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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 254839 times)

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #60 on: December 12, 2011, 12:28:15 AM »
aww atsumina!!! goood scene :D

but haruna.. where is haruna... yuko needs skinship :D
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire, update Chapter 6. Make Me Wanna Die] TOMOTOMO
« Reply #61 on: December 12, 2011, 08:57:14 AM »
OMG I was so into your fic that I almost my metro stop xD
Takacchan kisses again yay!!!!
Hahaha I like the comments of Yuko and Sasshi during the Takacchan fight ^^
My Tomotomo is here too!!!!!


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Let’s continue our dumb story about vampires.
It’s dumb, really.
But why don’t we just having fun here, won’t we?
This time, I make all the pairing appear in this chapter.

@ kahem: I'm glad you're so into my fics..:heart: And we're even not reaching the climax yet..... :lol:
@ Haruko: I'm glad you like Atsumina here....and I already wrote about KojiYuu in this chapter, just before I read your comment.
                So, here I present a Kojiyuu for you.......... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Again, I am sorry, I always write about fightings. I need to let it out. Been watching 'n loving Crows Zero, Battle Royale, dark vampire series, yakuza stories, etc.
So this is the whole theme of my story. A bit dark and violent, but still filled with comedy, adventure, and romance.
If you ever seen one of these scenes before, then I can't deny, I got inspirations from many sources.
But I’m not plagiating. Please just consider this story as a some kind of parody.

And I am sorry for putting many lyrics in every chapter.
It’s all weird songs, but I feel they fit quite nicely to the story lines.
I’m sorry if you think I’m ruining it.
If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.
They are mostly western song, because I rarely found the english translation of Japanese song, eventhough I like JMusic a lot.

Also I apologize for some mild content/language I use here, in this chapter and the upcoming chapters.
And some characterizations might be too over the edge, it don’t suit the cute/innocent image of an idol.
This is just a fanfic after all. And I am only a beginner.

Please fix me if I’m making mistakes.

Now, where were we? Ahh….the kiss between the midget and the bitch……



Takamina is starting to enjoy the kiss.
(Well……..I’m a good kisser, aren’t I?
I kissed a girl. I kissed a gorgeous vampire girl. And I liked it.)

[This scene would be more hilarious if you’re listening to this hillarious song …..]

This was never the way I planned, not my intention.
I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion.
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on.
I'm curious, for you caught my attention.

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick.
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it.
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight.
I kissed a girl and I liked it.
I liked it.

They break the kiss for a breathing.

“Acchan……can I call you Acchan?”
“Sure you can..…Minami.” Acchan smiled.
Leaving Takamina hopelessly captivated by that sweet smile.

“You are a great kisser, Acchan.” Taka whispered to Acchan’s ear.
But she’s just making a false compliment.
Behind that compliment, Taka actually thinks that she herself is a much better kisser than Acchan.

They continued the kiss for another round.
This time, it involving their tounge.

[WRITER POV: Oh well, they both seem to enjoy the kiss very much. So much that I can’t even describe it with words.
My finger’s start itching, and I can’t write down this kissing scene here.
I’m sorry, readers, but now you have to depend on your own imagination.]

Takamina screamed out of pain.

“You bite my tounge…..!!!”
Taka shouted, her eyes showing a huge disbelief.

Acchan tilted her head away from Takamina’s.
She wear her biggest mischievous smile.

“What was that for!!!???”

“Well…let’s see. That was for slapping me, chaining me up, calling me chicken, shooting me with holy water, and burying me in a tomb hole.
You’ve hurt me so many times. Consider that as your punishment." Acchan smiled.

And they continued their kissing.


I feel so weird.
I’ve defeated her.
I’ve beaten her up.
And I did hurt her friends.
But in the end, I feel like I’m the loser.
I can’t find a way to crush her.
I can’t find a way to break her.

The kiss.
This time it's better than the last time.
Her lips is soft and tender, and so tasty, like a candy.
And her skin, it's so smooth. I never touch a fine skin like this before.
How could I be so stupid, hurting her skin with holy water?
She must be very mad and terrified.
What can I do, Princess, give me your forgiveness....

Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable.
Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it.


For the next several days, Takamina lost her focus on everything.
She can’t eat well, she can’t sleep well.
She missed all her shots when she's shooting vampires with her arrows.
She even nearly planted her stake in a girl's chest, mistakenly thinking that girl was a vampire.

She’s captivated.
She can't think about anything else.

She enjoyed every moments she had together with Acchan.

[Well.....are you sure, Minami?
Because last time you’re with Acchan, you both ended up fighting and mocking each other, tricking each other, even getting your ass kicked by that vampire.
But yeah, about the kissing, I guess you enjoyed it so much.]

Okay, so that was our kiss fight and the aftermath (Takamina got punished by Acchan, and now had a slight wound in her tounge).
Now we gotta move to the skin fight part.


[Mayu is talking to herself, and to us, readers.]

I’m glad Yuki’s recovered.
She’s really a fast healer.
Considering how much damage she got from those beating.
I have no idea how she managed to survive it.

For a week, I’ve been taking care of her.
I went home immediately after the school is over.
I’m cleaning up of her wound, changing the bandages, putting the medicine.

Actually, it’s really a difficult time for me.
But not because of her condition.
She’s doing well, really.
She never showed any sign of pain on her face.
She never complained either.
Like she said, the pain is nothing. It will go away.

So, what's wrong then? be honest, it was me who’s not doing well.
I am so screwed up.
I don’t know how to tell you this.

But this is what happened.
Everytime I take care of her wound, she had to remove her shirt.
Damn….I almost had a nosebleed, everytime.

You think that’s funny?
Then you’d better see her with your own eyes.
And let's see, how long you can survive with your nosebleed, until you lack of blood and drained yourself.

I’m starting to understand why Yuko was fascinated by her.

Remember the accident in Chapter 3, when Yuki’s shirt was ripped by the vampire, and she knocked Yuko out?
It’s not Yuko’s fault, really. We all know that she is a pervert squirrel. That's her nature.
Instead, it is Yuki who should be blamed, for having such a fine bo*bs.
Wait….it’s that vampire’s fault in the first place. She’s the one who started all this mess by ripping the shirt.

I’m not talking about that incident now.
I’m talking about her.

Yeah, her.
So I see her.
She has a nice…….well, everything.
Everything about her is perfect.
And why am I so surprised, of how perfect she just is.

I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost.
If I'm asking for help, it's only because being with you has opened my eyes.
Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?

Now I’m imagining flying high in the sky, with her.


Silly me.
What am I thinking?
Yuki is a girl.

Oh please, I know what you’re thinking, readers.
Do you think I’m a pervert?
No. I’m nothing like the stupid squirrel.
I’m smarter…… SMARTER…!!! And we have a totally different coloring.

I don’t need to tell anyone that I’m a pervert.
Okay, I admit that I want to spend my time staring at Yuki’s body, and have some skinship with her.
But I will find a neat way, so that Yuki won’t punch me for that.
A very neat way.
Even Yuki won’t be aware of me skinshipping her.


“Mayu-chan…!!! Sorry to keep you waiting…I kinda enjoy the shower too much.”
Yuki appeared and walked out her door. She looks fresh and smell nice.

I smiled at her.
“Not a problem, Yuki..!! Take your time. Don’t worry about me. I am thinking of something useful, while I wait for you.”

I haven’t finished with my idea of ‘NEAT-WAY’.
I still have to figure out what tricks will be useful for my plans.

Yuki’s looking good tonight, wearing a white shirt, jeans (as usual), and black jacket.
Her black hair is still a bit wet after she washed it.

And, uh oh……….she still has a black eye.
But it’s okay, coz I like everything that is black about her.
Besides, the black eye made her looks like a cool, tough guy.

Tonight we’re going to have a dinner together.
I said to her that I want to treat her.
That I want to thank her after what she did for me.

“Mayu, it’s the first time you’re treating me a dinner.”
Yuki put her jacket off, as we’re taking our seat in the restaurant.

I smiled.

She smiled too.
But then her smile is vanished and her face become serious.

“This restaurant is kinda expensive,” she said.
“Where did you get the money from? You have promised me, remember?”

Yuki’s staring at me, with her usual death-glare look.

I’m smiling like a troll, and teasing her a little.
“No Yuki, don’t worry. I’ve quit stealing. I got a job. It’s a legal job.”

“What job?”

Here she is.
Yuki in her big sister clothes.
And her holier-than-thou attitude.
Being busybody, meddling with my life, making sure I’m doing the right thing.

“You don’t wanna know.” I looked other way, avoiding her eyes.

She pinched my cheek.

“Okay…okay….I’ll tell you.”

She let go off my cheek.

“I have a friend from Ouran High. I worked at a café there. The salary is quite good.”
I didn’t tell her that I have to dress myself as a boy, to work as maid in that café.

Then we ordered some food and beverage.
Yuki and I had a little chat about my school, my friend, her high school days, and her graduation two years ago.
But she didn’t say anything about her family.
Neither did I.
Maybe her past is just as sad as mine.

I get up and walked to a sink to wash my hand.
I saw Yuki grabbed her drink, and start to take a sip from the glass.

This is it.
My time is coming.
I know this trick is kinda cheap and far from 'neat'.
But my brain is numb right now, can’t figure out any other idea.

