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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 73169 times)

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but admit it was good ones,but i prefer to read dr.watanabe x nurse kashiwagi series that seigus wrote

no force here


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The first, I want JuriMayu :deco:, but in the ending chap, I felling sorry about Rena and I want Wmatsui but I don't want Mayu is hurted  :catglare:@@ Please don't let anyone alone. How about adding new char as Yuki? :cathappy:
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Wahh~ This is good :twothumbs

Okay… Jurina x Mayu or Jurina x Rena….
kyaaa!!! I’m confused. :P
You should make Mayu x Rena :P XD

About Rena and Jurina... yeahh... lately,  I rarely see them together.  My WMatsui feeling.... :cry:
That's why you should end this with WMatsui! XD

I can't wait for part 2 :D

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I want WMatsui!  :(

at least PM me w/ what couple will you choose because I refuse to read JuriMayu >w>

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Wmatsui Wmatsui .....  :panic:

i hope Jurina can accept rena again...

i believe she still love Rena...


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Rena let her chance go u.u i think you should go for a JuriMayu!   :P
They understand each other and Mayuyu is so kind to Juri, i don't want her to suffer u.u
plus, they seems extremely cute together!  :w00t:

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my Jurinaaaa T_T
Rena made you suffer like that
Rena should suffer too
but I want a wmatsui too T_T

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Another great fic from you anakpanti  :w00t: im officialy your fans now  :lol:

Rena rejected Jurina because she is a girl. Now she rejected yamada... and he is a guy..  :doh:

Juri x Rena plis
and bring yuki to your fic :D
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make rena suffer like jurina before.... but plzzzz make it jurinaxrena:p

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Hmmm hard choice ever, Rena or Mayu. I usually decide by the storyline.

Currently I'm leaning toward Mayuyu. To change my mindset to Rena, you better give me a good excuse or at least punish Rena for it. :P 

Then again, I've read a lot of fics similar to this before, usually it ended with WMatsui route.

PS: If only J can have both girls. XD

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Rena or Mayu...

I want to see Rena's growth as a character if I'd ever want her to end up with Jurina. She LEFT Jurina while J was proposing, we all know she gay panicked and she still loves J, but that doesn't erase the fact that she left and continues to hurt J afterwards. I think she has to make J understand why things happened the way it did, knowing that explaining things means she could or not be forgiven. if ever J chooses to stay with Mayu at least there would be closure for them.

As for Mayu, I don't feel think J really wants to be with Mayu. for all we know she could just be subconsciously forcing herself to be with Mayu because she can't take the pain Rena has been causing. I don't want Mayu to act as a mere "replacement" in J's heart. Because clearly J still loves Rena. Also, just because you're 100% comfortable with someone doesn't mean that you're romantically in love with them.

Ahhh I've been rambling sorry. Anyway I'll be looking forward as to how you're going to end this :)

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Hey  :)

I want to say Thank You too always make a fanfic  :heart: :heart:

I always read all of your fanfic cause all of your fanfic it's always iteresting  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

And for this fanfic Please make it a happy ending of WMATSUI :sweatdrop: : :bow: :bow: :bow:

Cause I miss them so much and I need more Wmatsui fanfic  :doh:

Hehehe... :wub:

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actually i'm a silent reader. but now when i read your fanfic,i need to give a comment.
this fanfic is so good  :twothumbs
i really love all of your fic and become your fan  XD
hmm,i like this end with JuriMayu although i'm a WMatsui heavy fans. Rena already make Jurina suffering so much  :angry: so she need take her punish too.

Can wait to read the 2nd part !

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[anakpanti OS/SS] [2 Shots] WMatsui , JuriMayu - Aren't you mine? (PART 2) #2
« Reply #34 on: November 12, 2013, 07:49:10 PM »
#2 Aren't you mine? - JuriMayu


"Yesterday…. Yamada-kun asked me to marry him….." Rena crying.

"As if I care about your wedding." My chest felt burning. I hold the knob and open the door.

"I refused him!!!" Rena sobbed.

I stop. Stunned.

"Please..... don't go." Rena look at me. Her sad eyes begged me to stay.

