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Author Topic: Hunt - part 4 (Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu) 31/12/2016  (Read 20588 times)

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #40 on: September 02, 2014, 08:20:24 AM »
Hi guys...   :hee:

I read all of your comments.  :P
Most of you commented about how sad or how tragic the story.
Well... I just can say... I'm enjoying writing drama so much.   :kekeke:
Lately, I prefer to write drama that full of tears and tragedy.  :ptam-glow:

But don't worry... later, I will add fluff too. :lol:
I promise to make you laugh in the future. Just wait.  :cool1:

Thank you so much for reading, guys.  :mon fu:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #41 on: September 02, 2014, 11:44:30 AM »
wahh~!! now i seriously want to read the next one!! :mon trannie:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #42 on: September 02, 2014, 01:05:53 PM »
kekeke~ just write more drama :on GJ:
add more tears :kekeke:
and save the happy for the last :hee:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #43 on: September 03, 2014, 05:09:46 AM »
Oh my God.. JuriMayu T.T so dramatic! It makes me wanna cry :cry:
Stay with JuriMayu forever...

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #44 on: September 03, 2014, 05:29:42 AM »
Wow.. It's updated!  :heart:
It's so sweet, how they met and fell for each other hehe :inlove: happy happy
But then... Huhuhu why is it so tragic?  :cry:
Jurina hurted Mayu, but at last Mayu also hurted her by her words.. *sigh*
It must be so complicated for them of course..
I wouldnt know what to do if I were Mayu.. I would hate Jurina for sure and take the revenge, but It would be hard if the love feeling was still remain. Baah :doh:
But I hope that Mayu doesnt able to erase her feeling for Jurina lol so that she wont kill her and they can live happily together forever  :)
Okay you make a very great story! I love it so much!!!!!!! :thumbsup
Please update the next part soon!  :cow:
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Kanon is so cute, but she's only mine! 0.o I mean my sister! ;)
I love SaeYuki, AtsuMina, JuriMayu, and MariHaru :P

You can read my first and only fanfic: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) -

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #45 on: October 16, 2014, 03:22:50 PM »
Wow  :shocked So cool  :shocked:  8)

I Like the story, i want a new chapter  :cathappy:

Please update soon   :cow:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #46 on: October 18, 2014, 12:51:21 PM »

Seriously need new chapter
update please..... anakpanti-san :bow:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #47 on: February 20, 2015, 04:54:56 PM »
Please continue this story, anakpanti-san!

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #48 on: March 11, 2015, 09:21:10 PM »
Anakpanti-san where are you?when you will update this?? :gyaaah: :gyaaah:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #49 on: March 13, 2015, 01:02:51 PM »
Anakpanti-san where are you?when you will update this?? :gyaaah: :gyaaah:

Yes it's been so long anakpanti-san... :fainted:
I'm waiting for your next update... :pleeease:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #50 on: March 13, 2015, 04:39:21 PM »
this fic is crazy and hell yeah it's nice  :hip smile:

i just HOPE this is Mayuki and wmatsui.

goodluck author-san :)

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #51 on: May 23, 2015, 05:59:11 AM »
Oh, Crap!

I'm still DESPERATELY waiting for the update...


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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #52 on: December 11, 2015, 12:23:24 PM »
where r u, anakpanti-san? we need an update

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #53 on: December 11, 2015, 01:00:44 PM »
Me too. :( its suck a long time :((
WMatsui in my heart <3
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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #54 on: December 29, 2016, 03:45:20 PM »
Oh my God!! It has been over 2 years. I'm sorry.  :shocked
Lucky that I still have the link to this post.  :lol:

I've finished half of the 4th chap. I hope this Sunday the chap will be ready to post.

Thank you for still waiting for this fic's update.  :bow:

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 3)
« Reply #55 on: December 31, 2016, 12:32:20 AM »
*waits quietly in le corner for update* _w_
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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 4)
« Reply #56 on: December 31, 2016, 10:11:11 AM »


= The Target =

Jurina took a deep breath as soon she saw her target's house. She's just standing one block away from that house. She must be at home. She said it in her mind after she saw a light in some room just turned on. Should I call my boss to ask some of his underlings to help me?

She took her phone from inside her pocket to send a message, but then she also realized something else. Oh great! I forgot my gun! She massaged her forehead as she realized how stupid she was, leaving her place in such vulnerable state like that. Yes, she was  too hurry to leave Mayu behind and forgot to bring her guns and her twins blade.

Didn't want to waste the time, she hurriedly sent a message to her boss. She asked her boss to send some men and also to give her some weapons. After she sent the message, she looked around to see a place to hide until her boss's underlings came. Luckily, she found a shady tree and then she laid under the tree.

