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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 266722 times)

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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
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Sappy ending for Sae..... waiting for Atsumina next

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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
« Reply #101 on: December 22, 2011, 04:20:51 PM »
This was so sad!  :cry:

Saemayuki!  :grin:

poor Mayu is not cool seeing the one you want kissing someone else!  :angry:

thanks 4  the update
please update soon!


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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
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poor Mayu is not cool seeing the one you want kissing someone else!  :angry:

LOL  :lol: Do you think Mayu is jealous of her own brother?   XD
Dont worry, after this chapter, I will focus on romantic lovey-dovey scene for Yuki and Mayu.  :wub:
thanks 4  the update
please update soon!

You're welcome.... :grin:
And thanks for your update 'REMEMBER ME' & 'THE EXCHANGE' too...!!!  :inlove:
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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
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Wow what a chapter,somuch going on in it that it's hard to describe it all!

So it was Sae, Mayu's brother and Yuki's love, the one holding them togeter, and what changes he brought to Yuki, from thier fierce angry fighter to the girl, broken in so many ways at the end of this chapter, killing the one she loved, the brother of the girl she know loves but for being broken by all this and still having the stregth to do what was needed, to do what was right, that's some darn powerful stuff!

And for Mayu, for being the one who did not give up on Yuki just as Yuki did not give up on her, for believing in her when Yuki needed someone to beleieve, for her brother lost and found but brave enough to let Yukiend his suffering, for becoming good, and becoming the strength that Yuki will need in time to come such a change from the girl at the beginning of the story, amazing to think that it was Yuki who changed her,perhpas enough for Mayu to change Yuki, so awesome.

I wonder though what the relationship between these two will be now that Mayu has seen the thing between Yuki and Sae, will Mayu mind, or does she understand that was past and that maybe Yuki's feelings are for her or will she be bother by Yuki's lingering love for her brother... judging by the Mayu in the story now, I think we know that she will fight for Yuki's love... and that Yuki will accept it...

Poor Sasshi, perhaps a change in her to, for her to have the courage to stand up to Yuki which she may not of done in the past, again ironically thanks to Yuki, her new courage, I think though thatshe willforgive Yuki, theyare team b after all!

Romantic lovey dovey scene for Mayu and Yuki.... well I've think they have earnt it!!!

(Awesome I got to read this before going away for xmas too!)


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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
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It's Sae-boy~

But, why they kissing in front of Mayu~


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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
« Reply #105 on: December 23, 2011, 02:06:07 AM »
@ oddball:

Well, now you see my reason of making Sae as a boy here.
I need to make a powerful background story for Yuki and Mayu, before their love blossom for each other.

And yeah, about Sasshi, I wonder too.... :wub:

Romantic lovey dovey scene for Mayu and Yuki.... well I've think they have earnt it!!!

Really? In which scene do you think they've earned the romantic lovey-dovey scene?
I don't remember writing any MaYuki's lovey-dovey scene in this chapter.

Or, are you talking about the incident with the wardrobe?  :lol:

But that's not a romantic lovey-dovey scene.
Well, maybe Mayu think it is (because she got what she wanted, to touch Yuki's you-know-what).  XD
But, at that moment, Yuki was like, "Oh God…. I’m gonna feel this for a week, cramp on my muscles..!!"
That's not a romantic lovey-dovey scene from Yuki's point of view..... :lol:

And I'm glad you can read this before holiday.

Update for next chapter will take longer time.
See you next year.......
And have a nice holiday, everyone....!!!
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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
« Reply #106 on: December 23, 2011, 04:48:26 AM »
This story is very good... i like it. ^^

SaeYuki was never my thing but this was actually pretty good!

Can't wait to see MaYuki and what happened to Sasshi! Poor girl lost her teeth!

Please update soon!

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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
« Reply #107 on: December 23, 2011, 08:25:33 AM »
Sae is Mayuyu's brother???
Oh!!!! Triangle!!! I like how you wrote the whole chapter

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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 11. Weak As I Am] MAYUKI vs 'him'
« Reply #108 on: December 24, 2011, 01:03:00 AM »
Waaaa!  :ptam-cry:

MY favourite chapter!
It was a mixed feeling...seeing Yuki&Mayu like this!
Their friends too...

Then came Mayu& Yukis boobies and her perverted mind... LoL

And then the real Miyazawa Sae popped up  :ptam-hbk:
She dusted Sae-chan...So sad...  :on blackhole:
But this time Mayu will be strong for Yuki and taking care of her heart...

I'm reading this 1am/24 Sweden we're celebrating Xmas 24 Dec(Xmas Eve).
So I'm off to bed now and waiting for opening parcel in like 7 hours....

Thank you for your update! Oh and Merry Xmas!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^


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HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
« Reply #109 on: December 25, 2011, 05:33:58 PM »
@ Megumi.... I'm so happy that you like my latest chapter..... :heart: :heart:
    Thank you for reading it......... :heart:

For everyone's comments, I would love to say thank you very much, again and again.  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Actually, I said that my next update will take longer time.
But I can't help myself from updating this as fast as I can. :grin:
But don't worry, I'm not rushing it.
I know if I update this too fast, the story will become ill-prepared, and you may lose interest to read it.

And this time I break the chapter into 3 parts. So that it won't be "so-much-going-on-in-one-chapter" like it was in the previous chapters.  :lol: :lol:
I'll let you know whenever I update the next parts.

So here I present MaYuki again.
This chapter will be much lighter and heart-warming, compared to the previous chapter.



