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Author Topic: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)  (Read 3677 times)

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HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
« on: December 27, 2012, 06:34:12 PM »
Well this is my first fic, sorry my writing is bad, my english is not very good, if you have any questions ask, for now enjoy.


-Rikaojousama please wakes, 'said the housekeeper Ishikawa residence
 It's going to be late for school on their first day of the new semester. He insisted to get up out of bed.
-Yes, I understand I will get up, prepare my uniform. She said with a sleepy face  and then get out of bed to get dressed.
-Rikaojousama your breakfast is ready. Commented one of her servants
-Ok icoming . He replied as she finished fixing his uniform.
Rika under the huge stairs of his residence which gave a monumental entrance and then reach a huge room which had a large table where Rika proceeded to sit.

-Thanks for the food. Rika had barely touched a morsel, lift from the table and returned to her room packed up to prepare to go to school, to leave the mansion Ishikawa, one of his servants was waiting at the entrance to take to school car.

-Morning Rikaojousama. He said the driver
-Morning Sebastian. Rika got entered the car to be transported to school in the luxury car.
-here we are Rikaojousama
-Thanks Sebastian. Sebastian was under the car and opened the door and Rika descended of it.

Rika way down the entrance path which led to the front door of the school, where there was a large crowd of girls watching slate list of groups. -Which group are you this year?.Asked one girl. -In group B. Replied the other. - Were in separate groups. Commented. - Look is Ishikawa san. Said the girls with a face of admiration.

Rika was curious to know which group was ended and decided to take a look.
- i am in the same group, and those two? ... Oh also stayed in the same. saying putting a face of resignation. - I'll have to endure another year. She told herself.

-Rika-chaaan ~ ~ ~ - I even think I hear one of they. Rika thought.
-Rika-chan Hey, you think do not greet one of your best friends. Said the girl. 'You're not one of my best friends. Rika replied. - That bad and I consider you my best friend, I will mourn buu. He said putting his hands on her face to match her eyes pretending to cry. - Let your crocodile tears Ayumi. Rika commented putting their arms intertwined. -Hi! you two ladies!!. Exclaimed a girl that came running, hugging her shoulders to Rika and Ayumi stood among the two.
- stop crying I'm already here, now if we're the 3 together and tell me, in what group we were. He said the girl putting a big smile on his face.
-Unfortunately for me were are in the same group, the A group .Rika said as she moved her head to one side, signal of disagree .
- its  great Miki-chan we're the three together again. Ayumi commented putting a big smile and looking Miki.
- If the destination wants us to be together for another year, it is certain that even next year we return to  the same group, and I'm grateful for that. Miki put his hands together and bowed or prayer to God.
- Stop saying nonsense. Rika exclaimed, frowning. - Better come now that we will be late on the first day of classes. Commented as she took the step to go to the classroom.

-Look at it says it does not want to be near us, and yet she is giving orders that escort her to the classroom. Miki muttered putting his hands on Ayumi's ear but with the intention that Rika hear the murmur too. - yes you're right, she says that we are not good friends but she always talk to us. - jajaja. Laughed the two of them together.
Rika clearly heard the comments of the 2 girls and thought maybe they were right and it was she who depended more on those 2 that they of Rika

The three girls walked into the classroom where they came together. - You know which teacher will be teaching this year? . - Ask Miki. - The Spanish teacher NatsumiAbe. Rika said turning around and looking at Miki. - The teacher that all the girls bullying and makes cried?.Ayumi jokes. Rika spoke with a tone of anger while resuming the word. - But in my class will not do it. Rika turned around and sat on the desk of the 3rd row.- look at you and you came out of the student. Miki said as she sat in the 3rd row 4th desk (next to Rika.) - yeah you're right. Following the theme Ayumi commented while sitting in the 4th row the 3rd desk (behind Rika.) - And they say I have them escort, but it is you who will give them that role. Rika thought to see that Miki sat beside her and Ayumi behind her.

Look, we are again in the same classroom of Rika, Miki and Ayumi san, waa that great, commented some girls. - Yes, last year i was not in the same classroom that they, but  this year i am,  they are wonderful. - Even if they have different personalities all 3 are great together. - not for nothing the nickname the goddesses of Sor Juana. - Kya! ... murmured several students in the classroom.

Dig dong (bell ringing)

Ha ~ ~ I was late. The girl said as she ran towards the entrance of the school where you could see the legend on the entry with the name "College for Girls Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz"
Fuh - I barely managed to get inside. Her voice was agitated. - Now where I'm going? If I'm not mistaken stay in room 2-A so ... where is heaven ... I'm lost, why the hell this school is so great. He scratched his head desperately.
Good morning, the classes is already began .Said a woman in a white coat.

Good morning, yes I know but, I am incoming student and I am lost and not know where my classroom. Said with a worried face.
-Haa? So you're the new student of 2nd, then your classroom is by the direction of the bottom. She pointed  the woman with her hand. - Just go straight. - Ok thank you ... and you are? . Ask the girl. - My name is  NakazawaYuuko am the school nurse. - Well my name is ... - Abe sensei!.Nakazawa exclaimed. -  You are still out of your class?? Your students will have to be waiting for you. Nakazawa said with an angry voice as he walked toward Abe sensei which was standing in the hallway that led to the classroom 2.-A.

-Sorry, I'm not yet prepared to enter, is the first time I teach this group and I'm really scared. Abe spoke softly, looking very anguish shrug and looking down. - Nothing to fear, you're going inside the class, and gonna make them fear of you, no you of they,seriously, that is because they bother you, do not show your weakness, you're the boss in the classroom. Exclaimed crossing his arms.
- Yes you're right, I have to try and show who is the boss. Abe said optimistically grasping and lifting his hand up to his chest. - Well then teach them.

- By the way, she is a new student in your class. Nakazawapointered . - is that so? Then we go together. She said smiling. - thanks. Said the girl. - Well thanks for all Nakazawa sensei. The girl said, bowing to Nakazawa. - you're welcome. Saying goodbye raising his hand.
As the two of then walked into the classroom the girl thought. - A weak teacher which is disturbed by her students? that's Strange, what kind of girls have this school?

-Ok we arrived. Said Abe passing saliva, opened the door of the classroom hearing many murmurs from outside. - Good morning to all,  well the class of this year I'll be your teacher I'm AbeNatsumi. said the teacher to enter class very nervous.

- Good morning. all the students answered . All they responded well, it seems that this year I will not have problems, I'm glad to have this group. Abe thought putting a face of relief and happiness.
-Well this year we have a new student, please enter.
The new girl entered the classroom. - Please introduce yourself.
-My name is HitomiYoshizawa was transferred to this school because of the work of my father, i used to live in Hokkaido and attended school there, but I was born in Miyoshi, Saitama, nice to meet you.
- Ok good Yoshizawa sit anywhere you want. - yes. Hitomi looked askance looking desks unoccupied, had several but she decided one on the 4th row ju (behind Miki) when she was addressing to sit could not help turning to his right across his eyes with Rika who turned to the left and that was how intertwined their eyes, and then take a seat behind Miki.

-Well we start the class. Abe sensei said.

A middle class Abe decided that they should choose the group responsible. - ok class as most already know the person you choose is gona be your´s represent the year. - I propose to Ishikawa san. Said one of the girls, raising his hand. - Someone else who want to propose to vote?. No one answered, silence said it all most of the room if not all students agreed with that Rika was in charge of the group.

- And for the post of treasurer who proposed?.Abe sensei commented. Nobody said anything. -Then someone who wants to be the treasurer?. No one raised a hand or propose anything. what a uncomfortable silence  thought Abe. - Then fine I decide who will.

- I want. Ayumi said - I'll be the treasurer, me and Miki. Ayumi raised her hand, taking the hand of Miki and lifting. Miki only stunned but did not object to what Ayumisaid .- But 2 people would be much. Commented Abe.- it's Ok. Rika said. - All 3 will be in charge of the class, if they are all disagree with that. Abe hesitated a little, but as any student objected decided to leave it. - Ok then all 3 will be responsible.

Ding Dong (bell rang ending the class and was beginning to break)

-all right, the class end and all is well, i just was not bothered or humiliated not cry at all, seems I showed them who's boss in this class. Abe sensei thought, not knowing that it was because they did not bother because of Rika, she emanating an aura of authority and admiring that no one dared to make offensive comments to the teacher.

Ishikawa-san, can you come here a moment please.  Abe sensei call her. - What happens Abe sensei .Rika said as she walked toward Abe. - Could show Yoshizawa san school because it is new does not know the school. - Okay. Rika said. - Ok have fun. said Abe with a litlle smile.


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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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No one has written a pure IshiYoshi fic in a long time :lol:

Interesting on how they meet and welcome to the forum
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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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welcome  :grin:
you just continue to write... got anything i don't understand, i will ask because i don't like to leave thing hanging...

and thanks for giving me an 1444, which i have not been reading on them for quite some time... so, please continue  :)

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Next chapter, thanks for commenting and reading, it's good to know that are fans ishiyoshi interested in my fic.
PS. sorry by the grammatical


Rika walked to her desk and pulled out a container wrapped with a scarf which contained lunch (obentou)  heading towards Hitomi which was being bombarded by questions from several girls in the class.

-So you studied in Hokkaido. Asked one of the girls. - Yes. Hitomi responded. - And which is the work of your father Hitomi chan? .... -Sorry to interrupt. Saying Rika Approaching to they . - Abe's sensei asked me to show you the school, then shall we going Yoshizawa san?. Hitomi was a little stunned by what she said and without thinking said. - Ok go. Leaving the girls who were questioning it, and when they were about to leave the room. Miki and Ayumi called Rika. - Rika chan we are eating together where usual. said Ayumi showing her obentou. - yea come on. Miki commented. Sorry but I can´t the teacher asked me to show  the school to Yoshizawa san. - Hee? What you have to do it?. Miki said with a look of disgust, Miki hated to leave most of the responsibility for Rika. - Because I'm in charge of the class, and I do not mind helping Yoshizawa san to learn more about the school. Rika said as she turned to continue her path and show the school of Hitomi. - Ok then hurry up we'll be waiting for you where we usually have lunch. -then come on Miki fast forward. Ayumi said pulling the arm of Miki taking it outside the classroom.

