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Author Topic: Melon's one-shots [Not That Type of Girl (SaeYuki) - 27/05/2015]  (Read 13577 times)

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Just for when I need a change from writing my on-going fic. Hope you guys enjoy and comment :)


Royal Persuasions (WMatsui)

One Hundred (AtsuMina)

Winter Magic (KojiYuu)

Tragic Notions [Part 1] [Part 2] (SaeYuki)

First Love (drabble)

Snow in Shanghai (SaeRena)

Belated Valentine's Day (SaeYuki)

Piano Hands (RenaYuki)

Not That Type of Girl (SaeYuki)

Royal Persuasions

I sit across my betrothed.

At least, that was what my parents had introduced me to her as, only a few hours ago.

———— Earlier That Day —————

“I am not getting married to someone I have never met in my entire life!”

Even when I spin round, to look away from my parents, I know they were upset with my attitude. But what did they expect? They can’t just ship me off to another kingdom and expect me to just marry some person. It is unbelievable.

“Please Rena, understand.” my father beseeched. “It is for the sake of the kingdom.”

I feel my stomach churn at the mention of our kingdom; Amairia. The land that once was the main trader of baked goods and sweet products, a blooming country, is now poor and suffering from drought. The grain fields are dying and the sugar mines exhausted. It was disastrous. With no flour to make bread or sugar to make sweets, our main exported goods were no longer available. And as a result, poverty struck Amairia. Our people, who were once joyous and glad they lived here, now constantly suffering from poverty and illness. My father and mother, the King and Queen of Amairia, have constantly been pleading at every annual Royal Council meeting for the other kingdoms to help. However, no help has come.

Even today, after returning from the meeting, my parents received no aid whatsoever. However, at the meeting there was one person who had been happy to help, sharing their knowledge of plants and preservation, but at a cost.

And the price…was me.

The Prince of Alachoca, the kingdom known for its chocolate goods, had offered to help the kingdom, if I become the Prince’s wife. 


I turn round at my mother’s quivering voice. My heart breaks as I see the glittering tracks of tears running down her cheeks.

“Please, just come to the meeting.” my mother begs. “You just have to see the Prince. That’s all.”

This is the first time I’ve ever seen my mother cry. The usually outgoing and fearless woman, reduced to tears, begging me… it is terrifying.

“…Okay.” I agree.

————— Present —————

We have been sitting in silence for at least 15 minutes, since my parents had left us alone in the room. And during this whole time, the Prince has just stared at me, her gaze never leaving me.

“It’s rude to stare.” I snap.

However, instead of being fazed, the Prince just smirks. I grit my teeth at her cocky smile, glaring at the renown Prince of Alachoca.

In the Eastern world, where Amairia and Alachoca and other countries resigned, the Prince was well known, for being a woman. Being the only heir of Alachoca, with its vast riches and prospering country, she apparently legally changed her title to Prince, which was unorthodox as it is. (According to rumours, it was one of the conditions within her parents’ will.) But what made this ruler even more unusual was that the Prince was only 16 years old.

And there is no way I am going to marry a 16 year old girl, who is six years my junior.

“May I ask what your name is?” she suddenly asks.

“…Matsui Rena.” I stoically reply.

“Oh, my name is Matsui Jurina. How odd.” she proclaims. “Perhaps we should address each other by our first names, not to cause any confusion.”

Before I could even dispute this suggestion, she continues, “Rena-san, how do you feel today?”

I feel the already lingering anger start to build.

“Except from being forced to marry you?” I snap. “Oh pretty good.” I sarcastically bark.

“I’m glad to hear that.” Jurina calmly replies.

I stare at her with astonishment, her face decorated with a smile that I would even call innocent. You would think she was just a normal teenager, if it weren’t for her glorious white suit, with the Alachoca crest embroiled into the breast pocket. It makes the building fire within me roar with rage.

“And about before, about me staring, I was just wondering… How can somebody be so beautiful?”

Beside myself, I feel a blush creep onto my cheeks. I’m sure it’s because of my fury, rather than her comment. Forget about innocent. This girl is trouble.

“I’m leaving.” I state, standing up. I’ve had enough of this.

However, she only looks at me, simply saying, “You can’t.”

I glance down at her with confusion, resentment, and a sudden alarm.

“Why?” I ask.

“You’re parents have already gone.” she calmly answers.

A sudden sinking feeling engulfs me, as if the world had collapsed from under my feet and I am falling. My throat closes and a petrifying dread fills my body. Gone? There was no way.

“What?” I say, though her words were clearly ringing in my head. “No way.”

Before she can stop me, I run out of the room, running to the neighbouring room where my parents said they would wait for me. I bang on the door.

“Mother!” I call. “Father!”

With no reply, I attempt to open the door. Immediately the door opens, and as if my nightmares have come to life, the room is empty.

“Mother! Father!”

I search all of the rooms, but as if new, the room remained untouched.

“Rena-san?” I hear Jurina’s voice behind me, at the entrance of the door.

However, too consumed with panic, I push past her. I dash to the reception, my chest hurting from the sudden exertion, the concept of breathing gone from my head. In seconds I reach the reception. My head frantically searches the room, looking for the familiarity of my parents.

“Mother! Father!” I repeat again, my voice shrill and urgent.

There is no sign of them. With my last hope, I rush outside, hurrying past the couple that entered the inn. I breathe in the warm, sweet air as I stand at the entrance. And as my eyes glaze across the vast landscape before me, I only notice one thing.

Our carriage is gone.

Finally my legs give way, and I fall to my knees.

“They really did leave me…” I mutter, despair devouring me.

My body is numb from the realisation. I really was left behind. How could they do this to me? Didn’t they love me? I see drops of water land on the ground below me and realise they are my tears.

Suddenly I feel a small hand on my quivering shoulder. I look up and see Prince Jurina, staring at me with a seriousness, sympathy and kindness that I’ve only ever seen once.

“I’m sorry.”  she says, making me helplessly scoff, which she ignores. “Come with me. I’ll take care of you.”

I feel the streams of tears run down my face. However, even in my state, I hesitate. Af if sensing this, she offers her hand.

“Give me a chance.”

I place my hand on hers. And even against all my instincts, I am persuaded by the warmth of her hand and comforting smile.


The very next day, I woke up in the unfamiliar, but now my, room. And as soon as I opened my eyes, I immediately saw a stunning white wedding dress hanging on my bedroom door.

The ceremony was quick and private. There were only us two in her office, with her signing the marriage certificate, and me signing afterwards. Then, I was alone in my personal bedroom, still in my stunning white wedding dress.

It was not exactly the wedding ceremony I was imagining. Not even my parents had come. But then again, I haven’t seen them since they deserted me in a random kingdom.

It has now been a week since then.

I head down to the massive corridor, going to one destination. The only place in this palace that I actually like. However, I am not alone. Yagami Kumi, my personal maid, stepped closely behind. Back at home, I also had someone like that. Furukawa Airi. The one person who I confined with about everything. Kumi is nice enough, but she only reminds me of my best friend. A sudden longing fills me. Even with everything that has happened, I still miss my family and home.

With each corner I turn, there is someone waiting, bowing as I go pass, bowing to their new Princess. The Princess of Alachoca. I feel something itch at my insides at this thought. I am not used to this title. But then again, I’m not used to any of this. Being here, living here, and being married to Prince Jurina. Who could be comfortable in my situation?

I open the massive wooden paned doors and step outside, and I am instantly surrounded by the scent of chocolate and flowers. This is the palace gardens. I take the watering can that is in the same place I left it yesterday and I begin my journey.

From anemones to aster taticuses, bluebells to tulips, cherry blossoms to edelweiss’s, hibiscuses to hydrangeas, lavender to jasmine, spider lilies to morning glories, violets to zinnias, to many more. Endless amount of flowers, colours and scents creating a harmonic atmosphere. This is the one place I actually like.