PART 1 (Mayuki's Girl Talk)


It’s been a week since Miyazawa’s dusted away.
I still don’t know how Yuki’s feeling right now. She already back to her normal state: a fierce fighter.
But still, I don’t know what’s inside her heart. She never show what’s in her heart. She never talk much about anything.

For all I know, she’s broken inside.
And I want to make her happy. I want to make her forget all those bad things that happened to her.

But I started to lose my self-confident.
It was my brother whom Yuki loved. Or should I say: It IS my brother whom Yuki LOVES?
I think she still loves him, even though he’s not here anymore.

What can I do? I’m not my brother. I can’t replace my brother in Yuki’s heart.
Can I make Yuki forget him, and find her new happiness?

[Mayu keep talking to herself.]

Come on Mayu. You can do it. Make her happy, Mayu.



Another night.
Yuki is out patrolling with Sasshi, as usual.
Then Mayu and Rabutan came. They’re both look so cute in their seifuku.

Sasshi  : “Hey girls, why don’t you go home? It’s already late now.”

Sasshi looked at Rabutan. Cuteness overload. Sasshi barely able to refrain herself from kissing and harrassing this cute little girl.
But she’s in the middle of patrolling. And she doesn’t want to act blunt in front of these kids.
Image is everything.

Rabutan said happily: “We want to join you hunting the vampie, Sasshi-chan, Yuki-chan…!!!”

Sasshi was like, (Great….!! Our hunting tonight will be more fun with these two little girls joining the team.)

While Yuki’s facepalming herself.
(Great, now I feel like a babysitter here.)

Yuki  : “Kids, we’re patrolling. We’re not having picnic here.”
Mayu: “Come on, Yuki. It’s Friday night. And we got nothing else to do at home. I’m bored.”

Mayu come and clinging on Yuki’s arm, trying to tame her heart.

Sasshi looked at Mayu and Yuki, and thinks:
(I’m glad to see their relationship getting better now, and they managed to solve their problem.
Although I had to lose one of my teeth, and had to go to the dentist to make a denture.)


Yuki entered Sasshi’s room.
“Sasshi, I’m sorry about your……teeth.”

Sasshi looked at Yuki who’s standing at the door.
Sasshi: “Yeah, you owe me one, Yuki.”

Yuki    : “If you want to hit me, go ahead. Punch me. I deserve it.”

Sasshi tilted her head and smirked at Yuki.
“You know what, Yuki? That day, I really wanted to beat the hell out of you, when you were being foolish, and stupid, and stubborn like that.”

Yuki     : “I know. I’m sorry.”

Then Sasshi come closer to Yuki and whispered: “If you make Mayu-chan cry again, I will kill you.”


The two little girls were looking at Yuki and Sasshi, with their eyes full of hopes.

Yuki sighed. “All right, all right. You can join us. But….”

Mayu interrupt her. “But…We won’t make any trouble. Don’t worry, Yuki. You won’t even notice us being here.”

Yuki shrugged her shoulder and walked.
Mayu followed her from behind.

While Sasshi grabbed Rabutan and pinched her cheek. “Stay close with me, Rabutan.”


They were walking down on the pathway.


Suddenly Rabutan screamed.
She accidentally stepped her foot on a lid on the pathway, which is leading to a big hole under it.
Luckily Sasshi was holding her so she didn’t fell deep into the hole.
Half of her body was hanging down in the hole, while Sasshi’s holding her hand tightly, keeping her from falling down.

Sasshi pulled Rabutan out from the hole.

Sasshi    : “What the hell is this..!!??”

Rabutan started to cry, out of her sudden fear and shock.

Yuki        : “Are you okay?”
She come closer and examined Rabutan.

While Sasshi’s examining the lid and the pathway.
Sasshi    : “This is strange. The lid is already opened. Why does the authorities let this happened? It’s dangerous. People could fall into the tunnel underground.”

Yuki        : “Can we fix that?”

Sasshi    : “We will need tools. I think someone had opened this lid for a purpose.”

Mayu      : “Look, there is a police station there. Why don’t we just report this and let them fix it?”

Yuki        : “Good idea. Now, Rabutan, can you walk?”

Rabutan’s still crying. She’s imagining if Sasshi weren’t holding her tightly, then she would have fallen down into the channel flowing under the city.
Indeed, Rabutan is very vulnerable. She cry easily if she's scared or shocked of something.
Like several years ago, she cried when 2 bad boys came rushing with their motorcycle and scaring a bunch of cute girls in a studio.

Rabutan sobbed: “My ankle hurts.......”
She get up and tried to walk, but she seem so much in pain.

Yuki        : “You sprained your ankle. Come on, I’ll give you a ride.”

Yuki kneel down, and let Rabutan take a ride on her back.

Mayu watched as Rabutan clinging her arms around Yuki’s neck, and leaning her head on Yuki’s shoulder.

(Rabutan, get away from her..!!!)

Mayu      : “Wait, Yuki. Let me take her.”

Yuki       : “You mean you want to take Rabutan on your back? Are you sure, Mayu? You’re so skinny. Even skinnier than Rabutan.
                How can you support her with your skinny bones?”

Mayu’s pouting. Yuki was right. Mayu can’t do that, unless she want to break her own bones and make herself suffer.

Mayu glanced at Sasshi.
Sasshi’s already keep herself busy bringing all the stuff: bags, weapons, etc (she even bring foods and beverages, as if they were going out for a picnic).
So, it’s only Yuki who can give Rabutan a ride.

And the Cyborg can’t do anything about it.


Our girls arrived at a bridge.
There is a bunch of vampires waiting for them at the other side of the bridge.