Rika  directed Hitomi by a large hall which carries outside the school building where the classrooms of second was, once outside were several roads of concrete heading to different parts of the school.- Look at this way takes you to the gym you see that building over there ? - Yeah. 'It's the gym. The two of the girls walked, Rika indicate to Hitomi  the gym which had a field of basket ball, volleyball, among other things. The girls went on their way, Rika took Hitomi  the school auditorium which was gigantic possessed many seats. - This is the auditorium, use it for events like plays or ceremonies. That said, and after taking a quick glance, the tour continued, now heading for the pool.

 - This is the pool, the students used in sports and usually the girls of swimming club. When finished viewing the site continued to salons that were used for the activities of the clubs which was in the rear of the 1st building which is occupied  by the students of first grade. - These are used for classroom activities clubs, as you can realize in our school there are too many clubs. - And how the director allows s have too many clubs? . wonder Hitomi. - is because the clubs are approved and allowed for the students of third that integrate the student council, and they only have three rules for the girls form a club, first,3 miembros mínimo, second, has to be a club that is not formed and third,have a  place to gather for activities.-quite simple. - right?, but going to something else if you see this output forward which leads to building 2 and then building 3. Rika raising her arm and pointed with the finger forward. - well shall we going.

- No need to show me all the buildings. Hitomi said. Rika looked sideways and saw the stairs leading to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. - Ok then follow me i wanna show you  the entire campus.

The two climbed the stairs Hitomi behind Rika  and reached the roof of the first building. - Waa the school is big. Hitomi said with a look of astonishment. -Sor Juana is one of the the school more largest in Japan. Rika looked at Hitomi and approached to her. - Look those are the buildings, that  is where the classrooms of 2nd grade students, where are we, and that is the 3rd building that is occupied by alunas of 3rd grade and in the middle of those two buildings, is the cafeteria, and on this side. Turning to the other side. -are the green areas, this is the garden Mary, and the other side are the tennis courts, athletics track and beyond this the court soccer 7, and in short this is the Campus, welcomed  Yoshizawa Hitomi. She said as she showed a smile.

-Thank you. Hitomi said with a soft voice and shy. Rika turned to the garden where he was sitting under a cherry tree Miki and Ayumi.

Rika turn to Hitomi . - You brought obentou?. 'No, I buy something in the cafeteria. Rika looked at her watch and saw that it was 25 minutes for the recess end.
Yoshizawa-san, would you like to join me?. -what? why? . It was the only word that came out of the mouth of Hitomi.

Rika smiled putting her hand up to her mouth covering his smiler. -We already too late come on. Said that, Hitomi could not refuse. - Ok.

The two walked to the stairs to lower them, when they were down Rika stumbled  in the penultimate step, Hitomi had already downloaded all the stairs and saw that Rika was about to fall, she embrace Rika to prevent she fall. - you alright?. Wonder Hitomi.-Yeah, thanks. Rika said, only to find in the position she was in, in the arms of Hitomi, Rika raised her head and looked at Hitomi who blushed looking at her, it was a very cute scene, which was interrupted by the noise of the Hitomi stomach . - Ha .. Sorry. Hitomi said who got more blushed for to noise that made her stomach, sign that she was hungry. Rika smiled and said. - The cafeteria is around here.

Walking towards the direction of the 2nd building to go to the cafeteria.
The two entered to the cafeteria where there was no line to buy, Hitomi went to the bar to buy a yakisoba bread and a tea. - Come let's eat out. Exposed Rika who still carried her obentou, the two rushed out of the cafeteria and walked into the garden where they met with Ayumi and Miki.

- Rika finally came, I was starving. - She say the truth,  your stomach was growling, so noisy. Ayumi comment. - If you're hungry why not ate your obentou.
Rika said as she sat on the grass. - Oh I could not do that ... because I want to eat with Rika. Miki said mockingly. - Nonsense. Rika replied.

- I see we have a guest. Miki looked up to Hitomi. - please have a seat. Rika said to  Hitomi making room for a seat. - yea sit please. Ayumi commented.
Once Hitomi sit together and being all continued to eat their food.

- And what did you on this vacation?. Ayumi wonder.
- I went to Hiroshima to visit my grandmother. Rika said. - Hee, I just stayed in my house ... missing Rika . Miki said reloading her head on the shoulder of Rika. - jajaja. Ayumi let out a big laugh. - Seriously? well I went to  appointments arranged by my parents.

The three girls seemed to get along despite their different personalities, Hitomi just watched and kept apart and not want to ruin the environment that created the 3 girls.

- And what did you do Hitomi ?. Miki ask watching something with a smug expression. - nothing more interesting than what you did Fujimito san, pack and unpack only for the move. Hitomi said as she took the last bite of yakisoba bread and drank the last sip of her tea. Miki was surprised by the answer of Hitomi somewhat aggressive, not many people dare to answer that.

Ding Dong bell rang ending the recess

And the four girls headed heading towards his classroom in which they entered and sat at their desks waiting for the start of the next class.


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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Introduction to the school and the places

One note though, can you use "" for dialogue parts? the dashes confused me a bit and

Rika walked to her desk and pulled out a container wrapped with a scarf which contained lunch (obentou)  heading towards Hitomi which was being bombarded by questions from several girls in the class.

you can say bento as is rather than describing it as lunch

Keep up the good work
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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Alright, another IshiYoshi fic  :grin:

Beuno story  :thumbsup

Keep the stories coming!

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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hello, here is another chapter, what so soon? I go on vacation, that why, thanks for reading the review and for the recommendation, keep going that helps me improve


The classroom door opened and the next teacher entered.
“Good afternoon”.
“Good afternoon”. Answered all students.
“Look is Yaguchi sensei, could not be worse, is one of the strictest teachers,  why se had to give us a class”. Murmured the girls in the classroom.
“Surely, many already know me or have heard of me”. Said as she wrote her name and that of matter in the white board. “That's good, is means i don´t have to explain the dynamics of my class”. Turning to the front.

“Sensei”. Rika raise her hand.
“Yes?.”  “This year we have a new classmate”. Rika turned around backward looking Hitomi.
“So you're a new student, well, I'm sure Ishikawa-san may get aware of the dynamics of my class”. Yaguchi said while she opened her book to begin class.

Rika looked surprised and disgusted because that was the duty of the teacher but said nothing.
“Ok class began with an assessment test”. Said, pulling writing  paper from her briefcase.
“What?, a test?”. Were heard to the complaints of the students.
“Silence, Ishikawa san could help me spread the exams?.”
“Yes.” Rika said standing from her seat to take the exams and start handing them out and returned the remaining exams to and hurried back to her desk.

“You can start your test, answer what they know and will not put nonsense, this is just a test to check that both learned last year.” She said as she passed through the lines. Yaguchi looked at her wristwatch and said. - They have only 40 minutes.
Most of the students were nervous and anxious because of that review which thought it was a silly, but the fact that the score will not count in the soothed.

Instead Rika, Miki and Ayumi were quite calm answering the exam, there was someone else who did not look nervous and answered quietly consideration.

“The good news is that mathematics is one of the areas in which I am good.” Thought Hitomi as she finished her exam and then deliver it to Yaguchi sensei, who was surprised to see there was a student that had finished the test.
“ insurance that most of her answers are wrong.” Yaguchi thought, to sit to review the exam.
All students realized that Hitomi had finished first even Rika. “Will be Hitomi one of that girls that studying everyday?.” Such questions were the girls in the classroom that they found it difficult to concentrate on exam.

“Yoshizawa finished her exam?”. Rika lifted her head, was surprised, so she hurried to finish the exam.
Rika finished only about 10 minutes after Hitomi, approached the teacher's desk Yaguchi saw Hitomi reviewed the exam and only she can see the first leaf, which had all the right answers, Rika let the exam in desktop and back to her desk, and  5 minutes after Ayumi end Miki gave their exams.

“Well it's been 40 minutes deliver all their exams.” All the girls in the class got up to deliver his exams.
Rika kept thinking about the fact that the new girl had finished first to answer the exam that she.

15 minutes later.
“Well class I check their exams and most have a low score but none failed the exam, but as I said this is just a test to determine their knowledge on the subject, hopefully not happen again and study for exams and I want you all to take out at least 9 rating, but I'm glad it seems like are students that study at home, Hitomi Yoshizawa bag a perfect score, also Ishikawa Rika ... mm and Fujimito Miki, Ayumi Shibata rated almost perfect, class I follow the example of these girls and are made study”. “Yes!.” They answered. Rika was a little shocked, because it was the only one with a perfect score, knew that Miki was smart and had good grades without studying and Ayumi used to study in their spare time but did not expect anyone else got high marks and unless it was the new student.

Ding dong (bell rang ending math class)
“See you tomorrow class.” Yaguchi said as she walked out of the classroom.
“The exam was very difficult.”
 “ Yes i hate test.” Commented the girls in the class.
“ Hitomi-chan incredible were the first to complete the examination and your score was perfect.” “ As you did?.” Asked several classmates who came to Hitomi. “ I am just good at numbers.” Hitomi said putting her hand on her neck.

The classroom door opened and the next teacher.

“Good afternoon.” “Good afternoon.” The students responded.
The teacher came in and leave their stuff on the desktop and then grab a piece of chalk and write on the board ... Yasuda Kei Universal History ...
“I'm Yasuda sensei and I  impart universal history class”. She said as she watched the attendance of the class.
“Well I'll pass list.”