There is one particular part of the gardens that I particularly like; the rose garden. However, it is no ordinary rose garden. Within this part of the royal gardens, there are only white, brown and black roses, the colours of chocolate. And with each colour, there is a distinctive scent that emanates from them when they are lightly watered. The white roses produce a white chocolate smell. Brown roses, a milk chocolate scent. And the black roses, a bitter chocolate perfume.

Finishing my cycle, which usually takes about an hour, I return to the patio. The garden was shaped in a large semi-circle and I usually start from the right, and come back round to the left. I just have one more patch of camellias to water, and then I will be finished. When I come round, I see a figure at the patio. However, instead of Kumi who is usually waiting for me, Jurina is there, sitting on one of the deck chairs. My grip on the handle suddenly tightens. I don’t want to see her now. But then again, when do I ever? I barely get through the mandatory dinner we have together. Plus, she’s usually at some meeting or sorting some kingdom business that I have no interest in. So, why is she here?

I see her grin when she sees me, slowly walking towards her. Even though she has been nothing but civil to me, it still irks me. I stop at the patches of red and yellow camellias, just next to the edge of the patio. I hear the wooden planks support her light steps, until the nearest ones to me sounded Jurina’s arrival.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Watering the flowers.” I reply, not even bothering to look up at her.

“You don’t have to do that. We have gardeners.” she says.

“I want to.” And suddenly, I ask. “Why don’t you help?”

I don’t know why I just said that. And with the moment of silence that followed, I am sure Jurina herself is shocked. I quickly begin to think of reasons of my outburst and why I didn’t mean it, but then she said;

“I rather not.”

Surprise makes me look up at Jurina. She had a rather displeased look on her face, one that is almost scornful. Annoyance immediately fills me.

“Why?” I bark. “Is this type of work too lowly for your Highness?”

Jurina looks at me, her eyes wide with disbelief.

“It’s not that.” she immediately exclaims. “It’s just…”

I wait for her to finish, giving her reason. All of the sudden, I see a flash of sadness in her eyes and for some reason I feel guilty.

“…You wouldn’t understand.”

And with that, Jurina left again, leaving me alone. And though I should be rejoicing, I can’t help but feel bad. And though it shouldn’t have, her words hurt me more than I thought they would.


That night, Jurina did not come down for dinner.


I sigh as the rain patters at my window. I am stuck inside, with nothing to do but read a book. However, all I want to do is step outside and go to the gardens. But with the endless dark clouds hovering in the sky, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Suddenly there is a knock on my door. I expect it to be Kumi.

“Come in.” I call.

However, when she steps in, I realise it isn’t Kumi. It is Prince Jurina. She smiles, as if nothing happened, while I frown.

“I just wanted to tell you that dinner will be a bit later than usual.” she states, calmly looking around my room.

This is the first time she has been in my room since my arrival. And though it is her palace, I don’t like it that she is making herself so at home in my room.

“I understand.” I say, expecting her to leave.

However, she doesn’t. Instead she just stands in the centre of the room, looking at me intensely. Yet again, I feel a blush rise to my cheeks.

“Is something the matter Prince Jurina?” I can’t help but ask.

“Call me Jurina.”

She gently smiles, making roll my eyes. But it is soon replaced by the previous serious expression.

“I would like to apologise for my behaviour and for missing dinner yesterday. It was my fault and it was unreasonable.”

I stare at her, amazement at Jurina’s statement. How can someone so young so easily admit her own wrong doings? Even I have difficulty confessing that I’m wrong. Was she truly this mature, or was it a façade? But then again, perhaps being the ruler of a kingdom does that to someone. Makes a person grow faster than they should. I silently watch as she examines my reaction.

“…Isn’t it tough?” I ask.

“What is?” she replies.

There it is again. The innocence that makes me remember she is not yet an adult.

“Running the country. Isn’t it tough, even though you’re so young?”

Jurina looks at me, another gaze piercing me.

“I could say the same for you.” she replies.

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it hard being married to someone you don’t love?”

I feel myself freeze, her gaze never faltering. I want to break the eye contact, but I can’t move, as if I am caught in her web. Even though it is true, I feel myself unable to speak, feeling a slight twinge of pain in my chest. However, just when I think I am about to turn away, Jurina turns and walks back to the door.

“I will see you at dinner.” she says and closes the door behind her.

I release a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and wonder what the pain that I felt in my chest was.


The dining room is silent. All that is heard is the chink of china and cutlery. Every dinner is the same, with me sitting on one side, and with Jurina on the other. Just across each other, probably a little over a metre apart. In total silence. I chew the sweet carrot, watching as Jurina nibbled on the bit of fish at the end of chopsticks. Swallowing the carrot and my nervousness, I put down my chopsticks. Jurina looks up from her plate, hearing the soft clatter.

“Yesterday…” I begin, keeping my voice steady. “You didn’t answer my question.”

She looks at me, the same penetrating stare that makes me freeze but my insides jitter.

“Neither did you.”

This is true. But I can’t bring myself to answer her question. How can I, with such a piercing question. Suddenly, she breaks her gaze, just like yesterday. But I can’t help but watch her. How she holds her chopsticks, how she moves the single grain of rice around the rim of her bowl, how she looks down at the side dish with a certain sadness I’ve only seen once before. In the one place that I like. The one place that seemed to bring pain to the usual blissful Jurina.

“I didn’t ask to be the prince of a massive kingdom.” I hear her softly mutter.

A sudden sympathy overcomes me. She truly was only 16 years old. My eyes watch her look back up at me, meeting my gaze once more.

“I didn’t ask to be princess of a massive kingdom.” I return.

I see her lightly smile and I feel a soft warmth envelop me that even I smile.

“Ever since my parents died, I was left to rule in their place. At first, it was difficult. I wondered, ‘why me?’. But then, when I first dealt with a problem from a citizen, I felt good. This power, which was suddenly put onto me, could be used to help people. As a responsibility to my parents and the people of this country, I must fulfil that duty. Though it is tough, I don’t regret my decision.”

Jurina finishes with a grin, and looks at me. I can tell she wants to answer. I take a deep breath in.

“Ever since my parents forced and abandoned me, I had no choice but to marry the rich prince of the neighbouring kingdom. And because of this, I chose to follow the prince.” I pause, seeing the flash of hurt show on Jurina’s face, but I smile. “I wondered, ‘why me?’ But then, I came to this wonderful country and began to fit into this new place. The prince was welcoming and friendly and she soon began to grow on me. And though I did not enjoy it at the beginning, even hated it, I too do not regret my decision.”

“I see.” Jurina simply replies. But from her grin, I can tell that she is happy. “Seems this prince can be quite persuasive.” she adds.

I feel a smile play on my lips as I resume my dinner. “Indeed.”


From then on, as the weeks passed, my relationship with Jurina has built. Every time I watched her help a citizen and sort out a problem, I felt myself begin to admire her more and more. And though I didn’t want to at the start, I feel my feelings for her evolve into something further than affection. But was this one-sided?

As I come out from within the gardens, I see Jurina waiting in the same spot, sitting on her patio chair. She waves at me as I come up to her, carrying the same watering can. As I step up to the camellias, I feel her watch me begin to water them. Even though I can’t see, I know she is wearing the same melancholic expression, the one that makes my heart hurt.

Keeping my eyes focussed on the tiny drops on the red and yellow petals, I ask, “Why did you want to marry me?”

There is a pause and I wait, listening to the light showers that quenched the flowers’ thirst. However, my thirst for information still was not satisfied.

“If I remember correctly, it was ten years ago.” Jurina suddenly says.

“What was?”

“When I first decided I wanted to marry you.”

————— 10 Years Ago —————

“Now Jurina, you stay good while I sort out some business with the King of Amairia.”

“Okay Papa.” nodded the young girl, before gallivanting off down the massive palace corridor.

In a matter of seconds, young Jurina became lost for it was her first time in the kingdom of Amairia. However, being an adventurous six year old, Jurina was not worried. She would find her way to her father some way. Right now, it was exploring time.

