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Author Topic: Love does exist Chapter One 13/09/12  (Read 1587 times)

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Love does exist Chapter One 13/09/12
« on: September 11, 2013, 10:50:34 PM »
Well, well.Where do I start?

I'm kinda new here.....nope just kidding i've been a silent reader for I-don't-even-know....but it's a good time to actually start.Yup, I was supposed to be doing this like...about 7 hours ago but I got home like around 3 hours ago and didn't have time BECAUSE HOMEWORK *sobs in corner*

Back to the point!

I'm kinda new so please take care of me  :kneelbow: I'm pretty sure you're all kind people here  :hee:

Anyway! I should start the fic or else I'll keep talking.

''Oi, it's over there''
''I see, that idiot fell for it''The girl smirked and took out a small bottle filled with small pills.''He better be a fucking idiot like the rest of the bitches''The same girl smirked as she looked at the small bottle in her hand.
The other girl chuckled, ''He is, like the rest of the bitches''The girl mocked as she gave her partner a smirk.Her partners response was the same, a weak push.
''Don't fuck with me kid, I've got some serious problems over here''The other girl smirked as she walked near the person waiting for them in some kind of dark alley.
The person was probably a guy based on the figure's clothes, he was smoking something.The girl walked nearer until he noticed her and looked up.''Got the shit?''He asked with a deep voice.
The girl only gave him an innocent kid-like smile as she showed him the small bottle filled with pills in her hand.
''Got 'em, now show me what you got''She smirked glanced back at her partner who was looking down at her feet with a smirk formed on her lips.Seeing her partner smirking almost made her want to do the same, but she had to continue the act.Too fool the idiot.
The guy was holding a bag, a black one.He zipped it open and showed her what's inside.
''How much?''She asked as she took out a few and to see if they were real or not.''As much as you asked for, now give me my happiness''He said reaching out his hand for the bottle.
''Money first''She said while looking at the bag full of notes.The guy threw the bag at her and she caught it like it was nothing.''My happiness if you mind''He said reaching out for the bottle again.She smirked and gave him the bottle, ''Enjoy your happiness''She smirked and walked back to her partner with the bag in her hands.While reaching her partner who looked at her with her famous smirk as they walked away together, with the bag.
''How did it go with the bitch''Teased her friend as they processed to walk to their apartment, which wasn't exactly near.''It went good, it always goes great''The girl smirked, ''Human kinds are stupid, ain't they''The girl smiled as they crossed a road.
''You're right, Yagami Kumi~''The other girl smirked as she called the girl's name.
''Whatever you say Kinoshita..''She paused looking at her partner's reaction.''Yukiko''

Yagami Kumi

19 years old, lives with her bestfriend Kinoshita Yukiko A.K.A Yukko.
She is a drug dealer, but known as a Yankee for everyone.Usually never at school unless she's up to something, her partner Kinoshita Yukiko is always seen with her.
Feared by everyone in school and outside school, Kinoshita Yukiko and her, Yagami kumi are mostly known as the Joker Sisters.They're called Joker Sisters because of the tricks and traps they set for you.A warning from me, never mess with them.
Yagami Kumi is the one usually planning and setting the trap.She's usually seen with colored clothes unlike Kinoshita who's always dressed in dark clothes.
Looks innocent and sweet from the outside but is the devil himself from the inside.
Don't mess with her.

Kinoshita Yukiko

18 years old, lives with her bestfriend Yagami Kumi.
She's a drug dealer but known as a Yankee for everyone.Feared by everyone in the school with her bestfriend Yagami.
Has a dark past no one except Yagami knows about it.The younger one of the Joker Sisters, usually wears darker clothes (exp. Dark shorts, dark skirts, black shirts)
Rumor says that she has killed a person once, reasons and who it was are still unknown.
Is half Spanish half Japanese, can speak Spanish fluently.
Looks sweet and kind but is a demon from the inside.
Don't mess with her.


And that was the prologue! Yey!  :on gay:

How was it? Bad?   :frustrated: Good?  :wriggly: That's up to you, let me know if I should continue or not!

Oyasumi!   :sleep:
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Re: Love does exist Prologue 13/09/11
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2013, 11:12:41 PM »
YAY!! KUMI-SAN!! YUKKO!!!!!!!! <- me spazzing
looking forward to more eventually, no pressure~
Kuuchan... haha... smiles...
Kuuchan here will be cool it seems, but I want to see the soft side once the story gets into the main body

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Re: Love does exist Chapter One 13/09/12
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2013, 07:57:52 PM »
Chapter One

''Yuria-san? May I talk to you?''

Standing in front of a girl with round face was a boy, a senior.The girl with round face nodded as she stood up and followed the boy to the rooftop.

''Ano, I...''The boy started when they reached the rooftop.''From the first time I saw you, I liked you.Please go out with me''He said as he looked down.The girl looked at him surprised, ''I'm sorry, that's not possible''She said while looking down feeling guilty for rejecting the boy.

''M-may I know w-why?''The boy stuttered as he tried to hold his tears.''I like someone else''The girl answered honestly.
The boy nodded and ran away as tears fell down.The girl sighed while looking up still feeling guilty, ''but that someone doesn't see me the same way I do''She sighed again.

''Another one?''Came a voice from behind which startled her.She looked back only to see her bestfriend standing there.The girl gave her friend a sad look as her friend walked to her and wrapped her arms around her.
''I don't think she'll ever see me like I see her''The girl sighed and buried her face into her friend's neck as tears ran down her cheeks.
Her friend caressed her hair as she let her cry on her shoulder.

A few minutes later the girl calmed down and they both were sitting on the rooftop leaning on one of the walls.''Say, how long were you here, Kanon?''The girl with round face asked her friend,Kimoto Kanon.