I walked rashly towards Yuki.
And I tossed Yuki, accidentally spilled the drink on Yuki’s shirt. Of course, I did it on purpose.
I’m sorry Yuki, you’ve just take only one sip from it.
But I had to do this, to make your shirt tainted more.

“Aaaaaahhh…….my bad…!!! We have to clean you up, Yuki.”
“Let’s go to the bathroom.”

I dragged Yuki with me.

I keep asking myself, wondering how.
I keep closing my eyes but I can't block you out.
Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me.
Nobody else.
So we can be free.

I quickly locked the rest room, once we get inside.
I don’t want anyone to disturb me being with Yuki alone here.

“Let me wash your clothes. It’ll be quick.” I said.

Yuki was just starting to remove her shirt. Then I came at her.

“Let me do it.” I unbutton Yuki’s shirt.

-----------------------------------------------   [Apparently, Yuki likes to wear a shirt with buttons.]
-----------------------------------------------   [So, Mayu is developing a new skill: unbuttoning Yuki’s shirt.]

I tried to hide my trolling face while unbuttoning the shirt.
(Damn! Why too many buttons in Yuki’s shirt today?)   

Then I go to the sink and wash the shirt there.

I washed it slowly.

And I tried to steal a glance at Yuki’s reflection in the mirror.

Forgive me, Yuki. But I’m a natural born swindler.
I will steal every moment, just to see your body and skin.
I will use every tricks, just to get you out of your shirt.
If you think those are crime, you could just throw me to the jail, Yuki.

I keep staring at Yuki’s perfect body.
Her tall figure, long legs, slim waist, nice abs, well-formed cleavage and boobs, perfect shoulder and bone collar, and proportional amount of muscles in that body.

I keep staring at her.

I can hear my heart’s pounding.
And, shoot...!!! ....I forgot to breath…..
I don’t know how long I keep staring at her like that.

I’m blushing myself and feel my blood burning up in my nose and my head.

And I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed.
They say it's my fault, but I want her so much.
Wanna fly her away, where the sun and rain come in over my face, wash away all the shame.
When they stop and stare - don't worry me.
'Cause I'm feeling for her what she's feeling for me.
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget.
But it's driving me mad, going out of my head.

I wish Yuki didn’t realize I was staring at her the whole time.
She was crossing her arms, looking at the other way, while waiting her shirt being washed.

After finish washing the clothes, I dried the shirt in the dryer, slowly, slowly, and slowly.
And I keep staring at Yuki.

Does she know that I’m trolling on her now?
I hope she won’t punch me after this.

But....on a second thought......I don't mind if she punch me.........
I already got my present......a very nice present, tonight.

Yuki waited patiently, even though it takes like forever for her shirt being washed and dried.
Then suddenly she turned her face and smiled at me.

And by the time they left the restaurant, Mayu already come up with several tricks in her mind, of how she can lay her finger on Yuki’s “asset”.
Safe trick, so that she won’t get punched by the owner of the asset.

All the things she said....
All the things she said.....
Running through my head.....
Running through my head....
This is not enough....

Indeed, Mayu can never get enough, of staring at Yuki's body.



Skinship-fight is done….Yay….!!
Not really a skinship, because Mayu haven’t touch Yuki’s skin yet.
But it’s enough for Mayuki in this chapter.

And now we’re gonna have a girl fight.
But we had to make some development first.

Well, well, I’m gonna enjoy writing this chapter…………


Did I said that Nyannyan is coming to the town?
Well, she’s coming in this chapter, with Miichan.

Last night, Nyannyan and Miichan were coming to the apartment.
That night was the same night when Takamina soothed a crying vampire with a kiss.

And Yuko is so happy.
She’s jumping upon her, clinging on her, kissing her, burying her head on Nyannyan’s chest.
She’s following Nyannyan around and everywhere.
Always together, everywhere they go.

[Sorry readers, I’m not good in Kojiyuu, so you have to imagine it yourself, how Yuko’s doing with Nyannyan here.
Let’s just focus on what kind of troubles they will have here.
But still, I will try my best to get the feeling while I’m writing about them.]

In one day, in a bright sunny day, Yuko was walking together with Nyannyan.
They entered a café.
[I have no idea, so I always choose café, restaurant, alley, and cemetery.]

Nyannyan: blue. Yuko: red.

“Choose what you want. Eat want you want.”
“Uuuuuuu……………..I’m happy……..I’m so happy…….Nyannyan is here, and she’s so kind to me.”

Yuko can’t stop smiling, showing her cute dimple. It’s like the cutest dimple in the world.

“Do you miss me?”
“Yes, Nyannyan. Like a desert missed the rain….”
“Stupid. We don’t have desert in Japan.”
“No, we don’t. But it’s on the song they are playing right now.”

I step off the train.
I'm walkin' down your street again.
And past your door.
But you don't live there anymore.
It's years since you've been there.
And now you've disappeared somewhere.
Like outer space.
You've found some better place.

And I miss you.
Like the deserts miss the rain.
And I miss you, yeah.
Like the deserts miss the rain.
You're long gone but I can't move on.

Nyannyan smiled as she listened to the song.
(Stupid Squirrel, but you’re smart sometimes.)

“Yeah, I miss you too, Yuu-chan.”

Nyannyan’s glad to see Yuko happy and cheerful like that.
She also misses her squirrel so much.

It’s been two years since Nyannyan moved out to another city, to take her college degree. [On what subject? I have no idea].
Sometimes Nyannyan come to visit Yuko, usually when she’s in holiday.
But in her last holiday, she was busy taking a part time job. [What kind of job? I have no idea too. But it must be related with her college works].

So, it’s almost 10 months they haven’t seen each other.
We can imagine how tormented the Cat and the Squirrel are to be separated like that.
It was quite an ordeal for them.

“Nyannyan, can I touch you now?”
“Not now…pervert..!!! We’re in public. Hold your self a little longer.”
“I can’t. My hearts got a mind of it's own. It won’t listen to what I say. And right now, it’s saying that I must touch you. Like…now.”

“You’re doing better with your words. You got that from a song too?”
“Kind of.”

Nyannyan and Yuko continued their chitty-chatty, talking nonsense.

They both didn’t aware as a bunch of girls approaching them.

“Hello, College Girl,” they greeted.

Cat and Squirrel stopped chatting, as they see the girls surrounding their table.

“Hi, you girls. How you doing?” said Nyannyan. She knows all these girls.
They were friends at high school.

“When did you come?”
“Last night.”
“Why didn’t you tell us about your coming to town? We really missed you.”
“Sorry…I was about to call you today.”
 “How is your study, Haruna? Did you enjoy it?”
“Yeah, I am working hard.”

Yuko’s sitting there. Watching her Nyannyan being interrogated by the girls.
(I hate these girls. They were always acting like this since high school, bothering my Nyannyan.)

There she go talking her mess.
All around town making me stress.
I need to get this off my chest.
And if her friend want some then she'll be next.
It really ain't that complicated.
You all walk around looking all frustrated.
Want some plex come on let's make it.
You acting real hard but I know you faking.

“How long you’re gonna stay here, Haruna?”
“A week. I’m spending my holiday.”
“That’s great. We can hang out then, catch up with some boys, have fun, like we always.”
“Woww…Haruna. You’re still hanging out with this……annoying little pervert?”


The atmosphere suddenly become heavy.

It was a tall, pretty girl who had said those words.
Another girl whispered to the tall girl: “Stop it. We don’t want to make a scene here.”

But it’s too late.
Yuko already staring at them with a killer eyes.

No you really don't wanna step to this.
Really don't know why you talk this shit.
You about to catch one right in the lip.
It's about to be a what..?? Girlfight..!!

Yuko: “What did you just say, BITCH……..!!!???”

The tall girl get mad: “You called me what?”

Don't act like you don't see me.
It's about to be a...girlfight...!!!

“Are you deaf..!!?? I just called you…B…I…T…C…A…..Oops sorry, I spelled it wrong. I mean …H…..”
Yuko shouted mad.

The tall girl’s getting more angry.

“Shut the f*ck up……pervert…!!!”

Then the tall girl grabbed a drink on the table. It was a chocolate milkshake. And she poured it upon Yuko’s face.

Everybody thinking.

Yuko's head is all wet now, tainted and sticky.

All the girls' freezed.

Especially Nyannyan.
(Oh my God…..Oh my God….This is not good, Yuu-chan….
It's about to be a what? Girlfight..!!!
Oh God…..)

Nyannyan stand up and reach to Yuko.
“Yuuchan……let’s get outta here…….”

It’s already too late.

Yuko couldn’t listen to anything or anyone again, not even to Nyannyan.
They’ve already awaken the fierce instinct inside that squirrel.


The Squirrel jumped from her chair, she jumped over the tall girl.

Both girls were rolling down on the floor.

There are some couples who are also eating lunch in that café.
They are all shocked by the scene.
One of the café-maid went hurrying inside, shouting:
”Manager……manager……please come out……There’s a girlfight here……You gotta stop them…!!!”

Yuko was on top of the tall girl.
She’s sitting on that girl’s stomach. Her hand is on the girl’s neck, suffocating her.

The tall girl struggled.
She pulled Yuko’s hair.

