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Author Topic: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER  (Read 28274 times)

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [A Modern Day Fairytale] Part Three -- 12/DECEMBER
« Reply #100 on: December 22, 2011, 11:02:10 PM »
Eri-hime... It's been so long since I've heard anyone called her princess. Brings back memories. I miss Eri and happy birthday to the turtle.

I love how descriptive you are when you write. I can totally visualize everything happening. Although AiEri isnt my favorite Eri pairing, I can accept it because you are the author =)

I'm quite takenaback that Eri would initiate something. But I'm guessing this is the start of a new friendship between her and Cookie. And though Cookie's behavior of watching a customer so closely when she didn't know her seems somewhat stalkerish, it is still sweet in a way.

I can't wait to know what happens next. Thank you for an amazing update. And like rnd, I also longing for Secret Admirer =P

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [A Modern Day Fairytale] Part Three -- 12/DECEMBER
« Reply #101 on: December 23, 2011, 05:28:57 AM »
yay! new chapter~!  :D and it's AMDF double yay!! ^^
OK, first of all, i'm sorry it took me so long to comment u.u' i'm really sorry but I was really happy when I found out you already wrote it and post it ^^

So it's AiEri after all!!  :shocked OMG! I didn't know ........... ok I totally knew all the way even before chap. 1 XD

This chapter is sooo sweet specially the end ^^

If somebody’s to ask me what I love most about her, I don’t think I’d hesitate. Her eyes. Second only to that smile, of course.
Such a cute way to start. And yeah I totally agree here, although first is her eyes, that smile too .... can we have two #1 here  :lol:

aaww negative Ai, just like me. I can totally related except for the fact that ... she run away from home :O poor Ai-chan :'(

Ah Yaguchi-sempai always there as a father figure for the little ones  :)

"I just felt like getting it cut and bleached. I’m sorry. I’ll dye it with a more appropriate colour and let it grow out properly"
Please do Ai-chan. I was never a fan of that hair style o.0 .... although I have to admit she did look good (but then again Ai looks good on anything)

Drawing in a deep breath, I reached out, balloon strings in hand. But as they passed, my paw was brushed away with polished indifference. Without even a look, a grunt of acknowledgement or apology that would’ve made things somehow more bearable, they pushed me away, immersed in light banter amongst themselves.
aaw don't take it personal Kuma-san, i'm not going to lie, it totally suck when people do that. I used to do almost the same as Kumai-san except it was fliers, people can be really rude sometimes ¬¬*

I was turning to leave, storm off, whatever the hell my temper would bring me to when I spotted her. One of the girls who had been travelling in the group stopped and signalled for her friends to go on. Then she came back.
haha i'm surprise but not so much, knowing Eri woul be dying to have a balloon (I'd too :P)

this extremely alien sight of her asking to be tended to had me grappling for a mental (and physical) foothold
:rofl: and that's just a little bit of what a Erien she really is xD

I handed her a balloon. She took it from me, flashing me the cutest, toothiest smile I’d ever seen, her eyes shrinking into two lovely crescent moons.

“Ganbatte, Kuma-san!”
Aaaawwwww~  :heart:
definition of cute right there :P

then swivelled clumsily on her heel to run in the (wrong) direction after her friends. After a moment she slinked back into view, laughed sheepishly at her little stumble before taking flight in the right direction towards the entrance.
:rofl: so... Eri

Can't blame Kumai-san's reaction after that. It's amazing how a single person can make so much impact and turn around your whole world  :heart:

I’d try to recreate the whole scene in my head: my movements, her movements, our connection, every little thing down to the very last detail. I sweated over the extraneous bits too: the weather, the exact spot of concrete I’d been standing on, how far she’d been standing from me, how many balloons I was holding, what colours, in which hand.
there are not enough hearts for this :heart: :heart: :heart:

I always felt a little bad – felt almost like a stalker.
yeha ... almost  XD

In the three years that have passed, I’ve learnt a lot about her.
Not a stalker at all!!!!

Wednesday was the only day of the week that I’d noticed a certain other girl there – the tall one with the short blonde hair and the extremely cool aura about her. I also noted, quite reluctantly, how Eri seemed drawn to this girl. At the beginning, she was always getting close, and then closer, but at the last moment never seemed able to muster the courage to talk to the mystery blonde.
Ok, i gotta be honest. I'm still getting used to this YossiexEri thing going on. This should be interesting in the future if there's more into the relation (is going to be more of their relation?)

Eri-hime!!  :wub:
“I don’t know how I could forget.”
XD i'm pretty sure you know, after all that's just who you are and don't push it Kumai-san you perfectly know you could also forget about it xD

I can tell, even before the night ends – it’s the start of something special.
:heart: :heart:
See so cute!!

