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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 33630 times)

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: The Family II -RenAtsuYuuJuri-
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Uh...No need to mention Takamina...I just know it~
-So yeah, this family thing is quite sad to me...
-Y-Yeah, it is totally innocent...A sympathy for the whole family...
-Man...It is so sad!!~ Yuko found Atsuko and then both of them...
-Found Rena and Rena stabbed Yuko?! But she was safe and then...
-The met Jurina who was left abandoned just like the AtsuYuu...
-It was so innocent yet sad~ Well, as long they're happy with each other~

>Pls make another one!!~ I'm gonna look forward to it!!~ Nice & sad storeh!!~ *thumbs up*

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: The Family II -RenAtsuYuuJuri-
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Fraught Consequences 1
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imteedee, that, I was actually thinking of making it darker, add a little oil to the fire. But then I realized that I made it too long (I don't count the words. Just plain look at the length)

Kochiki, was sad... I'm pretty sure I'm curious more of how and why Atsuko glared at her parents to the death, more than the development XD

DontMindMe, was waiting for that XD Yeah, I'll add another side story for that some other time.

   I don't know why but for this Sathday tradition, I'm thinking of AtsuMina. So here's something sorta like an AtsuMina. Don't worry, nobody's gonna die :nervous Anywho, this is a multiple chapters. 4, probably. Thinking of ending it at 4. I'll end this up by the next Sathday, since I was planning some sweet fluffy AtsuYuu (and one smut) on Yuko's holy day~

[Fraught Consequences] 1/?

   Relationships come even in the simplest form of contact, but to maintain the status quo isn't actually an easy task at hand. One simple mistake could lead into the most distraught situations one couldn't simply imagine. If one mistakes it to that form, then there is no way to fix the relationship, without using meaner methods.

   This is a story of four friends, Idols of hundreds and thousands of people, yet still needy of each other. Their challenges in their relationships surpasses the river they needed to cross to gain of such titles, as entertainers. Simple entertainment lead to their relationship to be as solid as a wall. But little did they know, that the wall has already been breached long ago.


   Akihabara. The town of technology which became the town of 'otaku', or as some call it, addicts. It ranges from Games, to Japanese animation, even to 'manga'. But in recent years, it became the birthplace of a group of idols which revolutionized the nation and took the top of the entertainment industry. But what is this said 'idol'? Is it simply the symbol of respect and admiration? Or is it something that far exceeds it which could lead to idolization? None can explain it into words, none can even think of it. Yet, people admire these figures, not because they are idols, not because they even tried to be idols. It is because they are simply there. Their existence far exceeds the human mind, but they are there.

   The idol group which topped entertainment, is a group of girls, formed AKB48. Their dream ranges from Acting, Singing, Dancing and even Drawing, but they are still one. They came together to reach their own dreams, and also pull along other members into reaching their dream. 'Give and take', is what they say.


   Inside the AKB48 Theater, the theater known as the home of the idol group, a few girls were doing random things. Some were actually devoting themselves to practice, some were fooling around and some were taking pictures with the others. A girl, with black shoulder-length hair ran through the crowds towards a another girl, a small petite one who had made out her hair in a ponytail fashion.

"Caught. You~" the black haired girl laughed as she tackled the smaller girl, making them fall on top of each other due to the momentum and speed of the taller one.

   The shorter girl tried to wriggle her way out of the taller one's grip to no avail. The taller one rubbed her cheek on the shorter one's and snuggled up to her, much to the shorter one's agony.

"Acchan, there is a time and place for everything, you know." the shorter girl sighed as she patted the taller girl's head, and the taller one purred, and snuggled up to her more to find comfort in the shorter girl's heat.

   The two girls were known to be the most inseparable pair inside the group.

   The taller girl, the one with the black shoulder-length hair, is called Maeda Atsuko, the Ace of the group who has been in the center of it for years. Because of this, she was known to be the most famous in the group, even to be called the immovable Ace, until a certain girl who shared the 'Ace' title with her, stripped the girl of her title, only to be left as mockery by her fans. But because of that, she had grown up, feeling defeat for the first time, she saw something far more important to her, and that was her captain.

   The shorter girl, the one known to always keep her hair in a ponytail, is called Takahashi Minami, the group's captain who takes care of most of the problems inside the group. She was often called the 'Father figure' of the group, and has supported the girls in any way possible. But even so, scandals and hate arose from the group and she had been worried about it nonstop. She blamed it all on herself for all the problems inside the group and what stopped her from thinking that, was the Center of the group, whom she had befriended and trusted since the early days.

"Takamina's so nice to cuddle~" Atsuko said in her embrace and rolled around with the older girl.
"A- Acchan! Not now, I said!" Minami ordered, but was ignored since the younger girl only wanted fun more than anything.

   While the two were obviously making out, they were watched warmly by the other members and that includes two of the most famous figures in the group.

"Hey, you lovey-dovey couple. You're showing some bad examples to the juniors" the shorter of the two other girls scolded, who was slightly taller than the Captain.
"Un." the taller one only nodded in agreement, continuing to concentrate on her game.

   The shorter girl is called Oshima Yuko, the other 'Ace' of the group, who shared the same title with Atsuko. They were rivals, friends and even confidantes in themselves. They helped each other far more than anyone inside the group and had been like that for years. She also was usually paired with AKB48's most beautiful girl, and was content with it since she loves the girl dearly.

   The taller girl, playing her Playstation Portable like it meant the world to her, is the said Beauty of the group, named Kojima Haruna. She was often paired with the squirrel-like Ace, but truth be told, she wasn't actually too happy of it. The perverted squirrel would usually hug her, grope her, kiss her and once, slept with her. But even so, she liked the squirrel-like Ace a lot. She couldn't explain as to why, but the shorter girl gives her content and happiness that she had never felt with anyone else.

"Yo, Yuko~ Back from making love~?" Atsuko teased, followed by a perverted grin on her face.

   Haruna blushed bright red at the younger girl's tease and rolled her eyes, not minding the conversation, and continued to play her game. Seeing the lovely reaction from her pair, Yuko smirked and cleverly and skillfully shifted her body to Haruna's lap, making the taller girl to put her chin on Yuko's head since she was used to it.

"You know it~ But NyanNyan said we need to save our energy for t-" before Yuko could complete her sentence, she was met with Haruna's fist on her head.

   Yuko rubbed the pain she had received from the taller girl's love and pouted sweetly, making the taller girl to blush more and turn of her Playstation Portable, to join in the converaation.

