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Author Topic: Koei's Writing Farm: The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse? (may-17-2013)  (Read 20942 times)

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@rndmnweird: Thanks for reading!!

Well then, since time is really not taking my side these last few weeks I've decided to plant yet another seed... look! it rhymes!! Well then ready for seed number 20 and this one is a little present for a certain someone !!  :cow: Hope you have fun today!!! Well then let's post post post!!!
Seen number 20!!! Oh and I expect comments from the shippers!!!!  :cow: lol have fun guys!

Happy not-so birthday!!

‘When are you coming back to Tokyo?’

‘In a couple of days don’t worry.’

After answering to the message and closing her cellphone shut, Takahashi Ai sighed and walked over to her fridge to get something cool to drink on that warm night. She hadn’t seen her friend, her best friend, in a couple of weeks due to both their erratic schedules but soon enough they would have the time to enjoy themselves. Going from the kitchen towards the living room to watch some T.V, Ai found a magazine on top of the sofa and decided to read it.

“Best cake recipes in the world! With these you will never get a bad cake even if it sets on fire!”

The funny spread on the magazine spiked Ai’s curiosity not only because they were ‘guaranteed’ to be the best but that even if she could set them on fire, and she very well knew she had the ability to do so, they would taste great so she decided to read further into it. As she did, she found herself staring at beautiful pictures of many different types of cakes for any occasions. Some were chocolate, some vanilla, others carrot and some had nuts over it. Ai then began to think about the many occasions that could have some cake included for the celebration and concluded that none of them were close to celebrating.

‘I shouldn’t have read this… Now I’m craving some cake.’

Going back to the calendar on her bedroom wall, the girl sighed and once again marked an ‘X’ over the day they were already at so that she could know how many days were left for her best friend to come back to Tokyo. She hadn’t told Ai but ever since the older had begun to work back and forth from her hometown to Tokyo she has been counting the days they were separated. And today, after 2 weeks 3 days 20 hours 40 minutes and 13 seconds…but who was really counting even the seconds right?... she had heard Ai tell her that it was only a couple more days until she sees her. And those couple of days equal to 2 days 14 hours and approximately 30 minutes for them to see each other once again after so long.

‘What should we do when we meet up?’

Ai was on her computer searching for something to do with her best friend when they met back at Tokyo. She knew that no matter what she did if she was with the girl: happiness and a good time were sure to come and meet them. But still, Ai knew she had to satisfy some needs when she met the girl, and exactly that specific meeting was enough of an excuse to satisfy a couple of them. As she kept on searching, her smile grew wider and some emails were sent to her friends as a way of planning for what she wanted to do.

‘There are times when planning sucks… but right now it’s so exciting!’

Risa was spreading basically the whole of her closet over her bed as she looked for an outfit to wear when she met up with Ai. Many skirts and pants were lying there in varying colors and patterns that all fitted and suited her very well. Still she didn’t have any idea what to choose since she didn’t know exactly what did Ai want to do when they met up. Should she go sensual with a little black dress or should she go playful with some light colors and shorts. This really sucks and she wanted that meeting to be perfect… even if they were only best friends she always found herself doing her best with every little menial detail and she knew that Ai was exactly the same so she didn’t quite feel guilty about her efforts. They weren’t lovers or anything…

‘Is this love I feel?’

Her computer was off and she was staring at the ceiling of her bathroom as she put her handheld away and soaked into the warm bath she had prepared herself. Her heartbeat was accelerated and she knew that it was not because of the boss that she had just beaten in the game but because of a question that had popped up in her mind. Does she love her best friend as something more than just that? She knew that she would do anything to make the girl happy and that her tears only brought her pain but… was this correct in any way? Her bath had already turned cold and she decided to go back to bed and get some rest before she would get ready to pack and put the last details on the plans she had made earlier for her meeting with the bean.

‘I hope she likes it.’

Finally choosing an outfit for the day they would meet up, Risa eyed once again what she had chosen as a final decision. Her best friend had always told her that she should just wear what makes her feel good and comfortable so Risa had chosen some shorts that connected like an overall with the shirt she would wear which was a light green and yellow plaid button up shirt. This outfit not only matches her nails but it also goes great with the high-heels Ai had gotten her a couple of months back which she still hadn’t wore. Soon after her strenuous activity, Risa had fallen into the hands of sleep and she gently drifted off into its gentle embrace.

‘Only 2 more days.’

At the beginning of the week this was the day that would never come but in a flash it’s already here and both women are close to meeting up together but Ai is surely taking her sweet time to do so. Due to the rain, Risa couldn’t come pick Ai up so the older decided to get a taxi that would take her to the rendezvous place and meet her. The bean looked at her watch and noticed that the meeting time was really close and Ai-chan was nowhere to be seen when suddenly her cellphone rang.

“It seems I might be late to see you Risa-chan.”

“Eh!!! Uso!!! Why?!”

“This traffic isn’t letting up. So instead of having lunch at the diner how about we go someplace else? I’ll text you the address.”

Without letting the bean answer her, Ai had already hung up the call and texted the girl a picture message that contains the address to the location where they could meet. Little did Risa know that Ai wasn’t really stuck in traffic and that the reason she was taking a long time to reach the diner because of the specific item she was picking up at the store. The bean was already outside walking with her umbrella as she read the message that seemed to guide her to a karaoke place they used to frequent when they were together in the group. Even though it was a light rain, Risa still tried her best to keep away from it since it was the kind that would get you wet really fast. Only a couple of minutes until she reaches the place where she would meet the girl and her excitement was growing with each step.

‘Soon…only a little bit more.’

“Are you ready guys?”

“Yeah so why are you so nervous?”

“I…I don’t really know.”

“Aww!! Don’t tell me that after today I truly won’t have a chance!”

“Hey!! What about me?”

“You guys stop! She’s texted me. She’s at the front so shush it.”

All the chattering suddenly stopped inside the soundproof room at the karaoke place and the lights were turned off in it. They couldn’t really hear outside of the room to anticipate the arrival of the girl they were waiting for but they knew that if she was already at the front desk she wouldn’t take long. And she didn’t really take long because the door slowly opened and her figure was seen there as she looked for the light switch that would bring life into the darkened room. As she did so, the faces of her friends were the first thing she saw and her voice escaped her as she just stares blankly at their presence in the special date she was supposed to have with Ai. Reina was lying on the couch propped up by the other’s bodies as a real queen, Aika was taking a picture of her, Sayu and Eri were in their own little world as Eri kept on poking the girl’s chubby cheeks until a smile cracked on her face.

“You aren’t even going to say hello Gaki-san?”

Reina lazily lifted her head to stare at the girl and she saw that Risa wasn’t really expecting it. But still, even though this was supposed to be a date with her Ai-chan, she loves her friends so she wasn’t really all that sad that the girl wasn’t there to meet her. Sitting down on the empty space at the couch she found herself making small conversations with her friends when suddenly the lights dimmed and a piano accompanied by a guitar and drums began to resound from the Karaoke before a familiar voice began to sing her heart out.

“Ashita kyou yori mo suki ni nareru. Afureru omoi ga tomaranai. Ima mo konna ni suki de iru no ni. Kotoba ni dekinai.”

Risa hadn’t really noticed that the room they were in was actually a double and on the other end was a small stage were Ai stood and sang looking directly into the bean’s eyes. The other girls smiled at the happy feelings that were being evoked into the sung confession Ai was making and Risa’s heartbeat began to flutter as Ai got closer to her with every verse of the song. Soon Ai took Risa’s left hand and began to sing right in front of her as she kneeled.

“Futari yorisotte aruite. Towa no ai wo katachi ni shite. Itsu mademo kimi no yoko de waratte itakute. “Arigato” ya aa “Ai shiteru” ja nada. Tarinai kedo semete iwasete. Shiawase desu to.”

As soon as Ai had finished singing that part of the song, Risa grasped the microphone with her free hand and picked up where the latter trailed off as she sang out in her most heartfelt voice what she felt from the bottom of her heart.

“Itsumo kimi no migi no tenohira wo. Tada boku no hidari no tenohira ga. Sotto tsutsundeku sore dake de. Tada ai wo kanjite ita.”

After the verse had left her mouth, Risa brought Ai closer to her and kissed the girl on the lips with the utmost sincerity and love one could express with that simple action. Said action made all the other girls silent as they watched with innocent eyes the blossoming of true love. When their chaste kiss finished this warm aura surrounded all the girls as they were finally together in a couple’s dream. The long overdue ‘I love you’ had finally come and when another kissed was given by both girls, Ai stood up from where she previously knelt and went over to the other side of the small stage as she brought up a plate with a cake on top.

“Happy birthday to you!~ Happy birthday to you!~ Happy birthday dear: Risa-chan~! Happy birthday to you~! Yay!!”

The four girls that were seated on the room were singing along with Ai as Risa just looked completely confused at them. She looked many times at her phone and at the calendar posted up on the wall whilst her friends kept on singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Now Risa wasn’t crazy… and she was sure that she knew her own birthday. Did they seriously forget her birthday?! They were basically 6 months early!! What’s this all about!?

“Ai-chan… we lost her with the birthday song.”

Intense laughter resounded around the room as all the girls studied Risa’s confused expression. Ai brought the cake along with her and sat on the couch besides the confused bean where she planted a small kiss on the girl’s cheek and giggled. Risa was about to ask Ai about the sudden birthday when she found herself being lightly smothered with cream on her face. That prompted another smile to come to Ai’s face and another round of giggles from the girls.

“Ai-chan… you do know that my birthday is not until October right? It’s still April 27!”

“Oh Risa. Shush. Enjoy it.”

Ai shushed the girl by putting some cream on her finger and presenting it to the bean who in turn took the finger into her mouth and tasted the sweetness given to her by Ai. She smiled since she hadn’t had a cake as sweet as that in a long time. So she decided to ask the girl about it.

“Sweet…what is it?”

“A birthday cake.”

At the honestly clueless answer given to her by the elder, Risa smothered some cake in Ai’s face and looked at her directly in the eyes as she asked the question once again.

“This is a birthday cake. A Strawb3rrykream birthday cake!”

Risa wasn’t really sure what to make of that so she just smiled and delightfully ate the cake along with her friends in the karaoke room. It may not have been her birthday but still she had made a wish that day and it was to never be separated from her dear Ai ever again. So as a silent prayer, Risa recited in her mind:

‘It’s been a great not-so birthday and I’m happy for this great Strawb3rrykream cake at this ever sweet day.’


Fini!! Thanks for reading!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Thanks for those fluffeh one-shots!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Nice one, I personally don't write for members here but if you can do that, I don't mind :lol: :lol:

I will issue the challenge when my b-day comes around, see if you can get something :nervous
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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KYAAAA~~~ Thank you so much, Koei!!! :heart: :deco: Really lovely TakaGaki story~ <3 My most favorite H!P pairing EVER! And how did you know that I love the song Kiseki by GReeeeN? :P

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@risa_ai: LOL I try I try it's harder than it looks hahaha. Oh! and Happy Birthday! If the inspiration comes back I'll properly make you a b-day fic!  :D
@kurosawa87: Hahahah ideas are already surfing!  8)
@strawb3rrykream: Lol Kiseki rules. Stupid song always gets to me. It's my small weakness  :nervous
@kawaii beam, rndmnwierd, xyukie56: Thanks for reading!

Who would have thought ranting would spark inspiration ??? It may not seem like much but this seed is special. Weird thing I feel like Marv's description of a dame after he finds Lucille after her hand was eating by Kevin: ("That's the thing with dames, sometimes all they gotta do is let it out and a few buckets later there's no way you'd know...") Surely it must apply to everyone and not just dames right? :lol: To those who've seen Sin City, they will surely remember this scene. Well anyways seed number: 21 is up! Enjoy!

Cookie Musume!

“Masaki-chan! Hurry up or your gift won’t come out in time!”

“I’m here!! I’m ready!”

Little Masaki Sato panted as her running footsteps came to a sudden halt in her kitchen. The big smile that was planted on her face made her mother giggle before handing her an apron so that they could begin their task. The kitchen counter was filled to the brim with the necessary ingredients and utensils to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies; from flour to eggs, to chocolate chip bags and cookie cutters in the shapes of people. Her excitement level was very high when she saw her mother tie up her short hair in a high ponytail and adjust her small apron decorated in multi-colored ribbons. Both mother and child smiled at each other and began to mix in the ingredients to make this batch of cookies for the girls of Morning Musume.

“Do you think they’ll like it mom?”

Nodding to her daughter’s question, the woman began to think about the precise words her daughter had told her a couple of days ago. It was after the graduation concert at the Budokan and young Masaki had a thoughtful expression right after she had come home from the concert. When asked about said expression; Masaki just told her mother that she wanted to do something that would show the other girls that everything will be ok from now on because once a Musume always a Musume and nothing could change that fact, just that she didn’t know what to do. The woman saw her daughter debating on what to do for a couple of days and things like candy and drawings and small decorations kept being made in young Masaki’s room but everything was always discarded by her since she kept insisting that it wasn’t enough. But one day the mother gathered all the drawings and things that her daughter made and told her that if it came from her heart then her group mates would like it because there is nothing better than a sweet person. The words ‘Sweet Person’ were the ones that had sparked an idea in little Masaki’s mind and gasping in the cute and innocent manner she usually does; the girl asked her mother if it was ok to bake them cookies that resembled them. Meaning: ‘Can you help me make sweet persons for Morning Musume?’ The mother didn’t quite think her daughter would take her words literally but this wasn’t such a bad idea so she agreed to help her.

“Is the dough ready mom? Is it? Is it?”

Masaki was bouncing from impatience and excitement as the dough was made and the smiles she made every second melted her mother’s heart. Carefully opening the chocolate chip bag, the young girl’s eyes widened and her small mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as she realized that her favorite part of making chocolate cookies was just about to come. Expectant eyes looked at the mother and smiling she offered a couple of chips to the girl who just smiled in return and delightfully ate them. After her small snack, Masaki carefully took the bag her mother had handed her and began to pour the chocolate chips into the dough before mixing them in. As she did so, her mother gently patted her head before proudly smiling at her kindhearted daughter. Soon enough; Masaki began to bounce once again as she was ready to give form to her cookies.

“Now remember Maa-chan. Cookies expand whilst in the oven so we have to constantly check them ok?”

Masaki nodded and she placed a cookie cutter over the tray before taking a fist of dough and placing it on top of it. Gently, the child pressed the dough into the cookie cutter until she filled ever corner of it. The girl’s mother told her that she should put enough dough to fill just about half of the height from the cookie cutter. But suddenly little Masaki stopped and looked at her mother with a questioning gaze before asking if they could fill them together instead of the young girl alone. The words: ‘Let’s do it together mommy, or else it’ll be lonely…’ surprised the mother. Her daughter was growing up and she was thankful that she was doing so with such a kind spirit. As she dried the small happy tear that rolled down her cheek; both mother daughter duo filled cookie cutters with dough smiling and chattering all along.

