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Author Topic: AMNESIA: Chapter 14 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (18/12/2015)  (Read 74467 times)

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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This is so sweet. :grin:
Thanks for update.

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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Sorry im a silent reader.. I didn't comment on other ch

Im so in love with ur story and i want to know how Jurina going to tell Rena the truth

And i hope Rena don't hate Jurina

Please update soon

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀) I'm dying waiting for this great fic of yours. Please update more, I'm dying now, I'm dying ! I need to see my goddess wMatsui's next progress here ...
Please (˘̩ʃƪ˘̩)

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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Buahhhh So much CUTE!!! But I want the nes update  :drool:

Ahahah.... I'm an idiot :D
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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Kyaaaa!! what a great story :inlove:
Somehow I'm feeling like wanting to be jurina, having the attention and love from yuki and rena..
and also wanted to be Rena, indulging all the sweetness of jurina and be friends with yuki and mayu..
being yuki, feel protected by jurina and having mayu crushing hard on....
being mayu, able to feel the presence of yuki and secretly in love with her..

But no! I also feels like wanting to be someone in this story that can snatch one of this girls as my own HAHAHA XD
BUT but in the same time I want Mayuki and WMatsui to be together  :cathappy: so much!!
I'm having mental breakdown haha!
feeling like my heart going to EXPLODE right now!

This really really made my day sooo much! :roll:
I shouldn't do this...I can't get my head off of this fic
I'm supposed to study right now for my final exam yet ughh..
feeling exited impatiently  waiting for your next update!
really scared to know what's going to happened next
Ship Wmatsui..mayuki..jurimayu..juriyuki or any pairing that could be with jurina lol >o< but wait!mybe not all hehe ~^O^~ maybe cuz our jurina is soo cute to me ?? kyaa!! o>_<o~

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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update, please  :panic: I'm crazy about this fic  :shocked

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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Comeback QUICKLY PLEASE....!!!

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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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Re: AMNESIA: Christmas Special [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (25/12/2013)
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KONEKI: AW~ Don't worry, just a little drama going on and then it will be a happy ending in the end~ Just have to wait patiently.

MO-CHAN: I will always spoil the fan-readers~ Will try to do my best :P Hope you enjoy the bday OS one too!

KONOE: Indeed fanservices are always nice~!! XD There shall be more in CHAPTER 9~! (some MaYuki dating)

IMTEEDEE: Bottom of your hypothalamus!? LOL Awwww Tii. You're weird. XD

ZITA: Glad you enjoy the update!

KIROZORO: Don't worry about being silent reader, I'm one as well XD Now that I know u are, that makes me really happy to see you comment out like this! ^^ Jurina is sure going to have tough time telling Rena the truth as she's in a position that can barely say anything if you think about it? :O Like...she's Rena's unrelated sister...and also the tragic incident that happened right before the prologue begins (THIS UPDATING I'M ABOUT TO POST). We'll see now things between them goes~!

RenshuChan: LOL! It's just an okay fanfic, but I'm really glad that you enjoy it so far! As for wMatsui, they will sure need to go through this ordeal in order to reach the happy ending. XD

GEK GEKI: Sorry to take a while! HERE IT IS! :fap

LAHIKA: LOLOLOL!!!! sorry for taking a while~ XD I want to make sure the update is good enough for the series as well  :lol:

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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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Amnesia: CH08 Omake ~ Pre-Prologue, Tragedy of Matsui


Its been a year since Jurina, Mayu and Yuki had graduated and been working in Kashiwagi’s hospital. Despite the two doctors were still new, their talents were equally matched against majority of experienced doctors within the same field as them. Kashiwagi Azuma, one of the founders of the hospital, didn’t hesitate to select Jurina as the next head of ER department due to the years training under his guidance personally. It didn’t take that long for other doctors and nurses to acknowledge Jurina’s talent as well. They were fond to the young humble doctor and respected her as a gifted doctor.

However, as she was the head of department she barely had the time to even reply her mother’s letters. She wanted Jurina to visit home because all of them missed her. But the doctor hesitated to reply those messages, her feelings for Rena was still disturbing her until now despite she had a girlfriend already. Furthermore, the fight with her father was not even settled yet. She did not have the mood to meet with him yet despite the anger that was still lingering inside her. Suddenly, one of the nurses received a call and turned to Dr. Kashiwagi whom was strolling around the department. 

“Dr. Kashiwagi, Dr. Watanabe needs you at the ICU now.”

“Again…? Alright then, tell her I’m heading there.”

The doctor rushed to ICU immediately as her friend called her over. Obviously when she arrived there, she joined in the surgery operation immediately to assist Mayu along with other nurses. Many doctors and nurses could barely follow up Watanabe’s speed. Only a few people like Jurina and Yuki could work with her when the short doctor was being serious. Obviously Jurina wasn’t that pleased because she wanted Mayu to learn to adapt with other people in the hospital. After their intensive operation, they managed to save the patient and that’s when both doctors had their time to have a little chat.

