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Author Topic: *Opposites attracts* -1-  (Read 3019 times)

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*Opposites attracts* -1-
« on: January 23, 2014, 08:56:07 AM »
In one of the elite schools in Japan..

Sayashi Rei is handsome prig who seems to have a really good life. Money, friends and a georgous girlfriend. But what will happen When he find out that his girlfriend cheat on him with one of his best friends Ikuta Eri? Or When he find out that his girlfriend is only dating him cause her parents ask her to save them from the public humiliation of being broke?.

Fukumura Mizuki is Sayashi Rei's girlfriend tired of his arrogance, incapable of loving him anymore, her only reason to stand him is cause she's so used to live a comfortable life, travelling, spending money in ridiculous expensive things but she can't help to feel in love with his best friend~ she won't tell it, she loves money more than Eri!

Ishida Ayumi got an schoolarship thanks to her hard work, middle class girl but still treated as poor. Likes Sayashi Rei at first sight but gets constantly ignored, bullied by him, always fighting.

Kudo Haru, Sayashi Rei' s other best friend immediately falls for Ayumi and competes, argue with Rei because of it. Has a stalker who he takes care as a little sister.

Macchan, Haru' s stalker. Always trying to capture his heart "Will she get it?"

Ikuta Eri handsome.. ladies guy, he just kissed Mizuki for fun and still he just wants to have fun.


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Re: *Opposites attracts*
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 01:51:17 PM »
waahhhh, sayaishi pleaseeee...

I've become somewhat addicted to this pair..

please update soon author-san :)

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Re: *Opposites attracts*
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2014, 03:09:09 AM »
oh ! finally !

SayaIshi pleaseeeeeee ~  :cow: ♥♥♥

update author-saaaaaaaan !!!


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Re: *Opposites attracts* -1-
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2014, 09:24:44 PM »
                 *Opposites attracts*

                                    Chapter 1

Three handsome boys were sleeping peacefully till The sound of one of their cellphones woke them up. "Sayashi turn off that sh..." one of them said covering his ears with a pillow while the other opened his eyes and found himself sleeping on the floor "What the hell happened last night?" He wondered then smirked and closed his eyes relaxed.

"I'm up.. I'm up..I'll be there.. see you soon" One of the boys said then dropped his phone and realized his room was a mess, one of his friend was sleeping on a couch and the other was on the floor "What the hell happened last night?" He asked scratching his head and yawning.

Ikuta Eri got up smiling "Girls love me.." he said as he zombie walks to a mini fridge and grabs a bottle of water. "I need water.. lots of water.." Kudo Haru said as he slips from the couch.

Rei and Eri looked at eachother then laughed at him. Eri threw their friends two bottles of water for the hangover. After drinking it all without stopping Sayashi Fri looked at his friends "Today is the first day of school, let's go!" He said before going to the bathroom.

Eri sighed then drank from his water bittersweetly. "What's wrong why do you look at Rei like that? Haru asked naively while Dr o held back his hair "Don't know what you're talking about" he replied serious.

At the same time...

Fukumura Mizuki looked at herself on the mirror "My skin is strange today.  Don't you think?" She asked insecured touching her face with her fingers. "You're crazy.You're perfect!" Oda Sakura her best friend replied with a smile "Maybe is cause you haven't seen Rei in a while and you're nervous!" She added still with a smile plastered on her face.

Mizuki cleared her throat "Maybe.. " she replied serious still looking at herself on the mirror.

*Last month*

"It's so lame that you in your birthday party spend your time alone in your room...let me guess you're was invited but even invited he doesn't care or remember." Eri said as he gets closer and shows her his present.

Mizuki got up from her bed "A doll.. that's.. weird" she said cold as an ice. Eri smiled then in the pocket of the doll' s dress there was the real present a pair of expensive earings.

Mizuki smiled she didn't expect that "How do you bought those? You're not rich!" She said still happy but shocked.  "That's my secret!" He said as Mizuki puts them.

"Perfect!" He said with a smile as he watches Mizuki with her new earings.

Muzuki hugged him "Thanks you!" She said as they slowly separated and looked at eachother, somehow Mizuki' s heart beats faster as Eri gets closer and kiss her on her cheek sweetly. She couldn't take it anymore and kissed Eri after a few seconds Eri breaks the kiss "Do not fall in love.." he said then kissed her but roughly this time, both landed on bed...

"Let's go or we will be late.. " Sakura said waking Mizuki from her thoughts and dragging her with her.

[At school]

"In time.. " Haru whispered as he walks the hall "Luckily I didn't wait for Eri and Rei.." he thought with a smile."Haruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh" Someone shouted then jumped on his back.