"You have no delicacy, you know that, Yuko?" Minami asked the older girl and Yuko could only laugh, since she was used to such comments.

"Oh really, Takamna~? And who was the one who 'ACCIDENTALLY' came into my bath today~?" Atsuko smirked, making the shorter girl to blush bright red at the taller girl's tease, as she remembered of what she had seen.

"I- it's not like I did that on purpose or anything!" defended Minami who was clearly wrong in so many aspects of life.

"Is it so wrong to say you want to peek on Acchan? I do that with NyanNyan every time~" says Yuko with pride, confident of her familiarity with the cat girl.

"Shut up, Yuu-chan. Please, You're embarrassing me... Literally." Haruna said, hiding her face with the switched off Playstation Portable.

   Seeing the inseparable pairs laughing aloud and being so overly attached to each other, Togasaki, the Theater Manager of the group, sighed and grabbed Yuko and Atsuko by the collar, pulling the two away from their pairs. He then hauled the two Aces to a corner.

"Eh?! What was that for, Togasaki-san?!" Atsuko pouted, glaring at the man.

"Yeah! I was thinking that you were jealous or something, but NyanNyan is mine!" shouted Yuko as she stood up magnificently, or so she thought until she was hit in the head by Togasaki.

"I already know of your relationships, and frankly I don't mind since Akimoto-sensei gave his somewhat reluctant blessings." Togasaki said, mentioning the one known as the manager of AKB48, Akimoto Yasushi and continued "But I don't want you girls to just plain make out in front of the juniors, you know. You should learn some self control. You're not kids anymore." scolded Togasaki to the two Aces.

"But I don't give a f-" before Yuko could finish, she was hit in the head again, this time by Atsuko.

"Manners, Yuko." joked the younger girl as she stuck her tongue out playfully.

"Okay! This is the ninth time today! Can't anyone just let the squirrel go free without a hit on the head?! Are they TRYING to turn me dumb?!" shouted Yuko, dissatisfied with her treatment.

"You girls..." veins popped up from Togasaki's forehead, signaling the time for Yuko to just shut up or things would become worse. "From now on, for a week, Maeda is not allowed to meet Takahashi and Oshima is not allowed to meet Kojima. If you break that rule, it's the same as breaking the Ban of Love. For one week, you must not meet your pair. Understand?"

   Yuko and Atsuko couldn't say anything. They couldn't protest at all even if they wanted to. When Togasaki is angry, he's angry and it's better to just shut up and follow his orders. And thus, the two reluctantly accepted and was brought out.


   Haruna and Minami were waiting for their pairs that was until a certain girl came to them and joined their circle.

"Yo, where are your lovers?" the tall and energetic girl asked.

"Oh, hi Sae." Minami greeted the girl before answering "I don't know. Togasaki-san dragged them somewhere to lecture them."

"Oh. About that." Sae said, remembering what she heard. "Togasaki-san forbid you guys to meet them. Takamina can't meet Acchan and Haruna can't meet Yuko."

"Eh?! Why?" Haruna asked, surprised as she put down her Playstation Portable.

"Probably because they pissed him off or something. Says that rule will take affect for a week." Sae informed.


"Seriously?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Yuko in despair as she clutched her head with her hands, sitting down.

"I blame you for this, you know." nagged Atsuko as she sighed, making sure that the older girl is sorry for what she did.

"Hey, hey. Who was the one who always singed 'Takamina~~~' all around the room?" countered Yuko.

"Don't blame my love for Takamina!" Atsuko hits the older girl's head yet again.

"Okay! That does it!"

   Yuko, who was fed up with everyone just hitting her head for how many times they felt like, grabbed Atsuko's hands and pinned her down to the floor. She then punches the girl playfully and rolled around with each other. Yuko managed to contain the taller girl in her lock but then Atsuko fought back, slightly touching the older girl's hips and causing Yuko to moan. Atsuko grinned, and in that slight opening, she turned the tides and picked up Yuko then pinned the girl down.

"You're way too easy, Yuko." teased Atsuko, complete with her sadistic grin as she pinched the older girl's cheeks. "This is sooooo fun~" she commented.

"You little~" Yuko smirked and then tickled the younger girl.

   Still on top of Yuko, Atsuko laughed uncontrollably and clutched her stomach from too much laughing. She then fell down to the floor in defeat as the older girl tickled her on top.

"Y- Yuko! Ahahaha! Sor- Ahahaha! Sorry!" Atsuko apologized in spite of her uncontrolled laughter.

"Say 'Yuko-sama' and maybe I'll forgive you~" Yuko teased, demanding the impossible.

"Y- Hahahaha~ Y- Yu- Ahahaha -Ko- Haha -Sama"

"Meh. I'll take that as a success." satisfied, Yuko stopped and lied down next to the girl.

   Atsuko, in tears from too much laughing, finally stopped and calmed herself down. She then looked at the older girl to see her closing her eyes, enjoying the moment.

"Sorry for having to separate you and Takamina." Yuko apologized which caused Atsuko to flinch.

   The younger girl then chuckled. She had never thought that THE Great Oshima Yuko, her rival, would apologize to her anytime soon but she had already forgave her long ago. She respected the older girl far more. And it's not like she couldn't handle not seeing her lover for a week. It's just a week. Nothing much.

"It's okay, Yuko~ You're my best friend so of course I'm okay with it~" Atsuko smiled at Yuko.


   Silence crept in. Yuko didn't speak a word but only closed her eyes. The uncomfortable silence got to Atsuko and she thought of just apologize for calling her her best friend but then Yuko eventually opened her mouth, though her voice was a bit hesitant and lifeless.

"Yup. Best friends." Yuko smiled, showing her dimples to the girl and Atsuko chuckled.

"Best friends forever~" the younger agreed and embraced Yuko in a friendly hug, before falling asleep in each others' arms.

   Little did they know, that the week was short, yet long.

[To be continued]

LoL I missed Sathday XD
Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope I get to finish this by the end of the week~
Thus, farewell and see you next time!
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences 1
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Can't wait for the next part, Ashu  :w00t:
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences 1
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Interesting....Atsumina and kojiyuu

They are together and being blessed...

How are they going to spend thier 1 week punishment?

