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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 261155 times)

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« Reply #1180 on: July 27, 2018, 08:01:34 PM »
Wow lol.

Also a good Keyaki fanfic is Eccentric by Shinoki. but honestly any keyaki fics in the 46 fanfic thread is good.

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« Reply #1181 on: July 28, 2018, 01:56:52 AM »
Woah thank u for your updates, :w00t:
i suggest you to watch TVD or the original (if u haven't) since these series has so many interesting plot twists, i hope it helps u to get inspirations  :shakeit:
Anyway, because i do love both of your fics ... could u please update both of this .. :twisted: :peace:

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@  arfi :
Thank you for comment.
I will explain a bit.
Sakura is not literally MaYuki’s daughter, she’s Yuki’s relative who also comes from Kagoshima. She will be Yuki’s apprentice, and that makes her almost like MaYuki’s daughter. The same with Paruru who is almost like Atsumina’s daughter.

You can read at the very end of Chapter 3 , I mentioned Sakura as the daughter of a man who had served Kashiwagi family. In that way, Yuki considered and treated Sakura more like her little sister. You can read more about the characters here in the Biography. And you can find more information about them in Trailers 1-50.

Oh why, thank you for hoping me always healthy. But on the contrary, I can only update this fic whenever I'm unhealthy LOL. If I am healthy, I will be busy studying and doing other things, instead of writing this fic LOL. But I know what you mean, you're hoping me always healthy so that I can graduate from my study and after that I can return to writing this fic again. So, still, thank you for your best wishes for me.  :)

aaahhh sorry I almost forgot about that part :mon sweat:
I have been reading that part for too long :sweat:

yeah you're welcome :shy1:
and thankyou for new chapter :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:
takamina is such prev captain :hiakhiakhiak:


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Check the news on Acchan's thread here.

Should I continue, or stop this fic?
Or should I just break up AtsuMina pairing in this fic?
Because really, I feel weird now, writing fiction about someone who is already married in real life, and paired her with someone else  XD

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« Reply #1184 on: August 01, 2018, 07:20:22 PM »

Check the news on Acchan's thread here.

Should I continue, or stop this fic?
Or should I just break up AtsuMina pairing in this fic?
Because really, I feel weird now, writing fiction about someone who is already married in real life, and paired her with someone else  XD

yeah that's very shocking news  :fainted: :stoned:
in instagram a lot news about atsuko getting married :err:  :stuffed:
i thinks you no need to breakup atsumina in this fic  :mon sweat: :mon sweat:

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« Reply #1185 on: August 01, 2018, 08:30:29 PM »

Check the news on Acchan's thread here.

Should I continue, or stop this fic?
Or should I just break up AtsuMina pairing in this fic?
Because really, I feel weird now, writing fiction about someone who is already married in real life, and paired her with someone else  XD

Yeah, i was shocked too, gratz for acchan tho, and i know that feeling when u ship someone who already married with someone else,
Buuuut, i reeeeaaally hope you continue this fic and make atsumina together, so it will make me forget about acchan's married  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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« Reply #1186 on: August 02, 2018, 01:44:26 AM »
I'm happy for Acchan's marriage! I can understand if it feels weird to continue shipping Atsumina now that Acchan is married (and even Takamina has a boyfriend), but the two are still good friends. In the end, it's whatever you decide is best!

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« Reply #1187 on: August 03, 2018, 07:19:11 AM »
@ arfi & blakwhite & RukaKikuchi: Thank you for understanding and encouraging me. I will continue this fic. And I will continue shipping and writing about AtsuMina. But I have more to talk about this. You can read it at the bottom of this post.

@ MaYukiIsLife : Mmm….I’m not sure whether your ‘Wow lol' comment is addressed to some part in my story, or it is addressed to me spazzing and fangirling over Techi. Thanks for your suggestion. I will read it soon, although I’m not familiar with anyone except Techi in Keyakizaka.

@ Yhuiii : You’re welcome. Yes, those series are very good and have lots of plot twists. I haven’t catch up watching them though. Okay, I’ll try to update both of my fics then.

@ arfi : Yes, I know most of you probably have already forgot about the plots and characters in this fic. I wrote Season 2 Chapter 3 (which mentioned about Sakura) back in 2015, which is 3 years ago.

Now I present you this chapter, which features only SKE girls. I enjoyed writing this chapter a lot. SKE48 is just so much fun, and it’s definitely the gayest girl group amongst all the 48-46 Family. I gotta watch Kataomoi Finally again to revive my feeling about this group.



Characters : All SKE girls
Pairing : ......... (make a guess!)

The flowing streets.
After this, light will gather.
Dreams make us dizzy.
Make some noise!
Ready, go!
Spin around!

Times when we get close.
That throbbing beat won't go away.
Match with the music.
Cast away theory with a freaky phrase.

Throw your hand in the direction of the noise.
Fly to the other side of the darkness.
"Still going to the top, to the top".
A compelling atmosphere.
Shake me down from the top.

If my body wakes up, over the border.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
The moment is carved out.
Always in a dreamy state of mind, searching for something.
If you want my body, over the border.
The hiding place of the same dream, like it's concealed.
I want to stare at it.
It drives me crazy.

We embraced.
Your eyes lured me in.
Impatiently, this distance is shortened.
Conversely, I close my eyes and I see you.

I started struggling.
It's an incessant urge.

If my body wakes up, over the border.
Words aren't needed.
When you get excited, turn gently to the next page.
If my body remembers, over the border.
Still inside an unseen dream, I stole love from your lips.

The two of us should hide away somewhere soon.
Slowly, you gently close your eyelashes.
A window the moon shines through, showing only a little bit of its face.
We almost can't see anything in the shadows.

The ceiling is slanted again.
My body tricks my heart.
Your lips aren't enough, even though I kiss you again and again.
My reasoning is reset.
It's too late.

Sunday morning in Sakae, Nagoya.

The sound of alarm brought Jurina awake abruptly from her slumber. With her eyes half-closed, she reached out her hand towards the alarm, wanting to turn it off. However, she accidentally pushed the alarm and made it fall from the table, which not only turned off the noise but also broke the alarm apart.

Grunting, Jurina buried her face onto the pillow. She knew she needed to buy a new alarm clock for tomorrow. Her other hand unconsciously reached the spot beside her, and soon found it was empty. She took a peek at her side, and realized that the person she was looking for was not there.

Staring for a moment at the empty spot on the bed, Jurina let out a sigh. It had been a week since Matsui Rena was confined in Eguchi’s laboratory. And Jurina had been so used to living together with the older Matsui, even sharing bed together with her for so many years. Therefore, now Jurina found herself a little bit lonely.

For a week after their first visit to the laboratory, Jurina had been coming to see Eguchi every day, in order to get a daily injection. The injection was needed to test and prepare the body before it could take in the antidote pills. However, even though Jurina visited the lab daily, she was not allowed to see Rena. And Eguchi didn’t tell the reason why. Jurina could only guess the scientist was doing some sort of dangerous experiments upon Rena. Jurina’s mind was invaded by good and bad scenarios, and she tried to shake off all the negative thoughts from her mind. Although she didn’t really love Rena, she still needed the psycho vampire around in order to carry out their plans. And after all this time, Jurina had become so used to Rena's presence beside her, to the point that she took Rena for granted.

Not wanting to waste more time on her bed, Jurina went into her bathroom. Half an hour later, she had finished taking shower and now she was in front of her wardrobe, trying to figure out what she was going to wear today. Well, today was a special day. It would be the first day she was going out under the sunlight using that antidote.

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Arashi - Mada Ue Wo  (repeat until the end of this chapter). Sakurai’s rap makes up the best part of this song, starting from 2’30”.

Jurina stood in front of her mirror.

First thing first, who would I be today? Juri-boy? Or Juri-girl?

She asked herself while letting her eyes scanning the clothes inside her wardrobe.

Girl. She then decided.

Today is a me-time. I don’t want to get distracted by those teenage girls who will swarm around me like viruses, just because they thought I’m a pretty boy.

She went to the left side of the wardrobe. Her wardrobe was divided into two parts: the left side consisted of female outfits, while on the right consisted of male outfits.

After spending several minutes taking and putting back the clothes, trying one item after another, Jurina finally found what she liked.

Kawaii. I’m a girl after all.

Jurina stared and smiled at her own reflection in the mirror.

Now, nobody will mistake me for a boy.

Jurina felt at ease upon seeing her appearance. Always being swarmed and chased around by some crazy-aggressive teenage girls had made Jurina feel tired at some point. She needed a change for today.

But then another realization struck her mind.

Wait! What if I attract boys this time? Oh no!

Puffing her cheeks, she then shrugged.

Yeah, whatever. I’ll just ignore them today.

Girly clothes. Check. Hair tied. Check. Light make up. Check. Lipstick. Check. Accessories. Check. Purse. Check. Hand bag. Check.

Now came the last thing, but also the most important thing to do for Jurina today. She took a jar from inside her drawer. The jar contained pills. Jurina took a few seconds examining the pills before she ate one. She waited for a reaction, and felt relieved after it showed none. She was ready to stroll today.

After re-checking all her preparation, she walked to the door, wore her designer wedges, and went out into the broad daylight.

The first drop of the golden sun that fell upon Jurina’s skin brought a tingle for a few second. But it soon disappeared and she found her body quickly adapting to the sunlight.

Jurina closed her eyes to savor the moment, feeling the sunlight enveloping her body like a blanket. She never felt like this before. Not even with that ‘ring’ she borrowed once from Shinoda. That ‘ring’ didn’t really blend into your body. When you wear it on your finger, it was still a different entity, outside your body. But this antidote pills, it gave Jurina a different experience. The pills dissolved and fused with your blood, thus it become part of your body. It made you feel totally like…..human again.

Jurina continued strolling down the city sidewalks. The scenery around her was beautiful and colorful. Flowers were everywhere, in many different colors. It was such a pleasant sight for Jurina’s eyes, although cherry blossom was already ended just a month ago.

Not only did Jurina today feel like a human, she also feel like a woman. She could feel many pairs of eyes, mostly from men and boys, were directed at her, distracting the owners of those eyes from their routines. One man crashed into a glass door, while a boy with a skateboard crashed into a fire hydrant, all because they were so distracted by Jurina’s stunning beauty that morning. No matter as a boy, or a girl, the young Matsui still got the charm to enchant people.

With a smile on her face, Jurina continued walking down the sidewalk. She didn’t have a plan or destination to go today. She just wanted to enjoy this sunshine on Sakae, only for today.


“Good morning. How are you feeling today, Matsui san?” a person in a lab coat greeted a patient inside the laboratory.

The patient who was sitting in a hydraulic chair just looked back at her without saying anything.

It was Sunday, but Eguchi the scientist was a workaholic person, she didn’t even take day off on Sunday.

“Feeling any pain today? Nausea?” the scientist asked another question.

The patient shook her head, indicating negative answer.

“How was your sleep last night? Did you sleep well? Any nightmare?”

Again, negative answer.

“How was your breakfast? Did you like it?”

“………No, I don’t like it. I want spicy food. And melon pan.”

“Okay. I will inform our cook. We’ll prepare them for you, starting from tomorrow.” Eguchi said as she scribbled something down on her notes.

“Today, I want you to take these tests, Rena san.”

“What test?”

Eguchi gave the Matsui a piece of paper. Rena squinted her eyes as she tried to read the letters printed on it.

“Strength limit. Endurance limit. Pain tolerance limit. High and low temperature tolerance limit.” Rena read it aloud.

She didn’t have any idea what kind of tests are those. It sounded hard and complicated, and she never went through any of these tests before.

For a week, the Matsui had been confined in this laboratory. And every day Eguchi would conduct different examinations on her. The examinations on first week was all related to her internal body system and her five senses. They took a lot of blood and urine from her. They conducted full body check-up on her, including x-ray, CT-scan, and MRI. They tested her vision, her hearing, her sensitivity of taste and smell, and her sensitivity of touch. They also stripped her naked and made her lying on a bed inside a room that is similar like operation room, while some people come and go to conduct examinations on her body.

And during those tests, all Rena had to do was lying on the bed, doing nothing. She just watched and waited in silent, without questioning anything, while those people injected some liquid into and out from her body.

So now when Eguchi asked her to do something during the test, Rena become a little confused. However, she still didn’t question anything and just followed Eguchi to the other room.

The room had more devices than their previous room. They all seemed to be operated in a complex mechanism. And Rena didn’t find herself very confident in using them. She began to feel uneasy, and she wondered why Jurina wasn’t with her during all these tests.

“Rena, I need you to get inside that glass tube.” Eguchi said as she pointed at a big, transparent tube located at the front row.

“Okay. And what should I do once I get inside?”

“Just do what your instinct tells you to do,” the scientist said with a smile, but her eyes were cold as ice.

This cryptic answer could only make Rena wonder even further, and doubted herself even more.

Instinct? What instinct? The only instinct Matsui Rena knew was very simple: fight, fight, and fight. It was like a natural instinct. Her animal instinct to survive. Kill, or be killed. And she always chose the first one.

Not wanting to think more about her doubt, Rena put herself inside the tube. She then stood in the middle of the platform, and waited anxiously while Eguchi locked the tube and began to operate the engine from the controller and monitoring dashboard.

There was a sound of a metal shifting right above her, causing friction against the glass tube. Rena turned her eyes upwards, and found a solid metal covering the top surface of the tube, leaving no opening for escape. The solid metal slowly moved downward, getting itself closer and closer towards the person trapped inside that tube.

Diverting her eyes quickly at the scientist, Rena tried to communicate but the later was too busy punching instructions and setting up all the necessary variables for this experiment.

Rena froze for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. What did Eguchi want her to do? Was she supposed to try to get out of this tube? Or should she just stand there and wait to see what will happen?

However, the first thing Rena did was, looking for an escape. She quickly checked the entrance through which she came inside this glass tube. Of course, it was still locked and no matter how hard Rena pushed it, it won't open. She then walked in circle along the glass wall, examining it and hoping to find a hole in it so that she could make her way out.

The large metal kept moving closer and now it was only a few inches above her head. There wasn’t much time left for Rena to think. Her instinct were kicking in again, telling her to do the most basic thing to defend herself against the closing metal.

She raised her arms high above her head, putting her hands firmly against the cold surface of the solid metal, trying to stop it from closing in. She exerted her sheer power and brute strength in the process. But soon she found it was very hard, and probably impossible, to stop the movement of this metal.

After realizing the hazard of this situation, Rena then turned her attention to the scientist again. She shifted from the center to the edge of the platform, closer to the glass that were surrounding her inside the tube.

She tried to communicate again with the scientist, but Eguchi just stood there, watching and staring back at Rena with her cold eyes. Rena began to yell and scream, knocking and punching the thick glass, but to no avail. The glass was made from a very strong material, not even a vampire as strong as Matsui Rena could break the glass.

The clock was ticking. And it was only a matter of seconds until the metal reached her at the head level. Rena didn’t have other choice than continued pushing the solid metal above her. Rena never knew the limit of her own strength, because she never encountered a moment where she had to push herself beyond her limit. She had never encountered someone who was stronger than her in term of brute strength. So now, competing against this machine, she probably would learn something about her limits.

It wasn’t pain. It was more like an uncomfortable tingle and other undescribable sensation within her muscles and nerve system that spread over her whole body, when she desperately pushed the metal up above her shoulder. That metal thing was heavy. Rena felt as if she was holding the weight of the world.

And while her body was struggling against the mechanism of the device, her mind was flooded by many questions.

What is the purpose if this test?
To know her limits?
And what was that for?
What does Eguchi want from her?
What makes her so special in the eyes of this scientist?

Rena had no idea how to find the answers for those questions. She had a feeling that Eguchi wasn’t going to give her the answers even if she asked her directly.

Jurina, where are you?
Please come and help me!

The weight and pressure that was inflicted upon her body seemed to be getting stronger and stronger in every second. And she felt her body getting weaker and weaker. She slid down to her knees, unable to support the metal thing in a standing position any longer.

Rena did not feel any pain, but she knew something was wrong with her body. She could feel her body trembling, and her muscles screaming for the physical abuse to stop. She had a hard time controlling her breath. She could see her own reflection in the surrounding glass, and she could see how her veins protruded on her forehead, temple, and down to her neck and shoulder.

The next few minutes felt like an eternal torture for Rena. The metal thing kept closing its distance with the platform beneath her. She was already kneeling on her four, trying hard to support the heavy metal on her back. She felt her body started breaking apart at this point. But still, she felt no pain, only a tingling sensation.

Slowly, Rena dropped down to floor, her eyes blurry and she began to lose her consciousness. The metal thing above her kept closing in, ready to crush her body into pieces, and grind it into sticky paste.

Rena could not imagine her body being crushed like that by a machine. It was indeed a gruesome ending for someone like her who had held a reputation as a warlord in her past life.


“I can’t believe this.”

Sitting behind his desk and working on the papers, Nishishi shook his head a few times.

“What is it?”

“It’s Takumi. He’s messing up with his work again. There are so many mistakes here and there.” Nishishi said as he proceed making correction on the papers he was working on.

“Well, we know Takumi-kun is not interested in this kind of stuff,” said the woman.

“Yes, but he has no choice. AkiP had decided that he will take part in managing our family business in the future. He never say yes or no everytime AkiP gives him tasks to do, but he keeps messing around with his work.”

Suda Akari, the woman in front of him, only nodded in sympathy.

“Have you talk to Takumi-kun?”

“I have. Many times. But he just ignored what I said.”

“You can’t force him, Nishishi. He doesn’t have the talent and the passion. Instead of pushing him, why don’t you help him and encourage him to do what he likes. Maybe if he has someone who supports him, he’ll be able to stand up for himself and speak directly to AkiP about his passion and goal.”

Those suggestions seemed to make sense for Nishishi, as he paused for a while and thought about it.

“Hmm...No, it won’t work. You know what Takumi likes? Dancing, singing, painting, playing guitar and saxophone. For AkiP, those are not real jobs. He won’t allow his boys to follow that kind of dream. Even I can’t do anything about it.” Nishishi said, putting his finger on his temple to give it a massage. He’s been working for weeks on preparing documents and other things related for moving to Shizuoka, and it would be a lie if he said he wasn’t feel tired after all of that. Although vampires are stronger than human, they still need to have enough rest and sleep.

Nishishi closed his eyes as he continued massaging his temple. But then he felt a gentle touch of a woman’s hands made contact with his skin.

Nishishi opened his eyes and found Akari was already standing behind his chair, lowering herself as she proceed giving some gentle pressures on his head and temple. That woman must have been moving very quietly there, that Nishishi didn’t hear her coming closer.

The young man soon found himself relaxing in this woman’s touch.

“You are so tense. You need a rest, Nishishi-kun.”

Letting out a moan, he replied. “Yeah, I guess so. You know I have a lot of stuff to do, especially with the opening of our new branch office in Shizuoka.”

Nishishi felt Akari’s hands moving down to his shoulder. Her hands were cold, and she put just enough pressure in the massage, not too hard, not too soft.

Letting out another moan, Nishishi continued. “AkiP wants me to stay there for one or two years….”


“And I’m worried to leave my brothers here.”


“They still need someone to watch over them.”

“......Well, I don’t think you have to worry too much about them. Mizuki and Nao will take good care of them. And Shizuoka is not that far, you can always visit them anytime.”

“I know. Thank you, Akarin.”

Feeling the man relaxing on his chair, Akari stopped the massage and was about to return to her seat.

But Nishishi grabbed her hand. Akari casted a glance at him. He gave her a coded look, and she understood what he wanted.

Nishishi got up from his chair. A smile crept across his face. He pulled Akari into his arms, and began to kiss her lips gently.

Akari did not resist as Nishishi proceed to manhandle her, pushing her body down onto his desk, making the papers fell and scattered to the floor.

The gentle kiss turned into a deeper and passionate one, with the man on the dominant side. He did not stop there as he continued devouring her neck, her ears, her shoulder. His hands also began roaming on her body underneath her shirt. Her back was pressed upon the desk, while he hovered on top of her.

“Nishishi-kun….” the woman let out a stifled moan. It was hard not to moan and scream with Nishishi touching her like this.

“Call me Yutaka, Akarin.” Nishishi said in between his kisses.


The man still continued kissing her, leaving trails of saliva on her skin.



“Please stop. Rikkie is coming here soon.”

“Huh!? Oh yeah, I forgot.” Nishishi quickly withdrew. His face showed an obvious dismay.

He straightened himself and helped the woman up from the desk.

Both of them exchanged a meaningful glance at each other. Nishishi muttered a soft but audible ‘thanks’, and Akarin replied it with a smile. No word was needed to express their gratitude and understanding towards each other.

Quickly, the two tidied up their hair and their clothes, and then picked up the papers that were scattered on the floor around the working desk.

Not long after, someone knocked on the door. Hirata Rikako, a.k.a Rikkie came into the room with a handful of papers. She greeted Nishishi and Akarin who were already sitting nicely on their seats as if nothing happened between them.

“Here’s a summary of market research in Shizuoka that you’ve asked last week.”

“Thank you, Rikkie.”

“You're welcome. Anyway, I still don’t get it why AkiP chose Shizuoka. You’ll see from this report, it is not very prospective to open a big retail store there.”

“Yeah, me too. But it’s AkiP we’re talking about. Only he knows what he’s doing.”

“Oh, so he didn’t tell you? About the reason why he chose Shizuoka?”


Rikako frowned. “That’s strange. I mean, you’re his eldest son. He should’ve told you everything about his decision.”

“Yeah, but apparently, he doesn’t feel like that. He said his decision was for a personal reason. Let’s just leave it to him as it is. It’s not like we can do anything about it anyway.”

“Okay. And when are we going to move to Shizuoka? You want all of us to come with you?”

“Mmm...No.” Nishishi said. “I need you to stay here and watch over my two little brothers. Akarin and the others will come with me.”