A while later, after disturbing nearly all the palace maids, Jurina was guided to the palace gardens where she could play to her heart’s content. Immediately dashing to the outside, the young girl giggles as she danced around the blooming flowers. Soon, she jumped deep into the maze of green, the hedges growing a least a metre taller than Jurina. However, she continued deeper, wondering how far the gardens reached until the end. Finally, following the hedges, she came across a figure. She paused, wondering who the girl was.

The stranger was kneeling down, her long skirt tucked neatly under her knees to keep from touching the ground. She was just staring at the flowers in front of her; lightly brushing the petals of the honey suckles in front of her. Her raven mane was long and straight, and all Jurina wanted to do was touch it to see if it was as soft as it looked, just as the older girl was doing to the flowers.

Suddenly the figure turned and Jurina jolted as her gaze immediately landed on hers. Jurina instantly wanted to run away, but she was frozen by the pretty gaze. She could only think that the girl was extremely cute, and even cuter when she smiled at Jurina.

“Come here.” the onee-san calls. “Don’t be shy.”

Jurina puffed in her chest and walked towards the stranger. No one called her shy. The girl’s smile did not falter, even when Jurina was standing right beside her.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Jurina.” quietly answers Jurina.

“That’s a nice name.” she said, making Jurina grin. “My name’s Rena.”


Rena’s smile grew. “Yes Jurina-chan?”

Jurina giggles, excitement at having, for the first time, an older sister. “Can I play with you?”

Jurina watched as Rena lightly patted her hands and stood up. Then, she took Jurina’s small hand into hers, letting Jurina feel the kind warmth.

“Let’s go Jurina-chan.”

Tall, thin yellow trees towered over Jurina, trees she had never seen before. However, she allowed Rena to guide her, her hand still warm in her hand, the trees reaching Rena’s shoulders.

“Where are we Rena onee-san?”

“We’re in the middle of the wheat fields.”

“Wheat fields?”

“Yes. All these tall yellow plants you see, there are grains at every end of each stem. And with these, we can make flour, which can be used to make goods such as bread and cakes.”

“So these aren’t trees?”

Rena laughed at Jurina’s innocent question. “No they’re not. But I guess to someone small like you, they do seem rather like trees.”

A sudden irritation filled Jurina. “I’m not small.” she snapped, taking her hand back from Rena’s, already missing the warmth.

Rena looked down at Jurina, secretly smirking at the young girl’s reaction. “But you are small.” Rena teased once more.

“I am not!”Jurina cried.

Almost on the verge of tears, Rena decided she shouldn’t tease her anymore.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” apologises Rena. “Do you forgive me?” she asked, putting out her hand.

Jurina momentarily stares at the hand, before saying, “Okay.” And she takes Rena’s hand once more, feeling the secure warmness.

“Papa said I was big. And I will grow bigger.” Jurina explains. “And one day I will be the Prince of Alachoca and marry a pretty lady.”

“Prince?” Rena inquired. “Don’t you mean Princess?”

“I don’t want to be a Princess. I want to be a Prince. That way I can marry a Princess.”

Rena stared at the tiny person, wondering if she understood what she was saying. However, Rena smiled.

“I see. I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful prince.”

Jurina looks up, with a wide grin on her face. “You think so?”

“I do.” Rena smiled. “Maybe I should marry you.” she mused.

“Really?” exclaimed Jurina. “Well, you are pretty and nice and you are the Princess. Maybe I will marry you.”

Rena chuckled again. “Well, I think we’ll have to wait until you’re older. Let’s see if you become the wonderful prince you say you are going to become.”

“I will!” cheered Jurina. “You’ll see!”

And with that, the two became lost within the field of yellow, unknowingly promising each other themselves.

—————- Present —————

“And from them on, I knew I would make the Princess of Amairia my wife.”

I stare at Jurina, unable to speak. I now remember that day, that was long buried with the other happy memories of my childhood after the hardships of Amairia began. But Jurina… she actually remembered, after all this time. I feel my heart pound against my chest and an unusual joy rise up to my throat, making the grin of my face grow. And just like that, I allow myself begin to hope that this love, wasn’t one-sided after all.

I remain still as Jurina comes down from the patio deck, watching me intently. Even when her face is just inches from my own, I remain still, letting myself be mesmerised by the dark pupils.

And when I feel the soft lips on mine, I know I am never going to leave.


Chocolate scents envelope me as I lightly water the rose garden. However, though usually my mind is clear and tranquil when I’m in the garden, today it was in turmoil. All I can think about is yesterday, and that kiss. Even the thought of it brings a burning blush to my cheeks. Yet, there is something else. I want to do kiss her again.

As I come to the end of the gardens, I expect Jurina to be sitting in her deck chair, waiting for me. However, she isn’t. The longing and emptiness hits me like a wave, but I subdue it. She is the ruler after all. She probably has more pressing issues to deal with then to wait for me. I begin to water the camellias, losing myself in the task.

Suddenly I feel a familiar hand cover mine as I hold the watering can, making me jump. However, a distinct warmth radiated from the hand me, and I instantly recognise who it is. With an easy lift, Jurina and I both start to water the blooming flowers. I sense another blush rise to my face and spread down my neck, but I focus on the flowers in front of me and not on how soft Jurina’s hand feels.

There is a moment of pure harmony, where we just stand in silence, listening to the light drizzle of water.

“Do you remember I told you I wouldn’t water the flowers?” Jurina mutters.


“I couldn’t do it because, these flowers, were my mother’s favourite.”

I gaze down at the red camellias. From I know, red camellias represented love, while yellow represents longing and white represents waiting. It is the flower of devotion.

“It was the first flower my father had given her.” continues Juina. “And every year, on their anniversary, my father would give my mother a different type of flower. And each year, my mother would plant that particular type of flower, until it became this garden. This garden, my mother tended to every one of her flowers personally. Planting each seed, watering each day, covering each branch in the winter. This place was her creation and the proof of my father’s gift to her.”

I did not know that this garden held so much value. I knew that it was impressive, with the vast amount of plant species, but I never would have guessed it was the product of such love and adoration between two people.     

“Your parents must have loved each other very much.”

“Yes, they did.” she quietly answered, making me very aware that she is still holding my hand. “I always aspired to become like them. So trusting and devoted to each other… I wished that one day I would find a love like theirs.”

I bring myself to look at her, and I observe her as she continues to stare at the flowers below us.

“And…have you?” I hear myself say.

I see the edge of her lips curl into a sentimental smile. “I’m not sure.”

I can’t help but feel a sinking feeling in my chest. However, she suddenly glances up at me, catching me in another one of her penetrating gazes.

“But I think… I might have found the one.”

Deafening drumming resonates in my ears, so loud that I swear I misheard what Jurina just said. However, my pounding heart knew what I heard is reality.

“However, at the moment, I’m persuading her to fall for me.”

That cheeky grin that previously made me infuriated, makes me grin with delight.

“I think… if you tell her, she wouldn’t need any more persuading.”

“Oh really?” Jurina smirks.

All of the sudden, Jurina takes the watering can from my hand and places it on the ground. The next thing I know, I am running with her as she drags me back into the depths of the garden. Among the cherry blossom trees, she stops us, and I watch her turn to me. I instinctively hold my breath as Jurina deeply inhales. She reaches out and gently grasps my hands.

“Rena, I love you.”

There was absolutely no hesitation in Jurina’s voice. She just came out and said it.

In an instant, I feel my heart soar. So much happiness overwhelms me so quickly that I feel tears of relief.

“Jurina…” I shakily return. Taking a deep breath in, I smile through the tears that shine in my eyes.

“I love you too.”


Bells chime and doves fly in the air. People of the kingdom and neighbouring royalty cheer. My parents are among them, tears in their eyes. I’m not sure if they are tears of regret or happiness, but I don’t think about it too much. I had already forgiven them.

I look across at Jurina, the King and ruler of Alachoca, who held tightly onto my hands as the Alachoca’s high priest marries us again. Gazing at Jurina, at my support, at my love, I let myself become one with her. And as I, the Queen of Alachoca, have the wedding of my dreams, I can’t help but think I am the luckiest person in the world.

