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Author Topic: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot  (Read 6566 times)

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Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« on: March 26, 2013, 01:46:23 AM »
Happy Birthday!! Mayuyu A.K.A Watanabe Mayu!! Wishing for your health, success, wishes and dreams to prosper.  :on BDay: :mon love:

Dedicated to Mayu, and Mayuki pairing and fans.

How the worst birthday turns into the best moment...

Once again, alone in the darkness, I stare blankly at the clock hanging from my bedroom wall,

“*yawn* it’s already 11:00”

I slowly get up, lazily dragging my feet to my kitchen, I feel a bit thirsty, I pull out the fridge and pour myself a glass ice tea I made earlier, I shut the fridge door and slump down leaning my back against it...I sit quietly recalling the day before I turned 19...

Flashback from yesterday...

Mayu’s opv.

“Hehe it’s my birthday tomorrow, I wonder what I should do?...aha I wonder if minna-san would like to go out and eat somewhere to celebrate...”

“Ahh, there’s Yuko and Jurina”,

*runs over two the center duo*

“hey oshiriko-chan, Jurina-chan, do you want to go out tomorrow? I was thinking we could go that new restaurant near the station or maybe we could go- *interupted*”

“gomen shiriko-chan I’m going on a date with Nyan-nyan, maybe next week okay?” Yuko pats Mayu on the shoulder, then walks away,

“I can’t make it too, sorry Mayu-chan, my parents and I are visiting my Grandma” Jurina bows apologetically and also walks away heading to rehearsals.

Mayu pouts cutely,

Mayu’s opv.

“Mou, next week isn’t my birthday though...I know I’ll ask Nacchan and Rabutan later”

After rehearsals Mayu asks the same thing to Nacchan and Rabutan but all she was met with was a ‘NO...I have too much things to do’’ from the other two members of team B, Mayu started to feel a bit annoyed, but still thought to ask the other members.
She asked Tomotomo, but they said they both had a photoshoot along with the Saeyaka couple, next she tried asking MariMii, but but Mariko-sama said she already made plans and Mii-chan was doing a broadcast with the rest of no3b (no sleeves), then lastly she asked Acchan and Rena who just finished their photo shoot, nevertheless Mayu got rejected again, at this point she was actually quite angry and depressed, even though she knew in her mind it wasn’t anyone’s fault, she just wished her birthday was on a day when at least one member wouldn’t go to work or already have plans.

Mayu thought how it was kinda strange everyone kept rejecting her, even how Mayu’s parents said they were going out of town, an idea formed in Mayu’s mind, thinking what about if everyone was planning something, maybe a surprise party, well she was kinda hoping, even though it was quite unlikely to happen. Everyone did seem like they were avoiding her a bit, so she thought.

Mayu went stayed out in town a bit until 6:00pm, by then she decided to go home, she thought maybe not the members were planning something, but at least her parents were. She hopped on the train home, although she was smiling thinking of the idea of a surprise party, she bit her lip while slowly opening the door, but to her disappointment no one was there, she knew by then she had gotten her hopes up.

Flashback ends...

“*sigh* I wished Yukirin was here...” Mayu’s fellow captain had already made an departure to Kagoshima last week, so the two of them couldn’t even spend time together.

Mayu’s opv.

“Honestly, I feel like crying, but I see no point, no one’s gonna come running here to comfort me, hell I’ve only had 5 messages today saying ‘happy birthday!’”

Mayu got up and went back to her little sanctuary of a bedroom, flopping on her bed, gradually closing her eyes, finally falling asleep, though little tears start forming in the corner of her eyes.

The next day...

Mayu comes in for work as usual, with a cyborg expression Mayu heads to the dressing room where everybody is getting ready for AKBingo, Mayu sat down to do her make up and saw she had red swollen eyes, remembering how she had cried herself to sleep, she began applying her lip balm and mascara.

Kojiharu, who saw Mayu quietly staring at herself walked over and asked,

“hey Mayuyu, nee, what did you do for your birthday yesterday?”