"Okay. But why I'm here? And why Akarin go with you?"

"It's a....personal reason." Nishishi said with a cunning smile.

“Oh...Alright...I see.” Rikako said as she stole a glance at Akari with a suspecting eyes.

Rikako was the leader of Nishishi’s troop. If someone must come with Nishishi, it was usually her. She hold a responsibility to follow Akimoto’s eldest son everywhere in order to assist and protect him.

There was an awkward silence inside the room. And Nishishi somehow managed to catch Rikako’s gesture and her suspicious stare towards Akari.

And the person who decided to break their silence was Akari, who rose up from her chair, and walked to the door.

“I’ll call Takumi-kun to come. You want to talk to him right?”

"Huh!? Oh...yeah...right.....Please get him here quick.”

Rikako just stared at Nishishi, wondering what had driven him to make this decision to replace her with Akari, moving to Shizuoka with him.

Personal reason, huh?
Well, I guess like father like son, you are, Nishishi.


The scene switched back to a pedestrian sidewalk, where a beautiful young woman sat on an outdoor seating area in front of a coffee shop.

She wasn’t particularly fond of coffee. She liked beers and wines more, and blood, of course.

But because today was special, she decided to try something new.

As she scanned around to watch her surrounding, she found herself began pondering.

There were so many people, human, walking across this city. But still, she could not find the woman she was looking for. Because that woman had lived and died more than a century ago.

Jurina knew she had to forget about her. She would never return. She would never see her face again. And she would never find someone who could replace her.

It hurt Jurina so much, to be living her life without her. But then Jurina decided to continue to live, as a vampire, as an act of gratitude towards the other person. She decided to continue to chase on her dreams, as a tribute for that person.

Matsui Jurina had turned her loneliness and sadness into a motivation and resilience to move forward and pursue her dreams.

She wanted to become someone who hold power over the world. She wanted to be someone who could influence so many people. Someone who would never be forgotten.

Jurina’s priority now was to pursue her dream. Revenge could wait a little later. In fact, she didn’t feel the urge to avenge Shinoda’s death right now. There was no point of doing that. Shinoda was already dead, and Jurina didn’t feel obliged to fight for the sake of that old man anymore. Jurina had already predicted Shinoda’s demise, so why would she waste her time to avenge his murder?

When Shinoda was still alive, Jurina wanted to succeed Shinoda in his throne. She had done everything to gain Shinoda’s trust, despite the fact that she was originating from the lowest caste in Japan. The Untouchable Caste. A caste so low that noone would want to have a skin-to-skin contact with them. Jurina had been used to people staring at her and her family, like they were pest that must be avoided whereever they go.

Even Shinoda would often overlooked her, underestimating her. Jurina must admitted that Shinoda had never put enough trust in her, despite she was being the smartest and most cunning amongst the four sisters. In fact, Jurina knew that Shinoda never meant to sire her in the place. He only sired her because Rena asked him to.

Jurina was nothing for Shinoda. A nobody.

That’s why Jurina didn’t feel anything when those hunters killed Shinoda and destroyed their mansion. She felt a bit sad, but it was only because they lost all their troops in the battle, and Shinoda didn’t left too much money and inheritance for them. Shinoda was rich for average people standard, but he wasn’t quite as ambitious. Shinoda savored power and honor more than money.

So, in fact, Jurina felt a bit happy, and relieved, when Shinoda was murdered. It meant now she was free from Shinoda’s shadow. That old lord had lived too long, and the four sisters had been living under his shadow, also too long.

Now is time for a new lord to rise.

The only things that Shinoda’s death made a difference was in the way of how Jurina should do to achieve her goals to become a lord. When Shinoda was alive, all Jurina was thinking was how to get past Umeda and Acchan in the line of succession for Shinoda’s throne. But now she didn’t have to do that anymore. Now she just had to make a new plan, and find a new alliance.

Jurina had made it become her priority, pursuing her dreams. Revenge could wait later. In fact, she could live without it.

But. But.

Rena and Umeda wanted revenge. And Jurina still needed those two because they had unique powers. Therefore Jurina decided she must play along, in order put Rena and Umechan under her control.

So now she pretended to be sad and mourning over Shinoda's death. She pretended of wanting to avenge his death. She had to pretend, over again and again.

Jurina had been living her life with so much lies and pretenses. After Shinoda sired her, 160 years ago, she began to pretend she loved Rena. Now, after Shinoda was killed, she had to pretend she mourned for him, wanting to avenge his death.

Jurina still kept a deep, plain hatred towards those hunter girls though. She hated Acchan, and Takamina, and Yuki, and Mayu, and all their friends. But not because they had killed Shinoda. No. It was because Jurina was jealous over their happiness of having found someone they loved. The thought of pure love and happiness made Jurina cringed. She wanted to stole that happiness from those people. And amongst them, it was Mayu whom Jurina hated the most; because they both were so much alike, and yet so different. Jurina hated Mayu for having to be able to move on from her tragic past and to experience a pure love that Jurina would never have.

As for Shinoda, it didn’t matter whether or not Yuki and Acchan managed to kill Shinoda. Shinoda would eventually expired. Jurina knew Shinoda had weakness, although at first she couldn’t describe what his weakness was. But now after seeing how Akimoto Yasushi maintained his dinasty, Jurina was able to make a comparison between him and Akimoto. In contrast to Akimoto, Shinoda was too old-fashioned. He had lived for 900 years, but he failed to adapt to the wave of change within each ages. Jurina remembered how Shinoda had kept a huge amount of centuries-old books in his large library, back in their mansion in Shizuoka. But now is the age of Internet, when all information can be found just with a single click, and soft-printed books will soon replace hard books.

Shinoda was born in a merchant family, he bought and sold antique goods from all over the world, and he didn’t seem to improvise his way of doing business. This world has changed a lot from what Shinoda used to know. The way people doing their business has changed. The world has become much smaller and soon there will be no boundaries between countries. The rules has changed. The players has changed. Everything will change.

If you’re not riding the wave of change, you’ll find yourself beneath it. And that was what happened to Mario Shinoda. He was not riding the wave of change, thus he found himself beneath it. Sooner or later Shinoda would be killed, either by those hunter girls, or by another group of hunters.

So, to be honest, Jurina didn’t have time to avenge Shinoda’s death. Instead, she preferred to use her time to learn and study, in order to pursue her dream. Revenge was not important anymore. Her ambition to become a lord was much bigger than her desire for revenge.

Of course, she still wanted to make those hunter girls suffered, and destroyed their happiness. But she didn’t do it for revenge. It was only for fun.

And now, after having found their new master, Jurina decided she must stay in Nagoya with this new family. She must started learning her environment. To learn who is her friend, and who is her enemy. She would have to get herself closer to AkiP, and gain his trust. And she would have to start everything from scratch, making her way slowly from the bottom to the top.

Yes that’s right.
Just take your time, J.

It would take a lot of preparation for a nice and sweet revenge. Jurina has all the time in the world. As for now, she must let those hunters live in a peace, and let them enjoy what life can offer to them before she crush it into ashes.

Until that time, Jurina must be very, very patient.


“Did you call me, brother?”

A red-haired boy came entering Nishishi’s room.

The older brother just nodded and gestured him to sit.

“I’ve checked your report. You made a lot of mistakes. I’ll give you two days to revise it before we can present it in front of the board members.” Nishishi said as he showed the papers to the boy, highlighting the mistakes.

The red-haired just silent, not showing even a slightest interest to the papers.

Nishishi took it from his brother as a sign of giving up.

“Tak-kun, I know you can do it. Read again carefully, do your homework and find your references. It’s not really that hard. Okay, three days. How about that?”


“Four days?”

“No. I don’t want to do it, Ni-nii.”

(AUTHOR NOTE: A quick Japanese lesson here. Ni-nii is a short of Nishishi-oniichan. Oniichan means older brother. Their youngest brother, Suzuru, called Takumi as Taku-nii. While oneechan means older sister. For example, Kojimako will address Haruna as Haruna-neechan, and Sakura will address Yuki as Yuki-neechan.)

Back to the scene.

“What do you mean? You have to do this, Takkun, or father will-”

“Get angry? No, he won’t…… Because you will do it for me, Ni-nii.”

Nishishi frowned. He had begun to lose his  patience, dealing with his younger brother.

“Takkun. I will give you five days. You have to do it. I’ve done my parts and showed you your mistakes. It’s your job to revise it. I have to be more strict on you now. And Suchan too, will soon learn this stuff, next year. Each of us has a job. Revise it.” Nishishi said firmly.

“No, brother. You do it for me.” The boy just wouldn’t budge.

“I saw you with Akarin last week, after the party, behind the closet room. I know your secret, Ni-nii.”

“.....What do you mean?”

“You two have been doing it secretly for a while, right? I wonder, Ni-nii, do you love her? What if I’m telling our father about your secret affair with her?”


Nishishi slammed his fist against his desk and got up angrily from his chair.

“How---how did… ?” Nishishi was stuttered because of shock and anger.

“How did I know? Well, it’s not important. The important thing is, you’re going to cover me up and help me with this report. And don't worry, I won’t tell anyone about your secret.”

Nishishi couldn’t say anything anymore. All he concerned now was how to keep his secret safe. Their father would not like it if he knew his eldest son was having an affair with one of his underlings.

“I’ll give you a week to revise this report. I know you can do it, Ni-nii.” Takumi said with a smirk before he stood up and left the room.


After leaving his brother’s room, Takumi proceed to go to the main room.

There he met Yuria who was sitting on a sofa, playing a game on her smartphone.

He turned his attention to the courtyard located in front of the building, and looked into it through the wide glass door that separated the building and the courtyard.

His little brother, Suzuru, was spotted playing his favourite sport: golf. He played it with his two companions, Nao and Rion. They often played this sport together whenever they had a chance.

And looking at how his little brother seemed to be enjoying his hobby, Takumi couldn’t help but wonder. He wondered why his father treated him differently than his brothers. Akimoto seemed to be a bit loose on Suzuru, but very strict on him, when it come to spending time for their hobbies. Was it because Akimoto wasn’t an artistic person therefore he didn’t like Takumi’s tendency into artistic hobby? Or was it because they all had different mother? Takumi couldn’t seem to find the answer.

Su-chan, next year it will be your turn. So for now, just enjoy whatever you like to do, before our father crush your dream and force you to do something you don’t like.

Takumi stared longingly at his little brother on the courtyard.

“Hey, are you alright?” Yuria asked.

Turning his gaze, Takumi smiled at Yuria.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” he said. His eyes were dreamy, but something was flashing in those eyes.

“Come on, let’s go!” Takumi suddenly grabbed Yuria and dragged her out.

“Wait, Takkun, where are we going?” asked Yuria.

“Karaoke! And cinema!” Takumi smiled wider.

“Okay, but let’s ask Mizuki first.”

“No. Just forget about her. I’m going with you.”


“What? Come on! Let’s have fun!” Takumi continued dragging the clueless girl with him. “You know, there’s a new movie released this week…!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll come. Takkun, wait!! You forget the pills!”

The weather was hot outside, and the sun was shining so brightly, that day in Sakae.



Plot twist : Jurina didn’t want to avenge Shinoda’s death! She’s just pretending again!

And her picture I posted above, it kills me :lol:
I used to love her boyish side., she can be so beautiful in that pic!

And I’m planning a lot of dramas, intrigues, blackmails, backstabbing/betrayal, and conspirations for our SKE girls here. Just like I said, this SKE group is just so gay, they have Prince Jurina, Rena, Nishishi, Furuyanagi, Kumin, and they have Kataomoi Finally  :lol:

Also, Dasu (Akarin) gets #2 in the SSK 2018. SKE rules this year! But I never see a pairing with Akarin. Why is that? I read Sasshi being paired with Kitarie, Akicha, Rabutan. Now it's time for Dasu-Nishi ship!

Also, also, I know someone in this forum who can't wait patiently for FuruYanagi to make their appearance here. Just get out of the shadow and show yourself, buddy! (No, not you, Oddball, you're already dead for me   :P )

Our innocent Kanon will appear in the next few chapters. She already graduated though. A lot of girls in this fic have already graduated. I heard Sayanee also announced graduation yesterday.



This is my thoughts about Acchan’s marriage:

I am so very happy for Acchan’s marriage. My best wishes for her always. I will continue shipping AtsuMina, but I decide to reduce the intensity of their lovey-dovey moments in this fic, and just focus to the story plot and other pairings instead. And I will also wait until my eternal kami-oshi do the same and get married. Oh wait, she has to graduate first before she’s allowed to do that. :lol:
(Yukirin, please, please just graduate already. What do you think you’re doing with those little kids up there... #sigh #sorryjustkidding)

Up until now, there are only 3 events happened within AKB, which brought much surprise and turmoil into my mind. First, when Acchan graduated in 2012. She’s the first to graduate amongst kami7. Second, the Tokyo Dome’s Great Team Shuffle in 2012. And the third is Mayuyu’s graduation. She’s the last to graduate amongst kami7.

Now, with Acchan getting married, it becomes 4 events for me, that has taken me by surprise like this. But of course, I am very, very happy and excited for Acchan. Several other members have also gotten married earlier than Acchan (source: ), including my favorite from SKE like Airin and Nishishi. Well, let’s just hope they’ll be happily ever after with their real-life partners. Those guys are so damn lucky to get women like them. I wonder how many guys (or girls, like me) have a broken heart upon their marriage. :lol:

I also think that Acchan’s decision to graduate early from AKB was the best decision she had made. Ever since she left the group, she had starred in some movies/dramas, alongside some of the popular actors in Japan, such as Shota Matsuda and Kenichi Matsuyama. She will also star in Eating Woman, alongside Erika Sawajiri. I can’t wait to watch her upcoming movies.

Now if only I could see Yukirin starring in a drama/movies along with my favorite actress, Nakama Yukie, then I’ll die happily. They have the same name after all :lol: (and same kanji, except for the 恵)
I don't watch or read too many animes/mangas, but I enjoy a lot of JDramas and JMovies.

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@ MaYukiIsLife : Mmm….I’m not sure whether your ‘Wow lol' comment is addressed to some part in my story, or it is addressed to me spazzing and fangirling over Techi. Thanks for your suggestion. I will read it soon, although I’m not familiar with anyone except Techi in Keyakizaka.

It was addressed to both lol.


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Hello, everyone!
Fast update again!

This chapter will feature a Yukirin-Tomochin combo. I’ve never seen their interaction in real life, I think probably because they’re so much different from each other. Yukirin is simple/modest (?), while Tomochin is stylish/glamorous (?). They’re highly unlikely to be paired in any fanfic. The only TomoYuki fic I remember is Virgin Love by Yuki88. It is a very good fic, fluffy and funny, but it seems the author has put her fic in a long hiatus.

Now, let’s just enjoy this update. And I have to say it again: This story is not written by me anymore. It writes itself, really! :lol:

@ Ruka Kikuchi, your oshi will make a special appearance in this chapter and next upcoming chapters  ;)

This chapter will mention a lot about guns, so I’m going to give a disclaimer beforehand.

The author of this fic never intend to encourage the usage and ownership of gun and firearm in real life. In fact, she’s pretty much on the Democrats side when it comes to gun control and ownership. If you can’t avoid having/using one, please use it wisely and only for self-defense. Owning a gun can make you feel superior and think you’re above other people. And usually it will lead to severe consequences. We’ve seen and heard a lot of news about accidental killings, mass shootings, suicides, etc. As a good citizen, it is our duty to help preventing this kind of events, and to help promoting peace everywhere (by spreading the love for 48-46 Family all around the world :lol: ).

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:

MBLAQ – This Is War

Code: [Select]



Pairing: Kashiwagi Yuki - Tomomi ltano
Special Guest Star: Akimoto Sayaka

Five days later, on Friday evening.

Our fabulous, magnificent Team Butt were ready to go out hunting tonight. They were standing near the gate outside the cemetery complex, looking badass as always. Yuki was wearing her black leather jacket over a white shirt and dark grey jeans, Mayu her signature hoodies over her school uniform, and Sasshi her red jersey. Well, not really badass actually, but at least they tried to look like one.

They were currently waiting for their newest team member to show up and join them tonight. And in order not to make that person waiting for them, they decided to come early to their designated meeting place (the cemetery).

“Do you think she will come?”

“Maybe she forgot our schedule tonight. Yuki, did you send her a reminder?”

“I did. Don’t worry, she’ll come.”

And so they waited patiently again.

“You know, guys, I was kinda surprised when Tomomi and Tomochin said they want to join our hunting. Those two are always busy with something.” Sasshi said, staring at the graveyard.

“Hm…” Yuki just nodded.

“I think maybe Tomomi is just missing her friends. She used to be close with Takamina and Miichan in highschool, right?” asked Mayu.

“Uh-huh,” replied the hetare. “Not very close with Takamina, because Taka is everybody’s friend. But with Miichan, yeah, I think she’s pretty close.”

“Oh, that’s why she chose to be in Team K. She wants to be with Miichan,” said Mayu.

It was already known to many that Takamina, Haruna, Miichan, Yuko, Sasshi, and Tomomi had attended the same high school in Shizuoka. Furthermore, the first three were born in the same hospital in this city, and had been friends even before they learned how to talk and walk. Yuko came from Tochigi after her parents died in accident. She moved in to Shizuoka to live with her grandparents, who later passed away due to old age. Tomomi and Sasshi came later on, from Gifu and Oita. In highschool, Yuko quickly become acquainted with Haruna. Tomomi developed friendship with Miichan. While Sasshi only started making friends with them after Takamina saved her from bullies. Mayu came later on to this city, after she lost her brother and parents. While Yuki and Tomochin were the last person to come to the town.

[AUTHOR NOTE: I may probably write a special flashback chapter about Takamina and her friends back in their highschool days.]

Sasshi continued to talk. “I think Tomomi has changed so much since high school. You remember that day when we saw her kissing Tomochin in the pub, in front of everyone?”

“Yeah, why?” asked Mayu, getting more interested.

“She would never do that if she was still the shy, sweet girl we knew in high school.”

“Oh really? I thought Tomomi was really that kind of person who, you know, will kiss everyone they fond of, in public space.” Mayu said wondering.

“Well, you’re wrong about her. Do you know how many boys and girls she had been dating in high school?”

“Errr… Ten?”

“No. Zero.”


“Yeah. Miichan said Tomomi was a shy girl back then. Never go out in a date.”

“Looks like she changed because of Tomochin.”

“I guess so.”

The conversation between Sasshi and Mayu continued as they talked more about TomoTomo. While Yuki just stood there in silent, listening to their conversation. Being the last person (other than Tomochin) who entered the circle, Yuki really had nothing to say about TomoTomo. That, and the fact that she was never quite observant towards her friends therefore she didn’t know much about them.

“Tomochin is a half Japanese-Russian, right? Why did she come to Japan?” asked Mayu.

“I don’t know. I've never talked to her. Ask Miichan, maybe she knows,” replied Sasshi.

Mayu muttered something and glanced at her watch.

“She kinda make me scared, you know.”

“Who? Miichan? Or Tomochin?”

“Tomochin. Don’t you think she’s quite scary, sometimes?”

“Well, I’m more scareful of my Yukirin here but, yeah, I know what you mean,” said Mayu.

(Yuki POV : Huh? Am I that scary? Is Mayu really scared of me?)

“You know there was rumour about her, when she first came to this town.” Sasshi continued.

“What is it?”

“Errrr…. It said that Tomochin was acquainted with a drug dealer named Johnny something. He’s an American. I heard that he and Tomochin had been working together in Russia and USA for several years before they came to Japan.”

“Oh really? Wow! How did you know that stuff, Sasshi?”

“I heard it from a friend in my auto-shop, whose friend was a friend of the pub’s manager where Tomomi works. Tomochin and Johnny often spent their time in the pub. And yeah, gossip spread fast in this small town. You know what happened to Johnny after they arrived here?”

“Oh! He was shot, right?”

“Yes, he was shot. The police found his body in Tomochin’s apartment. They concluded he was murdered by another gang of drug dealers.”

“Ah right, I read it on the news too. But what about Tomochin? Did the police arrest her?” asked Mayu. Now she had become very excited to hear more of the story.

“I don’t know. But as we all see, she’s free now. So I guess they didn’t arrest her because they couldn’t find evidence.”


“But rumour has it, it was Tomochin who killed Johnny.”

“Wow. So scary.”

“Yeah, and there was also another rumour about her. Before Johnny was killed, Tomochin actually got arrested a few times, but she managed to get out because they bribed the police, or they destroyed the evidence, or both, I’m not sure.”


“And once she caused a big trouble for Tomomi, by starting a fight in that pub. You know Ryuji-kun?”

“That boy who has a crush on Tomomi?”

“Yup. Tomochin punched him and broke his nose. After that, she went on punching everyone in the pub, causing a big fight.”

“Hmm… So troublesome. And that reminds me of something. Yuki also had started a fight, once in that pub.”

Now it’s Sasshi’s turn to get interested. “Oh really? When?”

“You know, that time when she thought she was under a spell…hehehe~~~”

(Yuki POV: Oh, please, guys, can we not bring that up again?)

“Yes? Yes? What happened back then? Tell me!” Sasshi got more excited.

“Yuki started a fight in that pub, all because she saw someone grabbed my butt when we were there.”

“Oh really? Wow! I didn’t know the effect of the love spell could be that much! Oh wait, there was no love spell! Hahahahaha!” Sasshi laughed out loud.

“That’s right! Hahahahaa!” Mayu also burst out into laughter.

(Yuki POV: Great! Now they talk and laugh about me like I wasn’t here.)

“Not only that. She picked me up from school and almost beat up an old man at a bus station near my school.”


