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Author Topic: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [RESULTS P.2!]  (Read 11774 times)

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2011 Kpop Song of the Year [RESULTS P.2!]
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:31:47 AM »
Better late than never. Now 2011 is officially over and we're into the new year, find some time to look back over the Kpop songs of 2011 that captured YOUR heart more than any others.

Vote for TEN songs that were your Kpop highlights of the year whether it be a promotion single, digital release, CF song or album track. Each song MUST have been released on or between January 1st 2011 and December 31st 2011 and MUST be the Korean version of the song (too many artists in Japan now for those to be included this year), no Japanese, English or Chinese songs by Korean artists.

Rank your top 10 songs in order of your ultimate song of the year (#1) to your 10th favourite song of the year. Those ranked as #1 will receive 10 points, while those ranked as #10 will receive 1 point.

Voting closes 12am January 15th EST and the jphip Kpop song of the year countdown will be aired shortly after on the one and only jphip radio (time TBA)!

So get researching and voting and refresh your minds the best way possible!

First half of the year:

Second half of the year:
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2012, 11:25:35 AM »
Godfuckdamnit I love year end mash-ups!! They always give me goosebumps, tho I usually only see ones based on movies...

1. Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
2. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
3. Secret - Love is Move
4. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream
5. Brown Eyed Girls - Vendetta
6. T-ara - Rolypoly
7. miss A - Goodbye Baby
8. Secret - Shy Boy
9. Rainbow - To Me
10. T-ara - Cry Cry

1 - Sixth Sense finally pushed me towards BEG fandom. From the very first few seconds into the song, you know it's going to be some FIERCE SHIT. But the entire song isn't just based on that; the chorus actually sounds like a celebration of life and pop music, one can shake her ass and bosom to it. It's just a powerful pop song, makes me feel invincible, etc. I'm only not a fan of the whistle note parts, but even then I appreciate that the members are able to sing those parts to begin with. Miryo's rap is flawless, as always.
2 - Be My Baby - I didn't like the video to this because they dance with such serious expressions on their face, and to me this song sounds so positive. So I ignore the video and just listen to the song. It makes me feel happy and joyful :3 And I love how little autotune stuff there is! You can actually hear their voices!!
3 - Love is Move - Such a catchy, fun song!! Haha I don't like the video to this either, because it's too focused on sexiness (what a weirdo I am), but the song is excellent to dance randomly to >o<
4 - Cleansing Cream - WHAT THE FUCK is shirenu voting for a BALLAD?? I'm just addicted to this song. And well, I love Ga In's husky voice. When I listen to this song, I feel like a blanket is wrapped around my shoulders. It's so pretty, dreamy, wonderful, my heart goes dokidoki
5 - Vendetta - Ok I am a BEG whore, deal with it. This is a track from Sixth Sense mini album, and it's groovy and catchy :3 It's a track I liked at first listen, which is quite a feat tbh.
6 - Rolypoly - I know this song is supposed to have a 60s theme or so, but I actually think of old school video games when I listen to it. XD So it's a lot of fun. Just imagine a bunch of geeks dancing to this.
7 - Goodbye Baby - I suppose my favourite out of the srs bsnss tracks this year. It's catchy, but I still tend to find that a lot of miss A tracks don't have enough variation in them (it's often just the same beat throughout); I hope that's something that will change in 2012 and I'll be able to rank a song of theirs higher :3
8 - Shy Boy - I've got a bit tired of the obnoxiously cute card in 2011, but Shy Boy manages to just not cross the line to being annoying. It's a catchy, happy song :P
9 - To Me - Haha the English bits in this song actually bring it down to me a bit, I know, every Kpop song has silly English, but anyway. I think I've seen too many lives of this song, because I find the choreography boring, even Woori's "ballet bit" is too simple... So I love Rainbow, but I really want them to take it to the next level in 2012. Like "A" part 2 or sth. :lol:
10 - Cry Cry - Nice serious business song, but I think the video actually doesn't do it many favours. I mean, the video is way too long, making the song sound longer and epicer than it actually is. Then you get the track and it's only 3:18 long and doesn't actually have that much in it. It's still a nice song, it's just... short and doesn't live up to the expectations.

THESE WERE MY OPINIONS ^^ If some of these songs actually weren't released in 2011, let me know, but I think I saw most of them in the mash-up videos.
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2012, 01:15:47 PM »
Reserving my spot here.

Right! This thing!!