“It’s not much longer mom! Let’s bake them!”

Together, they popped the tray into the oven and began to wait on the cookies. Every once in a while though; Masaki saw her mother take the tray out and shape the cookies a bit so that the human figure wouldn’t be lost whilst they baked. As the mother did that, the girl went on and began to make the mix for the icing that would go over the cookies. Checking that her daughter was ok with the icing making; the mother kept her attention on shaping the cookies when an ‘Uh-oh’ caught her attention. When she turned around; food coloring was spilled over the counter and the girl was trying to clean it. Since she had finished checking and shaping the cookies for now, the mother helped her daughter clean the small mess and finish making the different color icings when the batch of cookies came out of the oven.

“Ok Masaki, they’re ready to be decorated so what are you going to do?”

“Cookie Musume!”

The excited chirp from the youngster surprised the mother and she knew her daughter was serious in what she had said. This was her daughter’s gift after all; so all the mother could do was help her daughter in any way she could so that she could make her small wish come true. Taking some plastic bags from the cabinet; the mother cut small holes at the corners and filled them up with the icing as she told her daughter that it would be easier to give them expressions with this rather than a spatula. But, the mother still had a question: ‘How exactly is her daughter going to make these: ‘Cookie Musume’?’ As if sensing her mother’s curiosity over the matter, Masaki asked her to take a seat by her side as she told her what she was going to do. The mature tone the girl took as she asked her mother to take the seat intrigues the woman and she obliged to the young girl’s wishes.

“These are all my sempai. And they all have something that makes them unique and at the same time unites them. I want to show them that we can still be together even if graduation tries to keep us apart from each other.”

Picking a random cookie from the tray, Masaki put some orange icing over at the corners and took the other colors to begin painting a small face.

“Orange; this is Kudo Haruka-chan she claims herself as the ‘husky voice’ musume. She’s fun to hang around and works hard striving to be like Tanaka-san! She makes me want to work hard as well and have fun doing it! Oh oh! And she eats a loooot!!!” Masaki drew on that cookie a pair of chopsticks and lots of small plates as well as a big round belly to match the big smile on Haruka-cookie’s face.

“Blue; Ayumi-chan! I’m taller than her! And she’s so pretty! Her smile and the sparkle in her eyes! Ohh!! I’m going to paint that! Mom! Can you handle me some white sprinkles?!” Said sprinkles were put over the small chocolate colored dots that served as eyes and Masaki looked at her mother as she tried to show her how they shone whenever Ayumi smiles.

“Chocolate! That’s Ikubo Haruna-chan: she’s very tall and pretty and mature. She loves manga, and Michishige-san as well but that’s a secret.” That cookie was decorated as well with small manga books stacked one on top the other and a bunny on top of them which made the girl’s mother sigh in relief after she noticed that making the cookies pretty big was actually a good thing since her daughter was putting the girl’s distinct likes on them enthusiastically and had space to do it freely.

“Purple: that’s Ikuta Erina-sempai’s color! She’s the president of the Niigaki fan club so she must feel lonely now that Niigaki-san has graduated. Maybe Tsunku-san will give her Niigaki-sempai’s color? That would make her happy!” The mother laughed after seeing the picture over Erina’s cookie. It truly did look like a wota with all the cards in her hands and the headband and shirt in the ever famous yellow-green Niigaki Risa donned.

“May I please have the green icing? It’s for Suzuki Kanon-chan; she is really funny! She does the best insect imitations! And, even though it’s a bit weird, after every concert she puts her head into her suitcase. Maybe her insect friends are there and she tells them about the concert.” Certainly the insects where drawn over a suitcase that lied besides a dancing Zukki dressed as a bee… wings and all.

“Pink! And a little bit of red to make it darker… Yes! Now! Look! This is Fukumura Mizuki-sempai! She is friends with Erina-san and Haruka-chan and she’s really good at drawing!! When she draws pictures of us it looks like us! But in cartoon style!! And and… well let me draw it here so you can see mom!” There, stood a happy Fuku-chan holding a drawing with the H!P logo since that’s what she loved the most; Hello! Project. The eyes drawn on the teenager’s face showed a type of sophistication and relaxed beauty that contrasted perfectly with her happy smile.

“Red: This is Sayashi Riho-sempai. She is very good at both singing and dancing. But she’s shy and reserved before you get to know her. Still, she’s very fun and her love for cider is out of this world!! In the future she will be a very beautiful woman don’t you think mom?” Seeing the happy smile from her daughter, the mother knew that no matter what she answered; the image in her daughter’s mind wasn’t going to change and that she will think highly of this small musume who’s working hard to become the best… whilst drinking her cider.

“Light Blue! This is Tanaka-san’s color! She’s very very veeeeeery beautiful!!! And she lets me play with her!!  And and! And Tanaka-san loves karaoke and chocolate! But she got sick at Budokan so maybe she won’t like the cookie… But if I make it with love she’ll get better! Right, mom?” The mother smiled and nodded before she saw her daughter paint a microphone in one of the hands and a chocolate bar on the other. She also noticed how attentive her daughter was when she saw the detail in Reina’s eyes. Even the wonky one was perfectly drawn by the little girl!

“And lastly: Pink! Pink is Michishige-san’s color! She’s the leader now so she’s going to have a lot of work now. Maybe she won’t have time to play with Masaki anymore…” The mother patted her daughter’s head and explained that if she were to help Sayumi with her work by being responsible and kind to the others maybe Michishige would have some time free of worry and play with her. Masaki smiled and determined; began to draw on the cookie a couple of pigtails and bunnies and candy and bows. It was very sparkly and pretty and Masaki was laughing all along. Soon, all the cookies were finished and put away ready for the next day to be taken to work.

Reaching the building where she would meet the other members, Masaki’s heartbeat began to quicken and excitement filled her very being as she began to jog towards the dressing room. As she reached the place, running to be exact, she opened the door and every single member was present. At her sudden appearance everyone’s attention was on the young girl who just about squealed in happiness.

“Minna-san! Let’s be happy today! We are all Musume’s now and forever and and! AND!!!! Cookies!!”

It happened quite often that Masaki’s excitement got the best of her speech and only words and squeals were the things you understood from what she actually said. But as they slowly pieced together the meaning of said words, Masaki put the cookies over the table and showed them what she meant. The members all gathered around the table as Masaki handed out each cookie to its owner. The girl’s moods improved noticeably and they all began to take pictures of the cookies before eating them. As they sat down with each cookie in hand; they thanked Masaki for bringing them cookies before asking the reason why she made homemade cookies for them.

“Well… graduation is sad but… but we are all Morning Musume. And we’re family and and work is …I mean… Once a musume always a musume. Let’s make this the best idol group in the world and let people know that this is what we love to do.”

Young, innocent, but truthful to the core. The words spoken by this young member touched their hearts and happy tears were shed. It may be hard at times and they may fight with each other, but still they are together and together they do a lot for people and their happiness and nothing was going to change that. Morning Musume. truly is the best… those were the thoughts running in Masaki’s mind when suddenly she noticed that everyone had a cookie… everyone except herself.


The sudden exclamation was met with a slight innocent whine from Masaki which made all girls look at her. There she kept opening and closing her hand around thin air as if trying to express that something was missing there. The girl’s didn’t quite understand what was wrong when suddenly the whine came accompanied by the words ‘forgot’ and ‘my cookie’. That prompted an eruption of giggles all around the room and every girl took a piece from their cookie and offered it to Masaki so that they could all eat. Thankful from the kind gesture; Masaki and the girls took bites from the cookies and praised the girl both by the art and the flavor that each cookie had. Soon, Riho proposed an idea to Masaki loud enough so that the whole group could hear.

“You should sell them Maa-chan.”

Everyone nodded to the suggestion as smiles and chomps resound in the room whilst everyone thought on an appropriate price for said cookies. Soon enough, Sayumi mischievously gasps in an overly cutesy manner as she names a price.

“I know! They should be sold 1000-yen each!”

At Sayu’s comment everyone tried to suppress their laughter so that a certain senior in the group couldn’t hear them. Slowly but surely each member looked at the kitten that ate her cookie with a slightly pouty face which made them to forget about suppressing their laughter and burst out. With all members laughing; Sayumi looked and smirked at Reina who in turn pouted harder before changing her expression and smiling due to the relax atmosphere she found herself in. It’s been long since she’s felt so relaxed and it’s all thanks to this small girl who innocently laughs. Reina’s smile vanished as soon as Masaki spoke once again in a worried tone after their laughing fit.

“1000-yen each? But…but what if a dumb person doesn’t know what a 1000-yen bill is? I wouldn’t want them to do something stupid with such a bill… Let’s make it a hundred yen each… It’ll be easier to sell that way.”

That innocent and concerned comment from Masaki broke Sayu and she couldn’t stop her laughter, this in turn irritated Reina once again. Masaki’s worried comment made everyone laugh and she didn’t quite understand why when suddenly; Reina grumbled something out of frustration.

“You guys!! It’s not funny! But you see- about the bill, even stage performers made fun of me。 lol!”


Thank you for reading!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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individual cookies, soo cute :)

incredible one shot and now the fic update XD
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! :D If inspiration runs, don't force. xD if it comes, I request a takagaki one. xD

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: Hehe thanks for reading! And well the fic  :nervous I'm working on it! I need to get in the mood to continue it but no worries I have written somewhere how it will all turn out! But for now, let's read another one-shot shall we?
@risa_ai: I was having an all out war with inspiration but it seems we have both surrendered!
@rndmnweird,Shiawase_Honoo, kawaii beam: thanks for reading!

Well then! I'm back~ :cow: It seems that out of exhaustion after the all-out war against my Muse we have found a happy medium and we're back together again! It's a process and we're both begining to understan each other so that we can successfully produce something. And well now here we have another seed to be planted! Seed number 22 coming right up!

Together Forever

The wall clock’s ticking sound, the A/C, the fan by my side and your soft breaths. I can clearly hear them all around me for the whole night. I’ve checked my phone for the 5th time already and time has not moved at all since the 4th, 3rd, or even 2nd time I’ve checked it. It still reads 3:32 in the morning which means that today marks the 28th evening I’ve spent looking at your sleeping form.

“How can you still have such a peaceful expression after I…”

The woman whispers as she gently brushes away the stray hairs that fell on her significant other’s forehead. Under her touch, the girl squirms and a gentle smile forms on her sleeping form as she unconsciously recognizes the gentle touch that caressed her. But that blissful expression the girl held as she slept clearly made the woman uncomfortable and the guilty expression that ran through her face was the evidence that something was deeply troubling her fragile heart. She stared for a couple of seconds but the pain in her heart increased such that tears were beginning to form in her eyes. Tears she didn’t want the other to know she has shed these whole 28 sleepless nights she has spent. After the first couple of tears fell from her eyes she decided to quietly arise from their bed and leave the room so that the girl could peacefully sleep without having to worry about the reason for those tears.

It’s still as quiet as that evening… How could I be so stupid…? Why didn’t I notice that…that they were there? How could I let that happen?

Sitting on the living room’s tattered couch; the girl held her knees close to her chest and silently wept guilt stricken tears that soon enough damped her pajama pants. Her weeping soon intensifies as memories of that night come flashing back as clear as the night it had happened.


“How was dinner my love?”

She confidently smiled to her girl as they walked back home from the restaurant where they celebrated their 5th anniversary together. The walk home was actually the prologue to the last gift she had prepared for her girl and every step they took towards it increased her excitement since she knew that this would mark another first chapter in their lives. She couldn’t wait to show her girl how their new apartment looked since it was already completely furnished to both their tastes in a youthful but chic manner that evidenced their hard work in picking stuff that not only accommodates to their individual preferences but to the way they can both connect to make a whole new piece altogether.

‘I really hope you like it. I’ve been working hard to make this night the perfect night for you.’

“Hey, can we take a small detour?”

The sudden question brought the woman out of her thoughts and she nodded as her hand was grasped by the pleading girl. Hand in hand, she felt herself guided towards the park where they first confessed their love for each other; a memory that was both the best and most embarrassing one in her whole life. She smiled as she remembered how nervous she was as she tried to confess her feelings to the one she loves and that those nerves had actually made her faint in the middle of her confession. As they walked through the park, she saw how every step they took brought them closer to the place under the tree where she had confessed/fainted that day five years ago and after a couple of steps they were standing right under it.

“Ai. There’s something I would like to ask you.”

Ai became anxious at the tone, and the use of her name without honorifics, which she had been addressed just now as well as the sudden nerves that laced the voice of her significant other. The girl took her by the hands, slightly trembling as her cheeks turned a soft shade of pink, and took a deep breath before asking her if she remembered the day they had vowed to become one. As Ai slowly nodded; the girl…the woman before her eyes gently smiled and slowly dropped to one knee right in front of her. Down in one knee she looked at Ai and with the utmost sincerity in her eyes; bared her feelings and proposed.

“Because there’s no one I would rather be with. No matter what, when or where; there will only be you in my heart. Because the only emotion that I can name whenever I’m by your side is love. And I can only name love because it is the only one that can encompass the respect, admiration, the desire, joy, gratitude, and many other things that fill my heart every time I see you and think about you. I love you Ai. Please stay together with me; together forever.”

She felt her breath hitch at her throat and tears freely fall form her eyes as she listened to her lover express her innermost feelings. The state of happiness she had found herself was enough to make her forget to agree to her lover’s request and when she had noticed she tried to voice out her assent to no avail. Her voice was gone, or rather; her brain couldn’t find the words to say yes so she did the next best thing to seal the deal. It was cliché and somewhat corny but she was willing to go by the book this time and she gently pulled her lover from her kneeling position and brought her closer to her lips. This kiss was tender, warm with a mixture of salty from the tears and sweet from the strawberry gloss. It was a kiss like none other, it marked the beginning of a new step in their lives and nothing was going to ruin this night after such a kiss. The contact between their lips intensified and the kiss deepened as they tightly hugged. Air was obviously needed but both parties refused to comply with their lungs and continued their intimate embrace. Soon, both thought too soon, their lips parted and their lungs breathed in each other’s scent as they refused to break their embrace. And in their hug, both heartbeats expressed the things that they couldn’t voice out and smiling they kissed once again.

“After this kiss… I truly hope that’s a yes…”

Giggling to her girl’s remark after their lips parted yet again, Ai not only nodded but voiced out that she shared the same feelings and that she was going to make sure that they would stay together forever. Ai’s reply made the girl happy and without hesitating she clapped her hands once. Said clap turned on the lights that adorned the tree where they had proposed their love for each other and gently illuminated the spot where they stood. It was a beautiful sight to both their eyes and it brought their attention to a certain spot over their heads where a small box was dangling over them. The girl stretched her arms and took the box from the branch that held it and opened it in front of the dumbfounded Ai.

“Let me mark this day. This day we have both promised to spend our lives together. I love you.”