“Mission accomplished. Glad you made it on time.” Mayu took off her gloves and scrubs outfit in order to change back to her default clothing.

“Mayu…you should learn to work with others aside from Yuki and I.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Oi! You need to! Yuki and I won’t always be free for you to call every time you have a serious patient okay?”

“Tch, fine…I’ll try.”

“You better.”

Jurina sighed with how Mayu was acting selfish with her. She had to admit that Mayu was definitely a talented heart surgeon, but due to her gifted talents it separated inexperienced nurses and doctors from her automatically. Even though Jurina scolded her friend every single time she was summoned, it didn’t seem to sink into Mayu’s head at all. Yuki was out of option to convince Mayu as well.


As they were enjoying their break at the moment…the silence within the Emergency Department did not give Jurina a good feeling at all. For some reason, she was using her precious quiet moments in her office room; she had stared at her family picture that was put on the table. It was the picture that was taken when she graduated from high school at Nagoya. Rena and her parents were in there and she wondered why she thought about them so much.

“Dr. Kashiwagi! There are patients coming from the accident! The ambulance is heading here right now.”

It was as she thought. The silence peace was a bad omen for Jurina. Other doctors along with her were ready for the patients to arrive and the only thing they knew was that there was this terrible accident happening at the outskirt street of Tokyo. The blood-soaked patients finally arrived and the whole emergency department was chaotic. There were several adults and children that came in and Jurina called both Yuki and Mayu over to help her with the havoc within the department. However…as the chaos was about to be under controlled, another storm came in again.

“Another ambulance is coming!”

“What!? It’s not over yet?”

Mayu yelled out loud and the ER nurse replied back to her immediately to provide more information to all the busy doctors who were trying to save their patients.

“They rescued 3 more from the car within the same incident. Their conditions are far worse than others that came earlier so please be ready!”

Jurina didn’t have a good feeling about it and quickly dealt with her current patient before the incoming ambulance would arrive. Luckily her patient that she had to take care wasn’t as severely injured as she expected so he was quickly sent up to the surgery room to sew up his wounds.

“The critical patient arrived at Bed 2, the last person is coming in a minute!”

“Right, I’ll take that.”

Jurina worked swiftly as expected from the head of ER department of Kashiwagi Hospital. Her hands were covered with blood of the previous patient and she replaced with her new gloves before she arrived at her destination. She recalled that she remembered the nurse said that there would be 3… However as she arrived, it seemed her doubt was cleared. There was another patient that was beside the barely alive one…he was already dead by the time he arrived at the hospital due blood loss. As Jurina approached the old woman…her eyes grew wide and realized her facial structure, and her body.

“She’s losing too much blood and we’re still waiting for the blood supply!”

The nurse informed her with information, but then her eyes were still staring at that old woman. As she slowly looked towards the doctor that came to save her, she couldn’t believe her eyes either. A smile appeared across the woman’s face and it made Jurina froze even more. The doctor couldn’t believe how and why would she even be here.



The nurses around the patient were all surprised and caught off guard when they realized that the patient that was just barely alive when she arrived at the hospital was actually Jurina’s mother. Then as she turned to the listless man body beside her…it was when she realized that it was person she didn’t want it to be…its her own father. No one would’ve expected this happening in one of the ordinary days in hospital, especially Jurina. However, there was no time for her to be wondering and devastated about her father’s death. She focused on saving her own mother from dying due to blood loss and internal injuries. Jurina managed to put on her poker face in order to hide all the frustration and chaos running wild inside her heart. As she was treating her mother’s wounds, she realized how fatal it was and high likely she wouldn’t be able to survive from it. Within that turmoil in Jurina’s hands…the last patient from the accident arrived and it was the person that she did not want to see the most…she saw the glimpse of her long black hair and that pale skin, with just a short glimpse of her blood-soaked face she knew it’s her…it’s Matsui Rena.

“The last patient is here! We need a doctor here immediately!!”

The nurse yelled and Mayu was just done from saving her preceding patient before she went up to take Rena’s case instead. Jurina was frowning and she couldn’t hide her pale expression from her. With much of fear running hectically inside her chest, she couldn’t help but to plead at her doctor friend to save her younger sister, her love one.

“M-Mayu! Please! Save Rena! I beg you!!”

“Huh?? This girl you mean?”

“S-She’s my sister…!”


The doctor turned to the patient before she nodded firmly at Jurina. She immediately took the girl into the emergency operating room in order to conduct the operation immediately. She needed Yuki as her assistant as she needed to work seriously and at full speed in order to save Jurina’s younger sister. She wouldn’t want her friend’s sister to die on the operating table with her own hands. She promised her friend to save Rena without fail.


As for Jurina, she couldn’t stop herself from constantly thinking about Rena’s whereabouts in the operating room while she was treating her mother. However, the wound that went through her stomach was so deep that she could’ve die any second that went by on the bed. Her internal organs were terribly bruised and she couldn’t confirm whether she would be able to save her mother or not. Jurina never realized that death could be this much terrifying when her instinct told her that her mother would barely have any survival chance from this.

