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Re: One-shots - Gone (NishiChuri) [12/29/12]
« Reply #20 on: December 30, 2012, 12:36:18 AM »
A/N: Wrote this for a friend lol because reasons. 9 w9


Akane watched as staff buzzed around the room, setting up for the broadcast of SKE's weekly web show, HapiHori.

She was excited, pretty damn excited since she never got to appear before unlike other members.

Even Rena-san got to be on a few times!

So yes, Akane was very excited and looking forward to whatever was I stored. From what she was able to watch from past shows, it definitely would be fun.

The door of the room opened to reveal the usual trio further reminding Akane of what was to come, she could feel her heartbeat increase with anticipation. Airi immediately rushed over in excitement at being able to finally have her good friend on the show, the other joined them and the four ha a small chat before the start of the broadcast.


"Hey, why don't we do a confession scenario?"

As Kanako's suggestion got a unanimous agreement, Akane could feel  herself grow increasingly anxious with each passing second. It wasn't that she hated doing these type of things but that she really didn't know how to properly do them.. and they were really really embarrassing.

Akane pulled through at least, at least with Airi it didn't feel so awkward and with Kanako, it was some way harder but not so bad. She just hoped the heat from her face didn't show too badly, it was bad enough with how she kept stumbling over words but just one more and they could move on!

So why was it as soon as she faced Nakanishi, her heart started beating crazily and the heat from her face increased so much Akane was sure she could pass out.

As she struggled to even formulate words, keeping eye-contact with the other girl grew impossible as she looked anywhere but Nakanishi's (intoxicating) dark brown eyes.

With every once of strength, Akane pushed out the words to end the suffering.

With the segment over, the broadcast moved on normally but Akane couldn't let what happened to her go; why had she reacted that way with Nakanishi?

It was a question that would plague her for the rest of the night and the following day and the next with a extra problem as well.


What ended up happening was a week of immense teasing at Akane's expense.

She should have expected it, she really should have.

 It was unbelievably relentless from the time she entered the theater till she left but even then, she was teased over the other members'  blog posts.

It was even worse whenever Nakanishi and her were even in the same room. How the other girl was able to play it off so well was a mystery to the team captain, she either had more patience than Akane or was a saint.

Either way, it was a long week.


Though the teasing had died down considerably, Akane was still the butt of some jokes though she could live with it as long as she could feel anything but embarrassment whenever with the other members.

After a long practice session and everyone leaving, Akane decides to stay behind. She still needed to clear her head, she really didn't have time to think with all the embarrassment that was preoccupying her mind.

Why had she suddenly reacted that way to Nakanishi? It couldn't be that she suddenly had feelings for her, she would have noticed.. right? Did she develop a crush obliviously on Nakanishi without her knowing, and why did it suddenly become known to her?

This was starting to give her headache.

Well, Akane had always thought that Nakanishi was rather good-looking and sometimes even cute. But that shouldn't be enough to warrant a crush, what else then?

Was it how kind Nakanishi was by helping out staff and other members including herself? Or that whenever Akane caught sight of the other girl smiling, her chest seemed to ache or those times that she would sometimes buy her snacks if she missed lunch?

Or how Nakanishi was anything other than just really wonderful and warm that Akane couldn't help but just gaze on from afar because she was being held back from whatever that was intimidating her from getting close?

Did anyone else notice it, did Nakanishi know?

Way too many questions were rushing around in her brain, Akane was too preoccupied to notice the sound of the door to the practice room opening.

Nakanishi Yuka was going over some schedules with her manager before deciding to leave for home. About to grab things, Yuka realized she had misplaced her jacket and briefly wondered where she left it before remembering it was in the practice room.

What she didn't expect to find was Akane huddled in the middle of the room. She seemed so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Yuka open the door or enter the room.

Not wanting to startle the other girl, Yuka moved quietly to where she sat before gently calling out to her.


Akane jumped slightly before looking over he shoulder to see the person that had been causing her so much distress.

Concern flashed across Yuka's face before she rushed over to Akane, her hands cupping her face and her thumbs wiping away tears she hadn't notice, "Are you okay?"

