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Author Topic: Don't be ashamed when you love me (WMatsui fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 91638 times)

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Wmatsui] Chapter 4: The shock
« Reply #20 on: July 18, 2012, 10:29:44 PM »
Hi mo-chan! I'm sorry I haven't commented in a while.   :OMG:

This story is super great and I'm happy to see you writing more and more. Keep it up and don't stop!  :on GJ:

I'll be looking forward to your next chapter!  :shy2:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Wmatsui] Chapter 4: The shock
« Reply #21 on: July 19, 2012, 03:21:04 AM »
ehhh, jun-kun is a girl??!!

i wonder why she has to disguise herself as a boy..

update soon pliz :bow:

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Wmatsui] Chapter 4: The shock
« Reply #22 on: July 19, 2012, 04:37:47 AM »
WHAT.....Jun-Kun is a Girl.....

Poor Rena !!!

Jun you shouldn't get mad at Rena

Why Jun is Crying ??
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Wmatsui] Chapter 4: The shock
« Reply #23 on: July 19, 2012, 07:49:06 AM »
wow jun-kun!! you are so alone..

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Re: Don't be ashamed when you love me [Wmatsui] Chapter 4: The shock
« Reply #24 on: July 20, 2012, 06:41:01 PM »
@miyumi : it's ok the best that you commented  :bingo:  you see you said to me the last time that it's short what I'm writing  :err: so I did my best  :on study:
@yukofan : sorry but I think to know why you have to wait  :hee:
@xxx220 : Jun is a girl a sensible girl .  :shy2:
@Haruko : yes Jun is lonely  :gyaaah:
like the title of chapter the shock all is shock to know that Jun is a girl  :glasses: at first I thought you didn't like the fic there was only yukofan-san who is comenting but you came back I'm really happy  :farofflook:
so here is the chapter dozo  :hee:

Chapter 5 : The decision of Kyoka-san

<< Jun’s house>>

“ Jurina  your breakfast is ready come and eat it” Kyoka says

“ Koyoka-san is the only person who call me by my real name if  you weren’t with me I don’t know what to do” the girl says

“ Jurina is Jurina and nothing will change for me” Kyoka says

“ Even my parents call me Jun now” Jurina says

“ It’s ok Jurina don’t worry about it” Kyoka says

“ that girl she found out about that I’m a girl . I said horrible things to her . I shouldn’t do that”  Jurina says

“ don’t worry Rena is a good girl” Kyoka says

“ but but I made her crying two three times I don’t know what to do” Jurina says and start crying

Kyoka hugged her and says

“ be only gentile to her it’s easy”

<< somewhere>>

“Sorry Airin I am late I oversleep” Rena says and take breath

“ It’s ok Rena-san let’s go” Airin says

Rena take Airi’s arm and hold it

“ It’s like we are in date “ Rena says laughing

“ d-date!” Airi says surprised

“ I’m only joking Airin don’t be that surprised” Rena says and laughed Airi laughed too

“  Let’s go do some window shopping then we will go to the karaoke “ Airi says

“ Ok let’s go! “ Rena says and smiles to Airi . Airi blushed

They went to trying on some clothes. They went and take pecurera . Then they went to eat some ice-cream . At the end they went to the Karaoke .

They sang many songs and had so much fun .

*Beep beep*

“ Yes” Rena answers to the phone of the Karaoke

“ what it’s already finished “ Airi says

“ Yes but we was for 1 hour you want to sing more? “ Rena says

“ No it’s ok it’s getting late now you have to take rest  . Come on I’ll take you home” Airi says

They walks and they arrived to a park .

“ Wait Airin I’m going to by a cola I’m thirsty “ Rena says

“Ok “ Airi says and walks to the shop and Airi sit on a swing

“ Thanks for waiting “ Rena says and sit on a swing next to Airi


Airi looked to Rena with a serious face  .

“ what is it Airin you want to say something?” Asks Rena

“Rena-san I I I… “ Airi says

“ what is it ? “ Rena says

“ I’m……”

“ you are what ?”

