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Author Topic: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)  (Read 2343 times)

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Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
« on: January 01, 2012, 05:35:37 PM »
Yo.  :) This was born after I read too much about samurai and others and decided to make it. There will be a lot of mistakes in here and sorry about that  :bow: about my other fic, I'll try to update it by the middle or the end of the month. I'm a lazy writer who prefers to read other people's fanfics than writing.  :glasses:

In the cold chilling night, horses’ hooves galloped in the dark forest. Seven young samurai in jet black kimono with a silver sakura emblazoned on the back strode in the night with two of them mounted their horse which one of the rider carrying their unconscious friend, leaving the four on their feet.

After hours of searching for food and shelter, the young samurai only find theirselves stuck and lost in the dark forest.

“We should stop here for the night.” said one of the riders, the leader of the group as she pulled the reins of her horse into a halt.

Battered, bruised and disorientated with empty stomach the others do as what the girl’s said. They set up a fire and sat down with no food to devour, weapons settling beside them in case of an ambush.

The leader looked at her friends helping her unconscious friend lay on the ground. Wounds marred her pale body and her stomach was wrapped with cloth. The leader only stood there helplessly praying for miracle to happen to save the lifeless body of her friend and the others. She and the others was also covered with bruises but not as bad as the one who was lying down.

“We’ll find a way to save her.” A hand pressed her shoulder in assurance as the owner of the voice stood beside her, not more than inches taller than her. “Just don’t lose your hope, Takamina.”

“This is my entire fault, Yuko. If I wasn’t late-” Before she could finished her words, Yuko interrupted her, shaking her head, “This is not your fault or others. The one to be blame is them. They’ve killed people that are precious to us. We will have our revenge someday but now we need to focus on our conditions first.”

Takamina only nodded, holding the tears that threatened to escape from her eyes. Seeing her friend wounded was her biggest weakness but she knew being a samurai was to protect and to be sacrifice in order to protect someone or something.

Yuko gave her a small smile and left, sitting with the others around the fire. Takamina went to her unconscious friend and crouched beside her.

“How is she, Kumi?” she asked the young girl who was tending the laying figure.

“Nee-chan’s body is still hot. I tried to cool it down by giving her a cool cloth on her forehead and neck but her temperature kept on rising.” Kumi said hopelessly, her voice choked and her eyes were puffy red from crying.

Takamina hugged the young girl tightly in her arms, comforting her. “We’re lucky she’s still alive and fighting…” she murmured. Deep down inside of her, doubt still shrouded her whether her friend could still have the chance to live or not after she had lost so much blood.

Yuko stared blankly at the fire, wrapping her arms around her body for extra warm. She didn’t know what to think anymore. Her mind was now filled with getting revenge. All of them had had lost someone so important to them. She was still indeed grateful that her closed friends were still alive.

“Get them all out of here! RUN!!” She recalled back the last thing her sensei had told her and she wondered whether he is still alive or not.

 “What’s wrong, Sae?” she asked, when the tall short haired girl stood up from her place, her hand on the hilt of her sword.

Sae scanned the whole area beside her and frowned. “I heard something rustling on the bushes. Do you hear it too, Miichan?” she asked the girl sitting beside her.

Miichan wiped the dried blood off from her dagger and slipped it in her belt beside her sword. “I heard it, too.”

They fell into a deep silent, trying to observe the whereabouts of the sound. Another rustling sound caught Yuko’s attention and she immediately stood up.

“There! Let me check it out.”

“NO!!” Sae and Miichan said in unison. “You stay here with Takamina, Tomochin and Kuumin. Miichan and I are going to check it out.”

“Eh? I’m going too?” whined Miichan and Sae glared at her. “Okay, Okay. I’m up!”


“No buts, Yuko. You’re tired and you need to have some rest. We can handle this ourselves.” Sae grinned; she beckoned Miichan to follow her.

Yuko growled and sat down in frustration. “Damn those two.” She murmured and rubbed the back of her head.

