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Author Topic: In This Chaotic World With You Rewrite [Atsumina, KojiYuu and Others]  (Read 1315 times)

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Chapter 1: Those Who Are Hungry for Power

In the year 250 BC, humans have a certain power to attain the maximum metamorphosis of men, also known as “Class”. In this certain year too lays the crystal that can make any human the God of all Gods, the Kings of all Kings, indeed a crystal that can make anyone beg to you and kneel in front of you. The Crystal of Life that is once sealed by the ancient Gods of the Year 1, a terrifying crystal that eats its hungry-for-power-prey and turn it into its pawn, a pawn of evil that may disrupt the equilibrium of the three Kingdoms. To protect such equilibrium state, Celestica, Inferno, and Earth Council has been created. All three signed a treaty to never touch the forbidden crystal, should they disobey the orders, and death awaits them. Woe is them.

Many years since the council has been formed, a regular meeting is still held by the three rulers of the three kingdoms to ensure maximum safety of each residents and the maximum equilibrium until the holy period is done. A long period of meeting is also required to thoroughly manage each of the kingdoms, and because of that, the Seraph of Celestica, Seraph Kai is on the blink of falling asleep again. While the Overload Sashihara of Inferno, and Goddess Atsuko of the Earth is brainstorming about how to ensure the safety of the kingdoms, the Seraph and his Archangel is slaking again much to their warnings.

“Really, how could this guy be the Seraph when all he does is either slaking or sleeping in our meetings?” The Goddess can’t help it but to face palm herself when she saw her childhood friend and Archangel Yuu sleeping like a log in the desk. Goddess Atsuko began to wonder why Kai’s attitude drastically changed after he inherited the past Seraph’s position. In their early days in the Human Promotion Academy, Kai was a hard-work that didn’t let anyone drag him down. The then Seraph, Seraph Yasushi saw his potential and gave him a private training to be his successor.

“And the moment he got promoted, Kai gave all of his works to the underlings to fall asleep and have some happy moments instead” The Overload Sashihara continued on what may be Goddess Atsuko’s monologue. He too was a childhood friend of Kai, he considered the Seraph as his rival for the Seraph position way back when.

“This short man needs to get a hold of him. It’s a mystery why Celestica is in a good shape up until now considering that the Seraph and his perverted Archangel are both slackers. Much to my surprise, the faith of the Celestials is still the same, didn’t increase nor decreased.”

“But unlike Inferno and Earth, Celestica has the smallest power crystals; it must be the fact of the neutral faith the Celestial are giving toward this short guy”

“Who are you calling short?!” In a nick of time, both Kai and Yuu woke up because of what they heard. According to the underlings no one can wake up the two, but for some reasons the both wake up in unison when they hear the words “short” and “man”. They have complex about their unnatural height.

“Oh finally you too are awake. It’s time you pay attention to the meeting you slackers.” The Goddess crossed her arms in her chest and began looking the two with such sadistic eyes.

“But Atsuko~ I didn’t have any time to sleep because I was researching a certain book last night”

“And what book was that Kai? Fifty Shades of Gray? Porn? What?” It was obvious that Atsuko was starting to get pissed

“The Old Kingdom” Kai answered with a serious voice and a serious expression that Atsuko and Overload hasn’t seen for so long. When Kai is like this Acchan can’t help it but blush, she was always like this ever since they were little.

“The Old Kingdom, the book that will uncover the truth about what happened in the past; I heard that the location of the Crystal of Life is written there so we need to find it before anyone else or else you know what will happen” This time, the perverted Archangel Yuu was the one who butted in the conversation. Even though they are all slackers, having the three kingdoms into destruction is one thing he cannot allow. Not until he tells his feelings for a certain smoking hot demon in Inferno.

“I see. You should have told us so we can search it alongside with you” The Overload smiled.

“You know the rules that the three rulers must meet solely in this holy circle right? The rules are written a long time ago, never once the old rulers dared to go to one kingdom to another. Who knows what will happen if we even dared too” Atsuko stated

“You are right. Then how about all three of us search for that book in each of our own libraries? Who knows that we might find it there…” Sashihara pumped his fist

“Atsuko, come here” Kai commanded


Without a second hesitation, Atsuko went near to Kai, but the next thing that happened has got all the three of them shocked. Kai’s lips were unto Atsuko’s as the Seraph close his eyes. A mere 5 second was enough to make Atsuko’s heart beat faster than usual. When the Seraph pulled out from the kiss, a slap immediately landed on his left palm. It was so painful that he held it tightly and began caressing it.

“Chotto! What was that for you idiotic Seraph?!” the Goddess became furious

“I just acquired a new power and I’m testing it out” Kai defended himself

“How was that a power?!” Atsuko yelled

“When you kiss a girl with a massive power from a different kingdom, you can detect a massive energy waves from that kingdom after the kiss even without going to that certain kingdom.”

“So you are saying?” the Overload was puzzled

“I did that for the sake of finding out whether that book is on Earth or not, not because I wanted to kiss Atsuko. I have no time for romance at all” even though she told herself not to care, hearing those words from Kai seemed painful for the Goddess, she was ready to call him a jerk for saying it like that but no words are coming from her mouth. Even she tried to speak, different words came out instead.

“So, did you find something?” she asked

“Not a single thing… but Atsuko…” the Seraph dragged the Archangel with him, preparing to leave.


“Beware of your citizens, there might be one of them who can disrupt the equilibrium, or worst, destroy our universe for real.”


“Those who are hungry for power, you should eliminate them first before they can eliminate you”

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Re: In This Chaotic World With You Rewrite [Atsumina, KojiYuu and Others]
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That last sentence thou.... Kai you're really scary at the same time... Annoying...  :lol: :lol:

Waiting for your next update....  :) :) :)
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Re: In This Chaotic World With You Rewrite [Atsumina, KojiYuu and Others]
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Kai u so dense!!!!

Oh noo...Acchan better watch out for her minions

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