Seriously! Thank you so much for this! ^^
and sorry again for not commenting sooner  :sweatdrop:

Looking forward for the next chap.  :D
Twice took over my life and I'm not the same since then ♡
My love for H!P will never die ♡

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [A Modern Day Fairytale] Part Three -- 12/DECEMBER
« Reply #102 on: December 24, 2011, 05:53:36 AM »
ah ithink all i've wanted to say has been said so i'll just leave this here as a little modivator for ya bee-chan~  :deco: sorry if they're too big ^^;

gah kiwi sucks at drawing ppl in costumes ;3;
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Re: STORIES OF US --- [A Modern Day Fairytale] Part Three -- 12/DECEMBER
« Reply #103 on: December 27, 2011, 01:52:54 PM »
^Thanks for the comments, guys - will respond when I write up the next chapter for fairy tale  :deco:
Sorry this is late. =___= For some reason, I had the busiest (but funnest) Xmas ever and couldn't find the time to just sit and write this, even though I was dying to. It's a little rushed and might be extremely corny (I haven't read it properly from beginning to end yet), but I hope everybody can enjoy ;____;
Merry Belated Christmas to everyone! Thanks to waiwai for helping me out with a few ideas here.  :love:

This Xmas one-shot is written for and dedicated to hammy (lil_hamz). I owe her for something but she wouldn't let me repay her with a physical gift, so this is for you. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing many things with me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! :heart:

A L L   I   W A N T   F O R   C H R I S T M A S

“Merry Christmas, Niigaki-san!” calls out a voice as one very tired and pensive-looking Hello! Project leader teeters up the driveway to her house.

Niigaki Risa halts momentarily to turn to the source of the voice. Her face softens in reflex and she even manages a smile at her 17-year-old teen neighbour, a somewhat tasking smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes, but a smile nevertheless.

The city’s gripped by relentless Christmas fever. Though it’s evening, the streets, dressed in dazzling lights, are still littered with both car and pedestrian traffic. Christmas is everywhere, manifesting nearly on every lawn, around every street intersection, on every passing face.

Still, one person isn’t exactly having a merry Christmas.

“What’s the matter? No date on this special night?” inquires the same teen from a post just outside her house, a few friends chirping away beside her.

Bull’s eye! The vision of an arrow piercing cleanly through her heart flashes through her mind. “Something like that,” Risa says, shrugging in attempt to pass it off casually. She knows she is dealing with a frighteningly shrewd person though, having inevitably conversed with the girl on numerous occasions. She wants to end this conversation and fast. “Merry Christmas, Kamiya-san!”

Then, granting herself the satisfaction of a quiet sigh under her breath, Risa whirls away and heads towards the front door. She sets down her duffle bag. Hesitating, the bean steals a look back over her shoulder. She’s keen to escape into her house and rest her sore body, but then there’s the ache of having to deal with the loneliness of it too.

Ai had to cancel weeks back because the Tokyo final of her Dance of the Vampire play happened to land on Christmas Eve, tonight, and she was obliged to (as she put it) celebrate with some of her co-workers after. Risa hadn’t taken too well to the news, but she had made sure Ai acknowledge that it was because both of them were busy, with Risa’s freshly conferred H!P leader responsibilities and now concert rehearsals being in full swing.

So just earlier she’d spent some time hanging with the group members and thinking to herself how great it was to have them all together, including the Juukies. But before she could invite any of them back to her place to revel in the coming of Christmas, Sayu had ushered (or tricked) her into a taxi (whose taxi driver was suspiciously stubborn not to let her out), then messaged her quickly after that declaring, ‘Leader should head home to have some much-needed time-out and Sayumi will take care of the rest! Hearto hearto hearto’. Damn Sayu and her impudent subleader aspirations!
Then there was her family, who she could always trust to be there when all else failed (yeah right). Last night, they’d upped and left to spend Christmas at the wayward request of some distant relative who Risa isn’t even sure exists. Truly head-scratching stuff. In any case, they’d at least had the decency to check in with her and promised to call again tonight.

She turns back to the door, unblinking, gives it one long, penetrating stare. Maybe… maybe she ought to catch up with Sayu again, or even see what a certain turtle is up to. Or better yet, the two are together right now and it’s the perfect opportunity to bomb on their undoubtedly romantic night (Sayu would empathise with her, right?).

“You should hurry inside and check to see if Santa Claus has left a gift for you!”

The words come across slightly mocking to Risa, and she tsks, snapping back once more to see her young neighbour still watching her with undue diligence. “I’m not so sure about that!” she singsongs back, then says more quietly to herself, “Been breaking a few rules…”

Her thoughts linger back to the evening of September 30th. Tingly warmth wells up like a Christmas song inside, and the bean feels herself split into a smile.

The moment of bliss quickly subsides though, as a pang of cold hits her face and she realises that she’d been so deep in reverie that she’d unconsciously leant forward into the door. She shakes her head, blinking. “Ah-ahh. Ai-chan, why am I not with you right now?”

The idea of spending Christmas alone is just a tad too tragic for Risa’s liking (and her ego, admittedly). She picks up her duffle bag, swings it over a shoulder and turns away from the house.

“You’re leaving?”

Bathed in a giant pool of shadow, Risa quirks a brow. “Yes.”


“Kamiya-san, just why are you so interested in what’s happening on this side of the fence?”

The teen falls into silence. The twittering from her Christmas companions die down.