————— Epilogue —————

“But your Highness, this is absolutely unreasonable!”

“I agree. To request such a thing, it is impossible!”

I stare across the throne room, at the two men standing before me and Jurina. The man on the left is the chief of the Amairia flour exports, which had been blooming over the recent months. On the right, we have the chief of Alachoca chocolate exports. And both of them looked as if they are going to burst.

“Please gentlemen, calm down.” says Jurina. “It is my wife’s proposition, and I would like you to hear it out.”

Immediately they quiet down. I smile at Jurina, thanking her for her assistance, then concentrate on the two men in front of me.

“Gentlemen, I understand your reluctance to begin this alliance. And though this plan may seem outrageous, I do not believe it cannot be done. With Amairia’s newly restored wheat fields and Alachoca’s vast supply of chocolate, it would be easy to combine the two products to make one, i.e. a chocolate pastry.”

The two still look unconvinced, as expected. This would the first time two kingdoms have combined their exports and shared the profits. It would require great cooperation and patience and there was even risk of arguments which could take a turn for the worst. However, it was a risk that we and my parents were willing to take.

“This would be the first partnership of two kingdoms, to bring to public a greater product than a kingdom alone could never do. This is the beginning of an advancement and evolution. And gentlemen, we want you to be part of this. We want you to be the leading chiefs, the faces if you will, of this amazing project.”

As I look at their changing expressions, I know I have they caught. Who wouldn’t want to be known as the leading characters of the first ever alliance between two of the most influential kingdoms in the Eastern world? 

“But I guess if you really don’t want to,” I dejectedly shrug. “we can find other people…”

“No!” “Wait!”

I try to hide my grin.

“We will do it.” they chorused.

I shoot them my best thankful expression. “Really? That would be wonderful. Speaking on behalf of the kingdoms, we are forever grateful to have you two great men as part of the team.” 

As I smile at the excitedly discussing men, talking about future plans and meetings, I glance at Jurina. She smirks at me knowingly. I smirk back.

Two more victims of the royal persuasion.
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royal persuasion GG ^^

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Re: Melon's one-shots
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WMATSUI .....Awww

Unknown into Love

so Sweet
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Re: Melon's one-shots
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This fic is so cute!  :cry:
Jurina be my prince!!  :panic: she is so perfect  :bow:
and poor Rena who was left there! but she could not resist
the charm of Jurina  :wub:

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Re: Melon's one-shots
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One of the best WMatusi OS!
It's full of sweet and chocolate  XD

thank you :kneelbow:

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Re: Melon's one-shots
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Me, having nothing to say, is a positive thing. I'm speechless, it's also a positive thing. And I want more of this. Is it a good thing? Thank you for this story  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Re: Melon's one-shots
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1 of the best fanfic that i ever read about wmatsui....
kawaiii..... :) :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: Melon's one-shots
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Its rare to find a good wmatsui fan fic..
I'm lurking around to some pairings teehee
This is one of kind!
me gusta!

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Re: Melon's one-shots
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Ooohh thank you for the lovely comments, particularly some that really make me blush, it's really too much  :kneelbow:
@Kamen Knight: How did you know?  XD

This fanfic was written for Wmatsui22 and for the other forever AtsuMina supporters. And cos I just like to torture myself and is still slightly sore from the Team shuffle.

Enjoy!  :D

One Hundred

My heart pumps as I run up the seemingly endless hill. My legs heave with the effort of carrying my unfit body against the upending gravity. However, I have to keep going if I want to make it to school in time before the gates close.

“Atsuko, hurry up!”

I glance at the rushing figure in front of me. I don’t even bother to reply, my voice sore from my harsh breathing. My legs ache as I try to quicken them, but they feel like jelly, so all I do is follow Tomomi.
Finally recognising the passing trees and the lingering students, I know we are almost there. The split on my side pulses as I dash past the walking students, finally seeing the gates. With a gasp of relief, I continue on, but now at a jogging pace.

“Wait for me.” I cry out, seeing Tomomi is not slowing down at all.

Just then, I am finally on level ground and I see the goal. Forcing myself through the entrance, I hurry past the casually walking students who obviously had closer classrooms than I did. As I go, I instinctively spin my head to the small figure I pass. Even when I try not to, I look. Only lingering for a second, I turn away and rush to my classroom. But even with the brief glance, my chest constricts and twinges with a deep pain that isn’t because of the sprint.


The homeroom teacher calls attendance while everyone sits quietly in the classroom; class 2-A of Denki High-school for Girls, most commonly known as Denki High, with the students being nicknamed as Denki girls. A ridiculously prestigious school, which I have no idea why I am attending.

This elite high-school, that is known for producing students that excel in anything to do with technology, with almost all the graduates going on to attend famous universities such as University of Tokyo, it is no wonder Denki High became so prominent. It is a school parents can only dream of sending their daughters. And if a girl wanted even a chance of being administered into the entering exam, the student would need to have an average of at least 85% in all tests, even classroom quizzes, and have a letter of recommendation from the head teacher of their attending junior high-school. And amongst all this, an extra activity is needed, such as a club or a volunteer job, before an application can even be made.

With all these requirements and expectations, I never thought of applying to the high-school. All I wanted was to go to a normal high school and get an ordinary day job. However, when I received that letter that contained the venue and time of the Denki High entrance exam, I realised that I had applied without even knowing. Soon, I found out that the head teacher of my junior high had sent a letter and a resume containing all my results.
Sure, I had managed to maintain an average of 89% on all my tests (because of my parents’ hopes) and was part of the cooking club and music club as the leading bass guitarist (which I actually enjoyed); I didn’t want to be part of an overly stressed environment.
However, according to Principle Togasaki, I was an outstanding student that deserved to be placed amongst the best. Reluctantly, I had to accept. With my parents behind me all the way, I attended the exam. The questions were amazingly difficult, with almost half of the questions being on high school level, I thought I had failed. However, soon after, I received a letter of congratulations, much to my despair. Hiding the acceptance letter, I wished to never go to Denki High, also known for its high dropout rate due to the overwhelming amounts of work and pressure. Yet, my parents found the letter in my room and before I could even speak a word, I was shipped off to an empty apartment near the school by my all so loving parents.

Now two weeks into the starting term, I already don’t belong. Sure, everyone is nice and whatever, but with the multiple language speaking students, and even some international students, I don’t quite match with their studious background. Though there are some people who I find likable, though have some quirks, which are more attractive than others with doctors for parents.

For example; Itano Tomomi who is cool and chic and the school’s idol, has a wicked temper. Shinoda Mariko, with her ridiculously high grades, has a humour of an old man. Kojima Haruna, who had a body of a model, has an attitude of a problematic toddler. Oshima Yuko, who has a bouncy personality, but has roaming hands of a perverted paedophile. And Minegishi Minami, who was kind, but liked to pull all kind of pranks that, can involve paint and animals being put into your desk.
Plus, there were others in the class that I liked, but even then, I still feel like an outsider.

And it didn’t help that my desk was the one furthest to the back, in the furthest left, next to the large windows that viewed into the outside. Like an outcast, I lazily gaze outside the window, at the pink petals floating down, representing my slowly decreasing level of determination and ambition as the tutor continues calling out our names.

“Akimoto Sayaka.” he calls.

“Here.” she answers.

I count each tiny petal that flies by, within an arm’s reach, but blocked by the glass pane.  1, 2, 3…

“Fujie Reina.”

33, 34, 35…

“Itano Tomomi.”

54, 55, 56…

“Kitahara Rie.”

71, 72, 73…

“Maeda Ami.”

87, 88, 89…

“Maeda Atsuko.”

92, 93, 94…

“Maeda Atsuko?”

97, 98, 99, 1-

“Maeda Atsuko!”