How about Minami and Haruna?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the new OS

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences 1
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*COUGH I can't wait for our HOLY DAY I feel like spamming in here  :lol:

TD IS IMPRESSED, HUMAN  :vv: LOL emoticon ftw AM I THE ONLY ONE? I'm having a hunch this will end up with AtsuYuu, *shakes head Maybe just my imagination  :nervous
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Fraught Consequences II
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saku, I shall try!!! Though I don't promise if that would be good or not XD

cisda, I am sorry to betray you! >A<

TD, you know how I roll XD And I can't wait for tomorrow~~~

   And so without further ado, here's the second part!


   They lie, they pretend and they act. What else can they do? To admit these feelings was something that they could not hope to do. One wrong step and it will be over. They didn't want to break the status quo. But now, the gears had started moving again and they were lost in this roller coaster ride. This ride might even be their least, yet they still continue to act. For how long? For how long can they keep up with the farce they have put up?

[Fraught Consequences - Part II]

"Now that was unexpectedly useless." Atsuko sighed and threw the book to the wall, then plopped down on the floor again, being one with the earth.

   It had been five days since she had last seen her lover, Takahashi Minami and she had been in the room almost all the time. She had learned to keep her hands to herself the whole week and the only one who had to suffer for her urges was her best friend who was making a sandwich at the meantime.

   They say that the popular group, AKB48 was always busy and that their Aces rarely had enough time for themselves, but truthfully, Atsuko didn't have anything to do at all. She had all the time in the world and there was nothing she could do to fill it.

   Looking at the room yet again, she cursed the one who forbade her to see, hug, grope and do unspeakable things to her lover, Togasaki. She actually respected the man, since he had been with the group since the start and would always advise her in most situations but now, she couldn't help but despise him. The bottled up lust, that she had counted as 'boredom', was something she could not keep any longer She wanted to immediately run out of the room, search for a midget with a ponytail, glomp her, kiss her, and of course 'eat her up', but she couldn't do such.

   "What ARE you doing, Acchan?" a voice was heard from the door. It was Yuko, holding a plate of sandwiches and looking at the younger one suspiciously.

   Atsuko finally realized that she had been drooling while looking at a picture of Minami eating a popsicle. She mentally facepalmed herself as she looked back at her best friend. "I was mumbling a mantra. Do not disturb." Atsuko sat properly this time, legs crossed and palms put together to avoid the awkward moment.

   Yuko chuckled and put the plate of sandwiches on the table while looking at her friend being abnormal yet again. Yuko then grabbed a sandwich and offered it to the younger one, not saying anything. Atsuko looked at the sandwich as one would look at a lover, which made Yuko grin widely. She moved the sandwich to the left, Atsuko goes to the left, drooling. She moved the sandwich to the right, Atsuko goes to the right, still drooling. "You want one~" she asked and the younger nodded vigorously. "Then~" she puts her index finger at her bottom lip, looking at the younger one cutely. "Kiss me~"

   There is a popular saying in Japan, 'One does not simply step in between Maeda Atsuko and food.' and Oshima Yuko had just stepped in that line, and regretted it. Atsuko puts a chaste kiss on the girl's lips, startling the older girl and not only that, she also pulled the older girl closer to her, deepening it and makes the kiss longer. After a few seconds she parted, and looked at the older girl pleadingly with a small pout.

   Mouth gaped open, Oshima Yuko was too flabbergasted, surprised even, that she couldn't move an inch. She then looked at the pleading younger girl and sighed, finding her cute all of a sudden. Though she's always been cute. She gave the younger girl the triangular sandwich.

   Atsuko accepted it gladly and was about to dance, until she saw the blushing Yuko. She thought for a few seconds and then puts one end of the sandwich in her mouth, while offering the other end to Yuko.

   Yuko's eyes opened wide and she glared at the younger girl whose eyes were sparkling with excitement. Well, one could never turn down Maeda Atsuko. She bit the other one, hoping that it won't turn awkward yet again, and they slowly went towards each other with every bite.


   Haruna looked sadly at her captain who was walking back and forth impatiently. It was no mystery that her captain was missing the skinship of her lover, but there was nothing Haruna could do to stop or postpone it. She then thought of something and grabbed the small captain by the collar, lifting her up.

   "Eh?!" obviously, she was surprised. Minami tried to get off but to no avail as she was being lifted to a nearby chair and then sat there.

   Haruna, finally satisfied, heaved a sigh and looked at the captain seriously, surprising her. "You need to calm down, Takamina." she said it clearly without any use of her cruel voice. She was worried for her captain's sake.

   Hearing this, Minami stopped and looked down. She knew she was acting weirdly. She missed her lover far too much. She also knew that Haruna was worried about her but she could not do anything about it. Her body felt cold, not having the warmth of her lover.

   The older girl realized the insecurity with Minami and hugged her from behind, enveloping the younger one with her own heat as a replacement. "Don't worry. I'm still here. I'll be your heat for the meantime."


   After the battle for the sandwich, Atsuko and Yuko went out to the park. It was already night time, at about 9 or so. They walked around the park with Atsuko clinging to Yuko for no apparent reason, probably due to her missing her own lover.

   Yuko sighed, the weight of the younger girl wasn't really unbearable but she sighed at herself for being Atsuko's alternative cuddlebear buddy. The stars in the sky couldn't be seen much, thanks to air pollution and she thought of a subject at hand. "Ever wondered why the stars aren't shining so much here?" she asked.

   The younger one tilted her head, confused at the question. "Dunno? It's because we're in the city, right?" she said, not so confident with the answer since she had always been skipping her school lessons.

   Chuckling, Yuko patted the girl on the head, tiptoeing and making the girl to squat down a bit due to the height difference. "Nope." she smled, "Because you're shining brighter than any of them."

   Feeling embarrassed for some reason, Atsuko's face blushed bright red, and thanks to the darkness of the night, she managed to hide it well from the older girl. "Corny." she smiled, face already in her nose scrunching position as she stuck her tongue out at the older girl's attempt. "Though it's better than Minami's."

   Yuko pouted at her failed attempt but then laughs it off. "At least I tried." she nodded and patted the younger girl's head yet again, making Atsuko to purr like a cat, happy.

   Atsuko then separated herself and continued walking forward, grabbing the older girls' hands. She saw a flower, a sunflower, probably fell from someone's hands, on the ground and picked it up. She then smiled. "You know what, Yuko? I'm like this flower!" she says, offering the flower to the curious Yuko.

   "What do you mean by that?" Yuko asked, staring at the flower and the girl.

