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Author Topic: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "It's a Love-Hate Business! pt 3" (WMatsui & Mayuki)  (Read 45592 times)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Battle of Temptations" (WMatsui)
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Hahaha Wmatsui...a bet ka~~

I want to know who going go win

Please updatesoon

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For PART 1
And PART 2



With fast reflex, Mayu quickly clamps Jurina’s mouth with her hand to stop the unstoppable love-sick puppy from screaming her love confession for the whole school to hear. She cursed silently, pulling the collar of her friend’s uniform to face her directly.

“The heck are you doing?!”

“Declaring my love to Rena…?”

“On this rooftop?”

“Why not…?”

“Are you kidding me…? Do you want to get expelled?!”

“If that can prove my love to Rena, then yeah!”

“Fine. Just do whatever you want...”

Mayu release her friend after feeling pity with the desperation showed by Jurina’s face. She was the one who said to Jurina that she should do whatever she think is the right thing to do right now. And here goes her bestfriend, shouting to the world of her feelings for the egg-faced president.


Again, Mayu put a hand over Jurina’s mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing now?!”

“You said I can do whatever I want…?”

“Well, yeah… but not this!” Mayu scratches her head exasperatedly. “Haven’t you heard what I’ve said to you?”

“What…? That I’ll get expelled?”

“Yeah! Don’t you think this over? IF you get expelled, who do you think will woo over Rena’s heart besides you?”


“Exactly! Now, get your head straight and help me search for Yuki.”

Mayu passed a pair of binocular to the dejected puppy as she looked through the scope in search of her crush.

“Ehh… why should I? Is it so important to look for her?”

“It is! Do you want to waste your effort of trespassing Takamina-sensei’s sacred garden this morning?”

Jurina eyed the plastic bag with remnants of dirt around it. “No! I risked my youthful life for that!”

“Then stop whining and keep on looking!”

“Tch.” Jurina rolled her eyes, grumbling to herself about how this is actually stalking and breaking the rules and other things.

“Oh, oh! Target at 3 o’clock!”

“Where, where?” Mayu searched to her right, but Jurina pulled her the other way.

“Not there! Here! How dumb can you be…”

“Dude, that’s not 3 o’clock. That’s 9! Can’t you read the directions?”

“No. I just wanted to sound like a spy… BANG!” Jurina made a James Bond pose.

“Alright! Now that we’ve located Yukirin, we need to catch her! Let’s go!”

“Right behind ya!”

The partners ran back inside with smiles on their faces and one thing in their hands; Jurina holding the dirty plastic bag and Mayu holding the baby blue gift box in her pocket.




The fair looking student council president raised her head from her book, only to widen her eyes as her sight was suddenly filled with colorful flowers that she believed was picked illegally from Takahashi-sensei’s garden. She pushed the bouquet away to find her bestfriend smiling sheepishly while holding out the bouquet to Rena.

“It’s for you, Rena-chan.”

Rena raised a brow. She skeptically looked up and down between the beautifully awkward arranged flowers and Yuki’s smiling face.

“What’s this?” Rena examined the flowers carefully, finding some still wet dirt stuck on some of the leaves and petals. She bet these were just plucked this morning since they are still fresh and the colours are still bright like they just bloomed. They are indeed beautiful, but suspicious too.

“Flowers, of course.”

The president’s eyes turned into slits as she observed the giddy Yuki up and down. Finally having a conclusion, she gasped loudly with a hand on her mouth.

“No way! Don’t tell me…” Rena stood up from her chair. “You have a crush on me, Yuki?!”

Right now it was Yuki’s eyes that became round as Rena assumed the least thing she wanted to do to her bestfriend.

“What? Eww… No! Of course not! Why would I fall for you…?” Yuki made a gross face before averting her eyes to her feet, “Besides, I already have my eyes on someone.”

Rena smirks after hearing the mumbling words of her bestfriend.

“By someone, you mean… that puppy’s partner, isn’t it?”

Trying to change the subject, Yuki quickly made an angry face as she reprimand Rena.

“Rena! How many times do I have to tell you that Jurina is not a puppy? She’s a human being like us.”

“It’s just a metaphor.”

“But it’s still not good to call her that.”

“Why not? Puppy is cute.” Rena shrugs, not realizing the presence of a dork and a cyborg behind her who had actually listened to her conversation with Yuki from the start.