“We’re fans!” pipes up one of the friends. Heated whispering and flurried slapping ensue before Kamiya addresses the older girl again, taking a rash step towards her.

“Instead of lugging around your bag, why don’t you leave it at home? Take some time to maybe freshen up your appearance as well. Niigaki-san’s obviously been rehearsing very hard, but you don’t want to let that show tonight...”

How rude! Risa decides not to dignify that with a proper response (the Kamiya teenager, however, does not seem privy to the hostile scowl thrown her way on account of above mentioned giant pool of shadow) and in a huff of indignation, marches back to her house.

Once she’s spent long enough fumbling with her house keys and the door’s finally slammed shut behind her, she releases the storm churning inside: “WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!

Deep down, Risa knows her resentment stems more from the fact that she’s not with Ai than anything else, that Ai hadn’t tried harder, that she’d seemed only slightly apologetic that she’d be spending Christmas Eve without the bean. A 17-year-old trying to school her hurt nowhere as much.

With a burst of childishly undirected anger, she lifts her duffle bag to shoulder height, takes a couple of running steps and heaves it across the room.


A whimper.

Something isn’t right. The bag had connected solidly with something even before crashing to the floor…

Risa stills, her vision slowly adjusting to take in the warm candlelit glow of her lounge, the twinkling Christmas Tree lights in one corner and finally the crumpled form on the floor next to her couch.

Her heart catches in her throat.

A hesitant step forward, and then another. The candles and the Christmas Tree and every little push throughout the day for her to head home and it’s starting to come together. “GAHsgvvdsananneehhhhhhhHHHHHHHH????!?!” She rushes over to the figure and drops to her knees beside it.


It really is her! Weak with relief and a little numb, Risa floats somewhere between laughter and tears as she looks dazedly down at her equally dazed girlfriend. The older girl has the bridge of her nose pinched and her other arm slung over her eyes. She groans. “Merry Christmas…”

“Ai-chan, daijoubu? Let me see!” One arm braced around Ai’s neck, Risa grips her wrist, the hand which is clamped firmly over her nose, and timidly the older girl allows her girlfriend to pull it away. Oozy red spills down her front. 

“Yabai!” Risa sweeps her eyes about the place. “Stay still,” she orders, grabs a sofa cushion to slide beneath Ai’s head before setting her down carefully. She shoots to her feet. The abrupt forward motion causes her to stumble clumsily, though just before she hits the ground (and ends up as incapacitated as one other), she manages to catch herself with spread palms.

She comes back with wads of tissue and some water. Ai is still lying stunned with pain, now spread-eagled on the floor, looking for all the world wounded and helpless. Her nose is left untouched, thick blood dripping freely and miserably over her lips, dribbling down her chin.

“Gaaaki-saaaaan.” Her voice cracks in agony. “Itaaii.”

At first Risa doesn’t say anything. She only goes about the chore of quickly cleaning Ai up, a little more roughly than she had intended, but still with an air of worry and caring. While Risa cleans, Ai seems to recover somewhat and begins pointing to the dinner table a few feet away, trying to shift Risa’s attention to the food she had spent all morning preparing. It was the first full-scale meal Ai had ever cooked, and her voice takes on a chipper quality as she explains to Risa how she’d had to consult the internet about a thousand times and call her mother every half hour to ensure she was on track. When finally the food had been prepared, she’d gone back to Tokyo to do her last show. Once the show was done, she’d travelled straight back to Risa’s house to finish setting up for the surprise.   

Hearing all this, Risa wants to say something but her voice has shrivelled up and she can’t seem to find it. The older girl’s bewildering presence has eclipsed everything; Risa’s eyes can’t leave Ai, she doesn’t want to survey the rest of the house, not even to appreciate at a glance the food the older one had so painstakingly made for her.

Frustrated that Risa won’t give the food any attention, Ai grabs the younger’s jaw and attempts to direct her gaze. The bean stops her with a hand. She helps the older girl slide up and sit back against the couch, glad to note that the nosebleed has stopped.

Risa thinks she’s found something to say, but when her mouth opens, the words lodge in her throat and her mouth snaps shut again.

There’s a moment of what almost seems like a stare-down between mother and child.

Deciding to give up on food, Ai asks, “Did you miss me?”

Risa sidles up to her, cups Ai’s cheeks in both hands, caresses them. She continues to look at the girl in disbelief.

“Are you glad I’m here? Did you think about me all day?”

Risa leans in and presses her lips against Ai’s, firm and insistent, silencing her. 

“I couldn’t stop thinking about yo–” Ai begins the moment there is a break to speak, but is promptly interrupted by her girlfriend’s lips again. “Mmmmm, Risa.”

The pressure of the bean’s lips this time is gentle and seeking, and Ai melts into it, responds to it instantly with a soft noise of appreciation. She slides her arms around the younger girl, tangles her hands in her hair and pulls her closer. At that, Risa crushes her lips to Ai’s, deepening the kiss until it’s almost clumsy in its fervour. She pushes her tongue in, can hear the pleasure bubbling in the older girl’s throat as their mouths slide against each other’s, hot and moist. Tilting her head to find another angle and a perhaps a different taste, Risa realises almost immediately when their noses brush too roughly that she’d hurt Ai. Ai yelps, drawing away sharply as a hand springs up to cover her nose.

