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Author Topic: Blank-Faced Woman Day 62 FIN  (Read 11389 times)

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 33-35 6/1/2012
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@darkace more turns coming out but this one was more of a surprise than anything in reviewing my characters

Day 33-35

 The day after the announcement a storm came by limiting the patients to indoor activities.  Ai and Risa stayed in their respective rooms until the daily joint meeting would be given for both of them.  Both walked side by side to the meeting room and no one was there to greet them.

 "Where are they?"  Risa looked over at Ai as she was asking the same question in her mind.

 The women walked over to the offices and noticed they weren't over there either.  Then, Ai looked over at the guards and ran up to them with long strides.

 "Where are Dr. Konno and Dr. Ogawa?"  The guard shrugged their shoulders as there was noise below with people coming out of the room.

 They watched the photographers flashed their cameras as the two doctors walked past them and up to the second level where the women were watching from above.  The swarm followed them until they went into their individual offices.  Ai glanced over at them and turned to grab Risa to avoid any unusual contact with media personnel.

 "Do you think they might be in trouble?"  Risa asked as they were ten feet away from Ai's dorm.

 "I don't know.  We may never know until they mentioned it during the meeting."  Ai began to think that the murder could be the reason for the media but didn't want to accept the faith quickly.

 After a few hours of talking to each other in Ai's room, there was a knock on the door.  The storm wasn't giving any chance for sunlight and lightning started flash across the sky with the accompanying thunder.  Ai opened the door to a worn out doctor who had just awoken from a nightmare and let her inside the room.

 "Afternoon to both of you, I want to talk about the new developments."  Konno said in a weakened tone as she put the glasses over her eyes and looked down at her paper.

 "As you know, there is still an investigation going on over Aki-chan's death.  Despite having the suspect, we are being sued for malpractice in her name.  We had discussed that we haven't reviewed the evidence so liability concerns is still in the air."  Konno paused as she sipped from her coffee cup filled with tea.

 "As doctors, we have little control over the patient's well-being or the visits of the patients' families, so we decided to change that drastically to protect everyone.  We will fit you with bracelets with monitoring capabilities and the hope is that we can avoid further accidents in the future."  The doctor removed her glasses and placed it on top of her head as she glared at both of them.

 Ai smiled at her and gave her a hug as she started to swell over the concerns.  Risa followed up with another hug as Konno understood the feelings from both of them.

 "I'm glad you are still here."  Konno nodded as she looked at her two patients.

 "I feel the same when I heard about the accident and I wish I could have done more for her safety.  However, responsibility is everyone's concern and our lack of it will cost us dearly."  Ai stuck up her hand.

 "We want to support the clinic and maybe talk to them that it wasn't a problem until that day."  Ai suggested as she looked over to Risa for support and she quickly nodded.

 "It will be a problem if you guys are still here."  Konno had a pained expression as she looked at both of them.

 "Why?"  Risa asked.

 Konno began to explain that as mental or rehab patients they will be down upon in the eye of the court and possibly even after the stint, it will bring further credibility problems to the clinic.  The doctor knew they would be great for supporting the clinic but that concern could overshadow other deeper concerns down the road.

 "I see.  If we can help, please include us because Aki-chan never harmed anyone and the person who did it should get the full extent."  Ai hid her face as tears came flowing down again as Risa started to comfort her.

 "I should be thankful for patients like you.  It makes Ogawa and me proud to be doctors and I will take up on the promise you guys made.  The guard will be here soon to fit you and if there are any issues please don't hesitate to call us."  The doctor bowed to them as the guard came in with the equipment and started to write down the necessary information for both of them.

 After the fitting, they headed to the cafeteria for a late lunch and saw the place was empty from the lunch rush an hour ago.  They walked up to the counter and asked for the special which had enough for both to finish serving.  They grabbed their meal and headed to the first empty table.

 They each looked at their new ankle bracelets and complained about it being plain and the options of decorating them if they could do it.  As they were ending their lunch period, they began to notice a woman leaning on the wall looking at the food area.

 "Excuse me, are you waiting for food?"  Ai yelled out to her and she quickly headed for the exit as the cook was putting out jello for snack time.

 Ai held up her pointer finger asking for one cup for the woman and the cook gladly let her take one for the road with the spoon inside.  They walked past the exit in looking for the woman and soon found her near Dr. Ogawa's office sitting down by the door.

 "Hello, I was wondering if you wanted a jello cup."  Ai greeted her as she initially turned away from her.

 Risa stood behind Ai as she offered the cup but she first took a swipe at it but she managed to keep it in her hand.  Ai stuck it out one more time but Risa managed to get her hand as she saw the dirty nails and let out a disgusting look but Ai got the cup into her hand.  She held the spoon in her hand and scooped it all into her mouth.  She presented a big smile with the gelatin slushing out of her mouth and sucked it back in there quickly.

 "May I ask what your name is?"

 "Eri, Kamei Eri.."

 "Hello Kamei, I am Ai and this is Risa.  We are patients too."  She nodded as she got up and threw the cup away.

 Ai saw a few red bumps along her lower arm and the itching was causing blood to follow every time she scratched.  Blood was trickling down her clothing and she just wiped it up in front of them like it was no concern.  She was shy as they started to noticed and paranoid about the outside words that she feared having long walks around the facility.

 Ai let Eri stand up and took her from behind to guide her to the nurse's office but she froze after passing a certain threshold and didn't want to budge which forced them to blind the turtle and rushed her over to avoid any more distractions.

 The nurse cleaned up her cuts and bruises for the turtle as they were entertained with the countless facial expressions of pain.  Eri glanced over at Risa and gave her a strange look before walking up to her and pushed her lips onto hers.  Ai saw the Risa's face change as Eri was locked into her target and the bean pushed her away.

 "We are even."  She said as she walked out of the nurse's office as Ai started to chuckle at Risa's expression.

 "Ai-chan, you are going to get it if you say anything about this."  Risa held up her fist to the older woman as a threat but quickly cooled down after Ai started to stop her constant smiling.

The next morning, the clouds cleared up and the funeral proceeded as planned.  Most of the able patients were being wrangled into a special area where the guards surrounded them.  Eri sat next to Ai and Risa as they watched the box being placed at the mantle to start the service.

The crowd was quiet but the whispers were about the patients who were mostly out of their element but they stayed in their best behavior throughout the ceremony.  After the family had said their prayers, the patients did a group prayer as they all simultaneously bowed to the family and the deceased before being escorted back to the clinic.

Many of them went to the cafeteria for breakfast as the rest returned to their dorms.  Ai invited the two back to her room after the service and began to learn about Eri.

Eri was addicted to prescription drugs because of her rash but was unable to tell the right medicine because of her disorganization.   She took enough in a day that would automatically suggest a pump every day but it wasn’t until the rash got worst that they learned of the addiction and was given a choice to adjust or rehab which she chose rehab because it would give her a reason to eliminate the responsibility.

Risa was interested in the turtle’s mind as she tended to space out at the weirdest times and would smile  until she would return thinking that an alien had inhabited her body for that time.  Ai began to prod her at time when she would go into that mode once every hour.  Risa was the opposite and just watch her helplessly until she would return.

Lunch came upon the horizon after the staying in the room for a while and they all headed to the cafeteria with the dishes ready to be sent out.  They each grabbed their tray and took a seat in the corner as the crowd came in with hunger on their minds.  Despite the chatter, they poked into their personal lives and that’s when Eri learned about the two women’s past relationship.

Kamei bit down hard on her food when she brought up the delicate topic by accident but the itching was becoming uncontrollable and was admitted to the nurse’s office for observation.  It left the two staring at each other with exhausted looks on their face.

“Eri… didn’t mean to ask about that.”  Ai spoke in a low voice.

“She admitted fault so I hope she doesn’t take it personally but we can always…”  Risa paused midway and clamped her mouth.

“I think we can go back to our own dorms today.  Thank you for the company.”  Ai stood up and left before the bean could motion her move.