“ I love you Rena-san” Airi says looks to Rena

Rena was so surprised and she looked to Airi’s eyes and says

“ I’m sorry Airin . I really don’t know what to think right know . I’m in love with a person but I don’t know if I have to keep loving that person .

 That person is really sad and lonely . I think I have to protect him. I’m really confused about these things”

“ I-I was only joking Rena-san we are only best friends I know it . It would never happen . Airi says and run away

“ Airin waaaait! “ Rena says sadly  but Airi did not come back

<< Rena’s house>>

“ I home “ Rena says

“ Onee-chan!!! “ Kanon hugged her sister crying

“ What happened Kanon why are you crying?” Rena asks

“ They come our sibling they want to take our home” Kanon says

“ What ?? it’s our home how could they do it?” Rena says yelling

“ yes I can . I have the right to take this house after my brother’s death “ a women says

“Aunty! “  Rena and Kanon says

“  I have the right with law “ the aunty says

“ but what about us?  where are we going  to live ?  “ Rena says

“ I don’t care you have to leave this house after two days “ the aunty says and leaves

“ Onee-chan what are we going to do ? where are we going to sleep at night? “ Kanon asks

“ ………”

“ Onee-chan!!” Kanon yells

“ I’ll find a solution Kanon don’t worry” Rena says comforting her sister but Kanon keeps crying

“ why she is like this so horrible she don’t have heart we are the daughter of her brother” Rena thinking

“ go to sleep Kanon know it’s getting late we will think about it tomorrow” Rena says to Kanon

“ ok “ Kanon says and go to sleep

Rena couldn’t sleep she kept thinking about what happened all the night first Jun who is a girl and don’t want her to keep silence about it and about she works their

 then Airi then her aunty who will put them on the street  .

<< at school >>

“good morning Jun-kun” Kumi says

“ good morning Kumi , Churi “ Jun says

“ good morning” Churi says

“ about the last time what” Kumi says to Jun

“ what last time?” Jun asks

“ why do you were with Matsui-san that day? Did something happened?” Kumi asks

Jun was so surprised that he couldn’t talk properly “ no nothing it was nothing special”

“ liar then why you were crying after she left…” murmured Churi

“ It still only two weeks for your birthday Jun-kun” Kumi says

“ yes I’m really happy” Jun says

“ we will have much fun” Kumi says

“ yes right Churi ?“  Jun says and looks at Churi

But  Akane was distracted

“ Akane-chan ?” Kumi says

“ yes what is it ? “ Churi asks

“ we were talking about my birthday “ Jun says

“ yes we will sure have fun “ Churi says

“ good morning Rena-san “ Airi says

“ good morning Airin ..... Airin about yesterday I- “

“ please Rena-san don’t talk about it . forget about all what I said to you” Airi says

“ but Airi how can I forget it” Rena says

“ I want to keep being Rena-san best friend that’s why” Airi says

“ we are best friends and we will be forever and thanks for saying it It’s the first time someone says it to me . I’m really happy that someone is you Airin “

 Rena says an smiles to Airi  and Airi blushes then they smiled to each other .

<< after school at Matsui’s villa >>

Manatsu enter the Maids room and saw Rena .

“ Rena-chan how are you I didn’t  see from the last time “ Manatsu says

“ yes long time no see “  Rena says

“ How is it like to be Jun’s personal maid ?” Manatsu asks

“ I don’t know it’s not that easy but how can you call him by his name he don’t even want to someone enter his room be careful Manatsu-chan” Rena says

“ It’s ok it’s him who said to us to call him by his name he said that he hate someone call him young master “ Manatsu says

“ aaa that’s why he is angry at me “ Rena says

“ about his room I only saw Kyoka I have never entered it  I wonder what is in his room.” Manatsu says

“ mmm it’s a huge room or we can say it’s three rooms a library room a sport’s room and a bedroom  in the first when you enter it “ Rena says

