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Author Topic: 48/46 Group OS Collection- Flashbacks of a Broken Past (Keyakizaka46) 8/1/18  (Read 31578 times)

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Re: Michael's OS Collection Of Random Pairs (18/10/14)
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omg, that Milky amputation was a shocker!! :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked

My 2nd fav NMB member is graduating... :cry: :cry: Thanks for the fic, but continuing it on rehabilitation for Milky's gonna be brutal!

Ugh~ It just made me cry! Now everytime I watch Milky it makes me feel guilty (I know it's not irl but still :()

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Re: Michael's OS Collection Of Random Pairs (18/10/14)
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MiruFuu: Mistaken Identity Case One: Ricecakes

Miru: Fuuchan!

Fuuko: No, I thought you said you got those fishcakes, you traitor!

Miru: I swear I did! It’s was Yuki-san who ate it!

Fuuko: Oh-, really! Like I believe you.

*Yukirin walks in with half a ricecake in her hand*

Miru: Told you so! Yuki-san, gomen. Those are Fuuchan’s fishcakes.

Yuki: Gomen, Fuuchan, Mirurun. I do not know what you’re talking about. Me and Akane found ricecakes though and we ate them. This is one that I was in the middle of eating.

*Akane walks in randomly with nothing in her hands*

Fuuko: Churi-san, did you eat any fishcakes by chance?

Akane: No, sorry. Me and Yuki-san were eating ricecakes earlier~

Miru: Wait…. Fuuchan… Didn’t you ask for ricecakes, not fishcakes. I placed it down earlier in the green room and both Yuki-san and Akane-san were in there… So you guys ate Fuuchan’s ricecakes.

ChuriYuki: Gomen!

*Both bow to the ground*
FuruYanagi- Mistaken Identity Case Two: Chicken Murderer

Airi: Churi…

Akane: What, Airin?

Airi: I saw Masana doing something dispicable….

Akane: D-Don’t say it! You ate a bird didn’t you.. You… You chicken murderer!

Airi: Eh? I-It wasn’t me though!

Churi: Oh yeah, then explain THIS!

*Points to fried chicken*

Airi: I didn’t even buy that!

Churi: If you didn’t, who did?!

*In walks Milky*

Milky: Hey. *eats fried chicken*

*Churi bursts into tears*

*Airi facepalms*

*Milky's super confused*

Churi: Milky, you BAKAAAAAAA!!!! *runs out of room*

Airi: Imma go comfort her...
MaYuki- Mistaken Identity Case Three: “Furukawa Airi” Style Anime

Yuki: Mayu… *looks pissed off*

Mayu: What?

Yuki: What is this?

Mayu: Uh…. *Sees Scene from Shingeki no Kyojin*

*Yuki’s eyebrow twitches*

Mayu: I really don’t see the problem…

*Points at one of the characters*

*Mayu spittakes*

Mayu: Airin what did you make me watch?!

Yuki: Ah, this is Airin’s fault, eh~?

Mayu: Mm…. *Puppy eyes* Mama~~~

Yuki: Not gonna work.

*Just at the wrong moment Airi walks in*

Yuki: Furukawa…. *Glares*

Airi: Eh? W-What did I d-do wrong?

Yuki: You know what you did!

Airi: Oh, the anime? It’s just Shingeki no Kyojin! *Presses play on the laptop*

Mayu: See, Yuki. I told you there’s no problem!

Yuki: Well then…*Eyebrow twitches again in embarassment*
SayaMilky- Mistaken Identity Case Four: Warukii 2.0

Milky: Sayanee~

Sayanee: Hm?

Milky: Nee, who do you love more, me or Keicchi?

Sayanee: Eh? What makes you ask that?

Milky: Do you love Keicchi more than you love me?!

Sayanee: Milky, what’s gotten into you all of the sudden?

Kei: Sayaka~ So, do you love me more than Milky? You should be ashamed!

Sayanee: I-I…

Milky: Choose!

Sayanee: I…

Yuki: Sayaka~

Sayanee: Ah, Yukirin.

Yuki: Let’s go. Mayuyu and Sae-chan are waiting for us.

Sayanee: OK~

*Milky and Keicchi sulk*

Keicchi: Maji ka…

Milky: Yukirin-paisen...

Twin Towers- Mistaken Identity Case Five: Cheating on the Wrong Person

Sae: Sayaka~~~ I’m home~~~

*Sees Sayaka on the counter table*

Sayaka: *wakes up* Ah! Sae-chan~~~ you’re late~~~

Sae: Sayaka, have you been drinking again?

Sayaka: No, I have *hic* n-not..!

Sae: Mou…

Sayaka: Sae… do you love me?

Sae: Of course! Why wouldn’t I?!

Sayaka: Sae’s been *hic* so close with the SKE girls… And hanging out with other *hic* members… You don’t *hic* have time for me anymore…

Sae: Eh?

*Sayaka bursts out crying*

Sayaka: Sae hates me! Sae’s going to leave me~~~

Sae: No… I would never.


Sayaka:  Sae… *hic*

Sae: You should get some sleep.

*Carries her to bed, then lays down beside her*

Sayaka: Sae…

Sae: Hm?

Sayaka:  I love you…

Sae: I love you, too
Here is my 500 Post Set of Drabbles, 1 pair for each 100 posts I made. Since 600 is coming up I will give the titles to the next 2 drabbles for 600 and 700. For the pairs... I did ChuriYuki and AirinxMayuyu so yeah~

ChuriYuki- Mistaken Identity Case Six- Birds and Marimokkori

AiriMayu- Mistaken Identity Case Seven: Though We Are Otakus at Heart, Something Cannot Be Changed.

