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Author Topic: Hellish Heaven /// Co-authored by Karomuwi /// CHAPTER 2 PART 1 1/6/12  (Read 4895 times)

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Lol yep u did take my idea well it was clever well I'm clever tho ;) (joke) and Yer lol she gets to meet her idol and she smiled at her   :P she's Got to be buzzing at the moment Cuz if I met jack rodwell (footballer) or Yuko I would be going mad lol. Thx for the update and well done oh update soon 2 plz Thx  :cow:

Ps: Is that a different style of writing?

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 :panic: :panic: :panic:


*saves the spot for tomorrow*

*hopes for Yuko to show up*


OMG!!!! This is sooooo awesome. Karomuwi-san, Robyn-san!!!! You are so awesome!!!!! And I agree with farquhar97... IF I were to meet Yuko-sama or Rena-sama like this...I.....  :ptam-wub: :luvluv1: :shy1: :shy2: :wriggly: :nya: :on bleed: :on gay: :k-inlove: :k-inlove: :k-inlove: :k-thrilled: :k-thrilled: :k-thrilled: :luvuluvu: :luvuluvu: :luvuluvu: :monk gboy: :mon angel: :mon angel: :mon angel: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon blood: :mon blood: :mon blood: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon love: :mon love: :mon love: :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2: :mon bleed2: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon mischief: :mon mischief: :mon mischief: :mon mischief: :mon noprob: :mon noprob: :mon noprob: :mon noprob: :mon squee: :mon squee: :mon squee: :mon squee: :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu: :gmon heartu: :gmon love2: :gmon love2: :gmon love2: :gmon love2: :gmon shy: :gmon shy: :gmon shy: :gmon shy: :gmon sweet: :gmon sweet: :gmon sweet: :gmon sweet: :gmon twirl: :gmon twirl: :gmon twirl: :gmon twirl: AND SO ON!!!! (And I'm a girl!!!!  :nervous :nervous :nervous) *gets shot by posting too many smileys*

Anyway, we have a sad past, don't we? I so want to beat that b***!!! And also, the whole family is.... as**oles!!!!
I'm glad I met AKB, I hope they will become my new AWESOME family, that I can trust and love fully, with them loving me back  :)

I'll be waiting for your next update!!!
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