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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 33648 times)

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Realization [SaeAtsu}
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SaeAtsu~ I love it. I love to see Sae-chan with everyone, espescially with cute members~ And this fic is cute  :twothumbs
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Sae-Oshi and SaeYuki Shipper~~

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The Family -RenAtsuYuuJuri- AKA sakura_drop_san's BDAY spec
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Fuu, 'too'~? I just love anyone that Atsuko pairs up with and who doesn't have the name 'Minami'~ Yeah, both >w>

sakura, I was actually thinking of continuing on my fics but... well...

eri, Sae's good to pair up with anybody~ XD Seriously! Last night, I tried to pair up Sae and Sasshi! It worked OAO

   Well, since I missed sakura_drop_san's bday, so yeah, it's a Happy Belated Birthday Sakura-san!

   Coz Sakura-san's an AtsuYuu shipper so, yeah! ATSUYUU!!!! was what I thought but meh. Let's add a little spice in it, shall we?

   Meh, it's like I'm writing just coz of boredom~ But no~ It's for her bday~ I swear~ >w> Now let's take a look at what pairing I'm gonna use~ It's Sakura-san's top three again~ and a certain 16 year old... Let's make it innocent~! I love innocent stories~

Sakura-san's belated birthday gift XD
[The Family] ~RenAtsuYuuJuri~

   Atsuko, the girl who was called a 'Goddess'. 18 year old. Is known for her angel-like smile and cat-like personality. The one in the Center of the family. The one who is the most 'normal' in the family. The second-born. Sees Yuko as a child and treats her like one. She's also the only one in the family who can cook and teaches Jurina sometimes to cook for herself.

   Yuko, the squirrel-like girl. 20 years old. The shortest of the four. Yuko was once known by her schoolmates as the 'perverted old man' thanks to her perverted jokes which always came out of nowhere. The oldest in the family. Yuko is sometimes responsible but whenever Atsuko is too tired, she would support her in any way possible.

   Rena, the dark-sided princess. 18 years old. She was always respected by her friends as someone who lives a princess-like lifestyle but little did they know that once she reaches home, she's the laziest of the four, even lazier than Yuko herself. She is the one who is in charge of the youngest's bath, and also sleeps with her every night. Has a hidden crush on Atsuko, but the girl still didn't realize it.

   Jurina, the energetic child. 12 years old. She is more developed than most of the children in her year. She's also the one who the family pampers the most. She helps Atsuko in any way she can and also clings to her too much in which caused Rena to have jealous fits most of the time. She sometimes fight with Rena because of small things, but they usually make up by the day. She is unexpectedly a little too developed, as stated by Atsuko.

   These four family members took care of each other in every way possible. Atsuko takes care of everyone and acts as a mother figure to both Jurina and Rena. Whenever you are with Atsuko, you will always feel like you need to do your hardest. Yuko takes care of Atsuko every time, not wanting the younger girl to fall apart. She also pulls the family along as the oldest and brings smiles to their faces. Rena might be selfish, but she cares for all of them just as much as she loves to be spoiled by Atsuko, even though they're the same age. Jurina brings the energy to everyone in the family. Whenever any one of them see the energetic Jurina, all their spirits will be replenished.

   Little did Atsuko know, that the family has something they hid from her since they were still small.


"Atsu-nee! Ren-nee's bullying me again!" Jurina tattles, running and clinging onto Atsuko.
"Am NOT! You need to take a bath already!" Rena came and tries to separate the two.
"*sigh*" Atsuko sighed and hit both of them on their heads.
"Ittai!" they exclaimed and covers their heads.
"Juri-chan, you need to listen to your older sister... Rena-chan, it's not good to force her into things." she lectures both of them as the two tries not to cry.
"Yo~ Waaa, what's with the mood?" Yuko came in the kitchen only to see the youngest two being lectured by Atsuko.
"Ah, Yuko, welcome back." Atsuko greeted the eldest, followed by Rena and Jurina.
"I'm back~"

   After that, Yuko cleverly stopped Atsuko's lecture of the two and asked Rena to come with her to go shopping. Rena of course accepted, not wanting to hear more of her older sister's nagging. When the two left, Atsuko was the one who needed to bathe with Jurina.

"Juri-chan, wanna take a bath with me?" Atsuko smiled and asked Jurina nicely and the youngest nodded her head vigorously.

[Yuko's POV]

"And I ask again, why do you always act differently whenever we're outside?" I asked Rena-chan who's smiling so happily, though it seems creepy to me.

   Rena-chan always had a 'chara' of a princess whenever we're outside and just when she reaches home, she slumps down and always seek for Acchan's attention. I don't mind it but, straining yourself just to keep your 'chara' intact isn't really good for your health. I mean, come on. Just look at me. I'm a pervert, as stated by Acchan, and I show my perverted side to whoever I befriend, outside or inside the house.

"Oh whatever do you mean, dear sister?" Okay, she just used polite speech with me. Now it's personal.
"Rena-chan~" I swiftly and cleverly put my hand over her shoulder and just when she lets her guard down, I groped her in a perverted manner!
"Y- Yuu-nee!" finally she lets out her true feelings, blushing madly and all~ So all we need to do is~
"TACTICAL RETREAT!"  I ran ahead and left her there, hearing cursed words come out from my little sister as she chases me.

[Atsuko's POV]

"Juri-chan..." I stared at my younger sister straight in the eyes.
"Atsu-nee..." she lets out as she came closer to me.
"Come..." I gestured her as I opened my arms to catch her.
"Onee-sama~!!!" she comes to me, running, and just when she hugs me, I squeezed her. "Ouch ouch! It hurts, Atsu-nee!"
"So be quiet and stay in the tub, will you?!" I pulled her inside the tub and she finally settles down.

