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Author Topic: If Only (Mayuki) Finale part 1 28/03/2014 UPDATED!  (Read 36115 times)

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 16 18/01/2014 UPDATED!
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OMG that is just awful but with love everything ir possible,,,

thats what i like to think...


Update ASAP!!

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 16 18/01/2014 UPDATED!
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So sad but really good at the same time.

Mayu is so sweet
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 16 18/01/2014 UPDATED!
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It may be short, but at least there is an update :)
Plz don't stop, i wanna know how this will go !

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 17 6/02/2014 UPDATED!
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Gomen minna. I was suppose to post this chapter eariler but I just couldn't find time to upload it. Since I have time now, I quickly update it. A'lil spoiler for you guys. Someone has made an appearance and it not gonna be good. Want to know more? Then read this chapter right away. Thanks everyone for reading the fic including silent readers. I really appreciate all your support.   :cow:

Chapter 17   
I opened my eyes, realised I wasn't anywhere I should be. From my point of view, it looks like I'm stranded in a old-worn out warehouse. I tried to move but then I noticed that I was tied to a chair.

When I was struggling to escape, someone came in. It was yuki. I was delighted to see her. She was slightly panting, her face was filled with bloody scratches.

It looks like she had been through a series of fights before she reach here. Yuki ran towards me, smiling widely, as though she found some buried

I was happy to see her but before I become overjoy, my face changed almost instantly. I was horrified. Behind of yuki was somebody holding a syringe.

I tried to warn her but I realised I was gagged. I used all my might to scream but my voice was muffled.

Before yuki gets what I'm trying to relay to her, it was too late. She was already sedated. Yuki fainted but she was carried before she fell onto the floor.

I tried to get a good look at the person but I can't see. My vision is so blurry. All I know is that the person has a short hair and slighty tanned skin.

"Yuki is mine and mine forever! Wuahahah!" The mystery person said. She sounded like a girl. 

"Mmmm Nffn fmmm!!" (Let her go !!) I mumbled.

"What? I can't catch what you're saying. And beside, I don't need to know." The mystery person said. "Say goodbye to yuki and you'll never see her again. I will burn this place with you together!" The person said and left with yuki, leaving me helpless and waiting for the flame to burn me into crisps. "NOOOOO!!!!!!" I screamed incoherently.


"NOOOO!!!" I screamed as I shot up from my bed. I was panting really hard, chocking for air. Sweat bits can be seen dripping down from my head to my neck.

My right hand grasped my left chest, feeling my heart beating in an unhealthy speed. I shivering very hard.

"What was that all about? This nightmare felt so real yet its just a dream. Who was that mystery person? Was my dream telling me something? Is yuki gonna be in danger?" I thought.

I shook my head, trying to get those thoughts away but only to receive a severe headache. "Arghhh... It hurts." I said as I winced in pain.

After the pain has slowly subside, I realised that my vision is back. I could see things.

I never actually seen my ward room before ever since I came to the hospital. I was glad that my eye could see but I wasn't sure if I was lucky or unlucky.

If I gain my sight back, then yuki wouldn't need to take care of me. The thought of it made me pout. "I can't let yuki knows I gain my sight back. That's
too good for her. I want her to take care of me, as to compensate my injuries." I thought.

The door of my ward suddenly swing open. I quickly re-position myself and made sure I looked like I'm still blind.

Yuki came in but I had a chill down my spine immediately after a unknown person walk in right after yuki. I felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere but I didn't bother much.

"Ah! You woke up already! Ohayo mayu! How are you feeling now? Are you feeling better? Or are you still in pain?" Yuki bombarded me with lots of questions.

I smiled when I heard yuki voice. For some reason, her voice had made me relaxed."I'm fine yuki. Though I still couldn't see." I lied.

"Don't worry mayu-chan. I'm sure you will regain your vision very soon." The unknown person spoke. I flinched slightly. Im not sure if its me or what but those words felt like venom, trying to poison me.

I took a glance at the unknown person, trying not to be suspicious. The person has short hair with tanned skin. It looks like the person in my dream but I
 wasn't sure since it was all blurry.

"Mayu, there's someone I would like to introduce you to. The person who just spoke to you was sae. She was a friend of mine before I got transfered to
this school. I saw her on my way here to the hospital and she said she would like to pay you a visit. "Yuki said.