I clapped my hands slowly. "Great job, Rena. Now, you hurting 2 people in the same time." I quipped her.

"Please, understand me... Jurina."

"I already tried to understand you for years!!" I step outside. "I won't go home tonight. No need to wait me." I close the door.

I walk faster to my car and drive it away from our house.

T-tha-that was....... really shocked me. My mind keep telling me to go back to our house and to hug Rena.... to comfort her. I shook my head. "No!! I won't go back!" She...... she already dumped me for long time. Besides that..... there's someone else who waiting for me now.

She open the door. "Jurina." Mayu smile at me brightly and pulling me to her hug.

I hug her too. I close my eyes and then I take a deep breath. I love these feelings... I feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

Being here.... with Mayu is totally different when I was with Rena.
With Rena, I always felt afraid. I'm afraid that she will leave me again... I'm afraid that she will hurting me again. I'm afraid being alone again.

Mayu...... although I didn't knew her as long as I knew Rena, but... I know that Mayu won't hurt me. This is strange, but I already trust her since........



I lifted my head. "Ah, Watanabe-san! Ohayou. Please be ready... I will prepare my camera." I stood up.

She grabbed my hand and forced me to sat again. "What's wrong?"

I confused. "No-nothing is wrong..."

She touched my forehead. "You have fever. Let's go to my house, I already called my personal doctor." She pulled my hand.

"Bu-but.... we have a deadline!! They will angry at me." I pulled back my hand harshly. "And.... You already called the doctor?! How did you kn-"

She used her sleeve to wiped my neck. "Just look at the sweat at all over your body. I had already here since 10 minutes ago and I already called the company to postpone our photo-shoot. So, don't worry." She gave me a bitter smile.

Wait. She.... sad?!


She let go of her arms. She frowning when she look at my face. "What's wrong?" She wipes my cheeks with both of her hands. "Did you just crying?"

I smile. "Nothing is wrong."

She rolled her eyes. "As always." She hold my hand and pulling me to enter her house. "Why do you keep telling me that nothing is wrong? Am I don't get your trust yet?"

We sat on the couch.

"Did you have quarrel with your sister again?"

I simply nodded. This is it. She's always expert in guessing what happened to me. It's like...... I can't hide anything from her.

She stand up and then she walks closer to me. She sit on my lap and put her hands around my neck. "What's the problem?"

I hold her waist. "I will talk about it later."

Honestly... I don't know how to say it. Should I tell her that actually Rena is my ex? Not my sister.
Even though we're still not officially dating yet, but... I'm afraid that she will think how crazy I am to living with my ex.
I can't play with her heart.... I won't become like Rena.

I caressed her cheek. "Let's just enjoy our quality time."

She smile. "I'm glad to." She capturing my lips.

I pressing my lips harder. Her lips are so tempting, I wanna eat it all. I wanna feel it more. Our kiss become more passionate and wild. I enjoyed her rhythm.

====================== 3 Days Later ======================

"Where have you been?' Rena immediately stand up when she see me entering our house.

I walks faster to my room. "I'm tired, Rena. Please don't pick a fight now."

"I don't wanna fight with you. I'm just want to know where did you stay in last 3 days."

I go upstairs. "I've told you to not wait me." I have to increase my volume so she can hear me.

"But you told me that you'll only leave for one night. It's been 3 nights, Jurina!!"

I hear Mayu's voice. "Don't worry, Matsui-san... she stayed in my house."

I facepalming. I change my clothes quickly. It's gonna be a 'war'. I go downstairs and then I grab Mayu's hand. "Let's go. We can't be late." I pull her hands.

Mayu bowing at Rena. "See you later, Matsui-san. Please trust me, I will take care of her."

Rena seems really angry. She clenched her fist. She's going to burst out.

Okay... this is really awkward. I must tell Mayu soon that she isn't my sister. I wave my hand at Rena. "Don't worry... I will go home tonight after our photoshoot finished. We can talk later. Bye..... sister." I close the door.

"Mayuyu... I told you to wait me in my car." I pout.

She giggle. "I'm sorry, but we can't make her keep worrying you. At least she knew that you're with me." She's squeezing my hand.

