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Author Topic: No Title (yet) Chapter 1  (Read 964 times)

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No Title (yet) Chapter 1
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"Get away from me!"

A shout is heard, breaking the silence accompanying the night as a figure ran for his life yet it went unheard by anyone. His ragged pants was getting harsher with every step he took.

"Nee~nee~ are we playing tag now~?"

Another voice said lazily with a hint of playfulness. The man who had been running for the past hour knew that it was getting closer. His chaser is getting closer, and he is the chased. A giggle could be heard not far from him. It was so eerie that it sends shiver down his spine. Cold sweats started to form on his head.

"Leave me alone!" He shouted as he kept glancing to his back searching for the chaser.

"Yada~" The voice replied playfully.

Despite it is a full moon, it doesn't help the man to have a better view when the moonlight could barely seep its light in the dark alley. Fear and panic has taken over his mind, causing him unable to think rationally as he kept turning around the corners. Left, right, left, left...and it goes on as if he was running in circles.

Finally, after turning around a corner, the man saw what seem like a blessing to him; the city street lights. Relief was all over his face. However, before he could take another step forward, he heard another person's footstep running closer to where he was from his back. The man quickly turns to run towards his exit but fall on the ground instead when he tripped over an empty bottle.

"Found you~"

The man quickly scrambled to get up but -


Someone had grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head to the trash can nearby. The man could feel his left temple throbbing with pain. He could see a figure squatting beside him, still grabbing him in the hair.

"Tag~ You're it~!" The figure chirped.

The man need not to say more...or rather, he can't as he was continuously slammed to the trash can, accompanied with the quiet giggle from his attacker. Blood flowed down his face from the deep cut on his temple. His mouth was filled with the metallic taste of his own blood when he broke his teeth. Just like the trash can having dents all over it, the man's face was all bruised up, probably with a few fracture on his cheek bone or more. Yet, that didn't stop the crazed perpetrator from slamming the man while continuing to giggle in a quiet but hysterical way.

After what seem like eternity for the man, he just wish for his death just so he could escape from this when...

"That's enough, Otabe." Another figure appeared behind the perpetrator.

"Sayaka.." The said person, Otabe replied while still keeping the inhumane smile.

"The job is to capture him, not brutalize him to death."


"You've had enough fun for today, now give back her body." Sayaka continued as she tightens her grip on Otabe’s shoulder as an early warning to stop the latter from harming their victim any more than that.

"...tch. It's not like she wants it. She's practically dead anyway." Otabe replied, mumbling the last sentence as she finally let go of the robber's hair, dropping him to the ground as the man thanked the god for keeping him alive.

With the moonlight finally seeps through, he finally saw the people who have been on his tail since his successful deed at the convenience store 2 hours ago. It was 2 girls. The one called Sayaka has a rather stoic expression on her face while the other, Otabe...still have the same crazed grin plastered on her face with her long fringe covering half of her face.

Sayaka kicked the guy on the head, knocking him out before he could gain any information on them.

"Regardless, it is still her body." Sayaka replied when she was certain that the man is unconscious for good.

"Whatever, I'll still be the one in control at the end." Otabe giggled one last time before her grin slowly disappearing from her face.

Sayaka captured Otabe into her arms when she saw the girl's knees buckled, preventing her from falling to the ground. Lifting the now unconscious girl, she could see that Otabe had left the girl's conscience. There was no more murderous intent coming out or any trace of her crazed partner whatsoever. Cradled in her arms, the other girl was sleeping peacefully with her right hand occasionally tugging on Sayaka's sleeve.

"It's time to go home, Yui." Sayaka whispered as she carries the sleeping girl on her back and disappears into the night.
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Re: No Title (yet)
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hoo, interesting... :hehehe: an MPD with the alter conscious and acknowleged her own position? :hehehe:

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Re: No Title (yet) Chapter 1
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@bunny_rabbit hopefully i can keep your interest in it  :cathappy:

“Promise you’ll never leave me, Yui.”
“I promise...”