I jump at the shout of my name, snapping my eyes up to the culprit. My pupils widen with shock when I meet the teacher’s fierce gaze and my blood runs cold as he glares at me with stern eyes. I gulp, waiting for the scolding from Mr Yasushi.

“Please try to pay attention.” Mr Yasushi’s deep voice vibrates. “I know your dreamland may be more exciting than this classroom, but try to keep your mind with us.”

A blush rises to my cheeks as I hear a few snickers. “Yes sir.” I quietly reply, trying to refrain the heat from rising to my cheeks.

With a nod, the teacher returns to calling attendance. With my thought broken, I keep my eyes facing the front, obedient. Be it insecurity or a low self-esteem, I hate being the centre of attention, and Mr Yasushi’s rebuke made me feel like all attention was on me. So, there is no way I am going to let my mind drift again.

“Did you hear what I just said Maeda?”

Damn it.

I look up and meet Mr Yasushi’s eyes again, but this time they look like they are going to eat me alive with the amount of ferocity in them.

 “I’ve had enough Maeda.” Mr Yasushi announces, giving his head a shake of dissatisfaction. “Go stand outside.” he commands.

Feeling dreadful, all I can do is obey. With a loud screech of denial from my chair, I heavily make my way to the door, sweating under the scrutinising eyes of my peers. I keep my head down, quickly going pass the front, not meeting anyone’s gaze. As I am about to open the door, Mr Yasushi continues the register.

“Takajo Aki.”


I open the door.

“Takahashi Minami.”

And I freeze, my heart jumping at the name.


The soft voice strikes me in the chest. My head turns and before I know it, I meet those soft brown eyes that match her voice. Like a veil, everything is blocked from my vision, all except her. My interest and consideration focus on only her, unable to break away. My devotion dedicated to her. We are the only ones in this place. No one else can distract us from each other.

Or so I think.

“Maeda!” I hear Mr Yasushi’s voice yell, making me almost jump out of my skin. “If you do not get out of this classroom now, I will be forced to present you with an hour’s detention after school.”

Frightened as hell, I immediately step outside and hurryingly close the door behind me. With my heart pounding against my chest, I wonder if it is because of Mr Yasushi’s warning, or the twinkling brown eyes that still linger in my head.


Finally being allowed into the class, Mr Yasushi begins the first lesson; Biology. Painfully resisting the temptation of staring out of the window as Mr Yasushi drones on about plants, I feel myself instinctively glimpse up to the right, to the second row. I stare at the tiny figure’s back, gazing at the dark brown hair that was so thick that even with half of it tied up; there was still a mass of coffee strands underneath. The figure remained focussed, staring forward as Mr Yasushi writes on the board, occasionally looking down as she noted what she felt was important. Then, she would look up again, fully concentrated on the “wisdom” that the teacher spouted. The living legend within this school. The only girl to ever get 100% in Denki High’s entrance exam.

Takahashi Minami.

She is known for excelling in everything she does; Japanese Literature, Maths, History and even English, whatever she does is amazing. And for that, she has received praise and scorn from those admiring and jealous.
In addition, if that wasn’t enough, she has the most amazing voice that echoes within the blessed choir room. With the music room placed across the choir room, I can see everything clearly through the half glass doors.
I remember the first time I entered that choir room. There was this one time where I had to collect the music stands from the choir room, and when I opened the sound proof doors, it was as if I was sucked into a new world. As soon as that voice hit my ears, I froze, completely mesmerised. Even though I was at the back, I could clearly see the small figure standing on the pedestal, in front of the chorusing choir. The ray of light that came from the roof window, highlighting the angelic girl owning the amazing voice…Takahashi Minami was like an angel.
However, even so, she was a mystery. Being both aloof and un-talkative, no one knows who she truly is. Therefore, no one sees her with anybody else, appearing to have no friends. Except from me, her best friend.

That is…we used to be best friends.

I jump when I hear the clack of the chalk board. Mr Yasushi seems to have come to an end, with the board filled with diagrams and anecdotes. And I haven’t copied down a single one. Panicked, I attempt to jot everything down in my already messy notebook, while listening to Mr Yasushi’s final words of the lesson.

“Now before the end, I will announce the allocated pairs for the described project. Remember, this project is worth 25% of your final grade of this year.”

My heart instantly drops at this. I didn’t hear a single thing about the project. I can already picture the number 0 on my paper.

“These are your pairs.”

What am I going to do?

“Kashiwagi and Miyazawa.”

I am so dead.

“Kojima and Oshima.”

Maybe it’s not too late to transfer.

“Maeda Atsuko and… Takahashi.”


I look up immediately, never thinking that our two names would ever be used in the same sentence again. Glancing at the other person of my pair, I expect her to mirror my shocked expression, but she remains indifferent, continuing to look at the front.

“Now you will be dismissed.” Mr Yasushi finishes. “And I suggest everyone take advantage of the library’s vast resources.”

Just as he stops, the bell rings and he begins erasing the chalkboard for the next lesson. I inwardly scream, hurrying salvaging any type of sense in my work by copying the rest of the quickly disappearing notes. However, I cry out in anguish as Mr Yasushi mercilessly rids of all the board’s contents, leaving quickly for the next teacher.

“Hey Acchan.”

I face my right, seeing Mii-chan staring at me with bemusement.

“What is wrong with you?” she asks.

I just sigh and show my notebook. Immediately, Mii-chan snorts at the contents.

“Is that all you did?” she confirms. “Here, you can copy my notes.”

Beaming, I take her notebook gratefully. However, upon opening it, I stare at the single page of condensed scribbles that not even the monks who invented writing would be able to read. After a moment of failing to deciphering the mass, I force a smile and return the notebook with thanks. Sighing again, I send my attention back to the front, seeing the next teacher just arriving. Just two more hours to go until lunch. Should be enough time for me to think of how on earth I am going to do this project and actually talk to Takahashi Minami.


The bell rings, signalling the end of the lesson and the start of lunch. Hungrily, I take my bento box out of my bag, about to join the others as they make the usual makeshift long table by pushing their desks together. However, I halt. My eyes meet those of Takahashi Minami’s, who I can’t even address casually in my head. You wouldn’t believe that we actually used to be best friends.

During my childhood days, I used to be quite a lonely child, being the only daughter of my family. Plus, with most of our family living far away and with few children living in our neighbourhood, it was rare for me to socialise with other people my age. Quiet and withdrawn, I hardly even talked. However, that was soon to end when my parents announced that there was someone new moving in next door. Curious, but cautious, I ventured out. As soon as I stepped out, I bumped into something. Taking a step back, I realise it was a person. A small girl, to be precise, with long brown hair and tiny dimples. And when she saw me, instead of crying or yelling at me to look where I was going, like they did on TV, the first thing I remember her saying was, with a massive toothy grin;

“You look like a tomato!”

And from that moment, I was smitten. We attended the same kindergarten and elementary school, spending almost all day with each other, every day. Never getting tired of each other; laughing, fighting, crying and just simply enjoying every moment together. How her small hand fit into my mine, warm and slightly clammy, how we took turns licking at the same ice cream cone, how we supported each other through the snow, how we promised each other to be best friends forever… I remember each moment as clearly as my own birthday.
However, those blissful moments were soon to end.


I unfreeze, glancing to the girls. They look at me with confusion, while Takahashi-san disappears out of the classroom. Unsure why, my feet begin to quickly follow her.

“I’ll be back.” I say to the others, before leaving the classroom in pursuit.

However, I don’t have to go far before I am right behind Takahashi-san’s slow pace. I am just about to call her name, but I am interrupted.

“Oi, Takahashi.”

I stop when I see a tall girl, with one smaller girl on each side of her, stand in front of Takahashi-san. I have never seen her before, but from the looks of things, the four seem to know each other. However, not in a good way. Even though they are smiling, I can see the sinister twinkle in each of their eyes. I am about to step forward, when a hand lands on my shoulder. Whirling round, I see it is Mariko.

“Where you going Acchan?” she asks. However, before I can answer, Mariko immediately comes to the conclusion, “You off to the cafeteria? Me too! Let’s go together.”

