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Author Topic: Meeting Again Chapter 2 5/10  (Read 1239 times)

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Meeting Again Chapter 2 5/10
« on: May 08, 2012, 07:22:15 AM »
On a whim and I hope it has momentum to continue :nervous

Chapter 1

One day we will meet again.

 It was her last words before stepping into the van and heading off to her new home.  She waved goodbye to the rest as tears slowly rolled down her eyes as the rest waved back seeing the van roll off to the sunset.

 "Miss, where are we going?"  The little one asked as her smile slowly appeared on her face.

 "We are going to my apartment.  I have plans for your future."  Her eyes became solely focused on her and it wasn't the last time she had that look.

 Maeda Mayumi was a scout for a high-end talent agency and finding girls who were flawless was a difficult job to do and many would be plucked before she could have a chance to review them.  However, her luck had changed when she had passed by an orphanage to find a charismatic girl within the group.

 She eyed her for a few weeks despite the reservations by the nun who was their guardian.  She stepped in one day with the blessing of the nun to view her up close.  The other girls were curious why she would go for the lonely one in the corner.  Mayu-chan, as she was known as to close friends, soon interviewed with the girl one on one, and got close with her at an emotional level as she was once scrutinized for her looks and behavior.

 Then, one day, as she had her paperwork, the nun had passed away.  Mayu had become distraught that the one person who could have given the girl up easily was now gone and was replaced by a strict nun who began to scold the girl every time she would refuse to play with the others.  Mayu dropped the papers off and threatened the new guardian to stop picking on her.  She agreed but continued on the torture which forced her to take the girl home sooner.

 Mayu had been shy in nature compared to others in the business using brash, empty words to lift the spirits.  She was cautious on her picks to bring to the boss and usually get accepted under her watchful eye but the girls were looking at the stars too quickly and quickly moved on before realizing the truth.

 She had promised herself that this girl would be different and begged her to be patient.  She nodded like an obedient daughter would and gave her a hug before touring the rooms with curiosity.  Mayu opened up the package of the important documents and smiled when she saw her name: Sayumi.  Mayu quickly knocked off her last name and decided to train her into being a model.

 Two years went by after she had picked her up from the orphanage and she was getting into small publication magazines which was normal for a rising star but the demeanor was slowly changing which led to tearing down Sayu multiple times to bring her back to earth.

 Her success bloomed into clothing and Mayu was always there to humble her as she began to get awards from the company.  Eventually, Mayu had become promoted to second in command but still kept a tight leash over her star model.

 Sayu was aware about her status and kept her image as clean as possible in front of the cameras.  However, her past had become a blurry mess in her mind and she faced her manager only once about that issue which she ducked as it was a matter of image.

 The questions were straight forward about where she came from and the orphanage.  She had a friend in Mayu but she wanted a person close to her age and let it be known in private that she wanted a friend.  Consciously, she would be introduced to other peers but disconnection and jealousy would always complicate the relationship and she needed to settle on a non-model friend.

 Sayu was having those feelings of loneliness while on the road and it was decided to let her roam around the set on her next photo shoot.  She had become excited that she wasn't going to be cooped up in the room while everyone was talking outside.

 Sayu walked into the makeup room to get her face done and followed with a wardrobe change before heading out to the cameras.  Under the watchful eye of her manager, she thanked them for doing the shoot but she knew that they were mean to her because of previous encounters but it went on.

 She posed with a wide smile on her face and gracefully winked on every third shot.  Everything was usually planned and under the guidance of Mayu, she would entertain many people with her promotions.  As they finally wrapped up the shoot, she heard rattling from behind, and the set fell on top of the model.

 "ITAI!!!!"  She yelled as every helped her get from under the rubble.

 Sayu crawled out of the mess without any major injuries but the sight of Mayu berating the group made her relieved that she wasn't the one to cause the accident.  The crew decided to take a break and Sayu started on her adventure around the room and headed for the food table.

 She never imagined there was a plethora of items on the table as Mayu usually left her on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables but she felt curious to try a muffin and cut a small slice for herself.  She turned to find a woman next to her grabbing a banana and walking away quickly.

 Sayu followed her into the wardrobe area and the woman bowed her head apologetically towards her.  She wasn't sure on what to do next so she lifted her head up to see tears rolling down her face.