“aaah you could see it how could you ? “ Manatsu says

“ no he sow me he kicked me out “ Rena says

“ why what happened” Manatsu asks

Rena remembered what Jun said to her that time

<< Flashback >>

  “listen ! If you open your mouth and say something about what you sow and about you are working in my home you will be fired .You need money that’s why

you’re here so keep your mouth closed” Jun said
<< Flashback ends >>

“ no nothing happened you know that he doesn’t want no one enter his room” Rena says

“ yes you’re right . I finished my work today Rena-chan” Manatsu says

“ so fast I still have to do some things” Rena says

“ you’re a personal maid don’t forget it”  Manatsu says

“ I didn’t forget but why me ?“ Rena wondering

“ I don’t know . then see you tomorrow Rena-chan” Manatsu says

“ bye bye Manatsu-chan” Rena says

Manatsu leaves the room and Rena sits on a chair thinking again about what she is going to do for her and her sister and start crying.

 Kyoka comes in the room.

“ what happened my child . Is it Jun this time again?” Kyoka says

“ no it’s not he didn’t do anything wrong” Rena says

“ then why are you crying?”  Kyoka says


“ it’s ok my child you can trust me say it that I may help you” Kyoka says

“ it’s our home” says Rena

“ what happened to your home ? “ Rena says

“ It’s my aunty she will take it from us and we can’t do nothing with low she will win against us I don’t know what to do .

 I only have 1 day tomorrow I have to leave our home with my sister.” Rena says

Kyoka keep thinking then she says “ tomorrow make your luggage and come here “

“ what that’s mean…” 

“ that’s mean you’re going to live here with your sister “ Kyoka says

“ but I can’t bother  them the Matsui family” Rena says worried

“ it’s ok leave it to me “ Kyoka says

I hope you all liked it  :byebye:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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I love your story jurina hopefully fall in love with rena  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
 :heart: :heart: :heart: please update soon i love WMATSUI  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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Ahhhh this story is sooooo good!  :luvluv1:

I want to know what happens to Jun and Rena!  :pleeease:

Oh and I'm proud of you for taking my advice. Keep it up!  :onioncheer:

PLEASE update soon!

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OMG Jun is a girl!!!

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« Reply #28 on: July 21, 2012, 12:27:05 PM »
poor rena T_T why she must suffer so much..
will jurina let rena live in her house?

i'm waiting for your update..

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Poor Rena...



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hi, i'm new
i really love ur story  :love:
plz update soon  :peace:

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@yvet_951 : thank you  :hee: me too I want Jun fall in love with Rena  :shy2:
@miyumi : I'm happy you like it  :nya: you're proud of me  :shy1: thanks  :sweat: I'll do my best  :on study:
@kahem : yes Jun is a girl  :on cigar:
@yukofan : I like Rena too I don't like making her suffer like this and about your question you'll get your answer in this chapter  :hee:
@epiclulz : yes churi don't know about Jun
@lizzie : welcome lizzie-san and I'm happy that you liked the fic   :on gay:
thank you minna-san for your commentes so don't make you all wait here is the chapter   :whistle:
Chapter 6 : Our new home

“ tomorrow make your luggage and come here “ Kyoka says

“ what that’s mean…” 

“ that’s mean you’re going to live here with your sister it’s ok leave it to me “ Kyoka says

“ Kyoka-san I don’t how to thank you “ Rena says

“ It’s ok my child you’re a good girl that’s why I’m doing it” Kyoka says

“ Thank you very much Kyoka-san” Rena says and smiles to the old maid

<< Rena’s home>>

Rena comes home

“ welcome onee-chan” Kanon says

“ I’m home Kanon “ Rena says

“ I’m really sad that tomorrow won’t say those words” Konon says and sad

“ it’s ok Kanon” Rena says

“ What do you mean? “ Asks Kanon

“ I found a house we can live in “ Rena says

“ Really how ? where? “ Kanon asks

“ You know I’m working in a house they accepted that we go live with them “ Rena says

“ Really is it ok for us? “ Kanon asks

“ It’s ok Kyoka-san says that she will take care of it “ Rena says

“ Kyoka-san ?” Kanon says

“ it’s the oldest maid in the house and I trust her she is really kind “ Rena says

“ so we’re going tomorrow there ?” Kanon asks

“ yes from Tomorrow we will live there  we will go there after school“ Rena says   

“ ok let’s go eat dinner “ Kanon says

“it’s our last dinner in our home . I don’t want to leave . “ Rena says

“ me too I don’t want to leave This home is full of our memory with oka-san and oto-san . I can’t .” Kanon says and start crying

“ it’s ok Kanon we will always be ok Onee-chan will be always with you so don’t worry “ Rena says and hug her little sister.

