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Author Topic: [EXO] Ch.1 Welcome!! [XOXO]  (Read 1955 times)

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[EXO] Ch.1 Welcome!! [XOXO]
« on: January 08, 2014, 02:47:49 PM »
"Lalala!!" I check my ipod because i dont the song and the it says 'PLEASE DON'T SAY YOU ARE LAZY'

And i started shouted an Singing "PLEASE DONT SAY YOU ARE LAZY!! DATTE HONTO WA CRAZY..."

The music Suddenly change and i was WHAT THE HELL?? Something Wrong Ipod?? Are you in Shuffle..

I realized it was shuffled it played 'BABY DONT CRY' and my face is like freaking cause i really dont understand why i have this song?? And i just let it play..
Hey i forgot to introduce to you, I am Jane Kath. Mameria, 17 Years Old. Pretty much Such a Smart Ass not that rich girl , just got a normal life for. Me and i am an Otaku and Jpop!! But i became a K-Pop i Why?? Is it in the song or just me??

The Music make me Shivers, and made me goosebumps "Whats Wrong On Me??" I kept asking it to myself

Then I started looking who was singing in the in these Songs.. I search 'Baby Dont Cry' and then it pop out "EXO? What the hell is EXO?? Is it some Bew Group Of Gayshit?? Something like that or Just Normal Person??"

And EVERYTHING make me Curious!! I search Everything that make me Curious i type 'EXO' and then it pop out again 'A KOREAN GROUP OF SM ENTERTAINMENT AND 12 People in that group and They've been Divided into to two..."

Hmmm.. not bad Actually... Its pretty cool for me.. They're not even SURGERY something like not like i really know i mean before i really Like SNSD im not that pretty disappointed because i really know they are really pretty and then one day someone told me that Some of the SNSD MEMBERS was Totally Plastic Surgery But Still!!! I still like their Songs.

Well lets go back in the reality..

I was looking at the CLOUDS i wasn't listening to my Teacher because i already know the the Lesson...

And the bell Ring *RING RING RING*
And then i started looking at my teacher "CLASS DISMISSED" and we stand up "hmmmm..." They just say goodbye to the teacher but i wasn't saying these day...

I was seriously silent these days and this time i was learning Hangul this day and i was thinking about the song cause it was really cool Song i dont even know what are saying i only know 'SARANGHAEYOU','KAMSAMHIDA', thats the only i know i mean i stop being kpop since i was disappointed i mean you know SNSD is a JPOP and a KPOP still im still following them :)) i really like them that much probably i will try to be a kpop this year :))

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