Nodding, Ai put her hand forward where the girl slid the ring into her finger and kissed her once again. They both giggled and heard as the park’s clock rang to signal the coming of a new day which brought on the excitement of spending their first day at their apartment once again. Holding hands one more time, both women resumed their walk towards the place they would soon call home and Ai’s excitement was increasing yet again. Her girl noticed and she quickened her steps since she too also wanted to see how the place was settled. Knowing how much of a perfectionist Ai is, the girl was quite certain that Ai had spent countless nights preparing for the day they would both move in together. After walking a couple of blocks, they found themselves in front of the building where their apartment was located at. It was a modest building that overlooked their favorite park and part of the city, it was certainly within their price range and much to Ai’s delight; it had security 24/7. Readying themselves; they took a deep breath and together entered the building where the front man greeted them both with a bow. Entering the elevator whilst holding hands; they could feel their excitement in each other’s heartbeat as they felt the pressure points in their hands. They slowly reached the top floor of the building and as the elevator doors opened they nervously walked towards the direction of their apartment. This was the last apartment available on the building and the one that gave them access to the roof. It was the one they chose and now they were going to live in it: together.

‘Please let it be perfect.’

Ai turned the key and opened the door of their apartment which was lightly illuminated by the city lights. She let her girl enter the apartment and took in the sights of the finished work with pure awe as her girl quietly did the same only sparing a few ‘wows’ and astonished sighs. After closing the door and taking off their shoes; they entered their home and Ai felt something strange as they did so. It was something she couldn’t explain but her heart was beginning to race as she looked around the place once again. She heard how her girlfriend had called her name and told her how magnificent the apartment had turned out but Ai was still in her own world as she couldn’t shake off the feeling of dread that right then filled her body. Said dread was written all over her face and her girlfriend noticed when she went to tell Ai that she loved the place. The expression Ai held was enough to make the woman wonder if something was wrong with her girlfriend.

“Ai-chan, is everything alright? You look kind of pale…”

Ai was taken out of her thoughts by the sound of her girlfriend’s voice as well as how her shoulder was worriedly shaken by her. When she looked towards her girlfriend to reply her question saying that everything was alright; she could see right behind her loved one a figure move menacingly towards them in a fast hushed pace. Freezing at the sight, eyes widening and breath hitching in her throat; Ai softly gasped and tried to pull her girlfriend to run away but she knew that she was too slow to do so. The figure had already taken hold of her girlfriend and pulled her towards him by the neck as he covered her mouth with his other hand to prevent any type of scream from coming out of her mouth. Ai tried to take her girlfriend back from him but she failed to notice the other two figures that stood behind her and held her back. She tried to fight them away but clearly they were stronger than her and soon enough she was overcome by a fist that connected with her face and made her black out.

“I’ve loaded all the big things in the van. It seems they haven’t moved in yet, no personal belongings of true value are here.”

“Aww that’s boring! At least I wanted some jewels.”

“I think we should leave before either one wakes up. Our plan only consisted of taking their stuff, not interacting with them.”

“Just like that? Don’t think so. I’m going to have fun for a bit.”

Ai heard their voices as she slowly woke up from her blackout. She didn’t know how long she had been out but it was probably quite some time since they had talked about loading stuff in a van. As she pieced together once again what they had said, her thoughts stopped at the voice that told the others that he was going to have fun for a bit. That didn’t sound too good and Ai became worried since she had a clear idea of what ‘fun’ must have meant to them. She was becoming nervous once again and tried to get out of where she was. As her senses slowly came back, she noticed she was blindfolded and tied up securely to prevent her from moving about and foiling the thieves’ plans. But her girlfriend was the only thing that what actually filled her thoughts since she hadn’t heard her ever since waking up. She tried to move about and free herself so that she could search for her girl, worried because she knew that they were going to do something to them soon to try and fill their need of ‘fun’. But her movements didn’t quite free her as much as it did make them notice that she was conscious which prompted them to pick her up and place her in a chair as she was tied up. They took her blindfold off and as soon as they did a fist connected yet again with her face which actually cut her eyebrow.

“Look here who just woke up. How are you feeling dearie?”

“I didn’t think you would wake up so soon after taking that hit.”

“You guys stop it. We have what we need so let’s go before cops come looking for us.”

Ai took in their burly looks and actions as they conversed with each other and deduced that they must be family. Still; her worried heart was only going back to her girlfriend who must be in trouble as she was nowhere to be seen. The smallest of the three was arguing with the other two that they should leave before trouble comes and the others were trying to shut him up since they wanted to stay a little longer and have said ‘fun’. In the midst of their arguing they all heard the clear pain filled sob that came from the direction of the living room. Said sob broke Ai’s heart since she recognized her lover’s voice as she cried in such a painful manner. When the smallest of them went to check the living room, the bigger ones looked back at Ai who was trying to look towards the living room as well but with a worried expression on her face.

“Please leave her alone! I’m all you need so please! I’ll do anything!”

The woman’s pleading brought forward a thought in both the brutes’ minds as they lewdly looked at each other before both running towards the living room and bringing the girl with them. Placing her on the floor in front of Ai, she saw the black marks on the girl’s neck and wrists as well as the clear cut on her lips. Her girl had fought back against them and Ai had blacked out after the first punch…the thought of being weak broke her and she wrestled against the ropes that held her prisoner of her own home in hopes of reaching the woman she loved and saving her from those men. The youngest and smallest of the men ran up to the others and began to scream at them out of fury since this was not in the plan they had made before going there. Still one of the bigger guys shut him up with a punch in the face which knocked him out and soon picked up the girl from the floor and held her in front of Ai.

“You’ll do anything for this girl right?”

“Yes… anything! Now let her go!”

He shook his head in denial and perversely smiled at the tied up woman as he and the other man each held onto one of the girl’s arms. Ai’s eyes widened and she began to yell at them to stop since she was willing to do anything for them to let her go. But that anything she was willing to do was actually answered by one of the men who had actually told her that since she was willing to do anything then that must mean that she was also willing to pay attention and witness as they had fun with the girl. Ai was on the verge of tears and she tried her hardest to free herself from those ropes as the men began to undress her girlfriend right in front of her. She felt the ropes quickly begin to break her skin as she moved around and took one of her hands out of the tight knot. Her girlfriend was already in her underwear and the men were laughing as they saw her tired form fight against them as they were slowly taking them off. Ai was clearly crying now and with her hand free from the knot she tried to reach out to her girlfriend when suddenly a shout sounded from the back of the room.

“I keep telling you that I won’t abide to your stupid choices!”

It was the voice of the smallest, youngest and clearly the smartest of them who had stood up and ran towards his brothers with all his might. Fists were flying and Ai saw how her girlfriend was thrown from the men’s arms towards the corner of the room across from her. Since the smaller was obviously weaker than his brothers, he had brought along a pair brass knuckles in case his brothers became a hindrance as they had evidently done so that evening. Hitting hard where his brothers had once taught him so; he quickly knocked them both out cold. Assessing the damage that was done, he looked back at Ai who had stopped trying to free herself as her tears kept falling because of clear worry over her girlfriend’s unmoving form. The smallest of the three quickly noticed and walked up towards the girl before Ai had yelled at him to stop. He looked back at her and took the blankets from the bed in the room before placing it over the nude girl to cover her body. She was alive, of that he was sure, but he didn’t want to do much damage to what his brothers had started so he picked them up one by one and in about 20 minutes he had finished. Turning towards Ai once again with an apologetic look he began to speak for the last time that evening.

“I will not have the audacity to claim that what I’m about to do right now is honorable. I came here with my brothers to take away your belongings before you came home. What my brothers did is unforgivable and I cannot take it back but I will leave to never come back to your lives again. Do not call the police, we wouldn’t want that. And even though I know it doesn’t mean anything to you: I’m sorry.”

He then proceeded to cut the ropes that held Ai hostage in her own home before pushing her towards the bed and running away from the apartment. The woman held her wrists and began to sob from the fear when the sound of screeching tires pulled her out of her thoughts and filled her mind once again with her girlfriend’s well-being. She quickly stood from the bed and ran towards her girlfriend who was whimpering and trembling. Taking her in her arms she felt her girl try to fight her off as she cried harder. Ai didn’t know what to do; she was tired, scared and her mind was filled with guilt over this entire thing so she only held her girl tighter to her chest in the hopes that she would be recognized. Soon enough her girl stopped hitting her from under the blanket that covered her and she held onto Ai’s small frame as she cried on her chest. The pain in her heart was unbearable and the only thing she could do was mumble in between tears how sorry she was.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… Risa-chan…I’m sorry.”

~End Flashback~

‘Risa! I’m so sorry! I can’t be forgiven!’

She felt herself breathless as the pain in her heart increased from recalling those painful memories. The quickening beatings of her heart within her chest began to reflect themselves over her whole body and air was getting harder to grasp at each passing second. Strangled by her own worry and feelings of worthlessness, Ai cried her heart out that evening, as she had done so this last month, trying to be quiet so that her girl wouldn’t wake up. But tonight was different; it was the first night she felt as breathless as this and the difficulty breathing was beginning to make her anxious and panicky. Her thoughts began to jumble and she held herself as she tried to fill her mind with the thought: breathe, yet all her willpower wasn’t enough to make her brain work said action and the pressure in her lungs was beginning to become unbearable. Her heart not only raced but it began to hurt her and the feeling of having it crushed was enough to make her hold her chest over her clothing in an attempt to stop that crushing sensation from intensifying. Gasping for air, she feels her throat tighten and her heart’s pulsations vibrate in it as air unsuccessfully tries to get to her lungs. This scares her even more and she tries to calm herself down but the shakings from her hands and body is enough to keep her from doing so.


It was her last desperate attempt to scream for help yet her voice couldn’t come out and the increasing pressure over her chest was beginning to dull all of her conscious senses. She felt like this was the end of her, since her body was burning and crushing from the inside out and she became conscious of the fact that this may be the last time she stays on earth. Her vision was beginning to get dark and the only sounds were those of her blood rushing along her body as her heartbeat pumped faster at each second as well as her desperate tries to gasp for any bit of air that would come to her lungs. Tears have stopped falling from her eyes and have been replaced by a cold sweat that lingers all around her body. But aside the noises her own body produces she hears the distinct sound of a door opening and shutting close as well as quickened footsteps that rush to her direction. The soft living room light pierces through the dark blanket that covers her eyes and her girlfriend’s concerned face comes into her view.

“Ai-chan! I’m here. It’s ok.”

Her mind was blank, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t feel her body, and there was not a sound she could hear, for her; it was only Risa’s face that was present. But Risa’s face was suddenly accompanied by the distinct feeling of her hand placed over Ai’s shoulder as she tried to change her position over the tattered couch. That touch, that single touch slowly began to bring back into her brain the other senses once present in her body. Still gasping for much needed air, Ai felt Risa’s lips come in contact with hers as air was blown into her lungs in an attempt to get her to start breathing on her own. Her girlfriend was trying her hardest to get her to breathe and at every kiss she was given, her throat felt looser. After a couple of tries; Risa’s voice came into her ears and her mind soon processed what she had been told.

“I promised I’d be there for you: forever. It’ll be ok. I’m not going anywhere.”

Ai stared at her girlfriend directly in the eyes and her heartbeat considerably slowed down at the same time the pressure in her chest noticeably alleviated, yet she still felt herself breathless and she still couldn’t quite grasp a big intake of air on her own. Risa, who was right in front of her,  soon sat by her side and began to rub small circles in her back as she slowly kept repeating the word breathe.  Her gentle touch calmed Ai even more and she felt the knot in her throat dissipate. Still, afraid that she would get her hopes crushed, Ai was hesitant to breathe. But with Risa’s help she gained the courage to do so and slowly breathed through her nose; filling her lungs with a gust of much needed air. Breathing like this was something Ai didn’t ever think she would appreciate as much as she does now. That air intake was cold and it soothed her burning lungs as she kept taking in each shaky breath that soon turned into a confident one. She was soon back to normal and it was all thanks to her girlfriend, but still… once again she has been protected by her… why couldn’t she for once protect her instead? Risa stood up and went into the kitchen to bring Ai some much needed water yet when she came back to hand it in she found that Ai wasn’t looking at her directly.

“I’ve noticed you haven’t been sleeping lately. Each day you become quieter and right now you just had a panic attack. Ai-chan, talk to me.”

Slowly but surely; Ai turned her face towards her girlfriend’s and as she longingly gazed into her eyes she found herself crying once again. She couldn’t bare the thoughts of being powerless and not protecting the one she loves the most. The feelings of being week torment her day and night and she wonders everyday how good of a girlfriend she is. Feeling like the lowest of scum, Ai slowly stood up only to falter in her steps due to the sudden exhaustion she felt. Once again Risa had gotten there right on time and caught her before she fell and placed her by her side on the couch. That small action brought out from Ai an agonizing and sorrowful cry as she tightly hugged her knees against her chest. Risa was quite worried since she had never seen her girlfriend quite like this and the only thing her brain told her to do was to hold Ai and let her cry her heart out. She didn’t know why but her girlfriend was suffering and Risa knew that she had to get to the bottom of this if she wanted to stop said suffering.

“I’m so sorry Risa-chan.”

Ai’s apology was clearly hear by Risa and after hearing it she pulled Ai away from herself and looking directly into her eyes, as she held her face between her hands, asked her why on earth was she apologizing since she didn’t do anything. But that was exactly the reason Ai felt so guilty; because she didn’t do anything. In the midst of her tears Ai apologized for not protecting Risa like she should have, for not being a responsible girlfriend, for not being supportive in her times of need, and mostly for not being there for her when she needed. As Risa heard the reason for Ai’s suffering she understood the cause of those sleepless nights as well as the change in behavior from the girl the following days. Ai kept on apologizing and Risa knew that she had to clear a big misunderstanding her lover had. Sure, Risa was hurt by the fact that she was almost raped; but Ai was not giving herself credit for what she had actually done herself to help Risa heal after that incident. Trying to calm the girl down, Risa shushed and began to rock her back and forth as she tried to gain her attention. As soon as Ai had begun to calm down Risa held her face in her hands once again and kissed her deeply before letting their lips part and touching each other’s forehead instead. Risa closed her eyes and tears fell from her cheeks as she tried to tell Ai that there was nothing to be sorry about and that she was actually thankful that the woman stood by her side during these hard days.

“How can you blame yourself when every single thing you do heals me from that pain?”

By now Risa was crying and Ai looked at her without separating their foreheads as she intently listened to every single word she was being told. Her lover talked about the way Ai looked at her and smiled; which gave her courage to trust her with her life, how Ai called her each day when she was having either lunch or a short break from work; to simply chat about nonsense or to tell her that she loves her and that she’s waiting to see her again thus taking her mind off from thoughts about what if they had done more than what they actually did, how Ai made funny faces each morning; earning herself a giggle each time, and how Ai never left her alone in the apartment; so that she wouldn’t think of what happened. Risa held Ai’s hands once again and told her that she was grateful that she could grasp said hands everyday as they walked back to their home and that Ai wouldn’t let go even after they entered the apartment together, that she felt her heart mend every evening she was tightly held to sleep by those arms and that she became more peaceful every morning she would wake up and find their fingers laced in a hold she knew would never weaken. But as she told Ai how grateful she was for her presence and the actions Ai had taken to make her feel secure; Risa also expressed her worries over the distance that was slowly growing between them and how she felt that it was all her fault that it was happening, she told Ai how she noticed her sleepless nights as well as how quiet Ai had become whenever they stood in front of each other as she tried to prevent their conversations from deepening, and she also told her how frightened she still is because of the state she had just found Ai in.