Yuki kneel down, and drop Rabutan off her back.
Yuki: “Sasshi, I leave these kids to you!!”

Yuki then rushed and stopped at the halfway on the bridge, making herself as a sole target for the vampires.

Yuki : “Come and get me, boys….!!!”
She raised her weapon.

The vampires come at the same time, to attack Yuki.

With a fast, nice move, Yuki dusted some of them, while throw the others flying into the river under the bridge.

“Yuki, don’t throw them into the water..!!! We need to fence their stuff and claim the reward, remember?” Sasshi shouted at Yuki.

Yuki startled, scratching her head. “Oh..Crap..!!  I forgot about that. Sorry, Sasshi…..”

Yuki likes to fight in her own way, without thinking much.
And she often forget that they need to fence the vampire’s teeth/stuff, in order to claim the reward.
Luckily she has Sasshi as her sidekick, who will do all those things: fencing, collecting, and examining the vampire's stuff after the fight's over.

Three vampires come approaching Yuki.
Yuki gave them a serial of spinning kicks, making them thrown flying over the bridge.
They surely would fall into the water.

But then Yuki grabbed two of the almost-fallen-vampires.
“Ahh….sorry…I can’t let you fall down into there...”

She hold the vampires as if she wanted to save them from falling into the water.
The two vampires confused. But not so long, because Yuki quickly dust them.
The third vampire watched as his friends being dusted, and he chose to jump into the water, because he didn’t want to be dusted.

Yuki shouted mad: “Hey, you..!!!   I wasn’t finished with you…!! Don’t runaway, you coward..!!!”

But the vampire already swim his ass off, away from that bridge. Lucky for him, eh?

Yuki continued slaying the rest of the vampires, while at the same time, tried to keep them from falling into the river.

Some vampires managed to get pass Yuki and reach the kids at the other side of the bridge.
Sasshi: “Yuki….help me here….!!”
She tried her best to keep the vampires away from the kids.

Yuki turned around.
She almost finish with the vampires who were surrounding her.

Suddenly a vampire grabbed Mayu from behind.
Yuki ran fast to Mayu.
But it’s too late. The vampire already pulled Mayu and bring her down with him, falling into the river.

“NOOOOOOOOOO………….!!!!” Yuki screamed and run.

She looks into the river under the bridge, and see Mayu’s body were colliding hard against the water surface.
The body then carried away by the river’s flow.

“Oh no….” Yuki panicked.
She didn’t think twice, and quickly jumped into the river to save Mayu.

Underwater, Yuki tried to find Mayu’s body.
After some moment of searching, Yuki managed to follow and catch Mayu’s body.
Mayu seem unconscious.
Yuki put Mayu’s arm around her neck, and she swim to the surface.
They managed to reach the border.

Yuki put Mayu on the ground, started to examine her heartbeat.
Mayu’s heart still beating, but she’s not moving nor waking up.

“Mayu…..please wake up….!!” Yuki shouted panickedly.

She pressed Mayu’s chest to wake her up.

Sasshi were looking at them from the bridge up there.
Luckily the rest of the vampires already runaway and disappeared.

Sasshi shouted: “Yukiii……Is she okay? Is Mayu okay?”

Yuki shouted back to Sasshi: “I don’t know!! She’s not moving!! What should I do?”

Sasshi shouted again: “Can you do a CPR…!!???”

Yuki POV:
CPR? Right. I can do that.
But how? I never did that before.
Okay, Yuki, calm down.
Put your mouth into her mouth.
And then what?
Oh wait….Take a deep breath first. Then put your mouth on her mouth. And then give her the breath of life.
That’s it.
It’s easy. I can do that.

Yuki put her lips on Mayu’s lips.
She started to open her mouth, and let the oxygen flow from her mouth into Mayu’s mouth.


Then suddenly Mayu opened her eyes.
And she kissed Yuki’s mouth, while Yuki’s doing the CPR on her.

Yuki startled. She was shocked like hell.

Mayu wake up and smiled naughty at Yuki.
Mayu: “I got you, Yuki-chan..”
She sticked out her tounge and wear her infamous trolling face.

Yuki’s frozen shocked, seeing the cyborg still alive.
Her eyes showing a huge disbelief, full of a ‘What-The-Hell-Is-Happening-Here?’ look.

Mayu's teasing Yuki again: “Well, Yuki, I actually can swim faster than you.”

Mayu POV:
(God, yes…!!!! Finally this time my trick is succeed. After all of my tricks have been failing on me.
Okay, it’s not about touching her b*obs, but I manage to steal a kiss on her lips.)

Mayu get up, still smiling wide and proud of herself.
(Yayy…I’m so smart, aren’t I? I hold the name of Mayuyu, The Smartest Swindler & Thief in the World.)

But then……..


Mayu’s face was tossed aside.

Everybody startled, as they saw Yuki slapping the Cyborg.

Yuki shouted mad: “What the hell were you doing…!!!??”

Mayu’s dazed in shock.
She rubbed her cheek. And she’s staring at Yuki, confused.

Mayu: “Yuki, I was just teasing you…..”

Yuki  : “You think that’s funny? You scared the hell out of me….you little brat…..!!!”

Mayu: “But it was just a joke, Yuki.......”

Yuki  : “I don’t care if you make jokes about anything. But not a death joke. You can’t make jokes about death.
           If you do this again, I will kill you, for real. You should never make a death-joke to people who loves you.”

Mayu startled.
(She loves me? Yuki loves me? She never said that before….)

Mayu: “Yuki, I’m sorry……..”