And before I can get a word in, I am being dragged to the cafeteria. When we turn back round I expect to still see Takahashi-san, but she and the other girls are long gone.


Biting into the bread I had bought, I semi-listen to the conversation that the girls are having. To be honest, my mind is too preoccupied by thoughts such as, ‘Who were those girls?’ and ‘What did they want with Takahashi-san?’  Looking up at the clock, I see we only have ten minutes until registration, and Takahashi-san has still yet to return. Nonetheless, I don’t know why I’m worrying. She usually disappears at lunch, and reappears within five minutes before the end. So why am I constantly wishing she was back in the room?

However, just when I am about to focus my mind on the conversation, the same Takahashi-san I had just been thinking about, walks through the door. With the same unbothered look, she looks the same way as she usually does. Although… I notice a few changes. For example, her pony-tail is slightly undone; her skirt is slightly crumbled, with her shirt untucked at places. Plus, her blazer, skirt and socks are dirtied with splotches of dirt. Simple changes, but added together, made it seem as if Takahashi-san had fallen down… or pushed down.
At this thought, an abrupt rage builds in me and I find myself feeling a hate I rarely feel. I suddenly find myself promising that if I ever find out who the culprit is, they will be sorry.

All of a sudden, as I am making this promise to myself, I see Takahashi-san look up, directly at me. I stare with surprise, as if caught in a trap, my eyes becoming hypnotised by the brown orbs. Then, without a hint of hesitation, Takahashi-san makes her way towards me. When she reaches the circle, the girls turn to her, but she keeps her eyes on me. Concentrated and fixed, like when she stares at the front during class.


My breath frightens to escape as a gasp, having not heard my name being spoken by her lips in what seemed like forever.

“Y-Yes?” I nervously answer.

“Are you free after school today? I was wondering if we could perhaps go to the library together and begin the project.” Takahashi-san asks.

Too stunned to talk, I just nod. And with that, she makes me way back to her desk. Expecting to be bombarded by questions, like the girls in my old school would do when something unexpected happened, I am fairly shocked when everyone just goes back to their conversations and resumed eating, as if nothing had happened. However, for me, it was life changing.
And even when the bell rings to signal the end of lunch, I remain still, unable to comprehend what just happened.


My heart is accelerating at an alarming rate. Sweat is beginning to build in my palm as I grip at my pen. My body is completely conscious of how close I am to the person sitting next to me. My mouth becomes dry as I stare at her right arm, which is only a few centimetres away from my left. So close, yet so far.
Who would have thought I would be spending my time after school with Takahashi Minami.
Suddenly, her arm shifts, making my breath catch in my throat with surprise. Can she read my mind? However, she only uses her arm to turn the page of the large textbook, before placing back in its previous position. Only this time, it is a centimetre closer to my arm, or so it seems.

It really is amazing that to think I am behaving so consciously with someone who I considered my best friend. Although, it has been nearly four years since I’ve seen her.

The week before our graduation from elementary school Takahashi-san announced that her family was moving. I remember as I sat in class, staring at the front in shock, not having heard a single word about this from Takahashi-san herself. Having promised to graduate and go to the same junior high, those promises of being best friends forever, of being together forever, all gone. I felt confused, devastated and utterly betrayed.
Furious, I didn’t talk to her. Not when she knocked on my door, not when she called my home phone, not when she yelled from my front porch, and not when the moving van arrived and left.
That day, the day before graduation, I snuck out of the house. In the dim light street, I walked next door. I passed through the open gate and stared at the empty house, where I used to go almost every day. Then, I see a small envelope taped to the door. As if knowing it was meant for me, I take it and immediately open it. There, I see a folded paper, and taking it out, I instantly recognise the neat handwriting that belonged to my best friend. 

To Atsuko

If you get this, it means that I’ve finally moved away.
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was moving. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.
But I was scared. Scared that everything we have would end if I said what was happening. I thought, if I told you, it meant it was the truth. However, my parents did not change their mind. After hearing I would be accepted into Denki Junior High for Girls, they made plans without me. Even though I told them I didn’t want to go, they wouldn’t listen.
But still I was wrong. I shouldn’t have not told you. And I’m sorry. I will always be sorry.
To my best friend, hopefully we can meet again.

Love Minami

P.S. My new address is on the back

Tear drops dotted the small paper as I read, threatening to smear the carefully written letter. But my heart was too broken for me to care. When I finished, I clutched the letter to my chest. Then, I wept into the night, at the loss of my dear friend and at my own stupidity.
When the next day came round, the day of graduation, I cried. And not because of the frightening change or that I wouldn’t see my classmates or the insecurity of going to a new school. I cried because of overwhelming the guilt of what I had done.
To make it worse, I never had the courage to contact her again.


I jump at my name, looking up. Everything in me halts as the large brown orbs stare at me, her face closer than I expect. I subdue the urge to lean forward, and keep my eyes on hers.

“Are you okay Maeda-san?” Takahashi-san asks.

I nod, but experience a sense of loneliness at the distant name.

The first day of school was nerve-wracking. I hate change, so it didn’t help that I was going to a school where I knew absolutely no one. However, as I was sitting in the opening ceremony wondering how I was going to survive, my eyes were drawn to a small figure in front of me. I stared at the thick brown hair, tied up in a high ponytail with a very distinctive pink ribbon. And as I stared, the keys in my brain turned as the memories of my childhood became unlocked. However, I was to be interrupted as the ceremony came to an end.
When we made our way to our respective classrooms, it was time to introduce ourselves. One by one, people made their introductions; their name and the club they wanted to join. However, I didn’t pay much attention, too concerned with the thoughts of my future here. But then, the same girl who I saw from the opening ceremony stood up, and this time I could see the side of her face. The large brown eyes and dimples, there was no mistake. It was Minami. Shock and elevation went through me in that instant; but there was also an inkling of fear.
The thought of being rejected if I were to offer my hand in friendship once more was too terrifying.

I wasn’t sure if she remembered me but as the days passed, she didn’t seem to acknowledge me. Though we were in the same class, we sat far apart and circumstances never allowed us to have contact. The distance between us grew more and more; and it dismayed me.
However, I didn’t made contact with her either. I was, and still am, too scared.
She had changed, and so had I. 

“Do you have an idea for the project or would you like to carry on with my proposition?” I hear Takahashi-san ask.

“Err…” I did not pay any attention to what the teacher this morning, so I actually have no idea what the project is about, or what Takahashi-san had just said. So much for not daydreaming.

“Let’s go with yours.” I finally say. 

With a nod, Takahashi-san pulls out her notebook. “Have you got your notes?”

“Yes.” I answer, quickly pulling out my notebook.

“Ah.” Is all I can say as I stare down with dismay at the emptiness of my notebook.

I look over at Takahashi-san’s notebook and my ego shrinks dramatically at the perfectly organised notes and diagrams, neatly presented on two sides, probably with more pages matching this high professional standard. Embarrassment washes over me as Takahashi-san peeks at my notes for a moment. Suddenly, she glances up at me.

“You can borrow my notes, if you’ll like.”

I stare at her for a moment. “Really?” I hear myself ask.

She gives me a curt nod. A sudden joy blooms within me and my lips form a wide grin.

“Thank you!” I happily exclaim, refraining myself to hug her and I swear I just see a hint of pink tainting her pale cheeks.

“I suggest we meet after school every day until we are finished. Is that fine with you?”

“Okay.” I answer.

I would agree with anything, if it meant spending more time with Takahashi-san.


It is the next day and my eyes threaten to close as I listen to the teacher speech about the rate of growth within a bacteria lawn. My hand lightly runs over the cover of the pristine notebook that I had trolled over yesterday, causing my drowsiness today. I had copied every single word from Takahashi-san’s notes, finding everything she had written down was neat, concise and easy to understand. Her notes were a God send for someone like me. And I am sure to thank her properly when I can.