“Gaki-san!” Ai chides, her face contorted in a half-smile, half-grimace, eyes now brimming with a fresh round of tears.

“Sorry, sorry.” Risa reaches a hand around to rub the back of Ai’s neck in soothing, circular motions. “That looks serious. I think we should go see a doctor.”

“Not now! It’s Christmas! And I don’t think it’s anything serious.” Ai wiggles her nose in demonstration. “The pain will probably go away soon… besides, I kind of have my own doctor here.” She gently taps her nose and raises her chin a smidge, leaning closer to the bean. 

Lightly, ever so lightly, Risa kisses the tip of Ai’s nose. “Who knew? That I was getting my own red-nosed reindeer,” she says, chuckling. After a moment’s pause, she adds, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Obviously, with a kiss like that,” Ai giggles, running feather-light fingertips along the bean’s jaw. “I supposed you needed to do that?”

Risa remains silent this time, just keeps looking at Ai. Her breathing feels wrong, it’s all jerky and light, she can’t still it.

“You’re not talking a lot today,” Ai says, looking slightly concerned. She places the back of her hand against Risa’s forehead, tests her own. “Are you feeling okay?”

Risa bats her hand away. “I… I wasn’t expecting you.”

“That was the plan.” Ai grins. “Probably just the way I was hardly expecting your bag flying 100 miles an hour into my face.”

“I didn’t see you there! Creeping around in the shadows like that. How was anybody supposed to know?”

“Well, next time you decide to pull something like that, please give me some kind of warning in advance.”

“‘Who the hell does she think she is?’ at the top of my lungs not good enough?”

Ai laughs. “… And who were you mad at exactly?”


“Was it me?”

Ai looks at her expectantly, waiting for an answer.

Risa breaks eye contact for just a moment to mumble, “Aren’t you supposed to be celebrating with some other co-workers right now?”

Ai hangs her head in an exaggerated look of defeat. “Mouuu, you sound like you don’t want me here…” With a telling grunt of effort, she lifts herself up to her feet, her girlfriend following suit.

“That’s not true!” the bean blurts out quickly, drawing one of Ai’s gloved hands and cradling it with both of hers. “You have no idea how happy I am right now… it’s just… I’m not used to surprises.”

Ai pulls a face. “You think I am?”

“No, judging from the number of concussions I’ve taken to the head from your flying hand.” Risa rolls her eyes. “And wow, I so understand now why you hit people.”

“See? And you’re always saying I’m needlessly violent.”

“But it’s always been me surprising you, hasn’t it? At least, it feels that way.”

“That’s right. Which was why I had to make sure my Gaki-san wouldn’t try to surprise me this time around,” Ai says, mischievous glint in eyes as she nudges Risa with an elbow.

“I don’t think I would’ve been able to even if I tried,” Risa says, sighing. “Concert rehearsals have had an iron leash around my neck. I apologise for not even thinking about surprising you and receiving much-wanted blow to the head.”

Ai reaches out again, rubs a hand up and down the bean’s arm. “You’ve been working hard, haven’t you?” she asks, voice so soft and so lovingly enquiring that Risa feels her eyes well up unexpectedly.   

“Unn. The both of us have.”

“Ja~ would you like to hit me right now? For surprising you?”

I think I surprised YOU more, Risa wants to say, but instead she just looks the smiling Ai up and down, for the first time in the night really paying strict attention to her appearance.

A red Christmas outfit quite like nothing she’d ever seen on her girlfriend before. Ai’s slim hips are girdled with a black belt that complements a strapless one-piece dress rimmed with white fluff at the bodice, revealing bare, creamy shoulders and arms. The hem of the dress sits high and bouncy on the her thighs, while her lace top red fishnet stockings are crowned by Christmas bows which match the one sitting at the top of her bodice. A fluffy-rimmed hood and chic red gloves finish off the ero-kawaii look.

After she’s allowed her eyes to wander the length of Ai’s body, stopping to linger in places, a stinging sensation begins behind Risa’s ears. “Seriously? With you looking like that?”

Risa looks down at her own straight-from-practice-jersey-pants-and-hoodie look, feeling slightly more mangy than usual.

“Ah~ What do you think? Dou?” Ai steps back with a flourish. She twirls on her toes, following up with some hip jiggling and a few signature Morning Musume dance moves that Risa hasn’t seen her perform in longest time.

There’s a quietly confident fire in her eyes as she puts herself on show, and when that exquisite smile flowers to life, the bean’s breath almost stalls in her throat. 

Not once does Risa take her eyes off her girlfriend. “Wow.” She snakes both arms around an Ai-chan who still hasn’t finished dancing, bringing them closer so as to rest her cheek against Ai’s chest, to snuggle up real tight. She clutches onto Ai with a furious dedication she hopes the older girl can feel. “You’re so wonderful,” Risa murmurs as Ai returns the embrace. And ridiculously sexy. “The best Christmas gift ever.”