Akane tried to search for any sort of words in her brain as she took several shaky breaths, "It's.. well, it's like..".

Sensing how distressed the other girl was, Yuka wondered if the week had taken it's toll on Akane. She was already used to teases and jokes since it was practically an everyday occurrence but Akane had been dealt with a sudden barrage so it must have bothered her, right?

"Hey, if it's because of what everyone's been doing, they don't mean any ill-will. Don't be upset, if you want I could speak-"

"N-no, it's not that." Akane interrupted Yuka, trying to not think of how sweet it was of her to go out of her way to make her feel better.

"It's just that.. after HapiHori, I found that maybe.. I d-do like you..."

Definitely not expecting this sudden confession, Yuka remained silent as to what to do next.

It took every bit of courage Akane could find that hadn't disappeared since Yuka made herself known though she really couldn't help the tears that were already running down her face. She immediately buried her face into the other girl's shoulder, hoping to hide from any further embarrassment.

Feeling so useless, all Yuka could do was wrap her arms around the sobbing girl in some form of comfort to hopefully help. Her heart felt so heavy.

Footsteps from down the hall could be heard by Yuka though if Akane noticed she made no notion when Kumi entered the room and paused at the door. Yuka turned towards Kumi and brought up her hand to make a shhhing gesture.


LOL SO BAD OTL *rolls away*

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Re: One-shots - All Messed Up (NishiMieko) [13/06/16]
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Yo, been gone because dry spell but here's something new for you also working on a project.

All Messed Up



It was an unusually calm night.

The kind where you have this need to stare up at the sky and count the stars, even if you mess up and have to start all over again.

Everything just felt okay.

Maybe, the pain won’t really go away, but after so much time, Yuka felt that the hurt had softened somewhat.

Airi had come over to visit and they spent most of their day watching anime and playing video games, funny how a few hours seemed so short but it must of been a good thing if she was able to have fun and be distracted for so long.

So now, both Airi and her sat outside on the balcony of her apartment, the cool night air having a calming effect on them both. They hadn’t said much of anything since first coming outside other that a few insignificant comments, their relationship didn’t require them to always be so talkative and it was one of the things they enjoyed about their friendship.

Yuka closed her eyes and for once felt relaxed.

She knew the pain of heartbreak wouldn’t last but there was always that small little bit of pain that she would tuck away behind her so-called tough exterior, the pain of first love was never gonna go away but it wasn’t something that she needed to continuously beat herself over.

Taking a deep breath, Yuka breathed out what she felt was probably almost a year’s worth of stress and tension off her chest.

She knew she was gonna be alright.


[One Month Ago]

Yuka sat at her desk in a daze, it had been nearly a year since her break up and she was sure she was getting better but she’d still would find herself get caught up in these small moments of distress.

It was 2:30 in the morning and she really just wanted to sleep, she really needed to finish this paper for her English class, which was about a paragraph away but she no longer could will her fingers to continue typing.

All she could think about was the immense pain in her chest and the moment still fresh in her mind that always replayed late at night, catching her off guard and causing some (or a lot) of restless nights.

Running her hands through her hair, she tried to calm herself but to no avail.

Now all she could think about was that small box stuffed in the back of her closet, containing possessions she should have returned but didn’t because she’s too much of a coward to force herself to meet up with that  person.

Her paper long forgotten-she would finish it in the morning, Yuka moved away from her desk and collapsed onto her bed, pulling the blankets over her head.

She reached under her  pillow and pulled out a wrinkled unwashed shirt, a shirt that wasn’t hers, a shirt that was left and forgotten and should have been returned but wasn’t.

As she brought the shirt up to her face, a familiar scent wafted through her nose, making her heart clench even more and her eyes itch with unshed tears.

It was almost a ritual since the break up and something that seriously needed to stop but she just couldn’t because she was a coward and just didn’t want to forget the memories regardless of how painful they were now.

Yuka fell asleep after a few moments, still clenching the shirt to her chest.


[2 Weeks Ago]

Airi was in a state of absolute distress.