1. Sunny Hill - Pray
2. Secret - Shy Boy
3. J Rabbit - Your Days (album version)
4. Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot
6. KARA - Step
7. Sunny Hill - Let's Talk About (feat. Zi:A)
8. Wonder Girls - Girls, Girls
9. Secret - 웃지 좀 마 (AKA Don't Laugh)
10. miss A - Help Me

J Rabbit is more indie than pop, but I'll allow it :P I keep forgetting that Shy Boy was 2011, but hey, it keeps me happy. Pray is a given. One listen and I thought, "Wow, this song is perfect." Most of the songs in my Top 10 are pretty interchangeable. The WG song looks a little out of place there to me, but thinking back, it made quite a big impact on me at the time, so in the Top 10 it will remain. I must comfess - I'm pretty stoked to have a KARA song up there. I was afraid that they wouldn't release anything noteworthy, but BAM! They delivered! Ah, CN BLUE - the only Korean boyband for me <3
Honourable mentions go to:
SISTAR19 - Ma Boy. Just got pushed out by my last second decision to put in Sunny Hill's 'Let's Talk About'. Good song. Great MV.

T-ara - Roly Poly. Catchy as anything. Listen to it more than once and it will get in your head.

Rainbow - I Said You're The One. Nobody really talks about it, but damn, it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. I don't understand the lyrics, but my heart feels touched every single time.

CN BLUE - Imagine. Basically, it made a cute mess of me. Makes me feel lighthearted.

miss A - 하나부터 열까지. A freaking awesome song. Ask me tomorrow and I'd probably put it in my Top 10. I would find a way.

Brown Eyed Girls -Cleansing Cream. I thought this would be a CF song or something, but it wasn't. Very glad that I gave it a listen. Deep & meaningful MV, great song itself - reminiscent of Sunny Hill's Pray.

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense. Hard hitting promo song. Perfect headliner for perhaps the strongest album and repackage of 2011.

Brown Eyed Girls - Vendetta. Smooth, jazzy beat. It tickles my music taste buds, or, you might even say, my ear buds.

Brown Eyed Girls - 불편한 진실. It was like Pray V2.0. Three similar toned songs in 2011 helped me realise that you can't improve upon Sunny Hill's single, but heck, you can mimic the style and still work wonders.

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2012, 06:14:07 PM »
Here's my list:

1. Girl's Day - Don't Let Your Eyes Wonder.
2. Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
3. Girl's Day - Hug Me Once
4. Wonder Girl's - G.N.O (Girl's Night Out)
5. Brown Eyed Girl's - Sixth Sense
6. Secret - Love Is Move
7. Kara - Step
8. 2NE1 - Hate You
9. 2NE1 - I Am The Best
10. SNSD - The Boys

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2012, 09:29:43 PM »
Wow I completely forgot something and had to make some changes and clean things up.

[noembed]1. CHI CHI - Longer
2. SNSD - Mr. Taxi
3. Kara - Step
4. APink - I Don't Know
5. Miss A - Love Alone
7. SNSD - The Boys
8. Orange Caramel - Bangkok City
9. Jewelry S - Forget It
10. T-ara - Cry Cry

1. Much like Girls Day coming out of nowhere with NLF after a sub par debut CHI CHI completely changed directions and kicked out one of the most surprising and best Kpop songs of the year. Kinda got lost in the shuffle for me because it came out the same time as SNSD Japanese album but I just saw it in my Youtube favorites and have become addicted again. :twothumbs

2. Maybe cheating since it's originally a Japanese single but they did do a Korean version and promote it in Korea (although I much prefer the Japanese version) I really do loooooove me some Mr Taxi. All the outfits (Taxi driver, leather jump suits, Cop) are awesome, the dance and it's by far my most listened to Kpop song of the year. I can't deny my true feelings and not put it at the top.

3. Kinda went under the radar but a great synth pop song with more of that catchy la la la la from Kara. So damn fun.

4. Gosh this song is just so.... nice. Reminds me a lot of SNSDs first album. Glad someone is still carrying the torch for that style of music. :3

5. No idea why it was used for ice skating promo and it's in English but I love it. :3

6. lol :rock:

7. It's a novel idea and not exactly the typical Kpop hook song. An encouraging call to the troubled boys of the world to make something of themselves. Certainly some of the most meaningful and uplifting lyrics in Kpop. SNSD's shrewdest promoted song since Genie with how it ties into the show they are doing now.