“Oh? Did I hear that right?” The dork voiced out with a smile as she tried to copy Yuki’s voice which is indeed a failure, her imaginary tail wagging excitedly. She made a silence motion to Yuki as Rena keeps her eyes on the book, not finding anything strange with the new voice of Yuki.

“I believe you are not deaf, Yuki.”

“I see… What else then?”

“Well… puppy is cute, smart and cuddly. Sometimes playful and sometimes annoying, but it can be trained to follow our orders.”

“Then…” The dorky Jurina steps beside Rena, whispering close to her ear. “Would you mind ordering me around right now, Master?”

“Just what are you-…”

Rena turns her head to the side with a glare, only to be met with a pair of round, cute puppy-like eyes. Nothing came out from Rena’s mouth as she got caught into Jurina’s alluring deep brown orbs staring back into hers. The close proximity of their faces makes her heart thumping wildly as she studies Jurina’s feature that she finds quite… beautiful and ikemen. She gulped, her throat suddenly turning dry as she feels like butterflies trying to swarm out of her gut.

“Oh… is that gulping a signal?”


“That I should kiss you now?”


However, amidst the romantic, heart wrenching, fluffy-filled situation, the most unwanted person walks in the library with a loud greeting.

“Good morning, ladies!” Miyazawa loudly said which did manage to gain a glare from the librarian but with a wink from the good looking girl, the librarian’s face suddenly turned blemish red, her body turning into a jelly-like state.

“Oh, great…” Jurina rolled her eyes with the major interruption before giving a full fake smile as she turns around to greet the always good-looking Miyazawa making her way to Rena’s table in the empty library.

“Are you lost, Miyazawa-san?”

“Hmm… is this the library?”


“Then I’m good. Thanks for your concern!” Miyazawa smile widely with a glint of mischief which didn’t go unnoticed by Jurina.

“Fancy seeing you stepping foot in this holy grails of book.”

“What are you saying?”

“Oh… I don’t know. You usually do your “girls” hunting in crowded places.”

“Do you have a problem with me being here in this library, Jurina?”

“Yes I do, Miyazawa.”

Sparks and lightning flashes through their eyes as dark clouds loom above them. Mayu quickly intervenes before things gone wrong. She pulls Jurina to her side, calming the snarling girl to prevent her from doing anything stupid in front of her crush and arch nemesis.

“Slow down, buddy… We gotta do things our way, remember?”

“Yeah… I’m just warming up. You know, “ Jurina smirks at Miyazawa, “Getting to know the infamous PRINCE of the school.”

“Whatever you say.” Miyazawa shrugs with rolled eyes before pushing Jurina aside and stand in front of the flustered Rena.

“I hope you like the present I gave you, Rena.”

“Eh…? Present? What present?”

“Oh you know what I’m talking about.” The douche gave Rena one of her charming winks, but Rena paid no heed to it.

“… I do?” Rena stared dumbly at Miyazawa.

“Please… not a word. I’ll be truly glad and happy to know you accepted my present.”

“Well, yeah… But-“

“Do you like it?”

“Umm… I guess? But…”

“Really? Wow! Seriously?! Thank you, Rena!” Miyazawa turns around to face Jurina, silently whispering to the fuming puppy. “I guess I’m one step ahead of you, kid.”


Jurina growl like an angry dog while keeping her glare on Miyazawa, not wanting to admit defeat. However, as if luck was on the puppy’s side, a girl slowly approached them. Her steps are like a supermodel, every sway of her legs makes her booty jiggles with a loud clacking coming from her heels.

“GASP! It’s her!” Jurina exclaimed with a scared face. “That crazy girl that’s been following me around before!”

“You mean, THAT Matsurina?” Mayu whispered, causing Miyazawa to turn around to face the girl but....


“Oh god. Why me…”

The girl quickly cling onto Miyazawa’s arm, “I’ve been looking all over for you. Where did you go?”

“W-what? Who are you?”

“Oh, you’re such a joker. Pretending that I’m a stranger, aren’t you?” Matsurina giggled as she slaps Miyazawa’s arm playfully. The boy-like girl looked at her incredulously. “BTW, I like the present you give me. RAWRR~”


Jurina and Mayu look in fright and disgust at the pair while Miyazawa is sweating hard as she tried to get herself away from the death grip. Feeling annoyed with the scene, Rena suddenly stood up.