After the list Yasuda opened his book in the first topic. “ Ok open your book and get out in the index on page 10.” You could hear the sound of the pages of the books of the students.
Yasuda pointed to a girl. –“Chisato read the first paragraph please.” “ yes.” Chisato got up and began to read about the First World War.
“Tell me then any reason why this war started?.” Yasuda asked a question in the air after Chisato finished reading, was addressed to all students, but none raised her hand to answer.

Rika raised her hand and the teacher gave her the floor.
Rika replied confident in her answer, giving a correct answer very attached to reading. “Okay, anyone else who wants to say something?.” Yasuda ask several students of the hall which gave incomplete answers yet complemented with answers and explanations from the teacher.

It was a very dynamic class as they read the book and Professor Yasuda gave explanations of the reading, which made the class was enjoyable.

Rika realized how to teach the class of Professor Yasuda, was unusual, and did not like at all because despite giving complete and accurate answers to the teacher did not seem to care much and was right, Yasuda used to focus more on the students who did not have good grades and had no easy answer in class because she liked all learn, and it was quite obvious that Rika dominated the topic, so for Rika do not have the attention of teacher was not good, however it seems all attention is again taking the new girl, Hitomi, history seemed not strong as it was bad remembering the names of historical figures and dates.

The doorbell rang again, and culminated history class, to continue with the sport class that would be the last class of the day.
“See you tomorrow.”Yasuda said.

The students left the classroom and go to the locker room and then to the track to attend gym class.
“You know, I heard that changed teacher.” “ Seriously?” “yes, now going to be a woman.”
“ I hope we do not put a lot of exercise.” Commented on the students who were sitting on the grass near the track.

“Well cadets get together.” A voice strong woman from the track, the girls in the class were surprised and began to gather on the track.

“ Who told them they could sit on the lawn?.” Asked in a firm voice. “No one”.
“ Exactly so why were sitting on?.” No one answered, all the girls looked away.
“Well nobody want to answer?. All face down and do 20 push-ups”.
“ what?.” “-I do not.” Some girls replied.
“Ok 20 are no longer 30, and if they are well over.” The girls were put into position and started doing pushups to grudgingly . “28, 29 and 30, ended.”
“ Well, sorry we started badly because of their behavior.” The girls were very pisses off. “Okay I am the instructor Kaori Iida graduated from the School of Physical Education militarized.” Iida stood at attention which is to have a rigid position the shoulders back and arms to the side. “what is wrong with this teacher?.”

“Militarized?”. Murmured the students. “Silence cadets.
“ Asked”. “Cadets is just a synonym for pupil, student, apprentice, so from now on I will call to ask cadets and always respond, "awere" are we clear?”.
“Yes.” Responded unevenly. It seems they did not understand Iida asked again. “ Aware!?”. Responded this time uniformemente.
“Well I want 4 columns and heights are accommodated by the highest to lowest.” The girls did not understand very well but came to be formed by columns. - It seems that they are ready.  Iida said crossing her arms. “ Ok, we go at a fast pace. He gave the order, but the students seemed to understand the words of Iida. “ Well the step is faster this way.” Iida started jogging but raising knees higher when jogging.

“ Aware?”. “Aware!.”! Girls responded with puzzled face. Iida and all the girls started running and jogging each, they were on the 3rd lap of the track and many girls had already stop and others they could not with her soul.
“what the hell is wrong with this teacher.”
“ I can not anymore.” “ neither do I.” said the girls.
“we are not left behind by this day only give 5 laps so two laps more, come on.” Professor Iida shouted.

However there were girls who resisted pretty well, like Hitomi and Miki seemed well, they were very calm and went to the head of the remaining columns, Ayumi seemed to hold still, but Rika was already at its limit, was athletic but did not have much endurance. “ we are missing cadets only 1 lap.” “I can't  more.” The students were left the 5 laps they are very tired, but Miki and Hitomi were still fresh and boasts that could give even more laps, which caught the attention of Iida.
“ seems that if you have strength, I Like that!.” Iida said smiling. Miki turned and saw Hitomi,  not  bad thought. Hitomi was surprised because Miki was good in sports, after all Rika and Ayumi did not hold much, but it seemed that the three were definitely different.

Well keep it up and cadets will have more strength and condition, the next class will give more laps. “No!!.”
 “what the hell.” “ I will not attend this class.” Replicated the girls. “now we have to stretch 10 minutes and then dismissed.”

At the end of the class all went to the locker room, were all baffled by this new teacher who treated them as soldiers.

Rika was pretty tired and frustrated by the failure to put up enough. “what are you think Rika chan?”. Asked Ayumi. “Nothing.” Replied looking away. “mmm ... I'd swear you were thinking that you could not stand in gym class.” “ what?.” Rika put a surprised face.
“ That Rika was traumatized by not being able to hold enough in sports.” Miki said with a puzzled face. “ If you do not have to say it that way, really you are very direct Miki.” Ayumi said with a tone of anger. “ I'm not traumatized, and we leave this topic.” Rika felt hurt her pride. “ok, ok.” Miki drop the topic, she don´t wanted hurt the feelings of Rika, and even though it was not her intention, since they know it she used do it , but it was something unconscious as it was very honest and direct that often did not realize that it hurt people's feelings or made them feel bad.

Hitomi-chan, is amazing you endured and seemed you could give more laps. Commented the girls who seemed dazzled by Hitomi.
-Hey let out of school an eat ice cream . - Yeah Hitomi chan. - I'd like to but I can’t I have to go home to finish unpacking. Hitomi rejected the invitation.- well then for another day. - Ok. Said the girls.
Rika began to be jealous of Hitomi, the girl was new and is was calling everyone's attention, however Rika was very intuitive and observant and noticed that Hitomi was not who she thought she looked like, and she was use that to unbalance and to recover everyone's eyes.

“Rika-chan, we go together?”. Suggested Ayumi. “ yea we go together”. Miki affirm. Rika could not think of anything else just nod her head and the three girls were in the luxury car that was waiting outside the school, Rika's driver, Sebastian, was waiting for they to take them home.

“Rika ojousama welcome.” Said the housekeeper, but Rika did not answer.
“Tonight I will be very busy so I'm not going to dinner.” Said walking to her room.

After shower, Rika sat at hers desk and pulled out several notes to start writing.
“Tomorrow is the entrance ceremony for the students of the first year, I have to finish my speech.” Rika had given the speech last year when she was in 1st grade and now would be the representative of the students of the 2nd so she had to give a speech of welcome.

Passed the 12 of the night.” finally finished 'm perfect, well now to sleep.” She told herself, and proceeded to lie down on her bed to fall asleep.


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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Class days seem interesting with the teachers  :lol:
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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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It's been ages since I read a new one.

Interesting... keep it up!

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Yay it's IshiYoshi ♪♪ :twothumbs

Thank you for posting :D I can't wait the next chapter~~

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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sorry friend,
for the time being i am not free so i cannot appear so often to comment but i am still reading whenever i am able to.

sorry to break such subtle new to you but i am reading.

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Hello, well next chapter after my vacation, as always if you have questions or comments are welcome.

In this chapter Rika is a little cruel to Hitomi, they will be able to be friends?


The next morning the alarm went off, but Rika seemed not to hear, she was very tired yesterday due to exercise and the fact that she had been up late because the discourse.
“Rika-ojousama.”The housekeeper knocked on the door, but Rika did not respond. “Rika ojousama.” She opened the door and entered the room which was still asleep Rika, she approached and shook her shoulder to wake her. “What happens.” Rika said with a sleepy voice.
“It's time to get up Rika ojousama.” “WHAT!?” . Rika jumped up from the bed. “What time is it?.” “ Is 6:30 am.” “wha? I have  get ready for the welcoming speech will be at 7:30, damn it”. Rika hurried and dressed in uniform took her backpack and started down the stairs leading into the hall.
“Sebastian prepares the car, we will going.” “ Yes Rika ojousama.” Sebastian replied. “Rika ojousama not going to breakfast?.” “ No, just give me an apple and my obento.” “ Ok.”
 “ Rika ojousama the car is ready”. “Then let's go.”
Sebastian opened the car door to enter Rika, there was not much traffic on the course so they came to school in 30 minutes.

Arriving Sebastian opened the door for the car descended Rika which hurried to go to the auditorium where the ceremony would take at 8:00 am.

“On time 7:30 am.” Rika said as she watched several students accommodating place, approached the podium and up the stairs.

“Rika -chan, that good that you came.” Said one of the charge of the ceremony.
“President.” “ Now  we are all complete, this will be your seat and you go after me and then you follow Rika.”  Said to Rika and the another girl which was the representative of groups 1st year and who was very nervous.
 “ Are you nervous?.” Rika asked to note that the girl was sweating from her forehead and hands trembled.
“Maybe, well a little.” The girl said lowering her head and looking down. “ It's normal to be nervous even I am, but if you study well your speech, you'll do fine.” Rika said showing a warm smile, holding hands with the girl that she relaxed a little after. “thank you.” The girl smiled and felt a relief. “I'm not the only nervous.”

After being 8:00 am every girl in the school began arrive to the auditorium, the ceremony was about to begin.

“Gokigenyou minna-sama.” Said the master of ceremonies. “ Today we will perform the opening ceremony of class, now a word from our director Heike Michiyo.” “ Very good morning you all let me give you a word of welcome all the incoming students as well as for those who credited the year, I hope you stay in school and be pleasant and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz are eager to learn and be filled with knowledge, since this "is not only them lawful, but very helpful "(quote from Sor Juana) for what follows.” That said gave the floor to the President who gave a long speech and then be the turn of Rika, who was a little nervous but confident as reviewing her speech several times to avoid mistakes, to finish after an excellent speech gave the floor to emcee.

The girl who represented the 1st grade students was surprised by Rika speech, and thought if Rika was nervous and even being able to give a wonderful speech, then she would too, follow suit from now on.
“Now listen to the speech of the representative of the first year student Matsuura Aya.”