“This isn’t working…she’s dying.”

The nurse spoke up and it seemed Jurina was not the only one that felt that way. Her white gloves were soaked with blood but she did not want to lose any hope with her mother. She couldn’t afford to give up until the very end.

“We can’t give up yet! We can’t!!”

As the nurses followed Jurina’s orders and assisted her despite they knew that the patient might not survive from this much injury. They only knew that Jurina was adopted by Yuki’s father and became part of Kashiwagi…and it’s the first time they met Jurina’s actual mother. Despite all the confusion they had in their head, one thing for certain was that she was truly important to Jurina. The doctor’s words did give them a tinge of hope to flip the situation and create a miracle. However…things did not went well as Jurina wanted it to be.

“Dr. Kashiwagi! Dr. Watanabe is calling you over to the operating room immediately.”

Another nurse rushed over to Jurina, while she was at her limits of saving her mother from dying on the bed as each second passed by. It was one of the worse things she could’ve wished for. She realized that Mayu needed her help to assist the operation…and the person she’s saving was Rena as well.

“Can she wait??”

“She said this is absolute order, it not…the patient will die in the middle of the operation!”

Jurina’s heart sank and this was the biggest dilemma she had to make. She knew Mayu long enough to know that the surgeon was very proud of her skills and would not demand for assist if she did not realize that she was reaching her limits. Either Rena or her mother could die any second that ticked by. It was as if she had to choose whom she wanted to save…and whom would have to die.


The weak voice spoke up and caught Jurina’s attention immediately. Her mother was struggling to speak as she was having a heavy internal bleeding in her lungs. She’s suffocating her own blood and felt the constant pressure inside her that prevented her from breathing.

“I can’t just leave you like this!”

Jurina yelled back immediately and the mother tried to speak back as she wanted her to go save Rena instead of herself. She valued Rena’s life more than hers and she was willingly to give her life if she had to in order to save her.

“Rena is…more important…please…”

The doctor’s heart felt like stopping. She bid her lips till the point it almost bled while she did her best to hide her emotions. Her heart was screaming in pain and with the worse dilemma in her entire life. Suddenly, another ER doctor rushed over to Jurina as he received an order from Mayu to forcefully drag Jurina to the operating room immediately.

“Dr. Kashiwagi, I’ll take your place and will save her. The patient in the operating room needs you!”

The doctor turned to the nurses and they nodded back. All of them supported Jurina to go save her younger sister while she still had that chance. Jurina tightened her fist and nodded silently. Any second she’s hesitating could mean death to Rena.

“…I’ll come back as soon as I save Rena.”

She spoke back to her mother and held her weak hand gently despite with her blood-soaked gloves. She could see a tinge smile across her mother’s face and it told Jurina that she was satisfied with the doctor’s decision.

“Please know…dad and I love you…like our own daughter…”

Jurina remained in silence but the nurses could see a hint of pain in the doctor’s eyes. She bid her lips and remained her calm expression and suppressed all her frustration within her chest.

“He loves you…he misses you…and I as well…”

“Mom…I love you too. I love you both as my real parents.”

“Rena…we…leave Rena to you…only you can…make her happy….”

Jurina held her mother’s hand tightly for one last time before she had to rush over to the operating room before it would be too late. She could feel her hand trembling with fear. Obviously, she was scared to lose her mother and Rena in this moment of crisis…

“I promise, I will save Rena. I’ll come back, so please don’t die.”


The doctor rushed over to the operating room and replaced new gloves before she entered the room where Mayu and Yuki were doing their best to save the injured young girl. They had no choice but to open her thoracic up in order to manually pumping her heart after her heart beat stopped.

“We’re going to do thoracotomy!”

Mayu ordered and it’s just got Jurina joined in to assist Dr. Watanabe. After she heard upon that word from her friend, she realized how serious Rena’s condition was. It’s one hell of a method that none of the doctors preferred to do if the patient was not on the verge of death. If they do nothing, she will die…however with thoracotomy, there might be some hope to this. It was indeed the toughest operation that the three of them ever did but with Mayu’s talent, the whole operation preceded neatly and found out the bleeding within the pericardium was suppressing her heart from beating. After they released the pressure around her heart, Rena’s heartbeat returned on the screen once again. It felt so long as if they were inside the operating room for the whole day. However, they needed the neurologist to check on her as she also received a strong blow in the head. They did treat her wound but they did not know the side effects that could happen after that.


It was just about time Jurina and others came out. As Dr. Kashiwagi glanced at the clock, she realized she had been in the operating room for 3 hours despite she felt as if she stayed over a day. She felt much relieved after Rena was saved, but she couldn’t stop worrying about her mother. She rushed back to the ER section and returned to the bed where her mother was without even changing her scrub outfit that was dirtied by blood. However…a part of her knew that three hours was long enough for everything to turn into miracle…or horror.