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Re: OS Collection Of Random Pairs Mistaken Identity (Mixed Pairs 18/11/14)
« Reply #42 on: November 29, 2014, 12:23:41 AM »
Teaser to an un-named Oneshot, I'm writing for AKBCouples, who's doing a FuruYanagi OS for me :3
Life… Why do people act the way they do? Some steal, some kill themselves. It’s just horrible.

For me, something horrible happened. I saw my parents die, in front of my very eyes. The killer’s eyes were coldblooded, those dark, eerie orbs.

I ran, ran without knowing where to go, or why they were killed. But I never looked back.

My fosterparents are really nice though. Their names were Furukawa Akiro and Takayanagi Akane, though they were married, oka-san never changed her family name.

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Re: OS Collection Of Random Pairs Mistaken Identity (Mixed Pairs 18/11/14)
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ChuriYuki- Mistaken Identity Case Six- Birds and Marimokkori

Akane: Yukirin-san?

Yuki: Nani, Churi?

Akane: The weirdest thing happened today….

Yuki: What?

Akane: I don’t really know how to describe it to you though….

Yuki: C’mon, you can tell me.

Akane: Well… I saw at a game center and I saw a marimokkori.

Yuki: Depends what kind~ Oh… Wait. I saw something weird too…

Akane: What? Don’t tell me it’s a bird riding Black Marimokkori?

Yuki:  No, no, no!

Akane: Seriously though, if birds and the Marimokkori mated… Our worlds collide into one!

Yuki:  Are you serious?

Akane: Is there any reason I’m not being serious?

Yuki: Yes there is. It isn’t possible!

Akane: Oh… *Sulks and walks away.*

Yuki: Churi, wait!!! *Runs after Akane.*
AiriMayu- Mistaken Identity Case Seven: Though We Are Otakus at Heart, Some things Cannot Be Changed.

Airi: Mayu-chan….

Mayu: Nani?

Airi: Do you hate being an otaku sometimes?

Mayu: *Confused* Eh?

Airi: Churi said to me, “Otaku are the worst!!!”, and that really made me feel bad…

Mayu: So? It’s who you are, even if you’re partner says something like that, you should ignore it and continue doing the things you love.

Airi: But has Yukirin-senpai ever said anything like that to you?

Mayu: Well…

Airi: Ah… *worried face* She did, didn’t she?

Mayu: *happy face, shakes head* No.

Airi: Eh?

Mayu: Because Mamarin is an otaku, too!

Airi: Uso!

*Yuki walks in*

Yuki: Mayuyu, let’s go! I already got my Kairi cosplay ready; get changed into Sora!

Mayu: OK~ *walks off happily with her girlfriend*

Airi: Sugoi… Perfect otaku couple.
MayuChuri- Mistaken Identity Case Eight: Birds in Anime?

Churi: Mayu… *annoyed face*

Mayu: Yes? *unaware*

Churi: *points at Mayu’s drawing* Is that supposed to be me?

Mayu: Uh…. *Confused*

Churi: I’m waiting for an answer. *Impatient*

Mayu: No--

Churi: Liar, liar, pants on fire!!! *angry* Don’t talk to me!

Mayu: No! I can explain!

Churi: Fine. Try your best and explain!

Mayu: This isn’t a bird. It’s a ‘Bit Sniper’, from Kingdom Hearts. Mamarin asked me to draw one, becuz she likes Kingdom Hearts.

Churi: Oh…

Mayu: Why don’t you get Furukawa-san to draw you a Chocobo from Final Fantasy?

*Airi walks in, playing Final Fantasy III*

Airi: Eh? Churi, Mayu-san, what’s going on…?

Mayu: Furukawa-san, Churi-chan wants you to draw a Chocobo!

Airi: E-Eh? A Chocobo? How funny, I was just playing Final Fantasy---

Mayu: Just do it, Furukawa-san.

Airi: H-Hai, Mayu-san… *Becomes Mayu’s slave, draws Churi a Chocobo and shows it to her*

Churi:*Sees the drawing* Kawaii, arigatou, Airin! *Hugs Airi*

Airi: *Feels loved.*


YukiAirin- Mistaken Identity Case Nine: Out of Character…

Yuki: Ohayo, Airin.

Airi: *in a high-pitched girly voice* Ohayogozaimasu, Yukirin-sempai~

Yuki: *little shocked* Eh?

Airi: How are u today?

Yuki: Uh, I-I’m fine, but… what’s up with your voice?

Airi: Hm?

Yuki: It’s really OOC.

Airi: OOC..?

Yuki: Out of character.

Airi: *normal voice* Dang it!!! I’ve been trying to promote my moe-voice more, but Churi got angry and said, “You ain’t a freaking anime character, so stop!” Mou……

Yuki: I think it’s quite cute, although it’s a bit OOC. *Kisses Airin on the cheek* That’s payment for trying.

Airi: *Blushes* Senpai…


*Churi rushes in, raging, with Mayu behind*

Airi & Yuki: Uh-oh…

Churi & Mayu: YOU!!!!!!!!!

*Weird things happening*
MakoNaanya- Mistaken Identity Case Ten: Too Moe?

Mako:  Nee, Naanya~

Naanya: Umm?