Mayu just glared at her and turned back facing the mirror,

“nothing much” she replied in a cold tone.

Takamina who saw the two chatting decided to join in there little conversation, she then looked at Mayu and saw she didn’t look like her usual self, (although Mayu is known for being a cyborg girl, she still has that aura of an idol), instead she was pale and had little bags forming under her eyes.

“hey, Mayu-chan, are you feeling ok, you look a bit tired, didn’t you get that much sleep?” Takamina questioned with a worried expression.

Mayu just gave the two a cold shoulder and stood up, heading towards the studio.

“what’s wrong with her?” Kojiharu said,

“Maybe Mayu partied a little too much last night” Takamina replied, imagining a drunk Mayu.

“yeah, probably” Kojiharu giggled a bit knowing what Takamina was thinking, started having the idea of her own.

During AKBingo, Mayu put on her idol smile, everything was the same as usual, the lie detector test between the members, Muchaburi dodge ball, until Sata-san and Kiyoto-san brought up Mayu’s Birthday,

Sata-san: “Watanabe, so you are now 19 years old, how do you feel?”

Mayu: “I don’t really feel 19, hehe” going along with the flow.

Kiyoto-san: “ahh, mou you girl’s sure are growing up so fast these days, I remember Mayu when AKBingo was new, she had quite short hair”.

Sata-san: “the real question here is what did you do for your birthday, Watanabe, I’m sure minna-san would all want to know”

Mayu had to think of something on the spot, quickly, she couldn’t reveal on live tv that she spent her special day by herself.

Mayu: “My parents took me out for dinner” replying with a fake smile.

Kiyoto-san: that sounds nice, I’m starting to feel hungry now” walking out of the studio.

Sata-san hits him over the head,

Sata-san: “where so you think you’re going, we’re still broadcasting”

Everyone laughs accept for Mayu who was just smiling awkwardly.

The show ends, everyone heads back to the dressing room to collect their bags,

Mii-chan and Jurina both jump on Mayu from behind,

“aww our little Mayu is growing up” Mii-chan said patting Mayu’s head,

“I can’t believe you’re 19 now Mayu, I remember when it was your birthday during Majisuka gauken 2, haha the staff kept trying to light the candles but the wind kept blowing them out, haha” Jurina laughs.

Mayu struggles, trying to release herself, and storms off.

“Mayu-chan?” Jurina just looks at Mii-chan, Mii-chan shrugs her shoulder.

Mayu headed home, since nothing else was scheduled, suddenly outside her house, Mayu stops in her track, looking gobsmacked, Yukirin, the ace’s fellow captain was outside her doorstep,

“Mayuyu!!” Yuki ran over to Mayu.

“hey how are you?”

Mayu who’s still in shock, Yuki waves her hand in front of the younger girl,

“hello, anybody there?” she asked,

Mayu snapped out her of her trance and looked deeply into the older girl’s eyes.

“Y-Yukirin, what are you doing here, I thought you weren’t coming back til next week” Mayu stutters,

Yuki embraces Mayu, “it’s a surprise, I wanted to make it yesterday but, the train was delayed, my phone died, I even sent a birthday card”.

“oh...I didn’t get any cards...” Mayu says in a sad tone,

“ehh?! Maji desuka? mou, it probably got lost in the post, sorry Mayu” Yuki says feeling guilty,

“eh, no it wasn’t your fault, I was just a bit upset cuz I literally mean I HAVE NO CARDS, from anyone” Mayu replied.

Yuki was shocked, “wait what about your parents, didn’t they give you one?”

Mayu shook her head and looked down, “my birthday wasn’t much celebrated, mama and papa are out of town”.

Yuki felt a little annoyed, so she asked, “what about the members, didn’t Yuko or Nacchan give you a card, or anything?”,

“I tried asking them if they wanted to go out for lunch, but they both turned me down, I asked everyone, but they said that they were busy, I tried calling you but it went straight to voicemail, actually I’m more happy now, since I know that you were actually trying to come here, thank you Yukirin, I know I can always count on you to cheer me up” Mayu smiled at Yuki, who’s just staring at her in awe.