As she arrived, it was as part of her doctor instinct warned her…she saw that listless body on the bed and her face was covered with white cloth. It’s just so obvious that no one had to say anything to Jurina at all… Dr. Kashiwagi asked what time she passed away and that’s when she realized that her mother was no longer on this world even before the operation could’ve end. The doctor that didn’t manage to save her mother came up to her and bowed down with guilt. Jurina could understand his feelings if she was to be in his position, and also she knew that it would require a miracle to save her mother from that kind of injury.

“I’m really sorry Dr. Kashiwagi…that I couldn’t save her—”

“I know how deadly her wounds are, don’t worry about it…and thank you for doing your best to save her.”

Jurina put up a vague smile to cheer up her colleague from the patient’s death. She would not even tell that the patient was actually her mother, it would only cause more ruckus and inflicted more pain to the male doctor.

“Dr. Kashiwagi…”

“Nurse, do put my name under both patients’ profile. I’m taking responsible for their death.”

“But it isn’t your fault! It’s my—”

“It was my decision to leave her in order to save another patient. I’m also the head of this department…as soon as the two of them stepped into the hospital, they’re under my responsibility.”

Jurina interrupted her colleague and it made him remained in silence and shock. The male doctor remained in silence and then the nurse nodded firmly as she took Jurina’s order.

“…I understand.”

“Thank you for respecting my decision.”

Jurina left and glanced back at her mother’s listless body before she turned her eyes back onto the path she was walking. She changed back to her proper clothes before she headed up to the roof deck to take a break from the chaos in the ER department. It was no ordinary tragic for Jurina and no one would understand the pain she went through…the pain she didn’t have a chance to say a word to her father…the pain she had to decide between her sister and mother…the pain she had lost her mother by her own decision…the pain that she became a doctor yet she can’t save any of them.

Old memories when she had with her Matsui family repeated in her head and she recalled the last moment she exchanged words with her father. They were actually having a heated argument with each other…the last time Jurina met her father was right after she had graduated her medical degree in Tokyo and she decided to visit her parents along with Yuki.


Jurina and Yuki used their vacation after they graduate to go up to Nagoya. She came to visit her parents after she never met them for over 6 years…and Yuki pleaded her to at least come meet them once. Jurina still remembered the path back home very well and they stopped right in front of this house. The house tag still said ‘MATSUI’ and it seemed they didn’t move out yet so far.

“Jurina…you’re nervous?”

“I guess it’s more of frustrated. I told you…I had a fight with my family right before I was forced to leave here.”

“…I see.”

Jurina sighed and pressed on the doorbell. The next thing she heard the sound of a familiar woman telling them to wait until she came to open the door for them. As soon as she slid the door and her eyes met with Jurina…it seemed she recognize her immediately. Her jaws dropped and formed a huge smile across her face immediately.

“J-Jurina…is that you??”

“…It’s been a while, mom.”

She threw her arms around Jurina and embraced her daughter tightly. It had been so long since Jurina felt the warmth of her mother. It’s been so long and she had long forgotten that comforted feeling. At least, a smile appeared across her face once again.

“You’ve grown so much! Kashiwagi-san had told us about you coming. Dad is waiting for you, he misses you.”

“…I hope he actually is.”

Jurina still remembered that bitter argument she had with him and the mother welcomed both of them into the house. Everything still looked the same from the last time she left this place. The father was sitting at the couch waiting for Jurina to arrive. As his eyes met with hers, obviously…it seemed that bitter talk they had the last time was still bothering both of them until now.

“So…you must be Azuma’s daughter. You indeed look like him.”

“Good afternoon Matsui-san, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.” She bowed her head down slightly to formally greet Jurina’s parents. He smiled back to her and then he turned his attention back to his eldest daughter.

“I heard that you decided to become Kashiwagi, didn’t you?”

“…Yes, my apologize for not consulting or discussing anything with both of you.”

“It’s okay Jurina, it is your decision and it’s your life after all.”

Her mother spoke up as she brought tea for Yuki and Jurina. The only person that would make Jurina felt rather comfortable to discuss anything with would be her mother. She always treated her with love and understood her feelings the most, unlike her father.

“…Thank you, mom.”

“I’m grateful you’re having a good life now. Do feel free to come back anytime…you’re still our daughter after all, disregarding our blood.”

It was indeed a peaceful talk between Jurina and her parents. That was something that she wanted and she nodded softly with a smile for her father.

“Thank you dad, that meant a lot to me…this place, will always be my home.”

But ever since Jurina had stayed at home, she did not see or saw any signs that Rena was here at all. It made her wonder but she did not utter her name at all. She recalled the last time she had a heated fight with her father was regarding Rena. It seemed her name became some sort of taboo between her and her father. However as she had been constantly looking around, her mother had known what was behind Jurina’s actions.

“…If you’re looking for Rena-chan, she’s sleeping over at her friend’s house tonight.”