 "What's wrong?"  She asked as the woman wiped her tears away from her eyes.

 "You are going to fire me right?"  Sayu tilted her head and remembered the accident.

 "You were the one to push the set down on me?  Maybe you should be fired."  She agreed without saying a word and walked away before Sayu could finish her thought.

 "Chotto Matte!  I won't fire you if it was an accident.  You couldn't have done that to me, you look quite weak to me."  Sayu flashed a smile to bring up the other woman's spirits.

 "It was an accident.  I was trying to squeeze into a hole to get a prop and everything fell over onto the set and I didn't realize you were under there.  Gomen."  She saw the smile again and nervously laughed it off.

 "I see.  I was wondering if you can tell me what this is."  Eri looked at the small piece and nibbled the edge to find it was a blueberry muffin.

 "Blueberry?  Let me try."  Sayu bit into the slice and grinned at the woman.

 "I better get going..."  Sayu grabbed her arm and brought her back in.

 "I need to know your name."  The woman froze and brushed off her arm.

 "It's Kamei Eri.  You can call me Kame."  She saluted toward the model and see if Sayu would introduce herself to her.

 "You have a last name... I am called Sayumi, Sayu for short."  Eri squint her eyes at her.

 "What's wrong?  Is there something on my face?"  The turtle shook her head.

 "I remember a Sayumi from my childhood.  She was close to me but she had a weird habit to pretend she was a bunny.  I forget how she looks like but she was nice to me."  Kamei grinned as she wandered off to her next job as Sayu ran after her again.

 "We should keep in contact."  Sayu handed over her business card over to the turtle and she walked away to the wardrobe area as her manager grabbed her shoulder.

 "Who is that?  She is not a model."  She angrily looked at Sayu.

 "I know but she apologized for knocking down the set so I asked if she could find a way to pay me back."  Mayu saw her pout and realized that she was accepting an apology and softened her expression.

 "I see.  At least someone took responsibility."  She stretched her voice so everyone could hear her and escorted Sayu back to the wardrobe room to change out of her costume.

 She began to replay Eri's words again and a sudden flashback caught her by surprise and she was outside the circle looking at the faces of her past.  They were happy girls playing with each other as chibi Sayu faced the corner playing with her bug.  She closed her eyes for a bit to let out her frustrations before closing the door for her privacy.
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Re: Meeting Again Chapter 2 5/10
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I guess a lot of views, hopefully it means something or it is just lightning striking :nervous

Chapter 2

Mayu knocked twice waking Sayu from her trance and she reached for the door with something weighing her body down.  Sayu turned the knob to find Mayu with a paper bag filled with her favorite sweets since she was living with her.  She grabbed it and let Mayu walk into the dressing room without acknowledging her and she took a seat on the couch across of the model.

“I’m sorry for the falling set.  I should have been more careful watching out for you but that woman seemed to be let go by the photographer.”  Sayu nibbled at the pink mochi as she listened to her to ramble on.

“You are quite smart with people so I trust you with your judgment.  Please stay out of the spotlight as much as possible if you want to go out.”  She nodded with the mochi puffing up her cheeks.

Mayu shook her head as Sayu swallowed the piece and offered her other piece to her manager.  Mayu bit off half of her piece and laid the other half down as she grabbed the complimentary water bottle by the mirror and took a gulp to assist in swallowing the sweet treat.  She closed the cap on the bottle and crossed her legs over with her phone in hand carefully looking over her messages.

“Tomorrow, you have a day off so are you planning on anything?”  Sayu shook her head and picked up her phone to find a text in her inbox.

She looked up at her manager and she noticed that Sayu just had plans for the next day.  Mayu allowed her to leave on her own as long as she kept in touch if there was any issue.  Sayu replied back with a smirk on her face and thanked her manager.  Sayu packed up her clothes and hauled her bag into Mayu’s car to drive back home but they stopped off at the convenience store for a quick meal before walking into the apartment.

The model took a quick shower before digging into her food with her manager taking the bathroom after her.  She flipped her phone to view the text again and couldn’t help but smile that Kamei was inviting her for lunch at a café.  Sayu knew that she wasn’t going to expect much but something simple seemed to be a dream compared to her lifestyle now.  She peeled open her bento and scooped out a spoonful of gratin and inserted it into her mouth.  She began to think what she would order that she had forgotten it was scorching and spit it out for a sip of water.