Mayu couldn’t finished it, as Yuki hugged her so tight. Very tight.

Mayu: “Yuki..!!??”

Yuki  : “I was worried about you, damn it…!!!   I thought you were going to die....”

Mayu: “It’s okay, Yuki. Look, I am fine.”

Yuki released her hug. Yuki didn’t cry, but Mayu can see Yuki’s trembling as if she’s scared of something.

Mayu was touched by Yuki’s reaction.

After a while, Yuki managed to calm herself and regain her coolness.

Yuki hit the back of Mayu’s head.
“OUWWWHHHH……….Ittaii….” Mayu screamed.

Yuki: “I will spank you hard, once we get home….”

[Poor Mayuyu, what a price you have to pay for stealing a kiss on Yuki’s lips. But don’t give up, Cyborg…!!]

Yuki approach Rabutan, kneeling down as she let Rabutan to get on her back again.

The four of them walking home in silent.
Sasshi was surprised too. She never thought Yuki can react like that, freaking out over a cyborg.
But she's happy seeing Yuki and Mayu like this.

While Mayu watched as Rabutan leaning her head on Yuki’s shoulder and starting to fall asleep on Yuki’s back.

Mayu should feel jealous of Rabutan by now.
But this time, she’s not.
Why? Because now she knows for sure that Yuki loves her so much.

Well, Yuki never said directly that she loves Mayu.
She never said, "Mayu-chan, I love you!" or something like that.

Yuki is not a kind of girl who can do those normal girl's talk.
She's a kind of girl who only say what she need to say, and do what she need to do.

But anyone who seen them, will know what's going on between them.
It doesn't take a genius, to read between the lines.
And it's not just Mayu's wishful thinking, nor she's dreaming.

Of all the things in the world, Mayu can be sure on this one thing: Yuki loves her.

After that night, Mayu ended up having a raw butt for several days. [That’s right, Yuki spanked the Cyborg on her butt again to give her a lesson.]
For several days, Mayu can’t sit on her butt, and she’s forced to sleep on her stomach.

But on top of that, she realized that Yuki loves her so much.
Yuki can’t let Mayu die.
That’s all that matters now.
Yuki loves her.

On the other hand, Mayu’s still not sure whether the love got something to do with her brother.
Does Yuki love Mayu because Mayu’s connection with Miyazawa?
Does Yuki love Mayu as her friend?
Does Yuki think of Mayu as her little sister? Is it just a sisterly-love between them? Or motherly-love?
Or, does Yuki love Mayu just the way Mayu is? Does Yuki love Mayu as a girl she is?
Mayu still doesn’t know the answer yet.
But for now, Mayu couldn’t care less. Mayu is happy enough to know there’s someone she loves, and loves her back.

(I love you too, Yuki..!!!)

As usual, I'm waiting for your comment about this 1st part first.   :grin:

And also, this is the first time I write about MaYuki’s kissing scene. As you noticed, on the contrary with the other pairing who loves to kiss/grope each other so much (Atsumina & KojiYuu) or even had a love-making (TomoTomo). I actually never wrote a romantic lovey-dovey scene for Mayuki. Up until now, I never wrote a scene where Mayu and Yuki kiss and grope each other. But they have a really strong bond between them. That’s why I love this pairing so much. Their relationship is different.

I can focus more on Mayuki's character development behind the story, instead of writing romantic lovey-dovey scene for them. As oddball said, Yuki’s character is a tough fighter and rebellious at first, but Miyazawa changed her into a girl, broken in so many ways. While Mayu’s character at the beginning of this story was a delinquent, trouble-maker, little swindler; and Yuki had changed her into a good girl. They make the best out of each other.

And, yes, Mayu already kissed Yuki once, in Chapter 5 - Sanctuary, after the incident with the yankees.
Back then, Mayu kissed Yuki when she thought Yuki was sleeping. But it was only a kiss on the cheek.
Now, thanks to Mayu’s smart trick, Mayu managed to steal her first kiss on Yuki’s lips.
What can I say, Mayuyu is quite a stealer.
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HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 2. TOMOTOMO
« Reply #110 on: December 25, 2011, 05:38:00 PM »

PART 2. TomoTomo's Girl Talk

To tell the stories of TomoTomo, we have to get back several days in our timeline.

Two days after the fight in the café/pub and the incident with the police.
Tomomi were in the police station.

Cop        : “Name?”
Tomomi  : “Kasai Tomomi.”
Cop        : “Age?”
Tomomi  : “20”
Cop        : “And you come here reporting yourself because…..”
Tomomi  : “I was escaping myself from the police. And I don’t want to be a fugitive. I want to make this clear.”
Cop        : “Good decision, girl.”
Tomomi  : “But first, I demand an explanation of why you arrested me at the pub that night. You arrested the wrong person.
                 And second, I don’t know anything about the girl you’re looking for. What’s her name again?”

[Of course Tomomi knows Tomochin’s real name, but she’s pretending she doesn’t know.]

Cop        : “Itano Tomomi.”
Tomomi  : “Yeah, her. I don’t know her. I never speak to her. You’ve just mistaken my name with hers because we have the same first name.
                And you don’t have any proof that saying I’m related with her. I just happened to be in the same car with her, when you force to arrest me that night.”

Cop        : “Well, Miss Kasai. We’re really sorry about our mistake. Indeed, we have wrongfully arrested you.”
Tomomi  : “So can I go now?”
Cop        : “Sure. But we need you to fill this form first and answer some questions about Itano Tomomi.”
Tomomi  : “I already said that I don’t know anything about her. You're wasting your time.”
Cop        : “Relax, Miss. It’s just a formal procedure. You are under witness’s protection. And we’re not accusing you of anything.”