   Juri-chan isn't really fond of taking baths. She always run away when any of us tells her to take a bath. So that's why sometimes, I'm the one who bathes with her, since she usually listens to what I say, even though the one who needs to take care of her is Rena, considering I'm busy with chores and Yuko's busy with work.

"Wan~ I feel bliss~" she says, being hugged by me as I washed her.
"Hm? Juri-chan, did your breast grow bigger?" I ask her as I realized that it was bigger than usual.
"I think so? Dunno. I don't care about it much~" she says, snuggling up to me.
"Stay still, Juri-chan~ Mou~" I felt ticklish whenever she rubs her face on my breasts.
"Don't wanna~ Atsu-nee smells nice~" she stated, not settling down.
"*sigh* You're similar to Yuko in some sense." I chuckled as I took the shampoo to wash her hair.

   Whenever I bathe with Yuko, she will always cling to me for no apparent reason, just like Jurina. Rena's a bit different. She's usually quiet when I bath with her. I would always clean her up as she looked down on the water. She sometimes pass out, probably from being in the bath too long. Yuko said that I spoil Rena too much, but I don't see that at all. Of course she's kinda lazy when she's at home, but she always listen to whatever I tell her.

   We got out of the bath when we're done and I dried her up with her towel before drying myself. After that, we put on our clothes and went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

[Rena's POV]

   When I caught up to Yuu-nee, I literally hit her head like how Atsu-nee did to us. She pouted and acted cute. It would've worked if it was with her friends or Atsu-nee but it won't fool me.

   I sometimes envy Yuu-nee. She's always the closest one to Atsu-nee. Because our house has only one bedroom, since the other bedroom is used for storage, and also that our bedroom has only two beds, who could only hold up to two people each, we had to split up. It's always Yuu-nee who could sleep with Atsu-nee. Atsu-nee said that I had to take care of Jurina, so I have to sleep with her. Of course, Jurina tries to sneak to the older girls' bed, but I always caught her. Jurina's too fond of Atsu-nee and I don't like it one bit. It's not like I like Atsu-nee or anything. Maybe like a sister, yeah. She's my sister so I have to protect her from Jurina's constant attacks.

"Hey, Yuu-nee. When can we switch our beds already?" I asked Yuu-nee as we took a few things for tomorrow's food.
"Hm? You wanna sleep with Acchan that badly, huh~?" she teased and I blushed furiously.
"N- No! I- It's just that J- Jurina's the one who couldn't sleep properly!" I defended myself as she looked at me with a smirk.
"RIGHT~ Then I'll change places with Jurina, then~" Yuu-nee said as she teases me more.
"I- It's not good!" I objected, still blushing, and made an 'x' with my hands.
"And why so~?" she asked.
"B- Because..." I searched for an excuse and made one up "I- I don't want to trouble Atsu-nee with Jurina!"
"What a lame excuse."

   Then suddenly, Yuu-nee flinched and hides behind me.

"Eh? What's wrong, Yuu-nee?" I looked behind me and see that Yuu-nee's looking elsewhere, to the left.
"N- Nothing~ Just walk~" she orders and I did as she said.

   I then look at the right to see someone I recognized. It was Kojima Haruna who was shopping with her friends. I already knew that Kojima-san likes Yuu-nee when she always comes to my house, but I never expected her to still like Yuu-nee.

"Ah~" I grinned as I ran ahead. "Kojima-san~"

[Jurina's POV]

   We finally finish making curry rice. Curry rice is the only thing that I know how to make so I would always help Atsu-nee with cooking it. And she sometimes made curry rice just so that I could be useful. Atsu-nee's really kind~ No wonder Ren-nee likes her so much~ Though It would be better if she realizes that love. Atsu-nee's too dense.

"Juri-chan, can you set the table?" Atsu-nee asked me and I nodded.

   I set the table and waited for Atsu-nee to finish. I then heard the doorbell and opened the door, only to see Yuu-nee who's sweating a lot, probably because she ran here.

"Hm? Something happened?" I ask Rena who's grinning weirdly behind Yuu-nee.
"She ran away." she answers, but I still didn't get what happened...

   They got in and the table's already set with the food. We took our seats, me next to Rena and in front of Atsu-nee and Rena in front of Yuu-nee. "Ittadakimasu~" we said in unison.

[Atsuko's POV]

"So you just ran away? Aw Yuko, you seriously need to tell her everything, you know." I chuckled as Rena finished telling me what happened before.
"I know, but... You know... She's not really someone who would listen..." she says, scratching the back of her head.
"I know her more than you do, Yuko. If you tell her straight, she will understand." I advised her.

   I'm not really too fond of romance, but hearing Yuko's perverted adventures puts a smile on my face. Of course I didn't want Juri-chan to grow up like her. Though, I think it's already too late.

"Atsu-nee, what about your admirer?" Juri-chan asks me and I flinch out of sheer surprise.
"Oh! Nice one, Jurina!" Rena-chan gave a thumbs up to her.
"Haha! Attack on Acchan's life!" Yuko stared at me, followed by the other two.
"Okay okay. I get it already" I chuckled and explain what happened. "Well, I of course turned her down but yeah, she still didn't give up. Sometimes when I cling to her just for fun, she would blush red, and that would turn it into an awkward moment. Though I think I heard rumors that she's currently going out with NyanNyan."
"Uso! She's going out with Haruna now?!" Yuko asked, surprised.
"Yeah, that's what I heard from Mariko." I explained to her, since she knows all of my friends.

   My friends would sometimes come to our house to hang out so they know my family quite well. Haruna fell in love with Yuko at first sight and confessed to her right in front of everyone else. Yuko's not really good with relationships so she would always run away whenever she sees Haruna at our house. Yuko and Juri-chan heard that Minami confessed to me thanks to Rena-chan, since she's in the same class as me and Minami.