---------- Later ----------

Swallowing the nervous lump in my throat, I walk to Takahashi-san’s desk, just when she is about to leave for lunch.

“Takahashi-san.” I call.

She turns round, looking directly at me, and I become still.


Her voice makes me move, my arm automatically holding out her notebook, stiffly like a robot.

“H-Here’s your notebook.” I mutter. “Thank you for letting me borrow it.”

She takes it from me, and I expect her to disappear. However, she lingers, and when I meet her eyes again, she smiles. Rarely, Takahashi-san smiled, so much different from her childhood self. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile to anyone except from me. However, I don’t put too much weight on this thought, otherwise I’ll become too happy.

“Takamina, you should have lunch with us.” Mii-chan suddenly announces.

I turn with surprise to Mii-chan, sitting at the usual makeshift lunch table. As the others chorused their agreement, I feel the huge urge to just hug Mii-chan, and to punch her for using such a casual name for Takahashi-san. However, I smile at Takahashi-san, who hesitates for a moment. Suddenly I am apprehensive, sure that she was going to decline. However, she looks at me, then Mii-chan and smiles. So much for ‘only smiles at me’ theory.

“That would be nice.” she says.

With a mild few cheers, the others begin making space for Takahashi-san and I. They begin their lunch as normal, talking about nonsense, while I sit quietly and glancing at Takahashi-san in the corner of my eyes. Even though she is silent, I can see the tips of an elated smile. I bite my chopsticks, resisting the urge to grin as well. 


Time passes and before I know it, Takahashi-san is already a member of the group. With each day that passes, she is becoming more open, her smile becoming frequent and as dazzling as I remembered. And as she becomes more like herself, I sense I too am becoming more in tune with everyone else. Sure, I am their friend and I don’t consider myself anything less. However, there were always those moments where I felt unconsciously distant, left out. Uncomfortable when they talk about things I don’t understand, and sad when they don’t include me, a twisted insecurity that I couldn’t get over.
However, with the addition of Takahashi-san, I am finally comfortable.  Plus, with our meetings after school, I and Takahashi-san became much closer. I know that she is currently living with her parents, who live near the school. I know she joined the choir club because she loves to sing. I know in the future, though her parents are against it, she wants to be a singer. And likewise, Takahashi-san knows things I can only tell her.
I wonder if perhaps, I could call her my friend again.

Laughter resonates within the group as Yuko tells another one of her crazy stories about her and Haruna. I laugh loudly, my cheeks almost hurting, with Takahashi-san lightly giggling with us.

“Takahashi-san, some girls are looking for you.”

I sense Takahashi-san suddenly freeze next to me. Immediately, my laughter also freezes. I turn to Takahashi-san, but her head is bowed, her light hair hiding her unreadable expression. I have a bad feeling about this.

Takahashi-san places her half-finished katsudon on the table and stands up. Still, though I try to see, her face is hidden.

“If you’ll excuse me.” she quietly says, before heading to the door.

My gaze following her, I immediately recognise the girls at the door, though they quickly leave. They were the three girls that had stopped Takahashi-san before. The ones that I know instantly are trouble. Resolving my mind in milliseconds, I stand up.

“Sorry guys, I’ll be back.” I hurryingly state, before rushing after them.

I step into the corridor, turning left and right. I just see them going round the corner, with Takahashi-san in between them. Hastily, I follow. Dodging past the current of random girls, I am just in time to see the group disappear down the stairs. I dash down the steps, careful not to slip, in chase. At the end, I witness them exit from the open doors, out into the playground. I am quick to follow and I recognise where they are taking Takahashi-san. Trailing after them, I arrive at the back of the building, where it is dimmed and desolate, with little chance of passer-by’s.  With her back pressed against the cold wall, Takahashi-san stands just a metre away from the other three, blocked by their bodies and intimidating aura.

“So you think you can stop doing what we tell you, just because you have some ‘friends’?” the largest, but prettiest, girl sneers. “Don’t kid yourself. They just want you there to do their work for them. That’s the only use you have. Isn’t that right, 100%?”

The others ssexy beast mockingly; making my blood boil and my eyes burn with unwanted tears. However, Takahashi-san remains silent, staring the girls. Not getting the reaction she desired, the assumed leader takes a step towards her.

“Oi, 100%, I’m talking to you.”

However, Takahashi-san still makes no move, but remains boldly staring into the eyes of her bully. I see the girl grit her teeth in anger, and her fist clench. In a second, I see two hands slam onto Takahashi-san’s delicate shoulders.

“Well, if you don’t want to talk, we can do other things.” spits the girl, before throwing Takahashi-san’s small body into the direction of the unforgiving ground.

 “Minami!” I exclaim, just catching her before she falls, both of us landing on our knees.

“Are you okay?” I ask her, as I hold her shoulders securely.

Minami looks at me for a second, with a mix of shock and relief, which result in a stream of tears. She gives me a short nod, and that is all I need.
With a new found anger, I glare up at the perpetrators.

“Don’t you dare touch Minami!”

The leader looks surprised at first, but then she smirks. Next thing I know she is laughing wholeheartedly, with the other two following her right after.

“What are you going to do?” she taunts. “Glare at us to death?”

More laughter follows, but I maintain my composure. I simply stand, not taking my eyes of the offenders. I step forward, and noticing my defiant approach, the girls quieten.

“What’s wrong with her?” the smallest girl queries, obviously fazed.

However, the leader just grins. “Maybe she just needs some sense knocked into her.”

As the other girls snicker in agreement, the leader takes easy steps towards me, but I don’t back down. Staring into my eyes, I notice her waver. But she pushes her hesitation down and smirks. Without a word, she throws a punch and I hear Minami gasp behind me. The two behind their leader smile, expecting the punch to hit me square in the face. Yet, they don’t see the disbelief on their leader’s face as I easily catch her fist.
My fingers grip the large fist in my palm, my arm briefly shaking from the stopped force. From the spark of shock that went through her eyes, I can tell she is surprised by my strength. Those taekwondo lessons my father made me go to really comes in handy. Plus, playing the bass isn’t as easy as it seems.
With my hardened gaze, I push back her hand, making her large figure stumble backwards. Stabilising fast, she glares at me with wildness, taking another shot at my face. But again, I easily block it. Tired of this, I push back with more force, making the girl stumble then fall. Gasps escape from both of the minions, the two rushing to help their fallen leader. The three look up at me, with fear and defiance. However, it does not reduce my righteous fury.

“If I catch you causing trouble again…” I say, staring at them. “I will not hesitate in telling the teachers. And you know what happens when you have even one act on your record.”

Horror rises in their eyes immediately. Without another word, they scurry away, leaving me and Minami alone. I face Minami with a triumphant grin, which instantaneously disappears when I see the blood.
Minami nurses her knee as I jump in front of her. I stare with worry at the rather nasty looking wound.

“Minami, are you okay?”

She remains silent, and a dread fills my heart so quickly that I cannot breathe. But just as I am thinking of scooping her up and carrying her to the nurse’s office, she looks up at me.
I pause, my attention completely on her, as she stares at me with an intent gaze.

“I haven’t heard you call me that in a long time...” I hear Minami softly say, and then she smiles, almost lovingly. “…Atsuko.”


“And that is our theory as to why plants gained the ability of tropism.” I end.

The class politely applauds, with Mr Yasushi smiling greatly at out presentation. Minami and I smile to each other and head to our respective desks, with the team given us thumbs ups. I turn to Minami, seeing her shyly smiling from the girls’ praise.
Days have passed since the event behind the school building and the girls have not bothered Minami since then. She seems happier and more comfortable than ever. She even helps the others with their work, along with me. I truly am happy for her. However, though I smile, internally, jealousy pricks at my skin.

Since the event, Minami and I have been getting on much better, now even on a first name basis. And it’s been established that she actually remembers me, which has me over the moon. However, lately, my feelings for her have developed. I am much more aware of her, and the people that approach her.

