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Author Topic: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Epilogue~!! - COMPLETED  (Read 169439 times)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
« Reply #900 on: January 19, 2014, 12:56:20 AM »
As I thought Jurina was not the one with the evil intention

But the bit about Akane, Nishi and Airin, was wonderful twist

Ah... Sayanee is a demon GOD... who is going to be a demon KING?

Poor Annin... she died protecting Jurina... though she was able to kept her promised.

What's going to happen now that the seal of Yamata no Orochi was released ?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
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When it was Sayanee = Demon God
Me: Oh... hrm...hrm... yea, Sayanee is awesome~~
When Nishishi turned out to be the bad guy
*punches the Nakanishi

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
« Reply #902 on: January 19, 2014, 06:58:12 PM »
what the f.....

after the fake betrayal then comes the real betrayal??!!  :shocked :shocked

too shocked... but it's very cool, i knew there will be betrayal, but not from someone like her
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
« Reply #903 on: January 20, 2014, 09:11:02 AM »
How can I write a story like that!!!!

It is so good! I can't since I'm so lame...

Yaaah really like the story. Omg Nishishi killed Airin and what is she going to do?
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
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Hate to say I told you so..............

Besides, who could see THAT coming?!?!?! :OMG:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
« Reply #905 on: January 21, 2014, 09:12:41 AM »
ANIN NOOOOOOOOO .... Please Anin shouldn't be die .... Something that saves her! ! What about the sacred place in SKE forest?  :OMG: :frustrated: :gyaaah: :pleeease:

I knew that Jurina was always good . She was sacrificing herself for her friends ! as could be expected from her, an angel fledged !  :luvluv2: :on lol: :hee: :farofflook:

Nishishi was between my suspects ! but never imagined the reason because betray them !  if to seal the sword , she rots , then released the demon contained within the katana ? ? what happens now? :frustrated: :glasses: :scared: :stoned:

Lovetan ! ! nooooo ..... poor Sasshi .  :fainted:

Mayu and miyuki NOOOO .... what the hell is this ! ! why to kill the good guys ! ! noooooo ! !  :scolding: :frustrated: :fainted: :shock: :scared: :stoned: :pleeease:

so , a Demon reliable should be the next demon king because Sayane be loyal to king demon, there must be a reliable demon king , I must say . OH ! Miyuki and Anin could ! if they are not dead !  :frustrated: :glasses: :imdead:

Again, kill anin not right , she is the real doctor ! she's a good girl, I can not believe she's dead ! ! it hurts me too !  :on polter: :on blackhole: :imdead:

Great updates! Please , I'll be looking forward fervently for the next upgrade . thanks for this amazing story ...  :nya: :wahaha: :smoke: :kneelbow: :prayers:
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
« Reply #906 on: January 22, 2014, 05:51:41 PM »
souka nee~ so it was an act, jurina father pass out hmm
but still jurina act cause many burden for her friend,she should though more before do all that
first lovetan...and second maybe mayu,but it's still not confirmed that mayu died already,yuki will check it and maybe it was the sad moment for me since i love the mayuki pair,
nishishi~ i know she was suspicious but never i though the motif,now that i knew why she do it,i'm just though she going crazy because her love for airin,it was sad that her love are unrequired,and more and more sad when she killed her dearly person.
i don't know what happen next but somehow i want som miracle you know...the hellshing team deserved happy ending,even sasshi need it hahaha she being alone for long time.

also i notice new thing here,did jurina was immortal?or may have long lifespan?is that mean jurina will lost rena too??that not unfair for her,she will be alone again,the though of it make me's different with the mayuki couple or saeyaka ,from what i see in this story they are have long lifespan too,vampire and werewolf....hehe,also sasshi


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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 29) UPDATE!
« Reply #907 on: January 26, 2014, 06:50:06 PM »

Chapter 30 - The Finale

“Demon Seal Release : Yamata no Orochi.” The purple energy from the blade transferred into Nishishi.

