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Author Topic: Special Event (One Shot)  (Read 2458 times)

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Special Event (One Shot)
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:23:41 PM »
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!  :luvluv2:

The idea came from different sources if anyone can identify it... some in doujin actually.  :sweat:
But oh well... my imagination wouldn't leave me anyway.  :err:
I hope you all enjoy reading this one... Just hoping.  XD

One shot


It was such a vague word, don’t you think?

Depending on the person’s nature; it can be both good and bad.

But what does REAL LOVE mean? What is the feeling of REAL LOVE?

Time and time again, I’ve witness people (well… actually some friends) fell “in love” and then cry and curse the same feeling and person they “fell in love” with…

Still… I wonder if…

“MAYUUUUUUUUU!!!” Someone slam the door open, shouting out loud for everyone to here.
Mayu sighs, looks at her laptop’s screen for a second saves the file, and then shuts it off. “Do you have to scream like that, Jurina?” She asked as she puts away her laptop, “This is a library. I assume you can read those BOLD letter words for “KEEP SILENT” or those Shush signs.”

“Oh that… I know!” Jurina proudly grins and pulled Mayu out of the Library, “You should go out and enjoy the snow once in a while Mayu! We can only enjoy it every winter so stop being so gloomy and introvert!”

Mayu rolled her eyes at Jurina’s statement. “I’m not that gloomy…” Mayu mumbles. It’s not her fault if she finds peace of mind within the confine of her room or the quiet library. With her laptop or PC by the way... “Out with it Jurina” Mayu’s wrist finally escapes Jurina’s clutch, “You won’t just drag me out for nothing, especially knowing my preference for personal privacy.”

“Getting there! Look! Look!” Jurina smiles and pointed outside, “I think I’m in love Mayu!”

Mayu just stares at Jurina and then outside the window to see two girls. ‘She's gotta be kidding me.’ Mayu frowns. ‘Out of all girls… Why her… whoever of the two she is…

Short recap here (Watanabe Mayu mentally reporting)… This is Akihabara Joshi Gakuen, and as its name implies; this is a school for young girls, ranging from preschools to high school. Currently, my best acquaintance (I don’t like to think of her as my best friend even if she proclaimed that title) here, Matsui Jurina, is in love. With who? I can only see two girls there… Kashiwagi Yuki and Matsui Rena. The school’s princesses. They’re sophomores btw, a year older than us.

“Eeh… You’re serious about this?” Mayu asked, “They’re so out of your league.”

“You can’t blame for falling in love… Deeply.” Jurina dramatically clutch her right hand over her chest, while her left hand cradles her forehead, “Can’t you see how her beautiful her eyes is when she smiles so happily… how sweet her voice every time she speaks… ho—”

“Ok… OK… I get it. Happy?” Mayu groans, “Who is it anyway?”

“Who else? It’s Rena-hime!” Jurina replied.

“Oh great.” Mayu nodded, “But isn’t that incest?”

“NO!! We’re not, in any way or form, blood related. I researched about my family tree regarding that!”

“I see… but if I recall it right… you told me about the about falling in love with those same descriptions with some other girl… whoever she is…” Mayu noted out, looking at the two princesses again.

“Shush!” Jurina pinches Mayu’s nose, “I know its love, this time! Watching her smile like that… I—”

Mayu watches Jurina’s mischievous smile turns into a soft one. “Then shall I assist you? We have to make a Special Event then?” Mayu smirks. “How timely… It’s a bit late now… Let’s start.”

“Special Event? What are you saying?!” Jurina asked Mayu as they walk out of the school building.

Mayu paused. “It was like in a dating simulation… Special events or encounters, good or bad, have to happen to gain affection points… Depends on your actions though…” with that Mayu breathed in and quickly passed by the two princesses as they prepare their umbrella. Mayu held up her hands and grins happily. “It’s snowing Jurina!” She mutters happily just like a child’s first time to see a snow.

“H-huh?!” Jurina looks at Mayu, surprised at her sudden personality shift. “Ye-yes… Wa-wait!” Jurina quickly follows Mayu’s lead.

Mayu smiles. ‘That should be right about…. Now.’ She snickers as Jurina tumbles down the stairs. ‘Then… this time… she should…’ Mayu thought and watched, with her eyes flickering in amusement, as Rena quickly followed the poor Jurina down the stairs to help her.

“Are you okay?” Rena sits by Jurina’s side to check up on her, “That’s kind of silly of you… running when it’s obviously slippery.”