"Wow. You're really nice towards her. You worrying her but you didn't worried about me... you kept hitting my arms! I'm jealous." I teased her.

"Of course I'm worried about you too. Stop being childish, my handsome photographer." She punch my arm.

"See?! You hit me again." I pinch her nose.

She wanna hit me again, but I can perfectly avoid it. I run to my car and I open the door for her. "Let's go, ojou-sama." I bowing at her and treating her like a princess.


======================== At Night ========================

We sat on a couch in our living room. We sat silently, although we planned to talk but... no one have a guts to start the conversation. I'm really tired because me and Mayu did the outdoor photoshoot today.

It's easier to do it indoor because we can change the decoration as we like, but it's different when we do an outdoor photoshoot. We can't changes the weather. It's tiring to wait the proper moment and tired to looking for nice places, we can't only do it in a same spot over and and over again.

I stand up. "I'm tired and sleepy. Good night." I turned and walk away. I went upstairs. "I know that this is going to be useless, Rena." I enter my room and close the door.

I lie down on my bed and try to sleep. But my phone ringing. I got a message.

Jurina, I'm sorry.
I know that I'm not a good friend,
not a good lover,
not a good ex,
and not a good housemate either.

I know you're tired.
Good night, Juritan.


I sighed. I simply replied. "I'm glad you know." I turned off my phone.


I awakened because I heard the thunder rumbled. I open my eyes and............. dark.

I'm shock to the death. I wanna scream, but suddenly I remember that I had a big quarrel with Rena. I didn't need her help.

I sit quietly and curled, I hug my legs. The darkness make me chills. I have Achluophobia, I'm afraid of the dark. I... I wanna scream. I cried quietly, my self esteem prevent me to ask for help. Damn!!

It's been an hour but the lights still off. Heavy rain outside. I sobbed. Rena... why don't you knock my door? You knew my desease.

I'm tired and sleepy. I'm hesitant. Should I call Rena?? ............ No, I shouldn't!!

2 hours!!! Everytime I heard the thunder strikes, I feel my heartbeat became uncontrolled. I gave up. I decided to went out from my room and ask for Rena's help.

I walk slowly in the dark and then I open the door. I trembled because it's very dark. "Re-rena chan..."

No answer.

"Re.... R-rena chan!" I increase my volume but still no answer.

I'm so desperate. "Matsui Rena!!!!" I screamed.


"Wwwaaaaaa!!!!" I heard someone answered me. Sh-she's here?

I looked down, I see someone lit the candle. "Ahh... are you awake, Jurina?"

"Wh-what are you doing in front of my room?"

"Didn't you just calling me?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah... I'm calling you... but you already here before, right? I didn't saw you went upstairs." I pointed at the stairs.

She stood up and then she give me the candle.
"I already sat here since 3 hours ago. I knew that you afraid of the dark, so.. I just came here..
But I was afraid to knocked your, I mean... you still angry at me and you maybe still slept.
And then I decided to wait here until you call me." She smile. "Now... I can go back to sleep. Good night." She walked away.

"Hey! Why don't you answered me when the first time I called you? I called you 3 times, you know?!"

She stop in the middle of stairs. She turned back. "I know but I'm sorry. I just miss you call my name." She walks downstairs again.

3 hours?? Sh-she sat here for 3 hours?? Stupid. I look around.... darkness everywhere. Urgh God, You must be kidding me! "Rena!!"

"Yes, Jurina." She answered me from downstairs.

"D-don't leave me. Just please..... come here again." No answer. "Oh, okay. No problem if you don't want to." I go in to my room and close the door.

I put the candle on my desk. I lay on my bed again. The candle didn't help me, I'm still trembled.

"Jurina, open the door." Rena knocked my door.

I gasped. "The door is unlocked."

She open the door and go into my room.  She sit on a chair. "I will sat here until you fall asleep. Just relax."

"Thank you." I grab my pillow and my bolsters. I turned my body and facing the wall. I don't want to see her face.