8. Initial D ;p

9. Reminds me of some good Davichi music. Also dat singing in the rain. :)

10. I like it better than Roly Poly personally, but like Shirenu said I have a hard time getting through the 20 min videos. :lol:

Meh I'll just leave it as is for now. Will edit more as I remember stuff I forgot.
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #5 on: January 04, 2012, 04:19:33 AM »

So, a year-end kpop best-of and Girls' Generation is no where to be found.  I didn't even put them down for consideration this year, surprisingly enough.  If we were counting their Japanese debut that would change things because I really like that album, but as it it, only The Boys is eligible and I don't like that song at this point.

The obvious winner this year is Girl's Day.  Nothing Lasts Forever instantly made me fall in love with this group (in fact I first heard that song when I was making my last top-10 list and it made that list last-minute) and they're currently my favorite kpop group.  I'm always looking forward to what they'll do next.

2NE1 also had a strong year.  I really liked all their songs this year but only two made the cut.  After being disappointed by 2010's To Anyone, I really love what they did this year.

In 6th place is IU.  I remember liking Marshmallow, but I had kinda forgotten about the world's cutest Korean until she released YOU & I recently, and that song was the one I kept listening to all Christmas season.  I know I'll be following her through 2012.

Hyunah's Bubble Pop was my SUMMER JAM of 2011.  It's a perfect example of a great summer song, that shallow pop song that you just can't help but blast in your car all day.  Hyunah's one of my favorites in kpop, and she just narrowly missed being on this list three times with 4Minute's Mirror Mirror and her Troublemaker duo just outside my top 10.

I never followed SISTAR (and to be honest, still don't) but Ma Boy wormed its way in my head with a catchy chorus and nice beat... and the girls/video didn't hurt either.

KARA kinda fell off my radar after LUPIN (I think they went off to Japan after that, and I wasn't digging those releases) but STEP is a great, fun, upbeat song that fits KARA well, and the video is fun and colorful.

Nothing's going to top how much I loved/still love NU ABO, but Danger is a great song that lets the girls show off some of their personality.  When re-watching the video I couldn't help but think how much better The Boys would have been if f(x) did it instead.  Everything about that song fits f(x)'s style more than SNSD's.  But sadly, that isn't the case, so they'll have to wait until next year's list.

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #6 on: January 04, 2012, 05:50:34 AM »
Before I get to my 2011 list, there was a category that I had to complete:

2011's 2010's Kpop Song of the Year!

This category is the song I enjoyed the most in the year 2011, that was released back in 2010.

1. Girls Generation - Echo
2. T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You
3. Secret - Madonna

Funny enough, I had T-ara & SNSD switched on my list last year. When it comes to the Korean songs SNSD put out, I wasn't feeling them. So I just ended up going back to Echo. Madonna was not on my list last year but I ended up coming around on that song a year later.

Now, as 2011 is concerned,

1. IU - You & I

My holiday anthem. Girl always had chops but something about this song resonates with me. I usually don't go to Kpop for my depth in music but You & I has something else going on for me. Also, the hand-clock dance is super adorable.

2. T-ara - Roly-Poly

Yayaya part dos. I listen to this song in the shower. 'Nuff said.

3. Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance

Oh Lizzy, adore her I do. I miss her on Running Man, she provided a great foil for Song Ji Hyo. Along with Lizzy's glowing smile, this sub-group of After School put out simply a fun song. The lives of this song, ranging from wearing Chun-Li outfits to Bruce Lee's Game of Death biker gear locked the song in my top 10.

4. IU - 4AM

Talk about out of the blue, huh? IU once said she loves Corinne Bailey Rae more than her mother. 4AM was composed by the woman she loves the most and she absolutely shines here. You never hear an R&B track like this out in music in general, let alone in Kpop.

5. Secret - Love is MOVE

Secret is still on the retro-train! If they keep making tracks like this, then Ji Eun's fine self can stay on for as long as she wants.

6. IU - L'amant 

The closing track from Last Fantasy. IU gets her Jazz singer on and hot damn it's amazing. It's the 1950's all over again with IU singing at a Jazz bar while crooked cops drink with gangsters.

7. Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot

Love the instruments here. Their voices are breathy and sazzy. Ga In dancing in that fedora... I'll be in my bunk.

8. T-ara - Cry Cry

The complete antithesis of Roly-Poly. They all about their bidness and this song moves. Badass Eunjung quota filled.