"Yuki, I think you missed out something about me. Im not your friend. Im your ex-GIRLFRIEND." Sae emphasise on that word.

I tried to maintain a poker face but on the inside, I was furious. "Who do she think she is? She's just an ex-girlfriend. I'm her girlfriend now excuse me." I thought. .

"FRIEND." Yuki said it with the same amount of force as sae. "Anyways mayu, our school term break has just started so you wouldn't need to worry
about going to school and I had already told yuko that you will be living with me temporary until you have regain your eyesight back. It would be easier
for me to nurse you that way." Yuki said.

I nodded as a sign of acknowledge.

"Sorry to bother you but look at that time, I need to go. I will text you tonight yuki. Its been so long since we last met each other. I hope we can hang out
sometime. Just like old times." Sae said and bid her farewell.

I didn't like how she said it. It felt suspicions.

After sae left, the ward has only me and yuki. The room was very quiet. I broke the slience first.

"Why didn't you told me about your previous relationships?" I questioned her. Yuki was hesitant. She sigh softly before she explain. "This was something I never want to remember.

The relationship between me and sae was history. Back in my old school, sae was the jock. She was very popular with the girls. Every girls was dying trying to be her girlfriend.

Sae was also a playgirl. She would have any girl she wants and after she's tired of them, she would dump them like used tissues.

Many girls she dumped was sobbing over her, begging her not to break up but she would just ignore them and kick them aside. I was different. I hated sae.

Sae was dumbfounded when she tried to flirt with me. She knows that every girls was dying to be her girlfriend and yet I ignored her.

So one day, she came to me, made a deal. She said that if she could win my heart, I would be her girlfriend. But if I don't, she would leave me alone.

I complied to her deal. I know I hated sae so I won't lose but I was wrong. Day by day, I slowly grow a liking for sae. I thought I was crazy and ignored it
 but until one day, sae kissed me. At that moment I lost it. My heart was already sae's.

At first we kept it a secret since its a taboo that sae had a actual relationship. As days went by, the girls that had been stalking sae has found out about
our relationship.

The girls hated me and everyday, they would bully me. When I'm in the bathroom, they would slap me, pull my hair and leave scratches on my skin.

Everyday I live in fear until one day went I couldn't stand it anymore. I broke up with sae and left the school. I was emotional depressed. I went for
psychological therapy for about a year before I recover.

My parents was busy so they were not home very often so, after I was mentally stable, I left my home and came to tokyo to live with my sister.

I was also transfered into a school. And you should know everything after that." Yuki said.

I reached out and gave yuki a hug. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you suffered so much. Don't hang out with sae. Somethings not right about her. She seems to have some motive. I could feel it." I said.

"Sae has changed. She different from the past. I don't think she would try anything funny. She's now the boss of her parent's shop. I think she's matured.
So relax about it and besides, I have already moved on. I have you now." Yuki said as she kissed me.

I was shocked from the sudden kiss but I kiss back passionately. We broke away when  mariko came in. We both was blushing. Mariko cleared her throat before she speak.

"The doctor said your condition has stabled. You can discharge today. I need someone to sign out for you and you can leave. Your bills has been subsidies by your school so don't to pay. The doctor has prescribe some medications for your migrate. Remember to take them. That's should be all.
You can leave after yuki sign the form. Yuki, please follow me." Mariko said.

Yuki nodded and turned towards me. "You're discharging today. I'll pack your stuffs when I return. So just relax okay?" Yuki patted my head and left with mariko. After they left, I smiled as I felt warmth from my heart. "Arigato yuki." I said under my breath.



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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 17 06/02/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #104 on: February 06, 2014, 04:58:15 PM »
I wonder if Mayu is true hope not

Please update soon

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 17 06/02/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #105 on: February 07, 2014, 01:44:38 AM »
Lying about having her sight back isn't a wise thing Mayu but as long as it's not for too long i guess it could work right?! ^^
As for Sae, hope the nightmare won't lead to a break up for Mayuki or something even if im' not feeling really good about it..
Thank you for the update  :)

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Chapter 17 06/02/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #106 on: February 07, 2014, 11:12:59 AM »
That dream is really bad news. Is that a premonition?

Mayu will be in trouble if she continues to lie.

