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Author Topic: Second Chance at Life 3: 2/12 (Atsumina)  (Read 4734 times)

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Second Chance at Life 3: 2/12 (Atsumina)
« on: January 24, 2014, 11:19:16 PM »
A/N: Orginally posted on Tumblr, but I also want it on Jphip.


I’m starving.

Is this how I’m gonna go out in this world? Starving to death?

How pitiful.

I continued walking along an abandoned alleyway, no destination in mind, hoping to find something to eat. Even if it’s not a lot, I need energy to continue on.

I tripped over some unknown item in my way, and collapsed to the ground. I had no energy to get back up, so I laid there, ready to accept my fate.

"Poor thing."

I looked up, noticing a woman before me, she was leaning against the wall, a studying look in her eyes.

"I think you’ll do just fine for this experiment."


"Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you. Just go back to sleep." She coaxed me back to sleep.

I was scared beyond belief, I don’t want to be experimented on.

I-I just want to live.


"We’re going to have to wait until her body is back to a healthy state, Ma’am."

"How long will that take?"

That voice again.

'Where am I?' I could feel something soft beneath me, a bed? I haven't felt one of those in months. I haven't felt this good in months to be honest. Slowly opening my eyes, I allowed them to adjust to my surroundings.

'What's that annoying sound?' Looking to my left, I saw a heart monitor.

*Beep* *B-Beep* *Beep*

"Oh, she’s finally awake." I heard the voice again, of that woman from that night. “Welcome back, sleepyhead.”

I finally got to see what she looked like. Shoulder length black hair, average height, brown eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses, a long white coat…

Long white coat.

I attempted to say something, but dry raspy sounds came out instead.

"Ah, you’re dehydrated. Here." She quickly grabbed a glass, and filled it with water, before helping me sit up and drink it.

"Thanks." I finally said, a faint blush on my face when I realized just how beautiful she is up close.

"No problem." She nodded, backing up to give me some space. "You must be wondering where you are? Correct?"

I nodded.

"You’re at a government base. I found you a couple of days ago and brought you here to be taken care of."

I took a moment to absorb the information I was just told.

"I am Dr. Maeda Atsuko. You will address me as Dr.Maeda." She gave me a stern look, but I didn’t let it faze me.

"You’re pretty young to be a Doctor." I said.

"Well I AM a genius." Dr.Maeda gloated.

I see she has no problem with her ego.

"Now for the other reason you’re here. I have chosen you to be apart of my experiment." The aura around her changed drastically, as she adjusted her glasses.

"And if I refuse to do the experiment?" I asked, not liking the situation I was now in.

"It’s simple. You’ll die. It’s up to you." She shrugged, before standing up and stretching. "You can accept, live here, and be taken care of, or be sent back out there and die. I don’t really care. I was doing you a favor."

I bit my lip as she finished talking.

What do I do?

Risk the experiment and possibly live a while longer or be sent back out there and die.

"I’ll give you time to think about it." The young Doctor said, as she was about to leave.

"Wait!" I called out to her.

She turned around, one of her eyebrows raised, as if already predicting my answer.

"I-I’ll do it."

A smile blossomed onto her face. “I knew I chose correctly. What’s your name?” She asked, moving back to my bed.

"Takahashi Minami." I responded, moving one of my long strands of hair out of my face.

"Well then, Takahashi." She started, holding a hand out to me. I grabbed onto it hesitantly, and shook it. "Welcome aboard. Once you’ve recover we have a lot of work to do." Not a second later, Dr.Maeda left me alone.

What have I just done?


A/N: So this going to be like a Military Super Project thing. I don’t know what to call it. Other Characters May or May not appear as I deem fit.
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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2014, 12:15:10 AM »
Takamina will be a super soldier??


Update soon,please....

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2014, 12:36:02 AM »
Yay~ Continuation!

Can't wait! :heart:

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2014, 02:02:43 AM »
Like "Captain America" character ? hehehe

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2014, 02:55:19 AM »
I wonder what story is

And it Takacchan

Please updatesoon

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2014, 03:35:58 AM »
Like "Captain America" character ? hehehe

update soon :on gay:

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #6 on: January 25, 2014, 03:38:36 AM »
Even though I already commented on your fic on Tumblr, I'll do it here too :)

Again, this story is really interesting and I can't wait for more. Though maybe you could give us a little more on Minami and Atsuko's background? Why did Minami became homeless? How did Atsuko became sooo smart/arrogant and wanting to have a test subject?

I hope you don't make this into 'captain america' kind of thing, cuz that movie really sucks ass X3
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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #7 on: January 25, 2014, 03:58:58 AM »
I haven't seen Captain America to be honest, sine I'm not into Marvel movies.

So I'll try avoid making it like that.  :nervous
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Re: Second Chance at Life 1/24
« Reply #8 on: January 27, 2014, 08:16:00 AM »
Here's Chapter 1, Minami's Pov through most of it.

'I'm late. Papa and Mama are gonna yell at me again!' I continued running home. The one day I need to return home early, a teacher had to keep me after. At least I have an excuse.