Mako: Have you ever notice that some of our senpais are lolicons?

Naanya: Eh? Like who?

Mako: One senpai comes straight to mind. Matsui Rena-senpai.

Naanya: Yeah, she does seem like one to be honest.

Mako: Do you want to try and get her attention?

Naanya: Sure, why not~

*The two see Rena walking in, unsuspicious of anything*

Rena: *sees the two* Morning, you two.

Mako: Morning, Rena-senpai.

Naanya: Ohayou~.

Mako: *walks up to Rena* Nee, senpai, do you like younger members?

Rena: *Looks at the two with suspicion* Why?

MakoNaanya: *Hugs Rena* Rena-senpai, daisuki!

Rena: *Faints in happiness*

*Furukawa, Takayanagi, Kashiwagi and Watanabe Mayu walk in*

FuruYanagi: Uh… What happened here?

MaYuki: *Sees Rena on the floor and points*

FuruYanagi: Ah, Rena being Rena, I guess… *Simultaneously*

*Mayu looks at Mako and Naanya*

Churi, Airi + Yuki: Mayu?

Mayu: The lolicons have invaded! *Runs away*

ChuriYuki: Huh? *Clueless*
Airi: I’mma go watch anime with her, see you two later. *Leaves the two NMB kennin by themselves*

ChuriYuki: What now? *Both confused*


NanaMiki- Mistaken Identity Case 11: Hyper


Nana: *holding her ears* Miki, you’re too loud.

Miki: Sorry, but I’m just SOOO happy!!!

Nana: Why?

]Miki: Guess!

Nana: Mm… did you get those fancy France-import macaroons?

Miki: I wish!

Nana: Hmm… oh! I know, you were chosen for center in our next Team 4 stage.

Miki: Nope~

Nana: Eh?! Then what?

Miki: *holds out small box* This!

Nana:*opens it, sees heart shaped necklace* Th-this is..?

Miki: Naachan DAISUKI~~~ *hugs her and kisses cheek*

Nana: M-Miki-chan…

*MakoNaanya spying on them*

MakoNaanya: Lovebirds.


FuruYanagi - Mistaken Identity Case 12: Admiral’s Salute

Airi: Churi…

Churi: What is it, Airin? *Confused*

Airi: How were you such a great leader back then…

Churi: Now that, I don’t even know…

Airi: Mou…

Churi: I’ll always support you, Admiral Furukawa!

Airi: *Blushes* E-Eh?!

Churi: You’re doing well~ All of KII respect you, even I do.

Airi: S-So…?

Churi: Airin, suki~ *chu*

Airi: C-C-Churi?! *Surprised and confused*

Churi: *Grins happily* It’s because I do~

Airi: *blushes* Jyaa… *chu*

Churi: *Mouth wide open*

*Other SKE members stalk their senpai*

Kaotan: Someone get the champagne.

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Furukawa Airi, with her partner, Takayanagi Akane were strolling through the street one day when they saw the two Matsui’s were standing in front of the anime shop they happened to be going to. It seemed like they were in a heated argument so the dorks stopped to listen in on it.

“Rena, you can’t just leave like this!”

“Jurina, you don’t understand. This interview and training session are the only things keeping me from getting a job.”

“Where are they, is the true question here, Rena. You know how I can’t live without you.”

“England. I got offered a job in London, I seriously can’t reject it.”

Jurina retorted back, “You don’t know what I feel about it, Rena!”

“I’m sorry, Jurina, I need to hand in my resignation so I’ll be going now.”

As Rena walked away, Jurina instantly fell to her knees, causing the FuruYanagi duo to run straight for her.


“W-Why… Rena come back to me...” Tears rolled down her cheeks, signifying her distress and sadness.

“Just calm down, she’ll only be there for a year...”

“How is that supposed to help me, Airi?!”

“I-I’m sorry, Jurina. Well, I have to go guys, I have to go to work...” Airi broke the silence before running off.

Airi’s POV

If Jurina’s reacted like that… How am I supposed to tell Churi about this….?

“Jurina, can you stand up?” I watched as Churi helped Jurina back up to her feet. The younger girl buried her face in her neck, hugging Churi as she kept crying.

I couldn’t tell them anything…. If I did, I would just break them apart even more.

I’m sorry, Churi…

I walked 50 blocks to what was an office building. I walked inside to see a familiar face talking to the receptionist.

“Ah, Furukawa. Have you thought about the transfer yet?”

“Y-Yes I have, I’m taking it.” I said, with a tinge of hesitance in my voice.

“You’re still thinking about how my daughter’s going to take it, huh?”

“E-Eh? Churi’s your daughter?”

“Yes and no, she’s my adopted daughter.”


“You need to tell her, before something happens to you, Airi.”

“I know...”

I know that… But….

Akane’s POV

-3 Years Later-

I was watching the TV blankly when I saw the news.

“A recent plane accident has left 5 in serious condition. The Boeing 747 coming from the UK had crashed after a terrorist attack. All victims were taken to Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital.”

I saw the last of names of everyone on the plane scroll down and I was shocked.

Furukawa Airi
Matsui Rena

W-What?! I-I hope there’s nothing terrible that happened to them.

I instantly heard my phone ring from beside me and read the text, which was from Jurina.

“Churi you need to get here ASAP, Airin’s in ICU!”


I literally bolted out of the door, running to the hospital. Airin can’t die…. She can’t die without me beside her…

Please be safe, Airin….