“AAAAAWWWWWWWW……….!!!!!!” Yuko screamed in pain, as her hair being pulled.

Then Yuko punched the girl’s face.

“AAAAAWWWWWW........!!! ” the tall girl shouted too.
Her lips bleeding, and she’s freaking out, trying desperately to get Yuko off her.

Yuko managed to land more punches to the girl’s face.

Then come three girls, they grabbed Yuko, pulled her away from the tall girl.

The tall girl scrambled, stand up, and touch her nose.....and.....
"KYAAAAAA.............I"M BLEEDING.....!!!!"

Then she's approaching Yuko, while Yuko was being held by those girls.
She slapped Yuko hard.

[Yuko is a kind of girl who can throw a punch and can fight very well.
While these girls were a kind of popular/mean girls, back when they were in school.
Popular girls usually can’t throw a punch. They’re only good at slapping and hair-pulling.]

Nyannyan screamed, as she see Yuko being slapped.
Nyannyan's usually cool, calm, and confident.
But now she’s totally losing her cool.

“How dare you touch my Yuuchan…!!” Nyannyan stared at those girls, with a very dark aura.

Our CatWoman in action.

Nyannyan grabbed the tall girl, and throw her to the table.
Making the drinks and foods there in total messed.

Then Nyannyan approached the other girls who's holding Yuko down.

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER……!!!!!” she shouted, and throw them to another tables.

There is a couple sitting in that table.
And they were shocked like hell, as a girl’s flying and landed hard on their tables.
The couple hurrying walk out from the café.

Other people also stand up, grabbing their food and rash away from their tables, afraid that their lunch will be ruined.

They are standing near the front door, keep their distance from the girls.
They seem to enjoy the hilarious scene: pretty girls fight over each other.

Everything was all over the place.
Glass, cups, plates: all broken into pieces.

The girlfights continued.

2 against 6.

Yuko’s being held down by four girls.
They hold Yuko on the floor, and slapping her around.
But Yuko keep struggling, punching, kicking, and even biting them. [Play dirty, Yuko? But since it is a girlfight, and it's 2 against 6, then we'll be happy to let you play dirty, Yuko.]

Other two girls come and helping their friends tackling Yuko.
While Nyannyan's busy trying to get their hands off her Squirrel.

Several tables and chairs already broken into pieces.
As bodies thrown flying over the room.
There's nothing heard, but screaming, shouting, banging, sound of glass broken, etc.

The girls were only after Yuko, so they were focused on bringing Yuko down.
They are not after Nyannyan, because Nyannyan was their friend back in high school.
Nyannyan once was a popular girl too.
And she’s been hanging out with them, as a bunch of popular girls.
Nyannyan was like a queen bee in their clique.

But that’s only for a short time.
A new girl (that is Yuko) moved to the school.
And since then, Nyannyan and Yuko were sticking to each other like a glue.
So then the popular girls hold a grudge against Yuko, because Yuko had taken Nyannyan away from them.


Finally the manager and the café maid, aided by few customers, managed to separated the girls.

The girlfight is over, and the manager scold the girls for another long minutes.
He ordered the girls to pay some money for the mess they made.

Yuko, Nyannyan, and the other girls walked out from the café.
They all totally looks messed up: messy hair, cut on their lips, bleeding nose, face covered with drinks and foods.
And their shirt was ripped and torn in some parts.

“Sorry Nyannyan, they made you pay for the loss.”
Yuko pouted, looking sad and guilty.

Nyannyan: “It’s okay, Yuko. Let me see your cheek. Is it hurts? Those dare they slapped my little squirrel...!!!"

Yuko tilted her head, while Nyannyan examine her cheek. It's swollen red.

Nyannyan: "Close your eyes. I got a cure for you."

Yuko obeyed.
Then Nyannyan kissed Yuko's left cheek tenderly.

Yuko's startled in awe.
"AAAAAAWWWW.................Nyannyan kissed me.....!!!"

The Squirrel pull her trolling face.
"Can I have one on my right cheek too?" She wants more.

"As you wish....Yuu-chan...." Nyannyan smiled and kissed her again.

"Now let’s just go home and get into your room. So that we won’t be bothered by those bitches again.”
Yuko cheered happy: "Yaaayyy.......Okay Nyannyan. Let's go!!!"
And she keeps clinging on Nyannyan's arm.


Later at night, at their apartment.

Miichan was there.
Tomomi was also there too.
She decided to spend the nights with her friends, especially when Nyannyan and Miichan are in the town, visiting them.


Miichan: “Are you doing well?”

“I’m fine. Why’d you ask?”
(Geeeeez. Why she's looking at me like that....?)

“Last time I saw you, on our graduation day, I had a feeling that something bad, or someone bad, will come after you.”

I freezed, and hold my breath.
Oh my God…..She knows my secret?
Miichan with her psychic power is always freaking me out.

“No, really I’m fine……….”

Miichan’s keep staring at me, analyze me.
Like she wants to skin me to see what kind of secret I hide beneath my skin.
I feel naked in front of her.

“Wait here, I’m gonna buy us some foods.”

I quickly walked out the door, trying to save myself from her.

God, I wish she didn’t knew it.

I went downstair to buy some foods.

As I come back upstair again, I passed a room just beside my friend’s room.
There’s a noisy sound inside that room.
I stopped walking and tried to listen to it. I kinda familiar with the voice.

Suddenly the door opened.
And a man was being pushed out from that room.
He was naked, only wearing his shorts.

Then I saw her, Tomochin, she's standing at her door. And she wears nothing but a shirt on.

So this is her apartment I guess.

Tomochin throw a shirt and a pair of shoes to the naked-man, and said:
“That was great. But you must leave now. I gotta shower. Thanks.”

The man (and he’s not Johnny) was looking confused and scrambled his way along the corridor.

I am standing there in shock.
What the hell is this girl doing with that man?
I can’t imagine it any further.

My eyes met Tomochin's eyes.
She show a sign that she knows me, after our last encounter that night.
But she didn't say anything, and just closed the door.

I'm startled.
I really can’t figure out what’s on her mind.
Last week, she nearly get herself killed in a suicidal, or worse, sired by a vampire.

But now, she’s just like another person, a totally different person.



I’m sorry for making Tomochin looks like a bad girl here…..
Next chapter will be more in depth about TomoTomo and their secret....
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jaj catwoman?!

oh yeah!! Im excited about the kojiyuu fight... yeah bitches dont touch my pervet squirrel emm.. haruna`s pervert squirrel .. goood chapter :D thanx a lot
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  • Atsumina & KaiAcchan
Acchan bite Takamina tongue..... Yuko as usual is hillarious...

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  • Off in the woods........
Hmm, wonder what other plans Mayuyu is going to comke up with to er, get closer to Yuki..... well parts of Yuki anyway, hmm wonder how much Yuki maight know of Mayu's antics?

Acchan bit Takamina's tounge, hmm seems as though despote that Taka has fallen for our Vampire princess, if Acchan feels the same though....

just genrally  :lol: at Yuko!

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Hahahaha girl fight was so hilarious!!!
I wanna know what will happen to the Takacchan pairing^^
Oh~ Mayuyu go~
My Tomotomo in the next chapter? Oh yeah!

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
Pervert Mayu talking to herself! :rofl:  :twisted:

Yuki's shirt of! NICE!  :rofl:

Atsumina!  :wub:

Kojiyuu so cuteeeeeee!  :inlove:

this chapter was so funny...Please update soon!  :cow:

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Mayuyu become a pervert~


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Tonight, our girls are not patrolling.

Well, they still called it patrolling, but actually they weren’t.
Takamina, Yuko, Sasshi, Miichan, and Nyannyan were just wandering around the town.
Out for a walk, dinner, shopping, going to karaoke, and else.
But still, they bring their weapons, just in case they meet a vampire on their way.

Yuki didn’t join them because Mayu had asked her for a company, going somewhere else.
Tomomi, as usual, was working in the café.

Now, our girls were walking down in an alley.
It’s a shortcut to their apartment, but they must passed through the cemetery.

Yuko was busy devouring her favorite chips.

Nyannyan: "Seriously, girls, this is what you call patroling?"
Takamina: “Yes, we are patrolling. It’s fun right? And I’m sure we can meet and dust a lot of vampires tonight in the cemetery.”

Yuko’s still devouring her chips, making loud noise.

Nyannyan: “Yuko, do you usually eat those while patrolling?”
Yuko       : "Sure. Why? Chips won't hurt you. Besides, it's making our patrolling more fun."

Nyannyan: “But it making lots of noise and attract the vampires. I thought we should be crouching, hiding low, and planning a sudden attack to the vampires.”

Takamina: "Well, that’s a good idea, Nyannyan. Squirrel, you gotta stop devouring those chips. You’re mouth is making so much noise. That’s not good.
                  If you keep eating like that, once we got to the cemetery, I'm afraid the vampires will be...."

Yuko        : "The vampires will be gone?".

Takamina : "No, the vampires will be ARMED..!!!"

Yuko pouted and put the chips back to her bag.
Sasshi grabbed it and eat it.

"Hey… Give me back my chip….!!!" she hit Sasshi's head.

