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Author Topic: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013  (Read 2775 times)

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Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
« on: July 10, 2013, 04:13:34 AM »
This is just pure imagination and just thinking what would happen if it had been done.  I don't know how it will go but always will take hints from my readers to develop this story XD

Also I'm thinking of a title XD GOT ONE!!!!

Chapter 1

I never imagined being stuck in this situation.  Looking up at the sky, I want to curse my ability to screw up but I guess being entangled in these branches I had a great look at her.  My eyes stared at her flawless body as I try to adjust myself to seek the view. 

“Turn, please turn.”  I muttered as I felt the branches crackle under me.

Peach lingerie fits her so much…  Her body looks silky…  She has great eyes…

“Haruna… are you ready for it?”  A voice pierced through my senses.

From the right, a woman with short hair appeared with her gown lightly wrapped around her body.  Her smile grew as the gown peeled back exposing her pale back towards me.  She jumps onto the bed and rip off the underwear from her body.  Her hands took control of Haruna’s body, touching the right areas as the moans seemed louder than the room could hold.

Cruel punishment for me again…

The crackle grew louder as shifted my body again to reveal the gift of my seeking.  Her chest bare in front of me and feeling everything weighed upon me lifting off.  I moved forward and felt the branches gave way to the air below.  My eyes closed for a brief second feeling the air slowly turning into solid ground.

“Itai!”  I groaned as the light from the ground floor turned on.

My feet decided to rush off carrying my body with me to the park.  Holding my ribs, I felt the pain running through the front as I felt a hand grab me to the darkness.  I grabbed my side trying to hold my arm close as I was trying to figure it out.  The only guide was the dim light from the small flashlight.  The rustling of the dead leaves were giving me an eerie feeling until the walking stopped and the flashlight turned onto the person.

“Oshima-san, what are you doing out there?”  The person asked. 

I saw the short chestnut hair and quickly noted the person.  “Takamina?”

“Hai!  Takahashi Minami at your service.”

I only knew Takamina from school when I became an assistant teacher.  She was quite a loud person to her class.  Her attitude led many people to the fail character she created and the collapse of the class contest during the sports festival etched a memory in my mind.

“Why am I here?”  I queried as the pain from my chest grew with my constant breathing.

“You were out there alone so I decided to bring you in before people saw you.”  She explained before grabbing my hand again.

My mouth dropped when I noticed the tent held up by the forest of trees.  She dragged me inside to the flood lights just above us were turned on.  The ground was layered with a white canopy covered by various machines weighing the down the material.  Takamina weaved through the mess and we got to the first aid kit.

“Can you lift your shirt?”

I lifted the shirt up and she ran her fingers along the left side of my body feeling the sensitive area.  She moved my bra up a little with no change in her expression.  The pain grew as she pressed onto the bruise and I bit down on my lip to fight the pain.  Takamina stood up and lowered the front cover of the tent.

“You have to remove this.”  She instructed with a firm expression.

I threw my shirt off and reached back feeling the pain shoot like an injection.  She reached behind and unclasped my bra releasing the restraint.  Takamina grabbed a tube and squirted the cream onto her hand.  She rubbed it into the worst of the bruising under the flap to the back.  I grabbed my bra and put it back on. 

“Thank you.”

“It was no problem.”  She grinned.

“Why are you out here?”  I asked as she headed to the front to open the cover.

“My parents passed away a few years ago.”  She started.  “My uncle was taking care of me until he was required to move but I didn’t want to go to a different school or travel back into the city so I decided to make a fort in the forest area of the park.”

“Doesn’t it require permits?”

“Yes.”  She replied grabbing the folder filled with papers.  “I pay for it every year for the past two years.”

“Doesn’t it require at least 100,000 yen?”  I quizzed the female when she showed me a book.

“Frequent visitors come to scan out the area and provide food and water for me and everyone else.”  She answered showing me the buckets of canned food and water jugs.