She looked at the night sky. Since I separated with Mayu, I don't even remember how beautiful sky is. She lifted her hand as if she wanted to reach the star. She realized that these past year, she was too busy in doing her job and forgot how to enjoy her precious life. She was aware that her life could be taken by anyone, in anytime, and anywhere yet she didn't value her life more.


Jurina flinched as she heard someone called her. She quickly woke up and to be ready to attack anytime. "Oh?" She lowered her fists as soon as she saw 5 men in front of her. "Did Y send you?"

All of the man in the black suit nodded their head.

Jurina quickly asked them to give her 2 guns and 2 blades. After she put the guns inside her pockets and the blades inside her socks, she told the men about the plan to attack Yuki's house. Before they attack, Jurina was given a kind of small headset-mic and put it at her ear so they could communicate.

As Jurina's order, 2 men climbed up the front gate side that almost covered by the shady tree so they could hide properly. The other 2 men followed Jurina and climbed from backyard. Jurina and a man waited outside for a while, until the 4 men were done with inspecting the surrounding before they entered the house.


As soon as Jurina heard it from the headset, she and the man also climbed in the gate. She gave signals to them to enter the house from different doors. Each of them have an ability to open the lock door, it was the basic knowledge that they had to learn before they became an assassin.


Jurina shocked as she heard a gunshot. "What was that?!" She talked through the mic.

"One of us has been shot, J!" The man answered from the earphone. It was the team that entered from front gate.

Fuck! Jurina tightened her grip to her gun. "Watch your surrounding, stupid!"


The team that entered from backyard seemed involved in shootout with someone as well.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! What happen?!" Jurina yelled.

"We're under attack!! Arrrgggh!!"

After that, the gunfire stop but the men didn't say anything again. And she realized that the backyard team had been defeated. "Damn!!" Jurina looked around and as she predicted, there were a CCTV in every corner of the house. "Hey! Beware of the CCTV! She watched us!!"

Soon after Jurina said it, there good amount of gunfire inside the house. It seemed they were became aware of the CCTV because of Jurina's warning and they started to fire the CCTV. But it seemed a bit too late for that because 3 of them were already dead.

Jurina had a feeling that this time is her turn to be attacked. "Be careful." She whispered to the other man.


Jurina quickly hide behind the wall and pulled the man with her. She peeked and she surprised that it was not her target. What?! There are bodyguards inside the house?! B-but... I never see them when I spied this house. Ignoring her stupidity in spying Yuki, she started to fire 2 bodyguards that fired her before. The man helped Jurina by firing his gun as well. The bodyguards were down.

Jurina moved forward and in some meters away, she saw someone shadow. She and the man hide well and wait until the bodyguards  came nearer. And *BANG! BANG! BANG!* She killed 2 bodyguards and the man killed the other one.

But not long after that, there was someone who grabbed her neck from behind. She didn't aware of it because it was so dark. The one who grabbed her neck, used the right hand to forcefully take Jurina's gun and then fired the man who with Jurina. The man down with blood flowing from his forehead. Oh SHIT! She quickly bend down and hit the attacker's stomach with her elbow, and after that she quickly grabbed the blade from her sock. She swing her blade to the attacker's face but the attacker smoothly dodge the blade and kicked Jurina's waist. The blade slipped from her hand. Ugh! She fell backward while holding her waist. So strong.

The attacker took 3 steps forward. "So it's you."

Jurina could see the attacker's face at that time. "Kashiwagi Yuki."

"I thought you're a good girl." Yuki snorted. "Where's your dog?"

Jurina stood up as fast as she could. "Dog comes first, huh?" She fixed her hair and her clothes. "He's with my friend." She remembered left her dog with Mayu inside her apartment. "Well... not really a friend actually, more like my enemy."

"So... you have a tendency to make friend with your enemy? So funny." Yuki walked closer and started to punch Jurina's face in full speed and that time it was Jurina who smoothly dodged the fist. "Hmm. Not bad. Other assassins usually would die by now. They even haven't seen me yet before they die." She chuckled while smiling sarcastically.

Yuki wanted to speak again but she saw a reflection from the mirror, there was a man who pointed his gun at her and his not her bodyguard. She quickly turned around and dodged the bullet. Her upper hand scratch a little because of the bullet, but it not affected her at all. She took a gun from gun holster and fired the man exactly on his chest.

Jurina quickly used that chance to attack Yuki. She grabbed the other blade from his sock and threw it fast to Yuki. It almost hit Yuki's body but one of Yuki's bodyguard threw his body onto Yuki, and the blade took him dead instead. But it was not done yet, Jurina took another gun and started to fire Yuki. Yuki used her bodyguard's dead body to cover her from the gunshot and she successfully hide behind the wall. Jurina was also used that chance to hide behind the big pillar.

"Hey, you know..." Yuki talked loudly to Jurina. "In about 5 minutes, the police will arrive."