Ai knew it wasn’t going to mend in rehab and she began to think if it could stay together despite the past.  Risa was kind and helpful but her worrying bothered her.  That was the only flaw Ai had seen with the relationship and to accept it would take time and she had hoped that the time away would help them gathered their thoughts again.

The rain came back as soon lunch was over and the next thirsty-six hours were the gloomiest days in rehab and Ai rambled in her mind about Risa.  Every minute was to just apologize for the past and she needed to get over that hump.  Could the doctors help her?  She wasn’t sure but talking to them gave her fog about the situation.

Ai looked outside observing the dark cloud grouping up to cause havoc outside, she wished the weather would change soon but it was their relationship in real life.  The stormy period was short and ongoing at time but when the sun did come out it was back to usual for that time being.  However, when will it come back to the sunny day again.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 33-35 6/1/2012
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Yessss a kamei eri appears :wth :mon fyeah: :mon fyeah: yayy

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 33-35 6/1/2012
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Aki-chan  :cry: RIP
Eri-chan  :shakeit:
Ai-chan and Risa-chan: Ganbare!!  :twothumbs

Of course it's going to get serious now!! Bring on the drama and suspense!!! I long for it!

Kuro-sama!! Arigato!!  :bow:

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 36-40 6/7/12
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@Darkace yeah the turtle although I was considering her as comic relief but she fits well as the alternative thinking

@Koei: I hope to deliver but I will wrap it up soon enough

@yellow: thank you for the thanks, I'm not sure how it will affect the story but if there is anything please send your response :)

Day 36-40

 The first few days after the funeral were calm although the patients began their whispering about the frenzy after Aki-chan's death.  It only grew louder until a guy dressed in a suit walked up to the front desk and dropped off an envelope leaving a business card on top of it.

 Ai saw the package at the front desk but froze as her curiosity grew about the envelope and watched it being delivered to Konno's office as she thanked her assistant and closed the door behind her.  Eri held her arm as she covered the rash that was forming below.

 "Do you what is that?"

 "I'm not sure; it could be anything from court documents to attorney papers."  Ai began to theorize about the possibilities as Ogawa knocked on the doctor's door and she went into the room.

 "Ai-chan, do you think we will be sent away?"  Risa asked as she saw the chain of actions happening in front of her and the rest of the patients.

 The guards were becoming curious also as they looked up often at the door and the clinic had gone quiet for a moment anticipating at any time they would come out of the room.  The eyes watched the door for fifteen minutes before the PA system blared out a screech and requested everyone able to be at the meeting after lunch.

 "It doesn't sound good."  Ai returned to her room with the phone ringing and picked it up before the third ring.

 "Your session will be cancelled today."  Konno's voice had the sound of depression and hung up before Ai could ask what had happened.

 As the lunch hour came, the people chattered up about the situation but the three decided to get their lunch and leave the cafeteria as the ideas started to flow about closing the facility.  Since they were restricted to go outside during lunch, they went back to Ai's room to discuss concerns within the small group.

 "Is there a place we can go?"  Risa asked as Ai shrugged her shoulders.

 "I have confidence that we can pull through this but they say it could be a losing battle."  She poked through her salad and shoved the greens into her mouth.

 "Aki-chan never deserved to suffer like that... we should help them out."  Risa suggested as Ai glared at her for a bit and decided to go back to the scene.

 Eri followed the two to the bathroom where Aki-chan had been burnt and looked in the stalls.  Ai placed herself back into the role of an addict and started to touch the floor around the toilet.  She managed to hit the trap door and flipped open a bag of marijuana stuck to the tile.  They all looked in awe as the bag was out in the open but they had to convince one of the doctors to come into the bathroom as they exposed the drugs.

  "We need to get Konno and Ogawa here."  Ai said to the two women and closed the trap door; however someone needed to guard the stall if they were going to get the doctors here without anyone else taking the drugs and assigned Eri to watch over as Ai and Risa walked to the office.

 Kamei locked the stall and stood over the toilet as she waited for them to return.  She never experimented with hard drugs and was never tempted to do them but something else caught her attention as she looked in the toilet bowl.  Below the rim, there was a pipe held with a metal piece, she touched it and felt the cold, wet feeling of the toilet water splashed onto the item.

 She began to think about the day because she just had ointment rubbed on her and she was bandaged up to prevent any scratching as the smoke filled the clinic and the rush of people was by the bathroom as a woman was laying down outside.  Couple of them walked back without noticing the woman and they held something their hand and threw it into the cleaner's trash bag.  However, the police only had asked for an alibi as she tried to explain but failed to notice the item in her hand.  She bit down on her lower lip as she began to feel the guilt build in her that she started to cry unexpectedly.

 "Kamei, what happened?"  Ai asked as Konno opened the trap door and Kamei lifted the seat up to notice the holder below.

 "Can the police come?  I need to tell them something."  Kamei said in a semi-composed state.

 Ogawa nodded her head and gave them a call regarding the case and they would allow a detective to the case to come to the clinic as Konno closed the restroom.  Closing the restroom meant that there was only two that the patients to go to and they filled up quickly at times.  However, it gave them breathing room to discuss further options with Eri speaking about the event.

 Ai and Risa walked into the hall where the meeting was about to take place and saw Konno sitting down alone.  She looked around for a quick second before heading to the podium and the doors closed behind the patients.

 "Good afternoon, I want to start by saying thank you to you for being patient as we go through this difficult time."  The chatter grew louder as Konno began to compose herself.

 "As of now, we are not planning to close the clinic, however, the ability for Dr. Ogawa and me to continue treating patients are going to end soon.  We have considered turning in resignation letters if there is a verdict going against our favor but we will need to consider the options."  Konno paused again and looked up at the patients.

 Konno nervously spoke through the noise and then ended with the decision to ship out half of the patients to other facilities.  She started to list down the numbers and instructed them to pack up to get onto the buses.  The mass left the hall to find notes on the doors indicating their departure from the facility.  Ai and Risa looked at each other as they weren't sent out but they had to wait for Eri to come out of interrogation to find if she was leaving or not.

 A few minutes later, she walked to her room looking at the door and entered without noticing what was outside the door.  Ai ran over to see a question mark on the paper as Ogawa stood outside and ripped it off the door.

 "She's staying.  We cannot let her leave when she held the piece about something being thrown into the cleaner's trash."

 "Why didn't she say it from before?"  Ogawa shrugged.

 "No one had asked her that question or assumed that she was being cleaned of her wounds."  Ogawa explained as Eri opened the door.

 "I can hear you guys.  I'm not deaf."  Ai smiled as Eri walked into the cafeteria to get her usual afternoon jello cup.

 Half of the patients left the clinic in a hurry with the buses exiting the grounds within half an hour but the rest were a mixed bag of severity.  Konno and Ogawa furiously talked to the detective about the paper work and found themselves a little less hot water than before but the case was wearing on them.

 "The lawyers are going to be involved in this case, criminal and civil."  Ogawa mentioned as Konno tilted her head back in disgust.

 "We can avoid the criminal case for now and concentrate on the civil case for a money amount..."  Ogawa shook her head cautiously.

 "What if..."

 "They will have to accept the money because we just got the autopsy report.  We have to send this over to our lawyers."  Konno had a smirk on her face as Ogawa saw the cause and smiled too.

 Eri began her habit to save the jello cups which irked the other two but it was something that the turtle had enjoyed doing as she tried to stay tidy.  However, Risa had turned into a mother and forced her to clean up thus throwing away the empty cups into the trash bin.

 The night came and the once chattering mecca of women soon was a whisper.  They began to think about the ways they could help the doctors and hoped that they could take an idea from them to prevent anything else from happening.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 41 6/11/12
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Day 41

The doctors sent a fax of the autopsy to the lawyers and immediately received a phone call back with a few questions.  It was a conference for two hours before the lawyers gave them assurance that it would be done.  Konno walked out and breathed a sigh of relief as she headed for the meeting.

Ai and Risa were sitting in the room for their mid-morning meeting with the doctor still filled with questions about the situation.  The weather turned from sunny to overcast as the doctor walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

“How are you guys doing?”  Konno placed her book down on the table on her side as she scanned both of them.