I really wanna sleep, but many questions keep popping out in my head. "What do you want, Rena?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't act like an innocence. You angry at me when Mayu was here, you broke up with your boyfriend and you refused to marry him... I know exactly how painful is it, I feel pity for Yamada-san.
Y-you refused me too, you refused my propose." I gulped. Those pain... I feel it again.

"I'm sorry...."

"Can you say anything else besides 'sorry'? What I need now is a reason!" I feels my tears flowing to my cheeks. I try hard to not make any sound. I don't want Rena know that I'm crying. I bit my lips.

"Jurina..... we both girls so......"

"So... what? Yamada.... he is... a man!! Then why-" My voice cracked.

Rena seems realized that I'm crying, I can hear her steps. She sit on my bed. "Don't cry Jurina, please... It's hurt me too."

"What did you expect, huh? Am I must laughing in front of you?
You accepted my love without a reason, you broke up with me without a reason, and then you refused Yamada-san without a reason too.
I guess.... This is your hobby. I can't wait to see you dating with someone else and then you break up with them again."

"Jurina!!" She stand up.

I turned back and I wake up. "What?!" I see her face. She looks angry and irritated.

"I came to your room to accompany you, not to be lectured by you!!" She walk away and then she open my door.

"Rena!!" She stop. "I just want you answer one question, then I won't disturbing your life anymore." She didn't say anything, so I take it as 'yes'. "During these years, these 9 years... Did you ever love me... Rena-chan?"

"I'm sorry, Jurina." She walks outside and close my door.

I shed my tears. Sorry? I took it as 'never'. I sobbed. I promise.. this is will be the last time I'm crying because of her.

========================== **** ==========================

5 months has passed. I don't know what's wrong with my 'old' Rena, now... she kept bringing different men every week to our home. I even didn't know who are them. Everytime I came back from work, I always see her with a man doing lovey-dovey things IN LIVING ROOM!!

I really want to scold her, but what can I do? We even didn't talk since that night!! And I already promised her to not disturbing her life too. Now... I even didn't have any right to tell 'get a room!' to her. 'So... I keep silent.

I close the door and go to Mayu's house. Lately, I often slept in Mayu's house. I felt uncomfortable in my own house because of Rena and those men.

Today is Mayu's birthday. "Mayuyu... close your eyes, please."

"Wh-what is this?? Why so sudden? You know.... you don't ne-"

"Just do it!" I use my palm to close her eyes. "Don't peek, okay?"

She nodded.

I run to take the gift. I put it near to the wall so it can stand perfectly. "Now peek-peek-peek-peek...!!" I said it with highly enthusiasm.

She chuckle. "Okay-okay Jurina. Relax." She open her eyes. She surprised when she look at a big gift leaned on the wall, it still covered by pink wrapper. "Wow... what's that?"

"Open it.. come on!" I pull her hands.

She giggle. "Actually Jurina... Why are you become more excited than me??? It's my gift!"

I give her my big smile.

She walks closer to her gift and when she's about to open it.

"Stop!!" I hold my head. "Wait a minute... suddenly I feel sick."

She rolled her eyes. "What's wrong, Jurina?"

"Nothing." I walk away. "I will wait you outside, okay?" I walks faster and then I sit on a bench. Mayu have a small garden, it's a really good place for relaxing my mind.

I look at the moon and stars on the sky. I wish she'll like it.


I gasped. I turned my head, I see her stand up in front of the door. I stand up quickly. *doki doki* "How is it?"

She run towards me and then she hugging me. "Don't ever surprise me like that again!!" She shed her tears.

I ruffled her hair. "I'm sorry. So....."

"Help me to hang it on my wall."

"No problem." I shrugged. "I'll help you to hanging it in your bedroom."

"No. I want to hang it on my living room." She pressed her lips to my cheek.

"What??!!! Don't you feel ashamed?" I asking it carefully.

She pinch my cheek. "No, silly. Why should I?! Come on." She pulling my hand.

I see the gift. I gave her a huge frame with her photos sticked in it. I touch it. There are so many her beautiful pictures in it.

Everytime we were together, I always secretly took her picture... with make-up, without make-up, when she ate, when she sleep, when she called me, when she smiled, when she pouted, when she laughed, when she tired, when she got teary, and even there are her silly face too.
I chuckle.