“And you know, that night before she got beaten up by Gekikara? She kissed me so many times while still managed to slay all those vampires at the cemetery. Back then I thought, what’s wrong with her….LOL….She was so horny kissing me like that, and she kissed me so many times…”

“Woooaaah!!! Kiss!! Kiss!! How many times she k-”





“Stop talking or I will punch you both and break your nose.” Yuki said with a glare, after giving her two companions a good smack on their heads.

“Owwhh….” Mayu winced in pain, “You see, she’s way more scary than Tomochin.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Mayu,” Sasshi said, also wincing while rubbing her bump.

“Hey guys!” someone called out from a distance.

The three girls turned around and saw Tomochin marched towards them.

“Hey, Tomochin! How are you? We’ve been waiting for you!” greeted Mayu and Sasshi in unison, both with their cheerful smiles. Which made Yuki cringed because just a few minutes ago, these two were talking and gossiping about Tomochin, and now they acted like they were her best friends who never talk bad about her.

“I’m sorry I’m a bit late. I had something to do at my workplace.”

“It’s okay. You’re only ten minutes late.” Yuki said.

She couldn’t help but to observe the girl’s appearance at that moment. Tomochin looked very attractive wearing a white and grey shirt and a black short skirt. Over it was a pink sukajan jacket with a design on the back. Her hair was long and curly brown with pink highlights. She wore shiny red shoes and thick leopard-print leg warmers. Other accessories she wore were large earrings, white belt, and a hot-pink fingerless gloves. Around her waist underneath her jacket, was hanging an accessories which Yuki couldn’t figure out what. And her skirt was very short, too short in fact, which made Yuki wondered if this girl seriously wanted to join their hunting or not. She really could not imagine Tomochin fights wearing that kind of clothes.

[AUTHOR NOTE: I copied Tomochin’s oufit description from here.]

“Wow! Tomochin-san, you look fabulous!” Mayu said with a blinking eyes.

“Oh why, thank you, Mayu-chan. You look...err… cute too…. in that hoodies,” replied Tomochin.

“Anyway, before we start, Yuki, can you explain how we’re going to do our jobs tonight?” asked the duck-lips girl.

“We’re...uuhh…. hunting vampires, and slaying them….” answered Yuki not so confidently.

“Yeah, of course, I know that, but how? What’s the plan?”

“Err….we...walk around this cemetery, and kill those things if they appear.” Yuki managed to answer.

“Mmm, okay. How about the rules? What should we do and shouldn’t do?” asked Tomochin again.

“Oh… About that, actually, we haven’t decided. Let’s talk about it later.”

“Okay.” Tomochin smiled. (This girl is really not a leader-material, is she?)

“And one more thing, Yuki, there are four of us in this team. There must be some kind of jobs delegation right? I know you’re the one who does most of the fighting, but what about them?” asked Tomochin, looking at the other two comrades.

“They help me, in some way,” said Yuki, also looking at the two.

“Yeah, in what way?” Tomochin asked further.

Yuki had no idea so she just signaled her two comrades to answer it themselves.

Sasshi went first to answer. “I help Yuki….errr…..collecting the stuff, you know, the remaining of those vampires and their belongings… And I help carrying this bag too!” said Sasshi. “Look, this bag is very heavy! Yuki cannot carry it because she’s too busy fighting. Right, Yuki?”

The raven girl nodded with a reassuring smile and meaningful look. “Yeah. You’re right, Sasshi. Thanks for helping me with that bag. You’ve been very, very helpful to me.”

Tomochin seemed to be not quite satisfied with Sasshi’s answer but she didn’t ask more question at the hetare.

Now she turned her attention to the Cyborg.

“And you, Mayu, what is your job here?”

The Cyborg opened her mouth ready to answer, but stopped in mid-way as a realization hit her right on the spot: she never really had a thing to do to help Yuki. Most of the times, she just sat quietly on a bench and watched as Yuki fought those vampires. Other times she’d just draw a sketch whenever she got bored.

“I…..I….uuhh…. I help Yuki….doing...err…..” the Cyborg stuttered as she tried hard to find and give an answer.

(Oh crap, what do I do here to help Yuki? Why did I never think about this before?)

Mayu threw her stare at Yuki, asking the older girl to help and defend her.

However, Yuki just shrugged and said, “Actually, we don’t know what she’s doing here. Let’s just kick her out of this team.”

Mayu’s jaw were dropped as she heard those words.

“Eeeeehhh!!!!?? Yuki, you meanie!!!!”

Yuki stared and smirked menacingly at Mayu and mouthed, “Useless.”

The Cyborg was dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Tomochin just stared at those three original Team B members with a ridiculous look in her eyes.

(A leader who can fight but cannot lead.
A hetare whose job is collecting stuff and carrying a heavy bag.
And a Cyborg whose job is… only God knows what it is.
Geeez….This team is such a fail!
I wonder how they managed to survive for so long.
They really need someone like me in this team.


Meanwhile in Kobe.

Akimoto Sayaka was preparing to leave the city. She packed a few clothes and other necessary stuff inside her duffel bag, while putting her laptop and documents inside her backpack. She also had some unusual stuffs in her backpack: a binocular, a taser, two handcuffs, her police badge and identity card, and lots of bullets.

She then went on wearing her casual clothes which consisted of buttoned white shirt and trousers. Over it, she wore a bullet-proof vest and a gun holster attached on her waist. She then put her gun in the holster. And finally, she put on a long coat which kept her gun hidden from anyone’s sight.

Officer Akimoto Sayaka was currently hot on her trail to catch Sae’s killer and put them in prison. That case on Miyazawa was already closed more than two years ago because his body was never found and there wasn’t enough evidence to resolve the murder. But Sayaka was not willing to give up and let it go. Sae was missing three years ago, in Hiroshima. He then re-appeared in front of Sayaka a year later. And that would be the last time Sayaka ever saw him. The case was closed once again with the allegation of being a suicide case.

But now after Sayaka met a woman named Umeda Ayaka, Sayaka believed she had found new leads to follow. And it brought her to conduct her own investigation upon another woman named Kashiwagi Yuki. Umeda claimed she had seen Kashiwagi and Miyazawa having a fight on the last day Miyazawa was spotted alive in Shizuoka.

Sayaka had been spending several weeks to collect all information she could find about Kashiwagi. She managed to persuade her colleagues in Hiroshima and Shizuoka, in order to disclose their local database criminal records to her. From there she learned that Kashiwagi Yuki had been arrested once on the charge of Sae’s suspected murder. But due to lack of evidence, the girl was released without being charged with the crime. And recently just a few months ago, she got arrested again, this time in Shizuoka, on the charge of getting involved in some illegal street fighting, but soon was released after her friends bailed her out.

And all these findings only made Sayaka believed even more, that Kashiwagi Yuki was guilty for Sae’s murder. The fact that Yuki was into an illegal street fights also proved Umeda’s statement about her, in which she accused Yuki as being a violent person with a case of anger management issue and aggressive behavior disorder.

So now after collecting all the necessary evidence and information about her target, Sayaka decided to go to Shizuoka to settle this, once and for all. She had called in sick, and was hoping her boss and colleagues would believe her. She knew she was going rogue this time, but she didn’t have a choice but to do this.

Sayaka took her backpack and duffel bag, ready to leave. She walked out from her bedroom, and went to see Umeda at the guest room.

“I’m leaving now. Stay here, you’ll be safe.”

“You’re leaving to Shizuoka?” asked Umeda.

Sayaka nodded. “Don’t go anywhere until I come back. Lock the door and windows. My friend will come here everyday to check on you and bring you food. Just tell her if you need anything.”

“Okay,” the woman complied.

Just before Sayaka left, Umeda stopped her. “Wait, Akimoto-san….. Be careful, she’s dangerous. I’m afraid after killing Sae, she’s going to kill his little sister too.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. And I won’t let her kill Mayu, I promise.”

Umeda stared at Sayaka with a worrying but thankful eyes, in which Sayaka replied with a smile.

Sayaka then proceed getting to her car in the parking basement.

She opened her smartphone and called a number.

“Yuttan! I’m leaving now, to Shizuoka. Please watch my witness for me, okay? I’ll be gone for a week……No, just tell them I’m sick. Thanks. Bye.”

She then got inside her car and drove off to Shizuoka.


Back in Shizuoka.
At the cemetery.

Four girls were spotted walking around through the graveyard. They were hunting for vampires who would usually rise up from their coffins after being sired by another vampire before they died.

After several minutes of waiting and walking around, few coffins behind them and in front of them began to open with hands and fingers clawing from inside it, wanting to get their bodies out into the moonlight.

“Okay, get ready, Tomochin.” Yuki said as she straightened herself and stepped forward cautiously.

“Let’s do this together. I’m going left, and you’re going-- ….. Tomochin?”

Yuki turned around to search for the other girl, only to find Tomochin already spurred into action, spurting towards a large group of vampires.

Yuki was stupefied upon seeing the sight. The duck-lips girl were fighting so bravely (almost like foolishly), kicking and punching everyone and everything that was getting in her way. Her short skirt was lifted up every time she jumped and kicked someone, resulting on the exposure of what was underneath that skirt. It was such a nice treat for everyone’s eyes.

“WOW!” Sasshi stared amazed, mimicking the famous Owen Wilson’s wow meme.

“Yeah. WOW!” Mayu seconded it.

“Looks like you don’t have to do anything now, Yuki.” Sasshi said.

“It seems so,” muttered Yuki. She had her arms crossed in front of her chest as she stood silently, observing Tomochin’s performance.

The fight was quite interesting to watch. Tomochin seemed to be very familiar with street-fighting and hand-to-hand combat, as she managed to knock down most of her enemies. It was surprising that such a small, petite body could garner so much strength inside. Yuki could sense Tomochin’s fists were hot from a desire to release its inner power. Something must have happened in her past life, that made the girl kept so much anger inside her.

However, Yuki noticed something different with her style. It seemed as though she was wasting too much of her energy. Instead of waiting for her enemies to come closer, Tomochin preferred to came rushing at them right away, without bothering to observe her situation first. Indeed, Tomochin’s fighting style could be summarized in only a few words: punch and kick everyone in front of you. As a result, Tomochin received most hits on her back. She’s definitely lacking on her defense. And Yuki figured it would be a good idea to try and help Tomochin in that department, probably giving the girl some advices on martial arts techniques.

More vampires were rising, and many of them came at Tomochin making a circle around her. Yuki didn’t wait for more as she then jumped right in to help her new comrade.

The duo took a back-to-back position, covering each other. Both held their fists up in front of them, keeping their guard up as they eyed their enemies.

Tomochin looked as if she wanted to spring and attack first. Yuki was more calculating though.

“Tomochin, don’t waste your time, just kill them as fast as you can.” Yuki whispered over her shoulder.


The two then stepped aside to make a space for themselves before fighting their enemies.

Someone let out a war cry. And what happened next was a riot. Punches were thrown. Kicks were sent. Stifled groans. Painful screams. Bodies flying in the air. Lots of cursing, and sounds of broken bone filled the air.

Someone tackled Yuki to the ground. She was then quickly surrounded and hovered by lots of vampires. She decided it’s time to take out her stake and knife to finish them faster. However, just when she was about to do that, she heard a not-so-familiar sound.






What the hell!?

Fear and anxiety flooded Yuki’s mind quickly. One gunshot’s usually just a warning. But two, three, and more gunshots meant rampage! Someone is going for a killing spree!

Panicking, Yuki pushed the bodies of vampires who were stacking up on top of her in order to get a clear sight of what was happening…....

….....And she was stunned....

BANG!!  BANG!!  BANG!!!   BANG!!! 

…....As she found the duck-lips girl standing there, aiming and firing her gun nonstop at the vampires.

That duck-lips girl stood firmly. Her face showed no hesitation as she pulled the trigger over and over. Everytime after releasing two or three shots, she would shift a bit and change her orientation, aiming her gun at different targets. Her shots were surprisingly precise and accurate. The vampires were falling over to the ground, one by one.

Yuki was in a moment of stun. She felt as if she was watching a live-action movie about sheriffs, cowboys, and gunslingers.

Standing not too far away, two girls were also jaw-dropping upon witnessing this bizarre scene.

“Wow. Do you see that? Wow.” Sasshi muttered.

“Yeah. Wow.” Mayu replied with her mouth agape.

Meanwhile, Yuki was still on the ground, startled. She had no idea whether she should continue to fight, or just run for cover instead.

“Yuki, move away!” the gunslinger girl shouted.

Yuki looked up, only to see Tomochin aiming at her.

The raven girl gulped. Her eyes bulged out.

What the-- ? Is she going to shoot-



A vampire who was standing close behind Yuki fell over with a hole on his forehead. It turned out Tomochin was aiming at him.

Yuki stared at her new comrade, unable to quite believe that she had just aimed her gun at her. And it was even harder to believe that Tomochin was able to shoot the vampire without hurting Yuki. Could it be that Tomochin had a superhuman power, like a bullet-bending ability? Yuki really had no idea.

“Move away, Yuki! Quick!!” Tomochin shouted again.

Yuki had no time for a second thought. She quickly rolled over.

And there, sitting on the ground, Yuki could only watched as the duck-lips girl continued her action, shooting the vampires down one by one. She didn’t dare to move, afraid that she would get in the direction of the gunpoint, and get shot accidentally by Tomochin. So Yuki chose to just sit there and watch.

Yuki didn’t how long the minutes had passed, and how many bullets Tomochin had fired. Yuki remembered Takamina said the gun only holds 19 bullets inside the magazine, but it seemed as if Tomochin never ran out of bullets. And then Yuki noticed that after several shots, Tomochin would paused and slid the magazine on her gun, and replaced it with a new magazine. It seemed that Tomochin had several spare magazines with her.

Finally, there’s only one last vampire standing. Tomochin smirked as she stared and locked her gun at him. And then, with a single click on the trigger, she released a speeding bullet right through his heart. The vampire was blasted a few meters behind, and then dropped to the ground, lifeless.

The duck-lips girl straightened her composure. She was now standing in the middle of the graveyard, with bodies lying on the ground all around her. A smile of satisfaction crept across her lips. She had just demonstrated a very rare talent and skill in gunslinger.

Still smiling, Tomochin then twirled her gun a few times like a pro before putting it back into her holster.

Wait! A holster?
So she’s been carrying her gun all night long, without anyone noticing?
Oh my!

Yuki stared at Tomochin with a disbelief look.

“Are you okay?” Tomochin asked her.

“Y—yeah.” Yuki said with a gulp.

The raven slowly brought herself up from the ground. Her heart was still beating so fast after witnessing such a thrilling scene.

“Oh damn! I’m wasting too many bullets. The Midget will scold me after this.” Tomochin said.

Yuki took a closer look at Tomochin’s waist. It turned out that the unknown accessories hanging on her waist was actually a concealed holster.

“Yuki, don’t just freeze like that. We still need to kill these vampires. They’re not dead yet.” Tomochin spoke.

Still in a daze, Yuki looked around. She saw lots of vampires on the ground. They were crawling, creeping, groveling. Some were trying to stand up. Few were lying lifeless on the ground, because Tomochin had successfully shot them right on their hearts.

The bullets didn’t kill all of the vampires, but it managed to weaken them. Now it was much easier for our hunters to kill them.

Yuki then took out her stake and proceeded killing the vampires, finishing Tomochin’s job.

Mayu and Sasshi slowly came closer towards them, stepping their feet carefully as they made their way across the graveyard, trying not to step on the vampires’ bodies lying on the ground.

The hetare and the Cyborg were obviously in the same state as Yuki, bedazzled and bewildered.

“Are you guys, okay?” asked Tomochin.

“Y--yeah.” Sasshi and Mayu replied nervously.

“Anyway, Yuki, don't you bring your gun? Why didn’t you use it?” Tomochin turned to the raven.

“I do. I put it inside my bag.” Yuki said, pointing at the heavy bag that was on Sasshi’s back.

Tomochin scoffed. “If you put it inside your bag like that, you won’t have enough time to take it out when you need it.”

“I don’t think we will need to use it too often, anyway.” Yuki said with a frown. She was clearly not happy with Tomochin’s action tonight. Yuki thought it was too reckless. And she was sure that even without using the gun, they would still be able to beat and kill these vampires.

“Besides, the bullets are expensive. We need to save it.”

Tomochin just shrugged, “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry, I got a bit too carried away.”


Suddenly there was a rustling sound from a bushes nearby.

The two hunters were quickly alarmed. Yuki raised her stake again, her guard was up and she was all ears.

Tomochin too, did what she thought was the best, that is, drawing her gun fast from its holster, and aiming it at the bushes.

Sasshi and Mayu, who happened to be standing near the bushes, let out a shriek as they saw a gun being aimed at their direction.

Mayu even jumped onto Sasshi, and the two girls ended up hugging each other, trembling in fear.

A squirrel (and I mean a real squirrel, not the squirrel-Yuko) was spotted scurrying away from the bushes, passing near the two frightened girls.

A chuckle escaped from Tomochin’s lips, “Hehe! A squirrel!”

She lowered her gun a bit, and went to check the bushes while still holding the gun in a combative manner.

She then went back to her comrades. “There’s nothing here. It’s just a squirrel.”

Yuki stared at her, frowning.

“What?” asked Tomochin.

“Anoo….Could you please put your gun down? Look, you’re scaring our comrades here.” Yuki said, pointing at the two girls who were cowering in fear like scaredy cats.

“Huh!? Oh, right. Sorry,” said Tomochin.

She then looked at the two scaredy cats, who just stared back at her rather nervously. 

“Oi, you two, no need to be scared like that. I’m not going to accidentally shoot you. FYI, this gun has a trigger safety mechanism, firing pin safety, and drop safety. It’s very safe. Here. Take a look. There is a tab in front of the trigger. It prevents accidental discharges because the trigger must be pulled in a certain way for the gun to fire.” Tomochin said as she hold the gun in front of her, demonstrating how to pull the trigger.

“Really? You seem to know a lot about guns,” Yuki said.

“Uh-huh. This is a semi-automatic, 9mm Glock 26.” Tomochin said as she turned the gun in her hand over from side to side, examining it. “It’s very popular in USA. I spent my teenage-hood in California. There were a lot of gang wars there. Most of them had guns. So I know a lot about this stuff.”

The three girls were dumbfounded. They could not imagine what it’s like, living in California and having to witness all those gang wars.

Tomochin continued, “I’m surprised Takamina knows how to choose the best handgun. Glock is good for beginner and advanced users. But I still prefer Smith & Wesson. It has better accuracy, and it fits and feels better in my hand.”

The three girls were dumbfounded even more. They had no idea how to respond to that.

“Ah, sorry I talk too much. Now, are we finished? Can we go home now?” Tomochin asked.

“Sure, let’s just go home now,” Yuki nodded, still feeling dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Sasshi, who had just recovered from her shock, rubbed her head and muttered. "Well, well, well, looks like we just got ourselves a new marksman."

"Yeah, you're right, Sasshi. And you know what, now I think Tomochin is indeed more scary than my Yukirin," Mayu said, also rubbing her head.

And with that they all went home and called it a night.

However, later that night after Tomochin arrived at her apartment, she received a text message from Yuki, asking if Tomochin could give her a tutorial on guns and shooting. Tomochin replied with a yes. Both girls then agreed to have their first training session on the next Sunday.


Akimoto Sayaka arrived that evening in Shizuoka. The first thing she did was looking for a motel to stay. She was planning to stay in this town for a week. That would be the longest time possible for her to be skipping work. Her boss, Captain Noro Kayo, was a very strict person. She would not allow her squad members to skip work without any logical reason, much less to go rogue and carry out investigation without her consent.

Sayaka was aware about the consequences, but she chose to continue her plan. Mayu’s life might be in danger if she didn’t come and safe her in time. So Sayaka decided to do this and just deal with her punishment later.

Sayaka chose a motel located just a few blocks near Yuki and Mayu’s apartment. Once she was inside, she quickly unpacked her bags and setup her working environment. Turning on her laptop, she opened a computer program and entered her current coordinates. An image appeared on her screen, showing a close view of the road in front of Yuki and Mayu’s apartment building. The program was very similar like Google Earth, but it has much more sophisticated features. However, this program still had limitation as it didn’t cover the whole apartment.

Sayaka spent her first day observing the area around the targeted apartment. Hiding behind a curtain on a window inside her motel room, she watched her targets secretly using a binocular, and took pictures of them using her non-flashing camera. The first time Sayaka saw Mayu from a far, she was very glad because it was exactly the same person as the one she was looking for: Miyazawa Sae’s younger sister. Mayu’s face didn’t change much from when she was still a kid. She was still looking cute and flawless with her cyborg-like face.

After making sure she had found the right person, Sayaka continued spying on the other girls. It seemed that Mayu had been living there together with several other girls, who are mostly on their early twenties. Amongst those girls, she noticed a midget with a boyish appearance, a girl with a squirrel-like face, and a tall girl who liked to doze off in a wrong time and a wrong place. She saw those girls coming in and out of the apartment but she didn’t find anything suspicious about them. She didn’t know these girls were hunters, and she didn’t know about the ‘private investigator and detective agency’ stuff the girls were working on.

However, Sayaka couldn’t help but feel worried when she noticed how Mayu seemed to be quite close to Kashiwagi Yuki, the person whom she accused to be guilty for Sae’s death. Mayu seemed to be hanging around with Yuki quite often. In the morning, afternoon, and evening, Mayu and Yuki would go out together, be it to the market, convenience store, amusement park, or other places. And Sayaka would follow them secretly from behind. Sayaka initially wanted to reveal herself in front of Mayu and Yuki, but she chose to wait because she noticed how Mayu was acting so happy and cheerful around Yuki.

Sayaka then remembered what Umeda had told her before.

Umeda  : “I think Kashiwagi had also turned his little sister against him. Maybe she had brainwashed her or something, and tricked her into hating her own brother.”
Umeda  : “Akimoto-san….. Be careful, she’s dangerous. I’m afraid after killing Sae, she’s going to kill his little sister too.”