"So are you two jealous~" Juri-chan smirked and asked me and Yuko.
"Huh? Of course not." We said in unison, not affected by her tease.
"Well, as expected." Rena-chan chuckled and smiles.

'So I finally have a chance to confess to Acchan now that her friend's out of the picture~ I should confess to her when we're alone~' all three thought as they heard what had happened.

"Atsu-nee~" Juri-chan hugged me as I was preparing the bed.
"Hm? What~?" I asked playfully,
"Yuu-nee said we're gonna sleep on futons today~" she explained
"Eh? But I already-" "NO EXCUSES" Suddenly Yuko came and dragged me out, Juri-chan followed.


   We were sleeping on a few futons in the living room.

"Jurina, stop clinging to Atsu-nee already!" Rena-chan separates me and Juri-chan.
"Waaa! But it's been such a long time since we all slept together!" Juri-chan tries to hug me again but was stopped by Rena-chan again.
"Go to sleep already!" Rena-chan hits Juri-chan's head lightly.
"Mou! But I can only sleep by hugging Atsu-nee!" Juri-chan throws a tantrum.
"Just let her be, Rena-chan." I sighed and lets Juri-chan do whatever she wants.

   Rena-chan wasn't satisfied, though. Yuko's on my left, Juri-chan's on my right, next to Rena-chan. At first I wanted Rena-chan to sleep next to me but Yuko protested, saying that I would spoil her by hugging her too much. Well, I spoil Juri-chan too though. After a few seconds the two of them were finally asleep. They only need seconds to sleep while Yuko and I couldn't sleep at all.

"Still awake?" she asks me and I held her hand, answering her question. She chuckled and clings to me as Juri-chan changed to clinging to Rena-chan, who also hugs her as well.
"I wonder why we're so weak against our little sisters." I asked.
"Correction, Acchan. YOU'RE weak against them. I've got no problemo~" she says so confidently.
"RIGHT~ And who was the one that ran away from NyanNyan thanks to Rena-chan's prank~?"
"Urg! T- That was just a one time thing!" she averted her eyes as I teased her.

   I cuddled with her as we hid behind our blanket, feeling cold after we put the blankets on our little sisters.

"Childish Acchan will always be childish." she chuckled as she teases me.
"Shut up, it's not like you're any better." I countered.

   She grins as she pinches my cheeks. I countered by poking her all over. Thus we roll around fighting with each other as we try not to make too much noise. We tickled each other, smacked each other and even shook each others' heads. Finally we settled down next to the couch. Yuko had a perverted grin on her face and I already know what she wanted to do. I tried to get away but she picked me up and threw me on the couch, which was facing the other direction of our little sisters. She then jump on top of me as we wrestled each other.

   I finally lost as she kissed me on the lips. It's only Yuko's way of playing around so I kissed her back, this time, even longer. Yuko let her guard down, and using this chance, I pushed her on the couch and pinned her down, this time, I'm the one on top of her. She tries to break free but I pinned her arms on her chest, grinning at her widely.

"Acchan's a pervert~" Yuko says playfully.
"I know, Yuko. I know." I said and kissed her on the lips while stroking her hips.

   She flinched as I reached her stomach, slowly moving downwards. In fear, she lets out a moan and I chuckled as I kissed her, satisfied of the outcome. Then I released her and get up.

"Okay, you two. Enough with horsing around and go to bed already..." we heard a voice and as we looked at the two sisters, Rena-chan, was hiding her red face in the blanket as she covers Juri-chan in her breasts, not letting the little one know of what just happened.
"... Atsu-nee's so forward..." which backfired. Juri-chan realized.
"Acchan used my body for her evil needs. Perverted Acchan." Yuko faked sobbed as she runs to Rena-chan and hugs her.
"And look who's the one who started all of this." I sighed and hugged Juri-chan.

   The four of us slept like that. Yuko hugging the embarrassed Rena-chan. and me hugging the flushed Juri-chan. Hopefully they won't take the moment with me and Yuko as something weird.


Okay, now THIS is something that I can continue XD It's so innocent yet fun~ I love shipping AtsuYuu for no apparent reason~ And a little YuuRena service for Sakura-san's birthday~ Yay~! XD

Tell me if I should continue this or not~ Coz it's innocent. I can think of a lot of innocent AtsuJuri moments in my head~ LoL

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  • YukoRena(Geki) & AtsuYuu shipping all the way! ♥♥♥

Thank you!!!!

So happy~!!!!

This was osam!!!!


I can't contain happiness~!!!!!

More YukoRena and AtsuYuu moments, onegai~!!!!
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Ah.. Yuko and Atsuko..

I like Atsuko interaction with Jurina and Rena...

She spoilted both of them...

Great OS there...

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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I LOVE ATSUYUU.... feeling like i havnt read one in awhile
A TakaYuu Here, An AtsuYuu there and A KojiYuu everywhere

ALL THESE HUGS ... i want one :cry:

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Pftt...I've read that SaeAtsu pairings fic but i'm toooo lazy to comment~
-So hey, i'm happy if someone call me a guy though i'm a 100% girl...
-Don't cha' worry, threat me like a guy cos i tend to be a guy in here...Lol...
-Okay, okay...Back to da' story...Wow, you really can do an innocent fic, huh??~
-Haha sorry bout' that but it's quite interesting to read!!~ Them as siblings~
-Now that's what i call an 18-years-old girl...Such a goood move of her~~
-It'll be good if you continue it~~ The fic~ Can't really wait for the next one!!~

>Plz update the next continuation if there is but if not~ Another OS!!~ Hehehe~~

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Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #26 on: September 14, 2013, 01:43:32 PM »
sakura_drop, yeah, I'll try~!!!

cisda, I know, right~ Atsuko's a little too weak against her sisters~

jennybenzy, well, most of the fics/OS I make are AtsuYuu. Coz AtsuYuu's meh OTP!!!