   "A flower can't just blossom by itself. The same as me~" Atsuko pointed at herself cutely. She then placed the flower at the older girl's chest, "It's because you're always with me that I've managed to become the one I am today. How I can shine on the stage, was because you're always right next to me, giving it your all."

   Yuko listened intently, her heart beating faster than before, and her own face was bright red to her ears, as the younger girl placed her hand on her chest.

   "Your smile gave me the strength to move on, to lead everyone. When I lost to you in the Sousenkyo, I felt happy. Happy because I'm still next to you, that I'll be cheering you on by your side. And after you gave me your blessings in the third Sousenkyo, I couldn't be any happier. Yuko, you're the reason I've been here for so long. Even when I'm separated from Minami, you're still with me." she says, smiling yet again. Her smile never faded. "Thank you... Thank you for everything, Yuko." she bowed her head deeply, thankful for the older girl for all the encouragement.

   Yuko finally caught on, tears fell down from her eyes. She smiled as well "Your song, FLOWER, right?" she asked.

   "Yup!" Atsuko nodded. "I've asked Aki-P to write something like that, so it was actually for you, Yuko~" she got up from her bow and smiled again at Yuko.

   The older girl sighed. "So Aki-P's already caught on, huh..." she said, not looking at the younger girl this time.

   "Huh? What do you mean?" Atsuko tilted her head to the side, confused at Yuko's sigh.

   Yuko then looked at Atsuko, and approached her. "Do you remember your final lines in that song?" she asked.

   Atsuko thought for a bit and smiled wryly. "Of course I do, Yuko~"

"'ichiban utsukushii FLOWER' (The most beautiful of all flowers)" she singed.
"'anata no egao ga hizashi ni nari' (In the sunlight of your smile)" Yuko joined in.
"'koko made sodatta' (It has grown up)"
"'kono hana wa' (That flower)"
"'maru de ai no you ni...' (Is made entirely of love)"

   Realizing this, Atsuko's eyes shot open and Yuko kissed her out of nowhere. The kiss was different than what Atsuko did a few moments ago. Yuko kissed longer, more passionately, and grabbed Atsuko's head so that she couldn't move, but to be kissed so passionately by her. It became worse for her as Yuko slid in her tongue, differentiating it with all the kisses they have done so far together. Atsuko then lightly pushed Yuko away but to no avail. Then finally, Yuko parted from the kiss, needing air.

"'maru de ai no you ni...'"

To Be Continued


Coz I'm running out of time, I'll end it at the next part, and delete some TakaHaru scenes.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences II
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I can't breathe!!! I'M DEEEEAD NOW, I'm DEEEAD!!  :pen_whirl: :pen_whirl: :pen_whirl: :pen_whirl:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Fraught Consequences III
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[Fraught Consequences Part III]

   Three days had passed since Yuko's abrupt actions, and finally the ban had been lifted. But...

   "Acchan~" Takamina cried tears of joy after finally seeing her beloved, not seeing her for a week, and glomped, tackled and hugged her, feeling the heat she hadn't felt for such a long time.

   Stumbling backwards, Atsuko hugged her lover as well, for she too had missed her far too much. She didn't have much time together with her though because of the concert they have at the moment for three days.

  "Hehe~ After the three-day concert, I'm gonna be yours for all day~" Takamina said, smiling at her lover, but she noticed something different the time. Something not Atsuko-like. "You okay, Acchan?" she asked, worried but Atsuko only kept silent, looking at the ceiling because the two were lying on the floor, Takamina on top of Atsuko.

   Patting the girl on the head, Atsuko thought of a few things, she had talked to Mariko, her 'big sister' in the group, and she had joked a few times with Takamina on it. Then she saw a figure, clinging to her beloved cat like usual, almost as if the week had became just a dream. A dream she could never experience anymore. A dream- No, a nightmare.

   Looking at the girl's eyes, Takamina's worst nightmare finally came true. The eyes which longed for something wasn't targeted at her. 'Whose eyes are those eyes?' The eyes of the loving Atsuko whom she loved so much, wasn't directed at her anymore.

   "I'll say it on the final day..." she had made her decision


   It's been over a year since she left us. The 'Ace's' graduation announcement shook the world by storm and the topic became popular even outside of Japan. People cried, some didn't believe it, some thought that she would say 'Just Kidding~' in the end... Oh how Gon-chan wanted her to say it. Wanted her to be with her. She didn't want Acchan to leave her. But... she never took her statement back.

   Her reason of her graduation was simple. She graduated to make way for her juniors. For her lovely, cute, little juniors. That was a farce. She didn't graduate for them. Acchan loves to dote on her juniors, mostly Jurina, Rena and Shiriri- I mean, Mayu. But to graduate because of them? No. Acchan would challenge them. She would probably become a wall for them to become stronger. She would not graduate and leave them. She had caused more pain that what she wanted if that was the case.

   The real reason for her graduation... is probably because she did not want to see a certain person anymore. A person named Oshima Yuko. That person, is me...

   I've caused her a lot of pain. I confessed to her, even forcing a kiss on her when she was already going out with Takamina. I heard from Takamina that after Acchan graduated, they broke up. She didn't say to any reason as to why they broke up but I could think of one... One being the usual, she wanted time out of AKB48, and the other, being she thinks she was tainted... I think it's the former, but Acchan's mind is weird.

   But... For some reason, it was as if Takamina found out about it. Though, she didn't say anything about it. Sometimes she would glare at me for no reason. She thought that I didn't realize but I'm THE Oshima Yuko. There's no way I won't realize it! Me and Acchan kissed and Takamina knew it. I was prepared for the consequences but... Takamina didn't do anything, same with NyanNyan.

   Speaking of NyanNyan... Ah, my beloved catgirl... I actually told her everything even before everything happened. She didn't actually get mad, more so she also confessed. She confessed that she was in love with Takamina. I was surprised as hell at that time, but yeah, we teamed up together. Me focusing on Acchan and her focusing on Takamina, though we always find some sort of comfort with each other. I like hugging NyanNyan. We gambled. We gambled on the slim chance of us succeeding, but both of us got rejected.

   Takamina still holds some lingering feelings for Acchan. So she rejected NyanNyan immediately once she found out about NyanNyan's feelings, though my case was worse. And as for how I managed to find out about such? Well, she told me after going to Acchan's house. She said that she cried in Acchan's arms. Why did she cry in Acchan's arms instead of mine? That, is still a mystery. Though I suspect the two of them had something going on.