9. Wonder Girls - G.N.O.

Wonder Girls did it again! I forget about the Wonder Girls every year sadly, but this song alone reminds me that if there were some sort of pantheon of modern-day Kpop, Wonder Girls belong there.

10. Secret - Shy Boy

Lollipops and rainbows. Did I mention Ji Eun's fine self?
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #7 on: January 04, 2012, 09:30:46 PM »
I tried incredibly hard to be unbiased, and I think I did a pretty damn good job...or this list would be something like T-ara and SNSD 1-10...

1. [ Beast - Fiction ]
 - I pretty much can't skip this, ever. Something about the hook is amazing to me. Maybe it's that damn penguin dance. I catch myself doing it regularly whenever I'm just standing around somewhere.

2. [ Jay Park - Abandoned ]
 - Played this song to death...I like the constant up/down changes in tempo, and it just has a nice melody overall.

3. [ Big Bang - Tonight ]
 - Another one I played to death. I love the chorus on this one. Maybe it's more nostalgia than anything, but hearing this song makes me feel...good.

4. [ T-ara - Cry Cry ]
 - Ok, I said I tried to be unbiased, but I am only human, after all. In all seriousness, though, this was easily one of my favorite songs of the year. I agree on the MV thing, but that was sort of nullified for me, since I think I've watched every single performance they've ever done of this song about five billion times. I thought about Roly Poly for a while, but this one won out for me. I love the vocals, I love the whole TANGO vibe the beat gives off, I love the choreography and I love T-ara. What, those last two aren't part of the criteria, you say? Mehhhh, sue me.

5. [ Rania - Dr. Feel Good ]
 - This is my JAM, period. I can never ever skip this song, and for some reason it never fails to get me ridiculously hype. I could be sitting down tired, once I hear this song kick in I get up off my ass.

6. [ Song Ji Eun - Going Crazy ft. Bang Yong Guk ]
 - Aw man I love this song. Lyrical content notwithstanding, it's like the Korean Love the Way You Lie. I can get with that.

7. [ 2NE1 - Lonely ]
 - I love this song (I seem to be saying that a lot)...everything from the guitar to the vocals just soothes my soul. It's one of those songs that I hear and I immediately want to grab my acoustic guitar and start singing. The only bad part comes after I remember I can't actually play that thing.

8. [ HyunA - A Bitter Day ft. G.NA & Jun Hyung ]
 - G.NA seriously kills it in this song. Besides, what can I say, I'm a sucker for Hip-Hop type tracks with both rap and great vocals.

9. [ Davichi - Don't Say Goodbye ]
 - Not sure if this one is even fair, since I only started listening to any Davichi about a week ago (after hearing the collaboration with T-ara), but Jesus CHRIST these girls are amazing. I had no problems playing this song back to back to back sometimes, just some seriously beautiful singing.

10. [ Wonder Girls - Be My Baby ]
 - Another one I only got into recently...and now I can't stop playing it. Hadn't listened to much (if any) Wonder Girls since it's been just over a year since I got into k-pop, but I'm starting to like them a lot. This song's just got a real upbeat sound, and I seriously love Yubin's husky voice. Like, really.

Honorable Mentions, because this list was unnecessarily hard for me to narrow down and I feel a need to do this:
Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream - I'm highly upset I couldn't fit this in my top 10. I swear I looked it over a hundred times either hoping I skipped a number by mistake, or trying to find something that maybe I didn't really like as much as I thought, but nope.
Simon D - Eh Hey - Yo, Simon D, I have NO idea what you're saying, but I appreciate the hell out of your flow. It's unique to me, and there weren't really many (if any) songs on his album that I didn't like. Keeping it to one song, though, and this song had a real nice feel to it with the guitar.
Miss A - Goodbye Baby - I really liked this song when it first came out, but it feels like it died out rather quickly for I didn't feel right putting it in a top 10.
SNSD - The Boys - This could be 100% bias. It's a decent song but there's nothing particularly amazing about it to me. I'm also not sure it fits them as a group too well, but they do a great job with it.
2NE1 - I Am the Best - Hype. Music.
T-ara - Roly Poly - Sometimes my bias gets the best of me, sometimes I win. I think I won this time. I love Roly Poly, it's catchy as hell and I've played it to death, but I take my unimportant lists SRS. Musically it was nothing more than an incredibly catchy upbeat song, I guess.
CN Blue - Intuition - I really liked a couple songs from this album, but since this is just an honorable mention I'll leave it at one. I really like their sound, though I swear every other song sounds like an anime OP to me. I haven't watched anime in a while, maybe it's just some nostalgia brewing lol...I do like Yonghwa's voice, though, it goes well with everything they do.