“I have been okay.”  Ai asnered as Risa nodded.

“You guys have been good and with the fast progress we may release you in a week.”  The doctor pointed at Ai.

“I would like to thank you for helping me through this rough period.”  Ai grinned as she looked over at Risa who was trying to hide her disappointment.

Risa acknowledged that she would be left in the clinic for a few weeks but with Ai leaving soon, she began to wonder about when she would be released.  Risa kept herself positive throughout the session but that demon lurking in the back was starting come out.  As they approached the end, the bean put her head down as she started to release a for tears hiding her emotions for Ai’s release.

“Risa-chan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.  It’s just…”

“I’ll wait for you.  Konno told me that groups work well in rehab so she will let me come back when you are having a tough time.”  Risa nodded slowly as she wrapped her arms around the younger woman.

They walked back to the dorm to their individual rooms as they usually would but Risa decided to keep her door open to see the outside as she tried to get her thoughts together.  Eri with jello cup in hand walked in with a spoon in her mouth as she saw Risa sputtering tears on her bed.

“Risa, why are you crying?”

“It’s nothing.”  Eri placed her jello cup down on the drawer and sat down next to the bean as she tried to extract the problem from Risa.

“It doesn’t look like nothing, please tell me because I hate seeing people cry.”  The turtle pouted as she lifted the bean’s head up and faced her.

“Ai… is almost done with her rehab stint.”

“Cool, she should be proud and you should be supporting her for almost getting to the finish line.”  Risa looked away as her tears flowed again and Eri smiled trying to keep the bean’s emotions from going downhill.

“I should be but I feel like I can only succeed if I have her here.”

“Ai did her time and now she can readapt to society out there.  Do you think she would need a partner outside?”

Risa paused as she heard Eri’s words and it made sense that Ai would face more ridicule outside of the clinic than in here.  Even if she felt ready for the world, she would be facing it as a former addict coming out of rehab.  Eventually, they would all face it somehow but the image of her walking out of the door seemed too unbearable to witness or stay composed for their final night together.

“I never thought about that.  She has always been stronger than anyone I used to know.  She was the shield among everyone.”

“Maybe you should consider guiding her back rather than sulk over her departure.”  Risa smiled as Eri picked up her jello cup.

“I will miss this when I return home.  Maybe I can ask for a pool of jello.”  Eri said to herself as she strolled out of the room.

Risa stepped out of her room and headed towards Ai’s room where she was looking out her window as she was changing her shirt.  Risa walked up from behind as she was tugging down at her shirt and felt the coil of the bean wrapping around her waist.

“Do you mind knocking?”  Risa dug her face into her back.

Ai waited for her question to be answered but she knew Risa was just trying to get the last contact before she left but she wanted to break it off before leaving.  Ai quietly pried her arms off her waist as she sat down on her bed leaving the bean paralyzed in the position.

“Risa… I know what I said but I want you to stay strong without think of me.”

“Why?”  Risa could only think that Ai was finally going to hammer her right now and it was up to here to make the move to decide if she could be strong.

“I feel that you only need me in spirit but if you cling onto me or if I do the same, I will never survive.”  Risa nodded as she headed for the door.

“Don’t think I will leave you again.  You are strong by yourself and if you can do that, I will be proud.”  Risa turned and gave her thumbs up as she exited the room.

Ai spent the night writing down her plans outside the clinic periodically thinking about Risa.  It was the battle between her words and her feelings.  She wanted to stay to comfort Risa but if she could let go for that short while, she could give her and Risa an opportunity to continue their relationship without restriction.

“Can you please open up?”  The loud knocking on the door distracted her from the list and opened to find Eri at the door with her blanket in hand.

“What are you doing here?”

“They needed to clean my room.”  Eri had a wide smile as she grabbed the extra bed from the closet and laid it on the floor.

Eri sat down on her sleeping bag as she watched Ai scribbling on her paper.  Ai glanced over a few times observing the turtle’s eyes as she wrote down the last goal before heading to her bed.

“I’m happy you are almost finished.”

“I should be but I cannot stop myself from thinking about her.”

“Risa knows that she will be alone but she loves you.”  Ai nodded.

“I know but I need to feel that she will not fail.”  Eri tilted her head.

“Confidence, anyways good night.”  Eri turned onto her bed and started to sleep leaving Ai to think about that word and slowly closed her eyes praying for tomorrow.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 41 6/11/12
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Sure... i will... if i have anything....
Looking forward for your next posting...  :lol:

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 42 6/14/12
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@yellow: here it is

Day 42

 Ai woke up before the sun could hit her window and trying to feel a lump on the ground.  She stepped off the bed and headed for the door.  She opened to find the turtle with her back on the door and falling inside as Ai toured before the patients woke up.

 The guards were in the middle huddled talking about their daily assignments and she went off to the cafeteria where they just opened for the early birds.  Luckily, it was just her entering and she saw all the bowls of dry cereal lined up nicely in a row as she decided for one near the end of the line and showed it to the worker.  Ai grabbed the milk pourer and got enough milk to saturate the cereal but not to make it soggy.

 She dug out the first spoonful of cereal and shoveled it into her mouth as she quietly munched away.  It was blissful to have the cafeteria to her early in the morning but it would end soon as she glanced at the time.  She got two more spoonfuls into her before another patient had walked in to grab her cereal and took a seat on the other side of the room.  Ai glanced over waiting if she would wave or not but instantly turn back to her cereal.

 "You're up early."  A voice startled her as she had a mouthful of cereal in her mouth.

 Before she could reply, Ogawa has taken a seat next to her as she observed her eating.  Ai cautiously moved the spoon around the bowl before getting another spoonful into her mouth as the doctor closed her eyes for a bit.

 "You'll be released in six days."  Ogawa stated as she rubbed her eyes and stared back at her.

 "I see."

 "However, you'll be in a halfway house for three months before being released back into the real world as a rehabilitated woman."  Ai stopped crunching her cereal as she realized that there was a step more to the procedure.

 "Is there a problem?"  Ai shook her head.

 "Anyways, when you get released into the halfway house you'll need to report to the house manager.  We don't know who that might be but we will try to get you into a less involved house."  Ai tilted her head.

 "Less involved?"

 "Many of the halfway houses are relapse victims only to be sent back into the clinics to get cleaned and redo again.  We are trying to break the habit so we have insisted on a new house to get the people straightened out."  She explained as another person took a seat with their bowl.

 "I see.  It seems you are not confident in me to succeed."  Ogawa shook her head.

 "It is not confidence but strength within you to carry on.  Confidence can carry you so far before people can tear you down but if you have strength, you can push through."  Ai nodded.

 "I guess you expect a tough battle to fight.  It seems reasonable to think that way."  Ogawa placed her hand on top of the patient's head and left the cafeteria before the crowd started to populate the room.

 Ai slurped up the milk before dropping the bowl into the dishwashing area and returned to her room where Eri was still sleeping.  She woke up as Ai tried to step over her causing her to body slam on top of the turtle.


 "Why are you blocking the door?"  Ai yelled as Eri rolled into the room.

 "You walked into my room."  Ai slanted her eyes.

 "Oops, sorry about that Ai-chan.  I thought I was back in my room."  Eri nervously smiled as she climbed onto the chair as she nursed her arm.

 Ai looked outside at the overcast skies as the sun was trying to fight through to get it sunlight in.  She shook her head as she couldn't believe that there could be more trouble beyond the clinic.  Eri watched Ai's expression and tried to extract the information but failed to gain anything from her and sat there as Risa saw her friend with a defeated expression.

 "Ai, what's wrong?"  Risa asked as she looked over at Eri who had her palms facing upwards.

 After a few minutes, Risa took a seat and grabbed her hand as she caressed it for a bit before Ai pulled it away in anger.  Her cold eyes stared at the bean as she turned back to the window seeing the raindrops falling onto the pane.  Risa wanted to reach out again but seeing her partner angry, she left the room overly concerned for her.

 Lunch period came and went as the rain came down swiftly and eventually it stormed for a period before the sun came back out and Ai lay down on her bed keeping the door open.  Risa sneaked out her lunch to give it off to Ai as she still looked frustrated over something and decided to face her.