"Machan!" He let out resign. "When she'll understand?" He thought as he walks with her on his back. "Stop looking at him! Kudo Haru is mine!!" She shouted as everyone in the hall looks at them. "That's no... real" He let out with a sigh.

After walking for a bit with Maxhan on his back Haru puts her down "Machan you can't say those things, you're way too young find someone on your age!" He said with his hand on her head. "But.. but.."

Haru sighed "No buts...we're friends" he said serious before leaving. Machan pouted "You'll be mine!" She said as she sees him walking away.

Ishida Ayumi looked at the rich kids school, she got in front of her "Is this really a school? This looks like a mansion!" She said confused as she was about to turn she didn't notice there was already someone behind her.

Ayumi looked at him, he had a blank expression on his face but still he was handsome indeed.

"What are you doing?"

"I.. I.. " Ayumi stuttered.

"Move.. " He said coldly then passed next to her ignoring her.

Eri sighed "Rei always cold towards women.." He thought "Bye gorgeous" he said as he passed next to Ayumi who was still in shock because of Rei.

Ayumi took a deep breath "Who the hell he think he is?" She whispers mad then entered to the school "So my class is.." she read a paper as she walks the hall but ends up bumping another student.

"I'm sorry!" Ayumi apologized fast and looked at the handsome boy in front of her. He smiled at her "It's fine." He said warmly.

Ayumi smiled also "I thought everyone in this school were a bunch of jerks.." she let out "Ups..." she said embarrassed looking at the guy in front of her.

"Yeah there are but hey I'm just one of the few that are good.. my name is Kudu Haru!" He said with a smile.

Ayumi blushed a little "I'm Ishida Ayumi..nice to meet you!" She said offering her hand. "Cute.." he thought and grabbed her hand a little then noticed a paper on the floor and grabbed it.

"Ohh that's mine!" Ayumi says "So you're new that's why I haven't see you before!" He said and read the paper "So you're smartass and go to my classroom!" He said with a smile then grabbed her hand and dragged her with him.

"We're already late and math sensei is.. he is..special!"  Haru said pulling Ayumi with him.

Once in the classroom Ayumi fast recognized the two guys from earlier, "Fresh meat!" Eri said then winked at her while Rei had a bored expression and he was looking to the board.

"Just in time! We're lucky.." Haru said then lead Ayumi to seat in a empty spot and he sat next to her. But somehow she couldn't help to look at Rei. "He's always like that?" She wondered looking at him till she noticed there was somebody else glaring at her.

Ayumi cleared her throat and stopped looking at Rei.

"Who's that?" Mizuki annoyed asked to Sakura. "Charity I guess, she came using bus.. " she said not so sure.

"Look the school keeps doing charity.." Mizuki said pointing at Ayumi

Everyone laughed.Ayumi looked other way while Haru got annoyed.

"Eri what do you laugh about? you're charity too.." Rei asked with a mischievous grin making everyone laughs more. Eri got pissed,Mizuki looked other way.

After a few seconds the math teacher entered to the classroom and everyone calmed.

Soon it was lunch time and Haru invited Ayumi to eat with his friends of course Ayumi rejected him but Haru didn't take a no for an answer.

"C'mon they are not that bad.. " Haru said dragging her with him to spot they friend have under a tree, like a picnic and very sophisticated.

Everyone were sitting making a circle and the food in the middle.

"Haru there's someone behind you.. go away!" Rei said making a sign with his hand while Mizuki smiles.

Ayumi took a deep breath "Heeeeyyy.. she's my friend Ishida Ayumi" he said soothing things and inviting Ayumi to sit with them (Pulling her down with him)

"You mean charity!" Mizuki said with a smirk looking at Sakura who also laughed. Haru sighed "Girls.." he thought.

Ayumi couldn't take it anymore so she got up "I'm tired of this ... Who the hell you all think you are? I rather be middle class or poor or whatever you call it... CHARITY instead of being some arrogant awful people!" She said destroying the food on their picnic.

Rei got up to stop her "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He asked.

"Putting the garbage on the garbage!" Ayumi replied mad then smashed her lunch on Rei' s uniform and walked away not giving a damn.

"Rei.." Mizuki said open mouth while the others were surprised even Haru but that makes him like her even  more.

"She'll pay this back~ " Rei said controlling his anger.

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Re: *Opposites attracts* -1-
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2014, 01:23:31 AM »

mizuki you so bad ><

nyay !

anyways I love this chapter ~ :cow:

SayaIshi is so ♥♥♥♥

Ganbatte Author-san :))

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