Turning down the street I lived on, I noticed a orange glow, a fire.

A house fire, more specifically, my home.

Neighbors were watching as firefighters struggled to get the fire out.

"Are you Takahashi Minami?" One of the men asked me.

I looked at him, his face had a remorseful look on this face.

"I'm sorry, but your parents didn't make it."


This must be a dream, all I have to do is wake up.

"-hashi! Takahashi!"

Who's calling out to me?

"Wake up already! You've been tossing and turning. Did you have a nightmare or something?" Dr.Maeda stood over me, though she usually gives me the cold shoulder, as her test subject I seem to matter to her.

"Just a memory from a long time ago." I assured her, as I sat up. "What time is it?" I asked.

"10am. Which means it's time for your training to begin. You have 15 minutes to do whatever you need, breakfast will be brought to you in a few. I'll come get you when your time is up."

Hearing the door close, I collapsed back onto my bed.

'Why am I suddenly having these dreams again?' I thought to myself, extending my hand forward.

"Papa, Mama, are you watching over me? I miss you." I whispered, feeling tears well up in my eyes.


After having breakfast and taking a shower, I found myself being escorted by a certain Doctor. I watched as she used her ID to open a door.

"No one will disturb us here." She said once we stepped in and the door slammed shut behind us. The lights cut on immediately.

Turning around sharply, Dr.Maeda stared at me before opening her mouth. "Strip."


"You heard me. Strip. I need to take measurements, weight you, take blood samples, etc. So less questioning and more movement. We don't have all day." She said, sitting down at her desk. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she's enjoys making me suffer.

With a blush on my face, one by one I shyly removed my clothing. I soon found myself standing in my underwear before Dr.Maeda.

"You really are a girl huh?" She teased, as she began measuring.

"What do you mean by that?" I huffed.

"Well with your long hair, you look like a little boy who had long hair. But now that your clothing isnt blocking anything, I can see your girly side. Turn around for me."

Doing as she instructed, I felt her cold hands on my body. "Your hands are too cold."

"Oh well you'll live." She hummed, as she wrote down the data she collected on me on her clipboard. "You can put your clothes back on, she moved to another part of the room, as I quickly redressed myself.

"Come and sit over here."

'What now?' I wondered as I approached slowly, upon seeing something gleaming, I held my breath.

A needle.

Let me just say something now, I'm not good with needles. But to avoid being teased any further, I sat down and looked the other direction.

"Don't worry you won't feel a thing."

I could feel the thin needle pierce my skin, my toes curled, as I tried not to make a sound. 'Not feel a thing my ass!'

"See not a thing." The young Doctor said, once her vial was filled with my blood. She wrapped my arm up, before taking that to her desk, along with her clipboard.

"Are we done yet?" I asked, when she sat down and began typing away at her laptop.

"No, we've only begun. I'm just inputting the data for now."

I let out a loud sigh, as I leaned my head against the back of the wall.

"I have a few questions that I need you to answer."

"Shoot." I replied, not bothering to look her way.

"Do you smoke or drink?"

"Like I had money to afford those luxuries. Next."

"Do you have any past injures I should know of?"

"Nope. Oh! When I was two I scrapped my knees learning to ride my bike, does that count?" I asked teasingly.

"No it doesnt. Are you sexually active?"

Upon hearing the question, I choked on my breath and began coughing. "N-no." I replied, a blush on my face.

I could hear quiet laughter and I swear I heard 'cute'.

This sucks.

"Well then. You seem to be just fine, Takahashi." Dr.Maeda stood up, and adjusted her glasses. "Let's move on to the step."

"And that is?" I asked.

"Getting you groomed of course."


A haircut, fingernails and toenails being trimmed, I almost look human again. Except the part where I'm all wired up again and running like a freaking dog on a treadmill.

"Can I stop yet!" I've been running for god knows how long, will you can guess who was watching my progress from another room. It's starting to get hot in here.

"Five more minutes until you can stop."

Damn it!

Not soon after the announcement did I notice the speed increase, it was casually increasing over the time I was running. I have no idea what speed I'm currently going at, but it's not a normal jogging speed.

The only thing keeping me stimulated is the constant scenery change in front of me, the Doctor was kind enough to cut on the outside mod for my test, so it gave off the illusion I was taking a nice jog outside, temperature felt real too!


A loud beep followed by a hissing sound alerted me, as the machine started to slow down, and a slight breeze started filling the room. Once fully off, I collapsed, taking deep breaths, it felt like my insides were on fire.

"Impressive. You managed to finish. Come along its time to get you re-hydrated before your next test. Don't need you fainting." Dr.Maeda said, as she took off the wired patches on my body.

Did I mention I had to do this in minimal clothing? No? Well according to her, I need to have those stupid patches on my body for full results.

Sighing, I stood up on wobbly legs, and followed her out of this room and into another, one filled with weights. The only upside to this room was there was constant a/c blowing inside.

While I was busy gulling water down, I happened to glance around the room. There were different types of weights from arm and legs weight bands, dumbbells, and some stuff I've never seen before. "Is all this stuff necessary?" I asked.

