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Author Topic: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~  (Read 22558 times)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #14 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 3 . / (Journey of Love 2/8) ~
« Reply #100 on: August 03, 2012, 09:09:31 PM »
This angel devil story is so sweet  :wub: Though I would have thought that Yossi is the devil and Rika is the angel xD

I love how Ai is so naive-like and teases Risa all the time xD
And that kiss under the bed was.... Nice  :inlove: :wub:

Hopefully Risa will accept Ai's (and her our) feelings soon  ;) And of course lets hope they wont get caught xD

You have nice stories here. I have read only few of them but I will read more ;) Also, The journey of love seems interesting but I have read only one chapter so I can't comment that very much.... :err: But I'll do that, when I have read more of it  :)

Hopefully you will write more of angel Risa and devil Ai. I am looking forward to it, Keep up the good work!

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #14 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 3 . / (Journey of Love 2/8) ~
« Reply #101 on: August 04, 2012, 11:50:34 AM »
it kinda fun to see the interaction of devil ai and angel risa.... and aichan is brave towards taking the risk of send to the 4th dimension and not able to recarinate, just because she like the little angel. even though i long for and hope angel risa could accept her love, at the same time hoping that the angel will just reject her as i really don't want them to end up to such miserable state to be in love, when they are not meant to in the first place.

Journey of Love
for Chapter 4, it feels kinda pain for Aichan to recall those pasts whe has with Risa... when she recalled how she was being conned and plotted by Gaki.

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #14 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 3 . / (Journey of Love 2/8) ~
« Reply #102 on: August 07, 2012, 02:21:26 PM »

'My heart. . . . . ' Risa subconsciously noticed as she continued to stare surprisingly at Ai's abrupt action. 'It felt -'

"Risa?" Hitomi's voice echoed in the small room, and to the under of the bed, snapping Risa wide awake from the sub enjoyment from the kiss Ai had just stole off her. As she snapped awake, she pulled her lips away from Ai and jumped slightly in surprise, hitting her head against the board of the bed frame.


"Hmm?" Hitomi looked weirdly towards the bed, where the sound of something hitting against the bed board had echoed from.

Back to the situation under the bed, Risa squirmed slightly in pain at the hit while Ai watched.  Following her was just plainly her reflex actions. Especially for the fact that she had just heard Hitomi's presence in the room.


"Risa?" Hitomi called out again when she heard another sound echoing out from the under of the bed.


The sound of something hitting against the board of the bed echoed in the room again. By the time the third sound echoed, Hitomi had already made her way by the bedside. She bent over and lifted the blanket that were covering the space below the bed. There she saw the back of Risa's white angel dress facing at her direction. "Risa, what are you doing underneath the bed?" Hitomi asked.

Risa turned around in surprise, hitting the board of the bed yet once again and laid on her back as she turned her head to a side to face Hitomi. That little action revealed the existence of the other person, or rather, the little devil who was too underneath the bed. Ai had an utterly shock painted on her face, with her right palm cupping over her right cheeks gently. There were slight glitter in her eyes, but was remained unnoticed by both Risa and Hitomi.

Hitomi was a little outrage to find Ai underneath the bed with Risa. "Risa! What is this little devil doing in your room?" Hitomi retorted, catching Risa into a state of more astonishment. This was the first time Risa had heard Hitomi in such a angry state since her stay at the angel quarter 12(?) years ago.

Risa scrambled herself out of the underneath and presented herself before Hitomi, with her hands by her side, fingers playing against the ends of her dress nervously. "I - I don't know. . . " Risa stuttered. "She - she was already in my room when I - I return . . ."

Just when Risa finished her sentence, the other figure in the room and too crawled her way out of the underneath of the bed. "What are you doing in the angel's quarter?" Hitomi demanded from Ai as the latter gently rubbed on her forehead. As she continued her action, the usual devil smile ran across Ai's lips.

"It's none of Risa-chan's fault." Ai answered, ignoring the questions raised previously by Hitomi. "I am the one who had entered the quarters without any permission." Ai continued.

"And what are you here for?" Hitomi repeated her question, without easing any of the tension in her voice. "The angel's quarter is a big ban for devils of any forms, regardless whether are you a fully form devil or just an apprentice of the devil." Hitomi finished with a strong harshness.