After finishing all those procedure, Tomomi stepped out from the police station.

“Tomomi…!!!” somebody called her name.

She saw Ryuji was waiting for her outside the police station.

Ryuji came closer.

Ryuji       : “I was worried about you. I can’t believe you just get yourself into a trouble with the police.”
Tomomi   : “Thanks, Ryuji. Don’t worry. They just mistaken me for other person. It’s all clear now. They don’t have anything against me.”

Ryuji look relieved.

Ryuji       : “So, you will go back to your work at the café tonight?”
Tomomi   : “Yeah, I will.”
Ryuji i     : “Great. We all missed you there, Tomomi.”
Tomomi   : “We?”
Ryuji       : “Yeah. Me, my friends, your co-workers, the visitors. Even the cash register where you usually work on. We all missed you.”

Tomomi glanced and smiled at Ryuji, thinking of how kind Ryuji is always to her.

She grabbed and kissed Ryuji’s head. Ryuji, being two year younger than Tomomi, and just an inch taller than Tomomi.
They really looks like a sister and a little brother.

Tomomi  : “Thanks, Ryuji. I’ll see you tonight.”


Tomomi arrived at her apartment.
She saw Tomochin lying in the bedroom.

Tomochin : “Hi, Tomomi.”

Tomochin wake up and sit. Tomomi put a plastic bag on the table.

Tomomi    : “I bought you lunch.”
Tomochin  : “Thanks. So how was it? The police?”
Tomomi    : “It went well. They didn’t accuse me of anything. I’m free.”
Tomochin  : “Oh, good. I’m relieved.”
Tomomi    : “But they’re still looking for you.”

Tomochin looks worried and uneasy.

Tomomi    : “Don’t worry. I have a secret chamber here, under the floor. The police said they will come to check this place. You can hide there.”
Tomochin  : “Okay.”

Tomomi    : “Obviously, they’re coming after you because you are an illegal immigrant. But the worst part is, they thought that you’re also involved in Johnny’s drug trafficking.”
Tomochin  : “No. I always against him in that business. That’s why we always have a fight.”

(Tomomi POV:
I don’t know whether I should believe her or not.
I want to believe her. But everything is so blurry now, and I need a prove or evidence first, before I can trust this girl.
I know I didn’t think twice when I followed her runaway from the police, and brought her here that night.
But now, I need to make sure that she’s telling me the truth, so that I can think a way to help her.

Tomomi    : “So, your only crime is just being an illegal immigrant. I think it’s not a very big deal. They will just send you back to your country.
                  Unless, you have another secret that you haven’t told me.”

Tomochin silent.

(Tomomi POV: Why she’s not answering my word? Does she have another secret?)

Tomochin : “I don’t want a deportation. I want to stay here in Japan.”
Tomomi    : “Why? You have someone here? Your family?”
Tomochin : “Yes. My mother. I’m searching for her.”

This time, Tomomi silent. Tomochin has never talked about her family before.

Tomochin continued: “I never met my own mother. I only have a picture of her. Here…”

She took out a picture from her wallet and show it to me.
It was a picture of a beautiful woman. Tomochin resembled her mother a lot, except that Tomochin had some foreign mixture in her face, as if she’s a mixed blood.

Tomochin said again: “I don’t know her surname. My father just refer to her as Ryoko. I only depend on that information, to search for her.”

(Tomomi POV: God….what a tough life for her.)

Tomomi    : "Tomochin, I still don’t understand……."
Tomochin  : "I know. I haven’t told you anything yet about me. Where do I should start?"
Tomomi    : “Well, you can always start at the beginning, and finish it at the end of story.”

Tomochin smiled. “Okay.”

“My father is a Russian. He met my mother when he worked in Japan. They got married, and I was born here.
But then something happen, I don’t know what, and they must separated. I was only two years old back then.
My father had to get out from this country, leaving my mother behind. But he managed to bring me with him.
Guess my mother was very sad and broken because of that.”

“My father took me to the US, and we lived there since then. He never brought me back to Japan, so I never met my mother again.
He never told me anything about her, except that he called her Ryoko.”

“Later when I was 15, my father died. He left me alone in that country. No family, no friend.”

Tomomi    : “But, how about Johnny?”
Tomochin : “He’s not my family. He used to work for my father. And after my father died, he took me under his supervision.“

Tomochin continued: “I know he had a crush on me from the first day he came to work for my father. Our age only differ 4 years.
                  He used to treat me nicely when my father was still alive. But after my father died, he started to abuse me.
                  He thinks that he possess me. He forced me to do do anything he wants me to.”

Tomochin  : “But I can’t stand it anymore. I always say to myself, that someday I will leave him and start living my own life."

Tomomi    : “And why didn't you just leave him already? He’s bringing you down with him.”

Tomochin : “It’s complicated.”

Tomomi silent, trying to figure out.

Tomochin : “Johnny has the information about my mother. He knows her surname and her hometown. But he won't tell me anything about that.
                 He said that he will tell me, after I do anything he wants.”

                 “That’s the only thing that make me able to endure the suffer of living with him.”

                 “I just want to meet my mother and live with her. I don’t have any family anymore, not in US, not in Russia.
                  Only here in Japan, though I still don't know where I should start searching for her.”