“Ai-chan, please stop blaming yourself. I don’t blame you for what happened and I don’t’ want you to hurt yourself doing so. Ai-chan…what would I do if you hurt yourself?”

That question, all those feelings Risa had just bared and the realization that together they could overcome anything brought a sense of self confidence in Ai that she had lost that evening. They were in their home and even if their first memory there was not the best they were still together and that wouldn’t change that fact. Feeling renewed after what she had been told, she confidently held Risa’s face in her hands and whilst crying kissed her deeply. A kiss that expresses gratitude, love, trust, dedication, and most of all as sense of unity; a kiss that will remind them both that together they can do anything and that if they didn’t communicate: everything they had worked on, everything they had learned about each other these past five years would be lost…lost due to the fact that they held everything in and kept their significant others away from the true matters that lied in their hearts. It was a kiss that would not only hold the power to heal them both but a kiss that would evidence that pact they made the first time they met, when they confessed, and when they proposed. This pact they made that, no matter how much time passes, will never change because they would truly stay together.

“Together Forever.”


The end! Thanks for reading!  :bow: Phew!  is it me or was that short very long?  :?

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It seemed short because the small amount of dialogue, anyways I will keep reading these as long as they stay relevant XD j/k well I am trying to do something crazy soon if I don't get inspiration for the other fics
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It was long. But then... <3 <3. TAKAGAKI LIVE LONG!!!

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@Kurosawa87: Lol read read!! And I wonder if that something crazy involves a Harem fic with streaking idols trying to glomp Tsunku  XD
@risa_ai: That's a fighting spirit!!  :thumbsup

Good...whatever time it is when you read this!!!! I'm back from my strange vacations and well I feel refreshed!! So let's bring out a shortie for the farm using the calm atmosphere I'm in right now thanks to relaxing near the ocean! Seed number 23 is up! And it's someone who hasn't appeared as lead character before in the seeds!!!!! Enjoy!!!

My parent-like leaders

~12 years ago~

“You shouldn’t eat so much candy in bed Koharu-chan.”

The girl kept munching on sweets as she watched her last anime for the day. Her mother had just asked her for the 3rd time this week to stop eating sweets in her bed late at night. Looking back at her mother she just smiled and nodded as a drip of melted lollipop juice ran down her lips. The mother went back and wiped off her daughter’s face with a towel before looking sternly at her and the mess over the bed.

“Koharu! A young lady like you shouldn’t be making such a mess! Clean this up and from today on: No more eating candy on your bed late at night!”

Koharu nodded as her mother reprimanded her for the mess she had made and quickly cleaned up before going to bed a little earlier than usual. Whilst on her bed the girl’s urge to eat candy began to nag at her and her mind began to think again of all the things her mother had told her before.

‘Mama told me not to eat candy on my bed late at night because I’m messy… But if I’m not messy… then it will be ok if I eat some…right?’

Sitting on her bed, she went and leaned over towards the desk to open one of its drawers and took out a plastic bag containing a bundle of her favorite sweets. That’s her personal stash of candy and nobody from her family knows about it. She often calls it her personal piñata and the colorful contents of the bag are soon dumped over her bed. Her eyes widened at the sight and she practically attacks her bed before furiously eating her precious candy. In her mind there was only one thought that kept repeating itself numerous times.

‘Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy…’

Soon enough Koharu fell asleep on top of all the wrappers and unfinished candy. She was too exhausted from all that eating and quickly went onwards to dreamland. It’s no wonder her dreams this night consist of cruising chocolate rivers over marshmallow boats solely pulled by candy wrappers. There was no ordinary grass since it was actually gummy bears in its place but as soon as her marshmallow boat came into contact with them she jumped face first towards it and ate a mouthful of them. Rolling on her back as she chewed her treat; Koharu enjoyed the sweet smelling breeze as she closed her eyes whilst she relaxed in this new environment. But soon enough she felt all of her body begin to tickle before painfully itching and hurting in various places. She opened her eyes as she quickly sat up and looked at herself when she noticed that the beautiful scenery had drastically changed to something she couldn’t quite describe.

‘What is this? It looks like the T.V right before Sadako appears… it’s tickling but painful! What?!’


Desperately trying to wipe off both the image and sensation from her body she noticed that the pain only increased and that her efforts were pointless. The only thing left for her to do in her desperation was to scream at the top of her lungs. That yell quickly caught the attention of her parents who quickly entered the room and turned on the lights only to find their daughter in distress.

~6 years ago~

“Grr… Koharu! I forgot my donut and coffee over at the dressing room! Can you bring them to me!? Pretty please unless you want my hand on your butt~!”

Koharu’s eyes widened at the threat by her sub leader and nodded right before sprinting towards the dressing room. When she reached a corner; she stopped dead in her tracks as she took a deep breath. Her sub leader had quite the reputation as the groper and she wasn’t one to push her buttons in any way so she always tries her best to obey and please her sometimes ridiculous demands in any way she could.

‘I wish I wasn’t always Fujimoto san’s maid… at least it’s a donut…maybe I can take a bite out of it without her noticing…’

Her smile came back to her face the instant she thought about taking a bite from the sweet treat and she happily skipped her way onwards the dressing room. Cheerily stepping in the room she went over the corner table where Miki’s personal space was and began to extend her arm when she had glanced at the donut. But something made her stop her actions and she held her hand in midair as she studied once again the donut and coffee. Her smile turned into a frown and her eyes widened at the sight. She visibly began to tremble and a cold sweat was coming down her neck as she took in the image that reminds her of a television before Sadako comes out of it. Short of breath, Koharu tried to back away from that same spot but she found herself glued to the dressing room’s floor.

“Koharu you ok?”

She didn’t hear the voice that had called out her name since her mind was off painfully reminiscing horrible memories from 6 years ago. Unconsciously she began to scratch her body all around and her nails were beginning to hurt her skin as they passed across it a couple of times in a frantic manner. It was happening once again and she felt the urge to scratch harder and harder each second. Only one thought ran through her mind and it was screamed repeatedly in it whilst her anxiety increased.

‘Ants, ants, ants, ants, ants, ants, ants, ants, ants, ants, ants…’

Her thoughts were cut short when the feeling of a strong hand over her shoulder shook her hard. She looked at the owner of said arm and came face to face with big almond eyes that graced a quite concerned face. Reading her leader’s lips as she inquired about her wellbeing; Koharu just nodded her head and failed at mustering up a smile before turning around and making a run for the door. As she began to run down the hallway, a quite miffed Fujimoto Miki blocked her path towards the elevator and stared…well actually: glared… at the shivering Koharu. Her expression showed different things in a fast sequence: annoyance, then confusion, and finally an unreadable expression before she moved aside and let the girl enter the now open elevator door.

~3 years later~

‘It’s over…I’ve graduated…’

Koharu’s thoughts about her own graduation brought on her face a sad smile mixed in with accomplishment and excitement over what she had done until this point and what she will do onwards from this day. She looked around the concert hall for her former group mates and found that no one was there and that she was all alone. It was quite rare for them to leave so quickly but she shrugged it off and did whatever she had to do quickly so that she could go home and rest. On the way home she encountered a bakery that was still bustling even at this late hour and she decided to buy some sweets for her to eat when she got home. But her way back home would have to wait since a text message made her change her direction from her house to one of her former leader’s one. She quickly walked her way towards the apartment complex and took the elevator to the familiar floor.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I wonder how Yoshizawa-san is.’

Knocking on her once leader’s apartment door she found that it was slightly ajar since because of her knocks it slowly opened. Fully opening it and entering the apartment; she was startled as the lights were turned on and the loud yells of ‘Surprise!’ came at her. A couple…well to be more exact: almost all of the members were there and congratulated her on her graduation as well as wished her the best on all her future jobs. Obviously knowing Koharu’s likes and dislikes; the whole table was set up with countless amounts of her favorite candy instead of proper meals. They all ate in delight and as the hours passed, the members slowly left one by one.

“I called your mother and she said that you could sleep here for the night Koha.”

Yoshizawa smiled as she saw the excitement in the young girl’s eyes when she learned that she could stay there. Said smile was a reminder for the once leader that the girl that sat in front of her was still the same as the one she had met a couple of years ago. Stating that she would go and take a shower, Koharu saw her once leader’s fleeting figure walk towards her bathroom as she proceeded to clean up the mess left by her friends in the woman’s living room. Now, she could deal with unorganized rooms where clothing demands a spot over the floor instead of the closet; meaning Kamei Eri’s room, but something she couldn’t stand was mess made by sweets and food. And as she cleaned the mess; unwanted memories began to flashback into her mind involving messes made by food and the small unwelcomed visitors said messes brought. As the memories kept repeating themselves as clear as the day she had experienced them; Koharu began to unconsciously scratch her body in an attempt to make that unpleasant feeling fade away. But soon it became hopeless since her mind was filled with the images of such traumatizing experiences which rapidly made her softly whimper and tear up.

“Koharu! Calm down!”

Looking up, she saw Yoshizawa in her pajamas as she held her by the shoulders and tightly embraced her. Shushing and whispering reassurances in her ear, Yoshizawa Hitomi slowly but surely helped the girl calm down from her little bout of anxiety. Still in the woman’s embrace, Koharu trembled and her thoughts quickly snapped back to reality as she smelled the shampoo that permeated her once leader’s hair. Shortly after; she was ushered to the bathroom so that she could take a bath and when she finished she found that the mess was completely picked up by the woman who looked up at her arrival and beckoned her to the couch. Sitting there whilst watching T.V in silence, Koharu was quite hesitant to look at the woman after she had been found out in that state. Still, she knows that it’s quite rude to not thank someone after they’ve helped you so she muttered a soft ‘Thank you’ to Yoshizawa.

“No need Koharu-chan. There’s always something we fear. I fear snakes and you fear ants. It’s quite natural to fear something.”

The teenager’s eyes widened and she looked at her leader since she hadn’t recalled telling anyone her fear of ants. Noticing the shock in Koharu’s eyes; Yossy began to explain that Miki had come up to her a couple of years back asking if she had ever seen young Koharu actually shaken up and afraid. After stating that it was at the moment the girl had seen ants swarming over Miki’s treat in the dressing room they decided to look into it with the girl’s parents where they learned about Koha’s fears and the incident that first created them. She also described the efforts taken by both her and Miki, mostly Miki, to keep the dressing rooms clean so that ants wouldn’t swarm and trigger Koharu’s fears. Miki had gone as far as threaten the girls so that she could achieve the level of cleanliness needed to keep said ants out and away. As Yossy kept talking a thought popped into the teenager’s mind and she blurted it out in her ever innocent manner:

“Yoshizawa-san: what does Fujimoto-sempai fear?”

Yossy cocked her head to the side when the unexpected question popped up. This was the moment. She felt like a parent telling her child where babies come from. What she does from this question on will be marked in her dear kouhai’s memory for the rest of her life. Taking a deep breath; Yoshizawa shifted so that she was looking directly at Koharu as they sat on the couch so that she could answer the question with utmost sincerity and seriousness. Koharu listened intently as her once leader began to ask her if she remembered the sixth anniversary episode for ‘Hello! Morning’ where the program decided to prank Niigaki and Kamei as they did a psychological test whilst filming their actions and choices that day. Nodding at the question posted by the woman they began to laugh and reminiscence the happenings of said episode and soon they came to the point in question. Koharu realized that Fujimoto screamed like she had never seen her do when the bug was coming down on her, when she voiced out her conclusion Yossy shook her head and stated that that was not it. That wasn’t Fujimoto Miki’s fear.

“Miki is actually scared of blindfolds.”

Koharu’s confused face brought a chuckle out of Yossy as she elaborated more on the revelation that Miki actually fears blindfolds. She talked about how insecure the death glare queen feels whenever her eyes are covered as well as how angry she was at the producers for doing such a thing to THE Fujimoto Miki on television. Koharu began to giggle at the story since she thought that her sempai was scared of bugs when in actuality she knew that Miki could eat them without a worry or care in the world like a certain meerkat and warthog from one of her and her dear Niigaki-sempai’s favorite movies. After learning from Yoshizawa that even the ever strong Fujimoto Miki has a fear, Koharu calmed down and began to accept the fact that she can’t stand ants and that there’s nothing wrong with that since everyone has fears. Noticeably calm and confident in herself she then relaxed over the couch with her head on Yossy’s thigh as the woman took the T.V remote to watch a movie. As the T.V came to life the movie shown had quite the cast…quite the insect cast…

‘Oh tonight is going to be a looooong night…’

~Present day~

“Wow Kusumi-san! You look great!”

Koharu smiled and whispered a bashful ‘Thank you’ as she was complimented by one of her juniors at a small get together they had at one of her sempai’s house. They were looking at some magazines and compliments about how she looked as well as her new short hair were often squealed by the young girls which made her smile and think of how great it is to be young. She was turning 20 years old soon and that means that she was going to become a woman. A responsible, reliable and mature woman just like the sempai she admires. Still there was something she would never outgrow and that was her love for candy. Walking over the table she had walked up to the night before; Koharu noticed that there was no candy left on the bowl that served as the centerpiece.

‘Haha! The kids ate all the candy before me! Candy Piranhas!’

Smiling to herself thanks to the small joke, Koharu went towards Yossy and asked if there was more candy since the bowl was empty. Guided towards one of the rooms at the back of Ishikawa-san’s house she found the place described by Yossy and went onwards to grab the candy. But as she got closer and her eyes adjusted to the light within the room; her worst fears came into her view and she saw how ants swarmed over the candy that was placed over the table ready to refill the bowl in case it got empty during the party. She began to breathe hard and her thoughts kept repeating the word ‘Ant’ as she began to shake. Trying to calm herself down like the adult she was going to soon become, Koharu began to breathe and think of something else other than the ants but it was hopeless. She kept getting anxious and she began to scratch at her skin for the first time in a couple of years since she had stopped scratching when she had her talk with Yoshizawa. This swarm was getting to her and fast and she didn’t know what else to do.

“It’s ok Koha-chan we’re here.”

The pair of hands that softly landed on her shoulder and held her in place slowly brought the almost 20 year old a sense of peace and comfort. She recognized her sempai with that soft touch and voices that comforted her. Turning around she smiled at them and thanked them for all they have done for her regarding that matter. She never doubted them and she never felt alone. But for those sempai to come to her in her time of need even after so many years moved Koharu’s heart and her admiration for them increased noticeably. Both women smiled back at her and walked with her towards the hallway out of the room and away from the ants. They each held one of Koharu’s arms and that reassuring grip from them was something the teenager…soon to be adult… would never trade.