I barged into the hospital and met with Jurina. I enveloped her with a hug of sadness and regret, knowing that I could’ve prevented her from going but the problem was that she never told me..

“Why…? Why did this happen? Why to them? Rena… Airin… neither of them deserved this..!”

“I know...” I heard her crying, too. “It makes no sense….!”

We sat there, waiting to hear something, anything…

“W-What if they….”

“Don’t say that. Th-they… they have to be alive..! They just have to..!”

Then, the door opened slowly, revealing the doctor.

“Matsui Jurina-san?”


“There’s good news. We were able to revive Matsui Rena-san.”

“Oh, thank God...”

“And Takayanagi Akane-san?”


“Furukawa-san is also in stable condition.”

“Thank you. I--”



“She did obtain a severe concussion during the impact. There’s a chance she may not remember anything when she wakes up.”


“I’m very sorry. The part of her brain that controls memory has been severely damaged as a result of the accident.”

No… this can’t be happening…!

“I’m very sorry, Takayanagi-san.”

“Churi…. I thought I had it worse…”

“C-Can I see her now?”

“Yes. They’re both in room 69, second floor.”

We started to walk very solemnly. We walked into the elevator together, for me the thoughts were flooding. Thoughts like “Will she die?” or “Will she remember me?”.

“Churi, we’re here.”

“Oh...” I stepped out, the both of us walking down the hall.

“This is it. Room 69.”

I knocked on the door.

“Rena? Airin?” I stepped inside to find Rena wide awake, reading a book.

“Ah, Churi, Jurina!”


“Rena...” Jurina gripped her fists. “I...”

I looked over and saw Airin. Her head was completely wrapped in bandages and an oxygen mask was covering her mouth.

“Airin...” I walked over to her, holding her hand. She’s fast asleep.

What can I possibly do..? I...I know I can’t do anything… But….

Jurina’s POV

“Rena… I...”


“I’m so sorry, for everything.” I gripped my fists tighter as I tried to fight my tears. “I just… I didn’t want.. you to leave me. I hate being alone..!”


“I don’t… I don’t want to be all alone.. not anymore… I wanna be with you, Rena… Forever...”

“Jurina… I never wanted to leave you… You didn’t know how long I wanted to hold you, to kiss you even...”

“.....Eh? Really?”

“Un… I love you, Jurina. More than anyone.”

“You… really do?”

“Of course. For so long, I’ve felt like this. I never thought I could love someone this way before, but… I have. And it’s with you.”

“Rena...” I sat beside her on the bed. “I had no idea you--”

She suddenly kissed me. It was more intense than we usually kiss… More than a playful kiss… This was deep, and it was hot.

“Now that we’re sorted, I think we need to focus on those two...”

“Un, Churi needs all the emotional support she can get...So what happened on the plane..?”

“It was… It was horrible...”




“You know in those movies, whenever someone feels like there’s going to be a terrorist attack and it actually happens?”

“Don’t tell me you feel like that right now? Don’t worry, that won’t happen.”

“But what if it does?”

“I’ll protect you, Rena-san...”


There was a greasy looking man standing up, pulling something out of his pocket.

“Nobody move! Or else I’ll shoot one of you!”

Then, there was a woman who tried to stand but the man pointed his gun at her. Airin, by reflex, ran to her.

“If you shoot anyone on this plane, it would be me.”

“Umm? How about your girlfriend?”

“No, Rena-san!!!!” She ran towards me and instantly, she dropped down to the floor, her body twitching from the torment she had felt before.

He then walked towards me, making me shrink in fright.

“Any last words?”

I kept quiet. I was glancing at Airin’s unconscious body.

Churi, Jurina, I’m sorry… looks like neither of us will make it…

“Alright then. Adios.”


Then, I felt as though I was put into a deep sleep.

“Rena-san, we can’t be here. Jurina and Churi.. they both need us.”


I felt a soft breeze blow across my face. There, I found myself underneath a large cherry blossom tree, the petals fluttering down in the wind.

Standing beside me was Airin, in a white dress, leaned up against the large trunk.

“We have to go back. I can’t stand seeing Churi like this… You have to go first...”

“Eh? Why…?”

“I have a few things to sort out while I’m here.. You go on.”

“What? No. Airin!”

“I’m sorry. Goodbye, Rena...”


I fell into darkness again. Before I knew it, I felt a sharp jolt in my body. I crash landed back into my body, regaining all feeling inside.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital room. Airi was beside me, unconscious and badly hurt.

“Ah, Matsui-san...” The nurse walked in. “You’re awake. That’s good. Are you feeling okay?”

“Uh, yes...”

“Your body may still be a bit weak, so please don’t try to force yourself. You wait here, there’s someone who wants to see you.”


Could it be… Jurina?

After a few minutes of waiting, the door finally opened. But, instead of Jurina, it was an older man.

“W-Who are you?”

“Oh, sorry. I’m Furukawa Airi’s employer. I just wanted to see how she was. Anyway, I’ll be off,  need to look after my emotionally unstable daughter.”

Emotionally unstable….?

“Ano… Do you happen to know Takayanagi Akane-chan perhaps?”

“Yes, she’s my adopted daughter.”

Eh? Adopted..?!

Then I looked back and he disappeared, without a trace..

Flashback End

“Wait, Churi’s adopted?! H-How come she didn’t tell us…?”

“Maybe she just doesn’t want anyone to know.”

“Nee, Rena…. I wonder how Airi’s coping with it...”

