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For the better part, this story is completely harmless.
There's one part though that vaguely describes sex, but it's far from being something that'd classify for the perv, imo. So, be warned, or complain if you think this should be moved.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Oh, and Yuko's sort of schizo in her behavior in this story, but it's intended, so don't be surprised!


Rating: R
Pairing: Kei/Yuko
refers to this scene from the New Years SP 2003


They are watching the latest Haromoni episode on tv, a cosy, comfortable sleepover at Kaori’s place, and it’s a wonder how all 14 of them manage to find a place without stepping on each other’s toes.

The sleeping-bags are strewn all around the room, yet everyone’s gathered on Kaori’s bed, at least for now, at least for one hour, and Kaori didn’t have much of a chance saying ‘no’ when everyone was already settled and so they squeeze together, 14 girls on one four-poster bed.

It’s so chaotic that not everyone really watches what happens on tv and it’s not as if they don’t know what happens, so Mari’s unexpected scream catches everyone off guard, so much, actually, that Risa and Konno lose their balance and tumble off the bed.

The rest of the girls, though, follows Mari’s pointing finger towards the tv, and then the first giggles start surfacing, the screen showing a frozen image of Yuko and Kei, a scene from this week’s skit, and the giggles increase until suddenly, above all giggles and laughter, Nono bursts out “Oh my, this looks as if you two are about to kiss!” and the girls are lost, clutching their bellies, tears streaming down their cheeks, laughter wracking their bodies until they can’t breathe.

Risa and Konno don’t even make it back onto the bed before they are rolling on the floor again.

Even Kei herself can’t help the giggle that escapes her mouth as she looks at the screen, looks closely and forgets that she knows the reason why Yuko was really looking at her that way, that she just called Yuko ‘obachan’ and that she was pissed and in no mood for kisses, yet behind her she feels Yuko stiffen, abruptly, and she knows, without even looking at her, that she doesn’t think this funny at all.

It seems she is the only one who notices, though, because the others are trying hard to gather themselves, wiping tears away with the sleeves of their pyjamas, while still making kissy faces at each other, to them, and it continues that way until Mari picks up the remote and presses ‘play’ and the video continues, the skit comes to an end, eventually, and the games begin again and this time everyone watches closely, laughing about themselves and about their jokes.

Kei tries it as well, laughs when Aibon pokes her arm during an especially terrible joke, but still she feels Yuko behind her, stiff and rigid, even as she glides one hand under Kei’s shirt, a knee – Yossi’s? – concealing the movement, and runs her fingers over her lower back, then her nails, scratching, and Kei hides the pain behind another smile while her hands clench the bedcovers in tight fists.


Later that night, when everyone’s asleep in their separate bags, Kei tiptoes across the sleeping forms, thirsty and, for some reason, wide awake.

But as soon as she enters the kitchen, she knows she should have stayed where she was, because even though the light is only dimly lit and there’s no moon tonight, she can see Yuko standing by the window, back towards her, gazing out into the dark.

Yet their eyes meet in the reflecting window, Kei’s wide, surprised, Yuko’s unreadable and still, as always, smug, and before Kei even has the chance to go back, Yuko is next to her, pulls her into the room, closes the door behind her, and pins her towards the refrigerator.

Kei closes her eyes, tries to breathe, tries to count to ten, but before she reaches four, Yuko’s lips are already on hers and the kisses are just like they always are ... hot, wet, messy, quick, just like everything else.

Yuko’s voice reaches her ear as she feels her hand glide beneath the hem of her pants, making it slightly difficult to listen to her voice next to her ear while her fingers are busy between her legs.

“The others are asleep”, she whispers and kisses her way along Kei’s jaw line, nibbling at her lower lip, “no one will notice we’re gone”, and their mouths come together again, unfocused and sloppy.

It’s getting harder to breath with each second that goes by and Kei thinks she might just pass out, her head falling back, hard, with a thud, against the fridge, and she winches at the dull pain shooting through her head, yet Yuko quickly takes advantage of the situation, fixes her mouth to the tender skin covering Kei’s throat and sucks, sucks like a baby, until she lets go with a smack and admires her work, a deep red spot quickly turning violet.

“Okay”, she whispers, giggling like a little girl, “maybe they will notice, but then you will have to explain.”

Kei knows that voice, knows what part of their ‘conversation’ they’ve reached, again, and still she asks.

“And how do I do that?”

