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Author Topic: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You  (Read 33728 times)

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Just Another OS
« Reply #140 on: April 22, 2014, 05:07:13 PM »
The fans misunderstood what's going on with Atsumina...

And start spreading the wrong news everywhere...

Great OS there...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Just Another OS
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I really love the way u write all the stories, keep update to another story Ichikawa san. U r a great author :cow:

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✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You
« Reply #142 on: July 02, 2014, 05:01:21 PM »
Updated!!!   8)2
Inspired from a song  :) or two  :roll: or three  XD and mixed it up!  :lol:
Here douzo~  :D

My First You

People said, the first is hard to forget. What about you?
==============  ==============  ==============

It’s been two years since we’re apart…

And here I am once again, in this place, this city, walking around the streets we used to walk together. The buildings, the road, the shops are still remain the same, but the people changed. At this crossroad, standing among the crowd, waiting for the green light. From here, I can see the Tokyo Tower. I remember how you love to take a picture of it under the blue sky, or at the night when the gleaming view of Tokyo Tower is better. The tower remains the same, it’s just that you’re not there.

Walking across the street, there’s an old cafe at the corner of this huge shopping mall. It’s the cafe we used to stop by after school, simply to do homework together or just sitting there, having a talk. I still remember how excited we were, rushing from school to here just to taste their new menus. I wonder if the cafe is still operating there, and also if the owner still the same person.

I wonder… if by any chance… when I turn around to the corner… you are standing there, smiling at me. I will wave my hands at you and call your name. Maybe a warm hug will get it better.

I turned around, and… you’re not there. I laughed at myself, because I felt kinda stupid to have this thought. Standing in front of the cafe, I saw through from the glass wall, the style of the interior remain the same. I bent down to look at the showcase. Their cakes look delicious as always. Then, I moved to see the menu board. I flipped the menu book and laughed to myself, “I could hurt my wallet by tasting all these new menus, and my stomach will rebel too”

I remember, the day when I can’t finish my foods, you will take it all. ‘Don’t waste food’ you always said. Sighed, “I’ll come again another day, it’s lonely to eat all by myself”

Just when I turned to walk away, I saw her, I thought it’s just my hallucination and I rubbed my eyes… She’s really there, our eyes met. I was so dumbfounded that I could not talk or even move. I was standing there and saw her slowly walking to my direction. I took a deep breath and trying hard to raise my hand.

“Long time no see” I waved my hand at her.

“Long time no see” she smiled at me.

It’s so awkward. I don’t know what to say. She is also in silent mode. How about I offer her for a drink with me?

“I…” Just when I was about to open my mouth, the cafe door opened. A tall handsome guy greeted us.

“What are you doing there? Wanna come in and get some drink?” he offered.

“Sure” Acchan answered.

“S-sure” I’m really glad this person came and broke the silence.

He welcomed us and guided us to our old seat, the place we used to sit and have our time. It’s at the corner of this cafe. We don’t really like the crowd back then. It’s kinda feel annoying to hear people gossiping another and some were talking really loud. We find comfortable to sit at the very corner, although it’s small and narrow. And because it’s the closest to the kitchen, sometimes this guy asked us to help him when he ran out of hands. Yeah, we volunteered to be the waitress for a while. This handsome guy is the owner of this cafe, we both love to tease him that time. He is really a nice guy, he is friendly and caring, and generous.

“It’s been really long since the last time I see you both coming here” said the owner.

“You haven’t aged at all” said Acchan nonchalantly, “Still so handsome”

“The same for you both, still young and pretty like high school student” said the owner playfully.

“Get married yet?” I asked the owner intentionally.

He blushed and looked away, “Usual meals right? I’ll go get it for you now” and so, he walked away, his walking pace is a bit faster than normal.

“Running away from the question again” Acchan giggled.

“Yeah, just like before when we asked him ‘You confessed yet’?” I laughed.

“I hope he doesn’t need our help to get him propose to his girlfriend” Acchan was holding her laugh.

The silence come strike again, awkward filled the air as we’re waiting for our meals.

“How have you been?” I tried to break the ice.

“Good” she answered short.

The moment paused for a while and then she continued, “You?”

“Fine as always” I want to know more about her, I want to ask more but I decided not to. It’s enough to see her once again, to sit with her face to face like this, to talk to her once again. But I know I am simply lying to myself, the truth is, this is not enough for me. But I won’t ask for more, past is past.