I edited these pictures since last week. I counted these pictures last night while sticked it one by one... there's 347 pictures in it... it's been 347 days since I met her in Italy... since she started to cure my wound..

I realize that something is missing. "Mayuyu...."

"Hm?" She back-hug me.

"Do you really get what I'm trying to say here??" I turned back.

"Of course... I got it. Those pictures... you always took it secretly, right? I looked at it... I wear the different clothes in each picture, well... there're some pictures with same clothes but most of them are different. It's very beautiful, Jurina." She smiled.

I sighed. "Yes... that's right. But... that's not the main point."

She looks confused.

The frame isn't fully opened, so I unwrapped it until we can see all pictures. I walk and go to behind her. I hold her shoulders from behind and I pulling her slowly. I stop when I think I get the perfect distance. I hold her waist... I hug her and I whispered. "Do you see something else, Mayu?"

She leaning her body on me while she try to look at the frame. She looks surprised. "J-Ju-Jurina....."

"Yes?" I can feel her heartbeat goes faster.

"I love you." She turned back and kiss me. She pressed her lips more harder, our tongue started to tangle and dancing in our mouth.

Finally she need some air and then she pulling back her kiss. I smile at her. "So... is it a 'yes' or......?"

"Yes, Jurina. Definitely yes." She shed her tears. "I'm sorry for not noticed it. I'm sure that you worked hard for it."

I wipe her tears. "It's okay... your answer is the most important here." I look away. "So.... still wanna hanging it on your living room?"

"Yes, of course. I even want it more than before."

I surprised. Actually... I expected that she wanna hang it in her bedroom. "I love you too... Mayuyu." I capture her lips.

She lift her legs and put them on my waist. I can completely carry her right now. I walk slowly and carrying her to the bedroom without broke our kiss.

Finally, we get into her bedroom, I broke the kiss. I placed her body onto the bed gently. I wanna touch her body again because I feel really 'hot' right now, but I'm hesitant... "Umm... Mayu... d-do you want us to go on or....? I can wait."

Mayu smile at me. She sit and then she grab my neck, she pulling me closer. "Are you kidding me, honey? Just.... do it." She blushed.

I smile and then I pushing her onto the bed.


"Do you see something else, Mayu?"

I confused, but I tried to look at the frame once again... all pictures are in black-white. I can see the white color slowly formed into some alphabets, I can read it now. Will you be my princess?

I gasped. Sh-she.. she edited those picture to- "J-Ju-Jurina....."


======================= **** =======================

I always try to look away if I see Rena with a man in our living room. I tried to kept my eyes looking straight and went upstairs. I never greeted those men, Yamada-san was the only one Rena's friend that I can talked with. Although I didn't really like him, but at least I knew that he's a good man.

But lately... Rena's boyfriends (I didn't know whether all of them are her boyfriend or not) becomes random at all. One day, I saw a younger man (I guess that he's her student) but another day, I saw an older man (I can't guess who is he).

I kept trying to not interfere Rena's life, but today... I reached my limit. Sh-she bring a girl into our house....

"What is it?" She crossed her arms. "You said that you won't bothering my life anymore. Did you forget it?"

"Rena... what happened to you?"

"Me? I'm great and completely fine. Nothing happened."

"What do you want, Rena?"

"I didn't want anything. Ah, I want to sleep because I'm really tired. Good night, fella."

She's about to walk away, so I grab her arm quickly. "We aren't finished talking yet!"

She release her arm harshly. "Don't touch me too comfortably like that. I'm not yours." She glared at me.

"Did you do all of those things because of a specific purpose? Is it because of me?"

She smirk. "Who do you think you are? Are you trying to say that I did all of those things because I'm jealous at you and pleading for your attention?"

I pissed off. I push her onto the wall and then I pinning her on it. I look at her eyes. "Who am I? You asked me who am I?!!
I'm your housemate!
I was your friend!!
I was your bestfriend!!
I was your lover!!!
I was a girl who ever loved you with whole my heart, my soul, and my body!!
I'm a girl who played by you!!
I'm a girl who dumped by you!!!
I'm a girl who refused by you because I'm a girl and tonight.... you brought a GIRL into this house!!!!
Isn't it enough for you to show me some respect, Rena??!! Huh?!"