Tomomi sit uneasy in her chair while she’s listening to the story. She couldn’t refrain herself anymore.
She rashed toward Tomochin and hugged her tight, crying as she hear the sad past of Tomochin.
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HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 3. ATSUMINA
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PART 3. Atsumina's Girl Talk

Takamina was working the whole day.
But she’s totally indifference, not paying attention to her boss’ orders.
Her mind is occupied by only one thing: her girlfriend, Acchan.

Takamina POV:
(Acchan, it’s been a torture for me, to wait 12 hours everyday before I get to see you.
I want the moon to block the sun, so that you don’t have to avoid the sunlight during the day.)

Takamina realized that the first problem in their relationship is actually related with their daily rhythm.
She had to endure not seeing Acchan during the day.
Acchan usually sleep during the day, and she must hide from the sunlight.
So they can only meet at night.

But at night, the gang usually go out hunting vampires.
Atsuko and Minami don’t really have a chance to spend their quality time together.
And after the hunting, Takamina’s usually already tired and sleepy.
It’s hard for them to have enough time to be together.

In the morning, Takamina will wake up early and go to work.
And everyday, she’ll be missing Acchan for 12 hours before finally they could meet up at night.

Gimme a reason, why I'm feeling so blue. Everytime I close my eyes, all I see is you.
Gimme a reason, why I can't feel my heart. Everytime you leave my side, I just fall apart.
Gimme a reason, why I can't concentrate. The world is turning upside down, spinning round and round.


Somewhere in the town.
At the evening, on the very same night when Yuki jumped to the river to save Mayu.

Acchan was waiting for Takamina. Tonight they decided to take a holiday from hunting activities.
They want to spend time together, just the two of them.

Somebody called out her name.

Acchan turned her face around, and she saw Takamina running toward her.

“Acchan….I’m sorry for making you waiting….”

Takamina stopped just a few steps away in front of Acchan, panting and catching her breath.

“…..Hhahh….I……hahh….I brought you something.” Takamina said while still panting.
She’s hiding both hands behind her back.

Acchan’s eyes become wider, and her lips curved up into a smile.

“What is it, Minami….!!?? You….you make me thrilled……”
“Make a guess.”
“Wrong.” Takamina’s shaking her head.
“Well, well… it a doll?”
“Still wrong.” Takamina smiled wider.
“Aaaahh..I have no idea, Minami. Just show me, already.” Acchan curious.

Takamina showed her hand.
She’s holding a plastic bag.

Acchan grabbed it, and examined what’s inside it.

“Kyaaaaaa…………Minami..!! Thank you so much….You just bought me a …… blood supply..!! “

Acchan shouted and hugged Takamina cheerfully.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes….I love your gift, Minami…….mmmuuahh…..!!”
Acchan kissed Takamina’s cheek.

“So, you’re late because you went somewhere to buy this for me, right?”

“Yes. I went to a medical store near the hospital. I was lucky they still have stock there.”
Takamina said blushing.

Takamina was glad that she come up with that idea.
Although at first she thought it would be weird to give a girl a pack containing 500 cc of fresh blood.

Of course, in a normal condition, that would be the weirdest gift someone ever gave for a girl.
But Acchan is a vampire.
So, yeah, it turned out to be a good idea.

“Minami, this is the first time someone buy me a wonderful gift like this.”
Acchan can’t stop smiling at Takamina.

“Really?” asked Takamina.

“Yeah, I dated so many boys. And none of them had ever thought to give me this. It’s wonderful, Minami.”

Acchan lowered her head and reached Takamina’s lips.

“Minami, this is the best gift I ever get from a human. Arigatou.”
She said while she kissed Takamina’s lips.

Takamina’s freezed blushing.
(Oh no…..Acchan…Now I’m the one who’s thrilled now.)

“Umm…..I’m sorry, Acchan, I don’t know your blood type, so I hope it suit your taste.”
“Don’t worry, Minami. We vampire, we can drink any type of blood.”

“Minami. Can I drink this now? It’s look delicious…”

Takamina’s dazed in awe.
(Oh, but you looks more delicious, Acchan….)

“……Err… Yeah, sure you can..!”

Acchan then took a sip from the blood.
She seemed enjoy it so much.

Takamina watched as Acchan drink it all up.

“So….where are we going now, Acchan? Movies? Restaurant?”
“No, I don’t want to go there, Minami. I’ve been there so many times with boys. And it’s boring, and lame.”
“Well, I think so.” (What? Acchan is a player!!  Even I never go there with any boys.)

“I know just a place. Come on, Minami…!!!”
Acchan grabbed Takamina’s hand.

She shouted cheerfully: “I’m gonna take you to the place that you’ve never been before, Minami..!!”


They arrived at the major city hall.
It is the highest building in the town.

“Have you ever been in that roof-top, Minami?”
“Of course no..! It’s restricted.”
“I know. Put your hands around me. And hang on.”

Takamina put her arms around Acchan’s shoulder, and leaning on her back.

Suddenly Acchan jumped high. Very high.
Takamina feel shivering.

They ended up on a roof-top of the major city hall.

And Takamina’s standing there in awe.
Before her, she saw the whole landscape of her city.
It was very beautiful.
And not very far away, she can see the beach.
[That’s right. I forgot to mention that our girls are living in a city by the sea.]

Takamina never saw the landscape of her city from the highest place like this.
She used to go to the roof-top of her school building, but those were nothing compared to this.


Because I miss you. And this is all I wanna say.
I guess I miss you, beautiful. These three words have said it all.

You know I miss you. I think about you when you're gone.
I guess I miss you, nothing's wrong. I don't need to carry on.
I know it doesn't sound too cool, but maybe I'm in love with you.

In the world where sincerity has lost its meaning, you fill my world with so much hope.