"Do I have to tell you what I am here for?" Ai pouted and challenged. "I know I know . . . I'm making my way out now, can't you see?" Ai continued as she headed towards the wardrobe where she had left her devil fork standing against. Just as she do so, she dropped the small Donald Duck Key chain she held in her left hand onto the floor and gave it a gently kick, making sure that it had hid itself perfectly underneath the wardrobe. Risa had caught this little action from Ai while Hitomi missed it. Hitomi had her eyes fixed on Ai's face, making sure that she was not communicating with Risa in any way she was capable of. "I'm leaving. Quit staring at me. Are you interested in me?" Ai teased Hitomi, making the Angel head felt a little light headed.

"I'm staring at you to make sure that you do not do anything funny to my Angel." Hitomi was quick to bring herself back and retorted back to Ai.

Ai gave a quick little devil smile in response and gave an unnoticeable wink to Risa. With that, she made a way out of Risa's room, with Hitomi following close behind her back. Before she left the room, she turned around and gave Risa a questioning stare. "I'll get back to you when I'm done with her." That was what Hitomi had left Risa with.

As Risa watches Ai and Hitomi left the room, she finally allowed her knees to go jelly and dropped heavily onto the group, with her both hands clutching over her left chest as an action in hoping to ease the racing heart. 'She's driving me crazy. . . ' Was what Risa had concluded in her mind. She allowed her eyes to glance around her room, studying stuffed toys filled room Ai had decorated her room into. 'And she was the one who had gave me all these . . .' Risa continued in her mind. 'What should I do now?'

As one of the most studious angel in quarters, Risa had definitely knew the consequences about falling in love with a devil. Of course, she herself too had told herself that that would be absolutely impossible for that to happen to herself. But now that she had been thrown into the confession from Ai a week ago and now a stolen kiss, Risa can never be so sure about her angel life anymore.

'What should I do now?' Risa repeated the thought in her mind. Just as she did so, Hitomi had made her way back into Risa's room again. "Master." Risa greeted immediately upon Hitomi's entry into the room.

"Risa." Hitomi's firm and angry tone was all gone and it was returned back to the usual ones Risa was customised to.

"Yes?" Risa responded as she bowed her head low.

"I believe in you about not knowing about why is that little devil doing in your room. But I'm pretty sure you knew what had happened under the bed, don't you? What were the two of you doing under the bed?" Hitomi began her questioning in her yet gently and caring voice, though the content of it was way more serious than what her voice could meant.

"I - I entered my room just now and found her in my room. . . That's why I had screamed. And - And when I heard you outside my room, my first reaction - was - was to hide her - Since I knew that
she - she should not be in my room. And - I helped her under the bed, but she - she pulled me under with - her. " Risa explained with stuttering shuffling in her sentence.

"And what happened under the bed ?" Hitomi continued asking when Risa trailed into silence. "I heard a couple of noises coming from below." Hitomi explained.

"She - she - kissed me. . ." Risa uttered almost inaudibly. The mention of the kiss sent her heart racing yet again. But with Hitomi standing right before her, Risa mustered all energy she had to keep her racing heart away from Hitomi's realisation and continued with a white lie. "But I didn't like it." That was the first sentence Risa had spoke for the day without stuttering before she continues again. "That - that's why I - I gave her - her a slap - across her - her face."

Hitomi remained silent upon hearing Risa's explanation. After some moments of silence, Hitomi began to speak again. "Are all these given by that little devil ?" Hitomi asked.

Risa gulped a mouthful of saliva down her throat as she nodded her head gently. "But I only knew it today that they were from- her." She quickly added on.

"I see. If that's the case, I will get the cleaner angels to clear them out of your room. You didn't liked them too, right ?" Hitomi asked.

Risa dare not defiant that question and therefore could only give a simple nod on her head as her response. She stood alone at the corner of her room as she watches the angels cleared her room. Her heart twitched slightly, causing Risa to clench her hands into fists.

Baba stood at a distance and watched the situation. "Hitomi . . . . "

When they were all steered clear of Risa's bedroom and Risa was left alone in her room. And that was when Risa was allowed to relieve her guarded self. She staggered almost lifelessly towards her stool and sat facing towards the wardrobe. 'What should I do now ?' Risa wondered again. 'They are all gone. . . . ' A wave of sadness washed upon the troubled girl.

Just as she thought she had lost all the gifts given by Ai to her, her sharp eyes caught a metal glittering underneath the wardrobe. 'She dropped something over there previously, isn't that so?'

Pulling herself back onto her feet, Risa made her way towards the wardrobe, kneeled down onto her knees and bent over so that the side of her cheeks were running close towards the cold flooring. A bright and elated smile broke onto her face upon seeing the figurine underneath. "Ah-there's one more of them over here!" An adolescence smile continued with the excitement the younger experienced.