Rena stunned. She looks didn't expecting my answer could be stubbed her so deep.

"I'm tired, Rena." I'm crying. I broke my own promise to not cried because of her again. "Did I ever do something wrong to you?? Why do you keep stabbing my heart? Keep making me cry?"

"I.... I.... I-lo-" She look away. "I'm sorry."

I laughed. I laugh while my tears keep flowing. "Sorry again.... you always say sorry to me yet you keep hurting me too." I step back and turn away. "I'm done here, Rena. This weekend.... I will move to Mayu's house. You'll free to use all rooms with those guys and those girls."

I go outside. I sighed. She didn't even called me.... I take it as 'I do not care if you moved or not'.



She look at me. "Yes? What's wrong?"

I look to the floor. "There's something wrong..."

Mayu shocked.

I guess she surprised because this is the first time for me to admit her that there's something wrong.... this time I won't deny it.

She turned off the TV, she look at me seriously. I saw her worried eyes yet still full of love. "What happened?"

"I... I lied to you."

"that you didn't love me?"

I surprised. I shook my head quickly. "No! No... that's not it. I love you and that's not a lie."

She smile. "Then... anything else is fine. It's enough for me. As long as love me.... everything is fine."

I look away again. She's so perfect for me, how can I hurt her like this?

She hug me. "It's okay, honey. Just tell me everything that you need to tell me. I'm listening." She caressed my head.

I must say it. "Re-rena isn't my sister." She gasped, but... I'll keep going. "She was my bestfriend and was my lover. I even proposed her about 2 years ago... but she refused me."

Mayu let go of her arms. She's totally shocked. She sit away from me. "So.... why both of you living in a same house?" Her voice cracked.

"We already knew each other since we're still in high school, 11 years ago. We lived together since 5 years ago.... long before I was fell in love with her."

"Jurina.... this is too much for me." She crying.

"I know, but I didn't want our relationship built on lies. I can't keep it as a secret forever." My heart ached when I saw her sobbed.

"Why....why do you lied to me?"

Although I know she's hurt, disappointed, and sad.. but she keep asking me gently... there's no sarcastic manner in her tone.

"When I met you for the first time, I still love Rena. I did it to made her jealous." I really wanna hit my head onto the wall right now.

She didn't say anything else. I sit closer to her, I wanna hug her but she avoid me. "I understand...... I'll leave now." I stand up.


"Yes, I am. That's why I'll leave."

"Didn't you hear what I was said before? As long as love me.... everything is fine." She stand up and hugging me tightly. "Don't leave me... I love you."

I surprised. I hug her, I kiss her forehead. "I promise that I'll never lie to you again. I love you too." I leaned my head on her head. I wanna hug her forever.

"I have one request."

"Anything, Mayuyu.... anything. What's is it?"

"........... Please move here, live with me. As soon as possible."

Another surprise. "I'd love to."


======================= **** =======================

"Where have you been?"

"My girlfriend's house." I said 'my girlfriend' instead of her name because I wanna make it clear to her. "Where are they? Your boyfriends or your girlfriends? It's my first day to not see you cuddling on that couch."

"Jurina, please..."

"What? You wanna say sorry again? That's your favorite word."

"So... you'd move tomorrow?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Oh, wow. Finally you care about it." I said it in cold way.

"Is it too late?"

"For what? To say sorry? You don't need to say it."

She cried. "To say that.... I love you and I always do." She bit her lips.

I wanna give her my sarcastic comment again, but.... she looks serious. I saw her eyes, those eyes looks bitter, full of loneliness, and painful. She keep looking at me, keep staring my eyes.

I look away. "You should became an actress instead of a lecturers. Your acting skills seems keep better everyday."

I wanna go upstairs but she blocking my way. "I'm hurt, you already knew that."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeahh... a sorry again. I already get used to it."