“Thank you. Miki-sempai…Yoshizawa-sempai… Thank you… My parent-like leaders.”


Woot! Finished! Thanks for reading!!! I'm getting back on the writing groove! slowly but surely!  :cow:

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Koha is thankful for their leader and sub-leader although Aunt Sayu must be pull her hair on the side XD
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: Hahaha Sayu must be like what !?!?! They can't eat you!! lol

Hey guys! Here I bring you yet another crazy short!!! Ohh my small mind and the way it works at night...  :heart: Well it's a crazy short... literally lol but read on and you'll get what I mean. Seen number 24 is up! Enjoy and reply~  :cow: Oh yeah before I forget: there are some colors that help identify who is talking but don't worry they will be introduced before the colors change. They're there so that the line of conversation can be kept separate from each character.


‘Home…I guess this is goodbye isn’t it? I never really thought that the day would come where I would bid you farewell but here I am. Tell me; did you enjoy the good times I spent here with her? Is the remainder of our laughter still impregnated within these walls? Will you still recall those times when I’m long gone and by her side?’

She takes off her shoes and enters the dimly lit apartment. With all windows open, she lets the soft evening wind caress her tender skin and a tear falls from her eyes down her cheek. Cold, lonely and bidding goodbye to everything she once knew; her steps guide her to the bathroom and she stares at her reflection in the mirror doubting if it truly is her or just a shadow of what she once was.

Deciding to take one last shower she strips of her clothing and just as a weight is lifted from her shoulders; her nakedness is embraced by the moonlight. She turns on the faucet and ignoring whatever temperature it had taken she enters it and stands under the falling drops of the perfect combination between the first and eighth element that take up the most of this Earth. Said drops painfully fall on places where the one she loved once caressed and she gingerly traces her fingers along her much defined curves.

‘Home…you were witness of it all weren’t you? Her gentle touches along my skin as well as the softness of her lips over every bruise she used to delicately make on my body. You witnessed the first time I gave myself to her as well as how she treated me both during and after said act. This wall right beside me helped us both carry our weights whenever we straddled each other all those times our showers would turn into something more and you were never mad because of it. Tell me, will you be mad after I leave?’

Turning off her shower she breathed in the sweet smell of shampoo from her lover’s bottle; a secret bottle she had kept hidden from her so-called friends who behind her back had taken far away anything and everything belonging to the deceased. She hadn’t seen them since then…actually since before it happened…but tonight their faces are clear in her mind. Slowly opening her eyes she overlooked her body and small droplets were slowly dripping off along her arms, shoulders, and as of now; her protruding stomach. Putting her right hand over it; she felt around the new outwards curve that was forming on her body…a product of one of her drunken nights after her loved one left this world.

‘Home…do you still recall those evenings us three spent with our friends’ children? Their laughter made us want to have our own but reality wasn’t so kind, cute or accepting so we settled on babysitting every time they needed. Do you remember all the handmade ribbons and countless hours singing karaoke with them until they either fell asleep or their parents came for them? After they left I truly felt thankful none of the neighbors came knocking on the door furious because of the racket. Then I knew that it was all thanks to you Home. Temporarily you made your walls soundproof and nobody could hear what was going on inside. Thank you and I’m sorry because of what I’m about to do.’

She didn’t even bother to dry her naked body before proceeding to her bedroom. There, she turned on the light over her dresser and a soft shade of pink brought the bedroom to life. Yet in clear contrast to that brightness stood her languid figure dejectedly looking at the bed that was placed in the middle of the room. Scrutinizing every fold her ruffled blanket made over the messy bed; sadness kept growing in her eyes and a sense of longing overcame her as she slowly walked towards the bed. Her naked body mattress came in contact with her mattress and she breathed in the scent her pillow expelled. Nothing special there, only detergent mixed in with a tinge of tears.

‘Home…it’s still clear to you as it is to me right? The way she faintly trembled when I brought her here right after she made me hers in the shower. Her scarlet cheeks failed to blend with the pink tint that graces this bedroom and her twitchy lips as she told me she was ready… it’s still vivid in your memory as well isn’t it? I remember her sweet voice as she shyly begged for more that evening. Her tightly shut eyes as she let me explore all of her in soft movements so as not to hurt her and how she panted when I helped her reach her peak is alive within my soul. But this bed won’t be here for another round and this is the last moment I lay here. Thank you.’

Standing up from her bed she went back to her living room and took a look at all her furniture illuminated by the moonlight. The unused pieces of home furnishing gave off a melancholic feeling as they sadly stood trying to bring life to a place that still attempted to keep the same vitality it had when it was first bought. She still ambled naked around her apartment and a look expressing goodbye was given to every single thing that occupied it. Her main goal was located in her kitchen and she calmly walked over it. There she found the item that would let her meet her loved one and she gently held it in her hand admiring its newfound beauty.

Giving the knife her first genuine smile in a while and placing a soft kiss on the blade; she gets acquainted with the last thing she will clutch in this world. Before she ends it all she decides to give herself one last pleasure. This pleasure takes the form of a small taste of hers and her lover’s favorite treat. Extending her right hand over the counter she picks up a small packet and opens it revealing the small squared piece of chocolate. Propping it in her mouth; she had one last taste of the very treat that had first truly brought them together. Sure they had knowledge of each other because of work but that treat was the one that made them know each other’s heart and in the end fall in love with each other. With that memory filling up her mind she looked around her kitchen one last time and recalled once again how it looked when that happened.

‘Home… you’ve been with us since the very beginning haven’t you? Her wet form as she entered right after rain had caught up with us unannounced. We were shivering from the cold brought on by how wet we were from said rain and her teeth chattered as she looked for ways to warm herself. Looking over at the stove I remembered the hot chocolate I had made for myself that morning  that I hadn’t tasted and hoped it was still somewhat warm for her. You’ve been helping us all along haven’t you? It was hot as if it was made right at that moment. As she drunk it I went and brought towels for the both of us and when I came back to her side she was eating the treat. Her bashful face as she noticed what she had done made me fall in love even more and at that moment that specific chocolate became our comfort in both good and bad times. But right now… its taste has changed…but only because I have changed ever since she went away. I don’t know if you’ll miss me Home…but I can’t let you bear my degrading form any longer.’

She took her naked form after eating the chocolate and went over to her apartment’s balcony. She sat down on one of the chairs and overlooked the still bustling city for the last night she would spend on that earth. Always thankful that the city’s light could not reach her balcony; she sat and gave one last look at her body under the moonlight. There, her eyes came over her stomach once again and she put her hand over it one last time. It wasn’t a longing look she gave it… more like an ‘I’m sorry’ look. That same hand was lifted yet again until it reached her eye level and she studied every line from her hand to her wrist. She wasn’t going to make a mistake with this, it was getting done in one clean cut and without hesitating she brought the knife closer to her skin before horizontally puncturing a deep and straight line over her wrist. Like a broken pipe; blood began to rush out of the opening and down her arm. Under the moonlight; that crimson red fluid became a deep purple… her lover’s favorite color…just like that night four months ago…

‘Home…will you ever forgive me for what I did to her and what I’m about to do to myself and this child? Her blood has permanently stained your floors and nothing can clean it off. Her eyes fading away alongside the moonlight on that night as well as her blood rushing away from her pale form that faced me with utmost horror in her expression… you also saw didn’t you? But you also remember the way she constantly went away behind my back and did things with other people. She belongs to me and nobody can keep us away from each other…that’s why I did it. I needed to make sure she would wait for me and be there only for me. Her cat-like eyes were tearing up as she kept repeating my name breathless as time went by. But I ignored all her begging because if I paid attention I would have wavered on my decision and then she would have left me here without a way to reach her and make her stay by my side. Then I would have been alone with you…the one who holds all of our memories.’

Noticing that her Home held all memories regarding them; anger bubbled up within her and she quickly ran towards the kitchen once again. Blood trickled behind her as she took wobbly steps due to the loss of blood from the self-inflicted wound. In the kitchen; she went and opened every cabinet holding a variety of flammable detergents commonly used for cleaning and took them out quickly since she knew her strength wouldn’t last her very long. Her own Home, the very place she thought would never betray her was doing just that, it was keeping to itself the very memories of their happy times and it wasn’t giving them away to the one person that inhabits said space. She didn’t care about the things her Home held about her but she was not forgiving when it came to the things that belonged to her loved one. If she wasn’t going to have the memories of her and her lover then no one could have them and with that set on her mind she gradually dumped every drop of liquid on her apartment floor before going and looking for some matches. As a last touch and part of her plan; she turned on her gas stove and took the matches from the kitchen. Standing on her living room sofa she overlooked the apartment one last time and with a repugnant expression she lit a couple of matches and threw them on the floor prompting a small fire to begin. That small fire wouldn’t even last three seconds since it grew into a big one and flames soon surround her.

‘Home…thinking I was stupid enough to not notice? It was you all this time! You were the one conspiring against me and trying to take her away from me. Then you tried to get rid of me by showing me memories before I decided to plunge a knife deep into myself and rid my soul from this world thus keeping you here with something that belongs only to me. But you’ve failed. You will fall along with me. May these dancing flames take away everything you deem dear and sacred to you thus bringing forth your end. She will be mine and only mine, not you or anybody will take her away from me. Home… now I know why she wanted to move and take me to Fukuoka with her. She knew what you were up to and I didn’t trust her. It’s your fault and now you will pay. Arrg…*cough cough* your stench burns my lungs… but the satisfaction I’m feeling thanks to your demise overpowers this pain. But so that you don’t feel lonely right before you turn into ashes I will lay down and burn by your side. You were my confidant all along and you broke my trust in an unimaginable way but… we’re all each other have right now and I’m not letting you go alone. Let us slip away together and meet her that way; let us be one set of ashes and join her wherever she is. Let us all love as one, Home…let us love…all of us.’


Television news play in every tuned T.V and the reporters give out the most shocking news of the morning. Some people just pass by the news uninterested of its contents as they pay attention to their morning duties but a specific set of women do pay attention each in their own homes as the pictures of their acquaintances flash on the bright screen and the news regarding them is given by the newscaster.

-: Good Morning I’m Ueda Moeko and thank you for tuning in to TV Tokyo News as we bring you the latest reports every day. Tragedy comes in early hours of the morning as an emergency call to the fire squadron brings them to an apartment complex fire that has claimed at least two victims. We have Konno Asami reporting live from the scene; tell us Konno-san what is going on? :-

-: Thank you Ueda-san. We have gathered some information from the landlord and forensics team that the apartment that caught fire was Number 1114 on the 11th floor of this building. It was issued to one named… one named…:-

:-Konno-san? Can you hear me? Who was it issued to? :-

The women paying attention to the news turned pale as they learnt which apartment was the one that had caught fire just by the number. They knew the tenant and they couldn’t believe what had happened. Konno was unexplainably silent and still as her mind processed the name she had just read off the papers she had been given a couple of seconds ago. She knew that her once friend lived near but she never imagined that the name she would read on that paper was going to be hers. It was her first time giving out news about someone she knew and she didn’t even think it would be about this, but as she had been taught in University she composed herself as best and as fast as she could and resumed her task.

-: The apartment was issued to one Takahashi Ai, 26 years old originally from the prefecture of Fukui. By my side is the head of investigation who will inform us more about what happened. Inspector, can you shed some light on what happened here in early hours of morning? :-

-: From first looks we speculate that this might have been a suicidal fire since there were some dumped flammable detergent bottles found on the apartment floor and there were no signs of forced entry anywhere. Upon first inspection of the body; the team had pronounced the tenant, a 26 year old female, dead from possible smoke inhalation as well as deep burns on her body. But we cannot confirm the exact cause of death prior to the autopsy. :-

-: Inspector, this specific apartment had claimed a victim four months ago and right now there was a suspicion that this fire had claimed two victims. Is there any truth in that? :-

At that very moment the inspector’s face turned unreadable and Konno knew she had made a touchy comment. A three second silence hung in the air, even though it felt like a million years, and both the reporter as well as the women watching the news held their breath as they waited for a reply from the inspector. Suddenly his face turned sorrowful and his eyes darkened as he sighed and prepared himself for what he was about to say. Defeat was all over his face and everyone who was paying attention could notice it a mile away.

-: You are correct. Prior to the fire this morning, a victim was claimed four months ago on the very same apartment and the investigation proved to be inconclusive where the accused was claimed not guilty due to insufficient evidence. Said person that was accused is the victim this time and the fire not only claimed her life but the life of her unborn child. That’s all the information I can share now, I’m sorry. :-

-: That’s fine Inspector. There you have it Ueda-san; we will know more about this case after the autopsy is done. :-

-: Thank you Konno-san for reporting to us live from the scene. Four months ago, this person was suspected of murdering her roommate and today she is found dead because of a self-produced fire which means that the police now has two unsolved cases: The, quote: ‘suicidal fire’ that took the life of Takahashi Ai and the murder of Tanaka Reina. :-


Told you so! CRAZY !!!  :oops:  lol hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!  :peace:

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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I guess that was crazy, we can say it isn't as bad as the fic that is buried deep in the area that I wrote:

Super crappy but did the one thing that was crazy enough that I never considered it again  :nervous

Anyways, good job in adding Konno, and we still are finding my favorite couple XD
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: LOL yes! We're still in search for that but I won't give up! I think I'm getting closer each time! Wish me luck!

So we're finally up to Seed number 25!! Wow 25 shorts in 5 months right?? That's like 5 per month or something??? Wow... oh and over 2200 views?!?!??! Thank you!!!  :bow: If someone's reading then my mind is at ease! I hope to bring happiness to the readers since this does put my soul at peace!  :shakeit:

So now...beware crack ahead! but enjoy! Seed number 25 is up!

How we confessed

 “Yes! Yes!”

“Just a little bit more, ok? Be patient. It’ll be over soon.”


Hard breathing and shuffling sounds could be heard in the apartment as well as a couple of giggles every now and then. Any person close enough to that specific home would be completely embarrassed by the noises coming from inside the apartment. But judging from the urgency that had actually brought her there, she wasn’t going to leave soon…even if it meant intruding in what appears to be: a very intimate moment.

“Ai-chan! Please! I can’t handle it anymore!”

“Shush my love. I will take it out in a little bit.”

Now this was enough! She couldn’t bear to hear any more than this so she decided to break up whatever they were doing in there: and fast! Knocking…well… more like pounding like a madman…the front door of the apartment she heard some more shuffling as well as an exasperated voice that asked who it was at the door. Even after answering, the girl noticed that no one was making the small attempt to shelve their actions for another time and open the door to greet in this new visitor.

“Ai-chan…the door… go get it…”

“It can wait…hold on.”

“Oh just do it already! Hurry!”