Aya was a student freshly entered first, she had not been in school before, as the school has Sor Juana studies from Yochien (preschool) shogakko (school) Chugakko (Junior High School) Koto Gakko (Senior High School) and Daigaku (college) dividing schooling.

Aya had been chosen to give the speech because of the qualifying entrance examination which was the highest, like Rika.

“Miki!.” Ayumi said quietly, nudging Miki to wake her up.
“Ayumi what happens I was in my 5th dream.” She said lie was carved eyes. “ You missed Rika speech. – “Seriously? Too bad then i go back to sleep.” Miki closed her eyes again. “Snap out of it and pay attention Miki, missing shortly to finalize the ceremony.” Ayumi said with an angry expression on her face. “ I understand I will not sleep and witness the ceremony until will finish ok?.”
Miki raised her head and looked at the front just when Aya was ending her speech, and for some reason could not stop looking at her, something of Aya had caught her eye.

At the end Aya after giving her speech perfectly, is continuous with the emcee who said. “ And to end this ceremony we sing the hymn to our school which will be sung by the singing teacher Inaba Atsuko.” Who took the podium and began directing the hymn, the ceremony was ended and the girls went to their respective classroom.

“The next class is English.” “Which professor will be teaching us?.” “it's a new teacher.” “ hopefully not strict.” “Yea we have enough pressure with Yaguchi Sensei .”
“What about girls?.” Hitomi approached the girls were clustered at the door. “Hitomi-chan, hello.” “Hello.” Hitomi responded with a smile. “ We were talking about the new teacher .” “ the English  new teacher.” “ Mmm. Well as I am new, all the teachers are  new to me.” “ jajaja thats right.” Girls laughed. “Its true.”
“ And how good you are in English Hitomi-chan?.” “ Well it gives me fatal but I make the attempt.” “jajaja.” Girls laughed again. “ BTW call me Yossi .” “Yossi?.” emphasized the girls. “ they used call me that in my old school.”
“Ok then will Yossi.” –“ lol.” The girl seemed funny since Hitomi was very cheerful, even though she was the new girl she perfect fit.

“Girls come inside the classroom please the teacher will not be long in coming.” A voice which came from Rika. “ Hai!!” All the girls who were at the door including Hitomi entered the room due to the request of Rika

Minutes later the door opens and he enters a very bijin professor.
“Good morning class, How are you today?”
“I am your teacher of english my name is Kitamura Ayaka, so nice to meet to all.” Saying this he wrote her name and class in romanji.

“ to know each other, all of you, will introduce your selves, and as we are in English class you have say in English, we start for this row.” She said and pointed to the front row, the girls were presented as though they could in English.

When it came to present Rika who got up from her desk and spoke fairly fluent. “Oh very good your pronunciation is excellent.” Ayaka said surprised and happy.

“Next please.” Ayumi was next, and she also talk very well. Ayaka seemed happy she had at least two students who had good pronunciation, its was time for Miki who did not seem very excited, but she speak it perfectly, they were already 3 students.

“hai!!.” it was time for Hitomi. “Well just repeat the same as the other fellow said.” Thought.
Hitomi had a very funny pronunciation but not so bad in compared to other girls.

Ding dong

The class ended and Ayaka had written on the blackboard homework for the next class.
“Ok class, see you tomorrow.” See you tomorrow miss. The students answered.
It was time to break several girls got together and went with Hitomi. “ Yossi brought obento?.” “ Nop i'm going to buy something at the cafeteria.” “we eat together?” Asked the girls. “ Yeah right.” Hitomi responded smiling.
“ let's go.” Hitomi went along with the girls.

“Rika-chan ~ ~.” Ayumi and Miki approached to Rika. “Let's eat together.” “I can't.” Rika answer . “ Wha?? Nande Nande why??.” Miki exclaimed. Rika put an angry face, didn't like Miki act that way. “ I have help to the Seitokai,  promised to reorganize all clubs and is a lot of work so I can't.” “ Boo hidoi Rika and I that ...”
“Miki stops saying those things.” Rika put a cold look. “I withdraw.” Road to Seitokai room to do their "duty."
“And she was, well today I just be you and Ayumi.” “Hai hai, let's eat.” Ayumi pulled Miki arm as was usual and the two walked away to eat their lunch.

“Good thing the new teacher is very relax.” “I was very nervous at the moment to introduce myself.” Yossi said putting her hand on her chest. “ but if you talk very good.” “Seriously? .” Yossi smiled. “But also as the three goddesses.” “ they war subarashii, suteki.” said the girl putting her hands together at the chest level.
“Yossi, i hear that you ate with them yesterday?.” “Really? How about? How was it?.”  Yossi knew they were something special because the fuinki around them was different. “ Well, almost only talk among themselves, it was difficult to follow the conversation.” “Desho?? I once tried to talk to Miki but I found it very difficult the words don't came out.” “ tell me about it, Rika once ask me if I was all right, that day I had a headache and was not feeling very well and Rika realized it, all I did was run.” “ jajaja” girls laugh. “Seriously Rika is very insightful, she realizing that you felt bad.”
“ One day she gave me her notes.” “ Really?  when we were in high school 3rd I miss one day and the next I gave her notes.” “ Uso! Maji de?”
“Honto desu.” “Mmm, they are well respected?.” Yossi ponder out.

“you don´t have a idea, Rika is very smart and good at sports and assists to six clubs,  belongs to the student council, always very good at what he does, although it's very serious and reserved always cares about others and their father is a millionaire, she is cold and unattainable beauty.”

“Miki by contrast is less serious is known for being very flirty with either boys or girls, usually played with the feelings of others, is very frank and say everything she thinking, have good grades slightly below those of Rika, and can play all kinds of sports, she also comes from a wealthy family. She is relaxed and rebellious type who plays with people, but still suteki!.”

“And finally Ayumi she is quite a lady, like Rika and Miki their grades are the best, belongs to seven clubs which 5 is the president's, is the right hand of Rika, and  who tidied Miki, is the calmest of the three. She is the type ojousama, polite, friendly and mature a good girl.” “The 3 are wonderful.” –“ Yes!.” The girls sigh. “Ehh so they are the heroines of the school, I thought maybe I could make friends with Rika but seems impossible now, but perhaps maybe I just want a normal life at school get along with all my co-classes and make friends, and the three on the contrary seem to keep people away, we're very different”. Hitomi thought.

Rika entered the office of the Seitokai but but was empty,  the work was assigned to her was at the desk so she took it and sat down to read it, proceeded to analyze it and inadvertently the break was almost up, time passed quickly  reading the work that she had no time to eat her obento.

" 've eaten already Rika-chan?" Ayumi asked. "here you go, acting again as a mom." " Is that you know, she is a workaholic sure she have not eaten her obento." "hai-hai, if she don't ate is their fault for choosing to work to eat with us ." Miki said making a face of disgust.

Ding gong

The bell rang again and the rest was terminated
All the girls went to their respective rooms. Miki and Ayumi entered her classroom and realized that Rika had not arrived.
 Rika rushed to get to the classroom, opened the door and sat down at her desk.
Just before the next teacher arived, Yaguchi entered the class and left her things on the desk.

"Today in class we see the topic inverse trigonometric fractions and do some exercises. Yaguchi wrote several problems on the board. "Well who wants to do it?." I ask but one raised her hand even Rika who seemed a little listless.

"Very well then I will choose." I look at his list and he remembered the girls who had a perfect score. "Ok Ishikawa and Yoshizawa pass please." Hitomi and Rika get up from them place and went to the blackboard both took a piece of chalk and started to solve the problem.

Hitomi already had more than half but Rika was not getting to even half of the process, Hitomi turned to see the progress of Rika and notice that was a little pale and suddenly collapse, leaning on the board and then fall to the floor unconscious, whole class was alarmed Miki and Ayumi quickly get up from their desks and approached to Rika who was on the floor unconscious.

Teacher, we will take Rika to the infirmary. Miki and Ayumi said.
“yes quickly please.” Suggested concerned.
Miki and Ayum took Rika holding each arm and putting it around their necks leaving the room and going to the infirmary where Rika sat down on the bed so Nakazawa sensei could check her health.

“She seem well it was only a slight anemia that’s why she fainting, she is still asleep now wait to she wake up.” Nakazawa sensei said.

Miki and Ayumi looked very worried but listening to Nakazawa sensei reassure them.

“Girls return to class please.” “can I stay a little longer?” Miki ask. “ Ok but only for a while.” Ayumi said goodbye and retired to her classroom relieved to know it was not serious but she thought it had been caused due to bad nutrition and overwork that Rika passed out, Ayumi entered her classroom and told the teacher that Rika fainted due to a mild anemia, so Yaguchi and the students quieted down.

Miki took a seat next to the bed where Rika was. “ Baka! that's because you didn't eat your obento.” Miki felt a little guilty because of comments she had made before, that Rika was a workaholic and being angry about it, Miki looked at her watch and was preparing to return to classroom when Rika opened her eyes. “What happened?.” Rika asked. “What happened? you passed out.” Miki said with a serious tone. Miki didn't usually take things seriously was always relaxed, but when it was about Rika she changed.” Sorry, i am causing problems to you and Ayumi.” Said crestfallen, she knew that Miki don't usually altered unless it was something that really bothered her. - Clearly not only worried us.

Miki said with a semblance of relief. “ i see you are awake, how you feel? Nakazawa sensei asked approaching to Rika.” “ I feel better.” “you passed by a slight anemia, tell me did you eat breakfast?.” She ask. Rika remembered she had not eaten for the anger and frustration on Monday, and because the preparing of the speech she was late and only had breakfast an apple, and if we add that she didn't ate her obento because the homework of the Seitokai, knew that if she said all of that would make Miki angry, so she lied and said that she had not eaten her obentou. “I understand, and still have your obento?.” Nakazawa sensei ask. “yes,  i leave it in the room of Seitokai.” “I will get it.” Miki said, who rushed to pick up the obantou.

