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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 107874 times)

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Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2012, 07:20:38 AM »
plsss update soon,,
I hope jurina wouldnt give up on rena yet
and i hope rena will realize that he love jurina!!

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For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #21 on: March 24, 2012, 12:50:49 PM »
thank you~

Thank you Sieka-san~ and please don't give up Sieka-san! I hope your problems will be solve soon and reach a happy ending like the wMatsui in this story (woops, did I just tell others that it's going to be a happy ending? :doh:)! Sieka-san mo, ganbattekudasai! :onioncheer:

Thank you for everyone's comments! :on slopkiss: I love comments! :luvluv1: I feel so happy! Really! So far it's probably the happiest thing that happened to me today... (..)

Anyway, I'm so sorry for taking so long to update this writing. I find this part so hard to write for some unknown reasons. I couldn't get it to sound realistic enough and still keep how the wMatsui act similar to their RL personality. It still doesn't sound realistic enough... but, I guess this was probably the best I could do. Ah~


For Now [wMatsui]

There was pure silence as the two walked. Jurina didn't know where they were walking to. She didn't walk side by side with Rena or have a general conversation with her like she normally would, instead, the two walked in complete awkward silence. When Rena realized it, she slowed down her footsteps to allow Jurina to catch up. However, instead, Jurina slowed down her pace as well. Rena slows down, Jurina slows down. Rena speeds up, Jurina speeds up. After awhile, Rena gave up and just kept walking to where her feet brings her.

Before she realized, Rena's own feet had brought her into a park.
It wasn't just any park.
It was the park where Rena hanged out with Jurina for the first time.
Just the two of them.
Just like now.

Rena sat down on a nearby bench. Jurina sat down as well, on the furthest side of the bench. Rena frowned slightly but didn't ask Jurina why. The two sat in silence, just like their previous walk together.

“Rena,” Jurina broke the silence first.

Rena looked up.

“I... I....” Jurina stumbled for her words. No matter how hard she tries, she couldn't get them out of her lips. She know what she needed to say. She know that the moment she says those words, the pain inside her heart would be over. Almost. But, as much as she tries to will herself into saying those words, she just couldn't. Her heart won't allow those forbidden words to be spoken. Those words of surrender.

“Yes?” Rena waited patiently, even though, deep inside her heart, she was panicking as she watched Jurina's face twist into different waves of emotions, from sadness, to anger, to pain.

'What are you thinking about? Please tell me. I want to share your pain. I want to let you know you're not alone.'

Then surprising Rena, Jurina burst into tears. Rena panicked. Immediately, she dragged herself along the bench to Jurina's side and held her tight and straight away tried to comfort her.

“Jurina! Don't cry! Please don't cry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. We used to spend so much time together and now we hardly talk to each other since you're always up and running back and forth from Tokyo. And Airi? I'm sorry about last time when Airi came in and asked me for photos and I just turned my attention to her even though I was in the middle of talking with you. But she's a friend! I mean, you are too you know, but I just.... I just don't know how to refuse her! You know that! I don't know how to refuse anyone! And most of the time when she ask me for something, it's just really small things like taking photos! I- I- I-” Then Rena too, burst into tears on Jurina's shoulder.

By the end of Rena's panicking outburst, Jurina had already stopped crying and was staring at Rena in shock. Rena blaming herself was the last thing Jurina expected the older girl to do. Jurina stayed silent until Rena quieten down slightly, and her cries descended into quiet sniffles.

Jurina poked Rena's cheek, gaining the attention of the crying girl. “Why are you blaming yourself, Rena? Shouldn't it be me who's apologizing? I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making you cry just then by little things that I shouldn't have minded so much. You and Airi.... that's you two's business right? And Airi really likes you. I can tell. So... I don't think you should ever think about refusing her again since you seem to like her too.” Jurina looked away as she spoke the last few words. It was a fact that she didn't want to admit. The fact that Rena has her eyes set on someone else.

'I really can't bear to say good bye to you... I guess... This is as close as I can get to surrendering. Letting you go your own way.'

The older girl whispered into Jurina's ear, “Are you giving up on me already? Does all those 'I love you' that you say to me before mean nothing at all?” Clear disappointment in her voice.

“That.... I....” Jurina stumbled for her words again. Listening to Rena's voice, with Rena holding her, she really doesn't want to give up anymore. But all those pain that she felt before were all too real to ignore. And those 'I love you'? Jurina meant it.

Rena pulled back from the hug and wiped her own tears away with her fingers. She held Jurina's chin and gently turned her around until Rena was staring deeply into Jurina's eyes. Rena smiled, “Look Jurina, Airi is just a friend. Yes, she likes me and yes I like her too, but only as a friend. She was always just a friend to me. And I would rather never eat another melonpan again than to lose you, do you understand that?”

Jurina's eyes widened at the statement. 'Rena... giving up melonpan... for me? Should I be happy? Or should I be sad that she's comparing me with melonpan?'

Rena pulled Jurina back into a hug and continued, “I promise, from now on, I will do better to take your feelings into consideration and I promise I will hang out with you more often okay? I'll be with you everyday, before practices, during practices, after practices, before stages, during stages, after stages until you get sick of me and throw me aside to join all the melonpan that I had abandoned just for you.”

Jurina couldn't help but smile at those words. Even though she was still being talked about side to side with melonpan but then this is Rena, being compared to a melonpan is the highest of all compliment coming from Rena. She rested her chin on Rena's shoulder, “I would never throw you aside, you know that... and what about Airi?”

A soft musical laugh echoed in Jurina's ears. “What about Airi? Airi has much more friends than just me, you know. And plus, she would never get jealous like you.”