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Finale part 1 28/03/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #107 on: March 28, 2014, 11:01:59 AM »
So sorry for the late update. This is my last chapter of this fic. I was lazy to upload my fic and not mention, busy. I'm not sure when I will post part 2. I'm still thinking of a plot for it.

anyways, please enjoy this boring fic of mine.

Chapter 18 part 1

Yuki unlocked the door and swing it wide open. ‘’Tadaima!’’ Yuki said as she carried my luggage and guided me in. She brought me to the couch and made me sit there. ‘’Mayu, sit here for the moment. I’m going to get your stuffs to my room and make you tea later on.’’ Yuki said as she went upstairs.

As soon as the sound of her footstep slowly fades away, I began to tour around. Her house hasn’t changed much. It’s been months since I came here. The last time I remembered coming here was before we fought.

Flashback of unwanted memories replayed on my mind like a movie player. My heart aches, remembering them. I shifted my attention back to the surrounding.

Looking around for some perfect spots to places some hidden cameras. Yes, I’m planting bugs in yuki’s house. I didn’t plant those to spy on yuki, mind you. It’s just for safety precautions. I just felt like I needed to put them so I can keep an eye on yuki.

The nightmare I had seems so real. I’m just afraid that something might really happen. I know being paranoid but I just can’t shake off the eerie feeling about sae. She’s really suspicious. Why would she turn up so suddenly? Yuki and sae probably haven’t met for like, what, years? I’m not sure what motive she has. I have to keep my guard up for what might happen.

Making sure the bugs are all hidden probably, I swiftly made my way back to the couch before yuki comes back. I have to beware getting yuki suspecting about me gaining back my sight. I don’t want her to interrupt my plans.

Minutes later, Yuki prepared some tea. She placed them on the coffee table in front of me and poured me a cup. Before she hands me my tea, she gave it a blow to be sure it won’t burn me. I thanked her and sip the warm liquid down my throat. We sat in the living room silently.

Before any of us starts a conversation, Yuki’s phone rang. She excused herself and walked to the kitchen to answer her call. I couldn’t really figure what she was saying. All I know is that she was surprised when she picked the call as though she never expected that person to call her.

After a couple of minutes, Yuki walked back to the living room and sit at where she previously sat on. Yuki’s face seems troubled as though she has things to tell me but didn’t know to bring up. Seeing how she ain’t talking, I spoke first.

''Yuki, what’s wrong?’’ I asked in a concern tone.

Yuki remained silent for a second before releasing a deep sigh. ''sae called.'' I flinched at that name. Yuki noticed my reaction but continues.

‘’She invited me out. Said that we could hang up after so long. Like a get together gathering.’’ Yuki said.

I remained silent.

‘’I haven’t gave her an answer yet. Maybe I should just cancel our meeti-‘’ I placed my finger on her lip, stopping her from talking.

‘’Its okay. You can go out with sae.’’ I said to her.

‘’But what about you? Who gonna take care of yo-‘’ I cut yuki off.

‘’Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. I know my way around the house without looking.’’ I said.

‘’Are you sure?’’ yuki asked, worried about me. I simply nodded as an acknowledge.

’This could be a good opportunity to stalk sae.’’ I thought. I reach my hand out to pick my cup. Waiting for the right time, I purposely, carelessly spill the tea on me.

‘’Ahhh!’’ I shrieked as the tea penetrates through my outfit and to my skin. Yuki panicked.

‘’I’ll go get some towel. Stay here and don’t move’’ Yuki said and ran off. Once she’s out of my sight, I took her phone and began to click away. I installed a tracker on her mobile. Easy for me to track her location. I quickly place her phone back just in time yuki returns with towels.

She gently patted the towel on the area where the spill is until it dries up. Seeing how messy and sticky I am right now in this outfit, Yuki brought me to her room and offered to help change my clothes. I wanted to decline her offer but Yuki insists on helping me. Knowing that Yuki was stubborn, I can’t help but to give in.

Yuki came close to me and slowly unbutton my buttons one by one, slowly revealing my pink bra. I blushed as she slipped my top piece off me. She stared at my half naked body from top to bottom. I froze as Yuki wander her hands up and down my upper body.