“excuse me.2 Miki opened the door and to her surprise she found the girl of freshmen who had caught her eye, Aya Matsuura . “What brings you here Fujimito san?.” Asked the president of the Seitokai. “Hitomi Saito sempai, Rika leave here her obento?.” “ Is this one here?.” Said the secretary. “yes that is, thanks Otani Masae sempai.” “ And Rika chan? Where is she, it´s supposed to we would be here at the end of the class.”  Said the CFO. “ Ah sorry  Miuna Saito sempai, is that Rika is busy and will not be able to come today and probably tomorrow to help either.” Miki consider Rika had to rest so she excuses her for their responsibilities. “What? But if there is much work to do, she can't do that is her responsibility.” Said the vice president. “Excuse Murata Megumi senpai but she may not attend, and i don't think it's a very difficult job, I'm sure you fend without Rika.”

“Rika is an indispensable member in Seitokai we need her help to reorganize the clubs.” Said Saito rising from the chair where she sat approaching towards to Miki.
“at least that.” “ at least that what?.2 Miki wonder. “You help us and you cover the place of Rika.” Miki didn't usually stand taking orders neither abide and less work organization, that was something that only Rika was good, she knew that Saito had said that to annoy her.

She knows that I didn't like do this sort of thing, Miki thought, however she didn't want to get involved Rika in the assignment, so she decided to accept the job. “ Ok I will take the place of Rika, I mean how hard is to reorganize the clubs.” “You have no idea?.” Murata said - the same way you have help. “Well look she is Aya Matsuura Group 1-A it would help Rika but it seems that now she will help you.”  Otani commented. “ Here are the list of clubs these requests and these are the names of the students.”  Miuna gave all folders to Miki, who was surprised to see how many files they were. “ I want you two to agree to finish reorganizing as the need for Thursday.” “ Thursday?.”  Miki wonder. “yes my dear, I recommend you start today.”  Said Saito putting her hand in the right shoulder of Miki. “and better hurry to return to the classroom the next class is about to begin.” Murata commented.
Miki and Aya left the room and headed of their classrooms. “We will meet after school in the library to do the job. Miki said.” “Okay we're at 3 o'clock then.” Aya said, before separating ways because their classrooms were in different buildings, Miki back to the infirmary and left the obento to Nakazawa sensei who said that would make sure Rika ate it, so Miki retired and continued her way to classroom where the teacher had not arrived.
“and it's Rika better? .” Wonder Ayumi with a worried face. “okay just fainted by skipping lunch and overwork.” “that good, but when the school is over, I will talk to her very seriously, that of skipping meals for do work is very wrong.” Said Ayumi  putting her hands on her waist. “and all those folders?.” “ Are, or rather were the work of Rika.” “What do you mean?.” “ I offered to finish the job she was appointed.”
Miki doing office work and for the Seitokai??? It was the strangest thing she had ever heard. “If you need help I can ...” “ It’s okay”. Miki interrupted. “I will do it alone.”

The classroom door opened and Abe sensei who was ready to give her class which concluded the bell rings, and so keep the last class which was the singing, and was given another room so the girls moved to the singing class, where expected Inaba Atsuko  sensei.

“well girls it's make me happy  give again this class, I see a new face.” “ said Inaba sensei looking at Hitomi .” can you introduce. “ yes.” Hitomi get up from her seat. “My name is Hitomi Yoshizawa.” “Said bowing.” “ Hitomi san well take a seat and start the class, who helps me distribute these papers.” “I.” Replied one of the girls in the class who distributed the sheets. “Well I'm going to play the song on the piano and you will follow, according to the letter containing the letter handed to them.” Inaba began playing the piano and the other girls to follow her to the attention of any would sound great but Inaba had what is known as absolute pitch and noticed that there was a student who was not following the rhythm very well, opened his eyes and Seeking to be the girl who was new, had a very good voice but was not synchronized with the other, but for being the first day of his class thought let it go and see the next class.
Again rang the bell ending all classes, the girls went to her classroom to take their belongings and leave the school. Miki and Ayumi went to the entrance to wait for Rika.
Rika felt better, and thanked to Nakazawa sensei to went to her classroom to collect her things without knowing that Ayumi and had it and was waiting at the entrance of the school for her.
“Oh no, I forgot my bag of pens.” said Hitomi  who was about to leave the building but return to the classroom to pick up the object forgotten, entered the room to look at her bank, to picked up her bag and was about to leave when the door opened, it was Rika who came for her things.
“Oh sorry. Rika said.” She almost collided with Hitomi who open the door. “ If you want your stuff Shibata san took them for you.” Hitomi said. “ I understand.”  “and you feel better Ishikawa san?” “ yes is was only a slight fainting.” Rika said with a straight face, even felt threatened by Hitomi so didn't want to have any contact with her.
Hitomi opened her backpack and took out her notebook. “Ishikawa san you missed several classes take many notes, you can use them.” Said smiling, Hitomi thought the fact that they were different and that perhaps could not be friends no reason not to be friendly with Rika, but Rika didn't appreciate her kindness at all in fact she hated that Hitomi was kind.
“Yoshizawa san, don't need to worry about me, I would prefer that we don't speak to each other.” Rika said with a serious voice, Hitomi was surprised, the girls were given a description of Rika being cold and kind at the same time but then Hitomi could only see the cold side. “I'll be frank with you Yoshizawa san I don't like you, I do not like that try to be friendly to me and especially do not like that smile, I do not think like the other girls, I know you're just acting friendly and happy to please people, pleasuring the people to make friends, but I'm not convinced your poor performance, stop doing, mukatsuku hontoni.” That said Rika turned and left the room.
With this we will see if you keep acting friendly and happy, Rika thought, walking towards the entrance of the school where the expected Ayumi.
Hitomi stayed in shook. “What happened?.” Wondered, if Rika was as sharp as the girls said she could see behind that act of happy and smiling girl to make friends, that was true, Hitomi acting for make friend quickly.

But what's wrong with that, thought Hitomi, that was her way, she act like that from the school  that didn't mean to act, and that was the way she is, but still had doubts, and if I'm not really like that and I go back to the way it was before? No, I would not, this is my real personality, not be stopped because someone else says.

Beyond unbalance Hitomi, Rika helped hitomi to realize that she was unique and didn't have to act on, the people would want her even if she did it would please them, what's wrong with being friendly with people, i am not wrong.
Is strange as people change one day these confused and suddenly everything is clear to the next, the words are powerful, Rika's words did open her eyes and define its personality, though she was not entirely sure going to try the new her and show Rika had no reason, I could make friends without the need to act.
“Here comes Rika chan.” Ayumi said. “ And you feel better?.” Miki wonder. “Yea much better, now if I can finish the work of the clubs.” “Forget it.” Miki said. “ You're not assigned to that task, Saito sempai told that I would replace you.” “What?”. Rika was surprised, Miki not used to like to do that kind of work. “everything is fixed now go to rest .” “But ...” “ No buts just go, take her Ayumi please .” “yes, Rika chan let's Miki take care of that.”
Miki will be fine? Rika thought the job assigned to her, was not easy, Ayumi saw Rika's face, had a serious expression. “Miki will do well, don't worry.”  “I was not thinking about that.” “yeah right, to tell the true i more worried about you Rika chan.” 2it's okay, I'm better now.” “but not good if you skip meals.” “I know sorry about that, you now to have caused problems.” “All is well if you promise that you will take better care .” “Rika closed her eyes.” “I promise.” “ Well here is my stop.”  The driver opened the door and Ayumi under the car to goodbye to Rika and entered to her house.
Sebastian took Rika to their respective mansion, arriving Rika went upstairs changed clothes and did their homework, then was to the dining room for dinner, and then went upstairs to take a bath then sleep, didn't want to repeat today's incident, didn’t like to show her weak side, much less cause problems for others, with that thought Rika fell into a deep sleep.


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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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The awkward moments in school
Random Thought:


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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Hi everyone this chapter has Miki / Aya, yes some GAM, thanks for reading and until next chapter.


"Aya-chan, Aya chan! It's true, you will meet with Miki sempai to do a job of Seitokai??" Some girls asked - yes it is, chotto matte, Asami chan (Asami Kimura), Mika chan, who do you knew that?. - all school knows. Mika said. - yea, and the fact that is one of the three goddesses of Sor Juana makes faster spreading rumor lol. Asami said putting her hand to her lips.
- One of the three goddesses?. - Hee?? Did not know anything about the three goddesses of Sor Juana!?. - Mika exclaimed. - Aya chan do not tell me you do not know anything about it? Asami wonder. - No. - That's because she spends studying. Mika crossed her arms. - Not why, it's just that I'm new at this school. Aya was excused for not knowing about it. - Mmm good, I'll give a brief explanation. Asami said.

- Look at this school there are three girls who are the heroines of most college students, they are admired and respected first is Ayumi Shibata qualifications are of the best is the president of 5 clubs at school, she is the calmest of the three is the type ojousama, polite, friendly and mature, then this Fujimito Miki who is known for being very flirty with either boys or girls, usually played with the feelings of others, is very frank and says everything she thinks, is smart and can play all kinds of sports. She is relaxed and rebellious type, and finally and most admired Rika Ishikawa who is very smart and good at sports, she is always very good at what she does, although it's very serious and reserved always cares for others and her father is a millionaire, she is cold and unattainable beauty, plus she is in the student council.