“I- I- Who said I was jealous!?” Jurina hid her burning face in Rena's shoulder.

Rena laughs again, “Sure you weren't. So~ am I forgiven?”

Jurina puts on a thinking face and laugh, “As if! I would never let you get off the hook that easily-”

Jurina was cut off as Rena pressed her lips onto Jurina's ones. Rena pulled back before Jurina could react. That was just a playful kiss, but it was enough to send Jurina into a state of shock as it was always her that steals kisses from members when they least expected it. It was hardly ever the other way around, and especially not when it comes to Rena, who hardly ever kisses anyone. Jurina's mind overloaded as Rena leaned in next to her ear and whispered, “So~ Am I forgiven now?”

Still recovering from her state of shock, Jurina almost felt like an electric wave ran through her entire body when Rena's warm breathe made brief contact with her neck. When her mind cleared and she could once again think clearly, she grinned that puppy smile of her. “Are you forgiven... Only if I get one more kiss~” Jurina leaned forward only to have Rena's palm meet her eager lips.

“Mou, you're so greedy.” Rena gently pushed Jurina's face away. She checked the time on her phone and stood up, holding a hand out to Jurina, “C'mon, it's been a while. The others will probably start to get worry if we don't show up soon.”

Jurina smiled and took Rena's hand and stood up.

Jurina walked back to the shopping mall where the other girls were waiting with Rena.

Hand in hand, side by side.
Together, in silence.

Jurina didn't talk. She just smiled as she walked and enjoyed Rena's calming company.

For now, Jurina won't give up.
For now, Jurina will keep fighting.
Just because she knows, she stands a winning chance fighting against Airi for Rena.

So the story ends. Kind of a pretty bad ending huh~ I'm so sorry if you were expecting something better.

And please tell me what you think about this entire story! :bow: And if I need to work on anything else, please do tell me too!

Now I shall go dive into my bed and think about which pairing I should write about next.

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Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
« Reply #22 on: March 24, 2012, 01:05:47 PM »
A happy end, that's nice. Happy that Jurina didn't really let go, and Rena came in to salvage their relationship. It works well when two people support their friendship and love. :) Mah, it was a bit...rushed, mah, I still liked how it went, though you could have fleshed a few more drama in it to make the ending much more beautiful, but nevertheless, I liked how it came to its conclusion.

Good job!
Hahaha, real life problems sucks at times, but I'm hanging on it, because I know that if that so called friend of mine don't want me, then there's another person that needs me, I may not know him or her now, but surely, in the future I might meet them.

Thank you for the encouragement and thank you for the good end!
Cheers to finishing this shot! Hope to see you write another one.  :cathappy:
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Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
« Reply #23 on: March 24, 2012, 01:22:23 PM »
It was a good read, I'm glad they resolved things between them... I'll be waiting for more updates!
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Re: Time to give up (wMatsui) [3/21]
« Reply #24 on: March 24, 2012, 04:24:48 PM »
Fight Jurina fight!
Lol being comparing to a melonpan hahaha!

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Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #25 on: March 24, 2012, 08:01:19 PM »
The first time I read your fanfic, I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DEPRESSING WMATSUI??".. But somehow I got addicted by them,I read your fic only to be depressed beacuse of it..  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
I expect the last one to be angsty as well actually.. well, luckily you are not that cruel to Jurina..  :hiakhiakhiak:

Rena's feeling to Jurina is still unclear though.. In my opinion, It shouldn't be the end!  :on GJ:

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Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #26 on: March 25, 2012, 12:25:42 PM »
Awww....So Sweet ...

W MATSUI :deco:
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #27 on: March 25, 2012, 02:59:43 PM »
love happy ending  :deco:


love your writing..please write more

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Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #28 on: March 27, 2012, 11:00:51 AM »
Yeah, it was slightly rushed... in a way. Sorry!
But you know, this was actually suppose to only be a OS in the first place hahahahaha~
and wow Sieka-san, you think so positively about life... wish I could think like you...

>>Kamen Knight
waaah~ I can never be so cruel to Jurina~
Though I actually might soon... because of Jurina's promotion to Team K...
I kind of have a new idea. But I don't really want to write about it, in case it becomes true, if you know what I mean.

>>Everyone else
As usual, thank you very much for your comments and advices! I'm really glad someone actually like my writing... because in my opinion, they really don't seem as nice you guys say it is but anyway, thank you very much.
When I finally escape from this depressing reality of my life, I will update again.
And it'll most likely to be in this thread again.
This thread will probably become something like a fic collection.
So, keep an eye out! :peace:


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Re: For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #29 on: March 27, 2012, 04:53:05 PM »
I hope you will continue!!!
a very good fanfic!!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ For Now (wMatsui) [3/25]
« Reply #30 on: April 03, 2012, 12:57:49 AM »
Another wMatsui fanfic. I've been thinking that this might actually happen to Jurina one day, or at least something similar. I mean, with that J-Cast news about Jurina's health and the SKE manager guy tweeting about her health..... I can't shake off the feeling that this will happen. I tried to write a happy wMatsui, but I can't.... cuz this idea just keeps spinning around my head...

Anyway, I talked too much now. Have fun reading, or not. Let's just hope this won't become real~

I Love You Too Much [wMatsui]

The way you shine on the stage,
the way you do your best at everything,
the way you push yourself to the very limit,

no one can do the same.

“Matsui Jurina from Team S of SKE48 to Team K.”

What was your feeling at that time?
How did  you feel?
What was on your mind?

All I knew was what I felt at that time: a throbbing pain in my heart. That pain, I can never forget. I held onto Churi, she was on the edge of breaking down right there on the spot. I hugged her tight and close and reassured her that everything was going to be fine. No, I was reassuring myself that everything was going to be fine.

