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Author Topic: Waiting for Love (Kojiyuu, AtsuYuu, others)  (Read 1459 times)

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Waiting for Love (Kojiyuu, AtsuYuu, others)
« on: May 27, 2014, 03:37:05 PM »

( Pov Haruna )
Today is the 4th year since the incident . Traces of life vanished like smoke . " Leave me alone " is one word that continues to haunt . He walked away without giving an explanation , even he did not ask me to wait . I do not understand what he wanted actually, was he really hate me ? Or he does not love me anymore?
After so long , I finally received the news about him . Four years is not a short time . But why ? Why did he come back only to hurt my heart? He will engaged, he will engaged to my best friend, Acchan . Why should Acchan ? And how could he and acchan ? Kai loves Acchan. Did he forget all of our memories? Now I do not expect anything , I just wanted him to explain everything !  Tomorrow I'll receivable explanation , right on the day he and Acchan engagement .
-------------------------------------------------- END POV --------------------------------------------- -
Flash back
9pm my phone rang. I immediately lift telephone call, a familiar voice greeted me gently in the first sentence .
" Hello hime "
" Hello yuu , what is it? "
" Could you open the window now ? " He pleaded
" Okay " when I open window , seems yuu smiled and waved
" Hime , can come down and get out now ? "
" Huh ? How to do? if we get caught, we are in danger yuu "
" we will not get caught , hime believe in me please " he insisted 
" Okay okay " I immediately turned away from the window and tried to tiptoe out of the room . Fortunately , everyone already slept . Without requiring more effort I finally managed to pass the women's dorm . When I open the door , I can see Yuu already waiting with his bike .
" Let's ride hime " he said makes me confused
" Where were we going ? "
" Stttt ... it’s secret , come on"
During the trip, he did not issue a word. This is strange ! Suspicion started to hit my brain . But , I prefer to keep quiet and trust Yuu completely.
A few moments later , Yuu stop his bike . We reached the shores of the lake behind the male dorm that often we visit a favorite place unwind. It appears a mini tent not far from the lake , visible also illuminate around the campfire .
" Hime , please allow me to present my modest palace made for you " he said , kneeling like a prince in a fairy tale . Do not feel so alone smile formed on my face , when he pulled me and kissed my hand .
" of course my prince " I replied . He smiled and looked at me. I swear , it makes me fall in love again and again with her dimples . Not only that , his eyes are like the moonlight like a drive out into the night .
" Wait a minute"
"What" I asked confused
" You have to use this hime " looks a crown of leaves in his hand. Then , he placed it on my head . " wow, you look perfect  ! come on we go there our castle " he guided me towards the mini tent he called our castle .
Amazed when I saw what he had done . Definitely Yuu been planning this for a long time . Not just a mini tent and campfire, there is a table with two chairs contains a variety of my favorite foods. In addition , clouds decorated many stars . Did he also ask the stars present to accompany us ?
" Yuu , what's this ? today was not my birthday and not our anniversary?" I asked
" today is not your birthday and our anniversary is still a few weeks away, doing things like this do not need to wait for that, right?
" Arigatou Yuu " I smiled
" Hime, sit here" he tune me in one of the chairs. Then, he sat in another chair opposite with me. Yuu turn red candle on the table. "Nah .. so bright right now, and I could see your pretty face hime hahaha" he scratched his head”.
" pervert hahaha "
" Hahahah .. you weve always pretty hime " His cheeks flushed. He pulled my hand gently and kissed. He made me feel the flame of romance yuu soft lips that touch my hand. We continue with dinner. This is my beautiful dinner with special boy in my life
" Hime , I love you " he whispered interrupted our dinner
" I know , and I also love you Yuu "
END Flashback
-------------------------------------- 6:00 am | Haruna House's ----- ----------------------------------
" baby - baby ... are you ready .... " sounds mobile ringtone from haruna’s phone but she was still asleep from exhaustion cried all night .
" Baby - baby ... are you ready .... "
" Baby - baby ... are you ready .... "
" Baby - baby ... are you ready .... "
Scandalous repetitive sounds , trying to wake her with half-closed eyes and finally she answer phone calls from miichan .
" Moshi - moshi .... kojipa ... where were you? . Do not tell me you still in your bed ? "
" eh no ! " Haruna lie , she suddenly yawn " huwaaaa "
" you’re lying ! kojipa , tonight would go together? "
" where? I was not feeling well to leave the house "
" "Tonight we will go to the engagement Yuu and Acchan" Miichan replied softly so not make Haruna sad
Haruna’s heart snapped with the harsh reality that she had received . All night she cried and tried to forget everything . She can not imagine what will happen later tonight, when Yuu have to become engaged to another woman. When Yuu fit a ring binder of love to others and when Yuu kiss Acchan as the inauguration of their engagement. She was not able to, she could not, and she would not willingly breathing!. But haruna should still come, not for Yuu and Acchan engagement. But to get the answer of all questions that tortured her for four years.
sorry for my bad english :(

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Re: Waiting for Love (Kojiyuu, AtsuYuu, others)
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 04:47:25 PM »
KOJIYUU...!!!! ATSUYUU...!!!! Woah I could die in happiness (≧▽≦)づ♥

Yuu were so sweet with Haruna, called her 'Hime' and prepare all that stuff.. So romantic! What a gentleman~ (>̯͡.̮<̯͡)
But why KojiYuu broke up??
And now after 4 years, he will engage with Acchan instead??
What happened exactly??
I'm totally in!! Too excited to waiting for your next update XD

And don't worry about your english, it's understandable for me :D everybody made mistakes, you will improving ;) goodluck!!
Thankyou for this story, I hope you will continue this till the end m(_ _)m :twothumbs

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Re: Waiting for Love (Kojiyuu, AtsuYuu, others)
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2014, 07:33:57 PM »
wow!!!! kojiyuu atsuyuu i could die in happiness
can't wait for next chapter  XD

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