Yuki’s rage started building up, “WTH, why didn’t any of them go out with you, that’s not right, you shouldn’t spend your birthday by yourself, no one should!!” Yuki shouted.

“Y-Yukirin calm down” Mayu tried reassuring the taller girl,

“that’s it we’re going to celebrate your birthday today aswell” Yuki said pumped,

“really?... wait aren’t you tired from travelling, maybe you should just take a rest” Mayu was about to open the door, but Yuki dragged her away.

“rest can wait right now Mayu-chan needs a rest and have fun” Yuki still dragging Mayu,

Mayu just giggles at how cute and kind the taller girl could be, without complaints Mayu let Yuki pull her.

They arrived at Tokyo disney land, Mayu’s eyes started glistening, like a child who entered a toy shop, Yuki and Mayu nearly went on every ride accept for the scary ones of course, Yuki told Mayu to buy some ice-cream, while Mayu was busy choosing what flavour she wanted, Yuki made a phone call,

“have you guy’s prepared everything yet?”

“we’re nearly done” another voice the phone answered.

“well hurry up, were going there soon”

“hey, it’s kinda hard setting up everything in an hour you know?” the voice said irritated,

“well somebody didn’t keep their promise about making my Mayu happy, didn’t they?”

“hey it’s not my fault, I already made arrangements” the voice tried defend themself,

“*sigh* yeah, but all you has to do was go out with lunch with her for a couple hours, so she didn’t spend her special day all alone”

“I know...” the voice said giving up, “okay, I think we’re about finish anyway”

“okay, meet you there” Yuki hanged up,

Mayu came back with the ice-cream, “here we are” she said happily,

“thanks” Yuki took the ice-cream, they began eating, Yuki noticed how Mayu had a bit of ice-cream on her cheek, slowly leaning in to Mayu’s face, Yuki licked Mayu’s cheeck.

“eeepp” Mayu squealed, Yuki just started laughing,

“mou, why you do that?” Mayu pouted cutely.

“hehe, you had a bit of ice-cream on your cheek” Yuki says still giggling,

Mayu blushes really red, Yuki smirks and pulls Mayu closer to her licking her cheek again, Mayu struggled, trying to stop Yuki from her doing.

“Y-Yuki stop...” Mayu mumbles blushing even harder,

Yuki stops, but instead kisses Mayu, Mayu is surprised at the sudden action but soon replies to the kiss, they both let go trying catch their breath, Yuki nuzzles to Mayu making the smaller girl laugh,

“I have one more surprise for you, come on” Yuki says pulling Mayu along.

Mayu’s opv.

“Walking next to each other under the sun, hand-in-hand, suddenly laughing together, even these kind of trifling things, are special if they are done with you.

When we are too close, I sometimes forget this, and unwittingly start to talk selfishly, but you hug me gently anyway.

Once in a while, I would think, what can I do for Yukirin? Even though I want to become Yukirin’s support, but it seems that I can’t do anything. Do I really have the right to be by Yukirin’s side? This sort of uneasy moment.”

“okay before we go any further close your eyes” Yuki ordered,

“okay, okay” Mayu closed her eyes, while Yuki is guiding her.

“you can open your eyes now” Mayu flutter her eyes open, and forms an ‘o’ shape on her mouth.

“SURPRISE!!” Mayu couldn’t believe her eyes, here was everyone who avoided her, now in front of her, she looked around, there were decorations, a party banner saying ‘sorry and happy birthday’ and a strawberry shortcake with a 19 candle lit up.