How do you do it?

I saw your tears. I heard your cry.
But still, you held up your mic and walked forward. Accepting this decision.

Were you really ready for the change?
Because I know for a fact, I wasn't.

Feet slid around the wooden floor,
drops of sweat slid down the girls' face,
soft united singing voices echoed on the stage,

a body collapsed.


The music stopped and the girls rushed to the girl who is now lying on the floor. Sweat all over her pale face and almost purple lips. Her eyes fluttering open and close, open and close. Breathing was short and shallow. Her leg was shaking from the pain that she had tried so hard to ignore.

“Jurina, are you alright? Here, drink some water, have a rest.” Kuumin helped her onto a chair while the others crowded around them, ready to become human cushion if one of them were to fall. Jurina groaned in pain as one of the girls accidentally kicked her feet. Feeling the sudden increase in pain, Jurina lost her grip on Kuumin's shoulder that was acting as her arm rest, and fell head-first onto the floor.

The girls scream and panicked. No one knew what to do. Even though this wasn't the first time this happened to Jurina this month. Happened many times already. But each time, it seems to be getting worst. At first, all that happened to her was a sudden throbbing pain in her leg. But it was small, and she cold ignore it. However, it kept getting worst, the pain. And now, the pain was so bad that Jurina's own legs could no longer support her.

“CALM DOWN! ALL OF YOU!” Masana yelled. Everyone went silent. It wasn't everyday you hear Masana yell. But then it wasn't everyday you see Jurina faint either. Though that has gone more common quite recently. “Everyone back away, give Jurina some space, she needs to breathe. And be careful of her leg! Don't forget she sprained it at the Team K stage yesterday.” The girls did as they were told. No one dared to argue. All concern was on Jurina. The staff members came running to Jurina and after a quick checkup, an ambulance was called.

“That's all for today. Go back everyone. Half a rest.” One of the staff instructed as the medics came onto the stage with a stretcher. At first no one moved as all their eyes were still set onto Jurina. Then surprising everyone, Kuumin made the first move of departure. Her hands shook as she let go of Jurina and mumbled, “I'll call Rena.”

That hour on the train was the longest hour I've ever lived through. I tried sleeping to past the time, couldn't sleep. I tried practicing the lyrics of the new single while listening to my iPod, couldn't remember anything. My brain were focused only on one thing: you.

“Moshimoshi, rena desu.”
“R-Rena? It's me, Kuumin.”
“Oh hey, Kuumin! How was practice today. Did everything go oka-”
“Jurina is in the hospital.”

“Jurina is in the hospital.”

That was the only line I heard. I immediately asked, no, begged was the word. I begged the staff members to let me go early. They weren't very happy. No, they weren't. Even though it was just photoshooting, they weren't happy at all. But, maybe it's because I told them it was an emergency, or maybe it was because I never asked to be dismissed half way through work before, they let me go.

So now, here I am. On the train. On my way back to Nagoya. On my way to the hospital. On my way to you.

Why am I fidgeting so much in my seat? Can I not just sit still and stay calm? I'm fidgeting so much the man sitting next to me was giving me a slightly annoyed look.

I shouldn't have gone to the photoshoot. I knew something bad was going to happen. I knew it. You weren't feeling well the last few days, everyone could see it. I could see it. You've never felt well ever since you became a temporary member of Team K. Running back and forth Tokyo even more than you usually do, doing both Team K stages and Team S stages. Your body is still growing. And it can't stand all these non-stop muscle work.

“Next stop, Nagoya.”

Wait for me, Jurina. I'm on my way.

All I could hear was my footsteps pounding on the cold floor in the hospital hallway as I ran to your room. I can see everyone now. They were all outside your room. Wait- they're outside? Why aren't they inside looking after you? I skidded to a stop in front of your door, hands reaching out for the door knob.

“Akimoto-san is in there,” Kuumin said quietly.

I froze. Akimoto? What is the producer doing in there? Can't he just let Jurina rest? Or is he finally taking back his decision on making Jurina a double member and is going to give us our healthy Jurina back? My hands fell back to my side as I stared at the door. No words were exchanged. Everyone's mind was too occupied. Mine was no difference.

Suddenly the voices in your room became louder. I tried to look through the close blinds, suddenly hoping that x-ray vision existed. I heard you argued about something, but I couldn't make out the words. But I could definitely hear the sobbing between words. What happened? Are you hurting again? The door opened, and my concerning stare met Akimoto's tired eyes. Is- is that guilt I see in his eyes? Guilt? Definitely guilt. He's regreting his decision on letting you take a double team position isn't he? He gave me a nod and walked away in silent. The doctor came out and gave us a solemn smile, “Don't talk for too long, she needs her rest. Her body is really faint right now.” and with that, he walked away, leaving the door open.

We all rushed inside. The girls got to you before I did. I stood at the back, near the door, listening to your haggard breathing and cracked voice as the girls shared with you their concern for your health. Looking at the girls surrounding you right now, you'll probably be too tired to talk after they're done with you. I'll come visit you tomorrow okay? That's a promise.

“Wait-! R-Rena. C-Can I please talk to R-Rena? I-Is she here?” I turned around to your voice. The others backed away and made space for me. Completely forgetting about my previous decision of visiting you tomorrow, I sat next to you, placing my hand onto your cold ones. My eyes never left yours as you forced an apologetic smile at the others, “S-Sorry, i-is it okay if I-I talk to Rena alone p-please?” Without any questions the others flushed out the room and closed the door quietly behind them.