“Baka!  You should pay attention to your food.”  Mayu joked with the model as she put the piece back into her mouth and swallowed it without changing her expression.

The manager tore open her bento and cut the croquette into pieces before starting her meal.  She kept her attention toward the window as she usually began to think about the past and seeing her model become a mature adult.  Mayu could never find a suitable partner as she was a working woman and when she felt ready, it was past her prime, and few men would advance her way.  She felt defeated against the world and it lightened up when she saw Sayu by herself with everyone having fun with each other.

Mayu always reminded Sayu that she was a daughter that she wanted to have.  She wanted to spoil her to the point that she would leave without asking for help but Sayu’s intelligence was her strong point.  She was open to learn everything that Mayu would do by herself.  Sayumi learned cooking through Mayu’s limited knowledge and quickly got her first meal done on her own when she was fifteen.  However, it was a rough meal as many items were undercooked or not prepared properly that the night was alcohol-filled for the manager.

She always smiled and that comforted Sayu through her tough periods when work was not often and she could pep her up with a story of a girl who started from little association with the real world and grew up to become an A-class model.  Sayu was the puzzle piece that completed Mayu’s career while Mayu had become the mother Sayu wanted for a long while and that was the only concern Mayu ever had since she brought her into her life.

“I’m going to sleep.”  Sayu announced as Mayu blew a kiss before she entered her room.

Mayu sat at the table playing with her food as the conversation with the nun about her mother played throughout her thoughts.  There were many questions Sayu had asked and she couldn’t answer because of the lack of answers coming from the nun.  She was a stubborn woman with jealousy written over her face.  Mayu was true with her feelings for Sayu and her motherly intuition made her a mother that was proud of her daughter.  However, she knew that one day it would haunt her if she didn’t try and always had people with connections to social work.

She flipped open her laptop to find her inbox filled with offers of Sayu’s services but towards the bottom was an email about her parents.  She scanned through it talking about her birth certificate and the names of her parents.  It seemed to be a step forward but far from the finish line and replied with a thank you. 

As for the other e-mails, she replied to them asking about payment, sponsorships, and/or benefits for the model.  By the time she had them all finished, it was quarter past midnight and her heavy eyelids couldn’t stay open for more second.  She shut down her laptop and headed to bed as she passed by the room glancing at the model sleeping gracefully on the bed.

The next morning Mayu woke up to the sound of her alarm that she routinely sets despite the models’ day off.  She put in the new filter for the coffee machine and put the processed grind to make her first cup for the day.  An hour later, Sayu woke up rubbing her eyes and peeked out to see her manager with her phone by her side writing up the schedule for the next few days.  The model cherished her days off as times to relax and study more about her manager’s job but it was unusual for her to leave the apartment by herself and took every precaution to hide her identity.

Sayu stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower and laid out her clothing.  Since she was predominantly modeling in jeans, she decided to wear a dress, a sleeveless navy blue dress that stopped at the ankles matched with blue slip-on sandals.  Since hats were never her choice of hiding because of her bad puck, she went with a white beret, and finished off with sunglasses.  She felt a slight chill in the air and carefully selected a black coat to cover her top.  Sayu grabbed her purse and turned the knob to the outside world.

“I’m leaving, Mayu-san.”  She shouted as she waved goodbye to the model and went back to her work.

She flipped her phone to read the text and downloaded directions to the café.  It wasn’t far from her location near the apartment and decided to walk casually through the morning crowd.  Sayu rarely got caught on the outside walking the streets even when she had gained awards, she ventured out to few problems which made her confident in her disguises.  Sayu looked up at the building signs and soon found herself lost and dialed the number given to her.

“Sayu-chan I see you from here.”  She looked around trying to identify the woman and took a few steps forward still with no sight of Eri.

She jerked her neck all over frustrated that she can’t see her and then she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She wanted to scream out loud but she felt the structure of the hand and quickly let out a sigh of relief.

“Kamei-san, it’s hard to tell when there are people walking around, you know?”  Eri faced her friend and bowed to her as she had a baseball cap with a blue t-shirt and matching skirt.

“You are no help either with your get up.”  The turtle pouted as she took her to the alley and took her sunglasses off,

“I can’t be seen in public without any protection.  I should have mentioned that when I accepted your offer for lunch but I assumed you knew.”  She explained as Sayu slipped her sunglasses back on.

