happen again.”

“You better make sure of it. This isn’t a toy, Mayu.”

Mayu nodded and returned to her seat next to Miichan.

The girls then continued their training.


Later that day.

Yuki and Mayu was walking on a quiet street, after buying some food and vegetables for their dinner tonight. Instead of going out and eat in restaurants, they’ve been cooking their meals recently in order to save more money.

“Yuki, I think we should go to Hinatsu Fish Market next week. The price is cheaper there.”


“And please no more broccoli and carrot. I hate that.”


“Yuki, why are you so quiet? Say something, Yuki.” Mayu said.

But Yuki didn’t answer. She just put her grocery bag on the ground, and suddenly….


Mayu was thrown several feet away, after a certain raven girl suddenly punched her out of the blue.

"Ouuchhh!!!! Yuki....!?"

The Cyborg now was on the floor, bleeding profusely from her nose.

Yuki smirked as she looked down at the Cyborg.

"Get up!"

"Yuki, why did you punch me? Did I do something wrong?" shouted Mayu, angered, in pain, but clueless.

"Yes, you did. Now get up!"

Mayu stared at the raven girl who was standing tall in front of her.

Sighing, she wiped the blood from her nose, and tried to get up.

But just then, Yuki kicked her right on her stomach, making her rolling on the floor.

"Ugghhh!!" Mayu groaned in pain, clutching onto her stomach.

"Get up, Watanabe!" Yuki said coldly. "Get up and fight me!"

Mayu was breathing heavily as she sat on the ground, staring at Yuki with a disbelief look on her face.

Mayu had received a ton of punishments from Yuki whenever she misbehaved, mostly in the form of spanking on the butt, light-slapping on the back of her head, ear pinching, etc. Just like when a mother scolded and punished their children for being naughty.

But Mayu had never received a beating like this from Yuki before, not even a single punch. So this was kinda unexpected. Mayu thought Yuki was mad because she touched and played with her gun without asking permission (and Mayu doubted Yuki would give her permission even if Mayu asked nicely).

Grumbling, Mayu spoke, “You punched me because I took your gun, right? You don’t like seeing me playing with gun, right? You know what, once I become legal, I will buy one myself. And you can’t do anything about it.”

Yuki glared at her.

“I can’t do anything about it. But now I’m just going to teach you a lesson.”

(What lesson?) Thought Mayu.

“Let’s play a game and make a bet today. This is your favourite, right, playing games and making bets? Here’s the bet. If you can hit me, just one hit, I will give you a full permission to touch and play with my gun, from now on.”

“And what if I lose?”

“If you lose, you will have to let go off your dream to become a police officer.” Yuki said.

Mayu was stunned, her mouth agaped.

And so this is not about Yuki being angry at her for touching and playing with that gun, but it is more about Yuki disapproving her choice of a dream job. Yuki was worried for her because being a police officer is kinda dangerous.

Mayu smirked and get up slowly, ignoring her pain.

“Okay. I’ll take the bet. Let’s play, Yuki.”

Mayu stepped towards Yuki and swing her fist, going for a punch. Yuki dodged it.

Mayu went for another attempt, aiming at Yuki’s face. But her fist only met air as Yuki dodged it again effortlessly.

Feeling triggered, Mayu gathered more strength and started to attack Yuki more seriously. She’s really wanting to win this game.

Unfortunately, our little mouse was no match against the raven girl.

After a series of failed punches, Yuki grabbed Mayu and threw Mayu flying in the air.

Mayu ended up on top of garbage bins. The bins fell apart, causing all of their content to be scattered on the ground, with Mayu included in the mess.

The Cyborg got up again, angrier than before, and after dusting herself from the garbage stuff, she continued to attack Yuki despite her aching body.

“Why do you care so much about what I’m going to do in the future? That is my own business, Yuki! I can do anything I want, and be anything I want. If I want to be a police officer, you have no right to forbid me. It’s a violation of human rights! And you’re not even my parent or sister!”

“What did you say? Say it again. I can’t hear you.”

“It’s violation of human rights!”

“No no! Before that!"

“Huh? Oh! I want to be police officer!”

“Yeah, that part.” Yuki smirked.

A kick then made contact to Mayu’s jaw, and she was hoisted up in the air before falling back to the ground gracefully.

“I only use 10% of my strength, yet you still can’t hit me. And you wish to be a police officer. Dream on, Cyborg!” Yuki mocked.

Mayu lied on the ground, facing the sky for a moment, thinking of something.

“You give up now? Let’s go home,” said Yuki.

“No. Not yet. Let’s continue one more round.” Mayu said and get up again, this time she was having difficulty.

Yuki could only watched her other half struggling to stand and to keep her balance.