"Yes, we need to see where your current strength level is and hopefully increase it in the next couples of weeks. This is only day 1. You'll be doing this everyday. This is what you signed up for."

"So after this it's dinner time right?" I asked hopefully. "Also do I get painkillers?"

"Dinner? Yes. Painkillers? No. You body has to adjust naturally. You know the old saying: No Pain, No gain." Finding a seat, the Doctor sat down and continued typing away at her laptop. "Feel free to start whenever. As long as you can do 15 reps you should be fine."

'That doesn't sound so bad' I thought to myself, as I grabbed a decent weight.

I've never been so wrong in my life.


Everything hurts, but of course if I tell Doctor over here she'll just look down on me.

'This sucks!'

Dr.Maeda was leading me to the mess-hall for dinner, just as she said, after workouts was dinner. Even with my body hurting from head to toe, my stomach being filled every night came first, followed by having a bed to sleep in.

As we walked down the hall, I noticed a lack of people. This base is huge, but I've yet to see anyone.

"Where is everyone?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better of myself.

"Everyone who's not on guard duty outside is eating right now. Believe it or not everyone is family here. I'm sure they'll just love you." She explained, a mysterious grin on her face.

I started to her voices as we got closer and closer, some laughter and yelling mixed in as well. As we walked into the room, everything died down to whispers.

"Is that her? She's pretty short."

"You're short too you know."

"Well Acchan did choose her for some reason. Maybe she's friendly."

"She's pretty cute. Look at her ears!"

"She looks like a guy if you ask me."

I could feel my eye physically twitching from all the comments, as I approached the ordering table. A tall female with short hair stood before me, she was wearing a hairnet and an apron. Smiling, she glanced down at me. "What'cha want shorty?"


My stomach growled, and I patted it soothingly.

"Well we don't have anything since we we're expecting anyone else. But if you're willing to wait, I'm sure my friends can make something for you, but in the mean time you can have this." She explained, as she moved around, before placing a tray before me.

A sandwich and a bag of chips.

Not bothering to grab the tray, I just grabbed the sandwich and scarfed it down, before doing the same with the chips.

"Well then." She chuckled at me, before turning her attention to the Doctor beside me. "And what does the resident genius want? The usual Sae-chan."

"Hai Hai. I'll bring it to your table. Why don't you two go have a seat." The one called Sae suggested. I followed my Doctor to our table, before sitting down and putting my head down on the table.


Atsuko's Pov

This girl in interesting.

She's stubborn, irritatingly amusing, but interesting.

I sat waiting on my dinner to arrive, as she sat across from me, her head down. Never really taking a break, I opened my laptop back and reviewed my data on her.

I still find it hard to believe that I found my perfect subject that one night. I can't tell if I'm lucky or not, but I guess I'll find out in a month if she's the one.

Before I knew if 10 minutes passed, and between glancing at my laptop and the midget snoozing on the table, I noticed Sae-chan bringing our dinner.

"Is she asleep?" She asked, placing a bowl of ramen down in front of me.

"Seems like it." I hummed, closing down my precious machine. Feeling no remorse, I kicked her under the table. Instantly getting a result.

"I'm awake!" She exclaimed, sitting up and wiping away drool from her mouth.

"I see!" Sae laughed, placing down freshly steamed rice with curry before the shorter girl.

"This smells great." And with that, she grabbed the spoon that came with it and began guzzling down the curry. "So hot, but so good. Tell the chef that they're doing god's work over here." Takahashi complimented.

"Oh I like her, and Sayaka's gonna like her too." Sae grinned, before retreating away.

"Wait! Can I get another plate?"

I felt my eyes widen, as I realized her plate was already half gone, wordlessly, I opened my lap top and opened her folder.

I added in: High Metabolism

You just keep getting more and more interesting, Takahashi Minami.

Hiding a grin, I began eating my food, at a much slower pace than the midget before me.


Minami's Pov

Ah, I haven't eaten that well in well....months.

I finally returned to my new room, not in the hospital wing, thanks to the lovely Dr.Maeda. A softer bed, full sized bed, bathroom with a tub/shower unit that I need to try out before I pass out, and flat screen tv. It feels like a fancy hotel room, except it's free!

Who doesn't like free?

I think I can slowly adapt to this, whatever it is.

Taking a glance at the time, I got out of my comfy bed, and started towards the bathroom. "Early to bed, early to rise." I muttered to myself.

After finishing my soak, I climbed into bed and took a deep breath.

"Good night Mom, Good night Dad."


Atsuko's Pov


'No, I'm not a freak'

"You're nothing but a freak!"

'Stop it. I'm just like you are.'

"Stay away from us!"

'Please, I-I don't want to be alone.'

The group of kids surrounded a lone girl with glasses, who was defenseless to their verbal abuse.

"Come on guys, let's leave Maeda freak alone, before something bad happens to us. She's a curse. Being around her too long is bad luck!"

The other kids laughed as they walked away from the sobbing girl.

Yes, the lone girl has been around of misfortune in her small life time, being the sole survivor of a car accident that took her family from her, only to be adopted by her father's brother.