Kochiki, haha, warui ^^'' I'll think of ya as a girl, then. Since, well... yeah... ANYWHO, I'll make another OS coz it's been stuck on my mind since yesterday!

   Yes, I know what one of you is thinking. I'm actually doing AtsuMina, my... guilty pleasure... but hey, it's not like I hate them. Just that I find Minami not worth Atsuko's love. I mean, seriously =='' Oh well, this might change my mind~
   AtsuMina OS starto!

[Be aware that this story might kill most of the AtsuYuu shippers. Do not blame the characters for any of their actions taken]

[Fallen] -AtsuMina-

"Atsuko, we've been going around for hours. Can't you just pick whatever gift you want to give to Yuko?" A short ponytailed girl asked the taller one.
"No, Minami. It's for Yuko, so of course I need to find something special!" The taller one's eyes shone brightly, thinking of the perfect gift while the shorter one sighed.

   The day after is the said Yuko's birthday, so Atsuko was searching for a right gift to give to her best friend, using her girlfriend as support since Minami's pervertedness and train of thought is about the same as the squirrel girl's. It's been two hours since they started searching and Atsuko hadn't bought a thing! Which made her girlfriend feel tired of her indecisiveness. So she put her foot down.

"Atsuko, I know Yuko's such a good friend to you ever since we've entered AKB but don't you think she would like any gift from you? You know just how simple-minded that girl can be." Minami advised her friend.
"You're the same though, Minami." she countered, earning a glare from her girlfriend. "But still, I want Yuko to get the best gift! She's my future rival and I don't just want to give her something so simple!" she added.
"That's what I'm worried about..." the shorter one sighed.
"Ah! Could it be..." Atsuko thought of something and smirked at her. "You're jealous~?"

   Hearing the overly tease that came from Atsuko caused Minami to blush uncontrollably. She knew herself just how close Yuko and Atsuko are but she just couldn't get rid of the insecure feeling in which the two are actually closer than what she had thought. In other words, yes, she was pretty much jealous.

"O- of course I'm not! W- Why would I ever get jealous of that midget?!" Minami defended herself, stuttering in the most convenient manner.
"She's 5cm taller than you, though~" Atsuko added oil to the fire.
"Huh?! Now you're using Yuko's excuse?!" Minami got even more jealous because of Atsuko's tease.
"Saa~" she chuckled. "But Minami," she patted the girl's head, looking at her straight in the eyes then smiled "You're the only one for me."

   The already red Minami was even redder due to the taller girl's words. She cupped her face with her hands, hiding her flushed cheeks from one Maeda Atsuko who was chuckling at the older girl's cuteness. Atsuko checked her surroundings and just when nobody's looking, she gently held Minami's hand down and kissed her right on the girl's left cheek.

"Could that be counted as an apology~?" Atsuko asked playfully.
"H- How about on the lips?" Minami averted her eyes, asking to be spoiled by the younger girl.
"Oh~ You want me to do it on the lips~ Ya da~ Minami's suck a pervert~!" she teased and faked tantrum.
"I- I'm not! I- It's just that... I'd... be..." Minami pouts and taps her fingers together cutely "kinda... happy... if you did..."

   That attack made Atsuko squeal inside of her girlfriend's cuteness. She checked her surroundings again and made the move. She kissed her on the lips. It might be just a peck on the lips but to Minami, it already made her satisfied, and of course embarrassed. Atsuko knew since the beginning. One could never turn down a Takahashi Minami's request. They separated and finally Atsuko's blush could be seen.

"L- Let's just go!" Atsuko, embarrassed of what she just did and of how cute Minami was, went ahead, leaving the satisfied midget.
"O- Oi! Wait up!"


   After Atsuko bought something, they finally went back to the apartment. They didn't see any sight of Yuko so Atsuko decided that she should cook for her girlfriend once in a while. Atsuko put the present in her drawer, and Minami follows.

"Ne, what do you want to eat, Minami?" she asked and the older girl backed away out of instinct.
"No! Atsuko, there are times when a girl needs to avoid danger!" Minami protested.
"Huh? What?" clueless Atsuko is clueless.
"I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Minami joked and hid under Atsuko's blanket.
"Oi!" Atsuko got a little pissed, seeing how much Minami's trying to avoid her cooking. "Fine, then!" she stomped her feet and left the room.

   After a while, Minami got out to see that Atsuko was lying on the sofa.

"Atsuko, I was kidding~" Minami tries to comfort the girl but Atsuko didn't reply.
"Boo~ Minami doesn't want me anymore..." Atsuko pouted. "Bah! I'm going to find comfort in NyanNyan's breasts!" Atsuko typed on her phone rapidly.
"Don't be like Yuko!" Minami hits Atsuko's head lightly at her joke.
"But Minami's not caring about me anymore..." Atsuko looked at Minami with teary eyes, causing the shorter girl to blush at how cute the sight was.
"I- I was just joking... Forgive me..." Minami sat on the girl's lap as Atsuko sat on the sofa properly, then Minami looked back at her with a smile. "Okay~?"

   Atsuko wrapped her arms around Minami's body, feeling her warmth. Time passed as two stayed in that position for a while. All that could be heard was the sound of two heartbeats synchronizing into one. Atsuko smelled Minami's hair, the fragrance of her girlfriend, that turns her on. She sniffed the girl's nape, causing the older girl to feel ticklish, thus flinched out of sheer surprise.

"A- Atsuko?" as Minami looked back again, her eyes met with Atsuko's.