 "Whatever is wrong, you have to tell me.  It isn't good to keep yourself silent without telling anyone."  Risa spoke to the ceiling trying to gain her attention and Ai finally let out her concerns.

 "I have to go to a halfway house."  She said in a soft voice.

 Risa gave a puzzled look and asked to repeat the statement.  Ai said it louder as Risa wrapped her arms around her and gave her a hug.  However, the bean was still not registering why she was saddened and tried to think what other concerns were on her mind until Konno came in and gave her an envelope.

 "We tried to get you a place where there was little reported activity but we couldn't get you there so I hope this would be sufficed."  Konno bowed as Ai opened the paper.

 Risa caught Konno to ask why Ai was feeling miserable and the doctor explained about the process and the risk of relapsing was high going that path but it had been recommended.  The bean looked down as she thanked for the explanation and closed her eyes to digest the information.  A few minutes later, she returned with a smile on her face.

 "I didn't know it could happen.  I wonder if I may face the same path."  Ai nodded confidently.

 "Most likely but you have the stronger will to move on."  Risa lifted her hand up.

 "No, I wanted to be that but I can't.  It would hurt everyone if I was strong.  I can pretend but it won't end up showing because my strength is my friends here."  Risa explained as she grabbed Ai's hand again.

 "If your fear is that you may lose, then get rid of it.  You can win the fight.  I believe you and everyone else does.  Just find the help you need to survive and then you can face the world without fear."  Risa squeezed Ai's hand as she tried to pep up her spirits.

 Ai heard Risa's words but something was telling her that the risk could be too dangerous for her to last that long but if she could get past the first days; it could be a slow climb.  It was thought to her that it will take baby steps to achieve any goal and she had to listen to everyone's encouragement before any person could take her down with them.

 "Thanks."  Ai mumbled as she hugged the bean.

 "Why is there so much noise outside?"  Ai asked as she saw a crowd around a television.

 The crowd was in frenzy as the news talked about a patient's death in the rehab clinic.  Ai and Risa knew who they were talking about and the news had the autopsy report.  Ai looked over at the doctor's offices with their doors shut and blinds covering the windows.

 "They sent it out to confirm the truth."  Ai said to the bean as Eri came running up and explained the report.

 Her system had THC particles in her lungs but the cause of death was the person had sprayed her with hot tar causing immense burns on her body.  The injuries were later complicated by infection caused by the burns and later succumbed to it.  The liability of the clinic was now cleared of any wrong doing for the case.

 "Aki-chan... why..."  Ai said to herself as she closed her fist and let out a loud grunt that caught the attention of the people below.

 "Ai-chan, I think Konno and Ogawa need to explain themselves."  Risa suggested as Ai went back to her room and began to punch the pillow.

 She truly never thought Aki-chan had drugs in her system at her death.  She fought hard only to lose at the end.  Ai began to wonder if it happened to her what she would do.  It seemed her freedom was farther away and the little steps were not going to cut it but with six more days, she had to re-plan all her ideas and dreams to fit three months more of torture.

 The hope was now dimmer than before.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 42 6/14/12
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haha... thanks.
to be frank, i am just wondering will aichan and gaki be together again after their release because they seemed to me like still cannot really get over with each other.

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 43 6/17/12
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@yellow: maybe? :lol:

Day 43

5 days

Five days until she was going to be transferred to the halfway house.  She felt handcuffed in the situation but she opened up her concerns for one last time and was assured that she would have outside contact with an agent.

Ai was desperately trying to stay in her normal routine but someone would always congratulate her for getting through the program.  She kept herself distant from mostly everyone for the day but that night, she began to feel a chill in the air.  She couldn’t put her finger on it but within the patients, they were ready to expose a plan.

Eri and Risa were also feeling the chill and headed over to Ai’s room to talk and they all looked up at the clock and it just past seven o’clock.  Ai didn’t feel safe so she locked her door to prevent anyone from coming in and they waited inside as the crowd was growing outside.

The three stood in the room as the crowd was getting louder and then a gun went off causing the lights to go off.  Ai grabbed onto Risa leaving Eri to slide under the bed as the battle outside was growing and the clashing between the patients and guards was chaos outside.  The voices were melding together and the fighting was growing until a bomb went off with marbles piercing through the door.

There was silence for five minutes before they heard another set of people yelling to get down.  The couple sat in the corner with their eyes on the scared turtle as they started to corral people outside their door.  Ai crawled over to Eri to pull her from under the bed but she resisted at first but gave in as they sat in the corner anticipating a knock.

However, they broke down the door and a man grabbed Ai’s hand as they followed her out and they saw the people roped up on the floor as Konno and Ogawa were looking on as they talked to the police.  The three were packed into a car and were off to the police station.

Ai and Risa began to wonder why they were going to the police station but being there was a fear that Ai didn’t want to face.

“Why are we going here?”  Ai asked the officer.

“The clinic needs to be cleared out so we will take you here for the time being before transferring to another clinic.”  He explained as they all looked at each other.

The long ride being cramped in the back was taking a toll on Eri as she tried to fit into between the door and Risa.  As Risa tried to calm the turtle down, Ai saw the police station to her right and closed her eyes as they pulled into the parking lot.

The officer wrapped their wrists with a plastic band and escorted them into the holding cell as they made a few calls to Konno and Ogawa indicating they were away from the clinic.  Ai took a seat on the bench and was approached by a tall woman with long, black hair.

“Hello, what is your name?”  She asked innocently as Risa wedged between them.

“I’m Ai, this woman is Risa and the one by the door is Eri.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chun Li.   You can call me Jun because that is my Japanese name.”  She extended her hand as Ai shook it.

“What are you here for?”  Risa asked as Ai moved down a bit to let the bean sit comfortably.

She explained that she visiting from China and was caught in a demonstration of Chinese nationals asking for release of a wrongly accused prisoner.  As Jun stepped up into the crowd, the police had herded the protestors and sent them to separate stations but the language barrier caused a problem to get her out.  She began to ponder if she could get out but there had to be a call to release her on good terms.

“Such a sad story.”  Risa commented while Eri sat on the other side of the Chinese national.

“I’m currently waiting for a lawyer to translate my pleas, how about you guys?”

“We… are rehab patients.”  She nodded as Eri walked up to the front.

“I never met rehab patients outside of a clinic; did you guys do something criminal?”  The duo shook their heads.

“We were removed when the riot ended.  I don’t know what will happen after this.”  Ai looked around as they noticed the moon outside.

She never knew how bright the moon was on this night.  It was bigger than usual but in a room that was less comfy she wanted to know what was going to happen next.  As she turned toward the door, a guard was present and escorted the three out of the cell as they waved bye to Jun.  They walked down the corridor to separate rooms as Ai was sent into the middle room where Konno and an officer were sitting across of her.

“Ai-chan, I know you knew about the riot.”  She shook her head.

“Why was your door closed before it started?”  The officer stepped in with the question.

“I had a weird feeling something was going to happen and I asked Risa and Eri to come with me.”  She explained.

They looked at each other for a brief second before heading outside for a quick meeting.  Ai never saw something plain in her life.  It was cold but she could manage that but in such an open space it was eerie to be under interrogation.  As she closed her eyes, they entered back into the room with a straight expression.

“If the two mates admitted you were behind this, what would you say?”  The officer asked as Konno was showing concerned expression.

“They would say I wouldn’t know about it, even if I was leaving, I wouldn’t start the riot over any digressions throughout my stay.”  Konno hinted a smile as the officer still didn’t feel convinced.

“Do you think it was the release of the report?”  Ai nodded.

“I wouldn’t know for sure but there was a ruckus after the report and when I learned of it, I was in disbelief.  I felt in my opinion, she was forced fed.”  Konno glanced to the officer and he stepped outside leaving the two women alone.

Konno stared at Ai for a few seconds as she began to see what was beginning to form in her mind as she felt that it could’ve been the case.  However, it was her intent to state the situation and looked at her to give her the news.