While Yuko and Sasshi were fighting for the chips, Takamina’s thinking about Acchan.
(I hope we won’t encounter Acchan tonight. I still don’t know what should I do about her. Should I fight her? She’s my enemy. But I kissed her.
And how I wish she’s not my enemy.

And just after she was thinking about that, they saw the vampire princess hiding in the darkness.
She was busy planting her fang on somebody’s neck.
She didn’t notice our girls was coming closer to her.

Yuko come closer to Acchan and shouted: “Hey, vamp….!!! Party is over….”

Acchan turned around, still showing her fang. There were bloods on her mouth.
“Damn…It’s you again….” said Acchan to Yuko and her gang.

Takamina took her stake and stepped forward, threatening Acchan.

Acchan stared straight at Takamina.
Her mouth was full of blood, and she’s smiling devilishly.
Acchan POV:
(Come on, Midget. What are you gonna do? Attack me? That’s what you do. Vampire hunters. But I know you like me. We kissed twice already.
I bet your friends don’t know about it.)

Takamina POV:
(What should I do? Attack her now? I don’t want to. But it will be weird if I don’t attack her, especially in front my friends. We are vampire hunters.)

Loves, not how it used to be.
And the passion that made me strong.
Is clearly breaking me.

Acchan POV:
(So, what are you gonna do now, Midget? Shoot me? Hurt me like you did before? I’m waiting for your move.)

Takamina POV:
(Atsuko, we shouldn’t get any closer than this. We will end up fighting, like always. Between human and vampire, there always been a war.
Everytime we get closer, we will hurt each other. You should runaway from here now. I don’t want to fight you.)

Acchan still stared at Takamina.
Takamina seem hesitated at first.
But then she moved forward and attacked Acchan.

Acchan dodged it easily, then punched Takamina down.

Yuko shouted, “We gotta help the Midget. Get her..!!! Get that bitch..!!!”

The five girls bring out their weapon, mostly batter stick. And they start hitting Acchan with it.

Acchan, strong as she is, but the five badass girls were attacking her like crazy.
Vampires were not that strong if the hunters are well-equipped and attacking at the same time.

Acchan runaway, cursing and scolding.

The five girls’s chasing Acchan with weapons, shooting their arrows and water-gun at her.

You're chasing.
I'm running.
The weapons keep coming.
Don't do it.
I'll lose it.
I'm seeing red.
I'm on low resistance.
You better keep your distance.
Before you do something you might regret.

Yuko shouted to Acchan: “YEAH….BITCH…….RUN..!!! … RUN FOR YOU LIFE…!!!”

Sasshi: “But, Yuko, she’s already dead, right?”

“Oh, that’s right………. RUN FOR YOUR DEATH THEN, BITCH……!!!” Yuko shouted again.

While Takamina watched desperately as her favourite enemy disappearing from her sight.

I scream….you shout…..
You're my favourite enemy.
I wanna hurt you like you're hurting me.
Up down your moods swing with more extremity.
This heartache won't go away.

I bruise when you get close.
Feel my body choke.
Bitter last blows.
In the war with you.

When you get close.
Feel my body choke.
So the pain grows.
In the war with you.


Captain Sayaka Akimoto is working late in her office, with her junior assistant.
“So, how’s your progress? Can we track them down?” asked Aoyagi, the assistant.

“Yes, they are on this town,” answered the captain.
“Johnny Reed had been involved in drug trafficking and illegal business for five years. But he’s very slick. He’s been in and out from our country, without being caught.
And he recently came to Japan again three months ago, accompany by a girl, named Itano Tomomi. They managed to fake their identity and passport.

The girl, Itano, had been living in US since she was kid. She lived there with her father, a Russian. According to this data we received from FBI, her mother is a Japanese.
Her father has deceased when she was 15, and she had no family left in US. So I have a strong feeling, that she come back to Japan to meet her mother.
Last time, one of our informants saw her performed in a café. She’s a singer and a dancer. I think it’s easier to track her. She can lead us to our Johnny-boy.”

Sayaka put off her glasses and closed her notebook.
“Come on, let’s go home. We’ll track her again tomorrow.”



Two figures were kissing passionately in the alley.


**** sound of lips kissing ****

“Yes, Minami?”
“I’m sorry I had to attack you yesterday.....”

“Yeah, I am still mad about it. But I guess it’s hard for you, Minami, to keep our secret.”
“I want to be your friend, Acchan. But I don’t know how my friends are going to react if I tell them about us.”
“Yeah, surely they will stand against us.”
“Don’t worry, I will find a way to tell them soon.”
“It’s okay, Minami. Take your time. So, are we friends then?”
“Yes, Acchan.”
“Just friends?”

Takamina silent.

“Don’t you wanna be more than friends? Coz I can’t pretend, Minami.”
“Let’s just take it slow first.”
“Okay, Minami.”

“And, as for tomorrow, don’t show yourself near the central city park. Because me and the girls will be patrolling there. Don’t go around there, ok?
I don’t want to fight you in front of my friends again.”


They continued kissing and groping to each other.

I often tell myself, that we could be more than just friends.
I know you think that if we move to soon, it would all end.
I live in misery when you're not around.

What's it gonna be?
Cuz I can't pretend.
Don't you wanna be more than friend?.
Hold me tight and don't let go.
Have the right to loose control.
Don't let go.

So that’s it.
Day after day, night after night, Acchan and Takamina kept their dirty little secret.
If Takamina were patrolling with her friends and they happen to meet Acchan, then they will act as if they are enemies.
But when Takamina was alone with Acchan, they will make out and kiss each other passionately.

When they are in public, they pretend to be enemy.
When they are in private, they become lovers.



In a bright sunny day, Yuko and Nyannyan were out for a walk again, as usual.
They’re hanging out everyday, because they want to treasure their quality time together as long as they can, before Nyannyan going back to her city.

“Let’s go to a place where we won’t meet those bitches again.” Nyannyan said.
[Nyannyan’s talking about the popular girls and their girlfights the other day.]

Yuko: “Hmm….I have an idea. A good place for us.”

Then they went to the central city park, and eat their bento together while watching the beautiful scenery in the park.

It was a bright sunny day, so there won’t be any vampires around.
[Or so they think. But we all know that danger is not only from vampires.]

After they finished eating,
Yuko: “Nyannyan, let’s go play hide-and-seek….!!!”
Then she run into the woods around the city park.

Nyannyan: “Yuko, stop it..!! Don't play around like a kid.”

Yuko: “But it’s fun….Let’s play…!!! Come and get me, Nyannyan…!!!”
She run fast and disappeared into the woods.

(Stupid Squirrel).
Nyannyan murmured.

She has no choice other than following Yuko’s game.
Nyannyan entered the woods, and started searching, where Yuko is hiding herself.

The woods is quiet.
Nyannyan didn’t see anyone or anything, as if there’s no movement in the woods.

“YUUUUUUUUUKOOOOOOOO…………!!!!!” Nyannyan shouted out loud.

No answer from Yuko.
Nyannyan started to feel worried.


Suddenly Nyannyan feel something struck her, attacking her.
It looks like a big dog.

Nyannyan feel terrified and screaming for help.
“HEEEEELP….!!! Yuko, help meeee…..!!!”

Yuko appear out of the blue, and hurry come to Nyannyan.

The big dog runaway and disappear.

“Oh my God, Nyannyan…..” Yuko shocked as she see Nyannyan’s bleeding so bad.

Nyannyan was also shocked.
Her legs were fully covered with blood.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know. Big dog, maybe?”

“Oh God, Nyannyan, you’re bleeding so bad.”

Nyannyan winced as she feel pain in her legs.
“That dog bites my legs.”

“I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No…let’s just go home. You can take care of my wound at home.” Nyannyan said.

“Okay. Let me wrap it first.”
Yuko took off her scarf, and wrap it around Nyannyan’s bleeding legs.

They both went home quickly.


Yuko and Nyannyan arrived at the apartment. There’s nobody in there. Sasshi was working in machinery shop as usual.
Mayu was still in school.
[Let’s just assume that Takamina, Yuki, Tomomi, and Miichan also got works to do. I have no idea what kind of jobs they’re working.
Maybe waitress, driver, babysitter, register-girl, etc. I don’t want to sweat myself to write those details.]

Yuko finished cleaning up Nyannyan’s wound.
Yuko: “You’re badly wounded, Nyannyan. What kind of dog has bite you back there?”

“I don’t know. Everything just happened so fast. I can’t see it clearly.”

Then Nyannyan get up from her bad.
“I’m going to the bathroom.”

A couple minutes after Nyannyan get into the bathroom.


“What? What is it, Nyannyan?” Yuko come in hurry, worried about her Nyannyan.

“Look at me, Yuko…!! Look at my chest…!”
Nyannyan said panicked, showing her chest to Yuko.

Yuko looked at Nyannyan’s chest carefully.
And then, Yuko was also shocked after seeing it.


“Wow? Just wow?..........IT’S HAIRY, YUKO…!!!! Don’t just ‘wow-ing’ me…..”

“Look…Hairs are growing on my chest…..How can it be? It’s impossible!!! I’m not a guy …..I’M A GIRL……!!!”
“I don’t want a hairy chest like a guy…..!!!........IT’S DISGUSTING…..!!!!”

Nyannyan’s freaking out.