You turned around and gave me one of those really sweet smile again. Those smile that I loved. But, why is it that this smile feels a bit different than usual. Is it just me or are you forcing that smile out? And your eyes are red? Did you cry? “H-Hey, Rena-chan.”

I tried to smile at her as well, not doing very good I guess. How can I do good at smiling when you're lying on a hospital bed with machines beeping around you and things attached to your arms and body and your leg in a cast? Nevertheless, I still asked the most stupidest question, “You feeling okay?” Oh what the heck am I thinking? How can you be okay in your state?

“I-I guess so. B-But the doctor said it w-will be awhile before I recover.” It was obvious that you're sad. Even though you're trying to hide it. Almost everyone know you hate taking rests.

I don't like seeing you sad. Never had. I like seeing your cheerful smile, where has it gone? I want it back. “Then you just stay here, and get your health back to the top like before and then come back and dance with us! Then on our next day off, I'll take you to Disney again? How about it? Hm?” I smiled at her. Trying to cheer her up. It didn't look like I did a good job from the look in your eyes.

“Akimoto-san was here before.” That forced smile of yours kept dropping lower.
“I know.” Why do you have that hesitating look on your face? Did Akimoto say something?
“He told me what the doctor said.”

I don't see where this conversation is going. What are you trying to say, Jurina? Out with it, please. The tears that looks like they're about to drop are scaring me.

“I- Rena-chan. The doctor said my body can't move that well anymore. He said if I kept dancing, my injuries will never heal. He said the condition of my leg will keep getting worst.”

I looked at you. Right in the eyes. I finally see where this conversation is going. This isn't true right? Today is April Fools right? You don't mean this right? I could feel  cold tears rolling down my cheeks that was still burning from my run from the station to here.

You gave my hand a soft squeeze, turning my distracted mind back to you and you continued, confirming my worst nightmare. “Akimoto-san s-suggested t-that I-I gr-graduate.” Those silver tears of yours rolled down your cheeks. I tried so hard to contain my own emotions in. I wanted to hold  you like I did with Churi at the Saitama Concert before and tell you everything is going to be fine. But I can't. Before I know it. The rolling tears of mine turned into waterfall. The waterwork began. A waterwork that I don't think can ever stop.

It was just like that day all over again. That day Akimoto announced your 'promotion' to Team K.

You acted just like this. You cried, but you still accepted his decision. You stood forward and accepted his decision as if you were ready for it all along.

Why? Why won't you act like you don't want to graduate? Or, were you thinking about graduating all along? Have you thought about leaving SKE behind? Leaving the girls behind? Leaving me behind?

For the first time, I took the initiative and expressed my thought clearly, “A-Are you just going to leave us behind like this? You can't! W-We need you! You can't leave us behind! We need you! I-I need you! I-I-I-I love you! Don't leave me behind, Jurina, please! Please don't leave us.... Please.....” I couldn't stop my tears. They just kept flowing like a water tap. A water tap with a broken handle. A water tap, that is broken.

You wiped my tears away with your fingers, and as if it had a magic touch, it put a stop to my tears. “I-I love you too, Rena-chan. I always had. From t-the moment we m-met, I a-always had. B-But, I-I can't stay. E-Even i-if I stay in SKE, I-I won't b-be able to d-do a-anything a-anymore. I-I h-have t-t-to graduate.” Her hands started to shake against my face as she spoke. My also-trembling hands took hold of hers and gave it a soft, supporting squeeze.

I have no choice. I have to accept this decision. It was your decision wasn't it? Or at least it was Akimoto's suggestion. You're right. You staying here will only bring you even more pain. Both physical and mental pain, mental pain of seeing everyone work so hard for the group while you can only sit on the sideline.

I lifted your hands up to my lips and blew onto it and rubbing it together with my hands. Your hands are too cold. I need to make it warmer. It's all I can do for you. I felt your stare at me, then I heard your cry again. You couldn't stop sobbing. Neither could I. But after the waterwork stopped, the two of us just sat in silent. You lying on your cold white bed, while I sat on the metal chair next to your bed lying on your chest, listening to you faint but strong heartbeat. Our fingers locked together.

I don't know what time it was. I didn't want to know. I don't want to leave. I want to stay here. With you. Who knows what will happen after your graduation. Who knows if we'll still be able to meet up like the old times. I don't want to think about it. Yet.

All I want to do,
is treasure this last moment I have with you,
these moments that I know,
will probably never come around again.

I love you, Jurina.
I love you too  much.

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Love You Too Much (wMatsui) [4/3]
« Reply #31 on: April 03, 2012, 01:41:11 AM »
OMG this is so sad! I actually read this one-shot from your tumblr and I cried when I read it!
I just hope this doesn't actually happen to Jurina in the future.  :cry:
She is my SKE Oshi and I will have a break down if this happens!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Love You Too Much (wMatsui) [4/3]
« Reply #32 on: April 03, 2012, 12:08:41 PM »
Auu jurina-chan...this story make me worried think about that may happend for real...

Hope the best for Jurina health...all hail Jurina!!


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Waaah! Don't cry! *gives tissue* And Jurina is my SKE oshi too, in fact she is my kami oshi, I wouldn't know what to do if this does happens to her... BUT, this is a story after all. Nothing in stories are real. (^^)



Okay, so, while procrastinating from my school holiday studies/homework, I whipped up a new writing idea. Lalalala~  :cathappy: This won't be a one shot, obviously, and I dunno how long it's going to go for, yet.

This story is going to be revolving mainly around a love triangle between Rena, Airin, Jurina. And maybe Churi would come in at some point, I dunno, just an idea.  :lol: Anyway, as you can see, this is mainly going to be an SKE based fanfic, but MAYBE I'll add some AKB in later? Or maybe not, I dunno, depends on what you guys want, I guess. BUT! That will be decided later.