“We will transfer you to a new facility to finish up the rehab stint or start your time in the half-way house.”  Ai took a deep breath and looked down at the table.

“I want to go to the half-way house.”  Konno nodded.

“Before I get packed up, I want to say good bye.”  Konno smiled.

“You don’t need to, we found a place where all three of you can finish up your stints.”  Ai’s jaw dropped as she began to realize that they could leave together.

Ai stepped out of the room with the other two women with smiles on their faces.  They returned back to the clinic to do their packing and were boarded onto a plane.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 44-45 6/19/12
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Day 44-45

The trio arrived at the airport with their carry-on bags and was greeted by a blonde-haired woman with a collared shirt and slacks.  She told them to board a bus as she followed them and the bus went off without asking for directions.

“You should know you are in Fukuoka.  You three are on specialized release from the clinic.”  She stated as they exited the airport and went on the main road.

“Half-way house?”  Ai asked as she nodded.

“You can say that but we call it specialized release because of the police supervision.  Konno had mentioned that all of you are non-violent so we need to separate them.  However, there have been cases where people escape but we have fixed them with more guards.”  She explained as the three were starting to feel chilly.

“Can it be assured that we can be safe?”  She nodded confidently.

“Konno has sent people here and have left clean, so we have a confident record.”  The three nodded as they drove past a gate and took a right to another secure area.  The bus stopped in front of the doors and was escorted out into an empty room.

Ai looked around the room and it had an odor that bothered her, she closed her nose as the blonde woman closed the windows and opened the lights.  The three sat around a round table as they were handed out a list of rules to live by for the next couple of months.  She had assured them that they would have a clear line of communication and in case of emergency they would meet here away from the violent group.

“If there are any more questions, there is a number that I can be reached by and don’t hesitate to call me.  By the way, I’m Yoshizawa Hitomi, everyone calls me Yossie and I am the coordinator at this camp.”  The three bowed to her and exited the room to go to their separate housing lined up in a row.

“Yossie, are we the only three here?”  She nodded.

“We can only allow so many to be here so we take a few at a time until the next group would come in and take your places.”  She told them as they said goodbye to each other.

Ai was alone again but it was open than the clinic.  She jumped on the bed and spread out on the bed as she closed her eyes but the sound of whistles kept her awake.  She looked outside the window to find a group of people on the other side of the fence.  She ducked below the window and listened to the group whistling to them.  It sounded louder with every second it went by and eventually it stopped.

Ai looked outside again and they were by the near fence as they started to climb over and she grabbed the phone but there was no dial tone.  She began to panic as they were approaching their camp and decided to look up again seeing three people coming their way.

“What should I do?”  Ai asked herself as she crawled towards the door and rushed out to meet the group before approaching their houses.

In the front was a short woman with pigtails and was escorted by a tall woman and a skinny woman with the same color hair as the front person.  Ai walked a couple feet before they stopped and the front woman signaled Ai to come closer.  As she paced towards them, the familiar face from the past came into her sight and stood ten feet away from them.

“We meet again.”  She said with a smirk on her face.

“Tanaka Reina.”  Ai mumbled as her smile grew bigger.

“Drugs were small compared to what I have now.  I have protection now because the yakuza bosses respect me.”

“What did you do?”  Reina ran her finger over her throat.

“How many?”  She held up three fingers.

“Well, I can blame you for my addiction.”  She smiled as she sent the skinny woman first to face Ai.

Ai had no clue how to fight but being in the situation, she hesitated before the woman made her move by charging towards her.  Ai sidestepped the first charge and turned to face her again as she saw the orange ball coming towards her again and threw her to the ground.  She rolled away and got back on her feet with a knife in her right hand as she presented in front of her.

She knew she was in big trouble without a weapon and just played calm until she could find something to defend herself with and dodged a few stabs before grabbing a pipe.  With one swing, she slammed the woman’s face causing the knife to fly far away towards her direction.  The tall woman came towards her as the pipe was her only defense and she tried to power her over with her hands.

Ai managed to get the pipe out of her grasps and swung towards the left knee.  She screamed out in pain as she went down onto one knee.  Ai took a step back to ready for the finishing blow without noticing the skinny woman had recovered and grabbed the weapon from behind as the tall woman threw a straight punch to her gut.

“Jun get up.”  Reina yelled out as she hobbled out of the way and came closer to Ai.

“Miya get out of the way.”  She yelled out her final command before facing her eye to eye.

“Ai, you cannot stay safe all the time.  Yossie knows this so if you think you can trust her, you have to consider another option.”  Ai tried standing up but Reina delivered another blow to her gut.

“Stay down.”  Reina ordered as Risa and Eri were watching her from afar.

“I will not let you win.”  She breathed as Reina kicked dust towards her face.

Reina smirked at the statement and walked away without acknowledging her again.  Risa and Eri carried Ai back to the room where they talked to Yossie.  Ai’s face was filled with grimace as Yossie came running in with a first-aid kit.

“Reina?”  Ai nodded.

“She has control over the other side but she is deceiving to get to this side and start picking on people.  No one has been able to take her down.  Luckily, we have many people lasting throughout the period.”  Ai started to walk toward the door holding her midsection.

“I won’t leave until she goes down.”  She winced again and was taken to the infirmary for more rest.

Ai spent the night and the next day sitting down to plan out her attack on Reina but bigger concerns started to weigh in as she wanted to also protect Risa and Eri from her wrath.  Then, she remembered the first meeting as she was working up and gave her the first bag.  It seemed little at the time but she didn’t expect that it would grow to a bigger role.

“Reina has deep connections.”  Yossie delivered a cup of water.

“I would figure so, how can I beat her?”  Yossie let out a laugh.

“Why?”  Ai looked up and began a thought.

“Because if I beat her, I can eliminate the demon that sent me here.”

“Well… good luck.”  Yossie walked away as she shook her head.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 44-45 6/19/12
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the story is getting interesting as more and more characters come into picture... looking forward for your next post XD

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 46-52 6/23/12
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@yellow: how will they affect the story?  I'm not sure yet :lol:

Day 46-52

Ai knew she had to react soon when the herd would come over to other side to just taunt them as Ai looked at them from the infirmary.  Yossie had seen enough of the intrusion and added barbed wires to the top of the fence to protect them from climbing over.  For extra security, she had guards manning the fences to prevent anyone from being close to the fence.

The other group stared at the new security set up for five days before launching another approach when they shifted guards.  Unfortunately for them, their timing was thrown off because they randomize the timing everyday causing them to be surprised in the middle of the night of the attack.  Reina looked across and knew that they would need a much more elaborate plan to get over.

On the sixth day, Ai got released from the infirmary and headed back to her house as the ideas were being listed one by one on the paper.  She had a few ideas to distract the leaders on the other side of the fence.  As she looked around, there were many marbles and pebbles scattered around their side and she started to collect them.  Her box was filled instantly with the items and wrapped it up with paper.

Skillfully during her stay in the infirmary, she had found a fully pressurized CO2 canister and stuck it in the box with a trigger to release the canister.  She had hoped that they would shake it before activating the trigger but she had the backup plan with releasing the gas slowly inside.

Ai walked into the mail room and dropped it off in front of the door.  She quickly wrote down Tanaka’s name on the box and left without anyone noticing her.  She returned to Risa’s house with a smirk on her face as Eri was sitting on the floor looking up at the bean.

“Ai-chan, how are you feeling?”

“I’m good for now, they got me good.”  Ai smiled as she took a seat next to Eri, who was staring out in space.

“Have you eaten lunch in the hall?”  Ai shook her head as she looked toward the other side of the camp.

She had wondered if anyone had done it before.  It would be great if it did work and it was at any moment the box would explode.  She quietly listened outside as Risa and Eri were talking to each other and then out of nowhere a poof of white came from a distance.  The alarms had gone off and Ai ran back to her house to follow the lockdown rules.

Yossie came to each of them explaining the situation and as she arrived at Ai’s house, she was anticipating something had happened.  She walked in and took a seat across of Ai as the white smoke dissipated into the sky.  She looked over at the blonde-haired lady with a smirk on her face.