“You must have a lot of male companions…”

She smiled and pointed at my nose.  “Half and half.”

“EHHH???”  I shrieked.  “What do you mean by that?  Males are usually the voyeurs.”

“To be honest… we have a small community of high schoolers that come and seek out people on the benches.”  Takamina elaborated as a head peeked inside.

“Another visitor has come before me and I know her…”

“Mayu!  You are looking out for couples in the park?” 

She threw a bag over to the bins before opening up a taped-up package.  She removed the glasses and binoculars and took a seat next to us.

“Oshima-san, ohisashiburi.”  She bowed deeply while having a cleaning rag in hand.

“Watanabe, you know her?”  Takamina asked as the younger female smiled back.

“She is a neighbor of mines.  How was Kojima?”

“It was a fun experience but she was with that teacher again.”  I said in a low voice holding my bruised ribs.

“Poor Yuko…”  Mayu pouted.  “I think you need to rid of the requited love.”

“I won’t!” I grumbled holding my arms up over my chest.

“Suit yourself, Kojima-sensei will never like you or see you in anything beyond as another perverted teacher.”  Mayu explained before leaving the tent.

I gritted my teeth as the words penetrated through my skin.  I hate Mayu for being right but she only saw me a friend who peeked at her chest a few times.  Then as a present for my birthday, I received an album of bare chest shots of her.  Mayu knew my crush was her however to the point I became obsessed by her beauty.

I had visited her so many times that I was recommended to go to a hospital for lovesickness.  Then, Mayu had her sickness with a girl and lost my connection to the pictures but that was when I saw her with that woman.  She was tall and slender with short brown hair.  The name only made my blood boil and I continued my ploy until she was around often in the infirmary and I slowly pulled away from actively pursuing her.

“Are you okay?”  Takamina asked.

“It is fine.  Mayu is one of my students and I advise her manga group.”  I explained as the memory of her came back into mind.

“Well do you want to see the couples in the park?  It’ll keep your mind out of seeing the woman.”  She insisted as I borrowed a few pieces of equipment from her.

Holding my knapsack in my right hand, I found a view of the bench.  Curiously, I set up my blanket there and looked through the goggles.  My luck was great as I watched the two furiously exchanging saliva.  The rush came as I watched his hand venture under her dress and removed the underwear in a smooth motion.  His hand went to his pants and quickly slipped out his member.  She sat down and pressed her body onto him.  I started to feel my body go weak watching them that I took off the goggles and panted at the action.

“Excuse me… Can you guide me to the tent?”  The man asked with a duffel bag in hand.


As I led him back to home base, I felt a chill down my spine as he closely followed me.  He groaned with every step struggling to keep the bag above the ground.  My fears were becoming closer until he ran towards the tent.

“Minami!  How are you doing?”  He shouted as he embraced the woman.

“Kai!  Long time no see.”

“Sorry, Yuko.”  She looked towards me as I saw him.  “This is my cousin Kai to drop off some items.”

“Hello.”  I greeted as he dumped water jugs and canned food onto the canopy.

“You are getting more perverts.”  He commented as she punched him in the shoulder.

“People can only visit and I am a holder of stuff for them.”  She explained to the unsure face of her cousin.

“Well… I’ll believe that when no one gets caught so hope you survive the night.”  He waved before heading into the darkness.

I handed the items back to Takamina and looked for food.  Sardines were in my hand and reached out for an opener.  The area was cluttered with items that I moved everything for the lone cooking item.  Realizing the only heater was a hot plate; I plugged the appliance into the generator and placed it on top of the flat rock.  I grabbed a dented pan and poured the beans into the pan.  Moving the pan, the item heated up quickly and threw it into a half-cleaned bowl.

“I would like you to be here often if you can cook.”  Takamina suggested as I took the first bite of my hot meal.

“I really don’t want to do this but I can cook for you because you helped me with my injury.”  I expressed my displeasure on spying on random people.