   As for me and Acchan's relationship, it's still as solid as ever. We've been hanging out a lot more than before. But she never once mention about what happened. She didn't reject nor accept my love. And that, hurts more than being rejected tenfold...

   And now...
   "Acchan..." it's the first time since we saw each other since the incident. It wasn't the incident that I was talking about, the incident before the graduation. But this incident hurts more.

   "Yuko..." We didn't need to say anything.

   We walked around the park, the park where I confessed to her for the first time. My hand slightly moved towards hers and our fingers intertwined. She then looked down, down to the ground. I couldn't see her face much for she had grown her hair longer. The warmth of her hand, the warmth which belonged to someone else, filled my palm. My heart raced and my cheeks flushed. I realized then that she was still my crush. My heart still longs for her. I want her more than ever. As I was about to open my mouth-

   She looked at me in the eyes, and our gazes met. I was petrified, looking at the black orbs in her eyes. But her heat escaped from me. My hand felt cold. I called her, shouted her name, I couldn't move but I crawled my way towards her. My hands outstretched, reaching for her, reaching for her back. The back I was so used to. The back of the one I loved the most... But... she left me. In the cold, breezy night, she left me here... Alone.

   "Yuko?" I was brought back to reality by none other than her. She looked at me worriedly, same with the man next to her. The man that she had been going out with. I smiled, somewhat sadly and shrugged it off as nothing. The man used sweet words with her and she giggled.

   Without a goodbye, without any words towards me, she was brought away by that man. Skillfully leading her away. My heart broke into pieces as I saw the two figures away. But... as I was in tears, looking at them...

She glanced back my way, with sadness evident in her eyes....


Why can't these feet move?


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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences III
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I DESERVE SEASON 2....  :fainted: such a troll.........
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences III
« Reply #70 on: October 16, 2013, 02:42:54 PM »
Ah... so Yuko and Atsuko suddenly liked each other... Betraying each other lovers

Poor Takamina... for getting her heart broken from Yuko stealing her lover

But then Yuko did not even get her happy ending somewhat...

Because Yuko did not confess her feeling or Atsuko did not want to hurt Takamina more than that...

Poor Haruna... for being rejected by Takamina... and broken up with Yuko somewhat...

Ah... I like the story lots... but I do hope you would make the next season...

Can't wait to see more OS

Thank you for your updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Fraught Consequences III
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Usually, I just the silent reader here.. But... Gahhh!!! You killing me in this fics Ashura-san.. :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: No way... Acchann... and Yukoo...  *I'm dead* :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

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Everyday, ACCHAN!
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TD, I don't think a second season for an OS is good ^^''

cisda, Yuko liked Atsuko from the start. Haruna and Yuko didn't actually have feelings for each other since Haruna actually liked Minami. Minami, being loyal to the ex-Ace, never even gave a thought to Haruna's confession, so she rejected her. As for if Atsuko actually liked Yuko back, well, I'll leave that to yer imaginations XD

apple, < LoL. Anywho, I'm glad I managed to make yah suffer! MUAHAHAHA! That's for not telling me if Crazy Things Called Love is gonna be AtsuYuu or not! >3>

   Here's something non-AtsuYuu. Well, it does have AtsuYuu but this focuses more on Atsuko's daily life. So here's Acchan-Harem OS!

[Everyday, Acchan!]

   Waking up from her slumber, she slowly and lazily opened her eyelids, then looked at the alarm clock on the table. She realized that it was past her usual sleeping hours, so she instantly got up and quickly searched for her clothes. Opening her drawers, she grabbed anything which she could find, and put it on. It took her harder than usual to put it on, but she didn't have time to think of that at the moment. She stormed out of the room and then just as she was about to go the a corner, she bumped into a small girl, who was her roommate at the time.

   "Ouch! What's the big idea, Acchan?!" the small girl scoffed irritatedly and was helped by the one who bumped into her.

   "Sorry, Yuko. Gotta run fast!" Atsuko said hurriedly and pushed the girl lightly aside.

   The older girl sighed and grabbed the younger one's hand, making Atsuko stumble onto the floor by the older girl's trick. She then walked towards the younger girl and sat down next to her who was lying down.

   "What was THAT for?! If you wanted to confess your love to me, now isn't the time!" Atsuko raised her voice at the one who played the trick to her and the older girl pinched her cheeks, making her writhe in pain. "I- It hurts, Yuko! I was joking, joking!!!" she admitted and pried the hands of the older girl off of her.

   Yuko released the grip from Atsuko and ruffled the girl's hair. "Why are you wearing my clothes?" she asked and then Atsuko realized it. It was true.

   Everything she did the night before came back to her. She was drinking way too much because certain emotional things. Atsuko was with Yuko and Nakagawa Haruka. They drank until they dropped. Because Atsuko was unable to hold her alcohol, she raged and almost tried to rape poor Haruka. But thankfully, or regretfully, Yuko saved the day, and Haruka's chastity. Atsuko was acting more spoiled than usual, so the two girls dragged her to the nearest room, which was Yuko's room and the three of them slept together. She didn't remember anything happening after that, but hopefully there wasn't. Or was there?

   "You fine?" the older girl asked, smiling to the younger.

   Atsuko then smiled as well, "Yeah, I'm okay."


   Feeling a little lightheaded, Atsuko entered the AKB48 theater to search for some victims for her usual cuddles. She searched and searched but she could not find her anywhere, not in the dustbin, not in the lockers, and thankfully not under Togasaki's desk. She couldn't find her midget anywhere. Oh midget, where hath thou gone?

   "If you're searching for Takahashi, she's already gone to Akimoto-sensei to talk about something." came the voice from the door, and as expected, it was Togasaki.

   "Oha, Togasaki-san~" came the light and dizzy greeting from Atsuko. She was happy to see the man again, since he had taken care of her since the very beginning of the group. She felt respect for him. More than her favorite midget, he knows Atsuko more.

   Togasaki smirked and sat on his chair to work as per usual. She looked at the paperwork and tried to sleep on his desk, but was disturbed the the fist of Maeda Atsuko.

   "Get to work, you lazy bum!" she joked and chuckled a bit, seeing how childish the man was acting. She then left after settling everything and making sure Togasaki actually does his work.

   "Make sure you stop by and practice." Togasaki advised and Atsuko clicked her tongue. He knew just how lazy Atsuko is and she would not practice unless there was her captain. And Atsuko will always obey his orders.

   Atsuko reluctantly nodded and finally left the room.


