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Author Topic: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN (SayaMilky, YuiParu, YuriAnnin, & more in the future)  (Read 11616 times)

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  • Too bad they all graduated.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT :panic: :panic: :panic:

THEY FINALLY DID IT WAAAAAAHHH :panic: :panic: :panic:

Clears throat*

Anyway. Yui and Paru are now together! I need to read more YuiParu stories. gosh that pairing is like the last major pairing to be in AKB and it makes me sad  :cry:.

Also are you making any more stories? And if you are, what are enough thinking about?  :?

Have fun writing! Wish you luck!  :twothumbs

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Hi author-san!!!
First of, love both fanfics. They are both awesome. Though I kinda wished that the SayaMilky fanfic be a bit longer, not that I'm complaining, but it was lovely.
I love the lines in each fanfic. How Sayanee tries to convince Yui and that last line she says to Milky in the fourth chapter -- BEAUTIFUL!!!

Can't wait for the update, or a new fanfic.
And please do make an omake of both stories.

Also can't wait for that AnninYuri fanfic, as well as YuuNaa.
Keep up the good work.

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#2.5: SayaMilky


“Sayanee~! Let’s go home together!” Watanabe Miyuki cheerfully called out and opened the door to the light music club room only to find the girl sitting on a chair with her shoulders dropped.

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

Yamamoto Sayaka sighed before answering with, “I said too much again. This time, Yui-han will really hate me for sure…”

“Ah, don’t worry, don’t worry! You are her only friend. She won’t hate you that easily! You usually say the right things anyway. So, there’s no reason for her to hate you,” Miyuki waved her hand in front of her face to emphasize her points.

“…You really think so?”

“Yes, yes! Don’t worry about it! Don’t worry! Let’s go home already! You promised that you’d spend the Christmas Eve with me, right?”

“Ah, yes,” Sayaka grabbed her bag and got up. “So, where are we going?”

“To that shop we passed on our way back yesterday! You know, the one that sells that really delicious Christmas cake? I think they also have a special deal for couples tonight. I saw it on their website the other day.”

Watanabe Miyuki wanted to show the website page to Sayaka. So, she looked through her bag for her cell phone. But, something else caught her eyes.

“Aah…!” she exclaimed while pulling a piece of paper out of her bag.

Yamamoto Sayaka stopped walking and turned. Miyuki had also stopped walking a few steps behind her.

“Milky? What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to give something important to Yui-han…,” she could feel a cold sweat started to form on her temple.

“Huh? What is it?”

“The very important note from Paruru…”


“Whaaaaaaa….. Sayanee, what should I do? Yui-han will surely get mad at me!”

“Nah… don’t worry, don’t worry! She’ll understand.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sure. I’m sure.”


There was a moment of silence between them.



“Do you know that when some people lie, they tend to repeat their words?”

“Eeh?” Sayanee could feel the sweat running down her spine. “No way, no way! You worry too much!”

“It’s true. They said that on the TV drama the other night.”

Another moment of silence followed.

“Wait…! Milky! Does that mean you also lied when you said that Yui-han won’t hate me??”

“What?” Miyuki realized her mistake. “No way, no way! You’re the one who worry too much, Sayanee.”

She immediately circled Sayanee’s arm and practically dragged her to resume their walk.

“Let’s go to that shop already!”

“Wait! Milky-!” Sayanee protested.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s just a TV drama, a TV drama!”

Well…I guess I’ll just have to deal with Yui-han’s wrath later…

Watanabe Miyuki put the paper back into her bag.



End Note:

This omake had been long overdue. I am really sorry about that. I'm planning to make a short bridging story after this, followed by the first part of a YuriAnnin story. So... stay tuned?

@pheonix0i: I agree. They really are a cute couple, aren't they? No worries. Glad that you seemed to like the story :)

@Soysaucee: Hey, Buddy. I thought so. Imagine my heartbreak when Paruru graduated last year... Anyway, yes. I'm writing more. YuriAnnin story is coming soon. Hope you can still have some time to write and have fun, too :)

@Goto24: Hi, Goto24-san. Thank you very much. I am sorry that you had to wait very very long for this update. Hopefully I can publish the next update soon. Wish me luck :)
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Yeay ! A YuriAnnin story~ :grin:

Thanks DeNight-sama !  :bow:

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Dear Friends,

Here's the bridging story. Do you know the song I use in this chapter? You can find the complete translation here. Yes, I just quoted the first few lines. All credits go to the song's rightful owner and the translators :)

@Miniju: Well, addressing me with DeNight (without any honorifics) will be all right  :nervous  But, I understand why you're getting excited while reading that I'll post a YuriAnnin story. Hehehe. No worries. It's coming soon. I may even post the first chapter tomorrow (if I have an internet connection).



#2.6: YokoYamamoto


How many times have I walked down this road

In the hopes of meeting you…

How many times have I stopped in one corner of town

Looking out for you?

Time makes us wait as it uneventfully passes us by

I thought I’d talk to you about it

But we simply passed each other by…

Yokoyama Yui was just about to reach the light music club room when she heard the song sung with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. She now knew where to find the person she was looking for. She walked faster and slid the door open. She approached the short haired girl who was playing the guitar next to the window. Raising her arms, she swung and hit the girl with the posters in her hand.

“Ouch! What the heck!? What was that for!?” Yamamoto Sayaka protested while rubbing the back of her head.

“Who was it that said we should start recruiting more members if we want to revive the club? I was waiting for you this whole time near the first-year classrooms, you know!” Yui glared at her best friend.

Sayaka widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Aah! I forgot!”

“Yeah, I thought so.”

Yokoyama Yui sighed and shook her head. She reached for a chair and sat down in front of the girl who was now apologizing to her over and over again.