Oh my God, what if Umeda was right?
What if Kashiwagi Yuki had brainwashed Mayu and put that poor Cyborg under her control?
Oh my God. Oh my God.
I have to save Mayu before it’s too late.

That was what Sayaka had in her mind, as she continued watching those girls secretly from afar. She then decided, she had to find an opportunity to approach Mayu when she was not with Yuki, in order to have a private talk with that poor Cyborg.


Sunday afternoon.

Tomochin came to the girls’ apartment to have a private training session with Yuki, just as she promised.

Takamina welcomed Tomochin at the front door and invited her inside.

“Hi, Tomochin, I’m glad you’re coming,” said Takamina.

“Hi, Takamina, nice to see you too,” replied the guest.

Takamina secretly stole a glance at Tomochin’s finger, trying to check if the girl was wearing a specific kind of ring. Much to her dismay, Tomochin was wearing her pink fingerless gloves, and therefore Takamina couldn’t see what was beneath the gloves. Tomochin might be or might not be wearing that ring on her finger, underneath the gloves.

“Come, I’ll show you our training room.” Takamina said while still maintained a fake smile on her face.

Tomochin followed Takamina to the said room. And there she found Yuki standing in front of the shooting targets, aiming her gun at those objects.

“Hi, Tomochin,” greeted Yuki.

“Hi, Yuki. Wow, I didn’t know you guys have a training room like this.”

Tomochin roamed her eyes around inside the training room. She was quite surprise to see all those equipment and devices inside the room. At one corner there were several punching bags, mattress, and a ring for boxing/sparring session. At other corner they had equipments and weapons such as bo-staff, crossbows and arrow, knifes, nunchakus, sais, etc. At the third corner they put a desk and chairs where the girls could take a rest in between their training session. Lastly, the one which occupied most of the room, was this shooting practice area. It consisted of several lines where a person would stand at one end, with the shooting objects at the other end of the line.

Although Tomochin wasn’t very fond of regular physical training, she found herself quite feel at home. She had never told anyone about her life in California. It was a tough life. Her father was an immigrant, originating from Russia. He was a drug dealer, a member of an international crime syndicate. When he was sent by his boss to visit Japan, he had a brief romance with a Japanese woman, and leaving her pregnant. However, he came back and kidnapped the baby girl. The baby girl was Itano Tomomi a.k.a. Tomochin. Since her earliest days, Tomochin had learned how it feels to live in a dangerous world. She had experienced being bullied. She had to indulge in street fighting many times, against gang members from many different groups of races/ethnicities including White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, etc. During those times, she had no choice other than to learn how to protect and defend herself. All those bad experiences had contributed largely to her aggressive behavior, being easily provoked and annoyed when something didn't go her way. Only after she moved to Japan and met with Tomomi, her life started to change and she became a better person.

And now, Tomochin was eager to make friends with these hunter girls. That’s why she accepted Yuki’s request to help her practicing with the gun.

“Takamina and Sasshi bought all these stuffs for us. They've prepared everything so that we can train and improve our fighting skill. You should come here often if you want, and practice with us.” Yuki said as she watched Tomochin wandering around the room, admiring all those equipment.

“That would be great. Okay, I’ll come every Sunday.”

Yuki nodded with a smile.

“Where is Tomomi? She's not coming with you?” the raven asked suddenly.

“No. She has something important to do today.” Tomochin replied nonchalantly. “So, can we begin now?”

“Sure. Let’s begin, Tomochin.”


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I forgot to attach a picture of our badass Tomochin.
Here she is.
Just imagine her with a gun.

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Tomochin is so cool~ Like a K-pop star, she just oozes with cool aura. ^w^

Yukirin and Tomochin together is really nice!

Also, nice to see Sayaka here as well. (She is my OG kami-oshi after all. x3)

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@ RukaKikuchi : I know right!? Tomochin gives off the aura of a KPop star!

If you remember one of my pollings here:

Polling #4. Who do you want to be Jessica Jung's enemy and to fight with?

1. Yuki         (3 votes)
2. Acchan     (4 votes)
4. Rena        (5 votes)
5. Tomochin (3 votes)

Most readers voted for Rena to fight against Jessica. But no, they chose wrong, because Rena is only for Yuki (in term of fighting/sparring/kissing). YukiXRena fight on the cliff should be the most epic fight in Season 2. As for Jessica, I have decided even long before I made that poll, that her contender will be Tomochin. She’s the only one in the 48 Family whose ‘coolness factor’ is on par with those of KPop stars. :lol:

The New Anti-Pairings

- Tomochin / Jessica             : both are fashionable and very popular (being public figures) in their respective country  (type of fight: girly fight)

I don't know why but I can’t stop grinning, imagining TomochinXJessica fight each other while wearing their high heels and skirts, throwing pots and vases at each other. Sica will need help from her BFF (Tiffany) to save her from the badass Tomochin. :lol:

Here is a picture of Tomochin with Jessica.

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This chapter will be a bit edgy, as I’m experimenting with Tomochin’s and Sayaka’s character and how their relationships with Yukirin will bloom. Sayaka’s character and backstory have been already decided. However, I’m still figuring out Tomochin’s backstory. Therefore I apologize if you find her character here to be a bit over the top. I got the idea of Tomochin being raised in California, from this. Despite having a cool aura, Tomochin actually has a nurturing side too. Maybe she’ll be the next in line to get married, after Acchan. :D

There will be lots of Yukirin-Tomochin moments here, which I enjoyed to write because I love them very much. I love Shibuya-Sado relationship and their dynamic in MJGK 1, and I initially wanted to write something about Shinoda-Tomochin here, but alas, Shinoda had already died in Season 1   :bleed eyes:

WARNING: Beware of mild language and lots of cursing. If you can’t imagine our idols swearing and cursing, then just picture someone else or original characters for the following scenes.



Pairing: Kashiwagi Yuki - Tomomi ltano
Special Guest Star: Akimoto Sayaka

Sunday afternoon, in the training room, Yuki and Tomochin started their training session.

(A/N: This scene is a direct continuation from what we’ve left off at the end of Chapter 16).

“First thing first, I’m going to show you how it works.” Tomochin said as she put her gun, the 9mm Glock 26, onto the desk and began to dismantle its parts.

“This is a semi-automatic gun, it only fires one time every time you pull the trigger. There is a fully-automatic type of gun, but I’ll save the explanation for another day.”

Yuki just nodded as she listened attentively to her new ‘teacher’.

“Let’s check the bullet first. This is the cartridge. It has gunpowder inside. This is the primer. When you pull the trigger, it will hit the primer hard enough and make the gunpowder explode, and as a result the bullet will shoot out. Now check the gun. This is the magazine. We put the bullets inside the magazine. You will have to reload this magazine every time you run out of bullets. This part is called barrel. And here is the chamber, where a cartridge is readied to be shot. The caliber refers to the size of internal diameter of the guns barrel. For this gun it’s 9 mm caliber.”

Yuki let out a frown. “Am I supposed to memorize all of this?”

“No. You can look it up later by yourself. Everything is on the Internet. Just make sure you get the right size when you buy the bullets and spare magazines. Do you know how to reload the magazine?”

The apprentice nodded. “I do, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right or not.”

“Okay, show me.”

Yuki put her gun on the desk and then carefully put the bullets inside the magazine while Tomochin’s watching her. It needed a few minutes for Yuki to reload it as she was still struggling with the mechanism of the device.

“If you push it like that you’re going to hurt your thumb. Use the bullet to push the previous bullet down first,” said Tomochin. “Watch me.”

She proceed to demonstrate the action in a swift motion, and with such ease. The way she handled the gun was very smooth and comfortable, as if she was only playing with children toys.

“While you’re out in the field, you need to do it faster and with the gun still pointed at the direction where the threat comes from. Your enemies won’t wait until you finished reloading your gun to attack you.” Tomochin repeated her demonstration but this time with her position standing.

“See? Do it like that. Are you right-handed or left-handed?”

“I’m right-handed.” Yuki replied then tried to imitate what Tomochin did earlier, stacking the bullets one by one into the magazine.

“Ouch!!!” She drew her thumb which seemed to just got hurt in the process.

“See? You’re going to hurt your thumb. Push it using the bullet, not your thumb.”

Yuki did as she was told. She managed to do it within a minute.

“Well, it could be faster.” Tomochin said with a smirk.

“I know. “I’ll practice more.”

“Next lesson. Shooting.”

The two girls stood on the line in front of the shooting target, each holding their own guns.

Yuki was about to put an ear-muff around her ears, but her ‘teacher' stopped her.

“No, no, no. Don’t use your ear-muff.”

“Eh!? Why?”

“The sooner you get used to the sound, the better it will be. It’s the fastest way to do this. Using ear-muff will only slow down your learning curve, and you’ll still be facing trouble when you’re out there having confrontation against real enemies.”

“Ooookay…” Yuki complied like an obedient student. Not that she could argue with Tomochin anyway. The girl seemed to know a lot about guns.

“Now, give me your best shot.” said Tomochin.

A small huff escaped from Yuki’s lips as she assumed her shooting stance. Holding it carefully using both hands, she raised the gun and aimed it at the shooting target. She closed one eye, trying to draw an imaginary straight line between her gun and the target. She bit her lips nervously, fidgeting. She was hesitating to pull the trigger, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the other girl.


The loud sound and the impulse of the gunshot gave Yuki a sudden shock as her body jerked backward. Her ears were deafened by the sound.

Both girls looked at the target, and found the bullet didn’t hit the target. It was clear to Tomochin that Yuki wasn’t familiar at all with gunshooting.

“You’re too tense, Yuki. Just relax.” Tomochin slid quietly behind Yuki. “Now aim again.”

Yuki raised her gun and aimed it, in a similar position that she had done previously.

Tomochin then proceed observing Yuki’s posture, circling around the girl while giving some advices and making corrections.

“You aim too high.”

“Bend your knees lower.”

“Put your arm straight.”

At one point, Tomochin had to put herself very close to Yuki in order to help the girl fix her stance. And then, the scent of human blood (Yuki’s scent) would be flooding into her nostril, and Tomochin had to pause herself for few seconds, trying to get rid of the temptation. Yuki had several small cuts on her arms and shoulders as a result of their hunting last night, which she didn’t bother to tend to. With Yuki only wearing a tanktop on this hot day, those wounds were clearly visible. It had some dried blood on it, making Tomochin almost lose herself and vamp out and jump at Yuki, and plant her fangs on the raven’s neck. However, after some necessary struggling, Tomochin managed to take a hold of herself.

Standing behind the taller girl, Tomochin closed her eyes and took a deeper breath. Yuki’s scent was indeed very tempting.

“Keep your body straight. And lean forward a bit,” said Tomochin licking her lips.

“Now, fire!”


Yuki released a shot.

And still, Tomochin could see the hesitation behind her action. She figured she had to do something to help Yuki later on that.

“Let’s work on the shooting stance first. The position you hold right now is called isosceles stance. There are two other basic stances, weaver stance, and fighting stance. I’m going to show you how to do it naturally. And then you can pick your own favorite stance.” Tomochin said.

She then drew her gun from the holster and assumed a shooting stance.

“This is the isosceles stance. It’s the default stance, a natural position. You face your target squarely. Set your feet apart at shoulder width. Flex your knees. Lean your body from your waist towards the target. Extend your arms to form an isosceles triangle. This position is good for its accuracy and side-to-side stability, but it lacks front-to-rear balance.”

Changing her position, Tomochin continued.

“Now this is the weaver stance. You blade your body, placing your dominant foot in the back side, while the supporting foot on the front side. Place your dominant arm on the firing side, and bent your non-dominant arms. This is a very stable position, but it may lead to an opening in your body, and your enemies can shoot you right to the heart.”

She then shifted her position again and said. “Now this is the fighting stance. It is a mix of the previous two stances.”

“Try each stance, and find which one is the most comfortable for you,” said Tomochin. “You can also improvise your own stance. But you have to be consistent with it.”

They spent several minutes to work on the shooting stance. It seemed Yuki didn’t have too many problem with her stance. She was a fighter, and already mastered several martial arts before. This shooting stance was not too different from her usual fighting stance.

Tomochin realized the problem was on something else, and it’s more of mental problem than physical. That problem being, Yuki’s lacking the will to fire and shoot her bullets.

“Yuki, I want to ask you something.” The duck-lips girl put herself in front of Yuki.

Now they were standing face to face, with Tomochin’s crossing her arms and looking up due to their height difference.

“What is your favorite weapon, Yuki?” asked Tomochin.


“Oh, how classic! Are you a samurai?”

“My grand, grand, grandparents were samurais.”

“When did you start training with sword?”

“I don't remember. My parents trained me with a wooden sword when I was 9 or 10.”

“What is the level of your swordsmanship?”

“I’m quite masterful, I think. Do you want me to show you?”

“Nooo…. I can see that you are, quite masterful with sword. But Yuki, gun is not much different than sword. Gun is much easier to learn than katana. So why can’t you do it? Why are you hesitating? Tell me the reason. Do you hate gun? Or do you have a traumatic experience with gun?”

“No….it’s just……It’s because… I think gun is just too lethal, and too instantaneous. When I fight someone, I like to give them time to recover after each blows. And using sword, I can use only the back side to avoid killing my enemies. But I can’t do that with gun.”

Tomochin smirked. She understood Yuki’s stance on guns and where it was coming from. Yuki most likely couldn’t stand the thought of being able to kill someone in a split second.

“Do you think sword isn’t more lethal than gun?” asked Tomochin.


“Then I must say, you’re wrong. You see, Yuki, sword can be just as lethal as gun. All weapon can be lethal if their users know how to use them. Even a woman’s hairpin can kill a man. All weapons are neutral. It only depend on their users.”

“Yuki, have you killed someone before?” Tomochin asked again, intensifying her stare at Yuki.

“I killed a lot of vampires.”

“No, I mean human. Have you killed human before?”

“……No.” Yuki said frowning. “….I’ve...I’ve never killed human before.”

"I’m sure someday you will encounter that day when you are forced to take the decision, to kill a human." Tomochin just smirked as she continued to stare at Yuki.

"Of course, I figure I will, someday," replied Yuki. She began to feel uneasy. She didn’t know where the other girl was going with this conversation. And the way Tomochin stared at her made her feel tensed.

“Have you undergone a near-death experience? Have you experienced, nearly getting killed by someone?”

Still frowning, Yuki replied. “Y—yes…..A few times.”

That question only rang a bell inside Yuki’s mind. It reminded her to something she really wanted to forget: her nearly-death experience when she battled the vampire lord last year.

“And do you remember how it feels? Do you remember how painful it is? To be suffering in a horrible pain, and wishing for that one last strike to come and put you to death, but it never came. Tell me, Yuki, if you’re going to get killed by someone again, do you want to die quickly? Or do you want to die slowly in pain?”

Yuki blinked. She was lost for words. Tomochin’s words had hit her right on the spot. Back then when she was battling Shinoda, on the peak of her suffering, in a moment of weakness, she actually wished for Shinoda to give her a quick and honorable death. But the lord never gave her that. He preferred beating her around and torturing her instead, for a reason Yuki would never know. Maybe Shinoda just wanted to play around a bit with her before he would finish her off. Sadly for him, it was a decision that would cost his life. By not giving Yuki a quick death, he actually gave Yuki some more time to stay around and live longer, until Atsuko came to her aid. And even now Yuki still wondered, back then when she finally pushed her sword right through his heart, right at that moment before he was killed, did he regret his decision for not giving Yuki a quick death? One thing that Yuki learned from her experience was, when facing a dangerous enemy like Shinoda, don’t play around, don’t waste your time, just kill your enemy right away and give them a quick death.

And what was this duck-lips girl saying again about gun and quick-death?

“Now, Yuki, if you’re going to kill someone, would you do it quickly or slowly? Would you give that person a quick death, or a slow, painful death?” that was Tomochin’s next question.

That question made Yuki startled. She could not believe this duck-lips girl just went on and on talking about killing, so casually like it was merely a trivial matter.

“You see, Yuki. With this guns, you can give that person a very, very quick death. That, of course, if you can aim for their vital spots like head or heart. That’s why you need to learn to aim for the vitals, Yuki.” Tomochin said.

“…I don’t.....Can we- can we just stop this conversation?”

Letting out a smirk, the duck-lips girl just shrugged. “I knew you wouldn’t like this kind of conversation. But trust me, we’re getting somewhere.”

Yuki didn’t say anything as she watched the duck-lips girl walked to the door. She thought Tomochin was going to leave the room, but then instead of leaving she saw her locking the door from the inside, and she wondered what Tomochin was planning to do now.

The duck-lips girl returned to her friend. “Yuki, let’s play a game,” she then said with a smirk.

A game? Oh, I hate games! I always lose in games. Yuki sighed, not feeling happy.

“This is going to be interesting. Here’s how we play. Each of us will take our turn to shoot. But each time we shoot, we must name one thing we hate the most,” Tomochin smiled wider.

The raven blinked. “Just that?”

Tomochin nodded. “Yes. Just that. Simple, huh? Oh, but there is one rule. All the things that are mentioned during this game must not be spoken to anyone else outside this room. They will remain secreted, just for the two of us. Got it, Yuki?”

Yuki gave a curious stare at her comrade. She didn’t know where this was going. Nevertheless, she agreed.

“Okay. It sounds easy.”

“Yeah, it is easy,” smiled Tomochin.

And Yuki couldn’t help but wonder, what did Tomochin expect to gain by playing this game? Besides, the two weren’t close to each other. They both were the last to come to this town, and were the last to enter this circle of friendship with the hunters group. They were strangers. Why would they be sharing a secret? They didn't know whether they could trust each other at this point. Never trust a stranger. That's what people said.

The two girls were standing side by side on the line in front of their targets.

“You go first,” said Tomochin.

Yuki thought for a while. “I hate it when someone force me into playing game with them,” she said.

“Haha! Nice one, Yuki!” laughed Tomochin. “Now take your shot!”

Yuki was hesitating, but she fired anyway.


The raven jerked backward as she was taken aback due to the impulse and the sound of the gunshot.

“My turn! I hate it when I wake up late in the morning and come late for work.” Tomochin said before firing her gun.


Now it was Yuki’s turn again. “I hate it when Mayu pranks me and tricks me!”


Again, Yuki was taken aback by her own shot, but now she managed to keep her stance more firmly than before.

(Meanwhile in MaYuki room, a certain Cyborg sneezed very hard although she wasn’t having a cold or a flu. And she wondered why.)

Tomochin took her turn. “I hate it when guys stare at me and force me to get drunk with them!”


Tomochin’s shots were precise and steady. She pulled the trigger while smiling, as if she was playing her favorite game.

Taking her turn Yuki thought for a while and spoke, although not very loudly this time.

“I hate it when I have no money and can’t get enough money."


Tomochin glanced at Yuki. While Yuki just looked away shyly.

The duck-lips girl smiled. “It’s okay, Yuki. You can say anything you want. We’re not here to judge each other. And those things will be our secrets.”

Yuki nodded and returned the smile. She was starting to enjoy this game and get the feeling of it.

The girls continued taking their turns, naming the things they hated the most.

“I hate it when Tomomi smothering me and holding me too tightly. I hate her for being too obsessive and getting jealous of me so easily.”


Oh, I never knew Tomomi was like that. Yuki frowned. She had just learned one thing about TomoTomo which other people probably didn't know.

Letting out a sigh, Yuki then said, “I hate it when I see Mayu sad and I cannot do anything about it.”


(Again, a certain Cyborg sneezed hard for the second time, although she wasn’t having a cold or the flu. And again, she wondered why.)

“I hate it when people spread rumors about me and badmouthing me!! I hate it when everyone thought I’m a bad girl!!” Tomochin continued, her voice raised a bit.


Yuki frowned again upon hearing that. In fact, there had been a lot of rumors about Tomochin ever since the girl came to this town.

Yuki then shook her head. “I hate Shinoda for killing my parents and siring my boyfriend!!!”


“I hate it when people always telling me what to do and what not to do!!!” Tomochin screamed angrily.


The tension in the air had been rising up slowly and progressively while the two continued their game, screaming and releasing their anger.

“I hate it when the police arrested me and accused me of killing Sae!!” screamed Yuki.


“Who is Sae again?” Tomochin raised her brow.

“My late boyfriend.” replied Yuki, shrugging. “Shinoda kidnapped him and sired him, the police arrested me, and then they released me, and then I met Sae again in his new form, then I put my stake through his heart and dusted him. End of story.”

“Oh.” Tomochin blinked. “What a tragic romance.”

“Yeah.” Yuki said, staring at the empty space in front of her.

Tomochin never met Sae, she didn’t know anything about Sae and his history with Yuki. And that’s what made this game very interesting. Yuki and Tomochin didn’t personally know each other. They didn’t know what happened to each other in the past. They didn’t know what kind of problems each of them were facing, and what secret they were hiding. They were stranger to each other, an outsider to this city and to this hunters group. However, they shared exactly the same feeling: they both were troubled and angered by their past. Therefore by emptying their plates to each other, it was actually pretty effective to help alleviating their anger and frustration.

Tomochin shifted her position a bit, and continued. “I hate my father for separating me from my mother and not giving me any information about her!”


And there Yuki paused for a second, registering what she had just heard into her mind. So Tomochin is searching for her mother, here in Japan? That was more than enough information for Yuki to learn something about her new comrade. She could clearly hear the frustration behind Tomochin’s words. And that somehow had a snowball effect, adding more fuels into Yuki’s already burning anger.

Yuki started making a list inside her mind, listing up all those things that had made her beyond angry in the past.

“I hate it when Umeda put me in a body-swap. And I hate it more when she held Mayu hostage and had Gekikara beating me up!!!” the raven shouted.