“Here’s your meal” the owner came with our orders, “Katsudon set and iced caramel latte for you, teriyaki chicken and macha latte for you. Enjoy your meal”

“He remembers perfectly our usual orders” said Acchan.

“Yeah, he remembers not to put onion and tomatoes in my meal set”

“You still don’t eat tomatoes?” Acchan pouted.

I pouted and glared at Acchan, “Tomatoes only go in my mouth when someone force them in”

“Tomato is healthy food, you should eat more~” she took a sip on her macha latte.

I took my drink and, “Aww! This is too sweet!” I put down the drink and took a glass of water which is next to it.

“Silly, you always forget to stir your latte” Acchan took my latte and stirred it, “Look, the caramel all at the bottom”

“Gomen” I smiled. She remembered my bad habit and this made me feel happy.

Suddenly her phone is ringing, “I’m at the cafe at the corner of this building. Just turn left and go straight till the end, you will find it. I sit at the very corner too”

I had a bad feeling about this. I hope this is not what I think it is. Continue focus on eating my food, I need to prepare my heart for this. I must not show any emotions later. And so, a few minutes later, a guy appeared. That guy looks friendly, nice face, tall, neat. He looks nice but I don’t like him. Maybe this is what people called, ‘Hate at first sight’.

“I was worried when you are not waiting in the place we promised” complained the man.

“I’m so sorry. We coincidentally met and decided to have a meal together” Acchan explained.

“A friend of you?” asked the man.

“Uhn, my bestfriend” Acchan answered. She still acknowledges me as her bestfriend? I’m so happy to hear this.

“I never heard you mention any about this bestfriend” he said. Oh, I really hate him now. Did he mention this question on purpose? Acchan never mentioned me? Oh.. really…

“Minami, this is my boyfriend, Onoe Matsuya” Acchan introduced, “We’re getting married soon” she locked her arms with his.

This Onoe guy offered his hand and smiling bright. So bright that it went through my heart like a sharp lance, “Make sure you come to our wedding”

“Sure” I am heavy-heartedly shook his hand.

“After this we’re going to buy some new furniture, do you want to tag along with us?” he asked so friendly and I really really hate him now.

He made me to force myself a fake smile, “Nah, I’m kinda busy here. You two go ahead.”

“Let’s get going now before it’s getting late” he said to Acchan.

“I’ll send you” I got up from my seat and walked to the cashier.

“Let me pay for this, Minami” Acchan held my hand before the cashier accepted my cash.

“No, let me” I refused to let Acchan pay the bill.

Still holding my arm, she told her boyfriend to get the car first because this will be a long argument. That Onoe left a kiss on Acchan’s cheek before getting out of this cafe. But, this is not gonna be a long argument. Taking the chance when Acchan waved at her boyfriend, I used my other hand to give the cash.

“Please come again” said the cashier as she returned the change.

Acchan surprised and staring at me, “Mou, I said I will pay”

“But I paid already” my face show up a victory grin, “Let’s get outside”

In the past, we could spend an hour long to argue who will pay the bill. Then the owner will come out and said ‘Both of you no need to pay. Come volunteer as my waitress tomorrow after school’. It's still funny to think about.

“Do you…” While accompany Acchan waiting for that Onoe’s car, I brave myself to ask her, “Do you still have my number?”

“I have never deleted it” Acchan answered. I tried to hide my smile after hearing that.

“Just call me… or, text me the date and place, and the time when your ceremony is going to be held”

“I will prefer to call you out and give you the invitation hand to hand” she smiled.

This made me wonder, how did you meet him? How long have you been together? What kind of person he is? What is his job? Is he reliable? There’re so many questions in my head and it will only be inside my head. Looking at her happy face, I wish that Onoe guy is really her Mr. Right. I wish them happiness.

“How about you?” Acchan changed the topic, “Got a boyfriend yet?”

“No one wants me” I answered playfully.

“Be serious, Minami” she gently smacked my head.

“Really, who will want a barbarian girlfriend like me?” I joked. It’s better than be serious. “I will blow up their house everytime I get into the kitchen. Hahahaha”

“Minami…” Acchan stared at me with a serious face, looks like she wants to say something.

[Tuuut Tuuut]   Onoe’s car arrived.

Acchan’s face looked so serious right now and it made me fear to hear what she wants to say. I pushed her back gently, “Your boyfriend is here. Get going now”

Her boyfriend parked the car and got out of it to open the door for Acchan. Before get into the car, she waved goodbye at me. I smiled and waved back. As the car fading from my sight, my smile also faded. I went back into the cafe and occupied my seat.

