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Author Topic: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) | 24/04/2018  (Read 72724 times)

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH. 41 (20)
« Reply #460 on: April 11, 2016, 11:40:54 AM »
Hello  :) So, yeah. I just want you to know that I like the story... but, I kinda don't understand it, especially the MaYuki and WMatsui part. But don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of them :heart: looking forward to be reading more of MaYuki and WMatsui.

I hope Mayu won't die  :cry: I want their love story to continue... FOREVER  XD

As for the WMatsui, I hope Renachan realizes her LOVE for Jurina, like, real love not sisterly-love.

I'll be waiting Author-san!!!  :twothumbs

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH. 41 (20)
« Reply #461 on: May 01, 2016, 11:47:27 PM »
                                                                                             42 (21)

(In a dark room)

Jurina spit blood "Damn it.." she said feeling hurt "so this is how this is" she spoke looking around everything was dark and there was a girl using  a black hoody reading.

"You shouldn't mess with the supreme's stuff" The girl said then changed her page.

Jurina pouted " I can't believe i was kidnapped.." she let out irritated.

"Don't call it like that.. it's more like a educational outing" The girl said.

Jurina sighed "When do you plan to let me go?" Jurina asked trying to free herself she was tighten up


In a restaurant.

"We just arrived and we wated to talk to you" Takamina says as she eats.

Acchan sighed "I don't think we should do that.." she said looking at Rena.

Yuki smiled "Don't worry she knows everything" she said tapping Rena's shoulder.

"I heard Oshima san is teaching there" Acchan let out surprised.

Yuki looked at Acchan "Who's that?" she asked looking at Rena "Our teacher.. miss hara replacement." she answered before drinking from her glass of water.

"She's the real deal! i heard she created the Black Queens by beating up several girls in one night" Acchan spoke then proceed to eat.

Rena putted her a=hand on her chin "Could she be the supreme?" she asked looking at Yuki.

Yuki punched the palm of her hand "That's it, if we destroy the leader then the team will be destroyed!" she said excited.

"We need to prove that Oshima sensei is involved in all this." Rena let out not so confident as Yuki.

Takamina stopped eating "There's something fishy here... how can she be a leader when she wasn't around besides i heard a relative of her died in the school" she said.

'i don't think somebody could do that kind of stuff to a relative" Rena let out.

"We should follow Oshima san around and see what we get!" Yuki  said then drank from her wine.

"Is it truth that you beat Tomochin with one punch Senpai?" Rena asked.

Acchan smiled "It wasn't like that she was younger so i guess it was easy.. that girl is twisted but i feel bad for her, she had crush on my baby" said then patted Takamina's head.

Rena smiled 'Wow i never knew that part of Tomochin" she said kinda shocked.

"But it was more easier beat Kashiwagi san" Acchan let out with a smile.

Yuki smile "What? When?" she asked curious.

'When i told you to go away.. sorry!" Acchan said then Yuki remembered that was before leaving for a month.

"It was you!" Yuki said shcoked.

"It was for the best!" Acchan let out.

Yuki looked at Rena

Rena grabbed Yuki's hand "It's okay' she said with a calm smiles that calmed Yuki.


Mayu was trying to call Jurina but everytime she does that it sends her to the voice mail. "Damn it" she said as soon she heard the record, she laid on bed.

"Yuki where are you" Mayu thought before falling sleep.


"That was kinda surprising" Yuki said as she walks with Rena already in the school.

"Yeah i know!" Rena said before bumping with certain teacher.

Yuki eyes open wide.

"Matsui san are you okay?" Yuko asked and helped her to get up

Yuki only looked at her teacher.

"I'm okay sensei" Rena let out looking down.

Yuko smiled "do you mind coming with me?" she asked

"What for?" Yuki asked getting between the two.

"Oh Kashiwagi san, i really wanted to talk to you!" Yuko said with a wide smile.

Yuki looked at her teacher "We know about you and that bull%$# of the blackqueens" she said serious.

Yuko sighed "Why everyone ask me questions like that... am i that bad?" she asked confused.

Suddenly Rena's phone vibrated making her look at the screen she unlocked it and saw picture of Jurina from an unknown number.

Rena run away leaving the two behind.

Yuki stopped making eye contact with Yuko and saw Rena running away "What's wrong with her?" she asked.

"Maybe she wated to go to the bathroom?" Yuko let out.

Rena runs to the dorms and harshly opened Mayu's waking her up.

"Where's Jurina?" Rena asked really worried.

Mayu try process everything "I don't know.." she answereed confuse and sensing something it's wrong

Rena left the room then went to another.

Sae was making out with a girl and interrupted her.

"Eyyyy privacy!" The tomboy says.

Rena ignored her "Have you seen Jurina?" she asked.

"Why would i know? ask your lover Yuki!" Sae replied, Rena got serious and grabbed Sae by her collar.

"What are you doing Matsui san?" The girl asked.