“You know, Sayanee. I really like your music,“ she started to say. “But, how many times are you going to sing that one particular song? It’s not like Watanabe-san is going to magically appear before your eyes after you sing it for the one thousandth time.”

“And whose fault was it that she isn’t here now?” Sayaka sulked.

“What? It’s not my fault if I have tons of student council work with the coming third-year graduation and new students welcoming ceremony,” said Yui in her defense. “I also have my hands full at the shrine with so many people praying for their passing high school or university entrance exams. On top of that, you still drop the light music club introduction on me.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. But, you didn’t have to tell Paruru to ask Milky to spend the spring break with her instead.”

“Why? I gave her a chance for a free holiday. She’s been wanting to see Tokyo anyway. You should have thanked me instead!”

“Yeah…,” Sayaka gave in. “But, if she gets roped into a modelling business, decides to stay in Tokyo, and falls in love with some ikemen model, it’s all your fault!”

Irritated, Yui hit Sayaka’s head one more time.

“What the heck!” the short-haired girl protested.

“It’s too clear your head. You think too much,” she reasoned. “Let’s go. I thought you want these posters posted around the first-year classrooms before Monday. I got the permission already.”

“All right, all right. What’s the hurry.”

Sayaka put her guitar down on its stand. She then grabbed her bag and followed Yui out of the club room. The graduation ceremony for the third year would be held at the auditorium tomorrow. The welcoming ceremony for the new students would be held on Monday of the following week. But, although they were still in their spring break, some people came to school to prepare for the big days.

“Is it just me, or there are a lot more people at school today?” Sayaka wondered as they walked toward the first-year information boards.

“The third years who lived in the dorm need to move out today. The new students who want to live in the dorm can also inspect the building starting today,” Yui explained as she handed the stack of posters to Sayaka and took down some old posts from the boards.

“Aah, it that so.”

Sayaka watched other people coming and going around the school ground as she waited for Yui to finish clearing up some space on the boards. Some people came with their parents. Some hang out with friends. She waved to some students she knew when their eyes met. She noticed some fans clubs were having their meeting in front of the legendary sakura tree. The meeting seemed to be held to send their favorite sempai off and took one final picture with them.

Among the people, Sayaka could see some new faces. Some of them intrigued her. Soon, these new faces would also have their own fans club, she thought.

But, between the laugh and the tears of the crowd, what caught her eyes the most was the glances some people threw to others when they thought that the other parties were not looking. A girl with long straight hair sat on one of the benches with her headphones on. While looking bored, the girl’s eyes kept on following a certain brown-haired girl in a distance. Five girls were standing near the teacher’s lounge. They seemed like a group of friends… Except that one of the girls kept on glancing at the other one next to her--who kept on touching the girl’s arm whenever she had the chance.

“Ooh… this is interesting…,” Sayaka thought aloud.

“What is?” Yui asked as she stopped moving some posts around.

“Nothing,” Sayaka replied. “It’s just… the spring is really in the air.”

“Huh?” Yui did not understand. “You are weird.”

Sayaka just laughed.

“Just remember your promise,” Yui reminded her as she posted the first poster. “I’m helping you with the light music club in exchange of your running for the student council with me in the next election.”

“Don’t worry. I remember,” Sayaka smiled.

It seems like it will be a very interesting school year after all.



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Dear Friends,

This is very short. But, I hope it's enough to build some excitement and anticipation. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)


#3: YuriAnnin


“Ah! It’s Matsui Jurina-sama! Kyaaaaaaa!”

“Sayaneeeeeeee!! Kyaaa! She waves at us!!”

Kizaki Yuria frowned. She felt so irritated by the constant squealing and giggling she had been hearing from the point when she entered the school gate until now when she walked in the hall way. It was still so early in the morning, yet people had been so noisy already.

“It’s the first day of the first term for God’s sake!” she grumbled while pulling her headphones out to cover her ears.

With many of the idolized sempai graduating, —some even decided to enroll in some universities out of town—she thought things would be calmer somehow. But, she could not be more wrong. With people like Mogi Shinobu and Iwata Karen transferring to the school last year, the girls seemed to find their new princes already. The fact that Kinoshita Momoka-sempai had just changed her hair color (again) heightened the other students’ excitement even further.

Kizaki Yuria could not fathom all the fuss about the popular prince-like students. It was not that she disapproved any kind of same-sex attraction. It was just that they were in all-girls school after all. If Yuria could choose, rather than a tomboyish prince-like girl, she would rather be fangirling over a princess…

Right when the thought crossed her mind, a girl with a long brown hair walked past her. Yuria turned to see the girl who was then standing in the hall way, talking with a teacher. About a second later, their eyes met and the girl gave her a polite smile. Yuria abruptly turned back and continued walking—trying to act like she did not care.

The girl was Iriyama Anna, one of Yonjujo top students. She used to be Yonjujo Middle School’s student council president. They had never been in the same class, nor did they ever talk to each other. But, Iriyama was famous for her intelligence and her humble personality—a moe gap with her princess-like aura. So, yeah, Yuria knew her. And yeah, she was attracted to her—not that she would admit it openly, though. There was just no point of saying it. The girl may not even know her name and—even if she did know—it’s not like she would reciprocate her feelings anyway.

“Ah, damn,” Yuria muttered under her breath. ”Why do I have to start a new semester with all these negative moods.”

To be continued...


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Finally! *fangirl squeal*

But, it was too short~ :P

Can't wait for the next chapter~

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DeNight-san, TOO SHORT!!!
Update is TOO SHORT!!!

But I like it either way. Mogi, Iwata and Kinoshita are prince-like here huh.
Interesting, especially choice of members.

Hope each one end up having a love story as well.

Also that YuriAnnin update. Can't wait for your next chapter. Hope it's soon.
Ganbatte kudasai~

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