“I see.  Well you can sleep here for the night if you want to and if you need wake up service I’ll be up all night.”  Takamina offered as she gathered up her items.

“I’ll take it for tonight.  May I borrow a shirt?”

Takamina grabbed her items and left leaving me with a bowl of food.  I slowly ate as I observed the darkness around me.  The weather altered every few minutes with the rain slowly winning the battle.  The bowl was scraped to the last bit as I leaned back to admire the beauty of the raindrops.

My eyes fought off the sleep for a few moments as I changed into one of her shirts.  I didn’t realize it was tighter than I expected.  I sucked my gut as I got the shirt over and fitted me.  I placed my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.  I was surprised that a former student would help me but I wondered if there was any issue with them outside.
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Re: Untitled Chapter 1 7/9/2013
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Yes, another KojiYuu fic :D Truth be told, I'm a little confused. Hope you update soon!

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Re: Untitled Chapter 1 7/9/2013
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Yes, another KojiYuu fic :D Truth be told, I'm a little confused. Hope you update soon!

I wish I could promise that for now but that will be the case at least for the at the moment....

I wonder if I should add another POV with Takamina because she is quite important too... Who would want a perverted Takamina? :nervous

Chapter 2

The smell of smoke swam into my nose awaking my mind to the area.  Glancing around the area, Takamina was hovering over the pan.  Plumes of black escaped from the utensil as I uncapped a jug and stopped the interaction.

"What are you doing?"  I exploded as the woman crashed to the ground.

"I was cooking breakfast when a leaf flew into the generator and got stuck."  She explained with smoke dissipating into the clear air.

“Sigh… I’ll clean up.”  I growled.

“Mayu told me that she saw two people fighting in the park.”  Takamina recalled the moment.  “She said hurry and get to school as soon as possible.”

“I see.  I’ll come back to clean this up.”  I could see the street from her sight and ran out quickly.

Arriving to the empty school grounds and rushed toward the door.  I pulled it open and headed to the nurse’s office.  There was the woman in front of Haruna.  I balled her hand and approached the two.

“Oshima-sensei, what are you doing here early?”  Haruna asked.

“I heard there was a commotion from the students so I came to check it out.”

“There’s nothing here, Oshima!”  She replied as I saw Haruna’s eyes.

“Mariko-sama, I know the relationship.  Don’t play with me before…”  I paused as I remembered about Mariko.

“You want to unleash your anger because you are a pervert.”  Mariko laughed.

I unclasped my fist and gritted my teeth towards her.  It seemed too perfect for her to know what I had been doing for the past year and a half.  Instead of asking her out, I had followed her and observe her from afar.  My fear was rejection and kept it deep in my mind that I would be that I never tried.

“I am a… pervert.”  I said under my breath.

“See!  She is only here because she likes your body rather than you personally.  Why do you think she visits often?”  She pointed out as I lowered my stance.

“Oshima-san, is that true?”  Haruna asked and I quickly nodded.

“I don’t want to see you anymore!”  She yelled as I turned away and headed down the hallway.

“Turn in your resignation!”  Mariko commanded as I turned to see the slap across her face.

“I don’t care about you either!”  She shouted as she slammed the door in front of her face.

I quickly headed into the room and lock the door.  I took out a sheet of white paper and wrote out a letter to the headmaster and assistant headmaster.  It wasn’t long but I knew what the consequences were in the situation.  There seemed to be too much to forgive if I tried to explain and placed it into an envelope.

I exited the room to head to the office of the headmaster.  He was a person with an iron fist and wouldn’t tolerate any behavior.  I delivered my resignation and bowed to him before heading to the door.

“Oshima-san!”  He called.  “I want to speak about this matter.”

“Yes, Hashimoto-san!”

“You are a great teacher and many students look up to you as a role model for facing their fears in life.  We can eliminate this immediately to not leave a black eye on the school.”  He explained.

“I want to leave because I love the school too much to be left with the mark on the prestigious school.”