“Everyone! Stop her now!” Jurina stood up and leaped towards Nishishi together with everyone.   

She started screaming while letting out blast of shockwave from her body again and again, blasting all of them back at the same time. Nishishi’s body kept on releasing bursts of shockwaves on its own as the power was too much for Nishishi’s body and kept on overflowing from her body. She fell to kneeling position and grabbed her head in pain.

“Strike her down now! This is our last chance!” Jurina ordered.

They attempted to rush towards Nishishi again. Rena with her Ravelt sword from the front, Jurina with her scythe on the left, Akane with her lightning blade on the right, Sasshi with her armored punch from behind while Chokoku and Gakuran with a charged up kick from above. They swung their respective weapons on Nishishi at the same time. To their surprise, their attacks were stopped by an unknown force right before they could land the hit on Nishishi. They screamed and increased their strength but to no avail.

Nishishi then let out a scream and blasted all of them back by releasing a powerful aura shockwave from her body. A glimpse of the Yamata no Orochi could be seen within Nishishi’s purple aura.

“Shit! It’s too late now!” Jurina cursed.

“Why? What’s going to happen now?”

Nishishi snapped the Yamata no Orochi blade in half and tossed it aside. She then stood up and grinned at them.

“I feel the power flowing within me.... Finally... My time to destroy the world has come.... Witness the ultimate power of destruction!” Nishishi’s voice changed. Her body started growing in size and her skin slowly turned purple.

“Oh, shit....” Their eyes slowly shifted higher and higher as something huge started overshadowing them by a lot.

They could see eight long necks integrated to the giant body. The eyes glowing in purple, scowling at the mini-sized Hellsing members. Nishishi breathe in deeply and let out a deep breath. Even her breath was purple in color. She has 8 heads now. Nishishi had transformed into the Yamata no Orochi demon herself. She stands at least 20meters high.

“Does that explain everything now?” Jurina voiced out.

“She becomes the Yamata no Orochi!?!?” Rena asked surprisingly.

“The one who activates the Yamata no Orochi blade will automatically be a vessel for the real Yamata no Orochi demon which was sealed within the blade itself. This fate is sealed. The reason why I didn’t become the vessel was because I was resisting it with my angel trigger. Nishishi had nothing to withstand it. So she only needs to smear the katana with her own blood and she will become the Yamata no Orochi itself and gain all its powers.” Jurina explained in detail.

“Damn it.. What now?” Gakuran asked.

“We fight.” Jurina summoned her scythe, followed by everyone drawing out their respective weapons. “And we pray for a miracle to happen.”

“Let’s do this!” Rena charged in first while clutching onto her sword tightly.

“I think you need a lift, Rena-chan!” Jurina spread her wings and flew towards Rena and grabbed her. She then hoisted Rena up to the sky so that they were on eye to eye level with Nishishi.

“Nishishi.. Stop this madness now!” Rena screamed.

“Stop?” Nishishi growled. “I’ll stop...after I crush all of you!” Nishishi thrusted one of her head towards Jurina and Rena. Upon noticing, Jurina spined Rena and herself away and managed to dodge against it. Jurina was still too slow to notice a flamethrower reaching towards them.

“Jurina, watch out!” Rena snapped her arms away from Jurina’s grip and changed the shape of her sword. “Decaforce Type 4 – The Sealing Sword : Runesave!”

Rena slashed the blade at the flamethrower and cut it in half. Jurina then flew down and grabbed Rena once again. “Where the hell did that flamethrower come from!?”

“Nishishi shot it.” Jurina said.

“The Yamata no Orochi is fire attribute?” Rena asked.

Nishishi suddenly shot a lightning bolt at them. At this time, Akane appeared in front and defended against the lightning bolt with her lightning blade. “It can shoot lightning as well?!”