Yuki stood firmly, holding the gun tight in her hands, her eyes were filled with anger. The impulse and the deafening sound of the gunshot didn’t seem to affect her anymore.

Taking her turn, Tomochin decided to joke around a bit this time.

"I hate ghosts and tasteless food!! BANG!! Haha~"


"I hate fluffy things and spicy food!!" Yuki screamed, jokingly as well.


And then she heard Tomochin taking a deep breath.

“I hate that I miss my mother so much…..” the girl’s voice was a bit shaking now as she continued. “……yet I cannot see her because I don’t know where she lives and whether she’s still alive or not…”


It was the loudest gunshot Yuki had ever heard.

Tomochin indeed knew how to shoot like a pro. And after hearing such a loud shot, Yuki went on to give her best shot too.

“I hate it when Shinoda beaten me up and tortured me and almost killed me!!!!” Yuki screamed out loud.

BANG!!!  BANG!!!  BANG!!!

And she didn't stop there.

“I hate my life for being so suck like this!!" she screamed and fired again.

BANG!!!  BANG!!!

Yuki fired non-stop while continued screaming, even though she was supposed to pass it for the other girl and wait for her next turn.

"I hate it when the world turns itself against me over and over again!!! I hate it!! I f*ckin’ hate it!!”

BANG!!!  BANG!!!   BANG!!!  BANG!!!

Yuki kept on firing, releasing one shot after another, until there was no bullet coming out from her gun barrel.

I hate you, Anzai! I fucking hate you! Do you hear me? You’re truly fucking evil!! ”    BANG!! BANG!! BANG!!   * Anzai was shot to death* 


The raven dropped to her knees, panting heavily. Her body’s shaking due to the adrenaline rush.

Tomochin turned to her side and stared down at Yuki. Seeing Yuki collapsing to the ground like that, she knew their game was over now and they had got what they wanted.

Smiling, she poked Yuki on the shoulder, "Now that’s my girl!"

“It feels good, right? Letting off your steam. Sometimes you need to do it, once in a while.” Tomochin said with a wink.

Yuki didn’t say anything as she was still struggling to control her breath.

“Wow! Look at that! We’re mutilating our targets!” said Tomochin, pointing at their targets.

Yuki stared at her shooting target and saw it was covered with holes and bullets everywhere.

Tomochin spoke, “Your precision is still low, but at least now you know how to fire without recoiling."

“…Y-yeah.…Thanks…." Yuki said letting out a deep breath.

Her comrade smirked, “Wanna go for more round?”

“Errrr…..No…..Maybe later.”

Tomochin then went to take two bottles of water. She gave one to Yuki, which Yuki accepted with gratitude.

The two now were sitting on floor side by side, while leaning their backs on the wall.

"Tomochin, thanks for today."

"Naaahh… Don’t mention it. I’m glad to help. And just don’t forget to keep your anger like that when you fire your gun."

"Okay. Anyway, I’m curious, how did you learn to shoot like that?" asked Yuki.

The duck-lips girl stayed silent for a while before giving an answer.

"…My father gave me a Smith & Wesson M&P when I was 13. He trained me using empty bottles because he was alcoholic and liked to drink a lot. Everytime I failed to shoot the bottles, he would slap me around and make me sleep in the basement......So I trained hard."

"Oh, that was….tough." Yuki said emphatically. Although her parents had also trained her hard in martial arts, they had never beaten her or punished her if she failed to achieve something. As far as Yuki could remember, it was all done with love and encouragement, instead of beating and punishment.

"And I’m….I’m sorry to hear about your mother. If you need some help to find her, just let me know. I may not be as smart and reliable as Takamina, but I’ll try my best to support you."

"I know, Yuki. Thanks," replied Tomochin. “But as for now, don’t tell anyone about my mother. Remember, that’s the rule of our game.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me on that.”

The two girls then exchanged a meaningful glare towards each other. It seemed that this game had allowed them to share their deepest secret and build their trust toward each other, in a rather odd way.

“Hey, Yuki, want me to teach you this move? Look! Look!”

The duck-lips girl twirled her gun and nudged at Yuki, asking for attention.

“I’m so cool, right? Yeah. I’m a cool girl,” mumbled Tomochin as she continued twirling her gun like a cowboy.


Meanwhile, in MaYuki’s room.
Mayu was lying on her bed, tossed and turned.


Huh? Why am I sneezing? Did I catch a cold? I have taken my flu vaccination this year, haven’t I?

She put her hand on her forehead and neck, and found there wasn’t anything wrong with her bodily temperature.

She then lied again, tossing and turning, burying her face on the pillow.

Uuuuhhh…..Why is Yuki not coming out yet? What is she doing there with Tomochin?
Okay, I know they’re practicing. But they’re talking too long.
Yuki even forgot her promise to accompany me to the anime convention today.
Should I go there and ask Yuki to come out?

Mayu didn’t know what to do. She hated being left in the dark like this, waiting for someone without knowing when it would be over. But she also didn’t want to interrupt Yuki’s training session.

Few minutes later, Mayu sneezed again.


Eh!? What’s wrong with me? Should I go to visit a doctor?
But I don’t want to waste my money for that…
Aaahhh…Never mind, I’ll take more rest and sleep early tonight.

Mayu rose up and sat on her chair. Her textbooks were opened on the desk. She’d been trying to kill time by studying and reading her books, but alas, she couldn’t focus at anything at all at the moment. She really wanted to go to the anime convention in order to refresh her mind, but she didn’t want to go there alone.

Not knowing what to do, Mayu decided to go to the nearest second-hand bookstore to look for something interesting to ease her boredom. She grabbed her favorite pink hoodies along with her mini backpack, and walked out into the street.

It was late afternoon. Not so many people on the street as they usually preferred to stay at home and take a rest before having to go for their daily routine again, Monday to Friday.

Mayu walked past several bookstores, but she wasn’t interested to even go inside to take a look. The only bookstore she’d still care to check was the second-hand bookstore located near her school. Other bookstores only sold new items, and she couldn’t afford to buy new items at this moment therefore she only stuck with the second-hand ones.

For a few hours Mayu wandered around inside the bookstore, reading some mangas and checking out their DVD collections. And then after choosing what to buy, Mayu went to the cashier and pay for the items. She was quite happy because she had just found two old mangas that were still good and readable, and with a good price too.

However, as she walked out from the bookstore, she found someone waiting for her in front of the bookstore. Someone from her past. Someone whom she’d never expected to meet again in this town, or anywhere at all.

“Sa-Sayaka….!?” Mayu stuttered. “Are you Sayaka-neechan?”

The person in front of her just smiled and nodded.

“Mayu-chan, do you have a minute?”


The scene switched to a restaurant nearby. Mayu had chosen this restaurant when Sayaka asked her to choose a place for them to have a sit and talk. Sayaka said it would be her treat, which Mayu gladly accepted because it would help saving up her money. Well, who would reject a free dinner anyway?

As if not wanting to miss the opportunity, Mayu ordered a lot of her most favorite food, including chicken karaage. She even asked if she could have some takeout food. Sayaka said she could have anything she wanted.

It didn’t take long for Mayu to finish her food. She has become a fast eater recently, due to her inclination to put as much as food into her stomach within a short, limited time, especially in a moment like this when someone offered her a free meal.

Meanwhile, the older person just stared and smiled at Mayu while she devoured her meal with such eagerness.

“Ah sorry, I’m still in my growth-spurt phase, hehe~”

“It’s okay, Mayu-chan. I also eat a lot. Look.” Sayaka pointed at her own plate.

“Sayaka-neechan eats a lot too, but still so slim and in shape. I wonder why~”

Sayaka just smiled upon hearing Mayu’s compliment.

“It’s because I’m always active, doing a lot of things. And my job doesn’t require me to stay behind my desk all the time.”

“Oh, really? What is your job?”

“I’m a cop.” whispered Sayaka.

“A cop? Wow. So cool. Can I see your badge?”

“Here. Take a look.” Sayaka said as she took her badge and identity card from inside her jacket.

“What is your rank, Neechan?” Mayu couldn’t help but admiring Sayaka’s profession.

“Right now I’m a solo patrol officer. Next year I’m going to be promoted as a sergeant,” answered Sayaka.

“Woaah....That is so cool~~ Err….Neechan, do you think I can be like you? Can I be a police officer like you?”

“Of course Mayu-chan. You can be anything you want if you work hard.” Sayaka smiled reassuringly.

The little one nodded and smiled too.

At this point Sayaka noticed there were several faint bruises on Mayu’s face. It made her a little worried and curious. She wanted to asked Mayu where she got that bruises from, but she chose to brush it off and wait until a little later.

“So, what is Sayaka-neechan doing here? Your ID card says your base office is in Kobe.”

“I’m visiting a relative here. And then I accidentally saw you around the bookstore,” answered the officer. “It’s been a long time, Mayu.”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time.” Mayu agreed.

They were silent for a while.

“Mayu-chan, I’m sorry to hear about your parents, and your brother…..It must've been very hard for you….”

The Cyborg just nodded upon receiving the condolences.

“Are you alright, Mayu? I mean, how’s life been treating you? And….and why did you leave Okinawa without telling anybody? Why did you run away?”

Mayu lowered her head, not willing to look at Sayaka. Okinawa was their hometown, where Mayu, Sae, and Sayaka was born and raised together. Sayaka was their neighbor and childhood friends.

“I...I just want to move on, and forget everything. Also, they were going to put me in orphanage. I don’t like orphanage.”

“You left without trails, we’re all worried about you.”

“Don’t worry, Neechan. I’m fine now.”

“I met Sae-chan, two years ago. He’s--”

“Dead.” Mayu cut Sayaka’s words. “He’s already dead now.”

“And do you know who--?”

“Sorry, I don’t want to talk about him now. Not right now.” Mayu spoke in a low tone.


The dessert came and they proceed eating again while also continuing their talk.

“So, you live alone here now, Mayu?” Sayaka asked cautiously. She asked that question first even though she already knew the answer. Mayu didn’t want to talk about Sae, and now she was living with someone who had allegedly murdered her older brother. That had made Sayaka worried like hell. Did Mayu know that Kashiwagi was the one who killed Sae? Sayaka would like to discover the truth and to get to the bottom of this.

“I’m living with someone. Her name is Kashiwagi Yuki. She’s three years older than me, and she looks after me like a sister. I’m quite happy now.”

“I see.” said Sayaka. “How is your school? You’re still attending it, right?”

“Yes, I am. School is fine. My grade is in Top 3 in my class.”

“And what are you planning to do after you graduate? Going to college? Or getting a job?”

“College, I suppose.”

“I wish you the best luck in your study, Mayu-chan.”

“Thanks, Oneechan.”

Sayaka smiled at Mayu. She was happy to hear Mayu still calling her ‘oneechan’. Ever since they were children, Mayu had been calling Sayaka ‘oneechan’. Mayu said she wanted to have an older sister. Mayu went even further, by often arranging a match-making date for Sayaka and Sae. Sae did have a huge crush on Sayaka ever since they were in elementary school, and Mayu was keen enough to notice that. However, it just appeared to them that Sayaka didn’t have much interest on Sae back then.

“Aaaaah…...My stomach’s full! It’s all delicious! Thanks very much for the treat, Neechan!” said Mayu cheerfully.

“You’re welcome.”

“I need to go to the toilet now.”

“Oh, me too.”

The two then went to the restroom together.

Later in the restroom, after finishing their own rituals, they stood side by side in front of the mirror.

Mayu stared at Sayaka’s reflection in the mirror.

“Sayaka-neechan is so beautiful,” Mayu said as she couldn’t help but to admire Sayaka’s godly figure and her tall stature. Her physical shape really suited her job as a police officer.

“Thank you, Mayu-chan. Mayu is cute and pretty too.” Sayaka said smiling.

“Athena….” mumbled Mayu.


“Athena. Sayaka-neechan is like Athena, the Greek’s goddess of war.” Mayu said as she kept on staring at Sayaka’s reflection.

“Oh really? Haha~”

Sayaka then took her time, observing Mayu’s appearance. Mayu was lively and cheerful, but a bit skinnier than the average girls on her age. She needs to eat more, Sayaka thought.

Sayaka observed more closely, and once again she noticed the bruises on Mayu’s face which, thanks to the better lighting in this restroom, looked more obvious now. This time, Sayaka couldn’t help but ask.

“What happened to your face, Mayu-chan? It looks like you just got beaten up by someone,” she said, worried.

“Oh, this?” Mayu pointed at her own face. “This is just….err…..a little something that Yuki did to me, few days ago.” Mayu said with a smile.

“Eeeeeehhh!!!!??” Sayaka raised her voice in shock. “What did….What did she do to you, Mayu!!??”

“Errr….. She’s sorta beating me up a bit…...because….how do I say this….she didn’t approve my choice of dream job….hehe~” Mayu chuckled while explaining. “It wasn’t a big deal, really. She’s just really worried about--”


Mayu’s words were sharply cut by Sayaka, who was now panicking like hell upon learning what had happened to Mayu, or what she thought had happened to Mayu.

“Y--yes…” Mayu stuttered, being slightly taken aback by Sayaka’s reaction.

“And she beaten you up just because she didn’t approve your choice of dream job!? But Mayu, that is….that is….”

“What?” asked the Cyborg, curious.

“....That is a violation of human right….” Sayaka spoke weakly. Her state was somewhere between panic and bedazzled. Never had Sayaka learned a girl being beaten just because she wanted to choose her own dream job. "Everyone has a right to choose their own dream job." said Sayaka, frowning. "This is a domestic violence, Mayu. You should report this to the authorities. I'm worried about you..."

Another chuckle escaped from Mayu's lips as she explained. “No need to worry, Neechan. Just as I said, this isn’t a big deal, really. I’m already used to this.”

“Eeeeh!? You’re already used to this!? Since...since when?” Sayaka was panicking even more. In her mind, she was picturing Watanabe Mayu being beaten everyday by Kashiwagi Yuki. Oh God, just how violent it is!! Umeda was right about Kashiwagi!! She's really a violent person!!

Mayu, who at that time had no idea that Sayaka was getting the wrong message, just replied casually. “Errr….Yeah... Yuki used to spank me and smack me on the head, all the time, ever since I met her last year, but it was my fault actually, because--”

Once again, Mayu’s words were cut short since the officer suddenly came at her and lifted up Mayu’s shirt without warning, and started touching her skin.

“Oi! Oi! Oi! What are you doing, Neechan?” asked Mayu, confused, and blushing too. She was usually the one who stripped other people’s naked and initiated the skinship, so now, with Sayaka being all touchy to her like this, she’s kinda….flattered.

However, Sayaka didn’t notice Mayu blushing since she was focused on something else. Almost immediately she noticed more bruises on Mayu’s body. There were countless bruises, bluish and purplish marks covering her whole back. It looked nasty and painful.

“Did she do this to you too?” enquired the officer as she continued examining Mayu’s bruised body.

“Err….Yes. It was more like a game, actually. She chased me around like a crazy woman and shot me with a paintball gun. She can be merciless to me sometimes, I mean, most of the time. And she didn’t even give me a gun during our games, so it was only me who was getting chased and shot, geezz!! ……… Ouch! Don’t touch me there! It still hurts a lot, Sayaka-neechan….Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!”

Suddenly Sayaka grabbed Mayu and pulled her into her embrace.

“Ne--Neechan!?” Mayu asked, confused. She didn’t get it why Sayaka was acting like this.

And unbeknownst to Mayu, Sayaka had a drop of tears falling from her eyes. At that moment, Sayaka was trying her best not to break down upon seeing Mayu in such a poor state, being beaten, spanked, smacked, and chased and shot around everyday by someone who had been allegedly involved in Sae’s murder too.

Sayaka kept hugging the Cyborg tightly in her arms, not wanting to let her go.

(Oh Mayu-chan, you’re a poor little soul…
Not only your parents and brother died, but you also have to endure such an abuse like this.
I will save you, Mayu-chan.
I will save you from that woman.

Grrrr…..Kashiwagi Yuki…..How dare you do this to Mayu-chan!!
I’ll make sure you’ll regret what you have done to Sae and Mayu!!
I’ll sent you to prison and I’ll make sure they will lock you up in there for a hundred years!)

Not knowing what happened and what to do, Mayu just let Sayaka hugged her like that. She knew Sayaka was a good person. And Sayaka loved her like a sister.

After a moment, Sayaka let go off her embrace. Mayu didn’t notice the tears that had fallen from Sayaka’s eyes.

“Aaahh….I’m sorry. I think I’m just missing you, Mayu. Now come on, let me walk you home. It’s already dark,” said Sayaka.

As the two walked home together, Mayu contemplated whether she should tell Yuki about Sayaka or not. Mayu knew Sae had fallen in love with Sayaka, long before he even met Yuki. Mayu knew Yuki wanted to forget all about Sae, and to introduce her to Sayaka would probably cut open her old wound.

And Mayu couldn’t help but wonder, what would have happened and how everything would be like, if Sae ended up together with Sayaka. Sae had fought so hard and for so long to get Sayaka’s attention, which sadly, failed, because Sayaka never seemed to have interest on Sae. If only Sayaka returned Sae’s feeling to him, then Sae would probably never met Yuki and fell in love with the later, and then Sae would still probably be alive today. However, if Sae never met Yuki, then Mayu would have never met Yuki too in the first place. Mayu felt a strange sensation tingling inside her, as she realized how destiny could be so cruel, yet so kind, to them all.

And in the end, before they reached their apartment, Mayu had decided not to tell Yuki about Sayaka. Mayu figured there would be a better time and opportunity to introduce them to each others.


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Stay tuned!


@ oddball : If you’re still reading this (and I know you do), I hope you like Yukirin-Tomochin combo here. I have given you Yuki-Acchan combo in Season 1, but now I think Yukirin-Tomochin combo is much more interesting  :P

Here’s some old pictures of Yukirin-Tomochin combo. They really are goddess.

I'm sorry for spamming this thread with those pictures.  XD

References :

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“Mayu, come with me! This person is dangerous!” exclaimed Sayaka as she grabbed Mayu’s arm and forcefully pulled the Cyborg towards her.

“What? No!! Neechan…I’m not-”

I saw Mayu trying to hold herself against Sayaka, but Sayaka was stronger.

“You’re coming with me, Mayu! You can’t live with this person anymore!” said Sayaka.

What? What did she say? I glared at her. Is she going to separate me from my Cyborg? No way I’m letting her do that!

I quickly grabbed Mayu’s free arm, preventing her from being dragged away by this rogue officer.

“Let her go! She’s not coming with you!” I growled.

“Hell, no, I can’t let Mayu staying with a dangerous crook like you!” the officer said.

“What did you say? I'm not a crook! Let her go!!” I yelled angrily and pulled the Cyborg closer towards me.

However, Sayaka also pulled the Cyborg to her direction. The poor Cyborg now was torn between me and Sayaka. I pulled her harder, and I could see Sayaka doing the same. And of course, because of our monstrous strength, it was the Cyborg who ended up getting hurt.

“Aaaaaaaaaackk!!!! Ittaiii! Stop it, you two! You’re hurting me!” Mayu let out a painful groan.

I automatically released her arm, and so did Sayaka.

“Hm, looks like it’s a stalemate.” Sayaka said with a smirk.

She then raised her fists and assumed a fighting position.

“Now, Kashiwagi, we don’t have other choice. Let’s just settle this with the old fisticuffs. This is your preferred way, right? Come on, fight me!”

I glared at her. She was right. We had no other choice.

I slowly raised my fists, ready to fight her.

“Alright, come on! Let’s settle this!” I said angrily.

We then circled each other, trying to measure up each other before going for our first strike.

“Nooooo!!! Please don’t fight! Yukiii!!! Saya-neechan!! Please, stop fighting!!”

I heard Mayu pleading, calling our names, begging us to stop.

I froze for a second, contemplating whether I should continue or stop.

But then I saw Sayaka come at me with a high kick.

And I realized I really had no choice other than to fight her.


So, readers, who do you think will win in the next battle? Who is the stronger between those two? Yuki or Sayaka?

And I’m sure Ruka Kikuchi will root for Sayaka! :lol:
Don’t worry Ruka, I’m with you this time! Let’s have Sayaka beat up Yuki in the next chapter! :lol:

And don’t forget that Sayaka here is, just like Yuki, a human. So that will make their incoming fights become more interesting!
We see most of Yuki's enemy in Season 1 were vampires. Therefore, Sayaka will make a formidable 'human-enemy' for her this time!

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So, who will win the next battle?
Still can’t choose, people?
Well then let me spam you with their pictures.

Akimoto Sayaka


Kashiwagi Yuki

Let's be honest, we know in reality Sayaka will beat Yuki any day in a match like this.  :lol:


I’ve also read someone’s blog here, and it makes me respect Sayaka even more. She may be an oddball, which doesn’t suit the eastern stereotype of how an idol should be. But she works hard and she loves AKB more than anything else. That’s why I respect her more.

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Yeah, Sayaka is probably gonna win this fight! I mean, the woman is a 2-dan black belt in Aikido irl.

No matter how badass Yuki is here, it'll ultimately be Sayaka who beats her!

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@ RukaKikuchi: Of course Ruka, you know it very well! And I cannot agree more. No matter how badass Yuki is here, Sayaka is certainly way more badass than her.

This is a special chapter I made for my lovely MaYuki and my sweet Sayaka. There will be lots of fighting, chasing, and running. And I’m going to write this in Yuki’s point of view in order to make it more dramatic and funny.

And don’t worry, Sayaka here is really a good person. There’s just this little misunderstanding between her and our heroine. They will be in a very good term after they resolve this misunderstanding. The question is, how will they resolve it?

I’m also trying a different formatting here, by cutting out spaces between paragraphs. I used to work with my laptop and I don’t like reading a tall/long walls of texts on my computer screen, that’s why I use spaces between paragraph. But now that I’m working with my smartphone, I realize that spaces just make my writing look longer and sparser than it should be. So now I'm cutting the spaces, imitating the style & formatting of a real book/novel. I hope you don’t mind.