“Excuse me, but the bell is about to ring. I better be in class instead of wasting my time here with this unsightly view.” 

Rena picked up her things (the flowers, of course) and make her way to the door followed by Yuki. But she turned around gracefully, making Jurina swoon over the president’s enigmatic figure.

“Before I forget, Miyazawa. This is a library, not a place for flirting or… whatever both of you are doing. Please, have some common sense and act like a good example for our school.”

With a flip of her hair, she left the library leaving everyone speechless. Well… except for one who is gawking like a she was just struck with a cupid's arrow.

“Oh gosh my Moyashi is so coool~!!!” Jurina chirped with a haaaa sound.

“Yeah, yeah… We should get going too.” Mayu said with a smile as she pats her friend’s head but a coughing sound beside her made Mayu startled.

“I hope you don’t mind if we walk together, Mayu.”

“O-oh… Oh, of course not!” Mayu tried to face her crush, but the pretty smile on Yuki’s face had failed Mayu. She quickly looked away in an attempt to cool her heated face. However, the soft feeling of a hand grabbing hers had once again made her attempt to be futile. For once, Mayu had actually walk like a cyborg… a cyborg that needs some maintenance. As they walked past Miyazawa and the still clinging Matsurina, Jurina made a shooting pose, making a bang sound at her enemy’s face.

“Looks like Rena disapproved!”



The fairy godmother sighed, a hand under her chin as she stare at nothing with a bored look. A barking sound caused her to wake from her reveries. She turned to her side, only to groan in annoyance. The Bruno dog is making weird faces at her, probably hoping for a pat on her head.

She sighed once again.


“Are you really gonna sigh all day long?” The dog can actually talk.

“Are you gonna keep acting like a dog all day long?” Mayu retorts back, causing the puppy to whine.

“At least I’m trying to make an effort to become Bruno!”

“Bruno only needs to bark on stage.”

“And that barking on stage by BRUNO will help my Moyashi shine on the stage!”


Mayu ignored her friend as her eyes followed another beautiful figure clad in a black witch suit appearing from the back stage. She immediately remembered the box she’s been hiding in her bag, waiting for the perfect moment to give it to whom it belonged to… but she never found one.


“You do that sighing again and I’ll kiss you in front of Yuki.”

Mayu pulled the tail away from her mouth. She spats out the fur stucked on her lips, the taste somewhat resembled a spoilt milk.

“Eugh yuck… what the… Don’t you ever wash this costume?”

“Ah! I think it was because I fell on that white liquid yesterday…” Jurina sniffed her tail, “Oh shucks! This really stinks. But I think your problem is more sucks than my costume.”

Jurina wiggled her eyebrows, at the same time taking out a perfume from her bag to spray her smelly tail. Mayu was about to sigh, but the sight of her friend’s puckered lips made her stop.

“I haven’t give Yukirin the present yet.”

“Eeeeh??? Why not? Didn’t you guys walk together this morning?”

“We did, but…” Mayu pouted, “It got stuck in my pocket.”

“What a loser.” Jurina shook her head, gaining a glare from the petite godmother. “But don’t worry. The great experienced Jurina will help any damsel in distress!”

“Uh huh… I wonder what Rena did to those flowers that “anonymous” person gave her.”

“Noooooo!!! Don’t remind me of that!” The puppy shouted aloud, causing the strict Kaotan to screamed back at her.

“OYYY!! You disturb us once again, I’ll make that costume permanent on your skin!”

Jurina shivered from the threat. But the sight of Rena shaking her head with a smile from the stage made her chest flutters. She sent her infamous flirtatious wink, but the president ignored it as she turns around to replay the scene again.


Jurina smack Mayu on her head. The puppy girl looked like a beaten dog being chased away by her master. But she started growling when her tingling senses detected an unwanted force in the auditorium.

“Uh oh… D-Bag alert!” Mayu warned her.

“Grrrr… Where, where?! My teeth is itching for some ass-biting!”

Miyazawa, as usual, walked in as glorious as the ikemen girl she is as the others greeted her with aaaahs and ooohs as the lady killer sent flying kisses and winks on the fangirls.

“Greetings, my ladies! How’s the practice going?”