Sasshi, Gakuran and Chokoku leaped in and attempted a united punch as they held out their fists at the same time. Three of Nishishi’s head looked over and shot something at them. One of the heads shot a wood from its mouth and managed to entwine Sasshi and constricted her tightly. Another head shot a series of giant rocks from its mouth towards Chokoku. The rocks were hurled so fast at Chokoku as if it was like a meteor shower. Chokoku eventually got hit by it. The last head shot a gatling of metal shards at Gakuran and successfully hit her with every single shards.

“What the hell is going on!?” Rena screamed at Jurina.

Jurina answered, “The Yamata no Orochi has eight heads. Each head has different elements.”

“A being with eight elements!? That’s just plain crazy!”

Sasshi who was constricted tightly by Nishishi’s wood got hurled towards Gakuran and Chokoku before dropping onto Jurina and Rena’s body. Akane didn’t hold out that long either as she also got hurled down towards them. “Ouch!”

“That is one crazy snake..” Gakuran groaned in pain while pulling out some metal shards stuck onto her body.

“The Yamata no Orochi consists of fire, water, lightning, earth, wood, wind, metal and darkness elements all mixed up together..”

“Right, so basically physical attacks will never be able to hurt it and it has resistance to everything in the world? What more it has an extra darkness attribute? How are we supposed to defeat it then?” Rena questioned.

“Not resistant to everything, though...” Jurina shook her head. “ No matter how powerful Yamata no Orochi is, demons are still demons. It’s not resistant against the light element. Light and Holy powers will be effective against it.”

“I only have one sword which has light attribute. I could use that. But that still isn’t enough, Jurina. Two of us are not enough. It’s too dangerous! Even with your second form activated, we still don’t stand a chance against it!”

“Who said that it will be only the two of us, Rena-chan? We won’t be fighting alone... The others will help us as well..” Jurina summoned a few angel weapons. “In my second form, I have enough energy to summon all my angel weapons at the same time.”

“This scythe of course, will be mine to use.” Jurina laid the scythe on her shoulder.

“Akane should take the Heaven Halberd. It grants you extra speed.” Jurina tossed the halberd at Akane.

“Chokoku will take the Mjolnir. I have it tuned a little so that other people other than myself can wield it as well. It will increase your overall strength.” Jurina tossed the Mjolnir at Chokoku.

“Gakuran will take the Angel Boots. It will increase your kicking strength and speed drastically.” Jurina tossed the Angel Boots to Gakuran.

“And finally for you, Sasshi... You should wear the Holy Gauntlets. Your punching strength and speed will greatly increase. Come... Let me help you put this on.” Jurina walked over to Sasshi and tried to put the gauntlets on for Sasshi.

Sasshi nudged herself away. “Man, I’m not touching THAT thing. I’m a zombie for god sake. I’m weak against holy weapons. I’ll die holding that gauntlets.”

“Just wear it. You’ll be fine.” Jurina insisted.

“Nope. Not going to wear it.” Sasshi hid her hands behind her back.

“Damn it, Sasshi, just wear it!” Jurina forced herself onto Sasshi and forced the gauntlets into Sasshi’s arm.

“Gah!!!!!!!! My arms!!!!! They’re melting!!!! Oh gosh!!!!!! Help!!!!! My arms are..............fine? Huh?” Sasshi looked confused.

“You’re not in contact with the gauntlet directly, Sasshi.. The inner part of the gauntlet is made up of comfy pillow pads, not holy material. As long as you do not touch the puter part of the gauntlet, you’ll be fine.”

“Hey, I didn’t know..” Sasshi closed her fingers and opened them again. “These are pretty comfortable..”

“Oh, a little present for you before we leave, Rena-chan...” Jurina laid her hand on Rena’s back for a short moment. A light energy transferred into Rena’s body and suddenly a pair of angel wings emerged from the back of her body.

“What the....” Rena was shocked that she had angel wings like Jurina.

“Like I said, Rena-chan... It’s a present.” Jurina gave Rena a playful wink. “Now... Let’s go slay us some snake!”