Airi’s POV

Darkness. Something that I hated, because it isolates people. I was in a deep sleep, being enveloped in darkness..

“Furukawa Airi...”


Then I woke up underneath a large cherry blossom tree, it was beautiful. Underneath, I saw Rena, fast asleep.
“Is this it for me, then..? I’m dead..?”

“No, Furukawa Airi. You still can go back. However, it will come with a price.”

“What’s that?”

“You will forget everything and anyone you hold close to your heart.”

“No… Churi… Rena… Jurina...”

I heard a small sound. Rena was starting to fade away. If she goes any further, she’ll disappear.

“Rena!” I called out to her. “Listen to me, we can’t stay here. We have to go back! Jurina… Churi… they both need us!”


“Didn’t you tell me you loved her? You treasured her more than anyone? Do you just wanna give up on everything and leave her?! Rena!!!”

She started coming back. She heard me. There were tears falling down her eyes. Mine too…

“I love Churi… How can I possibly give her up? I can’t forget her...”

“Then, perhaps I can make a slight exception...”


“If Takayanagi Akane can confess her feelings to you, I shall allow your memories to return.”

“Will you really..?”

“Of course.”

“T-Thank you….”

As I placed my head on the large tree, I closed my eyes and thought of Churi. I could see her crying, her heart torn to pieces...

As I was thinking about what’s going to happen to me, I saw Rena waking up.


“We have to go back. I can’t stand seeing Churi like this… You have to go first.”

“Eh? Why..?”

“I have a few things to sort out here. You go on...”

“What? No. Airin!” She started to fade again. I shut my eyes, turning my gaze.

“I’m sorry… Goodbye, Rena.”

“No!” She disappeared in the wind.

I wiped away my tear. “Goodbye… forever….”

Immediately after, I felt an excruciating pain everywhere, as if I was being torn apart.

“Now, you must fulfill your half of the deal you have made with me, Furukawa Airi.”

Akane’s POV

I sat there silently, holding Airi’s cold hand.

I looked and saw her eyes slowly open, looking around.

“Ugh...” She got up, holding her head. “Ow...”


“Huh…?” She looked at me. “W-where am I..?”


“What am I doing here? Who are you people?”

“A-Airin, calm down.”

“Let me go!” She backed away. “Who… who are you?”

That tugged at my heartstrings… I remember what the doctor said…

“She did obtain a severe concussion during the impact. There’s a chance she may not remember anything when she wakes up.”

“Airin… please, let me explain...”

“Airin? Is that my name?”

“Yes. And I’m Churi. I’m your friend.”

“I don’t remember anyone by that name, sorry...”

“Churi, that’s me!”

“I’m sorry but I don’t remember you...”

I know… It hurts that you don’t remember me, Airin…

“Tell me… who am I? How do I know you?”

“We… We...” I kept stuttering because I was fighting back the tears…

“What were we?”

What were we…? We were…

“We were close… best friends… but, I know that sometimes, I felt like it could be something more… b-but I was afraid… I didn’t know how you would feel… I was afraid, you would react in a way… that was….”

I covered my face. I can’t fight my tears anymore…

“I-I didn’t want you to hate me..! I wanted to be with you… so much...”


“Airin… I….” I looked up at her. Our faces were surprisingly close. I tried to smile, but my tears kept flowing. “I… I love you, Airin.

Her eyes suddenly became wider, as if something happened to her.

“AAAAH!” She held her head. Her breathing also became more rapid and she started coughing..

“Airin?! What’s wrong?! Airin!”


“Airin!!!” I hugged her. “You… you remember me, right?”

“Yes… I do… Do you really love me, Churi?”

“Of course. I always have.”

She tried to reach over to me but instantly sat back down because of the pain all over her body.

“Let me do that, baka.”

I reached down to kiss her passionately on the lips.

“I love you, Airin....”

“I love you too, Churi...”

6 Months Later

“Airin! Rena!” I called from outside, with Jurina starting the car, “Hurry up, the kids are waiting!”

“Coming!” She said as she walked out, holding her crutches.

“You sure you don’t need help Airin? You’re still in crutches.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine..!”

I saw her skip through the pathway to the car.

“See, I told you I’ll be---”

“Just get in the car...”

“H-Hai, C-Churi...”

As we hopped into the car it became a long-ish journey. I looked out of the window and the blue sky instantly reminded me of all those memories…

We finally arrived at Rena’s hometown of Toyohashi and it looks really nice at spring.

“Ah~” Jurina cheered as she breathed in the fresh air. “So nice~”

“This place brings me back,” Rena smiled, “It’s been so long since I was last here… 6 or 7 years?”

“Well, it’s nice that you’re back here, Rena~” A woman walked towards us.

“Oka-san!” I saw my son walking up to me.

Mine and Airin’s adopted child. It was her idea that I had to get dragged along with, but it was worth it.

“Ah, Riku!” I gave him a large embrace, which felt new to me…. I never seemed to felt this kind of warmth with my stepdad before...

“Let’s go play!”

“Un. You go with aunt Rena and Jurina. I have to help Airin-mama.”

“OK~” I saw him run to where Jurina and Rena were, before looking back at Airin.

“He sure is bubbly.”

“Just like you.” I winked at her and in reaction, she blushed instantly.

“Airin~ Churi~” Jurina called out. “C’mon, last one up to the top is a rotten egg. I’m talkin’ to you, too, Rena-chan~”

“Oi!!! Jurina, wait~~~”

“Well, let’s just go.” I said as I took Airin’s shoulders and helped her up the hill.