“Just let them be, Yuko. Maybe they’ll come with food or they probably set their foot on a trap and you could come and save them.” teased the girl beside her who was lying down with her face covered with straw hat.

“Shut up, Tomochin.”

The two disappeared into the dark forest with no light to assist them. Even the moonlight was covered by the thick forest. The best thing to do for them was to rely on their sharp instincts that they had trained for.

“Is it them?” Miichan whispered with so much hatred on her voice.
Sae shook her head, her sword already sheathed. “I doubt it. If it were them, they probably have attacked us minutes ago considering we are in our weakened and fragile state. Maybe it’s a deer or an antelope or something. Just shhh and continue searching.”

Miichan’s stomach growled by the mentioning of the deer and antelope. They hadn’t eaten for days and her mind was now filled with the images of food.

“Roasted meat….” She murmured under breath, holding her stomach.

Sae stopped walking and Miichan bumped onto her. “Hey, stop mentioning about food! I heard that, you know.” She interjected looking back at Miichan.

“You started it!” before their arguments could go any further; Sae clasped Miichan’s mouth and instructed her to draw her sword.

“Someone is behind that bush.” She whispered and pointed at the bush not far from her. She counted to three and the both of them charged at the person who was hiding.

“AAAAAA!!” A young girl screamed in surprise. She tried to run away but Miichan tackled her from behind with her sword on her neck.

“What the- A kid!?” What are you doing in the middle of nowhere?” said Sae, baffled by the outcome of capturing a girl.

Miichan sighed; she dropped the girl on the ground and sheathed her sword. “Well, there goes my hope for finding food.”

“Wait, don’t kill me! I didn’t do anything, I swear!” the girl protested in panic as she shivered looking at the sharp sword pointing not a mere inches a part from her nose.

Miichan went to the tree and rested her back against it with her hands crossed while she let Sae handled the girl herself. “I’m going to die…die…sooner or later…” she hummed.

“You haven’t answered my question yet, kid. Why are you doing in the middle of nowhere!?” said irritably glaring at the girl. “Are you perhaps a thief?” she hissed.

“I’m NOT a thief!” responded the girl indignantly and stood up. Sae was taken back by her sudden outburst but she still held the sword firmly on her hand.

“Then what are you?”

“I’m just picking up berries, nuts and mushrooms.” The girl took the bag that hung on her waist and show it her. Miichan’s ears perked when she heard the names and quickly went beside Sae.

“In the night?” Sae’s eyebrow twitched in disbelief. Although her stomach was growling she couldn’t hide the temptation to pick up the fresh berries and she was sure she could her Miichan’s stomach growling.

“Can… can I have some? Please?” asked Miichan with pleading eyes.

The girl nodded and smiled. Miichan picked up the berries; the sweet juice melted in her tongue and it tingles her in delight. Sae only stared at her with her mouth opened.

“I live not far from here. When I was picking up the berries I saw something was burning and I went to take a look. I found you and your friends camping and I was afraid to approach so instead I hid behind the bushes.” The girl offered the food to Sae and she was hesitant and at first. She reluctantly picked the nuts when the girl insisted her it was safe to eat.

“There’s a village around here?” said Sae in utter surprised. They had been in the forest more than two days and all that they’ve found was only a dead end.

“Yes. It’s not far from here.”

“You were lucky that we found you. If Yuko found you she might have sliced you into half already.” Miichan grinned and the girl pouted with her signature duck lips.

“What’s your name?”

“Matsui Jurina.”

“Dammit, where are they?” said Yuko impatiently pacing back and forth.

“Just relax, Yuko. They’ve probably found something interesting. They’ll come just wait and sit down, will you?” said Tomochin finally getting up and dusted her kimono.

“Weren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”

“I was but you kept on muttering and walking and now I couldn’t go to sleep. Thanks to you.”

“Oh, sorry about that. I was just worried that’s all…after what we’ve gone through.” Yuko said sheepishly.

“Look! Here they come.”

They two emerged from the dark with Jurina on toll.