Rena nodded and they rushed towards Nishishi once again. This time, their faces beamed with confidence and hope. They attempted the attacks again. As a snake head was reaching for Rena, it was stabbed by Akane with the Heaven Halberd. Nishishi growled in pain.

“It really works!”

“Decaforce Type 8 - The Solar Blade : Million Suns!” Rena morphed her sword into her light attribute blade. She then flew towards Nishishi’s stomach and landed a successful slash on it. Rena’s attack was followed by Sasshi’s punch, Gakuran’s kick, and Chokoku’s Mjolnir smash. Nishishi growled.

“Hey, it works!” Rena said excitedly.

That was when an evil grin wore upon Nishishi’s face. “Too weak...” Nishishi shot a concentrated black energy blast at all of them and sent them flying away.

The black evergy kept on burning their bodies as they rolled on the ground screaming in pain. “I-It.....hurts!”

“These holy weapons are nothing but a plaything for me! I am the strongest in the universe!” Nishishi let out a maniacal demonic laugh.

“She’s too powerful.. Nishishi’s darkness energy completely overshadowed the holy weapons..” Rena groaned. “These weapons weren’t enough at all...”

“Nothing we do can stop her now. She’s way beyond our capabilities..” Akane looked at the rampaging Nishishi.

“This can’t be... Not even holy weapons could work against it... Is this how our fate will end?” Rena cursed herself.

“No, this can’t be the end! There has to be a way to kill the Yamata no Orochi!” Gakuran shouted.

“There is...” Jurina sounded, attracting everyone’s attention.

“There is? How??” Rena asked.

“We can kill it with an overwhelming pure holy power that completely overshadows her darkness power.” Jurina dropped her scythe onto the ground.

“Jurina?” Rena frowned.

Jurina looked up into the sky and let out a smile of frustration. “Somehow I already know that the stage two of my angel form will not be enough, but I kept insisting on using the powers against Nishishi..” Jurina sighed. “I really REALLY did not want to do this... But it seems I have been left with no choice but to use this, huh... This must be my fate set by the heavens...”

As one of the snake head flew towards Jurina, it got blasted away by a holy light surrounding Jurina.

“What is this power!?” Nishishi covered all her eyes and growled.

Jurina slowly shut her eyes, her head still faced up to the sky. “I hereby open the gates of heaven..” A bright white light blasted down from the sky and shone on Jurina. It was the brightest light they had ever seen. The whole area literally got lit up brightly. “Angels of the heavens... Grant me....the full power of the Angel Trigger..”

Jurina’s whole body started glowing in a golden colored light.

“Jurina....” Rena was shocked at the scene as she had never seen Jurina glow in gold before.

Jurina grew more wings behind her back. Instead of having two wings like she usually did, she had six wings now. A sword made out of pure golden light appeared in Jurina’s hand. As she grabbed onto it, it released a burst of golden colored holy light energy to the surroundings.

“H-Huh?” Rena looked at her own arm. The large wound closed itself up. Everyone who was previously wounded got healed immediately upon contact with Jurina’s golden colored aura.

“W-What is this light!?” Nishishi was definitely very disturbed by the bright light emitted by Jurina. “Tch- Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re covered in gold! I’m the strongest demon in the universe!!”

Jurina shifted her eyes towards Nishishi. “You have one final chance, Nishishi. Nothing you do will works against me now. Just give up.”

Nishishi laughed at Jurina’s statement. “Stop joking with me, Jurina.” She immediately launched two of her head towards Jurina.

Jurina shook her head. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Nishishi took Jurina’s statement as a bluff and thrusted her heads at Jurina. Everything happened in a split second. Both the heads were separated from its body with a single slash.

“GAH!!!!” Nishishi screamed in pain.

“You have sinned very badly, Nishishi... I have no other ways to save you.” Jurina shook her head.

“Shut up!!” Nishishi shot an ice beam at Jurina. To her surprise, the ice melted upon contact with Jurina. “What!?”