<< Matsui’s house >>

Jun or now we can say Jurina because no one is in the house only Kyoka and Jurina .  Jurina comes from upstairs .

“ good morning Jurina “ Kyoka says

“ good morning Kyoka-san you look happy what is new? “ Jurina says

“ I have two news first there are two person will live with us the house wont be empty like always” Kyoka says

“ who are those persons ? “ asks Jurina

“ they are with me you will see today “ Kyoka and laughs

“ they are coming today ? “ Jurina says

“ yes when you come from school you will see them “ kyoka says

“ aaaah and what is the other news?” Jurina asks

“ you’re parents will come for your birthday “ Kyoka says and smiles

“ really! My father too?? “ Jurina says

“ yes your father and your mother will come at the same time as the two other persons “ kyoka says

“ ok I’m going to get ready for school “ Jurina says with a happy tone

“ hurry your breakfast is waiting for you “ Kyoka says

“ ok”  Jurina says

“ Jurina can you buy me some things in your way when you back home? “ Kyoka says

“ of course Kyoka-san” Jurina says

<< at school at lunch time>>

“ I wanted to thank you Airin about last time I really had fun on Sunday “ Rena says

“ no need to thank me Rena-san it’s normal we are friends and friends always had fun “ Airi says

“ yes you are right “ Rena says

“ I wanted to tell you about something because you are my friend “

“ about what ? “ Asks Airi

“ my aunty kicked us me and Kanon from our home “ Rena says

“ what !! “ Airi yelled all student looked at her

“ calm down Airin “ Rena says

“ how could I what are you going to do do you want to stay at my place “ Airi says

“ it’s ok a a kind women let me stay at her home it’s not really her home but she said that she will take care of us“ Rena says

“ is it really ok “ Airi says

“ yes I trust her she will hep us I know it “ Rena says

“ but I’m still worried “ Airi says

“ you are always worried Airin nothing will happen she said to me that it will be ok so it will be ok” Rena says

“ ok  but if you have problems you can come with me” Airi says

“ yes yes I only have Airin I know it Airin but I think I don’t need it  but thank you Airin “ Rena says and smiles to Airi

“ you look really happy today what is it tell us Jun” Kumi says

“ really it looks at me this much” Jun says

“ yes you look really happy tell us what it “ Churi says

“you know  my birthday is coming “ Jun says

“ yes of course we know “ Kumi and Churi says

“ there are special guests will come to my home to it “ Jun says and smiles

“ who ? “ Churi

“ no no I wont tell you it’s a secret “ Jun says

“ no tell us please Jun “ Kumi says

“ no no no I said it’s a secret “ Jun says and laughs

“ come on tell us “ Kumi says

“ special guests…… “ murmured Churi

<< after the last lesson of school >>

“ I’m going first Airin “ Rena says

“ this fast ! yes we are going to move today” Rena says

“ Today ? “ Airi says suriprised

“ yes see you tomorrow “ Rena says

“ see you tomorrow “ Airi says

“ see you tomorrow girls” Jun says

“ you’re going but your car didn’t come” Churi says

“ No the car wont come I want to walk on foot  and Kyoka-san told me to buy her some things”  Jun says

“ ok bye Jun-kun” Kumi says

“ see you tomorrow “ Churi says

<< in front of Matsui’s villa >>

“ it’s a huge house Onee-chan . You are sure they are ok “ Kanon says

“ Yes Kanon you don’t believe ten ring the bell “ Rena says

Kanon ring the bell

“ who is it ?”