I'm so indecisive my list would probably change if you ask me again in 10 minutes. So I'm just gonna go ahead and commit to this one and live with it lol...
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #8 on: January 05, 2012, 10:41:55 PM »
edit: can I just write the tracklist for miss A's album? kekeke jk

thanks for the answer pops :D

01. miss A - Love Alone
02. BIG BANG - Love Song
03. 2NE1 - LONELY
04. Daesung - Baby Don't Cry
05. 4MINUTE - You Know
06. miss A - Goodbye Baby
07. IU - YOU & I
08. SNSD - The Boys
09. 4MINUTE - Heart to Heart

seriously though, miss A's album is amazing. shameless self plug.
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #9 on: January 06, 2012, 01:01:25 AM »
^ Sigh, so I thought about this too after zoolander voted for it. I'm gonna say Love Alone is okay to vote for coz it was released as a Korean CF like you said and not at all for some sort of promotions outside of Korea. So although being all in English, its still a song "for" Korea.

So short answer, yes you can vote for Love Alone :lol:

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #10 on: January 08, 2012, 12:22:23 PM »
Here's my Top 10

1. 2NE1 - I am the best
2. T-ara - Roly Poly
3. Yoon Mi Rae - Get it in
4. T-ara - Cry Cry
5. f(x) - Danger
6. DBSK - Why
7. Rania - Dr. Feel Good
8. Kara - Step
9. Big Bang - Tonight
10. UV - Itaewon Freedom

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #11 on: January 08, 2012, 04:54:29 PM »
1. IU - You & I
2. miss A - Goodbye Baby
3. DBSK - Why
4. Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
5. Kara - Step
6. T-ara - Roly Poly
7. Big Bang - Love Song
8. Hyuna - Bubble Pop
9. Rania - Dr. Feel Good
10. Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker

 - Super Junior (Donghae & Eunhyuk) - 떴다 오빠 (Oppa, Oppa)
 - f(x) - Danger
 - SNSD - Mr. Taxi
 - Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #12 on: January 08, 2012, 06:08:55 PM »
^ Sigh, so I thought about this too after zoolander voted for it. I'm gonna say Love Alone is okay to vote for coz it was released as a Korean CF like you said and not at all for some sort of promotions outside of Korea. So although being all in English, its still a song "for" Korea.

So short answer, yes you can vote for Love Alone :lol:

Sorry. :sweatdrop: I always bend the rules on stuff like this.

Personally I see Love Alone as a Kpop song done in English since it was for Kim Yuna's skating thing and there would be a international audience. But it was originally released in Korea and was on their album. Mr Taxi I figured that even the Japanese version charted very high on charts in Korea and I saw other lists for top Kpop songs of the year with Great Escape, Let It Rain, 2PM's Take Off ect. so I figured I could at least sneak Japanese Mr Taxi in there which had a Korean version promoted. And to be fair it did have some Korean words mixed in. :lol:

Also aww man I forgot that Daesung song I really liked. :X

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #13 on: January 11, 2012, 08:28:24 AM »
1. SNSD - The Boys, mega biased! :P
2. Wonder Girls - G.N.O. it took me weeks to get this song out of my ipod's loop OTL
3. F(x) - Hot Summer .. I actually love the choreography more, but yeah :P
4. Tablo ft. Jinsil - Bad (is this even considered Kpop? lol I mean is it pop?)
5. SNSD - Oscar ... here goes the biased again haha but I think this should've been the title track instead of the Boys
6. TVXQ - Why, it was awesooooooooooome
7. Super Junior - Opera, another song that imo should've been title track!
8. Miss A - Good bye baby jasndkjasndkjasnkad Jia's rap
9. Beast - Lights go on again
10. JYJ - get out hahahaha idk why

Just ten? wae!? hahaha this was an awesome year for Kpop!

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #14 on: January 12, 2012, 03:51:21 PM »
1. Kara - Step

As unoriginal as the track is, it also cheers me up like nothing else and just puts the biggest smile on my face. The super happy energy of this song just hits a total homerun with me, I don't know what else to say.