Nishishi shot a flamethrower, followed by a lightning bolt. Jurina swinged her sword and both the elements got deflected away. “You’re no match for me, Nishishi. Give up now.”

“I’m no match for you!?” Nishishi was angered. She shot a blast of concentrated black energy at Jurina. Jurina merely held her hand up and the energy blast got deflected away.

Nishishi immediately rushed towards Jurina to attack. As she was about to land the attack, Jurina suddenly disappeared. She was nowhere to be seen.

“Gah!!!” Nishishi growled in pain all of a sudden. Her tail had been cut off by Jurina.

“I told you, Nishishi. Give up. Nothing you do will work on me now.” Jurina stated loud and clear.

“I... Haven’t.... Lost... Yet...” Nishishi panted. “I will kill you!!!!” Nishishi placed her remaining six heads together and charged a blast using the six elements. It created a rainbow colored charged ball. Nishishi then released it at Jurina.

“Stubborn... I will not let you hurt any of my friends anymore, Nishishi! This ends here!” Jurina flew towards the laser and pointed her sword straight on.

Jurina thrusted through Nishishi’s laser and finally pierced through her body. Jurina then screamed and slashed her sword from top to bottom, splitting the giant eight headed snake in two.

Nishishi reverted back to her human form. Almost 90% of her whole body was already rotten. Despite losing, Nishishi still didn’t want to give up on her actions. “I”

Nishishi screamed and jumped towards Akane. As Nishishi reached her, Akane gripped onto her lightning blade tightly and pierced it through Nishishi’s heart. “Gah-”

“It was a mistake to take you into Hellsing in the first place. But Airin was right. You did have the potential to be a strong fighter. Airin saw that in you, and I believed her. So I trained you, and you did become better and better in fighting.” Akane shot a smile of frustration at Nishishi. “But who would have ever thought you would grow up to be so messed up? Not only have you betrayed Hellsing, you have also betrayed the very person who believed completely in you. Airin believed in you and YOU SPIT IT BACK AT HER DAMN FACE!!!! And of course I am partly responsible for this as well. I have failed you, Nishishi. I failed to bring you back to the correct path. It will only be fair to destroy the abomination that I created with my own hands.”

“I can’” Nishishi reached her hand out at Akane weakly.

“You have lost the fight since the day you killed Airin. You have lost to yourself.” Akane replied with a cold expression.

Nishishi laughed hysterically as her whole body started to evaporate. “Way to get back at me, Akane.....” Her body finally then vanished with the blow of the wind.

“Rest in peace, Nishishi.” Akane looked up to the sky and close her eyes.

“Let’s hope she learnt her lesson..” Sasshi stated.

Jurina reverted back into her normal form as the gold light engulfing her body withered away and floated back up to the sky. Jurina looked up and smiled. “Thank you.”

“Jurina... What was that power just now? How come I have not seen it before?” Rena came running towards Jurina.

“That was the final phase of my Angel Trigger. When I activate the final phase of the Angel Trigger, it will grant me the powers of one thousand angels from the heaven for a short period of time.” Jurin smiled.

“Wow.. That’s amazing, Jurina.. You never cease to amaze me even up till today.” Rena replied with a smile. She then fell down onto the ground and breathe a sigh of relief. “It’s finally over...”

An applause was then heard from under a nearby tree. Everyone shifted their attention towards the tree and saw a girl clapping her hands and smiling at them. “You guys did a good job..”

Rena stood back up right away. “Sayanee!”

“Even the Yamata no Orochi was no match for you guys... I have to say that I’m deeply impressed. You have just relieved me off another job to do. That Yamata no Orochi would be quite a handful for me..” Sayanee said.

“Crap, we totally forgot that she’s the Demon God.” Sasshi said.

“Seems like you guys already know about this.. Well, there’s no use in hiding my identity any longer, I see. I am indeed the Demon God.” Sayanee confessed.