“Someone sent a box and it exploded on the ground on the other side of the camp.”


“Every prisoner ducked as the shrapnel hit them.  A few minor injuries were reported.”  Ai nodded her head.

“However, Reina is pissed off because she was in the middle of her speech.”  Ai clapped her hands together in amusement.

Ai wasn’t surprised but to get under the prisoner’s skin as long as she was here.  She looked outside again as the rumbling started between the guards and the violent prisoners.  Yossie looked outside shaking her head as the incident wasn’t going to blow ever so easily.  She left after the lockdown was called off and Ai grabbed the crumpled piece of paper to look at the second one.

The second task was going to be harder but it seemed possible with the janitor.  The janitor was the mule for the other side and had threatened to talk to Yossie about the situation and he agreed to follow through without any questions.  The janitor had a connection to getting marijuana for Reina and her gang and Ai had asked to get them a little less than what they asked for and hold the rest to plant it in another cell.

The janitor thought Ai was crazy and went on his way to get the drugs.  However, the janitor didn’t know that Yossie was aware of the drugs and when he went out the door, she got the guards to see if the janitor would get the drugs.   The guards were also into the act so Ai was playing into the fire pit with everyone.  Her only chance was Yossie but it would take a miracle for her to see it for herself.

Slowly, she began to see the second of her list to go down and she began to worry that if they spilled the beans to Reina, she would be dead instantly.  However, she saw the janitor again past by her again without looking at her direction and headed toward the other side.  As he approached the first gate, Ai heard two shots and looked outside to find the guards watching over his body.

“We will do next set later on.”  Ai said as she sat on her bed waiting for people.

“Did you hear the shots?” Ai nodded.

“They shot the janitor, it must be what he had in his container.”  Ai said in a calm voice.

“I guess so.  Shall we eat dinner?”  Ai nodded as Eri who was patiently waiting outside led the way to the dining hall.

The trio walked to the dining hall and took a seat behind a cage that separates the violent patients from the non-violent patients.  They usually stagger the times but Reina managed to get past through security and saw the three sitting together while they waited for dinner.

“The janitor was a decoy.”  Reina stated.

“I know he was, unfortunately he was the mule.”  Reina smirked.

“Whatever you have left, will not take down what I built up here.”  Risa looked at Ai as Reina tossed the CO2 container towards them.

“My intention is to expose you and that has been accomplished.”  Reina walked away still irritated from the events.

As they got their meals, they sat down prepared for any attack.  They ate quickly and returned back to their individual houses before the sun went down.  Yossie called for a curfew because of the events and the three sat in the dark as the other group started their march over from the other side.

The guards were letting them through without any resistance and they approached their side easily.  The sound of chatter filled the air before a red flash ran through the sky.  The group was in disarray with the flare and threw the gasoline around the ground and lit the gasoline surrounding the group.  For two hours, the patients were trying to escape but only few tried to a flaming death.

The fire died down when Yossie decided to douse the fire with the hose and chased them to the other side.  She finally saw what everyone was talking about and immediately fired the guards to hire replacements.  She had hoped that they would be more obedient than the previous group.

Ai woke up the next day seeing the circle on the ground.  She laughed at it as it was a failed attempt to finally get back at her but she felt that Reina will come back strong.  Ai walked over to Yossie’s office and told her that she maybe targeted next and it led to the third item.

“Yossie move to another location.”
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 46-52 6/23/12
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 :lol: just wonder how the story continue will become because it seems to get more and more shadowy...

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 46-52 6/23/12
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 oh i think kuro is a genius?haha yeah because he cAn write hm?almOst how many stories everyday?haist.! and such an interesting stories!!

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 53-54 6/26/12
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@yellow it grows darker but it may be a reason

@maike we keep on going updating until its done

Day 53-54

Ai wasn't sure if there was an attack on Yossie or if they found a connection, but she was willing to save one life rather than risk the damage of others.  She moved into an empty house next to Ai as they waited for Reina's next move, the clock started to tick and it went into the afternoon with no change in sight.

Eri and Risa were on edge with the impending action by the group and never felt the urge to settle into one spot.  They paced between their houses with empty stomachs with Ai's warning to stay away from the cafeteria.  The two were at their bit of strength before Ai approached them with a bag filled with snacks.

"How did you get these?"  Ai smiled and pointed toward Yossie's house.

"She thanked me for taking the time to help her out of the office."  Ai walked back to her house as she heard an explosion behind her.

The thunderous boom alerted the four to the cafeteria as it began smoking from the building.  A fire had emerged from the explosion as Ai watched carefully the person walking away from the site.  A petite figure with a torch in her hand got through the gates and returned safely.

She recognized the shape through the smoke and knew the target would have to be there to check on the dinner but luckily was out of the way.  However, it left them with no hot meals for the time being.  Ai knew their intelligence was more sophisticated and if they did something hastily, it would be their doom, so she had to do the one thing.

Night came quietly with the fire slowly burning at the building.  She had to call Konno for assistance but knowing that they did bug the phone.  Yossie retrieved a phone to get a direct call to Konno.  It took a while to get a connection but when it connected, it worked clearly, and Yossie explained the situation.

Konno hesitated to make an agreement but was preparing for a visit to check out the place with news about the clinic.  They were expecting her to come around morning and decided to rest for the night.

The sun beamed through the open hole in the house and awoken Ai from her slumber.  She rubbed her eyes before seeing Konno with a shoulder bag and another woman behind her.  Before Konno started her speech, the woman stepped in front of her and flashed her badge to her.

"I'm Goto from Tokyo police.  I was brought here because of the incidents in this camp."  Yossie walked into the room bowing to both of them as they took a seat across of the two.

The policewoman sat straight up looking around the room as she attended to the situation before setting her eyes on Yossie.  She took out a picture of a woman and Ai instantly pointed her out and the other two were unknown to her but Goto could confirm an identity.

"She is undercover for us."  They both looked at each other.

"Isn't she leader for the yakuza?"  Ai asked as Goto smirked at her with her fingers on the other two photos.

"She has been reporting to us since last year.  She has been able to figure out the culture of that side so she had to put a façade up to conceal her identity.  It is also reason why I'm here."  Goto removed the photos off the table.

"Reina has everything in her hands so do not get in her way.  She has explained to me your relationship with each other so you can stop sabotaging the missions."

"I was trying to reveal Reina to the other side, she was a small-time drug dealer."  Goto let out a laugh.

"You are exactly correct and it is reason why we got her in the first place.  She was connected to everyone in the business.  The gangs as they fight for territory she was supplying them with everything possible only to get caught."  Ai finally understood why she was trying to keep her quiet.

"She is also responsible for Kimura Kuniko, the wife of the Kimura gang leader.  He got her in here for a plea bargain and a lot of money for a crime she didn't commit."  Her eyes bulged out.

"Didn't commit the crime?"  Goto nodded as she took a deep breath.

"Takenori, her husband, was fooling around with a younger woman and she found out.  The woman in rage slammed a lamp over his head and ran out of the room.  She chased her down the stairs and stole her clothing before kicking her out of the house.  Takenori, guilty in his act, had asked for forgiveness but she never agreed to and planted the assault on her."

"She could have not accepted the plea bargain, right?"  Goto nodded.

"If she wasn't deeply in love with him, but she forgave him because she has a son on the way."  Yossie and Ai both looked at each other in confusion.

Then, Konno pointed her finger up and knew why she had forgiven him.  The two were still looking at each other until Goto know they had no idea what Konno was getting to.

"She will be head if Takenori goes down."  Konno blurted out.

Ai was still trying to link the pieces but the beat down from Reina still irked her inside.  She wanted to get back at her for the abuse but she thought that if Goto is right, everyone could be after her.  Then, Goto's phone started to ring and a smile came upon her face as she listened to the message and told her about the situation on this side of the camp.

Five minutes later, she hung up and got out of her seat.

"I'll leave you with Konno."

She left the room leaving the doctor with Yossie and Ai, who were becoming well aware that they are in deeper than they thought before.  Konno laid out the rebuilding pictures and explained the riot caused little damage but not enough to close it for good.  Ai was happy that it could still be useable but she still had questions for Goto who was feeling the breeze outside.