The both of them are still young and unseasoned in the game of love, it’s so apparent now as Risa observes the physiological change taking place; her churning stomach, the tingling pulse, how easily she is swept by an absurd and sappy tenderness for this girl as she lifts her head, drives her face right up to Ai’s and rubs her nose affectionately against the older girl’s, her own face scrunching up in adoration when Ai winces at the contact but doesn’t pull away.

This all-consuming, heart-racing kind of love she’d begun to think would never happen for her. 

* * *

Graduation night had marked a new phase in life for them, Ai thinks.

She often finds herself carefully constructing fantasies in her head when she can afford the mental workout (like waiting for Risa to come home for her Christmas surprise!): what it would’ve been like if they’d gotten together earlier, what exactly it is about her that Risa likes.

Ai had always thought the bean to be painfully straight. It was part of the reason why some subliminal part of her brain smothered any breath of an idea that went against H!P idol convention – the thought that Risa would be attracted to her, that they could be together. But then again, the bean had argued fiercely (after they got together) that Ai had made a very convincing case of having the hots for (way) older men, so that kind of balanced things out…

Post-graduation and they’d become so suddenly and acutely conscious of every look and every touch, unused to the idea of dating and exactly what it involved, and, most of all, the outlandish notion that the both of them were more than just friends. The last few months since her graduation have been a tumultuous whirlwind of new experiences.

Over the years as Morning Musume members, the looks and the touches had been innocent, sometimes a little more (especially on her own part), but always kept strictly within the realms of friendship. Now, they make love to each other with their eyes first. It’s like the exhilaration Ai gets when she lands in a country for the first time and the strangeness of it all bombards her. With her senses all jumbled and reeling from the impact, it’s a conundrum in itself figuring out how to react, what to do. Risa’s kiss in greeting now, Risa’s voice on the phone, Risa’s smile when she looks at her. Everything is so familiar yet markedly exotic, for the bean now seems so fresh and fascinating (not that she hadn’t before!), a pristine territory to be explored.

One thing has stayed the same though.

Ai’s had many people hold her, but nobody holds her like Risa does – strong, protective, a calm kind of ownership that makes her all melty and weak at the knees. Safe. Out there in the (big, bad) world, and especially so in the entertainment industry, sometimes it feels as though her life is just one, unending schedule of challenges and uncertainties – heaps of fun, but demanding and at times even scary. But back here in Risa’s arms, Ai is safe and truly home.

“What food?” Risa asks again, still wrapped around Ai but straining her neck as she probes the air with a twitching nose. She’s teasing Ai, the older girl can sense it.

“The food I spent all morning preparing and the same food that’s gone cold because you didn’t come home according to schedule.”

“Sorry,” Risa says. “I was dawdling a bit. Didn’t exactly want to come home to an empty house and celebrate Christmas all alone.”

“For almost an hour… while I drained battery playing pocket FF Tactics.”

“I’ve apologised already, haven’t I?” Risa breaks the embrace and moves to the dinner table, looking ready to begin setting up for dinner.

“What are you doing? No, no, no!” Ai catches up to Risa and gives the girl a well-aimed smack on the rear. “You – have a seat.”

When she shows no intention of doing as told, Ai guides the bean by the shoulders to a chair and pushes her down onto it. The moment her eyes settle on the cold food that’s in dire need of heating, Risa springs right back to her feet. A frustrated whine escapes Ai as she stomps back to seat her girlfriend again, this time making sure the girl stayed put.

“Gaki-san, we’re in this together. You’re always taking care of me, so is it so bad that I want to do the same for you? Please depend on me more. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over a thing tonight and let me take care of you.” Ai plants a kiss on her head and picks up several dishes to take with her.

“What should I do then?” Risa asks as the older girl begins bustling about in the kitchen, the clinging and clanging no doubt adding to the bean’s itch to leave her seat and help out.

“Nothing. I’ve got everything under control, leader. Just relax.”

“I can’t do nothing,” Risa complains. She taps her fingers against the edge of the table, restless, for approximately ten seconds. Then her chair scrapes as she pushes it back, ready to defy orders and get back up.

Ai whips around from behind the kitchen counter, points a knife at her. “Stay.”

Risa slowly sits back down.

After half a minute of silence, Ai decides it’s time to begin laying some entertainment on the bean. Thick.

“If you really need to occupy yourself, why don’t you think about what you would like to happen later?” she calls. “Since I’m your gift, things like, when would you like to unwrap me and what you would like to do…”

Risa seizes up, blushing furiously. She glances over to Ai who’s busy heating things up and portioning their meals, ssexy beasting gleefully to herself ‘heh heh heh’, shoulders hunched and the tip of her tongue poking out.

Risa throws an annoyed look at Ai, face still burning up. “Shhhhh! Only a hentai can laugh like that.”

“If that kiss you initiated earlier is any indication, you certainly don’t lose to me in the hentai department.” Ai giggles. “Let’s be hentai together!”

Risa groans into her hands. “Ai-chan, it’s that dress. I think it’s poisoning you.”