So anyway, this is the first chapter of the story, please tell me what you guys think?


Rena walked into the main office of the SKE All Girl’s Private School with filled in documents in her hand, getting ready to hand them to the office lady and officially apply to the school. She wanted to hand the forms to the office lady and start her first day at this new school as soon as possible, but unfortunately, the lady still hasn’t register the her existence in the lobby as she was too busy replying phone calls and printing out documents. Rena, not wanting to disturb the busy adult, took a seat on the sofa in front of the main counter and waited for the lady to finish her phone calls. Every now and then, Rena would flip open her mobile and look at the time. It was already 9am, she was going to be late to her first class on her first day at her new school.

A heavy sigh of relief came from the office counter as Rena flipped open her mobile for the nth time. “Oh, hello there. Sorry, I was really busy, may I help you?” The office lady looked at Rena from her seat.

Rena quickly stuffed her phone into her bag and walked towards the counter, handing her forms in to the office lady. “Um, I’m a new student here. You told me to hand you these forms yesterday on the phone.” Rena did her best to smile at the warm lady, pushing her impatience aside. She needed people to have a good impression on her.

The lady thanked her and looked through the documents and then pulled out a big folder. “You must be Matsui-san then.” She said as she slipped the papers into the folder and carefully placing the folder back into the drawer. Rena nodded. “Okay then, I realized I must’ve made you late to class. I’ll call up your teacher to come pick you up and lead you to your new class so you don’t get lost and become even late. Have a seat, it won’t take long.” Rena thanked the lady and sat back at her original spot.

Rena leaned back on the sofa and inspected her surrounding closely for the first time. The office lobby was beautifully decorated. Almost gave off a royalty feeling with the silver decorations against the white wall paper. To be honest, it didn’t seem to feel like a school. ‘But then, this was a private boarding school wasn’t it? Everything must be different to the public school.’ Rena thought to herself. This is her first time entering a private boarding school.

She had always wanted to apply for this school but her parents never agreed, even though her family has so much money to spare. However, when her parents died in a car accident, everything was left to their only child, Rena. Rena felt no love towards her parents, nor has she ever felt any love from them at all. They were almost never home and Rena has probably exchanged more words with the maids than with both her parents. So after they died, Rena felt no need to feel sad and decided to get on with her life and apply for this school, since nothing much has changed at all. With all the extra higher level education from this new school, her dream of being a teacher doesn’t seem that far off anymore.

A voice snapped Rena out of her thoughts. “Matsui-san?”

The girl looked up and found a 30-years-old-looking male teacher looking at her. She quickly stood up and did a bow, “Hai! My name is Matsui Rena, nice to meet you sir.”

The teacher smiled warmly at her and gave her a small respectful nod, “Well then Matsui-san, I will be your new class teacher then. I’m Yokoyama, but students here tend to get lazy and just call me Yoko-sensei. Anyway, come with me, I shall lead you to your new class. The class is having a free study period right now, so you don’t need to worry about being late.” Rena nodded and followed closely behind the new teacher as he walked off.

Rena looked around the school as she followed the teacher to her new class. The school campus was almost exactly the same as the lobby. Everywhere was so beautifully decorated, from the walking pathway to the drinking fountains, one may even describe this place as a castle. A castle similar to the ones shown in anime, on a floating island. From what Rena was seeing, this place really doesn’t feel like a school.

The teacher opened the classroom and walked in. Immediately, the large hallway was echoing with the loud voices coming in from the classroom. Rena hesitated outside the door when the teacher waved her in. She’s never been in a school like this. Was everyone in there going to be really royalty-like, like the school? How would she fit in with the rest of them? She mentally slapped herself for not thinking about this when she applied for this school. “Matsui-san, you can come in. Don’t be shy.” The voices in the classroom immediately died down at the teacher’s words. They stared at the door with hidden excitement as they wondered what the new student was going to be like.

“The new student has the same name as me? Wouldn’t that confuse people when someone calls Matsui-san?” A voice spoke from inside the classroom. Rena listened to the voice, it was filled with confidence yet under that confident tone, Rena could definitely pick up a childish feeling coming from the voice.

The class laughed, the teacher did as well. “Yes, you two would have the same name, but since the new student is older than you, she would be call Matsui-san. And you will be called Jurina-san.” The class laughed even louder.

Jurina joked, “Jurina-san??? That sounds horrible! That’s not fair! Why can’t she be called something else? I did come to this school before her!”

The teacher laughed and said, “We’ll sort out the names later. Let’s just welcome the new student into class first.” He looked at the door, where Rena was still standing, and mentioned again for her to come in, “Come on, Matsui-san, don’t be shy, the students here are very welcoming.”

Rena looked up at the teacher. She took a deep breath and walked into the classroom. She could hear someone sucking their breath in as she walked in. Soft whispers of “She’s so cute.” And “Her skin is so pale.” Didn’t escape Rena’s ears. She smiled at the sounds of those complimenting whispers.

“Please introduce yourself to the class.”

Rena kept her eyes focused on the floor, knowing that she would not be able to speak if she looked up at her new classmates. “U-uh, my name is Matsui Rena and I’m new here. Nice to meet you and please look after me from now on!” She did a 90 degree bow at her new classmates and quickly stood back up as the class clapped and cheered for the new student. Slowly, from the confidence that was building up inside her from the cheers of her new classmates, she looked up and examined her new class. Rena’s eyes nearly widened as she tried to hold in her surprise. She didn’t expect the class in this school to be so... normal. The way the students acted was almost the same as her old school. Not much difference.