Once we were both at the top, we were met with an amazing view of the city below. We all sat underneath a large cherry blossom tree at the top.

“It’s so beautiful~”

Airin looked at the tree. “This is...”


Rena turned to her, and looked up at the petals. “Airin...”

“What? What.. what happened?”

Just then, the wind blew across my face. I heard something in my ear.

“Because your love is true, no sacrifices were truly made.”


“May both of you live happy, blessed lives together.”

The voice disappeared. I looked up and saw Rena leaning up against the tree. Her mouth forming a faint smile.

“So this is true love...”

“Hm? What’s wrong, Rena--” Jurina asked, but then Rena took her by surprise with a kiss.

“You know I love you, right?”

Jurina, still a bit surprised, smiled. “Un. I want to protect you for as long as I can…!”

Then, I felt a force being exerted from behind me and I looked up to see Airin grinning like an idiot.

“Sorry, the pain on my leg was getting a bit unbearable..”

“Here...” I held both her arms, holding her up as our fingers intertwined our hands, “I love you, Furukawa Airi.”

“I love you, too, Takayanagi Akane.”

We kissed. And it felt better than ever. I guess true love can be rewarded.

“Nee, Airin..”


“What happened? Why is the tree so important?”

“Oh… this is...” She smiled. “Let’s just say it’s our tree.”

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Lol...fortunately churi confess..
.awww rena and jurina...niceee~
Thanks for the update author san~
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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

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Nice fic hehehehe love it

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Sorry for reading your fic late! Finally got around reading it and it's good!  :thumbsup

I thought you'd write RenAirin though  :lol: WMatsui +  Furuyanagi is always good~  :grin:

At least it ended on a happy note. Thanks for the fic!   :)

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This pain that I’m feeling… Where did all the happiness go..? I only ever wanted to be beside you, Airi but… Lust and jealousy got control of my body. I didn’t mean to do those things to you but I just couldn’t help it… I wanted Rena and Jurina to know you were mine and mine alone. Now because of my actions.. You left me… I couldn’t bare to see you leave my side. I know saying sorry isn’t enough for you to forgive me but please know that I still love you… But this guilt is eating me alive and I can’t do anything. This is the only way to remove these bittersweet, painful memories I had shared with you…

Goodbye, cruel world...


Akane… What have you become…? Ever since that day you have become more dominant and monstrous… You looked at me with such bloodshot eyes, it seemed as though you wanted me dead… For many days I had cried to myself in pain, regretting being with you for longer… I didn’t really care because my feelings for you were stronger than ever. But when I saw you with Jurina I really wanted to run to someone, I had to go to Rena, to let out my feelings to her, telling her all of my emotions. Eventually, I came back to find that you had forgiven me, but you tied onto the noose made me feel guilty. Seeing you hanging there lifeless made me do the inevitable. I picked up a knife and pointed it at my chest. There was no point in living without you by my side.

I'm coming, Akane

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Re: OS Collection Of Random Pairs (Random FuruYanagi Drabble 14/4/15)
« Reply #49 on: April 17, 2015, 12:41:03 PM »
Akane T0T
Airin T0T
Why, author-san? WHY? T0T

Keep going, author-san!
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Re: OS Collection Of Random Pairs (Random FuruYanagi Drabble 14/4/15)
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Akane T0T
Airin T0T
Why, author-san? WHY? T0T

Keep going, author-san!

You really want me to continue this drabble? I swear I'm going to cry if I continue this T^T I don't even know how to continue this T^T

Thanks for reading though~ I'll make a oneshot off of this drabble don't worry :D

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Re: OS Collection Of Random Pairs (Random FuruYanagi Drabble 14/4/15)
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Furuyanagi  :shocked  :(  :cry:

Thanks for the... sad drabble...?  :(

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Re: OS Collection Of Random Pairs (Random FuruYanagi Drabble 14/4/15)
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@MisakiShishido Gomen, Misaki-chan.... :( But I wrote a oneshot based off that drabble  :nervous

Akane’s POV

“Hehe, look who we have here~”

“P-Please, spare me..!” I tried to resist the man’s grip on my hand, “I-I don’t know what you want with me, but I just want to leave!”

The pressure on my hand became more and more, until I finally gave up. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to worry Airi, Jurina and Rena…

“I’m only doing my job, now stop resisting!”

I could only whimper in pain, I couldn’t talk or move because of his intimidating figure. He pulled me up and dragged me into a car, I could only sit there in silence.

I’m sorry guys…

My eye averted to the skimpy looking buildings, I instantly thought that they were used for things I didn’t want to think about. It wasn’t long until something was wrapped around my eyes to prevent me from seeing anything that was going to happen and around my mouth to prevent me from saying anything offensive.

“Get her out and do it carefully. It won’t be long before the boss implants it into her.”


I could feel myself being pulled somewhere by someone who was rough. I just ignored it as many thoughts were flooding through my mind. I was only thinking about her…

“Ah~ So this is Takayanagi Akane-san, correct?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Uncover her blindfold.”

“Shouldn’t we tie her up first?”

“No, I’m going to insert my compound on her hands first.”

“I see~”

“Just uncover her blindfold or I will do it to you first.”

“Yes sir...”

Before I knew it, my eyes tried to adjust to the brightness of the room, seeing 3 bulky looking men and a woman I think I recognise…

“Akane-chan, it’s nice to see you again~”

“Mmph?” I couldn’t talk because of the thing that was covering my mouth, so all that they could hear was muffled sounds.