Jurina remained in silence and realized that her parents did not tell Rena about her visit today. A slight tinge of sadness and anger grew within her, but at the same time it would be better she didn’t meet with her. A part of Jurina’s heart still couldn’t forget about Rena yet…

“I see… I’m glad she’s doing fine.”

“Now that she’s mentioned, did your feelings changed?”

Her father asked but then the young doctor didn’t utter a single word. Only Yuki wasn’t able to follow up with the conversation that was going on. Jurina’s father looked at his daughter with a sigh.

“I see, so nothing really have changed ever since then despite you’re having a relationship with Yuki-chan.”


Jurina didn’t utter a single word and clutched on her pants tightly as she was trying to hide her dissatisfaction from her father. However, it seem the mother was siding with her daughter instead.

“Please don’t say like that…it doesn’t really matter anymore.”

The mother turned to her daughter and had that warm genuine smile across her face. Rena really did inherit that beautiful smile from her mother, as well as her kindness.

“Rena-chan always talks about you ever since you moved out to Tokyo.”

Jurina was surprised despite she barely exchange any words with the younger Matsui. It made her heart skipped a beat and wished to hear more from her mother. Jurina’s voice changed and everyone could tell that it’s livelier than the first time she stepped into the house.


“Yes! Rena always talk and misses you. Also she—”

“Don’t say it.”

The father interrupted and broke the whole conversation apart. He knew what the older woman would say and he prohibited her to tell anything further to Jurina. Obviously, it made the young doctor slightly dissatisfied with it. She hated when her father was being unreasonable like this to her.

“But dear—”

“Some things are better not mentioned.”

The eldest daughter of Matsui stood up from her seat and glared at her father. She reached the limits of her patience and she tightened her fist tightly. Once again, the whole heated fight she had with her father before she was taken away to Tokyo was repeating.

“…You’re always like this, some things that are better not mentioned? Just like when it’s the case of my biological parents!!”

She couldn’t contain her anger any longer and released it all out. It was the first time that Yuki ever saw her girlfriend lost her temper like this before. The Kashiwagi girl stood up by Jurina’s side to calm her down but it didn’t seem to work out that well.

“You made Azuma-san told me the truth about my parents…do you even know how I felt back then!? When will be the right time to tell me the truth!? By having someone tell me instead?!”

Jurina unleashed all her anger and yelled to the top of her lungs. She took a deep breath and glare at her father without blinking. The mother could feel her daughter’s anger through her words and knew it very well that Mr. Matsui’s decision wasn’t such a good one. However, she understood his intention, as it was his own way of caring Jurina, his eldest daughter.

“Jurina…” Her mother tried to approach Jurina, but then the girl continued where she left off.

“What am I to you? Just a thing that you can just discard whenever you want because I’m not blood-related to you? I bet you forced Rena to stay over at her friend’s place so that we can’t see each other.”

Jurina did step over the line and horribly insulted her father. However, she did not show any sign of remorse and walked away towards the exit instead. She had enough with meeting her parents today and deep down inside her chest…this massive pain was killing her.

“So be it then, I’m leaving.”

“J-Jurina—!” Yuki called after her but then she simply just exited the house and slammed the door loudly with anger.


A huge pause of silence within Matsui household as Yuki turned to Jurina’s parents and bowed to them to apologize in her girlfriend’s place.

“I’m sorry in Jurina’s place…things are really tough for her when we’re studying at Tokyo…”

Her parents didn’t say a word and the mother approached up to her instead. As her eyes met with Jurina’s mother, she was slightly captivated by that gentleness in those eyes. She held Yuki’s hand tenderly with care.

“Yuki-chan…is it?”


“…Please do look after Jurina in our place.”

The father finally spoke up after he remained in silence from his daughter’s shout. Yuki turned her eyes to him immediately and realized that he cared for her but he did not show it obviously enough to Jurina. Yuki could see tinge of sadness within his eyes. As expected…he was deeply pained by Jurina’s words, but it wasn’t something he denied either. He knew that he committed a terrible mistake on her and he deserved to be hated by Jurina.

“…Yes I will.”

Yuki nodded firmly and she could see a smile from both of them. So Jurina’s mother continued where she left off while slowly releasing Yuki’s soft hands. “Thank you so much, Yuki-chan. We’re sorry to leave Jurina with you…”

“Not at all…I’m actually the one that have to say that. If it wasn’t for me…Jurina wouldn’t accept the adoption offer from my father.” Yuki bowed towards both of them once again and apologized to them with guilt buried inside her chest. “…I’m really sorry. ”

“We heard the story from Azuma-san…it must be tough on you too isn’t?”

The father asked and Yuki only nodded in silence. She was deeply scarred regarding her mother’s death. She didn’t have any words to say further than what the truth was.

“Jurina’s a strong girl… I support that decision she made so don’t feel sorry about it.” 

He continued where he left off and that was when Yuki could confirm that her parents really loved Jurina. She nodded again and decided to leave after her girlfriend before she would make her wait any further. Lastly…Jurina’s father exchanged words with her for one last time.