“There’s a seat next behind Jurina-san and Furukawa-san. Please take a seat there, Matsui-san”

Rena nodded but didn’t move as she looked for her seat. There was more than one empty seat in the classroom, and Rena didn’t know who was who. The teacher saw the look on her face and smile in apology, “Ah, sorry. Furukawa-san, can you please show the new student her seat?”

Rena saw a girl wearing glasses reading a manga look up at her. The girl’s eyes quickly looked away when her eyes met Rena’s gaze. She quickly took off her glasses and put down her manga and pulled out the empty chair out from the table next to her. Rena walked towards her and thanked the girl as she took a seat. Everyone in the class then quickly returned to their previous activities as if nothing happened as they saw Rena has settled. Well, all except one girl. Rena looked to her left, and saw the previous girl was looking a bit uneasy. Out of concern Rena tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Are you okay?” The girl jumped at the contact but quickly recovered and nodded quickly. Rena couldn’t help but smile. Looks like she was no longer the shyest girl in class. She raised her hand for a handshake and said, “Matsui Rena.”

The girl looked at her hand then slowly shook Rena’s hand and said, almost in a whisper, “F-Furukawa Airi.”

Rena smiled at the girl. She could definitely see a tint of pink on those cheeks. Definitely cute. Too cute, to be honest. Rena nodded and folded her arms on her desk and rested her head on them. ‘Looks like the new school isn’t going to be THAT hard to settle into after all.’ She thought to herself as her mind drifted back to that cute blushing face of a girl called Furukawa Airi.


So, what do you guys think? You guys like it? Should I continue?

And just saying, character introduction comes a bit later, maybe in the next chapter. I dunno. Gaaah, so much things I dunno. But anyway, hope you guys enjoyed it? Please please please tell me what you guys think! All comments are welcome!  :welcome Tell me if you don't like it  :smhid or if you love it  :twothumbs !

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I love it <3 <3 <3 Lol I know I had it bad when I read all girls private school and Strawberry Panic and Maria sama ga miteru pops up first thing on my head. Anyway, cheers for the story. I see you got Jurina and Airi character down already. Wonder if it's gonna be a WMatsui or a Renairin in the end :) Hope to find out soon. Keep up the great work

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Yes, I do believe you should continue this, I'm intrigued.

Especially the RenAirin part, there's not enough of that pairing even if isn't endgame.

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you should continue ! :thumbup im actually quite interested in the story and the renairin pairing :P plus theres just not enough of that pairing around D:
but yep good job :D

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I'm a sucker for set-ups like this. School set-ups are the best to write! I'm bad at it though... :sweatdrop:
I wonder though who will be the end, WMatsui or RenAirin? Or do you have another pairing in mind that you'd like to pull out of nowhere? I mean, Rena is shippable to almost anyone in SKE48 so I wouldn't be surprised if you do do that.... :lol:

I hope you continue this, it looks really interesting, especially the end part, hoh, I wonder how RenAirin friendship will go and if Jurina will come into to the picture. :lol:
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Thank you. And those two things that you mentioned, they're manga right? I mean, I've heard of them before, maria sama ga miteru from one of the SKE's video and the other one from someone on twitter. I've personally never read them in real life. Maybe I should start? To get some ideas? Don't even know what the two manga are about xD

Thank you (^^)
I'm really glad you like it. (^^)

Thank you!
And yeah, not enough RenAirin around... Which kind of sucks in my opinion, because they're really REALLY cute together <3

Oh don't worry, the ending will either be wMatsui or RenAirin. (But the question is WHICH pair would it be (^^) now that got you to read on no? bwahaha)
I like Rena to stay with either one of them, not someone else because you know, it just doesn't seem to have the same feel when Rena is shipped with anyone else from SKE. And maybe it's because I haven't been in this AKB/SKE fandom for long, so I don't really know who else Rena can be shipped with. Apart from Yukirin from AKB.

Another update (^^)
Just because I really didn't feel like working on my project, even though it's THE thing that determines whether or not I graduate from Year 11....
I'm sorry if this update is really long, or if it seems to go on forever and never seems to get to the point,
this is my first time writing something like this so, please bear with me (・・?)
If you guys have any questions about what I wrote, feel free to ask me, I'll answer all questions! Really! Even pointless and totally unrelated ones.


Rena grabbed her bag from the side of her desk and lazily packed her things as the end of school bell rang. It was the end of school already, but she was in no rush to get out. Since, what’s the point of getting out so early if you don’t even know where you’re going to be sleeping yet. Most of the other students have left already, rushing out almost as soon as the bell sounded. Only a few remained behind as they are either taking their time to pack or they had decided to stay behind and study.

“Hey Jurina, you want to come to the library with us?” Rena heard one of the girls said. Then out of nowhere, she heard another girl said, “Ignore her, hey Jurina, there’s something I didn’t get in our math class today, can you please help me?” Then she heard a few more similar questions coming from different girls. Rena’s curiosity took over and she looked up from her bag at the loud noises coming from the door of the class.

A mature looking girl could be seen, surrounded by a group of other girls. ‘This Jurina must be really popular around here huh...’Rena thought to herself as she stared as the surrounding girls started to push each other to the back, pulling themselves forward to be in sight of the popular girl. Ignoring them, Rena started packing again.

Then from behind her, Rena heard another softer girl’s voice spoke, “Jurina-chan, I’m coming!” She looked up again and saw a girl hopping towards Jurina. Jurina smiled and excused herself from the crowd and joined the girl. She then turned around and did a small bow at the girls, who now had jealousy written all over their faces as they stared at the girl by Jurina’s side. “Sorry guys, I gotta fix Churi’s laptop today. I’ll find you guys tomorrow okay? Please excuse us.” And with that, Jurina left the crowded with the other girl following closely.