Jurina shocked a bit. H-how? Usually my target would be afraid if they had to involve the police. Her target usually had some dark business, like drugs. So they would stay away from police, that was also one of the reason why she could kill her target easier. "You're lying."

Again... Yuki laughed sarcastically. "Well... try me. Why don't we just sit here for 5 minutes and wait them?" She peeked behind the wall and saw Jurina was about to fire her, so she fired her gun first. *BANG!* "You know... with those great amount of victims," Yuki looked at the bodies that lay on the floor. "I'm sure that the police will not stop investigate you until they find your boss and his/her organization."

Jurina clenched her teeth. "That's not going to happen if I can kill you in 5 minutes." She walked toward Yuki's hiding place while keep firing the gun. While firing, she could hear police car's sirens from afar and it made Jurina believed that Yuki didn't lie. Who's this girl actually?! She was standing in front of Yuki already. She pointed her gun onto Yuki's forehead. "See you in hell."


WHAT?! Jurina kept pulling the trigger but it was meaningless because the bullet was already empty.

Yuki smiled and then she quickly stood up and punched Jurina's face. Not only once, but she did it 3 times and then she gave 2 hits on Jurina's stomach. It made Jurina grimaced in pain and she fell on her knees. Finally, last blow onto Jurina's chin. Yuki gave a knee kick toward Jurina's chin and Jurina passed out.

"Tsk. tsk. tsk." Yuki squat in front of Jurina who had been passed out. "You really believe that I will call the police. That's funny." She heard the police car approached her house, but instead of stopping in front of her house, the police stop in front of her neighbor's house. She looked out from the window and she looked at her neighbor face who seemed confused because they felt that they didn't call the police.

Sorry, it was me. Yuki smirked. Yes, she called the police, but it was not for her. She made a fake report to 911 that there was a robbery inside her neighbor's house.

Yuki looked around and watched all the dead bodies that lay on her floor.  Installing the soundproof inside my house is really a brilliant decision. Even with these amount of gunfire, nobody outside noticed it.

*3 hours later*

Jurina gasped as she felt the water that was thrown to her face.

"Wake up, sleepy head."

Jurina opened her eyes but her vision was still blurry. Her body felt ached and she couldn't move. Slowly, she fully gained her consciousness. She saw Yuki sat on a chair in front of her while smiling sarcastically. Yuki's not alone, there were 2 bodyguards stood behind her. She couldn't move because her body was tightly tied on the chair. "Ugh." She felt a sharp pain in her head.

"Who sent you and why?" Yuki looked calm while resting her back onto the chair. "I will let you go if you tell me the truth."

Jurina smirked. "Have you even have an experience with assassins? We won't tell you anything even if we're going to die. Besides, I won't buy it. You will not let me go for sure."

Yuki stood up and she looked angry. "You-"


Everybody in that room flinched a bit after the house's bell rang.

"WHO'S THAT?!!!" Yuki yelled at her bodyguards.

One of the man saw through the camera intercom and then he looked hesitant. "I-t's Matsui Rena-san."

Yuki closed her eyes while clenching her teeth. Why she always bothering me in such a bad time like this?! She sighed. "Let her in." Yuki talked to her bodyguard and then she turned her head toward Jurina again. "Our discussion is not over yet." After she said that, she walked out from the room and the bodyguards locked the room from inside.

Jurina felt 2 pairs of eyes started to watch her, without even blinking. She sighed. I can't believe that I finally lose to a girl. Maybe it's already my time. She realized that she had no choice, if she told Yuki about her assassins organization, even if Yuki really let her go, her boss will hunt and kill her as the consequence. On the other hand, if she didn't tell Yuki about the organization, she will be killed by Yuki instead. Even if I die tonight, I'm ready... because I already met Mayu, said sorry and told her the truth. She closed her eyes.

In a moment later, she opened her eyes because there was a small rock that thrown by someone outside the window. Hmm?

Both bodyguards reacted as well. They rushed through the window and they flinched as the saw something big coming toward their direction. They covered their face as the thing broke the windowpane and rolled over the floor. The thick smoke came out from it. It was actually a kind of high dose of anesthetic.

Jurina cough really hard and not long after that she passed out again, along with 2 Yuki's bodyguards.

On the other side, Yuki heard the news from her bodyguards. Lucky for her that Rena was in the toilet, so she could rushed toward the room where she imprisoned Jurina. She only found an empty chair and her 2 bodyguards who passed out. Tsk. She was about to enter the room, but she could heard Rena's voice that called her.

Yuki turned around and then she walked toward the living room. We will meet again soon, J.

======================= *** ========================

= Second Encounter =

"Ugh! My head." Jurina touched her head. She felt so dizzy as she opened her eyes.

"Like seriously, J. How many times I have to save you again?"