“ It’s Rena Kyoka-san “ Rena says

“ the door is open come in Rena with your sister “ Kyoka says

“ didn’t  I tell you Kanon “ Rena says

“ yes you’re right” Kanon says

“ come in the with me “ Rena says

“ok “ Kanon says

They entred the house and saw Kyoka waiting for them

“ from now this is your home come on “ Kyoka says

“ Kyoka-san this is my sister Kanon “ Rena says

“ I’m Kanon Rena’s little sister nice to meet you Kyoka-san “ Kanon says

“ nice to meet you too Kanon you must be a nice girl like your sister please come in you two “ Kyoka says

“ special guests you say… what is Matsui Rena is doing in Jun’s house? Murmured Churi who was hidden watching Rena and Kanon

<< upstairs >>

 “this the room of Kanon and this your room Rena your rooms are next each other “ Kyoka says

“ but Kyoka-san we can share only a room” Rena says

“ it’s ok Rena they are always empty and we don’t weed them you can stay you too” Kyoka says

“ thank you Kyoka-san “ Kanon says and hugs Kyoka

“ I’m really happy that you like it”  Kyoka says

“ I’m home Kyoka-san “Jun says

Kyoka goes downstairs

“ welcome home “ Kyoka says

“ I bought what you wanted Kyoka-san “  Jun says

“ what are you doing Onee-chan we are going downstairs or not? “ Kanon says

“ Go first Kanon I’ll put our luggage “ Rena says

“ ok” Kanon says and goes downstairs

“ who are you ah you must be the ones who talked about Kyoka-san” Jun says

“ yes I’m Kanon and you are? “ Kanon asks

“ Jun ! Matsui Jun I the owner of this villa Jun says and smiles

“ nice to meet you it’s a pleasure to live with someone nice as you Jun-san “ Kanon says

“ where is the other person with you Kyoka-san said it will be Two persons ? “ Jun says

“ Ah you mean Onee-chan? She is putting our luggage “ Kanon says

“ ah ok come on let’s go to the living room and wait for her “ Jun says

Rena comes taking a plateau of cups of tea

“ Onee-chan you’re here “ Kanon says

“ Onee-chan? “ Jun says

“ yes it’s my onee-chan” Kanon says

“ Matsui Rena you are going to stay with me under the same roof “ Jun says surprised

“ you didn’t know it ? “ Kanon says

“ who made this decision ? “ Jun yelled

“ I’m the one who made “ a wonen says

“ Oka-san! “ Jun says

“ she is your personal maid “ Jun’s mother says

“ Personal maid? “ Kanon says

“ and she is in the same class as you it will be good she will take care of you all the time is that not good “  Jun’s mother says

“ you didn’t ask me for it “ Jun says

“ why should I ask “ Jun’s mother says

“ because because……”

“ you can’t answer right “ the mother says

“ what are they talking about one-chan I think miss many chapters “ Kanon says

“ we will talk later Kanon it’s not the good time now “ Rena says

“ ok I think my work here is finished I’m going to Okinawa tomorrow “ the mother says

“ and father ?” Jun asks

“ he is already in Okinawa we have to sine a contract with someone “ the mother says

“ but I think … “ Jun says

“ what is it there is something? “ asks the mother

“ no nothing “ Jun says with an angry tone and goes to his room

“ Jun…… “  murmured Rena

“ Rena “ Jun’s mother says

“ yes!” Rena says

“ please take care of him “ The mother says and left

“ It’s time to go to sleep now tomorrow you have school “ Kyoka says

“ ok Kyoka-san “ Kanon says

“ I’m really grateful to you Kyoka-san I don’t know how I can thank you I don’t know what really to do “ Rena says

“ It’s ok my child just like the mistress said please take care of Jun “ Kyoka-san says

“ count on me Kyoka-san I will be by Jun’s side forever “ Rena says

“ I know that you a nice good girl that’s why I choose you “ Kyoka says

“ but I wanted to ask about somethins “ Rena says

“ what is it?” kyoka says

“ it’s about Manatsu I didn’t see her” Rena says

“ ah about Manatsu she called and said that she can’t come” Kyoka says

“ aah I see Thank you Kyoka-san “ Rena say

“ stop it and hurry go to sleep you must be tired “ Kyoka says

“ let’s go onee-chan “ Kanon says

Rena and her sister go upstairs and Kyoka goes to her room .