2. Girl's Day - Don't Let Your Eyes Wander

I could pretty much write the same thing here as I did with Step. Such a cute and catchy track. Funny thing, when I first heard Girl's Day back when they debuted, they did absolutely nothing for me. I tossed them on the failboat and just let them quietly sail away. Then for some reason, kinda on a whim, I decided to watch the Twinkle Twinkle MV when it released and was completely floored. Went back and checked out Nothing Lasts Forever and went from not caring to big fan pretty much overnight.

3. Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

One of the big questions for me this year was "Can they follow up Abracadabra, and can they top it?". The answer, yes they most certainly can. At first I was a little bit on the fence with this track, since it's not quite as immediately catchy as Abracadabra. After giving it a few spins though, it's a monster!

4. SNSD - Trick

So then, after an uninterrupted streak of killer tracks, from Into The New World all the way through Hoot, the almighty juggernaut finally showed signs of weakness with The Boys. While initially quite underwhelming, the track certainly has grown on me, though at the end of the day it's still my least favorite out of all their singles. The album itself contained very few real surprises, yet there was one jewel that really connected with me, namely Trick. With a ridiculously catchy chorus, it would've made a better single, but I can understand how they wanted to show a new side of the group with the rapping.

5. T-Ara - Cry Cry

In general, I usually prefer darker melodies and songs in a minor key. As good as Roly-Poly is, this one beats it in just about every way. Great music video as well, along with Lovey-Dovey, and certainly a nice break from the usual epilepsy-inducing frantic editing of their previous MVs. T-Ara are getting dangerously close to eclipsing SNSD as my #1 girl group.

6. miss A - Love Alone

JYP struck gold this year, with both miss A and the Wonder Girls putting out flawless albums. Several of the tracks on A Class could've made the list, but Love Alone had that extra something to put it just above the others.

7. IU - You & I

A great follow up to Good Day, which I also really liked. The orchestral, film score'esque sound really suits her.

8. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream

Now this is a ballad! Emotional and sensual, gently caressing you with a soft and dreamlike touch.

9. T-Ara - Roly-Poly

Simple, fun and oh so catchy. I do like both the original and the Copacabana version about the same, but I'll put the regular version just ahead overall.

10. Wonder Girls - Me, in

I haven't been the biggest fan of the WG in the past, as I've always found their minimalistic retro tracks a little lacking. I didn't really have any huge expectations for this album, and I certainly didn't expect it to blow my freaking head clean off like it did. After SNSD kinda failed me this year, the Wonder Girls came along to make it all better. As a lifelong metalhead, it only takes a little distortion to tickly my fancy, and the song itself is awesome as well.

Other contenders that didn't quite make the top 10:

Brown Eyed Girls - Hot shot
Brown Eyed Girls - Vendetta
After School - Shampoo
Sistar19 - Ma Boy
Leessang - Turned Off The TV
Simon D - Cheerz
Simon D - We Got
Big Bang - Hands Up
Super Junior - A-Cha
Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
Girl's Day - Hug Me Once
miss A - Good Bye Baby
miss A - Mr. Johnny
SNSD - The Boys
2PM - Hands Up

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2012, 01:56:36 AM »

1. IU - You & I [아주 예쁜 여자 그리고 아주 좋아 노래!! She's perfect, so is the song.]

2. Sistar - So Cool [I feel so fucking cool when I'm rolling down Sawtelle blvd blasting this and all them bitches be looking at me.]

3. T-Ara - Roly-Poly [It's like music porn, thus clings an easy #3]

4. KARA - Step [Step into my master bedroom ladies.  :pimp: ]

5. Wonder Girls - Be my Baby [It's so party, it's so awesome!]

6. 4MINUTE - Mirror Mirror [Who hasn't sang along to "four minute sluts, four minute sluts, AH AH" in 노래방?]

7. 2NE1 - I Am the Best [Is Minzy legal yet?]

8. missA - Love Alone [Not a huge fan of missA but a good song is a good song is a good song.]

9. 5DOLLS - Good for You [5DOLLS rock the sockers off my feet! Too bad I don't think we'll see much more from them (anytime soon)]

10. SNSD - Mr. Taxi [No list complete without SNSD. Period.]

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #16 on: January 14, 2012, 08:25:08 AM »
I think it'll be better if I did this instead...

01. KARA - Step
02. T-ara - Roly Poly

It was real difficult to decide which of these songs would be at #1 and in the end I chose Step. I wanted to give it to T-ara at first. I have played Roly Poly all throughout the last half of the year and have it as my ring tone and even seen T-ara perform it live but Step was a song I was eagerly anticipating with their teasers and all. When their MV hit, it was pure bliss. I never felt so excited for a release of a song/MV before. An upbeat dance track with a great looking MV. Maybe their extended time off from promoting in Korea helped.