She didn’t know what to do, Yuka was currently stuck in one of her bad thought chains and her panic continued to increase as she watched her friend’s expression grow more darker by the second.

It seemed that even the smallest of things could trigger some kind of bad nostalgia and Airi never knew exactly what to do if it was particularly bad.

She was never good with her words and judging from the giant lump stuck in her throat, there was no way it was gonna change now. So she did what she always did and that was try to do something that would make her friend smile.

Airi just hoped that it wouldn’t make things worse.

She searched through her bag for one of her markers and grabbed Yuka’s hand, turning it palm-side up and began to draw.

The result was her little character, Chibi Airin, with a little speech bubble saying that she loved Nakanishi.

It probably wouldn’t help but as Airi timidly looked up at Yuka’s face, she could see her staring at her palm before directing her gaze towards herself, Airi choked back a sob.

She always felt that her friend’s smile was the best, a smile that would reach her eyes and make you smile alongside her.

But now, she could only see a half-felt one across her face and her eyes didn’t hold the same light they usually did.

Though, as Yuka quietly thanked her, Airi hoped that eventually that through time her friend’s smile would return.


[Three Months Ago]

She wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting on that bench, overlooking the river though not really looking at anything in particular.

It must of been awhile, the cold wind biting her exposed skin, her face and hands burning.

Though, the emotional pain that was still churning and burning in her chest and head hurt more than her potential frostbite.

“I think it be best for us to break up.”


Why would it be best?

Best for who? Because surely not herself if she was feeling so devastated right now.

She should of known though, Mieko had been acting off lately but she was too afraid to ask if anything was wrong.

Guess she was right after all.

Maybe she was actually lucky then.

Lucky since she never got her chance to tell Mieko that she loved her, so if she had done it anytime prior to this, she would’ve just been a major idiot.

But, now she’ll have to carry this empty love around and it was already beginning to painfully ache.

Yuka shut her eyes, she had cried so much that it was beginning to sting.

She really needed to leave and start on home before she worried anyone.

As Yuka slowly stood up, rubbing her legs from the cramps from sitting down for so long, she look up at the darkening sky before heading off.

“I love you, Mieko.”


[Four Months Ago]

Airi felt like she would have a breakdown from the all the tension she could breathe in alone from the air.

Something was wrong, it was painfully obvious but she was afraid of asking either of the other two occupants in the apartment.

If nothing was done soon, she swears she would puke.

From her friend’s apartment hallway, she peeked into the living room to see Mieko sitting alone with an expression that screamed anything other than happy.

Maybe it be best to see Yuka instead, as much as Airin liked Mieko, she couldn’t help but feel slightly frightened whenever her mood was anything other than sunny.

Quietly making her way to the apartment kitchen, she peeked around the corner to see Yuka standing in a daze, looking out the kitchen window.

Airi’s heart made a painful lurch in her chest, she desperately wanted to cheer her friend up but found herself frozen and her voice lost.

Would it be really okay if she did this?

Would it be okay if she interfered in someone else’s relationship? No, she wasn’t interfering, it wasn’t like she was trying to convince them of anything, she just wanted to cheer her friends up but..

Why did it feel like she was intruding then?


Startled, Airi looked up to see her friend’s questioning gaze on her.

“What are you doing?”

Laughing at bit, which Airi was glad for, she could still see the pain her friend was trying to hide even though they both knew. They couldn’t really hide much from each other, secrets weren’t common between them, they found themselves comfortable enough to be open with one another.

But as of right now, they both were too afraid to say anything for fear of just making everything worse.


[Five Months Ago]

Today was a good day.

Even better since there was hardly a crowd at their cafe.

Yuka’s last class for the day had ended early so she had decided to make her way towrds the usually meeting spot, sending a message to her girlfriend about her arrival.

It was unusually for her to feel so elated, she never had before though maybe finally beating her first dragon in Monster Hunter came close. That took 2 weeks, it was tough, it really was! Though Airi seemed to have only taken about like 10 minutes to do the same. Show off…

But not important, what was important was the revelation she had come to last night.