(Part 1)

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honour and Humanity

     “So, how much would you rate this?”
     I worked my jaw anxiously and looked at the person sitting behind the register. He was holding my katana, carefully examining it.
     “It’s my family heritage. A Masamune’s sword. Very good and rare item.” I explained to him.
     “Oh yes, I can see that. This is vintage. Let me check the valuation first.”
     He then asked one of his workers to go with him inside a room behind the register. Since they closed the door, I couldn’t see what they were doing so I just waited there patiently.
    Few minutes later, they returned to the register and spoke to me again.
    “We’ve checked the value, and I think we can give you a loan at this price.” The pawnshop owner said as he punched in a few numbers into his calculator and showed it to me.
     I frowned for a moment as I considered the price he was offering. I didn’t know the current market price for it, but I decided to try and push my luck a bit.
     “How about raising it, maybe twenty thousands yen more?”
     The man thought for a while before answering, “Five thousands.”
     “Errrr….. Fifteen thousands?”
     “No. Sorry, Miss. Five thousand.”
     “Ten thousands?”
     “Seven thousands. That’s the best deal we can offer you. You won't get a better deal than this at any other shops.”
     I sighed. “Okay, I’ll take it.”
     Not only was I incapable in bluffing and mind games, but I was also incapable in bargaining and negotiations. I should’ve asked Mayu or Sasshi to come with me to this pawnshop since they would definitely get a better price than me. But I was too shy to ask for their help on this private matter. And I didn’t want to make Mayu worried again about my situation.
     “The deadline is six months to return the loan. If you pass the deadline, we will have to sell this item to another party,” the pawnshop owner said as he gave me a few papers to sign.
     He then put the money inside an envelope and handed it to me.
     “Okay, I will pay it back. Please take care of it. Thank you.” I received the money and bowed politely at him.

     Of course, I will definitely pay it back. That was my precious sword I was pawning in. The sword that I used to defeat and annihilate my greatest enemy, the Lord Shinoda Mario. And now, due to my financial situation, I had to pawn that sword for some amount of cash.
     Yes, I know, it sucks being me.
     I, Kashiwagi Yuki, am so desperate for money that I have to pawn my precious sword. And throughout this year, I’ve been juggling several part-time jobs everyday just to make my ends meet.
     I had never thought of pawning my katana before. All this time I’ve been keeping my katana with me, because I thought I might need it anytime in a case of dangerous situation. But now I’ve already got another weapon as a substitute for my sword. The 9mm Glock 26. And thanks for Itano, now I have become more confident in using it. That girl really knows how to shoot like a pro. I’m so lucky to have her in my team. I’m not saying Mayu and Sasshi are bad companions, but those two are really rubbish at fighting and I was the one who had to protect them all the time. So now, having Itano as an addition to our team would surely bring some changes in a positive way.
     There is also a mystery about my katana and those visions I've seen before. It's about Gekikara's, or to be exact, Matsui Rena's vision. I figured this has something to do with Shinoda because he was the one who had sired Rena, and I had used this katana to kill him. I haven't told anyone about this and I know I should do it soon. However, now I'm more concerned about my financial situation and that issue could wait later. I just hope those vampires won't be coming back so early in the near future.

     After securing the money inside my bag, I quickly left the pawnshop. I checked my notes again to see what’s next on my to do list today. The convenience store. I had to pay the water and electricity bills today or else they’re going to shut them down next month.
     And as I walked to the nearest convenience store, I couldn’t help but think, is this what people called a normal life? Going around running errands, juggling several part-time jobs, and worrying about money and other nitty-gritty in life? I’ve never experienced a life like this before. But I must admit, this was still much better than my old life, where all I could worried about was whether I would make it alive or not through the days.
     Now I just need to accept this change and adapt myself to this new life. I think I’ve learned a few things in the process, and I will learn more in the future. No matter how hard it is, I will do my best to survive. And oh, you gotta believe me if I say, now I know how hard it is to be a single-mother. I mean, for a girl like me who had no college degree and had no decent job, it is already hard enough to support yourself, let alone to support a teen high school girl who also happened to be my girlfriend. Really, I will give all my respect to all the single-parents in the world who is currently struggling like me.

     After completing the payment in the convenience store, I decided to go to the grocery market to buy some food for me and Mayu. I wanted to get a chicken kaarage for our dinner tonight. Recently we’ve only had cheap fishes and eggs for our daily meals, so I want to give a little surprise for my Cyborg by cooking her favorite food. And she’s been working very hard, studying for her exam. So I figure this will be a nice, little reward for her.
     I know recently Mayu has got her own problem too, being clueless about her own future and unable to decide what she’s going to do next. It pained me so much, to see her sitting in the dirt on the ground like that, staring at me with a desperate look in her eyes. Back then, all I wanted to do was to pull her into my arms and hug her tight. I wanted to tell her that everything’s gonna be alright. But how could I tell her that, when I myself am not so sure about it?
     God, I just hope things will get better soon for me and Mayu! I still believe that after all those bad things that happened to us, there will come a time for me and my girl to shine together.
     I tried to keep all those positive thoughts inside my mind as I continued walking my way home.

     I crossed an intersection and then turned to my usual route. It was a quiet neighborhood with long alleys and some deserted buildings on their sides. Each of these buildings has tall gates and brick walls. And when the night falls, these buildings would give you a thrill since they looked a lot like haunted houses.
     I was in the middle of walking down one of those alleys, when I saw a figure walking towards me from the opposite direction. Without having any suspicious thought, I kept walking and as our distance grew closer, this figure revealed to be a woman. A very tall woman with a long black hair, much like me, only she was taller. Her face looked serious and tensed.
     When we’re only a few meters away she stopped in front of me, blocking my way.
     “Kashiwagi Yuki, right? We need to talk.”
     I frowned a bit. Who is this person?
     “Uh…Yes... I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. I’m sorry but, do I know you?”
     She shook her head. “No, you don’t know me. And I’m sure we’ve never met before. But we have something important to talk about.”
     “Okay. What is that?”
     “I need you to come with me first.”
     I frowned at her. “Excuse me again, but who are you? And why should I come with you?”
     I felt my grip on the grocery bag tightened as I saw her taking something out from her jacket. It looked like an identity card, with a symbol of Japan National Police Agency on it.
     “Akimoto Sayaka. Hyogo Prefectural Police Department. You need to come with me, Kashiwagi. We’ve found a new evidence that leads to you on the case of Miyazawa Sae’s murder.”
     I felt like I’ve been hit by a thunder when I heard that name. For a moment I stood there frozen, trying to register her last sentence.
    “But...but that case had been closed three years ago..." I stuttered. "I was arrested before, and then I was released. They’ve cleared me from that charge. Do you know that?” I asked cautiously.
   The officer just stared at me. “Of course, we know that. But now we have a new leads, and new witness. They said you met Miyazawa again, two years after his initial disappearance. And they said you were the last person he met before he actually died a year ago.”
     Those statement left me startled once again. How did this cop know about my last meeting with Sae? Someone must have informed her about it.
     Curious, I braced myself and asked. “Who is this witness you’re talking about?”
     “I can't reveal it at the moment. Now you just have to come with me.” She said as she took a handcuff from inside her jacket.
     I was stupefied. Geez! Just who is this witness? I had no idea that someone had witnessed me killing Sae that night and then reported me to the police. I admit I killed Sae. But he wasn’t a human at the time when I killed him, so I’m innocent.
     The officer came at me, holding the handcuff. And with a desperate sigh I slowly put my grocery bag on the ground. I had no intention to runaway from her because it would only make things worse.
     I then held my arms in front of me, allowing her to put the handcuff on my wrists. I was already imagining myself going through a long, tiring process of interrogation session with this officer.
     However, when she was about to put that handcuff on me, I suddenly remembered something.
     “Wait! Do you have arrest warrant? Show it to me!”
     The officer halted at my question.
     “Show me the arrest warrant first.” I asked again.
     I stood there, waiting for her answer.
     “No. I don’t have an arrest warrant for you.”
     A sense of relief overtook me and I found my footing again.
     “You don’t? Well, then I don’t need to come with you.” I pulled my arms back and took a few steps backward.
     “Look,” she said glaringly, “I don’t have arrest warrant because the witness didn’t want to make an official testimony about this case. I will prepare arrest warrant for you later. But now you still have to come with me.” She took a few steps towards me.
     And I took another steps back.
     There was something really suspicious about this officer, I could smell it.
     “You don’t have arrest warrant, and you are from Kobe. What does a Kobe police department have anything to do with this case? It happened three years ago in Hiroshima, and yes, I met Miyazawa again, a year ago, in this city. If the police want to arrest me again, they should’ve sent someone else instead of you.” I threw my glare at her.
     “This is a special case. A cross-prefectural case. Kashiwagi, you should really come with me.”
     “Cross-prefectural case? I’ve never heard of that. Don’t fool me. Now please let me go.” I said firmly.
     I had to be deviant. Without arrest warrant, this officer obviously had no right to confine me.
     The officer paused for a second, thinking.
     “Kashiwagi, I’m afraid I will have to force you to come with me.”
     She advanced towards me again, and she took something else.
     It’s a gun.
     But of course I know all cops must have a gun with them. I shouldn't be surprised.
     I realized now I’m at a disadvantage. But still, I’m not willing to give myself up for arrestment. Not without arrest warrant.
     So when the officer was within my arm length, I moved fast and spun my leg for a high kick. It made her drop her gun and when she was about to reach it, I quickly kicked the gun away.
     I put myself between her and the gun. We’re both now in a feral position, ready  for a direct confrontation.
     “Look, I don’t want any trouble. And I don’t want to give you one. Just go back to your town, and come here again with arrest warrant if you still want to arrest me.” I tried to negotiate with her.
     “No. You must come with me now. I can arrest you without arrest warrant!” she refused.
     I glared at her. Why did she keep insisting to arrest me even without the arrest warrant? Then I realized. This officer didn’t just want to arrest me. She might also had a bad intention upon me.
     “Wait, is this a set up for me? You don't really have evidence and witness, do you? That’s why you cannot make arrest warrant for me.”
     She stared furiously at me upon hearing my words.
     “Oh, I do have witness! But they’re too scared of you, they don’t want to give official testimony for this case! They’re afraid you’re going to kill them too.”
     My eyes bulged out in surprise. What kind of bullshit is this? I’m starting to lose my patience now.
     “Who is your witness? Give me their names!”
     “No, I can’t reveal them! They are under my protection.”
     “Tckk….Okay… And what did they say about me?”
     The officer gave me a smirk.
     “They said you had a fight with Miyazawa on the last day you met him, here in this city, a year ago. And it was the last day he was spotted alive in his apartment. You’ve killed him, Kashiwagi.”
     “No, I didn’t.”
     “You’ve killed him. He was your boyfriend and you’ve been in relationship with him ever since you two met in Hiroshima. And then you met him again here, and you killed him. So why did you do that? Why did you kill Miyazawa? How did you dispose his body? Speak!”
     I parted my lips open, startled upon hearing her words.
     “I’ll speak, but only after you have the arrest warrant with you.” I stood my ground firmly.
     I knew the police must have already knew about my relationship with Sae. But to explain the whole things to this officer would surely take a lot of time, in one long interrogation session. And I wouldn’t want to waste my time with her unless she had the arrest warrant for me.

     I glanced around to search for an escape route. However, she must have caught my eye movement because she then lunged towards me, bringing us both down to the ground. She forcefully attempted to put the handcuff on me.
     “Get away from me!” I grunted angrily.
     We both rolled on the ground, fighting for dominance. And after some struggling I managed to push her away from me.
     I saw her coming at me again. I spun my leg at her, kicking her down. However, she managed to prevent her fall and sprung back up again, all in a swift motion. And that’s when I realized she’s not just an ordinary person. This officer probably mastered some martial arts too. And of course they do. They’re cops. They must have received special training in combat and battleship.
     I saw her assuming a fighting stance, which I recognized as Okinawan karate style.
     Not a problem for me. I’m sure I can handle her.
     I raised my fists and also assumed my fighting stance.
     “I will ask you again, nicely, for the last time. Come with me, Kashiwagi.”
     “No. Bring me the arrest warrant first.” I refused stubbornly with my fists curled up in front of me.

     I saw her coming again. I spun around and gave her my signature move: my super speed high kick.
     To my surprise, she dodged it and spun her leg too. So now our legs got tangled together.
     We stared at each other for a moment. I saw her smirking at me. I realized this will be a long battle. This officer is probably just as tough as me.
     I don’t want to waste my time here so I racked my brain to find another way out.
     I pushed her away, separating ourselves. Then I threw my body to the ground and slid fast, reaching for the gun. Once I held it in my hand, I pointed it at her. Everything happened so fast, and I could see the surprised look in her eyes.
     I never aimed a gun at anyone or anything before, except at those shooting targets when I was practising with Tomochin. This was the first time I aimed a gun at someone. And first time I did, I did it to a police officer. Great! I cursed myself inwardly. My hands began to sweat due to my nervousness.
     “They’re right. You’re dangerous. Too dangerous to be allowed walking away freely.” The officer said glaring at me.
     “No, I’m not. You’re the one who pushed me to do this.” I shook my head. “You can’t arrest me without arrest warrant. I know my rights too. I can report this incident and sue you. I’m not bluffing. I will sue you if you keep going after me.” I threatened her.
     I kept aiming the gun at her. But of course, I don’t have the intention to shoot her. I don’t want to get into more trouble by shooting a police officer. I just wanted to make my escape, and I needed to get rid of this gun first so that she won’t shoot me while I’m running away.
     Still pointing the gun at her, I carefully slid the magazine apart from its barrel. I used my free hand to open the magazine and emptied all the bullets. And then as a final move, I aimed the gun to the sky, and I fired it a few times in order to empty the chamber before throwing the gun away into the bushes.
     “What the-?” The officer looked at me with a disbelief look in her eyes. She must’ve been upset after being disarmed by me like that.
     I made a mental note to thank Tomochin later. Never thought her lecture could really come in handy in a situation like this.

     I then spun around and dashed away from the scene. Without looking back I kept running to the other end of the alley. I knew this officer would be chasing after me. Luckily I had bought some time by throwing her gun to the bushes. I’m sure she didn’t want to leave her gun lying there or else it would be picked up by random people if they found it.
     I run as fast as I could until I reached the end of the alley. It was an intersection, and I had to choose fast. To the left was the road to my apartment. To the right was to the market. I took the right.
     My intention was to lose her somewhere in the market. It would be safer if I blend myself in a crowded place.
     I looked back and I saw my suitor was catching up on me, so I quite quickly ran again.
     After running a few blocks, I arrived at a more crowded street. I smiled upon seeing the sea of people in front of me. This would definitely do good for my escape.
     I was already familiar with this market. I knew every corner and every building in it, so this would be easy for me. I mapped everything inside my head, planning a full route for my escape.
     I then made my way through the crowded street. And looking back, I saw that she was still chasing after me. I ran faster, jumping over obstacles, fences, benches, fire-hydrants, and such. Due to the heavy crowds, I had to run in zigzag. I tried to move as fast as I could, but it was easier said than done.
     I could not avoid bumping and clashing with those passerby, causing some of them to fall to the ground. They were shouting at me, scolding me. One of them got very angry at me as I accidentally spilled his coffee onto his expensive-looking suit. I could only muttered an apology to them before running away again.
     The air around me was thick with my panting and footsteps, and also a few cursings from those whom I accidentally bumped into.
     I looked back over my shoulder, and boy was I shocked to see the officer still chasing after me!
     Damn! I thought I was fast but she’s obviously faster than me.
     I was starting to lose my breath after all this running. But I had no choice other than to push my legs and continue running. I didn’t want to get caught by this rogue officer who seemed to be really eager to arrest me even without the arrest warrant.

     Searching for another route, my attention was drawn to the nearest crossroad. It had a blinking green lights for the pedestrians, and I figured if I could make it to cross the street just before it turned red, then it would help me buying some time from this officer.
     So I ran to that direction. And just like I’ve planned, I made it to the other side of the street just a few milliseconds before the light turned red. The pedestrians then had to stop and wait until the next turn. And now it was their turn for cars and vehicles to move along on those streets.
     I stopped near a bench, trying to catch my breath. However as I looked around again, I saw the police officer stubbornly crossed the street even though the pedestrian light had turned red and the street now was full with moving vehicles.
     I saw her jumping over those cars, just like what we’ve usually seen in the movies. Sound of horns and screeching tires filled the air as those drivers attempted to stop their cars in time before it crashed into the running officer.
     “Make way! Make way! I’m a cop! I’m on a chase! Make way!” The officer shouted as she hold out her badge and showed it to the people around her while continued running.
     Oh crap!
     I quickly ran again, searching for a new route to escape. I saw another crossroad and decided to go at it. I ran so fast and didn't see this SUV car coming at me. My ears were deafened by the roaring sound of the horn. A gasp escaped my lips as I felt my body getting hit almost immediately. I was expecting a violent crash, however, the driver seemed to be able to stop his car just in time before it managed to hit me.
     I ended up falling on top of the SUV car, right in front of the windshield.
     My body was shaking a little from the clash, but it wasn’t very painful.
     “Yuki!!!” Suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling my name.
     I turned my face and saw a familiar person sitting behind the wheel of this SUV car.
     Oh God! I’ve never felt so happy  seeing my beloved sidekick driving behind the wheel. Sasshi, you’re my lifesaver!
     I quickly jumped and got inside the car, sitting on the middle seat.
     “Drive faster, Sasshi!!” I ordered.
     “Huh? Where?”
     “I don’t know. Just drive! Someone’s chasing me! I gotta hide!”
     “Oh, how about the highway?”
     “Okay. Just go, and faster!”
     Sasshi then drove fast, leaving the place. I could see the female officer running behind our car, but soon she disappeared from our sight.
     Phewww!!! I was saved!

     At the highway.
     Sasshi stared at me through the rear mirror.
     “Yuki, are you alright?” She asked.
     “Y-yeah.” I answered in between my breath. I was still panting heavily and my heart was beating like crazy inside my chest.
     “Here. Have some water.” Sasshi handed me a mineral bottle using her free hand, while still kept driving her car.
     I took the bottle and drank it.
     After a few minutes, I felt a bit calmer and relaxed.
     I saw Sasshi glancing towards me through the rear mirror again. Her eyes filled with curiosity. I knew she was going to ask me the questions.
     “Who’s after you this time, Yuki?”
     I let out a sigh before answering it. “It’s a cop.”
     “Hah!!?? A cop!!???”
     “Yeah, you heard me. It’s a cop.”
     “But-- but Yuki, what did you do this time?”
     I sighed again. “It’s a long story.”
     “Were you into some illegal street fighting again?”
     “Haha! No!”
     “Did you attack and hurt someone?”
     “Did you pick up a fight with the cop?”
     “So what is it that you did this time?”
     “Uhmm… Actually I didn’t do anything wrong. And suddenly there was this female cop chasing me around, wanting to arrest me for Sae’s murder.”
     “Oh my God! Why didn’t you tell her that he-”
     “That he was a vampire?” I cut her words. “No, I don’t think she will believe me. Besides, I don't have evidence to support me if I tell her that.”
     “Oh God! This is trouble! Wait, Yuki, do you think she saw my plate number? What if she track my car number and our address? Should we hide away?”
     “Tckk….Don’t bother worrying about those stuff, Sasshi. She knew about me and Sae. I’m sure she has been spying on us for quite some times. And she must have known our address already.”
     “What? Oh God! Oh God! We’re a fugitive now, Yuki! How can you be so calm like this?” Sasshi started panicking.
     “Hm...guess why I’m still calm.”
     I smirked. “She doesn’t have arrest warrant on me.”
     “Eh!? So why is she coming after you then?”
     “I don’t know! Maybe she was sent by someone who was upset because I killed Sae? I really have no idea, Sasshi!” I said half-shouting due to my frustration.
     “Oh well… Should we tell the girls about this?”
     I leaned my back and gave myself a massage on my temple.
     “No. Don’t tell them anything yet. Give me some time to think first.”
     “Okay. And what are you going to do now?”
     “I don’t know. I’ll think about it tonight.” I slowly closed my eyes and put myself to rest for a while.
     But then I snapped my eyes open as I realized something. “Dammit! I forgot my grocery bag.”
     “My grocery bag. Ohh...Never mind…Just forget it.” I clicked my jaw, feeling so much upset for the lost of my grocery bag. I didn’t mind having myself getting chased, beaten, and hurt. But I did mind, losing my money during the process. I had spent quite a lot of money on that grocery shopping today just to make my Cyborg happy. And now I lost it! Dammit! Damn this female cop!
     I couldn’t help but cursing my bad luck. I guess I just had a very bad day today. Fortunately I still had my bag with me. I would be in so much trouble if I lose this bag too since I had put all the money from the pawnshop earlier inside this bag. I have been working so hard everyday to get money, so money is the most important thing for me now.
     “Yuki, do you need to go somewhere? Or should we go home now?” asked Sasshi again.
     “Ummm….Don’t go home yet. I’m afraid the cop is still there. Just drive around a little longer.”
     Sasshi continued driving aimlessly on the highway for a while.
     I then leaned my head against the window. “You know what I really want right now?”
     “Yeah?” Sasshi listened to me attentively, just like she always did. She had been a good listener to me, all this time.
     “I wish someone would switch bodies with me, just like last year.” I muttered weakly as I stared at the view outside the window.
     I heard Sasshi let out a chuckle.
     “Oh, you know until now I’m the only one who ever get a ride inside your body. And you wanna know what I’m thinking about it?”
     “Yeah, what?”
     “I don’t want to switch bodies with you, ever again. And I believe nobody will want to switch bodies with you, if they know what you’re going through right now.”
     “Oh really?”
     “Yeah, I mean, look at you. You have so many enemies. The yankiis, the loan-shark mobsters, the vampires. Now even the cops are chasing you too. So many people are chasing you, it’s not even funny.”
     “Have I ever said it was ever funny?” I said pouting.
     “No. Haha! It was never funny! Just horrible. And if there is someone out there who is still willing to switch bodies with you, I suggest they should bring a life jacket. Cause people like me or them won’t be able to handle it, being in your shoes.”
     “......What are you saying, Sasshi?” I gritted my teeth.
     “Well, Yuki, you know my life is boring. And maybe I need a little more thrill to spice it up, by switching bodies with you and being you again for one day. But no thanks, I don't want your problems. If I had them I would sink to the bottom. Don’t get me wrong. I’m actually praising you. You really are one tough cookie.”
     I was startled for a moment. Sasshi was right. Nobody would want to switch bodies with me. It would be a nightmare for them.
     I sighed as I kept on staring at the view outside the window, trying hard to find a silver lining in my cloudy, pathetic life.