- Ah yes, she was the representative of the students of 2nd year and gave a speech at the welcoming ceremony. Aya said excitedly, as Rika had become a role model, but Aya did not know it was that Rika respected at school and being called a goddess or heroine, that grew more respect and admiration, and the fact working with Miki was not so satisfying for just heard what seemed a very nice person, she lamented not being able to work alongside Rika. - Hee Aya chan seem to be interested in Rika-chan. Asami said nudging Aya in the ribs.-because I like more Ayumi sempai. Mika said, clasping her hands up to her chest.
 -hahaha. - Mika  and Asami laughed.

Well, I have to go to the library to do the job, see you tomorrow Asami chan,  Mika chan. She said goodbye to her friends. See you tomorrow. - yes and talks us how you did with Miki sempai bye bye .
The three girls fired and Aya proceeded to move the library.

Minutes after entering Aya, Miki entered the library ready to finish the job, and was confident she considered that reorder the clubs is a piece of cake, she look at Aya who had already arrived and was seated at a table near a window, was examining the lists of clubs, Miki approached the table and sat down in the chair across from Aya.

-you came fast. - Miki sempai, yes there is no time to lose as it is working for this Thursday. -Mmm you are responsible. Miki said crossing her arms and looking at Aya straight in the face. - he? I just do what I belong.  Said whit a nervous voice, the look of the Miki was a little intimidated. - i was working with lists of clubs. Aya grabbed the  sheets paper that were on the table and began passing between her and Miki.

The two girls started to analyze the clubs, the number of members, taking into account that tomorrow would be demonstrations of existing clubs and Thursday will decide which clubs would open, new and old which were closed for failing to meet the 3 requirements .

Miki read and analyzed the highlighting clubs that didn't meet the three requirements which had one last chance to resurrect if new members joined this thursday, the paper sheet seemed no end and Miki began to despair because she was not used to doing this type work and the fact that she hated it, but she wanted  to help Rika.

- I'm tired of doing this. Miki said leaving the paper sheet on the table and got up from her chair to stretch, then go to the window to get fresh air.
- Is cloudy, it's go rain later? She asked.

Miki  turned and saw Aya, that she had a straight face and still working, didn’t like that, because it was similar to the face of Rika when she was very concentrated on assignment, and Miki didn't like when Rika pay more attention to work when they were together so she decided to play around with Aya. - Aya chan. Miki  approached to Aya and looked closely. - We take a break?. She asked putting a smile. - Ah, okay hai. Aya left the papers on the table, but she kept thinking in the organization of clubs.-You know you look prettier when you don't make that serious face. Miki grabbed Aya  chin and smiled, making blush. - Hee But you look even more beautiful when you blush jajaja. Miki used to do that kind of comments people, she have fun make people blush, it seemed fun to play around with people's feelings.

Aya's face was red by Miki comments .-better get back to work. She said looking at the paper sheet that were on the table, she knew about the reputation that Miki had , but she  not expected to Miki was playing with it, didn't like the way of being of Miki, and could not understand how Rika can be friends with someone like her.

- Mmm ... Tsumaranai. Said Miki who sat back for further work.
Miki-sempai,  why Rika sempai don't accept this job?. - Mmm well to tell the true  she really wanted to do it in fact had already advanced some of the work due to health problems she could not continue with the assignment so I awarded work rather than Rika.-Eh? Rika sempai is sick?, Is it serious?. - Aya asked, looking very thoughtful, Miki noticed the Aya interest by Rika, another fan of Rika thought. - It's nothing serious only thing to rest. What a relief Aya thought. - Then that is the reason why she do not accept the assignment?.

- ho she wanna come even she was sick, she wanted to continue to work, I had to force her to go home, of course with the help of Ayumi. Miki said smiling, Aya saw how Miki changed her expression when she spoke of Rika and realized why Rika's struck up a friendship with her, the two were very different but seemed to take care of Rika , Aya slightly change their view of Miki.-Ok to continue with the work. Aya said putting a smile on her face.

Ne Aya-chan way you decided to help in this?. -Because is my responsibility as deputy member of Seitokai, like Rika sempai. Aya replied.
Miki flicker and then put on a surprise face, she could expect such responce of Rika, but didn't imagine that anyone else would think the same. This girl looks like Rika, thought, and for some reason it made Miki angry. -Haa mukatsuku. Miki beating the table with their palms and stood. "well we finish for to day- But we barely half. Aya said. - Ii kara we're done analyzing the lists of existing clubs that meet the requirements and of those who do not, we end up safe tomorrow. She said as she gathered the paper sheet to put them in their respective folders. - Ok. Aya had no other option to leave it to tomorrow.

The two girls walked down the hall who came to check out, the sky was overcast and suddenly began to rain.

-Damn it already started to rain and I didn’t bring umbrella. - Miki said snapping her fingers.
- I don´t remember that the news say it would rain today. Aya looked at the clouds, seemed she was going to wait to stop raining and it was getting late.

Miki turned and saw that someone had left an umbrella in front of the building near the lockers where they keep their shoes. -Look an umbrella. Miki grabbed the umbrella and opened it, not very big but it was enough for both, just had to get to the entrance of the school where their drivers expect them.

- we go together. Miki suggested. Aya hesitated. - But that umbrella has a owner. - I don't think is going to miss it back. Miki insisted. - Okay. Aya accepted, the two girls were together under the umbrella the rain began to fall more sturdy so both rushed and then began to run, to get to the entrance to the school and saw that their feet were soaked and some strange reason both started laughing. - thanks for all Fujimito sempai see you tomorrow. Aya said bowing. -  yea we meet tomorrow. Miki said, the two parted and each went to their respective home.

-Tadaima!. - Welcome Aya ojousama. Answered one of the servants of Aya.
Aya ojousama, you're all soaked of the feet, then I prepare a bath. -thanks Maria.

- The bathroom is ready Aya ojousama. - Thanks. Aya entered the bathroom undressed and was introduced to the bathtub to take a hot bath.

Miki-sempai is not such a bad person after all, she cares about her friends and is friendly with people, has its good side.  Then she remembered about the umbrella thing and put a big smile.

-mmm but why I'm so Happy. Aya paused. - Just because she behaved kind to me today does not mean they always will do, plus I'm sure after completing this work, she forget that I exist and when we meet at school ignore me. Aya thought. - Had better not get too involved with she, after all they were just together to finish the job, Aya finished bathing and before preparing to sleep last revised gave a progress that had been made to see if there was any error. - that it seems that there are no errors. After reviewing all Aya lay on his bed and slept quietly waiting for tomorrow to finish the job completely.

Miki got home and entered the hall which had no lighting and it looked lonely. - Miki-sama welcome said butler to Miki. - I'm going to my room. Miki just answered that putting a serious expression on her face with a sharp voice.

- well well, look who finally get home, surely you went to play with men again. came the voice of a woman. - And since when do you care what I do. Miki said with an angry tone. - I care because you're my daughter. Said the woman. - Your daughter? suddenly I'm your daughter now, just when it comes to scold or insult me, I'm your daughter, jah not make me laugh. Said with a tone of mockery, going sideways of the woman. - Like it or not I'm your mother and respect me, understand?. She took  Miki from her arm forcefully preventing her from passing. - Let go of me!. Exclaimed Miki struggling with her mother and getting loose of her. - Look at you are drunk, I go to my room i don't wanna see your face. Miki said withdrawing quickly to enter her room and slamming the door.

- But what the hell is wrong with that woman. She told herself. - Makes me angry, haaaa I go to sleep. Miki lay down in her bed without even taking off her uniform, she turned and several folders fell off the bed, Miki picked them up and remembered Aya's face blushed  which seemed very kawaii, and a smile crossed her face. - Uh why think of her make me happy?. She asked. - Maybe because it reminds me of Rika. Miki got up out of bed and leave the folders on her desktop, and then take a bath and go to bed. - And to think that tomorrow I have to do more work for the Seitokai, I do not feel like going to school, but I promised to Rika that i will finish the job, so promise is a promise. Miki turn off the lights and soon fell asleep.

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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The GAM interaction seems quite interesting

Although Miki's thoughts brings up a lot of problems for her
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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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Another chapter thanks for reading and comment :)


“God Morning Ishikawa- san”. “Gokigenyou.” Rika replied at the girls greeted upon entering the school.
“Rika-chan good morning.” “Good morning Ayumi.” “And as you feel, better?.” “Yes I'm better thanks.” Rika said smiling.
The two made their way to the classroom, the bell rang and all students went to their respective classrooms.

The classroom door opened and Miki entered. “seems I arrive on time.” Said approaching the two.  “Good morning Miki.” “Good morning Rika, Ayumi.” “And how you was with the work of the clubs?.”  Rika asked with interest. “I'm just coming and all you can ask is the work?.” “ not take this the wrong Miki, Rika was very worried about you because you're not used to doing this type of work”

“Really?.” Miki asked a goofy face “there was no need for you to say that Ayumi.” “Ah tereru na kawaii Rika.” Miki said hugging Rika. “Miki let go on me.” Said she tried to repel Miki putting her hands on the shoulders of Miki pushing away, in that moment the door opened and Hitomi who seemed happier and friendlier than usual, and behind of her the teacher entered to class, Rika and company took their seats.

English class ended and the bell rang indicating the break.

“let's eat.” Miki said. “You're not going to the Seitokai?.” Rika  ask. “not necessary, Aya handed the list of clubs that will make the presentation today after school.” “ Aya? .” Ayumi ask. ”Matsuura Aya-right? the representative of the 1st year.” Rika said. “ yes it is.” The three chatted while walking out of the classroom by going to the place that always used to eat together, beneath a cherry tree in the Mary garden.

