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Author Topic: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>  (Read 38073 times)

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 23/05
« Reply #160 on: May 24, 2012, 06:29:16 AM »
Haruko: i thought that too but it was too soon! don't you think? :P

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 23/05
« Reply #161 on: May 24, 2012, 09:52:48 AM »
Acchan and Takamina they already fall for one another I think,
just that they haven't realize it yet~!! :grin:
I'm a bit worried about Taka since the thing is stepped which means it can't be used..
But I seems to see a nice suggestion up there~ XD

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 23/05
« Reply #162 on: May 24, 2012, 10:22:46 AM »
Atsumina moments are so cute~
Somehow Yukirin pisses me off lol

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 23/05
« Reply #163 on: May 24, 2012, 06:05:43 PM »
 im waiting for this!! :w00t: :w00t:
Atsumina is the best!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #164 on: May 31, 2012, 02:01:36 AM »
                                  REMEBER ME 
                            30.Falling for you..NEVER! 

Why i wanted to..she looked so..i need to stop thinking about it is never going to happen,She's not my type! Acchan thoughy laying on he bed 
"Acchan!" Yuko says smiling like a man who has done sometjing perfect
"what?" Acchan asked irritated 
Takamina's ex grilfriend id coming! Yuko says grinning 
mm what?,,why?! Acchan asksed looked other way 
well she's been really worried about her! Yuko replies
when she's coming? Acchan asked like she was not interested at all 
today..for dinner! Yuko replies happy while opens the dpor and leaving an angry Acchan 
"After what happened last night i thought.." Acchan whispered and throwed herself on bed 
Let's get out of here! Takamina says while gets up 
are you sure you're ok? Acchan asks 
yeah let's go besides the fight already stopped! Takamina says laughing rubbing her head 
Acchan takes Takamina's hand 
huh? Takamina blushed
well if you feel like you can walk anymore squeeze my hand and we'll stop! Acchan says looking other way and pulling Takamina with her 
"Acchan.." Takamina says 
"hmmm.." Acchan replies 
why you work there? i just that you're way better than that! Takamima said looking other way 
i don't know..i'm just trying to walk away! Acchan replied sad
<They kept walking in an ackward silence>
Wow What a beutiful night! Takamina said stopping and looking to the stars in the sky..
Acchan stopped walking and also looked up "you're right!" she said and then looked at Takamina with a sweet look because she looked like a 10 years old kid staring at the stars 
Acchan smirked and sitted on the ground.."you can sit if you want!" 
yes! Takamina said with a smile and sitted next to Acchan
i'm cold! Acchan whispered while warms herself
Takamina hugged Acchan but she kept looking to the sky 
Acchan closed her eyes and layed her head next to Takamina's
Mocchi what are you doing here? Takamina asks 
i came to see you! Mocchi says while kisses Takamina's cheeks
ohh right! Takamina says while keeps her distance
<doorbell ringing>
don't bother is for me! Acchan says while opens the door 
 Takamina crossed her arms "not her again!" 
Hi! Yuki says to everyone 
Yuki san! Yuko says happy while sees her watch
you little..that's my..just forget it! Yuki says with a sigh
Dinner is ready! Kijipa says happy 
Takamina was looking to Yuki who seem to be the perfect girl "good looking,charming...TALL" 
do i have a chance? Takamina murmured then looked othe way sad 
Acchan was carefully looking Takamina without she notices
Mocchi smiled to Takamina and Takamina smiled ackwardly
what am i doing? am i jealous? Acchan thought 
So is here..maybe i should take it,i mean that masked girl is good to Yuki! Mayu thought while sees an envelope 
<Flashback. (at Yuko's bar)
who's that? Mayu asked 
your replacement! Yuko answered 
what? Mayu asked 
well everyone likes the masked girl so you told me that you don't mind! Yuko says grinning
"but.." Mayu murmured 
Yuki also is getting used to her! Yuko said 
does she like her? Mayu asked 
mmm i don't know..Maybe but not as muches as the original i think! Yuko says
<End of the flashback> 
she's getting use to her..i guess it's cool, we been through so much that might be better to cool off..Mayu thought while looks through her window
[][][][][][][][][][][] A week later [][][][][][][][][][][]
Takamina turn off the music! Acchan shouts knocking the door like crazy
(Yiko and Nyan Nyan weren't at home)
no!" Takamina replies and turns it up more 
i'm going to kill you! Acchaj shouts 
what are you waiting for? Takamina shouts 