   After practicing for about an hour or so, Atsuko plopped to the ground, tired. She was actually sort of weak when it comes to her energy and is not really fit for long performances. She grabbed some towel and wiped her sweaty face. She then looked at Mariko who wasn't sweating much. In fact, the older girl is actually sweating, but the sight of her sweating, her wet short hair, her wet almost see-through shirt, her long eyelashes, her sexy lips-

   "Acchan, what's wrong?" Mariko noticed the stare of awe from the younger girl and asked her status and Atsuko quickly shrugged it off as nothing. She knew that Atsuko would sometimes stare at her and she couldn't blame nor tease her. Atsuko is Atsuko with her quirky thought processes. She's not Yuko. If Mariko found out that Yuko was staring at her like that, hell is waiting for the squirrel. And it involves Haruna.

   "Mariko~~~~" Atsuko called the girl and hugged her from behind, feeling lonely all of a sudden and Mariko was the only alternative cuddle pillow there for now. Well, she can't actually hug the juniors, can she? And she most definitely would not want to hug Rino. Did it once. Let's just say that Rino fainted because of the skinship.

   The older girl almost lost balance on the chair thanks to the younger girl's playful manner but patted her on the head nonetheless. She loved it the most when Atsuko fools around. Not to mention the girl loves to joke and tease with her.

   When the older girl regained her balance, Atsuko playfully sat on her lap, with a sly and satisfied grin, wrapping her arms around Mariko's head. She hugged the girl in that position.

   Mariko chuckled at the girl's playful action. "You sure love to do these kinda things, huh?"

   "Heh. It's my forte." came the proud response from the Ace of Japan's renowned Pop group, AKB48. Atsuko then purred, nuzzling herself inside Mariko's neck, smelling her scent. "I like Mariko's smell~ It makes me feel calm~"

   "Thanks for the compliment." said Mariko, who was patting the girl on the head.

   "Nyaa~" she meowed and snuggled more with the girl, that was until she felt a pair of eyes watching them. Atsuko felt the tingle inside her chest and glanced at the source of her worries. It was Haruka. All glaring at the two and was obviously pouting.

   The young Haruka quickly left, leaving the two.

   "You seriously need to chase her, you know?" Mariko advised, getting up and placing Atsuko on the chair with her miraculous strength which Atsuko never knew she had.

   "Umu." she agreed and quickly chased the young Haruka.


   After having apologized to Haruka and promising her a date, Atsuko went to a nearby park to calm down a bit since her practice was over. Well, no, she actually skipped. But who cares about that. She sat on a bench under the warm sun. It's already 4PM then, since she had to talk about this and that with Haruko, promise her some things, say sweet words to her, let her lie on her lap... Argh, poor Atsuko.

   She suddenly felt tired from all the running she did with Haruka and she lied on the bench, with no intention of sleeping. Thankfully there was nobody there, so she just lied down.

   But, like it was meant to be, she fell asleep.


   The girl woke up again from slumber, her eyes felt sleepy still, but the back of her head felt warm and soft for some reason. She got used to the light and when she came to realize it, she was sleeping on the lap of someone she least expected, Yamamoto Sayaka.

   "Good morning, senpai." Sayaka greeted, patting the girl's head while smiling brightly to her.

   Atsuko groaned and hugged Sayaka, nuzzling in the girl's thighs for a bit before sitting back up again. "What are you doing here, oppai-chan?" she asked drowsily, a yawn escaped her lips as she asked that.

   Sayaka chuckled and pulled her senior again to her lap to make her sleep. She knew just how she needed one. "I was here for some job, and I saw you sleeping here. So I thought I should protect you if any bad guys come." she said, scratching her head awkwardly while trying to explain. Her sense of justice was too much for her to just leave her respected senior defenseless like so.

   "Ah~ I see~" Atsuko said, still drowsy while focusing on Sayaka's breasts. "Ei~" she said as she grabbed the soft mounds on the girl and Sayaka flinched. She lightly fondles them, while making 'kyaa kyaa' comments on how perfect the girl's breasts are.

   "S- Senpai, I don't think you should that here..." came the embarrassed response from Sayaka, red to her ears by the older girl's touch. But that didn't stop Atsuko. No. Atsuko loves her breasts way too much for Atsuko to just stop.

   Atsuko paid no heed to the younger one's pleas and just kept on rubbing and groping the girl's breasts. She loves it just how Sayaka didn't actually mind her breast-fondling. Not to mention she loves the girl's killer moans sometimes. But because of her satisfaction from playing with Mariko before, and also because she was tired, she decided to stop. She lets go of the younger girl's breasts and smiled brightly. "I like Oppai-chan's breasts. Better than Minami. And I love Oppai-chan~" came the cheerful comment of the older girl.

   Sayaka could only smile wryly while blushing and patted the girl's head yet again. "I'm happy to hear that, senpai." says she.


   Atsuko came back to the house and saw only Yuko eating instant ramen. Why the hell is the No.2 Top AKB48 eating instant Ramen? Well, she wouldn't care. "Yo. Eating?" she asked the obvious.

   "No, I'm fondling my boobs." came the perverted reply from the older girl.

   "Ya~ Ecchi!" Atsuko slapped the girl's arm lightly and sat next to her, a satisfied grin on her face. She then watched the older girl eating the ramen like it was some sort of fascinating activity Oshima Yuko would do.

   "Hm? So anything out of the ordinary today?" asked Yuko, who was obviously not too comfortable with the girl's eye sex. Though Atsuko wasn't even trying.

   Atsuko stopped for a while to think about her day. Everything that happened. She shrugged her shoulders indicating she didn't have anything particularly not normal in her everyday life. "Ah!" she remembered. "I didn't see Mayuyu today."


   Kinda random. Hope this pleases yar souls and ya'll forgive meh for my abrupt ending from the previous OS's! :nervous
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Everyday, ACCHAN!
« Reply #73 on: October 19, 2013, 02:45:27 AM »
very weird and interesting adventure of Atsuko being the perv. here...

Very refreshing and new character for Atsuko

The interesting things everyone of them.. do not mind Atsuko's action at all...

Great fun OS there...