'I just want friends.' The little girl cried as she walked home.

'Uh. That dream again.' I cursed myself, reaching for my glasses on the side drawer. Flicking on the lights, I took deep breaths.

'You're not that little girl anymore. You're stronger and smarter. You don't need anyone, but yourself.' Finding myself unable to go back to sleep, I pulled out one of the few novels I had laying around.

Looking at the time, 4:30am, I knew that I wasn't going to be getting anymore sleep.

But I had to wonder, after all these years, why am I suddenly having these dreams again.
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Re: Second Chance at Life 1: 1/27
« Reply #9 on: January 27, 2014, 08:45:23 AM »
Awww man, Minami and Atusko had such a bad childhood :(

Since its only chapter 1, there are still more to come XD I wonder why they have the dreams. It seems they are each others trigger... I wonder why Minami is Atsuko's perfect subject. What is Atsuko trying to do? How will their relationship develop?

Ahhh, sooo many question, yet no answer yet XP

I notice Yuko is there, I think Mariko, Miichan, and Haruna too?

I hope you update soon :)
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Re: Second Chance at Life 1: 1/27
« Reply #10 on: January 27, 2014, 08:50:54 AM »
its really rare to read a "superhuman" fic,
well, i wait for your update,

ganbatte  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1: 1/27
« Reply #11 on: January 27, 2014, 09:36:29 AM »
Very interesting story, it has a scientific feel to it, not the usually lovey-dovey romantic fanfic. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks for posting it here so that I can comment.

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1: 1/27
« Reply #12 on: January 27, 2014, 04:18:28 PM »
Found this interesting!! Whaaa I wonder what happend next to them..seem acchan had interest to takamina..
Continue please..
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Second Chance at Life 1: 1/27
« Reply #13 on: January 27, 2014, 06:04:09 PM »
interesting i have to admit

i like this ff

hope you continue soon!!

bye bye

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Re: Second Chance at Life 2: 2/2
« Reply #14 on: February 02, 2014, 11:12:00 AM »
A/N: Part 2, slowly getting somewhere

Atsuko's Pov


Simply amazing, most people would of given up by now with the rigorous training I set up, but yet she still manages to wake before me, she's come a long way.

Today happens to be Sunday, one of the days we agreed to be our rest day.

I giggled to myself when I remembered her constantly begging me to allow Sundays to be free. It was pretty cute of her actually.

"What's so funny?" Takahashi asked, appearing out of nowhere, effectively scaring me.

"Don't do that." I glared at her.

"Do what?" She blinked.

Does she not know about how silent she is, she's definitely a weird one. I simply shook my head.

"Do you need something?" I asked, noting how rare it was to see her on her free day.

"Oh yea! Um..the bottom part of my spine has been vibrating like crazy, and whenever I touch it, I feel pain." She explained.

"Hmm, you probably pulled something. Come with me." I motioned, as I turned around heading back to my office, I didn't even have to look back to hear her footsteps behind me.

"Are you gonna give me something for it?" Takahashi voiced her thoughts to me.

"Nope. Something even better." I flashed a smile to her, enjoying the blush that spread on her face. I've been noticing that a random smile will catch her off guard, it was pretty cute to see her blush from time to time.

Upon getting to my office, I cleared off my desk, before motioning for her to get on it. "Lay down." I commanded.

I fought back a smirk, remembering that a few weeks ago she would of questioned me, but instead she followed my orders.

I moved forward, raising her shirt a bit to get to the base of her spine. I poked it, testing her reaction, she didn't wince, but she tensed instead. "I need you to relax and trust me. You'll only feel pain for a few seconds. I promise."

Nodding, she accepted my word.

I moved her shirt further up, and tugged her pants down as well, I need to focus on the spine for what I was about to do, but before that, Takahashi suddenly started laughing.


"N-nothing, the cold desk on my stomach is making me squirm." She explained.

I released a slight chuckle at her antics, but upon seeing her look at me, I stopped.

How odd.

I've only know her for a month, but I feel comfortable enough to laugh around her, it took the others months to even get me to crack a smile.

"You know," Takahashi broke the silence around us, as she readjusted herself. "You have a cute laugh."

I feel heat rushing to my face, but I chose to ignore it as I began my task of massaging her back.


Takamina's Pov

Not soon after Dr.Maeda began adding pressure to my back, did I cringe. But the pain soon turned into pleasure as her magic hands went to work.

"Oh my god. Where have your hands been all my life." I groaned into the table. Unaware at how my statement affected the woman working on my back.

"So, how long have you been experiencing back pain?" I heard her ask.

"Only this recently when I woke up today. Can you go a bit higher?" I requested, and not a second later I felt my muscles melt at her touch.

"You're really tense all around. It's a good thing my teacher recommended taking the massage therapy classes." Maeda hummed, as I felt her hands working on a tough knot on my back.

Her hands are really soft.

I felt my cheeks redden at the thought, and to avoid embarrassing myself, I turned my face to the opposite of Dr.Maeda.

"Don't fall asleep. This desk isnt the best for sleeping on. Trust me."