“I can’t complain about that.  You are the one to lead the way and if you must, I expect your desk to be cleaned by 17:00.”

I bowed towards him before leaving the office.  The students were coming into the room as I watched from afar.  Everybody was happy to be in my class.  I guess I had to end it one way or another but I only had one concern and that meant to be resolved later on.

My feet felt like stone as I headed towards my room.  The children were chattering along when I entered and I closed the door to get their attention.

“Class representative!”

“Stand up!  Bow!  Sit!”  He said in a proud voice.

“Thank you.  Class I have an important announcement.”  I spoke with the lump of an apple lodged in my throat.

“I regretfully announced that I will be resigning effectively today.  It has been a joy to teach you guys and be a respectable advisor.”

“Oshima-sensei!  You cannot leave!”  One yelled.

The rest echoed their sentiments but one kept quiet.  I knew why she kept quiet but she seemed the angriest of the class.  I watched her run out of the room and I chased her down to the bathroom.

“Watanabe-san, I’m sorry.”

“I should be punished for your resignation.  If I didn’t tell Takamina about them you wouldn’t be forced out.”  She wailed.

I rubbed her back as she released her frustrations towards the walls.  I let her release until I felt she was ready to come back.  The classroom had gone quiet as I came back and took the front of the class.

“Don’t let the tears stop you.  I will still be around but I don’t want to interfere any more with your studies.  I also request don’t beg for my return.  It will only present more trouble.”

The class stood up and applauded as I gave them a bow.  My career of two years seemed to come to an abrupt end but I wanted to protect myself and the students I have made better.  I stepped out and felt my wrist grabbed.

“Oshima-sensei, I want you to say our favorite word together.”  Mayu requested as I grew red.

“See… no… OSHIRI!”

“Mayu, I’ll still see you around but I’ll miss you as my favorite helper in class.”  I smiled as I returned to the teacher’s room.

The desk was once clean before I came and I just laughed that it was going to be my space for a long time but it seemed not to be.  I grabbed an empty box and took the pens and pencils from the cups and dumped it.  I hadn’t cared about the papers as they were mostly rubbish and I placed them in a neat pile onto the next table.

“Oshima!  I hate to see you leave.”

“Miyazawa, don’t tell me you are going to miss me?”  I smiled as she poured herself onto my shoulder.

“You’re the sunshine of the teachers.  You keep everyone energized and on their feet but now I cannot stand anyone pushing you out of the job.”  She mumbled.

“It is okay.”  I patted her on the head.  “I know you’ll take care of them.”

Sae forced a smile before leaving the room.  I was home free with the rest still on top of my desk.  I carried my box to the final place of resolve at the infirmary.  I knocked on the door and let myself in.

“What do you want?”  The nurse asked.

“I want to apologize for being a pervert instead of asking you out.”

“Apology accepted but why?”

“It seemed great to ask you out but I had no idea how you would reply.”  I explained as she stood up.

“I wouldn’t say yes but the thing is you came too often to consider you okay and I knew you had that crush on me but…”

“That would cause more trouble than it should, correct?”  She nodded.

“I should leave before Shinoda-san comes.”  I left with a bow and took my items through the front entrance and laid them by the tree.  I placed my hands together and said a little prayer before leaving.

I walked back to my apartment and smiled for the first time.  I was relieved that there was no work to bring home but my urges were becoming bigger as I researched for items to continue my night work.
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Re: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
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next part?????? your stories are too addicting.........

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Re: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
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Please update!!

Poor Yuko she have to leave the school, i wonder if Haruna like Yuko or not

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Re: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
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update update update update update update update~~~
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
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Thanks for your guys comments but I will not update this one as I have forgotten the plot to it.  Please read the active fics I have going instead

Sorry for the inconvenience
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Re: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
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^lol wut XD :lol:

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Re: Kataomoi Hentai Chapter 2 7/10/2013
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^lol wut XD :lol:

Discussion ends with this.  I don't have a plot sheet for this one :lol:
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