''I was here the whole time''Kanon looked at her friend before continuing.''And if you're wondering if I heard everything then the answer it yes''Kanon said while her friend looked at her, raising one eyebrow.''Do you really think I'd ask that?''She asked while playing with her friend's fingers.

'Knowing that you're a baka, yes''Kanon joked while her friend glared at her.''I'm not an idiot!''

''Yes you are''Kanon giggled at her friend's reaction.''Whatever!''

''I heard you're going out with the that 3rd grader, Kanon''

''That jerk? Yuria, I thought you knew better''Kanon looked at her round-faced friend , Kizaki Yuria.

''I said, I heard.But I guess you're not going out with him''Yuria sighed and leaned forward.''And why is he suddenly a jerk''

''Well, when he confessed to me.I rejected him, and he got angry and started screaming and all''She frowned, remembering the confession of the guy.
''What was his name?''Yuria asked.''Hm...I think it was''She paused while trying to remember the guy's name.''Komo-something Ryuu, but i'm not sure.
''Hey, how about if one day, you're walking home and you take this short cut.And when you're walking you get suddenly cornered by a few boys''Yuria started one of her out-of-a-manga-imaginations while Kanon rolled her eyes but continues to listen to her friend.
''And you take a few steps back but right behind you is a wall of some building.You scream for help but no one hears you, and the boys comes closer and goes asking you if you wanna have fun ans stuff.And you answer by no and then they get hold of you and you scream louder for help.And they rip clothes and you're only in underwear.''Yuria paused again looking at her friend's reaction.Which was pretty good since Kanon was getting into the story.
''Then suddenly one of the boys get's kicked and you hear a voice going 'Oi! What are you doing to a girl, didn't your parents teach you anything?!'And you look up only to see Yagami-senpai standing there glaring at the guys!''And then a loud squeal was heard from Kanon.

''Oh my god, Yuria don't ever do this again''Kanon who was now blushing at the thought scolded her friend who laughed at her.

''Why?''Yuria asked with a smirk.

''Cause she'll see my underwear''Kanon face got red as a tomato while Yuria only laughed at her.

After laughing, talking and teasing each other the bell rang signaling the end of the Lunch Break.Both of them went in the same class and sat beside each other, so it wasn't a problem to not be able to see each other.
When they got inside class and took their seats, the teacher came in and told everyone it's free period.And they could do whatever they want, then he went out leaving the students talking with each other.

Our two girl looked at each other, probably up to something.Then they both stood up and ran out of the class and into the hallway of the school.Then out off school, they ran until they stopped in front of a building.
Panting, they both looked at each other before giving a smile.
Then they processed to walk, but not inside the building.Instead they went behind the building, and then they continues to run.It was a small road at the end of it you could see a dark place.No lights were seen there, but the girls didn't stop and continued to run.

After arriving at the place, they looked around to see a single bench in the place.They sat on it and waited for something to happen.

- -

After 20 minutes of waiting they could see a figure hiding behind a wall which was in front of them.

''You came''Yuria smiled as she stood up.The figure took a step to the side so they could see who it was, and it wasn't who they were expecting.''Waiting for that dumb girl?''The figure smirked before showing the body she was hiding behind the wall.

''She's not as strong as they say''The figure smirked.It was a girl, around their age.Judging from her look she was some yankee who's their senpai's rival.
''W-what did you do with her?''Kanon stood up glaring at the yankee in front of them.

''What did you think?''The yankee's smirk never left her ugly face.''I just beat the crap out of her''The two girl's glared at the yankee who was still smirking.

''Oh sorry''Came a sudden familiar voice, startling the girl's and the yankee.''I feel asleep while fighting you, sorry again''

After hearing the voice, the two girls smiled widely.''WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE! I BEAT YOU UP!''The yankee shouted glaring at the figure who was standing behind the wall.
''Oh about that, I actually didn't sleep yesterday.So I thought it'll be the best to take a nap until you're done giving me those weak kicks''The figure said as it walked beside the yankee.
''Thank you for the massage''She smiles and the yankee who glared at her.

''You..ass! ''The yankee got angry and threw her fist to the figure who ducked easily and ran forward tackling the yankee.Then she started kicking the yankee.
She didn't stop until she heard a voice telling her to stop, she looked up only to let her eyes meet with two girl's in a uniform.

''Oh hello Yuria, Kanon''The figure smiles at them and walked to them not forgetting to step on the unconscious yankee.

''What are you two doing here?''

''Ehh? Did you forget our promise?''Yuria crossed her arms while Kanon pouted at their senpai with her bad memory.

''Oh that! Sorry girl's, you know how I tend to forget stuff''Their senpai smiles slightly.

''It's ok, Ogiso-senpai''



Kizaki Yuria

A 17 year's old girl.Goes to Sakae high school with her bestfriend Kimoto Kanon.Has gotten over 100 confessions from both girls and boys, has rejected all of them.
Lives with her mother, father and older brother.Her house is beside Kimoto Kanon's house.Has known Kimoto since she was 3, knows everything about her bestfriend.
Has a crush on someone unknown.

Kimoto Kanon

A 17 years old girl.Goes to Sakae high school with her bestfriend Kizaki Yuria.Is the sweet little-sister like girl who's loved by everyone in school and even outside school.
Lives with her mother, and her two older brothers.Her fathers left them when she was a kid and she stills hates him for that.
Has a crush on Yagami Kumi

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Re: Love does exist Chapter One 13/09/12
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2013, 09:21:40 PM »
A fic with SKE's girl, and with my favorites *-* Yukko, Kuumin, Kanon, Yuria. Heaveen.

Yukko and Kuumin seems so cool *-*

And Kanon and Yuria are cute *-*

Thanks you ~~

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