It was pretty corny but what was life without some cheese, right?

Siting at their usual table right next to a window, Yuka sipped her coffee, watching people go about their business outside as she desperately waited for her girlfriend.

Her cell vibrated on the table and she snatched it up quickly to see a reply from Mieko that she was here. She looked over at the cafe entrance to see her girlfriend walk through the doors making her way towards her.

Before any greetings were exchanged and said, Yuka felt a slight chill go up her back.

She could feel her good mood slipping slightly, why did she suddenly feel so anxious?

Trying to cover it from showing it up on her face, she tended to wear her heart on her sleeve, Yuka pushed down the nagging feeling in her gut.

Their time at their cafe went pretty normally, though Yuka couldn’t shake off that something was wrong.


[Six Months Ago]

She was glad unbelievably glad that her best friend and her girlfriend could get along so well.

A little too well.

She shouldn’t be jealous of her girlfriend calling her best friend her boyfriend.

No but it still made her jealous, she was Mieko’s boyfriend.

No, girlfriend, girlfriend.

Okay so all those years of being made fun of for looking like a guy was starting to mess with her head.

Airi and Mieko looked over at her before busting out laughing, they were really enjoying how much they could annoy her it seems.

Mieko dis-tangled herself from the other girl before wrapping her arms around Yuka, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“Are you jealous?”




They both shared a laugh until their quiet moment was broken when Airi squawked and they looked to see her pointing at an nearly empty arcade.

Mieko looked at Yuka to see her face lit up and giving her those puppy eyes she knew she couldn’t resist.

Even though they’d probably be there for who-knows-how-long she’d let them have their fun, she enjoys seeing them so excited.

She watched them speed off into the small building, following at a more normal pace.

Mieko silently watched over them, happy that they could enjoy themselves so much.

But, even with this happy moment right now, she couldn’t help but think of the small little sense of anxiety burning at the back of her head.


[Seven Months Ago]

Airi watched as her friend poked and prodded at her food, they had been siting in their school’s canteen for nearly half an hour but Yuka had yet to even eat one morsel of her lunch.

She couldn’t be upset could she, she thought her date last night went great?

So, what was the problem then?

Sipping her lemonade, Airi worked up her nerve enough to finally ask the most obvious question.

“So, how did your date go last night?”

Yuka dropped her fork the second the question ended, Airi felt like throwing herself out a window.

Those few seconds felt like a lifetime that Airi was sure she would have a heart attack when her friend looked up at her with disgustingly sparkly eyes.

“It went well.”

Airi didn’t know whether to cry or hit Yuka for scaring her so badly but overall she felt immense relief that she wouldn’t need to throw herself out a window anytime soon.

“Okay so, if it went well then why are you acting so.. like this?”

“Because I have a second date.”

“Shouldn’t that.. be a good thing?”

“Yeah, except I’m terrified…”

Airi laughed slightly, her friend could be really cute especially when she was like this; though she was no expert on relationships or love, pretty sure manga and anime wouldn’t really help solve their problem either.

“Okay, let’s go ask Kanako-san for advice then.”

Feeling excited about their plan, Yuka scarfed down her lunch while Airi finished off her lemonade.


[8 Months Ago]

Browsing her neighborhood’s local bookstore was always a treat for Yuka, even if she did work there, she loved being able to get the time to look through the books on her own without having to worry about her boss yelling at her to get back to work.

Grabbing another volume of a newly released series, Yuka made her way towards the register when she took a passing glance down an aisle to see a women struggling to reach a book on the top shelf.

Quickly making her way to help, she set her pile of books down on a table display before reaching up and grabbing said book for this women.

“Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Handing the book to the stranger, Yuka could feel her heart slightly flutter from their smile.

“No problem.” Great, even dimples too, she hoped she wasn’t gawking too badly.

“Do you work here?”

“Yes, but it’s my day off and I’m just getting some things.” Trying to act nonchalant was becoming increasingly hard with how shaky her voice was sounding with each passing second.

The stranger glanced beside Yuka to the pile of manga next to her, “Is that all yours, think you have enough?”