Acchan tried to open the door but it was useless she was only hurting herself
Takamina opened the door and shouted "WHY YOU DON'T GO TO LIVE WITH YOUR GOOD LOOKING AND TALL YUKI?" 
that's of your businness! Acchan shouted back 
yeah she's so perfect and so charming! Takamina says imitating Yuki 
ohh you stupid midget! Acchan says and jumps on Takamina
get off me! Takamina shouted 
take that back! Acchan shouted 
no!" Takmina shouted 
take it back! Acchan shouted 
you only like perfect things! Takamina shouted looking other way sad 
"YOU STUPID MIDGET IF I ONLY LIKE PERFECT THING I WOULDN'T LOVE YOU!" Acchan shouted but when she relized what she said she blushed "i didn't..i just....(Takamina kisses Acchan on her lips)
Acchan didn't resist And kissed Takamina deeply 
they stopped the kiss for the lack of air..
i knew it! Takamina says happy and hugs Acchan who sighed "i guess you just catched me!" 
so you don't like Yuki! Takamina says still hugging Acchan
no,i don't! Acchan replied then kissed Takamina on her forhead
Lovetan stop we're on a public place! Sasshi says while tries to avoid Lovetan to hug her 
what's the matter?,you're my girlfriend! Lovetan says pouting   and pulling Sasshi's arm 
well i don't want to go to jail! Sasshi says 
whatever! Lovetan says while looks for something 
what are you looking for? Sasshi asks
a present! Lovetan says with a smile 
for who? Sasshi asks with her jealousdar Activated 
easy is for Mayu chan! Lovetan replies 
it's not her birthday! Sasshi says 
well she's humm how am i say this..well she moving! Lovetan says trying to not cry 
aahh what? where? Sasshi asks 
to America! Lovetan says sad 
when she's leaving? Sasshi asks 
today in the afternoon so let's find the perfect present for these 4 years of friendship! don't you think? Lovetan says between sad and happy 
yes,let's find it! Sasshi says
                       *After 2 hours At Yuki's office* 
Hello! Sae says while sits 
hi! Yuki says focusing on her computer 
you seem fine! Sae says while looks at Yuki 
what do you mean? Yuki asks
don't you know the big news? Sae asks 
Sasshi went to jail? Yuki asks 
hahhaha it's not somthing that simple! Sae says smirking 
then what's it? Yuki asks
Mayu is moving! Sae says 
good for her! Yuki says typing on her computer 
to America! Sae says 
Yuki gets up of her seat "what?"
what you heard! Sae says smirking 
Yuki took her jacket and run away 
hope you go after her! Sae whispered 
Yuki got on her car and drove fast to Mayu's house..
Nobody was in the house she got on the car and drove to the airport she was desparate the thought of losing Mayu like that was killing her..
How she can do this to me? leaving me like this without a word not even asking me! Yuki shouted and parked her car..
Yuki got off the car and run fast.. the more closer she gets her hurts more..
Yuki looked side to side to find the person that she loves the most in the world.."Mayu!" she said and touched a girl on her shoulder..
do i know you? the girl asked 
the more desperate she gets more tears wants to show.. bad! Yuki said and run away 
Yuki couldn't control it anymore.."the pain,the tears"
"Mayu!" Yuki shouted crying..then she looked up and notice why she can't find her love..
(Yuki knelt and cried like never before) 
Yuki.."  A voice from behind said 
Yuki looked back with her red eyes for so much crying 
what are you doing here? Yuki asked sad
seeing you! The girl says
Yuki smirked and said "i deserve this anyways.." while gets up
what do you mean? the girl asked 
it's not you..i don't want you.." Yuki muttered to herself 
what? The girl asked 
is only one person.."The umbrella girl.." Yuki said 
The girl blinked a few times 
now i lose her..She's not coming back..Go away masked girl i'm not for you! Yuki muttered and more tears showed up 
you love the umbrella girl! The masked girl said and took off her mask 
Yuki's eyes widened.."Mayu.." she murmured 
what's this?didn't you go to America? Yuki reacted 
Acchan was someone that Yuko hired to replace me..or this! Mayu said looking the mask 
do you work there? Yuki asked 
no,it was an accident..i just wanted you to like me but once we were together i never wore it agian! Mayu answers 
so Acchan wasn't you! Yuki murmured
i couldn't heart hurts just by the thought of not see you again but i had to be sure that you love me as i love you since the first time we met at that park 5 years ago..i just wanted you to remember me..! Mayu says 
I remember you..two tails girl! Yuki says pouting to not cry
Yuki! Mayu says and jumps on Yuki 
i love you! Yuki says between kisses 
i love you too! Mayu replies smiling betweem kisses 
let's get out of here! Yuki says 
where? Mayu asks 
Anywhere! Yuki says 
Brazil? Mayu smiled 
Brazil then it is! Yuki shouts smiling...