D-Did she just make a joke?

I didn't even know she had a sense of humor.

Seems like I learn something everyday.


After leaving Dr.Maeda in her office, I wandered around the base, occasionally waving at others, as I walked past them. I still remember being formally introduced to the base a few weeks ago.

Who know female only bases existed.

Catching a scent all too familiar, I soon found myself in the Mess-hall, no one was in here yet, but the smell was leading me to the order window.

"Oh! Hey Shorty, what brings you here so early?" Sae asked, her elbow propped on the window, a teasing gleam in her eyes. I've liked her since the first day she gave me food.

"Whatever's being made back there smells great, it smells like kats-"

"Katsudon?" Sae finished.

I nodded.

"Well that's exactly what's being made back there. Why are you curious? Is it your favorite?"

I nodded fiercely.

"Sae, who're talking too?"

"Your number one fan!" Sae yelled back.

"Oh? Bring her back here, I've yet to see her."

"Seems like today is your lucky day. Maybe you'll even get to be Sayaka's taste tester.

Not bothering to hide my excitement, I rushed to the kitchen door, and entered, the smell of Katsudon became stronger, I wiped my mouth just in case I was drooling.

"So you're my number one fan huh? Sae wasn't kidding, you are pretty short." The head chef looked me up and down, before turning back to her cooking.

Before I had a chance to say anything, she turned back around holding something in her chopsticks, a gold brown piece of Katsudon. "Here, try this for me."

Obeying the chef, I opened my mouth as she placed the meat in my mouth. I swear my taste buds started doing back-flips, as I chewed and savored the perfectly cooked Katsudon.

"Good huh?" She beamed down at me.


"See Sayaka, your number one fan right here." Sae laughed, as she leaned against the plate filled sink.

"Indeed. Here, don't tell anyone I gave you the first bite of the night." Sayaka said, before turning around with a small plate with the rest of the cooked slices were placed. "Bring the plate back when you're done."

I nodded, before leaving the kitchen, overhearing Sae tease Sayaka about something, and in return being yelled at to continue her cleaning.

As I entered my room, I glanced at the calendar with a big red circle on it.

Tomorrow's the big day.

The real test begins tomorrow.


Next Day

I got absolutely no sleep the night before.


Because today is the day that I may just die.

Dr.Maeda came into my room earlier than our normal times the past weeks. It was only 4am.

"Did you get any sleep?" She asked me, as she escorted me down the ever familiar halls, leading to her office.

"No." I replied, I couldn't keep the fear out of my voice.

"Take a seat and try and relax, you knew this day was coming." She told me, motioning to my usual chair.

She went through her normal procedures of checking my blood and other medical stuff.

I watched as she took off her glasses, and squeezed the bridge of her nose. She then released a deep breath, before looking over at me. "Your body is in perfect shape. Now for the next part."

"Which is?" I questioned, watching as she approached me. Dr.Maeda then stopped before me, and grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently.

"I can't promise that you'll come out of this alive, so I am willing to fulfill any last request you may have."

"A-Anything?" I asked, glancing down at her lips.

'I just want to feel those lips just once, even if I'm going to die.'

She nodded.

"So what's it going to be-"

I cut her off with my lips landing on her own, effectively silencing her. Lingering for no longer than a few seconds, I pulled away, a faint blush on my cheeks.

To my amazement, she too had a blush on her face. Noticing that I was just staring at her, she came back from her shocked state, and cleared her throat.

"Well, I did say anything. Come on, I prepared a special area just for the experiment." She tugged my hand that I realized she was still holding.

Since it was only a few rooms over, she held onto my hand. "I'll be administering the drug in here, no one can disturb us, and only I have access to entering this room." She explained letting go of my hand.

"From the data I've collected on it, it should put you to sleep and while you're in that stasis, your body will change. It's more or less a steroid but instead of it improving one part of your body, it improves everything: Sight, Hearing, Intellect, Strength etc."

"So I'll be a super solider?"  I asked, watching her approach me with a strange vial, which she placed into a syringe, the liquid was a weird light blueish color.

"You could say that. I don't know how soon you'll fall asleep, but until then I will be by your side asking you questions. Understand?"

I nodded slowly, as she took my arm, and held the needle above my vain. It was like everything slowed down, as I watched the needle pierce my skin, and the cool liquid was forced into my skin.

"How are you feeling?" Dr.Maeda asked, as she escorted me to bed set up near the wall and sat me down.

"Kinda sluggish." I slurred.

"Go on?" She coaxed.

"Everything is slowing down, or your moving really fast." I continued, looking around, I accidentally looked up at the lights, before hissing and turning away.

"Light Sensitive?"


"Go ahead and lay down." She instructed me, at least that's what I think I heard.

"Hey Doc, can you do me another favor?" I asked, getting sleepier by the second.


"Can you call me by my first name? I just wanna hear it at least one." I requested, turning my head to look at her blurry figure.

"Rest well, Minami. I'll be here when you wake up."