“Take the gag off her mouth too.”

“Ok, Manatsu-sama~”

As the gag was taken off my mouth, I was instantly surprised at what Manatsu has decided to become...

“Why, Manatsu, why me?”

“I’ll tell you after, okay, Akane? Or should I say, Churi~”

I saw her with a syringe and I was instantly scared.

“Pin her down, make sure she doesn’t escape.”


I tried to resist their force. But due to the intense pain in my arms, I decided to give up. I just let them do what they wanted and let them shove that syringe inside my left arm. The pain was unreal, every time I opened and shut my eyes, it became more and more painful…

“N-now tell me… W-why me of all people..?”

“It’s easier to get someone I’m familiar with, such as yourself.”


“I know your weaknesses, Churi~”


“You want Airi to yourself, right? You want to show Jurina and Rena that she’s yours and yours alone?”



“Y-you’re right…. I do want Airin to myself….”

“This will help~”

“W-wha….” Before I could finish my sentence, my vision began to blur. I saw visions of Airin being with Rena and Jurina and I really didn’t like that... I let out a painful scream, which seemed to have made her entertained.

“Goodbye for now, Akane-chan~”

I slowly dipped into unconsciousness.


Airi’s POV

This is strange.. She’s been gone for longer than I’ve been expecting….

“Airin.. Are you okay?”

“E-Eh? Rena-san...” I couldn’t help but to sound surprised, “Y-Yeah, I am but...”

“You’re worried about Churi, aren’t you?” Her eyes seemed genuinely worried, “She did say she was going to come back as soon as she could...”

“I know… It’s just...” I swallowed all the flem that was building up in my throat, “What if something bad happened to her…?”

Just then, I got a phone call. It was Churi…


“Airin, can you come over here? I need your help with something.”


“Don’t worry, just come.”

“Uh okay. I’ll be right over.”

I had a really bad feeling about Churi… Her tone of voice didn’t seem like her usual bubbly voice…


“Sorry, Rena-san but I need to go.”


Before she could finish, I was already out of the door. As I didn’t know where she was, I decided to call her back.

It started beeping. Once. Twice.


“Hey, Churi, it’s me. I’m just wondering where you are.”

“Oh, I’m at my house… I was just feeling under the weather so I wanted you to visit.”

“Ah, okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can...”

“Thanks…. Bye, Airin.”

“Bye, Churi.”

She’s feeling under the weather, huh…. She’d usually tell me first before going straight home… So this is really strange…

As I was deep into thought, I heard my phone ring for the second time today.

“Airin, it’s me, Jurina. I’m warning you now while I can. Something’s happened to Churi.”

“Eh? What do you mean….?”

“She’s not being herself, I’ve tried to talk to her… She seems more forceful...”


“Please… Give her some sense...”

“I’ll try to, thanks for the warning, Jurina.”

I hung up and continued to walk…

What’s wrong with her…?

I finally arrived and knocked on her door…. Someone opened it.


“Thanks for coming,” she said as she pulled me in.

“What’s wrong?”


What? Nothing’s wrong?

“I just wanted you here.”


As she shut the door, I suddenly felt myself being pushed to the wall. The next moment, I was staring at Churi’s crazed eyes.

She looked hungry… for me.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this~” she said, licking her lips.

“Oi, Churi, what’s gotten into you?”

“I want you, Airin...” The fire in her eyes became more and more apparent… Maybe Jurina was right…

“S-Stop for just a second…!” I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted answers.

“No way. You’re MINE, Furukawa Airi, all MINE!!!”

She grabbed my neck and suddenly pulled me forward. She attacked my lips with a deep, hot kiss. My mind couldn’t process what was happening…

“C-Churi.. W-Wait--”

“No.. I’ve waited for long enough!”

She grabbed my shirt and ripped it off my body. I was scared of what was going to happen next, this was so unlike her...

"Churi, please! Let go of me! I'll be with you, just... Stop acting like this..."


"You know this isn't you... Right?"

"Airi... I don't know if you're taking me for a fool... But the pain you have given me has taken it's toll..."

My heart started to shatter… Was hanging out with Rena-san too much a bad thing?


“That’s why I had asked Manatsu for a little something~”

Manatsu…? But we haven’t seen her in years...

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Woaaaaah... What happen with Churi?>0<
Don't make any sad ending anymore T0T
Please T0T

But, I'll surely wait the next one author-san^0^
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Churi become aggressive~make her ur'
What did manatsu gave to churi?? sick potion..=='

Please do continue~
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
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Now I understand why you told me not to read the thread for the next 20-30 minutes. . .  . .

Now I'm "bothered"  :drool: :drool:

Wonder what Manatsu is thinking O.o

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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“What did you..?”

“Nee, Airin~” She grabbed my neck, pulling me down as we both laid on the ground. “Let’s leave this world.”


“Let’s die together.”

What is she saying...?

She then pulled out a small gun, aiming it at her head.

“What do you say? Shall we?”

She pulled a slight smirk on her face... What is going on...?

I ran up to her and slapped the gun off her hands.

"What the hell are you doing, Churi?! This isn't what you should do...!"

She started laughing. It wasn’t her normal laugh, it was demonic... Something she would never do…

“Nee, Airin~”


I didn’t like the sound of what she was going to do to me…

“You do love me, right?”


She pulled out a knife, handing it to me.