Jurina shocked. "M-Mayu." She shocked, yet she also felt relieved that it was Mayu who with her. Because if it was her enemy, she was not sure if she could handle it or not. Her body was too weak.

"2 days ago I've just shot you 3 times, you know. What made you so sure that you could kill someone tonight?!" Mayu looked so angry. "Are you stupid or what?! If I didn't have my father's underlings on my side, how the hell I could save you without their help?!" At first, she was so mad after she found out that her father was one of Yakuza's leader, but as the time passed by she received many advantages from the loyalty of her father's underlings.

Jurina was speechless, but then she laughed weakly. "Why did you even have a will to save me in a first place?" She looked straight into Mayu's beautiful eyes. "Isn't it what you want? To see me die in pain for your revenge?"

Mayu bit her below lip. She hate her feeling. Her feeling for Jurina made her looked so stupid in many ways. "Listen Matsui Jurina!" She grabbed Jurina's collar. "If you don't die in my hand, that's not called as revenge! So from now on, please... please... please... take care of your self and keep alive." Her tears rolled down. "So someday I can really take my revenge with my own hand." She cried harder without loosing her sight on Jurina's face.

Jurina shocked as she saw Mayu who cried over her. She woke up from her bed, ignoring the sharp pain in her whole body. "Mayu, I'm sorry. Please don't cry because of me again." She pulled Mayu into her hug. "I promise I will live longer for you to kill me with your own hand."

Even though Mayu flinched because of Jurina's act, she closed her eyes while enjoying Jurina's warm hug. It's been a long time, Jurina.

Apparently, the hug was not enough for Jurina. She let go of Mayu's body, but the she pulled Mayu's face instead. She captured Mayu's lips so sudden and it made Mayu couldn't dodge her. She felt Mayu resisted her in the first place, but then... their lips intertwined passionately.

Love, hate, friendship, or anything else... they didn't care for a while about the complexity in their relationship. They just wanted to enjoy their time, even for a moment to pay back their longing to each other.

Mayu forcefully ended their kiss. "It's already 3 AM. You'd better take a rest." She was about to stand up but her hand was grabbed by Jurina.

"Don't leave. Sleep with me tonight."

Mayu looked at those pair of lovely eyes. How can I take my revenge if she keep acting like this? Acting like I'm her most important person in her life. She sighed. "Okay."

* At Yuki's House *

Yuki sat on the corner of her bed while watching Rena's sleeping face. Why did you have to come in the bad time like that? But... She caressed Rena's cheek. I'm glad that even though you're tired from your work, you're still thinking about me and willingly come to my house as soon as your night shift ended. I love you.

Yuki pulled back her hand and then she crossed both of her arm in front of her chest. What if one day... one day... Rena realize the real me? She remembered the mess that had just happened in her house some hours ago. Lucky my people could clean the mess right before Rena's sudden appearance. If not, I'm sure she will shock to death while watching those amount of blood and bodies that killed by me and my bodyguards.

Yuki stood up and then she walked through the door and walked toward the kitchen. I think I need some drinks tonight.

Soon after Yuki left the room, Rena opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling blankly.

================== A Week Later ==================

Jurina stretched her arms. Her body felt so stiff, but she could feel that her strength had come back to her body. I'm hungry. I'll go to grab some food.

Jurina turned of the TV and then she grabbed her jacket and her masker. She completely covered her head with the hoodie and put on the mask. She didn't want to take the risk of meeting Yuki and her bodyguards alone.

Mayu asked her to stay away from Yuki for a while because she wanted to look Yuki's background first. She wouldn't involved in killing Yuki, but she didn't refuse to help Jurina in looking for information since she know this area better that Jurina.

After she looked her apartment's door, she walked out of the building. She walked around on the street for about 15 minutes before she found a small restaurant. She entered the restaurant and then she ordered her meal.

After sat for about 5 minutes, she realized that this was the restaurant when she met the doctor. She looked outside. Oh, that's the hospital. Why I always went here without I even realized it? She sighed. It's better to cancel my order and go to other restaurant. To dangerous for me to keep visiting the same place more that once.

However, when she was about to stand up, she saw someone walked inside the restaurant. Fuck! It's the doctor. And what surprised her for most was someone who walked behind the doctor and followed the doctor got in to this restaurant. Yuki.

================= TO BE CONTINUED =================

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 4)
« Reply #57 on: January 07, 2017, 04:18:03 PM »
Part 5 please...
m(_ _)m

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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 4)
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JuriMayu~~!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 4)
« Reply #59 on: January 09, 2017, 11:02:28 AM »
i was expecting that Jurina and Mayu will be together again lol ('cause imma JuriMayu shipper)

tho i think the pairings were already made and i will just read the remaining moments of JuriMayu ;-;  :lol:

AWESOME story by the way, i really like it! Can't wait on your next chap!  :D

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