That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.
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Re: Second Chance at Life 2: 2/2 (Atsumina)
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2014, 05:26:07 PM »
Hope Minami can success that test

Takamina kiss Maeda lips ><

Please update soon

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Re: Second Chance at Life 2: 2/2 (Atsumina)
« Reply #16 on: February 02, 2014, 10:40:56 PM »
KYAAA!!!  :shy2:

I LOVE YOU!!! DAISUKI DESU!!! Even though I don't like how you're really moving fast into being the super soldier thing, nonetheless I enjoy all the AtsuMina interaction  :luvluv2:

Ahhh~ Minami is attracted to Atsuko and kissed the girl. I wanna see Atsuko's POV on that kiss  :hee:

I really like how even though Minami knows that there is a chance that she'll die, she still only thinks about Atsuko and her  :shy1:

Please update soon, kay? LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!  :shifty:
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Re: Second Chance at Life 2: 2/2 (Atsumina)
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Please update soon, kay? LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!  :shifty:

 S-scary!  :mon curtain:

I'll probably update sometime later this week. The story is supposed to skip forward a little faster than normal stuff. But the next couple should be slower.
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Re: Second Chance at Life 2: 2/2 (Atsumina)
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Omg come on you can't do me this

Continue ASAP
Bye bye

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Re: Second Chance at Life 3: 2/12 (Atsumina)
« Reply #19 on: February 12, 2014, 11:52:46 PM »
Atsuko's Pov

'It's already been an hour and half since I've injected her.' I noted, as I checked the time. Not soon after she went to sleep, I hooked up a heart monitor to her body, occasionally recording data from the next room over.

I don't really know what to expect, so better safe than sorry. I still had a full view of her from the camera I had set up. I wonder what she's dreaming of...

She looks like a doll when she sleeps.

Another thirty minutes pass, and still nothing major has happened, but at the same time, she hasn't moved from her position. Her breathing patten is extremely slow, which I find odd.

Recording the smallest amounts of data, I rarely took my eyes off the screen.

But then I noticed something.

Her body is having a spasm, and she's mouthing something?

Hurrying, I cut the audio on, just to hear her scream in agony, her heart monitor flat lined.

Dropping everything, I rushed back into her room.

Rushing to Minami's side, I stood shocked as the only thing I could hear is the monitor's steady flat line sound. Slowly aproching her, I reached out to touch her face, it was extremely cold.

"Minami! You've gotta wake up." I yelled at her, but I got no response.

I didn't realize that I was crying, until I noticed the drops falling on her face.

"Minami, I'm so sorry." I croaked, before sobs overtook my body, and I began crying on the bed. My hands gripping her cold ones.


Inside Minami's Mind...

'Where am I?' I wondered, as I looked around, there was nothing but a bright light. 'Is that the bright light I'm supposed to avoid? But there is nothing else. I guess I failed...'

Slowly aproching the light, the first thing I saw were my parents. 'I really must be dead.' My parents smiled at me, before waving me over. 'I guess being dead isn't that bad, I get to be with them.' I smiled, as I ran over to my family, hugging them, as they returned it.

But the soothing and warm embrace soon got uncomfortable, as they didn't let go, if anything it got tighter.

"Why did you let us die, Minami? Don't you love us?" They both spoke at the same time.

Pushing them away, I soon noticed that there weren't my parents, but dark blurs in their form.

"W-who are you?"

The blurs laughed, before forming as one giant demon.

"A piece of you. I got this form when that Doctor injected that stuff into you. Now to take over this body of yours." The demon laughed, before taking the shape of my body.

It looked exactly like me, except all white with black eyes, and a sadistic look in it's eyes. "Once I get out, maybe I'll have some fun with that girl you're so fond of."

Upon hearing that I clenched my fists. "Don't you dare think of touching, Dr.Maeda." I growled out.

"Or what? You're in MY domain." And as those words were uttered, I felt an overwhelming pain, causing me to scream out in agony.

"Yes, whither in agony. Everything you feel in here, our body out there is experiencing, Once you die, I'll take over." The demon continued laughing at my pain-filled expression.

I felt as if I was going to pass out form the sheer amount of pain I was experiencing, but then a I heard something.


'Dr.Maeda?' I must be hearing things.

"I'm so sorry, Minami."

No, it is her. But why is she apologizing? She hasn't done anything wrong.

"Seems like your Doctor has acknowledged how weak you really are. Your heart stopped beating a few minutes ago. Soon your body will be mine."


"Excuse me?"

"I said No!" A sudden burst of light started surrounding my body, and I found myself being able to get past the pain, much to the demon's shock.

"It's not your time yet, Minami." I looked to my left, and I saw my mother.

"You've got another reason to live." I looked to my right and saw my father.

"Mom, Dad." I whisper.

"Trust us." They both say, as the light becomes stronger, overwhelming the whole area, when it died down the demon was gone, but so were my parents.


Back Outside with Atsuko

After calming down a bit, I wiped my tears away.

I still have to record this down, I went to retrieve my clipboard.

Experiment: Failure

-Cause of Failure: Test subject's death

Time of death:....

I found my self unable to finish what I was writing, as I once again found myself tearing up. What'd I do hear any sign of life from her.