“ Onee-chan what is all of this? “ Kanon asks

“ like you herded I’m the personal maid of Jun “ Rena says

“ you are a maid ? and you are in the same class why you didn’t told me about it ?? “ Kanon says

“ It comes really fast and many things happened “ Rena says

“ many things happened what are they ?? “ Kanon

“ nothing Kanon the important that you know that I’m his personal made that’s all “ Rena says

“ but one-chan… “ Kanon says

“ I’m really tired Kanon now let’s go to sleep “ Rena says

“ ok  good night “ Kanon says

“ good night Kanon” Rena says
l hope you will like it  :on drink: 

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Poor Jun his parents are not really nice with him T_T

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i rena and jurina will getting closer after live in the same house..

thanks for the update

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  • I tend to update very fast so be on the lookout!
Wahhh! Now Rena and Jurina are living in the same house? Fantastic!  :farofflook:

I really liked this chapter.  :shy2:

Update soon but take your time!  :luvluv1:

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Please update soon, i can't wait to see what will happen with Jurina and Rena  :wub:

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Hey minna-san I updated faster this time because I wont be at home and I think that I'll be able to update  :err:
here is the chapter dozo  :hee:

Chapter 7 : She is my Personal Maid

Rena woke up early and she sow Kyoka.

“ Good morning Kyoka-san “ Rena says

“ good morning Rena have you sleep well ? “ Kyoka said

“ yes  I’m full of energy now” Rena says smiling

“ great good work then” Kyoka said

 Rena went to the kitchen to make breakfast . kyoka was outside swept the garden . Jun entered the kitchen.

“ good morning Jun “ Rena said and smiled to him

“ good morning “ Jun said looking in other why and go to the fridge to take an orange . 

“ let me do it “ Rena said

“ I can do it by myself “ Jun said and took a knife  to skin the orange.

“ ouch “ Jun hurt his finger by the knife

“ oh you are bleeding didn’t I say to you to leave it to me “ Rena said and took Jun’s finger and and suck it to stop thr blood Jun blushes

“ w-what are you doing “ Jun said

“ please be calm “ Rena said and open the faucet and put Jun’s hand under the water

“ ah it stopped now “ Rena said and put a band-aid

“ t-thank you “ Jun said

“ no It’s nothing “ Rena said and smiled to Jun . Jun blushed and return to his room

“ Jun is so cute “ Rena said and laughed

“ Why is my heart is beating so fast  no no it’s nothing“  Jun said

After eating breakfast

“ I’m going to school bye Onee-cahn “ Kanon said

“ Wait I’m going with you “ Rena said

“ you’re not going with Jun-san ? “ Kanon said

“ no I want to go with you “ Rena said

<< Flashback >>

“ you can’t come with me at school we don’t know each other do you get it “ Jun said

“ Ok I understand “ Rena said

<< Flashback ends >>

“ ok let’s go then “ kanon said and the two sister left home

“ why you did it she is your personal maid “ Kyoka said

“ what are you talking about Kyoka-san” Jurina said

“ I’m not a little girl Jurina I know that you are the one who said to her to not come with” Kyoka said

“ yes I said it to her I don’t want anyone know about it it will be embarrassing “ Jurina said

“ but Jurina did all kindness gone where is the nice Jurina I know ? “ Kyoka said

“ it’s too late now “ Jurina said and go out

<< at school >>

“ Good morning Airin “ Rena said

“ Rena-san!!!!!!” Airi yelled

“ what is it Airin? “ Rena asked surprised

“ come with me “ Airi took Rena’s hand and they walked to the board where they put the results . there were many pupils in front of it looking at something.

