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Author Topic: Spirit Dancer by Jabronisaur's Dad (based on RPG he made for his sons)  (Read 92153 times)

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I got a mail last week from our late homie Jabronisaur's brother Chuck telling me that his father G. Edward Marks has written a novel based on the game Jab and his brothers played as kids!

Quote from: Jab's Father
Spirit Dancer is based on a role playing game I wrote when my three sons were teenagers. It was titled “Castle of the Kren Lord,” and we played it for hours on weekends. My youngest son, Timothy, and I had often talked about converting this game to a story or graphic novel, but as things go, we never did. When he died unexpectedly in 2009 I decided to write the book and dedicate it to him.

Available on Kindle and Kindle App for Smartphone and PC:
Visit the Official page:
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We at are honoured to have a copy and check out for a review on :hipheart: soon! :w00t: Japanese Girls! The Art work! You gotta get it. Man, here's to some Hollywood big wig adapting it for the big screen!! Jab's father explains more about the concept:

Quote from: Jab's Father
Tim, Bryan, Chuck and I had been playing Dungeons and Dragons for some time. Tim was most often our Dungeon Master and developed a number of games, but from time to time the others of us would take a turn and write one as well. "Castle of the Kren Lord" was developed before the age of personal computers, so it is written out long hand and all of the maps and drawings are in pencil. It fills a three-ring binder and is over 100 pages long. The fantasy setting was a castle carved into a mountaintop that could only be reached by air. A band of barbarian warriors riding huge birds, which they called the kren, lived in the castle. When they were not raiding the surrounding lands, they competed in games by fighting fierce monsters that they kept captive on the mountaintop for that purpose. In the game, the players discover the castle centuries after the barbarian warriors are gone, but many of the monsters remain and challenge the players as they explore the deserted castle. In the game it never explains how the monsters got there, but in the story I decided to go a step further justify their existence. The slave girl dancer and Japanese heroine were not a part of the original game. The first was added to make a good story and the second in honor of Tim.

D&D Heads Let us know what you think!

Please grab a copy, Chuck tells me that Jab and his father worked on this a long time ago and to have him finish the novel in Jab's honour is truly incredible.

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Re: Spirit Dancer by Jabronisaur's Dad (based on RPG he made for his sons)
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I just got a copy and will start reading when I have time.  It looks incredible.
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