"I was confused. I was afraid. I was afraid of everything, Jurina.
My family would be angry at me.
My friends would tease me.
I was afraid of other people's eyes.
I was afraid that someday their finger will pointed at me and all that I can do is only looked at the ground."

Where did she get the courage to say this all on me? "You care about those people but you didn't care about me. You save yourself by hurting me. Selfish."

"I don't want to lose you, Jurina. I know that.... If I keep thinking about what people will say and if I keep afraid of them.... I'll lose you. I love you, Jurina. Is it too late for me?"


Am I dreaming? To hear those words from her lips... it's impossible. I keep looking at her eyes, suddenly our happy memories popping up in my head.

How we met for the first time.
How she helped me study.
How we became bestfriends.
How we laughed together.
How she always came to me if I was sad.
How she always show me her smile.
How she moved here because of me.
How I confessed my feeling.
How she accepted my feeling,

I cried. I grab her cheeks and kiss her. I missed her.

I keep pressing my lips onto hers. How stupid I am to not understand her?! I never think about her pressure. 

I hold her head. I don't let her to broke our kiss. Why I didn't realize that she did all of those things to get my attention?

I use my right hand to hold her hand. She's too afraid to face this cruel world.

I pulled her body closer to me. The warm body that I missed for years. She thought that she was 'sick'... she use Yamada-san, she thought that Yamada can cure her.

Our kiss become more and more passionate. I can feel her tears, she missed me too. We suffering for years.

I feel her hands wanna entering my shirt. But.... she dumped me. Why she didn't just tell me about this since long time ago? She made me suffering too much... I cried too much. 

I broke the kiss. Mayuyu.

==================== A Year Later ====================

"So... Is she your new girlfriend?" I pointed at a girl who sit beside her. A girl with long-raven hair... her skin looks so white... she has a unique nose shape, but it looks perfectly fit with her face. Beautiful.

"Yes." She simply answered me and then she sipping her coffee. Wow... she has a great taste. I smirked.

I look at my lovely girlfriend. "You seems knew each other? You keep staring each other."

"Yes." - "No."

I look at both of them alternately. I confused, so I just drink my coffee.

"She's my ex!!" Both of them said it in the same time and glare at each other.

Me and Rena shocked. We choked. We almost spouted our drink from our mouth.

"Okay... I think it's time for us go home." I pulled my girlfriend's hand. We get in to my car. "You made me so jealous!" I pouted.

"Don't worry... I'm completely yours. I love you." She peck my lips.

I caressed her cheek. "Prove it to me."

She act like she thinking hardly. "How about.... go home quickly and spend our 'quality time' more longer than usual?"

I grinned. I turned on the engine. "Tighten your seatbelt, miss." I smirked.

===================== THE END =====================

Read the Part 1 Here ---> PART 1
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 :ptam-hbk: :ptam-hbk:

it broke my heart  :cry: During the thunder scene I thought they'll be both OK but... Huhuhu :(

BUT Lol at the end. Hahaha  :lol:
I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

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yeah it's more fair like that

Rena with Yuki and Jurina with Mayu

but i don't expected that Mayu and Yuki is know each other LOL how funny



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Thank you so much!! For finishing this awesome 2 shot! :twothumbs

Soo, in the end, it's Yuki right?
So it's YukiRena and JuriMayu then?
Ahhh~ YukiRena :wub:
It's YukiRena right?
Thankyou sooo much for bringing YukiRena XD
Hehehehe! I'm happy~  XD

And I'm glad that WMatsui is not fighting anymore :D

And Thankyou again! XD

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I really appreciate your efforts in finishing this despite your hard day at work yesterday. Arigatou gozaimasu :kneelbow:

JuriMayu was a good choice. Rena hurt Jurina too much that she doesn't deserve her anymore.

She brings home guys and even girls?! Rena is the worst. A very bad move to get noticed by Jurina! :angry:

Rena is such an idiot for dumping a sweet girl like Jurina. At least Mayu is there to heal Jurina's wounds.

Everybody got their happy ending so that's great. :twothumbs

Lol Mayuki was once together too. XD
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I just hope that they are all happy.  :)
Thanks for your hard work. :bow:

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