They both sit there, hugging their knees, watching the beautiful city night landscape.
They can hear the birds flying near them.
They can hear the wind’s blowing around them.
They can hear the sound of the sea from very far away.

“This is…..very beautiful….”

Takamina watched in awe, then she turned her face to see Acchan who’s sitting next to her.
Acchan’s smiling wide, feeling the fresh air.

(But it was because you’re here now, Acchan, so I can enjoy this beautiful scene. And you are the most beautiful thing.)


“Yes, Minami?”

“I miss you.”
(That’s it!!…I said that…!!! Oh my God…..)

Acchan startled. Her eyes become wider again as she stared at Takamina.

“But we just met yesterday, Minami. How can you already miss me?”

“I don’t know.”

Takamina lost her words. She only stared at Acchan.
(Acchan, I missed you during the 12 hours of day. Do you miss me too?)
(I’ve been working all day. Been so much in pain, waiting for the night to come, so that I can meet you.)

I've been through twelve hours of empty. Just another working day.
Your face motivates me. Driving all the pain away.

“Minami..!!! Let’s go there..!!!”
“There….That tree…!!!” Acchan point to a tall tree, next to the building.

Surrounding the building was trees, very old and very tall. Some of them maybe over 50 years, or hundreds years old trees.

Acchan stood up and grabbed Takamina with her.
Takamina hold onto Acchan very tight, while Acchan jumping from the roof-top to the trees.

Acchan stepped to a branch, and then jumped to another trees, and again to another trees.

Takamina shouted worried, while clinging on Acchan’s shoulder.
She feels like flying.
She can feel a night bird flying smoothly near her ears.
She can hear the sound of an airplane which is flying above them now.

I know exactly how the birds feel.
High, as any plane above me now.
Why it only takes one hour to heal me.
At eleven to fly.

Acchan jumped and stepped again to a branch.

“AAAAAAAAHHHH….!!!!” suddenly Acchan screamed. She almost lost her balance.

“Woaaaa……Acchan I told you to be careful…!!!”

Takamina looked at the branch where Acchan almost step her foot.
Takamina saw a bird nest there. Five little birds were inside it, embraced by its mother bird.

Suddenly a thought’s crossing her mind.
(This? Acchan almost slipped down because of this? A bird nest?
Because she didn’t want to disturb this nest? No way……!!!)

“Oh God….That was close…..!! We almost crash the nest…..!!! “ Acchan shouted relieved.

Takamina startled.
(She’s a vampire, right? She used to drink human’s blood. But she’s concerned about this bird’s safety. I'm surprised.)

Finally, Acchan stopped at a branch, and dropped Takamina off her back.

“Well…..the landscape here is awesome too…..” said Acchan happily, and then sit on the branch.

Takamina sit too.
She still wondered, which is the true personality of Acchan: the spoiled and somewhat bitchy blood-sucker, or the gentle side who’s capable of loving human and living things.

The light on your skin astounds me.
You flow like a river around me.
No longer need to hide, when I'm by your side

“Hey look…!!! That’s the cemetery, and that is my room…!!! Can you see it, Minami?”
“Yes, Acchan.”

Takamina can see the tall gate at the cemetery. The gate looks far away and so small.
Takamina smiled, remembering how she had chained Acchan to that gate, and kiss her, and then runaway.

“Where’s your house, Minami?”
“I guess it’s on the opposite direction. Can you see the river there? My house is on the other side of the river. It look so small from here.”
“Yes, Acchan?”
“I want to come to your house. Will you invite me to?”
“Sure, Acchan.”

Doesn't our room below look so small. Like it could be nowhere at all.
You make me feel like I could never lose. That I could be whoever I choose.

Takamina feel the fresh air, and she looked up to the sky.
The sky was very clear tonight, and full of stars. Shining brightly.
Takamina never feel so close like this to the sky before.

Up here at the stars are on fire.
We live in a world of desire.
There'll be no need to hide, when I'm by your side.

After the rain, the sun will shine.
After the chains, the gates swing wide, wide.
After the rain, the sun will shine.
After the chains, the gates swing wide.
There will be no need to hide, when I'm by your side.


They sit comfortably at the branch on the tree.

“Minami, tell me about your family.”

Takamina silent for a minute.
“Well, I was raised by my mother, a single parent. My father has died when I’m 10. Leaving the three of us: me, my mother, and my little sister.”

[Takamina didn’t mention that her father died because of vampires.]

“You have a little sister? Is she cute like you, Minami?”
“Yes, she is very very cute. We always had a fight. But I love her so much.”
“I want to see your little sister, Minami.”
“Sure, Acchan. Now, tell me about your family. And how old are you exactly?”
“Ahh…250, maybe? I never count my age. Shinoda-sama will count it for me, everytime when he celebrate my birthday.”
“Yes. He’s my family. He’s like a father to me. I don’t really have a real family like yours, Minami.”
“I see…..”

“All I know is Shinoda saved me when I was still a human. I was a little girl back then, and there was a war in this country.
Many people were died in that war, as casualties, including my father. He was a farmer. He died first, leaving me and my mother struggling.
We almost died too, but then Shinoda came and saved us. He sired me and my mother. And then we become family.”

“So, you still have a real mother, then?”
“Mmmm……she’s not here anymore.”
“Oh…I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s okay Minami. And, look, we have something in common. Single parent, huh?”

Acchan continued her story.
“Shinoda is always kind to me, although he’s not my real father. He loves my mother.”

(Takamina POV: I never knew a vampire can love each other sincerely.)