03. f(x) - Hot Summer
THE KPOP summer anthem. Perfect time for them to release it in June. Another of my favorite songs on repeat while driving throughout the summer. Quite a large leap for f(x) to debut in my list at #3

04. Rainbow - Sweet Dream
05. Rainbow - To Me

No love for Rainbow? I'm a sucker for their piano pieces. When I hear these two songs it always reminds me of traveling; I guess because I listened to their songs a lot while flying. I like to associate songs with events I've encountered. Their vocals are gathering my attention more as of late. Giving a slight edge to Sweet Dream as it was a much smoother song to listen to compared to To Me.

06. KARA - Rider
What is this... Step part 2? Another great sounding dance track from KARA. For Rider, it reminds me of the New York subway/ NJ Path transit. Sounds strange, but at least it's not for a negative event.

07. Girls' Generation - TRICK
This one came out of nowhere and became a last minute change for me. The Boys was good but took me a while to get used to, while TRICK instantly sucked me in. A whole lot nicer to listen to as well.

08. After School - Shampoo
Shame that this song didn't win any awards or #1s (that I know of) even with their tap dancing concept. It was new and unique and I liked it.

09. Girl's Day - Hug Me Once
Hello Girl's Day, the latest group to join my favorites list. I heard Twinkle Twinkle and thought it was alright, but it took Hug Me Once to reel me in. I thank their "interactive MV" for helping me learn all their names in record time. Also helps that they are all distinguishable from one another.

10. Big Bang - Tonight
The only guy group to make my list. This song is really good. It has that feeling of epicness whenever I listen to it. It's a weird feeling that's hard to explain. They don't have that many hits that I don't like. There was a reason why other companies reschedule their releases around Big Bang's comeback. It's like throwing a rock at a tank.

Honorable mentions:

Girls' Generation - The Boys
Okay. Even though I listened to this song quite a bit and saw the girls twice, with one of those times of them performing this song, there was nothing that was too special that stuck out unlike the previous ten songs in my list did. It's still a good song and if we were to extend our list, this would be at a solid 11.

Orange Caramel - Bangkok City
Oh Orange Caramel. Oh Lizzy <3 I like this song a lot and it was on my list earlier but in the end I kept moving it down in my list as the others were more deserving.

SISTAR - So Cool
Another song that was on the list but eventually got moved out of. KMF really helped in getting to know the girls and their previous songs. So Cool was the one that stuck out for me. Also Dasom <3

Hmm, a lot of DSP love with 4 songs from 2 groups...

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #17 on: January 14, 2012, 03:35:35 PM »
Whew, almost forgot to do this thing. Lots of last minute additions, since I haven't really kept up with all the releases. Anyway:


1. IU - 4AM
I almost didn't include this track on my list since it's really not what I'd consider "k-pop" at all. As far as criteria for best song goes, this one was the easiest. No extra bells or whistles, fancy mv's, nothing. Just the laid back music and IU's silky smooth voice. Pure sex in music form. I can only put this at #1.

2. T-ara - Roly-Poly
This was my first real contact with T-ara, and I loved the full-length retro badassery of the mv. Jiyeon, Hyomin, ladies, mrawrr, nice to meet y'all. And the song is fun as hell, first T-ara song I really liked.

3. Kara - Step
This is a near-perfect upbeat k-pop song, perhaps my Kara fave right now, or right up there with Lupin at least. Awesome mv. Hara's YAOWR and Nicole's rapping. Good, fun times.

4. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream
I feel silly about neglecting Brown Eyed Girls all year long, even if I was busy drooling over Gain while watching her WGM eps. So I checked out the tracks while making this list, and man is this a great song or what. If I had to nitpick, it could do without the rapping. But still, fuckin' silky husky tasty.

5. IU - You & I
Yeah, this song fit great for the holiday season, as people have said, with its "magical" feel and theme. IU was new to me, and man did I fell for her or what, after seeing the mv. Cute as hell with heaps of talent, too. But I digrass.

6. Sistar19 - Ma Boy
The MV to Ma Boy was maybe the sexiest thing I saw all year. Bora, hi gurl, let's have sex. Anyway, after all the drooling, I couldn't get the song out of my head either. Or the swaying of those perfect bodies... Mmm... ahem.