I’m not dumb. Nor am I confused. I know what this is. The times when I unconsciously find myself staring at Minami, when she makes my heart skip a beat when she catches my gaze, when my heart beats rapidly whenever she smiles, when my heart soars when she laughs, and when blood rushes to my cheeks when I am the cause of that laughter… I know what this is. This is love.

But I am afraid. If I tell her these emotions, will she still accept me? Will she keep me as a friend or completely reject me? Just that thought makes my chest throb with a horrid pain. Just painful enough to make me not want to tell Minami anything. However, the fantasy of her reciprocating my feelings, loving me as much as I love her, holding me as much as I want to hold her, wanting to kiss me as much as I want to kiss her… just that thought makes me want to bet on everything and lay myself bare in front of Minami.
Nonetheless, I remain the same, amidst on whether I should or shouldn’t.


I give a start at the voice, forcing me out of my thoughts. I glimpse upwards, and see the very person I was just thinking about.

“Are you ready?” Minami asks.

Ready? Ready for what? But then Minami answers, making me wonder if she really can read my mind.

“The bell has gone. Let’s go.”


The sun begins to set, the orange rays making the path a golden, lighting the way home. I stare at the caramel ground, watching Minami’s steps, smaller but slightly quicker than mine. Like most of our walks, it is silent. Nonetheless, we walk side by side, like we’ve done since the start of the assigning of the project, causing me to reminisce over the days to and from kindergarten.

Okay, Maeda Atsuko, it is now or never.

“Minami.” I blurt.

A red hue quickly develops on my cheeks, but I continue.

“Erm… do you… want to come to my place?” I timidly ask. “To celebrate.” I quickly add.

I glance at Minami, hoping for a smile of agreement. However, I only witness Minami tilt her head, all so adorably, gazing at me with bemusement.

 “To celebrate the finished project.” I clarify.

I see her hesitate and I am about to retract my invitation, when Minami suddenly looks up at me, with a huge grin on her face.


Warmth engulfs me, and I know it is not from the setting sun.


I place the tea on the living room table, the clatter of the tray made louder by the silence in the room. Nervous, I sit carefully next to Minami on the couch. She briefly smiles at me, before gently taking the tea cup. I find myself watching her as she places her lips sensibly on the edge of the china, her pink lips leaving their imprint on a place where my lips have probably touched before. Heat rushes to my cheeks, making me look away.

“Should your parents know where you are?” I say, breaking the silence, and trying to take my mind out of the gutter.

Minami takes her mouth off the cup, her little pink tongue running over her lips, before she sets the cup down in her lap.

“They don’t need to know.”

Already staring at her, I move my eyes to her actual face and not just her lips.

“They don’t care where I am. As long as I keep getting the top grades, they leave me alone.”

Sadness fills me as I hear Minami’s matter-of-factly voice. I know that people change, and Minami’s once cheerful, child-like self is long gone, but it makes me saddened to hear about the carelessness she feels towards her parents. I know my parents aren’t the best, but they make sure I have enough money to live and call me on a daily basis, just to make sure I’m alright and to pester me to make sure I visit during the holidays. However, it seems, Minami’s parents weren’t that type.

I place my cup onto the table, and then place my hand on Minami’s. I place a reassuring smile on my lips, and memorise the way Minami’s dimples form as her lips curl into a grin of her own. Even though I don’t say a word, we both understand.

After a blissful paused moment, my mouth begins to move.

“Why didn’t you come to me when you knew who I was?” I ask the question that has been harassing me since I discovered Minami knew who I was.

I see her hesitate, likely contemplating on how to answer.  She places her cup next to mine, with the hand that was not currently holding mine. She then covers our hands with hers and I automatically place my remaining hand on our clasping hands.

“I didn’t know what to say.” she mutters. “I was afraid you had forgotten-”

“I didn’t forget!” I interrupt. Her eyes open with surprise, reflecting my own, at my sudden outburst. However, she keeps focussed on me and I glance down at our entwined fingers. “I would never forget you…”

A joyous smile decorates Minami’s face, as if delight had blossomed within her. 

“I thought you still hated me for what I did.” Minami softly continues. “That’s why I couldn’t say anything.”

My heart aches as I hear Minami’s voice shake.

“I was scared too.” I return.

My free hand reaches over to her cheek, and she stops, but she doesn’t pull away. I take this as a sign to continue. I lightly stroke her skin with my thumb, touching the smoothness that tickles my coarse fingers. I feel my breath catch as I see Minami lean into my open palm.

“But I’m not scared anymore.”

I lean forward, inhaling Minami’s sweet scent, and I can’t hold back anymore. I pull Minami into an embrace, letting myself mould into her body. Minami grasps me tightly, her face buried into my collar bone. I lose myself in this feeling. The feeling of Minami’s warm, tiny body against mine. The feeling of finding the one you belong to. The feeling of finally returning to that someone.

“Please.” I hear her softly mutter, the voice quiet but still shaking my heart. “Don’t leave me.”

I close my eyes, imprinting this memory onto my mind so I will never forget. The moment that Minami is back in my arms. I put my lips to her ear. And when my lips are just a centimetre from her ear, I whisper;


After a moment of relishing, I detect Minami’s head pull away, but not too far. Opening my eyes, I gaze into those chocolate brown orbs that capture my heart at every glance. They shine with unshed tears and reflect an emotion I know.


Then, as if we are synced, we both move our heads until our lips are finally touching, connecting us as one.


I didn’t think I was so eager to touch her, but with each time my lips touched hers, I notice myself wanting more.
So much that I cannot stop.

My hands gripping her shirt, her hands tangling themselves in my hair, our hands touching each other’s burning skin…

One thing led to the next, and the next thing I know, I am on my bed, with Minami under me, both of us completely bare.
I stare down at Minami, her beautiful loose mane framing her angelic face. I am suddenly conscious of our positions, with me hovering over Minami, but pressed intimately against her. However, the silkiness of her skin and the sweet scent emitting from her very body is so inviting that it takes me great control and heavy doubts to stop me.

“Are you sure about this?” I softly ask, my consciousness preventing me from continuing.

However, Minami just stares up at me and gently smiles. Grasping my hand, she brings it to her lips, lightly kisses my fingers, and places it just above her heart.

“I’m sure.”

I can’t keep the adoring beam from my face. I lean down, until my lips are just touching Minami’s ear, just like the moment we first held each other after finally being reunited. I hear her breathe shakily, her chest pounding against my hand that is still holding her heart.

“Really? Because I’m not going to be able to stop once we start.” I whisper hotly into her ear. “Are you truly sure you want to continue?”

I hear her huskily chortle before answering;


I grin blissfully and lose myself in Minami. And as this happens, I can’t stop what escapes from me.

“I love you.”

And as the world fell from under us, Minami whispers to me.

“I love you too.”

That night, I kissed away her tears of pain and watched her face contort with pleasures. That night, I felt everything. And I gave Minami everything.

And now, today, marks our 100th day anniversary of being a married couple.
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OMG! atsumina oneshot love it!! thanx :D in this times we really need this.. :D so cute.. but maybe we need de kojiyuu and seayukiversion of this fic.. :D I want to know what happen with the other couples..
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I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

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Aw, I really loved the story and how it progressed :) Very well written ^^ Thanks for writing this fanfic. I'l def support Atsumina even after Atsuko graduates since their bonds are truly unbreakable :D

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Nice Atsumina story  :thumbup :thumbup
Thank you very much for writing this great story  :bow: :bow:
I really need atsumina together after the TDC...  :cry: :cry:
Atsumina forever~!

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Wouhou!!! Number 100 FTW!!!

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Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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I just have to leave a comment.

Omg. I love you! I really like it-- NO,  I LOVED IT.  If you could just see my face while reading this. I want to re-read over again after reading. lol. This is just so cute, added to my favorite atsumina OS :””>  this update really made my depressing day. Thank you very much!!! Always looking foreward on your new OS/stories.  :thumbup

Btw. Can’t wait for the next chapter of “How long does forever last.” 

Have a nice day, and thank you again  :bow:

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