I laughed to myself, my very own mind is playing tricks on me.

*B-beep* *Beep* *B-beep*

Eyes widening, I looked up at the heart monitor as it bounced back to life. Rushing back to Minami's side, I grabbed her hand, as her eyes began to open.

"...Hi." She said in a raspy voice.

I shook my head with a small smile on my face. "Hi yourself."

"I feel like a train lugging trucks ran over me." She groaned attempting to sit up, but I pushed her back down.

"That's probably the after effects kicking in, you know you were dead for an hour." I informed her.

"Yea, I know....Were you crying?" Takamina asked.

"Of course I was crying, who else is there to cry over you."

I watched as a small smile bloomed on her face. "I didn't know you cared."

"Well there's a lot you don't know about me." I countered.

"I'm still sleepy." Minami hummed, as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Then I'll wait for you to wake up again."

She squeezed my hand, before her exhaustion took over her once again, I was still scared of letting go of her hand, I feared that she would die before me again.

It took hours of me staying by her side to finally assure myself that she was stable enough for me to go get something to eat. I glanced at my wrist watch, I've been in here for almost 8 hours.

Glancing one last time at the sleeping midget before, I left her side, but not before making sure that no one could get inside.


Time Skip, Minami's pov

It's already been a few weeks since I've been injected with Dr.Maeda's I mean Atsuko's serum. I could feel the changes, from my increased senses and strength, to basic things like walking. I rarely had to turn around to see who was walking behind me.

I've already memorized many new things, I even discovered a something extra that wasn't supposed to happen. I can see people's heat signatures.

That's pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

Today's training went by like a breeze, since everything is easier for me.

"Need something, Atsuko?" I asked, noticing that she's right around the corner, muttering my name.

I swear I heard her mutter a curse, but it was so quiet I could barely hear her.

"I told you not to use my name so freely." She huffed, a small blush on her face.

Absolutely adorable.

"But we're closer now aren't we?" I asked, glancing around, my eyes glazed over double checking our surroundings, the closest person was at least 3 halls away from us. Taking advantage of that, I pulled the Doctor closer to my body, careful not to hurt her.

"I guess, but the others don't need to know that....just yet." She added at the end, resting her head on my shoulder. I rested mine on top of hers, taking a deep breath, enjoying her scent.

Ever since the experimentation, Atsuko's been more affectionate, and not as cold. But she's yet to actually express anything more than that. I won't push for anything she's not sure about, I care for her to much.

"Have you eaten yet?" She asked, breaking my thoughts, looking up at me. I took pride at the fact that her serum added some extra inches in my height, making me a bit taller than her now.

"Nope. I was hoping to bump into you. Funny how fate works out huh?" I grin down at her. Taking her hand into mine, I began leading her down to the Mess-Hall.

I already knew what was for lunch, and my stomach was already growling in excitement.

"Slow down, the foods not going anywhere." Dr.Maeda teased.

Not soon after we entered the main hall, I could hear people 'whispering' about me. I don't get the big deal, I'm still a person.

Then out of nowhere, a girl with long brown hair and a cute fang stopped before me, a blush on her face.

"Um, Takahashi-san..I have something for you." She said, holding out a bag of cookies.

Never one to dismiss food, I smiled at her before accepting it. But during the exchange, I heard Atsuko scoff, before leaving my side.

"My names Itano Tomomi, also know as Tomochin. I hope we can see more of each other."

"I hope so too, Tomochin." I nodded at her, before turning my gaze at the retreating Doctor. Saying good-bye to her, I followed after Atsuko.

Did I do something wrong?


Atsuko's Pov

'Another one!' I sighed as I took the piece of mail and put into my shredder.

'I wonder what Minami's doing?'

I could a small smile grow on my face.

'Maybe we could have lunch together.'

Taking a look at my watch, I stood up from my desk and stretched out my body, groaning when a pop was heard from my back.

Leaving my office, I instantly realized I had no idea where she would be. Sighing, I was about to turn a corner, when I heard a familiar voice.

"Need something, Atsuko?"

Well there goes the trouble of having to find her.

Wait did she say Atsuko?

"I told you not to use my name so freely." I complained, even though I actually liked hearing my name roll off her tongue. I could feel heat radiating off my face.

"But we're closer now aren't we?" She asked, as she began looking around, I noticed a certain glow to her usually brown eyes. I soon found myself in her embrace. Instead of pushing her away, I nuzzled closer, enjoying how warm she was.

After a few moments of silence, I remembered why I was looking for her. "Have you eaten yet?" I asked her, pulling back a little to look up at her.

"Nope, I was hoping to run into you. Funny how fate works huh?" She grinned down at me, which in turn made my heart quicken once again.

Does she know how charming she looks now?

I felt her grab my hand, before tugging me along like an excited puppy.

"Slow down, the foods not going anywhere." I teased her.

At the pace we were going, it didn't take us long to reach the Mess-Hall, but as per usual it was full around this time of day. Which also meant one other thing: Gossip Time.

Ever since Minami's change, she's been a hot topic all around the base, but I don't blame them.

