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Author Topic: The Idol is a Tom Boy??? Part 3 - Backstage Before the Eggs Recital  (Read 2679 times)

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The Idol is a Tom Boy??

Author's note: I am trying to do this story in a shoujo manga style.

When I think back on it, I think that it all became real to me on that day.

A school from far off

It had really began six months earlier when I went out and bought some CD's and DVD and started practicing.

The gate of the school with a sign saying Crossroads Elementary School.

However, I didn't tell anyone at school so they had no way of knowing.

The door to a class room with the sign "2C" by the door.

So I guess it should not have been a surprise that they were shocked.

A girl with twin tails stands in front of the class.  A glasses wearing teacher towers over her.  The girl has a round face and looks like a Tom boy.

"Class, Akari-chan has an announcement that she would like to make for you all."

Akari looks nervous.  She is surrounded by magical shoujo manga flowers and there is a title card that says "Takeuchi Akari".

The flowers and the title card go away.

"Yes, well, um, you see, um, today is my last day at this school."


A giant sweat mark appears by Akari's head.

"I will be transferring to a school in downtown Tokyo.  A special school."

The teacher smiles.

"So, Akari-chan, is this a school for softball players?"

Akari has a giant hashtag on her forehead.

"Sensei, why would you say that?"

"Your uniform is still dirty from yesterday's game."

Akari has an "oops" look on her face.

"Sorry.  But, it was a great catch!"

The class laughs.

The teacher raises an eyebrow.

"If the school isn't special for sports, what is it special for?"

A boy sits in his chair.

The boy calls out "Are you going there as a boy?"

Akari looks wounded.  She waves her hand vigorously.

"No, no.  I will be going there as a girl.  You see, I am going there because I am going to be ..."

Akari looks panicked.

"I am going to be ..."

Akari shuts her eyes and yells.

"I am going to be an idol singer!!"

Multiple copies of the word "stare" float by a mortified Akari.

The teacher laughs.

"So, what's the real reason?"

Akari gives her teacher a surly look.

"Teme."  Akari mutters under her breath.  (Teme is a male and rude form for "you".)

Akari switches up and starts smiling and puts her hand behind her head.

"Ha, ha, ha.  Yeah, it was a prank."

The teacher smiles.

"As expected from the queen of practical jokes."

Akari has a sneaky expression.

"In fact, I used photoshop to create a picture to back up my prank."

Akari shows the sensei a picture on her cell phone.

The picture is of Akari and two other girls who pose with victory hand signs and smile.  In the background of the picture is a sign that says "Congratulations to the generation four trainee audition winners!"

The teacher looks shocked.

"Takeuchi-kun, you don't have any photoshop skills at all, right?"

Akari makes an "O" with her arms.

"Pin pon!  Yes, this isn't a prank."

The teacher looks embarrassed.

"Well, congratulations!"


The boy who heckled Akari earlier looks shocked.

"You're not going to forget us, now that you're a star?

Akari does the imperious laugh pose.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha.  Who are you?"

The boy looks defeated.

The class laughs.

Akari pulls down her eyelid and sticks her tongue out.


To be continued

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Re: The Idol is a Tom Boy??? Part 2 - A Scary Senpai!
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The Idol is a Tom Boy?? Part 2 - A Scary Senpai!

Author's note: This story probably has nothing to do with Takeuchi Akari's real life, but is just my trying to frame events in her life with shoujo manga cliches.

A large number of teen girls pose in a formation in front of an older lady.

Close up of the older lady.  Magical shoujo manga flower surround her and there is a name card that reads "Sachiko - dance instructor".

"Okay, that's all for today!"

Takeuchi Akari slumps against a wall in a hallway.  She is covered in sweat and has "x's" for eyes.  She has a towel over her shoulders.

Another girls bends over her.  She is surrounded by magical shoujo manga flowers and has a name card: "Fukumura Mizuki - Generation 4".  She has long straight hair and a sweet smile.

"Are you okay?  I hope the practice wasn't too hard?"

Akari hides underneath the towel.

"I'm dead."

Mizuki rubs Akari's head.

"Don't be so hard on yourself.  You're the youngest one there.  I'm sure things will work out."

"But, I'm so clumsy.  What if I went on stage?"

Mizuki smiles, reassuringly.

"Sachiko told me that generation four will not be expected to be ready to be back dancers by July.  So, cheer up.  I am sure we'll be ready for the Winter concerts."

Mizuki walks off.

Akari sulks.

Another girl appears over Akari.  She is surrounded by magical shoujo manga flowers and has a name card "Noto Arisa - Generation 1".  She looks cross.

"What's your name?"

Akari looks up, trying to look moe.

"Takeuchi Akari."

Arisa looks down at Akari in a condescending manner.

"Akari-chan, did you study dance before joining the eggs?"


Arisa smiles.

"Listen.  I watched you during practice.  Your posture is really bad.  It's making everything you do too hard.  Now, pay attention, I am going to show you three posture exercises."

Arisa goes through several poses.

"Can you remember all this?"

Akari puts her hand behind her head.  A giant sweat mark appears by her head.