Yuko couldn’t say anything at all.
She also had no idea about what happen or how, or why.

Nyannyan become more panicked.

Yuko       : “Are you sure that was just a dog which bite you? Maybe it’s a werewolf?”

Nyannyan: “Maybe, I can’t be sure. Oh God, this is bad. Yuko, what should I do?”

Yuko       : “Wait here, I’m gonna looking for help.”

Nyannyan: “Nooo, please don’t tell the others about this. I don’t want anyone know about this hairy-chest. Please, Yuko, don’t tell anyone.”

Yuko        : “Okay, Nyannyan. But what are we going to do about this?”

Nyannyan : “Do some research. Find a cure.”

Yuko        : “Okay.”

Then they spend the whole day in their room, browsing on the Internet, looking for information about werewolf,
and how someone can be cured or healed after got infected by a werewolf.


At the evening. In Takahashi’s resident.


Atsuko, you’re driving me crazy.
I can’t stop thinking about you.

I'm feeling weak. I cannot sleep.
My head is burning. I feel cold down to my feet.
Is there a cure for what I've got? Somebody help me.

Why Atsuko, why are you messing with my mind?
Everything you do, it just drive me crazy.
Stop doing all these things to me..!!!
Coz all I want is to be free.

All the time, you're on my mind. I'm so uptight.
I feel sensation in my head, down to my spine.
I’m going insane. I can't stand the pain.
Is my condition permanent? Somebody tell me.

I need your loving face.
I need your sweet embrace.
Coz you are my only medicine.
You're driving me insane.
You're always on my mind.
I need you all the time.

(After some hours of pain and misery, Takamina get out from her bed. She decided to go to meet Acchan right away.)


[Switched to Kojiyuu scene, at the same time in the apartment.]

It's evening.
Mayu, Yuki, Sasshi, and Miichan still hasn’t come home to the apartment yet.
Yuko and Nyannyan still busy working on the Internet.

Yuko: “Ahhh….I’m tired…”
Nyannyan: “Yuko, I feel something on my butt.”

Yuko come closer to Nyannyan to examine her.

She groped under Nyannyan’s skirt.

It’s a tail.


Nyannyan fainted, as she saw the tail coming out her skirt.


[Now we switched back to Atsumina scene again. Still at the same time. Please bear with me. The violent here will be a bit ugly, but hilarious.]

Acchan was in her room alone, ready to hunt a prey for her dinner tonight.

Suddenly she heard a stone flying and hit her window.
Acchan’s room is in second floor of the building. So it must be someone throw it from the ground beneath the window.

(Acchan POV: That must be the Midget. Doesn’t she know I’m still mad at her? What is she doing now?)

Acchan opened the window, and she saw Takamina climbing up the wall.
Like a prince reaching out for the princess.

“Hey, Acchan. I miss you. Can I come in?”
Takamina smiled wide as she climbed up the window and get into Acchan’s room.

Acchan stared angrily at Takamina.
“ ‘Hey’, your ass, Midget.”

Acchan then grabbed Takamina and pushed her against the wall.
“You just throw me to a dirt yesterday…!! And now, you’re ‘hey-ing’ me as if it didn’t happen?”
“I know that we should be fighting each other when you’re with your friends. But that was too rude. You know I hate dirt…!!!”

(Takamina POV: Oh crap….!!! I forget she’s still mad about our fight yesterday. I accidentally throw her to a dirt.)

Takamina: “I’m sorry, okay! That was an accident! Besides, you should be grateful that we let you go yesterday. We almost beat you up, if you didn’t run.”

“What…!!??? You? Almost beat me up?? Are you kidding me..?”
Acchan get more mad.
“No one can beat me…… stupid jerk!!!”
She shouted, and punched Takamina’s face.

“Heyyy….Don’t hit me..!!! I’m not with my friends. We don’t have to pretend to be enemy right now.”
Takamina punched back.

“Baka…!!! I’m not pretending right now……….I HATE YOU….MINAMI…!!!”
Acchan punched Takamina again.

“And I’m tired of pretending all the time…!!! I’ve been so nice to you, Minami. I’ve refrained myself from knocking you out in front of your friends..!!”

Takamina down on the floor.
Then she get up, and moved closer to Acchan.

Acchan: “Stay away..!!! Don’t get close to me….! Or I hit you again…!!”

Takamina: “Go on. I dare you..!! Knock me out…!! Let's settle our problem with fist and violence.....!!!”


A punch square on Takamina’s face.

Takamina shocked.
She rubbed her cheek and shouted mad: “Geez, Atsuko…….I was just being sarcastic…!!! Would you please stop hitting me..??”

“Because I hate you, Minami-baka…!!!”
“Oh really? I hate you too, Atsuko…!!!”
“I hate you more, Midget…!!!”

Acchan jumped toward Minami, and they started to have a brawl.
Punching, kicking, slapping, hair-pulling, rolling on the floor.

And suddenly, in the middle of their brawl, Acchan landed a kiss on Taka’s lips.

Takamina surprised.
(What is she doing? A kiss in the middle of a fight? She’s crazy bitch.)

But then Taka decided to respond to the kiss.

And while they were kissing, Acchan landed a brutal…kiss? No, not that. This time, it’s a punch, on Taka’s stomach.

“What the hell, Atsuko..!!! DON'T PUNCH ME WHILE WE'RE KISSING….!!!”

Taka pushed Acchan down to the floor. But they still kissing.
So they both ended up rolling on the floor.

And while they were kissing, Acchan punched the floor, next to Takamina’s head, leaving a hole on the floor.

Taka’s terrified. (Woaaahh…..Vampires surely are strong….!!)

They both get up, but still kissing.

Acchan pushed Takamina to the wall.
And while they were still kissing, Acchan clenched her right fist, making a move as if she will punch Takamina.
But again, she punched the wall, instead of punching Taka’s face. That punch made a big hole in the wall.
Again, Taka was shocked to see how powerful a vampire really is.

“I really really hate you, Minami.....I hate you so much.....” Acchan whispered to Taka’s ear and kissed Taka passionately, while her right hand was still buried in the wall.

Then they kissed.

Next, Acchan grabbed Takamina’s collar, and throw her fiercely on a bench.
“Wooaaaaa……easy…” Takamina said as she landed hard on the bench.
She pulled Acchan down with her.

And now they’re both lying on the bench, continued their kiss.

They were so excited.
But the bench was too small for them.
The bench cracked.
Then they both fell and rolled down on the ground again.

And they’re still busy kissing, as if they don’t care about the mess they made while they’re doing that.


Meanwhile, still at the same time (evening).

Nyannyan woke up from her faint and started to freaking out.

She put her hand on her butt, and then screamed:
“Yukooo……’s still there…..!!! The tail….!! I’m not dreaming……!!”

Nyannyan screamed and cried out loud.

Then suddenly she feel itchy all over her body. It’s itching like crazy.
She started to scratch her skin, as if she want to rip it.

“Nyannyan, stop it….You’re hurting yourself….Nyannyan…”
Yuko panicked and tried to make Nyannyan calm down.

Nyannyan’s shirt was already ripped off on some parts.

And then both of them saw one more horrible thing.

Nyannyan’s chest was fully covered with hair, so was her shoulder and her back.
The hair also started growing on the other parts of her skin.

Nyannyan screamed desperately.
She freed herself from Yuko, walked out the door, and then runaway from the apartment.
She’s heading to the woods outside the town.

Yuko run after her.

It was dark outside.
And a full moon was rising.


[Back to Acchan’s building.]

Acchan and Takamina were lying on the floor, resting themselves, holding each other hand.

“Oh my God………..the kiss was so exhausting.”
“It’s because we did it passionately and fiercely.”
“I almost think we’re fighting just now.”
“Yeah me too…’s a brawl kiss, I would say. Or battle kiss.”

They looked at the mess around them.
A hole on the wall. Another hole on the floor.
A broken table. A wrecked bench.
Glasses and plates were broken into pieces, all over the floor.

“This mess, is it our doing? We caused all of this mess while we’re kissing?”

“I guess so…”

“What a kiss..!! You make me bruise all over my body…!”
Takamina rubbed her waist and examined her skin behind her shirt. There’s a bruise there.
She had landed quite hard on the bench, when Acchan was throwing her there.

“If we keep kissing like that, I’ll be getting much more bruises for sure.” Takamina said worried.

“Okay, next time, we’ll do it tender and gentle,” replied Acchan.

Then Acchan throwed Takamina to the bed, and get on top of her.

“Minami….I miss you. Why do we always have to fight? I’m tired of us fighting each other.”
“Yeah. Let’s stop fighting.”
“I always thinking about you, Minami. I can’t sleep at night.”
“But you sleep during the day, you fool.”

Acchan smiled naughty: “Oh yeah, right. But that’s not the point. I’m talking romance now.”

They started to grope at each other’s body.

“Minami, how long we should keep it like this? I’m tired of pretending we are enemy everytime in front of your friends. We are lovers right?”
“Okay, I will tell them about us, soon.”
“Minami, I want to help you hunting vampire.”
“What? Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t hunt your own kind.”
“I can. As long as you just chasing down our lower underling. They’re useless after all.”
[Lower underling = new born vampire, usually weak and dumb.]

“Minami, stay the night, would you?”
“Okay, Atsuko.”