‘’Yu-Yuki?! What are you doing?’’ I said in surprise. ‘’I miss you Mayu. I miss you badly.’’ Yuki whispered in my ear seductively. I moaned as she nibbles on my earlobe. Yuki’s left hand went to caress one of my breasts while licking my neck. I tried to shove her off but she was too strong. Slowly, I’m starting to enjoy her touches. Yuki’s right hand reaches downward and unzips my shorts. My moan turns into pants when Yuki’s hand went south and touches my inner thigh. Going up and down my thigh, feeling the heat from my core. My head began to lighten and butterflies from my tummy are flying non-stop. As Yuki’s hands are advancing closer to my heated core, the doorbell rang.

We both broke off, blushing hardly. Yuki quickly help me put on new sets of clothes before getting the door. Minutes later, yuki came in the room with a guest followed behind. Apparently the guest was sae.

‘’Mayu, sae came to see how you were doing. You guys can chat while I go change.’’ Yuki said before leaving me and sae alone. Sae walked and sits in front of me.

‘’Hi Mayu, how are you feeling? Better? Or should I say, completely recovered? Sae said the latter in a cocky tone.

I glared at her as if eyes could kill.

‘’I know you regained your eye sight ever since I saw you back in the hospital. You can fool anyone including yuki but you can’t fool my eyes. I will be taking yuki out for a date later. I wonder what we would be doing since we haven’t catch up for such a long time. Maybe we could have some fun like, you know, kissing.’’ Sae said smirking.

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist tightly. Oh how much I felt like beating the hell out of sae but I managed to remain my cool.

‘’Maybe we could even make out. I remembered how much yuki loves it back then when I screwed her hard. Her moans and groans are utterly delicio-’’ I grabbed sae’s collar before she could continue.

‘’You better keep your bloody mouth and dirty hands to yourself. If you try anything funny to yuki, I’ll make sure I ripped you apart and feed your remains to the dogs.’’ I hissed.

‘’Whoa…Whoa! Relax man. I was just kidding. You don’t have to be violent.’’ Sae said as she held her hands up as a sign of surrender. I released my grip hard, resulting sae to fall back.

‘’You’re strong even though you’re small in size.’’ Sae said amusingly. ‘’Try me and you’ll see more.’’ I said fiercely.

‘’Heh~ I would like to see it one day. You’re fun. I like it.’’ Sae said as she stands up.

‘’You think this is some fun game to you huh?!’’ I barked as I’m losing my cool. Sae grinned evilly. Before any of us was going to roll on the floor, fighting, Yuki came back, in a nice looking outfit.

Sae and I when back to where we were before and act as though nothing had happened. Sae stood up and walked to Yuki.

‘’You look beautiful.’’ Sae complimented. ‘’Thanks.’’ Yuki’s face slightly reddens.

Yuki then walked towards me. ‘’I’m going out now. I won’t be for long. I’ll be back in 2 hours. Please be careful. Try not to move around to much unless necessary. I’ve prepared a couple of snacks here in case you get hungry. Also, don’t-‘’ I places my finger on her lip for the second time to stop her from talking further.

‘’Yes yes. I will take care of myself. Now you go enjoy yourself. Be careful though, you might encounter some certain dog that would try to bite you in the ass. I said as I gave a quick glance at sae, referring to her.

Sae shot her eyes at me without Yuki’s notice. I just gave her my best emotionless face.

‘’Yuki, why don’t you wait for me outside? I have something to tell mayu.’’ Sae said sweetly.

Yuki just shrugged and left the room. Sae came to my face and whisper.

‘’You better keep an eye on your girlfriend before you regret. I can’t guarantee she will come back safely. Sae smirked and walked off.

Yuki bid her goodbyes and left with sae. As soon as there left, I picked my mobile and phoned Yuko. After a couple of beeps, Yuko answered. ‘’ Moshi Moshi. This is Yuko speaking. What can I help y-‘’ I cut Yuko before she can finish talking.

‘’Yuko. Its Mayu. Please meet me at xxx café. This is an emergency. I’ll explain everything later. Hurry.’’

I hanged up before Yuko could say a thing. I grab my hoodie and left the house.

My fingers are hitting against the table, making a random beat rhythm. I waited impatiently for Yuko in the café we agreed on meeting at. Getting frustrated, I took my phone, dialling Yuko’s number. As I was going enter those numbers, the café door swing opened, revealing a squirrel looking girl, panting and sweat dripping.

She walked across the café towards me and sat on one of the vacant seats.

‘’What took you so long? You know this is an emergency!’’ I exclaimed.