     Later at the evening, I found Mayu busy studying on her desk. I decided to ask her a question that had been bugging me since I returned home today.
     “Hey, Mayu, do you remember when we fought with your brother Sae at his apartment that night? The night before I killed him, do you remember it?”
     The Cyborg turned at me, furrowing her brows. “Yeah, why?”
      “Did you see anyone else around his  apartment? A human friend, maybe?”
      Mayu seemed to be trying to recall something before giving an answer. “No, I don’t think I saw anyone there. It was only the three of us, you and me and Sae-chan. Why do you ask? Something happened today?”
     “No. Nothing. I’m just curious. Sorry to bother you. Please continue your study.” I said as I laid myself back onto the bed.
     I was hesitating whether I should tell Mayu or not, about my encounter today with the police officer. But when I saw my girl looking all serious reading her text book, I somehow lost my will to discuss this matter with her. She needed to focus on her study right now, and therefore I shouldn't bother her with my problems.

     I tried to recall everything again and figure out my situation. There was someone out there who had reported me to this officer. I tried to narrow it down. There were only a few people who knew about me killing Sae that night. Those included Mayu, Sasshi, Takamina, and the rest of the girl. And they were my friends, so they were out of question. Could it be Tomochin? I remember I had told her about Sae during our training session yesterday. Did she report me to the police? But why would she do that? She’s a stranger, and I’m pretty sure she never met Sae and never had anything to do with him.
     Aside from Tomochin, I also had a few other guesses. Acchan’s sisters: Umeda, Rena, and Jurina. They all knew about me and Sae. But I’ve never seen them again after our battle last year. They’re probably still hiding somewhere.
     I felt my head getting dizzy from thinking of too many possibilities and scenarios.
     Letting out a long sigh, I then pulled my blanket covering my body. It was quite a rough day for me today. I really needed a good rest and sleep early tonight.
     I know I probably will have to face that cop again tomorrow, but tonight I just really want to sleep. I don’t wanna think about it now.
     “I’m going to sleep early tonight. Good night, Mayu.”
     “Night, Yuki. Here...Mmuaahhh…. Sleep tight. And don’t forget to bring me into your dream tonight,” she said as she came over and leaned in to give me a goodnight kiss.
     I let out a giggle. My God! How can she be so cute and sweet like this, I can’t even- I just can’t.
     I felt all the bad things that happened to me today had been completely erased just by a simple goodnight kiss from her. And I’m willing to go through any of those bad days again, just to see her acting so cute and sweet like this.
     “Nee~ Mayuyu...What time are you going to sleep? Let’s have our dream joined together tonight~”
     She chuckled a bit before cupping my face and looking me in the eye. “I’m sorry Yuki, but I have to stay up late and study for tonight. I have a mock exam tomorrow.”
     “Okay, just go study and do your best.” I said as I removed her hands from my face and pushed her back to her desk.
     But then she returned again and stood by my bed with a mischievous smile plastered on her face.
     “What? Aren’t you gonna study?” I frowned as I looked at her.
     “That can wait. Now I want to cuddle first.”
     “What? No! Go back to your study now! I want to sleep!” I said as I pushed her away.
     She resisted.
     “Oh come on, Yuki, I know you want this more than I do.”
     I sneered at her remark.
     “No, I think you want this more than I do. Come here.” I pulled her closer towards me. “Come on, lay your lips on mine.”
     She smiled and threw her body upon me. She kissed me on the lips, and then she went down, burying her face on my chest. I enveloped my arms around her, hugging her tightly. I could feel her hands roaming underneath my clothes, touching me.
     “Yuki, I love you.”
     I smiled. “I love you too, Mayu.”
     Now she began to attack me with kisses, on my chest, my neck, my stomach, everywhere. My heart started to pick up its race and she must’ve heard it, being so close to me like that.
     I felt in heaven. Every time she touched me and said she loved me, I got a little bit breathless. I had my head in the clouds and got no weight on my shoulders, every time we cuddled each other like this.
     All I want is to lie down with her all night long, and let our bodies work for more. I want her to touch me more. I want her to discover every curve and every swerve all over my body. She wants me all the way up, and I want her half way down.
     This isn’t right. I know she has to study tonight, and I don’t want to take more of her time.
     So I pushed her body away.
     She rose up from the bed and looked at me, grinning.
     “Hehe! Thanks, Yuki! I’m fully charged now. I think I can study all night long tonight. Hehe~”
     What the-? Did I just charge up her battery or what? Oh yeah, I remember she’s a cyborg. She must have a battery inside her body. But she got a funny way to charge it up though. I couldn’t help but smile upon seeing her antic.
     “You’re welcome. And I’m glad to help.” I rolled my eyes at her.
     She laughed away.
     I turned my body. My back’s facing her.
     And I closed my eyes, smiling.

     Anytime, Mayu. Anytime you need me, I’ll be here for you.
     You’ve been studying so hard. I know you’re tired.
     So if you’re looking for cuddling time, you can always count on me, I’ll be waiting.

:note: Lyrics : (modified from) Bad Day by Daniel Powter :note:

This is the moment that I needed the most.
When my blue skies fade to grey.
And when my passion's gone away.

I stand in the line just to hit a new low.
I’m faking a smile, while my life’s been way off line.
And I’m falling to pieces everytime.

Cause I just had a bad day.
I’m taking one down.
I sing a sad song just to turn it around.
I’m coming back down and I really don't mind.

I had a bad day.
Yes, I had a bad day.
And now all I need is a blue sky holiday.

Sometimes the system goes on the blink, and the whole thing turns out wrong.
I might not make it back, but I will try.
I will try to be strong.
And I know I could be, well, that strong, for you.

You give me passion when I need it the most.
And we’ll kick up the leaves and the magic is lost.
Oh, together, you and I.

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Part 2 is here!
This time it will be Sayaka POV. And if you notice, the characters involved in this arc are mainly from subunit DIVA from the Original Team K (2nd gen members).

I highly recommend you to read Special Chapter D - My Dearest Brother (flashback) again, in order to help you learn about the relationship/friendship between Sae, Mayu, Sayaka, and Yuka in the past.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make a long chapter as usual. Typing with smartphone is really tiring. I used to write in laptop and I can proudly say that I have a lightning-speed typing ability using my ten fingers. Now I can’t do that with smartphone, but I’m glad at least it has auto-completion, auto-correction, spell check, etc.


(Part 2)

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honour and Humanity



     I slowed down my speed and cursed under my breath as I watched the raven haired female running away in that SUV car. It only took a few seconds until the SUV car disappeared in front of my eyes, taking its turn at the intersection located several blocks away from me. There’s no way I can catch her now.

     I ran my fingers through my hair, panting as I tried to catch up with my breath. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, for not being able to catch my target today. If only the car wasn’t there, I would’ve caught Kashiwagi already.

     That woman was fast, and slick like an eel. And just like what Umeda had told me, she was strong too. A master of martial arts. I gotta be careful next time.

     I threw my glance on my surrounding. The street was still crowded with people. Some of them staring at me curiously, probably wanting to know why I was chasing that girl. Back then when I was running after her, I couldn't ask these people to stop her and help me catch her, because then she would tell them that I don’t have arrest warrant and blablabla. And I couldn't afford making such scene at this moment because, hey, I’m currently going rogue now! If my boss knows I’m ditching work and going rogue like this, I will definitely be suspended. I realized I had to confront and catch Kashiwagi while she was alone, and not in the crowd like this.

     So there, standing at the crossroad and not knowing what to do, I then decided to go back to my motel. It was already dark and I had no intention to continue my pursuit. At least now I had confronted her and let her know that she’s not walking around out there unwatched.

     I opened the door into my room and put my gun on the desk. I took off my coat and my holster before throwing them onto my bed. I then sat down on the chair and drank some water, trying to sooth myself. However, I felt my anger build up again as I recalled how Kashiwagi had disarmed me and threatened me with my own gun. I thought she was going to shoot me but then she only emptied the bullets and threw it away. I guess she did that to buy herself some time before running away from me. I had to admit it was a clever move from her.

     I knew I had no right to arrest Kashiwagi without arrest warrant. Umeda didn't want to make an official testimonial, neither to testify against her in the court. She said she was afraid Kashiwagi was going to kill her. I have tried to convince her but to no avail. And even if Umeda’s willing to testify, I still need more evidence to bring Kashiwagi behind bars. Not only for her crime of Sae’s murder, but also for her abusive behavior towards Mayu.

     I couldn't believe it. Kashiwagi had beaten Mayu, spanked her, smacked her, chased her and shoot her like that. And Mayu said those had been happening ever since she met Kashiwagi Yuki a year ago. I really don't understand what is going on inside Yuki’s mind. Is killing Sae not enough so that she has to go and hurt Mayu too? If it continued like this, then sooner or later Mayu would end up dying in her hand. And I can't let that happen.

     My hand curled up into a fist and I angrily punched the desk with my fist. Restless, I took another gulp of my drink, trying to calm myself down.

     A sound of ringtone reached my ears and I quickly grabbed my phone.

     [‘Hey, Sayaka, how is everything going on there?’]

It was my comrade, and my best friend. Masuda Yuka.

     “Hey, Yuttan! It’s fine, I got everything under control here! How is Umeda?”

     [‘ She’s safe. Don’t worry about her. And have you met with Mayu? ‘]

     “Uh-huh. I met her yesterday.”

     [‘ How is she? ’]

     “Not good.” I said with a sigh. “It seems she’s been abused for quite some times.”

     [‘ WHAAAAAT!!?? Who abused her? Kashiwagi? ’]

   “Yes! Who else?” I grunted angrily. “Even worse, they’ve been staying together in the same apartment for more than a year. They seemed to be pretty close. I don’t know why Mayu is still not running away and save herself from her.”

     [‘ Hm… Does Mayu know it was Kashiwagi who killed her brother? ’]

     “Well, right now it’s hard to say. Mayu didn’t want to talk about it when I asked her.”

     [‘ What are you planning to do with them? You know you can’t be there for too long, Sayaka. I’m trying to cover you up, but if they find out about you going rogue, you’ll be in a heated trouble. ’]

     “Yes, I know that, Yuttan! I’ll try to finish this as soon as I can. I confronted Kashiwagi today.”

     [‘ Oh, you did? Did you two talk or what? ’]

     “Err...Yeah. We had a little talk, and then we fought, and then she ran away. I’ll come and confront her again tomorrow. And I’m going to force her to talk and confess all her crime.”

     [‘ Okay, good luck with that. And keep me updated, will you? ’]

     “Okay. Thanks, Yuttan. Thanks for everything.”

     [‘ Naahh...Don’t mention it. Sae was my best friend too. This is the least I can do for him, and for Mayu. ‘]

     “I know. I’ll do my best too.”

     We then hang up the call.

    Sighing, I laid my back on the bed. I need to plan out carefully what I’m going to do tomorrow. Yesterday I have stalked Kashiwagi and I already knew where she’s working during daytime. I can’t arrest her for now, but I will make her spill the truth and confess her crime. I will use my usual strategy: intimidation, agitation, and even direct confrontation if necessary, until she’s willing to talk to me.

     Don’t worry, Mayu-chan, I will save you and protect you from her.
     I won't let her hurt you again.
     I promise.

That was so short, I guess? :P

I will write a longer chapter if you give me comment, I feel so lonely and bored here :lol:

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No comment, eh?
Damn you silent readers! :lol:

This update will contain more fighting scenes than previous chapters. Quite a very long one, actually. And I will write all these fighting scenes from a first person POV. Therefore the violence depicted here will be a bit more excessive, due to it being first person POV. And yeah, you’ve been warned.


(Part 3)

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honour and Humanity

     I found myself waking up the next day, early in the morning before my alarm was ringing. The clock showed it was still 4:50 AM. It seemed that my body had developed its own mechanism to wake itself automatically every morning, even without the alarm.
     Guess I should throw this alarm out now because it’s no use for me anymore. Taking a deep breath, I got up and sat on my bed. I reached a glass of water on the table and I drink it all in one breath, and soon I feel refreshed and energized.
     The first thing I noticed was the empty space besides me. Glancing around, I found my roommate was still sitting on her chair in the same position as last night, except that she’s sleeping now.
     That sight made me frown a bit and I rushed to check on her.
     This Cyborg had her head buried in her arms while leaning herself against the desk. Her textbooks were still opened, with papers scattered everywhere on the desk. Her hand was still holding a pencil. She must’ve exhausted herself, studying very hard, that she eventually fell asleep on her chair like that.
     I gently shook her body. “Mayu, wake up. You shouldn’t sleep here. Come, let’s go to the bed.”
     She just stirred in her sleep without waking up. I shook her body again, a bit roughly this time. And still, there was no sign of her waking up. So I decided to carry her in my arms and brought her to the bed. She still has at least three hours before going to school today, and I know she really needs that sleep right now.

     After making sure the Cyborg sleep comfortably on her bed, I tidied my bed and folded the blanket. I then spent a few minutes in the bathroom before starting my daily exercise, which consisted of a hundred sit-ups and fifty push-ups. After that, I went to the kitchen to get some snack and an early breakfast.
     Everybody was still sleeping in their rooms. I sat alone on the dining chair, thinking about what I’m going to do today. I’m still not used to sharing my problems with others, but I realize Sasshi was right. I need to talk to Takamina and the girls about my problem. I knew I can't handle this myself, because dealing with a police officer is much more complicated than dealing with vampires or bad guys, and I might end up in jail if I take the wrong move.
     After thinking for a while, I made up my mind and decided to discuss it with Takamina first before letting the others know about my problem. Takamina is the one I trust the most. She is also the smartest and most reliable amongst us. She will know how to solve my problem.

     I toasted a slice of bread and ate it slowly while occupying myself with some magazines. Miichan was the first to come out. She’s also a morning person like me.
     “Morning Yuki!” she greeted me with a smile.
     “Oh, hi, Michan, good morning!” I replied.
     “You used to wake up early everyday, huh? I can hear you coming here an hour ago.”
     “Yeah. And you too, Miichan.”
     The Gachapin stretched and arched her body a little. “Hm… I find morning is the most suitable time for writing. My mind is fresh and everything is quiet.”
     I nodded, agreeing. Miichan was a writer. She wrote articles for magazines and newspaper. She also wrote short stories and novels. I read some of her works and they were all very good. She will make a successful writer someday.
     Miichan took a bowl of cereals and then sat in front of me.
     “Yuki, you look troubled. What happened?”
     I frowned. How did she know I’m in trouble? Oh yeah, I forgot, she’s a psychic.
     “No. Nothing happened.”
     “Okay. It’s alright if you don’t want to share your problem with me,” she shrugged.
     “Who said I have a problem right now?” I retorted.
     However, without saying anything Miichan got up from her seat and came towards me. She was standing close to me now. And then she leaned in, closer and closer.
     And she sniffed me. Her nose twitched in a strange way.
     What the-?
     I stared at her, totally clueless on what she’s doing. Her face was so close to mine, I could clearly feel her breath.
     She wiggled her nose again a few times, as if she wanted to bewitch me.
     “Hmm…. I smell trouble,” she said while sniffing me.
     What? What the heck is she doing?
     I immediately slammed the magazine right onto her face and pushed her away with it.
     “Stop it, Miichan! You’re creeping me out!”
     She removed the magazine and smiled at me.
     “Tell me, Yuki. Tell me what your problem is. I can help you.”
     She came at me again, and I pushed her away.
     “No! I don’t have problem! Go away, Miichan!”
     “Okay.” The Gachapin retreated to her chair and continued eating her cereals.

     I pretended to read the magazine again, but my mind was actually wandering somewhere.
     (Where is Takamina? Why is she not waking up yet? I really need to talk to her right now.) I stole a glance at AtsuMina’s door.
     “They’re not here today.” the Gachapin spoke. “They spent the night in Takamina’s house, probably doing, you know, ’that’ thing.”
     I frowned upon hearing her words.
     “Well, you can still talk to me if you want to, because you see…. Takamina is not here.” She smirked at me.
     (What? No! This psychic. She’s such a busybody.)
     I immediately got up and stormed back into my room.
     (No, I’m not talking to anyone except Takamina.)

    As I entered my room, I saw the Cyborg was still sleeping soundly. I took a quick shower and prepared myself to leave for work. I decided to go to Haachan’s restaurant early in order to avoid crossing path with that officer again today. She’s probably still in this town, although I really hoped she had decided to go back to her city. I had bluffed her yesterday by threatening to sue her, and I just hoped she would fall into my bluff. Getting into a fight with a police officer is really the last thing I want to do. And I already had so many things on my plate, I don’t think I can handle more right now.

     I arrived at the restaurant and was greeted by Haachan and several other workmates who came earlier than me. They were already in their uniforms and aprons.
     I quickly changed my outfit and joined them. Today my job is cleaning and preparing the chairs and tables for our customers. I vacuumed the floor, put down the chairs from on top of the tables, and wiped them all clean with a wet towel. While Haachan and the others were busy cooking in the kitchen.
     As the morning progressed, few customers entered our restaurant. It’s breakfast time now.
     “Yuki, please bring this to the table number 14.” Haachan said as she handed me a tray with a bowl of rice, chicken, and vegetable soup.
     “Hai!” I took the tray and went to the said table.
     However, as I walked closer to the table, I realized it was the very person that I really want to avoid today.
     I froze for a moment, thinking what to do. I was contemplating to runaway and hide. But then I realized it won’t work for me. She’s a cop. It’s easy for her to track me down and dig up everything about me, where I live, where I work, etc.
     So then, bracing myself, I continued walking to her table.
     Calm down, Yuki, just pretend you don't know her.
     As I reached the table, I quickly put the meals in front of her while trying not to look at her. But I can feel her piercing gaze upon me as she eyed me intensely as if wanting to skin me alive.
     “Please enjoy your meals, Mam.” I said softly, bowing my head a little.
     I was about to withdraw myself when she suddenly grabbed my wrist and held it tight against the table. Very tight, it made me wince in pain.
     “I’m watching you, Kashiwagi.” She said to me in a low voice, and in a very intimidating way. “I’m going to make you confess all your crimes.”
     “What crimes?” I sighed, almost whispering.
     “Killing Miyazawa.”
     “No, I’ve told you I didn’t kill him.”
     “And your other crimes too. You’re abusing his sister.”
     I snapped my head towards her.
     “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” I stared at her, confused.
     She just smirked. “Oh, I believe you know very well what I’m talking about.”
     Frowning, I spoke again. “Look, whatever these crimes you think I’m doing, I didn't do it. I’m innocent.”
     “Yeah, that’s what all the bad guys said before I catch them and send them to jail.” She scoffed.
     I bit on my lips and heaved another sigh.
     “I have to work. I can't talk to you right now.” I removed my hand from her grip.
     “Then meet me again after work. Same place as yesterday,” she said.
     Without giving a reply, I retreated immediately into the kitchen room.
     I slammed the tray harshly onto the table, causing my workmates to stare at me with a curious look.
     “Kashiwagi-san, are you alright?” asked one of them.
     “Yeah, I’m….I’m alright.” I said faking a smile.

     I spent the rest of the day at Haachan’s restaurant, working and serving customers until my shift was over. I’m feeling tensed for the rest of the day, but I managed to finish my jobs normally as if nothing happened.
     Once again, my brain was occupied with a lot of thoughts. Who had reported me to this officer? And why does this officer keep pursuing me, even without arrest warrant? She seemed to have taken Sae’s case seriously into her hand, although the case took place in the area outside her jurisdiction. And what does she mean by my other crimes? She said I’m abusing Sae’s sister, which mean I’m abusing Mayu? What the hell is she talking about? Too many questions I had in my mind, but I can’t seem to find the answers.

     I realized I needed to talk to Mayu and Takamina sooner about this problem, and thus I decided to go home immediately after my shift was over. I was thinking to take another route, not the usual route, because I didn't want to meet that officer again. She had asked me to meet her again after work at the same place as yesterday, but I never said I agreed to it anyway.
     I hit the road and walked with a great speed. The rain had just stopped few minutes ago and the wind was blowing heavily. I shuddered a little and braced myself tightly under my jacket. My boots hit the cement loudly as I made my way along the sidewalk.