Thank you

Can't wait to see more Atsuko's OS

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Everyday, ACCHAN!
« Reply #74 on: October 20, 2013, 11:48:25 AM »
Just reading this one.. and wow.. AshuraX sure cruel  :cry: :cry: lol just wait for my revenge later  :twisted: :twisted: huahahaha..  and nice fics there, but the ending its so so so....  --" lol~ヽ(^。^)ノ
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Everyday, ACCHAN!
« Reply #75 on: October 20, 2013, 02:48:42 PM »
it cannot be forgiven!  :twisted:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Pokemon to XX and Why's
« Reply #76 on: October 23, 2013, 04:10:36 PM »
cisda, well Maeda is a pervert to begin with, as per stated by her herself, so it's not that weird. As for why she groped Saya-nee, well, she loves Saya-nee's breasts. And of course nobody would care about the Ace's perverted hands. Since they think she's just playing around XD

apple, chill, chill XD We called t truce, remember~? :lol: So no revenge. Notta! And thanks for the advice there. Means a lot.

TD, don't join 'em LoL XD And I thought we were brothers... :sweatdrop:

   Because I was bored, I thought which Pokemon suits each of the members. So here's something to pass the time by. Mostly mainstream pairings, since it'd be more fun like dat XD

[POKEMON to XX and Why's]

   "Urg... What happened?"

   A girl woke up from her slumber and she assessed her surroundings. A void of darkness. Nothing inside, not even air. It took her a few seconds to finally adjust herself with her current situation. Her eyes opened wide and she quickly got up and scanned the area.

"Hello there. *bla bla bla* Are you a boy or a girl?" a man appeared, with his usual coolness and awesome aura, he fixed his glasses.
"Wait- Akimoto-san?! What happened?! Where am I?!" the girl raised her voice, confused of why the man was there.
"*bla bla bla* Pokemon *bla bla bla* Are you a boy or a girl?" the man asked again.
"Huh? Pokemon? What?" the girl asked, still confused. "And it's pretty obvious that I'm a girl, right?" she said, as a matter-of-factly.
"What do you look like?" he asked.

   Then suddenly, in front of the girl were 3 mirrors. The left one has a face of Lady Gaga, the middle one with the face of her roommate, and the right one is her own face.

"What...? Of course it's that." she showed at her own reflection.
"Would you like to tell me your name?"

   Then the girl was silent. She remembered the very first time she met the man. The start of everything. She chuckled and finally looked at him straight in the eyes.

"Pretty ironic." she chuckled again. "It all started by that audition. The audition which turned my life from normal into something far wilder. Then I quit from everything and took my first step towards the unknown. I wanted to be independent so I could prove to you that you have raised me well... To tell the truth, I was happy. Happy that something like that could happen to me. To someone like me. You've changed my life, and for that, I thank you, Akimoto-san."

   The man was confused, which earned another chuckle from the girl.

"You probably don't know what I'm talking about, huh? I'm like a crazy person rambling about something. Don't mind it. I'm just talking to myself." she smiled warmly, this time, she smiled from the bottom of her heart. "Maeda Atsuko, reporting for duty."

   The man then smirked, and then...

   The door opened.


   Maeda Atsuko woke up again, in some sort of room, almost painfully as some sort of bird pokemon came in and headbutted her when asleep. She groaned and got up. She stretched to loosen sore muscles and then after a few seconds, she realized she wasn't in her own room.

"Okay... So the dream was real... I'm in the Pokemon world..." she judged and then tried to open the closet so that she could change.

   But... The closet won't open. She raised an eyebrow and tried to open it forcefully with her little strength, but the door won't budge.

"Guess it's locked" she stated the obvious and sighed. She looked around more and found that there's a door, probably leading towards the outside of her room.

   She opened the door and found some stairs. She then walked down coolly, not forgetting that she was still in her pajamas. She came down and then saw a figure. A woman she knows well.

"Mom?" she was surprised to see her own real mother in this faraway fantasy and weird house.
"Oh, Atsu! You look like you just rolled out of bed! Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror and change out of your pajamas?" Maeda-mama ordered her.
"Eh? But the clos-"
"Go, Atsu!" one interruption from her mother sent her sprinting towards her room.

   She closed the door and then found an mirror next to her bed. She looked at herself to find herself as stunning as ever, though she won't admit she thought that. She's no Narcissist. After smiling once in the mirror for self-appraisal, she then went to the closet again. This time, the closet opened without any hitch.

"What the f-" she cut her own words, thinking it was not polite and then her eyes went towards the clothes again. She was shocked to see that they were all her stage outfits. She laughed wryly, thinking that it was all set up for her or something.

   Atsuko chose her favorite costume, which was the Team A's PIONEER uniform. (forgot what it's called so imagine any uniform ya like) She laid in on her bed and then slowly but carefully unbutton her pajamas, and then strips herself, revealing her smooth and pale skin. She glanced at herself in the mirror, looking at her body. She actually takes satisfaction in seeing the naked female bodies, even herself. She smirked, with a nod, and then looked at her breasts. It was a little small, compared to most of her friends, so she sighed. Feeling a little sad with herself, she grabbed her own breasts to feel the size.


   Atsuko's hands stopped their actions after she heard a familiar voice call her nickname. She looked at the unlocked door and saw Yuko smiling wryly while seeing the scene in front of her. Her butt faced Yuko and the older girl couldn't help but look at them, amused.

"Nice ass."

   Thus, Atsuko snapped.


   Yuko rubbed her sore butt and looked at the angry Atsuko. The two were already outside. Turns out that Yuko and Atsuko were childhood friends and they were going to get their very own Pokemon from none other than the greatest Professor in the region.

   They arrived in front of a laboratory and saw someone sitting outside of it, near the door. The figure has long, silky black hair and nice proportions. She seemed to be tall and her face looked exotic and beautiful. Wait, that's Akimoto Sayaka.

   Atsuko, being the good girl she is, tried to wake up the poor, pretty girl and then Sayaka woke up.

"Un?" Sayaka's eyes focused on the two figures that woke her up.
"Morning." Yuko greeted followed by Atsuko.
"You girls are the ones that wanted Pokemon?" Sayaka asked, as she got up and yawned.
"Yes. My name is Maeda Atsuko. And this is Oshima Yuko." Atsuko introduced herself and Yuko.
"I'm Akimoto Sayaka. Daughter of Akimoto Yasushi. Nice to meet you." Sayaka also introduced herself and smiled brightly at the others.

   Sayaka then guided them into the Laboratory to meet with her father. They reached inside and Akimoto Yasushi was already waiting for them. Though there was one other person.

"I tell you, uncle! I saw it with my very own eyes!" the girl raised her voice.
"Jurina, you know that nothing of sort can ever happen. To stumble upon a Legendary is already rare enough, but to stumble upon Lugia in this region? That's ridiculous." Akimoto said, unmoving.