They struggled through the crowd lining up in front of the café and the people were in a mad dash to gain their spot but luckily they had been given special seats through a random drawing and were seated among the first group.  They sat down across of each other as Sayu placed her purse to the side of her and held her glass of water in her hand.  Sayu held it up to her lips and sipped it carefully with the waitress approaching the table.  She glanced at Sayu before looking over at the turtle and a smile appeared on her face.

“Kamei-san, ohisashiburi desu ne.”  Eri looked at the name tag and shook her head in surprise.

“Gaki-san, I mean Risa.  Ohisashiburi.  Ogenki desu ka?”

“Itsumo genki desu ne.”  Risa flexed her muscles as she looked over at Sayu.

“Hello, I am Sayumi.”  She interjected softly as she grabbed the menu to get the waitress’ attention.

The two talked with each other for five minutes as they caught up with the last time they had run into each other a few years ago.  Despite talking about their successes, they kept humble about the status and Risa forgotten that she was supposed to take orders and wrote down Eri’s order before looking at Sayu.

“Do you recommend the ham and cheese sandwich grilled or by itself?”  Sayu asked as Risa bit down her thinking about the question.

“I prefer the grilled version because the onions give off a slight sweetness compared to the ungrilled version.”  Sayu ordered the grilled sandwich and a cup of blended tea.

Sayu took off her hat and placed it next to her purse as she sipped the ice water again.  Eri grabbed her glass and put a straw in it to blow small bubbles as entertainment.  Eri was oblivious to the model’s expression and Sayu grabbed Eri’s hand to stop the behavior but it was for another reason to get her attention.

“How do you know her?”

“She was in the orphanage with me and she hated that girl Sayumi.  She never cared for her antics until she left and felt horrible that she had treated her badly for two years.  Risa was always kind and shared with everyone but Sayumi would never share her toys.  It was never that she hoarded but her favorite doll was always by her and feared that Sayumi would react harshly.”  Eri paused as she took a sip of her water.

“I see.  I think she might have liked her that she refused to accept her as a friend.”  Sayu spewed out as the waitress popped next to the table.

“Sorry, we regret not having blended tea for today.  Would you like green tea instead?”  Sayu nodded as she took another drink of her water.

“I think so too.  Sayumi never harmed us but we were afraid of breaking from the group.”  Sayu hinted a smile as she tried to piece her foggy memory of being alone and placing Risa’s face into the image.

It seemed that it was a forgotten piece of time for her.  She had gone a long way from her past and now seemingly adding images to her past was an awkward feeling of nostalgia added with the fear that it had never happened and these people were going to use her status now for fame.  Sayu broke out of her frame of thought with the waitress bringing her food and tea for both of them.

The model bit into her hot, molten sandwich and her taste buds described the best food she had eaten in a while.  Sayu let out a trail of tears as she felt glad that something fresh and homemade in her eyes was incredible.  Within a few minutes, the sandwich was devoured cleanly, and Eri becoming a total mess in front of the model.  Sayu grabbed a pile of napkins and wiped away the sauce on either side of her mouth.

“Thank you.”  Eri dove in again and finished it without causing more damage to her face.

They sat up looking at each other as the food digested into their stomachs and the pleasure running through their minds was bliss.  The pure feeling of being filled with great food was beyond what they expected and Risa returned with the bill and Eri paid for it with cash without saying anything to Sayu.  The model tilted her head forward as a gesture of thanks and both of them headed for the front with Sayu holding her stuff under her arm and leaving a big tip behind for the waitress.

“Thank you for lunch.”  Sayu bowed as Eri gave her an awkward smile.

“Thank you for giving me company on this day.  I rarely get a day off so luckily it was with you that I could spend it with.”  Sayu giggled as she hugged the turtle and headed opposite of her.

Sayu was thrilled that Eri was thankful for the lunch despite she was paying for it.  The model soon was hit with another image of her scrambled memory.  She saw herself in the corner with a bug as it crawled up her arm and a girl pointing at her as the nun captured the bug in a jar.  She started to cry and the kids teased her for her crying but an older girl stood next to Sayu and aimed her finger at them.

Don’t pick on her!

Sayu flashed back to reality and walked home with thoughts of the girl who protected her from the group.  She could not recognize her but she thanked that girl for standing up for her.
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