“…You’re more than welcome to come by anytime, together with Jurina.”

“I’ll make sure to tell that to her.”

Yuki left the house and followed up to Jurina whom was already in the car. As she got in and sat down on the passenger seat beside her, Yuki glanced to see her girlfriend and saw her calmed expression. It seemed she have settled her flames of anger down. She could see eyes of guilt on those orbs.


“…I know it’s my fault there.”

“It’s alright, I’m here…I’m here for you.”

The Kashiwagi girl pulled and embraced her girlfriend closely to her. She stroked her head tenderly with love for her. Jurina closed her eyes in silence and allowed herself to be comforted by her girlfriend. The only person that the doctor could lean on right now would only be Yuki.

That was the last time she had exchanged words with her father. She did not even have the chance to apologize anything to him for those harsh words she said to him. It would always be the guilt and regret inside her heart forever…


The doctor inhaled the breeze at the roof deck of the hospital as she felt tears streamed down her cheeks. She sniffed and looked up into the deep blue sky with guilt and anger towards herself. It’s such beautiful scenery that it felt like a lie that such tragic happened today. As she did not know how long she had been up here, she heard the sound of the door opened behind her.


It was Yuki’s voice and then she ran up towards her immediately with Mayu following her from behind. As the doctor turned around she wiped those tears from her eyes and put a smile across her face. However, both her friends could see through that fake smile yet decided to speak nothing of it. Obviously they knew about the news regarding Jurina’s and Rena’s parents’ death.

“…Rena is having a stable condition now. I just checked on her before we came up here.”

Mayu spoke up and made Dr. Kashiwagi smiled with relief upon such good news. Despite all the tragic that she went through with her hands, Rena is saved and she’s alive. She couldn’t hope for more than this and before she realized it again, Yuki threw her arms around her tightly. They had not need for words…Yuki could tell that Jurina was in complete despair. 

“…Thanks Mayu, as expected from the most talented heart surgeon. Thanks for saving Rena for me.”

“It’s us, you idiot. I won’t be able to do it without you. We saved her.”

Mayu said clearly as if she was emphasized ever single word she uttered. However, she had another case she had to treat right now so she had to leave both couple alone.

“Go continue with your sobbing, I’m leaving to work now.”

“Mayu—!!” Yuki was about to shout back at the rude harsh Watanabe, but her words ended up making Jurina giggled out softly.

“Thanks Mayu.”

Watanabe did not say a word and simply walked out through the door, leaving the couple alone and have their private time. The nurse was still mad with how she was not treating Jurina’s feelings gently after the worse tragic that anyone could’ve least expected happened to her.

“Jeez…That Mayu…”

“It’s her way of expressing her kindness.” Jurina smiled while the nurse was still embracing her. She hugged her back and rested her head onto her shoulder.

“But still—”

“Please just be with me now…Yuki.”

Her voice was trembling and the nurse did not utter a single word out. She hugged Jurina tighter and stroked her head gently with tenderness. She understood that pain very well but she knew that Jurina felt far worse than this.

“Mom died…because of me.”

“N-No way!” Yuki couldn’t believe those sad words uttered from Jurina’s lips. She shook her head vigorously with denial. “You didn’t! It’s not your fault!!”

“Rena would hate me that I decide to abandon her mom…”

Yuki bid her lips and pushed herself away as she swiftly slapped across Jurina’s face. The young doctor was shocked and held her reddened cheek while staring back at Yuki.

“Jurina, she will never hate you…believe me. You’re not a god! We humans…do have limits on what we can do too. You did your best…and we saved Rena.”


“You got me, and Mayu…and Rena-chan too. You’re not alone.”

Yuki’s words allowed her to gather her conscious back and realized what she should be doing instead of being blinded by guilt. She recalled her mother’s words that she said for the last time.

“Please know…dad and I love you…like our own daughter…”

“He loves you…he misses you…and I as well…”

“Rena…we…leave Rena to you…only you can…make her happy….”

Her eyes grew wide with realization. Despite her parents were not biologically related to her, she loved them as if they were her real parents. There was something she could still do. Rena’s still alive…and she’ll protect her no matter what. She wondered whether what would it be when they met each other again. Will Rena recognize her? Will it be a sad or happy reunion? What would be the first thing she’ll say to Rena? Just thinking about it made her smiled without realizing it at all. She loved her younger sister so much that just thinking of her brightened up her mood instantly like a miracle.

“That’s right…I still have some things I have to do rather than weeping like this.”


“Yuki, can I ask you for a favor? Will you please…be Rena’s private nurse?”