The owner saw me and confused, “What brings you back here? You forgot something?”

“Bring me all the new menus, no tasty no pay”

“All by yourself? The owner asked.

“Do you see anyone else sit here except me?”

The moment was silence for a while, then the owner patted my head and smiled, “Eat all you can, my treat.”

“I’m so lucky today” I answered with a playful tone.

This is… just like that time…


Two years ago…

We came to this cafe to celebrate our graduation day. I am so excited like usual, wonder if the owner had made something new to congratulate us. But, what unexpected is…

“Minami…” This is the first time I ever saw Acchan looked at me with serious face, “Let’s be just friend”

“Okay” and I answered without thinking. Anything she wants, I will say ‘okay’. And then, I really regret it later.

“I’m sorry Minami” I saw tears crawling down on her face.

“Don’t be” I offered my thumb to wipe her tears. “I think friend is more suits for us”

I have known Acchan since middle school. She is the nicest friend I have. We almost had most of our time together, in the school and after school. Go to school together, doing homework together, skip classes together, fooling around together, re-take exam together. When I first met her, she is a complete stranger to me but somehow I feel familiar. We get into the same class and she sat next to me. Since that day, we’re always being together. This is the first time I get so attached for a person. This is the first time I never get tired with long chat. This is the first time I get excited waiting for this person to call me or text me.

Unfortunately, this friendship I cherish the most, ended, at the time I realize that I developed feelings in her. I realize that I see her more than just a friend. Three days ago, before this graduation day, I confessed to her.

That day was windy. We’re hiding on the rooftop, to avoid being called by teachers to help them doing the preparation for graduation day. Resting our backs on the fence, we shared my earphones and enjoyed the music from my mp3 player. She fell asleep on my shoulder. Her face is so angelic and peaceful. I didn’t realize that I was staring at her, closer and closer.

Until she suddenly moved her head, I looked away immediately. I was so startled and I could feel my heart pounding hard like it’s about to break out from my chest.

“Minami?” Acchan touched my ear, “Your ear looks so red, are you okay? Is it too hot here? Let’s go somewhere cool”

I pushed her hand away and dropped my mp3 player. “Minami?” she asked with worried face.

“I’m sorry” that’s the only word came out from my mouth.

“Why are you saying sorry for?” she cupped my face to make me look at hers, “You not feeling well, Minami?”

“I’m going to cool my head for a while” I got up and walked away but she chased me and held my arm.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked, “You’re being so cold so suddenly”

“No, you’re not. It’s me” I said without looking at her, “Sorry”

“Minami, look at me when you’re talking!” Acchan got mad.

When I turned around, my tears came down. I felt so guilty for having this kind of feeling developed inside me. We’re both girls, but I… at that moment when I stared at her, I wanted to kiss her. This is not right, something is completely wrong with me. I don’t want our friendship to end.

“Is it because I stole your melon bun this morning, so that you’re upset with me?” she held my hands tightly.

Can’t you read the situation? I want to get mad but I can’t. This strange emotion mixed up within me and it almost burst out. I tried to be calm, “Why would I get mad because of that?”

“Is it… because we’re going to be separated after graduation?” Acchan paused for a while, “We promised to go to the same university together but I failed the entrance exam. I’m sorry that I can’t keep it up to you” she looked so down.

“That’s not it” I tried to be calm.

“Then why?” asked Acchan. Her eyes were teary. Seeing her expression like this, I couldn’t keep it anymore. I wanted to make a bet. If she accepted me, that’s good. If she rejected me, I wonder if we can still be friend like this…

“I’m sorry” I pulled her into my arms, burying my face on her shoulder. I don’t want her to see my face right now, and I am also afraid to see her face after what I want to say at this moment, “I love you, Acchan.”

She hugged me back, “Silly, are you crying because you love me?” She stroked my hair, “I love you too, Minami”

“It’s not the love you think” Still buried my face on her shoulder, I can’t face her, “I love you more than friend. Just like a boy loves a girl, I love you like that.”

Silence filled the air at the moment, she didn’t push me away, she didn’t move. This is the worst feeling I ever felt. Maybe she was disappointed on me, maybe she thinks I’m a disgusting person, and maybe she regret of becoming friend with me now.

“I’m really sorry to have this kind of feeling on you” I pulled back and ran away.

“Minami!” Acchan grabbed my hand. I turned back and looked at her. She’s not looking at me, she’s staring on the floor and tighten her grip on my hand, “I don’t mind… I don’t mind you having that kind of love on me”

Happy ending? Believe it or not, my first love lasted three days only…

Back to the cafe

“I’m sorry Minami” I saw tears crawling down on her face.