“……!” The girl’s eyes snapped open as she wakes up from her sleep, only to be greeted with the bare white ceiling of her room. In this single-person bedroom, the room was simple and merely had a closet for all of her clothes. Having a small lit lamp and digital clock near her side, her mind slowly accustomed itself back to reality.

“That dream…again.” Yui mumbled as she lies on her bed, using her left arm to cover her eyes from the morning sunlight that seeps through the curtain of her window. Her right arm was on her chest, tracing the outline of the pendant hidden underneath her cloth. It was the only memento that she had. The only thing that reminds her on who she was before that day…That day when fate decided to abandoned her… the day she became a monster. The pendant keeps her calm and prevents her from taking another step towards insanity. It gives her hope, reminding her that her heart beats for a reason, every breath she takes has a reason as she continues living this hellish life.

She pulls out the necklace, clutching it longingly. “I miss you…” She mumbled to herself. Tears started to form on her eyes but she wipes them right away using the back of her arm before any of it could flow down.

*Knock, knock*

“I’m awake, no need to enter.” Yui replied, still unmoving from her bed, only to get out of it a few minutes later. She walks to the front of the mirror to see a girl staring at her back with the same piercing gaze. The girl’s skin was a bit pale, her hair flowed down her shoulders. She adjusts the fringe that has been covering her sight. The bags under her eyes could never went unnoticed. At least, the good thing was it covers the puffiness of her eyes. Taking one last look at herself, she walks towards the door.

“Hey, good morning.”

She was greeted as soon as she walks out of her room. She could make out a figure standing next to her, leaning against the wall from the corner of her eyes.
“Good morning, Sayaka.” Yui answered, not looking at the person as she keeps on walking towards a direction. Sayaka could only smile towards the cold shoulder that she received as she pushes herself from the wall, followed suit.  Positioning herself next to the other girl, Sayaka could detect the tiredness behind Yui’s eyes despite the latter had her poker face on. She knew the girl has fatigue build up inside her again. And this time is one of the worse. Otabe has definitely pushed her body over the limits this time. It’s shown on every action the fatigue girl does no matter how much she tries to cover it up. Her walking posture, how she keeps on staggering towards the wall every few steps, how she was having trouble keeping her breath steady, how her eyes keeps on drooping.

“…You’re okay?” Sayaka asked with concern for her partner but was left unanswered as the latter keeps her pace, not slowing one bit.

Both of them came to a stop in front of the elevator. Sayaka pushed on the button indicating ‘up’.

‘Level 15’ The programmed monotone voice is heard, announcing its arrival when the elevator’s door slide open. Yui immediately walks in first, pushing the button ‘16’ and leans on the wall with her arms crossed, followed by Sayaka.

“Yui, are you sure you’re okay? “Sayaka tried to get a solid confirmation as the elevator door closes but once again answered with silence.

“…Yui, answer me.”

‘Level 16’

“…We’re late.” Yui finally replied, exiting the elevator. That was the only answer that Sayaka get.

 As they walk through the empty hallway, Sayaka notices the changes in Yui. The contrast when she stepped out of the elevator and before she stepped inside the elevator was obvious. Her breathing was steady, her alertness is on the highest level, and she could sense a hostile feeling coming from her. It was as if she never had fatigue in the first place. Her eyes, no longer drooping, only depicts two things; Strength and dominance.

They continue forward until they reached in front of a door at the end of the hallway where two men dressed in suit guarded the door. All it takes is a glance from the 2 girls and the men immediately stepped aside, opening the door for them.