“ what’s going on here I think that it’s not time of results “ Rena said when the students heard Rena’s voice they stopped talking  and looked at Rena with angry


“ What is it ? I didn’t do anything wrong . “ Rena said

“ then what is this “ a girl shouted

“ what do you mean by what is this ? “ Rena said

“ don’t act like you are an innocent  look at this “ a guy said

Rena looked at the board and sow many papers glue on it .

{ Matsui Rena is in love with Matsui Jun . she is boring him . she is been stalking him she even  fellow him into his house }  and under the text there were a pic of

Rena in front of Jun’s house .
“ but but …… “ Rena said

“ you can’t say it’s not true and the pic is the prove of it “a girl said

“ what is all of this do you have any idea Jun-kun “ Kumi said but Jun didn’t say nothing he know that it’s not truth and he belive that Rena don’t love him because

she knows that Jun is a girl and that Jun always yell at her and make her cry.

“ It’s good for you Matsui Rena I did this because it’s my revenge on you  to what you did to Jun-kun .  how could  you make Jun-kun crying like that ……” Churi’s

“ poor Jun-kun you must be tired of her “ a girl said

“ she must regret about what she did to Jun-kun “ an other girl said

“ yes even you love him how could you annoy him it’s not good you know “ a guy said

“ and you know that you are poor you can’t hung out with someone like Jun-kun “ an other guy said

Rena looked at Jun with a face full of sadness
“ let’s go to the classroom Churi  Kumi “ Jun said and left  . Rena ran always to the toilet .

“ running away don’t solve anything Rena-san “ Airi said holding Rena who was crying

“  ……”

“ What is this Rena-san since when do you know and talk to Matsui Jun “ Airi said

“……” Rena kept crying

“ It’s ok Rena-san I’m with you” Airi said

All the day the student’s looked at Rena with scary looks full of anger . Rena couldn’t say or do anything . She was keeping the promise she made with Jun

  the next day the things went worst . the student’s started bulling Rena . they wrote on her desk you stalker go away . when Airi sow it she got really angry and

“ who did it ?  you didn’t go far this time?!!!!”

“ calm down Airin it’s nothing” Rena said

“ how could you say it’s nothing “ Airi said and walked to Jun and said

“ you ! I don’t care who you are or how rich you are but don’t you think it’s a bite hard for Rena “

Jun looked down and didn’t say nothing

“ I’m talking with you are you listening “ Airi yelled

“ it’s ok Airin let’s go to our places”  Rena and Airi return to their places and Jun run away

“ she was crying I sow it…… “ murmured Rena and looked at Jun’s desk sadly

Airi tried to help Rena erase  what is written on her desk

<< at night in the Matsui’s villa >>

“ thanks for the meal “ kanon said

“ it was delicious the dinner Kyoka-san thank you “ Jun said

“ don’t thank me thank Rena it was her who made it “ Kyoka said

“ I’m really happy that you liked it “ Rena said and smiled to Jun . Jun blushed

Rena cleaned the table and washed the dishes .

“ Onee-chan did you finish? Let’s go sleeping then “ Kanon said

“ yes  I almost finished I’m coming “ Rena said

The two sister went upstairs .

“ why after all of this she still kind and smile to me “ Jurina said

“ because Rena is a good girl “ Kyoka said

“ yes she is “ Jurina said

“ go to sleep Jurina you look really tired” Kyoka said

“ ok good night Kyoka-san”

“ good night Jurina “ Kyoka said and the two of her went to their rooms

“ Jurina? I heard it clearly Kyoka-san called Jun Jurina is it her real name because she is a girl “ Rena who was hidden  said it to herself

The day after when Rena wanted to put the shoes reserved to school she didn’t find it so she walked into the school wearing only socks all the students who sow

her laughed at her and make fun at her. Rena went to the infirmary the teacher gave her thong to keep it until she find her shoes . at the lunch time Rena was

alone because Airi was absent for fever . when Rena went to the toilet  some girls throw on her dirty water . Rena couldn’t hold it and she crying and couldn’t stop

. after lunch time Rena didn’t come to lesson.