   As one would say, as if they were attracted to each other, the two came closer, and their lips met. This time, it was far longer than they imagined. Atsuko slid her tongue into the opening of Minami's lips, causing the older girl to be surprised, but eventually joined in with her, tasting every bit of Atsuko's inside. The two intertwined tongues made dirty sounds around the living room as the two became more fierce with their partner. The temperature was raised unexpectedly, due to what? Was it the passion the two had? Was it the hot saliva they tasted? Or was it the heat of their partner transmitting into the room itself? They don't know, but never cared. The one in front of them is far more important than some unknown explanation.

   Minami pushed down Atsuko to the sofa, laying her down as she kissed her passionately on top of the younger girl. Atsuko lets out a perverted moan as the older girl's hands explored her every parts.

   After a few minutes of losing themselves, they finally separated to catch some needed air. Their breathing became ragged as they looked at each other seductively. Minami's hand went under the younger girl's clothes as her other hand slid below the girl's skirt. The now red Atsuko finally lost it and grabbed the older girl's hands.

"W- Wait..." she asked her to stop at the most delicious stage.
"Huh? What's wrong?" Minami asked, still sane.
"What if someone sees us? We should move to my bed..." Atsuko suggested as she looked away, embarrassed of the situation at the moment.
Minami chuckled as she saw how cute Atsuko acted and accepted her suggestion.

   As they finally entered the room, Minami locked the door and focused all her attention to Atsuko. Atsuko laid on the bed and opened her arms.

"Come, Minami." she showed her the smile Minami adored the most.

[The next morning]

   Atsuko woke up to see there wasn't anyone next to her. It seemed as if Minami had left for work. Atsuko yawned and got up from her bed. She then went towards the showers. After showering and changing her clothes, she felt something was wrong. What was it? There was a smell. An ominous smell of metal. She headed towards the smell and when she came to Yuko's room, the entire world flipped.

"Oh, morning, Acchan~" Yuko smiled at her roommate.

   Atsuko's eyes peeled open as she witnessed the scene in front of her. A girl was on the ground. Blood covered all over her and the obvious source of it was from her best friend. Yuko was holding a blood-covered knife. Atsuko forced herself to look at the scene, cupped her hands on her mouth, preventing her to vomit from the scenario.

"A..tsu...ko...." the blood-covered girl called out to her and Atsuko finally realized who it was.
"Mi...nami...?" Atsuko was at loss for words.

   As if from instinct, she quickly went towards the girl to check on her condition, she didn't know if it had hit any vital organs so she wants to make sure she'll be able to survive.

"I'm here, Minami... I'm here!" Atsuko screamed, holding her hands with the girl. She didn't know what to do but standing around would do nothing. She then glared at the girl which caused this.
"Ah~ You didn't even great me, Acchan~ That's bad~" Yuko still had a smile on her face.

   The smile Yuko showed wasn't the goofy smile Atsuko knew, but this was more forced, more evil. Questions played in her mind. Why did she do that? Why? The question she wanted to know the most was... How could she...?

   She turned back towards Minami. As if praying for a miracle, she held the girl's hands more, grip tightening and looking at her warmly. But after that, she felt a dull pain on her head, and she blacked out. Looking at the laughing Yuko finally gone insane as her last view.


   Atsuko woke up the second time, hands and knees tied to the bed. She knew the location. It was where she passed out. Yuko's room. Atsuko scanned around to see Yuko sitting right next to her with her creepy smile.

"Had a nice nap~?" the older girl asked, hands covered with blood.
"I- It was okay..." Atsuko answered, afraid of the older girl. She then realized and remembered what happened. "Where's Minami?!" she asked, half-shouting, demanding the girl to answer.
"She's still alive, don't worry~" Yuko playfully answered while playing with the younger girl's hair with her other hand which was not covered in blood. "But she won't be for long~"

   Atsuko's fears struck down as she realized the madness in Yuko's eyes. She was only looking at Atsuko, her eyes didn't move from her body, not even blinking once. Atsuko was frightened for her life, seeing her best friend and rival act in that manner.

"Acchan..." Yuko's voice sounded a little bit lonely to her. "Didn't you promise me that you'd marry me, when you were still in AKB~?"

   Atsuko searched or her memory and just as Yuko said, she did promise her something of that.

"That was when I was still 14, Yuko... It was just our childish promise."
"But it was still our promise!" Yuko shouted, striking fear in the younger girl's eyes. "Yet you..." she then stood up, walking to the end of the bed, picking up a certain object while glaring at it. "You still went to her instead of me..."
"Minami!" Atsuko called to the said object, Minami, who was still alive, but barely.

   Yuko glared at Atsuko, who couldn't move but struggled to get out and help her girlfriend.

"But now..." Yuko had a frightening grin as she glared at Minami with killing intent. "... You'll be mine."


   Blood was splattered all over the wall. Atsuko couldn't believe what she just saw. Yuko, Minami's supposed best friend killed her right in front of her girlfriend's eyes, chopping her body off as the girl held Minami's head firmly, laughing in a diabolical way. Atsuko shouted her name more than she could imagined, asking the older girl to stop what she was doing but the girl paid no heed. Tears fell out of Atsuko's eyes as she cried for her lover's murder.

"Acchan~?" Yuko licked the tears off of Atsuko and held her hand as the younger girl bit her lip of what's to come. "You won't leave me anymore, right~?"


   Now I just killed Takamina, Atsumina shippers AND AtsuYuu shippers... Damn... I don't know what I just did but I feel kinda... weird... As an AtsuYuu shipper I should feel happy but... Why do I feel like I should change it back? Why do I feel like I want Takamina and Atsuko to be together? Why did I think Yuko was insane, even more than Gekikara? Saa~

   Thus ends my first 'member dies' fic~ I'm prepared for all the hate so bash me all ya want!!! Okay, I'm kidding, I'm gonna hide in a hole...