She’s hoping that maybe, just maybe, tonight will be different, that Yuko will look at her and tell her that she loves her, that they will do this together, but as always, Yuko shrugs her shoulders.

“I don’t know, I don’t care”, she answers, nonchalantly, and adds another finger, speeds up until Kei’s panting hard against the base of her throat, clinging like a child to its mother, “as long as you don’t tell them the truth. They wouldn’t believe it anyway!” and it’s another stab to Kei’s already bruised heart.

“Nakazawa Yuko fucking Yasuda Kei ...” and Yuko lets the words hang in the air around them and she closes the distance between them once more and kisses Kei, “no one would believe you! Even I wouldn’t ...”

For a moment, Kei wonders how Yuko deals with this, them, their occasional ‘meetings’, which have become more and more frequent over the last two years, what she tells herself so that she can live with herself, but then Yuko’s fingers hit that spot, right there, and she can’t think anymore, barely registers that Yuko covers her mouth with her own, swallows her cries, before she sags back against the refrigerator, eyes fluttering and heart racing.

Yuko steps back then, stares at her still form on the cold kitchen floor and turns around to clean her hand in the sink.

All the while Kei stares right back at her, inwardly cursing herself for letting this happen again, for being weak, giving in, letting Yuko win ... again, but she knows, after everything that’s happened, that she will never be strong enough and say ‘no’, because there are moments, like this one, right now, when Yuko’s helping her up and gathering her in her arms, dusting tender kisses over her face, when Kei believes that she’s not the only one in love, just the only one who’s been brave enough to admit it to herself.


The next morning, Kei doesn’t remember how she got Yuko to sleep next to her, but she knows it was a mistake when she wakes and comes face to face with Maki and Hitomi, who are staring at the two of them with big eyes, and she can hear Aibon and Nono giggling, Mari telling them to stop it while suppressing a giggle herself.

She unwraps herself from Yuko’s embrace and goes into the bathroom without another word.

When she looks at herself in the mirror, she’s not sure if she likes the face staring back at her.

She’s got dark circles under her eyes, proof of the little sleep she got last night, and the dark violet spot on her throat is obviously a hickey, no denying that in front of anyone.

But she also sees a girl who’s lost, lost herself to love, to one woman who kisses her in the shadows and hides their secret in the light, a woman who can’t seem to make up her mind about them.

Because there is a ‘them’, most definitely, yet not even Kei can say what this ‘them’ really implies.

All she knows is that she loves Yuko, and if this is the only way she can be close to her, then she’ll continue like this.

A knock on the door breaks through the mist of thoughts clouding her mind and she quickly finishes before she opens the door, encountering Mari on the other side.

The younger girl looks at her with a worried expression on her face, brows knitted together, teeth gnawing on her lower lip, and steps into the bathroom without letting Kei leave.

She pulls at Kei’s hand, motioning for her to get closer, and then leans forward and whispers in her ear ... “I know”, she says, and the look she gives Kei, eyes darting to her throat and then back to Kei, is proof enough that Mari really knows ... maybe everything, but at least enough to worry about her.

Yet that’s not how she imagined things to turn out.

She always thought she would surprise Mari, a happy smile on her face, - “Yuko and I are in love” – and Mari would laugh and hug her and maybe even tease her about it.

So she forces a smile onto her lips, ruffles Mari’s hair, says “No, you don’t”, and leaves the bathroom.

Outside, the others are already gathered for breakfast, some on the bed, some on the floor, and the room smells of green tea and coffee, of toast and soup, and even though Nono giggles, again, and shoots her a meaningful look, nobody else seems to b paying any attention to her.

Across the room, Yuko is smiling at her and when she sits next to her on the bed, she hands her a cup of tea, their fingers brushing.

For a moment, Kei’s sure she sees Yuko blushing, but it’s gone as soon as it appeared, and she shakes it off, because, now, as they start chattering over breakfast, their feet dangling off the bed, brushing against each other with each move, their tea is warm and their laughter is real and no matter what was or what tomorrow might bring, or maybe even tonight, right now she’s happy and that’s all that matters.

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Yay! First reply! Keep posting Freya, I love all your work.

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Ah, Oh my gosh. Ahhhhhhh~

Apparently those noises sound kinky. But my god! The kitchen scene *peace~!!*

I think this would be rather close to the truth of their relationship and how they would act. The way Kei thought she would tell Mari and the way it actually happened was well written and you're a genius for including it in such a brilliant way.

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You always manage to pack a whole lot of goodies in one posting. I salute you for that :)

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