Putting down her knife, the older girl’s face brightens. “Are you suggesting I take it off?”

“No!” This time Risa pops out of her seat and rushes to Ai, who looks in serious contemplation of taking her outfit off. “Gifts don’t unwrap themselves, silly,” Risa says, holding back both of the girl’s hands. She pauses, relishing the sight of Ai’s cheeky grin, something she’d never get enough of. “Allow me to do the honours later.”

Their eyes meet. Risa feels another searing flush crawl across her cheeks, but she doesn’t look away. “Let me help you with dinner.” 

Ai’s about to refuse, but she presses on. “And stop pointing knives at me. That might be the way you do things around your house, but we’re in my house now and that makes me uncomfortable.”

“Sorry,” Ai says.

“There are other ways to persuade people, you know? Violence doesn’t solve anything, Ai-chan.”

“It makes me feel better!”

Risa flashes her a look.

“Doesn’t solve anything.”

Together, they finish dinner preparations and settle down to eat at the table. A red lamp mounted on a wall nearby casts lukewarm light over them, harmonising with the intimate glow of the two candles sitting centre of the table.

They eat and sip in silence for the most part, perhaps wrestling with their own thoughts. A look here, a smile there (and a constant footsie battle beneath the table) and the meal draws to a close. The food, Japanese cuisine with a hint of western influence, is good for a first attempt. But Risa, much to the older girl’s chagrin, spends too much time sharing cooking tips (Ai doesn’t want to cook any more) so she’s thankful when the home phone starts ringing.

Reluctantly, Risa stops imparting cooking wisdom and darts to the phone a few feet away, puts it on speaker and slips back into her seat.

High-pitched giggling and then a voice rings out: “Konbanwa! Eririn calling~”

“Oh! Kameha, Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Gaki-san! And Ai-chan too!”

“Merry Christmas, Eri!”

“Ehhh, she knew you’d be here?” Risa looks over at Ai.

“Everybody knew about Ai-chan’s surprise except you, duh!” Sayu’s voice exclaims from the background. “It was fun playing with you though and knowing that I’ve been doing some good towards the noble AiGaki cause.”

“Tsk. I thought Sayu was being mean and wanted the kouhais all to herself,” Risa remarks.

“That’s rich coming from someone who gets to have Ai-chan in that sexy Christmas dress all to herself…” Sayu bites back. “I expect lots of photos and a detailed report! ... And you’re not wrong in saying that about the kouhais either… itaiiiiiiiiiiii!” Sayu howls and the bunny and turtle begin bickering in the background, something about Sayu giving away too much of her love and not paying Eri enough attention.

“I wish there was video playback too so we could bring out some popcorn and enjoy,” Risa says, and Ai laughs. She looks warmly at her girlfriend. “You went through a lot of trouble to make sure I was going to come home, and to an empty house at that, huh.”

Ai nods and her lips turn up in a small smile. With the two Rokkies squabbling as (not-so-romantic) background music, the two Gokkies share a sweet kiss over the table, soon interrupted by a voice which blasts into the receiver.

“I have to deal with a turtle tantrum now, thanks a lot. Catch you two soon?” Sayu breathes heavily.

“Hai! Merry Christmas, Sayu! Thanks for all your hard work!” Ai-chan calls, her girlfriend quickly echoing the sentiment.

“Merry Christmas! Don’t have too much fun now! We need Gaki-san back in-” A turtle shriek goes off and then the line clicks to an end.

Risa laughs merrily, thinking how adorable her two kouhais are and how she’d love to hang with the both of them again. A part of her continues to wish that Ai-chan hadn’t been so… taken by Lin Lin – not that that had been a bad thing of course – at the time, she was comforted to see Ai had found somebody who shared so many similar interests, someone who just clicked with her. Still, Risa is a little grudging of how well they get along even now, and wonders how much more fun it could’ve been if Ai had been there too, with Risa and the crazy SayuEri pair she so adored and wanted to share with her best friend. Times when the four of them had been together were some of the best times ever.

When Risa climbs out of her trance and peers closely at Ai, she’s surprised to find the older girl’s a little misty-eyed.


“It’s nothing…”Ai bites down on her lip. “Just hearing them like that... I miss having all the girls around. It sometimes gets a little lonely at work now…”

Bringing her chair with her, Risa drops down next to Ai. “If I’d known I was getting such a moody present, I would’ve asked Santa-san for something else,” she teases, trying to revive their former light-hearted tone. Ai rocks forward, cries a little harder but doesn’t miss delivering a resounding slap to the other’s arm. The bean slides said arm around Ai’s waist and gives her a reassuring squeeze. “C’mon, Ai-chan. You have so many people watching you and cheering you on. You can repay their support by doing your best and being happy, ne?”

The girl manages a weak smile. With an arm snug around her girlfriend’s waist, Risa rests her head on Ai’s shoulder.

“You’re the best, Risa-chan.”

For a long moment, they watch the candlelight flicker, listen to the quiet and breathe in one another’s sweetness.

Something tells Risa to glance down at her Mickey Mouse wristwatch. Ai looks down at it too. They look back up to each other and lock loving gazes.