“Crap.. Just when I thought everything was over... She turns up..” Rena took out her sword.

“Hold your horses. I’m not here to fight. I just met your friend, Yuki back in Milky’s room when she was trying to look for your friend, Mayu.” Sayanee said.

“Yuki and Mayu? What have you done to them!? ”

“I just had a talk with her. That’s all. I’m impressed that Mayu was able to take Milky down. I never would have thought that Milky would ever be outsmarted by anyone else.”

“So, Mayu won? That’s a relief...”

“Milky might have lost the fight, but she’s a demon. So, she won’t die that easily.. But your friend Mayu is in the brink of death. Yuki had already sent her to the hospital.”

“Mayu was in such a bad condition!? Damn it, we need to get rid of Sayanee quick and rush to the hospital!” Akane pulled out her blade as well.

“As I said, I’m not here to fight... You guys are free to leave this place anytime you want.”

“Huh???” Everyone was confused. “Even after we injured your comrades and killed them?”

“You don’t have to worry about injuries for demons.. That’s a small matter. As for those who died, you don’t have to worry as well. I have plans for them. I’m the Demon God anyway. I’m just here to have a talk with Center. That’s all.” Sayanee shifted her eyes towards Jurina. “So, Center... Have you made up your mind yet?”

“Made up my mind about what?” Jurina asked.

“You know what you want... My life.”

“How did you know about this?” Jurina was surprised.

“Your dad came to see me before this... About his premonition and his meeting with you.. I knew all your plans beforehand.” Sayanee said.

“Y-You did!? Then why didn’t you kill me?”

“You’re the daughter of my best friend. I’m not going to do that. Besides, I want to expose to you of how demon life is to see if you still feel the same way after living with us. If you still do, then I will be ready to be cut down by you.”

Jurina smiled and answered without any hesitation. “I’m not going to kill you.”

“Are you sure about that? You might regret making this choice.”

“I used to be completely stuck up and hated demons to the core despite myself having demon blood flowing within me. Living with you guys with a period of time had enlightened me about demons.. Now I know, not all demons are bad. Just like Annin... I’m not sure what my dad saw in his premonition and I may not know you that well, but somehow I have the feeling that you are not the type of demon who would attack humans without a good reason. I know I’m not going to regret this choice. I’m not going to kill you nor am I going to ask you to kill yourself. Besides, getting rid of all evil would cause the world to be imbalanced.”

“Very well.. So you rather trust me than to trust your dad’s premonition.”

“I didn’t say that I trust you more than him. Don’t get this wrong. It’s just that...something within me told me that I made the right choice. That’s all. Besides, it’s just his premonition. It could be wrong.”

“Your dad’s premonition is never wrong.”

“And I’m my dad’s daughter. If his premonition is never wrong, then my premonition will never be wrong either.

“You’re weird.....” Sayanee let out a slight laughter. “Just like your father..”

“Well, as I said, I am my father’s daughter.” Jurina smiled back.

“Now things are settled here. I shall be making my move.” Sayanee turned around and slowly walk towards the shadows.

“So, I’ll see you next time, I guess?” Rena shrugged.

“Next time?” Sayanee turned her head around and smiled. “There won’t be a next time.. We shall never meet again.” Sayanee snapped her fingers causing all of them to get sent flying all of a sudden.

As they landed back down, they stood back up and groaned. “What is this place? How did we get here?”

“Sayanee must have sent us here.. Far away from the Demon General’s castle.” Akane said while rubbing her butt.

They looked around and noticed that they were standing in the front yard of the hospital. “It’s the hospital! Mayu’s in there! Let’s go in!” Gakuran pulled Chokoku and rushed into the hospital. Sasshi and Akane followed suit. Rena was about to rush in as well before she turned back towards Jurina. Jurina looked zoned-out.

Rena looked at Jurina. “Jurina?”

“H-Huh?” Jurina came back to her senses.