They kissed again.


In the next morning. When the sun is start shining.

Somewhere in the woods outside of the town.
Two girls were sleeping on the bushes, hugging each other tightly.
One of them was naked.


[Oh yeah, I promised to write about TomoTomo in this chapter. So here it is. I’m sorry, this will be a lame story. I can’t find another idea.]

Now let’s get the timeline back to the last night.
This TomoTomo scene happened just at the same time when Takamina climbed Acchan’s window, and Nyannyan running to the woods outside the town.


I am working in the café.
And tonight, Tomochin is performing here.
She’s been performing in many cafés recently.

As usual, I can’t take my eyes of her.
She looks wonderful.
I know she’s doing it half-heartedly.
She’s being forced to perform.
But still, she’s doing it very well.

I still can’t figure her out.
Once she wanted to kill herself.
Then she slept with a stranger.
But now, she back to herself, a performer.
The same performer whom I saw her for the time she came performing to this café, singing Dear J.

While I’m thinking about those stuff, a fight break out, just after she finished the performance.
Some men were punching each others.
Everybody screamed and running to the front door.

The riot become more intense.
It’s not clear who is fighting whom.
I hid myself behind the table.
I was shocked and panicked.

I looked at Tomochin in the stage.
She’s also panicked and tried to escape from the riot.

(Tomochin POV: Damn…! Stupid fight! This will attract the police. I gotta get out of this place, before the police catch me.)

But as she walked down the stage, somebody pulled her.
Then she got trapped in the middle of the fight.
She can’t do anything except lay low on the floor, crawling her way.

And then I saw a man shooting his gun to the roof.
By the way he act, I almost sure he is a cop.

Everything was so messed up.
I feel my hand being grabbed by somebody. He pushed me against the wall.
I tried to struggle and free my self.
But he hold me down, and just in the next two seconds, I feel my hands being handcuffed on my back.

He dragged me to a police car.
I yelled at him several times, tried to explain that I have nothing to do about the fight, and that he had mistakenly arrest me.
But he didn’t care.

As I sit there, I saw the girl, Tomochin.
She’s also handcuffed.
There are only two girls in the car, me and her.

The car start moving.
And I got another shock.
Tomochin kicked the police who was driving the car, making the car crashing to the trees near the street bank.
The cop fainted.
And I was thrown to the other side of the car.
I felt the pain in my shoulder as I hits the car’s door.

Only within a few minutes, Tomochin managed to get the handcuff-keys from the front seat.
I don't know how she did it.

Then she stared at me.
I only could stared back at her.
I was very, very shocked by her action.

“You want to stay here? Or come with me?” she said to me.

“Here. I will break your chain first.” she didn’t wait for my answer.
“Turn your body around.” she ordered me.

I turn my back, and feel the handcuff being removed from my wrist.

“Now, break my chain!”

I do what she said, opened the lock on her handcuff.

And we quickly got out from the car.

Another police car come approaching us.

A male and a female get out from the car. The female cop looks fierce.

Everything moved and happened so fast.
I’ve never thought I can get involved in something so violent like this.

Now we are cornered by the polices.

The two polices both pointing their gun at us.

And I feel so terrified, because I never had somebody pointing their gun at me before.

But I saw another shocking moment: Tomochin jumped towards them and kicked their guns away.
Wow….she must be quite athletic, I wonder.

The female cops quickly set her defense stance.

And in the next moment……..they were fighting.

Tomochin is a small, cute girl.
But she strong and can move faster than the two cops.
Her flexibility and ahtleticity put her on the advantage of the fight.
She’s jumping higher than them, punching and kicking faster than them, and dodging easier than them.

Finally, we managed to escaped from the police.

I’m relieved, but then I realized my position.
I’m a fugitive now. Just like her.
Damn it…..!!!

What should I do now? I can’t work on that café again.
Why do I have to get involved in something like this? I’m not a criminal. I’ve always been a good citizen.
I wanted to cry.

Tomochin asked me while we’re running: “ have any place to hide?”

I am surprised. She knows my name? That’s a nice of her…

I said: “How about our apartment? Yours or mine?"

“Not my apartment. I’m sure the police has been watching over me, so they should knew my apartment. How about yours?”

“Yeah I guess mine is safer.”

“Can I come with you, Tomomi? Just for one night.”

I look into her eyes again. This time, I’m seeing a hope in her eyes.


“Thanks. And I can explain this later,” she said smiling to me.

That was the first time I saw her smiling.
And I mean: smiling full-heartedly.
Tomochin, you are so cute when you’re smiling like that.

I quickly take her hand and we rashed to my apartment.
I don’t need any explanation now.
I believe in her. I don’t know why.
I just want to protect her.

We arrived at my apartment.
We rashed in and quickly locked the door.


I feel so relieved when we both are inside.

We sit and tried to catch our breath, after we run all along the way.

Tomochin sit in front of me. She regained her coolness back. 

I asked. “So, why they were after you? I mean the police. The fight break out because they want to arrest people in the café, and that’s including you.”

“Well…..I’m an illegal immigrant.” she answered.

I feel relieved again. She’s not as bad as I think. I was afraid that she has done something really bad, like killing someone, robbing a bank,
or something criminal like that. While illegal immigrant doesn’t seem to be a serious crime for me.

“But my friend is a drug dealer. They want to catch him. I think I’m just a bait.”

“Your friend, is that Johnny?”


"Why do you still hang out with him? Why don't you just leave him?" I asked curiously.


“Now you see, my life is miserable.” she continued.

We kept silent for a couple minutes.

I touch my shoulder, as I feel the pain there.
My body has hit the car's door quite hard when it crashed to the trees.

“Let me check your arm.”

She examined my shoulder.

“Your shoulder is dislocated.”

I looked at my right shoulder. Something wrong with the joint. It’s not in the place where it should be.

“We should fix this. Hold on to me.” she said again.

She put my right hand on her left shoulder. Then she use her left hand to hold my right arm.

“This is going to hurt, a bit.” she said.

Then she put a towel in my mouth, "Bite this."

"Now, ready?" she asked me.

I nodded. And then...


“MMMMPPPPHHHHHH….!!!!!” I screamed while biting the towel. That was really hurt.

I heard another sound of bone-cracking again as she’s fixing my shoulder.

My shoulder feels okay now.

Tomochin: “I’m sorry for bringing these troubles to you, Tomomi.”

For a minute, we stayed like that: her hand on my shoulder, my hand on her shoulder. 

Her left hand (which was still on my shoulder) started groping down.

“A fight like that with the police...….and no kill…....Suddenly I’m very up tonight.” she said.

Her hand went down, and down, to my collarbone, then to my chest.

OMG, what is she doing?
Her hand now is getting under my shirt.

“Are you up?” she asked.

“Yeah, I….I am…very up. But I never up with a girl before. Actually, I never up with anyone before.”

The clock ticking on the wall.
And all I can hear was my own heartbeat, and hers.

“Don’t worry.” she throw me to my bed, and jumped at me.
She's on top of me now.

“I’ll steer you round the curve.” she smiled at me.

Then she took her shirt off, put her arms around me, and then kissed my lips passionately.

“Just relax, Tomomi. I  just want to say thank you, for saving me,” she said as she removed my shirt too.

That night, we spend our time together, kissing and embracing each other tightly.


Next morning, in the apartment.

Takamina, Yuko, Nyannyan, and Tomomi arrived at the same time.

The four of them looks so messy and hang-over.

Miichan was waiting for them on the front door.
She crossed her arms, staring at the four messed-up girls with a death-glare stare.

“Yuko, Nyannyan, where were you last night? You didn’t come home at all. I sense something fishy with you two. Having a dirty little secret, huh?”

Nyannyan was wearing a different shirt than she wore yesterday.
Yuko bought it from the store just now, before she bring Nyannyan back.

“And, you, Takamina. Your mother called me last night. She’s looking for you. And because you were not in our apartment last night. SO WHERE WERE YOU…!!!!??
 And what's with that bruises on your face, Midget? I really sense danger in you. You're playing with fire.”

Takamina couldn’t say anything.

“And you, Tomomi. I know you’ve changed since our graduation. I can’t see what it is. But I just know, you’ve changed.” she stared at Tomomi.

Miichan, with her psychic power, she can sense about the girls's having their dirty little secret.
Although she can’t see clearly and she doesn’t know what the secrets are exactly, but she can sense it.



I’m sorry, Mayuki can’t appear in this chapter again.
But they will appear right on the next chapter: Mayuki Skinship Mission.  :wub:
As I say, Mayu already come up with several tricks in her mind.  :lol:

And, wouldn't you wonder about Tomomi's secret?  :wub: :wub:
She did have a secret, other than, well, having a one-night-stand with a cute, gorgeous stranger......
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Where is my MaYuki?!

So I must wait for the next chapter then~

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jajaj everyone have a dirty little secrets.. like.. jaja sexadicchan dont have enough of takamina.. and haruno is gonna be a worewolf or something like that?
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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
OMG!  :w00t:

this was so great!  :grin:

Atsumina's kissing moment the best! :rofl:

Kojiyuu! what a mistery!? :nervous

i'm so curious about this please update soon!  :cow:

give me my Mayuki!  :smhid  :D

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Wohou!!!! What a chapter!!!! So awesome!!!!
Kojiharu became a werewolf lol
My Tomotomo yay!!!!