“Perfect!” Kaotan answered with a fake smile before it turned into a deep frown, “Until you came.”

Miyazawa laughed, thinking Kaotan was just joking with her.

“Does my mere presence affects everyone that much? Don’t worry, Kaotan. I just wanna watch my two lovely ladies acting before the real thing.”

“Too bad. They’re already done.” Kaotan clapped her hands, whistling for the other actors to continue the next scene.

“Hey, doggy! Come here, boy… er, girl!”

“Ugh… they keep doing that on purpose. It’s JURINA. JU.RI.NA!”

As Jurina went to the stage, Mayu was left alone by herself. Her eyes caught Miyazawa calling for Rena to sit with her. And of course. When there’s Rena, there's Yuki too. Mayu closed her eyes, not wanting to see the eye-soring sight. She let out the sigh she’s been keeping from her bestfriend.

“That is a really long sigh, Mayu.”

Mayu felt like rolling herself down the stairs of the auditorium as Yuki took a seat beside her.

“Why are you sitting here?”

“I can’t?”

“No… it’s just… I thought Miyaza-”

“Miyazawa can sit with whoever she likes. That applies to me too.” Yuki smiled, causing a tinge of red to appear on Mayu’s cheeks.

Yukirin can sit with whoever she likes? Then… she likes to sit with me? That means... SHE WANTS TO SIT WITH ME!

Mayu grinned like a dork while doing a monkey dance in her head, just like Jurina always do.

“Is talking about Miyazawa fascinates you that much?”

“W-what? What do you mean?”

“Well… You were sighing when I came but when I said about Miyazawa, you turned into this cute, happy girl.”

Yuki was pouting and Mayu looks like she’s enjoying it. Not because she’s pouting, but because her crush just said she’s cute.

“Yeah, it is because of her.” The pout deepens, “Because of Miyazawa, you ran away and sit with me here. That makes me more than happy.”

The pout turned into a wide smile. Yuki feels like she’s about to float, soaring above the clouds with the subtle confession of this cute little cyborg. Feeling the time was right, Mayu pulled out the blue box from her bag. The box was nice, albeit the crooked ribbon.

Oh no… Why does this ribbon looked like it was tied by a kindergarten kid? After numerous attempt of tying the ribbon from Youtube’s tutorial. How embarrassing!

Mayu mentally face-palmed from her failure to check the box before handing it to Yuki.

“Is that for me?”


“But today’s not my birthday.”

“I know.”

“You do? Wait… I haven’t told you my birthday.”

Darn. Now she’ll think I’m a stalker…

“Jurina told me. You know how stalker-ish she is… ahahaha.” Good job, Mayu! Blame it all on Jurina!

“Thank you.” Yuki examine the blue box, giggling with the crooked bow tie ribbon but she kept it to herself. She opens the lid, surprised with the content inside.

“A four leaf clover! Where did you get this?”

Where did I get this? Well... that's a long story.


“Hey, Mayu! Wake up! Don’t sleep in the middle of the garden…”

“It’s 6 in the morning! I should still be sleeping at this time.”

“I’m sleepy too but I need to get these fresh flowers early in the morning!”

Mayu just shook her head. She was crazy enough to wake up this early, but to trespass her teacher’s beloved garden? She’s definitely out of her mind to help her friend scavenge some lovely flowers for the Moyashi-taichou. She just hopes the teacher won’t caught the culprit wrecking her garden.

“There! How does it look? Pretty neat, huh?”

Mayu gave a weird look from the badly arranged flowers, “Uh, yeah. Pretty neat… for a crazy man.”

“Really?” Jurina twirled the bouquet around, “Oh well. That shows how CRAZILY in love I am with her.”

Mayu lets out a yawn while stretching her hands up high. She snapped her neck left and right when something on Jurina’s feet caught her attention.

“Oh, wow! Look at this!”

“Hey! That’s a four-leaf clover!”

Like they had just found a 1000 years old fossil out on the ground, both of them squatted around the tiny little guy with fascination. Mayu carefully touched the small leaf, plucking it out of the soil.

“Damn it. Look just how lucky you are for hanging out with me.”

“Do you think Takamina-sensei planted this?”

They looked at each other, before shaking their heads together. “Naah…”

“Are you gonna keep it?”

“I want to give this to Yukirin. But I can’t just hand this to her...”