“U-uh… Sorry.” Jurina blushed, “I’m f-fi— OUCH!” Jurina looks down to see Mayu poking her injured ankle.

“You have a sprain.” Mayu noted and turns to Rena, “Uh… Matsui-senpai, I don’t think she can go home with that kind of injury… and no… I can’t help her get to the clinic with my obviously weak and fragile body. ‘sides my phone’s battery is out of juice.” Mayu should her dead phone, “My mom’s kind of paranoid… she might think that I was kidnapped or something if I don’t go back home by now… It’s really late, you see.” Mayu added innocently.

“Oh Okay.” Rena helped Jurina up.

Yuki tried to say something when Mayu suddenly stuffed her mouth with a chocolate. She looked at Mayu, eyes wide.

“Delicious, isn’t it?” Mayu smiles at her, “Kashiwagi-sempai… is it okay if you accompany me? It’s dangerous for a young girl like me to go home alone… you know with pervs roaming around and stuffs lately.” Mayu asked, dragging the Kashiwagi princess with her.

When they got a couple of blocks away from the school, Mayu turns her phone on and sent a mail to Jurina.

-To: Matsui Jurina
From: Watanabe Mayu
Subject: Special Event
I got you your special event so you owe me one for this! Good Luck! (^o^)
Ja ne~
Ps: I would be happy if you buy me that Special Edition of Hetalia Character Song Album for Christmas!-

“You’re lying about your phone!” Yuki murmured as she tried to warm her hands, “You know… being dishonest can lead you to some bigger trouble some day.” Yuki softly scolded Mayu.

“I know Kaa-san…” Mayu sing-songed her reply to Yuki.

“I’m not your mother.” Yuki frowns, and rubs her cold hands again, “It’s cold.”

“Kaa-san’s being forgetful…” Mayu continues teasing Yuki, “That’s what happens if you forget your gloves somewhere.” Mayu took off her right glove and tossed it to Yuki, “Wear that one… it will, at the very least, warm your right hand.” She murmured.

Yuki smiles and follows Mayu’s instruction.

Mayu turns her head to hide her reddening cheeks. ‘Why the hell am I blushing? Just because of a smile… must admit though… her smile’s made her more pretty… Ack… Mayu get a hold of yourself! This is so not you!

Mayu felt something warm holding her right hand. She looks at her right hand only she Yuki’s left hand holding hers. Yuki smiles, “I hope this could help warm yours… You have a weak and fragile body, right?” and then hold her hand and Mayu’s next to her mouth to blow some warm breathe on it, then rubs Mayu’s hand.

“O-oi!!! What are you doing?!” Mayu gasped at Yuki’s action.

“Warming you up?” Yuki grins, “You called me kaa-san so I thought why not hold on to that for a while? Don’t worry I’ll take care of you… Mayuyu~”

“You don’t need to!” Mayu scowled. ‘and Mayuyu?! What the heck?’ “All I need is ramen… in this cold weather…”

“And I thought you said your Mom has some tendencies to get paranoid?” Yuki asked, tilting her side to the side, “And what’s ramen?”

“I‘m lying obviously…” Mayu sighs, “And you… kaa-san… is a real princess… I guess. Not knowing what ramen is. Do you even know how to cook?”

“Nope, I don’t.” Yuki guiltily replied, “I don’t really do household work… My mom wouldn’t let me.”

Mayu stares at Yuki. “Even egg? Boiled one?”

“No, I don’t”

“Let’s just eat ramen…” Mayu tugs Yuki to the ramen place that she usually eats in… The one near that otaku merchandise store… “Then we could go around Akihabara for some strolling.”

“Un… I’d like that… Your treat?”

“No… You pay yours… I’ll pay mines… You’re going to cut off my budget for my personal satisfaction you know.”


Well… in the end… I guess it was not only Jurina who got her own Special Event. I still don’t know what love is or how does it feel, but I can still learn more from now on… hopefully without those tears and curses.

note: to you the truth... this one shot is way way waaaaaaaaaaaaay different from my earlier imagination.  :OMG:
but I think... all went well in the end... I THINK.

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Re: Special Event (One Shot)
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Re: Special Event (One Shot)
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lol, mayuyu being straight out blunt about lying~
fufufu~ jurina: I searched up my family tree
Mayuyu: It would cut down on my entertainment, you know (rewording as I'm lazy)

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Re: Special Event (One Shot)
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