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Where is my MaYuki?!

So I must wait for the next chapter then~

MaYuki can't appear in this chapter, because they don't have any dirty little secret. :)
Well, Mayu does have her own secret plans (skinshipping Yuki).
But that's not very dirty, compared to other pairings. XD
Yuki also has a secret in her past, but it's not dirty. It's tragic.  :cry:
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The return of Mayuki is awesome news,  :lol: wondering quite what eleaborate scheme Mayu's gonna come up with!

As for this chapter can't beleieve Kojiharu is a warewolf, what will this lead to?

And Acchan and takamina, I feel both happy and Kinda sad for them at the same time.........


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Re: [Human vs Vampire, Chapter 9. Skinship Mission] Mayuki
« Reply #76 on: December 19, 2011, 06:15:36 PM »
I’m updating again.
Me and my perverted mind, trying to figure out Mayuyu’s tricks, in order to accomplish her mission.

And this time, it’s all about MaYuki.
This will be a light chapter, compared to the previous ones.

Forgive me if this is dull.


[She’s talking to the readers again]

Hello readers, here I am, the smart, cute little Cyborg.
I’m already brainstorming several tricks to get closer to Yuki and her ‘asset’.
It must be neat, because I don’t want to rub Yuki’s fist with my face after that.



This afternoon, the Ouran High held a school festival.
I asked Yuki to walk me there.
I convinced her to come with me, by saying that it’s very dangerous for a cute girl like me walking alone out there.

The festival was held from afternoon until evening.
But, instead of going there in the afternoon, I decided to go there during the busy hour, at 5 PM.
It’s a perfect timing to carry out my plan.

We will take a subway to Ouran High.
And during the busy hour, people were going home from their activities (work, office, etc).
There will be so many passengers in the subway.
It will be full and crowded.
Can you see what I am planning now?
Yeah, it’s perfect.
All I have to do is just waiting for the right moment.
If I’m lucky enough, I can bump on her, or she bump on me.
Of course, she can’t be mad at me, because it will be looks like an accident.

So here we are, entering the subway.
It’s already full of passenger.

Yuki and I were standing near the window.
I leaned my back against the wall, while Yuki’s standing in front of me, facing me.

Great, yeah..!!!
Perfect position….!

More passengers get in the subway, making it more crowded.

Yuki’s getting closer to me, as the passengers slowly pushed her body towards me.
There were already too many passengers behind Yuki’s now.

I just wait for some movement, and Yuki will bump upon me.

The subway start moving.
A little move, and I’m sure Yuki and I will bump against each other.

There is a sudden movement in the subway.

All of the passengers were slowly bumping towards Yuki and me.
Yuki was pushed by the passengers behind her.
It’s too many passengers behind her.
There’s no way she can resist them.

A sudden movement again in the subway.

Here she comes….Here she comes….She’s getting closer to me.
Bump on me, Yuki. Bump on me.

But, no, she didn’t.

Instead of bumping upon me, she just placed her both arms on the left and right next to my head, and pushed her hands against the wall.

I looked up to see her face.

She’s trying to resist the flow of passenger behind her.
She’s refraining herself from bumping upon me.
She’s shielding me so that I won’t get pushed by those passengers.

I smirked.
No, Yuki, you can’t.
You can’t resist it.
There are so many passengers behind you, and they’re pushing you towards me.
Just give it up and bump on me already, Yuki.

A very sudden movement in the subway.

The time is coming…!!!
Bump upon me, Yuki!!!

But….Heck..…it’s still not happening.
Somehow, Yuki still managed to keep her distance from me, giving me some open space and air to breath.
She didn’t even touch me when she’s shielding me from all those passengers.
I’m quite surprised of how she managed to hold it.
If it wasn’t because of her, I’m sure I would have been buried under her and them.

Well, on the other side, I admit that I was blushing a little when Yuki used her body to shield me.
That’s a very gentle of her.

But that’s not what I expect.
I didn’t expect Yuki to be that strong.
Just for this one, I regret the fact that Yuki is that strong.
So many passengers, but they still can’t win against her.
I must find another neat way, then.


At the Ouran High School.

Yuki and I were walking around in the festival.
There are several interesting stands. I bought her a present, and she also bought one for me.

“Mayu-chan, you come…!!” a boy shouted at me.

“Eita-kun…..” I came closer and bowed to him, while Yuki’s still looking around in another stand.

Eita is the club president.
I work for him.
No, I mean I work with him.
I actually hate to have a boss. I always want to work for myself.

I don’t like people making rules for me.

Yuki is the only exception though.
I can let her making rule for me, watching over me, or punishing me if I cross the line.

“Why didn’t you come earlier in the afternoon? So that you can dress up and help us serving our customer …..”

“Errr……No. Thanks. But I don’t want to work today.”

“I see…… By the way, is that your sister? She’s pretty. Can you introduce me to her?”
Eita pointed at Yuki who standing not far from our stand.

“Errr….. No.”

“Why? Does she already have a boyfriend?”


“So, why? Don’t be stingy, Mayu-chan.”

I’m thinking for a second, then I said: “Well, the truth is, she’s not into boys.”

Eita looks very shocked.
“Ahhh…..what a waste. A pretty girl like that……”
He walked away.

I smirked.
(Yeah, get gone boys!! Yuki’s mine!)

And during the festival, there were several other boys who asked me just the same question as Eita did.
I had to make up all those lies to them.

Yuki, I’m sorry.
But I just can’t let you going out for a date with boys now.
Not until my mission accomplished.


In the subway again.
It’s already evening when Yuki and I left the festival and headed back home.

I haven’t touched her ‘you-know-what’ yet.
I’m thinking about my plan earlier, trying to analyze what’s going wrong with that plan.
Okay, I must not depend my plans on the passengers.
I should do it myself.
I will not wait for the right time to come.
Instead, I will create the right timing myself.

Here is my Plan B.
I’m going to, well, pretend to lose my grips and let myself fall upon her.
Again, it will looks like an accident.

I’m standing in front of Yuki, clinging on the ring.
I’m looking straight at her.

There is an old man stand beside me too.
He seems annoying to me, but I ignore him.
I kept my focus on Yuki.

The subway starts moving.
And here it is, the sudden movement.

I loosened my grip, closed my eyes and let myself fall upon Yuki.

We fell down together.
I can feel the body beneath me.
And I can feel it as my face bumping upon her breast.

I opened my eyes.


I heard her screaming. And then…..

** SLAAAP ***

My face was turned aside, and I feel my cheek is burning.

I got slapped?
Yuki slapped me?
What the….?

I turned my face towards the girl who had just slapped me.

Oh crap…..!!!...She is not Yuki….!!
Instead, she’s just another tall girl who was standing next to Yuki.

I quickly get up, rubbing my cheek.
Ugghhhh……..It hurts..!!!
I’ve never been slapped like this before.

The tall girl also get up. She murmured, saying that I’m a pervert jerk, or something like that.
She then walked to a bunch of girls who stand in the corner.
And I can sense them talking about me.

I turned around again, and saw Yuki standing there, smiling mischievously at me.

“What are you doing just now, Cyborg?”

“It was an accident, Yuki..!! Damn…. she slapped me so hard.” I grumbled.

“Accident? But from my point of view, you seem kinda enjoy it, when you bumped and fell upon that girl.”
Yuki smiled wider.

I pouted more.

This is just great…!!
I’m scolding and cursing myself.

Instead of getting a skinship with Yuki, I got bitchslapped by a mean girl.
I gotta find another neat way.

Next station.
The tall girl and her friends stepped off the train.
I guess they’re still talking about me.

Outside the subway.
This is a conversation between those mean girls (which Mayu couldn’t hear), just after they got off the subway.
Girl A   : “Why did you slap that school girl? It was an accident. She was just losing her grip and accidentally fall upon you. You don’t need to slap her.”
Tall girl: “I know. But I can’t help it. She kinda reminds me of the pervert squirrel.”
Girl B   : “Oh yeah, I also thinking about the resemblance between her and the squirrel. Not about the face.
              But the pervert look on her face. She's trolling when she fell upon you and touched your boobs.”
End of conversation.

Next station.
Yuki and I got off from the subway, and we’re walking home.

I reached into my jacket.
And then I realized my wallet isn’t there anymore.

OH CRAP….!!!! That old man stole my wallet…..!!!
I was so into Yuki, so much that I didn't aware of myself at all.

Yuki   : “What’s up, Mayu-chan? You look worried…”

Me   : “Err…..Yuki, can I borrow your money?”

Yuki   : “Okay.”

She took her wallet. “How much do you need?”

Me   : “I’m gonna need it until the rest of month, so it’s about xxxxx.” I mentioned some amount.

She gave her money to me.

Me   : “Aren’t you gonna asked me what happen or why?”

Yuki   : “Actually, I don’t care. But, okay, what happen?”
I said pouting: “Somebody stole my wallet.”

***** Yuki burst out laugh *****

“It’s not funny.”
I pouted at her.

“Sorry, Mayu-chan. But it is very funny. A swindler got swindled by someone else. It can only happen once in a million.”