“You looked troubled, Jurina... Are you ok?” Rena caressed Jurina’s face.

Jurina sighed. “I’m just....glad all this is over... And Annin...she....”

Rena landed a kiss on Jurina’s cheek. “Jurina... I understand your feelings right now. Annin’s a sweet girl, and I believe she wouldn’t want to see you being sad over her death. So, smile? Please?”

Rena smiled at Jurina. Jurina replied with a hug. “Rena-chan.... I’m afraid...”

“What are you afraid of, Jurina?” Rena patted Jurina’s head.
“That we will soon be separated from each other like how Annin was separated from me, Rena-chan... I’m afraid..” Jurina said.

“What are you saying, Jurina? Of course we won’t be separated from each other..” Rena smiled.

Jurina sighed once again. “I...actually planned on leaving you silently, Rena-chan... But I felt that it will be unfair for you..”

“Come on, Jurina. What are you talking about? Stop joking with me..” Rena pulled Jurina away and shocked to see Jurina’s serious face..

“I can’t stay here anymore, Rena-chan.” Jurina looked away.

“Huh? What do you mean you can’t stay here anymore? You don’t like the hospital? We can go home then. We can visit Mayu another day.”

“That’s not what I meant, Rena-chan...”

“Then what do you mean, Jurina? You’re saying weird things.”

“I didn’t want to tell you this earlier, Rena-chan.. If I did, you wouldn’t have let me activate my final form when we were fighting Nishishi. By activating this final form, I had already locked a place for myself in the heavens.”

“What are you talking about, Jurina? I don’t get it..”

Jurina gulped and remained silent for a short moment before continuing. “I have to live as an angel in the heaven permanently from now on, Rena-chan.. I can’t stay on Earth with you anymore..”

Chapter 30 - The Finale

P.S : Next chapter is the last chapter~ And I will have an epilogue after that~

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
« Reply #908 on: January 26, 2014, 07:04:17 PM »
  :mon XD: yeayy.. upload.. :wigglypanda:
 :bow: thank you for update
FF is very good   :twothumbs
I ask to wmatsui happy ending  :mon pray2:
« Last Edit: January 26, 2014, 07:24:55 PM by Ani-chan »
I really liked Wmatsui & Mayuki :heart:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
« Reply #909 on: January 26, 2014, 07:07:47 PM »
This was awwesome!!!
Well, Nishishi... zannen. *pat pat

We all think that all is fine,
but then, like before
WMatsui gets into trouble
Whew...I wonder what'll happen next?

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
« Reply #910 on: January 26, 2014, 07:32:08 PM »
AHHH!!! Jurina, no! Don't go! Don't leave Rena!!!

I hope something happens so she can stay!!!

Onegaishimasu! :kneelbow: :prayers:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
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Nooo..Jurina have to go to heaven and left Rena on earth

Noo..Kevin-san what are u trying to do

Please updatesoon

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
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Ah... Jurina needs to go to Heaven now... what's going to happen to Wmatsui?

What about the rest of the generals...?

What's going to happen to the demons, hellsings and humans?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
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so the next chapter is the last?

i hope the finale will be the best  :hip smile: :hip smile:
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL~!
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Well, an announcement for those readers out there~!

Currently I have two ideas in my mind, and I need you guys to help me out...

Do you guys prefer for me to combine both Final Chapter and Epilogue together?

Or do you guys want me to separate them?

If you guys prefer to separate them, for the final chapter, I could post it up latest in two days time..

But if you guys prefer to combine them into a single chapter, I might need some time for that..

I created a poll for this~ Kindly leave a vote and I shall see~

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 (Chapter 30) UPDATE!
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
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@GEKI GEKI : If "I want lemonade dominates, it means I will decide it myself whether or not i wanna combine it  :P :P

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
« Reply #919 on: January 30, 2014, 02:25:14 PM »
Uh...actually I thought that by lemonade, you'll actually gave us a lemon...IYKWIM... \(//∇//)\

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