"Ai! Why have you been?" Rika grilled the moment Ai made her step into the devil's quarters.

"Mortal world?" Ai replied as she shot her eyes wide open and sheepishly flashed her teeth at Rika.

"And where did you went after going to the mortal world?" Rika continued her interrogation as she closed her distance between her and Ai.

"I came back here straight after?" Ai suggested but received a scorn response from Rika. "Why had I went after the mortal world. . . " Ai began to ponder again, knowing the actual place she went will result a scolding from Rika, especially when Rika had just warned her about the consequences  just a week ago.

"Ai." Rika grounded deeply.

"Alright, I've been to the angel's quarters." Ai admitted in a low voice.

"Even after I told you about the consequences?" Rika continued asking unbelievingly.

'Well, If we ever follow rules, we won't be called devil, isn't that so?' Ai responded silently in her mind. But her thoughts did not remain unheard by Rika.

"Ai!" Rika grunted again, resulting a sheepish smile to run across Ai's lips. "You are going to be banned from going into the mortal world for the whole month.

"Eh!" That made Ai wanting to retaliate as that would meant her inability to meet with the little angel. But before she could even do so, Rika had already disappeared before her sight, to a place where Ai never knew it had existed.

"Why aren't you taking control of your little devil!" Hitomi asked in a loud voice the moment Rika appeared before her.

"Why don't your little angel retaliate then?" Rika refuted before sinking into the silence together with Hitomi.

"She did!"

"Oh really?" Rika sarcastically rebutted.

'Ah, it's the Michishige Sayumi again.' Risa noted silently in her mind as she made her way up beside her target. She quickly peeked over to the other side, expecting the other party on the opposite side to be Ai. But she was surprised to find a even younger devil standing at her opposite.

"You should just kiss her, you know? It's not a sin to kiss someone you love." Erina spoke and tried to convince the older girl to decide on her decision.

"What happened to that lazy devil?" Risa blurted out loud, surprising the little devil on the other side.

"Are you talking to me?" Erina asked with a blanked and shocked expression. 

"Not really?" Risa looked away from Erina and began to focus on her thoughts on Sayumi.

'But - I just confessed to her. . . Eririn is still a little dazed about it. If I just peck on her lips, wouldn't it . . . '  Sayumi pondered indecisively in her mind.

"But since you have -" Before Erina could finish her sentence, Ai's sudden interruption silenced her.

"Just kiss her already!" Risa uttered through her lips. It was only until the words escape her lips then she realised what she had just said.  'What did I just say?' Risa was terrified by her own words. She looked up to her surroundings, and found herself surrounded by the character that used to decorate her room.

She took a step away from the angel's position as her eyes explored the wide area. 'So, this is where she had gotten the stuffed toys.' Risa noted in her mind.

"Oi!" Ai was awakened by a loud bang on her bedroom door. She flicked her eyes open and sat up from her bed. Directing her eyes towards the door, she a familiar figure standing by the door.

"Eh? You are here for me?" A smile ran across her face as Ai raced forward to the door. Risa entered into Ai's room and closed the door after her. As Ai leaped onto herself, Risa took a step backwards and leaned her back against the door, making Ai to jump into the empty air. Ai pouted at the reaction Risa had gave her. "What are you doing at the devil's quarter then?" Ai widened her pout.

"I'm here to return you your gifts." Risa replied in a rather monotonous voice, hoping that would mask her real feelings towards the devil who stood right before her now. As she finishes her sentence, she pulled a Daisy Duck keychain out from her back and threw it into Ai's chest. "Master had dealt with the rest of the stuffed toys. This is the only one left. So I thought I should return it back to you." Risa continued.

Ai caught the keychain in her hands. She gave it a serious look and a frown drooled over her features. A fire began to brew within her but she kept it within herself. "I didn't give you this. . . " Ai trailed off in a low and quiet voice. She kept her head bowed low. "Who was the one who gave you this? Another seeker of yours?" Ai continued.

"No there isn't any other person as such." Risa denied. Of course she knew who was the one who had gotten this - herself. After leaving Sayumi that afternoon, Risa began to wander around the Disneyland, and found herself inside the retail shop.

"But I wasn't the one who gave you this. . . " Ai began whining this time round, as the pout on her face deepens.

"Stop acting like you are a 5 year old kid." Risa complained as she blushed.

