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Author Topic: Birthday surprise - TanoTomu oneshot (9/11/12) - COMPLETED  (Read 1150 times)

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Birthday surprise - TanoTomu oneshot (9/11/12) - COMPLETED
« on: November 09, 2013, 04:18:02 PM »
Birthday Surprise

A/N: This is my first ever TanoTomu fic that I wrote :3 Please tell me how was it XDD

"Ah~~ I think that idiot will like it this way..." Muto Tomu said as she readjusted the banner that was hanging inside the AKB48 theater.

"No way! I think she will like it this way?" Takahashi Minami argued as she shifted the banner more to the right.

This went on for five minutes until Shinoda Mariko got fed up with the both of them and shifted the banner to the middle of the stage. "There! Now the both of you will stop before I kick you out of the theater." Mariko said.

"S-sorry..." Tomu and Minami apologized. "Anyway, since it's Team B performance on that day... Don't let Tano Yuka in the theater until its time for the surprise." Minami instructed to all the members.

"Hai!!" Everyone said and smiled at each other.

Two days later at the dance studio, Tano Yuka skipped into the room happily while singing Namida surprise. When Yuka stepped into the room, she saw Tomu changing into her T-shirt. "Tomu~~!!" Yuka said and hugged her while Tomu was changing.

"Baka!! Let go of me!! I'm changing now!!" Tomu scolded and escaped from Yuka's hug. "Awww~~ Don't be mean... I hardly got any sleep last night, you know?" Yuka pouted and sat on the floor.

"Nobody asked you not to sleep..." Tomu said coldly and folded her shirt.

"That's because I was practicing for today's lesson~~" Tano said and stood up. "Don't tell me... You didn't go home after yesterday's lesson?!" Tomu scolded.

"Ah... How did you know?" Yuka asked and smiled sheepishly. "Idiot..." Tomu mumbled. "Huh? What did you just say?" Yuka asked. Tomu just ignored her and proceeded to do her warm-ups.

After lessons, it was Team B's performance. Yuka exclaimed that wanted to see Mayu perform and decided to go to the theater since the lessons ended early today.  *That's bad!! Takamina-san and everyone was counting on me to prevent Yuka from stepping in the theater until it was time...* Tomu thought.

Tomu quickly thought of a way to stop Yuka from going to the theater. "Ne, Yuka! Let's have some ice-cream. My treat~~" Tomu suggested and dragged Yuka to an ice-cream shop near the Akihabara station.

"What should I eat...?" Yuka looked at the menu. "Stop giving that serious expression of yours... It's just ice-cream. Just choose what you want..." Tomu sighed and decided to ordered an ice-cream sundae for both of them.

Tomu took the menu from Yuka's hands and gave the waiter back the menu. "I haven't ordered anything yet!!" Yuka shouted.
"Shut up. I got something for us already... By the time you decide on something, it will be Christmas already." Tomu sighed and pulled Yuka's sleeve to get her to sit down.

Suddenly, Tomu got a text from Yuko. She hid her phone away from Yuka's view and opened the text message.

From: Oshima Yuko senpai

Subject: Birthday surprise

Tomu, you can drag Tanochan over now~~ Remember to give some deredere later XD Be nice to the birthday girl~~


"Senpai... That's not really helping me now..." Tomu mumbled and ate the ice-cream sundae.

After eating their ice-cream sundae, Tomu covered Yuka's eyes with a blindfold and brought her to the theater. "T-Tomu... I can't see anything..." Yuka whispered.
"Of course. If you can see something, that won't be good. Just trust me..." Tomu said and gently pulled Yuka to the middle of the theater.

"Okay... Now you can remove your eye mask." Tomu instructed. Yuka took off her eye mask and saw the banner that was hanging on top of the  stage.


Everyone came out of their hiding place and smiled at Yuka. "Happy birthday, Yuka!!" Everyone shouted and all members of Team A came out with Yuka's birthday cake.

"Y-Yuka... Happy birthday..." Tomu said and blushed. "Um... Don't normally people have presents or something?" Yuka asked. "I-I'm your present..." Tomu said and looked away.

"Tomu... Kyaa~~ I love you~~" Yuka said and hugged Tomu while everyone smiled at them. "It's j-just for today!! It's not like I love you or anything!!" Tomu said and blushed. Yuka just smiled and dragged Tomu over to blow out the candles on the cake.

The End.
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Re: Birthday surprise - TanoTomu oneshot (9/11/12)
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the tsundere tomu!!! :3 nyahaa~ <3

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