Everyone started crowding around Mayu, saying sorry and happy birthday,

“shiriko-chan, I’m so sorry, I broke my promise! wahh” Yuko started wailing,

“promise?” Mayu looked confused, Yuki just smiled,

“I made a promise with Yuki that I make sure you would be happy on your birthday, but I guess I failed at that plan” Yuko sweat dropped,

“I forgive you oshiriko-chan, if you promise not to grope Yukirin anymore” Mayu stated,

“hai, hai” Yuko sighed,

Nyan-nyan and Jurina came over, “ we’re so sorry Mayuyu we didn’t know that you would end up spending your b-day alone”, Jurina said, Rena smacked Jurina over the head, “oww! Rena-chan!”

“oops my hand slipped...really Jurina, manners”

Mayu started laughing.

(Actually before Yuki came back she watched AKBingo and noticed Mayu didn’t look much determined as usual, normally Mayu would be beaming, but something was wrong, and Yuki noticed that, so she planned everything quickly in order for Mayu to smile again)

Mayu turned to Yuki and gave a quick peck on the lips, whispering a “thank you”

Yuki smiled gently and warmly at Mayu, “I love you, my heart won’t ever change” Yuki kissed her forehead, “Happy birthday, my love”. Mayu hugged Yuki, and both shared the happiness of the warmth and closeness the two embraced each other with.

The end.

(Hope you enjoyed it, sorry about the bad grammar and spelling :nervous, hehe me and Mayuyu have the same birthday  :cathappy:)
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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2013, 02:41:17 AM »
hey! happy birthday to you too :3 this os was so sweet,yezzz this girls u.u they should  to be more considered in mayus bd xDD thanks for the mayuki! Yuki didn't post anything for mayu's bd yet u.u i have still hope xD c'mon yuki! don't let us down D:

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2013, 02:59:28 AM »
Yay~ Happy birthday Mayuyu! :on BDay:

I liked how you added the AKBingo scene on there! The Bad Boys are so funny!! :on lol: :bigdeal:

It's so sweet that Yukirin comforted Mayu on her birthday and the kiss made it sweeter~! :luvluv1: :nya: :shy1:

Nice job! Love this story! :onioncheer:

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2013, 12:43:02 PM »
All hail MaYuki :bow: I loved their interactions and the story line :D I felt my chest tighten when I read the part when Mayu's friends cannot celebrated Mayu's birthday on time though. :( by the way, thank you for the MaYuki OS, I really enjoyed reading this  :yep:

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2013, 04:39:57 PM »
Happy birthday, mayuyu!

And nice job! to celebrate with an OS :p
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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #5 on: March 26, 2013, 05:40:02 PM »
GOOD OS Bravo!! Poor Mayu at the begining but when Yuki appeared she is very happy!! :)
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2013, 12:23:29 AM »
This OS is fantastic!  :mon star:

Although when I read the part that nobody celebrated Mayu's birthday with her I was like "Where's Yukirin???"  :mon scare:
Happy birthday to Mayuyu and to you too mayuki_daisuki my birthday is like 2 months away from Mayu's birthday so~ I'm envious of you  :mon zoom:  Just kidding happy birthday!!!  :mon santa2:

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #7 on: March 28, 2013, 06:23:47 AM »

~Hi mayuki_daisuki-san! :D

~This is a very good and sweet One-Shot of MaYuki! :D

~I laughed when Rena smacked Jurina in thee head :D

~I hope you can make WMatsui with a MaYuki OS

~Thank You

~I hope you grant my request :D

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #8 on: October 07, 2013, 01:50:36 AM »
MAYUKI FOREVER!!!!  :shy1: :nya:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2014, 04:27:00 PM »
where's my heart??? :? :? :?

my heart jumped at this story!!!!!!!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #10 on: June 14, 2014, 12:23:04 PM »
This is so great  :thumbsup

It was so cute when suddenly Yuki was in her front door  :wub:

This is so sweet and heart-touching FanFic  :cow:

I love this  :inlove:

Soory for late replise, just found this FanFic  :cow:

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Re: Mayuyu Birthday fic one-shot
« Reply #11 on: September 01, 2015, 05:23:03 PM »
:mon squee:

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