‘’Excuse me but I came here as soon as I received your call. You do know now is peak hour? Do you know how I have to squeeze between people in the train in order to get here. And I ran here nonstop so quit complaining and tell me what’s wrong?’’ Yuko asked, still trying to regain her breath.

‘’Give me your phone first.’’ I reached my hand out and Yuko obediently hands her phone over. I clicked some buttons on the phone, similarly to what I did to Yuki’s phone but only this time was a GPS not a tracker.

‘’What are you doing?’’ Yuko asked curiously. ‘’I’ve just installed a GPS on your phone. This GPS will be able to track my location. ‘’I explained.

‘’What for?’’ Yuko asked again.

‘’This is why I need your help but first, I need you to keep this a secret. No one should know about this expect you yourself. Understand? I said in a serious tone. Yuko gave a firm nod.

‘’There’s this girl called sae. She was Yuki’s ex. They haven’t seen each other for quite a while but recently, she came back looking for Yuki. They just went out together today, as to catch up with one another but I know there’s more to that. I believe she has some other motives. That girl gives me creeps. I have a feeling something will happened to Yuki.’’ I said.

‘’Oh Mayu, stop being so paranoid. They are just hanging out. What could go wrong?’’ Yuko said.

‘’What would you do if you’re in my shoes?! If some dude claims that his the ex of your girlfriend and he tries to flirt with her in front of you, provoking you and threatens you the safety of your girlfriend. What would you do?!’’ I said harshly.

‘’I would kick his ass and rip him into pieces and feed the dogs.’’ Yuko said.

‘’Exactly.’’ I said.

‘’So what are you gonna do now? Yuko asked.

‘’I’m going to stalk them. I know this is wrong but I’m really concerned about Yuki’s safety. If anything happens to me, my tracker will light up, sending signals to your phone. If this really happens, please get help immediately.’’ I said.

‘’Let me go with you. I’m worried about you. It’s better to have two people.’’ Yuko offered.

‘’No. I will go alone. This is between me and sae. Besides, I need a backup.’’ I said.

‘’Alright then. Please be carefu-‘’ yuko stopped talking all of the sudden. There this confuse look on her face. ‘’I thought your still blind?! How could you possibly stalk them??’’Yuko exclaimed.

I literally facepalm.

‘’If I couldn’t see, it wouldn’t be possible for me to travel here to meet you.’’ I sigh.

Yuko frowned. ‘’At least tell me you’ve recovered. I’m worried sick.’’ Yuko pouted.

‘’Yuki still doesn’t know I recovered yet.’’ I said.

‘’Why?’’ Yuko asked. ‘’Long story short. I have to go now. Remember on what we’ve agreed on.’’ I said before leaving the café.


Around the same moment

Yuki pov

Sae said that there’s this popular ramen shop down at Shibuya so we decided to give it a try. Shibuya sure is a very crowded especially during peak hours. We are surrounded by all kinds of people. Workers, high schoolers, business people, families and etc.

while crossing Shibuya’s famous road crossing, I’ve gotten separated from sae due to the heavy human crowd. I felt like I’m a sandwich, being squeezed by people from left to right but a hand reached out, grabs my arm and pulled me out from the crowd. It was sae. I thanked her for saving me back there. She gave an assured smile.

We continue our journey until we reached the shop we wanted to visit. By looking at the exterior of the shop, it’s certainly looks very worn out. I asked sae if this was the correct shop, sae laughed.

‘’Don’t judge a book by its cover. This shop may look old but wait till you try their ramen. You’ll be begging to come back for more.’’ Sae said.

After said, we entered the shop. There was a gentle bell ring, hinting the shop owner that there are customers. I was overwhelmed by the number of customers this shop has. It’s true that you should never judge.

‘’Welcome to xxx. A table for- AH! Sae! You’ve come! Come in. I see you brought a friend. A beautiful one indeed.’’ The shop owner complimented. I blushed at his compliment.

‘’Enough with the flirting. Give me your best table and serve us your best recommendation.’’ Sae said.

‘’with pleasure boss- I mean sae. Please follow me.’’ The shop said. The owner had a weird look. Somehow I had a bad feeling but I didn’t gave much thought.

The owner had led us to a table that looks classier than the regular table that was near the entrance. It has a very nice view of Shibuya’s busy streets.

Sae went forward and pulled the chair back for me to seat. Just like a gentleman. I thanked sae again. Sae took her own seat and we waited patiently for our food. While waiting, I asked sae some question.