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #27 on: September 14, 2013, 02:04:12 PM »
first i was like
atsumina was on a date(to buy a gift for yuko)
 so sweet and the kissu is so hot  :wriggly:

but watdahell!
yo-you kill minami omg!
 :OMG: :temper: :tantrum:

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #28 on: September 14, 2013, 02:10:09 PM »
 :stoned: :on blackhole:

Even if I am an AtsuYuu shipper....
"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #29 on: September 14, 2013, 04:52:24 PM »
Very disturbing And twisted story there...

Poor Atsumina.... Well dunno who I should felt pity for?

Great OS thank you

Can't wait to see more OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2013, 04:58:13 PM »
Urm...I have my 2nd collection right now~ I'm so as-if-i'm-happy!!~
-First is a memorable headshot and second is a stab on my heart!!~
-Not so many people can get this 2 great gift!!~ Well, just a lil' bit happy~
-Because it involve dark, kill and most importantly blood!!~ Sorry for being creepy~
-Man...Honestly that's great, first scene (buying gift) -"Ah...So relaxing~"
-Second scene (AtsuMina!!) -"Uh...It's so hawt~ I wanna more~"
-Third scene (Yuko ftw!!) -"Sh!!!+...Yuko just killed my Minami!!"
-"But meh...It's dark, i like it and this is just a fiction~ Just my taste~"

>Anyhow, plz update the next OS!!~ Will be lookin' forward for da' next one!!~ Dark side!!~ Yuko!!~ Lol... <--Crazy

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #31 on: September 14, 2013, 05:48:45 PM »
 :mon wtfmm: <<< I was listening to a happy song while reading

yeah put there Atsuko suddenly woke up from a nightmare and realized she's tied on the bed once again  XD
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #32 on: September 14, 2013, 08:09:01 PM »
first i was like
atsumina was on a date(to buy a gift for yuko)
 so sweet and the kissu is so hot  :wriggly:

but watdahell!
yo-you kill minami omg!
 :OMG: :temper: :tantrum:

Yeah!!! jeje my favorite sentence "[Be aware that this story might kill most of the AtsuYuu shippers".. sorry o love atsumina :B.. I prefer atsuyuu like a partner in crime but not like lovers.. sorry..
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #33 on: September 14, 2013, 10:04:40 PM »
why you do that...


Minami TT.TT

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Fallen [AtsuMina]
« Reply #34 on: September 15, 2013, 12:51:22 AM »
Y-you ki-killed Minami. Even worse, the brutal way.  :cry: It was so nice at the beginning too.   :fainted:

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Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #35 on: September 16, 2013, 03:24:04 PM »
Chichay, muahahaha! It wasn't my fault >.> I- It's just that I find it hard to actually write an AtsuMina pairing... So that just happened ^^''

sakura_drop, yeah, I know what ya mean... But, still, I feel proud of that one OwO

cisda, why, thank you~ XD And I guess ya should've felt petty for Yuko. Since she was played with by Atsuko...

Kochiki, I'm not gonna do more of those dark fics... Unless I need to... (Already has something in mind, but that's for another time)

   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

Haruko, It's the exact opposite for me. It's not like Minami couldn't get Atsuko... It's just that she never even showed affection towards her, letting the younger girl to hug, cling on, cuddle, kiss, **** her. As for Yuko, she loves all of the things Atsuko does, and she went through the pain Atsuko and her once shared. Not to mention if Atsuko cuddles with her, Yuko would do it 2x more affectionate... Damn, I'm nosebleeding...

Archer, simply, Magic : D

Feat, haha~ Sorry sorry XD It was just some random idea I got into my head~

   Dammit... my right hand isn't too good since I played Badminton til dawn... And so as an apology for the AtsuYuu shippers, (If I did AtsuMina again, it would end the same way, so... sorry AtsuMina shippers ^^'') I'll make more AtsuYuu!

[One does not simply...] -AtsuYuu-

"Hey, did you hear about what happened in AKB-san?" some NMB members were talking with each other.

   In the 48Family world, there has been many secrets of each other they have kept a secret from the public. They share with each other on the latest happenings inside it. For example, Maeda Atsuko's fondness for the female body, Yamamoto Sayaka's sudden liking for the AKB Ace, Matsui Jurina being spoiled by her Double partner, and a certain member's one night stand with Akimoto Sayaka. They have managed to keep everything a secret until now (Okay, Atsuko's case is pretty much leaked by her herself) and that shows just how much the Family is protective of each other's backsides.

"Yeah, I heard. Is this about MaYuki finally being official?" the other girl asked.
"No no no. That's five days ago. Something scary just happened..."
"What is it?"
"It looks like Team A and Team K are at war."
"Huh? For what?"
"It seems like Yuko-san initiated it..."
"Eh?! I thought Maeda-san was more hot-headed... Why did she?!"
"I don't know... Things are getting a little too heated up... Seems like Team B is trying to gather all of the young members so that they won't be indulged in the whole war..."
"The young members are going to be with Team B for practice?"
"I guess so. But... It seems that Maeda-san is pissed because Yuko-san ignored all her calls..."
"Okay... Now it seems like Yuko-san might be killed..."
"I sure hope not... But..."
One does not simply piss of AKB48's Ace..."


   Kashiwagi Yuki paced around the room from the same spot as she thought of how to make peace of the affair and looked at the two other Captains, of Team A and Team K. She bit her lip as she was reminded of how stubborn Minami is and how loyal Sayaka was to her team. She then decided to speak up for that matter.

"Any reason why Yuko-san would do such thing to Maeda-san?" Yuki asked the Team K Captain.