Yeah Yuki, I’m screwed up.
And it’s all because of you.
I got slapped, and my purse being stolen.
It’s all because of you.

Long story short, attempt #1 failed.



In the apartment. Another day.

Yuki and I were sitting in the room.

Sasshi come in and sit next to me.

Sasshi’s starting to attack me with her kiss.
As far as I know, she loves cute little girls so much.
And it’s not my fault if I’m this cute.

I tried to avoid Sasshi’s kissing attack.
But her attack is brutal.
I am undersiege.

I looked at Yuki.

Yuki, please do something, say something.

But she just stared at me and Sasshi, without saying anything.

Attempt #2 failed.

Okay, this isn’t even an attempt.
I didn’t plan Sasshi coming and harassing me in front of Yuki.
But in any ways, it failed.
If only Yuki did something or said something to save me from Sasshi, then I would be very happy.
But she didn’t.



Mayu   : “Yuki, I’m going to a public bath. Care to join?”
Yuki   : “No. Not interested.”

Failed immediately.


Mayu pretend to sleep-walking at night.
She waited until Yuki’s alone in a room.
Then Mayu closed her eyes and walked towards Yuki

She almost bump into Yuki, trying to touch her ‘you-know-what’.
But she didn’t know, there is something on the floor.
Mayu stepped on it.
Then she slipped and hit her head against sofa.

Luckily Mayu doesn’t have to get any concussion after this failed attempt.



Tonight I’m joining Yuki and Sasshi while they hunting down vampires.

Right after Yuki joined our gang and moved to our apartment, Sasshi is always team up with Yuki.
While Takamina will team up with Yuko.
Or, sometimes, they’re not splitting up. Rather, they will join forces and go hunting all together.

And I usually just stay at our apartment.
I rarely join them patroling, because they will come back home in midnight.
I must sleep early because I gotta go to school in the morning.

Yuki   : “Mayu-chan, it’s so rare of you, to join us hunting vampires down. Don’t you have other things to do at home?”

Me   : “Nope. I finished my homework. I’m free tonight.”

Yuki   : “Well…Just stay close to me, then.”

Of course Yuki, you don’t have to say that.
I would be very happy if I can stay close to you all the time.

I followed Yuki. Sasshi walked besides me.

Me    : “Sasshi, you always go out patrolling with Yuki. How is she doing lately?”

Sasshi: “Good. Very good. She’s our killing machine. She’s a nightmare for them, the vampires.”

Me    : “Does she have a weak point or something like that?”

Sasshi: “Weak point? You mean in a fight?”

Me    : “Yeah.”
I was thinking that maybe if I know Yuki’s weakness, I can get closer to her in a far easier way.

Sasshi: “Errrr………I’m thinking no, she doesn’t have it. Or it’s just me who can’t observe it. I’m not good with physical, you know.
             All I can see is, Yuki’s so skilled in this business. If you wanna know, you’d better observe it yourself.”

I rarely join Yuki and Sasshi hunting down vampires.
Last time I joined the gang hunting was in Chapter 4.
But at that time, Yuki was just letting out her tantrum on a poor vampire after her shirt being ripped by Acchan.
Now, I had my opportunity to see Yuki's skill with my own eyes.
Indeed, Yuki is very high-skilled, an efficient killing machine.
I wonder if she ever killed someone before.
I mean, killing a human is not the same with dusting a vampire, right?

Sasshi also did a good job as Yuki’s sidekick.
Well, she can’t fight, but she’s very well-prepared.
She supply all the weapon that Yuki might need.
She knows what kind of weapon will give the best result in every different situation.
She always watches Yuki’s back, while Yuki’s clearing their way ahead.
And after Yuki dusted the vampires, Sasshi will be fencing the stuff which is left, like teeth, purse, weapon or else.

They knows their own part in this job.
They’re making a good team.

And somehow I’m a bit jealous of Sasshi.
Sasshi can spend lots of quality times with Yuki.
Times when Yuki looks the most amazing and awesome, that is when she’s fighting vampires and bad guys.

I can feel my brain’s spinning fast.
I think I got another idea.

I came closer to Yuki, and said: “Yuki, please teach me how to fight.”




Training scene in the yard.

Sasshi: “Mayu-chan, I know you hate fighting. Why did you ask Yuki to train you, out of sudden?”

Mayu  : “Well, I got my reason. How about you? You likes weapons and stuff more than fighting, right? Why do you want to join my training?”

Sasshi: “Well, I got my reason, too.”
(I’m tired of being the weakling in this group. I'm tired of being 'The-Geek-Who-Always-Lost-In-A-Fight'.
I’ll show to the Midget and Squirrel, that I’m also capable of fighting. I’ll prove it to them.
I’ll beat them up if they underestimate my physicality again.

Yuki     : “Okay girls. I’m not going to teach you a theory. Both of you, just come and get me. If you can lay your hands or fist on me, you win.
              If you can land a blow, punch, or kick on me, you win.”

Yuki continued: “No rules, no methods. Let’s just get down and dirty.”
She lowered her body, ready to anticipate any incoming attack.

Mayu   : “Wow….this is fun.”

Yuki smiled at Mayu, “It is.”

Mayu’s getting excited. She rashed quickly towards Yuki.
She’s planning to touch Yuki's ‘you-know-what’.

But right before she lay her hand on it, Yuki dodged and grabbed Mayu’s body, and throw her to the ground.
Mayu's body hit the ground quite hard.

Mayu’s shocked.
She never thought Yuki would become so serious like this.

Yuki   : “Get up, Cyborg…!”

(Cyborg POV: Heck…!!! She throw my body so easily. I can really feel her strength. As if she wanted to throw me flying to the moon and back.)

That was the first time for Mayu to get in touch with Yuki’s physical strength.

Now it’s Sasshi’s turn.
She came closer at Yuki.
She didn’t do it rashly (just like Mayu did before).

Sasshi clenched her fist, and tried to hit Yuki. Yuki dodged and blocked the punches.
Sasshi keep trying to hit Yuki. She throw her punches again and again. But none of them hit the target.

Then Yuki did the same thing as she did to Mayu.
Yuki grabbed Sasshi and throw her to the wall.

Yuki   : “Why don’t you two come attack me all together?”

Sasshi get up and glanced at Mayu.
Mayu nodded.

Sasshi and Mayu shouted and run towards Yuki.

They both sure they will manage to hit Yuki.
But their fist was just swinging in the air, missing their target.

(Mayu and Sasshi POV: Huh? Where did she go? Where did Yuki go?)

And Yuki was standing behind them.
Apparently Yuki did a back flip to avoid the parallel attack.

The training session continues.

Once, Mayu’s head bump against Sasshi’s head.
Other time, Mayu was thrown flying and landed on a dirt, while Sasshi landed upon Mayu.
Other time, Sasshi accidentally punch Mayu’s face, making her nose bleeding.

Mayu’s damage was the worst.
She has the smallest body among the three, and she has the least strength among them.
She’s very vulnerable and helpless.

As for Sasshi, she did have a little bit of advantage upon Mayu, because she’s older and taller than Mayu.
But it still didn’t help her to defeat Yuki.

After some while, Yuki gave up.

Yuki: “This is useless. You both don’t have any potential in physical. You don’t fit in fighting. Let’s not continue this, okay?”

She walked away.

Sasshi and Mayu ended up having few bruises, fracture, and some broken bones.

Mayu POV:
(Damn..!! This is why I hate fighting.....My body hurts all over the place... And I still can't touch Yuki at all.
Look at me. I am down and dirty. But you're not, Yuki. You're slick, like an eel.)




All my plans is backfiring on me.
Okay, let's forget about smart-tricks and neat-plan.
Instead, I will continue with brute force attack.
(brute force = brutal attack, not-so-neat plan)

I was waiting in a cross-street.
I saw Yuki's walking from a distance.
Now I’m hiding, and I will bump into her, pretend it as accident.

I waited patiently.
And I bumped as the figure passing the cross-street.
But when I looked at the person, it’s not Yuki.

It's my school principal...!!
Oh no, I bump into my school’s principal.
Me runaway.

The principal: "You, little rat..!!! Come back here…!!!"
He chased me with an umbrella, as if he wanted to spank me with it.

Okay, readers, this last attempt might be lame.
Anyone got an idea? Please just let me know.



And don’t worry, Yuki and Mayu will still appear in the next chapter, along with Atsumina, Kojiyuu, and TomoTomo.
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Re: Re: [Human vs Vampire, Chapter 9. Skinship Mission] Mayuki
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Yes, atsumina coming up next. Mayu several attempts to get skinship with Yuki failed. Start to become 2nd Yuko. Skinship ~

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Re: Re: [Human vs Vampire, Chapter 9. Skinship Mission] Mayuki
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Hahahah!!! Too bad Mayuyu all yours plans failed xD
I have an idea : pretend to have a nightmare, ask Yuki to sleep with her and while she is sleeping touch 'you know what' ^^


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Re: Re: [Human vs Vampire, Chapter 9. Skinship Mission] Mayuki
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Hahahah!!! Too bad Mayuyu all yours plans failed xD
I have an idea : pretend to have a nightmare, ask Yuki to sleep with her and while she is sleeping touch 'you know what' ^^

I'll tell Mayu about your idea.  :lol:
She hasn't tried that one yet.  XD
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