"Tell me?" Ai closed the distance between Risa and her. She dropped her hands around Risa's shoulder, locking the little angel from moving away from her.

"Stay away from me!" Risa whined, as she tried to push Ai away, as the close proximity was making her heart going crazy.

"Ne, Risa-chan, do you like me?" Ai stopped her childish way of speaking tone and looked seriously into Risa's eyes. Her expression was silencing Risa. "Ne, Risa, do you love me?"

@ maikeatoot : hahaha. really? Well, the story is depressing in the first place. So heartbreaks are inevitable. =X I will try to update SP the next :)

@ risa_ai : hmmm. You have to continue reading to understand why then. :)

@ alwaysYou : hahah. More cute little devil this chapter. :) heheheh

@ MsSmigge : Hi there! Haven't had the chance to greet you properly. :) heheh I thought it might be fun to switch yossie and rika around since they were the devil and angel respectively in the hellomorning skits :) just like Ai and Risa (Ai fits to be the angel role while Risa could be the devil. =X) Do take your time around this thread and other stories in the forum :) hehehe

@ yellow : hahaha cause Ai is that little devil, as in the introduction chapter. hmmm. So guess, will little angel accept little devil's love confession. And for Journey of Love, *nods nods*

de wa, until the next time then! :)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 4 . / ~
« Reply #103 on: August 07, 2012, 02:54:22 PM »
 yay!!! risa say yes and kiss aichan!! my gosh i can't stop myself from grinning!! my mom thinks im crazy!! but seriously cai-san,everytime im reading journey of love,i want to cry huhuhu oh my heart hurts its your fault!hehe joke!! thanks for the update!! lovelots!

 ~patiently waiting here for the next update~

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 4 . / ~
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SAY YES SO I CAN DIE IN PEACE RISA. xD but angels and devils can't LOVE EACH OTHER. O____O *takes out sniper* QUICKLY RISA. Escape with Ai while I hold back Yossie and Rika! xD

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 4 . / ~
« Reply #105 on: August 07, 2012, 05:48:41 PM »
Yup cai i  know  tt that's why i said i  hope  she  won't... anyway little angel please say the opposite what you intend to... because i want to see what the devil gonna to do with her if she would to say so... sometimes a little jealousy can be the catalyst to getting into the proper relationship.

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 4 . / ~
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"I . . . I . . . " Risa began to stutter as she felt Ai's warm breathing lingering around her lips. She could feel Ai's intense stare, fighting to make a deep eye contact with her, though herself was fighting hard to escape the contact Ai was trying to make.  Just as she was trying to escape from Ai's intense stare, she found herself focusing on Ai's lips.

"Ne, Risa. . . Do you love me?" Ai asked again.

As Risa watched Ai's lips mouthing the words in a slow speed, she felt her heart skipping a beat. Unable to control her breathings, Risa gave Ai a heavy push by her shoulder, breaking Ai's lock against the wall.

Ai was shocked at the slight action. Hurt emotions shaded over her expressions and Risa had noticed that. "That's not what I meant-" Risa blurt out subconsciously before even realising what she had just said.  "I - "

Ai scooted back to her original position. Instead of placing her hands above Risa's shoulder against the wall, she had rested her hands lightly on Risa's shoulder this time round. Risa flinched a little at the contact. Though that, she felt ease for a second. The next, worries that filled her mind all these while returned. 

"You do love me back, don't you?" Came the quiet whispering from Ai, making Risa wanting to break the eye contact they were making all these while. "Hiding your feelings won't do it, Risa-chan." Came returning the childish voice of Ai.

"That's not the issue!" Risa blurted out suddenly, yet again, shocking Ai yet once again at the tone the angel was using. "That's not the issue. . . " Risa repeated again, this time in a quiet voice.

"What is then the issue?" Ai asked in her childish face, earning an helpless response from Risa. Ai grabbed lightly on Risa's shoulder and poked Risa's pouting cheek with her right finger.

Helplessly, Risa sighed deeply, sloughing her shoulders as she reached  hand towards Ai's teasing finger away from her cheeks. "As expected from you. . . " Risa whispered.

Ai titled her head lightly at Risa's statement.

"Angel and Devil are suppose to be rival of each other - loggerheads- We are not even suppose to fall in love with each other in the first place. And you are asking me what is the issue right now. Do you know what will happen to you and me if we are caught in this situation right now? As expected from you, you don't. That's why you had never stop your advances towards me. I definitely don't want that to happen to you!" Risa started off in a soft clam voice during her explanation and could not help but to grow agitated as she went on, with tears slowly forming and lingering within the corners of her eyes. Just as she finished her sentence, Rika's voice was heard outside the room.