“I want you to prove it, how much you love me. Show me you’d die for me.”


She grinned, picking up the gun. “I made my decision. To end this pain.”


“Don’t worry. Once it’s done, we can be together forever. We don’t have to worry about anything and leave this bullshit world behind.”

I want to end my life first.. For her to realise what happened...For her to feel guilty… But at the same time, I want to cherish my life…

“Better make your choice. You...” She lifted the gun to her head again. “Or me?”

“....” I gripped the knife, biting my lip as I tried to fight the tears.

“Fine then.”


“See you on the other side,” she said before cocking the gun.

“No! Churi!”


I saw her on the floor, a blood puddle forming around her body but… Her blood wasn’t red… It was black.


I felt myself slipping, falling into madness, darkness…

I… I..! Churi!


I lifted the knife, aiming it at my chest. I had enough, this is all too much…

I tried to resist the temptation to stab myself.. To let myself die because I wanted her by my side…

But… all of it took over me.

I’m coming, Akane…

I felt a sharp pain in my chest, then my world slowly fell apart. My eyes fluttered closed as I slipped into darkness.


Third Person’s POV

“Hmm...” Manatsu wrote down on her charts as she watched the scene. “What an unexpected result.”

Just then, the door opened.

“I knew it...”

Manatsu turned around, her eyes widened in shock.

“You were behind this all along, Mukaida.”

“J-Jurina..?! Why are--”

“You really shouldn’t underestimate me just because I’m younger. I know a lot more than most girls my age. Or, be that, people in general.”

Manatsu then took out a handgun and aimed it at Jurina.

“I’ll kill you!”

“I wouldn’t,” she said with a smirk. “The police are already outside.”


“Better turn yourself in before it’s too late.”

“You--” Before she could continue, Jurina gestured to someone with her finger.

“You better stay right where you are. We have cops surrounding the whole perimeter," a voice said.

Manatsu’s eyes widened. “Uso...”

“Sorry to inform you, Mukaida Manatsu… but, you’re finished.”


“Simple. When I first saw Churi, she seemed different. Her arm also started to bleed, which signified something or someone must’ve hurt her in someway.”

“That’s when we knew, you injected the serum into her.”

“Mukaida, you should know that serum is illegal!”

“What was the serum… And what was it’s effects?”

“It’s called XP3471. It enacts a certain chemical that affects the brain and also the sexual hormones in ones body.”

“So that’s why Churi was so aggressive...”

“And why she wanted Airin so badly...”

“But, to think, they would go so far as...”

The girl with Jurina suddenly got mad and grabbed Manatsu’s collar.

“You got some nerve...” she said angrily, in a low tone. “To do that to Churi and Airin…”

“Rena,” Jurina held her shoulder, “Hold back for just a second...”

“But--” Rena looked back at her partner and saw her serious eyes. She let her guard down a bit and let go of Manatsu. “Fine...”

Jurina stepped forward. “Why did you do this to Churi.. To Airin…?!”

“Believe me, I had no intention of Furukawa dying… all I desired was to see Churi complete my experiment. To see the final results of what I’ve worked on for so long!”

“Well, now you have your answer… she’s DEAD! And you also took an innocent victim too..!”

“Tsk, Airi was of no use anyway~”

“You..!” Rena was about to face her again, a hand on her gun, but Jurina stopped her.

“All of you are fools… This serum… with it, the world will..!”

“Mukaida Manatsu...” Jurina stopped her, “You are under arrest for usage of illegal substances and for the purposeful deaths of Takayanagi Akane and Furukawa Airi. You have the right to remain silent.”

“No...” Manatsu’s hands were cuffed together. “No! NO!!! You can’t do this!!! Everything I’ve worked for, do you want it to go to waste?!”

“This is for the greater good, Mukaida.”

“I’ll get my revenge!!!” She screamed as the police finally came and dragged her away.

“Well, that’s the end of that...”

Jurina looked over at her partner, who now had tears streaming down her face.

“Rena...” She embraced the tall girl, stroking her hair. “I’m sorry.”

“Airin… Churi…. Why....”

“Rena… Please...Let’s forget this...”

3 years later…

Jurina and Rena were painfully reminiscing the times they had shared with their fallen cohorts. They stood in front of their graves with Rena laying down two bouquets.

Takayanagi Akane

29/11/1991 - 28/04/2015

Was a loveable friend, who never deserved to die the way she did...
Furukawa Airi

13/12/1989 - 28/04/2015

Was a loveable dork, who will never be forgotten…

“It’s already three years...” Jurina said with a sad look.

Rena looked up at the sky. “I wonder if they can see us.”

Jurina patted her shoulders and the two started leaving.

They didn’t notice the spirits of two girls, sitting at the two gravestones, watching them.

Airi smiled, “I miss you two...”

In response, Akane touched her shoulder, “I realised that because of our stupidity…. It brought those two together even more...”

“Sometimes it’s other people’s sacrifices that bring rewards to those they care for...”

“I’m sorry for doing those things to you, Airin...” Churi hugged the girl.

“I’m sorry, too… for not protecting you.” Her eyes met with Churi’s, creating more tension between the two.

Airin hugged her. “It’s okay… we can’t go back now.”


“Let’s go...” The two held hands and made their journey.

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T_T furuyanagi ~
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Sad but happy ending <( ̄︶ ̄)>
Mukaida Manatsu Huh... havent heard that name for a long time...
Thanks for the story author-san :bow: :bow:   ありがとう!!!!

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