Mayu repeated her attempt, but this time she tried to maintain herself at a close distance with Yuki during the fight. She knew Yuki wouldn’t have a heart to hurt her more than this.

Mayu threw several punches, attempted several kicks, all were in vain.

Seeing Mayu’s face all bruised had made Yuki grew pity, and she was thinking to end this fight quickly. But then Mayu suddenly diverted her eyes at something behind Yuki. Her face gave out a frightened, shocked expression. Her mouth opened as if she wanted to say something.

Yuki was alarmed.

There was something, or someone, behind them.
Was it a vampire? Or someone with a gun?
Or worse, a vampire with a gun?

Yuki spontaneously turned her face to check what’s behind her.

And next thing she knew, a fist made contact with her left cheek, causing her to stumble one step back.

Yuki was startled. There was nothing or noone behind them. And that fist was coming from Mayu.

Yuki heard a chuckle from Mayu.

“Hehehe~~~ ”

Yuki could not believe it. This Cyborg has tricked her again. Just like old time. How could she not see this coming? Yuki scolded herself.

That punch wasn’t very hard, in fact, it didn’t even hurt Yuki. But it was the best shot Mayu could give.

Mayu now was standing limply in front Yuki.  Her face was all bruised, her chin smeared with blood, but she was smiling like crazy.

“Hahaha!! I win, Yuki!!! I win!!! Hahaha!!!”

Yuki was speechless.

For a moment, Cyborg continued to laugh until she was losing her balance and dropped to the ground.

Sitting on the dirt, she leaned her back against one of those garbage bins, not minding the dust and the dirts covering her body. Her energy had reduced so much, after having a fight against her girlfriend. And it was their first physical fight in history.

“That’s cheating, Mayu.”

“No, Yuki. A punch is a punch. You didn’t set up any rules before the fight.”

Yuki sighed and smiled in defeat.

“Okay, you win. I’ll let you touch my gun. Just please be careful.”

Mayu nodded.

But there’s still one more issue between them, and both knew it.

“Yuki, you know why I choose to be a police officer?”

“Hm…….You said earlier because it’s cool and you want to catch criminals?”

“No. It’s because the school is free.”

“Oh really?”

“Yep. Everything is free in police academy. No admission fee. No tuition fee. Instead, you will get paid while you’re still a trainee. And you'll get paid more after you graduated from the academy. And you’ll be immediately offered a contract by the goverment to work as officials. No job seeking, no waiting time.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Well, now you know.”

Yuki was silent for a moment, trying to comprehend their situation.

“So…..You don’t want to be a police officer?”

“Mmm….No. Not anymore.”

“You don't want to be a doctor. And you don't want to be a police officer. What do you want then?”

The Cyborg only gave Yuki a deep, sorrowful look with her brown eyes.

“.......I don’t know Yuki….I don’t know….”

Yuki felt a pain in her chest at the sight of her other half. Mayu seemed to be a bit….desperate. And Yuki never saw Mayu in this mental state before. Mayu used to be very playful, arrogant, and too over-confident about what she’s going to do. She seems to always know what she wants and how to get it.

But now here she is, sitting on the ground against a garbage bin with trashes all around her, saying she doesn’t know what she’s going to do for her future.

(Yuki, I’m sorry…
I’m sorry if I failed this time.
I’m sorry if I cannot make you proud anymore.

I don’t know what should I do next.
I’m afraid to choose.
I’m afraid to try.

I don’t know what will be waiting for me in the future.
I don’t know what kind of person I will be in the future

My father was a preacher. My mother was a florist. And Sae-niichan was in engineering department in college. They all loved what they're doing.

But here I am, tired and clueless.
I don’t know what I want to do.
I may not be able to achieve anything good in my life.

My life sucks, Yuki.
Your life sucks too.
Our life sucks, we all know that.

We deserve much more than this, but the world always turns itself against us. I have a smart brain. My IQ was probably in the top 20% best student in this country.I should be able to achieve something in my life, and be anything that I want to be. And you’re also one of the strongest fighters I’ve ever met.

If only things were different….
If only money wasn’t a matter…..

We only have each other now, Yuki, just you and me.
What are we gonna do?

Yuki….I’m sorry.
I think I’m going to give up now.)

Meanwhile, Yuki just stood there in silent. She didn’t know what to say. She was clueless in a situation like this. It was always Mayu who comforted her whenever they were in doubt. When Yuki was devastated after killing/dusting Sae, Mayu was the one who comforted her. When Yuki felt upset after being told those bad things by Umechan (see Season 1 Chapter 19 - Love Spell), Mayu was the one who comforted her. When Yuki was desperate for money and went into an illegal street-fighting (and get arrested after that), Mayu was the one who comforted her by saying everything would be fine and that they didn't need money (Mayu even proved it by burning money using a cigarette lighter). Most of the times, it was always Mayu who gives Yuki the courage and the strength she needs. Except when Yuki was about to face the battle against Shinoda, it was Mayu who was panicking and then Yuki comforted her.