“ Matsui-san Matsui Rena-san she is absent what going on with her she was present this morning “ the teacher said

“ maybe she run away” a guy said

“ good riddance! “ a girl shouted

“ please be quiet “ the teacher said

Jun looked to Rena’s sit then he got up and left the classroom.

“ Matsui Jun-san where are you going return “ the teacher said but Jun didn’t listen  to him at all he was already left

“ Jun-kun wait” Churi said and got up

“ no you can’t go Takayanagi-san the lesson is beginning “ the teacher said

“ but teacher I……” Churi said

“ sit down “ the teacher sais

Jun went looking for Rena . he searched everywhere at the end he found her on the behind the school crying she was all wet and she smells awful .

“ why did you come here you will miss the lesson “ Rena said

“ and you “ Jun said

“ I’m ok by myself “ Rena said

“ you are not ok “ Jun yelled


“ let’s go” Jun take her by her hand and walked the two

“ where are we going ? “ Rena asked

“ to home you can’t stay outside like this “ Jun said and they keep walking

“ it’s my first time walking to home with Jun we are even holding hands she doesn’t seem bothered by my awful smell .

I know Jun is really nice even I know that she is a girl I’m still in love“ Rena thinking

“ we’re home  Kyoka-san! Kyoka-san “ Jun shouted but no one answered

“I think that Kyoka-san is out go take a shower I’ll wait for you in the living room” Jun said

But Rena didn’t move

“ what is it there is something wrong ? “ Jun says

Then point her finger to the hand of Jun who was holding hers

“ I-I’m sorry “ Jun said blushed and let go of Rena’s hand

“ it’s nothing “ Rena said and smiled to Jun then she went to take a shower

After her shower Rena put her casual clothes and she dry her hair then she went to the living room where Jun is waiting for her .

 Jun was sublimed by the beauty of Rena because he is used to see Rena with her maid uniform

“ Jun I finished “ Rena said but Jun was attracted by Rena and couldn’t take his eyes of her .



" YES!"

“Jun are you listening ? “ Rena said

 “ yes yes “ Jun said

“ are you alright Jun do you have a fever ? you are all red “ Rena said

“ no no I’m ok come with me” Jun said then they walked to Jun’s room

Jun opened the wardrobe and take out from it an uniform of a girl

“ Take this uniform is mine put it we can’t return to school if you don’t wear an uniform “ Jun said

“ but it’s yours Jun I can’t wear it “ Rena said

“ I only wear  it one time I wanted to try to know who really I’m but I know I can’t  wear it out side like you” Jun said

“ why do you act like you are a guy if you want to be a girl just say it “ Rena said

“ It’s a long story and about it I made a promise and I can’t break it “ Jun says

“ I don’t know what are you talking but I think you are right you have to keep your promise” Rena said

“ I’m sorry I made you suffer it was all my fault” Jun said sadly

“ It’s ok Jun I know you are a nice person and I don’t blame you” Rena said    

“put the uniform we have to hurry to return to school” Jun said

“ but If we return now we wont be at time with the last lesson “ Rena said

“ who says that that we are going to school to study “ Jun said

“ then why are we going then “

“ to solve all these problems” Jun said and smiled to Rena and Smiled back

<< at school >>

“ what are you waiting for ? “ Jun said

“ but the teacher is in the classroom  we can’t do it “ Rena said

Jun took Rena’s hand and dragged her with him in the class

“ Matsui Jun-san Matsui Rena-san what are you doing the class is almost finished where have you too been “ the teacher said

“ I have something to tell to everybody’s here Matsui Rena is non a stalker or something she lives with me in the same house “ Jun said

“ you mean she is one of your siblings “ a girl said

“ no “ Jun said

“ then who is she why do she live in the same house as you “ a guy said

Jun looks at Rena then murmured to him “ I’m ok “

“ Matsui Rena is my personal maid and if a person dares lay a hand on her this person does not know what he expects” Jun said proud of what he is doing

Rena was all red and shocked it was not only her who was shocked but all the class

 :whistle: I hope that you liked it  :byebye:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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One word: FANTASTIC!  :luvluv1:

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