Rena looked at Sae "You can be mad at me, mad at Yuki but Jurina is other thing!" she said then pushed her aside and left the room.

As she walks the hall another text arrived.

"Scary cat!"

Rena read that then recieved another message it was a picture of Jurina sitting on the bench.

Rena save it her phone then run tp the court.

Once there she saw Jurina all beat up.

"Jurina.." Rena said with watery eyes.

"I'm okay.." Jurina said then got up and went to her room.




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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH. 42 (21)
« Reply #462 on: May 02, 2016, 01:33:43 AM »
More author san  :bow:
I still curious about Mayu condition
And what happen to Jurina?

Pleas don't make someone die on this fic

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH. 42 (21)
« Reply #463 on: May 03, 2016, 12:53:13 AM »
Jurina :(
I cant wait for the next chapter ! ! !

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH. 42 (21)
« Reply #464 on: July 22, 2016, 04:19:23 PM »
Wow i'm curious on the next chapter  :shocked :shocked
Pls update soon :)

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH. 42 (21)
« Reply #465 on: July 23, 2016, 02:53:10 AM »
Updte soon :)

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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) 01/05/2016
« Reply #466 on: April 24, 2018, 05:45:57 AM »
-Teacher's room- Only 3 people there.

Yuko was really impressed "What the f##$#@$%!? so you are telling me those bitches exist... and they took what was mine, what we fought for!!" she let out furious then hit the table with her fist.

Yuki and Rena looked at each other, they honestly didn't expect something like that.

"I'm going to end all this!" Yuko let out.

Yuki and Rena smiled at each other with a new ally things will get easier. 'When are we going to fight them?" Yuki asked excited and feeling vitalized and grabbing Rena's hand.

"What? not fighting.. i'm an adult!" Yuko let out pulling her phone from her pocket. "Now i'm smart!" she said looking a her iphone x

"What?!" Yuki and Rena let out in unision.
Yuko got up "I'm going to resolve this as the cool teacher i am.." she let out.

"Excuse me Oshima Sensei!" Kojima Haruna entered to the room making Rena and Yuki nervous.

Yuko smiles "I was thinking about you Kojima San , you are going to help me to clean this school!" she said very confident about her plan.

"She's one of them!" Yuki pointed at her

"I know!" Yuko let out smiling.

Kojima Haruna smiled " I change my perspective and if you have a plan. i want to help senpai." she said bowing.

"What's gotten into her?" Yuki asked to Rena

"Regret." Rena let out coldly.

Yuko extended her hand "Let's finish those son of..." she said. "I settle with that!" Yuki said and also extended her hand.

Rena and Haruna smiled and did the same.

-Dean's office-

"Well Maeda san, i don't understand why you want to give sexuality classes, you have your own bussiness" The dean asked.

Acchan smiled "Well these girls seem so lost, one of them asked me in the hall if she would get pregnant if she kissed someone..." she let out.

The dean covered her eyes with her hand.

"I'll do it even for free, i grew up here is the least i can do for this school that has given me so much!" Acchan said with a smile.

The Dean smiled " I think these girls need a little more information. Thank you Maeda san"

Acchan gave a handshake to the dean a proceed to leave the office.

"Stupid Minami... this is not my bussiness why you made me come back!" Acchan let out as he walks the hall remembering her time as a student then stopped when she saw the awards she won during her time there and also a picture of her squad.

"Shit.. i gotta clean this mess!" She let out

Mariko sensei who was walking the hall, saw a familiar girl " No way... Maeda Atsuko!" she let out then smiled and hugged the girl.

The two teachers smiled. "What are you doing here?" the taller of the two asked.

"I became the new sexuality teacher!" Acchan let out with a mischievous smirk.

"Look i have to go to the library, i'll see you in 15 min in the recreation area." Mariko let out.

Tomochin and Haruka were walking in the hall when they saw...

"Isn't that Maeda Atsuko?" Haruka asked.

Tomochin looked at Maeda too "Yes... seems like it" she said not happy.

Acchan saw the two girl and got closer. "I'm sensing Black Queen tension..." she said with a smile then grabbed Haruka's hand "Oh.. a newie." she said

Haruka retreat her hand harshly.

"What are you doing here?" Tomochin asked mad but controlling herself.

Acchan smirk disappeared "I came for what's mine.." she said serious "Just like when we were kids.. right Tomochin?" she said as she walks away with a smile.




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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) | 24/04/2018
« Reply #467 on: April 27, 2018, 07:39:30 PM »
Omg you updating-  :onioncheer:
Gosh I forgot how the story goes, I guess I will read all of it again  :shy2:

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Re: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) | 24/04/2018
« Reply #468 on: June 24, 2018, 04:05:58 PM »
Woaw thank you, after all these years hoping for the next part... finally you comeback. I read this story in 2014 and it brings back so much memories. I know everything has changed, a lot of members have graduated, but mayuki will always be part of my life. I miss the old era,  :farofflook: i'm glad i still have an access to read all those legend pairings here :nya:
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