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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #165 on: May 31, 2012, 03:41:48 AM »
YAY Happy ending  :luvluv2:
haha they are going to Brazil
Thank you for the great story
Hope there will be more in the future  :kneelbow: :thumbsup

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #166 on: May 31, 2012, 09:48:19 AM »
Congratz for finishing the fic~ ^^
Glad too see that Mayu didn't really went to America, leaving Yuki alone..
Hope they won't leave each other again and stay happy~
Also am happy for the Atsumina couple~~ :D

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #167 on: May 31, 2012, 01:17:27 PM »
OMG! I just hate Mocchi. LOL, Kiddin'. MaYuki was Cute! And, They went to Brazil! AtsuMina~ They're just so... PERFECT! a KiSs~ Btw, Thanks for the Update. Hoping to see your future fic. :thumbup
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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #168 on: June 01, 2012, 10:41:49 PM »
 :luvluv2: And now a great fic has come to an end....
 :on speedy: Oh G* I think I've got something in my eyes...
Ahh what a great fic and a happy ending.

So sweet! Acchan bursting out like that  XD
Midget has her (manly) charm  :rofl:

Mayu is moving! Sae says
good for her! Yuki says typing on her computer
to America! Sae says
Yuki gets up of her seat "what?"
I totally LOL:ed so hard here I mean if Mayu moves somewhere
to another town or something Yuki could still stalk her. (even if it could be a little difficult)
But moving to America... that's another thing  :lol:
Ahh they went to Brazil!
Maybe spending their honeymoon there hahah
Thank you very much for a great fic!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #169 on: July 29, 2012, 06:04:27 AM »
I just want to bump this thread and say thank you.
I really love EXCHANGE and REMEMBER ME.

Please continue your new MaYuki fics, cmze-san.

And oh, I will give you a smexy MaYuki hot scene (again) on my next update.  :lol:
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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #170 on: August 01, 2012, 11:01:58 PM »
Yes! Finally!!! Thx for this fic!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #171 on: August 02, 2012, 01:08:21 AM »
fantastic  :luvluv1: :shy2:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #172 on: January 01, 2013, 11:58:45 PM »
Great!! Favorite!!!  :heart:

Thankful  :deco:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #173 on: January 02, 2013, 06:57:44 AM »
This fanfic is so addictive.  :wub:
have a great history, really cute couple  :inlove:
you do really great.   :thumbsup

thanks  :bow:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #174 on: January 09, 2013, 08:18:52 AM »
Yeah... Happy ending to all the parties involves.... good fic there.

Thank you

Yeah... at last Atsumina and YukiMayu happen...

Can't wait to see your other creation.

 :wub: :inlove: :love: :heart:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #175 on: July 21, 2013, 08:10:45 PM »
I just read the whole fic,  :on GJ:

no words can express how much i love this fanfic  :mon cry:

my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
« Reply #176 on: March 11, 2014, 11:35:02 AM »
Thank you for your hard work !!!
its great fanfic !!!

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