A clear grunt could be heard before being followed by footsteps that were getting closer and closer to the door. Opening it in one swing, the owner of the apartment glared at her visitor before giving her a nod to signal her permission to enter the apartment. As the girl stepped in; she heard her friend give her a clear ‘Wait here!’ before almost running to the kitchen yet again. As soon as she got in there, panting and shuffling could be heard once again but this time louder and clearer than before.

“Did you get it?”

“Yes, now shush it and stay still babe.”

“Ahh! Ai-chan…it’s close!”

Oh the audacity of these people!! Doing who knows what in plain daylight at their kitchen with a visitor in the house! She took a deep breath before angrily standing up to go over there and personally intrude. Some may think she was going to do it because she demanded attention…and in reality she was… Her plans for the day consisted in going to Ai-chan’s apartment to ask her for some dating advice…since it did involve a certain monkey’s best friend. When she began to take slow steps towards the kitchen; the noises there began to turn a little…X-rated for her tastes. And those noises are hard to describe so let’s just sum them up into grunts and panting and trying to speak whilst being out of breath. Still, she didn’t falter in her steps and went towards the kitchen. What she saw there would be forever engraved in her mind.

“Ai-chan…you and…Konno-san?!”

“Damn it Reina! I told you to wait!”


There, in plain sight, stood a pair of women excitedly jumping after the noise from the microwave indicated that their desert was finished…they weren’t doing the nasty like she had previously thought. Still, what surprised her was not the fact that they were excitedly jumping because of that…it was the fact that they were kissing when Reina had gotten into the kitchen. She knew Ai was seeing someone, because of the way she acted, but she never thought it would be Konno Asami; the quiet and shy girl who everyone thinks is actually with Ogawa Makoto. They were in boxers and tank tops as they delightfully ate the chocolate cake that was taken out of the microwave a couple of seconds ago and surely they were engrossed in that action since silence was what the kitten received from them. Reina thought they had forgotten about her but both women pointed to another cake that was placed on top of the counter.

“Tanaka-san; eat!”

“Yeah Rei go on.”

Reina slowly took into her hands the plate that contained another chocolate cake that was similar to the one her friends were eating and began to eat as well. As they all ate; Reina couldn’t help but observe Ai and Asami’s behavior towards each other. Sure they were immersed in their treat but every so often they would look at each other as they ate and smile the most honest smile Reina had ever seen from both of them. Konno was clean in the way she ate but Ai would have none of that as she messily ate and closed the distance between them to smother some leftover chocolate on Asami’s cheek. Reina was quite surprised from Asami’s reaction to that since she wasn’t used to seeing this soft spoken and shy girl outright lick Ai’s chocolate covered face before kissing her sweetly on the lips.

‘They’re lovers… I wonder if I could be her lover as well…’

At seeing that sweet lover’s exchange; Reina’s mood got a bit gloomier and the women in front of her noticed. They glanced at each other as both silently conversed and thought of a way to discreetly ask what was wrong with the girl. Deciding that the best way to do this was with a straight and clean face; Ai went over the counter and took some paper towels that she had damped over the sink and cleansed both her and her lover’s face before taking away the empty plates in their hands. As Ai cleaned the mess; Asami motioned for Reina to follow her over to the living room so that they could wait for Ai. They didn’t have to wait long for the monkey who had quickly come back from the kitchen with a bowl of strawberries in hand.

“Dig in girls. Now tell me Reina, is something wrong?”


“You didn’t know we’re lovers did you?”

Reina’s soft gasp elicited a giggle from the women who just told her ‘Surprise!’ and held hands once again before asking the kitten what had actually brought her there since it couldn’t have been because of them. Their kind smiles as they asked; boosted Reina’s confidence in the matter and fisting up her hands that were located at each side of her thighs she shut her eyes and nervously bowed to them as she asked for a small favor.

“Please help plan a date to confess to Gaki-san!”

As she opened one of her shut eyes, Reina saw the pleasantly surprised expression on her friends’ faces as they processed what they had been told. After exchanging a knowing look; they both held each of Reina’s fisted hands as they nodded to show her that they would absolutely help. After seeing their eager smiles Reina became apprehensive and her eyes widened as she asked them a single question.

“Wait a second… you’re not going to give me another crazy idea like Ogawa-san who kept going on and on about having a picnic at a pumpkin field as the sun sets… are you?”

Ai and Asami looked at each other and began to heartily laugh since that was exactly what Makoto had suggested to them when each went over to ask for her help right before confessing. And if it weren’t funny enough; it worked perfectly! And it had been about three years since that happened and there they were listening to one of their juniors tell them that Mako’s idea was completely mad. Still they thought about what to do so that Reina could be successful in her ‘quest to gain Risa’s heart’ since Gaki had texted them a couple of hours ago asking for the same thing.

“Reina you should just do something you both love to do. It’ll work out in the end. And hey: Mako-chan’s idea is not crazy at all.”

“Oh it isn’t? Then tell me how you two got together!”

Reina puffed out her cheeks as she crossed her arms over her chest waiting for a reply from the now blushing women in front of her. They bashfully eyed each other before gaining the courage to both tell Reina what they had done right before they confessed.


“Mako-chan…I like her… What can I do?”

Makoto thought hard since she knew that Asami and Ai truly liked each other even though neither had truly confessed their feelings. Now this was going to be special so she put her brain to work on overdrive to bring out the best confession idea ever. As she brainstormed; her gaze kept going back to the pumpkin pie over the coffee table. It was her favorite treat and her senses were begging her for a taste to satisfy her needs.


“Eh? What was that Mako-chan?”

Makoto realized what she had just said so she needed to cover up that slip of the tongue with something. Soon, the word pumpkin came accompanied by the word picnic and that orange color brought to her mind a sunset. Still piecing things together; she noticed that it was a foolproof plan since both girls loved to eat treats and surely there were other things to bring to a picnic in case they got sick of the pumpkins…which after giving much thought…how could anyone get sick of pumpkins?! They’re even the main decoration for Halloween!

“Take her on a picnic Kon Kon!”

“A picnic?!”

“Yes!! Have a picnic on a pumpkin field as you watch a sunset together right before you confess!! It’s foolproof!”

Asami thought about that idea for a couple of minutes and since Mako was totally excited because of it she only nodded and told her friend that she was going to take an early leave to prepare for that. After her friend had left; Mako sat at her living room and began to eat the pumpkin pie as she grinned to herself in bliss. After a couple of bites, her cellphone began to ring as the other main character of this plan called her.


“Mako-chan! I can’t handle it anymore! Please!! How can I gain her attention!! Do I lure her with a microwave?!”

Ogawa Makoto had never laughed so hard in her life before hearing Ai burst out in a manner that was quite exactly like Niigaki Risa’s. She was panicking…in a good way but still… and her desperation could be heard on the phone as Mako just laughed her socks off in pure glee. Calming her laughter, she just managed to ask her one question and give her an order.

“Are there pumpkin fields in Fukui? Find one; give her the address via e-mail, a meeting hour, and go meet her there.”

Ai was quiet after Makoto’s reply and through the phone one could clearly hear Ai writing down the instructions she had been given by her friend before a shy ‘Thank you’ came through the receiver followed by a ‘See you later.’

~End Flashback~

“So what happened?”

Ai and Konno looked at each other before bursting out in a hearty laugh as they prepared themselves to tell Reina what had happened after that.

“Well, I sent Kon-chan the e-mail with the directions for the pumpkin field as well as a date and an hour to meet her and sure enough she went there basket in hand.”

“Yeah but… Ai-chan here is truly a ‘Rain woman’ and as soon as we got there it started to pour! Haha! We had to run for shelter and an old couple greeted us and let us in to escape the rain. They saw how we were dressed as well as the picnic basket and they let us use their gazebo to have our date.”

The girls then described to Reina that the gazebo was decorated with figurines in the shapes of pumpkins as well as pumpkin drawings all along it. Sure it wasn’t what they had planned but they were at least surrounded by pumpkins and that had to count for something right? As they ate in the gazebo and made small conversations their nerves were growing since they knew that the time to confess was getting closer and closer. As they reached their dessert they noticed that it had run cold so they shyly went into the house once again to ask the old couple if they could use their microwave.

“I like microwaves a lot…”

“Haha I know baby. So we were permitted to use the microwave and as I saw her excited back facing me; I gained the courage I needed and hugged her from the back.”

“You were shaking a bit when you held me. But After your confession we were both shaking so it didn’t matter.”

Reina smiled as she heard the lover’s story about how they had confessed their feelings in front of a microwave. Sure they were nervous and sure it was quite funny how Mako’s plan didn’t exactly go as planned but worked perfectly. But most of all Reina saw that to make the perfect confession both parties need to be together and share the same feelings which she knew Risa did.

“Rei take her to Disney or to some Karaoke…or wherever you want. Just remember, she likes ice…much more than popcorn.”

Ai winked at her as Asami giggled and leaned over to rest on her shoulder. The quiet girl muttered a ‘You can do it!’ to Reina and the kitten decided that she was going to stay true to herself before confessing. She stood up from her seat and went over to hug her friends before going out the door to plan for that date. But something stopped her right before she reached the door and she decided to ask them about it.

“Hey…did you ever tell her that her plan didn’t work at all?”

Asami and Ai looked at each other and began to giggle. That was enough proof for Reina so she left the apartment right after. Both women then shared a sweet kiss as they held hands whilst relaxing on the couch.

“I wish for their happiness. Risa-chan, Reina-chan: Ganbatte!”


I had fun with this. Experimenting with a new pairing lol Thanks for reading!  :peace:

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you stole it from me :lol: :lol: :lol: j/k j/k j/k

that was very amusing and it always nice to experiment with new couples, especially using Konkon.

yes you are getting closer, closer to me realizing you may have to keep writing until you get there.  I don't think many others do know either so you are not the only one :lol:
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@Kurosawa87: Lol stole what?? Dang it... one pairing down only 3,000,000,000 to go :P Hahaha and yeah I have fun doing these experiments. Thank you for reading!
:shocked: Quiet-san....cai-san...  :shocked: you read it!!! And Kawaii-san and rndm-san as well !!!!  :panic:  :bow: Arigato! Hope you enjoyed!

Hey guys! I'm back with another seed. Seed number 26 is up! Now lets was inspired by Father's day... even if that remark may surprise you as you read. But hey, I've had this on my mind for a while and it was handwritten first so...yeah... I enjoyed writing it (that may surprise you as well after you read it.) So I hope you enjoy yoursel as you read seed number 26! [Oh and I didn't know how to name it so lets put it as Revelations lol]


“Babe I’m home.”


Silence was the only thing that replied her as she called her lover’s name. Greeted only by a darkened apartment, she recalled the reason why her only reply that evening was silence. They had fought, and not lightly like other times. This was a serious fight and she knew she had hurt her lover deeply and that angered her. It angered her because her lover was not at fault; it angered her because it was her own reluctance to get closer to the girl what had brought on this fight. Even though it had been two weeks since that incident; the memories from that day were still fresh in her mind.


“Ok girls, you have a one hour break before rehearsals begins once again so enjoy.”

Ai had addressed the girls after their instructor had left for lunch and soon everyone was grabbing their bags to leave for lunch as well. But Reina was stumped as she looked around the studio’s floor for her seemingly lost bag. She hadn’t lost her bag before and she knew just exactly where she had left it, but in its place her cellphone lied and as she picked it up she noticed there was a new message.

\’Bananas are great…Chocolate is good. If you want to eat your food; search for the magnificent Jun!’ JR11-11/

Giggling at the message, Reina followed the address her banana loving panda had texted her. She wanted to be alone with the girl but she didn’t know that her wishes would be fulfilled so soon. As soon as she got to the Janitor’s room on the eleventh floor at the eleventh door; she felt her heart beating fast from excitement as well as her stomach rumbling in anticipation since she knew her panda was a great cook. Opening the door, she was met with the smell of freshly made ‘yakiniku’ that was served over a candlelit white cloth covered table. Across from her; she saw her lover sitting there smiling in pure delight as she took in Reina’s expression from the small surprise she had made the girl.

“I hope you’re hungry darling.”

“You bet I am.”

It was no wonder that they would wolf down their lunch, since rehearsals were hectic enough that they would be immensely tired and hungry, but after every four-five bites they would look at each other and smile. The love-struck cat looked at her lover and took in each beautiful feature the candles heightened as she ate. Her long dark hair pulled back in a bun, her messy fringe that was slightly stuck on her face because of the previously sweaty activity, her big eyes that only looked at her, and her mouth that had stuck its tongue out at her after the owner had noticed her staring. Jun Jun belonged to her; nobody could be as close as she was to the panda and that’s the way she wanted it forever and ever.

“Reina…if you keep looking at me like that; desert won’t be enough to satisfy me.”

The kitten blushed after Jun’s comment but she knew from previous make-out sessions that the older girl desired her so it didn’t shake her up much. Still, Reina wanted to at least please the girl one way or another so she scooted over towards her until she sat on her lap and brought her arms around the panda’s neck to bring them even closer. Jun knew her lover well and after the kitten sat in her lap she deeply looked into her eyes to see if the girl was wavering in her decision. There was a small exchange between the girls and both relaxed in each other’s arms as permission was granted for a kiss.

A kiss that started slow and tempting with both lovers fully taking in the taste in their mouths. Knowing her girl; Jun let Reina set the pace and she complied with the kitten’s every move. It was a sweet kiss; but slowly the kitten’s tongue shyly poked Jun’s lips and the panda granted the access her lover was asking for. Still slow in their movements; both girls explored each other’s mouth and soon Reina tightened her hold on Jun’s neck as she felt the panda’s arms begin to move from the floor; then towards her hips, her stomach, and finally towards her ribcage. Reina visibly tensed but didn’t break the kiss even if her focus was mostly on her lover’s hands. Jun’s left hand slowly glided down to rest on the kitten’s hip as the panda’s right hand rested on the girl’s ribcage before tightening that hold and bringing her girl closer to her so that she could lay over her.


Engrossed in the kiss, Jun didn’t hear her lover and thus tried to deepen the kiss but Reina pushed her off as she repeated once again what she had said. Shakily, Reina took the panda’s hands off from her body and slowly stepped down from her lap as she sat across from Jun once again. The panda was quite irked but Reina was more focused in calming herself rather than explaining the reason for stopping so she didn’t notice when Jun had gotten up and turned on the lights before blowing the candles out.


“It’s ok. No need to explain.”

“No but Jun… don’t be mad.”

Jun looked at the girl right in the eyes and Reina couldn’t imagine what the panda was thinking nor predict her next moves. But Reina gasped and her eyes widened when her lover had made a move towards her to hold her by her midsection and bring her closer to taste her lips once again. Unlike their previous kiss; this one was rough… desperate. Coupled with Jun’s pleading eyes; Reina began to tremble under the girl’s presence and she felt her lover break their kiss but stay close enough to feel the vibrations of her voice on her lips as she whispered.

“How can I not be mad Reina…when I can’t even touch my girlfriend without being rejected and pushed away by her?”