   Before Jurina could speak again, Akimoto redirected his attention towards the ones who had entered the room.

"Oh, welcome, Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko." Akimoto greeted.
"No greetings for your own daughter whom you've locked outside?" Sayaka hissed but was ignored by her father.
"I heard that you've been wanting to raise Pokemons ever since you were little." Akimoto said.
"Hell yeah that's true!" Yuko pumped her fist up. "Isn't that right, Acchan?"

"Huh? No. I never even thought about raising a pokemon." Atsuko stated honestly.
"Quit joking, Acchan." Yuko glared at the younger girl.

"I heard that you've been wanting to raise Pokemons ever since you were little." Akimoto said, just like before.
"Hell yeah that's true!" Yuko pumped her fist up again. "Isn't that right, Acchan?" and stated the question.

"...No. Not that I recalled." Atsuko stated awkwardly
"Quit joking, Acchan." Yuko glared at the younger girl.

'What the hell is with this loop?' Atsuko thought to herself and finally answered 'Yes' after the 4th loop.

"I shall give you four, including you, Sayaka and Jurina, a pokemon each. On the table are four POKEballs. You may choose any one you want." He pointed at the table.

   Akimoto sat quietly and watched how they interacted.

"Matsui Jurina." Jurina introduced herself and the two, Yuko and Atsuko did the same. Sayaka and Jurina are cousins.
"Why don't you two pick first? Jurina and I can wait." Sayaka said.
"You can pick, Acchan. I think you deserved to get the first pick, since you've loved Pokemon even more than the Great 'ol me." Yuko joked.

   Atsuko rolled her eyes and then proceeded forward. The PokeBalls than shows a hologram of what's inside it and their species name.

"WAIT A FRIGGIN SECOND!" Atsuko raised her voice and pointed at the holograms.

   The other three and even Akimoto was curious as to the girl's reaction.

"THEY'RE HUMAN!" Atsuko said, and true enough, they looked human.

   Everyone looked at Atsuko with half-opened eyes and pity.

"Are you okay, Acchan?" Yuko asked worriedly and checked her temperature, placing Atsuko's forehead on hers.
"They're girls, I said!" Atsuko removed herself from Yuko and looked back at the PokeMons.

   Everyone else sighed and then pitied Atsuko.

"Why the hell?! That's Takamina!" she pointed at the EEVEE.
"That's Sae-chan!" she pointed at the POOCHYENA.
"That's NyanNyan!" she pointed at the VULPIX.
"And that's Rena-chan!" she pointed at the LAPRAS.
"AND WHY THE HELL AREN'T THERE ANY LEAF TYPE?! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS REGION'S POKEMON?!" Atsuko protested, and voiced out her dissatisfaction.

[A/N: Blame the Author's lack of knowledge for the new Generation.]

   The girls then sighed and patted Atsuko on the head.

"There there. It's just your imagination." They said in unison, almost scary.

   Atsuko lost it and grabbed any of the PokeBalls at random. She showed it to Akimoto and he chuckled.


   After each of them picked a PokeBall, Akimoto gave them each some sort of outdated PokeDex and the four left.

"Now where to?" Yuko asked Atsuko.
"Did you two check with your parents yet? We're gonna have to go on a journey, like Yasushi said." Sayaka advised.
"Yeah, let's meet at the opening of the next route after we're finished." YUko said and left.


"Can't she just wait and go together? That Yuko." Atsuko said and entered her house. "Mom-" she was cut off before she could even say anything.
"Oh! Atsu! A PokeBall? You're going on a journey? Yuu-chan's going as well? Well, that's splendid! Here, have this map. I've got to go gossip with your neighbors a bit. Have fun on your long journey, Atsu~" then after handing Atsuko the map, Maeda-mama left.
"... What kind of mother did I have, again?"


   Atsuko reached the entering of the route and saw Yuko, Sayaka and Jurina already waiting for her. She sighed and then walked towards them. She brought a small backpack which could fit her normal AITAKATTA uniform.

"Hey." Atsuko greeted.
"Yosh. Now let's all take the first step together!" Yuko said.
"That's kinda childish." Sayaka chuckled.
"But that's kinda fun. Let's!" Jurina smiled widely.

   All of them took the first step with their right foot at the same time. Then, suddenly, a wild EEVEE appeared!

"Now THAT is an EEVEE. That's normal!" Atsuko said, pointing at the 'normal' EEVEE.

   Everyone sympathized with Atsuko yet again.

"Well, whatever. Come out, Pokemon!" Atsuko called out her Pokemon.

   It was a TakaMina!

"I just HAD to choose her of all people." Atsuko mumbled and ordered her Pokemon. "TakaMina! Tail Whip!"

   TakaMina used Tail Whip! She kicked the Wild EEVEE! Wild EEVEE's Defense decreased!

   Then the Wild EEVEE used Helping Hand!

   ... It doesn't have any affect.

"Takamina! Use Tackle!"

   TakaMina used tackle and then it choke slammed the Wild EEVEE and puts it in a cage.

   Atsuko Won!

   TakaMina gained 92 EXP!

   TakaMina's leveled up to Level 20!

"Phew. Wait, what did TakaMina just do?" Atsuko questioned herself.
"Whoa, nice one, Acchan! Your PokeMon's really strong!" Yuko congratulated her.
"Seriously. You're like a real trainer!" Jurina also complimented her.
"Your 'TakaMina' is stronger than most EEVEEs." stated Sayaka, looking at Takamina who was sitting on the ground, not minding the discomfort.

   Thus they continued on their journey towards a far better future with their PokeMon, though it was only the beginning.

[To be Continued(?)]

   Question yourself this.
   "What the hell did I just read?"
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Ashu! continue this! LOL  XD USE TACKLE!!!
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Hey Ashura, so much things about the story I hope funny and nice.

Loved the fact that Jurina saw Lugia, same as Ash when he saw Ho-oh at the start:)

Seems like Acchan haven't came out of the closet yet >:(, just joking:) it stated in the story she desire sexy ass body:)

Last thoughts, clever and creative:), is there going to be more chapters? Slightly freaked out by human pokemon haahaha^^
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Oh.. Atsuko is with Minami...

Yeah... Though... In weird relationship...

And Minami is already very strong...

What's going to happen in the next journey

Thank you for the new story

Can't wait to see the next

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