   But, Sayaka didn't talk. She didn't utter a single word of apology for the squirrel's misbehavior nor did she look at her junior. She only stayed there, hands crossed, lips sealed, looking at the table, finding it interesting for whatever reason as she sat on the chair across Minami's.

"I've managed to subdue some of Atsuko's anger... It'd be better for you to speak up now, Sayaka." Minami looked at Sayaka, asking her to speak up.

   Sayaka sighed after she heard that the Ace's anger has been subdued, but only for a while. She knew what Minami meant. If they needed to take action, now was the time. Any later would cause Atsuko's rage to take full form. She hoped that there won't be any murder happening in AKB any time soon.

"Listen..." Sayaka finally spoke up. "I'm very sorry for what Yuko did, but I won't just leave her for death at the mercy of Acchan. There would be no reason for me, as the Captain, to lead Yuko away for her death."

   Hearing this, Minami snapped. She puts her foot down and grabbed Sayaka's collar, making the glass of coffee fall down to the ground and broke into pieces.

"You know yourself just how Atsuko is when she's pissed! The juniors had already tasted her full rage! Heck, the Kenkyusei would've been KILLED if I wasn't there to stop her! YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YUKO AS WELL?!"

   Sayaka's eyes widened at the hot-blooded Minami's words. She bit her lip for anything that might happen and ruin it. Even if she's scared, she knew Yuko had chosen this choice for a good reason. She'll gladly take the blame for Yuko. She believes in her Team's Ace.

   Suddenly, Yuki clapped her hands, diverting the attention towards her as she sighed.

"Okay you two, fighting won't do us any good." she stated the obvious but for some reason, Minami calmed down and let go of Sayaka. "I've already took care of the younger members and Kenkyusei. I don't know what might happen, but whatever the hell it is, I'm not gonna risk the girls' innocence. You two should talk it out with your aces. Who knows, Yuko-san might be sorry for what she did and Maeda-san might even laugh it off as a joke." she chuckled at the Ace's randomness. "Now, where's Yuko-san, exactly?" she asked Sayaka.

"Well, I think she was going to Team A's practice since Acchan isn't in."

"THAT DAMN IDIOT!" Minami slammed the table loudly as she remembered what's there.


   Yuko entered the practice room to find Haruna but she never succeeded. She couldn't find her anywhere. She then spotted Mariko who was busy teaching the Kenkyusei, so she decided to interrupt just for fun.

"Yo, Mari-chan!" she greeted the older girl.
"Huh? What are you doing here, Yuko?" Mariko asked, realizing the squirrel-girl shouldn't be there in the first place.
"Coz Acchan's not in, I decided to find NyanNyan to grope her breasts but I can't find her..." Yuko became disappointed.
"I see..." Mariko smirked and looked at the door behind Yuko.

   Mariko then grabbed hold of Yuko, tying her hands with a rope she found somewhere and then threw her to the ground, earning a surprised look of the Kenkyusei group who didn't know what to do. Yuko glared at the older girl but then, she felt an ominous presence behind her.

"Y- Yuu-chan?!" one was a surprised catgirl who just finished playing with her friend.
"Oh ho~" the other being the said friend, and the one Yuko doesn't want to see the most. "Good job, Mariko." she said to the oldest girl.
"You'd better talk things through..." Mariko sighed and looked at the two.
"I leave NyanNyan in your hands." the girl said and dragged Yuko by the collar towards the other room.

"Oi, Wait, Atsuko!" she heard a familiar voice behind her.

   Atsuko looked behind her to see Minami and the other Team A members, right behind them are Team K members, led by Sayaka who were trying to get past the Team A members.

"Takamina! Give us our Ace back!" Tomochin glared at the short girl.
"HUH?! You've gotta be kidding me! She's the one that waltzed in here during our practice!" Sasshi bickered.
"But that doesn't give you the right to take her away from us!" Mii-chan fought back.

   Everybody knew the bond of Team K could not be broken so easily. Not to mention their physical strength is far above Team A's. Team K is famous for their bond, Team A is famous for their individualism. No matter how you look at it, Team K would eventually get through Team A's wall, but there was something they had feared since long ago.

"Just shut up and leave, will you?"

   It was the AKB Ace, Atsuko. It's famous in Team K that only Tomochin could fight back against Atsuko, but if Atsuko puts on a mask, if she smiles while her her voice became far more sharp than ever and when her aura changes into something far more darker than what they've seen from Yuki, then Nobody, not even Minami could argue against her.

"Minami, this is supposed to be practice so why the hell are you wasting Team A's time with this useless farce? Gather up the members and do what you do as idols. Sayaka, you're Team K's captain. Have you no respect for the other Team's practice? Even Yuki, your junior knows not to disturb other team's practice. Take your Team and back off. I won't kill this 'thing', and that's a promise."

   Atsuko ordered with a voice that sent shivers down their spines. Sayaka decided to just follow and take her Team back outside. Minami clicked her tongue and gathered the members for practice. Seeing them follow Atsuko's orders, Yuko heaved a satisfied sigh. When she looked up, she saw the terrifying eyes of the Ace looking down at her as she dragged the squirrel-girl into an unused room. After they got in, Atsuko closed the door and locked it, and pinned Yuko to the door.

"Explain yourself."

   She used the same voice with Yuko and Yuko flinched out of fear, afraid of what might come. It wasn't the first time she has seen Atsuko so angry, but it was the first time that the anger itself was directed to her. She was disappointed at herself for making Atsuko, her best friend used it against her. But even so,

"My lips are sealed." Yuko answered firmly, avoiding the question.

   Atsuko gritted her teeth and punched the door, loud enough that even the Team K members outside the training room could hear. Fear was evident in Yuko's eyes but behind those fears, there was a resolution. A resolution in which she kept from Atsuko herself.