She asked her girlfriend and she accepted without hesitation. She promised to Jurina that she would take care of Rena and would always stay by her side 24/7 until she wake up from her long hibernation. No one would know when she would wake up…but the only thing Jurina could do right now was to wait for Rena to open her eyes…


~Few days later~


Yuki came in to clean Rena’s room as usual as well as checking the monitor that was attached right beside her bed in order to check her current condition. She would do it every morning, afternoon, and evening. Yuki wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to Rena when she’s under her care. She simply waited…for the day that Rena would wake up. She knew that Jurina would be brightened up after she heard such delightful news like this.

While Yuki was making sure things in Rena’s room was clean, she suddenly heard a mutter from someone and she immediately threw her glance towards the bed. She saw Rena fidgeting slightly and obviously her heart was filled with happiness. She wanted to just scream but then she remained her composure first in order to not scare away Jurina’s sister.

“W-Where am I…?”

“Ah, good morning Matsui-san.” 

Yuki greeted her with a smile and approached the screen that was right beside Rena’s bed. As she checked the graph and the values, it made her smiled with relief to know that her condition was good.

“Ah, it seems everything is in a stable condition now.”

Rena looked at her with a confused look and that caught Yuki’s attention. She recognized the oddness within Rena’s beautiful brunette eyes and they exchanged a short silence glance with each other.

“Nurse…who am I…?”

Yuki froze instantly. She had a worrisome expression across her face and obviously it was something she wouldn’t be expecting it to happen. She knew this condition very well, and didn’t think that this would be happening with Rena at all. The neurologist told her after they had checked on Rena that the memory section of her brain was damaged and there was a chance she might not remember several things. However, Yuki didn’t expect that it would be so severe that she didn’t even remember her own name. She wondered how would she inform this news to Jurina.

“Ah…I’ll call the doctor so she can do the explanation for you.”


Her voice was shaking, as it seemed she was still weak. The nurse left immediately to go call Jurina over immediately to tell her that Rena finally woke up from her long sleep. Obviously, it didn’t take that long for Jurina to arrive at the front of Rena’s room. However, Yuki had to inform the most depressing news to her girlfriend that Rena had amnesia from the accident. She did not recall who she was and likely…as well as about others she knew as well. Jurina remained in silence and just simply nodded. Maybe a part of her thought that it might be better Rena didn’t remember anything after that bloody tragic. She walked towards the door as she wanted to see her face right now.


As soon as the door opened…Jurina’s eyes met with the awakened Rena and she couldn’t control the happiness surging inside her chest. The young Matsui had grown up into a beautiful woman, and she’s alive, breathing, right in front of her eyes.

“…If you need anything do call me.” Yuki bowed to the doctor before she told her softly that she would wait for Jurina in front instead. 

“Thank you, Yuki.”

The doctor spoke back to the nurse before she left. Now, it was only the doctor and her sister who had a huge amnesia. She realized how much Rena grown up to resemble her mother. She could tell from those gentle eyes. Jurina approached her while another hand was in her pocket, clutching her fist tightly. Despite the happiness to meet with Rena once again after 7 years of being apart…she felt as if a spear went through her heart. It was the pain of being forgotten.

“Nice to meet you, I’m your doctor by the way.”


She muttered softly with those words. Rena’s voice was just so melodious and it rung inside Jurina’s ears clearly. It had been so long since she heard her voice…it had been so long that she felt that she had forgotten how she sounded like. She sat down on the chair and held Rena’s hand gently with love. Finally she was able to hold her hands once again after they were forced to be separated before they even had a chance to say proper goodbye. The love and care she had for Rena resurfaced once again and was passed through via this touch.

“Who am I…?”

She asked Jurina with a weak voice. The doctor could tell how much pain she was going through right now. Jurina looked into Rena’s eyes and smiled with love. She promised to herself that she would always protect Rena and take care of her no matter what. It’s the time for Jurina to protect her after she attempted to forget her feelings for Rena. She would give all her love and life to her, even though Rena would not remember who she was. Maybe it would be better for them to start their relationship from scratch instead.

“Your name is…Matsui Rena.”

Jurina finally told her name with a soft gently voice. She wondered whether she should be happy with this or not, all she knew was that her heart was screeching in agony that the memories she once shared with Rena were no longer meaningful…as if none of them existed to begin with. 

“…Do you remember anything?”

It seemed it was that one question Jurina wanted to ask Rena the most. But the doctor knew the answer very well…she knew the answer too well, yet she still asked that question…Rena simply shook her head as she recalled nothing about herself or anything.



Spoiler for CH09.......... FINALLY! the time for MaYuki couple to bloom! A DATE!? Sae showing up!? ...We'll see :)
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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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Uwaaaa~ Update~! :fap

Jurina, Yuki is right. It's not your fault. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Awwwww... TOO MUCH SEROTONIN~ THE FEELS :cry: :cry: :cry:

Yuki and Mayu are with you Jurina.. Be strong~!

All of you, be strong~! :fap More drama to come. :twothumbs

Thanks for the update and your hardwork..

Looking forward for the next... :kneelbow:
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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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This not answer all my question about rena,

what actually happen to her?

I mean her father seems hide something about rena that everyone doesn't know,

why always separated them?