     A growling sound was heard from my stomach, and I realized I hadn't eaten anything for lunch today. I then entered a convenience store, wanting to buy some onigiri or instant sushi just to fill my stomach for the time being.
     Standing in front of the refrigerated section, I was ready to pick my lunch, but just then I felt someone grabbed me on my shoulder. I turned my eyes thinking it was my friend, but froze immediately upon seeing the face of the very person I’ve been trying to avoid earlier.
     Oh, shit! She stalked me!
     I felt her grip tightened on my shoulder as she whispered, “Why didn't you take the usual route today? Are you trying to runaway from me?”
     “N-no.” I brought my hand up, wanting to remove her grip.
     “Look down. And don’t bother to escape or do anything stupid.”
     I looked down and was shocked to see a gun being pointed at me in a very close distance. A handkerchief was used to cover the gun, keeping it out of sight from everyone.
     And suddenly I found it’s hard for me to breathe and swallow the lump in my throat. I felt the gun being pressed harder against my back, and it brought shiver down my spine. I never, ever experienced something like this before.
     “Come with me.” The officer said as she pushed me harshly.
     We exited the convenience store and walked along the sidewalk, with that gun pointed on my back. And I felt my heart jumping out from my chest, every time she pushed me or pressed the gun harder against me.
     There were so many people on the street, but nobody noticed what was happening to me. I guess this officer must be extremely skilled in handling situation like this. They are trained to confront and apprehend criminals in public space, as well as in private place.

     After a few minutes of walking, we then reached a more quiet neighborhood.
     “Where are you taking me?” I asked suspiciously.
     “To my place.”
     “Your place? I thought you’re taking me to the police station.”
     “No. My place. I rent a motel around here. We need to talk, Kashiwagi.”
     I stared at her, frowning. I really am not liking where it is going now. It would be better for me if she just brought me to the police station directly, because then I could make a phone call to Sasshi or Takamina and asked them to bail me out. But if this officer decided to bring me to her place, then I don't know what’s going to happen to me.
     “You know I prefer to be taken to the police station instead.” I said to her.
     She didn't reply. And I can quickly figure out why.
     I then stopped walking and turned around to face her. “You still don't have the arrest warrant for me, do you? That’s why you can’t take me to the police station.”
   “True. I don't have the arrest warrant for you. But I’m doing this to get your confession today, and to prevent you from committing another crime,” replied the officer as she pushed me harshly, forcing me to continue walking again.
     A very bad scenario immediately came into my mind. Torture. This officer is going to torture me into making confession of something I didn't do.
     I bit on my lips hard and stared on the ground. God, why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Have I not suffered enough in the past, that I have to go through yet another dark episode in my life?
     Yeah. My life. Just when it's going well someone had to come and smash it all into pieces.

     As we continued walking again, I didn’t realize I was walking slower and slower.
     I felt another harsh push on my back, almost causing me to stumble forward.
     “Walk faster! We don’t have all day!” she yelled at me.
     And I stopped.
     Okay. That’s it.
     I’m already reaching my limits now. I’m not going to let anyone treat me like I’m some sort of a criminal.
     Straightening myself, I turned around and faced her entirely.
     “I don’t want to come to your place. If you wanna talk, then let’s talk, right here, and right now.” I stood firmly and glared at her.
     Turning my gaze down, I saw she was still pointing her gun at me, ready to shoot me anytime. And I was surprised by how much it didn't scare me anymore. I guess I had too much anger inside me, it overtook my fear.
     I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. A vampire hunter, and a descendant of Lord Kashiwagi Yukimura. I have cheated death so many times. And I have defeated the most powerful vampire on earth. I’m a warrior. I’m not afraid to die. And nothing can scare me. Not even a gun.

     The officer came into a halt and thought for a moment. And then she put her gun back into her holster.
     “Okay, let’s talk here.”
     “What do you want to talk about?” I asked, furrowing my brows.
     “How did you kill Miyazawa?”
     “I’ve told you I didn’t kill him.”
     “Do you admit meeting him and having a fight with him a year ago?”
     I paused to think for a moment.
     “Why were you two fighting?”
     “It’s a lovers’ quarrel. I got mad because he left me for two years without a trace. And he got mad because he thought I cheated him while he was gone. So we fought.”
     I felt my eyelash twitched a few times. It always happens when I’m lying.
     “And what happened after that fight?”
     “I left him in the apartment.”
     “But he disappeared after that. If you didn't kill him, then where did he go?”
     “I don’t know. Maybe the mobster kidnapped him again.”
     “What mobster?”
     “Well, maybe the same mobster who  had kidnapped him three years ago in Hiroshima?”
     She gave me another cold gaze.
     “Don’t lie to me, Kashiwagi. That case was different. My witness saw you and Sae fighting in his apartment. They checked his room immediately after you left, but he was nowhere to be found. You are the only suspect for this case. You’ve killed him and you disposed his body somewhere.”
     I could only silent upon hearing her words. I realized my position has become difficult right now. What should I do? Should I just admit that I killed Sae? And that he was a vampire? Will this officer believe me if I tell her that?

     “Now to the next issue. Why are you staying with Sae’s sister? What are your intentions with her?”
     “Do you mean Mayu?” I asked, frowning.
     “Yes. Miyazawa Mayu. Or Watanabe Mayu. What are you planning to do with her?”
     “I- I don’t plan anything with her.” I replied, still frowning. “We’re good friends. She’s an orphan and so am I. And we decide to stay together and support each other. That’s all.”
     “And how do you support her? By beating her up everyday? You’re abusing her, Kashiwagi.” She said glaring at me.
      And again, I was stunned.
     So this is what she means by my other crimes. She thinks I’m hurting Mayu.
     “I’ve never abused her…” I struggled to explain. “Okay… maybe I’ve hurt her a little, with spanking and a few beating. But it was only for training, and you know, a little punishment when she misbehaved. But I never meant it to hurt her.”
     “Don’t lie to me, Kashiwagi. I saw it myself. She has bruises all over her body. You’ve injured her badly.”
     “W-wait! When did...When did you meet her? Where?” I was too much in shock, my words came out stuttering from my mouth.
     “Sunday. At the bookstore.”
     I was shocked even more. Really? She met Mayu just two days ago, and Mayu didn't even tell me anything about it? Oh Mayu, I’m so gonna spank you tonight.

     I took another deep breath, trying to keep myself calm.
     “Who are you?” I asked as I looked at the officer again.
     “I’m Akimoto Sayaka. Police officer.”
     I shook my head. “No, I mean, who are you to Sae and Mayu?”
     She gave me an enigmatic look before answering. “I’m their childhood friend.”

     I parted open my lips unconsciously.
     A childhood friend.

     Now that explains everything.
     It’s all clear to me now, why this officer took this case so seriously, why she seemed to care a lot about Sae and Mayu, and why she wanted to arrest me so eagerly.
     She wasn’t just a random stranger or another police officer. She had this special relationship with Sae and Mayu. And Mayu had never told me about this. How am I supposed to deal with this now?
     I gritted my teeth in anger. This revelation had hit me hard. I felt like I’m just waking up in a strange place and everyone was laughing at me.
     And suddenly I lost my mood to continue this interrogation.
     “Look, I didn’t kill Sae, and I never hurt Mayu. That’s all I can say to you. I have to leave now. Goodbye, Officer.” I said as I turned around, ready to leave.

     But just then she grabbed my arm.
     “Stop! Where do you think you’re going? We’re still not finish yet.”
     “Oh yeah? But I’m busy. Sorry. Gotta go.” I pulled my arm from her and continued walking away.
     However, she grabbed me again on my shoulder. I turned my face and next thing I knew, her fist made contact with my cheek. Hard.
     My head snapped to the side and my body reacted as I staggered back a few steps.
     I brought my finger to my lips. It’s bleeding.
     I turned at her, curling my fist, and without a moment of hesitation I swing my arm towards her.
     My punch landed on her face with a loud thwack. She stumbled aside but quickly regained her composure. Her lips was bleeding as well.

     For a few seconds we just stood there silently, exchanging a death-glare towards each other.
     So now it has come down to this. I muttered a curse under my breath.
     I prepared myself then raised my fists up in front of me, taking my fighting stance.
     “If you’re not going to let me go, then I supposed I have to make my own way, right?”
     The officer just stared at me for a moment.
     “That’s right. Let’s fight this out. See who’s the stronger between us. And don’t worry. There will be no gun this time,” she said as she took her gun and emptied the bullets before putting it back into the holster.
     “Yeah. No gun this time.” I smirked.

     She assumed her fighting stance, the Okinawan karate style.
     We circled each other for a moment, testing the waters, trying to analyse each other's.
     She came at me, thrusting her fist. I blocked it with my arm. And for the next few minutes, we swung and thrust our fists repeatedly, trying to knock each other down. Our punches came in very fast, one after another. But none of them were effective since they’re all either blocked or dodged.
     She then spun her leg, going for a roundhouse kick to my head. I ducked down and attempted to tackle her by sweeping her foot. She fell down but quickly retaliated by giving me a kick on my stomach, causing me to falter as well.
     We got up and rose to our feet again, both at the same time.
     “You’re good. I might enjoy this for awhile,” she said with a smirk.
     “Yeah, me too.” I replied, panting a little.
     We then circled each other again before going for the next round.

     I begin to feel adrenaline rushing into my veins. After trading a few blows with this female cop, I must admit that she’s not only strong but she also can fight like me. She can punch like me. She can kick like me. She can dodge like me. She moves like me. And her technique is just as good as me. We’re pretty much in the same league.
     And no, she’s nothing like Acchan or Gekikara, who were already very strong in their own nature without having to learn and master any martial arts. She’s also nothing like Shinoda or any other enemies I have fought before. She’s just like, well, me. I feel like I’m fighting against a clone of myself now. And honestly, if only we were in a different situation, I would definitely enjoy having a friendly fight and spar with this female officer, anytime any day.

     Knowing my opponent this time is very strong, I then decided to strike first and move faster. Aiming for a double roundhouse kick, I spun around in full circle, pivoting between the first and second kick. My first kick managed to get her, but I failed on my second attempt as she grabbed my leg and locked it tightly between her arm and the side of her body. She spun me around a few times before finally throwing me away. I landed hard on a puddle of mud, and quickly rolled over. My head felt a bit dizzy after being spun like that.
     I stopped for a moment, taking a deep breath. The wind was blowing heavily again. Dry leaves and flower petals were flying around us. I ran my fingers through my hair, removing a few strands of hair which was covering my face due to the wind. Two flower petals got caught up in my hair. And I thought this sight was quite artistic, actually, if only we had spectators. The beautiful sight of flower petals and dry leaves floating in the air, in contrast to the demonstration of hostility being performed by two beautiful, raven haired women. Yeah I admit she’s beautiful.
     Slowly I rose to my full height again while still locking eyes on my enemy. Bead of sweats began to form on my face. I knew this is going to be a long fight. And I couldn’t help but feel worried because this officer obviously has more strength and stamina than me, what with her bigger frame. And this only means that in a longer fight, she will have a bigger chance to win against me. I have no choice other than to finish this fight quickly before I’m worn out.

     I then decided to utilize several tricks that I know. I spun my leg again, delivering a wheel kick to her head. Just as I thought, she dodged it by arching her back. But then I stopped mid-air and quickly changed the direction of my kick. My leg landed hard on her chest instead, followed by a thickening sound of broken bone. Letting out a painful gasp, she then fell flat onto the ground.
     She rolled away and scrambled back to her feet again. And I could see she was totally upset after I tricked her with that move.
    “You’re not gonna win this. I have a 2-dan black belt in aikido, 3-dan black belt in karate, and 4-dan black belt in judo,” she growled at me.
     “Oh yeah? So what? I just broke one of your ribs. You want me to break 2 more? 3 more? Or 4 more?” I said, mocking her.
     “Tckk….So abusive. They’re right about you. Just admit it, Kashiwagi, you killed Miyazawa Sae, didn’t you? And now what are you planning to do with Mayu? Are you going to kill her too?” She asked furiously.
     I bit my lips and thought for a moment. I realized there’s no point to continue lying and hitting around the bush anymore. She already knew about me, Sae, and Mayu. And not to mention, she’s also their childhood friend. It was only a matter of time until this officer learns the truth about Sae’s death.
     I then took a deep breath. “Alright, I admit it. I killed him.”
     I saw the officer smirked upon hearing my confession. She’s probably more than excited to drag me and throw me to the prison now.
     “I killed him. But I had no choice. He was going to harm me and Mayu. What I did was only a self-defense.”
     “Oh really? But that’s not what I heard.”
     I frowned. “Would you mind telling me what you heard then?”
     “You and Sae had been in a relationship for two years, you were violent to him, you abused him during all those years. He disappeared to save himself. But then you two met again and had a fight. You beat him up again and killed him.”
     “What? Who told you that crap! That’s really not true! I did kill him, but for another reason.”
     “So, what’s the truth then? What reason? Let me hear your version.”
     I was silent for a while before answering.
     “He’s a vampire.” I spoke clearly and firmly, wishing she would believe me.
     I waited for her reaction.
     “Right, and I’m a werewolf.” She scoffes.
     “You don’t believe me?”
     “No. Unless you bring me the prove.”
     “Ask Mayu.”
     “Oh, you’ve brainwashed her too.”
     Brainwash? Really? What kind of lies is this?!
     “I’m telling you the truth. Miyazawa Sae was a vampire. I had no choice but to kill him.”
     “Tck, I’m sure you’ll say the same thing about me too if you had just shot me yesterday with my own gun. You’ll kill me and you’re going to tell them that I’m a vampire. And you’re going to get away with it. Great. That’s just great, Kashiwagi. I have encountered many homicide cases where people fought and killed each other, claiming that the other one was a vampire. So I’m not surprised with this kind of lies anymore.”
     I could only silent, dumbfounded. And I was wrong, to ever think she would believe me.

     I saw her taking another steps closer to me. And I took my steps back.
     “Please, I don’t want to fight you.” I lowered my fist a bit.
     She scoffed and mocked. “You don’t want? Or you can’t?”
     “Just let me return to my apartment first, and I will get my friends to testify for me.”
     “And giving you a chance to runaway? No!”
     Without warning she then jumped towards me, delivering another punch. I shifted aside and used her own momentum to push her away.
     She was stumbling in front of me, and I was about to go for another strike. But just then I heard a growling sound coming from my stomach.
     Crap! I’m hungry!!
     I hadn’t had my lunch today, and I only had a slice of bread for breakfast. With not enough calories to burn, I’m not sure I can last longer in this fight. I had to finish this as soon as I can.

     I bit on my lips anxiously, preparing myself for another round of fighting.
     I came at her, aiming for a right cross to her face, but she caught my arm and spun around, her back was facing me. She then pulled my arm and enveloped it around her shoulder, and before I realize it, my body was already lifted from the ground, up to her shoulder. With a fast move, she then flipped me over and slammed me hard against the ground.
     A painful gasp escape my lips as I landed hard with my back on the ground. A throbbing pain overtook me, all the way from my head down to my lower back.
     However, I ignored the pain and gathered my strength to kick her away before getting back to my feet again.
     I stood wobbly, still feeling dizzy after she’s giving me that shoulder throw. I never get thrown like that before. I used to be the one who did that to other people.

     I saw my opponent coming again, aiming for a punch to my face. Instinctively, I ducked down and thrust my fist into her stomach.
     And that’s when I was startled.
     Her abs was as hard as rock.
     I looked up to see her face. She just smirked at me, not even flinching upon my punch.
     Oh, shit!
     It was too late for me to pull back as she quickly grabbed my collar and pulled me up. She brought her knee into my stomach, and kneed me several times before giving me an elbow to my back.
     I fell down once again, grunting in pain.
     I realized I cannot match her in a close fight. She was too strong for me. I felt like I was fighting against a gorilla. I must maintain my distance while fighting her. And I better go for kicks, instead of punches.

     The air was thick with our paintings as we took our time to observe each other again. After engaging in quite a long fight, we now had come to the point of knowing each other’s style, strengths, and weaknesses.
     “You look tired. Ready to give up now?” she mocked.
     “Not yet. Maybe it’s you who’s tired.” I retorted.
     I spun around and pivoted to deliver a series of spinning wheel kicks, aiming not only to her head but also to her stomach and thigh. I managed to land my kicks on her, sending her off balance a few times. After that, I quickly withdraw myself and maintain my distance from her.
     She went at me again, and I gave her another roundhouse kicks. And I repeated it again every time she came close to me, utilizing my legs and my kicks and therefore not giving her a chance to come closer.

     However, after delivering a lot of kicks, I eventually grew tired. My movement become slower and she managed to catch my leg again, locking it with her arm. She spun me and slammed me against the brick wall. The force was too much, it made a crack in the wall. I felt my skull was being crushed apart literally from that one strike. I just hoped I didn't get a concussion after this.
     I fell to the ground once again and quickly rolled away. However, when I was getting up again, I felt like the earth was moving and swaying beneath me. And that was when she decided to hurtle towards me, slamming her body against me, just like a bull.
     She pushed me along the alley while also throwing punches here and there on my face and my body. I was forced to take more steps back every time she strikes me.
     She kept pushing me until my back hit a wire mesh fence behind me. It put me in a disadvantage, because in a very close distance like this my kicks aren’t useful anymore.
     I attempted to punch her and push her away but to no avail. My strength and speed now has been greatly reduced, due to my empty stomach and lack of energy. And I’m sure my reflexes aren't so good either.
     A powerful punch landed hard on the side of my face, and before I recovered, she gave me another one. She began to punch me repeatedly on my face. She punched my left cheek. Then my right cheek. Then my left cheek again. Then my right cheek again. Over and over again, to the both side of my cheeks. My head was knocked violently to the side every time she punched me. I raised my arms, trying desperately to protect my face. But her punches were pouring down on me like a rain. And did I mention she was very strong, like a gorilla? After receiving several punches, I began to taste copper inside my mouth, and I could feel my cheeks was cut open.
     The blows kept raining down on me, fast and hard. I can barely see her punches, much less to dodge and block them. When I thought she’s going to punch my face, she strikes my stomach instead. And when I thought she’s going to strike my stomach, she punches my face instead. Each hits send my mind into incoherent state, and I barely had enough time to recover between each hits.

     After receiving those barrage of punches, I found myself cowering against the fence, groaning and panting heavily. I felt like a boxer who had been pummelled mercilessly against the ropes by a much stronger opponent.
     “Not so strong now are you?” she grabbed me and made me stand upright again.
     My eyes then widened in pain as a powerful punch made contact with my stomach. It knocked the wind out of me, and I dropped to my knees, gasping for air.
     I lied on the ground, coughing out blood and clutching onto my stomach. I don’t know which part of my body is more painful now, my face, my stomach, or my back. All were stinging like hell. This woman really knows how to hit where it hurts.

     I was crawling on the ground. My ears were ringing, my visions was clouded with black spots, my stomach hurts and I almost vomit due to nausea. Blood were dripping from my mouth and nose, and my body was trembling from the pain.
     I struggled to get up, pushing my body from the ground, but I fell back down again due to the dizziness and lack of energy. From the corner of my eyes, I saw my enemy standing just a few steps away from me. I was expecting a kick or a stomp from her. But it didn't came. She just stood there watching me, and waited patiently for me to get back to my feet.
     Oh, how noble my enemy is this time.
     Others usually would just kick me and stomp on me while I was still down on the ground, because they didn't want me to get up and retaliate. Most of them were afraid I would retaliate and fight back even harder once they allowed me to get back onto my feet.
     But my enemy this time is different. She’s not afraid or scared of me. She’s really confidence she’s stronger than me, and that she can beat me in a fair fight.
     And she was right. I felt like I’m a loser now.

     I coughed out some more blood, and shook my head a few times to get rid of the dizziness. Unable to get up yet, I then turned my body into a sitting position, and leaned my back against the fence.
     I stared at my enemy, knowing at this point my chance to defeat her is slim to none, as well as my chance to runaway from her. If she wanted to arrest me now, then let her have it.
     But instead of taking out the handcuff, she just stood there and looked down on me.
     “So, this is all you are?”
     “I heard you possess a great strength. I guess I was wrong about you. This is kinda disappointing, you know.”
     I didn't answer her. I know I’m strong, but I’ve never considered myself as the strongest person on earth. And I admit there are still many people out there who is much stronger than me, and I will gladly admit my defeat to them. I just never thought it would be this female officer who beats me.

     Slowly, I rose up and stood, while still leaning my back against the fence.
     “Look, I understand if you want to punish me for killing Sae. I’ve been wanting to punish myself too, for causing his death. But I never did anything wrong to Mayu.” I said weakly.
     The officer glared at me. “Never did anything wrong you said? You’ve spanked her, smacked her, beaten her, shot her, what else, huh?”
     “....It was just a training.” I sighed.
     “Oh yeah? Are you going to call this a training too?”
     “If you don't believe me, then let Mayu talk to you.”
     “Most people aren’t aware when they fall victim to bullying and abuse. Even Mayu will probably think you’re just training her, when you’re actually hurting her.”
     “I’m not hurting her! I’ll give you the prove. My friends will-”
     “Stay away from Mayu.”
     “What?” I frowned.
     “Stay away from her, before you’re ruining her life.”
     “No, I can’t-”
     “You’ve killed her brother. It’s too dangerous for her to stay with you. You must leave her.”
     “And what if I don't?”
     She rushed to me and grabbed my collar.
     “Then I’ll take her away from you.” She said as she slammed me against the fence.
     “And if you dare to hurt her again, I’ll beat you to death, Kashiwagi.” I was slammed hard once again.
     I gritted my teeth, trying to contain the pain.
     “You know of all people, I really hate the kind like you, who suddenly come and act like a hero when they actually don't know anything about what’s really going on.”
     “What were you saying, Kashiwagi?”
     “You’re making a big mistake, Officer.”
     She raised her fist up, ready to punch me again.
     But she stopped after seeing my bloodied up face.
     She then slammed me one more time and watched as I dropped feebly to the ground once again.
     “Consider this as a warning. I will come again and make you spill the truth about Sae’s death and how you had killed him.”
     She then walked away and left after saying that.

     I watched in silent as her figure disappeared at the end of this alley.
     And for a few minutes, I just sat there on the ground, leaning myself against the fence.
     I don’t know what to feel right now. Angered. Sad. Frustrated. Confused. Defeated. Tired. Scared. And other feelings that I can’t explain.
     But one thing I know for sure is....... I'm a loser now.


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