Upon entering inside of the room, they were greeted with a huge office-like setting. Two bookshelves filled the walls both the right and left of the door. Tables were also seen on the side accompanied by furnitures. In the center, near the huge glassed window that fully covered the wall was a circular shaped steel table. Both of them walked towards it, uninterested with whatever design inside the spacious room was. Although, it might be different for people who aren’t used to it. As usual, the owner sure knows about interior design. Just like the owner, the room held an aura of magnificence, promising luxury to those under its wings.
“We’ve arrived, director.” Yui spoke first, slightly bowing to a man across the table who had his back against them. The chair turned, revealing a man in his forty.
“Ah, Yui, Sayaka. I was wondering when you would come here.” The director spoke, taking a glance at them before he continues his work as he keeps flipping through the pages of the file in his hands. “How are you feeling?”
“Stronger.” Yui answered without a hint of feelings.

“Good. I take that the test was a success, then?”

“I see. Are you feeling any sore muscles?”

The man stared at Yui for any sign of flaw. “Hmm…you’re dismissed. Don’t forget to take today’s test. I need to talk to Sayaka now.”


As Yui was approaching the door, the director called her again, causing her to stop midway. “Oh, and Yui… be prepared for tonight and tomorrow.” The director says with a smile.

Yui left the room without another word. Now, there were only Sayaka and the director inside.

‘Level 16’ Yui entered the elevator, pushing the button ‘15’.

“Oh, and Yui… be prepared for tonight and tomorrow.” The director’s last sentence kept resounding in her head as the elevator making its way down. She understands her schedule for tonight by heart but tomorrow?

‘Level 15’ Yui walked out, heading back to her room. She passed by a scientist, probably one of the researchers of the organization. It was unusual to see anyone on that level, let alone coming from the direction of where her room is but Yui was too engrossed in her thoughts to realize it.

What did he meant by tomorrow? Did she miss something during her sleep? Not wanting to keep any unnecessary thoughts clouding her mind much longer, she decided to ask the director personally instead. Turning her heels, she makes her way back to the office.

She increases her step when the door came into view. However, before she could touch the door knob, she heard Sayaka’s voice.

“…Stop tempering with Otabe, or you will regret it.”

“Which is why we created you, Neu -”

The rest of the conversation was left muffled.

(Unaudible sound)

“…I see...Excuse me.”

The door burst open before Yui could do anything. Sayaka was startled for a moment before having her calm exterior back the next second. Closing the door behind her, she drags Yui along with her before she could say anything.

“Sayaka, what’s wrong? What did you discuss with the director?”

“Just the usual.”


Sayaka’s POV

(After Yui left)

“What’s with tomorrow?” I asked our director when I heard the door close.

“How was the test?” He questioned me back.

“There were cameras, you should know the answer.” That was all that I could reply.

“Come on now, don’t be a spoilsport. Brief me the details.”

I exhale a low sigh. Seriously, I wonder exactly why I agreed on this deal. “Otabe had full control on Yui last night, brutalizing our target’s face quite severely. He was found later and was brought to the police station for further interrogation. Needless to say, there was no info regarding us. Well, not the necessary one, anyway.”

“And Otabe..?”

“The latest version of Noise Project proved to be successful to bring out Otabe from Yui in her unconscious state but not much was achieved with the others.
Otabe’s brainwave is also starting to change, indicating she’s not as much of a crazed dog she used to be but - ” I was finishing the report sent by the lab when…
“…she’s starting to think before she acts.” He interrupted me as he finally looks up from the file that he’s been reading ever since our entrance. Positioning his elbows on the table, he placed his chin on his clasped hand. “She became more perfect as time goes by.” He chuckled to himself.

“…Stop tempering with Otabe, or you will regret it.”

“Which is why we created you, Neutralizer.” He looked up to me, staring straight into my eyes. Just when I thought something would happen, he cut our eye contact. I released my breath without even realizing that I had been holding it.

With a smile, he passed me the file that he was holding, answering my first question. “Good luck for tomorrow.”

I take the file, flipping it through. When I finally realize what he meant by it, “…I see...Excuse me.” was all that I could answer giving him back the file and walked away.

‘There’s definitely a hidden meaning behind this’ was the only thing that goes through my mind.

‘I need to find a counter – measure.’

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