That silence angered Jun even more and she proceeded to claim the lips of the girl in front of her once again. She held the squirming Reina in place and wouldn’t let go even after hearing the girl’s whimpers. Still, the panda knew that what she was doing wasn’t right so she ceased her actions and broke the kiss. She was truly sorry for her actions and couldn’t believe that she could be able to almost force her girlfriend to kiss her against her will. But what she saw in her lover’s eyes was something she had never seen before: Reina was hurt by her actions…deeply hurt.

“Reina…I’m so sor-”


“Oww…Reina…wait! Hold on!”

She ran away as fast as she could. Away from her lover’s voice desperately calling her name and begging her to stop. But the pain in her heart grew more and more as those desperate yells resounded in her name. By now she was crying and running through the unforgiving rain that had befallen Tokyo that afternoon; her thoughts still on her pleading lover back at the dance studio.

‘I’m sorry…it’s not you…it’s me! You’ll only end up getting hurt Jun…’

Her running had ceased by now due to fatigue but she still walked under the rain as the drops stabbed her shoulders after each step she took. The smell of freshly made bread caught her attention and she slowly turned into the direction the smell came from and walked to get face to face with the front of the bakery’s window. Amidst all that pain she was feeling, a smile began to grace her lips as she saw a young girl take a bite out of a freshly made loaf of sweet bread. She remembers clearly how she used to save money each day to go at least once a week to eat something from the local bakery back at Fukuoka, and seeing that this newer generation was able to have this small delight put her heart at a small ease.

But after a couple of seconds she saw that the girl had been called by someone and she had replied with her brightest smile. Curious as to who may have called the child she saw a man in his 30’s walk up to her with open arms that were soon filled with the girls small body as she eagerly hugged him and called him ‘Papa’. He was smiling proudly at his child and both shared an honest hug before they felt a third person’s stare as they embraced each other. But when they looked over the window of the bakery only the rain greeted them.

‘Why wasn’t my Papa like…’

~End Flashback~

Her memories had triggered yet another round of tears to fall from her eyes and soak not only her cheeks but the armrest of her apartment’s sofa. Grateful that both her mother and brother were out for the day; she released mournful cries that were muffled by the cushions on that sofa. Heartbroken, empty and alone; that’s how she found herself that evening… Plagued by guilt from the actions she had taken that afternoon two weeks ago and scarred for life because of events she was powerless against. She didn’t know how much time had passed whilst she was in that position but neither her mother nor brother had returned home and the sun had already settled for the day.

‘It’s been a long day Reina… you need a shower.’

Agreeing to her mind’s request; her tired body slowly stood from the sofa and trudged towards her room to take some pieces of clothing with her to the bathroom. In her bedroom; she took in all of the pictures that evidenced just how far she had gotten in that relationship she held with her loved one. Her first real relationship…her first true love…but still she felt guilty that she had hurt that special person in such a way when she didn’t even deserve it. Taking her clothing, she went towards the bathroom and stripped off that earthly mantle that covers her frail body marked by years of falsely professed love. Without wasting time she turned on her shower with a warm setting and stepped into it to stand under the falling drops she secretly hoped would cleanse all her worries. Muscles relaxing from the warmth, deep breaths exhaled in an attempt for relaxation, and closed eyes that earnestly tried to get the images from her past away from her vision. She took the soap that lay beside her and began to lather her body and cleanse herself when suddenly her hands came to a stop at a specific spot over her left ribcage.

{“Farmers, slave owners, even normal people like me…we all have something in common and do you know what it is?”

A man said as he turned his cigarette in his finger whilst smugly smiling. He then glanced at the girl on the floor before eyeing his cigarette once again.

“They all put marks on what belongs to them. A brand so to speak… And after their belongings were branded they would have ownership that lasted until death did them part.”

He began to laugh out loud and demanded that the woman who aguishly cried by his side ceased her bawling since he knew the little girl wouldn’t remember this in the future. He then took one last look at the little girl who was clutching her left side with fury filled eyes that met his gaze; and smoked out a puff of his cigarette before deviously smiling in accomplishment.}

Trembling under the shower, she traced her fingers over the imprint on her left ribcage and her anger boiled once again. Before she could explode; she decided to get out of the shower and head into the living room to try and at least watch the program broadcasted at that hour. Not even 15 minutes had passed after she was seated on the couch in front of the T.V when her doorbell suddenly rang. Looking over the clock under her T.V she noticed that it was still early for her mother and brother to come home and they had keys so they wouldn’t need to ring the doorbell. Standing from the couch she went over to see who was visiting at that hour and her shocked gasped couldn’t be hidden after she saw who was at the door.

“Jun Jun…”

“Good afternoon…we seriously need to talk.”

Reina hesitantly stepped to the side to grant her visitor entrance to her apartment. Jun was cold in her actions… border lining plain rude… but Reina knew that she deserved much worse after what she had done so she just motioned for them to sit over at the couch. The panda hadn’t looked her in the eye at all ever since she had gotten to the kitten’s apartment five minutes ago and the silence was beginning to stab at both their hearts so they decided to speak.

“I’m sorry.”

“No…Reina…I shouldn’t have forced you…I’m the one who’s sorry.”

“I shouldn’t have slapped you Jun…you’re right…I’m always so closed off you can never…you can’t…”

Reina began to tear up once again but Jun Jun got closer to her and gently wiped the small tears that had begun to fall from the kitten’s eyes. Afraid that if she kissed the kitten’s lips everything would worsen; Jun Jun opted to kiss her lover’s forehead instead as she shushed her. Holding each other’s hands; they looked into their eyes and tried to show their most honest expressions and feelings of love. The panda, trying to get over this bump in their relationship and bring some happiness back into the kitten’s eyes, stood up and asked Reina to get dressed because they were going to the cinema for an impromptu date. Reina looked at her lover and slowly nodded her head to the panda’s request since she shared the girl’s wish to try and progress in their relationship. As she got herself dressed, she eyed the scar on her left ribcage but a soft touch over it, from the quiet panda that had silently followed her to the bedroom, prompted a whimper to escape her lips.

{“No…please stop…”

Reina begged almost inaudibly against the lips that furiously attacked her mouth. The hold on her hands tightened and her tears escaped as her body kept receiving the unwanted contact. She squirmed and pushed off the weight that straddled her but it was effortless. Then she felt fingers trace over the mark on her left ribcage and her naked and frail body trembled at the rough touch.

“You see this spot over here? This says you’re my property and I can do with you as I please so stop resisting.”

She looked into unwelcoming eyes and felt like prey to this abusive beast. The tears that kept falling never once helped her blur the face of the demon that held her in his grasp but she tightly shut her eyes when she felt something harshly poking between her thighs to gain access.}

“Reina are you ok?”

The kitten took quick and shallow breaths as she was pulled from her memories by her lover. Jun, who was holding her hands in deep concern, looked into Reina’s eyes and searched for something wrong with her girlfriend. Reina was trembling, her heart was racing and tears were beginning to fall from her eyes. Her lover shook her by the shoulders and when the kitten looked into her eyes she could only see the face of the demon that tormented her in the past. Jun could clearly see the suddenly frightened face of her lover and she couldn’t understand what had brought on this pained and scarred expression from Reina so she unconsciously tightened her hold on the kitten. After the hold on her shoulders tightened; Reina began to panic and her shortness of breath was evident to the panda who, after noticing her actions, tried to soothe her in any way she could. But this was too much for Reina and suddenly she fainted.

“Woah Reina! Reina!”

{“No…please stop…”

“Stop? Why? You belong to me.”

A continuous and desperate sob could be heard all around the room as the subdued earnestly tried to free herself from the aggressive hands that touched her all along. She continued to move around trying to escape but she was strongly held in place and the person that straddled her kept marking her body with ferocious bites. Amidst her sobs, the room was filled with the crackling from the fireplace next to them that continued to do its job to warm up the ambience in that cold and unwelcoming room without being disturbed by its occupants.

“You won’t ever leave my side. That, I promise… Even if you do manage to escape; this mark I’ll leave will remind everyone that you only belong to me.”

The person kept biting under her left breast as if to mark the place but she saw an arm reach over to the fireplace and take a hold of a metal rod that, unbeknownst to her, was warming up until now. The lips that were previously biting her; separated from her left side and took ahold of her lips for a second before breaking the kiss and licking her lips one last time.

“Remember this day as the day you shall never leave my side.”

A scream echoed aloud as she felt her skin burning off by the metal rod the person had taken from the fire and placed over her left ribcage. She was tightly held in place as the excruciating pain enveloped her whole body and the smell of burnt skin filled the air. Her thoughts were blank; only focusing on the pain that the rod was bringing her, but the clear sizzle her skin made as it burnt was music to the ears of her perpetrator who imitated its sound and giggled. The torture had already taken her voice hostage and only her tears were left to fall all over her pain contoured expression. And after what seemed like an eternity; the person slowly took away the rod from the now burnt skin and saw how the burn mark adjusted to its new home and revealed its complete form. She opened her tired eyes with much difficulty after being so tightly shut due to the burn and saw the lioness that hovers over her smugly smile and stare at the new artwork imprinted over her small and frail body before sweetly going down and placing a tender kiss over it.

“Now, you belong to me…only me Jun.”


Gasping, Reina jerked up in her bed clutching her left side as the nightmare had woken her up. Sweat was falling from her brow and she proceeded to hold her chest to try and calm her fast beating heart. But the desperation brought on by that nightmare nulled her attempts to calm herself and she kept thinking about what she had just seen; her lover…marked by her own hands… forced by her own selfishness. She couldn’t bear to see her lover as the submissive prey she was under her hands, so she had decided to try and prevent that from happening in any way she could.

‘Jun… if we stay together… I’ll only end up hurting you…’

Looking around her room in search for the panda; she came face to face with her lover who was silently staring at her and drinking a glass of water. Jun’s eyes were filled with tears and her whole being tried to mask her brokenhearted expression to no avail. Reina, after seeing her lover defeated, began to bawl over the knees that were right now close to her chest. It was too late; she did what had been done to her in the past…she broke her…the person she loves the most…she marked her. Jun felt defeated since she couldn’t do what she had promised herself: protect Reina no matter what.


After being so long with the kitten; she knew there was something obscure that she hadn’t been told, yet she didn’t pry into her lover’s life to lean what it was. Still; while Reina was unconscious she kept mumbling as she tossed and turned…mumbling something that to anyone who was close enough to hear was horrible. Her sobs as she kept on mumbling: ‘Papa… itai…yamete…yamete kudasai…please stop, Papa…please… it hurts…’ kept on repeating itself in the panda’s mind  but still she decided to try and mend this broken girl in front of her any way she could so she slowly stood and began to approach Reina.

‘I need some answers Reina…I’m not going to let you suffer alone anymore.’

Sitting on the bed, Jun dried her tears and walked towards the kitten before softly placing her hand over the girl’s shoulder as she held her knees and quietly sobbed. The gentle touch quickly caught the kitten’s attention who in turn gasped as she looked at the panda who was sitting in front of her with clear concern. Jun was trembling…it was a slight tremble but Reina felt her lover’s nervousness as she tried to voice out her request. After a couple of minutes like that, the hold on the kitten’s hand shoulder and Jun fixed her gaze to stare at the girl’s eyes.

“Reina…It’s not easy for me to ask you this and… and I know it will be even harder for you to answer me but… I need to know.”

She nodded at her girlfriend’s request and both deeply sighed as they prepared themselves. Reina knew this was about her past and about the reason why she never gets closer to Jun. Yet since she has never told anyone about this, not even her mother, she was quite afraid to voice out her story for the first time in her life. She thought for a second on how to begin this since she knew that after she began there was no turning back…but she also knew that after she told Jun; the possibility of being left behind by her was very high.

“That scar on your side…your frightened eyes as you gazed into mine…how you never let me touch you…and the way you kept on pleading to your father to stop. Reina; you told me your dad used to hit you when you were young but…it’s more than that isn’t it?”

This was it; Jun hit the nail on the head and was now asking her lover for an explanation. Reina swallowed hard as she prepared herself to answer but when she tried to begin no words would come out of her mouth. She didn’t even notice but she had begun to tremble and take shaky breaths before nodding to her girlfriend’s question.

“Reina…you can’t keep all of this bottled up inside you forever. I’m here…I’ll listen…so please tell me. I can’t help you if you don’t.”

At the panda’s words Reina took a deep breath and mustered up what little courage she had to begin and tell her girlfriend the whole story…her whole story. As she began, she couldn’t bear to look at Jun in the eyes so she looked to the side and spoke. Soon enough, memories from the kitten’s childhood began to be recalled and told to her lover who listened intently.


“Reina, come here!”

A man called for his five year old daughter to come meet him in the living room of their big house. He was resting for the day since he usually works the night shift and taking advantage of the fact his wife had gone out of the home to her own job; he decided to enjoy his time with his precious daughter.

“I’m here Papa!”

The small curly haired girl excitedly ran towards the living room and into the arms of her father. She gleefully laughed as he tickled her sides and she hugged his big head and enjoyed the scent her dear father expelled. She playfully screamed as he began to softly bite her round cheeks and ears before laughing along with her. After their small game he put her down in front of him and she looked at his expression with her innocent wonky eyes.

“I’m bored Reina-chan, Mama left for work so now it’s the two of us. How about we play a game? You are learning how to read in school right?”

The little kitty nodded her head from excitement over playing a game with her loving father that involves one of her favorite activities: reading. He showed a sly smile, which in his daughter’s innocent eyes looked as excited as hers, and began to explain the rules. He picked up a notepad that was set over the coffee table by his side and addressed his daughter once again.

“I’ll write some words here for you to read and give you a reward for each word you read correctly. If you can read it: I will give you a kiss, but if you can’t read it: you have to take a piece of clothing off. Do you understand Reina-chan? Want to play?”

Reina nodded and bounced around as she waited for her beloved father to begin writing words on the notepad for her to read. In her young and chaste mind she kept telling herself to get them all right so she could be showered by sweet kisses from her Papa even if her dear father had rather obscure plans. Soon enough the game began and she successfully read three of the words her father had given her. His kisses were soft against her skin and his stubble made her giggle from the ticklish sensation but as soon as she laughed his tongue traced the spot he had kissed. He kept on writing on the notepad after his daughter read the words and soon enough began to alternate between words he knew she could read with those he knew she clearly couldn’t thus varying the game between kisses and pieces of clothing being discarded from the young girl’s body.

“Can you read this Reina-chan?”



She shivered as he nodded and began to place a kiss over her naked chest before softly sucking on it. Completely naked to his eyes, the girl began to feel uncomfortable under his touch and tremble each time his rough hands felt around her body. He quickly noticed and shushed the girl that was beginning to get frightened before he kissed her on the forehead and sweetly smiled at her. She was beginning to get tired from this scary game but the smile that laced her father’s lips was enough to convince her to keep playing.