7. Girls' Generation - The Boys
I only heard this song properly when I watched a perf on New Year's Eve (seriously), so yeah, a bit late. It's different, but I really dug it all (even after sobering up) and remembered why I fell for SNSD back when they debuted. Girls' Generation make me feel the heat, yo.

8. Sistar - So Cool
Been pretty high on Sistar all year so this was an easy addition, even if it ain't my fave track of theirs. In the usual Sistar fashion, I'm so aroused by the girls that I end up thinking it's the best song ever. It isn't, but it's still fun and catchy. Did I mention Bora yet? I did? Down, boy, down. Ok, let's move on.

9. Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
Even if most of the time, the cutesy shtick is kinda not my thing, there's just something intriguing about Girl's Day songs. Lots of unconventional dynamics. Twinklex2 is a prime example, it's kind of... all over the place. Maybe that's why it works. MV is fun, girls be cute. Also, Yura, baby. Please go blonde again.

10. Hyuna - Bubble Pop
Hahaa. Porn porn porn. Didn't think I'd vote this to be honest, but hey, what the hell. Most of the song is ho-hum and Hyuna sings about as well as I ski jump, but I dig the visual style of the mv, the porn moan sound effects are clever, and the "dubstep" breakdown is - both visually and sonically - the shit!


Special thanks to everyone who voted before me, I checked out almost every single song on your lists and that had a definite impact on my voting. Props! :bow:

Some tracks that didn't quite make it:

F(x) - Danger + Hot Summer
Miss A - Love Alone + Good Bye Baby
Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
Rainbow - To Me
Girl's Day - Hug Me Once
Secret - Love is Move
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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #18 on: January 15, 2012, 05:34:46 AM »
1.T-ara - Roly Poly
2.A Pink - My My
3.miss A - Goodbye Baby
4.Davichi - Love, Oh Love
5.T-ara - Cry Cry
6.Tablo - Airbag
7.Tablo - Tomorrow
8.2NE1 - I am the Best
9.KARA - Step
10.Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker

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Re: 2011 Kpop Song of the Year [Voting closes 12am January 15th EST]
« Reply #19 on: January 15, 2012, 08:51:05 AM »
Like had to step my game up and write some commentary too, abusing my powers along the way :P

1. SNSD – The Boys

Whole joint and anticipation made my boys stand at attention. Fuckin was that stomp stomp Yuri punchin fist in the air, swore they were walkin on air. I WANNA DANCE RIGHT NOW. and provided some ill as fuck new jack swinging hip moves

2.  SISTAR19 – Ma Boy 

SISTAR came outta nowhere for me, KMF had a big reason but the MV to this was like  fucking sex in motion. making dicks stand at end.

song be so stuck in my head SUPERSONIC. The whole cop motif had my dick screaming for more.

4. T-ara - Cry Cry

holy, prolly ranks up in Top 2 T-ara joints of all time. The multiple versions, the Wu-Tang hand sign, the pimp cane, with that Latin flair makes for a dope as fuck track....


Phat bass line killed my balls for me. sexy delivery with that high pitched yelp knows you hit the spot.

6. SISTAR - So Cool

da illest collabo is that jump off joint that fuckin redefined ass bends in 2011. love dat Bora line "COOL LIKE ICE-T" lol

7. KARA - Step

THE hottest pole (mic?) dance Nicole pulled off and when Hara yelps it's like: SHIT. SON.

8. Hyuna - Bubble Pop

prolly the MV of the wet age, but it got to me after lol.

9. After School – Shampoo

dug that accordian type flow


Love these guys. dat real pump you up song crazy ass fuckin shit that makes you wanna line dance with a bunch of MILFs

Honourable mentions:

To be honest, I missed out on a lotta other artists like BEG, Girls Day, Tablo, etc. xD I resolve to put shit into ipod and let it grind like I did with SISTAR and After School this year.

f(x) da RETURN was dope. Hot Summer MV was unngghtastic. Hyuna other joint with G.NA was tight too. Real mellow shit. "A bitter day" made you fly and head nod at the same time.

And shit I was gonna nom SNSD – THE GREAT ESCAPE but that's Japanese eh? XD cuz that was my fave song of the year from them. U THINK U CAN COUNT ON ME?? 2011 was prolly the year I wanted to really fuck Tiffany.

Just ten? wae!? hahaha this was an awesome year for Kpop!

wah! hay!! nice sig :halo: Always nice to see you here every year  :heart:

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