Some of the girls that was left behind starting grumbling. “Why does that Akane girl always have priority over us? What does Jurina really see in a weird girl like her? Seriously!” The girls continued to complain as they disappeared through the door to eat their lunch alone.

Rena shook her head in disbelief as she zipped her bag close. She really don’t understand how that Jurina girl can be so popular, apart from that really cool boyish aura that she gives off and that really dazzling smile she gives out. But then Rena decided that it was probably just because Rena hasn’t been around for long and doesn’t know the girl well enough yet to find out what’s so good about her.

“Matsui-san?”The teacher called the girl as he closed his laptop lid and puts the item in his bag.

Rena jumped at the deep voice. Distracted by the girls before and by her own thoughts, she had completely forgotten that the teacher was still in the classroom. “H-Hai, Yokoyama-sensei?”

The teacher smiled warmly at her, “The office gave me an email just then. Seems like the boardings cleaners has finished tidying your bed area. And your luggage also arrived a few minutes ago, so when you have time, please meet with the office lady and she will have someone take you to your room and get your settled.”The teacher looked at his watch and quickly made way to the door, “I’ve got a meeting now so I’ll be going. I hope you had enjoyed your first day at school, Matsui-san”

“Thank you, sir. I will go to the office now. And I did enjoy my first day at school. It was very nice, thank you.” Rena did a quick small bow at the teacher as he smiled at her again and then left the classroom in a rush to get to his meeting.

Rena made her way out of the classroom and through the hallway. The hallway was filled with voices and laughter as everyone prepared themselves to go back to their respective dormitories. She quickly made her way outside and breathed in some fresh air as she now tried to think of the way to the office. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Airi by herself. Rena quickly made way to Airi, hoping that the girl will help her out. “Furukawa-san?”

The said girl jumped in surprised and turned around. Her eyes widened when she saw Rena and those eyes immediately looked away as she bowed her head. “Ma-Matsui-san!? W-What are you doing here?”Airi kept her head down, trying to hide that burning face of her from the sight of Rena.

Rena looked at the surprised girl and blinked at her, completely confused at why Airi was so jumpy. “Um, do you know how to get to the office? I, um... I can’t remember how to get there.” Rena’s voice trailed off as she tried to hide her embarrassment. She was never good when it comes to remembering directions.

Airi nodded, still not looking up. She turned around and fumbled for something in her bag. She gave a piece of paper to Rena and then backed away in a bow. “That’s a map I drew of the school. Um, the office is marked with a big O on it. I-I got to go.”And Airi quickly disappeared into the crowded hallway before Rena got a chance to thank her.

Rena opened the piece of paper Airi gave her and giggled. On the paper, there was a neatly drawn map of the school. But that wasn’t all. There were also doodles of frogs and chibi anime characters on the side. And on the O that marked the location of the office, a big smiley face was drawn on it. One word came up in Rena’s mind when she saw the paper: cute. Rena nodded as she walked to the office with the piece of paper, ‘Definitely cute. Way too cute.’


“Ah, Matsui-san! You’re here!” The office lady smiled at Rena the moment she stepped into the office. ‘People in this school sure likes smiling,’ Rena thought to herself as she greeted her back and quickly looked around for her luggage. The lady said when she saw Rena looking around,“Oh, I already have someone take your luggage into your room. They should be back soon and then they can- Ah, look, they’re back. They can take you to your room now.” Two girls walked into the office, one smaller than the other. The lady asked as she returned to her work,“Oya-san, Hiramatsu-san, can you two please take Matsui-san to her room?”

The girls came up to her and Rena was immediately greeted by two warm smiles. The taller girl introduced herself, “I’m the head girl of this school, Oya Masana. Most of the girls around here just call me Masanya.”Placing her hand on the smaller girl’s shoulder she introduced the girl, “This girl here is Hiramatsu Kanako. We all call her Kanakana.”Masana shook hand with Rena while Kanako jumped up and gave Rena a hug.

Rena looked at the girl, surprised that she was so friendly to her on her first day here. Masana pulled the girl back and apolygized, “Ahehehe, sorry, Kanakana here gets a bit too friendly too quickly sometimes.”

“I am not TOO friendly! I am friendly. That is all. And I’m just excited because we hardly get any new students around here. Wah! Wait till I tell the others about this!” Kanako escaped from the girl’s hold and latched herself back onto Rena.

Masana tried to pull back the girl but Rena just shook her head and smiled at the head girl, “It’s okay Oya-san, I don’t mind. Really.” Rena returned the small girl’s hug and then quickly introduced herself, “I’m Matsui Rena.”

The girls nodded at her and said at the same time, “Nice to meet you.”Masana took out her phone and looked at the time. “Ah, look at the time. C’mon, we’ll take you to your room. Dinner is going to serve soon. I should give you a tour around the boarding house before we go off to dinner.” Rena thanked her and followed the two girls as they led her deeper into the school.

The sun was nearly down by the time Rena reached the boarding house located at the center of the school campus. It wasn’t suppose to take that long, but the three kept making detours as Masana and Kanako showed Rena around the school. Rena stared up at the building in awe. At her old school, there was never anything this tall. The only thing she could match the height of the boarding house to was the tall buildings out in the city central. The boarding house was only that tiny bit smaller than the city’s building.

“Pretty magnificent aye?” Masana casually said as she too started admiring the boarding house. Rena nodded as she started to focus on the outside decorations of the building and the garden surrounding the building. “Akimoto Yasushi, the founder of this school, made this garden by himself. This garden is what you would call a sacred place of this school, no one does any damage to it, and any sort of damage done to the garden is dealt with severely. So, be careful when you’re walking around the garden.”Rena nodded as she take in all the beauty surround her. A small tug on her arm dragged her back into the real world, Rena looked down and saw Kanako leading her into the boarding house.