“And how did you manage to hold on and to finish the job?”. Ayumi wonder. “Well is there is nothing that i cant do if I put my mind.” “ Then you should propose to take things more seriously and see if you do.” Rika said then take a bite of her obento. “If I did that things would not be as fun.” Miki smiled.
“ You don't change, ha?.” Rika said putting a serious face. “ If that's why you love me right lol.” Miki laughed sarcastically. “cough, cough.”  Rika coughed, she was choking on the mouthful of rice that had ingested. “Rika-chan are you okay?.” Ayumi asked patting on the back to Rika. “Yes.” Rika took a sip of tea. “I was drowning all the nonsense that Miki says, leaving that issue aside.” ask cleared her voice. “Today begin demonstrations clubs?.” “ That's right, and you decided  who clubs are you joined or change?.” “I'm going to stay in the same clubs.” Ayumi said. “ Yeah well you do not have to worry about the presentations, you are the president of 5 clubs, and you have many many members.” “Always good to have new members.” Ayumi said.

“then you has to make 5 presentations?.”  Rika wonder. “ only for the tea ceremony club, the members of others clubs will do it. And you are stay in the same clubs, Rika-chan?.” “Yes “. “and not want to see that new clubs will be open?, the presentation of the new clubs will be tomorrow, today is of the old ones.” Miki said “no, the 6 clubs that I are is enough.” “That reminds me that tomorrow will be the selection of new members to the team of futbol7”. Ayumi commented as she closed her obento box. “I wonder if some new entered this year.”
Ding dong the bell sounded again.

The three girls came off the grass and headed for her classroom.

“Hello girls.” The next class began and Yasuda sensei entered the room put their stuff on the desktop. Class were, Rika was trying to highlight, bus was in vain as Yasuda sensei didn’t seem interested in their answers.

The bell rang and the girls went to the chemistry laboratory, the sensei was already in the classroom.

“good afternoon.” Said the students who were entering.  Good afternoon answer the teacher, who erased the blackboard.

All the girls came in and the teacher proceeded to stand. “Hello my name is Satoda Mai and I will be your teacher of chemistry lab”

 “ Well today I only arrange you in into pairs, and start with…”.

Mai began to form couples, and Miki's turn came. “ Fujimito Miki?” Mai asked. “ I.” Miki raise her hand for the teacher to see her, you have to partner with Ayumi Shibata.
 Ayumi raise her hand, the girl had to move to be together at the same table, so Ayumi sat next to Miki, after a while was the turn of Rika. “Ishikawa Rika.” “Yes.” Rika raised her hand. “ Do couples with ... Yoshizawa Hitomi.”
 Hitomi raise her hand and walked to the table where Rika  are and sat next to her, Rika was in shook “why I just had to do pair with she?” Rika thought, she was in total disagreement, but could not do anything about it.

“ Ok then you all have lab partner, I will explain the dynamics of the class.” Mai took a piece of chalk and wrote on the white board.
“ so the work is for 2 does not count if only one does it all, I will be looking to work in a team that understood?.” “yes.” All the girls responded.

next class began and the girls moved into the locker room.

All the girls went to the track where the Iida sensei was waiting. “Well girls, today we'll make small competitions, make three columns.” The girls proceeded to do it.

“ok enough, now as they are going to compete between the row, and rows will lose have to ran three laps.” “wha??.” “ noo.” Could hear the groans of the girls.
“ silence let's ok start on my mark, on your mark ready go!.”

Rika and Ayumi were in the column 1, Miki was in column 3 and Hitomi in 2 and by height, Miki and Hitomi has to compete against each other. The third girl came and now it was time for Rika, her column was in 2nd place in the 1st Miki and Hitomi in 3rd.

She touched the hand to Rika and started running, she had little resistance but were shorter distances and if it was doing splits was very good, very fast but could not keep that speed for a long time, however its speed helped her to finish in 1st place for quite some time from the turn of Ayumi, who also finished first, the Rika team seemed to first and Hitomi had recovered from being in 2nd and  Miki 3rd.

The column of Rika finish in 1st, thanks to Rika and Ayumi, at the end there were only the column of Miki and Hitomi, the two of them corrierron, both were very fast, it was a very even competition, both rushed much as they could, but at the end Miki  won, so Hitomi and her column ran the three laps.

While the others girls retreated to the locker room at the end of the 3 laps the girls headed to the locker room where the other girls were already coming out. “phew, good that were only three laps.” “ said the girls who came in the room, who began to change their clothes.” Miki had already changed and approached Hitomi who just arrived. “Good competition.”

Hitomi was surprised by the fact that Miki will lead the word. “ Yes, but ultimately I lost.” Hitomi said smiling. Miki reached out and greet with a handshake to Hitomi. “I like you.” Said Miki, Hitomi was even more surprised. “ Thanks.” The two girls smiled. “Miki we go now?.” Rika off, staring coldly at Hitomi. “ Yea.” Miki went with Rika and Ayumi, the three were heading to the building where they were clubs.

There was a large cluster of girls watching the tables where they were ready to join the clubs, every table was one or two representative of the club which would explain the activities.

“I will go to the table for tea ceremony club.” Ayumi said. “ Ok we'll go to register of custom clubs.” “ Look at are my three favorite girls.”  Heard a voice from behind of Miki. “Saito sempai.” “ Hello Rika-chan, Miki-chan Ayumi-chan.” “Don't tell me Miki chan, kimochi warui.” Miki said with a look of disgust. “Hidoi Miki-chan and I take care of you in the past.” “ Do not say bullshit.” “ok, ok girls take it easy.”

Megumi said who approached the girls. “ Everything is up to Miki-chan, Megumi.” Saito complained doing a child's voice. “You probably provoke her.” Megumi gave a tap on the head to Saito with the book that she brought, she knew that Saito liked to upsetting Miki . “ Ouch.” “come on we have to going monitoring the clubs.” Saying goodbye to the girls for then grabs the arm of Saito and pulling her. “ but i don't want go.”

Said Saito who retired because Megumi had pulled her arm to continue working. “ good that Murata  sempai took her.” Miki said. “ Okay you don't have to be so cold with Saito sempai, is a good person, you to were previously friends right?.” Rika commented. “ Do not mention it.” Miki exclaimed. “Better let the theme.”
 “ well now if I'm going.” Ayumi retired leaving Rika and Miki.

Miki and Rika were signing on lists of clubs belonging, the two were almost the same clubs. “ I go to archery club.” “ Ok I go to the theater.” Saying that each went separately. “Where the drama club.”

Searching the table she walked to the drama club. “ there it is.” She approached and saw the list, and she was about to sign but was another girl that was going to grab the pen at the same time. “Sorry.” Rika said  taking away the hand from the pen. “ No problem.” “ I think that voice known.”She told herself, Rika turned to realize that it was Hitomi who also planned to join the drama club. “ Saiyaku.” She thought. Hitomi grabbed the pen and signed up for the club, leaving the pen on the table, Rika grabbed the pen and also enrolled,  she didn't like be in the same club that Hitomi , but she actually loved the theater, after enrolling Rika hastily withdrew, and did not realize that Hitomi followed. “ wait.” Said Hitomi, Rika turned around and saw that Hitomi was behind her. “ I wanted to talk to you.” “why?.”.

“ Ii kara just come with me.” Hitomi took Rika hand and led her to a quiet place outside the building, Rika felt weird when Hitomi take her hand. “that feeling, your hand, it's like ...  its remember someone ... “Rika murmured. Hitomi released her hand and stood in front of her. “ I'll be honest with you Ishikawa san, I like you, well I say... i mean you are a fine person, not the reason why I dislike, but given that we are classmates, we are together in laboratory and in the drama club, we should get along, what you say?.”

It was an acceptable argument, Rika Hitomi knew he had done nothing wrong and that it could accept the way of life of Hitomi, I sure would get along, but there was something about her that would not let her accept Hitomi. “we have no reason why take bad, and I apologize for what I said before.” “then we can be friends?.” Wonder excited. “No, that's very different.” “ But you said ...” “ Yes but I meant that I will make peace with you and try to get along, but that does not mean you will be friends, you know?.” “ Yes.”

Hitomi looked a little disappointed, she was hoping that the two become friends, but the fact that Rika had apologized for the cruel things she had said made her happy. “then I'm good.” Rika retired and went back into the building, leaving Hitomi alone. “ Good for a start.” Hitomi told herself, and walked toward the building.

“Rika, you enrolled in the clubs?.” Miki ask. “What? yes and you?.” “ Also.” “ We will seek to Ayumi.” The two girls walked through the hall and went straight to the table where was Ayumi club. “'re Done Ayumi?, Is almost 5 o'clock. Rika asked.” “5? Ikenai, i promised to Aya that would go to the library to finish the work of the clubs.” “ Then go.” “ Ok see you.” Miki hurried to go the library. “ I'm almost done, we go together?.” Ayumi wonder.
“ Ok.” - Rika sat in a chair that was near the table.

Miki entered the library and Aya again came first, sat in the same place as yesterday, Miki came over and sat down. “what's up”.  “ Hi Miki sempai, was dividing the work.” “ And what are my part?.” Aya gave to Miki the job that corresponds, which began to analyze it and work on it.

The place was very quiet and with good reason, since it was the library, which was desperate to Miki who liked more noisy places, but still continued to work.
“I finish.” Aya said. “ Hayai I've just finished half.” Miki said amazed how quickly Aya finish. “Then I'll help you.” “ No, it's my work I'll finish, better double check the work you did to verify it.” “ Ok.” Aya grabbed the papers sheets and began revising, Miki quickly finish the job.  Miki ended 20 minutes later, and both reviewed and compared their work to that accord.

“ Then that it's all.” Miki said smiling. “ Finally.” she got up from the table and stretched. “So the work is delivered to Saito”. “Yes.”  Aya said getting up from the table and putting papers joining in a single folder. 2 I will take them to Saito sempai.” “ Okay.” From less Saito came across better Miki thought. “Well it was a pleasure working with you.” Miki  approached to Aya and took her hand lifting to kiss it .”I hope keep seeing you.” Miki said releasing Aya's hand gently and then leave from the library.

Aya was stunned by the action of Miki, her face was red and hot. “I have to deliver the work to Saito sempai.” She told herself, leaving the library to go to the room of the Seitokai.