“Look at what’ve got.” Sae grinned. Miichan sat beside Tomochin and offered her the berries on her hand.

Jurina was hesitant and afraid at first after she saw the weapons on their waist but she just shrugged it off after what Sae had told her about their condition. She just prayed that whoever by the name of Yuko didn’t slice her. She bowed down in total respect at the samurais in front of her.

All of them just stared in bewilderment with their mouth opened looking at the young girl. Sae and Miichan laughed at their expressions.

“You kidnapped a kid?” said Yuko in utter disbelief while Takamina was full of shocked written all over her face. It’s a good thing she didn’t fainted.

“What? No, we’re not. We found her in the bushes and she offered us foods,” Sae patted Jurina’s back and gave some of the food to Yuko, Takamina and Kumi. “and she’s offering to help us.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Matsui Jurina. Miyazawa-san had told me about you.” she said smiling brightly and bows down for the second time.

Yuko turned her attention to Sae and whispered carefully, “Did you tell her everything about us?”

“No, of course not. I only told her that we’re lost and we needed food and shelter.”

“Good…because we can’t fully trust a stranger without knowing their backgrounds.”

Takamina quickly went to the young girl. “My name is Takahashi Minami, the leader of this group. We will be grateful if you could lend us a help. One of our friends needs more medical treatment.” She pointed at the laying figure and Kumi nodded curtly.

“Our strongest warrior…” Yuko whispered sadly. “And deadly.” added Sae.

“Can I have a look at her?” Jurina asked and both Yuko and Takamina nodded in approval, leading the way.

“Why is she picking up these foods in the night?” asked Tomochin, munching down the berries.

Miichan shrugged, “We asked her about that and she said she like doing this in the night where no one could disturb her.”

“Strange kid…”

“Well, whatever that is we’re lucky we finally found someone.”

After she had inspected the wounds, Jurina turned her attention to Takamina. “I know the one who can heal her with medical herbs. She’s the best healer in our village.”

The two and Kumi sighed in relief. “Thank you, Jurina-san. We’re in your debt.”

“I’m glad I can help you.” Jurina smiled at them. Inside of her she felt so much delight because it was the first time ever a samurai had thanked her in her life and she set this in her mind to tell her cousin to make her jealous.

“How far is your village from here?” Takamina asked.

“About not less than 20 minutes.”

“When can we go to your village?”

“Now, if you want.” Takamina looked at Yuko and nodded. Yuko turned at the others and told them to pick up their things.

“All right, guys. We’re going for another journey.” She clapped her hands and put her straw hat on.

Tomochin shouldered her pack and sighed, “No more rest for me then... my legs felt like lead now.”

“For me, I don’t care how tired I was because I know food is waiting for me out there.”

Tell we what you think and leave a comment.  :on drink:

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Re: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2012, 05:54:20 PM »
This is very interesting.  :mon star:
I have a guess that
“Our strongest warrior…” Yuko whispered sadly. “And deadly.” added Sae.
Is Rena.  :mon fyeah:
Please update as soon as you can. Thanks.  :mon squee:
And can't wait for your update on your other fic.  :mon mischief:

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Re: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
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Very interesting story!! Woah Yuko as a bad ass samurai girl! *FEELS EXCITED*

Please continue!

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Re: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
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Oh samurai fic, interesting

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Re: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
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wow!! yeah its rena right? the pacient... and the doctor its coulb be acchan or kojiharu..
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Re: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2012, 12:59:09 PM »
Woah~! A samurai fic! An interesting new fic to start the year!  :thumbsup

I have no idea who's the one who is lying there. injured. But I hope that whoever she is, she'll still live. And if THAT is Rena, please let there be a W Matsui!!!

A belated Happy New Year! ^^
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: Untitled for the moment. (Jan 2nd)
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My Rena-senses are tingling, lol!
Well, at least the clues point in that direction.
Yuko and the rest of the gang as samurais?I think it's very interesting, especially after seeing Yuko perform Itoshisa no Accel with that sword.
Looking forward toy your next update! 

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