“Room 048. That’s your room. You will have a roommate, I’m not sure who it is. I can’t remember. I’m not ever sure if your roommate knows you’re arriving. Ahahaha~ Anyway, dinner is at 6. You have an hour to unpack your stuff and get settled, then I or maybe Kanakana will come pick you up and take you to dinner. How does that sound, Rena?” Masana opened the door with a silver 048 pined onto it.

“Sounds awesome. Thank you, Oya-san, Hiramatsu-san. And I’m sorry for taking up you guys’ time.” Rena gave the two girls a small apologetic bow.

“It’s okay really. And you can just call me Masanya like the rest of the girls around here. I might be a head girl, but I prefer people not to address me with honorific because I feel like there’s this distance between them and me. Anyway, we’ll get going now. Gotta go help out in the dining room.” Masana and Kanako waved good bye as they left.

Rena took out her clothes from her luggage and placed them into the wardrobe in front of her empty bed. Then very carefully placing her favourite manga into the bedside drawer. It didn’t take too long for Rena too unpack. Not much things to unpack anyway. Rena laid in her bed and relaxed her body against the soft mattress. Her eyelids dropped lower as her body relaxed and within a few minutes, Rena was fast asleep.


“Thank you so much for fixing my laptop today, Jurina-chan. Now I can talk to you after lights out again! Thank you!” Akane gave Jurina a tight hug.

Jurina smiled and returned Akane’s hug. “It’s okay, Churi, anytime.” Jurina released the girl and gave her a small kiss on her forehead. “Go back to your dormitory, I’ll see you at dinner time. And be careful on your way back okay? Tell me if the girls gives you any trouble again.”

Akane nodded and ran off back the way she came from. Jurina stood there and watched Akane until she was fully out of sight. She couldn’t help but feel this tagging feeling in her mind, hinting her that something always happens when she leaves Akane alone. Jurina couldn’t help but worry about the girl. She and Akane has been friends since they were little kids as their parents were best mates. She was the closest person Jurina has in this school. Jurina pushed her worries aside, ‘The girls know what will come after her if they touch Churi again anyway. She’ll be fine.’

Jurina walked into her own room and her eyes widened. She had always had a room all to herself, but now she had to share a room with someone else. Her eyes shifted their attention from the newly laid out items on half the table to the girl on the other bed. Throwing her schoolbag onto her own bed, she walked closer to the sleeping girl. ‘Oh, this girl. The girl that shares the same name as me. Matsui.... what’s her name again? Ah, Rena. Matsui Rena.’ Jurina examined the new girl closely. Her skin was really pale, almost seems like the girl has never been under the sun her entire life. Jurina’s eyes moved upward to the porcelain face. ‘Ah... Churi was right. This girl is cute. Really cute.’ Jurina went back to her side of her room and took out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and quickly got change into them.

A shuffling sound came from behind Jurina as she hooked up her school uniform. “Ju-Jurina-san?!” Rena pushed herself up and stared at her new roommate in surprise. Anyone would be fine, why must she be paired up with the most popular girl in her class? This was the first time she talked to Jurina today. The girl was always surrounded by other girls at school it was almost impossible to introduce herself.

Jurina said without looking back at the girl, “Finally awake huh? First day of school took that much out of you?”She went back to tidying her bed area as she spoke.

Rena looked away, embarrassed. She didn’t intend to sleep, she was just resting. She took out her mobile and look at the time, it was nearly 6pm. The girls should be coming to pick her up soon. Not liking the silence that was developing, Rena tried to strike up a conversation by introducing herself. “My name is Matsui Re-“

“I know who you are,”Jurina cut her off. Although Rena might be cuter AND sexier than any of the girls at the school, the fact that Rena shared the same last name as herself really annoyed Jurina for some reason.

Being cut off in the middle of introducing herself, Rena didn’t know what else to say. The awkwardness began to grow between the two as the silence continued. Jurina went on her laptop while Rena continued to stare at her.

“It’s rude to stare you know.” Jurina looked at Rena right in the eyes, making Rena cringe slightly at the coldness in that tone of voice. “I can’t work with you staring at me the whole time.”

Rena looked away and stared at the door, dying for the head girl to come back. A knock came on the door. Rena jumped up, and opened the door eagerly and sighed with relief when she saw Kanako and Airi outside the door. Rena’s eyes met Airi’s for a few brief seconds and the two immediately looked away. ‘Oh my god...those eyes! How can such cute eyes exist?’

Kanako poked Rena’s cheek, “It’s dinner! I brought Airin along~ From the way she looked at you, I assume you two already knew each other? And why are you spacing out? What were you thinking about?”

Being caught spacing out, Rena rubbed her face, hiding her burning cheeks under her palm and said, “Spacing out? I wasn’t spacing out. C’mon let’s go get some dinner.”She followed the two outside.

Jurina’s voice rang from inside the room, “Close the door when you leave. I hate people leaving the door open.”

‘Rude kid... won’t kill you to say please.’ Rena thought to herself as she clicked the door shut. She ran back to Kanako and Airin. Kanako stared at her in surprise, “You get to share a room with Jurina? THE famous Jurina?! You’re so lucky!”

As usual, please comment (^^)
And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! (^^)b
Now I shall go sleep (0.o) It's half past midnight already lol bwahahahaha~
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hahahahaha  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


ok! how i comment this?....ah im so hypnotized  :deco: with this story.....awww.... :heart:



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