“Don’t be” I offered my thumb to wipe her tears. “I think friend is more suits for us”

“That time… I just don’t want to lose you. You are my bestfriend” She tighten her grip on my hands, “I am still confuse, I don’t know if I have the same feeling toward you. At that time when you ran away, I felt that if I don’t hold you, you’ll be gone from my life. I don’t know what to do… I just don’t want to lose you.”

I patted her head and messed up her hair a bit, “I guess I am best to be your bestfriend” I smiled to put her in ease.

After two hours of crying, she finally cooled down. I laughed and made fun of her, trying to make her feeling better. I need to get back the old feeling of being just friend. As usual, I sent her home after we got out from the cafe. We exchanged smile and goodnight. Her smile is still the best.

And so... my first love ended here…

The next day, I was planning to ask her out for lunch. I walked to her house and ringed the bell but no one is coming out. I tried to call her but her phone is not active, or rather the number you are calling is not registered.

Can you imagine how panic I was? I don’t remember well but I think I looked like a mad man, pressed the doorbell over and over again, dialed her number over and over again. I can’t keep my head calm. Finally I broke down. I sat on the ground, in front of the door, trying to hold back my tears. After cooling down, I went to ask the security and he said that the family was moved out yesterday morning. But the question is, I just sent her home yesterday evening.

Why didn’t she tell me she’s moving out? Why she didn’t even say goodbye or at least leave me a message? She disappeared like the wind, leaving no trace. I have prepared myself for this at the very moment I decided to confess to her. But still… it hurts a lot…

Nowhere to go, nowhere to tell, I can only keep it by myself. I don’t want any other people know this… that I fell in love with a girl… and had a massive broken heart… just three days after confession…

Unconsciously, I ended up in front of the cafe. I was standing there like a lost child. It was raining out there but I don’t want to get in and I don’t want to move. And then, the owner opened the door and saw me. He was surprised to see me standing there, drenched by the rain.

“Oh my, what are you doing there? Come, get inside?” he invited me.

He gave me clean clothes to change and a cup of warm milk tea. I was sitting at our usual spot, looking outside the window. I saw people were busy walking here and there with umbrella in their hands. Traffic light wasn’t working and the car’s horn everywhere.

“It’ll become cold if you’re not gonna drink it” said the owner, suddenly standing beside of me.

“Oh” I took a sip of the milk tea and put it back on the table.

“Looks like she will be very late” he looked at the empty seat in front of me, “The rain is so hard out there”

“She won’t be coming” I said coldly.

“Your drink has become cold, I’ll give you a new one” said the owner as he took my drink away.

“Do you have spicy food?” I asked.

“Yes, may I have your order?” said the owner.

“Bring me everything spicy. I demand the spiciest each of it. No spicy no pay”

“What a picky customer I have today” he scratched his forehead.

“And…” I asked before he walked away, “Do you have sad songs? Can you turn it on for this whole day?”

He just smiled and patted my head, and walked away to get my orders.

I’ve been sitting there till the next morning. Listen to the sad songs whole night. The owner didn’t chase me out. He opened the cafe for 24 hours for me that day. He didn’t ask me to pay my bill either. He said it’s on his treat. Thanks for giving me a warm place in that raining day. After torturing myself that night and drowned myself into hellish time, I feel better now.

Flashback End

I was crying that time but now, I am here with a smiling face. Because I got to see you again and you let me know that we’re still friends. Let’s stay just like this.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, there’s a new message. And I can’t prevent my teeth from showing on my face when I read it. I will make sure I won’t break our friendship ever again.

[Let’s have lunch together next time without my boyfriend interrupts us *wink*

                                                                                             From your super lovely Acchan]

My First You End

Thanks for reading minna-san!  :tama-lotsaluv:  :tama-bye:
(Currently is working on Black Cat Chap 15  :) )

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You
« Reply #143 on: July 03, 2014, 08:24:49 AM »
Poor Minami...

It was very hard getting over 1st love

But she met Atsuko again after sometimes...

The old feeling came back again...

Very realistic story and very true...

Great going there...

Is there a continuous for this story?

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

Thank you

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You
« Reply #144 on: July 06, 2014, 01:28:54 AM »
It's me or jphip was in maitenence before??
Well, I hope u will continue this ff Author san, not only os. Beside, Acchan has broke up with Onoe rite??
And we still dont have idea, why did Acchan move out

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