"Yuko..." This time. Atsuko's voice was weak, so weak that she couldn't hear it. The younger girl's head was facing down, her hair hiding her facial. "... please..." Atsuko looked up, tears in her eyes.

   It was Yuko's number one weakness. The tears of her best friend. No, something a little more than that.

   She couldn't hold herself anymore, thus strongly hugged the girl for what she did. Apologizing for what she had done, she caressed the younger girl, soothing the pain she went through for not being trusted by her best friend. "I'm sorry, Acchan..." it was a strong apology from her, a promise of what's to come.

   After crying her eyes out on the older girl's chest, Atsuko looked up, meeting Yuko's eyes. As Yuko saw the sight of the younger girl, in tears, looking up at her, her face naturally went closer to the younger girl. Atsuko didn't know why, but she as well, shortened their distance. Thus their lips met. It was just supposed to be one kiss. That was what Yuko wanted. But one became two, two became three, and three became however much that they lost count of it. Yuko then pushed her partner down lightly, making sure not to hurt the younger.

   No words could be expressed by what they had went through that time. The hot passion of the two Aces rang around the room. The outside members heard of the 'playful' interactions of the two and also Atsuko's moans. Some were blushing madly and some were laughing. But most of them had smiles on their faces, knowing that the two had made up.


"Seriously... What the hell did I just do..."

   Yuko cupped her hands on her face, still naked as she remembered of what she had done to the younger girl. Atsuko hummed happily as she finished putting on her clothes, not minding the mental damage she had done to Yuko, though Yuko was afraid of what she had done to her. She then sat down with Yuko who was mumbling something along the lines of an apology for a certain catgirl.

"Hm? You regret it?" Atsuko puts her index finger on her lips cutely as she looked innocently at the older girl, who blushed bright red after seeing her.
"W- Who knows..." she shrugged it off, not looking at the one she loves the most.
"Aw... Okay, I'm gonna tattle on NyanNyan!" Atsuko got up excitedly, while the other girl was hanging onto her, not wanting her to proceed any further. Atsuko then stopped her joke and looked back at Yuko. "So why DID you ignore me?"

   Yuko's blush turned more red than before. She averted her eyes from the eyes of the curious Ace. Yuko knows just how Atsuko is when she's curious. She'll dig deep down until she's satisfied. So she sighed and answered her truthfully.

"Y- You were so intimate with Saya-nee, so..."

   Atsuko lost it. Out of all the excuses Yuko would use, she never thought of her using the name of the one she loved to touch the most. In fact, she has a certain sort of liking for Sayaka's... body. The girl had earned the respect of the Ace herself. Atsuko herself doesn't know why, but she liked the girl for some reason. It could be like how Yuko is with Haruna or like how Sasshi is with 90% of the girl population in AKB, but she already knows something else. Something very important.

"I love you, Yuko, and that won't change a thing..." she patted the girl's head and leaned over, kissing her out of nowhere. Their foreheads touched as she separated herself from her lips. "Not even Minami, not even Mii-chan, not even oppai-chan. I'm yours and you're mine. You've stolen my heart since long ago." there it was, the smile Yuko loved the most. The goofy smile of the Ace. Not the angel-like smile she always had, this was far more beautiful, far cuter than what most normal people could see.

   Yuko didn't know how red she was, but it was evident that she was red to her ears. Her face was hot, her heart beating faster than before. It was after they had sex, but she was still like that. Was it love? Or was it something she didn't understand? She have never experienced love of that level yet, but she didn't care.

   Yuko kissed Atsuko passionately, surprising the younger girl as the older girl rubbed the girl's breast again over her clothes. Atsuko moaned even louder than before. She lets out a moan but then the door opened.

"Okay, stop it you two. The young ones are freaking out outside, you know." It was Yuki.

   Atsuko finally remembered that the lock was broken. She mentally facepalmed as she saw the expression of disgust by Yuki even though Yuki herself has done it. But still, Yuki didn't dare to do it in there. She's not in heat like the two.

"One more round?" Yuko smiled at Yuki, asking her permission, then was hit in the head by Atsuko who was embarrassed by the older girl.

   After that, they lived happily ever after. Well, that was until the group was teleported into an unknown dimension where the future group of successors was fighting against the ban of entertainment, but that's another story.

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #36 on: September 16, 2013, 04:35:08 PM »
Yuko is jealous.. kawaii..  :inlove:  :inlove:

Nice story !!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #37 on: September 16, 2013, 04:38:32 PM »
KYAAAAA~  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

That's all I can say  :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly:

MORE  :on cny2: :on cny2: :on cny2:
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #38 on: September 16, 2013, 05:12:28 PM »
Yea okay, i'm cool even if there's no dark stuff~ So really, thanks for the fic!!~
-Anyway, that's so tense...I thought that Yuko make a really big mistake but...
-Instead, just ignoring the calls or something like that??? Oh geez, c'mon...
-But for real, heck i was scared reading it...Especially when the conversation between...
-Urh...Sayaka, Akimoto Sayaka and Minami...Man, how the hell the ace could do that far??
-Well anyway, AtsuYuu make up and it's all okay...Damn, i really can't believe this...
-I'll admit it, you, i'll put you in my favorite author list...Just what the hell am i saying~

>Anyway, plz update soon...The next OS or whatever it is...This is just simply interesting!!~

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
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   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

now...that's better  XD
you simply can't ignore MaYuki, can you?  XD my heart skipped a bit there  :lol: so much fuss happened just because Yuko's jealous.......  ;) YukoRena YukoRena next  :ptam-mad: lol you made me rummage for an emoticon now  :lol:
my hat is off. saluting.

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