Now Mayu just had enough and she was being the one who needed that courage and strength, but unfortunately Yuki didn’t know how to give it. How could Yuki possibly help Mayu, when she herself doesn’t have anything in store for her?

So then Yuki crouched down in front of Mayu, and said.

“Hop on. I’ll carry you home.”

“I still can walk, Yuki.”

“I don’t care! Hop on!”

The Cyborg gave Yuki a meaningful look, and then hopped onto Yuki’s back.

They didn’t say anything on their way home. Mayu only leaned her head on Yuki’s back, enjoying being spoiled by the older girl.

While Yuki also did the same, treasuring their moment together. She enjoyed the feeling of having Mayu’s presence and Mayu’s weight on her back. It gives Yuki a sense of being needed. That she was needed by Mayu, and that Mayu was dependent to her.

Yuki didn’t know how to help Mayu this time. So this was the least she could do for the younger girl, giving her warmth and protection.

Yuki and Mayu returned to their apartment. The other girls were shocked to see Mayu’s condition, bruised up and battered. Mayu told them she was being attacked by another yankee. But of course, only Yuki and Mayu knew what happened between them that night.



How is that?

I really love Mayu’s character and background story here. I remember I also experienced a similar dilemma when I was in senior year in high school. Not knowing what major to choose in college and what to do in the future. Plus I also experienced a broken family and financial difficulty. Tough life isn’t it? But hey, everyone has their share of medicine and bitter moments. So who am I to complain here?

I also love how Mayu manage to trick Yuki, over and over again. She’s smart. And I’m smarter because I’m the one writing this fic LOL

And again, sorry for the agonizingly slow plot.
Traditionally a fic consists of three parts: beginning, middle, and end. So let me tell you. In this fic the beginning part is done in Chapter 1-10. The middle part will be done in Chapter 11-90. The end/conclusion will be in Chapter 91-100. Oh my, it’s still a long way to go to finish this fic (not that I’ll be able to finish it anyway). We’re only in Chapter 13  but it’s already very long. Not to mention, I tend to write longer chapters whenever I got too carried away. LOL

I know this chapter is boring for you. But because it is based on my real-life experience (of course, without all those beating/punching/kicking/gunshooting), I don’t find it boring for me. Well, I just hope you didn’t fall asleep while you were reading this chapter. LOL again

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aahh no3b  :ptam-shy: i miss them even more :luvluv2:
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Welcome back Anzai <3 Hope you get better. That must suck, having to stay in a wheelchair for a long time :(

Does this new username mean you like Sakamichi too? lol

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@ arfi : You're welcome.
@ MayukiIsLife : Yes it sucks to be in wheelchair and I find myself stuck with my smartphone all the time. The nurses probably will scold me LOL. And yes I'm liking Sakamichi too. I've watched the Hatsumori Bemars and some Nogibingo. I love Shiraishi Mai, Wakatsuki Yumi and Takayama Kazuya, I mean Kazumi LOL. But musicality-wise, I love Keyakizaka the most, after I listened and watched Silent Majority and Fukyouwaon. Their songs are totally my type: rebellious, cool, energetic, intimidating; it gives a very different vibes from AKB and other idols groups. I will never get bored listening/watching these songs. And I must admit I'm totally fangirling over Hirate Yurina there. Her personality is just so cool, mysterious, and intriguing. I don't know how to describe her, but yes, I'm drawn to her. She's an ikemen-type too, but she's nothing like Jurina or Sae or anyone else. She's just....I don't know, I can't describe her. And that's why she's so intriguing to me. Perhaps you can help me knowing her better, or recommending some good fanfics about her?
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No need to worry yuki... mayu will be a lawyer upss..

I'm having such a dilema.. whether i should be happy or not.. gommen ne anzai-san... considering your condition :mon whimper:

Anyway i'm not agree with u, this isn't boring at all, i can feel mayu's anxiety, i do understand.. maybe because right now i'm facing that kind of situation, when we have to make a big decision for the sake of our future but we're afraid, lost with no direction, don't know what should be done.... I've realized that everyone worries, its normal.. this is the life.. :rock: we just have to face forward and carry on  :shakeit:

Thankss for the update  :thumbsup

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@ Pokotan: LOL...Don't worry, you're forgiven. And I'm glad you can relate with the story. Yeah I think many of us had experienced this kind of dilemma too, at one point in our life.
No need to worry yuki... mayu will be a lawyer upss..

Are you sure Yuki doesn't need to worry?
Are you sure Mayu doesn't choose a wrong job (by being lawyer)?
I know I'm so evil.
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