"Ai, are you in there?"

"I got to hide!" Was the response from Risa. Before she could even make her way to the underneath of the bed, the grip on her shoulder slipped down her slender arm and wrapped protectively around her hands.

"Come with me." With that, Ai led Risa out of her bedroom through the second door. "Devils don't have only one door like the Angels do. We always have backup plans." Ai explained quickly to Risa, who seemed surprised by the fact that there was a second door in the bedroom.

They ran for a good 10 minutes, until they've reached a desolated area. Nothing but red clouds.

"Where is this place?" Risa asked while stuttering.

"Do you love me?"

"Like I say, this is not the issue!"

"Forget about the issue! Just say, do you love me?"

"Yes I DO!"

With the response from Risa, Ai entwined her fingers tightly with Risa and closed her eyes. "Jumped down here with me. Let's get out of this world, together."

"Eh?" Risa was speechless at Ai's suggestion.

"You said you love me too don't you?" Ai slowly flipped her eyes open in fear as she felt Risa's hesitation.

However, Risa did not reply Ai. Instead, she took a first step forward and tugged Ai with her.


"Why am I a male in this world?" Ai frowned lightly as he stood beside Risa in attention, right before a white beard male in a quiet yet elegant church.

"Well. . . Because you are the devil." Came a teasing reply from Risa, who was dressed in a sweet white dress.

"But who said that the devil must be the male?" Ai argued under his breath.

"Then it's because you were the one who made the decision to elope to the mortal world then." Risa returned the argument, while glanced watchfully at the official standing before them.

"But you were the one who made the jump first!" Ai argued again and that had finally got onto Risa's nerve.

"Hey devil! If you are not interested in finishing this wedding ceremony with me, I'm going back now!" Risa threatened.


"Seems like they had made the choice. . ." Hitomi whispered softly as she made her way beside Rika, who was watching Ai and Risa from high above.

"They had handled this better than we did, don't you think so?"

I'm still in time! Happy Birthday, Ms something ! hahahah


Alright, I'm really sorry about disappearing, leaving all these stories hanging in the air. I had two really busy semesters this year, leading to lesser time to write. But now that I am finally done with my uni, I do hope that I will have the time to finish all these  fics before I get started on working. onece again, I apologise for the long wait. Angel and Devil has come to an end for now, until I have new ideas for it. Next to finish will be SP, and I will focus my attention of Journey of Love and Devolution. If time allows, I will write another new one shot series (with new pairings O.O) hehehe, though that would be classified as an angst based storyline, that is if time allows :) hehehe

de wa, until the next time then!
mata ne!
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
« Reply #107 on: November 16, 2012, 05:16:35 PM »
Yay, an update!!!  :cow:

Finally those two confessed. Or well Risa confessed xD
Anyway, did they went in a human world? And they are getting married? *dies* awwww, Takagaki wedding xD

And of course guy-chan would be the male  :wub:
I love the argue they had and how Risa snapped to Ai when she kept on whining xD Be aware Ai, Risa's going to be the head of the house.

I'll wait more stories from you/ go read your outher stories (You're not the only one who hasn't time... xD)

Till next time =)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
« Reply #108 on: November 16, 2012, 08:28:52 PM »
I had to go back and reread the other parts, since I felt highly confused at first. But, yay! It's finished and happily ever after, too!

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
« Reply #109 on: November 16, 2012, 11:36:43 PM »

... Well at least in this world, Ai-chan did get her wish of becoming a boy in her next life time. XD It was a wonderful ending! ; A ;!
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
« Reply #110 on: November 17, 2012, 01:56:08 AM »
wow... a nice and sweet closing  :thumbup and just as i have thought 1444 really have something between themselves  XD
and congrats for your graduation  :cow:
i can't wait for your other updates and starting of your other/new fictions  :cathappy:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
« Reply #111 on: November 17, 2012, 03:52:50 AM »
Awwwww~ So they married. xD though deep down Ai is still a girl. THREE CHEERS!!

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
« Reply #112 on: November 17, 2012, 01:47:30 PM » cute..
Gakisan seem to be the one who will be the boss in this relationship huh..XD

"They had handled this better than we did, don't you think so?"
They was once like this?

I wonder will AiGaki get punish for escaping to the mortal world..will they be able to stay together forever???you better dont separate the devil and angel  :angry:  XD

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