Growing even more embarrassed, Yuka felt it was best to think of a way to end this conversation before she self-combust.

“Ah well, maybe…”

The stranger’s laughter was just as bad as her smile.

“Um.. I need to go since I have to meet up with a friend of mine, it was nice talking to you.” Yuka stiffly turned around, mechanically picking up her books and began walking out of the aisle.


Before Yuka could fully turn around, the stranger had reached up and placed a lone book on top of the stack in her arms.

“Forgot one.”

“Oh thank you…” The strange women only smiled before swiftly leaving, Yuka stood rooted where she was.

She was lucky she had such tanned skin or she was sure her face would be glowing red.

After standing like an idiot in the same spot for a couple of minutes, Yuka purchased her items and headed to pick up her friend at her work.

The more distance she grew from the bookstore, the more she felt a little upset over possibly never meeting the strange women again.

She was really beautiful.

So lost in her thoughts, Yuka didn’t realized she had walked past her destination until she heard her friend yell out for her to wait.

The rest of the night was left with slightly forgetting the stranger but there was that small inkling in the back of her head of that smile and disappointment would flood her head and chest.

Though that disappointment was short lived when Yuka returned to work the next day and the said appeared before her asking to buy a light novel and what time her shift ended.


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Re: One-shots - Whiskey Kisses (NishiMieko) [13/06/16]
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Just a short drabble inspired by this.

Whiskey Kisses



“Yeah, I have work early tomorrow so I can’t drink tonight.”

Mieko snickered into her glass, mumbling a tease towards Nishishi, who of course heard her but let it slide lest it turn into a small banter argument with her losing as usual.

Sipping their drinks, it was never needed for these two to ever really speak as much since being in each other’s company was comforting enough, even if Mieko could be a bit of a chatterbox.

As the sound of ice clinked together from melting, Mieko noticed how Nishishi kept rolling her shoulders, “Your back bothering you?”

“Hmm? Oh kinda, my lower back has been aching a bit but now my shoulders have been bothering me lately, guess I’ve been pretty high tension considering the past week.” Nishishi explained while she continued to roll her shoulders to alleviate the pain.

“Here.” Mieko scooted closer to Nishishi, putting her hands on her shoulders and giving her a massage.

“Oh, hey, you don’t have t-” “It’s fine, you’ve been working hard all week with everything so, shut up.” Mieko quickly quipped Nishishi’s argument, knowing the other girl would never willingly admit to her problems.

It was like pulling teeth with this one.

About 10 minutes later, Mieko figured it was long enough and pulled away, going back to her drink, Nishishi silently thanked her.

Few more seconds of silence passed when Mieko decided to speak up again.

“I know you have work tomorrow, but have you ever tried Whiskey before?”

Nishishi looked away before returning her attention towards the older woman, “Once when I was younger, my older brother tricked me into tasting it by telling me it was soda.”

Both women laughed at the thought, Mieko at picturing a younger Nishishi and Nishishi over how stupid her brother was but she loved him.

“You don’t want just a taste?” Mieko tilted her empty glass towards Nishishi.

“Taste what? You finished it already.” Nishishi gestured at Mieko’s drink.

“You can suck on the ice cubes?” “I doubt I’d get any out of that.”

Mieko paused for a moment, Nishishi thinking they were done, returned towards her own unfinished tea.

“Okay, well how about this?”

Nishishi turned back only to have chilled lips meet hers’.

A few seconds passed before both women separated, Nishishi leaning her head against the table, embarrassed, as Mieko returned to her drink to chew on the ice cubes.

“So, how did it taste?” Crunches of ice could be heard before Nishishi picked up her head and turned towards Mieko again.

“Bitter, I don’t like it and seriously, warn me when you do that.” Mieko chuckled, careful not to choke on the larger pieces of ice.

“You’re such a baby.”


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Re: One-shots - Whiskey Kisses (NishiMieko) [13/06/16]
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Lol I know that had to get your juices flowing.  Great one shot unfortunately I cannot do justice for your oshi.  She is quite an interesting character in watching vids of her
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