I think the reason why jurina has to out from matsui house is rena,

the reason? Only kate know it LOL

I just hope when rena memories back,she still the rena i know,but looks like its not gonna happen,its always the opposite LOL at least hope,no matter what happen with rena,her love for jurina is real,maybe the problem from the start is this love feeling LOL

So the next is mayuki! Yeaah! This is my oasis! Wmatsui seem in the verge of cry? LOL
Expecting sweet moment between them,when i read mayuki,always make my grin and doki doki,mayuki act like teenage LOL

But sae come?

 I dont care LOL ,

somehow i know when you mention about sae mean the happy moment replace by sad or bad moment

I just hope the next waiting is not to long like this one LOL

Love your fic kate~ and thank for this update


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Waaaaaaaaaaahhh. . . . Hontoni Arigatouu Kate-san. . I read your update when I see the date. And I read it @2AM o'cLock Indonesia Time. And I'm gLad that You was Answer My BIGGEST QUESTION why Jurina feeL so guiLt around Rena. Hontonii Ureshiiii. . . . :)

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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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So the matsui family were to surprise visit jurina in Tokyo, and sadly some truck driver hit them. Maybe it was rena who wanted the family to visit jurina since she won't visit them back in nagoya, and thus rena's subconscious(?) is blaming her

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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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Rena is the most intriguing person here. Why does Rena's father wanted to separate the two so bad?

They are right! It's not Jurina's fault that her foster mom died. She tried hard to find a way but it's too late. :cry: Her mom also encouraged her to go and save Rena instead. I guess Jurina is afraid to tell Rena what really happened at the operating room on the day of the car incident. Afraid that Rena will get mad at her and hate her for not being stubborn in trying to save her mom. 

Why the hell do you make awesome fics?! I really want you to update faster. I want to read MORE!!! :pleeease:

Next chapter is Mayuki~ Sae will show up? That guy will only get defeated by the Great Mayu. :bigdeal: Mayu and Sae's last 'conversation' was interesting. LOL. It's time for Mayu to save Yuki again. :inlove:

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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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that was what happened..
I can see is acting like her father when she wants to hide things of Rena D:
ow next turn!!
Sae will be there yay I can't wait !

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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This's the first time I've commented in your fic :mon whimper:
Your writing style is so addictive :mon lovelaff: Can't stop re-reading it :mon study:
Just like everyone above, Rena's the most mysterious here :mon cweepy:
But at the same time I also curious about Mayu's family and her past, more specific, maybe :mon sweat:
What Rena's father hide :mon dunno: Such a big question :mon speechless:
Mayuki's on the line :mon firecrack: So Sae shows up, again :mon evillaff:
Can't wait to see more of their conservation :mon beam: Maybe with some martial art :mon star:
Arghhhh, can't stop thinking about your next chapter :mon headbang:
Anyway, looking forward to your chapter :mon thumb:
Please update ASAP :mon pray2:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: AMNESIA: CH08 Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (27/01/2014)
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Hello kate!
Wow finally update!

Is there's any possibility rena has some mental...uh you know?but i'm not sure,she seems normal,after i read this update i check again on the prologue,i was sure when rena on that car before the car got hit by truck,she's healthy and aware what's going to happen,so i could said rena was fine,mentaly fine.

I couldn't think a good reason why rena's father want separated jurina and rena.
They always said it was for their sake.
What so good?,as we know what happen to jurina after kick out from matsui household,we don't know what happen to rena,if jurina has yuki and mayu for her support,i scared to say who's support rena at that depressed time?the only i know is,when rena got that accident,if she has friends,shouldn't her friends at least visited her?she has friends right?when jurina visited the matsui house again after she graduated,rena mother said that rena has sleeptover on her friend,is that true?or not?maybe she went somewhere else~

Jurina was totaly fine,do thing normaly,nothing wrong with her,so it must rena,the problem is rena.i'm so curious with the real rena,is the real rena is bad person?yankee?gekikara?hahahaha rofl. When first time rena know that her sister is not in house anymore,i'm quite shock she accept it so easily,not like jurina that on rage at that time,but rena?she so calm~

In other side,i could seen jurina know the truth about rena,why?because after her step father and mother died,it's imposible to not know what exactly happen.jurina sure investigated it.that's why jurina want to protect rena.that's explain why she stubornly dont want rena know the truth even thought rena already know they are step sister,so i though, 'there must be another secret behind secret'.and its not just about jurina is the cause rena mother's died hahahaha or maybe i'm wrong~

Oh i think much too much talk neh? That was just what i thought,i re-read again cause i almost forgot what the story about hehe sorry

I really anticipated the next chapter,wanting know about rena,honestly i hate jurina character here,she want protect rena but i felt like she kinda slow hehe

Mayu mayu mayu finally! Watanabe family!yeah!

And sae will show! Yeah i kinda like mayu sae interaction,somehow i got a feeling sae has interest on mayu!

Update fast kate~ hahahaha fast! Hahaha

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