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Author Topic: Show your Ad with Yoona!  (Read 1924 times)

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Show your Ad with Yoona!
« on: December 30, 2012, 11:59:35 PM »

Show your Ad with Yoona!

Came across this!! LOOKS FUN! Now that we can dance with yoona, funniest and cutest. Post your own or some really good ones you've seen :deco:

少女時代 ユナと一緒にCM撮影ができる?

★ Filming an Innisfree ad with Yoona! ★
You have been casted for the lead role of an Innisfree Forest for Men ad.
Create your own ad with Yoona, who awaits you.

Innisfree Forest for Men is
The right solution that can revives men’s tired skin through the Phytoncide in Jeju Gotjawal.

Start the app to make Yoona, the Innisfree ad model, to appear before you.
Select a concept and story you like among “Auditioning,” “Modeling,” and “Dancing” and begin filming your very own ad with Yoona!
Your confident acting will impress Yoona enormously!
We look forward to see your wonderful acting with Yoona.
1. The Audition
Two Yoonas as interviewers!? Capture Yoona’s heart with your wit and dashing talent!

2. The Photo Shoot
A shooting site with Yoona as the photographer! Get Yoona’s attention with your sensible, gentlemanly style and pose!

3. Dancing with Yoona
“Shall we dance?” – dance time with lovely Yoona! Time to show off your hidden dance instincts

Your Forest for Men ad with Yoona is saved at “My ads,” and you can view it at any time.
Share and show off your own Forest for Men ad to others on YouTube.
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iTunes App Store and or can be downloaded from Google Play

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