"Goto told me about the whole story and I began to see if there was anything I could do but unfortunately, we have to keep it this way."  Ai nodded while Risa and Eri greeted the doctor leaving Ai to talk to Goto one on one.

She approached her from the back and tapped her shoulder as she turned back to find Ai desperate for attention.

"She told you about what I was doing?"  Goto smiled.

"Childish stuff but I also know a little history about you too."  She tilted her head as Goto placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Couple years ago you bought drugs from me through other people in the community but I never knew you were an addict too."  Ai tilted her head downward.

"I couldn't help it if you know what I went through."  She scoffed at the remark and showed her arms and midsection.

"Every abuse known to man from my uncle.  He raised me from when I was little and he did everything to me.  When I was ten, I was raped by him and his friends.  The next year he celebrated with the same type of party until I passed out.  It wasn't until I was sixteen that I got away from everybody."

"I'm sorry to hear about that."  Ai bowed towards her.

"I never liked speaking about it personally.  After a while outside, I began my spree of mischievous deeds to just survive until one night in jail changed me to a new woman."

"I see at least you found that light."  Goto smirked.

"The hard way but at least I can say I went through it."  She placed her hands on her head as she looked at the midday sun.

"Reina is now my life.  She is an experiment that could explode on me soon enough but if she pulls through without her head being chopped off, she will be helping us more in the future."

"Is she your patient?"  Goto shook her head.

"She is my lover.  I brought her in after she got into trouble and helped her to get out of the hole.  One day we just hit it off talking about our lives and in bed."  Ai snickered at the final part of the statement.

"Well, I guess I'll do my part."  Goto saw Konno stepped outside the houses and left them with more about Reina.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 53-54 6/26/12
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 :lol: the darker it gets, the more interesting the story will get right? and just makes me to look forward more to your next update  XD XD
to be frank, i really don't mind the story just darker... so continue to let it get even darker  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 55-56 7/2/2012
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@yellow you read enough of my fics maybe sniper girl will be of use :lol:

Day 55-56

The patient's mind started to swirl over the fact that Reina was part of law enforcement.  Especially, staring at her lover's eyes, it was hard to admit Reina had gone over to the good side for once.  She still felt the rage boiling inside at what had happened years earlier that she closed her eyes for a bit to rest on the idea.

"Reina, did you grab my water?"  The raspy, feminine voice called as the former drug dealer came running with a bottle.

"Sorry, I'm late."  She replied feeling her heart pumping too fast for the situation.

Reina knew what her mission was but something in her was driving her to kill the woman.  She knew how high of ranking authority she was by herself as a daughter of a drug lord.  But, the Kimura family was driven to fight the top groups and the connections with the marriage, only made their bond stronger with other smaller groups in the Kanto region.  Reina had done hundreds of hours of research before taking this job but didn't consider Kuniko's attitude.

The agent had no background on Kuniko until a tip given to her by an unknown person brought out her one flaw: women.  She wasn't curious or wanting a sensual relationship, it was all-night torture.  She preyed on young women who had major break-ups and were in the bar drinking their lives away and she would approach them for a talk.  Kuniko loved the date rape drug and slipped one into their drinks to knock them out but she disliked the dirty work.

A man would come in disguised as a bouncer to escort her to the backroom.  If the bouncer had time to spare, she would strip off their clothes and wouldn't go any further as they would face her wrath.  She would enter the room prepared for the victim and watch her wake up tied up to the ceiling.  As she described to Reina, she disguised her voice to be a male and wore a mask for good measure.  After the event, she would leave as the bouncer would charge in to save her.

It was going great until a new cop had popped up on the force.  Her eyes went straight for the new cop thinking she was a heartbroken soul and sat down next to her with a drink.  Kuniko hadn't considered the occupation within their talks and wouldn't do it this time as the new cop was clued in early.  She asked the waiter for a new drink as it wasn't what she ordered and headed toward the bar.  Shocked, Kuniko followed her and closed in on her backside.  Once she fell into the trap, the new cop called in the reinforcements and the camera was on the bar as they clearly caught her.

While the events were unfolding in the club, another cop had entered into the backroom with all the evidence in front of her.  She slowly packed everything into the duffle bag without noticing the bouncer on duty.  She stood up only to hear a pop.  She fell like a bag of bricks and the bouncer tossed the bag into the dumpster.

The trial was short and sweet only with a rehab stay for drugs, but with a condition that she stayed there for three year minimum.

Kuniko never forgot her face and fantasized making her suffer for her pain in here.

Being in the camp was a new experience for her as she had full control over everybody.  The younger woman would pass by her and get their daily dose of pleasure while the older ones tended to avoid her sight.  The guards were controlled by her as they would receive one girl for a good deed; she knew how they were hungry for any girl.  Her only rule was no self-pleasure.

The one woman who disobeyed her was given a lesson in front of everybody.  She was a great listener and the one who got caught was moaning loudly causing her to wake up.  The next morning, the person in the cell next to the rule breaker told her that she was desperate for another night and couldn't handle being shunned time and time again.  Kuniko presented her lesson with the sleeping drug and saw her arms off while wrapping a blanket around her neck.  She held a weight on the other side with her detached arms within her sight.  Once she woke up, she didn't have a chance to scream, the weight dropped, and she hung there.

Every patient saw her hanging there with her arms as a warning to others to not take on that path.  Since then, she was more open to having many partners in her cell receiving "exercise."

Reina was not one of them; she could manage to avoid them, because she was the eyes of the facility with two bodyguards.  Jun, a tall, Chinese woman that was sent here for paint and Miya, who was much shorter and orange-haired was treated for prescription pill addiction.  They were protectors and spies for Kuniko; the unfortunate part was the Chinese woman was slowly becoming entangled into Reina's attractiveness.

Jun, in short, was an importer of her doom.  The drug was famous in her area of China and a request to import it came so Jun decided to do the honor but on her way, she tried out a few times, and became intoxicated with the smell.  The ship that was carrying the cargo was stopped by International police and she was shipped to Japan thinking she was a Japanese national with her fake passport.  She was charged with possession of the drug and sentenced for a few months but the addiction didn't wear off as she went crazy over the aerosol causing her to go to rehab and arriving halfway out into the real world.

Miya was extremely intelligent before being sent into the darkness.  She had everything going her way except for a stable family, which decided to break up before her high school graduation.  After the split, she went living on her own, but was still feeling the pain from the divorce and went to therapy.  Adding to the mounting pressure, Miya had learned that the parents had forgotten her and the money stream ran dry.  She had maintained a job throughout the incident but paying out of pocket had cost her more than she expected, so they went with a cheaper solution.

The depression medicine worked but not quick enough to soothe the pain and once it built into Atlas holding the earth, she fell into a deep hole popping pills until the point a neighbor found her on the ground foaming from her mouth.  She was taken into the emergency room to get her stomach pumped.  She was a total mess after the surgery and raged throughout the next couple of months with the addiction in her, which led her into the facility.

Reina got to know everyone in the facility but knowing that she had this mission only made it tougher to not portray her true feelings towards everyone.  Despite the two spies, Reina had developed the trust with Kuniko based on the fact that she had lusted over her but could never hold her down long enough for a thorough get together. However, a voice came from beyond cluing in on Reina that began to annoy her.  She was an attention whore that irritated her but she had proof and presented it to her.

"It looks like her," she said in a low voice.

"It is her!"  The voice confirmed as Kuniko knew the true identity.

She didn't know what she should do, listen to the voice that gave her confirmation, and kill her or bring her in with leverage and seduce her to the max that will make her crack her secret.  Kuniko dismissed the voice from her cell and began to think about it through the day and onto the night until she slept.

The next morning, Kuniko still wasn't sure what she should do but confirmed that she had a choice.  She called in Jun and threw a pistol at her.

"Who are we shooting?"  She asked while staring at the pistol.

"Your friend, Reina."  Kuniko's voice dropped at the end as she looked at Jun, who was tightly gripping the gun.