Noto writes stuff down on a notepad.

"Do these exercises three times a day.  If you don't, the next time I see you in practice I will be able to tell."

Noto helps Akari to her feet.

"You're new, so let me tell you this plain.  Unless you need to go to the hospital, crying and moaning that things are too hard is one of the things you must never do."

Stylized picture of Arisa in a spotlight.

"You're here to train to become an idol singer.  An idol singer must shine in the spotlight no matter what.  If you're a crybaby then no producer is going to give you a chance."

Arisa, who is taller than Akari points her figure in Akari's face.

"If I see you feeling sorry for yourself just because our life is hard or if you're tired then I will kick your butt!  Understand?"

Akari looks terrified.


Akari walks off like a boss.

Mizuki runs back.

"Oh, my god!  Oh my god!"

Akari raises an eyebrow.

"Are you okay?"

Mizuki has a kimoi fangirl expression on her face.

"You were corrected by Noto Arisa-san!  She looked so strict!  I am so jealous!"

Akari face plants.


Mizuki looks at Akari in disbelief.

"You don't know?  Noto-sama is already a big star.  Not only is she in Tomoki wo Uetai, she is also in Ongaku Gatas.  She is also the leader of the Eggs."

Akari looks at the list Noto gave her and looks determined.

I had better do these exercises, then.

To be continued

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Re: The Idol is a Tom Boy??? Part 2a - pic spam
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Some pic spam.  Sorry it's not shoujo manga style drawings.

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Re: The Idol is a Tom Boy??? Part 3 - Backstage Before the Eggs Recital
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The Idol is a Tom Boy?? _Part 3 - Backstage Before the Eggs Recital

Author's note: This story probably has nothing to do with Takeuchi Akari's real life, but is just my trying to frame events in her life with shoujo manga cliches.

Takeuchi Akari, Fukumura Mizuki, and a third girl enter a small room.

"Date: June 22 2008 - Place: at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo."

Another girl enters.  She has magical Shoujo Manga flowers around her and a name card - "Kikkawa Yuu - Generation 3".

"Here's where you will get changed.  Feel free to wander around backstage and study the performances.  Just don't get seen by the audience and don't get in the way of the performers.  Also, be available when it is time for your introduction."

The third girl who entered smiles.  She has magical Shoujo Manga flowers around her and a name card - "Kaneko Rei - Generation 4".  She is one of the girls in the picture that Akari showed her teacher in the first episode.


Yuu winks.

"Just don't forget that every one of the other girls is your senpai.  If you forget, they will make you remember."

The girls gulp.

Yuu points left.

"Now, the ladies room is down the hall.  Do not loiter in the hall!  Many of the girls have tight schedules and have limited time to change outfits in between segments.  Some of them make up for this by running like maniacs down the hall.  You might get run over."

Fukumura Mizuki gets a kimoi fan girl expression, and starts drooling.


Akari shoves Mizuki.

"That will cause trouble if you try to get run over by one of your crushes."

Yuu raises an eyebrow.

"Oh, Mizuki-chan has some favorite senpai's?  Which ones?"

Akari puts her hand behind her head and looks embarrassed.

"More like which ones are not.  That would take less time to talk about."

Mizuki smiles, looking love struck.

"Fortunately, at school, I get to have classes with many of the eggs.  Some of the girls who are my senpai's in the Eggs have been nice to me at school since we are in the same grade.  Fukuda Kanon-san and Ogawa Saki-san, for example.  They could run me over anytime."

Yuu, who has large hips and is somewhat thick strikes a pose.

"Am I one of your favorites?"

Mizuki looks incredulous.

"Oh my god!  Are you kidding?  You were so cool in Anataboshi! I'm so into Kirarin Revolution.  In fact, two years ago I auditioned to be a Kirarin girl.  I was even a finalist."

Yuu has a giant sweat mark by her head.  She bows and claps her hands over her head.

"Well, please forgive me for living your dream."

Mizuki waves her hand in front of her face.

"It's okay.  I am sure I will get a chance to fit in somewhere."

Yuu looks serious.

"I think I need to smarten you up to an important thing, Mizuki.  It's great that Fukuda-san and Ogawa-san have taken to you, however, never forget that you are in competition with them."


Yuu nods.

"When I, as a Generation 3 girl, was picked for Milky Way, there was a whole group of Generation 1 girls who stopped talking to me.  They might be friendly to you, but deep down they view you as a rival..."

Mizuki looks like she's going to cry.

"... Unfortunately, here will always be more eggs than there are opportunities."

"How cruel."

Yuu has a sneaky smile.

"But, this Eggs recital is a golden opportunity for each one of you.  You should scout all of the performers.  Try to see where they are strong and where they are weak so that you can surpass them."

Mizuki starts crying.

"I just want to enjoy their performances."

Yuu points her finger at Mizuki shot from below.

"Mizuki-chan, you are not a fan club member."

"But, I am!"

Yuu face plants.

"Well, you need to put that aside.  If you spend your time as an egg with the mindset of a fan club member you will wind up out in the seats with the other fans.  Your mindset should be 'How can I stand out?'".


To be continued

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