They make a pondering face while playing with their imaginary beards. Just out of cue, the most hateful person walked past them.

“Ooooh… someone’s early today.”

“That’s unusual. Let’s follow her.”

They followed Miyazawa, the boy-girl stopped in front of the shoes’ locker. Turning left and right, the tall girl pulled open a box and quickly closed it. Satisfied with her work, she walked inside, oblivious of the presence of the two mischiefs hiding behind the locker. Wiggling her brows, Jurina stealthily approached the shoe box. Her eyes widen as the name of her egg-head Moyashi was written on it. With fast movement, she retrieved the content of Miyazawa's before running back to Mayu’s side.

“Can I burn this?”

Mayu reached for the blue box, opening the content to see an expensive wrist watch with jewels and glitters all over it.

“Wow… We can sell it. It’ll cost a fortune!”

“What? No! That’s stealing!”

Mayu gave her a look, “And what do you supposed we are doing right now...?”

“Uuhh stealing…?”

“Exactly!” Mayu then suddenly thought of an idea. “Oh, I know! Here, hold this.”

Mayu threw the watch without a care to Jurina. Opening her palm, she exchange the content with the four-leaf clover she found.

“There!” She happily close the lid and put it inside her pocket.

“What about the watch?”

Mayu looked around, a light bulb appeared above her head. Reaching for a piece of paper in her bag, she wrote a note and wrapped it around the watch before placing it inside a random shoe box. She stood with a glorious peace sign after finishing her revenge.

“Problem solved!”

End of Flashbacks…

If only Yukirin knows the story behind it, she’ll surely hates Mayu for life.

“Yeah… I found it this morning when we were gardening.”

“Oh, you guys do gardening?”

“Uh huh… and other stuffs too.” Stuffs that shouldn’t be mentioned, of course.

“Thanks, Mayu. It was really sweet of you.”

Mayu scratched the back of her neck sheepishly, feeling awfully happy with the moment. To have her crush wanting to sit beside her, jealous for mentioning that douchebag and telling her how sweet she is for the present… nothing can beat the contentment she felt at the moment.

Except for her bestfriend’s yell…


Jurina shouted in the middle of a scene practice, ignoring Kaotan who's about to explode from frustration.


“Why should I?”

Miyazawa is currently holding Rena’s hand with the purpose of raging Jurina. She smirked at Jurina, taunting the angry puppy with a wink before ignoring her.

“Rena, you really treasured the present I gave you, it seems. I don’t see you wear it.” She makes deliberate moves of holding both of Rena’s hands as if to find something that should be attached on Rena’s wrist.

“Huh?” Rena wears a dumb face when out of nowhere, the Matsurina appears again.


“Oh no…”

“Oh yes!” Matsurina stood in front of Rena with hands on her waist. “What do you think you’re doing with my honey?”

“H-honey? Who’s your honey?” Miyazawa interrupts.

“Saeee-chaan! How could you… You said you love me too much to love another girl. How can you do this to me?”

“Wha…? Wait, I didn’t say any of that.”

“Oh, really now?What about this watch? Your so-called symbol of LOVE?”


“That watch… I thought I gave it to you, Rena!”

“Eh? I thought your present was Takamina-sensei’s stolen flowers?”

“Stolen flowers?”



Everyone looked at at the jumping dog-...err, Jurina.


Jurina proudly pointed at herself, her tails wagging and ears pointed up like they were alive. Suddenly, the door of the auditorium slammed open showing an angry Takamina-sensei with her huge bow over her head.


“Uh oh…” Mayu quietly excused herself but being friends with Jurina, of course she’d get dragged into the mess.

“It was Mayu’s idea, sensei!”

“Damn it, Jurina! I’ll kill you!”

“I’d rather you kill me than Takamina-sensei!”



A/N: I can't believe I updated this after so long :cry: Hahaha I think I wanna make another thread specially for this story :w00t: Thanks for reading and ENJOY :cathappy:


@Raven _faith: Thanks for the wish! :) Hope u enjoy this one too :grin:

@wmatsui fanfic.: Aww shucks I love u too :deco:

@MisakiShishido: and u are A-MA-ZING for reading this~ Thanks for the wish :cry: Go disturb Zhen for Beats of Love :P

@Kirozoro: Here's an update... of a diff story hehehee XD
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My List of Stories:

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