‘Papa…he never smiles like this…I want that smile to be mine…’

After another round of words that were both correctly and incorrectly read, Reina found her naked self cradled in her father’s arms as he trailed gentle kissed from her stomach all the way to her forehead. After he reached his daughter’s forehead he eyed the clock that hangs on the wall across from the sofa and placed the girl gently on the floor as he straightened his clothing and cleared his throat. Reina knew the game was over and she slowly began to pick up her clothes from around the living room as he smiled in pure satisfaction. He then gently helped his daughter get dressed as he told her that the girl’s mother would be home from work in a couple of minutes and the girl diligently obeyed him and let herself be dressed by his now soft working hands. He kissed her forehead once again after she was fully clothed and took her by the shoulders before speaking directly at her.

“Reina-chan, this is our special game ok? So let’s keep it a secret from mommy or she’ll get jealous. I love you very much sweetie.”

Reina nodded at his words and she imitated his playful sign by putting her finger on top of her sealed lips before smiling at him. She then proceeded to sit beside him on the couch and began to watch the program he was previously watching on T.V right before the front door opened revealing the matriarch of the home. The young girl smiled as their parents shared a loving kiss after they greeted each other and in her mind decided to keep the secret game she had with her father as that: a secret.

‘I love Papa very much. This is our secret because he loves me as well.’

~End flashback~

The smaller of the two girls was crying by now and Jun only managed to sharply exhale the breath she had held on for who knows how long. Her mind was soon filled with thoughts of hatred towards this man she hadn’t even met. To have touched his daughter at such a young age was despicable and unimaginable to the panda whose parents couldn’t be more caring and loving than they were. She looked over at her girlfriend who was trembling and aguishly crying as she told her story. Still, Jun sat by her side, keeping a safe distance so as to not scare the girl and patiently waited for Reina to continue…but she wasn’t prepared for the startling confession that came from the kitten’s lips.

“That’s only the beginning Jun…from there on it got worse…”


The girl took another shaky breath as she prepared herself to continue. Her hands no longer held Jun’s and her hold on the bed sheets tightened as her fury filled voice resounded in the room.

“When I was seven…Papa branded me with his cigarette. I was taking a shower when suddenly Mama entered the bathroom and saw me. I had begun to take showers alone when Papa and I began to play our game, since Papa wanted me to keep the spots left by his mouth a secret as well, and she found that strange so she went into the bathroom to find out what was going on with my reluctance to bathe with her. When she saw my body…her eyes widened and a horrified look covered her face as she studied every mark on it. She then slammed the door shut and began to scream at my father. I remember touching every hickey and asking myself if these marks Papa left after each of our games was wrong… I remember the feeling of disappointing Mama by keeping this a secret from her but…I loved Papa’s smile too much to let it fade by revealing our secret.”

Jun looked at Reina as she listened to the kitten’s story and she tried to hide her shock when she began to do the math of the girl’s age when that incident had happened. She was quite sure but she didn’t know how to ask and she began to fidget. Reina, in the midst of her tears, noticed Jun’s hesitation and looked at her to try and let her spit out what she was thinking. Jun noticed her lover’s stare and asked the question that was nagging at her.

“But Reina…wasn’t your mom pregnant with you brother when you were seven?”

Reina nodded and her eyes soon filled up with the utmost feelings of wrath a human could manage. It was wrath brought upon pain but she was feeling it as if it was happening once again. The memories of that evening were crystal clear and she looked to the side as angry tears fell from her eyes.

“That’s the reason I had actually gotten out of the bathroom. I could hear the clear yelling from both my parents but in the midst of that yelling; I heard my mother scream after a slap resounded. My father yelled at her some more and I just ran from the bathroom towards the living room where I saw her on the floor crying her eyes out and clutching her stomach as blood dripped from her lip. I truly felt the desire to just murder him right there…he hurt Mama… he hit her knowing how delicate she was at the time…he hit her and grinned. He was satisfied he hit her and even more so when I yelled as well. He then faced me and ran towards me putting my hands over my head before placing his cigarette over my left side. He didn’t even hesitate Jun… he just placed it there…the pain was unbearable but the look in his eyes as he branded me was even worse. My mind was blank but my mother’s scream as he did that was clear and right after; he threw me across the room. I still have dreams about that night Jun… he brands me and then throws me aside after giving explanations about what the brand means… Even though it’s a small thing…it’s the thing that reminds me the most of him and of these events.”

Jun processed all of this in her mind as Reina kept on telling her about the experience. If it was hard for her, she couldn’t even imagine how hard it was for Reina to tell her about it. Jun kept asking herself how could Reina bear this all on her own for all of these years and still live a somewhat normal life. Her thoughts revolved around her lover and she clearly understood the reason Reina didn’t like being touched in any way. But the kitten’s next action brought a gasp from her as Reina slowly lifted her shirt, took Jun’s hand in hers and placed it over the scar so that the panda could touch it. Both were trembling but this small touch brought them closer than ever and suddenly Jun remembered the fact that this scar was acquired when Reina was seven.

“But Reina…if he did that when you were seven…that means there’s more right? You left for Tokyo when you were twelve didn’t you?”

Reina put Jun’s arm by her side but never let go of it and nodded her head since Jun Jun was right. Jun shifted on the bed and looked over at Reina once again as she waited for the kitten to continue. She didn’t think it could get worse but the words spoken by the kitten caught the panda off guard.

“When…when I turned nine…Papa took his perverted game a step further and he… he began to-“

The kitten began to wail as she tried to tell Jun what happened and the panda could only do what she knew best. She took the kitten into her arms and let her cry out her suffering. The small and frail girl that clung to her as if her life depended on it didn’t notice the panda shuffling on the bed to rest her back on the headrest and hold her tighter than before. Jun didn’t pressure her to speak; she just held her close to her chest and let her be. But Reina, after a couple of minutes, spoke again.


The man kept on writing the numbers his calculator gave him as he did the math whilst doing the bills. His unsatisfied face didn’t go unnoticed to his wife, who was taking glances every now and then as she cooked him a meal. He grumbled each time an unwanted sum came up but he still wrote the number down and balanced his checkbook. As he kept on doing the math a strong cry came from one of the bedrooms and prompted him to lose count of what he was doing which in turn made him throw his calculator at the wife.

“Damn it woman! Keep that child quiet or I will!”

The mother, after having been thrown the calculator in her face, ran towards the room where the baby was crying and desperately tried to shush his cries. A tear ran down her cheeks as she cradled her son calming him down and a bruise was beginning to form in her forehead from the previously thrown calculator. Soon; silence could be heard once again in the home before being broken by Reina who opened the front door and announced her arrival from school with a monotone ‘Tadaima’.

“Okaeri, Reina.”

After her father recognized her arrival, Reina hurriedly went towards the stairs to go into her room but she was stopped by her father’s voice. He had put his papers aside and taken off his glasses to look at his daughter.

“Shower, then come to my room.”

He then picked up everything and proceeded to go to his room where he waited for his daughter to finish. It wasn’t long before Reina came into the room because she knew her father hated waiting for her so she took a quick bath and met him there. She slowly walked towards him after he beckoned for her to come closer.

“I truly love the smell of your body freshly showered.”

The man smelt Reina’s shoulders as he kept taking off every piece of clothing from her body and kissing the exposed skin. The nine-year-old sat on the bed as her father kept undressing her and the only thing that kept going through her mind was that she was the one receiving all his ‘love’ and not her mother or little brother and that thought was enough to give her the strength to endure this. Then; the man took off her underwear, grabbed her small hips and brought her closer to him to put his lips on her underdeveloped mounds to suck and lightly bite them. Those bites prompted tears to fall from her eyes and small yelps to leave her lips as she trembled under his rough touch and senseless caressing. Yet he was not over and in a swift move he picked her up and placed her in the middle of the bed. She turned stiff at the action and prepared herself for what was to come as he took off his clothes. His rough lips when he kissed her didn’t do much to muffle the painful yelps the young girl let out as he violently entered her small body.

“Ahh…I needed this. With you I can forget everything. I love you my sweet Reina.”

He said that without halting his actions and the girl could only limply lie under his body as he continued. Her lifeless eyes brimming with tears as well as her small trembles due to the pain she was feeling were the only sign of life from the girl who had already lost all hope of ever living a normal life. Time seemed to stretch on into eternity but still her father had found himself satisfied after a while and slowly exited the girl whilst placing tender kisses across her face. When he was completely out; he eyed his work and his gaze halted at the place they were previously connected which had a thin blood trail that slowly dripped onto the bedspread.

“Whops…to hard. Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get used to it since I’ll never get tired of you. You are the one who always clears my mind when it’s filled with unimportant things. Why Reina…if you were for sale I would always buy…you.”

His thoughts were cut short as his gaze met his daughter’s and an idea flashed through his mind. For the past few months they were experiencing some monetary problems and his daughter proved to be the solution to them. Reina could see in his eyes that a horrible idea had come up in her father’s mind but she couldn’t fathom what it was due to the pain. Her fatigue from the previous work had caught up to her and the girl faded into a deep and tired slumber in a couple of minutes. Still, she heard one last thing come out of her father’s lips before she succumbed to slumber.

“You’ll fix everything my little princess. I’ll make sure of that.”

~End Flashback~

“…Papa…Papa raped me almost daily those last three years I spent in Fukuoka… But that wasn’t all…Papa sold my body to his friends so that he could pay his debts. He then sold me to businessmen, politicians, foreigners, men and women alike… He sold me for a price that changed depending on how they were going to do me…and people paid him regardless of the fact that I was a young girl. Even after paying his debts he continued to sell me…he… he became rich off my body Jun!”

Jun stopped breathing after that revelation from Reina and she felt her whole world crumbling at the words. This was even worse than she had imagined…her lover had endured all that abuse for so long and nobody knew… The person she trusted the most had betrayed her; her own father. As she kept on thinking about it, her strength kept diminishing and the hold she had on the kitten turned limp. She didn’t know when but as she processed the happenings in Reina’s life once again; she had begun to tear up. But she noticed what she was doing quickly and put her own pain behind so as to stay strong for Reina and as she closed her eyes she tightened her hold on the kitten once again. The girl’s crying intensified and she began to speak incoherently amidst her tears. To this, Jun just rocked her back and forth to calm her down but when it didn’t work, she did what she hadn’t done that whole night; voice out comforting words to the kitten.

“I’m here Reina. You’re not alone; it’s going to be ok. I’ll protect you. You don’t need to speak anymore, I get it.”

She had decided. She didn’t know how to begin but she was still going to try and find help for Reina. Jun cradled the kitten whose hold on her tightened and silently cried with her. In her mind she kept wondering that if this happened to her lover…just how many more children around the world have been through situations like this and still try to do their best to live. She didn’t know what to do about this situation but she knew that she needed to help Reina any way she could.

Reina… will she ever be healed from that pain…? 

Can she overcome this…?

Can Jun help her…?

Reina…will she let Jun be by her side forever…?

Many questions kept ringing in the panda’s mind but as she clutched her suffering kitten she didn’t falter in her decision.

‘I’ll never leave your side.’


Phew... nothing much... just that; it needed to be written. I seem to find angst easier to write lol Oh and thanks for reading!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm (june-20-2012)
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JunReina, incredible pairing for many people's entertainment and it was a nice one-shot for father's day
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm (june-20-2012)
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i like the pairing but hey! her father raped her? uh-uh tsk! shocks!!!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm (june-20-2012)
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@Kurosawa87: thanks for reading! It's a new pair for my stories lol they're quite interesting to write about.
@maikeatoot: ?? Hey! welcome to the farm! Lol yeah just something to kind of explain the reason her father was left behind in Fukuoka. (I know my imagination runs pretty wild lol  XD)

So, seed number 27 is up! This is umm lets say an experiment. Humm... Yeah let's call it that. I'm not to confident with this but hey! I had fun so whatever! I hope you enjoy it. Its a 3 part shortie so I will probably update it in the next 2 days? Or something. So without further ado, seed number 27!

Antonym, Synonym, and Verb

Part 1: The antonym of: Brave

We just got here last night but…finally we’re at the place we wanted to see the most. Funny…I keep telling myself that this is something ‘WE’ chose to do when actually ‘YOU’ were the one who proposed this idea.

“Summer is nearing Gaki-san! Let’s go to the beach!”

I was quite shocked when I heard that from you since I still thought we were keeping our distance because of that argument we had a couple of years ago. Sure we made up somewhat during the musical but still we would never become as close as we were in our teenage years. Alas I couldn’t say no after seeing your excited face as you showed me pictures of Okinawa on a magazine page.

You sure are brave…

When we were practicing for the musical, you took the first step in mending our broken friendship. Right now; I still can’t forgive myself for doing that to you but… you still gathered the courage to take the first step and fix what I broke. That’s one of the things I have to say thank you for. I never could have done that…

“Come on Gaki-san! Stop rummaging through your bag and let’s go find us some shells!”

You’re already standing barefoot on the sand and your bikini-clad body faces me as you wait for me to hurry up and change before following you. Now I’ve forgotten what it was I wanted to take out of my bag and I can’t help but to feel excited to take a walk with you along the coast. Dang it…what was it that I wanted to take out of my bag?!... I take a glance back at the place you stand because of the small clattering noises the decorations on your bikini makes. Haha! I can’t believe you’re bouncing around as you hum the lyrics to Shanimuni Paradise!

“Yosh! Let’s go!”

I face you before spinning around and walking towards the coast, your steps falter behind me for a while… Will you follow me?

Steps resume and hurry up to match up mine and I glance sideways and see you with closed eyes taking in the salty breeze. I can’t help but to stare at you. You look beautiful and the way the sun kisses your creamy skin makes you even more radiant. Still…I can’t help but to keep some distance from you, I feel as though a whale could freely swim in the space between us. Well if whales could fly out of the water then yeah…that’s what it could do in the space between us.

When I look once again to your face I see you looking all over the sand and quickly take glances at me. What are you looking at? Do I have something on my clothes?! As I look down I can’t help but chuckle at the sight.

“Reina! Why didn’t you tell me I still have my sneakers and jean shorts on!?”

You giggle and the space between us…both physically and mentally…seems to have reduced. I look at your face once again and that radiant smile melts my heart; both because I helped create it and because it’s directed at me…Wait… is…are you blushing?! You are!

I inspect your face closer and my suspicions are correct: you are blushing!  And now…I feel my cheeks burning as well.

‘I made you smile… Finally…it’s not tears you are giving me…it’s a smile.’

This intense desire to hold your hand fills me and I casually begin to reach over to yours. When I’m only a centimeter away from your hand… I pull back. I know, stupid me and stupid brain for making me pull back at the last second but… I’m afraid still.

I’m afraid to hurt you again. I’m afraid to bring you closer to me only to hurt and throw you away afterwards.

Your hand still sways by your side as you walk and my hand is now close to my hip twitching as it desires to take a hold of yours. But my fears overpower my body and we still walk side by side with a space in the middle. I’m not brave like you are Reina.

In fact…I’m the very antonym of brave.


Part 1 done!! See? I told you it was short lol  :lol: Thanks for reading!

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