"I see."  She sighed as Kuniko held out her hand.

"Don't do it now, I want you to do whatever you want before you shoot her," she instructed as Jun gave back the gun.

"I can't do it.  I'm sorry."

Kuniko would have lectured her about killing others who don't follow the rules but she had the mutual feeling as the Chinese woman and dismissed her without any more words.  Miya walked into the cell and was thrown the gun with the same instructions except she wanted to be done now.  Miya nodded her head and walked over to Reina's cell to escort her out of the building, Kuniko held her hands together praying that Reina would be safe.

The kitty was well aware that Kuniko would have her killed with Miya marching over to bring her outside into the dark part of the grounds as Miya lined up the gun to her head.

"Is this the final saying from Kuniko?"  She asked Miya.

"She loves you, why can't you see it?"  Miya pleaded with her finger near the trigger.

"I love someone else, she loves me back, but she doesn't want to steal from her," she explained as Miya wanted to pull but hesitated instead.

"I guess this is it."  Miya called one last time to Reina as the finger pushed the trigger and she watched her fall to the ground.

Miya didn't want to turn around, she did her job, and that was it.  She walked inside as the guards took her body out of the area.  Kuniko watched from her window her body being shipped out.  Her frustrations welled out of her eyes as she was carried off.

I never loved a person before who resisted my temptations and to find you are an enemy, I shall not forgive you.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 55-56 7/2/2012
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 :lol: sshh... don't reveal my secret  :lol:
am i that sadist that i sound?!
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 57 7/7/2012
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@yellow maybe but it happens one way or another

Day 57

The shot echoed throughout her mind.  Her eyes blinked uncontrollably until the sound of the door knock forced her to come to the door.

"May I come in?"  The woman's request seemed innocent but letting her come in was risky.


"That shot, where did it come from?"  Another question she couldn't answer at the moment as she ran over to Yossie's house.

Ai wasn't really sure what happened and being in the early morning she couldn't sleep, no one really could shut their eyes, and rest in peace.  Despite Risa's concerns, Ai was becoming worried for herself after learning about Reina's stance in the situation.

Could Goto be right?  Or is she part of the act too?

Every person on their side converted into children pondering over the shot as they rushed into Yossie's house where she was fully awaked.  The windy night was no help with their shut eye either as they stared over to the other side with their one light on.  Ai became concerned with the other side.  She wasn't sure if Reina was still there or she was the one who got shot, in any case, she had to be alert.

The lights were the most distracting thing of all at a hospital.  She had been there before for other stuff but feeling drowsy was a new thing for her.  She turned to the side and grinded her teeth before laying on her back again waking up the only visitor in her room.

"How are you feeling?"  The voice seemed familiar but not seeing her face was frustrating the woman.

"How do you think I feel?"  The visitor let out a chuckle to the response.

"Good job in trying to gain reconnaissance," the visitor praised her but the patient shook her head.

"It wasn't good enough.  Kuniko will only find you again and you'll be dead," she mumbled as she tried sitting up but couldn't get her body to follow through.

"Rest, I know you feel that way, Reina but I can only help you because..." Goto halted her explanation as the kitty's eyes were stared at her.

"I cannot pretend anymore.  You have to take her down on your own," Reina admitted as she rubbed her right shoulder.

Goto saw the pained expression and went back to her seat.  Reina turned over managing to overcome the pain to stay on her side as she looked at her eye to eye.  The flame was growing bigger with anger as she felt betrayed but there was one other thing on her mind.  She held her fist into a ball and slammed her fist into the bed.  Goto knew that her frustration with the assignment was being in there but there was something else that caught her by surprise.

Reina signaled for her bag and tossed out the badge and the identification to Goto.  She put them into her purse and stood up.

Goto excused herself from the room and called it a night as Reina closed her eyes thinking about what had happened and if she would have another opportunity to get her back.

The next morning there was news of a riot in the other area and the four decided to stay housed while the fight was developing.  Ai peeked outside the window seeing smoke surround the place and the explosions were soft in the distance but their curiosity started to peak.  Desperately, they sneaked outside the house to find the compound on fire.

“This is bad,” Yossie expressing her surprise of the fire.

“Can we call Goto?”  Ai asked as they turned and the familiar face appeared.

“Reina has gone rogue,” the four wide-eyed women were surprised by the news and quickly went back to their barracks.

They packed up their stuff and headed into Goto’s car to escape the violence.  As they were ready to leave, a pack of cars sped by them into the other area and were ready to infiltrate the building.  However, an alarm went off preventing anyone from leaving the camp.

“Lockdown, we are going to be stuck here for a while.”  Yossie confirmed as the police started to throw tear gas to cloud up the area.

Many of the patients escaped over the fence and headed into the other area but got a surprise when they hit the other fence.  Three of them were shaking on the ground with the next swarm freezing before the fence.  The police were flanking to surround the area and then alarm went off and Goto drove off while the gate was closed behind them.

“Okay, we have to send you guys off, Konno is in the loop about everything so we may send you to another facility.”  Goto informed them while keeping her eyes on the road.

“Where?”  Ai questioned as Goto felt a lump in her throat.

“I’m not sure myself,” her voice got softer as they were rushing to the airport when her telephone rang.

Goto turned on the speakerphone and signaled to them to stay quiet while they were heading to the airport.  The voice on the other side was of despair and the continuous sighs gave away her identity.

“I will get that woman if it is the last thing I do.”  The voice warned her as Ai looked outside the window.

“Tanaka-san, you are on your own now, I have no jurisdiction over you.”

“That’s fine.  I never cared for your leadership.”  She replied.

“How about me in general?”  The slight pause said everything.

Goto hung up as they headed toward the airport where police was ready to escort them to the next plane out of the city.  They were not informed on where they were going but it had to be someplace far from here and hopefully the violence doesn’t follow them.


Reina sat up in her bed watching the white, puffy clouds passing by.  She gazed upon her hands before placing her left hand on top of the pain.  She let out a scream as she removed it away and the nurse came to her bedside with her assistance ready.

“Can you pour me a cup of water?”  Reina asked politely as the nurse poured the clear liquid into the cup.

Reina took a few sips before shooing her away.  She closed her eyes for a bit listening to the silence of the room before the chaotic tremor woke her up.  The incoherent noise from outside was bothering her and she swung her legs out of the bed trying to feel the floor.  Her feet felt the ground as she began to wince with her pain.  She took a few steps forward like a baby learning how to walk and managed to get halfway before realizing her restrictions.

She turned back to her bed and climb on top of it with the noise tingling in her ears.  She was holding the bed trying to gain supersonic hearing from outside her room.  The closer she leaned; the feeling of losing her equilibrium was prominent.  Reina finally got onto her hip and the noise died down.  The group of people walked away with their heads hung over.

Reina rolled onto her back as she pondered over the situation and looked back at the clouds swimming by behind the blue sky.  Still the urge was in her blood; she called a nurse into the room and asked for her curtains to be closed.  She blurted out her curiosity to no response.  She blurted it out one more time with the same result.  The nurse walked out of the room and turned on the television with the news on.

She hated the news, even as a child, she would rather stay in her room than watch news.  It was dry for her palette and most of the time it was about politicians, which never intrigued her at all.  Then, the image of camp popped up with the building on fire.  A toothy grin appeared on the kitty’s face as she thought that she was finally gone but it only reported on death: Kimura Kuniko.

She cursed herself for thinking that she would perish in the ashes but with Kuniko gone, the husband would be ready for the move against anyone in his path.  She knew that he would do it quickly and would aim for the perpetrators but didn’t expect the explosion across the street.  Everyone heard the sharp, loud voice of the boss with the fire below, she knew the trouble he would cause and asked to be moved immediately out. 

Luckily, the panic made it easier to escape with the package underneath.  She moved the hospital clothing and tossed it to the side as she escaped the hospital without anyone noticing her disappearance.
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Re: Blank-Faced Woman Day 57 7/7/2012
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oh.. is it?! maybe  :mon dunno:
anyway can't blame me to sound so... as your this story has this tendency... anyway this story feels more and more adventurous

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