“Merry Christmas, Ai-chan.”

“Merry Christmas, darling.”

* * *

12:30am, Christmas Morning

Risa asks, “Can I make a request?”

Ai nods. “Anything.”


Her eyes shrink to slits. “Why am I suddenly feeling uneasy?”

Risa slips on a pleading, puppy look (that not even a gay man can resist).

“Hai hai, anything.”

“Will you perform all of Merry Pink Christmas for me, Ai-Pink?”

EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The noise emits from Ai in her very sharp, unattractive nasally voice that’s always been so-un-idol of her. “Yada. Haven’t I been tortured enough with that song?”

“You’re in the perfect outfit for it,” Risa says, laughing. “And I want to see you all embarrassed again.”

“You’ll get to see plenty of that if you’d just unwrap me already.”

Ai(-Pink) spends too much of her Christmas morning performing Merry Pink Christmas for a drunkenly happy Niigaki Risa.

* * *

Sorry for the photoshop fail. Always my last resort when I can't find a way to bloody superimpose a face.  :sweatdrop:
Thanks to waiwai for helping me again. I don't think I'd have found this dress without her!  :heart:

ALSO. I'm sure it won't hurt to remind everybody of HOWFRIGGIN'CUTE embarrassed!Ai-Pink is:


*giddy all over again*

I should be free now. Will catch up with forum properly.  :yep:

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER
« Reply #104 on: December 27, 2011, 03:34:57 PM »
I DONT WANT A LOT FOR CHRISTMAS, ^^^^^^^ THIS IS ALL IM ASKING FOR~ *showers with love and affection* there's not enough "thanks" in the world ahha

(brb to read and edit and cry lol)

EDIT: OMGAH~ the plotting bwahahhaha so adorable <3 leave it to sayu~ scheming devil bunny <3 sayueri were megadorbs though! loved that lil sneak peek we got of those two! Miss em loads =[

and so were gaki's annoying neighbors in on this too? i was kind of confused haha but i was probably too busy screeching about how adorable this was instead of paying attention to details xD anywho, glad to see gaki's crummy christmas ended up being all sorts of fan-freakin-tastic ahhaha with an outfit like that, all decked out with a rudolph nose, i wouldn't keep my hands to myself either ahahha I would ask for a sexy time extension *winku~* but my spazzy imagination can suffice for the meantime (*COUGH*WHEREISSECRETADMIRERJKSDFHLKSDHFKSDF*COUGH*)

the way that ai kept hinting in a not-so-subtle way to gaki about being unwrapped ahha makes u think lawd she must've wanted it baddddd aha oh man, my thoughts always go that direction xD

and rofl the ai-pink xD that video will NEVER get old xD risa, you devil you~

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER
« Reply #105 on: December 27, 2011, 05:09:17 PM »
AH~! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!! :panic: :otomerika: :yossi:

lol it was deffinetly worth the wait lol  i love how risa is actually able to act all jelly in this story XD she does have a right to lol but still it was cute to see her act childish, expessially when she got all pissy and threw the duffle bag XD plusiwith it hitting ai it felt like karma for all of those yrs she's been beating down risa XD though her poor nose felt most of the wrath XDD

of course the gakimama mode was on full force as soon as ai's nose started bleeding and with ai desperatly trying to get risas attention to the food like a kid it was like they were more of a mama and her child than an actual couple XDDD but alas thats hat happens when you have girlfriends like them i guess? XD

ai-chan's threating knife thing made major lol XD thats how she gets things done her way at her place???? my god im surprised her sister's still alive then XDDD and the present talk was ubber cute! thats one way to show how perverted both of them are lol XD

i'd add more but im like spazzy all over this and im gonna reread it again! XD and your welcome for the help~ :deco: i'm always here if you need it~

ps emberassed ai-pinku is thebest present ever...why can i imagine that after a while she threw a pillow in emberassment or something at drunk risa?? XDDD
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Re: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER
« Reply #106 on: December 27, 2011, 07:55:02 PM »
This story is epic. There are so many little things in it that are just... Just so amazing! The tiny details that just define Takagaki. The Ai-violence, the knife waving, footsie under the table, the list goes on. And you bring it all together in such a way that it paints a wonderful picture, including the ending, lol. Gosh, what more can I say to praise this story other than it was worth the lateness!

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER
« Reply #107 on: December 27, 2011, 10:03:49 PM »
Awww that was such a cute x-mas one shot!~ :D  I can't believe that everyone but Risa was in on the surprise lol!~  Were the annoying neighbor children instructed to get her in the house?  They did a pretty good job pissing Gaki off lol!~

Takahashi fam waves knives around o.O  S.C.A.R.Y :O 

Lol they're such lovey dovey love birds XD  I TOTALLY APPROVE!~ <3

P.S. Lol @ Shige's pervy pedo-ness XD

Loved everything about this!  Gonna have to read this a few more times now~  :luvluv1: :byebye:
Hi~iiya!~  (>^_^)>
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Re: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER
« Reply #108 on: December 29, 2011, 09:21:37 AM »  :bleed eyes:

Just the thought of their ~innocent~ love becoming not so innocent heh heh. Seems like Aichan is dying for Risa to unwrap her :twisted: And so am I... *cough* I mean what?