“So, you live together, only two of you?”
“No. There are also the others vampire. You already met one.”
“That psycho one?”
“Gekikara. Yeah. She’s a psycho. But actually she’s very kind inside. Shinoda had sired several girls like me. Gekikara, Jurina, and Umechan.
Two years ago when Shinoda went to another city, he sired a boy. I never met him. But Shinoda talked much about him, so I guess he loves him so much.
If you were sired by the same vampire, then you will become sibling. So they are all my siblings. And Shinoda become our master, or father, you would say.”

“Shinoda is very kind to us. He taught us how to fight, how to hunt preys, how to survive in this world. He’s the only person that I respect. I owe him a lot.”

(Takamina POV: Woww….Vampire’s life could be complicated too…)

They talked and talked…..
Trying to get to know each other better.


“Acchan, I have to go home now.”
“Okay, Minami.”
“By the way, I’m very happy you take me here.”
“I can take you here again, Minami. Just tell me whenever you want to come here again.”

As usual, they will end their conversation with a gentle kiss.

Takamina moved her head closer to Acchan.
Acchan tilted her head.

They were about to kiss, when suddenly they heard a horrible scream from a place far, far away.

”AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH……………Nooo….Please don’t, Yukiii…!!!”
It was the Cyborg’s screaming out of pain.

Then the sound of beating.

Even the sound of the spanking were also heard from a far, far away.

“Owwwwwhhh………Yuki, stop it ……..Please Yuki……Arrrggghhh…..”

“Yuki, have mercy…….please….I’ll never do death-joke again, Yuki, I promise..!!! …Owwhh….”

“I promise Yuki…….Uuuuuuugghhh………”

“Yuki….mercy……..OUGGHHH..……Rabutan…help me…!!!…..”
“…Sasshi…save me please……Sasshi….heelp……AARRGHHH……”

Obviously, Yuki’s spanking Mayu very hard, so hard that the sound and screams can be heard all around the town.

Takamina and Acchan’s trying to continue their kiss.
But the scream of the Cyborg was so miserable.
Making both of them losing the mood and their kissing moment.

Acchan    : “Oh my God. Poor Cyborg! What has she done to deserve that, anyway? Death-joke? What is that?”
Takamina: “Ummmm, I think we should report this as a domestic violence.”

Takamina POV: (Damn it, MaYuki..!! You're ruining my kissing moment..!!)



“Acchaaaaan……Nooooo!!!” Takamina screamed.

Acchan vamps out and jumped over Rabutan.

Everybody screamed and rush toward Acchan and Rabutan.

“Oh no…..stop her..!!! Stop her..!!!”
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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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I'm so happy!  :cry: :heart:

Mayuki!  :cry: :wub:

thank you very much for this Mayuki's chapter!  :grin:

i'm curious about atsumina's too!  :inlove:

please update soon!  :twothumbs


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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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I'm so happy!  :cry: :heart:

Mayuki!  :cry: :wub:

thank you very much for this Mayuki's chapter!  :grin:

i'm curious about atsumina's too!  :inlove:

please update soon!  :twothumbs

Your welcome.....
Btw, do you notice that I had taken some inspiration from your 'Exchange'? Those 'Mayuki-Jumping-Into-The-Water' things...... XD

And I'm very glad that you like my chapter....
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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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Mayu's idea of tricking Yuki sure came fast! (I'm assuming she got that idea underwater)
But I agree with Yuki: never joke about death (since it's inappropriate at all :smhid)

Hmm.. perhaps for the next chapters you might want to put the commentary/notes before/after the story. I'm sorry, I think it's kinda disrupting the story's flow. :(

However, I'd really love to wait for the next chapters. :D
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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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Mayu's idea of tricking Yuki sure came fast! (I'm assuming she got that idea underwater)
But I agree with Yuki: never joke about death (since it's inappropriate at all :smhid)

Hmm.. perhaps for the next chapters you might want to put the commentary/notes before/after the story. I'm sorry, I think it's kinda disrupting the story's flow. :(

However, I'd really love to wait for the next chapters. :D

You're right, she got that idea underwater.
Mayu's brain can spinning so fast, searching for smart plans and neat tricks to get closer to Yuki.  :grin:

Ohhh.....sorry if my notes is ruining the flow. I'll do better next time.... :grin:


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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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A question here....

Where can I get the updated info about current formation of Team A, K, B?
I got a source from stage48. But I'm confused there.
It said that Sasshi is in Team A. But then oddball said Sasshi's in Team B.
Also, it said that Rabutan is in Team A. But I think she's in Team B together with Mayu and Yuki.

I'm confused.
It seem the managemenet likes to change/roll the formation quite fast.
I want to know the current formation.

Thanks. :bow:

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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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Nice plan Mayuyu~

But you still got a spank from Yukirin huh~


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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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Nice plan Mayuyu~

But you still got a spank from Yukirin huh~

Yeah, it's a spank of love, I suppose............ :grin:

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Re: HUMAN VS VAMPIRE [Chapter 12. Girl Talk] Part 1. MAYUKI
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Ohhh.....sorry if my notes is ruining the flow. I'll do better next time.... :grin:
That's alright... the notes are still necessary indeed. :D Just the position.. :grin:

It said that Sasshi is in Team A. But then oddball said Sasshi's in Team B.
Also, it said that Rabutan is in Team A. But I think she's in Team B together with Mayu and Yuki.

I want to know the current formation.
Sasshi and Rabutan are in Team A now. They were in Team B before the shuffle. AKB did one grand shuffle only since its establishment.
If you want to know the current formation, the official website ( is the best to provide that info.
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