‘’Sae, don’t mind me but what is your relationship with the shop owner? You two seem really close. I even heard him calling you boss.’’ I asked.

‘’I known him since elementary school. We were the best buddies together. He called me boss because he respects me but I don’t really like him to call me that. Its embarrassing. Sae explained.

Not long later, the food arrived. The smells of the ramen was superb. It made me eager to eat the ramen immediately. I took my chopsticks and broke them apart. ‘’Ittadakimasu! Hmm… oishii!’’ I mumbled with my mouth fill with ramen.

‘’It’s delicious right? Feel free to eat as much as you like. My treat.’’ Sae said.

We chatted a lot. My lungs almost ran out of air when sae shared some of her jokes. It was so funny. We had so much fun that I almost lost track of time then I realised that it’s time for me to go home. Mayu is waiting for me.

‘’Sae, I have to go now. It’s quite late already.’’ I said.

‘’So soon? Alright then. I will send you home.’’ Sae said.

Before we left, sae made a strange eye contact towards the owner. I didn’t really saw as it happens to briefly. We took the backdoor exit. I shot a confused look at sae.

‘’Why did we exit here?’’ I asked.

‘’It’s a shorter way and we don’t have to squeeze with the crowd outside.’’ Sae said.

As we continue walking further into an alley, 2 men walked towards us suspiciously. I wanted to turn back to alert sae but before I was able to do that, my left hand got held back tightly and I felt a cloth was covering my mouth. I tried to struggle but the chemical from the cloth got the best of me and made me really weak. I felt someone carried me and brought me into a van. Before I totally lost conscious, I managed to saw the person who sedated me. It was sae.


Mayu pov

Staring at the red dot that was constantly blinking on my phone. I went searching for Yuki on my GPS. When I came closer to Yuki’s whereabouts, the red dot was blinking furiously.

Strange, I don’t see Yuki anywhere but somewhere around the opposite of me caught my attention. I saw three people. One of them looks like sae and she’s carrying someone. Getting a closer look, that person sae’s holding is Yuki.

''Shit! Yuki’s in trouble.’

I ran across as fast as possible but I was too late. They hopped onto a van and drove off.

I bend forward and lean my hands on my knee, trying to catch my breath. I was panting heavily. Something on the ground caught my eye. I picked it up to my eye level to look closely. It was Yuki’s necklace. I clenched her necklace in my hands and held my phone out with my other hand and stared at the red dot. It was heading towards some old warehouse holding area that is not far from here. I quickly hired a taxi and head to the destination.

As I arrive, I gave the taxi driver some money, didn’t even bother about getting my change back and hopped off the taxi. I scan around. It’s all trees. There was a trail on the grass. I followed the path into the jungle, hoping it will take me to where I want. Going through several paths, I finally made it out. In front of my eyes was a huge warehouse that probably no one uses it.

I stealthy made my way around the warehouse, looking for a way to enter. Notice a hole located at the bottom of the wall, I climbed in without any difficulties. After getting in, to my surprise, the warehouse is empty. It took me a couple of seconds to contemplate.

‘’Crap! It’s a trap.’’ I thought.

Before I was able to escape, the room stared to be filled with smoke. I choked as my lungs suffocate from the smoke. Its knockout gas. As the smoke gets more and more dense, I began to lose my senses. My body becoming weaker and weaker. It felt like déjà vu as I slowly lose my consciousness. Not long, I fell into complete darkness.

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Finale part 1 28/03/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #108 on: March 28, 2014, 02:05:27 PM »
Oh no!! Mayu and Yuki are in danger :mon scare: :mon emo:

Btw this fic is not boring :) . .
Thanks for the update

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Finale part 1 28/03/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #109 on: April 08, 2014, 02:54:47 PM »
Uwahhh yuko~~~~

Yuki why did you agree to go out with saw :(


If anything happens to yuki or Mayu

I'll kick his ass to Jupiter

As if it was real >//<

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Finale part 1 28/03/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #110 on: April 09, 2014, 06:58:58 AM »
What is sae some kind of gangster...continue soon...super Yuko to the rescue...

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Re: If Only (Mayuki) Finale part 1 28/03/2014 UPDATED!
« Reply #111 on: April 09, 2014, 10:23:22 AM »
just starting to read this.. interesting.. looking forward for an update soon~

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Waiting in that summer..
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