Waaaah this was too cute. Aichan really want all out to make it special and a surprise for Risa :wub: In that dress and all too~ :inlove:

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Re: STORIES OF US --- [All I Want For Christmas] Xmas One-shot -- 27/DECEMBER
« Reply #109 on: January 10, 2012, 12:26:47 PM »
Awww thank you. It was really nothing...only you will bother to give something back. And in this case, it's what I love, fics =)

It was sweet how Ai prepared her Xmas surprise for Risa. I was quite shocked when I read how Ai started bleeding. I didn't know to laugh or tear ^^; I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to include little details that I would have never thought of. Like how Risa's neighbour was part of the scheme (but the poor kid got a mental scolding in Gaki's mind for nothing, lol), or KameShige's random phone call =D Thanks for having our little turtle. I miss her so *sniff*

Mickey wristwatch is so cute! Trust you to think that up. And Ai in that suit just makes my imagination run wild too =P And yes, I adore her merry pinku perf that you have so kindly reminded us of. She gets so shy and that's too adorable for words.

Once again, thank you so so much for this fic. I really appreciate it. Ham is so touched. I hope you had a great new year!

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This is that long overdue comment I meant to write and post eons ago.

Before I begin, let me first say that I still love this fic so much and it truly still stands upon the nth read. Beeeee~ please don’t stop just ‘cause I have!

I started writing this whilst sitting in a plastic chair in the middle of Ikea. (I have photoevidence)

I like the flashback storytelling.

It was nice to see what Cookie thought of her job at first and how far she had come.

Some people, I noted huffily, were even tripping over themselves in their efforts to get away from me. After a while of this, I had to wonder if my rather rotten mood had somehow birthed a cloud of toxic flies above my head.
Given how stinky the suit was, I won’t be surprised if there was an actual cloud with flies.

I love how the Gooch seemed to be so into her job. Name badge! Love it.

“Nahhhh. Before her, I went through Custard and Caramel. Was on the verge of losing my sanity but a few people latched onto Cupcake and off she went. Haven’t looked back since.”
Not forgetting, the unfortunate stint as Cup Ramen and the ostracized Corndog.  Poor Corndog, all she wanted was to be loved.

I have a greater respect for mascots in general after reading this. I wonder if the mascot community have little support groups and stuff?

After a moment she slinked back into view, laughed sheepishly at her little stumble before taking flight in the right direction towards the entrance.
I loled picturing this. I have always loved Eri’s sense of comic timing and this was portrayed so adorably here.

Something strange had begun to stir inside me. In the bear suit, my body felt flushed and tingly all over, like I’d slipped into a skin of fizzy heat. Sapped of bone and muscle, I managed to stagger back a few steps before my legs collapsed and I dropped straight to the ground, onto a cushioned butt.
This is an incredibly wonderful physical description of falling in love. You do these moments so well, even in SA (*hint hint*)

Love the recursion- Cookie’s attempt to memorize and rehash the moment she met Eri within the story’s context. Lit students in the far-flung future will have a field day with this device.

I most especially love how Cookie gets to know Eri more and more in all that time, much like how WE came to know more about Idol Eri. How we saw her grow from being that timid, shy personality into such a robust character.

And then there is Idol Ai. I like the counterpoint to her idol self, taking on the role of Cookie to the point of believing herself void of a personality of her own. Your description of Ai’s angst over this stayed with me for quite a while, you know? I have long since been a practitioner of “fake it til you make it” and now that I have ‘made it’, in a way- how much of myself has been built on something that did not exist before? I really don’t mean this in an angsty way- it was just an interesting like self-observation triggered by that particular scene you wrote.

Srstalk aside, thisss:
Catching her bottom lip between her teeth, Eri grabs a fistful of hair and looks around in obvious embarrassment, finally nodding once and allowing her gaze to drop away. “I don’t know how I could forget.” She turns worried eyes up at me. “Cookie-san, gomen. You came all the way out here and all you got was a horrible scare.”

Despite the urge to rush forward, wrap my bear arms around her and whisk her away and home with me, I keep my feet planted and my arms locked to my sides.
I know the feeling, Cookie. I really do.

If I remember (in)correctly, you mentioned that this story never meant to last very long. The way you wove the story, I think will resound in me for a long time to come. I really REALLY like this mascot thing. Can’t really explain why. The whimsical feel, the theme of transience (themepark, balloons).

After being away from reading anything fictional for such a long while, it is so heartening to actually find that beauty in the craft of words.

Thank you for writing this. Now that my comment on this is coming to an end, I now remember that Bee is an English teacher and I apologize for any errors you may cringe across. Tired, but so very worth it.

"I'm still blaming Sayu for my lolicon tendencies now." ~Essy

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I noticed this thread creeping lower and lower in the list of fanfiction. Coming out of hiding so I can ask if we/I can hope for an update any time soon?? Really refreshing writing. Thanks!

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