My thought's were broken as Minami stopped walking ahead of me, and there in front of her was a fellow Solder: Tomochin.

Is she blushing?

I felt my eyes widen, as she basically publicly confessed to Minami.

Why does this cause my heart to ache.

I took a quick glance at Minami's face, she seemed happy at what she was saying. I soon freed my hand, before leaving to find a table in the back, away from all the noise.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Minami's voice entered my ears. I looked back to see a concerned look on her face.

Now she cares.

"Nothing. Weren't you busy flirting with Tomochin or something?" I rolled my eyes, as I sat down at the furthest table.

"What do you mean flirting? She was just being friendly." Minami tilted her head, sitting down from across me. I watched as her eyes widened for a second, before a grin grew on her face.

Oh no.

"Don't tell got jealous?"

This cheeky little...Well not so little anymore.

"Me? Jealous? You wish!" I scoffed at what she assumed...even if it was the truth.


Minami's Pov

I still can't believe that she got jealous of Tomochin.

I've been wearing this grin for hours now, nothing could ruin my mood right now.

"Oi, Takahashi!" I turned to see someone running in my direction.

"Yes, Need something?"

"Nothing major, just Dr.Maeda's mail. Can you deliver it for me? I've still got this full bag to deal with."

"Yea, no problem." I nodded, taking the few letters from the mail carrier.

"You're a life saver." And with that the mail carrier ran off, disappearing around the corner.

Having a new destination in mind,  I quickly found myself standing at a familiar office door, I allowed my eyes to glaze over, checking for if she was in her office. It took a few seconds to spot her body,. but she defiantly there.

Punching in her office code, I slipped inside. But I wasn't expecting to find her asleep at her desk. I moved a little closer, and noticed a little bit of drool on her face, as she mumbled something.

I almost didn't want to wake her up, but if she sleep like that, her neck will hurt later. Placing her mail down, I put my hand on her shoulder, gently shaking it, hoping that she'd wake up.

Course life isn't that easy.

"Atsuko wake up."

"Mhm, 15 more minutes." She mumbled, turning away.

I thought it went 5 more minutes?

"Come on, wake up." I shook her again, but still nothing. Feeling a bit evil, I shifted closer to her, and used my left hand to move the hair covering her ear, before leaning down.

"If you don't wake up, I'll kiss you Atsuko."

The snoozing woman before me shot up, causing her to headbutt me. I got a result, but I wish it wasn't painful.

"Ow." She mumbled, rubbing her head, before shooting a glare at me. "Why're you in here?" She asked.

"Well, I was just delivering mail, but I saw you sleeping in here. You should really sleep in your bed. It's not good for your back." I scolded lightly.

She continued looking at me for a moment, before shifting her attention to the mail on her desk. I back up a bit to give her privacy for her mail reading, but I noticed a slight change in her. She was tensed up while holding up one letter, and her grip on the paper tightened.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Atsuko huffed, as she placed the paper in her shredder.

I frowned at her answer, but otherwise dropped that subject.

"Why are suddenly being so cold to me? Are you still upset over lunch?" I asked.

"What makes you think I'm upset over that? We're not together. You're free to do what you want."

I sighed in frustration, barely resisting the urge to pull my hair. "You're so confusing!"

"I'm confusing! You're a whole new level. How do you act all affectionate with me, just to go grin at another girl?" Atsuko asked, her face turning a shade redder due to her yelling.

"I was just being friendly! Why is this such a big deal?"

"Because I like you!"


Did she really just say that?

I stared wide eyed at her for a moment, as she turned another shade pinker, but due to her embarrassment.


Atsuko's Pov

"Because I like you!" I yelled at her.

Did I just say that?

I could feel more blood rushing to my face, I turned my gaze off the woman gaping before me.

"Forget what I just said." I tried to brush off my past comment.

"Huh?" Minami said, before shaking her head. "No way am I forgetting that."

"You should." I mumbled, as I noticed she was getting closer. I felt her warm hand on my shoulder, before she turned my chair to face her, and before I knew it, she was hugging me.

"Why I should forget something that makes me happy? I like you too." Minami whispered into my ear, squeezing me as an added effect.

I must be dreaming. I reached down with my free hand and pinched my leg.


I'm not dreaming. This is real. Minami likes me too.

Remembering the fact that I was being hugged, I wrapped my arms around her back, and returned the embrace. I guess being honest with myself isnt too bad. Unfortunately, Minami pulled back from the hug, but still had a wide grin on her face.

"Now I'm really happy I came to your office." She confessed, lifting her hand to move a lock of my hair of out of my face. "So I like you, and you like me. Can I kiss you freely now?" She asked bluntly, stroking my cheek.

I didn't think it was possible for my face to get any warmer, but she proved me wrong. I nodded my answer, and closed my eyes. I felt her lips cover mine, and just like last time it was electrifying.

The kiss ended a lot sooner than I expected, and much to her surprise, I pulled her back into another one by her shirt.

I could get used to this.

A/N: I feel like I'm rushing their relationship.....Probably not. Drama in the next chapter~
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