Aya opened the door of the Seitokai room. “Murata sempai, I bring the work finish.”  “Oh that good, I knew I could trust you Aya chan.” Saito looked around for Miki. “ And were are Miki? don't tell me that she leave you all the  work, knew it was not trusted.”  “No, Miki sempai helped me but she had things to do and left.” “Mmm, not accompany you? that inconsiderate.” “ I do not think it was necessary.” Aya said, at that time came to mind the time when Miki kiss her hand and blushed.
Saito noticed and thought that Miki has not really changed, she still playing with people, but kept that thought.
“ Aya chan Thank you, without your help we would not have done all this work.” “ It's nothing, when you need help, I offer .” “You are so cute.” Saito stood up from her chair and grabbed both hands of Aya. “I'll keep in mind then.” “Yes.”

Aya retired satisfied with the work that she had done, was happy to have contributed.

Miki came to the door of the school where Rika and Ayumi were waiting.
“How was it?”. “the job is finished.” “thanks Miki.” Rika thanked for taking her place in the performance of work. “yea is nothing.” Miki blushed slightly because Rika appreciation. “let's go.” Ayumi said, the three got into the car that was waiting and took their homes.

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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The girls seem to interact well with each other
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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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another chapter a little short, but more ishiyoshi, seems they can not be separated


Ding dong the bell was sounded classes begin and all Sor Juana schoolgirls were hurrying to get to their classrooms.

“on time aganin.” Said Miki who entered the classroom. “ If you got up earlier?”. Ayumi comment. “No, being on time is fine by me.” Said smiling.
“good morning girls.” Yasuda sensei entered the classroom greeting the students.”good morning.” Answered.

Today we will continue with the theme of the previous class. Yasuda said to continue with their class, and at the end of this she leave a job task.

It is time the rest of the girls left.

Rika and company left the rest to eat instead of usual.
“today begin the first football7 practices.” Miki said with emotion. “ yes, you're right, I wonder what will be our coach?.” Ayumi asked. “ As Takayuki sensei is no longer the coach are that it will be Iida sensei.2 Commented Rika. “that maniac.? I hope not ruin practices.” Miki said. “ hopefully not.” “ how many new girls will enter this year?.” Rika wondered. “I do not know but I hope there is a girl with talent.”
The three enjoyed their obento and talk, but the bell rang and finished the rest and all the students entered their classroom.

The followingclass was laboratory so all the girls went to.
“Today we will practice, observe the sublimation of iodine, as all know the sublimation and I do not mean my sublime person hahaha.” Mai said one of her jokes, she was known for making funny comments or at least she thought so, and that her students thought their jokes were samui, and was reflected in the fact that no girl laughed about her joke.
“mmm good sublimation is a change of state from solid to gas, or backwards, without passing through the liquid state.”

“Ok put some iodine in a beaker and above it, a porcelain dish with a little water and heat it slightly with the lighter.”

The girls proceeded to do.

“ You're putting a lot of iodine Yoshizawa san.” Rika said. “Sorry, it seemed to me that this amount was sufficient.” Hitomi replied. “And I would like you to call me Hitomi or Yossi.” “Then Hitomi-san will be ok.”

“ Having done this, turn off the flame once it begins to sublimate and wait for all the gaseous iodine is deposited on the bottom of the capsule.”
sugoi-waa. The students were surprised by the sublimation of iodine.
“ And finally removed the capsule and carefully empty the water.”

“now have their practices booklet and answer the questions.” Mai said. “ and when finished try to remove the maximum amount of iodine with a spatula, and store in an amber bottle, remember that iodine is harmful by inhalation and skin contact. Not breathe and avoid eye contact if they have to care.”

Hitomi not hear the last words of Mai, and she was going to throw down the iodine in the sink. “ Do not throw it.” Rika said, trying to stop Hitomi, who was distracted and had poured iodine removed with a spatula on Rika, was not a large amount, but Rika was shocked and quickly moved her arm pulling the beaker on the table which broke when it hit the floor.
“ what happened?.” Mai asked. “Dropped some iodine on my arm.” “wash with water and quickly see nursing.” Rika washed her arm and then she to go to the infirmary. “I can go with Rika?.” Hitomi asked the teacher, who gave authorization.

2You did not have to accompany” “okay it was my fault, I was the one who poured iodine on your arm.” The two went to the infirmary. “ Rika chan,  Hitomi chan, can I help you.” Nakazawa said. “ I dropped a little iodine in my arm.” “ And you washed your arm?.” “yes.”
“Feel burning, throbbing, something?.” “ Not just a little itchy.” “Ok I'll put an ointment to sleep the redness of your arm.”  “thanks.” Nakazawa put the ointment in the spleen of Rika and then put on a bandage. “ Most likely tomorrow fade the the redness, if not I suggest you go to the doctor or you can come with me tomorrow.” “Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble  Nakazawa sensei .”

The two girls left the nurses, the bell rang ending the class, the two were quick to  the laboratory, all the girls were gone, but Miki and Ayumi were waiting for Rika. “Rika chan  are you right?.” Ayumi wonder worried to see the bandage. “ I'm fine it was nothing.”
 “ Today is the practice, you will be able to play?.” Miki questioned. “ yes better let's go will be later, Hitomi-san thanks for accompanying  me to the infirmary.”  “- It's Nothing.” Hitomi replied. “Then we go.”  The three girls walked out of the lab and went to the locker room for sports clothing and go directly to the football7 field.

“ Girls get together.” Iida sensei said. “ what? Ida sensei will be our coach?.” It seemed that not all the girls liked that. “please the team members on this side and the news of this one.” “yes.” Answered the girls separating just like Iida said . “Sorry I'm late.” the girls turned.  “I am Hitomi Yoshizawa  and I would make the team.”
“Very well.” Rika was surprised, did not expect that Hitomi would join the team.

“Well do games to test their skills, and as I've never seen you play I want to know how you play, all holders will be a team, and the alternates will be another, and  two teams with the new girls, very well let's play.”

The lineup consisted of Rika who was front center, Miki was half right, Ayumi was central defender, Chika was midfielder, Kaname left fender, right fender Mami and Nana who was the caretaker.

The first team to compete against the holders and the second against the alternates, Hitomi had left in the second.
“huh I never imagined that Ishikawa and her friends were on the football team.” Hitomi is said to herself, and much less that they were among the headlines, I wonder how good are they playing?.

The starting lineup and 1st team of rookie entered the field, the starter team quickly  were placed in their positions, the whistle blew the game start and the rookie team who had the ball, giving a pass of her teammates, who took another pass to another member of the team which attempt pass the defense of Ayumi, but it quickly recovered the ball to give to Chika who pass the ball to Miki which took the ball for the band to give pass Rika who made a direct shot on goal which the keeper could not stop.

The whistle blew goalscorer signal, the  starter  had scored the first goal in the 10th minute of play, so the rookies had the ball again, but again lost the ball which belonged to the starter, Miki shooting toward the goal and scored another goal, the new girls seemed don't  have even a chance to score a goal.

-there are several rookies playing well, but the starter have enough skill, her passes are accurate, have good dribbling, make good feints and turns, there are the headlines for something. Iida thought. Again sounded the whistle to end the match which lasted only 25 minutes, and the score remained 5-0.

-wow imagine that Rika never play well, the three make a good combination , a defense not letting balls into the goal, another midfield recovering balls and giving assistance to the center front which moves the ball towards goal and scores goals.

Hitomi was amazed by the way of play of the 3 girls. “ But that triangle has a weakness, Rika is too light for the front.” Hitomi thought that Rika don't had enough physical strength to be front, was very light and fast but it would be easy to bring down if she failed to beat an opposing team attacker, however was that lightness and speed which to leave behind the midfielders and pass the defense, so somehow made up for lack of strength quickly. Hitomi however was not the only one who had noticed, Iida also had noticed.

“good game girls.” Iida was encouraging rookies which looked a little listless on the scoreboard.

“ok the next game is the  alternates an the 2nd rookie team, entering the court.” The girls came and stood in their positions, the rookies were going to kick-off to the sound of the whistle, which sounded and these made the kick, the alternates were pretty good, stripped the ball from the rookies easily and they were about scoring, Hitomi stop the ball which was headed into the goal, Hitomi pass the ball to a girl of her team and came forward to ask for the ball, the girl returned the ball, and it went straight into the goal where passing to central defense, and then take a shot and score the first goal in the first 15 minutes of the game, putting the score in favor of the rookies, the game continued, the alternates struggled to try to score and that Hitomi no marking it scored another goal, the match was very equal in terms of skills, but it was obvious that Hitomi was quite good but without much support team could not do much, Iida realized that Hitomi had talent and was likely to remain in the headlines this year.

The party was ending, it was just a time because Iida parties declined to long so only lasted 25 minutes, Hitomi took a pass from the other team by mistake and  taking the ball into the penalty area, feinted to deceive the goalkeeper kicking the ball slowly making entered the goal scoring the second goal, the whistle blew finished the game, the rookies had won because the annotations of Hitomi. “Good game girls.” Iida said. Rika was surprised, she not expected that Hitomi  be as good playing football and she assumed it would be a starter.

“Ok girls I see there is a lot of talent, and others need a good workout, but these games helped me to see yours skills, even if for a short time, there will be training tomorrow too, so do not miss, as it will choose the starter.”  said that the girls took their things and said goodbye.

“did you think the new girls?.” Ayumi wonder. “with a right trained  they can improve their skills.” Commented Rika. “Yes, by the way,  Yoshizawa had a quite good playing, chances are that Iida sensei's place as a starter, or as a second-half replacement.” said Miki, who was fascinated by the skills of Hitomi. “yes you're right, but it will know tomorrow.”

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Re: HISTORY OF GRILS (ishiyoshi)
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^ A football game to bring the group together :thumbsup
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